Bleh...kind of a messed up week.

Well this is fun, having such a messed up week. First, I get into a bit of an argument with my manager.

He made a couple of really horrifying statements that make Sarah Palin look sane. One statement he made was “Cats are horrible creatures. Their only purpose in my book is to be squished up on the side of the road and I’m doing my part to help that out. I just wish we lived in a world where they didn’t exist.” I let this one go. He said it in front of customers so calling him on it in front of said customers would have been a mistake I think. Later on, we were randomly discussing a gay couple that came in. I made it clear that I have no problem with gay people, another person kept there mouth shut (which if he has the opinion that gay people are evil or something, that’s his opinion but at least he was gracious enough to leave it alone). He could have also just not have wanted to join in the conversation, also a smart move. But then along comes my manager in his touting bigotry. He said and I quote- “Gay people need to be executed publicly or sent to Guantanamo for fucking up the natural order of things and potentially causing global warming”

That’s right, this asshole linked gay people to global warming. At this point I didn’t care that he was my manager, I called his ass on it, so I replied- “So let me get this straight. Gay people are horrible people in your book for messing with the ‘natural order’ of things, and you want them to be executed. But, you also want cat’s to just vanish from this world which would create a huge fucking rift in the natural order, such as the food chain, causing numerous deaths of the animal kingdom. You are the worst kind of sycophantic bigoted hypocritical scum I’ve ever met, you make Sarah Palin look tolerable and I guarantee you if you keep spouting that kind of opinion to other people you’re gonna get your ass killed. I don’t give a shit if you’re my manager, you are a horrible horrible excuse for a human being.” The argument stopped after that but I was still kind of pissed and horrified that he could even think that way.

Then, a bit on the depressing side of things; I found out that my cousins child has this disorder, I forget the name (I think it’s Spinal Atrophy or something), but from what I’ve heard her body will eventually stop responding to the messages from the brain, basically paralyzing her entirely. She’ll be able to feel her arms and legs and stuff, she just won’t be able to move them. All I know for now is that according to the doctor there’s no official cure for this type of thing, as of now that is. Kind of sad that she’s only three years old and has to start looking forward to spending the rest of her life in a wheel chair. Her mother (my cousin) tried to keep that information away from her, as she wouldn’t understand it and would probably get upset, but due to my grandmothers inability to keep her mouth shut sometimes, she knows she’s gonna end up in a chair.

Kind of sad.

This is her btw-

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

Yeah, mostly it was just a random discussion about the couple. Hell it wasn’t anything about them, and I thought it pretty much ended after “Hey do you think those two are gay or something?” “Dunno, one of’em did call the other ‘honey’ so it’s a good chance.” (And that wasn’t me in the conversation at all). It was just when the manager said something so horrifying as Gay people are the cause of global warming that I really couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

And as for my cousin, I really feel for her. She’s only my second cousin and doesn’t have much of a relationship with me but we see her at every family event and she’s just so adorable that even I’ve grown to love her.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

I kind of thought that too, at first. I only started with “That’s a pretty ballsy statement Roy…wait a minute, you’re just yankin my chain aren’t ya.” But a few minutes down the line we kept talking and I found he was completely dead serious about it.

And to me it is horrifying, horrifyingly stupid that is. Basically I’m stupefied at how beyond ignorant the statement really was.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

Well, first off, I’m really sorry about your cousin’s kid (the link didn’t work incidentally).

Secondly - report your boss. Seriously. Particularly if he’s been boasting about doing his part to rid the world of cats; animal rights groups going to love that. Record the bastard and at least post it to Youtube so that we can all laugh.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

I will likely report him today (if I remember).

As for the pic, bleh. Went to photobucket for now-

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

Tell your boss he should move to Iran.

My sympathies for your cousin.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

You know Iran has like one of the, if not the, highest rate of gender reassignment operations in the world. This is because there are no gays, but just lots of men who became girls to sleep with men. Though presumably vice versa is forbidden.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

You know Iran has like one of the, if not the, highest rate of gender reassignment operations in the world. This is because there are no gays, but just lots of men who became girls to sleep with men. Though presumably vice versa is forbidden.[/quote]

I know. It’s one of the worst countries in the world. I read it’s illegal to be gay so they execute you for it. Just don’t let anyone know you’re gay lol.
I read about two guys being executed for it. Made me mad and made me so glad to be in America, even if it is sucking right now and sucks in some ways. I think every country has something that sucks in it though.

Bleh…kind of a messed up week.

For instance we’re all going to hell for not following the law of Allah :cry: