Breast Friends

Hannah awoke with a start, her body tingling as she tried to recall what had just happened. She was home in her room, right? No, no she wasn’t. She tried to move but found herself hampered, her limbs weak. She struggled a bit, shifting some as she brought her hand up to her face. “Oh my…” Hannah gasped, her hand appearing small and pudgy. Her fingers were drawn into a fist and try as she might, she could not release them. As she gazed down at her hand however, her vision seemed cloudy and those fingers…they looked tasty. Hannah salivated, spurts of drool slipping down her chin as her mind wondered what was going on here.

“Oh Cal, look at her!” a voice suddenly spoke, startling Hannah as a tall yet chubby young woman looked over at the child, Hannah lying in a tiny bassinet beside the couple’s bed.

“She is precious, Tess,” Cal agreed, sneaking a peek as well.

“What?” Hannah spoke in her mind, completely confused as she realized that her body, once a striking young college student, had been reduced to that of an infant! She took in her new form, screaming inside as she realized she was dressed in a fleecy pink sleep sack, her legs and feet enveloped in the warm yet constricting garment.

“I think she’s getting hungry,” Tess spoke, gently tugging open the front of her nursing nightgown as Cal reached to scoop Hannah into his arms.

“I think you’re right,” Cal agreed, peppering the baby with kisses as Hannah continued suckling on her tightened fist.

“Time for breakfast, sweetie!” Tess chirped, smiling lovingly as she took the tiny child from her husband.

Hannah’s eyes widened at the sight of the woman’s engorged breast, the nipple merely inches from her face as Tess settled Hannah into the crook of her arm.

“No!” Hannah shouted mutely, resisting as best she could.

“I know, baby. You love your yummy milk,” Tess cooed, tickling Hannah’s lips with the nipple.

Hannah whined, opening her mouth just enough to allow Tess to help her latch onto her breast.

“There you go!” Cal smiled, watching as Hannah began to suckle instinctively, her infantile reflexes craving the creamy milk as it cascaded down her throat, filling her little belly.

“Ooh I just love you so much!” Tess cuddled Hannah close.

Hannah was in shock, her body betraying her as her fist slowly unwound, her tiny fingers stroking Tess’s bare breast.

“My baby girl. Daddy and I are so happy that you’re here,” Tess cooed.

Hannah continued to feed, suckling and swallowing as any breastfeeding infant would until suddenly she felt a pain. She shifted, struggling to move as Tessa gently broke the baby’s suction.

“Baby got gas?” Cal asked.

“She needs a burp,” Tess agreed, easily shifting Hannah to her shoulder. She patted the child’s back gently, Hannah letting out a big belch moments later.

“Good girl!” Cal praised.

Hannah tried to speak, her voice regulated only to gurgles, coos, and cries.

“Honey, could you check her diaper?” Tess asked, pulling up the flap on her nightie now.

“Certainly,” Cal laid Hannah across the bed, removing the sleep sack that covered the small baby.

Hannah stretched out her legs, her tiny toes wiggling as her chubby thighs were pinched by her mother.

“Look at those legs!” Tess grinned, reaching for a fresh Pamper and the box of baby wipes.

Hannah panicked, whining now as Cal removed her soggy diaper, revealing her bald crotch. She blushed, trying her best to cover herself with her hands.

“Look at Daddy’s pretty girl!” Cal only smiled, scooping the naked infant up now. “Who loves you?”

Hannah was horrified, her mortification only amplified by Cal placing her down again and tenderly wiping and powdering her pale bottom, lifting her legs high to slide the clean diaper beneath her.

“Fresh as a daisy!” Cal proclaimed, tickling Hannah’s belly once he had finished his task.

“Baby girl,” Tess cooed, covering the child with kisses.

Hannah, in spite of herself, chortled happily at the loving attention.

“We can’t wait to show you off today, little one,” Cal spoke, standing now to dress. “You’re going to be such a hit with the family.”

“Let’s get you dressed, Hannie Banani,” Tess smiled, lifting the baby into her arms again.

Hannah wondered just what was going on, her mind racing with jumbling thoughts, the adult mind in her screaming in fear while her infantile form basked with bliss.

Hannah whined, unable to move her body in any way but uncoordinated jerking.

“There we go,” Tess grinned, dressing her new baby in an adorable pink romper, the tiny ensemble covered in multi-colored hearts, hand-knit booties on her feet to match. “Mama made these just for you,” she explained, stroking the infant’s soft cheek. “I’ll bet you have a lot of questions, huh? Well think back, honey. You still have some of your mind left—for awhile anyway. Last night you were a young adult, on the cusp of an exciting new job interview.”

Hannah’s brows furrowed. “That’s right! She did have a job interview. With…oh my God!” she let out a small cry, her eyes searching for her new Daddy. Cal!"

Tess chuckled. “I knew you’d recall. Cal loves to recapture the youth of young, confident women and make them helpless, innocent again. Isn’t it wonderful? You’re such a tiny girl now, dependent on adults to fulfill your every need. You loved suckling Mama’s breast earlier, I could tell,” Tess tickled Hannah’s baby chin. “And being confined to diapers again makes it oh so easy to wet and mess whenever you feel the need.”

Hannah shifted, struggling and shaking her head. Being reminded that she had been nursed made her ill, and the thought of messing a diaper…"

“Oh my baby,” Tess easily scooped the infant up again. “Come along; time to meet your new friends.”

“Tess!” Cal called, as excited shrills and shrieks echoed up the stairs. “They’re here!”

“Coming, hon!” Tess cried, holding Hannah against her bosom as she bounced downstairs to greet her guests.

“Tess!” a young blonde woman smiled, cradling her own baby girl. “I just wanted to thank you and Cal again for the gift of my little Dina here,” she showed off the chubby brown-eyed infant, dressed in a purple and yellow plaid dress.

“Oh my goodness, Britt, look at her!” Tess cooed.

“She’s such a little angel,” Britt grinned, hoisting her new daughter up a bit, her loose grip revealing the thick disposable diaper that covered Dina’s bottom. “I would’ve never imagined she’d be this little,” she chuckled. “You’re a genius, Cal.”

“Thank you,” Cal beamed. “I’m thrilled it worked out so well.”

“When’s Shanna supposed to arrive?” Britt stole a glance at her watch.

“Very soon,” Cal smiled, grinning slyly. “She’s picking Courtney up from cheerleading camp as we speak.”

Tess laughed. “Oh this will truly be a sight to see!”

“We can’t wait,” Britt agreed, peppering Baby Dina’s cheeks with kisses. “Can we, little one?”

Dina shifted, struggling in Britt’s embrace.

“Oh she’ll get used to it,” Tess assured. “Hannie’s already taken well to nursing.”

Britt gasped. “Really?”

Hannah let out a whimpered cry, the embarrassment of Tess’s words making her blush.

“Oh yes!” Tess smiled. “You should try breastfeeding Dina.”

Dina let out a horrified scream, kicking her chubby legs in frustration.

“All in due time, little one,” Britt cooed. “Let’s wait until Shanna and Courtney can join us.”

“We’ll have a nurse-in,” Tess clapped, gently tickling Hannah’s tiny belly, the infant giggling in spite of herself.

“Why don’t you ladies get the babes settled onto the rug while we wait,” Cal suggested.

“Of course, hon,” Tess nodded, laying Hannah down first.

Hannah tried to move, struggling to pull herself up even the slightest but found it impossible.

“Oh look at her!” Britt chuckled, settling Dina beside Hannah.

Dina, both chubbier and slightly older than her new friend, could at least roll around a bit, finding a position on her stomach and gurgling, spurts of drool slipping down her chin.

“Look at you, big girl!” Tess praised, clapping her hands. “Wait till you see Cal in action, Britt; it’s truly amazing,” she spoke.

“I can imagine,” Britt smiled. “He tells me that my Dina here was a college student. Fortunately for me, however, she wasn’t quite bright enough to break Cal’s spell.”

The two women laughed.

“You should’ve seen Hannah’s expression this morning, pure bewilderment,” Tess laughed. “But Cal and I are so happy. We have our own precious girl to raise.”

“I know what you mean,” Britt scooped up Dina again, settling the child on her lap. “And it’s great that their minds are still intact, for awhile anyway. I can’t resist teasing her a bit you know,” she chuckled.

“That’s what Shanna is looking forward to!” Tess winked. “Courtney’s been such a challenge lately, you know. I heard she was into the Goth look, seeing a different boyfriend every week,” she shook her head.

“The Goth look?” Britt reached for a shopping bag that she had brought along for their friend. “Hmm,” she moved to display the lilac colored toddler-sized overalls she purchased, along with a coordinating pinstriped onesie, tiny socks, and a package of thick disposable diapers. “I’m thinking this isn’t what she had in mind then.”

“No,” Tess laughed.

“They’re here!” Cal suddenly shrieked, the normally reserved man bouncing around like an excited schoolgirl when Shanna and her daughter Courtney, a popular sixteen-year-old teenager, approached the home.

“This is lame, Mom,” Courtney rolled her eyes. “I have nothing in common with your friends or their dumb babies.”

“Oh you think so,” Shanna tousled her daughter’s hair, already imagining Courtney as a budding toddler again. “It’ll only be a bit, honey. I haven’t seen Tess and Britt in weeks.”

“How long will we be here?” Courtney sighed. “I do have a life you know.”

“Courtney, please,” Shana sighed, her sanity spent.

“I’m not babysitting, if that’s what this is about,” Courtney insisted.

“Ssh,” Shanna hushed, grinning hugely as Cal threw open the front door.

“Come in!” Cal greeted warmly, mother and daughter making their way into the living room where Shana exchanged knowing looks with Tess and Britt.
“Shanna!” Tess stood, moving to greet her friend.

“Hi,” Shanna grinned, reaching for a hug. “It’s been a long time.”

“It certainly has,” Tess agreed. “But I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of each other. Courtney, hello. My, you’ve gotten big.”

“Yeah, hi,” Courtney nodded.

“It’s great to see you both again,” Britt added, Dina still squirming in her mother’s arms.

“Oh they’re adorable!” Shanna moved to sit right down onto the floor now, Tess following.

“Hannah’s three months today,” Tess announced.

“And little Dina hit the halfway to one milestone about a week ago,” Britt smiled, relishing in her new baby’s discomfort. “What is it, honey bunny?” she cooed.

“Courtney, look at them!” Shanna urged.

The teenager shrugged, taking a seat onto the couch.

Cal moved into the room next, taking a seat in an easy chair and watching Courtney a bit, almost as if he were looking through her and not at her.

Dina’s adult mind raced, her physical body trapped in Britt’s arms. Begging to scream, her whines echoed as uncomfortable cries.

“Oh my baby,” Britt laid Dina down onto the rug again, gently bringing her hand down to stroke the child’s belly, rubbing softly in slow, circular motions. “I’m sorry, ladies, she gets a little fussy before her morning poopy.”

Dina’s eyes bulged, the familiar feeling in her belly frightening her.

“Oh that’s to be expected,” Tess replied, reaching to wipe a few spurts of drool from Hannah’s chin.

“That’s disgusting,” Courtney shuddered.

“We all did it,” Cal joked. “Even you.”

“I’d rather not discuss it,” Courtney huffed.

“Really?” Cal replied, concentrated hard, projecting his own images of small children, wet diapers, and an irresistible urge to suck one’s thumb into Courtney’s brain.
“Yes,” Courtney nodded, almost instantly feeling her mind start to cloud.

