book I heard about.

Hey fellow Adult babies.

I just heard from a friend about a book called. “A baby in my bed.” I was wondering if anyone had read it and what they thought. I was sent the first 25 pages and loved it and can not wait to get the rest of it. It can be ordered threw Amazon by the way.


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Never read it, but I’ve seen the author on various forums and I was not impressed. If you have an account on FetLife, I suggest you read this thread:

Re: book I heard about.


Another uneducated fool who thinks she knows better than anyone else. Not surprising really…not even if she does acquire some fame and notoriety due to this. I’ve found that the stupider a person is, the louder they shout and the more they are heard.

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There is another thread here,, that she has started trying to define the word ‘fetish’ and…nevermind. I don’t know what the fuck she’s babbling about in that thread.

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I would like to add something that you may have missed

people who write books, articles, whatever asserting facts, or defining stuff, naturally resist admitting facts which contradict there arguments. So what i’d say is just ignore them or write an amazon review this book is not comparable to the attempted community hijack you describe in the second part of your post. It does not sound like this minority will get very far. Given that diapers are symbolically important to the community at large.