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Discovered inadvertently by a social experiment in the late 1990’s, it was kept a closely guarded secret. Then, as the experiment slipped slowly (in the publics’ eye) into one of disgusting principles and inhumane practices; seeing a potential to change the world, it used its secret to make the institution pass from memory and sight. The building can only be found by those who know of it, and the only ones who know of it are the people inside.

One hundred thirty two bedrooms, four levels, and seven-hundred-eight-one teenage boys, split into different specialty groups; that was the extent of Logan’s’ world. For the last fifteen years that was all he’d known; but to him, it was the world in its entirety. He knew nothing of the hustle and bustle that took place beyond the walls that surrounded him.

Chapter One: Relativity

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” a spirited voice said, drawing Logan from his restful slumber.

Light played in through the window, casting its shimmering rays against the light blue walls of the room, giving the illusion of waves gently rolling.

Logan stretch, letting out a stifled yawn. As his toes brushed the wooden planks that surrounded his crib he heard a familiar crinkling sound. He looked placidly up at Alex, a brilliant smile donned across the boys face.

“Good morning.” Logan murmured sleepily, sitting up; noticing as he did that the familiar dampness that accompanied his waking was not present.

“it’s already seven forty and Mr. Perkins told us not to be late again so I changed you.” Alex said, seeing the bewildered look on Logan’s face. “Now come on, get up!”

“Alright, Alright!” Logan said, laughing as Alex tugged on his arms.

Grabbing his teddy bear, he and Alex walked our of the room arm in arm.

Their first class was on the first floor, and even though their room was on the third Mr. Perkins demanded that they be there on time. As did most of the teachers; first period was the only period that being late was an offense. Along the way they passed other rooms, all essentially the same. There were yellow rooms with teddy bear prints, green rooms with turtle prints; but all of them were equipped with four cribs, a dresser, and a single table tucked into a corner of the room, stocked extravagantly with powdery-smelling diapers, colorful blankets, various sundry cleaning tools, and every other amenity even remotely associated with new parents…

“Cutting it close you two, aren’t you?” Mr Perkins asked as Logan and Alex dashed into the room.

The class room was filled by twelve other boys wearing an assortment of footed sleepers and shortalls.

“yes sir.” the boys chimed together, as they took their seats.

“Now, as I was saying, Mr. Watterson is taking a temporary sick leave and he asked me to supervise you while you work on your project. This means that your physics lessons will be put on hold - not that you really need them anymore.”

Everyone in the classroom nodded. These days most any class was just review; they had already been through all the textbooks at least a dozen times.

“Mr. Watterson tells me that you’re working on a hypothetical ship that could have the ability to reach relativistic speeds?”

Again, the class nodded. They had been working on the project for the past month. The ship was being designed to work in a hypothetical zero-G environment in such a way that it attained the speed at which relativistic effects could be felt on a dramatic level; even with magic on their side they hadn’t made much progress in the area of propulsion; the thrusters just couldn’t sustain a burn for the period of time needed to reach maximum speed.

“I trust you all know your assignments, so I’ll get out of your way.” Mr. Perkins said, casually flicking his hand towards the computers which instantly whirred to life.

Logan called his notebook which came zipping in through the door; he threw up a hand and caught it before settling back into his chair. Logan flipped to the last entry in the folder, studying the calculations that were scrawled across the page.

“They just cant sustain the burn time.” Logan said to Alex who was sitting beside him viewing a simulation of the craft. “I think we should go back to the drawing board on the engines. If we could make the hull plati -”

“That could take weeks.” Alex interjected, remembering how long the current model had taken to design. "There has to be a shortcut that could reduce the time that the thrusters are used - what about increasing the potency of the fuel?

“That would only put us a couple thousand kliks closer to the speed we need.” Logan stated, quickly working out the equations on his paper.

The rest of the class period was spent in a flurry of failed ideas, scurrying from station to station, and a mind boggling array of calculations. Tedious as the work was each boy felt exhilarated, this is what they lived for; conquering unconquerable problems.

As the bell chimed signaling the end of the class period Logan cast his gaze on Alex, who smiled, recognizing the look on Logan’s face.

“Come on” Alex said, motioning towards a door in the back of the room.

Through the door was another, slightly smaller room that held three changing tables, all stocked generously with diapers.

Logan unzipped his sleeper and stripped it off. He climbed on top of the nearest table, the cold pad crinkling underneath him.

Alex came back from the shelf on the far side of the small room, carrying a small bottle of baby powder. He set the items on an unoccupied part of the table and proceeded to untape the sides of Logan’s diaper.

“I just don’t understand, Alex.” Logan said dejectedly. “We’ve got the hull strength, we’ve got the power, so why wont it work?”

“'I don’t know, Logan.” Came the reply as Alex applied powder to Logan’s bottom and slipped a clean diaper underneath him, gleeful cartoons dancing across its top.

“It’s as if there’s some force working against us. It wont let us -”

Logan was cut short as Alex, who had finished taping the sides of Logan’s diaper, inserted a pacifier into Logan’s mouth and kissed him on the forehead.

“We’ll figure it out. Now hurry up and get your clothes back on.”

They jogged to their English class, barely attracting attention as they slipped into their seats; it was commonplace for people to come in late, personal matters needing to be attended to.

“We’re going to be doing something new, class.” Mr. Greevs said, passing out books with a wave of his hand.

A book glided through the air and settled on the desk in front of Logan. ‘Macbeth’ the title read. A boy in a shortalls raised his hand, snagging the attention of the teacher.

“Sir, who is Shakespeare? There is no record of him ever existing in this universe…”

Logan was momentarily stunned that the boy would know this right off beat, until he saw the insignia embroidered into the left pocket of his shortalls; he was a history specialist.

“Mr. Shakespeare has moved into a meaningful, and rational universe.” the teacher explained. “And at his request we removed evidence of his existence here. But he left instructions that in time of his death that we should share his work. He sent a message to us shortly before his death.”

The boys question satisfied, he picked up the book and leafed through the pages.

“Mr. Shakespeare wrote of a place in a rational universe, yet gave it irrational qualities, in this play. We’re going to be studying the effects of the irrational tendencies on the rational characters. So if everyone would split up into groups of two, I want you to read the story aloud.”

Alex conjured up a pillow and a blanket and laid them next to the wall, propping himself up against the wall and placing the pillow in his lap, he beckoned to Logan who rested his head on the pillow. Opening the book Alex began to read.

“When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?”

Logan loved to listen to Alex read. His tone fluctuated with emotion, weaving a story full of anger, love, and violence before his very eyes. The poetic language of the play added a side to Alex’s voice that Logan had never heard before. It rolled like thunder through a desolate valley with lady Macbeth’s boisterous voice, then became as a lone wolf howling with anguish at a moonless sky as Duncan took his last breath.

“I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?”

Logan shuddered involuntarily and pressed his teddy tightly to him as he pictured Duncan’s bloody body silhouetted in the moonlights glow that came through the window. Alex gave Logan’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze; Logan didn’t like scary stories. With Alex’s reassurance, Logan contentedly went back to sucking on his pacifier. From time to time when he became still and his breathing shallowed Alex would look down to see if he was still awake, stories had a tendency to put Logan to sleep. Logan would nudge Alex and the story would continue.

Logan’s peaceful reprieve was interrupted as the bell signaled the end of second period. Unwillingly he stood up.

“That was wonderful, Alex” Logan said earnestly.“I can’t wait until Macbeth gets his own.”

Alex nodded enthusiastically in agreement.


Logan stepped up to a replicator (one of his favorite inventions) and placed is hand on the scanner. A second pause lapsed while the computer read his print, then a list of Logan’s preferred foods flickered onto the screen. He scrolled down the list until he found what he’d been craving, a nice cheeseburger. With just the right amount of mayo, ketchup, and swiss cheese, a cheeseburger became more than just a meal, it became religion. Logan’s meal popped into existence and he quickly grabbed it out of the replicator; its succulent aroma tantalizing his nostrils. Yet…somehow it seemed incomplete – naked. Then it hit him. What was a burger without a chocolate shake?

Chocolate was the only reason why culinary knowledge was still needed. Chocolate had its own magic, a mysterious force that made it impervious to any means of replication. But Chocolate could only be eaten sparingly. Its own magic infused with that of the eater and heightened his senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, and inward balance. Although useful, if ones senses became to heightened the world around him could drive him insane. Every sound, piercing; every touch, unbearable; every light, blinding. But damn it was good.

Logan walked up to one of the few chefs and placed his order; a few moments later he had his shake and was sitting across the table from Alex.

Alex glanced disapprovingly at Logan’s plate before stabbing his own fork into a spear of broccoli.

“What?” Logan asked, defensively.

“Is anything on your list green? I never see you eat anything that’s actually good for you.”

Alex was highly aware of what he put into his body; determined to live an organic lifestyle. Even though aging was not an issue and death defeated, he still believed that he’d lead a better life by eating smart.

“Yes there is. I had green Jello last week.”

Alex shook his head and stabbed another piece of broccoli.

Logan looked around the room; it wasn’t nearly as packed as normal. The rumor was that the medical team was on the verge of a cure for the common cold (a disease eluded any magical attempt to kill it) and they were all in the bio-lab in the basement.

“you want to pretend to be sick and skive off abusurdism today, Alex?” Logan asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh come on Logan, it’s not that bad.”

Logan just mumbled and picked up his trey, dumping the trash into the incinerator.


Two hours later, the bell rang for the last time. Logan walked out of the ‘theory of absurdism’ classroom, leaning against Alex. Two hours in that room always drained Logan, the teachers’ monotonous voice lulling him into half awareness. Luckily, the class was only a once a week deal.

“Want to go the holo room?” Alex asked as they walked down the hall. The blue carpet muffling the sound of there steps.

“No.” Logan moaned. He felt numb all over. A feeling one only got after being bored senseless. His feet shuffled along the floor as he struggled to find the strength to pick them up.

“Awe. Is poor little Logan tired?” Alex childed, playfully pinching Logan’s cheek.

“Yes.” Logan said, swatting Alex’s hand away. “Tired of listing to Mr. Boring drone on about how trying to find the meaning to life goes against the irrationality of the universe – Bah!”

“Well, you have to admit, this universe is pretty pointless, it’s only four stories tall. Maybe there wasn’t enough room for us in a rational universe – maybe this is just a waiting room of sorts.”

“And my head wasn’t hurting enough.” Logan joked, getting a light swat on his butt from Alex.

“Don’t give me that lip.” Alex said, in mock sternness. Trying desperately not to smile.

Logan was on the verge of what, to him, was a witty comeback when he was interrupted by the dean’s voice over the intercom.

“Everyone, please report immediately to your room and take the necessary bio-hazard precautions. There’s been an accident in the medical lab.”

Alex sighed. “And here I was wanting to go for a nice swim.”

Logan and Alex quickly ran to their room – the other two boys were already there. Logan sealed the door behind them, creating a barrier that nothing, even down to sub atomic size, could pass though. They stripped bare and stepped into the individual decontamination chambers, throwing their cloths into the incinerator. Logan winced as he saw his favorite sleeper turn into a pile of ash and slide down the garbage duct. A hiss announced the arrival of the decontaminate as its green vapor engulfed the pods. Until a year ago the green gas had smelled horrible, like dirty socks. But after enough complaints the med-team had come up with a less smelly substitute. Outside the pods the room was going under the same treatment. All the while the dean explained what had occurred.

“While exploring a cure, the medical team accidentally engineered an extremely harmful anti-body which escaped its confine and ravaged the lab, then spreading through the ventilation ducts.”

The boys listened intently; they weren’t foreigners to dangerous viruses. Just three months ago an experimental strand of Cambysis killed four of their friends.

“The antibody is now under control and everybody exposed has been treated. We ask that everyone stay in their rooms this evening. Dinner will be brought up in a few hours.”

A green light flashed and the doors opened.


Chapter Two: God

It burrowed its way deeper into the warm body, worming past defenses. It swam through the red ocean and attached itself to a cell.

“Get up! Come on!” A voice hissed in the darkness.

“Wha-?” Logan mumbled, untangling himself from Alex who was rubbing his eyes. Logan felt a prod at his side.

“We’ve got to get down to the lab, there’s been a break through.”

Although unable to see the boy, Logan recognized Treys voice. As he felt a tugging sensation on his arm he glanced over at the clock. It’s red readout displaying a time that Logan would have preferred never to know about.

“At two thirty in the morning”

“Yep. Apparently Mr. Watterson doesn’t have a life even when he’s sick.”

Mumbling about psychotically obsessed physicists Logan followed Alex and Trey out of the room.

The hallways were dark and deserted, the blackness only abating with the occasional glow of night light that light the floor with its feeble blue rays; thier usual jesterly cartoon faces now looked menacing and possessed.

They climbed up the stairwell, the padded feet of their sleepers squeaking against the metal stairs. When the reached the Physic’s lab each boy placed their hand on the scanner next to the door. Silently they slipped in.

“Ah! Thank you Trey.” Mr. Watterson exclaimed when he saw the boys standing in the doorway of the Lab. “If you all will find a stool, we’ll begin.”

The shuffling of feet and stifled yawns were the only sounds that could be heard in the lab. Logan studied the room with half closed eyes that protested the very indignity of being forced open at this early hour. He dimly noted that the entire Physics Core had arranged themselves throughout the lab. What shook Logan out of his unconscious state was that every display panel was prominently displaying his calculations that he’d made yesterday.

Nudging Alex he whispered, “Hey, my calculations…what are they doing up there?”

Alex moaned in response, swaying on his chair, almost unoticeably.

“Alex, are you feeling okay?” Logan asked, concern filling his voice.

“Y-yeah, I’m alright.” Alex gripped his stool, his knuckles turning pale white. “Just a little sleepy. It’s making me feel light headed.”

“Logan!” Mr. Watterson called, waving Logan towards him. “Please accompany me at the front.”

With a last worried glance at Alex, Logan quickly stood from his stool and walked towards the teacher. As he did he felt a dampness against his crotch. Squinting his eyes shut for a brief moment, he felt the dampness disappear; only to be replaced by a squeezing sensation. He hated changing with magic, he hadn’t figured out how to get the blasted diaper to fit him properly; plus he liked Alex changing him.

“Yes, sir?” Logan asked, looking down at the stocky man before him. Mr. Watterson only came up to his shoulders; but what he lacked in height, he made up for in girth.

“These are your calculations, are they not?” Watterson said, pointing towards the nearest view screen that was partially blocked by a miniature particle accelerator.

That had been one of Alex’s inventions. Having heard about particle accelerators in a different universe, he’d set out creating one for theirs. But being limited to four stories meant that he had to condense the size noticeably; Logan still didn’t quite understand how it worked.

“Yes, sir.”
“Well, my son, you just solved the problem.” Watterson said, beaming up at Logan, with an air of expectancy.

What was he supposed to see? The calculations were those that he’d made about the fuel potency yesterday, but he proved that to be a futile attempt – so how could it be of any importance?


Watterson’s smile faltered slightly. “My boy! Don’t you see, you’re on to something with the fuel potency. But that’s not the only part of the solution. Don’t you see the taped on part? It’s from an earlier idea that you had. Combined, they produce exactly the short burn time that we need.”

It was as though someone had flooded Logan’s mind with spotlights. “Of course!” He shouted, not caring to contain his excitement. “Why didn’t I see that before? A decrease in funnel size accompanied by an increase of potency by .20192% would reduce the burn time by a fraction of a second, providing plenty of leeway from overheating!”

An excited buzz went around the room, everyone instantly awake.

“Precisely!” Watterson said, walking towards a terminal and punching a few keys.

All the view screens blanked momentarily and then filled themselves with a 3D rendering of the engine. Pressing a few more buttons, Watterson started the animation. The engine’s power indicator revved up to full and the engine ignited. The smaller funnel forcing the gas faster out of the engine and the fuel giving it an extra kick. Logan watched the screen intently, his fingers crossed. The speed reached 600 kliks. Sweat began to form on Logan’s brow; it had to work, It just had to. 700, 800, 900. The engine roared as ferociously as it had at the start, spitting out its blue flames, as though it held a dragon in its tanks. The entire Core held it’s breath as the engine neared it’s final speed of 1000 kliks.

“come on. Come on” Logan whispered softly, egging the engine on. “only 50 more and your-”

The room erupted in a mighty roar, as kids jumped from their stools and yelled out in victory. Logan felt himself being crushed from every angle as he was swarmed by the rest of his core.


“I knew you’d figure it out.” Alex said, hugging Logan tightly.

“Not without your help, you know.” Logan laughed, returning Alex’s embrace.

After spending the rest of the morning running trial runs, repeatedly. They’d decided to spend the remainder of their day off lounging in the Nursery. The Nursery was on the top story, taking up nearly three quarters of the floor. It was lined by two massive LCD screen, rendering a video of the imagined world of a rational universe as it would be seen through a window. Another screen took up the entire back wall, and displayed videos made by the Entertainment Core. A few changing tables were lined against the near wall, and a jungle gym had been erected in the center of the massive space.

As he headed for his favorite spot, Logan paused to pick up a blanket big enough for Alex and him to both lay on comfortably. It was a blue blanket and had a yellow duck pattern stitched on it. Reaching the far corner, Logan spread out the blanket in the artificial sunlight that streamed 'in through the “windows”. Laying down, Logan patted the floor beside him. As Alex snuggled up to him, Logan shut his eyes, enjoying the warm light on his cheek. He struggled not to fall asleep, but soon he succumbed to the inevitable and drifted off.

Alex could tell by Logan’s methodical breathing that he’d fallen asleep. Carefully he stood up, as he did his head swam and tears filled his eyes. Struggling to keep his balance he walked over to the computer station and typed Logan a brief message. When Logan woke up his com badge would alert him of the message’s presence.

Logan, I’ve gone to the infirmary. Don’t be worried I’m sure it’s nothing to bad. When you wake up meet me there.
-love, Alex

Sending the message, Alex signed off and walked out of the door.


Logan woke up to the feeling of being lifted in the air. Blearily, he opened his eyes. He looked up into Professor Greeve’s face and asked. “What’s going on.”

“I’m taking you to the infirmary.” Greevs replied, walking down the hallway at a quick pace.


“Shhhh.” Greevs replied, now boarding the staff elevator. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pacifier; it was one of the new models, unreleased to the public as of yet. Greevs slipped the pacifier into Logan’s mouth with his free hand, then he pressed the button for level two.

Logan was perplexed. The only time that one really went to the infirmary was when he turned sixteen and it was time for the Shot. But that couldn’t be why Professor Greevs was taking him there now. For one his birthday wasn’t until tomorrow, and two, they never woke you up and carried you there.

Exiting the stair case and rounding a corner, Greevs and Logan entered the infirmary. Logan was surprised to see that nearly every teacher, even the Dean himself, was in the room. As they came in, a hushed silence filled the room; it was obvious that the room had been filled with voices only moment s before.

“What’s going on.” Logan demanded, taking the pacifier out of his mouth as Greevs placed him on his feet. Logan looked wildly about the room, as though the answer to his question was written on a wall, just waiting for him to discover it.

“Logan…” the Dean began, but trailing off and looking towards the doctor.

Nodding his head, the doctor stepped forward. “I want you to understand Logan. I did everything I could for him…but, God just wasn’t on our side.”

Did everything for who? Who the heck was God? What was this man saying!?

“Logan, please understand. The anti-body was to far progressed. I couldn’t stop it.” Tears were forming in the corner of the doctors eyes. The man took his spectacles off and whipped at his eyes, but to no avail. He only succeeded in making his sleeve into a damp mess.

Logan felt someone nudge him towards the operating room. Following its command he walked towards the lone bed housed within it.

“No.” he whispered, sinking to his knees.


Chapter 3: Remember Me

Dark Clouds whipped across the black sky as though Satan himself had risen from the underworld and lassoed them around his head. Lightning flashed, illuminating briefly, the red skin of the devil with a searing white light. Wind howled like the great daemons, whose like could only found in fairy tails. A dark pillar descended from the sky, reaching it’s greedy hand towards the untainted ground that it longed to destroy.

He reached across the crib and put his arm around the boy lying next to him. Jolted, he snapped to awareness; the presence he expected did not take his weight and his arm flopped down to the crinkly mattress. The void beside him was ominous, unwelcome. It’s presence chilled Logan and, unaware, he shrunk back.

“Alex?” he called out, scanning the room for a glimpse of Alex’s jet black hair.

“He’s awake, guys.” Trey called, laying the laptop he’d been using, on the floor and standing up. He strode towards Logan, followed by Ron and James. “What’s going on guys? Where’s Alex.” Logan asked shakily.

“You don’t remember?” James asked, a grim look on his face.

Remember? What was he supposed to remember?

Logan’s dumbfounded look was cue enough for James to groan.

“Traumatic amnesia.” James said, shaking his head. “It’s lucky that he remembers who he is – you do know your name right?”

Of course he knew his name it was…it was – god dammit what was his name?

“L…Logan?” He stammered, question the name he gave.

“Damn it! Only in irrationality!”

AS James ranted, Ron and Trey lowered the sides of the crib and reached out their hands to help Logan. But Logan shrunk back even furtherer, his back now pressed against the cool wooden bars. Ron and Trey glanced at each other, worry etched into their faces, before reaching in further. Logan let out a blood curdling scream and struggled to bush his way back even more.

“Hold it guys!” James shouted as he brushed Ron and Trey aside. “Logan, look at me!” James commanded above Logan’s screams. “Logan, do you know who I am? Who am I Logan!”

The last think Logan saw as darkness engulfed him, was James’ hand reaching in for him.


“He’s gone entirely?”

“now. James told me that he knew who he was when he woke up. Only, he didn’t remember what happened to Alex.” As he mentioned the boys name he felt a shiver travel up his spine; as the professor of the medical team it’d been his job to clean up the accident.

The dean strode across Montgomery’s office to gaze out the window that opened up to the medical lab where Logan lay, stretched out on an examining table, looking up into a screen that was displaying random images from the boy’s life.


“Hmm?” Montgomery asked, looking up from a file he’d been reading at his desk.

The desk was made out of the finest mahogany wood. A rarity inside the complex; outside materials were usually forbidden within the confines of the buildings, as to not arouse suspicion in the minds of the boys that were kept within its walls. Those wonderful boys, whose magical and intuitive abilities the world relied on without realizing. Those boys who’d grown up without the knowledge of murder, war, or even what it was to ‘grow up’.

“Why now?” The Dean asked again, making his question clearer.

“The brain.”

The Dean looked around quizzically after receiving no more explanation.“The brain?”

“The brain is the only organ thats mystery remains. Unfathomable, incalculable, a question to even the most modern of science.”

Montgomery stood from his chair and joined the Dean at the window. “we’re hoping that the images will bring his memory back. A key if you will.”

“If it doesn’t work, it will be the first brain trauma of the program.”

“Ah, the program.” Montgomery said. “And which program would that be? The one on the social effects of isolation, or our own?”

Together they walked to Montgomery’s desk and sat down on one of the lavish chairs that stood by it.

“Both.” The Dean said Solemnly. “Many times I forget that there was a second program.”

“You mean first program.” Montgomery corrected, smiling as he did.

“…That there was a first program. It is as though it is of no importance. Not worth the tiniest recognition.”

“Without the original program, ours would not have been. The true power of the mind, unknown.”

“What a shame that would have been.”

The Dean smiled and stood from the chair, excusing himself, he walked out of the office, closing the door behind him as he did.


Who am I? Where am I? What’s going on?

Above him, images blinked by; confusing, meaning less pictures. Some of a boy with light blond hair, and others of a boy with dark black hair; sometimes they were together. Now and then a teddybear appeared on the screen, always the same on; it had light brown hair and its sewing was frayed on the edges.

The cold metal table under his back mad him shiver, its icy touch clawing down his spine, cutting him to the very core.

More pictures flashed by. This time a lab of sorts. There were monitors on the wall and the two boys were standing against the far wall, smiling. The same two boys that’d he’d seen in earlier pictures.

“Logan.” A boy said, walking into the room and striding to where Logan lay.

Bewildered, Logan looked around the room for someone to whom this boy might be addressing. He found no one. He felt a stirring as a single question fought his way to consciousness. ‘who am I?’

“Am…am I Logan?” He asked of the boy, uncertain.

“Yes Logan, that’s your name.” The boy said, pulling up a small swiveling chair. “I’m Trey. DO you remember me? Trey, Logan, think!”

“Re- Remember?” Logan said. ‘Who was this boy? Did Logan - I mean, did I know him?’ “Were you…were you my friend?”

Trey smiled and clapped his hands. “Yes! Yes, Logan, I was your friend!”

Logan felt a warmth grow around his abdomen. Startled, he raised his head.

“Why am I wearing a diaper?” He asked calmly, given his agitated state.

“Because you’re not a professor.” Trey replied nonchalant, as though it was the most obvious answer in the world.


“Have you remembered anything?” Trey asked, choosing to ignore Logan’s question.

Frustration rose in Logan, he could hear a rush in his ears.

“What am I supposed to remember!” He said loudly, looking back up at the screen above his head. “you, the doctors, they all keep asking me if I’ve remembered anything. But how am I supposed to remember if I don’t know what I’ve forgotten?!”

Trey looked taken aback, but quickly regained his composure. His friend needed him.

“You, Logan. You’re supposed to remember you!” Trey said this with firmness that betrayed his true feelings. Underneath the facade that he portrayed, his eyes swam with tears and his heart tore in two. ‘Where is he? Where is Logan?’

Logan refused to acknowledge Trey’s presence further. He ignored the pestering of his so called ‘friend’ and stared in to the screen, not caring to comprehend the swatches of pixels that constituted the images.

As Trey stood to leave his mask faltered. A single tear rolled down his cheek, its path marked by a damp trail. It reached the edge of his chin and fell off, splashing down to the floor.


“Computer.” The dean prompted. After receiving the computers acknowledgement, he continued. “Display records number 1 and records number 592.”

A second lapsed while the computer searched through it’s database and found the corresponding articles.

[i]Records Number 1: Purpose
The purpose of this experiment is to study the sociological changes
that appear within boys that have been raised in utter isolation; free
from outside influence. The boys in this experiment are not to know of
the world outside the walls that they live in, not to know what it means
to grow up (in the sense of clothing, bathroom habits, activities, etc) as
to not implement a need to ‘fit in’. The boys in this experiment will adhere
to stricter guidelines regarding educational principles. Any deviation from
this will warrant in immediate removal from the project and a discontinuation
of the project itself.
-US Committee of Science, 1993

Update: Aug. 17, 2001
This project will be discontinued after a finding of it to be ethically
wrong and a public disgrace for the country. The participants shall be
taught of the world outside and educated in proper social techniques.
-US Committee of Science[/i]

The Dean chuckled to himself. Discontinued, what a joke. They actually thought that they still had control over the program, then. But, of course, now they did not even know of the facility. Such irony.

[i]Records Number 592
Dear professors and other staff members. After receiving an order to
shut down the project, I have taken onto my self to ignore the order and,
for the good of the United States (and humanity). Anybody wishing to join
me is welcome to stay and continue their teaching (receiving pay as before)
If you do not wish to join me, you may leave. But, as a consequence, your
memory of the program will be erased and a substitute memory written
for the lost years of your life. If you wish to take this alternate course, please
come to the infirmary at 12:00 pm next Friday.

Also, in accordance to the previous objective of this program being voided,
I have implemented a new objective. To use these boy’s extraordinary
talents to better improve the live of the common people. The previous
restrictions placed on the outside world shall remain.
-The Dean
enacted Aug. 18 2001
Ah yes. His new objective. So far everything had gone as planned. None of the professors had wanted to leave and, as it turned out, he’d only to wipe the memories of the entire U.S population. No small task. But it was easily accomplished by using a combination of subliminal messaging in commercials and popular radio stations. Of course, it had not gone without a few hitches. Here and there a poor soul had forgotten everything about his life. But, his mission was for the greater good, therefor he did not feel any remorse.


He’d slipped of into a light doze. He dreamt of nothing, for he had nothing to dream about. Suddenly he was awakened by the same boy that had spoken to him earlier that morning…night; he didn’t know what time it was.

“Hey, Logan.” The boy said donning a false smile.

Logan contemplated ignoring this irksome boy, but decided against it. Better to make this kid leave him alone than have him coming back whenever he fancied.

“What do you want this time.” Logan asked coldly.

The boy, Trey, reached into a pocket on the side of the overalls he was now wearing, and pulled out a hand held computer. He pressed power and then fiddled with the navigation buttons.

“I just wanted to update you on the engine.” Trey said as he handed over the computer.

Logan snatched it from Treys hand. He didn’t know what engine the boy was talking about, and he could honestly care less. But if it made the boy go away…

Logan scanned through the text; it was all utterly meaningless to him. But, he stopped suddenly. His mind froze. Then, in a second of pure agony, he covered his eyes with his hands and grimaced.

Pictures, voices, snippets of conversations reeled through his mind. Complete mayhem, complete ruckus, complete chaos. He was overwhelmed, the pain of it was almost to much to bear. He began to twitch and spasm on the table. The computer fell from his hand. Before it shattered on the ground, the picture of the engine was prominently displayed on its plasma screen.

“What’s going on!” The Dean shouted, racing into Montgomery’s office.

“He’s remembering.”


Anoying preview of chapter four, which might be a few weeks in comming. I’m having to study for AP tests and finals. -_-

Satan gathered power. Brilliant flashes of lightning now came at a regular interval. Rain soon turned to hail and bombarded the streets below. The thunderous roar of the frozen balistics was his manaical laugh and it rang clearly for miles.


Interesting story I would like to see what you have planned for the boys.


a lot of evilness :wink:


I’d say this story is well-conceptualized, but not well-written. There is a sense of direction present here. You seem to have a good idea of what you are trying to write about and you’re not rushing or writing yourself into a wall. It’s also interesting in that it differs from both the typical diaper story (aside from it opening with a character waking up, which is a cliché) and the typical sci-fi story.

On the other hand, the story is not fully explaining the world and circumstances in which it takes place and as such, I’m not buying everything that’s happening. Also, the actual writing itself is problematic. Some of the sentence construction is awkward and the word choice is questionable (“donned across his face”?). People seem incapable of just saying things in this piece. You overuse gesture to the point of tedium.

Overall, I’d say keep going. The writing will probably improve the more you do it and there is enough of a foundation for you to be able to fill the logic gaps in later.


Why thank you wingz; honesty is deffinatly appreciated. This is the first story i’ve written that i have a semi-clear cut idea that i’m follwing through. There’s deffinatly alot of events that i make up on the spot…usually at 3 o’clock in the morning, but that’s not the point :stuck_out_tongue: I havent had much experience in writing; this being the first big project i’ve taken on. But, i do hope to get better with experience. As the old proverb says, “practice makes perfect.” (which is kind of funny is it not? Aren’t there many other proverbs pointing out that no one is perfect, nor can anyone become perfect?)



Chapter Four. Damages

“Sir. We’re receiving sever weather warnings. ETA twenty minutes.”

The dean looked up from his book and calmly pushed the button to activate his speaker. “Conditions?” he asked.

“Hail, frequent lightning, one hundred and seventy mile per hour winds,with gusts up to two hundred, and tornado warnings and watches. It’s a big one boss.”

“Take all the necessary precautions…and lower the building a couple of feet.”

“Aye sir.” The com went dead.

The room was dark, save for the small lamp that was perched on Montgomery’s desk. Logan lay on a sofa that was against the far wall of the room, clutching Timmy, his bear, tears spilling from his eyes. Montgomery watched passively. He wanted to go to Logan, hold him in his arms and rock him gently until the boys pain subsided. But, from experience, he knew that it would be better to remain unemotional for the time; at least until he could deduce how much psychological trauma Logan had sustained.

“W-why did he leave m-me?” Logan choked out.

This was a hard question. Could he say God wanted him? No. That would be giving the boy information on the outside would, it would lead to questions that should stay unasked. Montgomery pretended to make a few marks on his clip board while he thought. “Irrationality is…irrational, Logan. I cant explain to you why he moved on…I can only tell you that he didn’t leave you. He’ll always be with you Logan, always.”

“W-what do you mean? How can be be with me if…if hes not h-here?”

Montgomery smiled to himself. Logan acted like a little boy, so innocent, so naive. But he remembered. Logan was a little boy. Maybe not physically or mentally; but emotionally he was as bare as a five year old. “Do you still love him, Logan?”

A second passed bye. Sniffling, Logan nodded. “Yes…and I miss him.” Logan broke out into fresh tears and turned his back to Montgomery, clutching Timmy tighter yet.

Damn it all. Montgomery thought. This boy needs me right now. He stood from his desk and walked over to Logan. Slipping his hands underneath the crooks of the boys arms, he lifted. He held Logan against his chest and let the boy cry into his shoulder. Rocking him, he whispered. “Shh. Everything is going to be okay, Logan.” He continued to hold Logan until the boy’s crying died to a soft whimper. He tried to hold Logan back for a second to get a look at the boys face. But as he did, Logan, whose arms were wrapped around Montgomery’s neck, resisted, clutching him tighter. Apparently Logan wasn’t ready to let go yet. Montgomery continued to hold Logan for a while, letting the boy draw comfort from his caring hold. He was about to try again to pull Logan back when his com buzzed. Walking over to the couch he put Logan down gently.

“I’ve got to answer that.” he said, picking up the boy’s bear and handing it to him.

Logan nodded and gripped the bear, burying his face in its fuzzy fur.

“Dr. Montgomery. It’s time, we need Logan down here immediately.” The voice on the intercom said. It sounded like one of the boys from the medical team.

“We’ll be there shortly.” Montgomery said. He switched off his com and walked over to Logan. “Come on, we’ve got to get to the medical lab.”

“I’m not going.”

Montgomery was taken back for a second. “What do you mean you’re not going?”

“I’m not going!” Logan shouted this time, his face turning a bright shade of red. “They made that…that…whatever it was that killed Alex. I don’t want anything to do with them. They’re murders!” Logan said the word with venom.

“Logan…” Montgomery began. “I’m the head of the medical department. I told them to make the anti-body.”

“Then you’re a murderer too! I wont go with you!”

“Logan! You haven’t got a choice in the matter! You will go with me and you will have the shot.”

“No!” Logan shouted, leaping up from the couch and making a dash from the door. But he was to slow Montgomery was already behind him, lifting him off the ground and gripping him tightly in his arms. “Let go of me!” he screamed, striking Montgomery wherever he could.

Montgomery’s demeanor was oddly calm and his voice did not convey any anger towards the child that was hitting him. “Logan. Logan listen to me. You’re going to have to calm down.”

Logan drew breath to scream again but a hand clamped down over his mouth.

“No.” Montgomery said, keeping a firm grip on Logan. “Listen. No one is a murderer. What happened to Alex was a terrible accident. It was his time to move onto a rational realm.”

Tears of frustration quickly turned into tears of sorrow and Logan hung limp, unable to move through the pain he felt in his heart.

" I – I hate irrationality."

This drew a small chuckle from Montgomery. “I do too kid. I do too.”


Montgomery carried Logan into the medical lab and laid him down on the same metal table he’d been on only a few days before. He could remember when he didn’t know who he was and the pain that he’d felt when he had. He shuddered involuntarily at the thought of it.

“I know it’s cold, Logan.” Montgomery said, mistaking the cause for Logan’s shudder. “But it’ll be over soon.”

Logan nodded and watched the boys that were busily preparing chemicals in tubes. He couldn’t help himself, murders!, he thought. Logan felt anger thrashing within him again, but he only tightened his fists and tried to restrain it.

“Logan,” one of the boys said walking towards him, his light blond hair catching the light from the operating lamps above him. “I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the shot?”

This murder is talking to me? Not only that, he’s being friendly…jaunty! Butt head!

“Logan?” The boy asked, after a seconds pause during which Logan had not answered him.

“Yes.” Logan replied through gritted teeth. I’ve got to get away from here! “I know what it does, in theory.”

The boy finally gleaning a response, continued. “Well, we’re a little bit past theory now. We’ve had ten successful injections. The injection only works at the exact moment of your birth, give or take a few seconds -”

“Yeah.” Logan said, interrupting the monologue. He’d been with Alex when he got the shot, and there for knew all about the precise timing and all the other complicated details that he preferred not to listen to again. “Just get on with it.”

The boy studied Logan for a moment, unsure of what to make of him. Why was he being so hostile?

“Alright. Jerry, lewis, bring the shot.” The boy called, pulling out electrodes as he did. As the other two boys walked over, the blond headed kid quickly placed electrodes on Logan’s head, over his heart, and over his right lung. “You need to relax when the injection goes in. Don’t clench up, it’ll only make it worse; you’ve got to let the liquid go through your body.”

Don’t tell me what to do you…you! I’ll do whatever I please, I wont listen to a murderer. You think you’re bigger than me, that because you know things I don’t it gives you the right to step all over me. Well it doesn’t. I’m going to kick your -

“This is going to hurt.”

They had rolled him onto his stomach and he now felt the needle puncture his skin, delving into his spine. A heat spread through him like rapid-fire.

“Aurg!” Logan gasped, squinting his eyes shut. An excruciating pain followed seconds after wherever the heat had spread.

“Relax Logan, relax.” The boy called, his voice seeming to come from miles away. “You’re cells are trying to reject themselves. Their biological clocks are being destroyed, they’re trying to self terminate. Let them adjust. The pain will go away.”

“A-Alex!” Logan cried, before he passed out from the pain.


“Sir. It’s here.”

Trees were ripped from the ground and flung about as mere toothpicks. They slammed into buildings, cars, people; missiles from hell, controlled by demons. Satan’s laugh boomed through the city. Lightning streaked down to the ground, only singing it in some places and alienating it in others. Suddenly, the chaos seemed to stop. A momentary lull passed before the sound of a freight train filled the air.

“Shit! Sir. Tornado just touched down one mile northeast of us. Estimated path puts it right over the building.”

“God dammit!” The Dean swore, punching the wall in frustration. “Size?”

“F3 sir. - no! F4…F5…It’s off the scale sir. One of the strongest we’ve seen in the past one-hundred years.”

“Dammit!” He swore again. “Will structural integrity hold through a direct hit?”

“Negative sir. The building will take some damage that might be catastrophic…but highly localized.”


“Looooogaaann….come on wake up Logan!”

The world pitched and turned before his eyes. A monstrous roar filled his ears and the sound of shattering glass stabbed through him.

“What- what the heck?” Logan asked, still somewhat fuzzy."

The room was in chaos. Test tubes were shattered on the floor and their various liquids intermingled producing a foul stench that filled the air. Papers flew about the room in a drunk frenzy only to be ripped to shreds by glass filaments that shot through the room murderously. The wall, or what Logan thought to have once been a wall, now had a gaping hole in it; the jagged edges seeming to call out “come, let me eat you!” Beyond the hole was …something. It was vast, almost endless. It whirled and twisted rapidly as dark shapes moved across it. Great drops of water fell from it, striking the ground with immense force.

“Get up!” The blond headed boy yelled, grabbing Logan’s arm and pulling him off of the table.

This boy had the audacity to touch him! How dare he, had he no shame? Had he no remorse; any feeling whatsoever?

“Get off of me!” Logan shouted, pulling out of the boy’s grasp. “Don’t ever touch me again!” The wind whipped his hair around madly, giving him a menacing look. The pieces of glass tore through his skin, drawing lines of blood across his face.

The boy looked abashed. “W-what?” He stuttered. Just then a streak of light descended from the vast thing beyond the hole, and hit the ground. A great bang followed a split second after its impact. “Come on!” The blond headed boy shouted, heading for the door. “We’ve got to get out of here!”

I’ve got to get away from here. I cant stand living with these people…but there’s nowhere to go! Logan looked wildly around the room his eyes coming to rest on the gaping hole. What lies beyond that? Is that rationality? No…it cant be…light coming from the sky can’t be rational. What happens if I go through? Will I die?

“Come on!” The boy shouted from the door, beckoning for Logan to follow him. Wind tore at the room , making the hole larger by the minute, like a mouth of a blood-hungry predator moving in to swallow its prey.

“No.” Logan whispered, looking the boy in the eye. His confidence rose and along with it, his voice. “No!” he shouted this time.

Without hesitating, Logan ran for the hole and leaped out. A sicking feeling filled his stomach as he felt himself drop.

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I enjoyed your story. It was a very interesting concept. Thanks for sharing