Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

John struggled to get a good look at what was happening. With his head and hands held in place by the stocks he had been put into, he could just barely make out movement with the corner of his eye. His ‘trainer’- a woman he only knew as “Mommy”- was talking to someone. He had butterflies stomach, an almost nauseating mixture of excitement and nervousness. If he was finally sold, whoever that person was could determine whether the next portion of his life would be heaven or hell.

He was glad he had finally finished training. He had been brought into the Baby Training Program suddenly, having been pulled off the street while heading to the video game store. Like many entries into the program, it was shocking, but not entirely unwelcome. He always had loved the idea of being treated as a baby, playing, getting taken care of and sleeping in a crib, snugly diapered and safe until the next day of games and comfort. He had been picked for his compatibility with it, his long internet search history of fetish stories, videos, and diapers being used as evidence. In some ways, it was better than going off to university and working 24/7 until he was 60. He almost felt as if he had dodged a bullet, even if he had doubts about where he had landed.

However, there were certainly many portions of training he was certain he could have done without. As it was designed to prepare entries for any possible caretaker, and to be obedient to whatever they wanted, much of his training was spent getting punished rather than simply playing around in cute outfits. As males were usually more rebellious, his training had lasted several weeks before he was considered safe for sale. He blushed and wiggled his diapered bottom, remembering his last time over caretaker’s knee. He was still sore.

Suddenly he yelped. A hand had spanked him hard, crinkling his padding and stinging his already bruised bottom.

“Oh are you sore? It seems you must have earned yourself a spanking this morning. I’m sorry, I just saw you wiggling your bum like that, and with you already bent over and everything… the temptation was irresistible,” an edged but surprisingly calming female voice told him. It reminded him of the stereotypical upper class women he had seen in old movies, the kind that always referred to people as “darling” and smoked cigarettes in long holders grasped by gloved hands.

“Now now, let him up so I can get a good look at him,” the voice said again.

The bar holding his head and hands in place was unattached and lifted. He stood up and straightened his back, stiff from being bent over in the stocks all day. He raised himself to his full height- an unimpressive 5’. His slim build was clad only in Velcro strapped shoes, long socks, and a thick, white diaper which labelled him “BABY” in thick letters above pictures of similarly diapered teddy bears. His shoes, pacifier, and the letters on his diaper were all a matching baby blue. He let his shaggy brown hair fall in front of his and suckled his pacifier, hoping one of the two would hide him from the person who stared down at him.

The person in front of him at was a tall, black haired woman dressed in an expensive looking jacket, skirt, and broad brimmed hat. She really did seem like someone like someone from an old movie. She ran a painted fingernail under his chin and tilted it up to look at her. “Well, aren’t you a cute one? Aww, he’s blushing! He must be shy. Don’t worry honey, I won’t hurt you. Well, as long as you’re good.” She said with a laugh.

Despite her words, John still felt his face burn bright red. Was he looking at the face of his new caretaker, his mommy? He couldn’t meet her eyes for more than a moment, and turned his head down and suckled his pacifier for comfort.

His trainer, a slightly shorter but heavily built brown haired woman who seemed perpetually angry, spoke to the woman. “Yes, he is often like this. If anything, it just makes him cuter. He will warm up to you after a while though.”

“Oh that’s fine, you don’t need to sell him anymore. You’ve done your part. I want to hear what he has to say.” She grabbed the baby blue pacifier in John’s mouth and took it out. “Tell me little one, how do you feel about being a baby?”

“I… ummm…. I don’t know,” John found himself at a loss for words. He had never really expected someone to ask him that, and he was nervous enough as it was. Speaking about it to a total stranger who may just have adopted him was almost horrifying.

“You don’t know… Hmmmm… Interesting. Tell me this then: do you like your diapers?”

John looked down quickly at what he was wearing, putting his hands down over it and hearing it crinkle. “Ummm… yes, I guess I do.”

“You guess? And what do you like about them?”

“Well… uhhh… they are comfortable, and soft, and they make me feel safe,” John said quickly, hoping for the conversation to end.

“I see. And what about pacifiers? Do they make you feel safe too?” The woman asked.

“Ye… yes. Yes they do.”

“Alright then. Here, be a good boy and suckle, little one.” She stuck the pacifier back into his mouth. John was happy to obey, as it meant he didn’t need to keep speaking.

“I’ll take him with me. I’ll sign whatever you need for him to come with me, and send the rest of the paper work to my lawyer. He will take care of it,” the strange woman said to his trainer.

“Alright. I’ll need your name and you’re lawyer’s card. I’ll have his clothes, toys, spare diapers, and the rest of it taken to your car.”

“My name is Catherine Hennessey,” The woman said as she signed the documents and handed his trainer his card.

After a moment she turned back to John, crouching to look him straight in the eye. “Alright Johnny, you’re going to be coming with me now. I’m going to be your new mommy and take care of you. Don’t be afraid. It will be alright, ok?” She took him by the hand and lead him past crowds of wealthy adults who inspected diaper clad ABDLs, looking for one to adopt. Even though he only barely knew a few of them and had never even met the rest, John felt some connection to them. They all had been in a similar situation, waiting nervously to see if they would be adopted and taken into someone’s home, or sent back to training. John was elated that he finally got to go, but was uncertain about this strange woman who held his hand and insisted she was his “mommy.”

She led him out of the gymnasium the sales were being held in. Eager to get away from it, he waddled as quickly as he could, the padding between his knees making walking normally difficult. She took him toward a dark black car. John was a bit taken aback by it. He didn’t know the company, but it seemed expensive. She opened the door and revealed dark leather seats. She picked John up and sat him in a baby car seat, making his diaper crinkle underneath his butt. She buckled him in.

She got in the front seat and drove away. John turned to see his trainer waving at him, he waved back. The gym got smaller and smaller as it faded into the distance. When he finally couldn’t see it anymore, he let out a sigh of relief and relaxed into his seat.

“Didn’t really appreciate being up for adoption there, did you, eh?” John jumped up, not realizing he had sighed audibly. “I always found the entire set up a bit crude, all those little ones tied up and being bid on. Not very nice at all for a poor little baby.” John blushed and looked down. “Don’t worry John. You won’t be going back there. I have everything you need at my house. It will be fun, you’ll see. Ok?”

John nodded.

“Good. From now on, you will call me mommy. You will always be in diapers, and I don’t want any argument or complaining on that part. You will act like a good little baby, and I will have fun showing you off to my friends. If you don’t, then you will quickly find yourself over my lap getting your little butt spanked then sniffling in a corner. Go a bit further, and you may find yourself gagged and tied in your crib, squirming with a sore and itchy bottom in a messy diaper. As much as I look forward to changing you, I have no issues with leaving you in your own stinky diapers to deal with the smell and rash if I decide you don’t deserve a change. But I don’t think that will be a problem, just keep being a good baby. Alright?”

“Ye… yes Mommy.” John said nervously. He had expected there would be punishments, and if anything that seemed easier than most parents he had heard of. Still, he decided it was best not to test her. He could be an obedient baby.
She pulled into the drive way of a large stone house. She walked around the car, opened John’s door, and unbuckled him. She lead him inside.

“Now, first thing’s first. Much as your little diapered butt is adorable I think I want you in more than just that. Also, I don’t think I want you in blue. Come with me.” She practically dragged John up a flight of stairs and into another room.

John gawked at what he saw. A massive nursery stood in front of him, with a crib, high chair, changing table with stacks of diapers, and piles of toys everywhere. There was even a TV! Perhaps he could convince her to get some video games… Even if she didn’t though, there was enough here to keep him entertained. During training he had learned to love all the little baby toys the trainer gave him. The rocking horse and piles of blocks looked almost as inviting as any video game.

The only thing that he worried about was the color. The walls and decoration were all in a bright pink, more suited to a girl’s room than anything else. The toys seemed to follow this theme, seeming to consist of more dolls then the cars and trains he was used too. There was even a unicorn painted on the wall!

“Now, let’s see…” the woman said as she went through a closet full of onesies and childish overalls. “Here we go!” She smiled happily as she took out a short sleeveless dress. It had a white chest with a pink skirt, collar, and shoulders. A pint teddy bear decorated the center.

John backed away from it. “But… but…”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m a boy! Why do I have to wear a skirt!? Why is everything pink?”

The woman crossed her arms and put on a stern face. “I know you are a boy. However, I happen to like my baby boys in pink. I think you will look just precious in this, and if I decide that is what you are going to wear, then that’s what you will wear.”
“NO! I don’t want to!” John shouted, grasping his hands into fists and shoving them behind himself. “You can’t make me!”

“Oh really? Arguing already. Alright, it seems you will need to be taught a lesson about how things work here. See that?” She pointed toward the wall. John followed her finger to see a thick wooden paddle, decorated with heart shaped holes, hanging. His eyes went wide and he instantly regretted arguing.

“Ye… yes,” he said.

“I want you to go get it for me. Bring it to me then bend over my lap for your spanking.”

“WHAT!? No! Please! I’ll wear it! I’ll wear it.”

“I am going to close my eyes and count to three. When I open them, I’d better see your cute diapered little bottom face up on my lap and a paddle in my hand. If I don’t, you will get something much worse than a few spanks. One…”

John looked at her, then at the paddle, then back at her. What would be worse than a spanking?

“Two…. You’d better hurry!”

He nibbled at his fingertips, uncertain of what to do. It took him a second to realize his pacifier had dropped from his mouth.

“Two and a half…”

With a squeal, John ran to the wall and grabbed the paddle. He put it into her outstretched hand and practically jumped onto her lap.

“Three. Good baby! No, try not to squirm too much and this will be over sooner.” With that, she raised the paddle up and brought it down hard upon his bottom with a loud SMACK! He squealed and grasped her leg tightly, struggling not to reach back and stop it from coming down. The paddle struck him again and again until he was yelping with each spank. SMACK SMACK SMACK! She was merciless! At least the padding of the diaper softened the blows a bit… However, just as that thought passed through his head, he felt the woman pull down his diaper and continue on his bare bottom. Each smack stung even more without the padding, and it got worse and worse until he was practically bawling, tears running down his cheeks.

Finnally she stopped. “Alright little one, have you learned your lesson?”

“MMMhmmmm,” he said.
“Good. Now I don’t want any more complaining from you.” With that, she picked him up and set him on the ground. She returned the paddle to its place on the wall, then grabbed the dress. This time, John raised his hands up without argument and let her pull it over his head. He faced himself in a nearby mirror. As he expected, the skirt was too short to completely cover his thighs, leaving his diapered state obvious to anyone around him. Aside from that, the dress fit him well, making him seem like the perfect little girl. He had to admit, he did look cute. The woman then dressed him in booties and a bonnet, colored to match his dress.

She knelt down to face him. He was still sniffling from the spanking, and she wiped tears from his face.

“Don’t be upset,” she said, putting a pink pacifier into his mouth. “I know that was a bit harsh, but as long as you behave, it won’t happen again. You’ll get used to wearing pink, as you can see you look adorable in it. Once we’ve let your hair grow a bit longer I can get some nice bows for it… You’ll be even prettier. And in the mean time you can have all the toys and games you want, and spend every day playing. Alright? Does that sound fun?”

John nodded, feeling a bit better.

“Good. Now let’s get you some supper, then tuck you in to sleep.” She picked him up and carried him to the high chair. Not for the first time, John was surprised at the ease with which she could carry him around. She sat him down and buckled the tray in place.

The Woman left the room, then returned a minute later with a bowl of baby food and a bottle of milk. John stated at the mush in front of him. It didn’t seem very appetizing.

“Haha, don’t worry, it tastes better than it looks, I promise,” the woman said, noticing John’s displeasure. “Now open for the airplane!” She took a spoon full and brought it to his lips. Reluctantly, John opened, and let it into his mouth. To his surprise, he found she was right. It was very sweet, he figured it must have been mashed fruits. He ate happily, letting himself get fed and eagerly opening up for the “airplane.” He kicked his feet excitedly and laughed when she made whooshing noises and moved the spoon around as if it was flying. Once he was done with the food, the woman took the bottle to his lips, and let him drink. He felt his stomach grumble when he was done and looked down, blushing. Soon he would need his diapers for more than just show.

The woman laughed. “Haha, making me a present already? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of diapers for you to use.” She continued to feed him the milk until the bottle was empty. “Alright, there’s a good baby. Now, it’s almost your bedtime,” John pouted as she said this, the sun was just barely below the horizon. “Now now, babies always have early bedtimes. It will give you more energy to play! Anyway, if you don’t want to have a very stinky and uncomfortable night, I suggest you fill up your diapers now so I can change you before bedtime. Alright?”

John nodded. He was still a bit shy about messing in front of people, especially a woman he had just met, but he knew he wouldn’t last the night otherwise. He shifted his weight slightly, feeling his stomach gurgle, demanding release. He raised himself up and pushed. He felt his bowels release into his diaper, instantly filling it in causing it to inflate. He grunted as it poured out of him, coming with a string of loud and embarrassing “BRAAPTS”. When he was finally finished, he settled back into the seat, wincing as he felt the mush coat his bottom. It was slimy and a bit itchy, but surprisingly comfortable and war. He blushed as he looked at the woman and felt himself wet, adding to the mixture inside his diaper.

“WELL! You really did a number on that diaper, didn’t you? I didn’t think you had that much in you! PEW YEW Stinky Boy!” She laughed, and John blushed deeper and whimpered. The smell had hit him, and really was very strong. He knew he was a stinky boy but didn’t like her pointing it out. “Awww don’t be upset, I am only teasing. Come on, let me get you changed.”

The woman picked him up out of the high chair, resting a hand under his bloated diaper, and carried him to the changing table. She took his dress off and lay him down. She untapped the diaper, jokingly waving her hand in front of her nose as she did. She took a box of baby wipes and took one out. She cleaned him up slowly and gently, making sure to get everything. The wipes felt nice and cool against his skin, relaxing him.

John looked at her working. He wouldn’t have believed a few weeks ago that he would soon be having his diaper changed by someone who adopted him as his mommy. But here he was, a little baby with a life of bottles, diapers, and toys. The change really was incredible. He smiled, and began humming through his pacifier.

The woman looked at him and smiled back, glad to see he was enjoying himself. She finished cleaning him and spread sweet smelling powder over his diaper area. Next, she took out a fresh diaper, this time decorated with pink teddy bears like the one on his shirt, and lay it underneath him. He felt the thick padding underneath him and luxuriated in the softness. He felt it get pulled between his legs and taped on, locking him snugly and securely in its warm confines.

Next she placed him on the ground, walked into the clothing closet, and emerged with a set of pink footed pyjamas. These ones had hearts drawn all over them, and “Princess” written in glitter across the chest. She pulled his feet into it, helped him get it on, then buttoned it up as he watched and suckled his pacifier. Like his diaper, the pyjamas were soft and comforting.

“There, now don’t you look adorable?” the woman said, causing John to blush and smile. “I bet those are really comfy, aren’t they?” He nodded. “Good. And look! They have a flap for diaper checks, so you don’t have to take them off!”
As John watched, she reached behind him and undid a bottom above his waist, letting the flap fall down and expose his diapered bottom. “Isn’t that a cute sight!” she exclaimed, patting his butt. He giggled as she redid the flap.

Once again she picked him up, this time carrying him to a the oversized crib. She lay him down on the soft mattress and pulled the blanket up to his chin. She handed him a teddy bear and kissed his cheeks.

“Goodnight my angel,” she said, walking to the door.

“Goodnight Mommy!” he replied as she turned off the lights. He suckled his pacifier and squeezed his teddy bear, anticipating the days to come and his new life. He slowly drifted off to sleep.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

I hope you make this into multiple chapters and/or stories because its a great one.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

thank you!
I don’t know if I will be using this particular character. However, he is part of a larger universe that exists in my stories (along with the entire abdl training system he just graduated from.)
So you will find similar situations a bit more fleshed out

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!


Sorry but this kind of story is not something that I enjoy.

If others like it, well it is up to the individual.

I wish you luck with it, but I for one will not be reading it. Only read a bit of it.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

Hi there!

I don’t usually post on this forum, but there’s really something I have to ask you. What made you want to write that reply? I’ve never before seen critique with so little information. “I don’t like this story” is all you have to say about it. You don’t specify what kind of story you’re talking about (slavery/sissification/forced AB/…). Not only that, but you also say that you won’t be reading it… Which you already did. Or at the very least a little bit.

Now, as the author of this work, how do you think this will be even slightly useful? A complete stranger saying “I don’t like it.” That’s it. Nothing positive. Nothing very negative. I could imagine that it must be extremely annoying for a writer to read a comment like yours.

Anyways, I didn’t mean to insult you, since you probably haven’t thought about it like this, but I do hope you remember this in the future.

Best wishes,

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

No, Archette, your comment is not insulting. It was needed.

Wimsett, your comment is nothing but disruptive; insulting to readers who liked it, dismissive of the author’s efforts, and entirely negative. You could have read until bored and moved on. I would not be sad if you did so, the next time you find a story that, gosh darn it, doesn’t turn out to be written exactly how you’d like it.

Kudos for the story author! An interesting piece, I hope you continue. Thanks for posting!

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

My only issue with the story is the cliche fantasy scenario once we get through the scene-setting. She takes him home, spanks him, diapers him, feeds him baby food and prune juice, he poops, she cleans him up and puts him to bed, the end.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!


Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear that you don’t like this kind of story. I do have others that are different, it depends on what you are looking for. I understand the issues with the sort of “just a light silly fantasy” writing, but remember that is why a lot of people read or wright these. If I wanted to write something more serious, it probably would not involve diapers at all.

However, I must say, this isn’t exactly helpful. I made a post about poor types of critiques- this is one of them. It doesn’t really tell me anything. If you said, for example, that there were issues with the wrighting, or the characters could be developed more, my descriptions are weak, ect. that would be helpful. This just tells me that you don’t like the type of story. It is essentially the same as a non abdl person complaining that it involved diapers, or someone who only likes comedy complaining that a work is horror for that matter.

I do enjoy comments and appreciate you taking time to critique, but please be a bit more constructive.


First of all, about “once we get through scene-setting-” this entire thing literally is scene setting. It is a four page long beginning, not a novel, and not really complete story. It was written on the request of someone who wanted exactly this. I may or may not expand on it, depending on what he wants, what people think of it, and what I decided to do. So yes, you are correct, it really is just a fantasy scenario scene setting.


Same as what I said to Wismitt. I appreciate constructive criticism, but this doesn’t really come across as that. I believe we had this conversation before. You can critique the writing, characters, ect., but if all you have against it is the genre, then it isn’t really helpful. It is equivalent to a non abdl saying he doesn’t like diapers or a horror lover saying he doesn’t like comedy. I understand you don’t like this type of “just silly fantasy” writing, and that is fine. However a lot of people do enjoy that. If I wanted to write something more serious, I wouldn’t involve diapers. I don’t know why you would combine serious writing with abdl scenarios. As it is, I have several types’s ranging from essentially bondage to romance to fantasy/action, all short stories. (Not all of them are here) This is what I enjoy writing.

I don’t have any issue with the kind you write. They seem to be much longer, sort of a regular novel with random references to diapers. To me this is pointless. When I read novels, I read novels. When I read abdl fiction, I read abdl fiction. I find with the way you write the references to diapers are simply jarring, sort of like “oh and btw she is incontinent and maybe enjoys it, maybe doesn’t,” then on with a plot that has nothing to do with it. However, I acknowledge that some people like the combination so don’t judge your work based entirely on that and fill it with either “concentrate on the diapers!” or “no more diapers!” type comments, I acknowledge you are writing for a different audience and it has value on its own.

So, if you’re going to talk about the writing itself, the characters, or anything else relevant, I’d be glad to take criticism. If you’re only complaint is that it is pure abdl writing and that isn’t what you are here to read, I am not interested.

If I have grossly misinterpreted what you were saying, please inform me.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

Thank you both for the support and defense. I often wonder why people would read something which is clearly intended (even in some cases stated) to be pure fetish fantasy and then complain that it is pure fetish fantasy. However you shouldn’t hold it against Wimsett. I believe he was trying to give more constructive criticisms and it came out wrong. Frankly he was very polite while saying he didn’t like it, and a lot of people art.

Also thank you for the compliments. I don’t know if I will be continuing with this set up, as it was written as a request. However I have a few others which are similar if you are interested.

Have a good night!

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

You have, and it was probably my fault.

The commentary is more pointed toward the idea that it feels very formulaic to me once we get past your explanation of the baby training center. I get that there are only so many ways you can roll through a fantasy scene, especially in a vignette form like this, but it feels very color-by-numbers here. I’d like to see you experiment a bit more, do some different things within that construct.

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

huh. Well, again, that is what it is intended as. It was a request too, so…

Re: Bottles and Diapers and Bears, OH MY!

Didn’t realize it was a request. That changes the frame of reference…

Like songwriting for Nashville. There is an expected set of tropes, and if you don’t use them, you don’t get paid. 8)