“There’s nothing wrong with a pooping baby, is there?” Cal asked, his voice penetrating his victim’s psyche.

“No,” Courtney agreed, robotically.

“And there’s nothing more beautiful than a nursing mother is there?” Cal continued.

“No,” Courtney spoke, fidgeting a bit. “Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?” Shanna turned.

“Uh, nothing,” Courtney moved her hand up to her face, reaching to rub her forehead for a brief moment.

“It’s happening,” Tess whispered, nudging Shanna.

Shanna stood, making her way over to the couch now to sit beside her daughter. “What’s the matter, Courtie?” she asked, using her daughter’s babyhood nickname.

“Courtney loves babies,” Cal went on. “And she loves being a baby.”

Courtney nodded again. “Nuttin’, Mom,” she surprised herself by responding with a small giggle.

“Nothing?” Shanna laughed, watching in anticipation as Courtney shifted her hand toward her mouth. “It’s okay, Courtie. You can suck thumb-y here.”

“Courtie loves her thumb,” Cal grinned.

Courtney needed no more encouragement, her thumb plunked into her mouth within seconds.

“Good girl!” Cal praised, moving forward. “Just watch now,” he whispered to Shanna as the teenager’s body began to shrink, years slipping away faster than could be explained, Cal’s power apparently radiating from his stare and voice.

“No,” Courtney was suddenly afraid, her lucidity struggling to retain itself. “Mom…”

“Baby girls say ‘Mama’,” Cal corrected as Courtney’s body now resembled that of a toddler and not the teenager she had been only seconds earlier.

“Oh come to Mama, Courtie,” Shanna easily scooped the former teenager into her arms.

“Mama,” Courtney mumbled through her thumb.
“This is unbelievable,” Shanna turned to Cal. “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Cal nodded.

“Bring her here, Shanna,” Tess instructed.

“Oh look how cute!” Britt grinned, Courtney instantly panicking as her mother rocked her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Shanna began tickling her daughter as she laid her down; stripping off what remained of her black garb. “It’s diaper time for you!”

Courtney resisted, wiggling and moving as any common toddler would while resisting a change.

Dina let out a few grunts, whining softly as she pushed a soft mushy mess into her diaper.

“There!” Britt cooed. “Don’t you feel all better now that you’ve gotten your poopies out?”

Dina wailed miserably, futility kicking her little legs.

“Two diapers,” Shanna handed Britt a fresh Pamper, lifting Courtney’s legs clear off the rug as she began to diaper her own daughter as well. “And no hair down there,” she smiled, tenderly wiping her daughter’s crotch with a moistened baby wipe.

Courtney shrieked, her childish tantrum beginning to escalate.

“Oh baby,” Shanna teased, fastening the Pamper tightly and quickly. “Cutie Courtie,” she cooed, dressing the toddler within minutes. “You’ll adjust.”

“Messy, messy,” Britt opened Dina’s diaper, the stench permeating the room. “Oh you little stinker! Mama will take care of that right now,” she cooed, gently wiping Dina’s most intimate areas.

Dina wailed from the embarrassment of what was going on, and in front of a crowd no less!

“Almost done, baby,” Britt assured.

Hannah began to cry now as well, her infantile side overwhelming her tiny body, the three reduced girls all bawling together.

“Oh goodness!” Tess scooped up her daughter. “It’s a chorus.”

Shanna chuckled. “It certainly is,” she was now removing any and all traces of makeup from Courtney’s face.

Courtney screamed, her cries silenced by the sudden appearance of a pacifier, Shanna holding it in her daughter’s mouth for several seconds.

“Ssh,” Shanna hushed. “Courtie loves her paci,” she smiled. “Yes you do!”

“Someone’s hungry,” Tess knew, cradling Hannah in one arm as she unzipped her top, her large breasts spilling out of the loose nursing bra.

Hannah wailed, her hunger pains winning out as she quickly found herself latching onto Tess’s breast.

“There you go, baby girl. Britt, try Dina now,” Tess urged.

Dina quickly rolled again, trying in vain to crawl away from the scene.

“Where are you going?” Britt only laughed, feeling her mind swell with visions of breast pumps, nipple shields, and the like as Cal stared at her. She instinctively began to unbutton her blouse, her ripe mammaries filled with milk for her baby girl.

Dina squawked, still struggling as Britt grabbed her, her eyes widening at the engorged breast.

Britt smiled, tickling the infant’s lips with her left nipple. “Ah,” she urged, Dina’s baby lips parting. “And latch! Good girl!”

“You two are naturals,” Shanna admired, watching Hannah and Dina feed.

“You too, Shanna,” Cal knelt between the women.

“Me?” Shanna was a bit stunned. “Oh no. Courtie’s a toddler.”

“Many women continue to breastfeed well into their toddler’s second year. Your baby’s only twelve months,” Cal reminded, his aura penetrating through Shanna.

“Oh come on now,” Tess encouraged. “Courtie needs that bond.”

“She’ll love it,” Britt was patting Dina’s diapered bottom.

“No!” Courtney vehemently protested, finding her innocent toddler body easily scooped into her mother’s arms, the pacifier slipping onto Shanna’s lap.

“Courtie,” Cal smiled, meeting the toddler’s gaze.

Courtney whimpered, torn between resistance and acceptance.

Shanna let out a small gasp, her breasts filling with milk for her baby.

“Embrace it, Shanna,” Cal nodded. “Courtie wants it.”

Courtie grinned now, her pudgy hands tugging on Shanna’s top despite her teenage mind feeling disgusted.

“Okay, cutie, here you go,” Shanna popped her right breast from her bra, Courtney attacking the nipple with vigor! “I forgot how much I enjoyed nursing,” she told her friends.

“It seems like Cortie does too,” Britt winked, Dina hungrily emptying her own breast.

Courtney suckled hungrily at her mother’s breast, the warm milk cascading down her throat and giving her a warm, comforting feeling.

“This is the way it’s supposed to be, yes,” Cal grinned.

“I’m so happy our girls will grow up together,” Tess beamed.

“Me too,” Shanna echoed. “They’ll be best friends for sure.”

“You mean breast friends!” Britt clarified, the three women howling with laughter.

Cal stood, making his way over to the telephone now and whispering to the voice on the other end of the line. “I’ve done it. Three young women within three days.”

“Excellent,” the voice praised. “You shall now move onto level two.”

The End…or is it?


Re: Breast Friends

I somewhat loved it annd also weirded out.

Re: Breast Friends

Wasn’t this written by someone else? I KNOW I’ve seen the story before, just not sure if the author is the same. I don’t recognize the name

Re: Breast Friends

It’s by long rifle. Repost in different section. Attribute the author. Whatever your motives ADD HIS NAME.

Re: Breast Friends by Long Rifle


I wrote a story called “Best Friends”.

This is not one of mine. I even double checked to make sure I didn’t write it in some kind of sleep deprived haze. Though I’m giving it a read through right now.

Definitely not mine. I don’t do physical regression.

Thanks for the plug however!

Re: Breast Friends by Long Rifle

This story is over on the AR Archive & was written by babyabby over there. Are you not the same one, as you go by the same name?

Re: Breast Friends by Long Rifle

I only post under Long_Rifle.

If it was posted under babyabby that’s probably the real author.

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long_rifle, I know your stories well & what you post under. I was asking the question to the poster of the story here.

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Considering it was their only post and back in 2010, I doubt they’ll answer any time soon. In fact they’re last login was (literally) just a few days over 3 years ago.

EDIT: I fixed the subject line back to the original since long_rifle says it’s not his. And after a bit of googling the only sites I could find (and this took doing at that) all had it posted by the same username as it is here so it’s reasonable to assume the person who posted it is the original author :slight_smile: