Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 1

He remembered the trip vaguely. The flight had taken so long that he fell asleep numerous times. The whole idea of moving again didn’t bother him too much, after all the moves they had already made anyway. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the air force academy while his parents were stationed there. After living there till he was two, they moved to Omaha Nebraska where Alan, his younger brother was born. When he was five they picked up and moved to Lakenheith, England. When he was eight he found himself in Bossier City, Louisiana. And now that he was thirteen, nearly fourteen, he found himself on a plane heading for Okinawa, Japan. This would be the last move for him. His father decided to retire after twenty-three years of service and go live in his wife’s hometown, where he met her almost eighteen years ago.
Will could not wait for the plane to touch down. His mother and father were both Greeks, but his mother grew up here. She learned Greek and Japanese at the same time from her mother, who was Japanese and then learned English in school. She joined the Air Force Reserves and spent some time moving around till she found herself stationed back home. There, she met Michael Galanos, a dentist on base, and married him less than a year later. Even though she hadn’t returned to her homeland in nearly twenty years, she brought it with her. She taught all three of her children to speak Japanese fluently, even if they couldn’t read and write that well. She also took the time to teach them all some traditional games, like Go and Mahjong.
This was her happiest moment. She spent most of the month that they were to move talking about how much everyone would love it there. Okinawa was a melting pot in her opinion, a Japanese America. She insisted her children would love their new home.
They moved almost immediately after Will and his brothers finished school. Their summer vacation would be spent moving in and getting acclimated to their new home. Because of some strings pulled, Michael Galanos lived in Officers’ Housing on the base in Okinawa. There were about ten families who lived on base but were no longer Air force personnel. The house was large and very comfortable. Although it didn’t look Japanese, Irene Galanos still loved it. She spent most of the summer planting a Japanese garden in the backyard and creating a Greek montage in the front, which included pillars and some Greek statues.
Before they had moved out to Japan, Irene’s family arranged for jobs for Irene and Michael when they got there so they could have a smooth transition. Irene would work at a local high school as a math teacher and Michael would continue practicing as a dentist in one of the town’s clinic. Both positions were good and the finance lucrative. They would lack for nothing, especially because they could still use the hospital on base as they needed. They could use the commissary too, which had great deals on food. All in all, life in Okinawa looked to be looking very well for the Galanos adults.
For the kids, it was another story. They spent their first summer without friends or any outside interaction. Will played Go with Alan and video games to entertain his mind. Alan simply followed Will’s example. Terry used their back yard to train in kempo, judo, and aikido. Occasionally Will would spar with him, but Terry was always too strong.
One of the things Will really missed was Kendo. It seemed odd to him that there was no local dojo he could practice at. His mom promised that when they settled in she would look for one, but she hadn’t had much luck. Sometimes he would go outside and swing his practice sword around to keep his muscles loose, but he felt he wouldn’t be getting any real practice anytime soon.
This was how the Galanos family came to Japan. Michael stood just under six feet, his balding, wispy hair blew everywhere in the windy summer climate. He had once been a gymnast, but no one could tell because of his beer gut. He was a good man, but barely home because of his work. Most of that first summer he had been adding to the house with his ideas. He loved to create things from wood and possessed a deftness for carpentry.
Irene stood at five feet and had long curly black hair, which looked to have been salted with white strands. She was very plump, like all Greek mothers should be, but had been in the process of losing weight and exercising. The amount of work her three boys did inspired her to try and regain her strength. She spent a lot of the end of summer getting ready for school by creating lesson plans rearranging furniture in her house.
Alan, a ten year old wore very messy, but wavy brown hair stood almost four and a half feet, tall for his age. He, like his mother, was plump and working on losing weight. His mind a steal trap he spent most of the summer reading when not playing rpg vide games with Will. He also tried to learn more about Go and managed to find a Go salon on base to walk to sometimes and play at.
Terry stood at almost five and half feet. His whole body was wiry and supple from the constant work he did to stay in shape. However, he was not bulky or ripped in appearance. He wore his long hair in a loose brown ponytail. He spent his time locked in his room exercising or painting. He had dreams of becoming a comic book artist and he spent a lot of time working on improving his technique
Will stood almost as tall, but had a lot less hair than Terry. The one feature that held these three as brothers were their faces. Each heart shaped and demure, they could have been mistaken for girls. The were all Bishonen, that is girly looking boys. And Will was a diaper lover.



Will walked along the aisles of the local Sam’s Club on a Sunday afternoon, the Sunday before School was to start for the fall semester. His mother and brother, Terry, left him alone to wander, as was his custom, while they went to find the items on their lists for school. As was also his custom, he went straight to the diaper aisle in the back of the store. He wore a suit that favored a dark shade of gray. Beneath all of this he wore a green Depends diaper, a diaper he had stolen a week before.
As he walked along the aisle he noticed that several babies diapers were tacked to the partitions so mothers could gauge what the diaper looked like and felt like for their babies. He felt hopelessly drawn to them and stared for several minutes until a random man asked him if he worked at the store. When he replied in a confused voice that he didn’t the man walked away with a smile on his face. Will shrugged and continued to stare. Finally, he grabbed the diaper and placed it in his pocket, as he was about to walk off, two store employees, a girl and a boy who appeared to be maybe eighteen, grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. As his face faded to a pallid white he gulped and smiled at the, but they had no smile to return. The boy told Will to empty his pocket and discovered the stolen diaper. Both of the employees stared at the boy before them who for all intents and purposes looked like he belonged in an honors English class as opposed to shoplifting baby diapers. The two conversed in Japanese, thinking Will couldn’t understand.
<> What the hell is this? <> the girl asked the boy. <> Why the hell is she stealing diapers? <>
<> I don’t know, <> The man replied. <> I guess we should tell the manager? <>
<> Do you really want to have to explain this? <> she scoffed. When he replied not really, she said. <> We’d have to call the police, too. I don’t know. This just seems so different from the guy trying to steal that DVD player earlier. Besides, I never thought I’d see a cute little girl stealing diapers of all things. <> Will wanted to correct her and state that he was a boy, but he was really scared and didn’t want to say anything.
“It would be awfully embarrassing for me to have to call the police on you for stealing diapers, kid,” the boy said in a stern tone. “This is going to be a warning to never do it again. Now get out of here!”
Left alone, and thinking he could not possibly have been luckier or scared at the same time Will bolted to the bathroom. ‘Thank God they didn’t ask to talk to my mom!’ His mind screamed at him. Feeling dirty and exposed, he entered one of the stalls and ripped off the Depends brief. He heard the door open a second later and through the crack he thought he could see the red tunic of one of the store clerks, one about the size of the boy who had let him go. Holding his breath, Will watched as the boy stood there for what seemed like minutes and then left. Not waiting for a chance that the boy might return, Will tossed the brief in the trash bin and high tailed it to his mom and brother who were now in the check out line. Before he walked to them he took a minute to calm down despite the fact that his heart still beat faster than he had ever felt it go before. Even after he ran two miles in gym class, his heart had not beat this fast. Terry gave him a strange look and asked if he was all right. Will said yes and chuckled.
They left the store and Will hoped to never come back lest he be put to shame by seeing those two employees. That same hour, he made a vow: I will never steal again! Never, not for any reason will I give myself a chance to relive this humiliation!
So it was that Will, in his fourteenth year of life gave up diapers forever, for a second time.
When they got home, Will went to his room and opened his locked trunk where he kept his diapers. A pure child by nature, he didn’t have any porn as one might suspect from a young teenager in a locked trunk, nor did he plan on buying any. He was about to throw the diapers in the trash when someone behind him spoke.
“Did you steal these too?” Terry asked in a snide voice.
Will’s heart sank as he realized that not only his stealing had been discovered, which was bad enough, but that he also saw his secret life exposed in two piles of disposable diapers. “Terry!?”
Terry grinned and sat down on the floor next to his younger brother. The two looked very similar with their heart shaped faces and brown eyes. They stood close to the same height and weighed the same even though Terry was two years older. Either of them, if dressed as a girl could play the part well with their soft voices and graceful movements. While obviously not gay, both possessed an effeminate nature in everything they did. Terry wore his hair in a long ponytail and Will wore long scraggly curls that hugged his ears. He had wanted to imitate his brother and grow a ponytail as well, but he never guessed that it takes three times longer to grow out curly hair to that length.
“You never got over this thing, did you?” Terry asked, now sounding serious. Will didn’t answer, but looked down. When he was ten and Terry twelve he wore his younger brother, Alan’s diaper. He hadn’t been trained till three and a half so the large baby diapers fit on the small youth. Excited that his secret desires could be fulfilled, he had told Terry, who in turn told their mother and that ended Will’s fantasy of wearing diapers again. “I guess not. I suppose I need to go tell mom about this, don’t I?”
Will leapt up and grabbed Terry’s shoulder, “Terry! Please!” he cried, “Yes these are stolen, but I was caught. I’ll never steal again, I swear. I am giving these up too, so please don’t tell mom! PLEASE!”
“Tell me what?” his mom, Irene, asked as she walked into the room.
Will slammed the trunk shut and sat on it as she walked over to her two sons sitting in Will’s closet. “Nothing, Mom,” he said giving a pleading glance to Terry who smiled good-naturedly, the two had grown close in the two months of having only each other for companions. Before they moved to Japan, Terry hung out only with older kids and in a way looked down on his younger brothers who were neither as strong nor fast as him. Terry shook his head in wonderment that he would keep silent. A silence ensued and Will could hear a gust of wind splash against his window. A storm brewed outside and he could see flashes of lightning outside even though he couldn’t see any rain.
Irene could tell something was up, but decided to let he boys tell her if they wanted. After all, while Terry didn’t make tremendously good grades he scored above average. He made up for it in his art that one the awe of many in his high school despite the fact that he was a sophomore. Will stood in all honors courses in his sixth grade year and always seemed polite and quiet in all things. She knew neither of them could be into drugs and both seemed to be enjoying their youth. As she walked away to prepare dinner, she marveled at what could be the matter with Will today.
Terry shut the door behind her and joined Will on top of the chest, who now seemed a bit teary eyed and red faced. “Am I so weird, Terr?” he asked quietly.
His brother laughed and put his arm around his Will’s shoulder before saying, “With that hair you are beyond weird. You really should cut it short again.”
As Will’s hands shot to his hair he pouted, “It’s just in the goofy phase.”
“It’s been in the goofy phase since you were born,” Terry chided, “You just look less so when it’s short. But to answer your question, yes. I can’t understand why you want this so much, even to steal. I mean, you’re like the star altar boy. You don’t even own any porn.” He paused before adding, “You better stay out of mine.”
“So I am a freak?” Will asked, now on the verge of tears. Perhaps more effeminate than Terry, Will appeared almost six years younger than he really was. All old women found him too cute for words, and many girls his age wanted to dote on him and pretend he were a younger brother. He never had a girlfriend, or any real friends he could talk to. Only Terry knew this because unless one knew Will, one wouldn’t be able to guess he lived such a lonely existence. Will never let his feelings show unless he was very comfortable with someone. He lived in a shell and tried to bolster that shell by hiding his true emotions. Terry had taken a psychology course, but that didn’t help matters any because the book never mentioned anything about liking diapers.
“I don’t think so, Will,” he offered hesitantly. “But I think it may have something to do with your personality. You are antisocial, quiet, and very self-depreciative. Maybe it acts as a comfort zone to you?”
Will smiled weakly at this and wondered if it might be true. “Hey, Terr?”
“Yeah Will?” he asked with an older brother grin.
“You have a car so. . .” he said while looking down tapping his index fingers together as though he were pointing left and right.
“SO?” Terry asked getting suspicious.
“Well, maybe you could help me not have to steal anymore.”
“If you think I am going to buy diapers for you then you have just smoked yourself retarded, Will,” Terry said with a look of horror while saying quickly after, “Someone might see me and think they were for me! What if the clerk asked me what they were for? What if mom or dad saw them when I brought them in?”
Will didn’t feel like balking so he pressed on, “Come one, Terr. You agreed that I need them.”
“I agreed that you use them to comfort your weak ego and social skills,” Terry said coldly, “I think what you NEED is to go out and make friends!” Seeing this not have the desired affect of turning Will’s priorities to wholesome interaction, but rather that it upset the boy further he quieted down.
“I do have friends, Terr,” Will insisted. “I just can’t tell them about this, even in e-mail. I’ll try harder. PLEASE?”
Will had never had much luck with making friends. Terry never had that problem. With his good looks and “I don’t give a shit” attitude, people came to him in droves to be his friend. His peers loved this seemingly angst filled teen, so Terry never lacked for companionship. Will, on the other hand, was shy and very unassuming. If a situation might become painful for him he often would walk away instead of facing it. This cowardliness was what made Terry abandon him years earlier. Will was always such a baby. Now Terry knew why.
“You know I love you, Will, right?” Terry asked. When Will nodded he continued. “You can use these diapers as a crutch if you need to. Don’t throw them away. Use them if it makes you happy. I won’t betray you and tell mom like I did last time.” He started to get up to leave, but stayed and hugged Will to him. “I won’t abandon you ever again. I’ll defend you if you need me.”
After Terry left, Will continued to sit on the trunk and think about what had happened today. ‘So I should keep them?’ he thought. ‘Maybe Terry is right. I do feel a lot better when I am wearing them. Either way. I can make friends! But can I? AHHH! I am so confused.’ He glanced at the diapers in the trunk. He decided not to think about why anymore. He liked them and that was that. Tomorrow was a holiday so he would have no school, which would start on Tuesday. With this thought in mind, he pulled out another Depends brief and quickly diapered himself. He was about to pull up his jeans over the diapers when his door opened and Michael walked into the room. Without finishing the job, he jumped behind his closet door and politely, but in a rushed voice asked, “Ye, yes, Dad?” He couldn’t be sure if his father had seen.
Michael answered, “Oh, Terry just looked depressed and I was wondering if you had a fight with him.”
Will pulled up his pants from behind the door, silently cursing the rustle that the diaper made as he slid the jeans over them. He could only hope to mask the sound while talking. “No, sir. I didn’t fight with him! We just talked about some stuff. I think we’re both nervous about Tuesday. This will be our first foreign school experience, right. I mean England just had an American school on base.” His pants now up, he walked out from behind the door and stood before his father.
His father replied with an, “Oh, I see.” Will chuckled nervously and his father continued, “You guys shouldn’t worry though. Kenshiki is a rather American-like school too. Plus, his high school is next door too.” As Michael began to leave, Will turned to close his closet door, not even realizing that the back of his diaper shone clearly over the lip of his pants.
He went to bed that night in his diapers and woke in the middle of the night to the nightmare of his real day. Somehow, all of his secrets were being unraveled. His orderly life no longer looked so bright. He breathed heavily and stepped out of his bed and noticed that for the first time that he began to wear diapers, he had wet the bed.
Chapter 2
Will looked at the bulge in the diaper that hadn’t been there when he went to bed. The cool stickiness of the congealed inner gel of the diaper sloshed when he moved and he realized that if he moved too much that the diaper would leak all over the place. Waddling like a duck, and feeling the loose sag of the diaper sway as he moved, Will made his way to the closet and carefully slid the diaper down his waste, afraid that untaping it would cause the contents to spill to the floor.
Feeling a slight irritation on his inner thighs where the diaper rested for so long in its full capacity, Will could tell he was developing a rash. Not possessing any creams or wipes, he could only dash to the shower and laboriously scrub his genitals and thighs. The whole time he stood there basking in the warm spray of the shower head thought to himself. I wet the bed. I haven’t wet the bed since I was five. How did it happen? Thank goodness I had a diaper on, but I still can’t believe it. Maybe if this happens a few more times I will have a legitimate excuse to wear diapers.
Then he thought about Terry’s reaction to helping him the night before. He swore he would never steal again, but now he felt he needed the diapers more than ever before. As he toweled off and walked to his room, he contemplated wearing a diaper during the day again. Usually he reserved it as a treat for himself on weekends, but today was Labor Day and he would have no school. While he combed gel into his hair so that the curls would seem more manageable he thought, Screw it. I will! Happily expecting the joy of diapering himself he walked to his room. And in it stood his little brother Alan staring at the sodden diaper in the closet.
Will’s heart lunged in his chest. Why is he up?! The sun hasn’t even come up so how on earth can my lazy little brother be up? Before Will could say anything, Alan spoke. Now Alan stood as perhaps the brightest of the three sons. While Terry stood as a farley smart kid, Alan shined as a near prodigy in elementary school. He read a lot and enjoyed strategy games. The thing that marked him the most was his undying loyalty to Will. He read mostly books read by Will and played games Will recommended. He acted as a little Will by imitating his favorite older brother. Now his older brother stood rooted in shame with a towel around his waist. “Mom needed your trunk for the trip she’s going on Tuesday,” Alan said slowly.
Will walked into his closet and saw in a brown paper bag, stacked almost lovingly, were his diapers in the place that his trunk had been. She must have come while he was in the shower. He fell to his knees and began sobbing uncontrollably. Alan looked in shock at his brother reduced to tears and then ran to get their mom.
Terry, whose room stood next to Will’s, heard the crying and darted in to see what was the matter. On seeing the diaper and the brown paper bag, he realized that Will’s secret was out. He didn’t say anything, but walked over to Will and slowly began stroking his hand through Will’s loose curls.
When Irene Galanos walked in she looked to Will and smiled at him. “Your report card for last semester came in yesterday, honey. You got all A’s and one B! I am so proud of you. You have no idea how much I love you, Will.” This seemed to make Will bawl even harder and his face grew very red. “Shh , Shh, don’t cry little one. Mommy will make it better.” She instructed Terry to place Will on the bed while she fetched a diaper and some powder. Though she hadn’t diapered Alan in almost four years, she hadn’t lost her skill as she lifted Will’s legs and placed the diaper beneath him, pulled the front between his legs, and then fastened the tapes, all the while humming happily to herself as she had when he was a baby. This humming calmed him down a bit so that instead of crying he just hiccoughed and breathed hard. His face looked redder than a can of coca-cola and his eyes appeared pink and teary. Irene kissed him on the cheek before picking up the wet diaper and smiling at Will.
“Honey, I think that this might not be absorbent enough for you,” she said with a smile.
Finally, Will managed to speak in a whisper, “How did you find out?”
She smiled at him with her eyes closed, “Mothers know all their children’s secrets,” she teased. “It’s our job. Do you think I don’t know every inch of my babies? I can tell by looking at you and I could tell when I would pat your bottom. Mommy knows all and sees all.” Terry looked a little red in the face and began to make a move for the door. “You just be glad your father doesn’t have these intuitions Tarlton Galanos or he would tan your hide for those tapes.”
“Shit!” Terry cursed.
“Watch your language!” she snapped before turning back to Will. “I figured you would try something like this again. I remember when you were younger and Terry told me about your little diaper horde. Even though you were spanked and told not to be a baby, you seemed more upset at losing the diapers than at the spanking or our reprimand. I guess this is just a part of who you are. Do you really want to wear diapers, William?”
Before Will could answer she gave him a look that said wait before continuing, “You must agree to some terms though if you are to do this. You will wear them all the time, not just on weekend, and you will use them for what they were made. I’ll buy you you’re diapers till you get a job and then it’s up to you. You will not change yourself while at home or at school. Now, do you agree?”
Will nodded and smiled at his mother who gave him a hug along with his brothers. A thought came to him at that moment. What will dad say?
As he was about to ask, his father walked in and smiled at his family saying, “Finally come out of the closet, son?”
Will mewled, “Daaaaad!” at the same time Irene said, “Michael!” Terry and Alan erupted in laughter, which soon engulfed the whole family.
After walking to the school, which was no more than a few blocks from the base, Will went to the main office and smiled as he approached the desk. Though he was Greek, his mom was born here and grew up in Okinawa. She taught all three of her sons to speak Japanese, though none of them could write very well. Will had hoped on coming to Japan for the first time that he would get to see one of the schools his mother talked about, with sliding doors and no janitors because the kids cleaned up everything. He wanted to see fukus and shoe slots. What he saw surprised him.
It was a normal school, like every other he had been to. There were no tatami mats or girls running in bloomers calling out, “Fight O Fight O Fight O” In all he was disappointed. The walls of this edifice looked like a prison to him and the American Flag in the courtyard stole all of the foreign flavor he expected.
Once inside the office he smiled inwardly to see that at least the staff of the school was Japanese for the most part. The woman at the desk smiled at him and spoke with a heavy British accent. “Yes? May I help you?”
Will was taken aback by the brusqueness of her tone. He had expected diminutive women bowing all the time as well. Blushing, he said, " I need to see the nurse."
A wicked smile played on her lips as she looked down at the young boy.
“Ah!” she cackled, “You must be the baby I was told about. Please come this way Will-chan.” Will blushed furiously and followed her to the back room where he saw a myriad of offices and people working. The blue carpet smelt heavily of cleaner and the bustle of papers made him think this place resembled a stock broker’s office than a middle school.
The snotty receptionist left him at the door marked Nurse, and returned to her desk laughing cruelly at Will. He felt horrible and couldn’t help but be aware of the crinkle of the diaper between his legs. He drank a glass of juice earlier with breakfast and it had now caught up with him. He flooded his diaper and noticed that these depends briefs would never hold up with him. One wetting alone seemed too much for them to handle. He felt burning pee seep down his thighs, and began to tear up.
The door opened when he knocked and a kindly looking old woman opened the door. She smiled at Will and accepted his note from home before saying, <> Welcome to Kenshiki High school. I am nurse, Hayamizu. Pleased to meet you <>
Will did a double take as he realized she spoke to him in Japanese. Without pause he responded as his mother had taught him. He bowed his head and said <> I am Galanos, Will. Please take care of me<>
To this Nurse Hayamizu chortled happily and clapped her hand together like a school girl. Wow! Will thought. I guess it is true. If you try to speak to someone in their own language they will appreciate it.
<> Young man <> she said heartily, <> Forgive me if I am shocked, but I am used to dealing with snot nosed American kids all the time. They enjoy nothing more than making fun of me for not speaking English very well. I am just happy to hear someone treat me with some respect. <>
Will blushed and bowed a little to show deference and then handed his backpack to Nurse Hayamizu. <> I take it you have heard of me? <> he asked shyly.
She nodded and explained that she knew all about him through his mom, who spoke very well of him and said he had better behave. While they were talking, she took the diapers out of the bag and smiled. <> You use Depends? <> she asked, <> Why not try the Refre Super? It holds more than these little things <>
Will cocked his head and looked at her in confusion. She continued saying, <> I have a son about your age who is completely incontinent. That’s what we use. I also notice you have stained your pants. <> He blushed and allowed her to take down his pants and remove the wet diaper. She led him to the table in the room and had him lie down on it while she powdered him and then taped the diaper shut. She finished the job by giving him a loving pat on the behind.
As fate would have it, Naoto (her son) kept some spare clothes in the closet of her office. The two were about the same size so it was simple to use his pants. He kind of wondered if anyone would notice that he came in with brown khaki pants and left with black slacks. Both matched his blue button down. Once he had thanked Nurse Hayamizu profusely, Will opened the door to embark on his first day of school.
Hesitantly, he walked by the receptionist’s desk where the mean lady, Mrs. Kato. He breathed a sigh of relief as he approached the door, having not scene her and then jumped when he saw he on the other side. She gasped as she was startled to see him. She then noticed the difference in pants and a wicked smile came to her lip. “Did baby get her diaper changed?” she said in a syrupy voice laced with sarcasm. Will blushed and nodded. “Oh, what a cute baby girl!” she cried, swatting him on the butt rather hard. The diapers crinkled loudly.
Not wanting an explanation as to why she called him a girl, Will simply dashed into the hallway and merged with the people going to their classes. He tentatively made his way towards his homeroom. This being his second year in middle school, Will noticed that most of the people here already knew each other from childhood. New World, same story. No one wants to let a new guy into their lives.
Quietly he took his seat near a window and stared out at the Sakura tree in the front lawn of the school. The leaves had already turned so it wasn’t as spectacular a vision as he had hoped. He figured in the springtime he would get to see the majesty of the Cherry Blossoms.
While the school was designed to accommodate international students in the armed forces, Will noticed several people in the class were Japanese and speaking their own language. He saw that things at this school must be very cliquish, and wondered if anyone would befriend him.
The chance for a friend came when a slightly chubby Japanese boy with glasses sat next to him and smiled at him. Without introducing himself, he said, “So do you like computers?”
Will perked up and smiled. While no expert at computers, he was certainly no novice. “Sure, why?”
The boy opened up his backpack and produced a folder full of burned computer games. Only someone like Will could have appreciated them here in this school. The titles were varied and many. Mostly they were “galgames” He had a lot of games published by Leaf, Key, and several other big name companies. He noticed Kannon in the pile and smiled, “I really liked this one.”
The boy seemed at a loss for words, “You play these!? I was just going to mess with you, but you play these!?”
Will nodded and said, “I’ve played most of them. A friend of mine at my last station was into them and got me playing them.”
<> You understand Japanese? <> the boy asked Will hurriedly.
<> A little <> Will admitted, <> But sometimes the Kanji gives me trouble. I am Will. Galanos, William <>
<> Naoto. Hayamizu Naoto <>
It was then Will noticed the white in the boy’s book bag and realized it must be the super refre that his mom had talked about. He looked for some of the tell tale signs that Naoto was wearing a diaper but couldn’t tell. This may have been due largely to the coat Naoto wore which came to his thighs covering his bottom so that no bulge could be detected. He offered Will a certs from his inner breast pocket, which held many pencils and a calculator. There was no way to detect Naoto’s diaper.
After a few minutes the teacher came in and gave everyone their syllabi for the fall semester at Kenshiki. He discovered that Naoto shared almost all of his classes and was glad that he would have at least one friend in his new environment.
The two went down the hall to first period talking happily about games and books they had both read. Neither spoke of their shared undergarment at all and Will wondered what the day would bring. . .
Chapter 3
Will’s first class was English. The teacher turned out to be a rather heavyset man in his thirties who kept taking a cloth out of his breast pocket to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Will felt a little warm in the room, but he didn’t perspire nearly as much as the teacher. He looked to Naoto who sat behind him and noticed that Naoto also sweated, but refused to take off his coat. He shrugged and returned his attention to the class in general. No one seemed to be too enthused by the class and Will couldn’t really blame them. The monotonous tone of the teacher had already put three students into a coma and the subject matter he discussed didn’t exactly merit a standing ovation. Therefore, when the bell rang for second period, the whole class ran to the door like a pack of stampeding elephants.
As Naoto and Will walked down the hall to their next class, Will noticed Naoto stop suddenly screw up his face in what could be taken for pain. He turned to look at him and asked if he was alright. Naoto simply made a hand gesture telling Will to go ahead. It was then he noticed the odor coming from Naoto and he turned back again to his friend whose eye were now furtively glancing back and forth to see if anyone noticed. Those eyes stopped to settle on Will and began to tear up when they saw the understanding in his own eyes. Not wanting a scene in the middle of the hallway, Will grabbed Naoto’s hand and the two sped off to the office.
They made it to the door when Mrs. Kato was about to enter herself. Seeing Will again didn’t seem to please her much and when she smelt the raunchy odor coming from Naoto’s pants she seemed even more upset.
“Oh my God,” she said as loudly as she could so that several students down the hall turned and looked at her. “What is that horrible smell? It smells like someone crapped their pants!”
Naoto’s light skin faded to a parchment white and he began gasping for air as he fell against the wall. Will stood in front of him and decided to confront her. In a quiet voice Will explained Naoto’s predicament to her, though he guessed that she must already know this because he was a second year student at this school.
To this she exploded in laughter. “Well well. It would seem the diaper girl has found a diaper boyfriend!” Will blushed a deep scarlet in confusion, which quickly changed from a red of shame to a red of anger when she continued. “Sa, you should probably hurry to your nanny before you leak all over the floor. Little babies like you cannot be trusted. Aw, did I strike a nerve? Is little baby girl going to throw a tantrum in the middle of this crowded hallway?” Will quickly noticed a large crowd had gathered to see what was going on. Naoto just sat on the floor weeping.
Not able to stand this abuse any longer Will again grabbed Naoto’s arm and dragged him quickly into the office. The two drew quite a lot of stares as they ambled past the many cubicles as Naoto only continue to bawl and cry out, “Ka-chan,” over and over again.
Finally reached the nurse’s office and as we stepped in, Nurse Hayamizu quickly misread the situation and assumed Naoto was crying because he had an accident in class. Despite her mistake, Will felt she handled it properly. She tenderly lifted Naoto onto the table and pulled down his pants, cooing to him as one would do for a two year old. She expertly wiped the mess from his bottom and placed the used wipes in the old diaper before rolling it up. She then asked Will to get rid of it in the garbage can as she got another super refre. Will did as he was told and turned just in time to see Naoto smack the new diaper from his mother’s hand.
Still bawling he wailed, <> NO! I don’t want to wear diapers! I hate them! <>
<> Odd, <> she said picking up the fallen brief, <> You always liked them before. But, honey, I am sorry. That doesn’t change the fact that you have to wear them. You’ll have accidents otherwise. <>
<> But people make fun of me! <> he managed to get out before falling again into uncontrollable sobs.
At that moment, Will wished he could have been anywhere else. Despite the fact that the scene in the hall had been the utmost of humiliation for him, he still wanted to wear diapers. In fact, in the heat of the moment, he had flooded his own diaper in the hall and needed a change rather badly. The stupid Depends could not stand up to his wettings. The urine sloshed around in the diaper and he could feel a trickle of liquid down his inner leg. However, he felt nothing but the utmost sympathy for Naoto, who had no choice in the matter. But for the fact that it might have gotten him expelled, Will desperately wanted to hit that bitch Kato for what she did to Naoto. Lost in his own thoughts, Will missed what transpired between mother and son, but when he saw Nurse Hayamizu’s once wide and loving eyes narrowed to two dark slits of cold fury he quickly guessed the nature of it.
<> Don’t worry, honey, <> she said in a mild tone that didn’t match her eyes, <> I will talk to that woman and explain your situation to her. She is new to the school and has a VERY good relationship with the principle <>
‘She’s probably an “office lady”’ Will thought.
NOTE: Office ladies are the tramps of the Japanese Social Hierarchy in Businesses. They pretty much sleep their way to the top and mooch off of whoever is in power with their good looks.
After Naoto calmed down, Will piped in that he also needed a change. Nurse Hayamizu readily obliged. She lifted her son off the table and patted him on the behind as he smiled at her. She took down Will’s pants and frowned at the leakage. <> What did you drink? <> she asked <> The ocean? <>
Will chuckled as he noticed that the white of the diaper appeared to be quite a dark yellow now from the pee. He shrugged his shoulders and sat on the table, not sure what to say.
Naoto aided him by elbowing his exposed knee jokingly, " I see that those are my pants. You better not have pissed on them!"
Will laughed at the ribbing and smiled at Naoto before sticking his tongue out and saying “Nope, they’re dry, even if my legs aren’t!” They all chuckled and set about cleaning Will up. Instead of putting one Depends brief on him though, they put two with slashes made in the front and crotch made in the outer lining of the first one. When both diapers had been taped up, Will stood up and felt both exhilarated with the new bulk between his legs and nervous that it would now be slightly obvious that he was wearing diapers. In the end he shrugged it off and decided to take his love of diapers as far as he could.
When he slid up his pants he noticed the area around his bottom puffed out quite a bit, but the black pants didn’t give any tell tale creases so Will figured that as long as he wore a long shirt over his pants he would be fine. He now understood Naoto’s jacket strategy a little better.
Before the two of them began to leave the office to go to their second class, Nurse Hayamizu asked if either of them wanted to go home after the incident or have his parents called. Embarrassed enough by the incident, Will opted to just go to class and Naoto felt the same. The nurse frowned a little at this, but kindly said they could do as they wished. She gave them both a loving swat on their diapered behinds before sending them out.
<> Just get the receptionist to give you a note to get into class, boys <> she said as Naoto shut the door.
His heart beating a little less quickly than the last fifteen minutes, Will walked with Naoto to the receptionist desk hoping against all odds it wouldn’t be Kato. When they got there and noticed another lady sitting there, this one American by the look of her. Will asked politely if they could have notes to get back to class. He explained the situation to her and while a little shocked she did not immediately condemn them for wearing diapers. She merely shrugged and began penciling in two notes. Will was about to tell her to write only one because the two of them had Math together when a familiar voice said behind them, “Oh Don’t worry about notes.” He turned to see Mrs. Kato standing next to a black machine positioned on the wall. Connecting from it to her hand was a cord and microphone. ‘This must be the intercom system,’ Will thought. “I’ll just let the teacher know from here.”
She flicked a switch and every sector light on the black box shimmered green. Will could tell almost instantly what was happening and cried out loudly, “NO! Stop!”
It was too late, reverberating across the school came the static of the intercom. Every person stopped what he or she was doing and listened for the announcement. Will felt his heart would explode when the announcement finally came. "Would Mr. Brown please excuse Naoto Hayamizu and William Galanos for being late to class. Both of them needed their diapers changed and will therefore be late to class. Please be nice to these two babies, " she said glancing at them, “they’re really immature.”
Before Will could get to her to say what he thought, a streak of white flew across his vision and stopped in front of him. The next thing he heard was a resounding smack, which echoed not only in the office, but throughout the entire school. The intercom projected it all. Both Naoto and Will peaked behind the woman white, Nurse Hayamizu, and saw a livid red mark on Mrs. Kato’s face.
“You sadistic bitch!” Kato screamed into Nurse Hayamizu’s face. “It’s bad enough you keep your child in diapers but now you physically assault me! You can bet you your last dollar you won’t be working here anymore! I am going to report you to social services with Galanos. This is just so disgusting!”
Very slowly Nurse Hayamizu smiled. She shut off the intercom and spoke quietly, <> First of all, <> she began <>I don’t understand a damn word you have been saying. Which is a shame because my English is not that terrible. Second, you have injured my child and his friend so I am going to let you in on a little secret, bitch. I work here because I want to. I come from a very well off family. You should have considered that before challenging me. For any lawyer you buy I can buy ten, so don’t even bother. Not that it matters. My son is incontinent because of an accident when he was younger. <>
Will could tell that the bad blood between these two women went beyond this simple issue of Naoto’s diapers. The hatred in their eyes seemed to not even take in the others in the room. Will felt like he wasn’t even in their opinions at all.
Finally, Kato spoke, this time in her mother tongue. <> You may have wonHikaru, Akari, but I’ll have the last laugh here. Here I hold the cards. Now get out of here! <>
Nurse Hayamizu smiled and playfully slapped Kato’s cheek before saying, <> I am leaving. I am taking Naoto with me and I will find a place for him to go to school where he won’t have to deal with people like you! <>
<> There’s no such place! <> she spat. <> No one will accept him. No one will love him. He’ll just be another statistical suicide before he graduates.
After she said this, Will snapped and yelled in a furious tone, <> Take that back you conceited bitch! <>
It took a moment for Kato to register that the diaper girl spoke, but she retaliated just the same, <> What right have you to say anything , diaper girl? This is not your affair, and while Naoto may get out of having social service visiting them, your parents will not be spared. I’ll get them both locked up for child abuse <>
Nurse Hayamizu laughed heartily at this before saying, <> This boy is under my protection, . Touch him or his family and you will hear from my lawyers! <> she turned to Naoto who was still in shock about all of these strange developments and said sweetly, <> Come one Naoto, we’re going home. Will? Do you want to come with us? <>
Will was tempted, but something inside told him to stay and survive this day. He would look at it as a test and see how he got through it. He secretly set time of three months, one semester to see how he coped in this school. He never wanted to appear weak. Not to Terry, not to anyone. After he turned the offer down he copied Nurse Hayamizu’s phone number for later use and went to class.
The hallways were very quiet as he walked. To his ears the crinkling of the diapers echoed the entire length of the hall and beyond. 'Not that it matters much, 'he thought. 'The whole school knows my secret. I guess the best bet is to play it off as a medical condition. Remember, Will, you ‘re in enemy territory now. Any weakness will be pounced on. Be strong or you will be destroyed.’
No normal fourteen year old would think this way. Most, even after the explosion in the office, would have tried to make friends and adapt. Will wouldn’t. His family had moved every three years from the time before he was born. Change was a way of life and friendships would ultimately be severed by outside forces no matter how hard he tried. Not owning a computer until two years ago, Will couldn’t keep in contact with any of his former friends. Now, half way across the world his time zone made it impossible to talk to them except at very odd hours. Because he was always small for his age and quiet, people automatically targeted him. It always took a long time for people to accept him, even without diapers in the equation.
He entered the math class and sat in an empty seat without saying anything. The teacher thankfully did not stop his lecture so Will managed to sit without anyone noticing his diaper. Behind him he heard two girls speak softly in Japanese, <>Who’s the new girl? <>
<> I don’t know, but she’s cute, even if she dresses weird <>
Will turned beat red and went about the class normally. His unusually soft voice didn’t help matters much in that the girls all thought he just a had a little husky voice for his age. The class went on for only another half hour and then everyone started to get ready for their third period class. The girls from the class followed him to the next class and when he glanced behind him at them talking about him they all just gave playful screams saying <> She looked at us! <>
They did this until he finally stopped outside the science lab door and asked, <> Can I help you? <> This seemed to stop them in their tracks. The fact that he could understand them seemed to embarrass them more than a little and their game suddenly seemed very silly. <> Sorry <> he said after a moment <> Excuse me, but I need to get to class. <> He ducked in and sat at a seat in the back. This time, no happy student like Naoto came to make a friends with him. Some people that saw the scene in the hallway were in this class and started laying into Will. They called him baby and tried to get him to react and throw a tantrum or something, but he quietly glared and said nothing, either in defense or in retaliation. The class passed slowly for him as paper missiles kept finding their way to him. Some had notes saying ,“Why don’t you go home you big baby?” or “Does going to Kenshiki make you so scared you piss your pants?” What really pissed Will off with the show of obliviousness the teacher put into ignoring it.
At lunch, Will sat alone and ate the sandwich his mom made. While sitting there he flooded the diaper and was pleased to see that the double padding Nurse Hayamizu made worked to catch it all. Most of the other kids pointed and laughed at him. Will comforted himself thinking that the kids would forget about it in a few days and leave him alone. Until then he felt annoyed. He was especially annoyed that the next class was his least favorite: Gym.
However, when he got to the gym locker room he noticed several hakama and gi had been prepared for the students. It reminded Will of the dress kimono he received for Christmas that year to attend festivals in Japan. He had a yukata also. When he disrobed his diaper became evident to all the boys and they made fun of him to no end. He dressed fast and went out so that he could enjoy a little quiet. In the gymnasium he saw several shinai (bamboo swords) and kendo armors set up to the side.
His heart skipped a few beats and he let a let bit of his joy flow into the diaper. ‘KENDO!?’ he thought with glee. ‘Mom has taken me to kendo classes since I was six. This should be a lot of fun!’
After everyone was assembled, everyone looked excited. Whether Japanese and knowledge of Kendo or American and therefore part of the pop culture that loved swords, no one looked displeased at what they would be doing in gym. . .
To be continued. . .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 4
After tying a bandana around his head, Will picked up the helmet that resembled some strange alien’s skull. The head cavity was almond shaped with a metal grill as a face plate, around the throat wrapped a collar of heavy plastic that rested above his shoulders. Below this he wore a simple breast plate with pleated armor covering his thighs and crotch. He wore gauntlets over his forearms and hands. Though he didn’t wear shoes or sandals he did have on socks. With such a thick outfit on no one would be able to tell he wore a two disposable diapers as well. The thick layers of cloth completely covered any crinkling the diapers made. He quickly donned the helmet, tying the strings in the back to secure it before picking up a shinai.
Most of the class was dressed at this point. About half of the class knew how to put on the armor for kendo but the rest needed help. Several of the American boys thought it was cool to be about to duke it out with swords and some of the girls got nervous about getting into a fight. Will felt a only a slight anticipation for the lesson. After the initial shock of seeing that they would be practicing Kendo in gym, he quickly put himself into kendo mode. He spent the time waiting for his peers to get dressed in quite meditation, attempting to clear all thoughts of the day’s actions from his mind. He hinged a little bit on thinking about Kato , but after cursing inwardly he managed to put those thoughts away to.
His meditation was halted abruptly when one of the boys shoved him saying, “Why you standing so still? I bet you’re pissing yourself aren’t you, you freak?”
Will eyes narrowed menacingly, but through the dark grill of his face plate, the boy wouldn’t be able to tell. Several of the others in the class laughed at Will, especially when he didn’t say anything. Will did finally calm down again and managed to sigh in relief, which the class seemed to take as his finishing the job of peeing his diapers. More laughter erupted, but he ignored it. He walked to the far end of the gym and sat on his haunches so that his two big toes formed a “v” beneath his posterior.
One of the instructors came up to him at that point and asked if he had been taught kendo before. When he said he had, he was instructed to go match up with the other students like him with previous training while the rest of the class learned some of the basic. Will spent the next half hour in exercise strikes with a girl, whose name he hadn’t learned. The two stood about fifteen feet away from each other facing the other. They first held the shinai with just their left hand and performed close to fifty sliding strikes, which involved short burst originating from the thighs in a rush before delivering the blow. They then practiced the various position strikes, calling them out as they performed them. While the rest of the class learned how to simply hold the shinai they seemed mesmerized by the graceful movements of the twelve students going through various katas (forms). Will ignored it all as he immersed himself in the art. After the twelve practiced for a half hour they sparred a bit in stylized and preplanned scenarios. They positioned themselves in classic poses and placed the shinai in the proper places of their opponents which would merit points in tournament kendo
The girl he sparred with finally spoke after a few minutes of this. She possessed a pretty voice, soft and kind, which Will immediately liked. When the two embraced in a series of strikes which entails stepping back and then rushing forward to exchange several strikes in a sequence ending in the desired kata, she said in a very shy and quiet voice, " I’m sorry I made fun of you."
When the two stepped back, Will paused and said, “What? I didn’t hear you.” And in truth, he hadn’t. She repeated herself and Will was shocked, so he just mumbled not to worry about it. After the two rushed in again, Will looked through her face plate for the first time and saw a very cute girl. Her face was heart shaped and she had dyed brown hair peeking out of the bandanna. Her dark eyes seemed to hold no malice as she moved, just concentration for kendo. He wanted to say something more to her but that chance was robbed from him as the teacher called everyone to the center for practice duels. The twelve, haying finished their practice, bowed to each other and walked over.
As fate would have it, Will was to face off against the boy who had tried to humiliate him earlier, whose name he learned was Peter Adams. He decided to approach the duel with no thoughts of revenge, but that changed when the boy spoke.
He walked up and pushed Will hard so that he stepped back a few paces and said, “I am going to enjoy beating the shit out of you! I bet you think your hot shit right now, huh? Waving that stick around a calling out like a faggot!” He said all of this quietly so as not to be heard by the teacher and then he bent in close to say, “There’s no way I’d lose to a diaper wearing freak like you!”
For the roughly thirty students in the class the gym was split into six circles for two people each. The fighting would be monitored by the teacher and the other students were to sit and watch until it was their turn. Will and Peter were among the first called so Will felt he would have his chance to take some vengeance on Peter.
As the two entered their respective circle, which was designated by eight orange rubber cones the teacher yelled to Will to go easy on Peter. Will nodded and felt great pleasure in the disgruntled growling that escaped Peter’s face mask. The two bowed to the teacher and then to each other before adopting their battles stances. Trying to obey the teacher, Will took a defensive crouching posture to be able to move or block easily. Immediately Will saw that Peter had not paid attention to the lessons. Instead of spacing his hands on the long hilt of the shinai he held them one on top of the other just below the tsuba (cross piece) and instead of holding the hilt like an egg en each hand he gripped the handle tightly. Will could hear the “gyiiin” of the leather gloves constrict around the handle in what could be called a “white knuckled” grip.
The battle started with Peter trying a swipe to Will’s head, but Will ducked the strike and readapted his defensive stance. The boy must not have realize the difference in skills because he continued to advance with a myriad of strikes that all met the same resulted, either he would side step the blow or simply bat it away with his shinai, he could have countered at anytime and ended it, but he wanted to humiliate him. By now all of the other battles were over, someone had beaten the other with a clean body shot or a clean chop to the helmet. The teacher must have sense what Will was going for and approved because he sent five more groups and started them while Will continued to dodge Peter’s obvious strikes. In the end, everyone had gone before the duel even started in Will’s opinion. Everyone crowded around their circle and marveled at Will’s perception in dodging. They figured that at least one stray hit had to get through this defense, but Will didn’t feel like letting anything through. He was pissed and was going to draw out the humiliation. While he didn’t like being picked on, he could behave coldly like anybody else.
Peter still didn’t seem to realize what was going on. He taunted Will saying, “What’s wrong baby? Too scared to hit back? Am I too good for the fag who looks and sounds like a girl?”
Will didn’t react outwardly. He said nothing, but inside he felt livid with rage and wanted to let it all out. Finally tired of toying with Peter he jumped back from Peter’s strikes and held his sword level with his throat. He called out, “Teacher?” asking permission to end this. The teacher nodded, and smiled wanting to see what would happen. Peter was shocked by the sudden change in posture and stepped back asking, “What the hell are you doing?”
Will smiled behind his face mask and took an offensive posture. He raised up to the balls of his feet and held the sword with a little less force. Like a bolt of lightning, his thighs pumped and he was upon Peter with a two handed thrust to the sternum, which sent Peter’s hands back exposing him for a clean hit, which Will took. He performed the strike with the momentum of the thrust pulling the tip of the shinai behind his head and then sending it crashing into Peter’s temple. Though shinai couldn’t kill people, they could still pack a wallop and the force put into that swing was comparable to getting hit in the head with a baseball bat with a foam covering. Peter dropped like a lead weight in water.
Several of the students were shocked by what had happened, some clapped, some booed, but everyone seemed to take William Galanos a bit more seriously. The girl he sparred with earlier neither clapped, booed, or any sort of reaction. She had taken off her helmet so that he face could be seen. Will saw that he brown hair extended into a ponytail and that she was at least half Japanese. He had hoped to see excitement in her eyes, but all he saw was disappointment.
‘Was it because I used Kendo to humiliate a lesser opponent?’ he thought. ‘Was that her boyfriend? I am so confused. The only thing I know for sure is that I need a diaper change.’
Before removing the kendo equipment he approached the teacher and apologized for his selfish behavior. The sensei didn’t mind in this case because the prick of a boy, Peter, got on his nerves a bit too much for disrespecting kendo. When he got to the locker room and undressed from the hakama and gi, several of the boys were unsure about how to behave after they had seen his performance out there. One of them broke the ice and asked why Will wore diapers. Will did something he knew he might regret later, but for the sake of acceptance he lied and said he had a medical condition.
The boy who asked looked a bit shocked and said, “That’s cool, dude. I am sorry I made fun of you.”
Will smiled meekly and said, “No problem. Please don’t worry about it.” Looking at him then, wearing just a diaper and his t-shirt he resembled a baby girl because of his demure features. One would never picture such a sweat creature possessing the capacity to fight like that.
Peter Adams had other ideas though. “Fuck Kendo!” he spat as he pulled up his jeans. “That doesn’t make him and less of a freak! You best watch your back, Girl. I think the football team is going to want to pay you a visit one of these days .”
Will felt a bit nervous about such a threat so he timidly asked, “Why is that?”
Peter smiled coldly and hefted his thumb to his chest. “Why?” he asked. “Because I am the starting QB and no one disrespects me like this and gets away with it.”
Will made matters worse by asking, “There are football teams in Japan? I had no idea.”
Peter seemed to lose it and screamed, “I’ll fucking kill you!” Several of the boys had to hold him back from carrying out this task. Will dressed quickly and said sorry before bolting like a bat out of hell from the locker room.
‘Am I only going to be making enemies here?’ He asked his mind as he sped to one of the bathrooms on the way to his next class to change his diaper. He untapped the two diapers and they hit the floor with a “splut.” After fishing a diaper out of his book bag he placed it against the wall of the stall and diapered himself quickly before heading to fifth period.
After seeing pretty much everyone in the same classes with him, he figured that his classmates were all on the same path as him and wanted to get into a good high school. The brown haired girl sat behind him in their next class, history. He had no idea why she sat behind him, but he passed it off as chance as she started talking with several of her friends. He was right in assuming she was half Japanese in that she spoke it fluently with the other girls.
This class proved as boring as math with the exception that the teacher was loud and very animated. The fact that HE was passionate about history didn’t seem to rub off on the students and many took notes or did homework as he went about his theatrical performance about the glories of history. Will was still getting used to the teachers assigning work on the first day of class, but he dealt with it like everyone else and did his homework.
About halfway through class, the girl poked him on the shoulder and handed him a folded piece of paper. His heart skipped a few beats that a pretty girl would give him a note. ‘A declaration of love?’ he thought longingly. He opened it and it read >WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO PETER? His heart sank and he scribbled quickly HE MADE FUN OF ME AND DISRESECTED KENDO
She also furtively wrote and handed it back. YOU DISRESPECTED IT MORE, YOU KNOW
By this point the bell rang and they went to their next class, which turned out to be study hall. After this everyone went to their lockers. The girl, Akari Futokoro’s locker was next to Will’s so the two stood and talked for several minutes after he was given the paperwork to give to his parents. He explained his diapers as a medical condition to her and she talked about kendo in Japan as opposed to the Kendo Will learned in the States. She seem really eager to have him join the team and even though she was spoken for, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. He was developing quiet a crush on her.
She gave him a hug before leaving and Will walked out of the school in quite a better mood than when he had entered. He had barely passed the gates of the school though when something kicked him in the abdomen, knocking the breath from him. He gasped for air, but none came in. Then, he felt a fist slam into the side of his face, knocking him to the ground. He cursed his carelessness as several kicks landed in his side.
“Fucker!” he heard the now familiar voice of Peter Adams spit as he continued to wale on him/ Stay the fuck away from my girl you fucking freak!"
Will wanted nothing more at the moment then to curl up into a ball and cry for his mommy like Naoto had done earlier, but he had experienced this sort of thing before and he knew that weakness on his part would only fuel the fire so that Peter would feel he could do this again. He tried to get up, but he got another kick in the stomach. Despite his efforts to keep them back, tears leaked out his eyes from both pain and frustration. He wheezed out a reply that to him sounded brave, but came out as more of a whimpering croak. “No. I am joining her kendo club. I like her.”
“Fuck that!” Peter said as he pulled his fist back to punch Will again in the face. He scrunched up his face and closed his eyes in anticipation of the blow he could not escape. The fist never came. When he opened his eyes he saw that Peter’s hand was caught in a viselike grip of a slightly taller boy with a long brown ponytail. Though the afternoon obscured the boy’s face, Will recognized his brother’s form.
“Fuck what?” Terry said through gritted teeth.
Peter turned to Terry and growled, “Stay out of this, bitch!”
“Fuck what?” Terry repeated, now even more pissed for being called a girl (He, like Will had very feminine features). “Fuck you? Fuck you up, you say?” he said while constricting Peter’s wrist so that the fingers of his fist popped and started twitching. Terry leaned in and whispered into the boy’s ear. “Only so happy to oblige!” With his other hand, he slammed a powerful fist into Peter’s lower ribs. He blacked out and fell for the second time that day. Will followed suit and passed out on the pavement feeling the grit of stones in his scratched up face and hands.
Terry carried him home and before they got there Will woke up and was able to walk the rest of the distance. When they opened the door, their Mom rushed Will and was a literal machinegun of questions till she was blue in the face. Will didn’t feel like answering any questions. After an entire day of putting up a strong front, he was tired and just wanted to cry and be cared for. So instead of answering her, he just whimpered, “Could you change me please, mommy?”
She simply nodded and took Will into his room. She stripped him of both clothes and diapers so that the he stood naked before her. She then led him into the bathroom and gave him a bath like she used to when he was a toddler. The soap stung in his scratches, but she washed him so gently that he didn’t mind. While she was scrubbing his long curls she splashed water in his face and he retaliated by slashing her. This erupted into a water war that ended when Michael strode in saying, “What is going on? Water is leaking into the TV room!” Both Irene and Will blushed guiltily and began laughing. Michael walked in and asked, “What’s so funny?” Instead of an answer he received a splash of water. After they had dried up all the water with a lot of towels, Irene took Will too his room and placed a fresh diaper on him.
“Honey,” She said as she was powdering his lifted bottom, “I did a little research on line and I think I am going to get you some different diapers. I guess you aren’t the only one with these desires. I found a really helpful sight that explained that several teens like you want to wear diapers. AND” she said with some pride as she taped the diaper shut, “I find I did the right thing by not flipping out and thinking you were weird. After all, " she said tickling his sides, “You are my baby.”
Chapter 5
“Do you wanna play GO?”
Will slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see his little brother, Alan holding a folded goban board in one arm and the two troughs of black and white stones in his other hand. He glanced at his clock, which read 5:30 and silently grimaced. As much as he loved the game, and had even gone as far as to teach Alan how to play, he did not feel like playing GO at such an ungodly hour. Without moving he replied, “You just want an unfair advantage over me, you cheater. Go ask Terry.”
He attempted to go back to sleep but Alan nudged him saying, “Come on! Don’t waist the day! Besides,” he said sniffing Will, “You need to be changed anyway.”
Though Will couldn’t deny that he still wanted some extra hours sleep on Saturday. He mumbled something unintelligible and growled about the unfairness of it all. Because Irene would not be up, Will knew he had to change himself. Not wanting to take much chance he grabbed three Depends briefs and cut two of them to create soakers. After his crafted diaper was ready, he untapped his soggy diapers and wiped himself clean. He then put the new diaper on the floor and lay down on top of them. He taped each one on tightly and then stood up. Waddling to his younger brother who had an amused grin on his face he grabbed the black stones and asked what kind of stone handicap he should have this morning. Because he was still groggy, Alan suggested three.
The two played GO a lot these days. While Will had found the Kendo club in his school, Alan found a GO club at his elementary school and had much fun with it. He claimed he was not even in the same realm as these Japanese students, but that didn’t stop him from decimating Will every time they played. Alan seemed to have a gift at the game and quickly surpassed Will after only a year of playing. It was Alan who taught Terry how to play, but Terr never seemed very interested in it, so Will was almost always Alan’s opponent.
Even with a three stone handicap, he still lost by almost ten moku, which annoyed Will more than a little because at one point in his young life he has thought he was quite good at the game. Alan asked to play another game so Will complied thinking he had to at least beat him once before breakfast. He placed four stones and did a little better to lose by only three moku this time. However, though he wanted to win, after two hours of playing Go he resigned to solid defeat and went to wake up Terry and fix some breakfast.
As he sat in the kitchenette cubby that overlooked the front lawn Will thought briefly about what had happened that week. After Monday, things seemed a little better at school. Though he no longer had a kind nurse to change him when he needed, the replacement, a man in his sixties, didn’t seem to judge him any harsher than he judged the rest of youth, which was harshly. The man seemed to have a maxim for everything and had personally made it his quest to enlighten Will to the ways of the world. Will could only smile at the old man and nod most of the time as the maxims seemed baseless and strange to his inexperienced ears.
The kendo club was everything he hoped for. At sixteen members it was just small enough to have a familial atmosphere and just large enough to feel like an organization. Though a few people on the team thought his diapers were weird, his obvious competency in Kendo far outweighed their disgust so no one gave him and trouble about it, especially after Akari stood up for him explaining it as a medical condition. He didn’t tell her about the meeting with Peter after school. Though he couldn’t find a reason for this he at last attributed it to possible fear of expulsion from the team because her boyfriend got beat up again. His feelings for her had grown a little over the week as well. She seemed to treat him as a confidante because he shared almost her classes with her. In so short a time he had been elevated to friend, to best friend. This pleased Peter not at all.
He had tried to get Akari to reject his application for joining the kendo club, but she said it wasn’t any of his business who joined the club. She also told him that she would break up with him if he pulled anything mean to Will, so for this week at least ,Will met with no hazing from Peter or his cronies. Neither Akari nor Will could figure out why Peter had taken a seeming personal stand against him, but neither of them could do anything about it either. Not even Will could deny that Peter acted kindly to almost everyone else. He did charity work for the school and helped out at his father’s store after football practice. Will even began to see why Akari went out with him a little. Though he didn’t share any class but gym with him, Will heard all about Peter from everyone. He was undoubtedly the most popular boy in the school and probably the most handsome with his short blonde hair and domineering facial features.
Will, on the other hand, seemed to be his only competition in that field. Though most people teased about his diapers, no one could deny his good looks. Those long curls and cherubic face made him a the quote unquote “cutest boy on campus.” A lot of girls wanted to hang around him and those who had not heard of him and saw him in the hall often mistook him for a young girl. Will couldn’t wait for high school when because of certain developments he would not be so easily mistaken for a girl. Till then, most people had to hear him speak to believe him a boy and even then his soft voice lent little credence to his claim.
That Tuesday he tried to call the Hayamizu’s but when he dialed he received a message saying that the party had moved and changed their number. He lamented the fact that he lost in one day a possible good friend who shared his personal quirk, but he could do little about it.
In all, life at school seemed to be going well. He found his classes a little too easy, but managed to stay busy. The one thing at school that made going there a chore at all was Mrs. Kato, the receptionist. Will suspected he was right in his earlier assessment of her being an Office Lady because no punishment came from driving away the respected Nurse Hayamizu and nothing was said about her abuse of the students’ privacy. Rather, she seemed even more brazen in halls when she saw Will going as far as to check his diaper by placing a finger in the back of his pants. When he cried that she couldn’t do this, she explained that as a baby he had to be checked from time to time to make sure he didn’t get a rash. As much as he loathed her, he still had to be courteous to her because of her position.
But that was last week. Now was the time to think about this week. As he finished slurping down his cereal he ran up to his brother Terry’s room and pounded on the door again calling, “OY TERRY YOU LAZY BUM, GET OUT HERE AND STOP WASTING THE DAY!”
The door opened inward and out stepped what could only be called the wolf man. With his hair going everywhere and his jaw unshaven Terry looked like some sort of beast in one of those old black and white horror films. Both Alan and Will laughed as hard as they ever had before when, in a groggy voice, Terry said, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you both for the sin of awaking me?” Will laughed so hard he peed himself and was, once again, glad he had a diaper on to absorb it. “That’s it!” he said in his angry, but playful voice. “You are both dead!” Alan was still laughing so hard that he couldn’t move when Terry lunged at him and picked him up lack a sack of potatoes. Even being toted around like that he couldn’t stop laughing. Will wanted to have fun with this game so he ran off down the hall giggling wildly. Terry gave chase, and despite Will’s good speed and the burden of Allan on his shoulder, he still caught Will rather easily and hoisted him up on his other shoulder. He carried the two of them outside and tossed them on the front lawn before running to grab the garden hose. He faced his captives with a merciless twinkle to his eyes before thoroughly soaking them.
“You like that?!” he called as he splashed Alan’s hair, “You like that? No!? Why not? I mean, I absolutely LOVE getting up early on the one day I can sleep in, let me tell you!” He grabbed Will and stuck the hose in his diaper marveling how it soaked up the water and ballooned to three times its original size. It was quite obvious now to anyone walking by that he was wearing a diaper. Some of the neighbors stared and a couple of people walking their dogs gawked and asked Will if he were wearing a diaper, to which he proudly declared “YUP!” At that particular moment he was having a blast and didn’t care who saw him. It was then that Akari Futokoro walked by his front lawn and stopped.
“Galanos -kun?” she asked in shock as he was wrestling Terry for possession of the hose. Both were quite soaked. Akari, however, looked very cute. She had on a long, pleated maroon dress and a white blouse with a folded scarf embroidered on the bosom. She had her hair down with the sides pulled back into a small tale fastened by a silver broach.
Will glanced over his shoulder and swore under his breath before rising. <> ah ha ha ha, <> he stuttered, <> Futokoro -san? What brings you here? <>
She held up their English book and reminded him that they were supposed to be doing a project for the weekend.
<> Um Yeah, Futokoro-san, <> he said scratching his head, <> but it’s not a group project is it? <>
She sniffled a little before crying, <> But I don’t understand it! <>
<> Eh? <> he said walking over to her, dripping water all over the sidewalk, <> It isn’t too difficult. Did you need help? <> She nodded. <> Why didn’t you call? <>
<> I did. Your mom said to come over. <>
‘MOM’ he though in anger, she did this on purpose to humiliate me. He invited Akari inside and asked her to sit on the couch while he went to the bathroom to change. He had Terry help him get rid of the sopping wet triple diaper, which must have weighed ten pounds while he toweled off and got another diaper from the package. He carried the diaper to his room next door and was about to reach for the powder when he saw Akari sitting on his bed. He turned beet red and was about to run out the door when she said, <> Wait! <>
Will stopped but did not turn around to face her. He was blushing and felt very flush as he stood there naked. So ashamed was he that he didn’t even get aroused by the girl of his dreams seeing him naked.
<> I have two younger brothers, Galanos-kun. <> she said quietly, <> It’s not like I haven’t seen one of those before. <>
<> Still <>, he stammered, <> I am embarrassed. <>
<> Do you like me? <>
He felt like running even more now, but he sighed and said, <> I would be lying if I said otherwise. <>
<> You know I care about Peter <> she said a little coldly.
<> Look, <> Will said, now a little annoyed at where this conversation was going. <> I am sorry if I offended you, but - <>>
<> I am not offended <>
He sighed again and looked over his shoulder at her saying, <> Could you please leave so I can change? Then I can help you with that project. <>
She stood up and walked over to him with her head cocked to the side. She has a shy smile, <> Do you need help? <>
“WHAT!?” He cried, and then shook his head, <> I am sorry, what? <>
She put her hands behind her back and smiled with her eyes closed. <> I change my little brother’s diapers all the time. <>
<> I can do it myself, thanks, <> he said blushing again. <> I can do it so please, Hey! <> he cried out as she walked up and put her leg around his and tripped him. He fell to the floor and winced at his bruised bottom. He rubbed his hand gingerly over it and remarked that it smarted. Meanwhile, Akari had grabbed the powder and was now in front of Will powdering his crotch and then his bottom after lifting his legs. Will hadn’t been scared to death and shamed, he might have been very aroused. After she powdered him up she put the diaper under him and quickly brought the front up and taped it shut. Then, just like Nurse Hayamizu, she patted the front of his diaper and stood up. Before he stood himself, Will asked in a small voice, <> Why did you do that? <>
She blushed a little and said, <> Because I felt like it, ok? I didn’t want to wait on you all day to get over being bashful and gentlemanly, which I like by the way <> Will blushed again and the two looked like twin cherubs with bright red cheeks.
Terry walked in and laughed at the sight. " You guys didn’t do anything dirty in here did you?”
They both avoided looking at one another, which caused Terry to laugh even more. " You look like a toddler and his babysitter with you sitting there in just a diaper, Will."
The rest of the morning saw Will and Akari working on their English Project, which involved writing a short story with a required theme . Because Will loved to write anyway he finished quickly and aided his less creative partner write hers. It wasn’t that Akari had any difficulty with the English, but she had a tough time conceptualizing the finer points of good writing like similes and metaphors with strong verbs and nouns. Will had to stop her several times from trying to preach in her story and also not to hammer overused themes like sports and love, which were what she wanted to write about. Still, by the end of the writing, Will was satisfied with her product.
Akari stayed for lunch and said she wouldn’t mind coming over every Saturday to work on projects with Will or practice Kendo. Will readily agreed and the two spent the rest of the day in the front yard sparring. The fall tournament was less than three weeks away and they wanted to be ready, not just to place, but to win the whole thing. Akari stood as the best girl in their club and Will held the position of male captain after beating the previous captain in every duel they had. Before going home, Akari asked to change Will’s diaper again, and this time Will agreed without reservations. He had gone just a little bit more than number one this time, but she seemed to take it in stride and expertly cleaned and changed him.
After Akari left, Will spent some time playing video games with Alan and Terry. The three brothers were enjoying weekend life when Irene came into the living room and stood in front of the TV. They yelled at her to move in mock angry voice until she said in a clipped tone, “Alright swabs. Time for K.P (Kitchen Patrol).” After much groaning and bewailing the three marched into the kitchen and made much ado about nothing as they scrubbed the place from tip to stern. About an hour later when the place was spotless, Irene smirked at them and kissed them each on the cheek. “Well done, swabs. Your captain will now make dinner.” If anything in the whole world could make Irene Galanos happy it resembled a clean kitchen. She refused to cook unless the kitchen was clean and that meant that the boys had to earn their keep.
After Dinner, the doorbell rang and Will went to the door to see that several packages were on the front porch and that the delivery truck was driving off. All of the packages were addressed to him and he brought them in one at a time. Irene walked into the foyer and smiled saying, “Ah, I see that your packages came.”
“What are they?” Will asked somewhat excitedly.
“Well,” She said handing him an exacto knife, “Open them and find out.”
"He carved the tapes off the first box and opened the lid. Inside were four packages of diapers. But these were not like any he had ever seen before. The package was purple with a large cursive “M” and titled molicare. Two of the packages said “Super” and two said “Super Plus.” The second package he opened had two more packages of the “Super plus” as well as a changing pad and a stack of about thirty cloth diapers with Velcro tabs instead of safety pins. The third package had several plastic panties of various colors and textures as well as a one piece pajama that looked like it was made for a two year old. The last box was the largest and inside he found the pieces to something to be assembled.
Two hours later, he and Michael Galanos stood in front of an adult size changing table, complete with steps for Will to climb up. They placed all of the diapers underneath with the rest of his supplies. By this time, Will was quite wet and excited to try out his new diapers. He quickly stripped for his shower and washed himself faster than he had ever done so before. His dad stood waiting with three of the cloth diapers and a pair of clear plastic pants. He used some of the oil and massaged it into the diaper area before powdering his son. He did this all very quietly and while Will could tell that his dad didn’t exactly approve of his son’s desire, he still loved him and was proud of him in every way. He lovingly taped up the cloth diapers and then slipped the plastic pants on over them before helping Will into his pajamas.
As he lay in bed, Will quickly noticed the extra warmth that came from wearing plastic pants and realized that he would always prefer disposables, but he also understood that disposables could get expensive and cloth could be reused. The cloth was undeniably soft and seemed to force his legs apart. Before he fell asleep he flooded his diapers and was amazed at how quickly the cloth drank up the liquid and pulled it away from his skin. Feeling very safe and happy in his warm diaper he drifted off to sleep, excited about what tomorrow would bring.

Peter Adams wet the bed every night of his life until he was eleven. At night he would wear very thick diapers, which he hated more than anything. His mother had humiliated him with this every day until he finally managed to stay dry during the night for over a week and a half. There had been much celebrating in the Adams house that night and Peter ceremoniously burned the last of the diapers and was very glad to see the last vestiges of his punishment drift away on the night breeze like so many fireflies winking, flaring, and disappearing. The things he loathed above all else were diapers and the wearers of them. He felt very uncomfortable around little kids and babies. Meeting a boy his age who actually wore the most despised item to school was a little more than he could handle. He had done everything in his power to hide his shadowed past from Akari Futokoro, even going as far as to threaten his parents if they told her. He loved them, of course, but they were the ones who forced the punishment on him. That Akari didn’t mind Will’s diapers, even thought them kind of cute, seemed to make everything in Peter’s life a mockery. One day William Galanos would pay for turning his orderly world upside down. Yes, he would pay. . .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 6
The next two weeks passed very quickly for William Galanos. He found his groove in the classes and excelled in each of them. Math seemed a joke for everyone, but the English course really required some close attention. The “fat man” was rumored to have eaten every grammatical and literary book known to man. When he corrected their essays he missed nothing. And he graded very tough for each student’s work. He was a fair judge on content and that made trying to b.s. a paper nearly impossible. For someone as polished as Will it made little difference. In fact, he welcomed the challenge to try and excel under such an eye. Science always possessed a unique flare that Will couldn’t help but like. The gym teacher was also the coach of the Kendo club so for the first week he tried to recruit students who might develop an interest in the sport, after that he went back to normal gym sports like softball and track. Though he usually hated gym, Will found himself getting stronger and faster under the tutelage of the coach after school so he didn’t mind the mundane acts in the class.
It seemed that he had found his groove at last and even began to make a few real friends at school. These weren’t the kind of real friends he could have a relationship with outside of school, but he got along with them well in the educational environment. The only friend he had made that earned the merit of true friend was Akari, whom he now called Futokoro- chan instead of -san. They always sat near each other in classes and if the opportunity came to have partners they would volunteer each other without hesitation. All of this close attention didn’t shine very well for Peter Adams, her known boyfriend.
The Friday night of Kenshiki’s first football victory, she had stayed over at Will’s house to work on English. Instead of going to the park with him on Saturday she spent the afternoon practicing Kendo with him too. It almost seemed like she was spending all her time with Will instead of him. But then, to throw him off it seemed, she would spend as much time with him as possible during the school day and act as though they were still the best item in school. He didn’t mind the popularity, but he definitely wanted to spend more time with her.
Will lived rather oblivious to all this and treated Akari as a friend and not a girlfriend. In his mind, she was Peter’s girl and even if he hated Peter for all that he did to him, he still respected his right to date Akari. It never dawned on him that she was spending more time with him.
The Friday of the third week of school found Will in very good spirits. He walked to his first class quickly and marveled once again at how quite his diaper was. These molicare supers that his mom ordered online were incredible. They made no sound and didn’t bunch up like the Depends did making him feel like he was sitting several small stuffed animals. No, these molicares stayed true to their form and their absorbency met levels that Will had never previously dreamed of. It seemed that no matter what he through at them they would wick it up in no time at all. He began to believe that with the assurance of these diapers that he truly would become incontinent in short order. He smiled at that. The idea of becoming diaper dependent for a legitimate reason seemed vastly superior to lying and saying it was a medical condition that incurred when he was very young. The only problem he had with the molicare diapers in general lay in the poor quality of their tapes.
That first day of school after the packages arrived found Will very excitedly walking to school with one of his new diapers taped tightly. He immediately noticed how quite they seemed in comparison to his previous diapers even though they felt a lot thicker and seemed to space his leg more. In a few minutes though, they seemed to become more malleable and conformed to his body. However, when he walked into school after the brief walk he wondered if maybe they were too malleable. They certainly seemed a lot looser and were even beginning to sag a little. The tight lip of the diaper above his bottom seemed completely open. At first he thought it his imagination but when Mrs. Kato came up behind him and tugged a little on the back of the diaper, Will felt the tapes graze his thighs and realized that the diaper had somehow become undone. Because of her added assistance, the diaper fell off his hips and rested in the crotch of his pants. Quite embarrassed he said “excuse me” to Mrs. Kato before running into the nurse’s office. Once there, Mr. Smith helped him refasten the tapes by taking the top tapes off of the purple landing pads and securing them. Mr. Smith suggested he try squatting to see how they held up this time, but as he began to bend his knees he felt the tapes give and the diaper fell to the floor.
“Well, son,” he asked scratching his grizzled jaw, “Do you have any other diapers besides these?”
Will shook his head and suddenly felt very nervous about trying to go the whole day in these diapers. After all, the second he wet it the diaper would probably fall off and down his pant leg. The nurse solved the problem by coming up with the idea of using packaging tape, which they had in the office. He went to get it and then when he returned he wrapped it several times around Will’s waist. “There,” he said with a grin, “That should do it. Don’t go looking for gold in the fields when it’s right under your nose! Understand, boy?” Will didn’t, but he nodded anyway and said thank you before heading off to class.
About halfway through English he felt his muscles tighten in his groin and he knew he was about to flood the diaper. This would be its first test, so Will let it go slowly afraid of results similar to the Depends if he flooded it outright. To his surprise and joy, it soaked it all up rather quickly and Will almost wondered if he had wet at all. To make sure, he placed his hand in the diaper and while he could feel the damp wall of polymers, his skin seemed pretty dry in comparison. These diapers might be worth the trouble with the tapes he thought.
That opinion soon changed when Will had to go number two. He personally didn’t care for the feeling of mushy poo in his diapers and thought the smell atrocious. His mom made him do it at home, but while at school he would go to the bathroom, pull down the diaper and do his business that way. The new nurse seemed very happy with this method too because he didn’t have to change messy diapers. But this time, when Will went into the stall, he noticed something different about the diaper. Because of the packaging tape, there was no give in the hips. He couldn’t get the diaper off no matter how much he wriggled. Eve though he had to go quite bad, he had no desire to go in the diaper. Realizing the impossibility of getting the diaper off on his own he pulled his pants back up and rushed to the nurse’s office. He walked a very ridged march to the office, squeezing his cheeks for all he was worth, but when he reached the door to the office, it opened suddenly, pushing will back. For the briefest of seconds he lost control of his squeezing, but that briefest of seconds was enough. His bowels relaxed and he filled his diaper. The smell became quite evident and he felt very nervous about who would smell him. When he looked to see who had opened the door into him, he found very little surprise in seeing the smug face of Mrs. Kato.
“Well,” she said rather tartly, “I can see I don’t need to check you today, I can smell you from here.”
Will couldn’t help, despite his shame, but quip back, “Are you sure, I really can’t tell. I think you’ll need to check to make sure.” What she did in retaliation made Will wish he had kept his big mouth shut. She swatted him on the behind and massaged the sticky paste all over his bottom. This made the smell even worse, but she seemed to take great pleasure in his discomfort. Not wanting to deal with the smell any more he darted into the office and went to the nurse. They had to use scissors to finally get the stupid thing off of him, and Will felt very bad. The nurse kept cursing throughout the whole ordeal asking why in the world he had to change a fourteen year old boy’s messy diapers. Will quietly tried to remind him that it had been the tapes fault, but that just seemed to make him madder so he kept his mouth shut afterwards.
When he discussed the events with his parents that night Irene suggested safety pins, but Michael, who loved fixing things more than most people should suggested Duct tape. When asked why he suggested that he replied with a grin that Tim Taylor (Tool Time) always used duct tape when something needed to be fixed. It turned out his suggestion was golden. The duct tape could be torn when removing the diaper at a change but it also gave the diaper some give so Will could pull it down at school when necessary. He also discovered that if he put normal briefs over the diaper, it offered more support when the diaper was wet. Therefore, Will wore his diapers like this for the rest of the week and everyone involved seemed happier.
That Friday of the third week held a lot meaning for Will. He and the rest of the Kendo club would miss most of the day at school because they would be going to the local civic center for the fall Kendo Tournament. Akari Futokoro could barely contain her excitement. Apparently, she had worked harder than anyone to get to her degree of swordsmanship. Last year she had been beaten by a girl in the first round and this shame walked with her daily so that she trained very hard to beat that girl. On the bus ride to the center she talked animatedly about how she would get her revenge.
<> I studied every match she won after she beat me, Galanos-kun, <> I have seen through her style and will beat her this time for sure <>
Will sighed and smiled at her exuberance. He was a little nervous that she had volunteered to changed him at the tourney center if the need arose. He hoped it didn’t but he had brought a bag of extra diapers and a roll of duct tape anyway. He was wearing two Super Plus Molicares under his pants and it was more than a little obvious. No one on the bus minded, but once they go into the crowded Center, he wondered what kind of hazing to expect. He wondered, not for the first time, why they hadn’t worn their gi and hakama to the center. Everyone had a bag with their equipment in it and a carrying case for their personal shinai. Will’s bag contained his diapering materials as well, but no one else needed to know that.
When they finally got to the center, everyone went to the locker rooms to change while their coach took care of the paperwork at the front desk. They were the first ones there, surprisingly, so Will managed to get changed with just the boys from the his team.
" Are you going to be able to move quickly in that?" one of his teammates asked, noticing the really thick diaper. In truth, it felt like he had a large pillow between his leg, but he had little doubt that he could still maneuver quickly enough. He nodded and gave a thumbs up before finishing getting dressed. Everyone wore black toe socks today, which were socks with a special pocket for the big toe so as to wear sandals easily.
After the team was dressed in their tourney gear, blue hakama with red gi they met outside the locker room and waited on the girls. Akari came out first and walked over to Will discussing what she planned to do in their tourney until someone called from a distance.
<> Futokoro -san? <> a girl’s voice said getting closer, <> Futokoro, Akari ? <>
Both Will and Akari turned to see the most elegant Japanese girl either of them had ever seen. She wore her long black hair in a long pony tail with her bangs brushing gently against her eyebrows. Her green eyes sparkled in the light of the room and she walked with grace that belied her heritage as a rich girl.
Before she got to them, Akari whispered to Will, <> You know what I hate most about her? <> After he shook his head she said, <> It is impossible not to like her! <>
<> Akari-chan! <> she said running up and embracing Akari before she could move. <> I knew you’d come back! <> She raised her arm like an uppercut and slapped her bicep with her other hand with a happy chuckle. <> I thought you were the only worthy opponent! Do you wanna spar to warm up? <>
Akari smiled at Will and readily agreed. The two girls ran off to the area of the civic center where the matches would take place. Will walked after them wondering what was going on. The rest of the team followed suit. Since Akari was the best representative they had, watching her spar against her rival had to be a good match.
The two faced off and bowed to each other and to the Flags of America and Japan hanging on the wall by the judge’s table. Akari flew like a gazelle at her opponent with a quick strike aimed for the girl’s wrist, but the girl seemed to somehow fade back so that the blow missed entirely.
“Hey!” one of the girls said in general to the rest of the Kenshiki team. “Now I remember her! That’s Motoko, Mai from Fengar Junior High. After she beat Futokoro-chan last year she went on to win the tournament for the girls. She was unbelievable!”
“Yeah,” one of the guys said, “But Akari is pretty good too. I mean, look at them!” Everyone thought this a rather stupid remark because every eye was on the pair dancing in the circle with their shinai creating patterns and making loud clacks when they hit.
Their coach walked up behind them and nodded in approval of the match. “Akari will lose,” he said with some calm, and after the rest of the team cried out “why” he explained. “I have watched Akari train very hard to beat this young prodigy, but neither of us considered a very important fact. . .”
Just then, Mai scored a hit on Akari’s helmet and the match was over. The two bowed to each other and then walked over to their awaiting teammates. Fengar had come to watch this match too and cheered wildly to their returning heroine.
Akari’s teammates, however, gave her room as she slowly trudged over to them. She went straight to Will and said she needed to talk to him. The coach said to go ahead since Akari already knew why she lost the match. He would explain to the rest of the team why though, because they couldn’t understand.
Akari and Will went to one of the empty classrooms in the Civic Center and shut the door. Once Will heard the “click” of the hinge snap shut he heard Akari sniffle and then begin to cry. He walked over to her and held her while her body was racked with sobs.
<> It’s not fair! <> She cried into his shoulder. <> I worked so hard <>
<> Just try harder, next time, <> he offered, hopefully.
She bawled even harder now. After a few more sniffles she said, <> You don’t understand! No matter how hard I train it will never be enough! <>
<> Why? <>
<> Because I beat the her from one year ago today. <> she said resolutely.
<> eh? <> he asked confused now.
<> You would think that after beating everyone last year that she would be satisfied. <> she began, a little calmer now. <> But she wasn’t! This isn’t anything to her, just practice! She isn’t like me, hoping to win a tourney here and there. She wants to be the best. She trained even harder than I did, Will. I couldn’t believe it, but when I saw that first feint she pulled, I knew it was true. That move would have beaten the her a year ago, but not now. While I was growing to fight the her of then, she was growing also to fight her own challenges. I have never been so ashamed! <> She took off her breastplate and Will immediately noticed that she had wet herself. <> Yeah, <> she cried. <> I was so scared when she dodged my first strike like some swordsman from bygone years that I absolutely lost it! I was so scared for the rest of the fight that I couldn’t do anything against her katas. I was so ashamed that I wet myself that I couldn’t move! <>
<> Then you can beat her! <> Will said smiling at her.
<> What? <>
<> I think she noticed something was wrong too. I didn’t say it to anyone else, but the coach saw it too which is why he declared in advance that you would lose. You know that in duels a lot of it is mental, right? Well, at that moment, you were a three year old little girl fighting Miyamoto Musashi! Of course you were scared. But she noticed it too. I don’t think she was satisfied with your loss. She sensed that you were holding back your potential. Go beat her in the actual tourney, Futokoro- chan! Believe in yourself and you can win! Don’t let one move stand in the way of your dreams! <>
She hugged him then very tightly and whispered, <> You know, even though I love Peter, I don’t think anyone has ever helped me feel so much better about myself. <>
He blushed and said, <> Well, we’re not out of the woods yet. You’ll get a rash if you stay in those wet clothes. Stay here, I am going to go talk to the coach. <>
Akari nodded and watched as Will left the room.
Futokoro Akari had lived in Okinawa almost her entire life. Her Japanese father married and American girl who came to the base several years ago. Their first born daughter, Akari proved the joy that held the family together. Her father drank a lot and her mother had an affinity to buying things when she felt depressed so their bank books were almost never in the black. Several nasty fights might have occurred over both issues had it not been for Akari. She calmed everyone with her simple smile and innocence. This innocence seemed to attract a lot of the wrong crowd towards her. Ever since she learned what sex was men were always trying to get into her pants. Even if she could, she wouldn’t. Some might call her a prude but she wanted to wait for marriage. Though her father still attended social gatherings in Japanese Culture and incorporated Shinto into most of his actions, he had converted to Christianity when he married Akari’s mother. Akari had a second name that she never used, growing up with a foreign name would have been very difficult, which was Thekla ( A virgin martyr of the early church).
She met Peter quite by accident. She was going out with a Japanese boy named Akira at the time and while they were in the park one Sunday evening Akira tried to put his hand down Akari’s skirt while they were kissing on a bench. When she tried to resist he started forcing the issue. Though she knew she hadn’t cried out, she remembered shedding a single tear. The next thing she knew, Akira was on the ground with one of his eyes shut from a fast rising bruise on his temple.
“If you ever cause a girl to shed tears like that again, " Peter said in a pissed tone, which became very calm and quiet, “I will personally hunt you down and kill you.” He walked away after that and she never saw him again until the first day of school. By the end of the first month, the two were going out. Peter always behaved as a gentleman and never seemed to push the issue of sex. He stood as her knight in shining armor and for that reason alone she could never betray him.
Despite this, she couldn’t deny the affinity she was beginning to feel for Will, which was very different from the way she felt with Peter. Peter was her defender and boyfriend. Will was her best friend and the person she related to best. ‘Odd,’ she though. ‘You would think I would make the one I get along with best my boyfriend. . .’
She didn’t have time to ponder this thought much because Will walked in with a fresh gi and Hakama saying, <> You sure are lucky! <> as he set them on the table. He was also carrying his bag. <> The coach happened to have Yoko’s uniform in case she were to come despite the fact she called in sick. <>
<> Um, Will, <> she said a bit hesitantly. <> Why did you bring your bag? <>
<> I know this is going to sound sick, <> he said after a minute. <> But you can’t wear those wet panties. You’ll get a rash and that will ruin all of your matches. I am going to make a suggestion and you can say no, but I think you should wear one of my diapers today. <>
Akari blushed a deeper red than Will had ever seen. <> You want me to wear one of your diapers? <> she asked in shock. Will felt that their friendship might be in serious jeopardy, but he nodded. <> I don’t normally wet myself, <> she said hurriedly, <> Just when I am nervous. I don’t need diapers, I don’t ! <>
Will smiled and calmed her down by running his hand over her hair like his mother had done for him when he was upset. <> Shh, <> he said. <> No one said you needed them or that you had to use them. I am just suggesting you wear one in lue of those wet panties. I guess we could ask one of the girls from the other team if they have some clean ones that you can borrow? <> The look of shock and revulsion at the idea of asking a complete stranger for clean underwear seemed to convey to Will that she could think of a few choice things she would rather do instead. One of those was wearing a diaper instead of underwear. He left her a Super Plus, since those were all he had and the roll of duct tape with powder before walking to the door.
< Do you want to change me? <> she asked in a little voice. <> I am scared <>
Will smiled meekly and locked the door before helping her get out of the wet hakama and gi. She stood there then, wearing only he bra and panties. Both were white he noticed, or at least had been white before she stained her panties yellow. She tried covering herself but realized how impractical that was given the circumstances. He helped lay her down on his portable changing pad and then he slowly removed her panties. If she had been red before, she now resembled a strawberry as her entire body was flushed red and she was getting goose bumps from the air conditioning. He took wipes and began to clean the length of her legs where the urine had streamed down. As he worked his way up, it suddenly occurred to him that this scene must seem quiet erotic. He managed to keep his cool but blushed and asked if she wanted to wipe her crotch herself. She said he could do it because she trusted him. He warned that it would feel really cold before proceeding to wipe her very thoroughly. She moaned a little when he cleaned her vagina and lower bottom, but that was about as passionate as the changing got. He placed the thick diaper under her and pulled the tapes shut before wrapping duct tape around the tapes so they wouldn’t fall off. When he was finished, she dressed in the clean hakama and gi and the two walked out as if nothing had happened.
When asked where they had been by their teammates Akari said that she needed to call her mom so she borrowed Will’s cell phone. She then turned to Will and apologized for draining the battery so that the phone died. At that moment, Will felt compelled to take back what he had thought about her that first time she came to his house about her not being creative. He said it was ok and asked if everyone was ready to bring home a victory for Kenshiki.
Everyone cheered and they went to their corner to watch the matches. Of the ten schools that came, only Fengar and Kenshiki seemed to matter. With Mai for Fengar and Will and Akari for Kenshiki these two schools quickly rose to preeminence in the tourney. It got to the point that the opponents facing them would curse loudly and apologize for their loss before they even faced them. Will felt nothing but pity for the ones who did this. If they already resigned to losing than they were definitely going to. “Self fulfilling prophesy” Terry called it.
By the end of the day, Will resigned himself to the fact that he would have to wait two years to find a good male opponent in high school. None of the local schools produced anyone who could last for very long against him. As he sat on the floor watching the matches he noticed that his diaper was very full. He thanked his mom silently for suggesting two thick diapers.
Akari needed time to get used to her diaper. She literally waddled into her first match and her opponent asked if she had a stick stuck up her butt. However, after Akari trounced that fighter she began to get used to the feeling of the diaper and was able to compensate in her footwork for the bulge between her legs. As Will expected, she went on to fight Mai in the finals.
This time, Akari faced the match with all the seriousness she could muster. Mai walked out with a smile on her face. <> YAY! <> she cried out, surprising everyone watching. <> There’s the Akari I remember! This will be a good match! <> Her exuberance seemed to affect everyone and the whole of the spectators began laughing. She rubbed the back of her head and said, “Sorry,” which only caused more laughter. Completely loosened up by this pre-match fanfare, Akari seemed to fight much better than the last time. When the two engaged in some infighting strike she smiled at Mai and said, <> Thank you! <>
The match ended after the timer buzzed. Mai won by sheer technical points and both schools seemed a little upset that the last fight had to end so boringly. The two girls were satisfied, though, and embraced after bowing to the flag instead of bowing to each other. Mai giggled excitedly, <> Now that’s Kendo! I almost wet myself I was so happy! <>
Akari blushed and thanked Mai again. After awards had been handed out they all went to the locker rooms to change and Will was once again faced with the dilemma of changing in front of all those boys. The coach saved him, by allowing him to change in the coaches’ office. However, since the coach didn’t know about Akari he didn’t go out of his way to save her too.
In the locker room everyone was congratulating her and Mai while undressing and getting out their normal clothes. Everyone’s shock was complete when Mai stepped out of her hakama and revealed a soggy cloth diaper meshed against her crotch by plastic panties with “Hello Kitty” emblazoned on the bottom. She didn’t seem to miss a beat though and continued to get dressed, talking animatedly. The rest of the girls pretended they hadn’t seen it and then she made matters even stranger saying, “I guess it’s a little weird, huh? Well, when I get nervous I lose control of my bladder so I come to tourneys in this so as to avoid accidents.” She pointed to the wetness and then to Akari laughing, “As you can see, fighting Akari-chan got me very, very, VERY nervous. I hope I get to do it again.”
No one said anything bad about Mai’s diapers. Her infectious good will seemed to make any abnormality about her ok. Akari had no such charm. If they saw her diapers the whole locker room would erupt in laughter. Mai saved her again though by rushing up to her and saying, “Can I talk to you for a minute alone, Akari-chan? You can change in my coaches office while we talk. I wanna talk a bit about our match.” Not a soul thought this out of the ordinary given Mai’s flighty character, so no one paid them any mind as they walked out.
Once in the coach’s office for Fengar, Mai locked the door and turned with a very serious look on her face. <> Now you are going to answer my questions, Akari-chan! <> she said in a grave tone. She walked up to Akari and undid the cords of the Hakama so that they fell to the floor exposing her in her thick purple diaper. <> Where did you get this one, huh? <> she asked in her chattery way again. <> It’s so cute! I want my mom to get me them! <>
At a loss for words, she explained that they were called molicare and that Will’s mom bought them online. Mai hugged her and said happily, <> I lied in there. I really am incontinent after complications in a surgery last summer. <> Noticing Akari’s sad expression she laughed, <>No no, I don’t mind! I love my diapers, but I wish I could wear disposables like I did as a baby. The one’s mom buys all leak so she put me in cloth. I really like the fact that their quiet…. Almost a little too quiet, <> she said rustling her plastic panties for good measure.
<> How did you know I had one on? <> Akari asked, quite confused. With all of the armor and thick clothing, she had thought it impossible to tell.
<> The way you walked, silly! <> Mai said pushing Akari’s forehead with her index finger. <> I would recognize that waddle anywhere! Let’s exchange phone numbers. I want to talk to you more. <>
Much later, on the bus, Akari told Will all of what happened in the room and Will couldn’t help but smile. <> Won’t she be disappointed when she finds out you don’t really wear diapers.” Akari was a little quite at this because she didn’t really mind the diaper. In fact, it gave a slight sense of security. The trip back seemed to take forever. They stopped to get dinner at a local fast food place and then continued back. The bus had to stop at some train tracks about five minutes away from the school for a very long time. Will counted the cars and was just at 128 when the train stopped. A few people got out of their cars to see what was up, but the engine was too far away to see. The kids on the bus sighed and began talking, asking if they could get off the bus and just walk home. They couldn’t, of course, for liability issues, so everyone sat and grumbled. Ten minutes later, Will noticed Akari crossing her legs and blushing.
<> What’s wrong, <> he asked, recognizing the seated potty dance quite well from Alan’s potty training days, so that he only nodded when she whispered that she had to go. Figuring that they would be in the school soon anyway, Will let her hold it. But after holding it for another ten minutes, her face looked a mask of concentration and she tried to not to move at all. It reminded him of his poop attack two weeks ago. Not wanting to see his friend suffer, will reached over and tickled her under the ribs. She giggled wildly saying to stop but he continued until he was sure she had flooded the diaper.
Gasping for breath she hit him on the arm and asked, <> Why in the world did you do that? You knew I had to pee! <>
He smiled at her and asked, <> Do you feel better? <> She thought for a moment and nodded. <> You might as well use it if you have it, after all. <>
Akari didn’t know what to say. She did feel better at having her backed up bladder released, but that was only part of it. The way the warm diaper felt against her skin made her feel giddy and happy. She began to understand why Mai loved her diapers, but how would she ever explain that to Will who had to use them for medical reasons?

Chapter 7
When they got off of the bus finally, Will wondered how Akari felt. She hadn’t looked to pleased about wetting her diaper and yet he she hadn’t yelled much after the initial wetting. He guessed she must be a little uncomfortable in a soaked diaper even if he never felt that uncomfortable with it. In fact, as he thought about it. He needed a change rather badly else he would begin to leak. Akari and Will’s moms were among the ones waiting for the late kids. Apparently the train had a problem with its computer and the train thought it was supposed to stop there instead of at the station a few miles up the track. It had taken a good hour to get the computer fixed and them another fifteen minutes for the train to pick up enough momentum to actually move. While the problem seemed harmless enough in retrospect, everyone waiting had been racked with worry wondering if maybe a car or an animal got run down by the train. Needless to say, all of the parents were quite happy to see their children safe and sound. However, must of the kids were more happy to run to the school restrooms and relieve themselves. Only a couple didn’t have to go immediately, Will and Akari included.
As Will looked around in the darkness of the street lights he felt thankful for Akari’s sake that no one would be able to tell she had a diaper on. In the light of day it might have been a different story. The super plus Molicares were pretty noticeable on their own, but after being saturated they swelled even more. Akari probably felt like she had a balloon between her legs. This thought of relief turned to shock and pity instantly. Akari’s mom’s eyes, which had radiated happiness and relief now creased with confusion and then realization followed by more confusion. She walked up to her daughter and hugged her tightly taking the embrace as an excuse to feel Akari’s padded bottom. With her mother’s face over her shoulder Akari couldn’t see the look of anger contorting her face.
Will took that as his cue to rush and save his friend.
<> Futokoro-chan! <> he called. <> My mom has something she wants to talk to you about! <> Irene looked at Will with confusion but the pleading look in his eyes seemed to win her over to help him. She nodded and asked Akari to come over.
Mrs. Futokoro didn’t seem to want to let Akari go. Either she hadn’t heard Will and his mom or she chose to ignore them. She looked into Akari’s eyes and Akari’s frame seemed to shake with fear when her mother said in perfect English, “We will talk.” Will couldn’t have known that English was only used in the Futokoro household when Akari was in trouble. Neither Will nor her mother could have guessed that Akari would flood her diaper again.
She cried into her mother’s bosom, " I am sorry mommy!"
This seemed to melt Mrs. Futokoro who smiled and said in Japanese, <> We will talk. Now I think Mrs. Galanos wanted to see you. <>
As she walked over to Will’s mom, Will walked over to Mrs. Futokoro and bowed apologetically before saying, <> Please don’t be mad at her, Futokoro-san! It’s my fault. <>
She seemed to chuckle at this and remarked, <> Since you are the only friend she has in diapers that wasn’t too hard to figure out. <> He blushed deeply when she said this. <> Please continue. <>
Will went on to explain what happened at the match and how Akari wet herself in a nervous wreck. Mrs. Futokoro, who knew all about Akari’s nervous wettings sighed in understanding. Will then told her about his idea of the diaper, delicately leaving out the fact that he had diapered her daughter, and then telling her about Akari’s 180 degree turn around in the tourney taking home second place in the girl’s division and helping Kenshiki come away with Best Over All. She seemed proud of her daughter for a moment, but then asked why she had wet the diaper. Will told her about the train and his tickling attack because she looked in pain. He blushed again and bowed once more before saying, “I am sorry!”
While his head was still down, she ruffled his hair and put her finger under his chin to have him look her in the face. “You are a good friend, William. Please continue to be one.” She then called for Akari to come so they could walk home. Akari bowed hurriedly to Will’s mom and began to trudge to her mother.
Will walked to his mom giving Akari’s nervous face a thumbs up and a wink of encouragement. She sighed heavily and smiled at will saying, <> Thank you! <> He shrugged it off and asked his mother what she talked about. Irene chuckled and waved her finger in front of Will saying, “HI MI TSU AH” ( A secret). He laughed and the two went home.

Peter smiled as he readied some of the greatest pranks he could think of. Suddenly he had an ally where he never would have expected to look. Suddenly his revenge was sanctioned and looked upon favorably by someone in power. In his pocket he had a carton of mothballs and in the other, a bottle of medically prescribed heavy laxative. His parents made his life miserable in diapers doing everything in their power to make him stop wetting the bed. Waking up in his own feces or extremely itchy urine were some of the worst he could remember. Chuckling as he put on his coat, he walked out of his house and went to school a full half hour early. His parents thought it a little weird as he usually liked to sleep in.
At the school gates he met several of his friends on the football team and other people who didn’t care much for William Galanos and his seemingly endless victories in classes and social events. That Monday, over the intercom, they heard about Will’s victory in the local kendo tournament and this seemed to take precedence over the winning sixty yard completion he had thrown that Friday night at the football game. This pissed him off to no end and he vowed then and there to make the brat’s life miserable so long as he was at school. He had promised Akari he wouldn’t hurt Will or have the football team beat him up, but she never mentioned anything about making his life a living hell through pranks.
Peter handed out the mothballs and laxatives to his friends and suggested popping a few mothballs in Will’s diaper while in a crowded hallway so he wouldn’t know who did it, and whoever was helping in the cafeteria to make sure that the laxative made into his drink somehow. The two who received this task smiled knowingly and left to go to their lockers. Peter then talked to the remaining five people about how they would humiliate William Galanos. When he was done, they chuckled and Peter grinned before saying, “Let’s get that freak!”

As Will walked to School that morning he sneezed heavily. Akari was home sick with the flu and he didn’t feel that much better himself. As he entered the school grounds he noticed a lot of people staring at the flagpole. Still half asleep he looked up and wet himself when he saw it. Instead of the flag, waving in the wind were a stream of diapers opened to their hourglass shape and written, a letter per diaper, “Go to Hell Freak.” Several people looked at him as he walked into the circle staring at this insult. A few people chuckled and pointed at him. From a distance he heard five or six voices, male and female, call out. “YEAH! Get the hell away from us you freak!”
Will was used to hazing from his early days but he had never met such an intense hatred before. This was more than a simple targeting of a different kid. He fought back tears and ran into the school. He had to drop his diapers off at the nurse’s office and on the way there he met Mrs. Kato in the hall. She noticed his grit teeth and tear-filled eyes and decided to take advantage of it.
“Does baby need something?” she cooed. "Is didee got poopy?
Will sucked in a deep breath and walked past her. She wasn’t in a mood to be ignored so as he tried to walk past him she pulled down his pants exposing the wet diaper. He sniffled a little as he reached down to pull them back up as she clucked and said, “No poopy? Just wet? Oh well, go see the nurse.” Several kids laughed uproariously at Will’s expense.
Once in the office he saw that all of his diapers that had been there were torn to shreds. Powder splashed the walls and in the middle of it all stood Mr. Smith mumbling, “If they expect me to clean this up then they are sadly mistaken.” He turned to Will and snapped, “Don’t bring your diapers to me anymore, kid! It’s your fault my office is wrecked!”
Without saying a word Will walked away and out the office. Mrs. Kato grabbed him from behind and smiled. “Still wet?” she asked viciously. “Aw, that’s too bad. You know, until now you were under the protection of that bitch Hayamizu, but now I have the ear of someone who doesn’t care what she thinks. The sponsor of the school has my undivided attention!”
“So you slept that far up?” he spat in anger. “That’s surprisingly quick for an office lady of any standards, but for a slut like you I guess that’s to be expected.”
The slap she hit him with could be heard down the hall and though the two of them spoke softly, now several people looked at them. This was beginning to feel a lot like his first day here. She put her face in front of him and glared. She reached under him and cupped his genitals through the diaper and squeezed hard. Through the pain he managed to stand, but barely. “Listen freak! If I could expel you I would, but I’ll let you in on something. Now that nothing can ever be traced back to me I am going to make sure your stay at this school is miserable. Nothing will happen to me so you can tell your parents to shove it up their asses. You might want to do yourself a favor and withdraw.” She quickly released her viselike grip and Will fell to the floor clutching his privates in agony as she walked off laughing.
During the transition between first and second period someone dropped something in the back of his wet diaper and as soon as it met with the urine his entire diaper area enflamed with an unbelievable itch. He wanted to run screaming, but he had to get to class. For most of the lesson he squirmed in his seat attracting strange looks and several snide comments. The teacher even got annoyed and said if Will couldn’t sit still he would have to stand in the hall. Biting his lower lip so hard that it bled, he managed to sit still until he wet himself again making the itch increase ten fold.
At lunch he changed into a fresh diaper and tried to wipe away the last of the itch, which continued into third period. On the way to that class, more of these pills were placed in his diaper, and someone grabbed the back and lifted it high in an attempt to give him a wedgey. The day felt like it couldn’t get any worse. He surveyed his bottom after wiping and saw it blotched with rash from the itching. Besides the pain and the humiliation he felt angry. He halfway suspected who had done this to him, but Peter wasn’t anywhere near him till gym.
After lunch he walked to the gym in a very sour mood. This mood only worsened when he felt his stomach do a summersault for no reason. He thought back to what he ate for lunch and couldn’t think of anything that would affect his stomach like this. He decided he would go to the restroom after gym because he was running late. He made it into the door just in time for roll call. It wasn’t until he was getting undressed for the class that he realized what the rumbling signified. What exploded into his diaper had to have been the worst mess he had ever experienced. It sloshed out like pig slop into a trough and seemed to go on and on as his intestines rattled all that they had in them into the diaper. When it was finally over his anus burned from the acidic juice that came out too. The smell was so nauseating that he wanted to throw up. The boy getting dressed next to him did throw up and this seemed to cause a reaction of several people following suit. Within seconds, the entire locker room emptied like rats abandoning a sinking ship. After the first boy emptied his stomach next to Will, he too threw all that was left in his stomach onto the floor and he couldn’t stop throwing up because the smell would not go away. He finally succeeded in bolting to the showers to hose himself off. The diaper fell to the floor and he saw the sick brown soup leak over the sides as water splashed over it. Even as the filth from his body he couldn’t stop sicking up. Even with nothing left to give he dry heaved till he was clean and then once again as he tossed the diaper into a garbage can.
When he finally got outside to the gym proper he saw nothing but the glowering of the entire class and the disgust painted across their visages as though he were some monster. He tried to explain what happened to the coach, who he knew would be the only sympathetic ear, but even that seemed to be turned off today. While everyone else went to the field for softball, Will would have to clean up the male locker room. Sadly and with trepidation about the smell, Will went to the janitor’s office and got the things necessary to clean six people’s worth of vomit and his excrement off the floor. If he had believed in suicide, he might have considered it at that moment as he reflected the hatred of the entire school. Only Akari liked him at all it seemed and she was sick at home. No, he could never commit suicide, but he knew he would probably never feel lower in the rest of the many years to come.

Akari sneezed from her prone position on the coach. She had been given a glass of orange juice to drink and several pills. Her mother said that the best way to get over all of the sickness was to flush it out of the body, so Akari was made to drink lots of water and juice. What her mother hadn’t considered was that Akari would be too weak to get up and go to the toilet.
Akari never missed school. She hated having to make things up and staying at home seemed so boring in comparison when she could be with her friends and Peter. So when she asked to stay home, alarms seemed to go off around the house as everyone fell into a panic. Her father was beside himself with worry running up and down the house in the early morning asking whoever would help him to listen. If Akari hadn’t been so sick she might have laughed at his antics, but all she could do was moan and flop over on her side in bed. Her mom helped her walk to the bathroom early in the morning and the two found out together that Akari didn’t have any energy to move her legs and support her body weight. Her mother had to prop her on the pot like a doll and wait for her business to finish and then wipe for her. Akari sniffled in embarrassment to which her mother chuckled and said,<> Don’t worry. I used to do that all the time when you were training. > >
Almost immediately after she placed Akari back in bed she made a call to the school and then called in for work to say that she had to take care of her sick daughter. Her husband wanted to do likewise and while she felt this a sweet gesture she knew he had to go to work and shooed him away saying all would be well. Her sons came in to wish Akari well and then went to catch the bus for school. Both were younger than Akari by about five and six years. It pained them to see their invincible, kind older sister miserable in bed. She came in a few minutes later with a glass of water and a damp rag. She handed the glass to Akari and proceeded to sponge off her sweaty forehead chuckling, <> SO I guess the saying is false Fools do get sick. <>
Akari croaked a hoarse, <> MOOOOoom!! <>
Jessica Futokoro grinned and walked downstairs to make breakfast. She fed her daughter oatmeal and lots of medicinal drinks that her mother in the states suggested she try. Sometimes having the Internet proved very useful in getting contact with someone in a different time zone.
After this, Akari went back to sleep and Jessica went downstairs to read a book. Akari woke up to sodden sheets. Apparently all of the stuff her mom had given her worked to make her pee, but she was shocked that she hadn’t woken up. Then, she felt a pressure in her bladder and knew she had to pee again. She tried to raise herself on her elbow but even that seemed a futile gesture. She tried to call out for her mom to help her but the hoarse cracking of her voice produced no real volume. She didn’t even have the strength to hold her bladder to wait for her mom anyway. Like a helpless two year old she flooded the sheets again and then began to whimper and cry both out of shame and for the uncomfortable feeling. While the diaper she wore the other day had retained some warmth the sheets turned ice cold in minutes leaving her itchy and freezing.
Some motherly intuition must have kicked in because Jessica rushed upstairs on a hunch and was shocked to see her baby crying in bed with a huge yellow stain on the white blanket and sheets. She ran to her little girl and carried her to the bathtub. After undressing her she wrapped her in a fluffy towel and turned on the bath water. And added some fragrant oils that soon filled the water with iridescent bubbles that sent an aromatic sense of roses into the air. Still sobbing and embarrassed, Akari took little note of this and wasn’t even really conscience of the fact that her mother gently placed her in the warm water. As sick as the urine had felt, the comfort of the oils enveloping her skin was an almost magical dichotomy.
As Akari luxuriated in the suds, Jessica went to the phone and called Irene Galanos. The two had become fast friends after the incident in the parking lot and she felt sure that Irene could help. As Irene picked up the phone and said, “Hello?” Jessica felt a wave of relief.
“Hi Irene!” Jessica said in an upbeat tone.
“Hey Jessica, what’s up?”
“I have a strange request. Could I borrow some of your son’s diapers for my daughter? She’s really sick right now and doesn’t have the strength to hold her bladder at the moment or even move for that matter. I know Will has to use them for medical reasons so could you please help me?”
Irene chuckled into the phone, “Of course I’ll help you, but Will doesn’t wear them for any medical reason. He just wants to wear them.”
“And you allow that?!” a very shocked Jessica asked, wondering at the wisdom of having such a friend.
“Yes, if only because I know if I don’t sanction it he’ll do it anyway. And besides,” she said with some pride, “Surely you can’t deny he’s a good boy and a positive role model at school.”
Jessica smiled, realizing the truth of that and the bravery of someone to try such a stunt. “Ok, I won’t judge his difference, just his actions, which are exemplary.”
Irene chuckled into the mouthpiece, “I’ll be over in a few minutes with the diapering supplies.”
Jessica said thank you and hung up the phone before going back to the bathroom where her daughter almost looked “high,” so relaxed was she. Gently, Jessica nudged her back to the real world and began to sponge bathe her like she had when she was a baby, even talking gibberish and giggling at the blushes her daughter gave at the washing over her private area. When she got out of the tub, or rather Jessica carried her out of the tub, Akari’s skin had an almost golden hue to it and she felt very relaxed from the massage bathing her mother had given her. She had just finished drying Akari off when the doorbell rang. She gave Akari a peck on the cheek and ran to the door, excited for some unexplainable reason. Could it be that she was really looking forward to putting her daughter back in diapers for the rest of the day?
Irene stood at the door with an unopened package of Molicare Super Plus and a small diaper bag with duct tape, powder, oil, wipes and rash cream. When she saw the expectant smile on Jessica’s face she laughed happily, poking her on the nose saying, “You seem to be having too much fun with this at your sick daughter’s expense.” Jessica conceded the point and welcomed Irene into her house. After taking her shoes off in the entry way she walked with Jessica upstairs to the already sleeping Akari. With her hair combed and her skin a rosy pink from the toweling Akari looked like an angel. Irene gasped and remarked at her beauty. “She’s so cute!” she marveled. “I wish she was dating Will.”
“Hmm yes,” Jessica thought, “But she seems quite taken with Peter Adams at the moment.”
Motherly matchmaking aside, they proceeded to apply oil to her diaper area gently so as not to wake her, which proved rather easy considering her condition. As Irene oiled the lips of her vagina Akari moaned loudly in her sleep and seemed to move her hips into her fingers. Irene paused and looked at the open mouth of Jessica Futokoro. “Well, well, well,” she smiled. “Wasn’t that interesting? Still cute though.” With that said, she gabbed the powder an liberally applied it to her diaper area. Jessica lifted Akari’s legs so Irene could dust underneath and place the diaper in position. Very gently and quietly, she pulled the front of the diaper up between the legs and taped it shut, before adding the duct tape adhesive over the tapes to ensure the diaper stayed on. This done, she patted the finished product and smiled at Jessica.
“You are very good at that,” she commented.
Irene shrugged. "Nah. Just more practiced.
Together they carried Akari down to the coach and wrapped her in blankets. She slept for about fifteen minutes and didn’t even realize she wet herself. When she woke up, she didn’t at first notice the diaper until she tried to stretch the sleepiness from her limbs. When she felt it, she tried to slowly move the sheets. She seemed to have enough strength to do that at least. When she saw the diaper she was filled with mixed emotions. She felt giddy to once again be in a wet diaper, which she had not wanted to get rid of when her mom took the diaper off her several days ago, but she also felt nervous. Who had diapered her? Well that was a silly question. Of course her mom did it, but why? She was the one so opposed to the diaper in the first place. The answer came as she perked her ears and listened to the conversation in the kitchen between her mom and Mrs. Galanos.
“I still can’t get over how much fun that was!” Jessica squealed. “I will be honest with you in saying that I was a little sad when my youngest son was finally potty trained. Some mothers hate the diapering part of raising a baby, buy I loved it. I never felt closer to my children having them rely on me for their every need. As angry as I was seeing her in diapers that Friday night, a part of me hoped she really would want to be in diapers again. I don’t want to lose my babies, especially my baby girl! Is that so wrong? Am I being selfish, Irene?”
Irene sighed and patted her new friend on the back. “Yes,” she said. “You are selfish, but no more so than any other mom seeing her kids grow up. I never liked the diapers, but I loved having them depend on me, and I will always be willing to help them stand up if they can’t on their own. Akari is a very strong girl and you have done well by her, but don’t force into something she doesn’t want. Will likes his diapers but that is because he’s. . .”
Akari waited to hear “because he’s incontinent and needs them,” but instead she heard, “Well, because he’s a little strange, not that I don’t love him.” Akari’s mind raced. ‘Does he not need them, then? Was that just a lie for acceptance?’ Her momentary anger faded when she realized she was just like him, and would probably be just as hard put to give an adequate reason for being in diapers. ‘Well, if mom is willing then I guess at home I can let her pretend.’ She tested her voice and found that she could use it again. <> Mom!<> she cried, <> I wet. . . <>
Both women walked into the room and smiled at the little girl on the coach who was shivering because she had taken off the blanket. Exposed, and naked, but for the diaper, she really did almost look like a baby. Jessica smiled at Irene and said she would do it this time and very lovingly carried he daughter over to a clean spot on the floor and changed her diaper, not nearly as quickly and efficiently as Irene had done, but still good enough to make her daughter smile at her with the happiest eyes she had seen in a long time.
In short order, Akari was back on the coach watching cartoons and drinking plenty of liquids, flooding her diaper with abandon and enjoying the best day of her life despite the sickness.
Peter watched gleefully as Will was beaten up after school by the five boys he caused to vomit. He was especially happy because nothing could be traced back to him. He had done nothing, had not even seen the torments done to him. All of this made him feel really good about the day. Akari couldn’t say he broke his word. He hadn’t asked those boys to beat him up. Of course, he never made any promises to help Will either so he happily enjoyed the show.
He nearly jumped out of his skin when a slender hand clapped him on the shoulder. He turned around nervously, but sighed in relief, “Oh, it’s only you!”
Mrs. Kato fluffed her short, iron straight hair and smiled. “Looks like my plan went very well, didn’t it?” she said, as Will fell to his knees spitting up on the pavement. She seemed to be enjoying the show more than him.
“Out of curiosity,” Peter began, “And don’t get me wrong. I am thankful. But why are you doing all this for me?”
“For you?” she scoffed, “Don’t be so naïve. We simply have a common annoyance we want taken out of our environment. The principle won’t expel him for wearing diapers and the sponsor said to make him leave on his own so that it didn’t reflect badly on him. This is just a neat way of killing two birds with one stone. I doubt he lasts here another week with this treatment. When his parents call we will act concerned, a show of punishment will be dealt out to those five boys but that will only make the student body madder. Humans are really herd animals, Mr. Adams. If a few lean a certain way then mob mentality kicks in and the rest follow. Soon the whole school will be against him, and who will he turn to? No teacher likes him because he does so well in their classes making other students look bad. Only his gym teacher likes him and after today I wonder by how much. William Galanos will leave soon, I think.”
"Wow, you’re twisted, "Peter said thinking his involvement might have gone farther than he intended. He didn’t want Will committing suicide and haunting him for this. “What do you have against him?”
“That is none of your business,” she snapped, but then she smiled and developed a far away look in her eyes, “It has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with her. That bitch, Tomoko!” The faraway looked to be engulfed in the flames of fury and Peter wondered just what in the world Tomoko Hayamizu had done to Mrs. Kato

A note on culture:

  1. It is popular Japanese belief that if someone is talking about you behind your back that you will sneeze
  2. It is also a funny antic dote that fools never get sick

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 8
As the two conspirators watched from behind a car as William Galanos was beaten within an inch of his life a third party walked right between them. Neither paid him any mind as he slowly passed their car until Peter looked again and recognized the long brown ponytail. Suddenly, the figured bolted forward and intercepted one of Will’s assailants. The poor boy never knew what hit him as Terry Galanos’ boot caught him on the side of the head. The four of the five remaining boys looked at him and smiled.
“Dude,” one asked sauntering forward, “What the fuck is your problem?” Terry’s calm visage never changed. He didn’t speak, smile or frown at the smiling boy. “This sick freak is just getting what he deserves. He humiliated us and now I think it is time to realize what that costs. He-”
The sentence never finished as Terry’s fist slammed into the boy’s face. Three teeth hit the pavement as the boy toppled. Terry’s fist came away bloody from the boy’s likely broken jaw and the scratched knuckles that grazed the teeth.
Mrs. Kato chuckled to Peter, “Well, now we don’t have to worry about a punishment for those boys. This will only make them hate Galanos more.”
Peter sighed and stepped away from the cackling woman.
Terry faced the three remaining and smiled. His eyes finally showed emotion when he looked upon the broken form of his little brother. Will was lying on his side. One of his arms appeared bent at an impossible angle. His nose appeared disfigured and one of his eyes was so bruised that Terry couldn’t distinguish where his eye should be. Will’s pants must have been torn off of him early in the beating as his legs appeared torn and bloody. The exposed diaper was also ripped and from the wetting in fear that Will must have done, he noticed jellied crystals oozing out of the cracks like some pus from a wound. He quivered from shock, pain, and cold combined.
Before even looking at the three again, he removed his coat and placed it over his brother. Will didn’t even seem to realize what had happened. His eyes were dilated and his breathing sporadic. Fear traced his features like a second skin. Terry looked over his shoulder at Mrs. Kato and Peter. He glared briefly before shifting his attention to the leg of a kick flying towards him. He caught the blow in the stomach and was forced to step back several feet, but he still stood.
Not waiting for the opponent to take in that his kick lacked the power to stop this seemingly girly looking boy, Terry rushed in with both fists flying, pummeling the boy’s chest in a fast tempo. Anyone could see that he could have knocked him out easily, but it seemed that Terry desired this to last.
One of the other three rushed in from the side to try and help his friend. He succeeded in alleviating the pressure of the punches, but he couldn’t get any real hits in on Terry either. The third fighter drew a knife from his pocket and slowly approached Terry’s back.
Peter Adams might have enjoyed seeing his enemy get beaten up, but he was not about to watch someone get killed. He ran into the fray as the boy approached, ignoring Mrs. Kato’s questions as to what he was doing. He managed to get Terry’s back just before the boy and the boy didn’t seem to care as the knife came down fast. Peter put his arms up to block the strike, but before the blade could come near him, he saw coming from behind him an arm intercept the path of the knife. The blade lodged itself in Terry’s right forearm and remained as it nicked the bone. Peter stood in shock, as did the boy who had used the knife. He heard Terry grunt in pain and then felt the world turn upside down as he felt something hard hit his head.
When his vision cleared he saw that the boy in front of him had also suffered from Terry’s roundhouse. He knelt on the ground shaking the dizziness from his head, and looked up just in time to see Terry kick him in the chin. Peter noticed the knife still rested in his arm and had created several runlets down the forearm like tributaries to a major river. He watched in horror as the other two boys were beaten unconscious by another boy, who while effeminate, and while wounded still broke one boy’s arm and the other’s shin before stopping.
Terry walked over to Peter and finally withdrew the knife from his arm before tossing it to the ground in front of him. Peter froze, staring at the blade, still encased in the syrupy red of Terry’s blood. Terry, didn’t seem to notice. He ripped apart his under shirt and tied it around the wound.
“Why did you do that?” Peter cried finally, uncomfortable under the cruel stare of this boy and slightly fearful of what would happen to him now. Just then, he heard the faint sounds of sirens in the distance and realized that someone must have called the police.
Terry noticed too and smiled, realizing he would have a lot to explain to the police when they came, before glaring coldly at Peter. “Because I would rather die than accept the help of a piece of shit like you!” The look of confusion Peter offered seemed to incense him further. “Just be glad I knocked you down softly you son of a bitch. As much as I would have liked to kill them for this, I want to kill you even more! What kind of sadistic bastard watches as someone is beaten up like this!? What the fuck were you doing watching this shit and doing nothing!”
Peter cowered in fear, praying to whoever would listen to make the police hurry up before this psychopath did kill him. He decided to stall. “They didn’t pull a knife till you showed up. You might have died!”
Terry almost lunged at the boy and stopped himself just short. “My brother DID almost die you Fucking ASSHOLE!” he screamed in both frustration, anger, and fear as well. He added quietly, “You better hope he pulls through this. Also, if I find out you are in anyway responsible for this then you had better hope you find someone better than me, because I will hunt you down and kill you!”
Those words froze Peter to his marrow and he wet himself uncontrollably. Those had been the same words that he had said to the punk who had tried to rape Akari Futokoro when he first saw her in the nearby park two years ago. At that time he had felt so righteous and right. He punched a fiend that deserved more and had walked away, not even asking for thanks. True, that day he had been very pissed, but he felt heroic after that and justified. Did Terry feel as justified now? Peter looked at Will and assumed the answer to be yes. As he further studied the boy who even beaten like this, still resembled a girl and wondered for the first time in a great while what he had against him. Was it all from his deep hatred of diapers? Was it out of jealousy for all the time Will spent with Akari? No, neither could be true! He refused to believe he could sink so low, become so petty.
As the police pulled up, they saw Terry the only one standing. Mrs. Kato had long since made her exit. They pulled their guns and ordered Terry to put his hands up. He put his left arm up immediately but his left could barely move.
“Please,” he cried. “My arm is broken. I can’t raise it. Please just help my brother!”
If the cruel words had shocked Peter, this show of emotion crippled him. He watched in mute testimony as Will was gently lifted by one of the female officers. On seeing how badly he was hurt she called for help and another two officers rushed over and helped transport him to a car where he would most likely be taken to the military hospital with the five other kids. Another officer inspected the knife wound in Terry’s arm while questioning him. As Terry began to grow pale the officer grabbed him before he fainted and they two rushed to the hospital.
Suddenly alone, the only uninjured participant except for a bruise on his cheek and scratched palms, Peter wondered what would happen to him. A few of the policeman came up to him and he didn’t seem to understand. One of them, the only one wearing quasi-normal clothes bent down and snapped his fingers in front of Peter’s eyes a few times to bring him back to reality. Peter shook his head and looked at the man.
He stood about five feet six inches and nestled a cigarette in his teeth while cocking his head back and forth as he looked Peter over. “Had an accident there, fella?” Peter’s face darkened in shame and he nodded sullenly. “Think you can tell me a bit of went on here?”
Peter began in a slightly shaky voice to tell them that he had walked up after school to see Will getting beat up. He explained what happened in the locker room and reasoned that that was why the boys wanted to attack Will. A little angry himself, Peter let them continue. He hadn’t noticed how bad it was, though so he hadn’t intervened. It wasn’t until Will’s brother came that he felt the need to help. He explained how his help was rejected and his shame at the truth of Terry’s words.
He hadn’t mentioned the fact that he instigated the bowel movement in the locker room or that he had watched for quite a while. He truthfully, hadn’t seen Will’s broken arm until he was being carried away. He felt like throwing up.
“Do you realize that by not aiding, you became an accomplice?” the officer asked menacingly. Peter broke down and cried in front of him. “Geez, don’t do that.”
“I am sorry! I didn’t know!” he cried.
“The one you should say sorry to is that boy,” one of the other officers interjected before the one in charge silenced him with a look.
“Now,” he began. “I am not going to file this against you. I believe you, but I still think you need to be punished. We’ll let your school and parents deal with it, though.”
“Excuse me!” a feminine voice purred from behind the officer.
“Well,” he stuttered. “Hello there. What can I help you with ma’am?”
Mrs. Kato walked between the two and said that she worked at the school and wanted to know what was happening. When the officers explained she feigned shock and sympathy for Will. When she was told that the school should punish Peter, she said she would take care of it since she was the Sponsor’s personal secretary. They thanked her and added a request to inform Peter’s parents as to what happened. With that he walked off saying he might be called in later to testify some more at the station. In minutes, everyone was gone except Mrs. Kato and Peter.
"Of course you know, "she began. “Nothing will happen to you. Congratulations on the perfect crime.”
“I feel sick!” he spat, glaring at her. “I am sorry I did this. I hope you got what you wanted, but I am no longer a part of it.”
She chuckled merrily. “No,” she asserted. “I am far from satisfied, but you may leave our little alliance if you wish. You have been most helpful. When he gets back from the hospital I will have many more surprises waiting for him.”
He decided to press his luck and asked. “What does he have to do with Tomoko Hayamizu?”
Smiling at his perception she nodded. “She as much as claimed him as her son,” she growled in disgust. “As her offspring he will incur my every wrath. Too bad for him, it seems as though she abandoned him. No word from her in over a month. Strange, Strange.”
She seemed to have forgotten he was there. As she walked off to the school building she tapped her fingers along her jaw line with her brow furrowed in thought.
Peter walked home ashamed of his actions, and while he bore no good will towards Will, he would not hassle him anymore. What had started as such a fun day had turned into hell. He felt bad for Will suddenly.

Two weeks passed.
The fiendish Mrs. Kato had been right. When Will returned to school he was ostracized and picked on fiercely. She seemed to grow happier each day as she noticed he became more miserable. The nurse still refused to change him even though , with a broken arm in a cast, Will really couldn’t do it very well on his own. Therefore, when he flooded his diapers they leaked tremendously affording him more shame more pain. His only friend, Akari seemed his only buoy in the storm. However, even she and kendo proved not enough to salvage him His grades began to slip and his depression reached unheard of levels. He went through the school day like a numb shell. His soul, which had once seemed attractive to the naked eye now buried deep in his psyche.
Finally, even though he sullenly said he would handle it, the Galanos’ pulled Will out of school. The excuse was that if Terry got into anymore fights he might get expelled. They pulled him out on a Friday and found his diaper full of mothballs and his arms full of bruises. The school claimed no liability for the issue and even Irene’s clout as a High school math teacher seemed to hold no weight. Realizing that nothing would be done for their child they gave up on Kenshiki.

That Saturday, Akari came over as usual. She found Will in his room, reading The Two Towers. She smiled at this and asked if this were his first time reading the Tolkien series. He didn’t even glance her way while replying this was probably his fifth time reading them.
<> Why read them so many times? <> she asked, plopping down next to him on his bed. She wore sweat pants and a long t-shirt today. As she sat, the upper layer of her panties peaked above her sweats. They were ruffled and almost looked like plastic. Will would have looked longer but his internal shame regulator made him blush and revert his eyes back to the book. <> Couple of reasons really, <> he answered, placing a bookmark in it before closing the book. <> One, it’s my favorite story of all time. Two, I learn something new every time I read it. And three, it gives me inspiration to write my own stories. <>
<> You write stories? <> she asked in an excited voice. It must have been his imagination, but she seemed a whole lot more bouncy than usual. He nodded. <> Can I see them? <> He blushed and shook his head. <> Why not? Are they erotic? <>
<> Of course not ! <> he yelled in embarrassment.
She giggled at this and pointed at him with her eyes closed. <> What’s so funny? <> he asked, not really in the mood for the levity. Getting pulled out of school depressed him and he hadn’t wanted company at all for the day.
<> I made you blush! <> she said leaning in to peck him on the cheek. <> You are cute when you blush. <>
Will backed away and looked at her strangely. <> Something wrong with Peter <>
This seemed to steal her joyous mood. <> Peter is. . . Peter is. . . Peter hasn’t been himself lately. I mean he is still kind to me, but he seems so sad, almost ashamed I think. <>
<> Ashamed? <>
<> Yeah, <> she said. <> It’s like he’s ashamed to be around me. . .<> she looked away from Will and said softly. <> Then he called me last night. He said he needed time to sort some personal stuff out and that he and I shouldn’t see each other. He… <> she was choking on the words. Apparently, this break up hit her hard.
Will hugged her to him and rubbed her back. <> It’s not your fault. <>
<> That’s what he said <> she sobbed. <> He said he isn’t worthy of me anymore. I told him he was wrong, but he hung up. I don’t wanna lose Peter! Who will protect me? <>
Will wanted to say he would, but he wondered if that was the case. Of the brothers, only Terry excelled in street fighting. Will could handle a sword, but probably would lose in an actual fight. Though, he couldn’t tell. He had never put up a fight before. Still, it wasn’t his place to say that anyway. She was hurt and wanted Peter, not him. Instead, he asked jokingly, <> Protect you from what? <>
She pulled away from him and looked down, suddenly embarrassed. He tried to apologize but she looked away and sighed. Not wanting to continue down this painful road for her he decided to reverse the roles and tell her what was bothering him.
<> You aren’t going to Kenshiki!? <> she cried in sudden shock and horror. <> Where will you go? <>
Will shrugged. <> My parents are looking into other middle schools., <> he said. <> They want to try and find one with a ladder system so I can just go right into high school without taking a test. They seem to think I won’t do well on the test after all the school I’ll miss this semester while they are searching for a school. <>
Something seemed to snap in Akari at that moment. She suddenly bawled and pounded her fists on the bed. <> NO! <> she cried loudly. <> Not you too! Now I don’t have a best friend or a boy friend! God I am pathetic to depend on you two so much, but I can’t live without you two! I need to be taken care of. Don’t you leave me too Will! I love you! <>
<> You love Peter <> he corrected.
<> Damnit! I love you both! <> at this her bawling reached another three decibels. Will’s mom Irene being the only one home besides them, rushed into the room to see what was the matter.
“Will!” she screamed. “Did you do something to Akari?!”
“Galanos-san?” Akari whimpered.
“Yes, sweetie?” Irene answered recognizing this infantile tone, even if Will did not. He looked at Akari strangely and though she still sobbed. She seemed to be a bit more comfortable.
<> I wet <> she said softly.
As Irene bent down and looked into the sweatpants, she placed her hand inside and said, <> Yep. You are soaked, baby. <> Will looked at his mom in shock. Did she just put her hand down Akari’s pants? Akari wet?
Irene pulled down Akari’s pants revealing a very thick white disposable diaper. Will wondered how he could have missed it. Maybe because he never paid attention to Akari like that. But the diaper was soaked, indeed and Will never felt so happy to see this scene in his life. This had to be a dream. His best friend was in diapers asking to be treated like a baby. Seeing his excitement and mistaking it for something else, she made Will wait outside. As he passed Akari he saw a look of comfort and security. She was being taken care of. That was all she really wanted. If Will could provide that, she would be happy… And that was all Will really wanted.
A few moments later, both Irene and Akari walked into the hallway. Akari wore just her shirt and diaper. She smiled weakly at Will and then hugged him tightly. Will returned the hug and smiled. <> I guess that I influenced you a bit? <>
She answered by sticking her tongue out him. She seemed calmer, but he could still see that fear in her eyes that he would be leaving her at school. He hadn’t realized she depended on him so much, but now that he thought about it, she did. For partners she was the one who volunteered the two of them every time. For homework she asked him all of the difficult questions even if someone else could answer her it for her. She did it all without seeming clingy or unnatural. He just figured they matched well. Now he saw her for what she was. She had a weak personality and needed someone to shine through to reach her own light. He loved her even more now. It was so nice to be trusted.
The door bell rang and Irene went to see who it was. No one was at the door, but on the doorstep was a manila envelope. Inside, she found an application to a middle school a few miles away. It had a ladder system and even guaranteed results to get into Tokyo University. It boasted an amazing faculty with their resumes included in the packet. The campus looked lovely from the photos. On the last page of the packet was a letter to Will in Japanese.

Dear William Galanos

It is the pleasure of the Seijitsu (honesty) Academy to invite you to attend classes. You have been accepted on scholarship for free tuition. We require only that you find transportation to and from school. This is your chance to escape the horrors of Kenshiki. We invite you to bring anyone else you think would benefit from our program with you. While our cost is slightly more than Kenshiki, we guarantee the education and personal growth they cannot. In the packet you will find the tuition forms for anyone wanting to attend. At your discretion alone we will consider them and pass them through to interview without written exam. We require a tight study load and if these are not met then expulsion will result. Our aim is to attract the elite. You have proven worthy. Please accept out welcome.

The Sponsor/Principal of Seijitsu Academy
Hikaru Hayamizu

After perusing it over and over again for any trace of fallacy, Irene found a number to call and was answered by a rather nice sounding woman, who assured her it was real and she personally looked forward to seeing Will.
<> Why are you offering him this? <> Irene asked. She had the speaker phone on so that Will and Akari could listen.
<> Will has special needs, much like my own son. <> she began. Will recognized the voice vaguely but couldn’t place it. <> I have created a place where he can have those needs met without hassle or shame. To speak candidly, Galanos-san, no one here will mind his diapers. I guarantee this. Most of the students enrolling will be students with similar needs. Bright students with special needs. That is the audience I am catering to. Perhaps when Seijitsu expands one day I can include all students. Costs force me to keep the student Population small, but I will accept anyone Will thinks can make it through the vigorous program. <>
Before anyone could say anything, Akari spoke up. <> I want to attend this school! Please let me! <>
Chapter 9

<> Akari ? <> the voice asked suddenly
Akari stumbled back into Will when she heard the woman speak her name. Akari’s purple diaper brushed against Will’s thigh and he was once again reminded that this was not a dream. His best friend indeed stood in front of him clad in just a diaper and t-shirt. The shock of seeing that could not be overcome by a strangely familiar voice recognizing Akari.
“Who is this!?” Irene Galanos demanded, now fearful of a stalker. <> How do you know my child and how do you know Futokoro-chan? <>
The voice laughed heartily. From that laugh Will recognized the voice. He recalled just such a laugh when he first met her and such a one when she joked with him about her son. He never suspected he would see her again like this, but before he could tell his mom that his old nurse possessed the voice, Tomoko Hayamizu spoke.
<> How could I forget the voice of such a sweet girl? <> she said merrily. <> Not every girl comes to your office no fewer than three times in a single semester for wetting herself during a quiz. I could never forget Futokoro, Akari. <>
Akari stared at the phone for a few seconds before saying, <> Hayamizu -sensei?<>
The three heard the chuckle again. <> How are you dear? <>
Akari’s eyes filled with tears and she asked again excitedly, barely believing, <> Hayamizu- sensei? It’s really you? <>
<> Tell you what, <> Nurse Hayamizu said. <> Do I assume correctly that William Galanos will be attending Seijitsu? Oh, wait, how about my husband and myself come over to discuss this with you. No, no. Better idea. I will send a car to pick you up and bring you to the estate. That way we can talk and I will have access to legal forms and any other things you will want to see. <>
Before Irene could say anything to this, Nurse Hayamizu hanged up the phone, and all the three heard was the drone of the dial tone. They all stared at each other and wondered what to say to all this. Irene broke the silence. <> Futokoro-chan <>, she said gently, <>I think you should call your mom. <> When Akari asked why, she continued. <> If you are to come with us as I think Hayamizu-san wants you to, you will need your mother present. Please call her and ask her to hurry.<>
After Akari called her mother, saying they had some important business to discuss, a long black Lincoln Towncar pulled up to the Galanos driveway and honked its horn. The drive got out and walked to the door to knock, but Will opened it before his hand was half raised. The man stood very tall in an expensive suit that Will knew his father would only wear to a very formal occasion. This caused Will to take in his own attire of pajama bottoms and a pit-stained t-shirt. He felt out of place and highly embarrassed. The driver sensed it, but alleviated the mood by loosening his caller and saying in a very crisp voice, “This gear is a might bit stifling, I must say. I envy your attire more than you can guess, young gentleman. Am I right in assuming that I have arrived at the Galanos residence? Ah, wonderful. I am pleased to find you in good health, young master. May I come in?”
Will stepped aside so that the driver could enter. As he removed his well-polished shoes, Will asked his name to which he replied. “Sebastian. Oh now please don’t laugh. It does sound like a butler’s name does it not, but I trust it is coincidence, I assure you.”
As Will introduced him to his mother, who had taken the few minutes to change into a smart business suit that she would usually wear to her courses, Akari walked into the foyer and promptly turned around again as she still only wore her diaper and t-shirt, not having had time to change after calling her mom. She walked back upstairs mumbling about wishing she had asked her mom to bring a dress with her.
Will took his leave at that moment and rushed up to help Akari while his mom offered Sebastian something to eat or drink. He accepted water and ham sandwich, saying he had missed lunch and was most appreciative.
Once upstairs, he found Akari tugging her sweatpants up over her bulging diapered bottom. He chuckled at her red-faced expression and received a pillow thrown at him for his gesture. Instead of continuing to laugh he walked over to his closet and pulled out a white shirt and some dress slacks. He handed them to Akari along with a belt, and then left her to change. She said he could come in a few moments later and Will entered to see that his guess had been right in clothes to lend her. Since he had broader shoulders and stood a little taller than her, though not by much, the clothes fit her, though anyone could see that she wore a diaper through the thin material of the dress slacks. He didn’t mention that, of course, when she asked how she looked. He replied that she looked very practical as he shooed her out so he could change himself. He decided to wear something similar and joined Akari a moment later. The two walked down the stairs and saw that Jessica Futokoro was talking with Irene and Sebastian. She smiled at her daughter and hugged her when she came down.
All together, they left in the Towncar to go to the Hayamizu estate. The trip took about five minutes, which seemed surprisingly short because the Hayamizu’s had supposedly moved to another city several miles away. They car entered what Will assumed to be either a local dojo or temple’s outer wall and stopped a good fifty yards from the main house. A stone garden awaited their feet as they followed Sebastian down the path to the main house, which looked very traditional. Well-groomed trees rimmed the sides of the path and a large koi pond stood to the right with several lilies in bloom. Will felt out of place all over again as he felt he was about to enter some Shinto Shrine. He half expected a shrine maiden to greet them at the gate.
Instead of a maiden, they found Mrs. Hayamizu. She wore a beautiful purple Kimono and blue obi. She greeted them on her knees and bowed a welcome to her home. Everyone returned the bow and thanked her for allowing them to come. Each took off their shoes and stepped up to the house proper. They followed Tomoko Hayamizu through several corridors, coming to a stop in front of a fairly European looking room. As she opened the door, they perceived an office of sorts. Paper littered the floor and every nook and cranny seemed wired to some gizmo. In the center of the room, on a large desk sat a very imposing looking Computer, and in front of that sat a man who turned to greet them. As he rose, they all noticed he wore very baggy pants and a loose sweater. His long black hair was pulled into a loose ponytail and silver rimmed glasses graced his nose. The first thing Will thought as he looked at him was that this man must have either been an actor or a model, because even at the age of forty something, he held a poise and charm that made Will wish he could be like him. He smiled lovingly at Tomoko and then stood in front of Will. He stood tall for a Japanese man, standing only a little taller than Will, but even so he seemed imposing. He simply stood there for moment looking Will up and down. Will simple bowed his head in difference and waited to be spoken to. Then, the man smiled and laughed heartily.
"My wife brings home children like stray cats, declaring them to be hers, " he said. “You seem different, boy. At first, I thought she had brought home two girls. You definitely pass. I will let you study at Seijitsu. One of my criteria is proper etiquette, and you will see why when you get to school next week. Please follow Tomoko to the sitting room and we will discuss things.”
Once in a room that appeared out of a Tea catalogue, they all reclined on cushions and were served tea and cookies by a young woman in a pink kimono. Will noticed she crinkled as she walked and wondered if she might be wearing a diaper. The tea tasted almost as elegant as the atmosphere it was enjoyed in and Will wondered why such seeming nobility would ever dane to become a nurse at a local middle school. After they finished their tea, the gentleman in the sweater introduced himself.
“My name is Hikaru Futokoro,” he said with a slight bow. It seemed strange to Will that such a traditional Japanese household would have the head speaking in English to his guests and lounging in comfortable clothes. For such talk of etiquette he didn’t seem to use any now. “I am the CEO of Fengar Software and now the sponsor and principle of Seijitsu Academy. My wife as I am sure you all have realized is a little eccentric. She feels it is her duty to defend students like Will and Akari fun the unfeeling masses. In my small way I allow her to use funds from my company to facilitate her philanthropic enterprises.
“After what happened at Kenshiki, I could have easily closed the school down and fired all of the people there. I was tempted, and Tomoko wanted me to. I hesitated when I thought of how it would effect you students. She said she wished there were a place that students like you and our son, Naoto, could learn and not be judged unfairly. I agreed with Mrs. Kato who said there was no such place. To this, Tomoko replied that she would make one. For the past several weeks I have been spending every spare moment recruiting personnel and buying lands, grants, and permits to make this dream come true. I have made a lot of money through my parents’ inheritance. I make almost as much yearly through my software company. I think this school will prove a good investment, especially if I can get everyone who enrolls this year to do well on the Tokyo University exam when you graduate. In order for this to work, you will have to work very hard with your studies, Mr. Galanos. Can you do this?”
Will nodded enthusiastically and then motioned for Akari to be introduced. <> This is Futokoro, Akari, Hayamizu-sensei.<> he said nervously, <> I think she will help your investment, especially if she enters with me. She can do it too, so please let her be admitted as well. <>
“You will have to understand, Mr. Galanos” Mr. Hayamizu said, clearing his throat, “that I can’t have to many students at first. I can only cater to probably thirty at best in this private institution because I need to ensure personal attention for the students well being and education. Because of this, everyone will be attending basically the same classes with some changes in high school where I intend to invite more professors to help teach electives. You will be taught by the very best, with the very best.”
<> Even so, <> Will said firmly, <> I know Futokoro-chan can do this, even more so because she is of similar needs to me and this is why Hayamizu-sensei created the school in the first place. <>
Hikaru Hayamizu smiled at this and said, “You speak very good Japanese for a second language. If not for the fact that I minored in languages in college I might have been fooled into thinking it your mother tongue. You so well to address me in my own house with my own language and you show much courage to demand this of me even though only you were invited. However, I did say in the letter that I would allow you to bring children to be interviewed so I will interview this Akari Futokoro.”
He turned to Jessica and bowed to her, “Madam, may speak to your daughter without you here? I want her to speak honestly and candidly. Also, does she have your permission to apply and are you willing to pay for the application and the tuition?”
Jessica asked to see how much all of it would be. She nearly fainted when she saw the price just the interview would cost. The tuition was almost half again what she paid at Kenshiki. “I am not sure I can afford this much. I can pay for the interview, but the tuition would tax us very much. I couldn’t make such a decision without my husband’s consent anyway.”
“You are a good woman,” Hikaru said. “Then let her take the exam and we will see what can be done about her tuition. I know she is a favorite of Tomoko’s so maybe some scholarships can be given depending on her oral exam. Please,” he bowed “Let her take it.”
Jessica got up to leave and Irene joined her. When Will tried to stand up to, Akari pulled his sleeve, forcing him to sit down again next to her. Hikaru raised an eyebrow at this. <> Please let him stay with me? <> he nodded and asked Tomoko to see to the two women outside.
Once all the parents left, Hikaru asked one of his servants to fetch a goban and stones. They waited in silence for this and when the board came, Akari was instructed to place nine black stones on the board. She created a very nice wall of territory and then he placed his first white stone. <> Are you a virgin? <> he asked as he set the stone on the board with a PING.
She shakily drew a black stone and placed it on the table. <> Yes. Yes I am. <>
Hikaru placed another white stone, this one right next one of Akari’s, a sign of attack. <> It is good that you not ask me why I ask such a personal question. Where was the ancient capital? <>
She placed a stone to defend her stone that he attacked, <> Heian or Kyoto? <> she asked calmly.
<> Good girl, <> he chuckled as he continued his attack. <> You would be surprised how many people don’t know something as simple as that. Who is the president of America? <>
She placed a stone to counterattack the stones he placed earlier and replied, <> George Bush. <>
Several more stones were placed before another question came. Will noticed that Akari played Go about as well as he did and that this man played much better than Allan back home. Akari could only barely defend three moku worth of territory once that hand ended and he decided to attack somewhere else. As he began his attack he began another series of questions. He pressed her knowledge of current affairs and geography. When that hand ended and they moved to another area he questioned history and philosophy. She couldn’t answer all of his questions and all the while she barely held territory. She seemed to barely make eyes before He closed off any chance of connecting these structures to walls and thereby getting more territory. Will really felt bad for her game. With the stress of the exam and the randomness of the questions he found it nearly impossible for her to concentrate on her stones and keep up. When they approached one of the final areas of the board he asked some more personal questions.
<> Why do you wear diapers? <> he asked as he placed his stone in front of her, which was wear this last battle before the ending of the game was taking place.
She picked up a black stone and dropped it into her bucket before picking it up again. He arm trembled as she placed it on the board, in a very foolish position. Before she could answer he capitulated on that mistake and placed another stone. <> I am waiting. <>
<> Because I like to <> she said as she picked up a stone. Her face seemed to have exploded into red.
<> Why is that? <> he asked as she set her stone down, trying to rectify her foolish error.
<> They are comfortable and convenient. I enjoy how they feel, sound, and the way they give me security. <>He placed a very daring stone in her territory. This move brought a threat to her entire eastern territory.
<> So you are weak? <>
She placed an equally daring stone to block him. <> Yes. I am weak and I rely on others too much. <>
He continued his assault, actually making the stone ring when he placed it. <> Why should I let a weakling into my school? <>
She seemed to have figured out how to stem the attack and placed a stone to try and capsulate his attack and destroy his invading forces. <> Because that is why your school exists, to make the weak strong. <>
He continued his attack around her stone in an opening neither she nor Will had seen. <> Now you profess to tell me about my own school, which you have never seen. Such daring. I want the strong to become stronger. I am enlisting strength. Will has that strength. I have seen his resume and test scores. He will do well here. He is a loner so he knows how to succeed when others fall. How will you succeed when he falls? <>
She placed another stone to again try and stem him in. <> I don’t know. I hope that he never falls and continues to help me stand. If two people lean against each other, they will stand. <>
He continued to create an eye, <> But if I push them both then they will both fall. <>
She seemed to see a way to cut out the eye. <> Yes, but a third person creates a third leg, the most stable of structures. <>
Hikaru paused and considered her offensive play. He realized his daring move would no longer work. She had seen through him and now could kill the structure in her territory. His stones would become prisoner. He placed one of his last stones in an area where the end results had not been decided and asked, <> And who is this third person? I only see you two. Do you speak philosophically of the Logos like Heraclius? <>
She seemed to shock him in that she actually answered this, which should have been impossible for a thirteen-year-old girl. <> Heraclius’s Logos was the fire of creation, the all encompassing force of truth and virtue. That would hold me up if I thought in his way, but I don’t, <> she said as she placed a stone. <> The Logos of John the Theologian, the Christian Philosopher would work better for me, I think. <>
<> Are you a Christian? <> he asked placing his stone.
“Not really,” she answered looking for a place to act in. <> I am sort of an agnostic philosopher. I just think the Christian way looks very appealing. But as the Dhali Lama said, ‘If I saw a real Christian I might convert.’ <> She finally found a spot and placed her stone.
Hikaru scratched his chin and began to arrange his pieces to tally the score. <> Fascinating amount of study for your age. A true philosopher. <> When the points were counted, Akari had one by about half a moku. <> You pass. <>
Will’s jaw dropped. <> NO WAY! <> he exclaimed. <> Her test was to beat you in a game of Go? <>
<> And what’s wrong with that? <> Hikaru harrumphed. <> I like the game and I think my students should be good at it. If she didn’t know Go I would have played shougi, and if not then Chess. If she couldn’t play any of them then she would have failed because she had no culture. I am very glad she played Go because I was able to ask a lot of questions. Even if she lost the game I would have let her in after that last set of questions.<>
He turned to Akari and smiled. <> For a weak little girl who depends too much on others you think very fast on your feet. What are your hobbies? <>
<> Kendo! <> she said without hesitation, <> and I guess reading and playing video games? <>
“You would like my son, Naoto, then” he nodded with approval. <> You are worth the investment. I will give you a half tuition scholarship to help your mother. That will actually end up being a little less than what she pays now. Now I have a few more personal questions to make your stay at my school happier. <>
She bowed her head and said thank you to him with tear rimmed eyes.
<> Do you want to wear diapers while at school? <> She nodded after looking to Will for support. <> Good. That makes five of you. Do you advocate the need for a kendo club at school? <> Seeing both Will and Akari nod vigorously he chuckled, <> Well, I am glad I ordered all of that equipment now. That makes three of you and a possible fourth for the kendo club. I will have a coach brought in as soon as possible if you three can prove having a club will be worth it to me. At the winter tournament I want at least one trophy. You will play every school in the region so good luck.
<> Next question. Do you prefer cloth or disposable diapers? <>
The two said disposables almost in unison.
<> Ah huh. Ok. I’ll have your sizes taken for the uniform and then you kids can go home if you like.<> On his cue, two girls came into the room with measuring tapes. They asked both Akari and Will to disrobe and then measured them taking careful measurements around the diaper area. After the two redressed their mothers were brought back into the room and Tomoko went to get the paperwork for them to sign. When Jessica found out she would actually be paying less to send her daughter to this better school she literally grabbed the pen and demanded to know where to sign. They went over policies together and transportation. It was decided that until they could drive themselves that they should carpool in the mornings and afternoon. Because Akari and Will would both be in the Kendo Club after school sometimes they decided they should stick together. Tomoko offered to have them driven home on days they didn’t have club practice. In the mornings, Naoto, Will, and Tomoko would be picked up at 6:30 and go to school early.
After the formalities were underway, Akari and Will were excused to leave if they chose. They found Naoto waiting in the hallway for them. When he saw Will he ran up and embraced him as though seeing a long lost brother. Will accepted the hug and returned it in kind.
<> I missed you Galanos-san <> Naoto said exuberantly.
<> Then why didn’t you call? <> Will said in mock seriousness. <> Next time don’t fall off the edge of the world!”
Naoto noticed the cast on Will’s arm and asked what happened. They talked as they walked and as the hallways were exceptionally large in this mansion, Will was able to relate the whole tale of the past month. Naoto seemed livid on hearing about it and said he would have called, but his mother forbade it fearing Mrs. Kato would find him.
<> Why do you fear Mrs. Kato? <> Will asked.
<> Yeah <> added Akari. <> Other than being a really mean person I don’t see why you would hide from her.<>
<> Well, <> Naoto began. <> I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hand in you getting driven out of that school. When mom said you were under her protection, Kato must have taken that as a direct threat. <>
<> What threat? <> Akari asked, confused.
<> She and my mom went to the same high school and college, <> he said. <> I guess at one time they were best friends because I saw a lot of pictures of them together when mom was young and they looked happy. I don’t know what happened, but soon after Mom married dad their friendship soured and they became enemies and rivals. We moved twice to get away from her because she threatened mom and me. She has influence everywhere because of her parents and she has away of getting even more influence wherever she goes.<>
<> Cause she sleeps like cheap hooker? <> Will interjected.
<> Perhaps, <> Naoto conceded. <> Either way, the law won’t touch her so we move a lot to escape her. At the Academy it won’t be openly declared as being owned by Fengar nor will my parents names be released as having connections to it. Kenshiki will not be invited to any intramural events unless absolutely necessary. It is important that she never find out about us, or you for that matter, Will. My dad will have to get a history to another school made up for you. It’s almost like were in a witness relocation program.<> he laughed.
Akari and Will didn’t share his mirth. They were suddenly very nervous about the sexy Japanese secretary of Kenshiki. That paranoia melted when they walked into Naoto’s room. On one wall, stood a wall of Weekly Shonen JUMP. And on another wall they saw stack upon stack of CDS over various systems, all of which were plugged into a TV in the corner. He pulled one of the CDS and smiled mischievously at the two. <> SNK VS. CAPCOM anyone? <>
Akari grabbed a controller and smirked at Naoto, <> Get ready to be r0x0red!! <>
Three hours later they were all called to dinner. Akari walked out of the room with the most victories of all the fighting games they played. Will and Naoto held their heads in shame and followed her. They sat at a traditional Japanese table and were served home cooking fit for a king. In the middle of the meal, Will felt a bowel movement coming, but try as he might he couldn’t hold it. With a loud “BLART” he filled the back of his diaper. His mother looked at him disapprovingly, but Tomoko only smiled, got up and then walked Will out of the room. She took him to a side room and changed him so quickly that he wondered that he had messed himself at all. She put him in cloth diapers and plastic pants.
<> Now, for making such a messy poopy in your diaper at my table, you will not wear your pants so that if you need to be changed again I can do it quickly.<> Embarrassed, he nodded and followed her back to the table.
After the meal, everyone was taken home. Will was changed into Molicare before bed and as he crawled into bed. He wondered how this new life would be, and what consequences might arise from it.
To be continued . . .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 10 (WOW! I can’t believe it’s already ten chapters.)

That Sunday, Will stood in church, but his mind was far away from the service. He kept his attention on Monday morning when his life would change forever. When everyone sat down for the priest’s sermon, Will remained standing until Alan pulled his sleeve to get him to sit as well. The sermon was something about a new covenant, which the priest tried to explain as a legal contract. This made Will think back to Saturday and all of the contracts he had signed to attend Seijitsu Academy. Was that a covenant as well? The priest elaborated about talking as though mankind started over with Christ and this made Will wonder what the heck he was talking about. All this talk of new beginnings seemed rather tedious to him and it only made him think more about his own new beginnings coming up. The mental pressure caused him to completely unknowingly wet himself. The thin diaper soaked it up quickly, but Will still didn’t know it had happened. It wasn’t until he stood again at the close of the sermon that he felt the dampness around his crotch. A little uncomfortable at having wet in church he tried to stand still so it wouldn’t bother him.
After communion, the kids, Will, Terry, and Alan, included went out of the main church for Sunday School. This would be the first Sunday school of the year as the parish council took forever to organize teachers and lesson plans. Will and Terry were in the same class so they said goodbye to Alan and went to their room.
About fifteen kids between the ages of fourteen and sixteen entered and sat at the desks in the room. The desks must have been donated fifty years ago because they were all made of wood and had years worth of twiddling and writing scratched into the surface so that if Will tried to write anything on a single piece of paper he would find the task impossible. The teacher entered soon after Will and Terry. He was a big man with a long white beard. He had a Snoopy tie on and in his arm he cradled a box of donuts. Every eye took in the glazed treasures and they could not wait to snack on them. They started the class with a prayer and then began introducing themselves. About midway through introductions everyone heard a knock on the door. Mr. Kokkinos (He wanted the class to call him Red [kokkinos means red in Greek] ) went and opened it because it was always locked on the outside and admitted Akari Futokoro into the class.
She wore a white sun dress and had her hair pulled into a French braid. She looked very pretty. “I am sorry I am late, sir,” She began softly. “I was in the wrong class. I went to the ten to thirteen year old class, and the teacher told me to come here.”
“How old are you, honey?” Red asked. He called everyone honey, which just seemed cute because of his Santa Clause appearance. She said thirteen. “Hmm then you were in the right room. Oh wait, when do you turn fourteen? December? Ok yes, that’s the cut off. Your with us. Grab a donut and sit down.”
By luck, the desk next to Will and Terry was vacant and she walked straight to it and sat down. Will could hear the crinkle of her diaper but suspected anyone else would think it the rustle of her dress. After the introductions ended, the lecture began. This year the class would learn about church history in late antiquity, basically from the time of Pentecost to the Emperor Justinian. Red felt very passionate about history and got the class very involved. Before, they knew it, an hour had passed and they were dismissed. Akari, Terry and Will stayed behind to talk for a bit.
Terry clapped Akari on the shoulder and chuckled. “I didn’t know you went to this church.”
Akari blushed and said, “Well kinda. My mom chose to go here last week after talking with your mom. She insisted I come this week and check it out.”
“And what did you think?” Terry asked elbowing her ribs a little, “Pretty foreign, huh?”
“No,” she said. “I understood it all right. The service was very pretty. I have just never stood so much before. My family isn’t too religious, kinda Christmas and Easter only types so this was pretty new.”
Will couldn’t help but ask, “Do you think you’ll come again next week?”
She sighed and looked down. “I don’t know. The people kinda looked at me like some outsider. Half the people looked you two.”
“Greeks?” Will and Terry asked in unison.
“Yes!” she laughed. "I felt so out of place. But if you guys go here it can’t be so bad. I guess I’ll come and sit with you.
After they met up with their parents both families went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate the new school. The kids animatedly talked about how much fun it would be. Terry felt a little put out by it because his grades were nowhere near high enough to apply to the school. Not that it mattered because the school was starting with Will’s age group only and by the time the school expanded, Terry would be in college. Needless to say, he was slightly jealous of his brother’s good fortune, but he was still very happy for him. The two seemed to have grown closer with their two broken arms. The pretended to duel with them at the table until Irene snapped at them to knock it off. The table erupted in laughter and the waitress looked at them funny as she brought their food.
About halfway through the meal, Will wet again and this time it was heavy. The slim diaper was not made for such heavy wettings so it leaked a little down his thighs. He asked his mom for the diaper bag and went to change himself in the bathroom. Akari followed him quietly excusing herself from the table.
Once in the bathroom they locked the door.
<> Why are you in here, Futokoro-chan? <> he asked as he got out the changing pad and materials.
She blushed and said, <> I need to be changed too. <>
<> So why not get your mom to do it? <> he said with hot cheeks.
<>Aw! Don’t be mean! <> she pouted. <> Please? I can’t do it myself in this dress. <>
He sighed and complied. He decided to do her first and have her leave so he could change in privacy. As she laid down on the changing table he lifted her dress and saw that she was indeed soaked. He was about to reach for the tapes when she blushed and sat up.
<> I am sorry Will <> she said with tears running down her face.
<> Sorry for what? <> he asked confused.
She got on her knees and grunted a little. A loud fart escaped her bottom followed by a train of sticky goop. Will’s face changed from red to green in a matter of seconds. He pinched his nose and she cried in embarrassment. <> Maybe you should get my mom? <> she asked in an apologetic voice.
He shook his head. <> No, your in the men’s restroom. That would look really odd if I left you alone in here. <> She laid down again on the pad and Will pulled her dress up almost to her face, instructing her to hold the hem in her mouth while he worked. Her vision completely obscured, she relaxed and let Will get to work.
The process of wiping her clean took longer than he expected. He wondered how Tomoko Hayamizu did it so fast. She moaned a little as the wipe encountered her sex and he felt dirty in the process of cleaning. <> You like this too much! <> he accused jokingly.
<> But it feels so nice! <> she defended hotly with her dress in her lips. <> I can’t even explain it. <>
He continued to clean her and when she finally appeared clean he took the messy diaper and wipes (a whole lot of wipes) and tossed them in the garbage can while fetching a new diaper for her. He lifted her feet and placed it under her. As he reached for the powder, she asked him to use oil first. He blushed fiercely and put the powder down. He picked up the oil and began to massage her thighs and stomach. <> Everything, please? <>
Will paused and gulped. He worked the oil into her buttocks even smearing it across the nape of her butt’s hole. She wiggled around at this and giggled saying it tickled. After that he rubbed her crotch, and noticed that it was hairless, completely so. He had tried not to pay such attention when cleaning earlier. With both hands he smeared oil all over the lips of her vagina. Her hips rocked into his hands and she was panting. He noticed a sticky substance seep out of her and a small bulb rise at the top of her sex. As this rose Will could see into her and at this he had to stop. She breathed heavily and seemed disappointed as he reached for the powder after washing his hands. He felt glad for the diaper over his member because it stood at full attention and throbbed against the confines of the wet prison. He could almost picture the pressure of the soggy diaper as the inside of Akari’s womanhood. He shook his head and continued to diaper her quickly. As he taped her shut and saw the object of his desire vanish behind purple plastic, he sighed in relief and offered his hand to Akari to help her stand up. She was blushing and seemed very embarrassed by her clearly sexual behavior.
<> Want me to return the favor? <> she asked hopefully.
<> NO! <> he declared a little more forcefully than intended. <> I am sorry Akari. I am just really embarrassed. <>
<> Why? <> she giggled. <> Was my sweet and innocent Will being perverted? <>
He nodded and apologized. She left and went back to the table red-faced and laughing. After she lefty Will relocked the door and undid the tapes of his diaper. It fell to the floor with a splut and almost at the same time, “little” will flew up and dribbled a little on the floor. ’ I guess you got a little excited, eh little fella?’ He was more than a little tempted to masturbate, but when he thought about it being Sunday he decided to forego his pleasure and just re-diaper himself. As his penis relaxed it released more pre-cum into the padding of the new diaper and lubricated the softening barbed head. He sighed heavily as he pulled his pants back on and decided to never diaper her like that again.
He walked up to the table and his brother Alan made room for him to sit. They finished the meal in a good mood. Afterwards, back at home, Terry brought Will into his room and locked the door.
“Akari told me you changed her, Will,” he said smiling proudly at his protégé. "Knowing you, you probably didn’t enjoy yourself afterwards so I am going to give you a one time pass to borrow one of my tapes tonight to get your frustration out.
Will grinned at his brother, but shook his head. When asked why he replied, "Two reasons. First, I don’t want to make Akari the fodder of my lust, something I should try to get rid of anyway. " He began to walk away when Terry asked what the second reason was. "Well, after seeing and feeling the real thing, how could watching a porno compare? "
Peter was worried. It had been a whole week and Akari had not come back to school. He recalled his callous phone conversation and wanted to apologize. He still felt dirty for being partly responsible for kicking Galanos out of school. He broke up with Akari to give him some time to think and possibly purify his sin. While not heavily religious, he did believe that evil would be repaid in kind and he wondered if Akari, his angel, being taken away was a cruel trick by God. He tried calling her but her mother wouldn’t let him talk to her. She seemed pissed that he had hurt her girl. Mr. Futokoro didn’t seem much better. The guy had never liked Peter, so the idea of a breakup seemed to please him a lot.
“DAMN IT ALL!” he screamed as he walked through the park where he met Akari two years ago.
He couldn’t find her. She had transferred and he believed it was his fault. He scared her away and now she was in another school. Should he follow her? If he sat down and thought about it objectively he would realize that that would not prove wise. His father was posted here for a most, two more years. They would move again and she would be lost to him forever. But to an angst filled teen, these facts didn’t seem important. He wanted to be with Akari.
Misao Kato paced her office.
‘He’s escaped.’ She thought as she walked. 'He entered a school but I can’t find out which one. Damn it! SHE must have found him. I’ll find you Tomoko. You can’t run from me forever and when the time is right I will destroy everything you worked for. Self righteous bitch!

She recalled nearly twenty years ago when the two had been dorm mates in College. Misao came from an influential family and had her every whim catered for. Tomoko was a poor girl. Her father sold worms at the docs and her mother had died when she was four. Misao took it as her duty to bring the peasant girl under her wing. This had been their way from high school to college. The two were inseparable and Misao liked it that way. She taught Tomoko about boys and had been there when she lost her virginity in college. They both studied hard and were always the top two in their class for everything. Tomoko also headed the Go club at Tokyo U during their stay while Misao ran the student council. Everyone always expected much from the two of them. Misao became the top business student and Tomoko the top Medical student. Both had dreams of becoming great in their fields.
That all changed one stormy night. When they passed a sickly little street urchin, who tried to steal Misao’s wallet, Misao reacted violently and called the child several derogatory names and kicked him. She hadn’t thought that Tomoko came from a similar background. Tomoko enjoyed her schooling through scholarships and grants. She never forgot her past no matter how hard Misao tried to make her. Tomoko took that miserable wretch to their dorm and nursed him back to health and then pulled some strings to have him adopted by a family she knew. Misao felt the whole ordeal was sickenly sweet and it grated against her values.
Then, Hikaru Hayamizu came to school. Every girl wanted him and no one got him. He was a Computer Science/ Business Major with a minor in language. He transferred in from a college in America and that put him in their class. With such a tight workload for his classes he still managed to be very social in school events. He joined the Go club and became vice-president. He acted as secretary on the Student Council and was a member of the Judo squad. He existed as the acme for every student studying and he stood as the ideal husband to the female student body. He rarely went on dates, but when he did, it was always with Misao or Tomoko.
It had been Misao who introduced him to Tomoko in the fist place. She really put a lot of stick in him and assumed she would one day land him in bed and then marry him. That had been Misao’s plan for two years. But Hikaru wasn’t interested in that. He enjoyed her friendship, but that was it. This outraged Misao because she was easily the prettiest girl on campus. No guy would deny that. They practically lined up in droves to talk to her. Further, he liked the simple nature of Tomoko. By their senior year, Tomoko and Hikaru were a couple to the applause of the student body.
This enraged Misao to no end. She felt betrayed and cast away. She would do anything to avenge herself on Tomoko. And she did do everything. She slept with the dean of the college and he tried to get Tomoko to fail her classes, but her teachers loved her and wouldn’t do it. After they graduated Tomoko and Hikaru married and inside of two months, she was pregnant with Naoto.
Life just wasn’t fair. She got the man Misao wanted. This sick Cinderella story just made her want to puke. To make matters worse, Tomoko became a nurse at a shabby rundown clinic instead of going to one of the major hospitals to make a lot of money. She lowered herself to help the poor an needy. Such gut wrenching philanthropy just seemed to twist the knife harder that Tomoko was making her life a model for others to strive for. Misao couldn’t tell which pissed her off more, the fact that Tomoko was no longer a scared girl under her wing, crying when the guy Misao had chosen to pop her cherry had been so rough, or the fact that the little girl had surpassed her, married into money without even trying to, and becoming the most well thought of woman in a long time for a lot of people. The competition drove Misao to the edge and she decided to make sure Tomoko would never be happy.
She started small, making prank calls, sending lewd mail and paying random people to stalk her. She eventually moved up and convinced a local thug to get a bunch of guys to rape Tomoko, but that met with three men in the hospital and a very pissed off Hikaru who rescued his wife. She tried to kidnap Naoto a couple of times, but he was found each time and returned safely. It had been during the last kidnapping that the child met with some harm. The kidnapper got into an accident while trying to get away and the young Naoto, seven at the time, went flying through the windshield. The rescue crew thought the boy would die, but after much money was exchanged the very best doctors came in and saved Naoto’s life. Because of Misao’s parents, both politicians with feet deeply rooted in the yakuza, nothing happened to Misao. The driver would spend the rest of his days in prison until he died unexplainably. Though nothing was said to Misao, she suspected he died so as not to finger her family. Sometimes she wondered just how far the tentacles of her parents stretched. She tried to find this out by putting a request to the mob to destroy Tomoko’s little clinic. After it was burned to the ground, both Tomoko and Misao knew that Misao could do almost anything. Shortly thereafter, Tomoko and Hikaru moved and tried to hide from Misao.
It took her less than six months to find them and again bring Tomoko’s job to ruins. They moved again, this time to south Japan, and it took her a while to find them. She never expected Tomoko to become a middle school nurse. She still relished the look of horror on her face when she saw Misao walk in as the new receptionist. It had almost been too easy to get her fired, hardly worth the effort she had made to find them in the first place.
That was where William Galanos came in. If she couldn’t have Naoto and Tomoko to torture she would take it out on Will. She almost achieved ecstasy as she watched Will get beaten nearly to death. She halfway wished he would die, just to see what Tomoko would say.
But now he had disappeared from her sights. She sent people to inspect if he still lived at the same address, which he did, but they couldn’t find his school. This had just been her topical survey. Next she would hire professionals to stalk William and find out where he was. After all, if her life was dedicated to revenge then she might as well do it right.
The previous Monday, Will got up and felt butterflies rushing in his stomach. His mother changed him into a fresh molicare and started packing up his portable diaper bag with enough diapers and supplies to last awhile at the school. He dressed in dress slacks and a white shirt and ran downstairs to eat breakfast.
Soon after eating, the doorbell rang and Akari was admitted. She joined him to wait for the car to take them to school. The two of them each held their diaper bags in one hand and a package of diapers in the other. Their backpacks were loaded with paper, notebooks, and pencils.
Sebastian came at exactly 6:30 AM and opened the door for them to enter the back seat of the car. Naoto scooted over to make room for them. He wore his hallmark coat as usual and offered the two of them a mint as they sat down. He looked over their bags of diapers and chuckled. <> So I wear Super Refre, Galanos-san wears molicare, and Akari wears Abena. We couldn’t make it easy on them and all wear one type of diaper could we? <>
Akari grinned ruefully at Naoto, <> Different needs for different kids. <>
<> Hey, that reminds me, <> Will said. <> Your dad said there are five of us who wear diapers. Who are the other two? <>
Naoto thought for a moment, <> I doubt you’d know them. They both come from different schools from you. One is a girl from Fengar and another is a girl from America. <>
<> Are they nice? <> Akari asked.
He nodded and said, <> Very nice. One wear diapers because she gets excited easily and loves the comfort of diapers. Hey, she wears molicare like you Galanos-san. And the other one wears them like me because of a medical condition. She hates her diapers because it’s still a new phenomena to her. She got really sick last year and when the doctor examined her he saw that the muscles around her bladder had become so weak that she would have to wear diapers for the rest of her life. She started with these free diapers from the government, but they leaked all the time so now she wears Refres like me. I think she is experimenting on which diaper she feels most comfortable with. I think with the four of us encouraging her she will like them as much as us. <>
Will smiled at Naoto and agreed whole heartedly.
In a few moments they pulled up to the school, which looked more like a larger version of the Hayamizu estate. Its appearance had been doctored and Will noticed that a field had been dug and freshly laid with grass behind the school. They were dropped off at the front gate of the school. The sky had yet to fill completely with light and Will doubted anyone else would be here yet. They walked into the green and saw that koi pond and a small garden graced the front patio of the school and that three cherry blossom trees stood on the property. He looked to the left and saw that a modern square building had been erected recently. He figured it was the gym.
The entryway to the main building of the school slid open and Mrs. Hayamizu greeted them. He led them to the foot locker room. He assigned Akari locker 17 and Will locker 18. ‘So there are only eighteen of us.’
He led them into an offshoot room where Akari and Will were given their school uniforms. For Akari, it was a pleated skirt of navy blue coming to rest just below her knees and a sailor top shirt with long sleeves and cuffs, rimmed in red and white. She went to another room to change into it and returned shortly tying the bow in front. She looked very cute in it and Will wondered what his uniform would be like.
For him, the uniform consisted of navy blue pants and a white shirt. Over this he wore a blue vest that came past his hip and had a raised color like a stiff turtleneck that was lined in red. The ensemble pleased both of the new students. He noticed that the pants had a drawstring instead of buttons or snaps and was slightly elastic around the hip so as to be easy to pull off. He saw that Akari’s skirt was overlapped once and used Velcro instead of button or snaps. These seemed to have been designed to make diaper changes easier and less messy.
After that he gave a brief tour of the school.
Right outside the entry way stood the office which seemed like an island in the middle of the hallways. To the left sat the cafeteria, which would serve catered food. To the right was the library and computer lab. Behind the office were four class rooms with sliding doors and tatami mats. The desks consisted of small tables and cushioned floor mats with chair backings. Each room held roughly thirty desks and a dry erase board. Each room possessed a computer networked to all of the other computers and a printer. A plasma screen rested on the wall of one of the rooms and it had a DVD player and VCR placed in the wall as well. The fourth room held a lab with very pristine equipment and shelves upon shelves of containers. To Akari’s shock it even had a blasting room set to the side for explosive experiments.
Hikaru took them outside to the west of the school to show them the new gym. In its locker room they saw equipment for every sport imaginable. Each student had a personal locker, which seemed unnaturally large to Will. He opened his locker, number 18, and saw a brand new set of kendo armor and a shinai case with the school’s logo emblazoned on it. He saw his gym uniform was a pair of baggy shorts with crotch snaps and a t-shirt. His locker even had a bucket of shower gear, several towels and three types of athletic shoes.
His awe only continued as he was shown to the eastern side of the school where a softball field and track stood. Bleachers lined them both and he looked up to see powerful light fixtures for night games. This was a dream school, the kind only legendary privileged kids got to attend. And he was staying for free. He had as much as been adopted into one of the riches families he had ever known, and yet, these people still feared Mrs. Kato. How much more powerful must she be to have people like this fear her.
<> This doesn’t make sense. <> Akari said as they walked back to the main building.
<> What doesn’t Futokoro-san? <> Hikaru asked.
<> I did the math and with only sixteen and a half students there’s no way you can turn a profit. You’re actually losing money, A LOT of money. By the looks of how much you spent on each one of us it would seem you are paying six or eight times as much as we are for us to be here. How can you do it? How can this be an investment? <>
<> Very perceptive, <> Tomoko Hayamizu said, walking up to them. <> You are nearly right in your estimate. This is more my investment than Hikaru’s. It’s for you all and my son that I built this dream school. If I can get you into Tokyo U, the government will refund us a paltry some knocking down the spending to about twice as much as you put it. <>
Akari’s brow furrowed in thought, <> But that means you will at best break even. You’ll never make a profit on us. Is this school designed to be a nonprofit organization? <>
Hikaru smiled at this. “Well that certainly helps with the zoning taxes. Yes. It is a nonprofit organization. But is it? If you all get to Tokyo U then I will get more than a little notoriety from it. Children will flood to my school for an education. What is more, people will be introduced to my software company and I stand to make a hefty profit in sales if this all works. I will either lose a lot of money in this venture or gain a whole lot. That is why you must work hard and get into Tokyo U on your first try.”
Will understood the daring of this venture and wondered if it could ever work. So many “what if’s” played an intricate part in this enterprise. He decided to ask a question he might not like the answer to. <> And what if Mrs. Kato finds it? Won’t she try to destroy you? <>
<> The prime minister’s daughter will be attending, as well as a wealthy family from America. These people have as much influence as he and if she tries to attack me again, she will see just how far she can go because these people have been warned about her and have people watching the school to protect their children, <> Tomoko said calmly. <> A lot of people have put their hopes in this school. <>
They entered the building again and saw that several people had come while they were outside. Naoto was talking about Will and Akari to them as they entered. <>Ah! <> he exclaimed. <> Here they are! <>
The first person to greet them was a short girl with long black hair. She ran to them and leaped into Akari’s arms. Akari almost dropped her in shock as she received a kiss on the cheek and a bear hug. <> FUTOKORO-CHAN!! <> the girl cried out happily.
Will looked at the girl again and suddenly had a vision of her wearing red hakama and purple gi. Motoko, Mai lifted the front of her skirt as she got out of Akari’s arms and showed off her extra thick Molicare Super Plus.

Chapter XI

Motoko, Mai. Will remembered seeing her when they were at the kendo tournament a few weeks ago. In that getup she appeared so much older. She seemed elegant, graceful, and delicate. Her bangs had been perfectly brushed to dust her eyebrows uniformly. Her long black hair had been tied back into a traditional Japanese ponytail using a long string, tying the hair well below the base of the neck. Her ear locks had been pulled loosely into the ponytail as well so that she seemed to have two black hoops draping over her shoulder. Now, she seemed the exact opposite. Her bangs were messily combed to the sides and she wore her long hair unbound. Her uniform matched Akari’s, but she seemed more tomboyish than anything else in hers. Her boundless excitement never seemed to diminish and she bounced from person to person talking fast and happily.
After she got out of Akari’s arms she stood in front of Will, and with no seeming shame, lifted her dress to reveal a thick Molicare Super Plus. The purple diaper bulged away from her crotch and he could see that she had wet it slightly. Two pieces of duct tape had been secured over the tabs. She sauntered up to him after that and cooed, <> Well? Well? How do they look? <>
Will didn’t understand what she was getting at so he mumbled, <> Um, they look good? <>
She clapped her hands in joy and started bouncing around the room again, first going up to Akari, then Naoto and several other students exclaiming, <> See SEE! He likes them! I knew he would! These diapers are SO comfy! <> Will couldn’t deny that. The super plus were very comfortable when taped properly. They could hold urine like no other.
Akari brought the bouncing girl to a halt by asking in a relaxed voice, <> Motoko-san? What are you doing here? What about Fengar? <> Fengar was one of the top three schools in the province with great results and a very rigorous academic program.
Mai stuck out her tongue and went “bbppt.” She laughed and made sweeping gesture of the room. The process of turning made her skirt fly up and expose her diaper again. <> Look at this place, Futokoro-chan! <> she said with obvious awe and respect in her voice. <> Who would want to go to school anywhere else? <>
A girl with blond hair walked up and slapped Mai on the back of the head. <>You liar! <> She teased. <> You were so miserable when you first came here that you cried every day. <>
Mai made several teary face contortions before looking at the blond haired girl and crying, <> Chris-chan! That was mean! <>
Chris stood as tall as Will and had short, almost boyishly cut blond hair. Her face was very pretty and she had very muscular legs. He could tell she ran for track and yet, like Mai, she seemed delicate. “Hi, I am Christine Morrison. Call me Chris”
Will offered his hand and said, “William Galanos. Um, I guess, call me Will.”
Akari made a similar introduction and then Chris looked at Mai, who was still pouting, and said, <> Now tell them what happened. <>
Mai sighed heavily, more for theatrics than for anything else. <> Well, my Daddy said I had to transfer soon after the Kendo Tournament, like three days later. I was very sad and cried a lot. I told him and mommy that I didn’t want to leave because I would lose all my friends. That didn’t matter to them, which made me very mad at them and I was determined to make my stay here as miserable as I could . . .

Mai watched as her father’s car pulled away, leaving her alone at the entrance to a temple of sorts, which was to be her new school. She walked in and was met at the school proper by a man she had seen with her daddy on numerous occasions. She had forgotten his name, but he offered it and she remembered Hikaru Hayamizu all over again. He smiled and led into the school. He assigned her locker 8 and gave her a uniform.
After she was dressed, she sullenly followed him to one of the four classrooms and marveled, though silently ( a real chore for her) at the tatami mats and the desks. She walked over to one of the floor mats and sat on it. Through the extra padding of her cloth diaper she felt as though she were sitting on a cloud. The chair back nestled against her back and she felt very comfortable. But she wouldn’t admit that.
Hikaru left her there and she again felt alone and abandoned. It had been very hard to make friends at Fengar. Everyone there was very uptight and focused only on studying. She wanted to have fun too, and that seemed an anathema to those students focused on becoming big time executives one day. She made some friends in the Kendo club, but that didn’t sit right either. Still, with her bouncy and upbeat nature, people still gravitated to her even if they didn’t understand her. She managed to have the support of everyone at Fengar. They were glad to have her there as a representative of their school. They shared in her victories and yet, on the few occasions she fell, no one seemed to take notice. No one commiserated with her. They all just said that it was part of being human to make mistakes.
Still, after a year and a half, she felt she had made her groove and could finish the school off happily. That seemed to change at the kendo tourney. She had been so excited to see Akari again, even more so when she saw Akari was wearing a diaper like her that she had forgotten to go somewhere private to change. Everyone had seen her diapered condition and while ashamed, she fell back on her best defensive tactic, laughter. It took every ounce of strength she had not to blush or break down crying. The diapers weren’t her fault, but kids could be so unforgiving. Once again her tactic saved her. A glance at Akari told her that Akari didn’t have that defense, so she whisked her away to the coach’s room to change in privacy. Being in the same room as someone who also wore diapers acted as a completely liberating effect on Mai. She didn’t want it to end so she asked Akari to give her number so they could talk.
While very brave on the outside, Mai felt very cowardly inside. She couldn’t work up the nerve to call that night, or the next night, or the night after. The day after that her parents popped the news on her and she didn’t feel like calling anyone. The change of schooling was rapid. The very day her Daddy told her about the change, someone came to take her measurements and she was given new schoolbooks. Everything seemed so foreign to her that she had run to her Mommy to cry. Her mom listened sympathetically but told her that it was for the best. She was to get the best education possible at Seijitsu.
<> But Mommy! <> she cried, <> That’s what you said about Fengar! <>
It was then explained that her father’s boss, the Prime Minister, was sending his child to this school and requested that his personal aide’s daughter attend as well. Akari knew the girl, her mom talked about. Kirisawa, Megumi.
++ Author’s note: If I know little about Japanese School systems, I know absolutely nothing about Japanese politics. So for this story there is a prime minister who leads a parliament, kind of like England. Forgive my ignorance and enjoy the fiction :slight_smile: ++
They had met a few times at conventions when their Daddies wanted to bring along their families. The two got along well and while the politicians hobnobbed they would go to quiet places to play. Apparently, Kirisawa was very nervous about going to a new school so her daddy asked Mai’s daddy to make Mai go to the same school.
Mai didn’t mind that too much. At, least she would have a friend. But sitting alone in the classroom, she still couldn’t help but feel lonely, nervous, and more than little afraid. She flooded her diaper and suddenly wished she brought a second or third pair to change into. The plastic panties stopped the flow, but she was drenched. Her eyes teared up and she put her head down on the desk to cry.
Suddenly, the door slid open and students began to enter the room. She was told there would only be seven other students, but many more would be coming soon. Three people walked in. One was a Japanese boy with very messy hair. Over his uniform her wore a large coat that seemed to carry everything under the sun. He walked over to her and offered her a mint. She politely declined and decided to remain quiet. The boy simply shrugged and went to sit at another desk. Two girls entered with him. One had very short black hair and the other had brown hair that fell to her shoulders. They continued talking as they entered and sat near the front of the class. Three boys entered and only one of them had the good grace to say hello to Mai before they went and sat at their desks.
‘Great,’ she thought. ‘It’s going to be like Fengar all over again.’ She still wanted to cry and she really needed a change in diapers. She hoped the smell wasn’t too strong. What she really wanted to do was say hello to everyone but she had promised herself that she was going to be miserable so miserable she would be.
The last person to enter was another girl. This girl looked as miserable as Mai felt. She had very short blond hair and a cute face, but that face was frowning. Mai decided to be nice and asked what was wrong. The girl glared at her and said in a dark voice that she didn’t want to talk about it.
This frightened Mai even more than she could stand and she burst out crying. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at her. No one knew what to do because Mai was knew so they didn’t know her. She put her head on her desk and wept that she wanted to go home.
The boy with the coat looked accusingly at the girl with blond hair. <> Geez, Chris! <> He said walking over. <> What did you do to her? <>
Chris seemed embarrassed by all of this and tried to apologize, but the inconsolable Mai wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t until their homeroom teacher walked in that they were able to get Mai to quiet down. The teacher was a middle-aged woman with simple features, but an undeniably motherly charm. She cradled Mai’s head and cooed to her like she would an infant. After she succeeded in getting Mai to stop crying, she asked very loudly if she needed to be changed.
Shocked and betrayed at the same time she broke down again, this time louder than before.
The woman never lost the kindness in her voice as she said, <> I’ll take that as a yes. <> She gently picked Mai up in her arms, Mai, being very small for her age, and walked to the back room of the classroom. As she opened the door she asked, <> Does anyone else need a change while I am here? <> No one answered so she said, <> Speak now, or forever hold your peace, you are now married to soggy diapers and rashes. <>
Blushing furiously, Chris stood up and ran into the room in front of the teacher. She did not look pleased to be doing this. From her perch in the teacher’s arms, Mai gazed and saw that the girl was indeed wearing a diaper under her uniform. The boy with the coat sighed and followed the teacher in.
Before closing the door, she again teased the class, <> anyone else? Ok, please work on your homework while I change them. Very gently she placed Mai on a giant changing table that took up most of this closet-like room. Chris and the boy stood patiently as the woman deftly changed Mai into some new diapers. Not having any of her own, she was given the choice between Super Refre, or some generic ones. She went with the Refre and while it was thick, it also crinkled loudly. Once she was changed she was placed on the ground and watched as the boy was changed out of a wet Refre and the girl out of one her generic ones. Mai noticed that the diaper had leaked terribly and that red blotches were appearing on her thighs. During the whole ordeal, the girl looked miserable. She grit her teach and Mai noticed a tear stream down her cheek.
<> Don’t worry, honey, <> the teacher smiled. <> The cream will take care of that rash. <>
In a very small and angry voice she mumbled, <> That’s not why I am upset. <>
Once she was changed, the teacher sat down on the table with her and smiled. <> Chris, <> she began in her kind voice. <> I know it’s not your fault. You don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. My own son has a condition just like you and he gets along fine. So does little Motoko-chan here. See? Your with your own here? <>
Chris sniffed in disdain, <> A freak swaddled with freaks! <>
The teacher suddenly slapped her very hard. Mai was sure that anyone outside would be able to hear it. <> I can almost forgive someone calling my child a freak, but I refuse to tolerate such self hatred! <> She reached over and hugged Chris to her chest. <> You are not a freak and you will never be one! Please don’t ever say something like that again. <>
The girl started to cry and sobbed out. <> I am sorry. <> Both of them were crying now and Mai could only marvel at the love radiated from this teacher. No teacher she had ever met before showed this much compassion for a student.
When they left the room, Mai was introduced to the class. They seemed much more amiable to her now. The homeroom teacher, Tomoko Hayamizu told her that if they needed changing at any time they were to ask the teacher to let them go to the office, and she would take care of it. The rest of the day was grueling. The course material was hard in all of the classes and Mai wondered how she would ever keep up. All of the other kids seemed to be handling it fine, but she felt very rushed and nervous.
The next day was just as hard and midway through their fourth class she broke down and cried. The teacher stopped her explanation of the math problem and walked over to Mai asking what was wrong.
<>I, I can’t keep up! <> she sobbed. <> I was third in my class at Fengar, but I am struggling. <>
The teacher, a man with a long white beard smiled at her and said, <> Honey, don’t worry about that. I am glad you told me. You are just trying to catch up in our lessons. You have a handicap because you weren’t here for the first three weeks. I’ll slow down all right? There, now don’t cry. I’ll stay behind today and tutor you so you understand better. <>
Mai was again astounded that such care was being directed at her. At her other school she might have been kicked out. The other students at Fengar would have definitely laughed at her, but here, one of the students, a boy, leaned in and said, “Thanks. I was hoping he would slow down. This stuff is tough!” Several of the students overheard this and laughed in agreement. The teacher scratched his head and said, <> Just let me know when you don’t get it. It doesn’t do either of us any good if I am just blowing hot air. <> The class erupted in laughter.
Mai cried a few more times that first week. Once, when she had a bowel movement, she cried in embarrassment but all of the kids said they didn’t mind so long as she got changed. Another time was in English, her most difficult subject, when she got her first quiz back with a bad grade. The teacher lectured her after class and Mai felt very small. Chris and her became closer during the time. Having another girl who wore diapers made Chris a little more at ease during the changes. Before Mai, it had just been her and Naoto and even though Naoto was nice, he was still a boy.
In two short weeks, eight new students came. Mai made it her personal mission to make sure each and everyone one of them were welcomed properly. She didn’t want anyone to have such a bad first day like she had. Megumi Kirisawa came and she became friends with Chris and the others very quickly. She apologized to Mai for having her come, but by now Mai was beginning to really like it here at Seijitsu.
When she learned from Naoto that a new boy might be coming she was very excited because this would be another boy in diapers and therefore someone to add to the quote unquote “Diaper” Club. When Naoto said it would be William Galanos, she thought the name sounded familiar. She asked if he played kendo, but Naoto didn’t know. She thought about it and then remembered that Akari Futokoro had mentioned getting that Molicare from a boy named Will. Maybe this was the same Will. That made Mai think hard and she began to wonder what it would be like if Akari came. If it was that will then they could make a kendo club. With two students that good, they could get others to join.
That Saturday the molicares her mom had ordered came in and she was very excited. She decided she wouldn’t wear one until Monday. She called Naoto when she got them and talked excitedly for nearly half an hour before he said he had to leave. She apologized and got ready for bed. Monday would be a very, very good day.
<> . . . so here we are, <> she finished. <> Seijitsu means honesty so I am being honest. OK CHRIS? <>
Chris folded her arms and stuck her tongue out at Mai before saying, <> Quite satisfied. Yes. <>
Several students smiled at Mai and a couple ruffled her hair good-naturedly. She seemed to have become in everyone’s eyes, the cute little sister they wished they had. Will sensed all this and smiled. He couldn’t wait for gym today. He somehow knew Kendo would be discussed and then he would get to try his sword against Mai. Akari probably was thinking along the same lines, but either way. They both had two common friends now and they stood to make many more. With such a happy, welcoming atmosphere it seemed very easy to forget about the machinations of the demonic Misao Kato.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 12
Will held his sword level with his opponent’s throat. He couldn’t see the man’s face through the grill of his faceplate, nor could he tell the man’s true size behind the armor and bulky garments. All he could see was the man’s sword held to the side, as though offering Will to attack.
<> Come. <> he said in a gravely voice.
Will flexed his thighs and leapt forward. His sword came up to smash down on the man’s helmet, but changed direction suddenly to intercept the sidearm slash the man executed. He landed on his feet in mid block and crouched, releasing the other’s sword to twirl his own blade behind his head to slice at his opponent’s side. The man’s sword dropped behind his sword like someone jumping off a cliff to catch Will’s sword. The two were now locked, but the man had the clear advantage of standing while Will rested in his crouch. Both swords ground together with the force of the fighters. As Will grunted he realized the only way out of this position for him was to use the hilt of his sword to but the man’s chest out of the way. The problem with that was that this left to long a gap for the man to use against him to strike him down. Will knew the man realized this too because the man chuckled.
To Will’s shock the man jumped back allowing Will the reprieve to stand. Not waiting for another gift of time he ran forward and the two traded rapid blows. Neither hit the other and they only seemed to grow faster as they exchanged patterns of strikes. In a way it played out a lot like dancing. The two set a rhythm, a tempo to fight to and it became somewhat obvious that he who could control the faster tempo without making mistakes would control the fight and beat the other.
Neither combatant took in their surroundings. For them, only the world inside their respective circles, the length between their blades, seemed to matter. Both used sweeping gestures that incorporated their whole bodies. A lot of gymnastic prowess seemed apparent in the fact that they sprung about like crickets to slash, thrust and block.

Akari looked to Mai and whispered, <> It’s almost like a Hong Kong Action flick. <>
Mai nodded dumbly, <> I can’t do that yet. Where did Galanos-san train? <> Akari shook her head and remarked that all she knew was that he studied kendo from age six. <> But that isn’t kendo! That’s real fighting! <> Kendo revolved around hitting the stomach, head or wrist for points. Blocking in kendo didn’t play a big part as the main blow was almost always a straight cut down. The way the two of the combatants fought utilized all nine possible points. They were using legitimate schools of swordsmanship and not just kendo. These ways of fighting wouldn’t even be allowed in a tournament.
Akari looked to Naoto who stared silently with the rest of the class. They all bore mute testimony as Will and the man danced around the gym slashing their shinai. Both seemed too good for words, and while they expected to see this from the teacher, they never guessed Will would be able to stand up.
The whole of the class congregated in homeroom trying to welcome Will and Akari. They met most of the kids and on the whole everyone seemed nice. Tomoko Hayamizu came in to take roll and change everyone’s diaper who needed it. After that, first period, History began and Will and Akari, both avid readers of history and philosophy had no problems getting into the discussions. Mai seemed a little jealous at the ease with which they adapted, but she still gave them support. Second period’s science found them very confused however as it had never been their forte. Will had learned at Kenshiki that he and Akari shared almost all of the same strengths and weaknesses as far as schooling went. One of the only differences was her strength in philosophy and psychology and his gift with numbers that came from his mom’s tutoring. Mai’s favorite subject was science. Naoto also loved it so the two of them seemed very happy while Will and Akari looked miserable taking down notes on theories that they only barely grasped. Third period was math and it proved again time for Akari and Will to rejoice while Mai got depressed. He really couldn’t understand why she hated math when math interrelated with science so much.
Lunch proved a grand affair for the two new students. They even had a caked with letters in the icing that said, “Welcome to Seijitsu Will and Akari!” The meal itself included a salad and soup. Will was shocked that he was given to eat a traditional Japanese box lunch, but very happy. The atmosphere as they ate was very loud and chaotic. A lot of the conversation revolved around class but some of it correlated to their respective weekends. A few people, Mai, Chris, and Megumi sat with Will and Akari and asked them about Kenshiki and if all of the horrors Naoto described were true. When these claims were affirmed they recoiled in shock and attested to the fact that Seijitsu was a dream come true. No one liked their previous middle schools but they had no reason to hate them as Will did.
After lunch they had English, Will’s best subject. Most of the class was good in English except for Mai because she rarely got a chance to practice. Will and Akari promised to help her. After English, the effects of lunch hit and most of the diaper-wearing students needed changes so they stopped off at the office before heading to fifth period, Computer Science. Will was sort of shocked that a middle school would start teaching code and programs to students, but he figured it was just another aspect of Seijitsu’s superior academic program.
Sixth period was gym and as Will had hoped, Kendo was the sport of choice. This was the first time kendo had been part of the curriculum for this semester according to Mai who was just as excited as Will and Akari that their favorite sport would be played. Their teacher was not the regular teacher either. He stood tall, almost six feet and he wore a hakama and gi of white cloth. His face was unshaven so he looked a little rough. His lazy gray eyes took in the class and he scratched his jaw and yawned. He wore his hair in a tight black ponytail and seemed completely at ease.
<> I was asked by Hayamizu-san to come and teach you all kendo, but I really don’t sense much out of you. Let’s see if I am wrong. Suit up and meet me in the circle with your shinai. <>
Everyone changed to Hakama, gi, and armor and grabbed a shinai from their lockers. They returned quickly and saw their teacher finishing tying his armor’s strings. <> That was fast. Aw, isn’t that cute. You all have names embroidered on your sleeves. <>
Will looked on his left sleeve and saw it was true. Written in katakana was “Ga Ra No Su.” The text was white against the dark blue of the sleeve and he felt a little embarrassed.
The teacher than looked over them all again and introduced himself. <> I am Sanosuke, Ryu, third dan in kendo. Please to meet you. You will all fight me one on one now so I can gauge your abilities. <> Most of the class had had at least some training in Kendo and so it came as no surprise when the first student adopted a rational stance.
Mai asked, <> Aren’t we going to warm up? <>
The teacher shook his head before donning his helmet. <> I have a lesson to teach you all so we won’t be having a real practice today. Tomorrow we will, don’t worry, Motoko-san. <> he winked and tied the strings behind his head. <> Hayamizu-san told me all about you. <>
The first student came at Sanosuke-sensei and was shocked when he side stepped and back handed the student on the back. With no armor, the pain must have been great. Akari called out, <> Hey! That’s illegal! <> The student got up from his knees and hobbled out of the circle.
<> Today’s lesson is to forget everything you know about kendo! <> Sanosuke sensei spit out. <> None of you have any fighting ki! None of you even know what that is. Without spirit you can’t win! Not in kendo, not in anything! I am going to teach you to adapt your way of thinking. Life isn’t clean and straightforward like in traditional kendo. Now! Next fighter. <>
This one he dispatched similarly by blocking the strike and then stabbing the chest. <> You must adapt! <> he called out after beating two more students. <> Futokoro-san! You’re next! <>
Akari faired better than the previous students, but she couldn’t adapt to his style and eventually lost when he jumped over one of her strikes and backhanded her head. She fell down crying from the pain. <> Why are you doing this? <> she whimpered.
<> All of you spoiled brats came here and are living the high life. You’ll get your jobs and high salaries. I had to work from the gutters to get where I am. I am teaching you a little humility! <> he growled.
Will did something then that he never thought he could do. He stood up to someone. <> If you think beating up and children is a way to assuage your unhappy childhood, then you are really sick! <> he spat at the teacher.
<> You don’t have any spirit either, so shut up brat! <> Sanosuke-sensei barked. <> Until you understand I will not let up. You will adapt and if hating me teaches you to do so then so be it! <>
<> I am not ready to hate anybody <> Will said, picking up one of the shinai. <> Not you, either. Someone who just picks on kids who can’t fight back, who CAN’T adapt to your fighting, who don’t understand your philosophy, isn’t worth my hatred! <>
Sanosuke smiled behind his mask and laughed. <> If you think a diaper-wearing baby can begin to tell me about philosophy and values you are mistaken. Stop throwing a tantrum and grow up. I learned peace through my sword and I want to share it. <>
Will walked into the circle. <> Then share it with me. <>
<> Impossible, you have no sword ki, killing ki, or fighting ki. <>
As Will tied the strings behind his helmet he smiled and said. <> I was taught that by reading such ki one can figure out an opponent. You radiate very strong ki in all of the areas you mentioned, and I would be foolish to not believe you are far more skilled and experienced than me. However, I was taught a neat trick that gives me an advantage over people like you. I radiate no ki so you can’t read me. But trust me, it’s there. <>
<> If that were true it would certainly be interesting. I would not be able to read you while you could somewhat gauge how I will behave in advance. Interesting indeed. Let’s spar. <>
Will pressed forward with his lightning quick movements. Sanosuke was fast, almost impossibly so, but Will was faster. Sanosuke only real advantage over will besides his overwhelming experience was his strength. As the two neared the edge of the circle where the students stood, Sanosuke grabbed a second shinai and hammered into Will from both directions. As Will barely kept his footing he back peddled and leapt backwards to get out of the way of the crisscrossing swords.
<> I see you have read Musashi! <> Will cried as he picked up a second sword. <> Against two swords, a single sword-using swordsman cannot win. Two armies will always be able to out maneuver a single army, even if that army is bigger. <>
Before advancing, Sanosuke laughed. <> And I see you have studied Sun Tzu’s Art of War. You know tactics. I am really enjoying this, boy. <>
When the two enjoined swords again, the class gasped. The fighting that ensued was so violent and fast that the onlookers couldn’t tell if the fighters had hit each other or just armor and sword. They could barely make out the twirling swords of the two. Both, even with two swords to use and take in to account still managed to read the other’s movements exactly.
Mai gasped as she saw the two collide, draw back, charge, and collide in quick bursts of fighting. <> They are equal! <> She watched as Will’s quick legs and arms matched him easily against this experienced fighter. If Will had more strength to back up his speed he would be far greater than this fighter. The thing that surprised all of the students was that Will never seemed angry or distracted. Everyone could sense the anger and force of Sanosuke which seemed like thunder and lightning against Will’s small frame, but Will’s was like the waves of the ocean accepting the force thrown against it and then throwing that force back without showing a difference in form.
However, the difference in strength soon became apparent. Will was tiring and instead of leading offensive combos he was retreating and defending. Sanosuke pressed this as Will’s speed began to lessen. Will couldn’t keep up with this strength. In order to buy time, Will jumped back and readied his swords, by placing them low on either side. Sanosuke took this as a chance to use his longer arms to advantage. He readied both shinai and decided to perform a double thrust with the theory that the best way to split two armies was to separate them from each other. The double thrust could not be blocked easily from Will’s position. Will knew this also so he didn’t even try to block. Instead, he rushed into the thrust twisting his body forcefully using his left sword as a shield to bash both shinai to the side. While spinning he extended his right arm and the sword slammed into the bas of Sanosuke’s skull as he ran past. He fell to his knees and Laughed as his vision cleared.
As Ryu Sanosuke rose from his knees he threw off and screamed, <> YES! YES, I am going to love it here! <> he turned to Will who was breathing hard. When the helmet came off, everyone could see that his brow was sodden with copious amounts of sweat. <> You, Galanos-san are going to definitely get stronger. I will see to that. I am satisfied. I have shared my sword with someone who could accept it and understand it. <>
Will shook his head sadly. <> But not everyone can look at life through the eyes of a swordsman, sensei. Please understand that there are other paths that lead to enlightenment. <>
<> Meh! <> Sanosuke scoffed, <> So long as I have one disciple that is enough. I won’t force my ideals down their throats. <> As he finished speaking, the bell rang and everyone left to get changed into their own clothes.
Inside the locker room, Naoto laughed when he noticed Will was not only soaked from sweat but also from a full diaper. <> Is that why you slowed down? <> he asked laughing.
Will grinned. <> No, I wet myself when I went into his thrust. If that didn’t work then I was going to really hurt myself. I was so scared I couldn’t help it. I mean, yeah, I could read his moves but that man is scary. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel his force. It was more than a little intimidating. <>
One of the boys asked him, <> Didn’t you get angry when he called you a baby? <>
<> Nah, he did it to provoke me, <> Will explained. <> He probably wanted to see if I would get mad, because I erased all essence of me otherwise. He couldn’t see me. I’ll wager he couldn’t care one way or the other. <>
Kendo club would not start until tomorrow so Akari and Will road home with Naoto. In the car, they talked about school and Will and Akari both agreed that they loved it there. It was going to be a lot of hard work. Naoto said goodbye to them as they were dropped off at Will’s house.
The two walked into Will’s house and sat at the kitchen table to start their homework. It only took an hour so they had time to relax while they waited for Will’s mom to come home and Akari’s mom to pick her up. Alan came home and asked for a game of Go from Akari. After hearing from Will that she played he hadn’t been able to wait for her to come by again so that he could play her. She acquiesced, but said she needed to be changed first.
Will shared the need so he and her walked up to his room to change themselves. This time, when Will changed her he didn’t allow himself to think perverted thought. She had had a bowel movement while they were studying so he had a heavy cleanup job ahead of him. He wiped her while complaining about the smell. She laughed and said she would pay him back someday. He noticed she was getting a rash on her bottom and applied some cream to it. <> Hey Akari? <> he asked as he massaged the powder into her.
<> Yeah? <>
<> Are you still continent? <> he asked.
<> Well, I know when I am about to go if that’s what you mean, but I don’t think I can really hold it for that long anymore, especially when I have to pee. Poop seems to be the same, but even that is getting hard to hold back. Why? <>
<> I never intended to flood my diaper while fighting Sanosuke-sensei. It just happened. I think I may be incontinent now, <> he whispered.
<> Is that a bad thing? <> she asked as he finished taping a thick molicare between her legs. She thickness kept her legs bowed for awhile.
<> I am not sure, <> he answered truthfully. <> I mean, I love diapers, but I don’t know if I want to lose control. <>
<> Just go incontinent, <> a kind voice said from the door. Both Akari and Will turned to see Terry leaning against the doorway. <> I’ll always be here to change my baby brother’s diapers. Out Akari! <> he said with mock authority.
Will had also messed himself while studying so he was glad for the help. However, he never expected that help to come from his “cool” older brother. Still, that “cool” older brother did not shy away from the task, even when the smell assaulted him as the front of the diaper came down. He just held his breath and made jokes. After he finished wiping Will he laughed and smiled. “I am glad to see you are caring on the Galanos tradition down there.” Will blushed and Terry laughed harder. “Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!” After he stopped laughing he got a new diaper and easily lifted his brother’s legs while placing the diaper underneath him. He poured a little too much powder and the two of them began sneezing. The powder billowed and soon both of their faces were white. Will laughed so hard he started peeing again. Terry acted quickly by lifting the front of the diaper and catching the spray, which soon became a full wetting. He also solved this by taking out his pocketknife and slitting three long grooves in the crotch of the diaper and then getting a second diaper to put over that. Double diapered and waddling, Will exited with Terry saying thanks to his brother who went to the restroom to wash off.
Will found Akari in Alan’s room with a goban between them and a very interesting game in the progress. Alan was clearly in the lead but Akari wasn’t doing too badly. He decided to sit and watch how the game went because it was still in the early stages.
Alan beat Akari soundly but Alan also admitted that he might have slighted her in the handicap. He had only given her three stones. After the game, Akari and Will went downstairs to wait for their parents to come home. Will’s mom rarely got home early because she preferred to grade papers at school and Will’s dad never got home before six because his office closed at five. They decided to watch a movie and relax. The day had been exhausting and the next would be just as taxing.
<> Hey Will? <>
:: Note: by this time they are using first names with each other. It just shows they are a little more than just normal friends else they would still call each other by their last names.
<> Yeah? <> he asked, pausing the movie.
<> Where did you learn to fight like that? <>
Will sighed and nodded to Terry who had joined them for the movie but nodded off in the middle because he had seen it so many times before. Wearing only a muscle shirt, anyone could see that Terry’s wiry limbs possessed great strength, but he was just sixteen and Will only fourteen. He had held his own against a third dan kendo expert and eight years of kendo could not give him that much of an edge. <> Well, sparring against Terry there helped increase my speed. He’s fast and he punches hard. If I didn’t want to get hurt I had to learn to dodge and creatively so because Terry adapts quickly. A couple of years of that helped, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am very choosy about who teaches me. This is why I don’t have a sensei right now. I was very fortunate in all of my parents’ other posts to have an expert within driving distance. One of those teachers, in Louisiana in the United States was also an expert in the Shin Kage School of bushido. He was an avid studier of Musashi and Sun Tzu’s philosophies. As I was already advanced in my training he took me in as a personal disciple. This was the last base my parents stayed at before coming here and I was under him for five years. For an entire year, my training consisted of dodging tactics. He said he wouldn’t teach me anything until I could dodge his attacks so for a while I stayed with him and he taught me how to dodge quickly and react quickly. Then for the next four years he taught me tactics and katas of his school. I learned a lot and wanted to learn more, but then my dad retired and came here. <>
<> Do you think Sanosuke-sensei can replace him? <>
<> No, <> Will said emphatically. <> He sees these philosophies but he hasn’t advanced much further than me. I won’t learn that much from him like I would under my previous master. Oddly enough, I think out sensei at Kenshiki could have taught me a lot. When we are the tourney, he recognized your weakness from the start and that impressed me. He always had a lot of insight but he would never say much. It made me think of the idiom “He who knows says nothing, and he who says knows nothing.” <>
Akari’s mom came soon after that and left with her. Irene came home and cooked supper. All in all, it had been an excellent day. Little did Will realize that his school would soon be found and his troubles from Kenshiki would follow him to Seijitsu.

INTERLUDE before Chapter 13
Two weeks passed quietly at Seijitsu. Those weeks were not nearly so peaceful in Kenshiki. Misao Kato slammed the receiver of her phone down and sat in her plush leather office chair. “Son of a Fucking BITCH!” she screamed in rage. She placed her elbows on the fuzzy green cover over her black oak desk and massaged her temples as she thought. She looked around at her office and sighed. Four walls and a huge window that overlooked the sakura tree outside reflected the wealth and opulence of this room. She assumed these rooms soon after hooking up with the sponsor of the school. It seemed more fit for a CEO of a major company than for a simple receptionist. One would think that living the pampered life of an elitist would be enough. One would think that never having to work for a living would please her. It didn’t. she wanted more.
‘Of course,’ she thought savagely. ’ “Honesty”, Seijitsu. The timing of that school’s opening and the disappearance of the Hayamizu’s was far too obvious. I can’t understand I missed it. That cunt and her son were hiding under my nose this whole time. Well, how will you feel when I burn it to the ground?’
She was about to pick up the phone to call in some favors when the phone rang and when she picked it up, before she could saying anything, she heard a rushed, <> Misao! <>
Slightly annoyed, Misao adopted a pleasant voice. <> Yes, mother? <>
<> I have good news and bad news, dear. We found them. They are at Seijitsu, all of them, even that Futokoro girl you asked about. We- <>
<> I already know all this, mother. Kindly get to the point. <> Misao had little time for needless chatter with her mother. After all, it was because of Misao that she got to enjoy the life she led and receive power over everyone. Misao Kato used everything she learned at Tokyo University to understand the law of the land and she used it brilliantly to her advantage elevating the prestige of the Kato clan many times over. She alone kept them from dropping into the precipice of oblivion. She kept the balance with her family, the mob and police. She was invaluable to them and she knew it as well as they did. She was protected round the clock by local thugs of the yakuza. Even here in Kenshiki junior member kept their eyes on her. She controlled it. She controlled it all.
<> I received a very troubling call from the Prime Minister today. He said his daughter Megumi was attending Seijitsu and that if any harm came to the school You would have to answer to him and the rest of the government. <> Misao wasn’t overtly worried about that. She knew he could prove an irritating thorn in her side, but nothing more. She could take care of him. <> Also, <> he mother continued. <> Morrison-san has returned to Japan. He sent his daughter there too. His family has almost as much power as we do and he has openly threatened us if something happens to his daughter or the school through you. Alone, either one of them wouldn’t be a problem for you, but combined I think this will be more than you can handle. <>
<> Silence, mother, <> Misao said in an irritated tone. As much as she hated to admit it, her mother was right. No matter how powerful she was she couldn’t tackle the two of them at once, especially if they were to combine forces. She needed to think, there had to be a loophole.
Just then, a knock sounded on the door, and Peter Adams walked in. Misao was about to tell him to get the hell out of her office when an idea hit her. <> Mother, I will call you later. I have a plan to make this all work out. <>
<> Be care- <> the phone clicked off and Misao turned to Peter who looked a little embarrassed about walking in like that. She pointed to the chair in front of her desk and motioned for him to sit. Peter Adams. ‘He’s a good kid,’ she thought. ‘But he is very compulsive and about as naïve as a stick. He was able to reject all of his value for his hatred of Will. I will call on that easily controlled hatred again.’
As he was about to open his mouth to ask, as he did everyday, if Misao had located Akari Futokoro’s school, Misao spoke, “I have found her.”
He leapt from his seat excitedly, “Wonderful! Where is she? How do I get there?”
"There are some complications, "she said very slowly drawing “complications” out as long as she could. His face paled and he sat down as her eyes pinioned him. “She is at Seijitsu middle school, but I doubt you can convince her to return here.”
“Then I’ll go to her!” he declared vehemently.
“Not possible,” she said while dusting dust that wasn’t there off of her blouse’s collar. “That school is an elitist school like Fengar. You could never make it in with your academic ability. I am sorry but it is just not possible.” She grinned at the dejected look that encompassed his features.
“Oh,” was all he quietly said.
"There’s more, " she said as though dangling bait for a fish. “What would you say if I told you that Akari Futokoro now wears diapers?”
His face turned a sick green as he shook his head. “No she couldn’t have! She has no need!” he shouted to the floor, not wanting to look at the malicious eyes of Misao Kato who was enjoying this very much.
“She does now. She Loves her diapers,” she said seductively. “Galanos must have convinced her to like them as he does. How charmingly disgusting, eh?”
His face turned from green to red instantly. "I’ll kill him! " he growled. “How dare he corrupt her!”
"that’s not all, Mr. Adams, “she said coyly. “He’s also been fucking her every day for the last few weeks. I am sure you can imagine what all this means.”
His fists gripped the plastic arm rest of the chair and nearly tore it out. His face was so splotched with red that it looked like a vein in his forehead would explode. “Let me kill him!” he whispered. “I know you can make it look like an accident. Let me kill him!”
She clucked her tongue and walked behind him, placing her arms around his neck and letting her bosom rest against his head. She could feel him quivering with rage. The lie about Will and Akari sleeping together seemed to have been the perfect catalyst to make him her puppet. “Look who knows so much about a simple school receptionist.”
“Cut the shit!” he barked, even though she still had his head in her arms. “Everyone knows about the Kato family and your power. You can make it happen. Let me kill him!”
“Hmm,” she said as she began to twist the chair around so that he spun slowly. “No, I won’t let you kill him. What does that do for me?”
“It will cause the Hayamizu’s grief.”
" Hmm,” she considered. “No, not nearly enough to make it worth doing. What if I help you get Akari-chan back? What if I get you a way to have revenge on more than just the body of William Galanos? Would you like that?”
“What would I have to do?” he asked skeptically.
"Well so long as a certain girl likes it there at Seijitsu I really can’t do anything, "She began. “But I can do this. I will plant a mole in to their school and get that mole to let you … let’s just say, let you do something less than gentlemanly to this girl in question.”
“You want me to fucking rape a girl?!” he asked in shock.
“Yes,” she purred, “Yes I do. This girl’s name is Kirisawa. Megumi Kirisawa.”
“Kirisawa?” he asked, thinking. “Not the Prime Minister Kirisawa!?”
“No, of course not,” she laughed liltingly. “But even if it was, I won’t let it be traced to you. You’ll have help all the way and it will seem like a chance thing, a gang rape. But the important thing is that she blame it on Galanos, and even more so, on the school. The minute she requests to transfer. I will fall on them like a ton of bricks and you will have your precious doll, Akari Futokoro.”
“When will this happen?” he asked, now seemingly interested, but hesitantly so.
“Oh not for a long time yet. It will take time for me to get a mole and even more time for that mole to infiltrate deep enough for me to start laying my web. I’d give it till early spring. When the sakura flower blossom you will have your revenge and mine.”
“I’d like to think about this before I commit,” he said quietly.
“Please do!” she insisted. Over the next three months she would drop messages into his head and craft a perfect tool. He could debate all he wanted but when she wanted him to act he would do so without question. He would enjoy it and think he did it all because he wanted to.
No one could escape the spider that was Misao Kato

hapter 13
Chris woke up as she always did, an hour too early. She had still not gotten used to the change in time in Japan as opposed to her native San Francisco. She really had not understood why her father had to move back to Japan. He owned the American branch of Fengar Software and also headed a local law firm on the side. Most people saw him as the self made millionaire, but he never behaved like a typical rich man. He gave a lot of money to charities and even donated himself to public service often. Christine Morrison loved her father, but she also felt very irritated with him. All her life she had been given everything she ever wanted from toys as a child to video games. Her clothes were all designer specials and her hair had been cared for by a professional stylist. For most of her life she had been her mother’s little doll to dress up as a princess. Their happy life came tumbling down when Chris caught pneumonia and a strange virus. Nothing any of the doctors tried seemed to help and they were sure she would die. Miserable and suffering through the entire experience, Chris anted to die and she came to the realization that her life till then had been meaningless. After this realization she promised herself she wouldn’t die and strived hard to live to make a new better life. Unfortunately, a strong desire to live does not always prove potent enough and while her constitution improved and she managed to survive a few more nights it was determined that unless a miracle occurred she would perish soon. Mr. Morrison paid dearly for the care his daughter received. All of the best doctors in the California area were working on her and searching for a way to save her. The answer came in a miracle vaccine that had never been tested on humans before. It had a good record in the lab and on rabbits, but they had no idea if it would save Chris. And yet, without any other hope and death encroaching, her parents decided that they had nothing to lose. They administered the drug and at first the doctors thought she had an allergic reaction to it and that she would die in a few minutes. Her parents wept over her body as it was racked with convulsions. Then, a strange man walked into the room. He was a young doctor Mr. Morrison had never seen before with long blond hair pulled into a long ponytail and incredibly bright gray eyes. This doctor took a cloth out of his breast pocket and wiped the sweat from Chris’s forehead and at his touch she felt her body calm down and for the first time in a week she could breath normally. The doctor smiled at her and as she tried to read his id card she passed out.
When she woke up a day and a half later she learned that the doctor must have been a nurse because no one knew him or saw him enter or leave. Chris firmly believed he was an angel or some other magical spirit who came to save her. Her parents felt it was just that the drug needed some time to react to her body and that the drug was what saved her. Whatever it was, Chris believed that she had a debt to pay. That debt seemed to have been taken out on her body. Ravaged by the disease her muscles around her urinary and fecal tracts would never fully recover. She would be incontinent for the rest of her life. She might one day gain enough power to hold it back for a few seconds but she would never be able to be out of diapers.
Taking this in stride, she decided to go back to school and explain to her friends what had happened. While happy that she had survived they found the diapers absolutely disgusting and inside of a few weeks they abandoned her and called her a freak behind her back. Several people felt she got what was coming to her because she was such a spoiled brat. She couldn’t argue that.
She decide at that point to take matters into her own hands. From the time she was seven years old she had possessed long and beautiful blond hair that reached almost to her thighs. It fell in long curls and shown iridescent in most light. Because of that hair and her face she was often told she could become a model. She knew that even with her diapers this would still be true, but she wanted to make a marked change, change to signify her change in character. When she went in to have the stylist trim the split ends she asked for her new look. She requested boyishly short hair. When asked when she would like to reschedule to have her nails done, she declared she would no longer have them done. Confused, the stylist agreed and cut the hair. Despite her desire to change, she still cried as she saw the first of many long locks fall to the ground. Several hours later she walked out and donated the hair to the hospital for cancer patients.
Her next stop of change was to go to the local Wal-Mart. She walked in and was greeted by the doorperson, an eighty year old man whose name was planted on a tag. He looked at Chris, who was wearing tight jeans and a tank top, and commented that she was leaking. While Chris knew she had peed she didn’t realize it had been so much or that the cheap diapers the government sent her would hold so little. Embarrassed, she ran to the bathrooms.
Inside, she saw that they had a diaper coin machine. She popped in the quarters and grabbed the packet as it fell. Inside were some wipes, powder and a baby diaper. Realizing she would probably wet again before she could change again at home she took all of it into one of the stalls. She untapped the sodden diaper and watched as it fell to the floor before wiping herself with the wipes from the baggy. Once adequately cleaned, she put the wipes and the sodden diaper into the baggy. She then powdered herself and put on the baby diaper, surprised at how well it fit her small frame. Using her nails she tore a gouge out of the middle before taking her spare generic diaper out of her purse and taping all for tabs. Her thick padding now made it obvious to her state, but at least she was dry. She soon realized, as she attempted to pull up her jeans that they wouldn’t close around the bulk. She strained and sucked in her gut, but not having a gut to suck in she realized that they would never close. Near tears from the pain of contorting her stomach she gave up and walked out of the bathroom holding her pants between her hands.
As she dashed through the store she cried to herself and desperately wanted this nightmare to end. Several people stared at her and she almost died of shame when a three year old boy asked his mother why the big girl was wearing a diaper. Finally she made it to the girl’s section of the store. She found a pair of overalls and a few shirts, which she rushed to the changing room to try on. The overalls fit nicely over the diaper affording her a little privacy to her undergarment. Wearing them and one of the shirts she felt like a toddler. She paid for them and several more normal looking clothes at the register and walked home. She wet herself twice on the long journey, but the baby diaper absorbed most of it.
That had been her first day of normalcy. No one at her school appreciated the sudden change. Half of the student body didn’t recognize her and those that did thought she was looking for attention. She took it in stride and accepted all of it.
Soon after, her Dad told her he had to relocate to Japan and that she would be starting school in Seijitsu.
Chris looked at the diaper and lamented that the insurance issue diapers had to be so bad. She got out of bed and walked to her parents room. Her mom had insisted on changing her little doll’s diapers while she was at home. Her mom had loved the new haircut thinking it made her look like a three year old again. She woke her mom and had her change her once again.
“What’s wrong, sweetie?” he mom asked, noticing the sad face of her daughter.
Crying a little, Chris pointed to her crotch. As much as she was willing to change her life, she had never wanted diapers to be a part of it. She hated the diapers and all of the looks people gave her for it. Even though people at Seijitsu treated her well she knew they thought she was different. More than anything she hated being alone. Her diaper wearing friends probably felt the same she was sure.
“Oh honey,” her mom said with a choking voice as she was now crying to, “I am so sorry!” She hugged her daughter after diapering her and consoled her till she was done crying. Chris was put to bed again and awoken less than an hour to get ready for school. She wrapped her skirt around her waste and Velcroed it shut, another aspect of wearing diapers she hated. These school clothes had been made to make changing diapers easier. After tying the bow of her sailor style shirt she walked downstairs and had breakfast with her father, who was as quiet as usual. Speaking had never been one of his strong points and he expressed himself better in writing as was made evident by little notes he would pass her from time to time.
Her father drove her to school and kissed her on the cheek after she hugged him as she got out of the car to head to class. They had run a bit late in traffic so homeroom had already started by the time she entered the classroom.
To her shock, she saw Naoto sitting on his floor mat in front of her desk wearing his school shirt and vest, but no pants. Exposed to everyone was a heavily wet super Refre. He smiled at her as she entered and went back to talking to one of the boys who sat next to him. As she slowly moved to her sear she saw that not just Naoto, but Will, Akari, and Mai were dressed similarly with no pants or skirt to cover their diaper. She suddenly wondered if this was a new school policy for the freaks so that they would be easier to change. After all, babies don’t need pants or skirts.
Soon Mrs. Hayamizu came in to take roll and change everyone’s diapers. All five of them followed her to the back room and as Will was being changed she asked him if she could use his moilicares today instead of her generics so she could see which she liked. Over the last two weeks she had been trying out different diapers to chose one for her mom to buy or petition the insurance company to ship. He agreed readily and Mai smiled her support.
As soon as Akari was changed and Mai was on the table, Chris decided to ask her, <> Why aren’t you wearing a skirt? <>
A few days after Akari and Will came to Seijitsu the five students who wore diapers decided to make an elite club for them called the “Diaper Club.” They would have meetings before school and sometimes after school when they had no other club. They sat together at lunch and interacted heavily with one another. This isn’t to say they ostracized the rest of the school. Everyone was like family at Seijitsu so everyone spent a lot of time with everyone whether they wanted to or not.
Yesterday, Chris was sick and couldn’t come to school. Everyone in the club realized that things seemed a lot more upbeat without her and this bothered Will and Mai more than a little. Chris, while hating her diapered conditioned was still a big part of their club. She had the voice of reason for Mai’s often chaotic personality. They all relied on each other for their various strengths. Mai held the energy and the passion of their group as she never lacked energy or a smile. Naoto held the creative nature of the group with his computer and gaming skills. Akari was the heart of them all with kindness that seemed bottomless and a simple heart. Will lead the group though he never would have chosen to. After what happened in Gym two weeks ago though, everyone held Will in high esteem. He acted as spokesman more than he ever would have wanted at the behest of the student body and found himself everyone’s friend overnight after his first day. With his peaceful nature and quiet reason he made a perfect sage for the more wild members of Seijitsu. He and Mai, Chris’s counterpart, saw the importance of Chris in her essence. She was very kind and polite, but he sensed something more in her. She wanted to become something and perhaps Mai who wanted to become the best swordsman she could be understood this as well. He reasoned Chris had not always acted this way and that he short hair was somewhat new as she constantly went to stroke hair that wasn’t there as he saw other girls with long hair do and as Terry did at home. She was sad, almost perpetually so and she tried to hide it. He had tried to confront her about it but she shied away from him and wouldn’t divulge how she felt. He didn’t want to pressure her so he left it alone.
A big issue for her he felt was the diapers. She hated them with a passion and couldn’t associate herself with them because they were foreign. He could gauge from the story Mai told of her first day at Seijitsu that Chris didn’t appreciate herself at all. This problem seemed common to the group. Akari was very strong both physically and mentally but she didn’t see it and felt she couldn’t stand without someone as a crutch. Mai saw her strength, but she also saw her weaknesses and she used laughter and a bouncy attitude to hide her insecurities. After a few weeks at Seijitsu those insecurities faded but she remembered the scarring her experience caused. Naoto, who had been alone in his incontinence for years never got over having people share his situation so his naïve nature caused him to doubt himself constantly. Will himself constantly degraded himself and because of this he saw more accurately the pain of his friends. For this alone he wanted to make them happier with themselves. By just being a friend and a crutch he provided all that Akari and Naoto needed. By existing as a challenge to Mai he helped her bring her strengths to the fore, but for Chris he could do nothing. He didn’t know her and her personality, being new to her as well, was not what he could use to gauge her. He needed to see the real Chris, to see her real pain and her real happiness. He wanted to help her as a friend, and as was often the mentality at Seijitsu, her brother.
None of the others saw this. No one questioned Chris’ behavior as strange, or that she was hiding from them in a shell. Because Will used such a shell all of his life, he knew how difficult it would be to take off. The answer lay in her diapers. If he could get her to accept them and even be happy with them then he knew she would come out of her shell. She needed acceptance, to know she wasn’t a freak and that people would love her.
That day, he brought it up to the group. <> My friends, <> he said beginning their meeting in the classroom after everyone else had gone home. <> I bring to the floor the issue of Chris Morrison. She isn’t here today and I for one am glad!<>
<> Will-kun! <> Akari cried horrified.
<> Well? <> he said spreading his arms to shrug. <> Can’t you feel it? The group is a lot less depressing. She really drags down the atmosphere. <>
<> What’s your point, president? <> Mai asked with a hard edge to her voice.
<> Yeah! <> Naoto seconded. <> What the hell are you talking about? <> Will smiled. No one liked where he was bringing this conversation.
<> I am suggesting we expel her from the Diaper Club, <> he said with a smug smile.
<> You heartless bastard! <> Naoto exclaimed with a dark look to his eyes.
Mai and Akari almost asked on top of each other. <> WHY? <>
<> Why not? <> he asked back. <> She HATES diapers, so she shouldn’t be in the club. She really hasn’t opened up to anyone in all this time so I think it is time to give up on her. <>
<> Will-kun <> Akari cried in tears. <> This isn’t like you. You were never this mean! <>
Will smiled at the responses his friends gave and he stood up with his hands extended outward to broaden his next statement. <> EXACTLY! <> he exclaimed, <> But I think we are being far crueler to her to ignore her sadness. She is upset with her diapers and we haven’t done anything to make her feel better. She hasn’t learned to trust us yet so we need to make a move JUST for her!
<> Hayamizu-san! <> he said pointing to his plump friend, <> You were the one who suggested we support her, but what have we done. We pretended diapers weren’t a part of us and ignored them, but she CAN’T ignore them because she thinks they make her a freak. WE have to make her realize this isn’t true. We have to get her to except diapers and associate them with us and pleasant experience. <>
<> How? <> Mai asked, excited to help Chris who had helped make her feel welcome despite the rough start.
<> Yes, <> Will asked, <> How? Any ideas, Hayamizu-san? <>
<> Well, <> Naoto said stretching his leg. <> We could spend some time with her in just our diapers. <>
<> That’s what I thought, too, <> Akari interjected.
<> Yeah, <> Will said nodding, <> But that just gets her to associate us with the diapers she hates. We need to get her to like them. And that means we have to involve the whole school experience somehow since that fills most of her life right now. <>
<> Ok, <> Naoto said smiling, <> Here’s what we do. We wear the tops of out uniforms, but not the bottoms. She will see us the whole time at school in just our diapers. We will also go out of out way to get her involved and have fun with her. We go out as a group after school and do something. <>
Will smiled and folded his arms before nodding, <> Yes, that’s more like it. Let’s do this and get Chris-chan to love the diapers and us. After all, we’re going to be together for another four years here. <>
Everyone nodded and they all began to go home. Will turned to exit but Naoto caught his arm, <> I am sorry I called you heartless, Galanos-san. <>
<> Not sorry for calling me a bastard? <>
<> Nope, <> Naoto laughed. <> You will always be a “bakayaro” <>
Will laughed with him and the two went to the car to be driven home. When Akari met them in the car she gave Will a hug and apologized as well. <> Yeah, I am sorry too, Akari-chan. <> he said scratching his loose curls, <> I just wanted to get you hyped up to help Chris-chan and this seemed like the best way. I hope it works. <>
The next morning, before homeroom, the four of them explained to the rest of the class what the plan was and they readily agreed to help Chris. <> Just make her feel loved, <> Akari said as they walked to the classroom. <> Like you already do. <>
Akari smiled at Chris and said, <> So you could see my diaper. <>
<> HUH!? <> she asked backing away from her. <> What do you mean? <>
Akari twirled around a few times showing off her diapered bottom. <> Come one, Chris-chan! <> Akari exclaimed in mock surprise. <> Don’t tell me you don’t sometimes go around the house in just your diaper? It’s just so much fun! <>
Mai nodded from the changing table and said. <> We wanted to show you how much fun it could be to be in diapers! <>
Naoto elbowed her in the ribs, <> We care about you, stupid. <>
Will didn’t say anything to her, but her smiled one of those special William Galanos smiles that let her know she was special. She had had a crush on him ever since she first saw him. That smile of his and his easy nature just inspired trust, but then, she had trusted her friends in California too. No one could be trusted. Everyone had a second agenda and no one accepted change.
Chris got on the table and winced at the noise of the Velcro of her skirt ripped as Tomoko Hayamizu tore it to get the skirt off. <> Does this mean I have to get rid of my skirt too? <>
As she wiped her crotch, Tomoko smiled and said, <> Only if you want to. They are doing this just for you because they are you’re friends. I wish I had had friends like that when I was your age. It’s very difficult to go through so many changes with no one to help. <>
Chris looked away towards the wall, suddenly embarrassed. As Tomoko lifted her leg to get the diaper under her she felt like crying all over again. ‘Who are these people to try and make me feel better?’ she asked herself. ‘I changed like I said I would and no one liked it. I became nice and gave up everything. I got rid of all those clothes I gave my cds away and still I am treated differently. I am grateful for my life, but what the HELL am I supposed to do!? I have been hurt so much already. I don’t want them to go through all this trouble just to end up hating me like everyone else.’
As though reading her thoughts, Will finally spoke, <> Chris-chan. I want to meet the real you. I won’t hate you, and neither will anyone else. Please? <>
She continued to stare at the wall but her body began to shake as she sobbed. <> I don’t want to be hurt again, <> she moaned, covering her face with her hands. Tomoko hugged Chris to her bosom and rubbed her back, cooing to her and reassuring her that everything would be ok.
The day went as the conspirators had planned. They involved Chris in everything and Mai went out of her way to be extra goofy so that Chris could finally get exasperated and yell at her. Everyone laughed and they had a good day. After lunch, she joined her friends by removing her skirt. Megumi Kirisawa came up to her and giggled. <> You look so cute, Chris-chan! <> she exclaimed, <> That purple diaper looks good on you and you remind me of my baby sister! <>
Chris blushed, especially after several other girls made similar comments. The boys just seemed to stare, but when she looked at them, they grinned and gave her a thumbs up of approval. Never in her life had she felt so accepted. It had to be a trick, some great trick being played on her.
Will went to get changed before gym and she found she had to as well so she followed him to the office. He smiled his special smile and she felt a little weak in the knees. She was appreciative of the molicare he had lent her. It made the diapers she wore at home look like tissue paper in comparison. She thanked him as they were changed into some fresh ones and he suggested he repay him by going to the movies with him and the rest of the Club.
<> A date? <> she asked, her heart beating fast.
<> Not exactly, <> he said holding up his hands palms forward, <> More like a club meeting. Come. It will be fun. <>
While a little disappointed she still agreed quickly, so after school they all got into the Hayamizu car and went to the local theater to watch a movie. The group had a good time, and Will’s brother was there too, with a girl. Will flagged him over. His name was Terry and the girl was Erika, and the two sat with the five. Once the movie was over they all went to an outdoor café to have some tea. It was a breezy day so the skirts of the girls’ flew up revealing their diapers to everyone. Several people laughed at them and made some snide comments. For some reason, most of the comments were directed at Chris, probably because she looked the most foreign out of them.
One man walked up to her and asked if she need to be changed. He reached for her dress and began to lift it saying that a baby had no need for such things. He never saw Terry’s fist as it smashed into his face followed by the other into his crotch. The man howled in pain and fell to the floor as Terry shouted, <> Fucker! What the hell are you doing to her? Respect differenced or get the fuck off my world. <>
<> Your world? <> someone a safe distance away sneered.
<> Yeah, <> Terry called, unshaken. <> My world is one where people live in peace and respect each other as human beings. What the hell is your world? <>
<> One with real people! <> another voice called. Some people were beginning to give catcalls to Chris who was now sobbing at one of the tables in Akari’s arms.
Mai seemed to solve the problem. She flashed her bright purple diaper and said loudly, <> Well I AM a real person and I wear diapers. I also respect people’s difference. If you don’t like that then tough! Leave her alone. <>
Mai’s natural beauty and sexy countenance seemed to win over most of the hecklers and they disbanded, several making remarks like, <> Geez, layoff will ya? We were only messing around. <>
Chris cried even more now. Her friends weren’t like the other ones who left her. These were going to stick with her even when it would have been easy to leave her to her embarrassment or say nothing. They defended her. Will put a comforting arm around her shoulder and she cried, <> Thank you. <>
<> For what? <> Will asked, sounding confused. <> I didn’t do anything. I should apologize. <>
<> No, <> she said with a smile, <> Thank you for all of this, president. I think I see what you wanted me to. <> She hugged him and he returned it, whispering, <> We really love you, Chris-chan. Come to us from now on. We’ll listen. <>
<> I will, <> she whispered back, <> Thank you! <>
That evening, after Will and the others had gone home, Chris was picked up by her father. He asked how her day was and instead of the noncommittal grunt that she usually gave, she smiled and said, <> It was great, Daddy! <>
He smiled in shock at her change in attitude and the two drove home. She couldn’t have known that she had been the topic of many of his conversations at a meeting between him, the Prime Minister and Hikaru Hayamizu. He would have to do a lot to protect her now. Several informants had been found giving information to Misao Kato and that could turn disastrous results. They knew she knew about the school now and that she would definitely act in someway even if she couldn’t directly. They had all agreed that she would probably think of a tactic beneath what they could imagine and harm their children without them being able to stop her. Fighting against Kato was hard and taxing, but to protect the dream of Seijitsu he would place his neck on the line. The others of their alliance felt likewise.
But would that determination be enough?

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter XIV WARNING: The beginning of this chapter might offend some people in that it all happened exactly as I tell it. Melian is based off of an exgirlfriend of mine. Her history as I will relate happened and ruined her life. I have never met a sadder existence and one so pitiful. She’s doing all right now, but she is still phobic of relationships and refuses to have anything to do with sex.

Melian Kirai was not one of the cool kids. She wasn’t even one of the uncool kids. No one noticed her. No one knew she existed and to her that was just fine. After much thought she felt she had never been happy. Not once in her fourteen years of life had she experienced a single day worth reliving in her opinion. She had tried and failed to commit suicide numerous times and she possessed no friends.
The reason for all of this was quite simple and yet complex all at the same time. It was her mother’s fault. All of it. That bitch just had a way of picking the wrong guy. Her father was an abusive man who beat her as a baby and beat up her mom too. The next person lucky enough to abuse the two of them found pleasure in not just beating her up but also in humiliating her. One day when she was three she dropped a glass of orange juice, he took her to the basement and poured a glass of orange juice over her head and then locked her in the dark basement. There she stayed until her mom came home late that night. Naturally she dumped him the next day but the damage had been done. Melian feared all men now. She began to formulate in her mind that relationships equal pain and abuse. For this reason alone she would steer clear of relationships for the rest of her life. In the interim between her mom’s next boyfriend she had to hire a babysitter for Melian. She was eight by this time, but not any better psychologically. This gem of a sitter tried to force her to give him a blowjob, chasing her throughout the apartment with his erect penis out of the zipper of his pants. She was finally rescued because of her screaming. The neighbors burst in just in time as he was trying to force her mouth open. While this sick individual was carted off to jail, his damage had been done. Melian feared men even more now and the idea of sexuality seemed like an anathema to her. She would rather die than have sex.
Now Melian was clever, and make no mistake. She managed to ace all of her tests and rise to the top of her classes early in her school life. She was somewhat pretty if not extremely attractive by her estimates, but that mattered little because she didn’t want anything to do with boys. A lot of girls accused her of being gay, but she claimed that she just didn’t want relationships at all. This made it hard for her to make friends and by the time she got to middle school she was an enigma to many and ignored on the whole by everyone.
Everyone, that is, except one. Misao Kato reviewed the records of Ms. Kirai and smiled. No one followed orders like those who had already given up all hope. This girl could prove very useful. Very useful indeed. She found even more pleasure at the look of indifference when the girl was called into her office. This taciturn child was looking better all the time.
After bidding the girl to sit, Misao began her web, “You aren’t happy are you?”
This surprised Melian a little and she shook her head in confusion. “Pardon?”
“You aren’t happy,” Misao repeated in a gloating voice. “My guess is you have never been happy and you will never be happy. Am I right?”
Melian sank back into her chair with a look of fear crossing her features, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Melian’s voice was neither sweet nor deep. She seemed to have a voice that graced the middle of the tenor scale. Mediocrity had always been her way of life.
" But I can make you happy, little girl," Misao sneered as she leaned forward over her desk. “You want friends?” Melian nodded slowly. “But you can’t have friends. You push them away. Why is that?” Melian remained quiet. “Could it be because of that juice thing when you were little?” This caused Melian to gasp in horror. She could never guess that everything went into the files. Nothing in life, especially when police were involved stayed hidden for long. “What if I could get you those friends you lack?”
Melian realized the game Misao was playing and scoffed, “If I wanted friends I would have them. I just don’t want friends right now.”
"You lie well, Ms. Kirai, "Misao bated, “But I know what you want more than anything. And I don’t blame you for it. Your life is shit right now, isn’t it?”
“And whose fault is that!?” Melian screamed at the woman wearing the sexy clothes and aromatic perfumes.
“Indeed,” Misao sighed, sitting back in her chair and placing a finger over lips as though in thought. “Whose fault is that? You are a socially inept child. You will never have a serious relationship with anyone either as a friend or a lover. You will never make love and have children. All of the joys of everyone else’ life you will never be a part of. You will never share joy or sorrow. You will die a miserable old woman in some shack. And that part that must hurt the most is that none of it is your fault.”
Misao found great joy in the look of shame and pain that crisscrossed Melian’s face. This joy multiplied several times over when Melian sobbed, “But I can’t die! I have tried, but I just can’t do it!”
Misao smiled at all of this and leaned forward drawing out her next sentence seductively, “What if I could change all of that?”
Melian stopped crying and asked how.
“I have power in certain circles. I could have both of the vermin that acted as father to you. I can even have the boy who tried to molest you brought to you for your pleasure. You could take your revenge on that trash and I could make it so that no repercussions would happen as a result. You do realize who I am. I know you do. With the Kato family behind you, you have nothing to fear. With Misao Kato behind you, you have everything to gain. All I ask is a few small favors.”
“Favors in exchange for what?” Melian asked woozily, almost feeling the intoxicating fumes of power that radiated from Misao. When she promised these things she could deliver.
“Why, for your humanity. It is very likely that when you take revenge on these three men your fears and social inhibitions will vanish. You will become a normal girl again and can complete life happily with fond memories instead of trying to kill yourself,” Misao said coldly, now confident that her charge would be pliable. “Doesn’t that sound nice? Please, just sign this contract?”
Melian smiled with a glazed look in her eyes, as she seemed to take in the possibilities. The human mind would believe anything if worded correctly. Melian would believe all of this and believe that the source of her salvation lay only with Misao. Misao would do anything in her power to convince her of this. Melian scribbled her name on the sheet where Misao indicated and grinned. “I’ll do whatever you ask,” she whispered before passing out.
Misao smiled. Convincing the girl hadn’t been hard, but with the drugs in the vapor of her perfume it had been very easy to manipulate Melian, who was almost soulless to begin with. She made a short phone call and soon she and Melian were leaving the school to the Kato estate. “We have a lot of training to do, Melian. When I have you enrolled at Seijitsu, you won’t even recognize yourself.” The unconscious Melian didn’t hear this and probably wouldn’t have wanted to, as she was now a soldier of the Kato Clan.

Will woke up with sweats trickling down his back like a small waterfall. He clutched his sheets in a white knuckled grip and stared at the white wall of his room. He felt his muscles quivering as the rush of adrenaline subsided. As the effects of the nightmare ended he got out of bed and noticed his diaper was sodden almost to the point of leaking. As it was a Super Plus Molicare, this bothered him more than a little. He licked his chapped lips and realized that he must have given his all last night and the diaper took it.
He walked to the bathroom to get a glass of water and noticed Terry’s door was open. After swallowing several glassed he looked into his brother’s room and saw him sitting in the middle of the floor in the lotus position. He wore sweatpants and a tight muscle shirt that showed off his thick shoulders and toned arms. His hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. His eyes looked tired, but still strong in their own way. “Are you ok, now?” Terry asked, still seated.
“Yeah,” Will nodded, not sure how to respond to his brother being up at four a.m. “It was just such a vivid nightmare.”
“About that day I rescued you from those boys at Kenshiki?” Almost a month and a half ago, Will had been beaten almost to death by some of his classmates at Kenshiki. They did it because of a strong bowel movement he had had that made them all begin to throw up. They bruised one of his ribs and broke his arm. He still had scars on his legs where one of them had run his knife up it. No other beating in his life had been like that one, and he felt changed after it, as though the Will he had been before that day died. What arose from it had been different in some regards. Will was kinder than he had been before, though he suspected he would have been bitter. A lot of that had to do with the realization that a lot of his pain came through the machinations of a crazy woman. She managed to turn the entire school against him and had it not been for Seijitsu he didn’t know what would have happened.
Terry saved him that day and earned a broken arm as well. Both of their arms healed quickly and inside of three weeks they could use them again. Terry took the wound well not all. The loss of the use of one of his arms meant he couldn’t work out and he couldn’t practice his martial arts or even draw. The three weeks of a restless Terry had grated on everyone’s nerves. Now that Terry could once again do as he liked he seemed calm again, almost beyond placid. Will had a feeling he wasn’t the only one changed by that day.
“You need a change?” Terry stated more than asked. Without seeming to move, Terry suddenly stood and was walking to Will. “You mess too or just pee?”
Will’s eyes were wide from shock. “Just pee,” he mumbled. “How did you move so fast?”
Terry grinned as he and his brother walked to the changing table in Will’s room. As Will lay down on the soft pad, Terry explained how he had been studying a new technique that was based on the fundamental principles of water. All of it went over Will’s head, but he grasped that Terry learned some new tricks. “I met a teacher the other day and he taught it to me. I think I will start going to him from now on after school so I won’t be able to change you then anymore, alright?”
Will nodded, happy that his brother found a teacher. He was slightly jealous as he had yet to find one himself. Ryu Sanosuke had kept his word, and in the two and a half week period after he first met Will he began to make him physically stronger. Sanosuke suspected that by the end of the winter period that Will would be able to be an even match against him and possibly too good for him. They both agreed that Will needed a better teacher. Sanosuke taught some of his philosophy to Will as well, but the quiet and demure Will didn’t seem too eager to accept his warrior doctrines. That didn’t bother Sanosuke much, though, as Will would at least listen to him seriously which was more than could be said for Akari who was just scared of him and Mai who couldn’t sit still long enough for his taste. The kendo club became self-study for this reason. Sanosuke would spar with them when they wanted, but he didn’t teach much. Instead he added workouts for the students to build their strength. Along with this, long runs were incorporated to build leg strength.
Chris sometimes came to these aspects of training as she was very good at running and enjoyed sending time with Will, Akari, and Mai. She had not yet chosen a diaper she liked, and continued to try different brands. Mai had tried convincing her to try clothe and molicares more, but Chris wanted to try all that was out there. She thought some of the Abena diapers Akari used were cute and tried them for a while too.
In everything, they were happy. Thoughts of Misao Kato left after weeks of nothing happening. They grew calm and complacent with their surroundings. Somehow, Will knew that this would end somehow. It seemed the way of things. Every time there was a period of good time in his life, misery followed closely. Maybe that was the source of these drams.
"This is the fifth time you have had that dream, Will, "Terry said as he finished powdering Will’s crotch. “I am starting to get concerned. I mean, what do you think is causing it. You have very little stress. You have friends. You have success and chances of more successes so what could be troubling you?”
“I don’t know,” Will said truthfully as he watched the tapes being applied.
The answer to his fears and the possible cause came in a phone call that very morning. No one was up yet and when Will answered it he heard heavy breathing in the background. Very hesitantly he said, “Hello?”
“I finally found you, you little fuck!” a voice hissed into his ear.
“Excuse me?” Will asked in disdain.
“They tried to hide you by changing your number, but I did find you, faggot. I am going to enjoy kicking the shit out of you and then pissing down your throat.”
“Adams?” Will asked, more than a little annoyed by this call, and tempted to hang up. “Good bye, Adams . . .”
“Don’t you fucking hang up on me! I’ll tell everyone where you live, where you go to school. You’ll never be safe if I talk so don’t you fucking move. I can’t wait till spring! That bitch Kato seems to think I have the patience to wait for her plans, but I want your ass now!”
“Kato!?” Will cried in shock? “What about her?”
A sick wheezing laugh filled his ear as Peter chuckled. “That sick bitch has a lot of plans for you and that little school of yours. I would not want to be there when she’s ready to strike. She’s very patient,” he said slowly before bursting into new fury, “BUT I am not! If you don’t want me to reveal the location of your house and school to certain parties then you will meet me at Kenshiki today at six a.m. Don’t worry about me bringing a weapon.”
“Wait,” Will stammered, “Why do you want to fight me!”
“You corrupted my angel, you sick fuck!” Peter screamed so that Will could barely understand the words. “She wears diapers because of you and now I am going to kill you for it!”
Will sighed, agreed to meet him, and hung up the phone. Terry was leaning against the doorway. “Want some help?” he asked, cracking his neck. “I am always eager to take out pricks like him. I owe him one anyway.”
“No,” Will said quietly. “Let me go, alone. I think I can talk some sense into him. I think he’s just confused.”
“Psycho is more like it,” Terry chuckled. “Will, he is a lot stronger than you. If he catches you then you are dead. I don’t care how long you think you have worked out. He’s done more and will require a lot to take down. Without your swords I don’t think you stand much of a chance.”
Will nodded without answering and went to his room to get dressed. He wore loose pants for easy movements and a hooded sweatshirt. Not wanting to really fight he walked out of his house and walked to a place he had hoped to never see again.
Kenshiki Middle School loomed up as a dark monolith in the predawn light. He couldn’t see any color, just a dark shadow, which seemed to encompass his general view of the school itself. All of the trees had lost their leaves by now so that that crisp autumn air blew through the branches and lashed against him like little whips. He wet a little as he walked and arrived at the front of the school early so as to wait for Peter Adams.
He didn’t have to wait long as a black shadow materialized from behind one the school walls and flew at him like a bat out of hell. Will dodged to the side and smiled. Stronger certainly, but Peter was not faster than he. “Peter!” he called while dodging punches, “I can explain! You need to listen to me!”
“Fuck you!” was all he said as he continued to attack. Will almost felt bad for him. For all of his strength, Peter wasn’t all that great a fighter. He was slow and easy to read. Will suspected that this was his first real fight. But this pity almost went to carelessness as Peter attempted to lunge and bear hug him.
Will skipped back carefully and frowned. “Please don’t make me fight you!”
“You act like a fag like you could hurt me!” Peter spat, angered that he hadn’t landed any real blows on the object of his frustration. This anger turned to shock when, as Will dodged one of his wild punches, he retaliated and punched Peter’s chest hard. This happened a few more times before Peter realized that even though Will looked and sometimes sounded like a girl, he possessed the muscle of a boy.
“Why do you hate diapers so much, Peter?” Will asked, playing his dodging game again.
“Why the fuck do you like them?” he retorted trying to kick at Will with no success.
“They are comfortable and convenient. I have wet myself a few times already while fighting you. Without the diaper it would have been a hassle,” Will explained calmly while dodging punch and kick alike. “And while I myself didn’t get Akari interested in diapers, she will tell you the same. The bring comfort and security!” he then attacked again shouting, “Something Akari used to depend on you for!”
The shock of this statement slowed Peter down as he soaked this in. Will paused his movements and continued. “She saw you as her knight in shining armor! You broke her heart when you broke up with her!”
Peter now attacked with a renewed vigor and Will had to move fast or be killed in the melee of the punched. “And I’ll bet you just couldn’t wait to fuck her while she was so miserable!”
Will stopped in his tracks and took a solid blow to the face. His vision blurred and he fell to his knee. Blood spurted from his lips and his nose. The pain of the blow didn’t hurt nearly as much as the accusation. “What did you say?” he asked as he rose.
Peter punched him full in the chest and Will was knocked back several feet. “You fucked as soon as you could, didn’t you!? I’d have killed you for putting her in diapers, but to sleep with my angel, my pure radiant angel is more than I can stand!” He continued his assault landing more blows than missing on Will’s slight frame. “How could you!?”
Will smiled as these blows hit him. As the pain continued he asked, “Who told you I slept with Akari Futokoro?”
Another right punch came sailing towards Will’s face as Peter shouted, “Who do you think?”
As the punch came at him, Will grabbed the sleeve of Peter’s shirt and used the momentum of the punch to flip him on his back. He landed with a large thud and his breath was knocked out of him. Will silently thanks Terry for teaching him a bit about aikido.
“The angel remains pure, Peter,” Will said, letting go of the sleeve and backing up so that he could get up. “I never slept with her, and you know Akari would never betray you. That was a lie from Kato!”
Peter grinned as he regained his feet. It seemed like the weight of three worlds had been lifted off of his shoulders as he accepted that Kato must have lied to him. After all, what reason did she have to tell the truth? This was her quest of vengeance, not his. “Then you don’t have to die today.”
Will smiled and replied. “That’s wonderful because I’d hate to die. Now tell me why you hate me.”
Peter frowned and sought for the reason. “It’s not you. I hate what you are more than who you are. You are a rival to me for Akari. You are a rival to me in grades. But I think it’s your diapers I hate the most.”
Peter’s countenance turned dark, but he told Will anyway, “I wet the bed until two years ago.”
Will hid his shock for the sake of the other’s pride. “So?”
Peter blushed and went on. “They made me wear diapers every night and I hated it. To make it worse, they would try various things to make me stop bedwetting because they thought I was doing it on purpose. They put mothballs in them so that I would wake up itchy. I would have to wear them on weekends and endure sitting in my own shit for hours before I could change out of it. Diapers are synonymous with torture. All those comforts you mentioned to me don’t exist. I can’t see that in diapers. I see only perversion and abuse!”
Will now did wear a disgusted frown. “What they did was child abuse!” he cried. “What did your doctor say?”
“He said nothing was physically wrong with me, that it was either psychological or stress induced. All of a sudden it stopped two years ago and I was freed from my torture. My whole life changed for the better. I met Akari. I had the respect of my parents. Then you come and actually wear diapers for pleasure. I thought to myself. ‘I gotta get this freak!’ I don’t see your world, Galanos. I don’t expect you to see mine. You represent all that is wrong and disgusting to me. We can never be friends.”
“That’s a shame,” Will said with a bitter taste in his mouth. “Akari thinks well of you still. She can’t call you by I’ll suggest she write you.”
“Don’t do me any fucking favors, freak!” he yelled. “I admit I lost here. I won’t tell anyone where you live, but this is far from over. I told you what you wanted to know, now get the fuck away from me.”
Will glared at him, suddenly not as afraid of this boy as he had been up to today. “You didn’t let me finish, ass hole. If you ever talk like that to Akari I will cut off your nuts and feed them to you. She may think you are a noble knight to protect her. I don’t. I see a sad, pathetic excuse for a boy, so afraid of his parents that he has to pick on the weak. Well, Fuck you Adams. You and Kato can fuck each other. Stay away from Akari. You are too dangerous to be around.”
“I should be saying that to you, freak!” Peter growled. “I’ll stand by my word, but rest assured you will wish you were dead when we are finished with you.”
Will wasn’t listening as he was already walking home. “See you around, Adams. I have to get to school,” he called without looking back.
From her office window, Misao Kato watched the sunrise. She had decided to stay the night in the office to tie up loose ends with some of her business ventures. Working all night she sipped coffee as she turned to watch the sun rise over the treetops and illuminate her world. What she saw surprised and pleased her at the same time. Galanos and Adams were fighting right below her window. She was a little surprised at how well the girly Will held his own against the burly Peter and a little disappointed when he flipped him on his back and held him there. ‘That little freak is full of surprises. I am going to enjoy watching him suffer when this is all over.’ The two boys began shouting at each other and Misao wished she could hear what they were yelling, but what mattered was that they left in bad terms. It would not have been good for her plans if the two became allies. She smiled as Peter walked into the school. ‘He’s mine, now. Thank you Galanos for delivering another perfect drone to me!’
She laughed wildly at this until she saw something else. In the trees, watching the boys was another. This one had a long brown hair and she vaguely remembered seeing him before. From his height in the tree he easily spied Misao and glared at her. She dropped her cup and drew the shades to shield herself from that hateful stare.
Terry was pleased. Will fought well and there was no reason for him to involve himself in the little duel. His brother was showing more courage recently than he ever had before and Terry like it. He would have like to claim credit but he suspected a lot of it had to do with his friend’s support. The support of a good friend can make all the difference in the world. He thought back to one of his sensei’s lessons from the previous day.
<> I recall a great emperor of your lands had a coin and on the back was written the phrase, “My strength comes from the love of my people.” In other words, if you do not have the love and support of friends and followers you will have no lasting strength. Standing alone for yourself is a great and difficult task, but I think that for a friend one could even find the strength to die. <> He said after Terry asked what true strength was.
That was Terry’s quest in life. He wanted to capture life in his art and master it with his body. After hearing that he asked the teacher if he could become his disciple. The lesson had been so great that he couldn’t help but want to learn more of life under this man.
The monk agreed only if Terry could remain vigilant for three days and not rest either his mind or his body. For three days he would go without sleep or real rest and then return to the monk and become a disciple. Terry smiled as he began to understand the lesson the monk tried to impart by watching his little brother’s strength rise.
When he looked up he saw a voluptuous woman, one similar to any of the girls that were in his porno collection back home. She had full breasts and an hourglass figure. Her face was stunning and her hair seemed radiant. He hated her more than he hated anything else in the world. He didn’t know her name, but he knew that she had been there when Will was beaten almost to death. She had done nothing. More, she had a grin on her face when it had happened. He would never forgive her. She ended his glare by closing the shades and he thought, ‘Old man, I think vengeance might be another source of strength.’

hapter XV

Will never told Akari what happened with Peter. He didn’t want to upset her and make her feel guilty. After all, she didn’t know about his diapered past or his hatred of diapers. Nor did she know how he would feel about her wearing diapers as the ultimate betrayal. Her ignorance of these facts kept her happy and only slightly saddened that Peter had not contacted her in over two months. But Will felt certain that pain would triple if she knew the truth.
In three weeks she, Mai, and Will would attend the Kendo Confederation tourney. They were all very excited and could hardly wait. The rest of their classmates were in a fevered pitch over it. Chris and Naoto drummed it up as the greatest event of the year to be and that everyone should go and support them as a school. Most everyone felt the same so it was of little surprise that Hikaru Hayamizu, the school’s sponsor and principal, stated that in three weeks the school would go as a whole to see the tournament.

The three practiced very hard with Sanosuke and made leaps and bounds in their progress. While Will could learn little from him and Mai only a little more, Akari flourished under his care and even though she feared him like some monster, which wasn’t all that hard to understand because of his perpetual unshaven jaw and lazy eyes. She and Mai, now sisters in all but blood because of their love of kendo and now diapers also, teamed up every afternoon during this three-week period. The routine had become after their last class they would get their books from their lockers and head to the gym to spar and then sit for half an hour with Sanosuke-sensei to discuss strategy.

Sanosuke found himself so enthralled with teaching the girls that he even accepted the task of changing their diapers. This came about one afternoon when he and Akari were sparing and Will with Mai in the bleachers watching and taking notes so as to critique Akari later. Akari did well this time around parrying his strikes and adapting to new techniques thrown at her. Sanosuke-sensei’s plan was to teach them all how to act under real sword fighting so that in the rigid structure of Kendo they would seem looser and more creative with the simple rules. His strategy was working and it should have come as no surprise as he himself held the rank of third dan in kendo. This little match was proving to be Akari’s finest when, of a sudden, she dropped her shinai, fell to her knees and started crying. Will and Mai glared at Sanosuke thinking he must have said or done something to her. He shook his head at them before quickly taking off his mask and grabbing Akari by the shoulders, asking if she was all right. Mai came down and took off Akari’s helmet to see she was red faced and had tears flooding her cheeks. She raised her hands and with the second knuckle of her index fingers began to rub her eyes like a toddler.

<> Futokoro-chan! <> Sanosuke-sensei called. <> Where does it hurt? What happened? <>

Akari stopped crying for a second and bit her lower lip. Her eyes held a pathetic gleam like a basset hound begging for pity. Then, with renewed vigor, she cried and wailed, <> I went poop in my diaper! <>

Sanosuke recoiled from her as though she had the plague and was contagious. Will glared at him and he smiled at her in a feeble attempt to comfort. The smell was becoming evident now that it had had a few minutes to seep through her diaper, and thick clothing. <> Motoko -chan. <> he said in a kind voice, completely uncharacteristic of his normal gravely bark. <> Get me Akari’s diaper bag. <>

Will rubbed Akari’s back as he helped her remove her armor. With one hand it proved slightly difficult and he wondered why Sanosuke-sensei wasn’t helping. He looked and saw his teacher on his knees meditating. He didn’t bother asking why, and continued to undo the strings of the armor. Soon the breastplate fell with a clatter to the floor and Akari was left in her hakama, gi, and gauntlets. Everything but the gauntlets had to be removed. He carefully undid the strings in the front of her hakama and watched as the front flap fell forward. He then undid the second layer of strings and felt the back stiffener fall on his knee. It now appeared at though Akari were wearing a robe that came to her thighs. Very carefully, he helped her stand up and step out of the hakama. Without the layers to hold it at bay the assault of the smell was truly staggering. She must have dropped everything she had eaten in the last week into her diaper. He noticed as he removed her gi, leaving her in her bra and diapers, that the mess almost came out of the back lip of the diaper and breathed a sigh of relief for her that she had not stained her gi.

Mai returned at that point and said she could change Akari, but the teacher grabbed the bag and pulled out the changing pad. <> I had a little sister, <> he explained. <> I used to change her diapers all the time when my mother was ill. <>

Mai smiled and asked. <> Aww, that’s so sweet! How old is she now? <>

<> She’s dead. <> He said while getting out the powder, wipes and diaper. He looked at the diaper strangely as it didn’t have the common hourglass figure, but rather looked like a “T”. When he looked at Akari’s crotch again he noticed the machinations of the diaper and understood how to change it.

Mai gasped, as did Akari, who was so shocked by this revelation that she forgot herself and stopped crying. Will stared into space, trying to conceive of losing either Terry or Alan and finding that to lose either would be more than he could stand. Akari asked the question on all of their minds, <> How did she die? <>

He didn’t answer immediately. Instead he tore the front flap of Akari’s diaper down and saw that he was correct in the way the diaper went on. The back flaps of the diaper wrapped around her stomach like a belt. The smell hit them all like a hammer and Mai and Will almost threw up. Will suddenly felt very sympathetic to the boys that tried to kill him in Kenshiki. He was shocked that the smell didn’t affect Sanosuke-sensei at all and wondered vaguely if the meditations had been geared towards this. As Sanosuke-sensei grabbed a handful of wipes and began to clean up the mess he spoke. <> She was five years old. <> He said quietly. His hand moved slowly as she cleaned Akari as though he were not really seeing her, but rather seeing the past. <> She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was neither selfish nor egotistical. <> He didn’t say anything for a few minutes. The cleaning was going to take awhile anyway, but with his slow movements it would take even longer. The three children were not concerned about the change as much as with the story of their teacher’s sister.

<> I told you before that I had to rise from the gutter to get to where I am today. <> He said with a touch of bitterness in his voice. <> Without money, there isn’t much you can do when bad things happen to your loved ones. We lived in Hokkaido and could barely afford the apartment we rented. Both of my parents worked and I went to school. We couldn’t afford a sitter for her so she would stay alone till I came home from school. I don’t know, maybe it was the stress or the loneliness, but she started having accidents around the house like a discontented housecat. We opted to put her in diapers at that point. We bought her cloth ones because we couldn’t afford disposable and taught her how to clean them herself. Anyway, this was how we lived for her fourth year of life. She never made any friends because of the imposed prison of our apartment. Tragedy hit us that winter. The apartment complex caught fire in the morning and we knew nothing of it while I was at school and my parents at work. The firemen found her with severe burns and she wasn’t breathing, but they managed to breathe life back into her with CPR. By this time we were called and I was the first to get there since my school is close. I saw her on the stretcher as she was about to be taken to the hospital. She looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said with sadness, “I went poop in my diaper!” as though that were what was troubling her, not the pain of burns or the horror of the fire. <>

He had finished cleaning her now and was about to throw away the dirty diaper when tears fell from his eyes like two rain drops. He breathed in through his teeth to avoid crying out and then said, <> Those were the last words she said to me! <> He lovingly placed the new diaper under her and then sprinkled powder over her diaper area. <> We didn’t have any insurance and we couldn’t afford the hospital. They took her off life support and let her die. I wasn’t even allowed to see her last moments. If you have no money you can’t even save someone’s life! <> He rubbed his eyes and then continued the process by taking the back flaps and wrapping them around her waist and then he removed the sticky tabs from the front flap and brought it between her legs, positioning it onto the belt, which served as a landing pad. He continued to help dress Akari as though she were a two year old by placing her arms through the gi and then tying the two strings that held it closed in the front <> Needless to say, I have been pretty pissed since then. That’s why I turned to kendo. It was a sanctioned sport to beat the living shit out of someone. I could pretend my opponents were those bastard doctors who killed my sister. <> He helped her step into the hakama and then pulled the back up her legs and then tied the strings after positioning the back stiffener in the small of her back. He followed the same procedure with the front flap and then stepped away from her.

<> Get your armor on, <> he grated, his normal self again despite the rivulets of tears down his face. <> You were doing so well. I’d hate a little bathroom break to get in the way. <>

Akari did just that and fought with him again. Neither seemed to be using as much force as they had done previously, but that was probably because their spirits were down. Will sat again and pondered this. Perhaps this was why he was soon to surpass his teacher, Ryu Sanosuke. Sanosuke learned kendo to take out his rage and get revenge on the doctors who let his sister die. He didn’t intend to become the best. He didn’t want a lot of money. He just wanted his sister back and knew that he would never get her. Akari must have reminded him of his sister when she was crying.

After that, Sanosuke offered to change all of their diapers. He considered it his responsibility as their coach. Akari warmed up to him after the incident and began to learn a lot more than when she was petrified with fear. So it was, that going into the last two weeks before the tournament that everyone was excited and eager. They went about their schoolwork and then discussed the tourney. This would also be Seijitsu’s first public appearance and everyone considered this. After two months at this fast becoming legendary academy, the students developed a school pride unmatched in any of their former schools. They decided as a group that the school mascot should be a phoenix, the legendary bird who rises from the dead in flaming glory to show its true potential. All of the students liked the idea of rebirth as they all saw this school as their second chance and their chance to shine. Though they didn’t wear diapers the thirteen other students came from various backgrounds that had afforded them notice from the Hayamizu family. The first three children, Ryunosuke Saotome, Ayame Narusegawa, and Ken Hajime came from Tokyo originally and were patients at Tomoko Hazamizu’s clinic. While there, she saw their potential and found jobs for their parents in her husband’s company. They moved to the south and were quickly assimilated into the program of Seijitsu, so that when the school opened there were four students. The next three children, Christine Morrison, Sae Takani, and Mai Motoko were all children of influential people who Hikaru cajoled to come to the school. Shinta Kamiya and Megumi Kirisawa were both children of politicians who elected to send their children after meeting with Hikaru and Tomoko. The next six children were met at one time or another by either Tomoko or one of the original ten children. They all came rather quickly to the school and took the tests to get in. Will and Akari, the next two, and at the moment, the latest inductees, came next. Because of their linked pasts in Tomoko Hayamizu, who had become the matriarch of the school and the loving second mother to them all, and their small structure. The eighteen children developed into a family.

This family as al families do, developed small cliques as well. The original students claimed rank over anyone who came next as though they were older brothers and sisters. Those, whose families were of similar background also linked together. The five diaper wearers bonded together, and the other children drifted to either one group or another. But all of the children interacted as a whole, which was revolutionary because nowhere else would one find the daughter of a prime minister and the son of a mailroom clerk in the same prestigious class.

Akari Futokoro was like that in some regards. Her father was a mechanic at the garage on the air force base. While certainly not a bad position, he wasn’t pulling in the numbers that many of the other student’s parents did. However, despite her humble background, Akari was the most beloved girl in the school. She held a kind of innocence that no one wanted to take away from her. Mai came close behind in this, but she was more of a mischievous five year old than a naïve ten year old like Akari. Everyone doted on them like older siblings, so when the time came, that Akari went missing. The entire student body was in an uproar.

It happened on a Friday afternoon right after classes ended. Mai had seen Akari go to her locker and then leave quickly with a strange look on her face. She ran straight out of the school without saying anything. Mai reported this to Will and Sanosuke-sensei at practice when it became apparent that Akari was not coming. She had not said anything about not coming, in fact, at lunch Akari had mentioned something about a new idea she wanted try at practice, giving every indication that she would be there. However, this alone was not enough to make anyone panic yet.

The panic ensued when Akari’s mother came to Will’s house that afternoon to pick her daughter up, as was their custom. Not finding her there, Jessica Futokoro went ballistic and began phoning everyone she knew to try and find her daughter. No one knew. No one had seen her. She then called the Hayamizu’s and screamed her head off for almost ten minutes at how could they have lost her daughter, even though, technically, after the last class, she was not their responsibility. Tomoko got on the phone then and helped calm Jessica down. She came over soon after with Hikaru and Naoto to talk with Jessica and Irene about what had happened. Will was questioned and everyone came to the conclusion that Akari must have either run away or been kidnapped. The former seeming impossible, they suspected the latter.

Tomoko brought with her, footage of the surveillance tapes from that afternoon. The saw Akari leave the school in a hurry and was met by a figure wearing a hooded sweatshirt so that they could not see his face. She embraced the figure and the two walked off as though it was perfectly normal. They left the view of the camera and then Tomoko switched it off. <> Any ideas? <>

Jessica Futokoro and Will shouted almost at the same time, <> ADAMS! <>

That set the ball in motion; they called up the Adams residence only to find them in an equally panicked state. Peter had not come home that day and they found his drawers empty as though he had packed everything in the hopes of never returning.

Will left them at that point to find his brothers. Terry could definitely be an asset and Alan would be good to have as an extra set of hands. He was going to find Peter Adams and get Akari back!

Akari woke up in a small dingy bed. She looked around and saw that the walls didn’t look much better. She was bound behind her back and felt very sore. She noticed she needed a change very badly and squirmed against her bonds, while thinking. ‘It wasn’t supposed to be this way.’

She had found a note in her locker that read “Akari! Your parents and Galanos have been trying to keep us apart. Meet me outside the school gates after school. I want to talk to you! I miss you so much! Love, Peter.”

Naturally, after two months of no word and thinking he didn’t care, she rushed to see him. She couldn’t begin to understand why her parents or Will would try to keep him away from her. He was her knight in shining armor. He protected her when no one else would. She missed that strength of character and almost father like kindness.

That kindness was still there when she saw him outside the gates. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a hood, but even under the shadows of the hood she recognized those kind blue eyes and ready smile. They embraced and she gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Peter!” she whispered. “I missed you so much!”

He smiled at her and offered his elbow to walk with him. She thought briefly about practice but deemed this more important. She was sure Will and Mai would understand. Right before she went to her locker she had gone to the office to be changed so she was fresh and clean to spend an afternoon with the greatest boy on the face of the earth.

They went to a small café and talked about school issue to break the uncomfortable ice of not having any contact in over two months. It was obvious to the two of them that they still felt deeply for the other, but this awkwardness just wouldn’t go away.

" Peter!" she started as they sat down. “Where were you? Why didn’t you call or write?”

“I tried, sweetheart!” he claimed. " I really did. But your parents wouldn’t let me talk to you. I wrote, but I see that none of it got to you. They even blocked my e-mail address. Will helped them."

Akari shook her head, “That’s not possible. Will understands how I feel about you. He would never try to keep you away from me.”

“But he did!” Peter fumed. Their drinks came then and Peter took them from the waiter before giving Akari hers. He sipped his tea and glared. “That freak has cost me all this time with you.”

Akari drank her tea nervously. This was not like Peter. He was never this cruel. “He isn’t a freak, Peter,” she said calmly. “Unless, of course, you consider me a freak as well?”

His eyes melted as she looked at him and he clasped her free hand with his lovingly. “No, of course not. You could never be a freak. You are an angel.”

“An angel who wears diapers,” she reminded him quietly. His face contorted a bit at this and she felt him squeeze her hand a little too hard at this. She winced, but didn’t cry out. She had no idea what that comment meant to him.

He smiled after a moment, releasing his grip. "For now, "he agreed. “But diapers are for babies, and my angel is no baby.” Akari heard this as though it were being said through a recorder played at half speed. Her vision blurred and she wondered why she suddenly felt so weak and sleepy.

“Peter?” she asked while falling forward. She vaguely heard several people ask what was wrong and Peter explaining that Akari had anemia, which she didn’t, and he just needed to give her her medicine. He produced a needle and she felt a prick in her neck before everything went dark. Her last sensation was flooding her diaper.

She wondered why her hands were bond, and more how long she had been asleep. She felt the need for a bowel movement so she attempted to move without falling over to get into a position to do it. She just finished when Peter walked in carrying a brown, paper bag.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” he cried.

She looked at him strangely before saying, “I am messing my diaper. I had to go!”

He shook his head and put an arm around her bound shoulders. "Honey, you are a big girl now, "he said kindly. “Big girls don’t need diapers and they certainly don’t go poopy in them.”

She teared up at this insult and said in a diminutive voice, “Please change me.”

He massaged her shoulders, which felt good, but she was too tense to enjoy it. She didn’t feel good in this overtly full diaper and wanted to be changed immediately. “No, I don’t think I will,” he said as he kneaded her neck. “Big girls don’t need diapers so maybe if you have to sit in a soiled smelly didee you will come to the same conclusion. You don’t need them. I am not going to change you.”

She didn’t cry, but pouted, “Well, at least untie me so I can change myself.”

" No," he stated. "You need to learn so I can’t have you do that. I’ll let you sit in that for a few hours and see if you want a diaper after that.

She wanted one now, but she knew it was pointless to argue. Peter seemed deranged. He obviously knew about her diapers, but she didn’t know how he figured it out. She had hoped telling him in the café would seal her trust in him, but all of this must have been planned. He knew in advance and thought this through.

He left after saying this and somehow this made the irritation worse. With nothing to occupy her
mind except the discomfort she felt as though she would go insane before he returned. For every fifteen minutes she sat, she felt as though an hour had gone by. She desperately wanted to move her arms and began to scream as claustrophobia set in. Peter ignored these screams and didn’t answer. The poop began to dry on her and while the smell was nauseating she felt even worse as the itchiness set in. Miserable and suffering she begged after only an hour to be changed. The next hour found her so hoarse from screaming in crying that she was only able to croak and beg. After sleeping for so long before this, she found it impossible to sleep again when she tried. The pain in her arms and the discomfort in her diaper made it only an effort in futility. After the third hour she seemed resigned and calm.

He came in then and smiled at her. “I am going to untie you now and let you take a shower. I think you need it. After that, let’s get you something to eat. You look famished. What would you like?”

She barely seemed aware that he was talking. She felt weak and pitiful so she didn’t answer. When he cut the ropes binding her arms she screamed in pain as blood began to circulate in them normally once more. The shift of blood pained her and then both arms went numb and she realized she still couldn’t use them and bending them seemed impossible for several moments. She tried out support her weight while rolling off of the bed, but the arms buckled and she fell on her face. Too tired to cry, she just whimpered and lay there feeling helpless.

Peter rescued her from this and carried her to the bathroom. After removing her clothes and the dirty diaper, he placed her in the tub and turned on the showerhead. The freezing water that shot out shocked her and as she cried out she began to dribble urine. She heard it trickle down the length of the tub and splash down the drain. She wasn’t even aware she did it at first until she felt the contrast of temperatures hitting her thighs, cold from the shower and warmth from the urine. The pressure of the water wasn’t great so removing the gunk from her bottom and crotch proved a hard and smelly experience. He had to help her at first because she couldn’t move her hands. She noticed he was more than a little aroused as he touched her sensitive areas and she began to think he might be taking too much liberty. Because of this, she forced her hands to work and told him she could do it herself. He stopped and left her to finish cleaning herself and then wash her hair. He left a large white towel on the sear of the toilet and a brush for her hair.

Finally alone, she luxuriated in the now hot shower. Once her private areas were clean and the last of the dingy brown water left the tub, she was free to enjoy the freedom from her own feces. It had never felt so good to be clean. But now the nightmare was over. She would have a new diaper and would feel fresh and protected again.

She couldn’t have been more wrong. As she exited the bathroom she went to the room she had woken up in and found a pair of white panties sitting on the bed. She looked at them quizzically as she had not worn any in almost two months. “Peter,” she called out hesitantly, “Where are my diapers?”

He appeared behind her suddenly, startling her, “You don’t need them anymore, Akari,” he said sweetly. “That freak isn’t here to influence you anymore.”

“Peter!” she cried, angry now. “I Do need them!”

“No,” he stated nonchalantly, “You don’t.”

“I’ll have an accident if I am not wearing one! I won’t be able to stop it!”

“Sure you can,” he insisted. “Besides, we don’t have diapers here, just big girl underwear. Now get dressed and come eat dinner. We have a lot to discuss.”

She pulled up the panties and couldn’t help but think the sensation strange and that something was definitely missing. She wanted the bulk of her diaper, but knew that as long as she was with Peter she wouldn’t get it.

Their dinner consisted of rice balls and fish, which they ate in silence. Peter broke that silence by saying, “Now we are going to break you out of those diapers, Akari dear. I am rescuing you from them, you see. No one will accept a girl who pisses her pants. No one. You saw what happened to Galanos at Kenshiki. Do you really want that to happen to you?”

“No one minds at Seijitsu,” she countered.

“That’s because that school caters to freaks, Akari!” he shouted. “It’s like you were placed with a bunch of retarded kids or something! Come back to reality! You’re killing yourself in that school. Come back to Kenshiki, and if not Kenshiki than at least to a normal school.”

“I will never leave Seijitsu, Peter!” Akari cried. “It’s my home! How could I say goodbye to them? To Mai. Chris, Naoto, and the others? How could I say farewell to Will?!” Peter did something then that he had never done before and that would forever change Akari’s perception of him. He slapped her . . .hard. She fell out of her chair and tasted copper in the roof of her mouth. Her cheek burned as though several little icy needles pricked her. Gingerly she placed her hand on her cheek and immediately removed it do to the pain.

“Don’t you ever mention that freak to me!” he bellowed, not even fully realizing yet what he had done. “He stole you from me! He is evil! Why can’t you see that?”

Akari wet herself while sitting on the floor and began to cry like a baby at this. She couldn’t even hear the splatter of urine hitting the wooden floor over her own petulant wails. Peter saw what she was doing and instead of comforting her. He yelled at her to stop it! He declaimed that he couldn’t believe she was doing this. How could a grown girl not even control her bladder? She was ordered to clean it up before she could change out of her soaked panties. She wept the whole time and only stopped after falling asleep on the bed after cleaning both the floor and herself.

She woke up in the middle of the night; at least she assumed it was night, as the place had no windows to a shivering feeling. She had wet the bed and the now cold urine caused her sensitive skin to itch. She cried again and when Peter woke up from his cot on the floor he was grumpy and not in the mood to deal with both her crying and the smell of urine. He left her alone in the room and she whimpered, realizing no one was going to help her. No one cared.

The next day and the next after that all seemed to stream together for her. She couldn’t help wetting herself, but she at last managed to get to the toilet for bowel movements. Peter was very proud of her for that. She also couldn’t understand why her captor hadn’t taken advantage of her sexually. She came to the conclusion that he must honestly believe he is helping her. That thought scared her and she could only hope he snapped out of this before it got out of hand. She saw how he looked at her and she saw his body react to seeing her naked sometimes and wet. It disgusted her. She knew that other girls her age would only be so glad to have sex, but she was barely fourteen. Her bra wasn’t even really necessary yet. She knew she wasn’t ready at all either physically or mentally. The fear that he would rape her when he could no longer hold back the temptation that obviously tantalized him grew more potent every time she thought about it.

Escape was impossible. Somehow he had chosen an apartment that required a key to unlock and lock all the doors inside and out. He held the key on a chain around his neck and she knew she could never get it away from him. Until she either agreed to become what he wanted or was rescued, she was not getting out if here.

The police were a little confused on how to deal with this case. One party claimed that the son of another party kidnapped their daughter, while the other side argues that their child was also kidnapped. After seeing all of the evidence, they knew that the boy was the guilty party, but to what extent. The girl could be raped or killed by now.

It was the fourth day since she had gone missing.

The entire student body was morose and dejected all of Monday when they learned that Akari was kidnapped. They found it very hard to concentrate on studies when one of their own was missing. By the end of third period it was evident to all that they would get nothing from school until Akari was found.

Will came to this conclusion Friday night and had not even bothered to go to school on Monday.
Saturday morning, he and his brother began combing the areas around Seijitsu, asking in anyone had seen the two. Several of the places said that they would have to ask again on Monday or Tuesday, as the weekday staff was different from weekends. The police started this soon after and met with similar empty results, except that they could call the people who hadn’t been there. The results were sad. At that time of day, hundreds of children walked to the streets and to give two character descriptions seemed impossible to go on. The brothers didn’t give up though. They continued into Sunday by checking out the areas near the schools and the general area of the city. Peter had not left by bus or plane as both required credit card, and the same could be said about hotels.

A clue came from Yui, Nakane, one of their classmates. She and several other girls went to a café a little ways from the school that they heard served great parfaits. When they got there, the waiter that served them recognized their school uniform and commented that it was very different from the other uniforms of the city. Most of the schools didn’t require uniforms so it was fairly easy to distinguish uniforms. They asked what the girl looked like and got an accurate description of Akari. He told them that even if it hadn’t been for the new uniform he would have remembered Akari because the girl passed out after drinking a little of her tea. The boy claimed she had anemia and just needed her medicine, which he administered and then carried her off. It was such a strange encounter.

Will, who knew Akari best, knew also that she was not anemic. The three brothers rushed to the café after giving this information to the police and the entire area was soon crawling with policeman. Terry met with the man who looked like he was in charge. He had a cigarette in his mouth and was taking long draws as he surveyed the area. The two knew each other from the incident with Will’s attack two and a half months ago. Terry asked for information and received it willingly from him. Apparently Peter had been in trouble with this policeman before.

After getting a copy of the map of the local area, Alan began to look at how Peter would have transported Akari. “Being fifteen, he probably didn’t have a car and none of his friends have cars according to parents, which let us know that they are still in the city. He must have carried her wherever they went. Hey, Terr?”


“How much does Akari weigh?” Alan asked with a twinkle in his eye. He was the smartest of the three brothers even though he was five years younger than Terry. His math skills were unbelievable and his tactics in chess, shougi, and go far surpassed those of his brothers who weren’t terrible at the games.

“I’d say one hundred pounds max,” he said after some thought, “She’s a small girl but she has a little muscle to her. Why?”

“Ok,” Alan said, “How long and far could you carry one hundred pounds in your arms?”

“If I was Adams, I would say maybe two to three blocks.”

“Then that is the radius of our search. Now, of the buildings nearby, which would be possible to store a person?”

Will looked at the map. “There are several stores, which would rule them out, a few apartment complexes and,” he paused, “Wow, actually, there a lot of apartment complexes. This seems to be a ghetto of sorts. Finding her in that would be like going through a haystack to find a needle.”

“I am sure the police came to the same conclusion and are asking all of the tenants. If they don’t find her then I will be very surprised. What we should do, since they began this search almost immediately is look where there aren’t a lot of Japanese people. Peter Adams in a blond haired blue eyes boy. He wouldn’t last long in these slums unless he was with other Caucasians. I wonder if the police thought of that?”

Terry walked over with the map and asked where foreigners lived among these places. They were given a few general areas. The policeman seemed to agree now with Alan and the search focused on these little areas, but to their shock, all of them turned up empty. Peter Adams was not in any of those places. This confused everyone, especially Alan who was positive he had been right.

Then his eyes lit up and he called his brothers to follow him. He knew where they were.

Akari stared at the key draped around Peter’s throat. If she could just grab it and leave she would be free of this shameful existence of peeing herself without control. She needed her diapers badly.
Four days of this was more than she could stand. She knew what he wanted but could not give in. After hitting her, she wasn’t sure what to believe anymore as far as his intentions were concerned. As the days had passed she could see he was looking longingly at her more and more. He would often shake these thoughts away but more than once he actually took a few steps towards her. Because of this she had not slept much at all, afraid he would try something when she was at her most defenseless. She was frightened, lonely, and in pain. When she applied to Seijitsu she had mentioned that she need a crutch to stand on. Peter had been that crutch for more than a year until Will came and when he hit that first night, it seemed that the crutch fell away as she did to the floor. She couldn’t stand up and she desperately wanted that crutch back.

She stopped her reverie to stare at his eyes, which were looking at her hungrily like some lustful demon. She shivered and huddled into herself, feeling very naked and exposed in just the slip she was allowed to wear over her underwear. He had explained to her that if she was to keep wetting like a baby she would not be allowed to wear clothes she might ruin.

“You want to do something?” he asked as he noticed her squirm.

“Like what?” she asked, hoping this would be a chance to get his mind off of this scary subject.

“Like make love?” he suggested. “I 've seen the way you have been looking at me lately. You want to make love. You’ve fallen in love with my dick. I’ve seen how you stare at it, how you long to caress it.”

She sobbed into her knees, “No, I don’t want to do that!”

" Why not?" he asked kindly, “We’ve been going out for almost a year and a half. Don’t you think it’s time?” His eyes didn’t seem to belong to him anymore. They looked like they belonged to a wild beast and not her once s

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter XVI

“Mother Fucker!” Terry cried as he saw what was inside the room.
Akari was naked on a small bed crying. He noticed her torn clothing as he and Will ran into the apartment and expected this. Peter Adams stood over her with his erect dick out of his pants. He noticed that Peter had a deranged look to him, like one possessed. Had he looked closer he would have noticed that though both were sweating, neither were wet and sticky from “love making.” But he didn’t. He saw a girl his little brothers both had a crush on the victim of rape. He lunged at Peter with such ferocity that Will was sure he would kill him.
Peter, on the other hand, having seen the Galanos brothers walk in flew into a bestial fury as though possessed. He charged as well at Terry and somehow knocked him aside as he went for Will. Terry fell into the wall and crashed through it. White plaster and dust erupted like a volcano covering everything. As Terry tried to get up he slipped on the dust strewn floor and watched in horror as this bull of a human being charged his little brother.
Will had not seen the lack of stickiness on their bodies either, but he also didn’t see blood, so he knew Akari, while possibly molested was still untouched. This fact, didn’t stop him from issuing a guttural roar and meet the charging boy head on. In retrospect, as Alan would tell him, this was perhaps the stupidest thing he ever did in his life. Peter reached for Will with impossibly fast hands that Will couldn’t dodge despite his speed. He clasped his fingers Will’s throat and began to throttle him as Will punched him in the chest. Will felt the knuckles of the fingers gouge into his neck and his muscles pop and snap in protest. A trickle of blood escaped as the tips of Peter’s nails dug in. Will suspected that Peter intended to rip his throat out more than strangle the life out of it. To fight this, Will pumped both of his fists against his assailant. That he could move at all was a miracle due to his anger. Of course, even a righteous rage cannot perform miracles. Peter’s muscles were far too thick and he knew that this mistake would cost him. Blackness began to encroach on Will’s vision and the sounds of the room began to fade in and out.
But while Will muscles were inadequate, Terry’s were far from that. He punched Peter twice in the kidneys forcing him to release Will. Will fell to the ground sputtering and gasping for breathe that refused to come to him. He couldn’t get up for several moments as he clutched his neck in pain, gagging. The beleaguered Peter faced Terry and the two engaged in a bloody fistfight.
As Peter turned from the blows to the kidneys he back handed Terry who was looking down to Will to ascertain if he were still in danger. The blow knocked Terry over the prostrate Will and he felt a biting pain in his jaw. He tried to close it but he found this a bit too painful at present. The shock of the attack left him open to two more punches from Peter which landed in his upper chest and belly. Both blows hurt like hell, but as Peter tried to land a third one, Terry grabbed his arm with his left hand and spun in with his elbow to crack into his ribs . This didn’t have the effect he wanted as Peter didn’t fall, but instead head bunted Terry’s shoulder forcing him to fall to one knee.
“Let’s see how you like it, bitch!” Peter roared as he used this leverage to punch Terry in the kidney area. Terry screamed with the blows and fell forward onto his chest. Peter assumed he had him now, but as he ran to kick at him, Terry struck out with his legs and managed to sweep him off of his feet to land on his back with a resounding crash.
By this time, Will was on his feet again and out of the way. “You ok, Terr?” he asked concerned.
Terry used this brief lapse in time to get up and crack his jaw back into place. His eyes looked different from normal. They held the same animal intensity as Peter. Instead of answering Will he flexed his muscles and cracked the knuckles on his hand. Peter slowly got to his feet and the two faced each other with menacing stares.
Terry initiated their second round by running forward and with a speed that Peter couldn’t follow, struck him three times in the chest and once in the face. He reeled from the blows but didn’t fall. Instead he smiled at Terry with bloody lip and said, “Is that all you got, girl man ?”
Terry grinned and was about to charge when he heard three shots report behind him.
All of the people in the room looked and saw the policeman with the cigarette holding his smoking pistol with the barrel pointed in the air. That barrel slowly lowered to point at Peter and Terry. “Shit,” he exclaimed, looking at their bruised and bloody faces. Peter’s eye was swelling shut and Terry’s jaw appeared to be in serious jeopardy of being broken. While stronger than Will, Terry was also a little too weak to face this monster head on, and had the gunshots not stopped them, he might have been killed. “Well, Adams,” he said, taking a puff from his cigarette. “I think I have seen enough incriminating evidence to have this case finished. This as good as links you to the attempt of murder charges on those other kids who tried to kill the Galanos boy. Get over her with your hands in the air, and if you try to act crazy, rest assured, I won’t hesitate to shoot a child,” he said this with such calm and scorn that Will almost thought he would shoot anyway. The man had cold eyes that held no pity whatsoever. He didn’t seem all that concerned with Akari as he stood there with one hand on his cigarette and the other on his pistol. His appearance was truly frightening, now that Will took it in. He was a tall man for a Japanese and he possessed sallow features, but his build was still muscular if wiry. He wore black dress slacks and black t-shirt under a white button-down. His black hair was slicked back and everything about him to scream of cruelty.

Akari didn’t seem to be conscience of all that was going on. She was still lying on the bed with her hands over her face, ashamed. She shivered and whimpered against the cold of the draft. Will took off his coat and covered her. As he picked her up, she nuzzled into his chest and put her thumb in her mouth. As she sucked, Will walked out the door. The inspector, who had handcuffed Peter by now, clapped Will on the shoulder, “We’ll need her testimony later.”

“Does she look like she’s ready to give any testimony?” he asked in shock at the inspector’s callousness.

“I said later,” he growled at Will with narrow eyes. “When she is better, tell her to come to me at the station. I am inspector Miburo.”

As Will walked away he couldn’t help but think the name appropriate, as it meant wolf. Akari continued her infantile behavior as they walked past all of the policemen. Alan ran up to them and looked at Akari in horror, obviously fearing the worst. Will hushed him by saying that Akari would tell them when she was ready, but to Akari, he whispered so that only she would hear, <> If you need a crutch, I’ll provide it as long as you let me. <>
To Allan he shook his head in dismay and asked, “How did you ever figure out which one it was?”
Alan grinned and held up the map. “I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier. He was obviously acting alone because nothing about Akari has anything to do with the Kato feud with the Hayamizu family. Therefore, he had no funds. Without funds he could never own an apartment in any sector of these slums. For a kid his age it’s impossible. The answer lay in this area because these apartments were very old and soon to be torn down. Condemned and free of people it makes a perfect hideaway for Adams. Finding the right one was just a matter of finding the door way that wasn’t boarded up.”
Will thought back to the room and realized it made sense. There hadn’t been a window because it was boarded up. The doors had been old too. “How did he get electricity and running water?” he asked, confused.
“This place ran on a pump system so the water comes from a reservoir under the slums. Therefore, water isn’t that hard to get turned back on. As for electricity. I am not sure about that.”
One of the policemen that was walking with Alan had the answer for that. “Believe it or not,” he said. “That was just a lucky break for Adams. The power company overlooked this place and left it on thinking it was still part of this block for power. I cannot believe that kid was able to do all of this.”
Alan nodded. "It is a little confusing. He doesn’t live anywhere near here, but he had intimate knowledge of the area and its utilities. To many things fell into place for him for it to be happenstance. "
The police officer smiled at Alan, not at all bothered by the perceptions of this ten year old prodigy. “I agree. He had an accomplice somewhere in here. This may be a local safe house for druggies or something. I think we’ll post people around here to keep an eye on this until it’s demolished.”
Will, still holding Akari was about to say something when he heard a familiar voice call him. He turned to see who it was and saw a very distraught Jessica Futokoro.

Jessica Futokoro had been called when they felt certain that her daughter was about to be found so she was there when Will walked past the policemen. She gently took her from Will and wept as Will had never seen a grown woman weep. She kept petting her hair and whispering to her. Akari’s only response was to bury her face in her mother’s chest and cry.

Will felt suddenly awkward to be there in this special moment, especially when he had proven ineffectual in either protecting her or defending her. He felt worthless and could barely stand to look at her after saying such a foolish thing as offering to be a crutch. Who would want a weak crutch that could break? But then again, who would want a steel crutch that wanted to become a box to hold her captive? He wallowed in his own pity and could only lament that his neck was severely bruised. He would probably need a brace in the morning. Regardless of that, he was glad Akari was safe.

In his heart, however, he still had many questions to ask. Like, why this had to happen to her at all? Akari had done no person any wrong and certainly did not deserve any of this. What must be going through her head? While he didn’t cry physically, he mourned her lost innocence.

The next few days were hard on everyone. It was a time of recovery. Akari missed the rest of the week of school and Will decided to miss with her. Jessica didn’t argue. Everyone involved agreed that the presence of her best friend might alleviate her pain.

She spent the first day in bed. And Jessica giggled at the almost worshipful glance Akari gave her diapers. She asked to be triple diapered if possible with as many cloth diapers as could be fit underneath. Jessica acquiesced, but said that she would still change her after her third wetting so she wouldn’t get a rash. Will sat beside her the whole time. She looked a little ridiculous with a diaper that was thicker than she was, but that was what she wanted. She placed her hand on the plastic outer layer and giggled. <> I can’t even feel that I am touching it. <>

So it was that for most of the first day home, Akari pretended that nothing was wrong or that any of the horrors she had seen occurred. This tactic might have worked except for the sad face Will wore. He could not bring himself to smile at her even though he tried. Until, finally tired of acting, Akari whispered in the saddest voice Will had ever heard, <> Please don’t pity me, Galanos-kun. <>

This came as a hard blow to Will. She hadn’t referred to him as Galanos-kun in so long that it sounded awkward to his ears. He was used to Will-kun. He ruffled her hair and tried to smile for her, <> I don’t want to pity you, but I feel so bad for what happened. <>

<> Why didn’t you tell me? <> she said so quietly that he had to ask her to repeat it a second time. <> Why didn’t you tell me, Galanos-kun? <>

<> Tell you what? <> he asked confused and more than a little afraid. She sounded reproachful, angry. His heart fluttered as though someone were playing tetherball with it.

<> If you had told me the truth about him, <> she whispered. <> I wouldn’t have gone. . . And . . . And then . . . And then none of this would have happened to me! <> she sobbed. She reached for Will to hug her, which her did. She gripped his arms tightly and cried for a long time into his chest. <> I don’t understand!? <>

Will hadn’t heard that part. He was still interpolating what she had said before that. He recalled all of the instances he could have warned her. After he was beaten up the first day of school, his suspicions regarding Peter in the pranks pulled at Kenshiki, the lewd phone call and duel. He had so many chances and yet he decided at the time that it wasn’t worth it to tell her. When they got home, she told her mother and Will everything that happened. At first, Will was glad she was so open, but after hearing it all he was beginning to wish he hadn’t. She went into great detail about her near rape experience and she told this only after long crying. The whole ordeal made both Will and her mother demand in their hearts vengeance for these atrocities.
In his head he saw little demons with swords and whips lashing at him screaming <> YOUR FAULT YOUR FAULT YOUR FAULT! <> All of the pain he had endure till now combined could not have equaled the pain in his heart at hearing this. As she cried he released a mournful cry like a wounded beast and wept himself uncontrollably. He flooded his diaper and didn’t know it. He clutched Akari tightly to himself, whispering repeatedly, <> Forgive me! <> Tears rolled down his face like twin rivers that splashed on her cheeks.

Seeing his pain she wept harder and clutched him to her. For almost an hour they held each other, crying on and off. Jessica had come in early on and on seeing the two hugging and crying she felt relief and pain at the same time. She left them to share this pain and recover.

Still in Will’s arms, Akari whispered, <> Swear to me that you won’t abandon me like he did. <>

<> It is not my right to swear such a thing, Akari-chan, <> Will whispered back, running his fingers through her thick long hair. <> I can only say that I will always be here for you as you need me. <>

<> Why isn’t it your right? <> she asked as she looked up at him. <> I give you that right. Please don’t leave me like he did. <>

Will smiled and brushed a swath of hair from her cheek, <> I can’t promise because I don’t have the same relationship with you as he did. He and I are different. His abandonment is something that I cannot do, but I will promise you that in the capacity of our relationship, I will never leave you. <>

She smiled at this and lowered her head, while reaching up to tussle Will’s long curls, which were almost to his jaw line now. <> You know I love you, right? <>

He didn’t look at her as he chuckled, <> You knew that I cared for you the very first Saturday you came to my house asking for help on an English project. <>

<> Excellent memory, Will-kun <> she laughed and nestled her head against his chest. She could feel his breath as his diaphragm rose and fell. Will wished that the moment could last forever. While neither of them had declared that they would go out with each other, their relationship had definely taken a new step

So it was , that Akari began to recover. Her new knight was not really an invincible warrior in blue steel, but a lithe best friend who was as slight of frame as she was and just as beautiful. She knew she wasn’t the only one that could lose herself looking at his inescapably large brown eyes that appeared gray in some lights. Had Will been a real girl, he would have been a very popular one.

The next Monday, they returned to school to the joyous reception of the students who masked their concern with what happened to Akari with the zeal for the tournament in one week. She accepted their pushes for Seijitsu’s victory to come and smiled at everyone. Despite her experiences, her beliefs had not changed. With Will as a crutch she could stand again no matter what happened to her. If Peter had actually raped her she wasn’t so sure she would have recovered, but Peter had stopped and she was rescued.

Authors note: DAMN this is dark. . . I need to get the story moving into something happy or this will cease to be entertaining for me or anyone else. Oh well, time for more DARKNESS< >_<>

Peter sat in his cell feeling dejected and more than a little ashamed. He did not regret kidnapping Akari. He had intended to save her through it and bring her back to reality. He had never intended to almost rape her. “What kind of monster have I become?” He asked himself.

“Adams!” a rough voice called from around the corner, beyond where he could see outside his cell. “You have a visitor.”

He expected to be taken to one of those rooms with glass in front of him and the person visiting where he would have to use a phone to communicate. Juvenal Hall was a little nicer than a real prison, but he still felt dirty inside the confines of it. Instead of being led out, the visitor came to him, without the guard he noticed.

He heard her before he saw her as she wore high heels that clicked every time she stepped. Misao Kato walked up to his cell and smiled. She wore a very sexy dress that didn’t do much to hide her voluptuous curves. “I see we have gotten ourselves into trouble, Mr. Adams,” she said in her lilting voice.
He didn’t answer her so she continued. “Normally when people fail me, or fail to listen to me I have them quietly taken care of.” he gulped appropriately and looked at her fearfully. Everyone knew who she was and what she represented. To go against the Kato clan was to invite death. "But you are still a child and something about killing you just doesn’t sit right with me, so I will let you live. Of course, I can’t leave you here to finger me and my family either in court, so this is what we will do. I will take you out of this dump and as far as records go yours will remain clean. It will be as if this mess of yours never happened. The price is this. You will obey me fully now, none of this second thought bouts of morality. We have all seen your professed morality splattered on the rocks so no more hot air from you, please. Obey me, and I will give you revenge on that which you hate most. I can get Akari for you, even train her to be your little puppy. "

As she started to leave she added, “Oh, and you really don’t have a choice in the matter.”

Peter heard her laughter as she left the prison. All he could do was put his head in his hands and weep in self pity. He has sold his soul to the Kato Clan. He felt sorry for the Kirisawa girl, suddenly. While some inner force allowed him to stop himself from raping Akari. No force would stop him with her. In fact, if anything he had the incentive of staying alive behind him to do it. Yes, he would do what she said. If he wanted to live he would have to be her loyal slave, but sometimes slaves got scraps from the master’s table. He could only hope to get some.
In the week before the tournament, on a very cold Tuesday, two people were dropped off at the gates to Seijitsu Academy. Both stood at just under five feet and both looked to be average in features. That is, both Japanese with shoulder length hair and comely if a little plain faces. Neither of them knew the other nor did they seem to be related in any way. They came before anyone, but Will, Akari, and Naoto arrived.

One of them would hold the future of Seijitsu in her hands; while the other would prove a pawn in a game she couldn’t even begin to guess
<>Who are your enemies?<> Misao asked in a cold voice to the girl who sat in a chair. The scene looked like it belonged in a fetish porno. Melian was strapped into the chair with leather belts around her wrists, neck, forehead, legs, and shoulders. She wore not a spec of clothing and she had urinated on herself many times now in fear of this madwoman.

Misao held a cat of nine tails in her right hand as she played with the tassels with her left. She wore a dark dress and had her hair bound behind her skull. The black walls of the room gave off a dark atmosphere, which was only added by the torch in the corner. When no answer came from the girl she snapped the whip on Melian’s thighs, leaving another long red welt to her fast growing collection. The girl bit back tears until another lash came and she screamed out, <>GALANOS!<>

The two girls were given their uniforms and shoeboxes before being given a tour of the campus. Will, and the others tagged along offering advice and comments on the way in the hopes of making friends quickly.

One of the two, who had green eyes, smiled at Will and introduced herself from the beginning. <>HI!<> She said with a bubbly voice that reminded him of Mai more than a little. <> I am Iwasaki, Chisato!<>

Will could immediately tell he was going to like this girl. She had such a winning smile and innocent eyes. She seemed so charming. SO unlike the other girl who came in who was brooding from the moment she opened the door. She didn’t introduce herself, but was introduced as Noriko Kaneko. Her demeanor was depressing and Will noticed along her thighs, near the area where her skirt ended, several bruises crisscrossed.

Akari decided to warm up to her and walked up saying, <>Heya! My name is

<>FUTOKORO!!!<> Melian screamed as loudly as she could as the tips of the whips slashed across her left breast.

<>WHO ELSE?<> Misao asked sweetly, enjoying this pain immensely. She struck her other breast quickly before she had a chance to respond. Marks were already appearing where her last strike landed and the tears that exploded out of Melian’s eyes seemed exquisite.

<>MOTOKO! KIRISAWA! MORRISON! <> She bellowed as fast as she could while panting for breath against the pain of the welts on her chest. She wept bitterly with her hatred of this woman, and hung her head in sorrow.

Misao walked forward and lifted her chin with the handle of the cat of nine tails. <>And who do you hate more than any other?<>

<>Hayamizu<> Naoto offered, <>Hayamizu, Naoto. I am the principal’s son.<>

<>Pleasure to meet you, Hayamizu-san<> Chisato smiled, with closed eyes. Noriko seemed to glare at the boy, from her position across the room. They were now in homeroom, waiting for the others to arrive for first period. Chisato decided to sit in the vacant seat next to Naoto <>So what’s it like going to school in your parent’s care?<>

<>Oh I don’t know, <>Naoto said with his typical noncommittal attitude. <>It’s alright I guess.<>

At this point the door slid open and Mai Motoko dashed in the room, seemingly a little put off that she had not had a chance to greet the new students as she considered her tradition and responsibility. She walked up to Chisato and exuberantly introduced herself to her. The two seemed to hit it off immediately, being of similar character and within minutes they were laughing and cracking jokes with each other as though they had known each other for years. However, when Mai saw Noriko sitting quietly in the corner, she looked at Naoto and huffed.

<>Why is she over there alone!?<> she asked in a perturbed voice, while walking over to the girl who continued to wear her glare. <>Hey there! What’s with the frown?<>

The girl slapped Mai hard across the face and said darkly, <>Fuck you! Stay away from me freak! I can smell you from here.<>

Mai’s eyes, which had teared up from the initial sting of the slap, now overflowed as she began to cry, <>Why on earth would you do that?<> Everyone who was in the room stopped any conversation they were having and stared at Noriko. No one in the school had ever said anything like that to someone in the Club before, and Mai looked mortified. She placed her hands on her bottom and self-consciously blushed while crying. Everyone else, too shocked to speak, watched as Noriko picked Mai up by the bow of her shirt, causing it to rise and reveal the upper half of her diaper encircled about her waist.

<>What the hell is wrong with you that you wear diapers!?<> Noriko growled.

She seemed ready to hit her again, when Chisato came to the rescue and grabbed her wrist. <>Please stop this, Koneko-san!<>

<>What do you hate about these children?<> Misao asked the drugged and drooling Melian as she pointed to pictures of everyone in the Diaper Club of Seijitsu: Will, Naoto, Akari, Mai, and Chris.

<>They are freaks for wearing diapers . . . <> the semiconscious Melian mumbled

<>Good!<> Misao cooed approvingly. The girl had taken less time than she expected to crack. Once her spirit had been reduced to nothing she was brought down to nothing but that which Misao wanted her to be, and because Melian had signed the contract there really wasn’t anything she could do about it, not that she remembered or cared about that now. Melian’s mom had tried to find her daughter, but after a payoff from the Kato Corporation she was more than willing to let her daughter be sold as a soldier to the Clan. Misao had always loved seeing how placing a wad of money in front of their noses could change the convictions of others. Even maternal instincts faded when one had to consider one’s own survival. At heart, every human being was a creature of self-preservation. All values were just the results of convenience. For power and luxury, anyone would sell their soul to the devil, if such a thing really existed, which she doubted. After all, in Japan there was only room enough for one demon. <>What will you do to these people?<>

A sick grin contorted the girl’s face, <>Humiliate them!<> she said with satisfaction. <>I will make them wish they were dead. I will make them the reason Seijitsu closes down.<>

<>Stop what?<> a kindly voice said from behind them.

Everyone turned to see Tomoko Hayamizu standing in the doorway. No one knew how long she had been there, but most were relieved to see her. They had not seen this sort of behavior since the time they were in normal schools. <>Koneko-san<> Tomoko said quietly, <>I urge you to recall the edict of toleration you signed in agreeing to come here. You will accept any and all difference despite what you may think outside. Here, everyone is trying to learn and grow into whom they want to be, you included. Why would you hamper both yourself and your peers?<>

Noriko looked at her blankly and sat in her desk with her effervescent ambiance of darkness clouding the area around her. No one said anything to her, and after the five students were changed, Mai first because of her embarrassment, they took to ignoring her for all they were worth.

Only Will, as seemed to be the case usually, refused to leave it at that. He had always looked too deeply into everything in life. He tried to over analyze every situation and more often than not painted life far more colorfully than what was actually there. He couldn’t get the marks on her legs out of his mind. Having suffered numerous beatings in his years he understood how painful they could be and how bitter one could become as a result of it. Before moving here, he had always appeared to resemble a golem. He gave no emotions that could be capitalized on and no weaknesses to be exploited. To everyone he met when growing up he was seen as a cold and distant boy. Moving here had changed all of that, and he wondered if perhaps this would be the case with Noriko Koneko.

Melian sighed in ecstasy as she watched the video again. She was strapped to her chair in the Kato basement again and was undergoing more psychological programming. This time she was being made to watch propaganda for hours upon hours. As her brain and her preconceived notions of self turned to mush, Misao created her machine.

Inside her head she was screaming, however. This was not she! She didn’t like watching people being tortured. She didn’t give a damn about Seijitsu or any of its inhabitants. She just wanted to go home. Even if her bitch of a mom didn’t seem to care about her, at least she had never tortured her like this.

Soon the video came to an end and the demon came to stand in front of her again. <>Melian<> she whispered. <>It’s time for the next stage in your training. I know your still in there somewhere. You thought you could hide yourself from me, didn’t you?<> Though the expressionless face of Melian didn’t move, a few tears rolled down from her eyes, unbidden. <>There you are! Well, it’s time for you to go Melian. I don’t need you. No one needs you. It’s time for you to leave! This next set of exercises will get rid of you forever. I just thought I would say good bye.<>

The last thing Melian heard was the laughter of the mad woman, and as the laughter faded, so also faded her hopes of rescue, and she knew with cold certainty that she was going to die.

The day passed fairly quietly for Seijitsu. No one was in a good mood after what happened in Homeroom, and a confused awkwardness followed everyone around. Akari, in typical Akari pureness, couldn’t stand for things to be this way, so she went about to all the students trying to cheer them up. She even went over to Noriko at lunch, who was sitting alone, and smiled.

<>Go away, bitch . . .<> Noriko said sullenly. <>You’re a freak and I don’t want to talk to you.<>

<>But I want to talk with you!<> Akari said kindly. Noriko’s eyes melted very briefly, and from his vantage point at the table over, Will did not miss this, but the melting became frost again almost instantly. He almost felt that she was happy that someone wanted to see her, talk with her. The girl had a wall up, that she almost took down for Akari. Not that this was surprising, as Akari was always the most beloved of students. To be turned away by her purity one would have to be possessed. <>What about me do you hate so much?<>

Noriko seemed to pout, feeling awkward Will guessed, and huffed noncommittally, <>Everything!<>

<>That really doesn’t tell me much <> Akari sighed. <>How am I supposed to try and fix what is wrong if I don’t know what IS wrong?<>

To this, Noriko glared menacingly at her and said. <>I don’t want you to change because I don’t want to know you! You are a freak and a stranger to me. <>

Despite her best efforts, a tear leaked from her eye as she said softly, but with a chocked up huskiness to her voice, <>Well, that certainly isn’t very nice of you to say that. Why is that?<>

Again, Will saw that wall go down ever so briefly, only to be re-erected quickly. Noriko didn’t answer and ate the rest of her meal in silence. Akari whimpered a little bit and got up, running from the cafeteria. Will got up and ran to her.

Melian was dead. The voice in her head that had been that of her former self never spoke again. There would never again be a Melian Kirai in this soulless husk. Beaten beyond recognition, she woke up in a hospital room. Only this hospital room didn’t seem normal in that she was obviously still in the Kato mansion. As her eyes adjusted to the lights of the room she saw someone sitting in a chair beside her.

“I see you decided to wake up, girl.” He said gruffly. He was a slightly tall boy with short spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes.

“Gi-girl?” she asked confused. She knew that wasn’t her name but she didn’t have a clue what it could be. “What’s my name?”

The boy shrugged. “No clue,” he said. “They just said you are the tool. I am supposed to train with you now so we can become what Kato wants.”

This confused her more than a little. Kato? Who was that? I am a tool? All right, but what is my function? “What do I need to do?” She hardly seemed aware of her broken arms and legs, which while in their casts, and heavily sedated still ached and hurt like raging fire.

The boy pulled a folder out of a bag he had with him and began showing her pictures. “Please tell me what you think of these people,” he said while rifling through them. Faithful to her training she declared that she vehemently hated the people she had been told to hate, even though she couldn’t give a reason why when pressed. After he was done showing her the pictures, which had been mixed with random people, who she said she didn’t care about, he smiled and said. “I don’t know your name, and you don’t need to know my name. Kato says that we must have little to be traced to anyone. Call me what you want.”

She thought for a moment and said, “Alright, Richard.”

He paused at that and asked, “Why, Richard?”

“Because you are being a dick,” she said menacingly. "Don’t talk down to me just because I can’t move right now. "

Richard stood from his chair, and began to walk away. “Enjoy your diapers, bitch.”

She was about to say something else when what he said hit her and she looked down to see he was right. She was clad in a sodden diaper. For some reason, she hated this just as much as she hated the faces of those children.

<>AKARI-CHAN!<> Will called to her. She was now in the garden in the front of the school. <>Wait up!<> she stopped at the koi pond and just stared at the fish while sniffling. Will caught up a moment later and placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging them as she hung her head in sadness.

<>What did I do wrong, Will-kun?<> she asked.

<>You didn’t so anything wrong,<> he said calmly. <>I think there is more to her than she’s letting on. Did you see those red marks on her legs?<> Akari shook her head. <>I think maybe she is abused or something because those marks look painful.<>

<>That still doesn’t explain why she’s so mean! <>Akari cried. <>I was abused too, but I didn’t become mean like that!<>

Will decided to leave it at that. He and Akari walked back into school and continued classes.

“Should I rape her?” the boy asked Misao as he stood over the prone girl. The girl, as she was clearly no longer Melian, didn’t even give a reaction when he said this. Misao laughed and shook her head telling him that raping her would undo a lot of her programming. She was not to be touched in that way. The girl didn’t react to this either and Misao congratulated herself on creating the perfect puppet. Peter had no need of brainwashing. He had no choice in the matter as to whether or not he would obey. While Melian had been suicidal, Peter desperately clung to his life and would betray anything to preserve. ‘Different tactics for different people,’ she thought. 'Either way, they are more loyal than any of my other soldiers. Even after this little game with the Hayamizu Clan was finally over and she ran them into the ground, these two would continue to be useful.

She was pleased at Peter’s training. He was becoming a better fighter and also a better servant. He learned to ask her before performing any action and he was beginning to lose his identity as he became immersed in the role of servant.

Now all she had to do was program her little doll. This doll would need a name and a personality. It felt so good to be playing God!

In gym, they were playing field events and everyone was amazed at how athletic the two new girls were. Noriko ran almost as fast as Chris. Chisato was not nearly that fast but she was fast enough. She spent most of the time talking with Mai and the rest of the Club. The animated discussions and laughter seemed to help raise both Akari and Mai’s spirit after such a rough and confusing morning. No one could understand Noriko. She did her work in class almost like a robot and here in gym she also performed like a machine. Where was her personality? Where was her soul?

Because of the bloomers the girls had to wear in gym, the welts on her legs became apparent to all and everyone, while curious and concerned, was too afraid to approach her to ask about it. That she was still here, and not in the office, must have meant that the rest of the staff knew something about this. The welts were long and livid against her pale white thighs. Will felt nothing but pity for her. She was obviously in pain both physically and mentally, but she refused any and all help.

Sometimes it was too easy. Finding a family to house the girl was simple considering the broad affluence of her Clan. Doctoring her history took a little time and effort because the government kept such records seriously, but even that had not been the toughest part. The hard part was getting her into Seijitsu. The answer came from one of her informants. A new student was already being considered. If Misao acted fast she could plant her mole with this student and no one would be the wiser. After all, she knew that they expected something. Peter told Will well in advance so the people would be on their guard. Placing her mole took the utmost care and yet for the spider over her chessboard it was still relatively simple.
It did her heart good to watch as her mole and the other girl walked up together to the gates of Seijitsu. Destruction was only a few months away.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter XVII
He stepped off of the bus and gazed at the temple before him. With curving roof and stones on the wooden planks, he could see that the place was ancient and peaceful. Several monks wearing saffron robes passed by on the patio moving their fingers over their prayer beads, feverishly chanting the name of Amida. The front lawn of the temple was slightly dusted with frost and as a cool gust of wind flew up the leg of his hakama, he wondered how girls could stand cold days in dresses. Of course, not many girls had the extra warmth of a thick diaper between their legs to help keep them warm other. As it was, Will shivered despite himself as he stepped forward.

In similar fashion to the last tournament he went to his school was the first to arrive, but this time it was not at a civic center but at an actual dojo run by Buddhist monks. The training hall was a long room with polished wooden floorboards lined with tatami. In one area of the room he spotted his school’s flag and noticed that it was much smaller than the other flags in the room. This probably had to do with the fact that they were only three members as opposed to the sometimes twenty members of the larger schools. He counted almost fifty flags in the long room with enough room in the flag’s area to sit up to six people. This place would probably be filled to its maximum capacity because today was a huge event in southern Japan (note: not really, I am making this up). People from all of the schools within three city districts were coming to attend. This time around, the fighting would be different. Children eleven and under would compete against each other while Will would compete with children up to the age of eighteen. There would also be team kendo, which consisted of a three-man team (Captain, Vice Captain, Anchor). Will would compete individually for his school, but would also stand as the captain of the team that Akari and Mai had wanted to participate in.

He had decided to come earlier to the playing area than the others who were enjoying tea with the monks in the temple proper. No one seemed to mind as the hour long ride had been strange enough with Noriko infecting them all with a sour mood. She complained for the first fifteen minutes about having to go on this ridiculous field trip. She hated Kendo and was a little insulted that she would have to spend the whole day watching it. Will watched her and noticed a certain sadness in her. When the other students, having enough of her bitchiness finally told her to shut up, she sunk into her seat and quietly stared out the window. As he stared, he saw in her reflection tears in her eyes. Tomorrow he was definitely going to have to talk to her.

As he sat in the area under the school flag of a phoenix on a white background he watched the opening of the dojo and expected to have a quiet time for meditation, but was proved wrong as Ryu Sanosuke, his kendo tutor walked in and sat beside him. At first, Will didn’t recognize him as for once Sanosuke’s stubbly face was shaved cleanly. He had a sharp expression and he wore his white hakama and gi for the occasion. There would also be a few professional matches and Sanosuke-sensei had one. He didn’t say anything as he sat nor did he bring up conversation after several minutes had passed.

The first people to walk through the gates were not the Seijitsu students as Will expected. The familiar banter of a few voices that his ears picked up alerted their identity before they entered. Kenshiki had arrived. Several mixed feelings came to him as he watched them enter. That was the school that robbed him of all dignity. They abused and drove him away, but the kendo team tolerated him. He didn’t know how to view them now, especially since they were competition. He tried to remember any remarkable fighters but no one came to mind. The team had always been rather unremarkable, but still Will had felt something in that school’s kendo club that he had not experienced anywhere else. When their coach, Saotome, Satoshi entered, Will understood again what it was. With iron straight silver hair that pooled around his shoulders he emitted a calm and dignity that Will had only seen in one other teacher. He wore black hakama and a dark purple gi with a golden sash. Somehow, this looked more natural on him than the normal jumpsuit Will saw him always wear previously. His purple eyes, which seemed so unnaturally sharp and intuitive burned into Will from a distance. While none of the other students recognized Will in the dojo, he obviously had and walked straight to him.

As he approached, Will stood and bowed to him. Sanosuke-sensei remained seated. He had no reason to show respect to this man, who wasn’t a professional like him. This was not lost on either Will or Saotome, who returned Will’s bow with one of his own.

<>What school is this Galanos-san?<> he asked looking at the phoenix flag, curiously.

<>Seijitsu,<> Sanosuke said quietly.

<>Oh?<> he said thoughtfully, <>So this is the new school. How many people does your team have?<>

<>Three<> Sanosuke said evenly. <>We believe in quality over numbers. <>

<>Is that a fact? <> he asked, scratching his chin <>So your three students can beat any of my twenty? Impressive, but I wonder. Did you teach them?<>

Sanosuke rose to his feet quickly, and in a very angry tone he asked, <>Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?<>

<>Well, <> he said with a grin for Will, <>Galanos-san did not require much training from me, when I taught him. I worked on his muscles and, <> he reached out and felt Will’s arm, <>I see you have done something similar tactic. You probably didn’t have much to add to him. The others, though ,I do not know. Will aside, as he is a remarkable exception, could your other two students take on my whole team?<>

<>If they suck anywhere near as bad as I have been told then I would say yes, <> Sanosuke said, cockily. <>In fact, I think the weaknesses of the student are the teacher’s fault. None of them have any fighting key and while you radiate some, I don’t think Will here would have to much trouble dispatching you.<>

As if considering this, Satoshi Saotome looked at Will and smiled calmly, <>No<> he said, <>Will isn’t strong enough yet. He has speed but he would fall in under a minute. <>

Sanosuke’s face turned red in anger. Will believed this may have been because Sanosuke consider him almost his equal. This insult to Will was in a way a direct insult to him. <>You arrogant pig!<> Sanosuke growled. <>I’ll kick your ass! Come on! Let’s do it right here!<>

Will didn’t know what to think about this. He had never seen his previous tutor fight before. Satoshi Sanosuke never sparred with his students, and he wasn’t a professional so no one had seen what his abilities were. Satoshi almost seemed saddened that he was challenged. <>In truth, <> he began. <>I did come here for a match at the behest of a personal friend, but I suppose a warm up match wouldn’t kill me.<> He asked for a shinai from one of his students and carefully withdrew it from the carrying case. Sanosuke took will’s shinai and quickly tossed the bag aside as he stood. The students of Kenshiki all sat down under their flag, which was directly across from Seijitsu’s and stared at the two men in a hush stupor.

The two faced one another for a good minute before Sanosuke decided on a stance. The second he adopted it, Saotome called out, <>That won’t work! Try another!<> Such a call seemed ridiculous to Will. From any of the numerous starting stances that a fighter could choose from a myriad of different combinations could be chosen. To say a stance would not work was as much as saying that nothing from that stance would work. In order to render a stance useless was to know everything in that stance and be able to read the emotions of the opponent to such a degree that he could know without hesitation what move would be executed. By saying such a thing he was making that claim. <>You don’t believe me? Try it and see. <>

From his position, Sanosuke lunged forward at the man with purple eyes, who had not even adopted a stance yet. He spun his sword in an attempt to confuse where the strike was aiming before performing a powerful chop at Saotome’s head. As Mai had done to Akari at the tournament so long ago, Saotome backed away from the strike almost imperceptibly. But unlike Mai, who let the strike pass, he let the strike pass and as it passed he advanced as though he already knew what was going to happen, into Sanosuke and held his sword by the blade and hilt horizontal to the floor, pinning the opponent’s sword down. <>Do you see now?<> he asked in the same manner he used when instructing his students. <>That stance was doomed from the start. Choose another and try again.<> Without waiting for an answer he sprang back and resumed standing without picking a stance.

This continued almost four more times before Sanosuke blew up at him screaming, <>Damnit! Choose an attack! Fight me!<> Throughout the entire exchange, Saotome had not lifted his sword to strike or even once gone on the offensive. Even his counters ended with innocuous clutch situations. <>Stop humiliating me and fight!<>

Saotome sighed and asked, <>Why? What would that teach you? I think you are learning a lot more right now.<>

<>Old Man! <> He called, <>I am not your pupil! Fight me as your equal!<>

The purple eyes hardened as his gift of training was thrown back at him. <>That is impossible. <> He said sharply. <>I guess this is the only way people like you learn.<>

Will couldn’t believe his eyes. The precognition that Saotome executed against his teacher was beyond stunning. Sanosuke was a fast swordsman. His speed was what helped elevate him to his position of second dan, but to read ahead so far as to counter perfectly every movement, meant that Saotome understood the moves before they came. But not just that, he was also fast enough in body to execute these perfect strategies. William Galanos had never seen such a swordsman as this.

Satoshi Saotome readied his sword in the traditional kendo position; tip pointed at the opponent’s throat and walked forward, almost sauntering. He cocked his head to the side as he considered Ryu Sanosuke before rushing and performing a perfect “mein” strike. He chopped so fast and hard that Sanosuke could not even hope to move out of the way. His speed allowed him to bring his sword up, but the power behind Saotome’s blow crippled it and made it only a useless gesture. The blow sent Sanosuke to his knees and everyone gasped at the perfection of it. The grace of the swing, the speed, and the sheer power created a dazzling spectacle that humbled everyone in the room as far as their abilities were concerned.

Dazed and shaking from the jarring hit, Sanosuke stood up and shook his head. Saotome wasted no time in walking up to him and positioning his arms into a proper block, <>There!<> he said almost disgustedly, <>That is the proper defense for that. You couldn’t move so you should have done that! How could you panic and just try to lift your sword like that? You have too much potential to be wasting it like that!<>

In shock, Sanosuke, now truly humbled, nodded dumbly and said. <>Thank you. I will do that next time, sensei. <>

Saotome, smiled at him and walked away to his students telling them what they should have learned from watching a professional like Sanosuke fight. He told them everything he did was correct except for losing his temper.

<>If I did everything right then why did I still lose?<> Sanosuke piped in.

<> Against greater speed and strength than your own? There isn’t much you could do. You could learn to erase your ki as Will has done. That would go a long way in keeping me from reading you so easily. <>

<> Who are you fighting against? <> Will asked, now interested in what this master would challenge.

Saotome smiled and replied, <> Asai <>. Ouza (title) Asai was ranked tenth dan in Kendo and was perhaps the greatest swordsman in Japan at present. It made sense that such a giant in the field would desire to duel with Satoshi Saotome. It would probably be an incredible fight. Then, Saotome asked something he never expected to hear, <> Do you still wear diapers, Galanos-san? <>
Several kids from Kenshiki began to laugh uproar sly at this and Sanosuke, who had now become an expert in changing the diapers of his students, began to growl menacingly. Will didn’t answer at first, but as he began to feel a warm trickle of pee soak his diaper, he could only nod, and say <>Yes. Yes I do. <>
While Will was watching the two masters dance with their shinai, Akari, Mai, and Chris were sipping tea in a very elegant room with tatami mats. The monks had been very polite and they were treated like landed gentry. It was very nice. Mai and Akari wore their hakama and gi, but Chris wore a very elegant salmon pink kimono. She wanted to look her best at this tournement and represent the school well. A lot of the other girls in their school were dressed similarly and some of the boys were wearing hakama and happi coats. This seemed like a festival more than a tournament.
When Chris asked why everyone was so formal today, one of the monks bowed to her and replied. <> This is not just a kendo competition, my child. This is a competition in bushido and nobility is an aspect of it. Here, today you will not see anyone speaking in a vulgar manner. For a foreigner like you it should be very entertaining. <> Chris blushed scarlet and looked down, suddenly feeling very silly in her Japanese clothes. She nodded and continued to sip her tea, vowing to kill Akari and Mai later for the snickering they were doing. Megumi gave her a helpful smile, but even she seemed to think the monk’s comment a little funny. Chris wasn’t amused. She had never considered a certain problem when she was being dressed for today in the kimono. It was very hard to take off. The obi (belt) was really an elegant sash with many folds so that the bow in the back was quite large. She should have thought about that earlier, because now she needed to be changed and she had no way of letting it be known. This was one of the most elegant events she had ever been to. How was she supposed to ask in the middle of the tea ceremony to have her diaper changed? Worse still, she knew that soon she would have a bowel movement to contend with as well. She want to crawl into a hole and die of embarrassment.
After the few weeks of Will and the others working hard to make her feel better about her diapered condition by spending a lot of time without pants, Chris Morrison had actually begun to love her diapers and began to admot to herself that she liked being taken care of. But now that she began ti think that life in the school was a fantasy world where she could pretend. This tea ceremony was a harsh reminder to her that the world outside might not share her feelings with diapers.
She tried to hold it back, but she knew she was just wasting her time. She didn’t have the power to hold her poop back more than a few minutes at best. The illness that almost killed her a year ago was still a reminder in her bladder and bowels. She blushed as she felt it leave her and squish against the back of her diaper and move its way to the front of her crotch. The smell had not escaped yet, and to keep it from doing so she was determined not to move, which was going to prove hard because her seated position was knees on the floor with her butt sitting on her heels. This proper sitting position began to hurt after awhile, but she refused to give in.
One of the girls, Ayame, asked if she was all right. Her face was very red and it was becoming very evident that she was in a lot of pain. Megumi on her left nudged her and said if she felt stiff she should flex her legs and stretch them. Chris knew she couldn’t do that, so she decided to lock her knees and stay put. After all, the tea itself was very good and she was very relaxed otherwise.
She vaguely heard one of the girls cry out as she tumbled over on her side. As her postier hit the ground she felt the poo mush into her bottom even more. Then she blacked out.

Megumi was the first to react. She felt Chris lean into her suddenly and then fall backwards. At first she panicked that her friend had passed out and cried out for help. Everyone’s faces went stark white as Chris had fallen. Everyone knew about her sickness and they also knew that the miracle drug had never been tested so there was no garuntee that the sickness wouldn’t return and finish what it started. Chris’s face had a lot of sweat and when Megumi placed her hand on her forehead she noticed it was warm. Several monks ran over to her and felt her pulse. They declared her fine and asked if she had a habit of passing out. No one knew what to say to this, but they said they didn’t think she did.
By this time, Hikaru and Tomoko Hayamizu had come to the room. They were talking with the abbot of the temple while the students enjoyed themselves. Tomoko ran straight to the girl on the floor who was beginning to come around. Both Tomoko and Hikaru were dressed resplendently in matching kimonos of red and silver with phoenixes emblazoned on the back.
A nurse herself, Tomoko pulled at the chest of Chris’ kimono and with the lessoning of the tightness of her garment, she heard the girl breath easier. Out of habit, she placed her hand through the folds of the kimono and checked on her diaper. It was soaked to capacity and she was beginning to smell the bowel movement.
Megumi was still beside herself with worry. Even though the monks said she would be alright she was still upset. The doctors had said that her mom would be fine too, but they were wrong. They were wrong just like the time they said her baby brother would be born without complications several years prior to that. Both times, the ones who were supposed to be fine died. Megumi didn’t want to lose anyone else. Mrs. Hayamizu had also said Chris had just passed out and would be fine, but she chewed on the sleeves of her kimono and still couldn’t be sure.
Picking up the prone girl, Tomoko asked if the monks would excuse her as she went to take care of something for little Chris. A lot of the girls in the class wanted to go too to help, but only Megumi was allowed because she was Chris’ best friend. They went to another room down the hall and there, Tomoko began to undress Chris. After Chris was naked on the ground, she began to fully awaken.
With Tears in her eyes, Megumi looked down and said, <>Chris-chan? <>
Chris smiled at her and bit her tongue in embarrassment, <>I Guess I shouldn’t have locked my knees. I hope I didn’t worry anyone.<>
Megumi hugged her to her chest, “Chris-chan no Baka!”
Chris looked confused. She couldn’t know how Megumi felt. No one did. No one understood the world as Megumi did. Chris came close. She had experienced loss as well, if in a more physical way. Mai was her friend from a long time ago, but she had never been that close to her. True, she had been friend enough that she asked for her when her dad told her she would have to go to Seijitsu, but that was just so Megumi would know at least one person.
It had been nice to go to a new school at the time though. No one there knew her or her father like the people in Tokyo did. A lot her classmates now knew who her father was, but they didn’t for almost a month. She didn’t want people to know.
People always wanted to be her friends, but it was more often not because of her father’s position. They wanted to latch onto the privileged life. She never got to know anyone very well. When her baby brother died in childbirth three years ago, no one really cared except to say they were sorry. What did they know? How could they understand the pain of a ten-year-old girl who was expecting a new family member? How could they understand how awkward it was for her living with her parents who were so sad after it happened? After a while, they told her to just get on with her life. They didn’t know her pain.
They didn’t know her pain last year either when a car, while she walking down the street, hit her mom. After her mom died there was a void in her life that couldn’t be filled. Mai tried her best to fill it with her laughter and antics, but Mai had never suffered like her. Mai was incontinent but at least she had friends and both her parents. Life wasn’t fair.
The kids at this school, Seijitsu were different. They didn’t ask to know her past or who her parents were. Here, it didn’t matter. She was just one of the students, hopeful to get into Tokyo U and making friends in the familial atmosphere. While friendly, the only kid she identified with was Chris. Chris was miserable constantly and she had good reason to be.
The two sad kids bonded together in their suffering if only because they felt the other was just doing it for attention. When they learned about the other’s past though, it changed. They commiserated and became friends. Chris, when she was cured of her unhappiness did everything in her power to make Megumi feel better. While Megumi had no desire to wear diapers she envied the closeness of the five students who did wear them. At present, she had only Chris as a real friend, and she felt she came close to losing that friend.
At that moment, Hikaru Hayamizu walked in and both girls screamed bloody murder as Chris was still naked except for the diaper and while she had no breasts per se yet, she was still self-conscious about being seeing naked by a male. He was carrying a large sports bag and this he tossed to his wife before sliding the door shut behind him with a muffled, <>SORRY!<>
Tomoko blushed and apologized as well for her husband’s blunder. <>Ready to be changed?<>
Akari Futokoro wished she could have been there as well as she was rather wet. Unfortunately, she had to be present with Mai Motoko for opening ceremonies in the dojo proper. She and Mai stood with Will under their school flag and they all felt rather small compared to the other schools around them. At least six representatives were gathered under every flag and all of them had two or three coaches. Their own coach, Sanosuke was sitting on a pillow behind them while the announcements were made. He yawned loudly drawing several dark looks from the rest of the participants who were all standing.
Akari giggled. She secretly agreed with Sanosuke-sensei and wished she could sit down too. She wondered why Megumi Kirisawa had looked so panic stricken when Chris-chan passed out. The monks all said that it was probably just because of the girl locking her knees that she fell over. It happened sometimes with foreigners who didn’t want to look foolish by stretching their legs. ‘Well,’ she thought. ‘At least they are both ok. I wonder what’s with Will? He looks so tense.’ Akari and Mai arrived juts before the announcements started so they had not had a chance to talk to him yet, but both he and Sanosuke looked disturbed and angry.
Finally the monk stopped talking, it had gone on for a good ten minutes, and the participants were given pamphlets that said when and where they would be fighting. The fighting would be almost continuous so after one duel, they probably wouldn’t have long to wait before their next. Individual fighting would be done in the morning and teams would take place in the afternoon.
Akari was only thinking about the present right now. She had wet during the tea ceremony and now the tea was going through her system quicker than she would have liked. She didn’t enjoy sparring in a soggy diaper, so at practice, if she wet she would get changed almost immediately. Now she was in a cold, itchy diaper, and thoroughly miserable. She hope Tomoko Hayamizu would come by soon so she could get changed. Sanosuke-sensei could have done it, but all of the diapering supplies were with Tomoko. She wondered how Will and Mai were faring.
She didn’t have long to ponder however as her name was called to approach one of the circles that had been drawn onto the wooden floor with black tape. Donning her helmet as she walked, she entered the circle. She turned to see Mai running towards her and she thought to herself, ‘Damnit, it’s single elimination until there are only twenty participants left. I don’t want to lose now!’ A little girl inside of her wanted to wail out, “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?”
Mai tossed the shinai she was carrying to Akari, who caught it. <>Stupid!<> Mai shouted jokingly. <>What were you going to fight with? Your thick skull? <>
Akari was glad for the faceplate as she was blushing. ‘Whoops,’ she thought. ‘Forgive me Mai, that wasn’t a very nice thought. I can’t believe I forgot my shinai . . .’
Her first opponent was a heavyset girl from Fengar Academy, Mai’s old school. Before bowing to her, the girl said snidely, <> we’re going to get revenge for you stealing Mai! <>
Akari smiled inside the mask. This was an individual tourney. She could face Mai at any time and that would be it. This girl didn’t know what she was saying and after bowing to her and then the flag she readied her shinai to show her. Just then, however, she felt a rumbling in her stomach and she silently pleased. "Oh please dear GOD! Don’t let me fight her in a messy diaper.’
The divine powers didn’t listen. She filled the diaper and was thoroughly disgusted by it. She had to squat and move her legs in kendo and that meant that the poop was going to smear everywhere. This was going to be the most uncomfortable fight she ever had.
As she waddled over to her corner to ready her starting stance she was reminded of the first time she had ever worn a diaper at the fall tournament with Kenshiki. This was so much more embarrassing than then. As she flexed her thighs to ready her attack she felt the poop slush around. Her face contorted in disgust.
This lapse of thought gave her opponent enough time to launch an attack of her own and Akari found herself sliding sideways to avoid the head shot that her opponent took. This only caused the feces to move around quickly. “Ewww!” she spat out as the diaper squelched away from her skin as the weight made it sag once more. <>That’s IT!<> she spat angrily.
Moving faster than either she or the other girl thought she could, she cut the girl’s wrists in a “kote” strike, giving Akari the match. After bowing to her opponent, finishing the match, Akari ran to Sanosuke-sensei and whispered loudly into his ear. <>Find Principal Hayamizu NOW! I am not fighting in a messy diaper again. <>
Ryu Sanosuke bit his lips to keep from laughing, but it didn’t help. He guffawed so loudly that everyone thought he must be mad. Akari responded to this by kicking him in the shins, which didn’t stop him from laughing, though tears streamed out of his eyes while he did so. <> Stop being so mean and help me!<>
Still laughing he walked off to do as she asked. She meanwhile had to sit and hope her name wouldn’t be called to fight anytime soon. She had ended the match quickly, but that didn’t mean her opponent hadn’t already been decided.
Mai and her opponent danced around the circle like two rams jostling their horns before rearing up and attacking again. This girl was good, surprisingly good and Mai found herself actually trying to win. Though she could still beat Akari more often than not in practice, she really considered her her only rival.
The reason this girl was doing so well, at least in Mai’s mind, was because of the soggy diaper. Unlike Akari, Mai loved spending time in her wet diapers and after filling the superplus molicare with the tea and whatever else she drank that morning. The sheer bulk of it all made moving her legs fast almost an impossibility. She wasn’t able to make use of her full potential and it grated on her nerves.
On the whole, Mai Motoko was a fun person to be around. She made people laugh and her juvenile antics made her seem more like a little sister than a peer to most of her friends, but none of them knew the Mai Motoko that she hid from them. While the laughter was indeed part of her personality, iit had originally been a defense mechanism for when she felt awkward. It helped her cover her anger and other more grown up feelings. In truth, no one had ever seen Mai pissed. She would take abuse beyond anyone else because she could. She could endure laughter, chiding, and anything else, and while it would make her sad, she never let it get her angry. Because Mai was very scary when she was angry. She scared herself because rage was something that got other kids hurt in elementary school. When one boy teased her too much, she attacked him and almost killed him. After that her parents warned her to control her anger or she would hurt someone. Now, because of so much training, Mai found it hard to get mad at other people in a real sense, but she herself was another matter. She would get angry with herself easily if she wasn’t doing her best or if she felt she had been stupid. This was one of those times. She had let her selfish desire to wear a wet diaper interfere with her ability to fight and it might cost her first match. This pissed her off.
The angry Mai was a lot faster than the calculating Mai. The poor girl never knew what hit her as the shinai slammed against her head, sending her sprawling to the floor. Mai didn’t even bow to her as she walked away to find Sanosuke-sensei. The referee called for her to stop or she would be deducted points in her next match. With her helmet off and her long black hair free, she glared at him, and said itr made no difference. The next match would not matter.
These words seemed arrogant, but Mai knew she would be three times the fighter she was at that moment if she regained the full use of her legs. She waddled off to the flag and saw that neither Sanosuke-sensei nor Akari were there. Pouting, she sat down and felt the padding squish as it conformed to the new environment. The stale smell of urine was becoming quite noticeable, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be changed and she wanted it immediately.
To her relief, she saw Will returning from his match and over his shoulder he was carrying a Kenshiki sports bag. She would have to ask him about that later, but right now she needed to know something. She stood up awkwardly thanks to the diaper and then waddled to him and asked him directly, <> Are there diapers in that bag?!<>
He blushed a dark red, and nod, at which point she grabbed his arm and led him out of the dojo, practically dragging him as they went. <>I need to be changed NOW!<> she said as they neared the temple and ducked into one of the rooms. Next door she could hear Megumi and Chris talking, but their conversation wasn’t loud enough for her to pick up on, so she ignored it and looked at Will’s bag longingly.
He unzipped it and produced a folded purple disposable diaper and some wipes. With a red face he said. <>For speed’s sake I think I should change you. I don’t want us to be disqualified in our next matches. <>
Mai didn’t know what to say to that. She couldn’t argue that he was right, but she wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with him changing her. Yeah, he was cute and really nice, but did she want a boy to touch her there? <> Will’s a pervert!<> she giggled, but she still laid down for him to change her .
He did it quickly without making her feel awkward. She almost wished he had because his red face showed he did like her. She wondered how much though. It seemed like he was fast becoming the prize catch of Seijitsu. Several people speculated that he and Akari were going out, but he treated everyone equally kind and looked at everyone with those same grayish brown eyes that said that the person in their scope was special. Chris Morrison told her about how she felt around him. She has said that he probably wasn’t even aware he was doing it and would probably be blind if some girl were to try and get him to see her more. His innocence made him more desirable to the girls. Mai saw him a little differently. After the first day at Seijitsu, she knew he was on the same path as her to become a true swordsman. She felt this gave her an extra attachment to him, but he didn’t pay any more attention to her than anyone else. Only Akari got more attention.
As he finished taping the diaper with duct tape, he smiled at her and apologized again. She said not to worry about it and quickly got dressed. This felt so much better. Without the added weight and bulk of the full diaper, she could move her legs quickly and capitalize on her speed again. The next opponent wouldn’t know what hit her.
When they got back, both Will and she were penalized for being late to their second matches and were just seconds away from being disqualified. With the added penalties of not bowing to her previous opponent, she only needed to lose one point to lose the match entirely. Again she cursed her stupidity and pride for getting her into this situation. She was the one who originally pushed for the club and one of the requirements was brining home several medals from this tournament. While she was fairly certain Hikaru Hayamizu wouldn’t take away the club now, as it was popular to the students, she felt obligated to see it through.
With this she readied her shinai and faced her opponent with such a serious force that the girl backed away slightly as though she could feel the ki emanating from Mai. She would have to have a perfect match to win, so she would give them just that. ‘But can I?’ she wondered. ‘This might be someone really good. That last girl wasn’t bad.’
From behind her she heard someone shout, <>Let’s GO MOTOKO-CHAN!<> she looked and saw all of Seijitsu in the bleachers on the second floor that surrounded the dojo. The cheering gave her a little more strength, but it just added to the pressure on her.
In the circle across from her, she saw Akari and someone else fighting. Akari was moving expertly and would soon win that fight. She recognized some of her own moves in Akari’s style and she recalled that both she and Sanosuke-sensei had helped train her. She recalled several months ago when she tried to help Akari feel at ease when they were about to fight at the other tournament. After Akari won, she bowed to the fallen girl and then turned to Mai’s circle, removing her helmet. She smiled at Mai and called out. <>Have fun!<>
‘Have fun?’ Mai thought. ‘Fun? This is supposed to be fun? My life dream to become the best is just fun? OF COURSE, this is all about fun!’ She readied her stance and smiled. This perfect match was going to be fun.
Will faced his final opponent of the morning. He was pleased. After the sixth round, most of the initial fighters had been weeded out and only the best remained. The double elimination round began when only twenty boys remained and Will began to have the time of his life. Of the twenty, two were from Kenshiki and one was from Fengar. This surprised him a little because he didn’t remember anyone at his last school with enough talent to get this far, and he suspected that they must have had easy matches because his last several before the final twenty were gathered had proved difficult.
His first opponent of the twenty was a boy from Kenshiki, and after he was soundly beaten he decided to make things difficult for Will by calling out to the crowd, <>This asshole wears diapers!<> Everyone laughed at him refusing to believe something so ridiculous. Will for one had been glad that his face plate hid his blush. That sore loser almost made things interesting.
His second of six matches was against the Fengar student, who while not extremely gifted, had enough raw luck to make the fight a challenge to Will. He had to employ unconventional tactics to beat him, which brought several different comments from the crowd to say he cheated, or from those who knew true kendo to applaud his ingenuity. Either way, the fighter was pissed and apologized to his team mates for failing to avenge the loss of Mai. Will was surprised that the people from Fengar felt so strongly about losing her, but then he realized that if she were stolen by another school from him right now he would be pissed as well. To keep bad blood from rising between their schools he approached the group and bowed to them, thanking his opponent for a good match and apologizing for Mai’s transfer, but assuring them that Mai was happy and would probably be upset if they were enemies. Some of the Fengar students didn’t want to accept this, but most of them did and the fighter he beat returned the bow, saying he accepted his loss and asked Will to take care of her, as she was the little sister of the entire Fengar team and if she were ever unhappy, they would collectively come and beat the shit out of him and the others at Seijitsu. Will smiled and walked away.
The third match was against the Kenshiki boy and Will learned in advance to the match that this one was the new personal pupil of Satoshi Saotome. He had feared this match ever since the start of the tournament. Saotome had talked to him before the others arrived and Will was not happy with it.
<>Do you still wear diapers, Galanos-san?<> Saotome asked calmly.
Will blushed and after a few moments of silence nodded and said, <>Yes, yes I do.<>
His old sensei smiled and said. <> I have a way of training my students to work on their opponent’s weaknesses. You know this from how I trained Futokoro-chan. I saw the weakness in Motoko, Mai’s wrist two years ago at the fall tournament and taught Akari how to make use of that weakness. If you are still wearing diapers then your footwork will be very sloppy still as it was when you were under me. You can compensate only so much, but it slows you down a lot. And today it will be even worse. You are thickly diapered, no? The extra bulk will further detract from your skill. I have taught Fujisaki, Tombo to make full use of that weakness. I knew you would be here. Don’t ask me how I knew, but I did. Against the other opponents, he will have to work out his own strategy, but I know that in order to advance he will have to beat you, and that is no small thing as we all remember your skill in the Kenshiki Dojo.<>
<>Why are you telling him this, sensei?<> Sanosuke-sensei asked. <>Are you trying to scare him into self doubt?<>
<>Quite the contrary, Sanosuke-san, <> Saotome smiled. <>Will was my pupil for a brief period of time and I wronged him when he should not have been wronged. I blame myself for him leaving both Kenshiki and my dojo. He is still my student and I care for his well being, so I am telling him to correct this weakness.<>
<>Will is incontinent,<> Sanosuke said confused. <>How can he fix his problem by ridding himself of diapers? He physically can’t do it!<>
Will looked at them both. <>Even if I were to take off my diaper I would have to re-compensate my legs to the feeling without diapers. I think that would be just as detrimental. I would have even weaker footing.<>
Saotome clapped his hands laughing. <>Bravo, Galanos-san!<> he said. <>The answer is easier than you think. I am going to let you figure it out on your own though to give, Fujisaki-san a chance. If you don’t learn he will beat you. <> He then walked over to his students picking up the bag he brought with him before he came over to Will and asked if he could speak to him in private.
Will acquiesced and the two left the dojo together to enter the temple. One of the monks saw Saotome and after bowing profusely he offered to fetch the two of them some tea. Once alone with their tea before them on a table, Saotome placed the Kenshiki bag on the table and pushed it over to Will. He opened it and saw inside several Molicare briefs, both super and superplus. Also was a roll of duct tape and two notebooks. Will looked at him questioningly.
Satoshi Saotome didn’t say anything. He simple contorted his face and breathed in. Will could see tears threatening to stream down his face, as the man leaned forward and grasped Will’s hand. <>It is so good to see you again, Galanos-san.<>
<>Sensei?<> Will asked, confused as to what this was all about. <>What is all this about? Where did you get those diapers?<>
Instead of answering, the man with such a severe face in school cried and said. <>I am so sorry! It’s all my fault! Forgive me, Galanos-san! I wronged you. I almost let you die that day so long ago, and I will never forgive myself. When you needed a friend, you received only scorn, and I let it happen. I, your coach, someone you depended on to stop them. I failed you. Forgive me<> He wept openly and freely.
Will hung his head and noticed his forelocks were indeed becoming long. He didn’t know how to react to this. He never blamed his teacher for what happened or for not sticking up for him. It had all just become a matter of course by then and no one could do anything about it. Still, to see someone who he did respect say these things to him moved his heart.
<>Those were left by you when you never returned to Kenshiki, <> Saotome said. <>They were going to throw them out with the rest of your things, but I saved them and stored them in my office until today. I knew you would be here. You had to be. No boy I have met at your age has such skill or love of the sport. For you to not come would mean you were gone from my life forever. I can’t have that, not when I have so much to teach and show you about the sword. <>
Will clutched the strap of the bag tightly, staring at the Kenshiki logo, which was a leaping stag that wore an expression of pride and nobility. Kenshiki meant pride. He didn’t want anything to do with it. <>But you are a coach for Kenshiki . . .<> he said slowly. <>You have a duty to your students.<>
Saotome sighed and frowned. <>None of my students have the fire you and Futokoro-chan had. They refuse to learn. Fujisaki was spoon-fed everything. He isn’t like you. I had to force him to do this. Don’t cocky because I said this, though. I mean what I said out there when I said you would lose if you don’t learn to curb your weakness. <> He stood up, his tea finished. <>One day I may come to teach you. Will you accept me as your teacher?<>
Will bowed his head low, <>Shishou (Master),<> he whispered. <> I must ask if you would accept me as your pupil despite the diapers.<>
<>Right now Kato has a hold on me, but that hold will soon weaken and I will be able to join you again.<> he said cryptically. <>Do well in your matches and think not of it today, but later you will need to be more wary of her. She has already hurt too many people at Kenshiki, she will search you out and destroy your happiness. Be careful.<>
The two embraced before returning to the dojo for opening ceremonies. Sanosuke was a little upset he missed the dialogue and pouted on his pillow, refusing to look at Will until Will apologized profusely and asked to be changed as the ceremony would soon start. At this, Sanosuke relented and the two went to the dojo quickly to change Will, making it back just before Mai and Akari.
Saotome was right. He needed to think or he would lose, and he did. Even with his diapers he could still lunge with great speed, but running was not that easy, nor were side movements. This Fujisaki moved like a crab, sidestepping all over the ring. Trying to chase it, Will was hit in the wrist after missing a strike. It was Will’s first loss. He had never lost in a tournament before, but oddly enough, the loss didn’t bother him too much. It just proved what he already knew. Satoshi Saotome was unbelievable as a teacher. He made someone with little skill like Fujisaki capable of beating someone like Will. It was really quite remarkable. After the match Fujisaki looked really happy. Will congratulated him, but said softly. <>Don’t expect that to work on me again. I will figure out how to beat it!<> The boy gulped and Will smiled good naturedly.
As Will worked his way up the loser’s bracket he thought about why he lost. It was the impossibility of moving in quick diagonals. If he could move his leg quickly he would be able to make use of his quick arms, but the diaper made that very difficult. The next match placed him up against someone else who had moved up the loser’s bracket to get to Will. He was good and Will didn’t see how he lost in the first round, but that didn’t stop him from taking out. The fifth match was against him and the participant’ Fujisaki beat. Essentially, they were competing for third place now. When Will beat him easily, he became annoyed. If Fujisaki could beat this fellow then he must have a little talent, but Will had watched that match and it was won very clumsily. That clumsiness and uncertainty might be the tools needed to win. He thought about Saotome’s fight with Sanosuke and began to smile. The answer was right there, just as Saotome-shishou had said.
When they faced each other again, Will made sure to say to him. <>I know how to beat you now. It’s so easy I can’t believe I lost to you before. Are you ready? Cause I am!<>
This had the desired affect. He had noticed that this boy’s fighting ability fluctuated with his confidence level. Unless he was sure of himself he couldn’t fight with his utmost potential. Saotome sensei coached him before each match, and Will noticed that most of those comments were to bolster the boy’s courage. If he undermined that courage he could beat his own weakness by getting Fujisaki’s weakness to compensate for it.
The match started and Will adopted a defensive stance and waited. Sure enough, he was right. Fujisaki had been instructed to counter the attacks and take advantage of Will’s bad footwork, and to avoid infighting where he couldn’t beat Will. He had not been instructed on what to do if Will just stood there. All in all, this boy was remarkable, by following instructions exactly he was able to beat the opponent no matter how much better that opponent was. In essence, it made it seem almost as though Saotome-shishou were fighting instead. But the trick was found out. Will smiled and continued to wait.
Both fighters were deducted points for delaying the match. Everyone was confused. This was the championship match for the boys age 12 –18. Two boys, one fourteen and the other fifteen were the ones who remained and they were just staring at each other.
‘Damnit!’ Will thought. ‘This boy is good at following instructions: Don’t attack. Counter. If I move in then I am in trouble. He’ll be able to counter my attack and beat me. How do I do this?’ This was wear the physiological warfare came in. Fujisaki was beginning to fidget. The loss of points was getting to him and he was becoming confused.
<>Are you afraid to attack me?<> Will asked. <>Doesn’t this cowardliness go against Bushido? I am disgusted. Fight me honorably!<>
<>Th- The same could be said of you!<> the boy called back, very awkwardly. <>Why don’t you attack if you’re so honorable?<>
<>Alright!<> Will shouted. <>I will!<> He flexed his legs and ran forward with his sword up for a head strike and then, just before the strike came down, he leapt backwards, anticipating the proper counter that Fujisaki would use. <>Changed my mind!<> While stressed and confused, the boy couldn’t execute anything but a choppily fluid strike, that Will could read and avoid. The counter to Will’s strike was countered by Will’s next move which caught Fujisaki on the helmet. After almost three minutes of inaction, it was decided in less than ten seconds.
The two were greeted by the applause of both schools. Everyone was satisfied with the result. Saotome came up to them both and grinned. <>I knew you would find a way, Galanos-san.<> he said before bowing to his student and saying. <>Very well done, Fujisaki-san. You see? You did have the talent to go all the way to the top.<>
<>I wish I had won though.<> he said sullenly.
<>Ah, but you see, you did win!<> Saotome smiled. <>You learned that after you defeat someone’s weaknesses, they will compensate and fix them. Life is not like an algebraic formula with set rules and scenarios. It changes from day to day and grows. You have learned a valuable lesson in kendo. I would say you are walking away the true winner.<> This seemed to console the boy and everyone left the morning tourney happy.
For the girls things were a little different. The last match was Mai and Akari as most everyone expected it to be, but the two girls seemed different from usual in the match. They were both going all out to win, which never had happened at practice. It was just the unwritten law that Mai and Will were better than Akari and while she made leaps and bounds in her own growth, so did they placing her forever in third place. This tournament was her chance to shine like they did for once and she would accept nothing short of first for the tournament. Mai must have felt the same because she was holding her position tenaciously. Both of them traded blows and danced around like experts and everyone watching was mesmerized by the fluid grace that both girls exercised. It didn’t seem possible for girl’s that age to move so fast and several of the opponents they both had beaten complained that it wasn’t fair for them to participate as amateurs. They should be in the professional tourneys instead of stealing trophies from true amateurs. Neither of the girls cared about that. This was about winning glory for Seijitsu, and that done they were going to now gain glory for themselves in this match.
Akari remembered her conversation with Chris and Megumi before this match. She was very nervous as she had lost to a random girl who got a lucky hit in. Mai would have never let such a thing happen and this weighed heavily on her as she gathered her thoughts for the final match. Chris noticed her sour expression as she sat down under their flag area to drink some water and wait for the next match.
<>You alright Akari?<> Chris called down.
Akari looked up in surprise to see them gathered in the bleachers overlooking the dojo. Most of the school was split between watching one of the matches of the three students or hanging out over the flag area of their school. <>Fine I guess,<> she said distractedly, <>Guess I am just nervous!<>
Chris wore a serious frown at that. <>Don’t be nervous! Just fight Mai with all you have!<>
Megumi nodded, <>Yeah! She wouldn’t want anything less! What are you nervous about?<>
<> I made a really simple mistake in one of my matches and lost. I don’t want to lose again, especially after something like that.<> she said dejectedly. Chris and Mai looked at each other and laughed nervously. <>What’s so funny? <>
<>Well, <> Megumi said. <> We kinda just had this conversation about twenty minutes ago.<>
<>Yeah, <> Chris added. <>Don’t let your feelings of embarrassment get in the way of your friendship or having fun out there. I made a mistake in the tea room, and I scared a lot of people. Don’t worry about your mistake. They happen. The real mistake would be to lose knowing you could have done better! If a mistake happens. Just continue! We’re supporting you so go out there and do it! <>
<>HEY!<> a voice called from behind Akari. <>Don’t make me look like the bad guy! That’s mean. <> Everyone laughed at Mai which caused her to pout. <>Fine. Be that way. See if I ever change your diaper again!<>
Chris laughed even harder, despite the looks people were giving them. <>You know you will, so don’t even lie!<>
Mai grinned and patted Akari on the back, asking if she were ready. Akari nodded and the two walked to the circle where all of the girls were waiting for the final match. The entire Fengar team was on one side of the ring, chanting <>Motoko!<> over and over again. Mai blushed and waved to them, even calling out a few of their names. The she turned to Akari and gave her uppercut bicep slap before saying, <>he he! I am not going to lose here! I have the support of Fengar!<> This caused the Fengar team to go absolutely ballistic in their cheering.
Akari felt a little small after this, but after turning to look over her shoulder at Megumi and Chris, she smiled at Mai and said. <> I can’t lose either! I have the support of Seijitsu!<> The bleachers cheered for Akari as the school began to chant <>Futokoro!<>
<>Aww!<> Mai whined. <>That’s not nice or fair! I am Seijitsu too! <> she said placing her thumb under the sigil of the phoenix on her gi. <>See? See? Cheer for me too, guys! <> Akari laughed and hugged her saying she would cheer for her. <>Fat lot of good that does me, Akari-chan!<> she giggled.
They laughed with everyone else as they put their helmets on, and then everyone got real quiet. The two readied their stances and everyone could hear a pin drop. The boys’ matches were all over and Will was watching them too, with Sanosuke sensei.
The quiet lasted another few seconds as everyone expected to hear a battle cry from one of them, instead they heard Mai say, <>Ne, ne. Akari-chan? It’s so quiet.<> Everyone laughed at this and she put her hand behind her head and giggled again. Akari sighed and wondered if Mai would ever grow up. She hoped not.
The match was violent and fast paced. Neither could afford to give up any territory and Akari knew she was fighting the best game of her life. Win or lose she was having a blast facing her rival. The chance victory came when Akari heard a loud fart escape Mai, followed by a smell soon after. Mai tried not to slow down, but Akari knew that moving in a messy diaper was both disgusting and hard. Mai couldn’t keep up with Akari anymore. But Akari didn’t take the easy win. She wouldn’t be satisfied with that. But she also knew that Mai couldn’t exactly get changed in the middle of their fight. So she didn’t the only honorable thing she could think of, she forfeited. She wasn’t going to take her victory that way.
Mai was thoroughly devastated. She was crying and was very unhappy with how the match ended. Everyone in the bleachers weren’t exactly thrilled either. They couldn’t understand why such a great fight suddenly ended with one of the participants forfeiting. Several people booed and this caused Mai to cry even louder. Akari walked up to her and hugged her, cooing to her as she knew Mai liked that, and saying. <>It’s alright baby. It’s alright.<>
Sanosuke saved them by ushering them out of the Dojo to be changed. Akari needed to be changed too at this point. After she was out of the messy diaper, Mai calmed down and asked Akari, <>Why didn’t you take the win?<>
<>Would you have been happy about it? <>Akari replied.
<>If you were happy with it, I would have been.<>
Akari placed her index finger on her jaw saying, <>Hmm, maybe I should have then.<>
Sanosuke glared at her and said. <>Stop being a bully, Futokoro-chan!<> Both girls laughed and began to talk about other things .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

After seeing the performance of the three in the singles tournament, no one was surprised when the three walked away without any losses in the team tourney kendo tournament that afternoon, That was a lot more fun though as it was great to have the whole school cheering for the team. Will was very entertained and could honestly say this was one of the better days of his life. This was even more entertaining as he watched the professional matches after the team tournament had ended. Sanosuke-sensei won his match and Seijitsu erupted in cheers for their instructor. He dedicated his victory to them and the school got a lot of good publicity, which seemed to please Hikaru Hayamizu immensely. The match between Ouza and Saotome was the treat of the day though. The two were so incredible that it made all of what the children did that seemed impossible look like child’s play. The fight was watched in silence as the whole audience was captivated. After it was over, Ouza won, Will looked at the Kenshiki bag, that Saotome-shishou had given him and smiled at the one good thing that Kenshiki had given him besides the Hayamizu family and Akari. He truly hoped that he would one day get to be the disciple of the great teacher.
After the awards ceremony the children loaded up on the bus and Will made sure to sit next to Noriko who was yawning terribly, though he did notice that she had been entertained by the professional matches. She had dropped that wall again and he had seen the real girl. He wanted to bring that girl out permanently. Everyone seemed a little shocked that he decided to sit beside the painfully antisocial Noriko, but they left him alone, knowing Will was probably trying to bring her out of her shell as he had with Chris.
Noriko didn’t even look at him for several minutes until he asked her what she thought of the professional matches. He received a few noncommittal grunts. Slightly annoyed he decided to move in for the kill. <>Why are you hiding from me?<>
<>I am not hiding from you or anyone else, freak!<> she growled.
<>Oh?<> he said. <>Am I freak because I wear diapers? If so, then you are saying everyone born with a disability is a freak. I somehow doubt you really feel that way, and while I may be a freak for choosing this lifestyle, none of the others are. They don’t deserve your contempt!<> He left Akari out of that because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that she had also chosen to live this way.
<>Well then I will reserve the title “freak” for you.<> she said exasperated.<> There, is that better? Now leave me alone!<>
<>No,<> he said resolutely. <> You have five years left of me and the others and life will only get harder if you continue to live in this little shell of yours. I don’t know why you live like that but I have my guesses.<>
<>And what do your guesses tell you, Holmes? <> she spat.
Will cleared his throat. This was going to be difficult and he didn’t think it was best for him to do this. It should be an adult, but sink or swim he had gotten himself into this. <>I think you are abused at home.<> he whispered.
He had not expected what happened next.
To be continued. . .

She slapped him so hard that he fell out of the seat. The bus swerved as the driver saw one of the children fall into the aisle with a resounding thud, but then quickly righted itself when Will waved his hand that all was well. He gingerly touched his cheek, which felt raw as though a thousand bees stung it at once. Silence surrounded the bus as the children who had previously been chatting happily now stopped their conversations and stared. The only sound over the hum of the engine was Noriko’s heavy breathing as she gasped. Her eyes radiated a frost that the chill air outside could never have hoped to match, while at the same time brimming with tears, and she screamed, <>How dare you say something like that!? <>
Ryu Sanosuke, the only chaperone as the Hayamizu’s left in their own car from the dojo, walked up from his seat to the front of the bus. He had been sitting in the back with Mai and Chisato talking animatedly until he saw Will fly out of the seat. He had waited for the bus to stop swerving before walking forward. With ease he picked Will up off of the floor and then sat next to Noriko. Will, without a word, went to the back of the bus and sat beside the two girls.
He bit back tears in his eyes, not tears of pain, but of anger. After all, had he not been only trying to help? There was no call for her to react so violently. Still, maybe he had been stretching his neck to far. After all, what could a fourteen year old boy know about the suffering of a stranger. He just assumed that since he had suffered so much he should try to help anyone else with their suffering. ‘But then again,’ he thought. ‘Have I suffered? I mean, I get to wear diapers and my family is cool with it. The treat me well. My best friends all wear them too. Heck, I even won the kendo tourney. Life has been pretty good to me lately. What right do I have to compare myself to someone who is legitimately suffering?’
Still, he could not get the marks on Noriko’s legs out of his mind. The first day that she came to Seijitsu was not the only time he noticed the long welts along her legs. For the most part her uniform’s skirt covered the marks but when she sat or moved quickly, the marks became painfully obvious. Whoever was doing it wanted to hide the fact that it was done. But it couldn’t be her family. Why else would she have been so insulted by his accusation. He felt nothing but shame for the way he had acted.
<>Care to share those thoughts?<> Chisato asked, nudging him by leaning over Mai’s lap. <>Or are you going to keep silent the whole trip home?<>
Will smiled weakly, <>I know nothing. . . and that bothers me.<> He smiled again and looked down.
<> Does it still hurt?<> Mai asked, while touching his cheek lightly. <> I remember it hurt a lot when she slapped me. I can’t believe she did that!<>
Will placed his palm over the wound and nodded to her, <> I am fine<>, he said reassuringly, <> I just hope Koneko-san is. . .<>
<>Forget about her!<> Mai spat. Will looked at her stunned. This sort of violent outburst was completely uncharacteristic of Mai, and the coldness in her eyes and voice made Will reevaluate how much he really knew about the bouncy upbeat girl everyone assumed was a klutz and space cadet. <>Hurting me I can understand, even forgive, but to hurt my friends is unforgivable! Forget about her Galanos-kun!<>
Will sighed and looked at his hand, which he now clasped over his lap. <>I can’t,<> he whispered.
<>Why not!?<> she asked shocked.
<>She reminds me of someone I used to know. He was hopeless, a complete loser and no one liked him or wanted to like him. He was shy and never made any friends so when he became a target he just developed a thick skin. He became cold to everyone and bitter to the world. He hated everything and everyone because no one cared about him. <>
Chisato had a glazed expression in her eyes as she looked at him. She whispered something unintelligible that he took for pity. She definitely looked uncomfortable hearing about this. Mai simply asked, <> Who is he?<>
Will smiled and looked at her in her green eyes. His own steel gray eyes, which shown brown in dark lights appeared listless and soulless as he muttered, <>That was me <>
Chisato blurted out, <>But you aren’t anything like that! <>
Will winked and grinned, some of his vitality returning to his eyes, <> Indeed. That was a long time ago. I changed after meeting some wonderful people, <> he said looking at Mai, who blushed. <>I had hoped that given the same sort of help, Koneko-san would have opened up. She looks to be hurting from something. <>
<>Out of curiosity, <>Naoto asked from the seat in front of them. <>What did you say to get slapped so hard?>?
Will blushed and said. <>I’d rather not talk about it.<>
<>Well,<> Naoto sighed, his gossipy nature denied its food. <>what do you wanna talk about?<>
Will grinned at his friend. <> About how much I need to be changed?<> he said ruefully. <>I think I spilled everything I had and this fellow<> he said pointing at his crotch, <> can hold no more.<>
Naoto laughed and nudged Akari, who was sitting quietly next to him and Chris, Megumi was sitting in front of them. <>Could be worse. You could have to sit in a messy diaper like Futokoro-chan, here!<>
Akari smacked his arm hard. <>Why did you say that? You big meanie! <>
Will sniffed the air and while he now faintly noticed the sick aroma coming from her, he wondered how she was hiding it. <>How have you masked the smell, Akari-chan?<>
She blushed and said nothing, causing Naoto to burst into more laughter. Usually Akari’s messes were quiet smelly, and this should have been no exception. Naoto answered for her causing her more embarrassment. <>She’s been having diarrhea ever since she sat down. It doesn’t smell much because she already had a full bowel movement today but she is suffering from fire bum something fierce!<>
Akari sniffled at this and refused to look at any of them. Will couldn’t help but smile even if he felt sorry for her. Nothing was more annoying than that feeling of acid passing through the bowels in diarrhea. She moaned most of the trip home commenting on how WONDERFUL her friends were for making fun of her suffering.
When the bus finally arrived at Seijitsu, late that night, Will watched as Noriko was escorted by Sanosuke-sensei off the bus and straight to her awaiting father. From the back of the bus he hadn’t been able to hear anything that happened up where Sanosuke-sensei and Noriko were talking, or if they even talked at all. Her father stood in front of a fancy black sedan and wore a very classy suit. When Sanosuke-sensei spoke to him he glared at his daughter with eyes bereft of any love or compassion. They were menacing and cruel. Sanosuke-sensei must not have noticed it, which seemed weird to Will because his teacher was usually pretty adapt at reading people’s malevolent energies. The look of fear in Noriko’s face and the way she fidgeted let Will know that this was going to be ugly when she got home. This was a familiar occurrence and she knew what was coming.
After the rest of the students got off and Will, with Mai and Chisato were able to exit, Noriko and her father had left. Will was about to talk to Sanosuke-sensei about his fears when Akari almost bowled him over in her rush to get to Sanosuke. Breathing hard and gritting her teeth she managed to get out. <>Change me, NOW! <>
Will smiled at this. The once fearful relationship of master and student had dissolved over the last three weeks. As Ryu Sanosuke became more adapt at changing her diapers, they developed almost a sibling-esque bond. She treated him like an annoying older brother who should listen to his wise and understanding sister, who in Akari’s case, more often than not wanted her diaper changed. Ryu (as he will be called from now on) sighed and picked her up like a sack of potatoes. Before she could complain he popped a pacifier in her mouth. She tried to spit it out, but her strapped it behind her head and she could do naught but suck and make incoherent gurgling noises around it. Will found it more than a little cute as she now looked like a baby doll in hakama.
Will walked with them to the gym to change, as he needed one too, and asked, <> Where and why did you get that?<>
Ryu grinned at Will and said. <> I have to deal with a baby sister almost everyday. “Change me, Change me, Change me!” Which I am more than willing to do, but I am getting sick of her attitude about it. I do it as a favor, not because I have to. It’s about time she realized who the boss is around here.<> He said before swatting her diapered behind with his other hand, <>And who the baby is!<>
Will chuckled as Ryu placed her on the changing table and proceeded to undress her as he would an infant. From the look in Akari’s face he could tell that she enjoyed this treatment more than a little. From his research he did online a while back, Will had learned all about the phenomenon of Adult Babies, but he had never felt the urge to take that step. He loved his diapers and relied on them for their comfort and security, but he didn’t want to become a baby again. He probably thought to much. His mind refused to allow him the luxury of regressing to a time when things were simple. He had to rationalize things and babies, while cute, just couldn’t understand deep things like philosophy and religion. For them, God was mommy and daddy who changed their diapers and loved them unconditionally. For him, he needed to look beyond such a simple spectrum. Having spent almost four months with Akari he had assumed she was the same, just another diaper lover. Looking at her now, contently sucking on her pacifier, he could see he was wrong.
He thought back to her confession several months ago. She said she needed someone to take care of her, that with a crutch she could truly shine. He had taken that dependence on one level but perhaps she meant it at another. Maybe she wanted to regress.
As Ryu undid her diaper and began to clean her up, she winced as the wipe made contact with her burning anus. He comforted her saying it would feel better in a few hours now that it was thoroughly cleaned. She nodded through her pacifier and started to nod off. The day had been long and it appeared she wanted to sleep. Ryu sighed and gently finished the changing by taping her Abena up. Instead of placing her back in her hakama and gi, which would have been quite difficult as she was clearly set on sleeping, he went to her locker and produced a pink sleeper with padded feet.
Will was shocked. He had never seen something like this in real life, only online. He could barely believe his eyes as Akari was placed in the garment and then placed on the floor. Ryu smiled at Will and motioned for him to get on the changing table. After Will quickly divested , he quickly got on the table and laid back to get changed. As Ryu set about untaping Will’s Molicare, Will asked, <>So what’s going on here?<>
Ryu sighed and looked away, <>That one has a strange mom,<> he said. <>She came by soon after you guys were dropped off and gave us the pacifier and other baby things. She seems to like the idea of making her daughter a baby again. At first I was opposed, but Hayamizu Tomoko-san asked me to do as she requested. Now, after seeing how Futokoro-chan reacted, I can see that the feeling is mutual. I think she really wants to be a baby again, and while weird, as long as she doesn’t neglect her kendo, I could care less. She wants an older brother, then I will be it. <> He scratched his clean-shaven jaw line, <>I miss having a little sister anyway. She’s staying with you tonight, by the way. Her mom asked yours to take care of her for the weekend as she had some things she wanted to take care of back home. <>
Will nodded dumbly and got dressed after he was changed into some jeans and a t-shirt.

Peter Adams sat in his boring math class and clacked his pencil against his ear while fighting the urge to yawn. This was really beneath him, he thought. Before, he might have considered learning this garbage, but now that his life was already decided he didn’t feel the need. He vaguely what would happen when his father was to be transferred to another base. What would Misao Kato do then? He had grown to know her ways over the last few weeks. After investing time in anything she was very hesitant about letting it go. And she had invested a lot of time with him. She made him train with her house elite in fighting and self defense and was even instructed on how to use a firearm.
His mother thought he was going to football practice, but he wasn’t. Kato had paid off the coach to say nothing to his mom. Over the three week period he had spent every hour from the end of school to the stroke of midnight learning what Kato wanted him to. In a way, he enjoyed it as he knew that if that prick Terry ever tried to fight him again he would probably kill him easily. A lot of it sucked though. He knew he would never escape this bitch, even when this was over. He owed her his life and he could do nothing about it.
Two weeks ago he had been allowed to meet the mystery project that Kato was working on in private. The girl hadn’t been much of a looker, but her face was something else as far as personality was concerned. She didn’t have one. She was a blank slate as far he could tell with the same sort of bitterness he found in Kato. He instantly hated her.
A few days later, he had been instructed to assault her and threaten to rape her in front of Kato. The freak didn’t even respond. It made him think of Akari when he almost raped her. Akari had been crying and desperately wanted to be saved. This girl didn’t seem to care one way or another and that bothered him. It was as if she weren’t human anymore. When he learned of her placement in Seijitsu he wondered how it would work. He had not met her again after that day he was instructed to assault her. This doll of Kato’s was just that, a doll.
As he tapped the pencil across his nose he contemplated leaving and getting in a fight just for the hell of it. After all the training he had truly begun to love fighting. The adrenaline rush was incredible and after a few wins in the practice arena he was beginning to feel as though the world within range of his fists was his own. There, Kato couldn’t reach him and he could lose himself in the moment. The euphoria of feeling his knuckles connect with the face of his opponent made him desire the effects more and more.
He vaguely remembered the boy he had been before. Dutiful, honorable, and charitable. Life changes people. Now he had only one dimension, one foreseeable future. Obey Kato
Will lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. Next door he could hear Terry watching a movie, which by the noises with music led him to believe the tape was a little risqué in nature. Across the hall he saw Allan’s light on and heard the clack of go stones hitting the goban. He would probably be up for a few more hours working on go problems that his teacher sent home with him. Down the hall he could hear his mother talking to his father as he ironed his smocks for the next day at work. In his chest he could hear his heart beat a little faster than usual. It beat faster because, in a cot across the room he heard the soft breathing of Akari Futokoro sleeping. For the last few minutes he had been looking at her. She still wore the pink sleeper her mom sent to the school and she was crawled up in the fetal position under the blankets Irene Galanos had provided.
Not for the first time he wondered how it was the she was sleeping in his room and why she was sleeping over at all. While Akari was taking a bath, Irene took Will and explained what was going on. Akari, while by outwards appearances was getting over her traumatic experience with Peter rather well, had not gotten over it on an internal level. She was very scared at night, especially when alone in her bed. Jessica Futokoro had found her daughter several nights in a row, sleeping on the floor shivering in fear of the bed. Apparently Akari regressed a lot at home during this time. She crawled around and played with her younger brothers’ toys from when they were toddlers. Both her parents were very concerned and consulted a psychiatrist on what should be done. The doctor said to let her regress if it made the pain fade away. To help her regress more they were building a rib and changing table in her room as well as repainting it to appear more like a nursery. So that Akari wouldn’t be home to ruin the surprise Irene had been asked to care for her daughter and to keep her near Will as often as possible because the girl seemed to associate him with comfort and security. For this reason, she was to sleep in his room so she could wake him if she woke to a bad dream or experience.
This made him think of Noriko Koneko again for the thousandth time. He stared at the paint of his ceiling and contemplated the welts on her legs, the look of fear in her eyes and the malice of her father. He didn’t doubt anymore that his original suspicion was correct. There was some sort of abuse going on in her household and he had to find out what it was. The thing that bothered him was that the abuse was so obvious, why hadn’t the Hayamizu’s done anything. They must have seen those welts the day she came and everyone else must have too. Why were they ignoring it? Sure, Noriko was annoying almost all the time, but that was no call to ignore her pain.
His reverie was interrupted by a soft crying to his right. He looked over and saw Akari’s face buried in her pillow and heard her thrash around under the sheets. He got out of bed and walked over to her cot to see what was the matter. When he touched her hair, she jumped like a startled rabbit and looked at him with dilated eyes. He smiled at her and stroked her hair as he sat down by her head. She shakily grabbed his thigh and placed her head upon it as he continue to gently move his hand through the long and soft strands of her hair. After a few moments she calmed down and again fell into slumber, bur the second he tried to stand up she awoke and again clutched him while shaking her head indicating that she wanted him to stay. He said nothing as he sat again and resumed stroking her hair. This time, when she fell asleep, he didn’t try to leave. He stayed there and stroked her hair, realizing that he couldn’t get any sleep this night, despite how tired he was.
While he petted her hair he again sank into his brooding thoughts. He was not even aware of sleeping catching him as he sat. It just happened. His hand stopped moving and his head drooped while blackness consumed his vision.
He awoke to Akari petting his hand which was still on her head. Sunlight was streaming through his window and he could tell that it was still quite early in the morning. No one else was up, he was sure. He smiled down at her and she grinned at him like a little girl. <>Are you wet, Akari-chan?<> he asked softly.
She nodded and got up stretching. She looked so cute in the pink sleeper as she arched her back and let out a mighty yawn. Apparently she had slept very well. Will wished he could have also. As he stood up he felt his back crack repeatedly and the soreness that accompanied the sound effects was quite substantial. He stretched a little, wincing at the pops and cracks and then walked over to the changing table, where Akari was already waiting. She seemed very excited to have Will change her diaper again and Will recalled vaguely the last time he had changed her after Church in that restaurant. He hoped things wouldn’t escalate like that this time. He did care for her, but to become sexually aroused to her seemed dirty to his unusual mind. She and all of his friends were just that, his friends and to think about them in terms of sex would relegate them to object status, which his moral and passionate soul could not allow. He cared too much to let his body rule his reason.
He helped her out of her sleeper and then asked if she were cold. The heater worked wonderfully in the house and she responded that she was fine before he set to untaping her diaper. It was filled to the utmost with her pee and he wondered how it hadn’t leaked on her. The stank smell of urine wafted to his nose but he ignored it, quite used to it by now. He grabbed a few wipes and cleaned her quickly before getting the oil. He liberally applied it to his palms and then began to work it into her legs and bottom before moving over her crotch. She became aroused again as she had before and Will was once again able to see deep into her sex as her legs were wide open, but this time, perhaps because of his resolution after her tragedy, he managed to keep control over himself and did not react as he had before. In the end, he was very pleased with himself. After this, he took the powder and dusted her before placing a fresh diaper under her, one of his Molicare super pluses. He then used duct tape to secure the tapes and helped her get dressed in some jeans and a t-shirt with Hello Kitty on it. She asked him to braid her hair for her and he readily agreed, loving to touch her soft hair. Once she was dressed she watched as Will changed himself, though she offered to do it for him. In record time he had changed himself and was getting dressed in some blue khaki pants and t-shirt with a button-down brown denim shirt over it.
Once both of them were dressed and ready to face the day, they went downstairs and had breakfast while watching Saturday morning cartoon. While they ate, the phone rang and when Will answered it, Naoto said, <>GOOOOOOOOOODMORNING!<>
<>You, my friend, <> Will said to the mouthpiece, <>have WAY too much energy this morning. What’s up?<>
<>You guys wanna come over today? I am bored out of my mind and need to talk to somebody.<> he said in a pleading voice.
<>Did he not get any sleep last night?<> Akari asked from her chair. <>I’ll bet he was playing video games all night again, wasn’t he!? <>
Will relayed the message and received a defeated groan from Naoto. <>You don’t understand, Galanos-san. <> he said laughing <> The latest game from Tactics came out yesterday. I had to get all the endings! <>
<>Even the bad ones?<> Will asked laughing.
Naoto said <> That just goes with playing the game. <> just as Akari shouted. <>I KNEW it. He was playing one of those gal games!<>
Will smiled at her and laughed to Naoto. <>So how were the endings? <> As Naoto related the better endings he also mentioned the sex scenes in the various plots and commented on how good the graphics were this time around. Will blushed beet red as he listened.
Akari laughed and teased, <>Perverts!<>
Will said he would ask his mom and they were soon on their way which was fine as far as Will was concerned because he wanted to ask the Hikaru and Tomoko some questions regarding Noriko. They arrived around eleven o’clock as Will had waited awhile to ask he parents since they were still asleep. Naoto and Akari, once they got there went to Naoto’s room to play a little SNK VS. CAPCOM, while Will went to talk with Hikaru as Tomoko was out shopping.
They met in the same strange study that Will had met the man in almost four months ago. The man hadn’t changed. He still wore his long hair in a neat ponytail and wore loose fitting clothes as he typed madly on his keyboard when Will knocked on the door.
“Enter!” came the brisk reply. The typing did not cease.
Will opened the door and found a chair under a stack of papers, where he sat down and waited for the man to realize he was there. He waited for a good two minutes, patiently listening to the click clack of the keys. He was about to speak when, while still typing, Hikaru said. “Might as well talk now. This is due in a few hours so I can’t stop for you, Galanos. I am sorry.”
“Maybe I should go then,” Will said, embarrassed. “This is kind of a serious matter so I wanted to really talk.”
Still clicking away, he leaned back in his office chair , whose back was facing Will, and looked at the boy. <>Go ahead. I am your principal. <>
“It’s about Noriko. . .”
“If you are referring to the bus incident, she has already received detention-”
“NO!” Will shouted. “I don’t want her to receive detention for that. I wanted to know her history. And why the hell has nothing been done.”
While he typed he shook his head. “I don’t follow you Galanos,” he said. “What are you trying to tell me?”
“The welts on her legs. She’s been beaten often and it seems like no one cares. What is going on at their house? You have to know!”
“I don’t have to know anything,” he replied. “Noriko fell down the stairs the day she came to our school and very nearly broke her legs. Her mother called in and asked if it would be alright if Noriko came as she really wanted to come. Apparently the girl has a medical condition where she spasms and falls periodically.”
“I don’t buy that!” Will spat. “Have you seen her run in gym class? She is very coordinated. She couldn’t have nearly broken her legs either to run like she did. You didn’t see it, but we all did. She’s athletic and you don’t get athletic with a disease like that because you would hurt yourself.”
“Are you telling me I am not doing my job?” Hikaru asked menacingly. The typing seemed to have slowed down and the clicks were much louder and punctuated.
“You are a CEO and a computer programmer, Mr. Hayamizu,” Will replied calmly. “You aren’t trained to be a principal by vocation.”
“And you are saying my wife isn’t doing her job as a nurse. She confirmed their story and has seen Noriko everyday for her bruises. What do you say to that?” Will was silent. “Frankly Galanos I am disappointed in you. You come into my house and insult me and my own to my very face. But for the fact that you are Naoto’s friend and he invited you, I would ask you to leave.”
Tears had now formed in Will’s eyes. To be spoken to like this was very demeaning, especially when he didn’t have the answers he wanted. Very angrily he bowed to Hikaru, who couldn’t see as he was still immersed in his programming, and left the room with a quick apology. He walked to Naoto’s room and saw that Akari was once again beating Naoto to a pulp in the fighting game. He really couldn’t understand where her skill at this came from.
The two knew Will was upset and pressed him for the details of what happened and so angry was he that he actually gave in and related the whole episode. Naoto was confused because he hadn’t ever heard his mom speak of Noriko. Will was angry. He wanted to know what was going on and decided that the best way to find out would be to talk to Noriko herself, a difficult task at best. However, with the help of the club they would get her to talk, he was sure.
Akari and Will left later that afternoon with a plan on how to talk to Noriko in private on Monday. Akari stayed with Will all weekend and Saturday night proved just as taxing as Friday. He had to sneak into her bed after his parents went to sleep and allow her to nestle into his arms so that she would fall asleep soundly. Had he not been so concerned about the whole Noriko issue he might have looked deeper into the relevance of Akari’s actions, but that was for another day. Her parents were ready for her to come home yet so she spent Sunday night with the Galanos family as well and went to school with Will that Monday morning.
Together with the rest of the Diaper club he met and discussed how they would capture Noriko. It was decided that the best time would be during gym. They spoke at length how to accomplish this and went to speak with Sanosuke-sensei to help them. He agreed readily as he was very worried about the issue as well.
The day passed slowly for everyone. They were all waiting foe gym so the other classes seemed to take extra long and more than once one or more were called on to pay more attention to the subject. When gym finally approached, the diaper club got into position. The exercise of the day would be marathon running and Sanosuke-sensei placed Chris and Will next to Noriko as they were the fastest of the five. The plan was simple, now that he thought about it. The two of them would lead Noriko off track as they would quickly out distance the others and lead her to an ambush site. There, they would talk to her.
The plan worked like a well-oiled machine. The three of them ran faster than the others and Chris and Will made every appearance that they were going to outrun Noriko, who as an athlete in track could not allow. She matched their pace and didn’t seem to notice when they broke off of the beaten path into the woods. They were all three running top speed, and while Will’s ribs were beginning to hurt, he knew the plan was working and that he and the others would get their answers.
Sooner than he thought, Mai stepped from behind a tree up the path ahead of them and signaled them into a clearing where the rest of the club was waiting. As soon as they entered the clearing everyone jumped Noriko and using soft rope, they tied her arms to her sides. Mai smiled as she did this saying, <>Just a precaution so you don’t go slapping anyone, Koneko-chan!<> she giggled and then kissed her on the forehead.
Noriko Koneko, however, thrashed for all she was worth, but under the power of five people she couldn’t put up much of a fight, so she resorted to screaming, <>What the fuck is going on here!? LET ME GO!<>
Will crouched in front of her and smiled. <>In good time,<> he said, noticing the fear in her voice and the tears threatening to ruin her tough façade. <> First, I want some answer and you are going to give them to me.<>
<>Fuck you!<>
He smiled again and said softly and very kindly, <>We only want to help you, Koneko-san. We care about you because you are one of our family now. Please let us help you.<> She was very quiet so Will continued. <>I know those bruises on your legs aren’t from falling. Now why hasn’t Hayamizu Tomoko said or done anything. I know she isn’t stupid. She can see these for what they are. <>
Quietly, in a subdued voice, Noriko answered. <>I asked her not to. . .<>
All of the people in the clearing looked at her strangely, Will most of all. <>Why would you do that?<>
<>I asked her to let me solve it on my own, and she let me saying that if I was ever in danger that I should call her and then the police, <> she said in a numb voice.
<>Danger from what?<> Chris asked.
Will glowered at the ground. <>From your father, right? <> he asked. <>What has he done to you!?<>
To this, she burst into tears and cried for a while before sobbing out, <>YOU don’t understand! He’ll kill me if I talk!<>
Mai brushed Will aside and took his place in front of her. <>Tell me, Koneko-san. He won’t find out through us.<>
It was at that moment that they learned the terrible truth about Noriko Koneko. . .

She was born into a very rich family. Her father was a genius and a very shrewd lawyer. He almost never lost a case and he used any tactic to win. This way of life crept into their home life and when Noriko was old enough, he began to touch her in certain ways that made her very uncomfortable. She asked him to stop and this made him mad so he would hit her very hard until she would let him touch her as he liked. She went to her mother about this and she threatened to call the police, but he said that he would sue the police for all they were worth if they dared cross him. No one crossed him in the courts and everyone knew that. Because of this, Noriko’s attacks went unchecked.
She reacted to this horrible revelation by turning her anger on the world around her. As far as she could tell it was everyone else’s fault all this was happening to her and no one cared about it. She especially hated the diaper club because as babies they were beyond sheltered from the horrors of reality and the facts of life.
She did learn some ways to avoid him. She learned to run very fast and joined the track club at her old middle school. This helped strengthen her legs so that she could ward off his advances better and because of this he resorted to beating her precious legs only. He would use his belt and lash at he thighs until she couldn’t move. Luckily, nothing had yet happened that would ruin her. He had not invaded her inner sanctum and for this she was very grateful. He liked to grope her still developing breasts and touch her mound, which now was growing hair. She only hoped he didn’t go too much farther because then she would be in true danger.

//Will refrained from mentioning that she already was in real danger and let her continue.//
Her mother found out about Seijitsu and both her parents liked the idea of a private school for her. Her mother liked it because Noriko would have a chance to go to Tokyo University. Her father liked it because a private school afforded him less people to be concerned with knowing how he treated his daughter. They quickly made her take the test and she passed with flying colors.
The very first day that Tomoko met Noriko she knew something was wrong and got to the bottom of it quickly, but Noriko warned her not to interfere or her father would use the courts to close the school. This frightened the good nurse more than a little, but she still wanted to help the poor girl. Noriko assured her that she would take care of it her own way. In a few more years she would be too strong for her father to toy with.
<>A few years is too long to wait!<> Akari said, shivering. She had a very distant look in her eyes after hearing about Noriko’s problem, which mirrored her own fears.
<>I agree.<> Mai said. <>We must stop this bastard before he does something horrible. . .<>
<>YOU CAN’T!<> Noriko shouted. <>There’s no way you can win against him. He’s unmatched in courts. He’ll close the school!<>
<>You aren’t alone anymore, Koneko-chan.<> Chris smiled. <>Akari survived an attempted rape and Will’s past wasn’t much better at the other schools. This school’s mascot is the phoenix. We take out old selves and are reborn on the flames of this school. You can be reborn too. Don’t let this continue!<>
Noriko sniffled and cried again. Will could tell she didn’t know how to feel and a thousand emotions must be flying through her at that moment, much like his urine was flying through him. He needed a change, but that could wait.
<>Koneko-san,<> he said as he untied her. <>I will not allow it to continue. Even if it costs me my place here in this school I will fight this evil man to keep him away from you.<>
She cried and nodded at the candidness of his statement. He didn’t feel very great. Not long ago he had made such a promise to Akari and he had failed her. He would not allow himself to fall again. By this time, school had ended, and as they walked back to the gym they split up as everyone had to meet their rides to get home. Akari and Will walked with Naoto and Noriko back to the office. Naoto had become very quite during all of this. Apparently he was afraid for his parents, but Will knew that he would not abandon Noriko.
In the parking lot, Will saw the black sedan and knew that Mr. Koneko must be near by. He ended up finding them and appeared as they turned towards the main building, walking out the door to meet them. Will saw a determined glint in Noriko’s eyes as he approached. He glared at this look of independence she exhumed.
<>I told them, father. <> she said, not wasting time with pleasantries.
<>Told them what, Noriko?<> he asked, feigning ignorance.
<>Everything!<> she shouted. <> I am not going to let you hurt me anymore!<>
He laughed at her before saying, <>You do realize I can close this place down and make it so that none of this matters in court. You told a few kids about me? So what? I will continue and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it!<>
Will stepped up to him and glared before saying, <>Maybe she can’t! But I sure as hell can. Leave her alone. We’re calling the police on you. There are five of us to testify against you.<>
<>The words of kids like you will be laughed out of the courts. You need hard evidence to convict me of molesting Noriko and you don’t have it!<> he shouted before clouting Will in the face. Will fell with the punch and landed on his knees. He spit blood and growled as Koneko continued. <>A little brat like you is going to threaten me? Koneko Akira, the lawyer? Fuck you, kid!<> he said as he kicked Will in the ribs, which hurt even more as the expensive shoes he wore were steel tipped. He could taste bile in his throat mixed with copper and could not believe he was about to fail again!
Koneko was about to punch Will again when a sword appeared beside his throat. The blade of a katana hovered next to his neck and the man holding it spoke darkly, <>Strike one of my children again and, so help me, I will cut your fucking head off!<> Koneko turned to look at who had spoken and gazed into the dark eyes of Ryu Sanosuke.
<>Who the fuck are you?<> he asked.
<>Sanosuke Ryu, third dan in kendo and a teacher at this school. Threaten me all you want but don’t touch my children.<>
A second man came out of the door to the main building and he smiled at Ryu, <>Fear not, noble savage. <>
<>I really hate it when you call me that . . .<>
Hikaru Hayamizu grinned and lifted a camcorder in one hand and a tape recorder in his other. <>I have eyewitness accounts, footage, a second source in tape, and a few good lawyers of my own Koneko <>
*Note: to not use –san/chan/kun/sama after someone’s name is either an endearment of parent to child or husband to wife. Otherwise, it denotes the person is unworthy of a title and this is a grave insult.
<> I would say that this should be enough to convict you of assault, pedophilia, and abuse of power. Oh, and I called the police as soon as you came to my school so they should be here any minute.<>
Sure enough, sirens were ringing in the distance. Koneko didn’t seem surprised or that concerned. <>Do you really think you can beat me in the courts Hayamizu?<> he asked with a rye grin.
<> Oh most definitely,<> he replied. <>I forgot to mention my wife is a licensed nurse and has been taking information from your daughter’s health every time she came to my school. We have medical records, which prove it so you really don’t have much of a case.<>
<>We shall see.<>
Hikaru later explained to Will that Tomoko had not told him about all that she knew in Noriko’s case. The girl had sworn her to secrecy, but after years of dealing with Misao Kato, Tomoko knew she needed to gain hard evidence so she hid the facts from her quick tempered husband who would have gone charging like a bull intent on saving Noriko, but would have probably done more harm. Without proof they would be hard pressed to beat Koneko.
The legal battles would be fought for a long while, but both Tomoko and Hikaru were certain they could prevail with the impeccable records of the children of Seijitsu and the evidence to back them up. In the mean time, Noriko was placed under the care of the Hayamizu clan, her own mother having to attend classes through Child Services for allowing Akira Koneko to abuse their daughter.
The change in Noriko at school was a gradual process that took many weeks. She slowly became more outgoing and spent more time with the diaper club and the other students. She became fiercely attached to the school and saw them all as her family. Even though it took weeks, no one could believe the change that came over her. Her dark nature cast aside she seemed to have become a completely different person, caring and kind. She seemed to have fully become a member of Seijitsu.
But the shadow of Misao Kato and her mole still hovered over them all. . .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chapter 19
Megumi Kirisawa stretched her arms and let out a mighty yawn. As she scratched the sleepiness from the back of her hair, which was tasseled from the night, she felt the slinkiness of the silk sheets fall off her arms to pool around her waist. Wearing a garment of similar concoctions for a night gown she couldn’t help but feel smooth. After all the oils and creams from her baths all her life, her soft skin didn’t chafe in the least against the fabric. After rubbing her eyes she reached for her glasses and put them on. She stepped out of the bed and nodded to the serving girl who entered with her school uniform and undergarments. Standing still she seemed like a beautiful doll as her shift was pulled off and panties removed. She was led to the bathroom and bathed in a copper tub before performing her morning bowel movement right on schedule. She was dressed and then stood as her hair was combed. ‘But for the diapers, I am almost treated like the baby club,’ she thought and giggled. Then the sobering thought that until last year it had been her mother doing this for her and not one of the serving girls hit her and she once again felt the void threaten to consume her. She sniffled a little and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her uniform.
<>I am sorry, little mistress, <> the girl said, <>Did I comb to hard?<>
Megumi turned to look at her and said, <>No, I just miss my mommy. . . <> The girl responded by enveloping Megumi in a tight embrace. While everyone had loved her mother, they loved the young mistress even more. Megumi was always kind and always mindful of others above herself. Most of the servants wondered how a girl spoiled from her babyhood till now could remain so humble. Megumi saw it as the balance in her life. She had been spoiled, lacked nothing in her life. Everything she ever wanted she had, except that which she wanted most, her mother and little brother. Those two most precious things had been stolen from her and that humbled her more than anything else in life ever could.
After she finished crying, Megumi and the serving girl went downstairs so that Megumi could eat breakfast with her father. Her father, a giant of a man with gray hair and a neatly trimmed mustache, was sitting at the table reading the newspaper and eating some toast. Beside him was set a place for her of sunny-side-up eggs and bacon with buttered toast and two pats of jam. She also had a glass of orange juice and some water. Noticing tears in his daughter’s eyes he commented and asked what was wrong. She said it was nothing and silently began to eat her breakfast.
On the front page of the paper he was reading she read KONEKO: A PEDOPHILE AND CHILD MOLESTER. She smiled inwardly knowing that Noriko was safe from him at last. She couldn’t believe the change in the girl. Though she had never personally gone after Megumi in her angry venting, she had indeed scared her away. That seemed different now. Noriko seemed to be going out of her way to be friendly to her classmates to make up time. Megumi vaguely wondered what would happen to the girl for the Christmas holidays. She remembered how hard it had been for her last year right after her mother died. It had been such a lonely Christmas. How would Noriko take to being away from the only family she had ever known during the holidays? Then again, Noriko’s parents had mistreated her greatly. Megumi couldn’t fathom that kind of relationship. Both of her parents loved her greatly and though she was grieved constantly over her mother’s death, she wondered which would be worse, to lose a loving mother or live with a wretched one. In the end she conceded she could have no clear answer. It was beyond her young mind to understand.
After breakfast she was driven to school as usual and met with Christine Morrison in the foot locker room. As she placed her sneakers in the locker and took out her slippers she pondered over last night’s homework and over her last conversation with Chris in their last period the day before.
It had been a week since the time of Operation “Save Noriko” and everyone was beginning to concentrate on finals. Almost every class was very difficult for all of the students so no one was taking these finals lightly. After all, everyone wanted to achieve the goal and get into Tokyo University. There had been a clause in everyone’s contract to attend Seijitsu that they had to maintain a certain average or possible expulsion would occur. However, with the personal attention each student gave every student, it was hard to imagine anyone could fail. Such thoughts had accompanied them throughout the semester, but with finals approaching these thoughts quickly turned to self-doubt among many of the students and tension ran high as stress escalated. Several fights almost broke out over silly things, but they had been prevented by Tomoko Hayamizu’s intervention. It was after a few of these instances that Chris has suggested having study groups after school. This was greeted with mixed responses but on the whole people warmed up to it. Megumi suggested that since there was an even number of students, they should divide the list into either four groups of five or five groups of four.
So it was that today they would separate into groups after school and study, but the groups had yet to be divided and Megumi wasn’t sure if lottery or choice should be implemented. She wanted to be with Chris’s group, but she also thought that getting the class mixed up would be good to separate some of the clicks that had popped up over the semester. It was getting to the fact that unless one were part of a certain group one wouldn’t know anything about that group’s people. This study group idea would hopefully change that. At lunch, she and Chris decided to use lottery and they separated the class into five groups of four. It looked like it would work wonderfully because all of the main clicks were separated. The five diaper club members were each in a separate group, the Originals club (the people who came to Seijitsu first) were split up as well.
In Megumi’s group were William Galanos, Eiji Ochida, and Izumi Yonai. She knew Will fairly well, but was not familiar with Eiji or Izumi. Both of them had tested into the school around the same time a few weeks before Will and Akari entered Seijitsu. She knew they were both kind and quiet, which was probably why she didn’t know them very well. It was hard to ignore huge personalities like Mai and Chisato, but people like this were neither popular nor unpopular. They simply were. Megumi was set to change that.
She couldn’t help but feel she had lucked out as far as groups with looks were concerned. Izumi was a very short and small girl with black hair that came to her jaw line uniformly around her head. She had two white berets to clip her bangs back. She had a cute face and remarkable blue eyes. Eiji was also a looker. He stood tall for a Japanese boy with his hair bleached white and spiked. He had a single earring and also bright blue eyes. Will was just over five feet with long curly brown hair that was now pulled into a loose pony tail in the back while his forelock draped over his cheeks and eyes, which where showing gray in the sun. His girlish features caused many people who didn’t realize his gender to mistake him for a cute girl of a about the same age. Megumi didn’t consider herself that much of a looker, but she would be lying to herself if she didn’t acknowledge that she was indeed good looking. Her wavy black hair was pulled into a long braid as usual and her glasses seemed to magnify her large gray eyes.
After school, the four of them walked to the near by café, where Akari had been kidnapped a month ago. It really did have the best parfaits in Megumi’s opinion and she was happy to see Izumi was eager to go there. Will and Eiji were quiet on the walk. In typical guy awkwardness, neither of them had met each other intimately and neither of them had been with either Megumi or Izumi. She really hoped that after a few minutes they would open up. ‘Why on earth did four shy kids have to get paired up?’ she thought as she looked at the menu of the café.
<>So, <> Will said, breaking the torpid silence. <>What do you guys wanna focus on in your studies? I am alright in English so if you guys need help there then I will be fine with helping there.<>
<>I guess you can count on me for Math, <>Eiji offered. <>Make sense you would be good in English, Galanos-san. It’s your native tongue right?<>
“Yes it is, Eiji,” Will said smiling. “However did you guess?”
Eiji laughed and then said. “Hey, why don’t we speak in English during our study sessions? It will help us I think, for those of us who are not fluent.”
“Sounds good to me,” Will nodded.
“Ah, ah” Izumi began. “I am verui weak in English. Patience?”
“Sure we’ll be patient,” Will smiled at her. She blushed as he continued. <> You want me to speak slowly for you?<>
“Yes,” she said looking down. “Please do.”
‘Aww,’ Megumi thought. Izumi has a crush on Will. ‘Not that I blame her. It seems everyone does. I wonder how he feels about me?’ She dainty sipped her tea as they spoke and wondered what she could contribute to the group. She was well rounded in all of the subjects, neither really good at them nor very bad. All she needed was a little reinforcement all around and she would ace her exams without difficulty. She hoped she would have something to add.
Izumi turned out to be incredible in both math and science, which with Will’s strength in History placed them all over the place. They began with independent study asking their resident experts when a question arose. By this time their food arrived and they paused to talk about something other than school work. Though it had only been about fifteen minutes, their minds were sufficiently tired out. It always depressed Megumi that the more she learned it seemed the less she knew. She was learning a lot in this studying, but she wondered if they were missing anything. After all, they were only kids, hardly experts in any of their fields of study. Back at home she could have had any of the nation’s best tutors at her beck and call, but somehow this quaint atmosphere seemed better to her. She would rather spend time with her peers than be cooped up with some old professor, bored to tears.
<> So, where is everyone from?<> Eiji asked, after sipping some tea.
Will smiled as they were now going to speak in Japanese again, something Megumi was sure Izumi appreciated. She answered first. <> Originally I am from Kyoto, but Dad and I moved here so I could go to school. He has a personal jet to get him to Tokyo when he needs to have meetings and sometimes I have to stay home alone while he’s gone on trips.<>
<>What’s your dad do?<> Will asked.
Megumi blushed and realized that neither Akari nor Will had been told about who she was and in fact, few of the students did. <>Um…<> she stammered. <>He’s the prime minister.<>
<>The prime minister of what?<>
<>Of Japan…<> she finished dejectedly; fully anticipating the look of shock Will gave her. She hated that look. No matter where she went she was given that look as though she were some sort of freak of nature or a sculpture made of ice that if one were to touch it would shatter. She only wanted to be treated normally. She figured that this must be what it was like for Will and the others. They were seen as freaks and all they wanted were normal lives. She wondered how it was that five incontinent children were all in the same school as her and how all were so remarkably bright. Not that she thought they were handicapped or retarded, but it seemed so weird that they were in diapers. Even Chris, her best friend was one of them. She knew about Chris, Mai and Naoto, but she wondered how Will and Akari came to be incontinent.
Maybe it was time she asked.
To Be Continued. . .
Misao Kato laughed heartily when she read the report her mole had sent her. The school had completely accepted her. No one suspected anything, and further, with Kirisawa and Galanos in the same study group things might not have to wait till spring to go into motion. Indeed, if she hurried she could spring the plan within the week. Now all she needed was a suitable setting and the hired thugs necessary to make the afternoon Misao chose to do this the most horrible day in Megumi Kirisawa’s life! She set to making phone calls and was very pleased at the eagerness of her agents. Nothing like the prospect of gang rape to inspire hooligans to action. She next called Peter Adams and told him to get ready. The time they had all waited for was fast approaching

… <>Why do you look at me like that?<> she asked Will after a moment. While still l very uncomfortable with his stare of discovery, she wanted him to get over her social status and go back to treating her like a normal girl. She knew that given her circumstances he would want the same were he she.
<>I am sorry. . .<> he said blushing. <> I just never realized you came from such an important family. <>I come from all over. I am military brat.<>
<>What’s a military brat?<> Izumi asked. She was one of the people who knew about Megumi’s father, and as far as she could Megumi could tell, didn’t let her affect how she saw her.
<>That means I traveled all over with my parents growing up. I have not set hometown. I was born in the states, but I have been to England during my parents’ journey.<>
<>That’s cool, <> she said. <>I come from Hokkaido originally. My family owns a resort up there.<> Megumi silently thanked Izumi for taking the conversation up. She felt awkward and didn’t know where she wanted the conversation to lead. Izumi spoke again.<>What about you Ochida-san?<>
The boy with his spiked hair and earring grinned. <>I am a Tokyo kid, born and raised. I moved here with my mom after she divorced my good for nothing dad. Been here a few years now.<>
The introductions let each of them realize that they knew nothing about any of the others. They were still complete strangers. They got to work on their studying again almost immediately, and Megumi began to wonder once again if this were a good idea. She was further disgruntled when Will suddenly blushed and stood up.
<>I have to leave. <>he said quickly. <>I’ll see you tomorrow!<>
Eiji simply nodded and said sure, while Izumi quietly said goodbye and that she probably needed to head home herself. Megumi asked if they wanted to meet again in a few days and they agreed, if a bit noncommittally. Will didn’t even answer as he began to walk quickly away before she asked her question. Slightly annoyed, she followed him and was surprised at how fast she had to walk to match his pace.
<>Hey!<> she cried as she paced him. <>Do you want to meet again like this?<>
He grunted and walked faster. She tried to say something else but he had already put distance between them again. Sighing, she jogged ahead and said. <> Why are you running away from me?<>
<>You don’t wanna know, Kirisawa-san.<> he said rather coldly.
<> Well I think I do! <> she shot back. This little banter continued for a whole block until Will stopped and glared at her. <>What?<> she asked. I the open air it wasn’t so bad, but she was sure she was smelling one of the nastiest farts ever.
<>Satisfied?<> he asked, his cheeks glowing. Several people commented on the smell as they passed them in the street. No one seemed to know what it was, but they were bothered. <> I had to go.<>
<>What do you mean, “You had to go?”<> she asked. She was beginning to feel a trifle bit ill from smelling this fart. Now, one must understand that at Seijitsu, the five rarely went for very long without changes, especially messes. In the event of a mess they immediately left the class and reported to the office. Megumi, who sat next to Chris , had seen Chris leave for the office suddenly many times, but it was usually so quick that she didn’t get to smell the aroma of a messy diaper.
Will, for his part, blushed furiously. <>Are you being purposefully naïve?<> he asked hurriedly. <> I shat myself and had planned on getting to a place I could change in private before it happened. Now, here I am standing in a mess for your viewing enjoyment. I hope you are satisfied.<>
She giggled and then laughed uproarisly. <> I am Morrison, Christine-san’s best friend," she stammered through fits of laughter. <>I have seen her diapers enough and I am not bothered by it. Why did you run? Are you ashamed?<>
<>No.<> he said pointedly. <>It’s just very uncomfortable standing in this mush.<>
She walked up to him and braved the smell. She was going to make a friend if it killed. It never ceased to amaze her that such a pretty boy could be in diapers. She grabbed his hand and the two walked with her leading. They seemed to be heading to the park. <>So what’s it feel like?<>
He chuckled, obviously nervous and confused at what she was doing. <> Why?<> he asked. <>You want to try it. It doesn’t feel that bad actually. I guess you could compare it to sitting in mud. Did you ever do that when you were a kid?<>
She chuckled and declared that she hadn’t. In fact, she doubted if any young girl would have tried that. ‘Well,’ she thought. ‘At least he behaves like a boy, even if he looks like a girl.’ <>What about when you pee in them?<>
Will glanced at her queerly and asked why shy didn’t ask Chris these kind of questions. They walked in silence after a bit and arrived in the park proper. She asked if he would like to sit on a bench. He declined explaining that the cleanup would increase a whole lot if he did that.
<>Well how do you normally clean yourself when you are alone like this outside?<> she asked, getting tried of his callousness.
<>I usually have help from Naoto or Sanosuke-sensei id I don’t have a teacher or my parent’s to change me. I- oh sweet Jeebus, TERRY!<>
She looked to where he was shouting and saw a boy very similar in appearance to Will. He was a little taller and his long hair was pulled into a tight ponytail as opposed to Will’s short and loose one. He wore jogging pants and a tank top as he jogged the path around the pond. She vaguely wondered how the boy could be this far into town. When flagged, the boy came to them and breathed hard. He was lathered in sweat like a carthorse. He only added to this analogy by shaking his head briskly. Now that she thought about it, it was a bit chilly to be wearing so little.
“Will!” Terry asked, still breathing hard. “What are you doing here?”
“I could ask the same of you, Terr,” Will laughed. “My school isn’t too far from here. Hey, listen. Can you do me a big favor?”
" I am on it already, Let’s go," he said with a wink to Will be fore turning to Megumi, <>If you will excuse us, it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.<>
Megumi nodded and sat at one of the benches as the two brothers made off to find one of the public restrooms. She was slightly bothered at how curious she was by the whole process. When they got out there would be a lot of questions.
“So what are you doing so many miles from home?” Will asked Terry as his older brother set to cleaning him up.
“Well, remember how I told you I found a master several months ago?” Terry asked as he took the full diaper and emptied it’s contents into one of the toilets. Thankfully this bathroom had been unoccupied and also, conveniently, had a lock. After Will nodded, he continued. “He has me running out here to the park and back home everyday to help build my stamina. I guess I didn’t realize it was so close to your school. Neat.”
Will neglected from mentioning that he doubted he could run almost fifteen miles everyday. Now that Terry mentioned it, he had been getting home late over the last few weeks and his body was beginning to tone to an unbelievable degree. He still wasn’t large, but the wires of the muscles bulged in their own ways. Without even flexing the angles of Terry’s well-defined arms and legs were easily apparent.
Soon the change was complete and Will could honestly say he felt much better. He hadn’t meant to seem rude to Megumi but it had been very uncomfortable. He also wondered why she walked with him to the park. ‘Is this a date?’ he asked himself. He couldn’t believe it though. The prime minister’s daughter. He had been told that she was attending Seijitsu, but he had never been introduced to her as such. He felt like such an idiot, staring at her like she was on display like that. No wonder she looked so uncomfortable. ‘I hate study groups,’ he lamented. ‘I have always been and will always be a loner. I study alone. I really don’t want to do this, but Chris said she would kill me if I didn’t. Stupid obligation to live.’
“What are you smiling about?” Terry asked as he was washing his hands. He was looking at Will through the mirror. While washing his hands he took the time to splash water on his face and hair. “Whatever. Anyway, if you are down here around this time everyday why don’t we run together around the park. That shouldn’t be too bad for you.”
He felt compelled to mention the extensive running that Ryu made them do. Terry didn’t care, saying the more running the better. Will smiled at his well meaning brother and compromised to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with him. Satisfied, Terry began running again, leaving Will to walk alone to the waiting Megumi.
She was on the park bench where they left her. She was very attractive, now that he actually saw her alone and had a chance to admire her beauty. Her long hair in such a thick braid reached almost her lower back , and her eyes shone brilliantly behind those glasses. <>Sorry to keep you waiting,<> he said scratching his long forelock.
She shook her head and said it wasn’t a problem and the two continued to walk. They talked about school for a while and the other secondary things in their life that constituted conversation, but was so banal that he wondered why they even bothered. Finally, sick of walking in circle and talking about nothing at all, he stopped and asked, <>Look. You wanted to talk to me about something? This chatting is getting old.<>
She blushed and said. <>I just want to know more about you.<>
<>In what way?<> he asked guardedly.
<> What happened to you that you became incontinent?<> she blurted, <>I am confused as to how five people, all incontinent, can be in the same grade and school.<> She hurriedly added. <>Not that there is anything wrong with that. I am just curious.<>
He sighed and smiled down at her. <>And what if I told you I wear diapers because I want to? Would there be something wrong with that?<>
She stopped in mid stride. <>Because you want to? Why would anyone want to wear diapers if they didn’t have to? I mean, it’s cool that you guys are ok with your diapers, but it has to be so annoying.<>
He chuckled and looked her in the eyes, <>You would be surprised.<> he said. <>Does that bother you? That someone could love doing something like that?<>
She lowered her head and said. <>I don’t know.<>
<> I wanted to help Chris a long time ago come to terms with her diapers and it turned out well. She is comfortable with them when she used to be so miserable. Naoto, who is neutral in all things, likes his diapers if only because it makes him comfortable in my company. Mai has always been a diaper lover even though it was not she who made the conscience choice to start wearing them. Akari and I on the other hand, are something else entirely. We are diaper lovers and became incontinent of our own accord. That bothers you doesn’t it? It isn’t normal. How do you see us now, Kirisawa-san?<>
Megumi smiled at him. <> I am happy!<> she said hugging him suddenly. <>Now I know something about you guys! <>
<> I don’t understand, <> Will said while noncommittally returning the hug.
She giggled and smiled at him. <>What if I told you that at home I am babied almost as much as you are? I am bathed. I am dressed. I don’t even have to cut my own food. The only thing that separates us is your diapers.<>
<>Well,<> he said. <>A bit more than that actually. I am just a diaper lover. In no way do I want to be taken care of like that. Akari, on the other hand, does. She would be envious of you. I am not. So what do you want? Are you trying to tell me you want to wear diapers? <>
<>NO!<> she called out quickly. <>It’s just, you guys are Chris’ best friends and I want to become closer to you all. I am just looking for something to connect us! Why are you being so cold and mean?<> she sobbed out before crying in truth.
Will was flabbergasted. When had he turned into such an ass hole. People called him the kind councilor, not this. He hugged her to him and through her uniform he could feel her heart beat. She was very warm now that he actually stopped to think about someone other than himself. He apologized and said he didn’t know what was wrong with him. He wasn’t acting himself lately.
Together they walked back to the school and he watched as she boarded her family car and drove off. He was confused and didn’t know what to think about this. What was Megumi Kirisawa after?


Chapter 20
“Will!” Irene Galanos called out from the kitchen. “Could you come in here for a minute?”

William Galanos placed his book down on the couch and walked to the kitchen. It was Saturday and exams were right around the bend. Next week on Thursday and Friday all twenty students would find out just how well they knew the subjects they had been studying. He wasn’t overtly worried, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a little. He spent most of his time at home studying. This annoyed Allan to no end as his favorite GO opponent was taken from him. Not that that mattered to Will. Alan, in only a short time had improved so much that he was now third captain of his school’s go club. And that wasn’t all. Allan was getting stronger than Will in a lot of things, like RPG’s and tactics, not to mention school in general.

It was both an annoying and pleasing process to watch. On the one hand Will missed the feeling of superiority to his brother. He had taught his brother everything he knew that he could teach. He had inspired him to like Go and RPG’s. He helped him find books worth reading, but now, now it seemed that his younger brother was growing up and surpassing his teacher in everything. Will knew he was going to miss that almost worshipful glance his little brother gave him when asking a question or wanting Will to solve a puzzle in a video game. Still, Will was very proud of his brother and knew that this would have happened regardless of what he did. It was nice to still be wanted though, so Will had been tempted to stop studying a play a few games, but he knew he couldn’t. This left Allan on the other side of the living room playing out Go problems from school again.

One can’t play Go against one’s self. It isn’t like other tactical games where only a set pattern of moves could be employed, or like Chess where a formula had been worked out so that all professionals used the same tactics. No, Go was too large for that and the only real nitty gritty details that anyone could understand were battles for territory. It wasn’t like Allan could split his mind in two and play as two generals. If he knew where the opponent would go, he wouldn’t be playing well. This left him the option of placing set patterns on the board and thinking how logically both sides would tackle it to their advantage and learn from it. Will wondered why he didn’t just go to the base Go Salon, but kept that to himself.

As he stood up from the couch he noticed his diaper was quite wet, and he didn’t even recall voiding. He would need a change before too long, but that could wait till after he found out what his mom needed. Both she and his father were sitting at the kitchen table.

“Honey, we need to talk. . .” Irene began

Will’s heart leapt in his chest as he began to wonder if they were going to take away his diapers. Surely not! They spent a lot of time and money. They simply couldn’t do that! So with trepidation he asked, “Sure mom. What about?”

“Well, you know that I have relatives here.”

He was dumbfounded. Of course they had relatives. That had been how his parents got their jobs in Japan while they were in the process of moving from the states. But, now that he considered it, he had neither met them nor heard from them at all from the time they got here except to welcome them to their new home.

There was the Matriarch of the family, Maria Skefos, who was Irene’s mother. She had two daughters, Irene and Katherine. When Irene joined the air force she left her family behind in Japan and then Met Michael in Lakenheith, England. She hadn’t returned to Japan till now, but she had kept in touch with her family. Katherine was almost five years younger than Irene and she had married a Japanese businessman named Kyusuke Makimachi. They had two children, a boy around Terry’s age named Michael and a girl at Allan’s age named Ganko. They all seemed very nice and were very very strange. If one doesn’t know, Greeks are almost the opposite of the Japanese. Greeks, except in religious life, throw form and regulations to the wind. They are a very laid back people, while the Japanese have a reputation of being strict and very formal. Somehow, this family took traits from both cultures and made a hybrid culture that existed only in their sphere of influence. Maria Skefos and her husband Haralombos came to Japan soon after World War II, and while they were never welcomed they were tolerated. After years of living there they became a part of the community and everyone in that area of Japan saw them as their own. It was in this environment that Irene grew up and why she always wanted to return.

“Yeah,” he said hesitantly, wondering where she was going with this, “Granny Mary and Aunt Kat.” He was a little curious why they hadn’t met with them more over the last six months. Michael got along fabulously with his in-laws, so much so that they named their firstborn son after him. Why hadn’t they visited. ‘Is it because of me?’

“Well, they were out of the country for a while,” She said slowly, as if wondering how to explain. "Ganko was very sick and needed to be flown to the Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. They thought she had skin cancer and they all stayed there for close to four months. I didn’t want to tell you when I was told because you had so much going on and I was afraid it would hurt you too much emotionally. It all happened right after we moved here. A few days passed and Ganko became ill and complained about pains everywhere. The doctors here didn’t like the look of it so they sent them all around getting second opinions and everyone was pretty sure it was skin cancer so they suggested going to the Children’s Hospital in Tennessee in the States where all the latest research on that sort of thing was going on for kids.

“While she was there they all thought she was going to die.” Will thought this sounded remarkably like Chris’s story. "It turns out that all of the doctors had been wrong. It was a completely new and different type of growth, that while not cancerous appeared like cancer. They were able to treat it and she is fine now, but she is worried about all that missed school. You learn so much at that age and it was very difficult for her because her English was weak.

“They came back to Okinawa about a week ago and she is set to start school again in the spring. After that they will know whether or not she needs to be held back a grade. Now, the reason I called you is because I need you to do me a favor. While in Memphis, Uncle Kyusuke’s business suffered so he needs to go to all of his investors and make several business trips. Because Aunt Kat is the Vice president of his company, she needs to accompany him and they hope to save his business that way. Now, Michael when they were in the states, attended a local high school and wants to finish up both the semester and possibly the year there. His school worked it out and he is staying with a friend’s family while there. This leaves Ganko home alone for possibly two weeks. I need you two baby-sit her, Will. Granny’s too old to look after her and she lives too far away anyway. Could you please do this for me?”

Will immediately agreed and then a thought came to him. "Do they, um, " he paused. “Know about me?”

Irene blushed and shook her head. She said she hadn’t even thought of it as it had lately just become a part of the Galanos life that she sometimes assumed everyone knew. She asked if he wanted them to know.

Will didn’t know. For people as strict and strange as his relatives, he had no idea how they would react and if they might expel Irene and Michael from the family. He explained that to his mom and she had to admit he had a point. Loving they were, set in their way they were also. She finally opted to tell her mother because she knew they would be far angrier at her for keeping it a secret. The phone conversation lasted several minutes and Will almost died laughing at some of the things his mom said. All of their conversation was in Greek.

“No mom, he isn’t under the evil eye. Yes, I know. Yes. He goes to Church every Sunday thank you very much. Yes, mother, he does receive communion. No. He isn’t possessed. Yes, the priest knows. I don’t know what he thinks. An exorcism. Mother! He is not possessed. You are too superstitious. All I want to know is do you still love him? Really. Oh I love you too mama. Yeah, he’ll do it. Ganko will be in good hands. Ok, love you. Bye.”

After she hung up all three of them laughed. Will had laughed so much that he wet himself and needed to be changed. As his mother led him to the changing room he asked. “So while I am babysitting, what do I do about this?”

“Honey, you aren’t a baby you can do it yourself.” Then the dichotomy of what she just said hit her and she laughed aloud. “Anyway. I am sure you can handle it yourself.”

“Can I bring Akari along? She might know how to do this better than me. After all, she’s a girl. . .”

Akari Futokoro woke up that same Saturday in a state of absolute bliss. She hadn’t told Will but that weekend at his place had really helped her fears and she was beyond thankful for his kindness. Not many boys would have taken the invitation to sleep with her like he had. He somehow knew that what she wanted was not sex, but comfort. She would never forget that night so long as she lived. It had been so warm. In her footed sleeper she couldn’t feel Will’s body, but she felt his warmth through her pajamas and his. It had taken awhile to fall asleep that night, but it was not a troubled sleep, her first untroubled night of rest since the incident. She awoke early in the morning still nestled in his arms. He was still asleep and she decided to look at his face for a while before waking him. That day was the day they were to start operation “Save Noriko,” so she knew he would need rest to be emotionally ready. All that stress and fear was not apparent in his sleeping face. Quite the opposite, it was peaceful, almost serene with the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest moving it slightly. His smooth features appeared cherubic and his long curls ringed his face, the bans of the left side obscuring vision. Such feminine beauty was rare even in girls and yet this boy possessed it.

Those nights with Will helped, but she suspected what her family did for her helped just as much. After returning home Monday afternoon after the Noriko incident she was in for a huge surprise. Her once white room, which resembled a college dorm room with it’s order and practicality, now resembled a nursery with baby print wall paper depicting cartoon girls in diapers, a crib made for her size and a fully stocked changing table. Everything had a soft green hue to it that picked up the light and made the room feel warm. Above the changing table was one of her favorite quotes from Naoto. <>Live each day wet, one day at a time.<> She fell to her knees when she saw it and cried.

Her brothers came to her and gave her hugs and kisses, as they had helped a lot in reconstructing the room. Her parents smiled at how happy their daughter was, hoping against hope that the rock of the Futokoro household would return to them and things would return to the way they had once been. Akari hugged them all and in baby talk thanked them. That night her sleep was restful and peaceful. While in form, her crib felt like a bed, it wasn’t. She didn’t have to associate beds with pain anymore. Her special crib with it’s plastic sheet rustling under her sheets helped lull her to sleep that night and when she woke up wet the next day she felt a euphoria of pleasant emotions. The helplessness of not being able to exit the crib until her mom released her just added to the feel of being babied. She loved it and couldn’t wait to start the day.

So it was that on that Saturday morning, she woke happily and felt vitalized. She stared at the ceiling at the mobile her brother’s made her. They had taken photos of everyone in the diaper club and made little angels out of the cut out pictures. The machine, an old mobile they used for their gift, played Eric Sadie’s Gympodeia. Such a peaceful tune made her comfortable and looking at all of her friends with the cute little angel wings her brother’s glued on the backs made her happy. Naoto was sitting at a computer wearing his trademark coat. He had purple wings. Mai was laughing with her eyes closed and she had bright blue wings. Chris was smiling at her desk and he wings were pink. They made Akari’s image one of her sitting in a sandbox looking up at the camera. She didn’t remember ever doing that, but one her brothers was good at pasting images and he admitted that he tinkered with the photo. Of all of the little angels she like to watch the most, though, was Will. He was holding out his hand as if offering it for someone to grab a hold of and be pulled up. He was wearing his uniform and was smiling that unique smile of his and no matter what position she looked at it, Will always seemed to be looking at her and smiling, offering his hand to help her rise to the occasion. His wings were the largest of all the angels and were silver. Apparently her brothers knew how she felt about Will as her knight and decided to use that imagery in the mobile. All in all, she was rather impressed that a ten and eight year old could make something so amazing.

Her mother came in to wake her around nine and was surprised to see Akari already up as she usually slept in on Saturdays. It had become tradition long ago that she would spend at least a part of her Saturday with Will to study and hang out, so after she was changed and placed into sweats and a t-shirt she began to walk over to her best friend’s house.

Ganko Makimachi went about preparing the house that very night. Her room had a secret cubby hole under the floor, which, when the tatami mat above it was pulled off, revealed a two foot cubed area. In there she placed all of her paraphernalia and then placed her futon and other bed supplied on top of the tatami. She smiled when she looked at it. No one, unless they knew the house very well would ever think such a hole existed and she doubted very much so that her parents bothered to mention a detail like that to Will and Futokoro-san.
Now came the tough part. As the house was mainly traditional her door slid open so locking it while she changed would be nearly impossible. She would have to change in the bathroom where she could lock her babysitters out. Disposing of the diapers would also prove a problem she realized. An idea came to her and she ran to the pantry and giggled when she saw that gallon sized zip locks were there. She grabbed the whole box and brought it to the bathroom medicine cabinet under the sink. At least now she could assure herself that the smell would not escape the zip lock, but how was she to get rid of them in general? Sneaking zip locks with diapers would not be easy and she could only empty the trash so many times in a two-week period. The answer seemed so simple when she thought about it. Why hide them in a secret way. If she could sneak the baggie with other trash to the kitchen garbage can then she would have no need to be sneaky.
She giggled to herself and ran down the hall to her room. Tomorrow they would be here but for tonight at least she could do what she liked. She walked to her full-length mirror and gazed at what she saw. Wearing only a small t-shirt and the diaper with toddler prints she looked like a three-year old baby old as opposed to a ten-year old girl. The face was cherubic, which she got from her mother making her an obvious relation of Will and his brothers who all possessed similar facial structures. She curly dark brown hair pulled into a loose ponytail. If she had seen Will in recent weeks she would have been amazed at how similar they appeared with soft jaw lines and dark gray eyes that shone brown in dark lights. She turned around numerous times so that she could see every angle of her diapered state. Satisfied that she was baby enough she giggled again and thought to herself that even that sounded more babyish than her normal laughter.
The clock red ten after ten so she ran to her futon and unfurled it, excited to start the next week. She hoped she would wet in the night but she knew that probably wouldn’t happen. With thoughts of the time she was a toddler she fell asleep.
She was right about being unable to wet the bed. She woke up dry despite the fact that she drank a lot the night before. She really wished she had gone because the subsequent pressure on her bladder when she woke up was quite large. She dashed down the hall to use the toilet like a good big girl should, but stopped half way there and thought about how silly this was. She relaxed a little and felt the diaper bulge as her hot pee hit the wall of the diaper like a broken water mein. The warmth as it splashed back to her crotch made her gasp and she felt her knees grow week. When finished she looked down to see that the diaper was filled past capacity. She jiggled her legs a little bit and felt the urine splash up against her crotch as though she were hovering over the water in the bathtub.
Waddling very carefully, she made it to the shower and took off the soiled garment that hit the tub’s basin with a large splat. The excess pee splattered everywhere and she felt that which clung to her streamed down her thighs and dripped off her bottom to make little tinkling noises as they hit the porcelain surface of the bathtub. Smiling, she gathered the diaper into itself and placed it into one of the zip locks. As the little teeth clicked and clacked she smelt the bag and was pleased that no odor came out. She placed the bag on the toilet seat and then took her shower. Once she was clean and had her hair combed and pulled back into a loose tail she went about putting the baggie in the trash and then set to diapering herself and getting ready for school.
Her fuku covered her diaper nicely since it was winter and the length of the dress went well past her knees to midcalf. She walked around a bit and noticed that the crinkling while soft, could be heard. She thought of what she could do to get the diaper to be softer and decided to put on two pairs of panties. She could still hear the crinkle, but just barely. At a glance at the clock she realized she was running late and would have to run fast to make it to school on time. She grabbed some toast and bolted from her house to her first day of diapered elementary school.

A phone rang
<>Hello?<> a sleepy Chisato answered as she picked up the receiver. She looked at the clock and saw that she would have had to get up anyway. She yawned and said sleepily. <>Who is this?<>
<>It’s been a while Chisato,<> a sultry voice spoke. Chisato almost soiled herself and felt the last vestiges of sleep slip from her like oil off water. <>Or should I say Melian?<>
A cold sweat ran down her spine and forehead as Chisato felt her breath quicken and her pulse increase. Misao Kato was on the phone with her .The devil herself called. <>Mistress?<> she stuttered, <>What can I do for you?<>
One would think that after a month of being a spy and reporting regularly to her master, that Chisato would have become used to these calls. But she wasn’t. Every time was a trial in itself as she stood rooted in fear, afraid lest she make a mistake in her report. She could not remember the month period when she was in that woman’s clutches, but she knew that it must have been a time of misery and pain. The time before that month was a blur. She could not readily pull any of her childhood memories to recollection. She couldn’t even remember her mother’s face. The only tie she had to that time was her first name, Melian. But even that vestige of her past was lost to her now as he identity lay in the name Chisato Iwasaki. The drones who were now her parents felt no love for her and they only checked on her to make sure she stayed ahead in her schoolwork. This life was so cold and she had no choice in any of it. Her only truth lay in the fact that she had to obey Kato without question.
Her mission thus far had been to befriend the children of Seijitsu, so in order to do that she adopted a pleasant personality to make them love her. In truth, over the past month she actually grew to like the place. She knew it would soon be shut down and that saddened her. She didn’t want to see the nice people there suffer. That was a failure on Kato’s part. She had intended to create an unthinking machine in Chisato, but she had not been able to fully kill her soul and her desire for friendship and love. This did not, however, mean that Chisato would fail her master. Chisato was ingrained with a loyalty that she truly didn’t feel but could not break away from. As much as she hated and feared Kato she would never run away or betray her.
<>You’re mission is about to come to an end, <> Misao said jubilantly. <>With Kirisawa and Galanos in the same group it will be simple for you to work out or little plan. Seijitsu’s fall is only a stone throw away.<>
<>Yes. . . .mistress.<>

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

It was now third period and the cramps refused to go away. Ganko sat in her chair and suffered. She needed to go to the bathroom badly ever since second period, but she was wearing a diaper for crying out loud. How was she supposed to have a bowel movement in a diaper? Her classmates would notice. She supposed she could have asked to be excused but she was afraid that if she tried to take the diaper off she would not be able to put it back on. Having no recourse, she held it and suffered.
Sakura wasn’t helping matters either. She came to school just in time to see Sakura making an excuse to the teacher as to why Ganko was late. Best friends were good for that, but now Ganko had no idea what the excuse was so she could only smile and say. <>I made it!<>
The first period was such bliss that Ganko could barely contain herself. It felt so different to be sitting in class with the added bulk of padding between her legs. She smiled so much that Sakura poked her from behind and said. <>You look like a smiling idiot, Ganko-chan!<>
She blushed and set back to working on her worksheet. Sakura was so mean. Later, after they took a break between first and second periods, Sakura felt Ganko’s bottom and smiled. It was almost at that moment that the first cramp hit her and she knew she needed to go badly. So started her period of cramps and sitting very still throughout two periods of class. After third period ended she went to the bathroom, running from the room like a bat out of hell. As she got to the stall she pulled down her skirt, panties, and diaper in one motion before sitting down just in time as her body relaxed and she filled the toilet with poop. As she went, she sighed in relief and after wiping herself she pulled up her diaper and panties together and noticed that the diaper felt a little looser. This didn’t matter much because the panties held it in place, but as she went to the sink to wash her hands she noticed that the crinkling was much louder than before, and with the diaper slack instead of tight, it bulged more obviously from her bottom. Ganko was mortified. It was going to be apparent to all that she was wearing a diaper in school. She could have taken the diaper off and thrown it away, but she thought that would be cowardly and she refused to be a coward so she bravely stepped out of the bathroom and walked back to class.
She cursed her luck as she opened the door to the classroom as everyone was working on math worksheets. The room was quite enough that a pin drop could be heard. She stepped slowly and heard the crinkle loudly as she moved. Several kids turned to look at her and she dashed to her seat so that at least the crinkling would be quick and then done with. Sakura smiled at her as she sat down and said, via a passed note. “It sounds like you have a plastic bag in your pocket. Your (You know what) is very loud, what are you going to do?”
Ganko blushed and replied that she would just have to weather out the day and hope that no one noticed. When questioned at lunch by several of her friends what the noise was, Sakura came to her rescue and produced a plastic baggy with three cookies in it. They were shaped like Christmas trees and had green sprinkles.
<>These bags make a lot of noise, Ganko-chan.<> she said as she ate one of the cookies. <>Maybe you shouldn’t keep it in your pocket or Toyotomi-sensei might find out you have cookies. <>
Ganko silently thanked her friend and said, <>But your mom’s cookies are so good! I just had to sneak a few. <>
<>Well next time don’t blush like that when you come back or the teacher will think you are up to something.<> The rest of the students laughed and the possible embarrassment was over. Just to be safe, Sakura gave Ganko the bag to put in her pocket to produce if anyone questioned the noise. Apparently the added bulge wasn’t as noticeable as Ganko thought.
Around sixth period ,Ganko had to pee and decided to let it go into her diaper. The period was almost over and she had already finished her work so she was quietly reading a book while the people around her tried to finish their own problems. She let it go slowly so as not to flood it and leak. After she was done she smiled to herself and continued reading until Sakura poked her and gave her a note.
“Did you just wet your diaper?”
“How did you know?
“You got really still for a second and then seemed to relax”
“*giggle * it felt good.”
“I am happy for you.”
Ganko heard the bell then and smiled as she gathered her things to walk home. Sakura walked with her until they got to her house and then Ganko continued on alone. While walking she felt another bowel movement coming and decided to let it go in her diaper. To do this she hid behind a tree and squatted while grunting. A dog, one of the neighbor’s, came up to her as she squatted and she petted his soft fur as she felt the sticky mush leave her body and spread into the diaper. She could feel the back of it bulge out as the mass filled it. The dog smelt it and began sniffing her crotch. She giggled and stood up. The dog, a lab, seemed intrigued and followed her to her house where she bid it good bye and went inside.
She looked at her watch and saw that Will and Futokoro-san would be there in about half an hour. Not wasting any time, she dashed to the bathroom and set to cleaning herself off. It turned out to be quite a chore as the goop clung to her. After she was wiped clean she went to her hiding spot and got a new diaper. This she took with her to the bathroom along with a change of clothes some shortalls and a t-shirt. She leapt in the shower and quickly washed herself to get what she couldn’t with the wipes. Once finished, she got out and diapered herself after toweling off. She got dressed and then combed her hair. She pulled it back again and then ran to the kitchen with the zip locked baggie. She threw it in the trash just as she heard the doorbell.
She breathed deeply and readied herself for this meeting. As she opened the door, her mouth dropped open. It was as though she were looking in a mirror. Her face, eyes, and hair stared back at her in a taller form, but they were definitely hers. Her mirror self also had her jaw open. The girl next to her mirror self was laughing uncontrollably. Ganko couldn’t help but notice this girl was very pretty. With dyed brown hair that fell into a wavy ponytail she gorgeous with deep blue eyes and an innocent countenance that Ganko was attracted to. Her father was right to trust this angel in human form.
None of that registered to Ganko at the moment, though as she tried to recover from the shock of seeing herself. There was an awkward silence that the girl with the mirror broke. <>Oh I am really going to like this!<>
<>Akari<> the mirror said. The voice was soft, and demure yet somehow masculine so that Ganko realized that this was indeed her cousin Will. He looked so different from the last time she saw him. Before he had straggly curls around his face, now he had hair as long as hers. He also seemed bigger. <>Don’t get any funny ideas.<>
Akari Futokoro grinned at Ganko with her eyes closed before looking to Will, <>Aww, why can’t I pretend I am babysitting you, Will-chan?<>
Will sighed and smiled at Ganko, <>I guess it’s no secret we’re related, Ganko-chan. I am William Galanos, your cousin. And my lovely assistant is Akari Futokoro. Did you get my e-mail?<>
She nodded dumbly as she was swept away by the easy nature of these two. She had expected a domineering teen to try and rule her life for two weeks with his hussy of a girlfriend, but now she saw that her inkling when reading that e-mail had been correct. He was a sweet looking guy.
He bent down and hugged her to him. <>I am so glad to finally meet you,<> he said warmly. She went stiff as this unfamiliar person entered her personal space but she let him hug her. <>My mom didn’t tell me about your sickness. If she had I would have sent a card at the very least.<> He stood up and regarded her. <>This is just so creepy. I am looking at a mirror of myself.” He laughed good naturedly, <>But my mirror is a ten year old girl.<>
Ganko blushed and in a stuttering voice asked them if they would like to come in. She noticed both of them carried three bags. One was their schoolbook bags she knew because they each had the same sigil of a phoenix in flight over flames, but the other two bags be for their clothes. She ushered them in and showed Will to the guest room and Akari to her brother’s room. After they put their things down they all went to the kitchen and sat down for a snack. Both Akari and Will brought some books to the table as they said they needed to study for their finals that were three days away.
Before they studied, Will brought out a board game of monopoly and asked Ganko if she would like to play. Her dad must have had a hand in this because this was her favorite game. Her brother Michael taught it to her and she loved it ever since. She asked to be the racecar. Will was the boat, and Akari opted to be the hat. During the game she learned all about Seijitsu Academy where they went to school and in turn she divulged a lot about herself and her school. She mentioned Sakura to them and they seemed eager to meet her. Ganko couldn’t believe how nice these people were. They actively cared about her and her life and she realized she was having a lot of fun. She won the game as usual. She just always seemed to be able to get Boardwalk and Park Place before anyone else could. Her sitters sat down to study after cleaning up the game.
Ganko was told she could do as she liked while they studied for a few hour then Akari would play with her while Will prepared supper. This suited her just fine. She ran up to her computer and switched on Instant Messenger. AT first she didn’t see Cherry Blossoms, but a few seconds later the door sound squealed and she saw her friend’s name appear in the list of people who were online.
Cherryblossoms: So how are they?
TSO: The girl is unbelievably sweet looking
CB: and your cousin?
TSO: Sakura! He’s a mirror image of me.
CB: ?
TSO: Picture me about a foot taller and that’s what he looks like.
CB: This I must see
CB: BTW you really need to do something about your diaper’s noise.
TSO: That reminds me. Thanks for saving me at school today.
CB: So what happened?
Ganko went on to explain the whole bowel movement problem and received several witty remarks from her friend. They discussed what should As she sat she began to feel the urge to pee. It must have been the juice she had with the snack. She let it go slowly and just as she was finishing she heard the creak of the tatami behind her. Very quickly she clicked off the Instant Messenger window as she felt her muscles tighten and the flow of urine cease.
<>What are you up to, Ganko-chan?<> Akari asked from behind her.
Ganko was about to turn around and talk to her when the message screen popped up again. “What? Are we not going to talk about your diapers anymore?” Ganko panicked and closed the window, hoping Akari hadn’t read that, before closing IM altogether. <>What’s up, Futokoro-san?<>
<>Will and I finished studying and wanted to know what you would like to do?<> Akari smiled. Ganko sniffed the air and smelt poop. She wondered if her fuku smelled of it from when she went earlier. She hoped not because that would be really inconvenient for tomorrow. Further, she hoped Akari didn’t smell it.
To get them away from the smell and the possible implication it would have on her, Ganko suggested they watch a movie in the den. Akari smiled at this and they went down the hall. Will was putting away his book and smiled at Ganko.
<>Ganko-chan,<> he said kindly, <>When you go to the bathroom you really need to flush the toilet. The kitchen smells of it rather badly.<>
Ganko gulped and came to the conclusion that this was going to be really hard. Worse, she really needed to change out of her wet diaper. She apologized and said she needed to go to the bathroom and this time she would remember to flush. After running to her room to grab a new diaper she went next door to the bathroom and untapped the old one, carefully pulling the tabs with slow deliberation to create minimum sound before rolling the diaper into itself and closing it with its tapes. She then wiped herself and powdered her bottom and crotch. As she was unfolding the new diaper she heard a knock at the door and the handle turning as though someone were trying to come in. The door was locked thank goodness.
<>Ganko-chan?<> Will asked. <>Are you all right? What are you doing in there?<>
She quickly sat on the diaper, taped it shut and pulled up her pants after turning on the sink. <>I am almost done!<> she cried out as she washed her hands. Unable to hide the baggie in the trashcan she put it under the sink and then opened the door. Her face was very flushed and she felt faint as she looked at her cousin who was still standing right outside. In his hands he held a couple of DVDs.
<>I just wanted to see what you wanted to watch, Ganko-chan,<> he said in his calm voice. <>Are you alright, honey? It sounded like you were moving around a lot in there.<>
Ganko smiled and said she was all right, she just needed to get a new roll of toilet paper and was having a difficult time finding it. He smiled understandingly and asked if she remembered to flush. She blushed and ran back to flush the toilet which she hadn’t even touched. As they walked to the den, Will stopped her and spun her around to face him. <>Ganko-chan, you have been acting weird and secretive. Are you sure there isn’t something you want to tell me?<>
She almost started hyperventilating at this and finally managed to say no, she just felt awkward with strangers in the house. Will nodded and hugged her to him. <>You don’t need to feel awkward around me.<> he said slowly. <>I am your family and will always love you no matter what so don’t worry okay?<> She nodded and they came into the den where Akari was sitting with a bag of popcorn.
When Will and Ganko entered the room she smiled and said to Will, <>We need to talk in private, Galanos-kun. Ganko-chan, if you’ll excuse us we’ll be right back to start the movie.<> Both she and Will went into Ganko’s brothers room and were there for almost ten minutes. Suddenly, thought of what Sakura said were bothering her. Were they having sex? Were they making love in the same house as a ten year old? No. They couldn’t be.
As they returned, Akari looked like she had a special glow about her. They all sat on the couch as Will put the lasagna in the oven and snacked on popcorn and lots of soda. Akari asked Ganko to sit on her lap during the movie. At first, Ganko didn’t mind, even thought it a cute idea to cuddle up to this sweet motherly figure, but then the thought of her diaper hit her. Akari would be able to feel them through her short alls. But despite her fears, there really was no way she could say no politely, so she gave in and hopped up on her lap. She fully expected Akari to say something, but to Ganko’s relief she didn’t. The movie was a comedy and they were all laughing a great deal. About midway through the movie, Ganko began to feel her bladder letting her know it needed some relief from all the soda. She didn’t want to go while on Akari’s lap for fear of her diaper leaking on her babysitting, so she began to squirm so Akari would put her down.
<>Sweetie<> Akari said, not letting her go. <>It will hold it, don’t worry. Just relax and let it go.<> Ganko’s heart stopped and she couldn’t move. Akari knew. She knew about the diapers. <>If you aren’t going to go, I will have to help then.<> As Akari began to tickle Ganko fiercely, she felt her bladder release a torrent into the diaper such as she had ever released. It leaked badly and she could feel the jeans of the shortalls become drenched. She began to cry. Her secret was out and now she was leaking all over her nice babysitter.
Akari responded by hugging Ganko tightly cooing to her and rubbing her back. Ganko was racked with sobs as she apologized over and over again for peeing on her. <>Ganko-chan<> Akari said gently, <> I am sorry. I was wrong. I thought they would hold, but I was wrong.<>
Will came over to her and tussled her hair. <>You really aren’t that good at this ,you know. <> he said happily. <>You give to many indications if you wanted to hide this from us.<>
<>How, How, How did you know?<> she hiccoughed. <>I hid everything.<>
<> I would recognize baby powder anywhere, <>Akari said laughing. <>It also doesn’t help when your instant messenger talks about diapers. But really, I knew the moment I saw you. You crinkled when you walked and waddled everywhere.<>
<>Oh great!<> Ganko moaned, <>So everyone knows I wear a diaper!?<> .Will laughed uproarisly at this. <>What’s so funny?<>
<>Ganko-chan,<> he began. <>Maybe I should say that it was obvious to Akari-chan and me that you wore a diaper. To the untrained eye I doubt anyone could tell. That is, unless you wet. I don’t know what diaper you’re wearing, but it’s terrible. We’ll need to buy you a better one if you are going to wear them.<>
<>We know what you are going through, Ganko-chan, <>Akari said happily. <>Your parents didn’t want us to tell you, though.<>
<>Tell me what?<> Ganko asked. <>I don’t understand.<>
Will sighed and looked at Akari as though she said something she wasn’t supposed to. <>Guess there’s no hiding it now. . .<> he said as he unbuckled his pants and lowered them enough to show Ganko that he was wearing a thick purple disposable diaper. <>Both Akari and I are incontinent and wear diapers. I was changing Akari’s diaper before the movie.<>
Ganko was stunned. She had not even begun to suspect that her babysitters were both in diapers. The possibilities began to sink in. She could wear her diapers and no one would care. <>So I can wear diapers?<>
Will and Akari looked at one another before Will said, <>We’ll see. I know you may hate me for this and it might seem unfair, but I need to call your parents about this.<>
<>NO!<> she screamed trying again to squirm out of Akari’s arms. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening!
Will asked Akari to hold her while he went to the phone and dialed her parent’s cell phone. He switched speakerphone on and readied himself for this difficult family pow wow.
<>Hello?<> a man’s voice on the phone said.
<>Is this Makimachi, Kyusuke-san<> Will asked.
<>Sir,<> Will said clearing his throat. I have some interesting news. Do you have time to have a serious conversation regarding your daughter?<>
<>Is it urgent?<>
<>No sir, it’s not urgent, but it does require your attention.<>
The voice on the other end sighed. <>I have fifteen minutes, go ahead.<>
Will gulped and then blurted it out. <>This evening I found your daughter in a diaper.<>
The voice responded furiously, <>YOU WHAT!?<> Ganko began to weep bitterly at the anger in her father’s voice. <>Is that Ganko-chan crying?<>
<>Yes sir,<> Akari stated loudly so he could hear. She didn’t want us to tell you, but we thought it in her best interests to let you know.<>
<>You two didn’t influence her did you?<> the voice said in a scathing tone. <>If you did, then so help me…<>
Will took offence to this and spoke up. <>Now you look here, Makimachi-san. I discovered your daughter and called you. Why would I call you about it if I influenced her? Further, what in the world are you doing taking that tone of voice with me? You can think whatever you want about me and call me a freak, but you are seriously hurting Ganko-chan’s feelings by talking like that! She did this of her own accord. My diapers won’t even fit her, so don’t try to pin this on me. So am I hearing you wrong or are you calling Ganko a freak?<>
Ganko was amazed. She was hurt at her father’s tone of voice and hurt further at the contempt he held for Will’s diapers. What she couldn’t believe was that Will stood up for her like that, placing him under her father’s heel for her sake.
<>Ganko honey<> her father said in a stern tone. <>Is this true?<>
She quietly said yes, and then when he asked her to repeat it because he couldn’t hear her she said it loudly. <>I don’t know about their diapers until just before they called you.<>
<>Honey, <>he said confused. <>Why do you want to wear diapers like a baby? It isn’t normal.<> Ganko tried to explain to her father what she wanted out of diapers and throughout it all he was very quiet. She knew she wasn’t doing a good job of stating her case, but she was trying her best. Her father cut her off. <>Galanos-san. Can I call you back? I need to talk with my wife about this. It’s very difficult.<>
Will said it was no problem and hung up the phone. <>Ok girls, let get you guys changed into some clean clothes. Ganko was in a daze as Akari, Will and she walked to the bathroom where Akari changed her diaper. If she had been in a normal mindset she might have enjoyed it, but under the circumstances she couldn’t think. She was placed in one of the purple diapers and she noticed it was thicker than her other diapers. Another strange thing lay in the fact that Akari placed duct tape over the tapes explaining that the tabs didn’t hold well. Will changed Akari who was also wet and then went to the other room to change himself. As he re-merged the phone rang. Will clicked speakerphone as he answered.
Kyusuke Makimachi spoke on the other line, <>We have reached a decision . . .<> Ganko felt her heart in her chest catch as she waited to hear what the verdict was.

Ganko’s heart palpitated fiercely in her breast as she waited for her parents’ decree. In her soul she knew that she had very little reason to hope. The way her father reacted when Will told him about the diaper made her want to crawl into a hole and die. It was so obvious he detested the idea of her wearing diapers and this troubled her greatly.
<>We have decided it would be in her best interest not to wear diapers, Galanos-san.<> her father said sternly. <>We think it unhealthy and spiritually unsettling.<>
Ganko quickly turned to Will and saw in his eyes that he wished also that the verdict had been different. She heard him sigh and smile weakly at her before saying, <>And if I catch her again?<>
<>Call me if that happens, Galanos-san.<> he said after a moment. Apparently the idea of her disobeying them had never come to her father’s mind. And in truth, he had very little reason to think otherwise. Ganko had always been obedient in all things. But this was different. She knew she would disobey. She had to. This was her Mania, her passion.
So it was that Will hung up the phone and turned to Ganko. <>I am truly sorry, Ganko-chan,<> he said sadly. <>Go with Futokoro-san and she will change you into some clean underwear. You will not be allowed to wear diapers during our stay.<>
<>BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR!<> she cried. <>You both get to wear diapers! Why can’t I?<>
Akari reacted quickly by walking over and enfolding the sobbing child in her arms. <>Ganko-chan, <>she cooed. <>neither Galanos-san, nor I can help that we wear diapers. We have to, we’re incontinent. Without the diapers we would wet and mess ourselves without knowing.<>
That seemed to calm Ganko down, but she wasn’t satisfied with that at all. Especially not, when later she had to watch as Akari needed change after change that evening. Ganko barely tasted the lasagna after they watched the end of the movie, which despite being a comedy didn’t alleviate her bitter mood. She was going to fix this…
Chisato stared out the window of her second floor room of the house her foster parents’ house. Her work was long since finished, she had little recourse other than to stare at the freedom she could never enjoy. This was her fate, she supposed. Because of the city lights not too many stars were visible to her, but she looked on anyway savoring the breeze that whipped through her hair that almost reached her shoulders. She listened to the howl of the wind and wondered what the others were doing at that exact moment. Noriko and Naoto were probably getting ready for the exams at the Hayamizu house. Akari and Will would be at his cousin’s house babysitting. Chris would likely be studying in her father’s den while Mai would be practicing kendo after getting frustrated from a question she couldn’t figure out. Megumi would be finishing her studies and sitting at her brother and mother’s memorial tablet.
With the exception of Noriko, Chisato Iwasaki had been taught to despise them all. She had been beaten to get that lesson drilled into her head that these were her enemies, and while she had no personal grudge against any of them she knew she would still complete her mission. She had to.
A small tear trailed down her left cheek that she hadn’t noticed till it hit her jawbone. She quickly swept it away with her hand and stared at the moistness in her hand and wondered how it came to be that she was crying. Earlier in the evening, just for fun, she had attempted to recollect some of her past, but once again found it impossible. But this tear wasn’t for that, she knew. This was for them. These six people she was taught to hate cared about her and yet she would be the one to hand them their doom to Misao Kato. Did she hate them though?
Chisato thought back to the first day she came to Seijistu. It had been raining when she and Noriko had been dropped off. Neither of the girls had known they would coincidentally arrive at the exact same time, but that helped Chisato gauge how to integrate herself into the school. She had thought it would be so easy. Just be nice to them and they would slowly begin to trust her. Then, almost against her will, she saved Makoto Mai from Noriko. Just like that, she was a friend to them. It was shocking and strange because though she had no memory of her former life, she was pretty sure, and Misao made sure as well, that she had no friends. This shock almost blew her cover, but she maintained her secrecy and stayed with them all and observed everything, no matter how small the detail and reported it back to her mistress, whom she hated with all her heart.
Did she really not want to do her work? Was it so hard to destroy her enemies? Another teardrop let her know the answer. She loved her enemies. Naoto, who was a member of the hated Hayamizu clan, was funny and always made her laugh. Chris was simply a terrific listener and had made Chisato feel at ease in school. Mai was like a little sister and was her perfect foil for the act Chisato played as the sprightly, energetic girl. Megumi, whose ill fate she was doomed to secure was just a sad girl who needed her friends for support and love. She was polite, courteous and kind to everyone, and since she was Chris’ shadow, Chisato spent a lot of time with her as well. Akari was Akari. Kind and innocent above all others, Chisato hated to see anything bad happen to her. Then there was Will. He was probably the cutest boy she had ever seen, even if he did look like a girl most of the time. Because he was Peter Adams’ enemy he was hers just as acutely.
For the life of her Chisato could not figure out why Peter hated Will so much. Though she knew none of their histories she had an inkling it had to do with a fight as they were both athletic, but the idea of the frail Will beating the enormous Peter seemed ridiculous if not impossible. The other thing could be the diapers, but that made no sense, certainly not to start a feud with the entire Galanos family, as she knew that Tarlton was also loathed by Peter.
Chisato wished there was a way to prevent this all from happening. It was Monday night and the target day was going to be Wednesday, a mere two days away. But that was not going to happen. She had no control over her actions. She knew she would get Megumi to be placed right where she needed to be, and possibly Akari too for Peter. The two girls would be raped, their lives traumatized. Seijitsu would be shut down forever and all that hope would be destroyed. She could only weep as she knew she would be an integral key to making it all happen. But what hope was there?
Could she warn them?
Yes, she was not instructed not to, so why couldn’t she. And yet, she knew that she wouldn’t. couldn’t do that. That would be betraying the mistress. How she wished someone would rescue her as they had Noriko, Mai, Chris, and all the other sad students! How she wished she was not a part of this, so alone and helpless.
And so she continued to stare out her window and lament her lot in life while wishing for freedom and a chance to save that which she knew she must destroy
The next day, Ganko walked to school in a very bitter mood. Though she still had her secret stache under the floor board, she was being watched at all times and found it almost impossible to sneak one out to wear. Akari’s eyes were always on her.
When she was greeted by Sakura in class the two discussed what happened and Sakura was very sympathetic. They discussed possible ways to sneak the diapers, but then Sakura came up with a better idea.
<>Just take one, Makimachi- chan<> Sakura said suddenly during recess. Ganko looked at her as if she had sprouted horns. <>They are going to find out anyway. You said it yourself. They know what to look for and will be looking for all the signs, which you seem to drop regularly because you don’t know how to hide it very well to begin with. So what I say, is go all out. Your parents need to understand that this is what you really want.<>
Ganko considered that and slowly nodded. It was a crazy plan to be sure, but she was at wits end and knew this stress wasn’t good for her. Too much stress might cause her to get sick and the doctors warned her to be very careful if she got sick again as it was still unknown just how well she recovered. This would be best, at least by a ten year old’s understanding.
So it was, that that afternoon she waited till Will and Futokoro-san came home and then went straight to her hiding spot, grabbed a diaper, walked to the living room where they were putting their stuff down, still not noticing her, and began to undress. Futokoro-san noticed first and flew over to her to try and stop her. She grabbed Ganko’s arms as Ganko began to pull down her panties and wrestled her to the floor. Ganko continued to wriggle her panties down her legs using her knees as she and Akari rolled around. Her cousin Will was rooted to the spot, shocked at what was happening. After a few moments, the difference in strength became apparent, and Akari had the now naked Ganko pinned to the floor, both were breathing hard, but Ganko was crying too. She thought they would just be shocked at her determination. She hadn’t expected Akari to attack her like that.
<>Please<> she sniffled. <>Please don’t take this away from me!<>
Akari leapt off her as though stung by a bee and looked to Will, <>What do we do, Will-kun?<>
<>WE<> Will stated emphatically, <>will do nothing!<>
This caused Ganko to erupt into fresh tears as Akari shouted, <>Galanos-kun! That’s too cruel!<>
<>You both misunderstand me<> he said while uplifting my hands. <>If we do anything then we will be held liable for all that happens. Ganko will lose. We will be pegged for her infatuation and she will never be able to become happy as she wants. What I am going to do, though, is call your father as I promised I would do. <>
Akari hugged Ganko to her as Will walked over to the phone and switched it to speaker as he dialed Makimachi, Kyusuke’s cel.
<>Yes, Galanos-san? <> he tartly replied. He must have seen that it was his own house calling. Will could hear the drone of an engine and assumed that Mr. Makimachi was driving. <>What do you need?<>
<>Well, I have a bit of an interesting story to tell you, sir,<> Will began and then related the whole incident which would later be termed the GREAT LIVING ROOM BRAWL.
Mr. Makimachi was flabbergasted. <>Ganko did this? You must be joking with me, Galanos-san.<>
<>No, sir. I am sorry to say I am not kidding. Ganko and Futokoro-san had quite the fight.<>
Suddenly a concerned tone enveloped Mr. Makimachi’s voice, <>Is my little girl alright?<>
Will smiled, <>Yes, she’s fine. Futokoro-san was very gentle and the only thing hurt was Ganko’s pride. Now I must ask, what should I do?<>
<>Well, what would you suggest?<>
<>What would I suggest?<> Will asked confused
“Will?” he heard his aunt Kat ask. “Well, we called your mother after last night and she gave you a shining review. We even called your priest to get a character report on you. We conclude you are a decent, honest boy, Will. I would value your advice in this as I have no experience in the matter.”
A bit taken aback, Will answered, “What do you know about Ganko’s desire to wear diapers? If we are to get through this then we need to all understand one another.”
“I understand that she wanted attention that she lost because of all that time in the hospital and because of her brother being so far away. What I don’t I understand is why she chose this method to get attention.”
Will sighed, “Aunt Kat, it isn’t just about attention. She wanted to return to a time when times were simpler and all she needed to worry about was whether or not she was loved by you and her father. It’s a coping method for all of the stress. I guess you would call it post traumatic stress.”
“When did you become a psychiatrist, Will?” Kat asked laughing.
“I didn’t,” Will laughed. “I asked my brother who has taken a psychology course. He knows a lot about that kind of thing. The best and healthiest way for her to get through this is to let her do as she wants in this case because it is harmless. She derives comfort and security. I suggest you just continue to love her as you have till now, with the understanding of her desires. I gather from your husband’s response to Ganko’s actions that she has never reacted like this before. She is serious about this.”
“Alright, Will,” she said slowly. “I will trust your judgment for now. When we get back we will take her to a REAL psychiatrist and see if they agree with you. Did you hear that, honey? We’ll let you wear diapers, so don’t worry. We’re not angry. We love you very much, sweetie.”
Ganko was now crying again, but this time from happiness. “I love you Mommy!” she cried.
“Don’t I get an ‘I love you’ too?” they heard Mr. Makimachi ask with a chuckle.
“I LOVE YOU DADDY!” she called while nuzzling into Akari’s chest.
Will and the two of them finished the conversation soon after, but Ganko never heard the end of it as Akari was carrying her to her room. She set the still naked girl on the floor and took a diaper from her pack and placed it under Ganko after lifting the child’s legs to position the hourglass shape under her. Ganko took in the perfume of the fresh diaper and luxuriated in the softness against her bottom. She closed her eyes and smiled, only to open them while coughing as a very liberal amount of baby powder was applied to her crotch, bottom and waist. Akari rubbed the powder in as the cloud began to settle over them both. They giggled when seeing the other’s white face. Then came the best part. The front flap of the diaper was pulled snugly up between her legs and then taped in place lovingly by Akari’s delicate hands. Then, a layer of duct tape was placed over the tabs. Akari patted Ganko’s diapered behind and then gave her a big hug.
<>Hey, why don’t you call Sakura-chan?<> Akari offered. <>We can watch another movie and she can stay the night. How does that sound?<>
Ganko nodded enthusiastically and she set about calling her best friend. She didn’t bother putting on a dress or skirt. All she needed was a t-shirt. She passed a mirror and stared at her reflection. Despite the diaper being purple, she looked all of three years old. This was going to be a wonderful week.
Chapter 21 Tuesday Night
Makimachi, Ganko called her friend Honimbo, Sakura almost immediately after being changed into her first diaper. Sakura immediately came over with sleeping supplies. Futokoro, Akari had to speak with the Honimbo family and convince them that they would take Sakura to school the next day and that all of her school work would be done before they had any fun. Sakura’s parents were iffy at first, but after meeting Akari and Will when they walked over to pick up Sakura in person, those worries melted away.
For a good long while, Sakura stared at Will’s face and glanced back to Ganko. Ganko had been right in saying that this boy stood as a mirror image of her. With his long curly hair and heart shaped face he really did look like a girl. Sakura looked as though she were self-conscience of this, as she looked rather homely in comparison to her best friend. Akari solved this possible error on Sakura’s part by patting the girl on the head and claiming that Sakura deserved her name because when Sakura petals blossom they are at their most beautiful and it was plain to all that this girl would indeed become beautiful when she grew up. She had such an honest face and bright blue eyes that went well with her black hair that was cut short so that it hugged her cheeks.
Together they walked back to the Makimachi house and the two girls were told to complete their homework while Will and Akari studied. This was the second to last day before exams for them so the two studied hard and long. Will and Akari perfectly complimented each other in their studying in that one of the two always seemed to have the answer when a question would arise. They were just finishing studying their grammar when Sakura and Ganko entered the kitchen where the two of them were studying.
<>I hear you two practice Kendo! <> Sakura said immediately, and Will had to marvel that this girl showed no signs of shyness in front of strangers. <>You two can’t possibly fight.<>
Ganko nodded her head to show her doubt as well and truthfully Will could not begrudge their estimation of the two as neither seemed overtly strong or violent at all in either body or spirit. He simply smiled at the girl and nodded. <> You are right, Honimbo-chan.<> he said with a chuckle. <>Futokoro-san and I do not fight. <>
<>See!<> Sakura said teasingly, <>I told you they couldn’t-<> before she could blink, Will was in front of her with his pencil touching her forehead like the blade of a sword, <> …fight<>
<>We dance,<> Akari said with a grin of her own. <>Would you like to see us dance?<>
Both girls nodded but Will shook his head saying they needed to study. Akari smiled at him and said they needed a break. Grudgingly he went outside with her. In truth he minded little that they were to practice in front of the girls. In his rush to study he had not had time to practice kendo and he knew watching over Ganko would take his attention so he left his shinai at home. Apparently, so had Akari. They looked around for a good while until they each found a stick that would work as a sword, which proved very difficult. The stick needed to be supple enough to fight with, but strong enough not to break when clashed. Will tested almost ten stick, breaking nine of them before finally choosing one that would work. The heft of it was off but he didn’t mind.
The two faced each other as they had many times before in practice. Because they didn’t have the luxury of protective armor they agreed to move at “quarter speed” in this session. The two girls sat on the porch and watched as the two middle schoolers stretched and adopted fighting stances. Ganko didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed to be sitting on the porch wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt, but then again, she probably didn’t notice. What next transpired amazed the young girls as, even moving at a quarter of the speed they normally used, the two danced quickly in mesmerizing circles, with their swords lashing at each other when they charged in. Will smiled to himself as he worked on katas with Akari. To them this practice was routine, even a little boring, but to the young audience it seemed impossible that they could move so fast and so coordinately with swords. ‘How amazed would they be’ Will wondered, ‘if we were to move at our real tempo?’
Even though they moved slowly, the concentration and clinching of muscles wore them out after awhile and they stopped to the applause of the girls. Ganko stood up and cheered, but then stopped and became very red in the face. <>Um…<> she stammered, obviously embarrassed to be asking this sort of thing in front of her best friend. <>I need to be changed now.<>
Sakura giggled and asked if she could watch. Akari laughed and said not only could she watch, she could helped. Apparently she needed a change too, which she made known to Will with a wink. <>Will will change me and you can handle Ganko.<>
<>But I have never changed a diaper before!<> Sakura sputtered. <> Are you sure about this?<>
Akari was sure apparently as she marched them all into the house. Will smiled at Akari’s idea, but was not sure if he needed to be there. The two girl’s might be a little self conscious of him seeing Ganko naked. Akari must not have thought it to be a problem, but then again, she was used to him changing her. In the end he simply sighed and followed them to Akari’s room, which had been renamed the changing station during their stay. Akari gave Sakura instructions as she and Ganko lied down, side by side on two changing mats. Will fetched two diapers from Akari’s stack while commenting that they really needed to get Ganko some of her own since these were a little too big for her, which had been apparent in the way she was leaking a little down the legs.
Will began to untape Akari’s diaper and instructed Sakura to do just as he did. Sakura swallowed and nodded. Akari had messed as well as wet her diaper profusely and desperately needed this change as she was showing signs of a rash along her inner thighs and bottom. Ganko had only wet her diaper so Sakura finished wiping her long before Will finished cleaning up Akari. Next, he instructed the two girls about rashes, explaining that a diaper should be changed as soon as possible to avoid them. He showed Sakura how to apply cream to the areas where rash was beginning. Then, he and Sakura put oil on their hands and massaged the oils into Akari and Ganko. Will then took the powder and liberally dusted Akari’s crotch and bottom before handing the bottle to Sakura who duplicated the procedure on Ganko. The final step was actually putting the diaper on the girls, which was very easy once the feet were lifted and the hourglass placed under the bottom. Sakura looked quizzically at the duct tape Will applied to the tabs, but he explained that this particular brand of diaper had really bad tabs.
<>Then why get this diaper?<> she asked as she applied the tape to Ganko’s diaper.
<>Molicare absorbs the best that I have seen,<> Will answered. <>Once the duct tape is applied it’s good to go.<> he said as he patted Akari’s behind. <>Now we wash our hands in the bathroom for good sanitation. You go ahead. I have to change myself.<>
Akari shooed the two girls out and volunteered to change Will for the sake of quickness. Once alone, the two shared a laugh. <>Did you see how nervous little Honimbo-chan was?<>
Will chuckled as she undid his pants and slid them down to get at the tabs. <>Yes, I saw,<> he said.<> She’s a good friend to so willingly do something like that for Makimachi-chan. She didn’t judge her or us at all. She just wanted to do it right.<>
Akari nodded as she tore the sides of Will’s diaper, not being able to extricate the duct tape tabs and said, <> I wonder if she would wear a diaper?<> She began to wipe Will’s genitals and bottom as he laughed at her idea. <>What’s so funny?<>
<>You would convert the world to babydom if you could, wouldn’t you?<> he laughed. <>She may or may not want to try it, but let that come from her, ok?<>
She sighed as she placed the new diaper under him after powdering his crotch and bottom. <>Ok, ok,<> she agreed. <>But she would be cute in one, give me that.<>
As she finished off taping his clean diaper Will smiled, <>I’ll give you that.<>
Makoto, Mai; Morrison, Chris; and Kirisawa Megumi all huddled around a kotatsu ( a table in Japanese households used during cold months. It is a low to the ground table with a comforter over the top of the table under a hard surface top. In the middle of the table is a heater. The Japanese will put their legs under the blanket portion). On the table were their textbooks and hot chocolate. Mai and Chris were wearing only their diapers and shirts while Megumi wore her panties. They had been studying ever since they got to the Morrison household after school.
Chris had suggested that Monday that they all spend the night at her house and study Tuesday night together. She had also invited Chisato, but she wasn’t able to get permission to come. Together they managed to hammer out all the rough edges of the learning during the semester and after a few hours were sufficiently prepared for the exams that started on Thursday. About midway through their studying Chris’ mom brought in the cocoa for them.
Now that they were finished studying, Mai suggested they play some games. Megumi and Chris acquiesced and they soon found themselves in a circle around the kotatsu playing truth or dare. Mai, since she came up with the idea volunteered herself for the first inquisitor. She began with Megumi. <>Truth or dare?<>
<>Um… dare?<> she asked hesitantly.
A malevolent glint shimmered in Mai’s green eyes as she stood up. <>Well, I am wet right now so I could use a change. I dare you to change my diaper! But it has to be triple thick.<>
Megumi blushed but she quickly set to work and soon had Mai in a new diaper comprised of three molicare superplus briefs wrapped around her with puncture holes in the first two layers. <>You just did that to be lazy, didn’t you?<> Megumi laughed after she finished. <>I bet that’s why you wanted to play too, right?<> After Mai grinned widely at her instead of answering, Chris laughed. <>Oh just drink your hot chocolate, Makoto-chan!<>
Megumi was smiling now too, <>Ok, Makoto-chan, back at you! Truth or Dare?<>
Mai slurped her cocoa and grinned at them with a large brown mustache as she said, <>You should know I will always pick dare!<>
<>Alright, since you have on such thick diaper I dare you to go downstairs, get an ice cube and then put it in your diaper in front of us!<> Mai’s face darkened tremendously, but she slowly trudged downstairs to fetch her ice cube.
Chris laughed. <>Oh Kirisawa-san,<> she said.<>That is just plain mean!<> Megumi shrugged and giggled at the comment as they waited for Mai to return.
When Mai glared at her she smiled and said, <>I could have asked for three, you know.<>
Mai grinned and said, <>I am just upset I didn’t think of it first. . .<> as she placed the cube down the back of her diaper. The resulting screams and dance she performed kept the other two laughing for a good three minutes, so much so that Chris flooded her diaper and needed a change. Since it was her turn to ask, she made Mai change her into triple thick diapers as well. Now both of them could barely wobble if they attempted to walk, which seemed really funny to Megumi.
Mai changed that smile quickly with her next dare. <>Ok, Kirisawa-Chaaaaaaaaan. Since you find it so terribly funny to put ice cubes in other people’s diapers-<>
<>It was only one, Makoto-chan.<>
<>SILENCE!<> Mai said with as much gusto as she could muster. <> I have decided that you will take dare, am I right?<>
<>Sure,<> she said smiling confidently. <> Why not?<>
<>Very good, <> she cackled gleefully while rubbing her hands together like some villain. <>Very good. I have decreed that you shall also be thickly diapered this entire evening. Do you accept my dare!?<>
Megumi and Chris shared twin glances that seemed to convey, “How could she ask that?” Megumi mustered her pride and said she would. Mai set on her like a wild tiger, tearing off her panties as though she meant to rape her while laughing maniacally for good effect. Megumi did her part to scream in mock fright as Mai set to diapering her. After it was done she stood and looked at her self. She bent her head over her shoulder and wiggled her bottom to see how the diaper moved on her.
Chris and Mai each tweaked her nose and cheek commenting that she was adorable. Megumi, for her part glared at them both and promised Mai she wouldn’t like her next dare. Mai laughed and said she could take anything she threw. <>Jogging anyone?<>

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Chisato sat with Peter at the Iwasaki house. Both of her fake parents were out and about, but she and Peter remained to plan the horrors of the next day. It was mainly Peter giving her instructions on what to do. He seemed so excited about all of this, not reluctant at all.
After he finished one leg of his explanation she asked, <>So what is the point of all this, Adams-san?<> she spoke slowly because she knew he knew very little Japanese.
“The point is to close Seijitsu down, girl,” he growled. Neither of them liked the other much, so he always spoke English and she Japanese to annoy the other. “Your part, as I have said, is simple. Just before school let’s out for the day you will convince Will to leave early without Akari, and then convince Akari and Kirisawa to follow you to the café.”
She sighed and sipped tea from her glass. <>Not as easy as you would make it seem,<> she spat. <>Futokoro-san and Galanos-san are practically joined at the hip so he will most certainly want to accompany Futokoro-san home, whatever the time it takes. Morrison-san and Kirisawa-san are the same way. Separating them will prove much harder than you can imagine.<>
“Well, mole, that is why you have been studying them for a month, isn’t it?” he said with sarcasm. “Look, my men will be where they need to be and we have already taken care of the staff at the café, with Kato employees. The trick is getting them out of the security of the school, and that is up to you. I know you don’t need to be reminded of the price of failure.” He leaned forward on the table to get within inches of her face. “You would become nothing more than a sex slave to the upper ups of the Kato Clan. They might cut your legs and arms off to make you nothing more than a beast, a vessel for them to fuck! Would you like that Chisato Iwasaki? How would you like to lose everything?”
She slapped him hard across the jaw as tears of self-reproach and pity stung her eyes. ‘Better that than betraying them all’ she thought bitterly. <>I know my duty,<> she said in a husky voice as she fought to control her temper. <>They will be where they need to be. I was just letting you know it would be difficult.<>
“That really isn’t my concern, now is it?” he laughed. He hadn’t even rubbed his cheek where she slapped him. Apparently it was like the touch of a baby to him. She feared him, she realized. This man was almost as crazy as Misao Kato, if not for the same reasons. “My concern is with Galanos. I wish I could see his face when he watches the video. After this is done and Galanos isn’t protected by that damn Hayamizu Clan, then I will personally rip him to pieces with my bare hands. Both him and his brother!”
<>Why do you hate him?<> She asked suddenly. <>Is it the diapers? A fight maybe?<> The slap he delivered sent her reeling. She fell off her chair and saw the world spin around. On her lip she felt the warmth of her own blood and the sting of the tear in her flesh. Through bleary eyes she saw the rage in his frame.
“That is none of your fucking business, bitch!” He screamed. “Just have them at the café!”
With that he stormed out of the house leaving her crying on the floor. She wanted to die then. She wanted to end it all and save them, but she knew she couldn’t. She had been programmed to not commit suicide. Was she really nothing more than a machine?
Why wouldn’t anyone come to save her?
Ganko, Sakura, Will, and Akari sat around the kitchen table playing Monopoly. This time the game went a little slower as Sakura proved an excellent rival to Ganko in that she purchased one of every color to prevent any monopolies, including boardwalk. This made, what would have been a short game stretch to hours as neither junior tycoon would sell her property. Will could only laugh, as he and Akari had become nonentities in the game. The two of them took breaks to change their diapers while the two girls battled it out. After about two hours of this they finally reached a compromise. Both had amassed a fortune from passing go so often. Ganko took the green properties from Sakura in exchanging Park Place for them. Within minutes they had hotels on their properties and Will along with Akari went bankrupt. A grueling half hour later found Ganko the winner.
<>I don’t get it!<> Sakura moped. <>I had boardwalk and park place. That should have finished it!<>
<>Statistically you land more often on my properties though, Sakura-chan. You should have asked for green.<> Ganko gloated.
<>Yes, that’s true,<> Sakura conceded. <>But then I would have won, and we all know the winner cleans up!<> Everyone laughed except Ganko.
<>But I am the winner,<> she reasoned. <>Why should I have to clean up?<>
Akari interceded, <>I think Honimbo-chan is right in this Ganko. It makes sense.<>
Morosely and with many theatrics Ganko cleaned up the monopoly board as Will finished cooking dinner and Akari set the table. Sakura sat down looking at the people all around her. For convenience and because the house was so warm, none of the diaper wearers were wearing pants. Ganko seemed to notice this and asked as she finished sorting out the bills, <>Do you feel left out, Sakura-chan<>
Sakura blushed at the question, but nodded. <>A little<> she admitted. <>Don’t you think that’s weird? I feel left out of wearing diapers. I don’t need them or really want them, but because everyone here but me is wearing one I DO kind of feel left out.<>
<>You could wear one if you like, you know?<> Ganko said with a grin as she put the lid back on the box and began to walk it over to the closet.
<>I know<> Sakura said. <>It’s just weird and I know my parents would be against it.<>
<>Well,<> Ganko thought, <>Maybe you could wear one tonight so you don’t feel left out and then never do it again. You just said you really didn’t need them or want them.<>
Sakura thought for a bit and then agreed. The two of them ran to Ganko’s room and Ganko changed her best friend into her first diaper in many years. When the two re-emerged, Will didn’t say a word, but Akari went and greeted Sakura like a long lost little sister and set about babying her the rest of the evening. She made the girl sit on her lap during the movie and cut up her dinner. Will didn’t know how Sakura received all this, but she went along with it. Ganko received similar treatment so that what had started as a night with ten year olds quickly became a night with three year old. Somewhere along the night, Ganko switched to speaking in simple sentences with a baby-like lisp. Sakura took her cue and the two conversed the rest of the night in that manner. Will thought it very cute as Akari had acted in such a way on numerous occasions.
By the end of the evening, the two babies needed to be changed twice. Both had pooped the second time, which seemed an anathema to Sakura, but Ganko chose to relish the experience and happily declared that she needed to be changed out of her poopy diaper as though it were some sort of great accomplishment. Will changed Ganko while Akari changed Sakura for bed. Sakura actually asked to wear a diaper to bed. Will smiled at this and after they were tucked in, he kissed them on the forehead.
Will had to admit he like the idea of taking care of another. Maybe he would indulge Akari more often. With that thought, he changed himself and went to bed. Tomorrow would be another great day.
As the girls returned from the jog around the block, shivering cold, and tired as the waddling didn’t make jogging easy, Mai said, <>Alright…. No more dares! We are sticking with truths from now on!<>
<>To the kotatsu, Batman!<> Chris said to Megumi as they all dashed as fast as they could to the warm blankets. They found a new pitcher of hot chocolate waiting for them that they quickly doled out. They waited several minutes before continuing their game as they rubbed their hands together and chattered their teeth. Chris couldn’t help but add, <>Great dare, Megumi-san. I think that takes the cake of all dares, and we are never doing it again.<> Mai patted her on the back as well to congratulate her on such a well done prank.
Chris sipped her chocolate slowly as she thought of who and what she should ask. Finally, she settled on Mai. <>Ok, Makoto-chan, I know you like to play the part of the little girl, but I bet there’s a big girl in you too. Who do you have a crush on?<>
<>Well, <> Mai began slowly. <> I would say Galanos-san because he is a dream come true to me: an amazing fighter, a diaper lover, kind and altruistic, but he’s with Futokoro-chan so I know I don’t have a chance. So I would say, our gym teacher and coach Sanosuke, Ryu-san.<>
<>Sanosuke-sensei!?<> Chris burst out laughing, <>But he’s almost twice your age!<>
<>He’s only twenty three! <> Mai interjected.
<>Oh, I am sorry,<> Chris amended, <>Nine years older than you. Makoto-chan, you need to find some guy that doesn’t have to do with Kendo.<>
Mai stook her tongue out, <>You said crush, not true love!<> she said in her defense. <>Well, what about you, Morrison-san? Who do you like?<>
Chris blushed. <>I like Galanos-san too. But he doesn’t care for me the same way. He’s just so nice and kind no matter what the situation. But he is so oblivious to anyone’s feelings. I doubt he even realizes any of us like him. But, since he is out of bounds I am going to have to keep looking. He’s my crush, though."
Megumi smiled at them, <>I guess I am next to ask the question, right?<> she asked. <>Chris, what do you want to do after Toudai (Tokyo University)?<>
<>I don’t know,<> Chris admitted. <>I guess I would want to help kids like me. Maybe a doctor? I really don’t know, I haven’t given it much thought.<>
Mai asked Megumi the popular question of the hour. <>Well,<> Mai asked, elbowing her gently. <>Who makes your heart go pitter patter?<>
Megumi smiled, <>Well, to be a little different, not Galanos-san. He’s sweet and all, but just not my type. I tried a few days ago to get to know him better, but he takes warming up to to get to know. He’s a decent guy and I DO want to be his friend, but no more than that. I guess I would half to say Hajime, Ken<>
<>But that kid’s so cold!<> Mai said. <>He looks like his dad, so cold and calculating.<>
<>Yeah, but he’s nice when you know him. Anyway, he’s my crush.<>
The girls continued to talk for several hours. Because the three diapers were taped on her, Megumi could not escape using her diaper. She admitted that it didn’t feel bad, but she also stated that it probably wasn’t for her. Diapers just weren’t her thing. After finishing their cocoa and chatting, the girls bedded down. Tomorrow would be another great day.
Chisato hugged her pillow to herself as she stared out the window at the stars. There had to be a way out, there just had to be. ‘Tomorrow will be another great day,’ she thought sarcastically to herself. She had already come up with her plans to split up the key players. It would be so easy, so very very easy. She hated herself for it. There had to be a way out of Misao Kato’s web.
The dawn of Wednesday the 18th of December was a casual experience, much like any other winter morning in Okinawa. The sun rose slowly pooling it’s somber red and orange glow around the buildings of the small province in the city where Seijitsu was nestled. Most people rose from their slumber soon after sunrise, but some others were actually awake to enjoy the panoramic view of majesty and grace within the first light of morning. Mornings were the birth of new days, new experiences, new lives. But for some it brought with it the decay of death. This would be the last day of Seijitsu.

Chapter 22
Will awoke to the bright light entering his window. He yawned and rolled over to look at his alarm clock sitting on the floor near his futon. 6:30. He could have slept for another twenty minutes, but after checking his soaked diaper he decided to get up. Slowly, as he was in no way a morning person, Will crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. He passed his reflection and the mirror and smiled. With bags under his eyes and his curly hair gnarled and sticking out in many directions like some mad scientist he really looked awful. He brushed his teeth and undid his diaper after locking the door. It hit the ground with a splat as it always did when he didn’t bother to lower it gently. After stepping into the shower he was awakened fully by the first burst of frigid water and then relaxed as the temperature rose. It took a while for him to fully wet his hair before he could begin shampooing it.
Once clean, he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waste. His hair was combed and bound into a loose ponytail with his forelocks resting against his cheek on the left side. For some reason that side would never stay combed back and always flopped down over his eye. He changed into a fresh diaper and got dressed in his school uniform. He pulled up the dark blue pants and buttoned down the white dress shirt before putting on the long vest with the emblazoned logo of Seijitsu on the left breast pocket, a red phoenix flying out of flames. The last thing he put on were his socks.
His sleeping charges were not terribly happy to see him as he roused each in turning, starting with Akari and then moving on to the girls. After Ganko finished her shower he re-diapered her in a new diaper even though she had not wet the one she was wearing when she was put to bed. Sakura on the other hand was found in a wet diaper, which embarrassed her to know end. Akari did her best to calm her down and explain that one accident didn’t mean she was a bed wetter. It was probably all the fluids from the night before. This helped and she changed back into her panties after taking her shower. By now it was 7:30 and all of them needed to hurry to get to their schools. Breakfast would have been nice, but they simply had no time.
Will and Akari walked the young girls to their elementary school. Akari put several diapers in Ganko’s backpack to change into. She didn’t send a note, because Will suggested they wait until the psychiatrist said it was ok. Once dropped off, the girls scampered to their homeroom and Will and Akari left for their own school, which was only about three blocks away.
They arrived earlier than usual because of the close proximity of their residence and actually had to wait a bit until other students arrived. They put their sneakers in their shoe locker and out on the slippers they wore during their stay at school. The first two to arrive were Noriko and Naoto, followed shortly by Megumi, Chris and Mai. Most of the other students flowed in soon after, and before too long they were all seated in homeroom. One of the last to arrive was Chisato and Will noticed that she had a cut on her lip that she kept picking, which was surrounded by a large bruise. Having seen similar wounds on Terry after his fights, Will could only assume she had been punched. But by who?
Wasting no time, he walked to her and pointedly asked, <>Who hit you? And don’t you dare tell me it was a fall down the stairs.<>
She seemed a bit crestfallen that he noticed and yet a strange look crossed her eyes. Happiness, relief, and pain all mingled together in the glance she shared with him. He waited a few moments before she finally spoke. <>It was a boy I had an argument with last night. . .<> she said slowly. <>I said something he didn’t like and he hit me for it. I won’t be seeing him again.<>
Will’s eyes seethed at this news. Will had always been a bit too chauvinistic in his principles and the idea of anyone striking a girl like that seemed too terrible for words. <>He’s not here is he?<> he asked, hoping he wouldn’t have to see this creep. She said no and he sighed in relief. If he wasn’t a student here then he wouldn’t have contact with her. <>Give me or Akari a call next time, Iwasaki-san. We’re your friends and want to help when something like this happens.<>
He noticed her eyes filling with tears like twin pools shimmering light back at him from their reflected depths, and then she turned away. <>I, um, have to go to the restroom<>, she said in a crushed voice, bordering on a whimper. Will wanted to follow her, but held himself in check. Something was wrong.
In the girls’ restroom Chisato Iwasaki bawled her eyes out. She had been afraid of something like this happening. She had hoped to avoid them all till the very end where she unleashed the trap. For most of the night she had trained herself to hate them all over again. This was a school of diapered freaks. The owner picked up stray children and kept them like pets. But most importantly of all, these were the hated enemies of her mistress, whom she could not disobey.
It had been no use. She couldn’t fool herself. ‘Galanos, you bastard!’ she thought viciously. ‘Why do you have to make this so difficult? Why do you have to be so damn NICE? If I could just bring myself to hate you I could destroy you.’
And she knew that that was exactly what would happen. Once the school closed down the children would be helpless ants under the shoe of Misao Kato who could squash them each at her leisure. There would be no escape. Will would be prodded into a school Kato could control and be abused all over again. The same fate would happen to the others, she knew. They would not be placed in the same school. No, Kato would rob them even of that. They would be alone and afraid, awaiting their next punishment for daring to oppose Misao Kato by allying themselves with her hated enemy, Hayamizu.
A knock on the door, spoiled her reverie. <>Iwasaki-chan?<> a kindly voice said that she recognized instantly as her homeroom teacher and principal Tomoko Hayamizu, the source of all this hatred. Chisato didn’t even know why. Maybe it was because the evil that was Kato need to lash out against it’s antithesis Hayamizu. <>Iwasaki-chan? Are you alright?<>
Chisato dried her tears and exited to stare up at the motherly figure of Tomoko. Who could hate this woman? The very sight of her elicited the unbidden urge to hug her, not kill her. Even with all the programming Misao had planted in her to hate this woman, Chisato knew she could never hate her. Without meaning to, she rushed into the open arms of this woman, her enemy, and cried fresh tears into her bosom, while whimpering, <>I am sorry! I am so sorry!<>
This seemed to worry the woman more than a little. <>What’s wrong, honey?<> she asked calmly. <>What is the matter?<> All she got were more benedictions pleading for forgiveness. <>I can’t forgive what I don’t know, honey. Please tell me what you have done, and then we can get that cut tended to, alright?<> she smiled her special smile to the young girl with her eyes closed. This brought more tears of self reproach to Chisato’s eyes.
<>It’s not what I have done,<> she began and she knew she would tell everything now, she would do the opposite of what she was told and save this school for the nice lady.<> It’s what-<>
Chisato couldn’t finish the sentence. She wanted to scream out <>I am the destruction of your beautiful school! I am responsible for Megumi Kirisawa and Akari Futokoro’s future rape and ALL of the misery that will ensue!<> but she couldn’t. It was as though he throat clamped down on its own accord preventing her from speaking and then with a voice she did not consciously bid to speak she said in a dull monotone, <>Never mind, it’s nothing. I have nothing to be sorry for. If you will excuse me I need to get back to class.<> Her eyes had taken a glazed look as though she were possessed and she began to walk back to the classroom even though what she really wanted was to stay and talk.
Tomoko Hayamizu looked hurt that her offer of help was so rudely rejected, but she allowed Chisato to go while saying, <>We will have a conference after school today, young lady. For your own good.<>
Chisato looked at her with a blank stare that Tomoko recoiled from as though she were looking into the pupils of a dead fish and said in a similarly blank voice , <>Yes, ma’am. As you wish.<>
First period was History and the professor decided to throw an end of the semester party as he seemed to have guessed that all of the students were dog tired from studying. He was right. Will and Akari, both naturals in the subject anyway were ready to relax for once. Even with their knowledge of the subject coming into the class they had learned tons of information that truly humbled them. Will often wondered what it was like for students who were not as strong in history. Mai was only too happy to tell him.
<>It’s completely unfair!<> she bemoaned as she sat at her desk reviewing flashcards full of dates and names for the exam tomorrow. <>You didn’t even have to look at these did you, Will-chan?<>
He smiled while nibbling on a cupcake, <>Once or twice maybe.<>
<>I hate you. It’s as though some higher power is forcing me to fail!<>
Chris walked over with Megumi and laughed, <>No power is forcing you to fail, Mai-chan. You get to do that all on your own.<>
<>I really hate you, you know that, Morrison-san,<> she griped. <>Ugh, between this, math, and English I am screwed!<>
Megumi chuckled, <>Says the one who always pulls the highest marks in all of those classes. Admit it, Motoko-chan; you just love to kick and scream. You know this stuff and will probably get the highest on the test. You study ten times harder than you have to.<>
Mai grumbled something noncommittal and went back to reviewing her flash cards. Akari, as usual, came to her rescue and helped her study by quizzing her on the harder stuff. Will smiled and threw in quirky wrong answers to annoy them both until they finally made him leave. He took that as an opportunity to seek out Chisato. She was alone at her desk quietly eating a cookie.
It was amazing to Will how a girl with such beauty and dignity could refuse to make friends. It was as though she knew she would have to give them up. As he approached he flooded his diaper and was only aware after the warmth hit his skin. He had watched her from the time she came in. She didn’t appreciate herself at all and while bouncy and upbeat like Mai most of the time, he noticed that, like Mai also, she had a sadness in her eyes that she didn’t want anyone to see. He suspected as he had with Mai that the bouncy character she presented was not who she really was. In the case of Mai that was certainly true. Mai had a depth to her that Will found in no one else. She understood feelings very well even if she would never show any of her own true feelings. He knew she could be very cold when she chose to be and exceedingly cruel if pressed. Whatever inner demons plagued Mai, they were hers to face until she asked for help. Her strength and pride would not allow her to ask for aid. Chisato might be different. Mai’s façade was like a second skin that no one would notice unless they looked very closer. Chisato’s was like a mask. This mask seemed to be just a copy of Mai at times so that Will wondered often whether or not Chisato was only imitating Mai. Either way, he felt he needed to get to know her to find out. After his rudeness with Megumi Kirisawa he did some soul searching and realized that he didn’t know that many people in the school except superficially. One with pain like Chisato was worth knowing.
<>Feel like talking now?<> he asked, sitting down beside her on the tatami.
<>About?<> she asked in a dull voice.
Will swallowed and plowed on,<>You seemed upset about something.<>
She grit her teeth and glared at him before growling, <>And what business is that of yours?<>
At first, Will was a bit taken aback, but he knew that the animosity was not real. She didn’t hate him or want him to leave. He decided to lay down his cards and take a gamble by saying. <>If you want to push me away, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that.<>
<>Damn you!<> she grumbled
<>Why do you have to be so damn nice all the time?<> she asked in irritation. <>You always do that. You butt your nose in where it doesn’t belong all the time, like you are some holy avenger. Who are you to do that, huh? Why do you think it your responsibility SAVE everyone? Not everyone needs saving, and certainly not by you. You’re just a kid.<>
This hit Will pretty hard. She was right, of course. He did seem to have developed a knack for poking his head into other people’s problems. It wasn’t his business, but he made it his. And wasn’t that for the best? He brought Chris into the fold of friends. He helped Mai battle her self-doubts. He led the rescue of Noriko from her abusive father. Had his meddling not always brought good results? Maybe in these few cases he actually helped, but always with the aid of his friends. Perhaps these successes had mad him arrogant to think he could fix all the worlds problems. He hung his head in shame. His pride would one day be his undoing, he knew.
He looked up suddenly. He would not doubt himself now. He couldn’t leave someone in pain. It just wasn’t in his character. <>I am sorry if it seems that way, and you are right that it isn’t my business, but I think of myself as your friend and want to be there for you.<>
She looked at him in the eye. <>Alright…. friend,<> she said slowly. <>After school today, meet me in the park, at the bench nearest the restrooms facing the lake. I’ll tell you everything, but please come alone. Promise me you will come alone or I won’t talk to you.<>
Will sighed and thought about how he would explain that to Akari. He would also need to let Ganko know he would be late coming home. Still, all things considered, this was an opportunity not to be missed. If she would reveal what pained her then he and the others could help her as a group. He smiled and said, <>I give you my word I will meet you there after school alone.<>
Chisato smiled with relief and nodded, <>Ok then, at that bench, right after school I’ll be waiting.<>
In the abandoned district a young police officer accepted a large sum of money from a kid who should have been in school. The blond haired youth smiled at the officer. “Thanks, man,” He said slowly so the man could understand his English. “This will be cool. We’re shooting this great porno and I want it to be in this area to get sort of a trailer trash feel to it.”
“Can I , um watch it?” the cop asked with a perverted grin.
Peter Adams clapped the man on the shoulder, “When it comes out on video you can. I gave you a lot already so we could have privacy, but I’ll tell you what. Help me unload this truck and we’ll give you another nice stack of bills like the one you have in your pocket. How does that sound?”
The officer agreed and the two began unloading the truck. They took out three photography lights with umbrella like heads and placed them in the corner of one of the run down rooms of the shanty Peter chose as the set for his film. Next, they took out the piece and began to assemble a circular bed that one might find in a sleazy hotel. It even had a motor so that the bed would spin.
“Really helps get every angle,” Peter grinned as he finished looping the belt to the motor that would crank the gears to make the bed slowly spin.
The cop grinned as he helped put the sheets on the bed and then a velvety red blanket with tassels around the edges. The last thing he got out of the truck for the bed were several green throw pillows.
“Gonna be a Christmas video,” Peter explained as they went for the two standing video cameras.
“So who are the stars?” the cop asked once Peter finished lining up the cameras and lights.
“Two hot bitches who are going to do some lesbian action before they get ass fucked. I don’t recall their names. They’re kinda new to the business and are very shy which is why I want a closed set. You understand.”
The cop smiled and winked as Peter handed him some more money. “You just make sure I get a copy, alright?”
Peter smiled broadly, “Sure, anything you say, officer. I might call you back later for the cast party when we are done, ok? See you.” The cop ran to his car and drove off, “you fat fuck…”
He reached to his side and pulled up a cell phone. After pushing a button on the side he said, “Kato” He heard the dial ring three times and then the voice of his mistress, “Speak.”
“The set is ready, Mistress.”
Second period found the roles reversed as Will, who continually lost his train of thought, tried to study science notes. Mai on the other hand was playing cards with several others. They were in the science lab, which was freezing due to an open window. All of the kids fetched their jackets before coming to class.
Their teacher decided to make this a fun day since the exam for his class was tomorrow as well. The class started with them seeing what happened when Alkaline metals were placed in water. They went down the column of the periodic table placing them in the water via metal tongues behind a Plexiglas blast shield. They started with Lithium, which fizzled when it met the water, and then placed Sodium that sparked as though it were a match on fire, skimming across the surface of the water. The sparks and pops grew louder and more spectacular with each lower element. When they placed Cesium in the water it created such a loud bang that Chris cried out in shock and lamented.
<>That was so scary I peed myself….<> Everyone laughed. <>No really, I really peed myself. I think I need a change.<> This produced more giggles from her classmates who had all become well acquainted with the diapered aspect of the school.
<>Well, before you go, Morrison-san,<> their teacher said, <>We have only one element left and I don’t think you will want to miss it. Ok children, stand back and see what happens when Francium is placed in water. <>
Very slowly, she placed the stone in the tongs and with careful deliberation placed it on the water. No sooner had the first molecule touched then the entire vat of water exploded sending a splat of water at the blast shield like a fire hose. The children were awestruck, not saying a word. After the smoke cleared, they applauded.
The five diaper-wearing individuals left to get changed. Will was soaked after that last explosion he had to waddle to avoid leaking on his pants. Mai, who wasn’t as wet as the others grinned and made fun of Will as they walked. “Well, pardner. I guess that horse was a bit too much for ye to handle, hye hye hye.”
“I am sorry I ever helped you with your English,” Will said with a laugh back at her. “I would have been wise to leave you in darkness instead of lending you my dad’s westerns.”
“Can I help it if I have weird tastes?” Mai said continuing the banter. “I just think westerns are so funny!”
Tomoko Hayamizu was very happy to see her precious group of diapered students. She grinned and opened the door to the office for them where she ad been waiting, <>I thought I might have some customers after that little explosion, and I see I was right. Who’s first?<>
Will, who was still waddling asked to go first since he was getting tired of being told he suffered from saddle soreness. She laughed and helped him take down his pants carefully so as to not leak on them. Once exposed they all saw that the molicare super was almost as thick as a super plus from all the urine he had packed into it. It also sagged tremendously from the weight. When he hobbled over to the changing table they heard the swish of the liquids that had not been absorbed splashing against the inner walls of the diaper.
Tomoko placed some towels under him and then helped him step out of the monstrosity that sagged at his hips. Several large splashes made it to the towels as the diaper was removed. Will continued to drip urine from his bottom that retained much liquid from the splashing. Once she finished wiping him up, she placed him on the changing pad and placed him in a thick super plus molicare after applying, rash cream, oil, and baby powder to his skin.
Next was Naoto who had messed his diaper as well. Tomoko smiled at her son and said, <>You guys sure wanted this to take a while didn’t you?<> Naoto laughed and plopped his behind on the table as he laid down, which squished the mess even more. She placed him into a new Super Refre before messing his hair.
Next went Chris, who was wearing Abena’s now like Akari. The three girls took a lot less time to change because they had only wet their diapers, and Mai barely at all. <>Motoko-chan,<> Tomoko said as she opened Mai’s molicare, <>You didn’t need to be changed yet. You could have wet this more.<>
Mai smiled and said, <>I just came for the company.<> To which Tomoko replied by kissing her on the forehead saying that the gesture was very sweet.
Together they walked back to the lab where their teacher was cleaning up the mess made by the element reactions while the students had free time at the various lab stations. Mai saw a game of cards and immediately went to join in. Naoto and Akari went over to where Noriko was sitting with several other girls. Will suspected that Naoto was developing some special feeling for Noriko. It seemed he had fully accepted her as a potential sister. Will could see it only as a good thing. Chris went to Megumi who was talking with the teacher as she cleaned. This left him alone, which was fine because he needed to study for this subject anyway.
For about twenty minutes he had a peaceful time of it until Mai and her card-playing cronies moved over to his work station to play cards next to him as he studied. He glared at her as she began to chat with the girls. “Revenge, my dear Will,” she said in a regal English accent, “is a dish best served cold.”
“Are you referring to the temperature, Ms. Motoko?” he asked. “Very punny.”
Will got a few minutes of studying done after that once the girls got into their game and quieted down a bit. He sighed when the lunch bell rang as he felt he needed more time to study his weakest subject. Lunch was a grand ordeal of talking and gossip about what would be on the exams tomorrow. Will joined in on this as they ate.
The next period of English was torture for everyone as the teacher decided to have a lesson and a pop quiz. Even Will wasn’t prepared for this, and English was his best subject. They had been reading “To kill a mocking bird,” and “Glass Menagerie” for the past five weeks and this quiz asked the most difficult questions. The second to last question was a toughie. "Who is Tennessee Williams in “To Kill a Mockingbird” As he racked his brain, Will noticed several of the students had long since finished, which seemed odd because he was usually the first to finish, but he had seen people leaving to turn in the quiz almost ten minutes ago. Then he saw the last question and realized why: “Merry Christmas, just turn this in with your name on it to receive full credit.”
Will sighed and marched up to the desk, the last to do so in fact. His friends giggled and one of the boys called out, “How does it feel to be last for once?” He blushed and turned in the paper.
Akari giggled when she scanned the quiz. She had a habit of checking for hard questions first before tackling the easy ones she knew and so was the first to turn hers in. Though English wasn’t her strongest subject she was certainly no novice either. She found it quite humorous that Mai, the weakest student in this class turned her quiz in before Will was even halfway through his quiz. That silly boy always went straight down the quizzes.
After the quiz was over and everyone had their laughs they were allowed free study time, which she took full advantage of by studying her science notes. She and Naoto had talked with Noriko for most of Science so she needed this time to catch up. Tonight would probably be another grueling study session. She sometimes wished they had more people at the house because the groups at school seemed to offer more diversity in learning strengths.
As if in answer to her prayer, Chisato came up to her. <>What are you studying?<> she asked sweetly as she sat down next to her.
Akari smiled and sighed, <>Science. I really hate it. It’s so cold and unfeeling.<>
<>Hmm?<> Akari asked. <>What’s on your mind, Iwasaki-san?<>
Chisato smiled and said, <>I was thinking of having a science cram session at the café after school. I know you and Megumi need help in that area so I figured we could work it out together.<>
Akari giggled, <>I do at that, but do you think Will could come too? He’s a bit weak in science himself.<>
<>I don’t see why not,<> Chisato said after some thought and then added,<> I am going to be talking to him after school anyway for a private conversation so you and Kirisawa-san could wait for us there.<>
Akari nodded and asked, <>Should I ask Makoto-san to come too? That’s her strongest subject.<>
Again, Chisato seemed to think about it for awhile, which seemed odd to Akari but she said nothing. After all, Mai was one of Chisato’s closer friends. <>I’ll ask her, yes.<> she finally said, <>I just don’t want too many people or we won’t be able to get much done. I had thought four would be perfect. Mai makes five, but I guess that’s alright. She can be our moderator if she likes. I had thought she might not want to because she has other subjects to study for like History and English.<>
Akari nodded. That made sense. It would be rude to force Mai to tutor them when she had things she needed to study herself. <>Alright.<> she said. <>The four of us it will be then. Don’t ask Mai. I want her to do well in her other classes.<>
Chisato smiled and nodded.
After English was Computer Science, which while no one was strong in it, none of them were weak either. The professor had been amazing during the semester. They were writing simple code and making colors flash on the screen thanks to his tutelage.
Chisato stared at her computer screen, at all the numbers and simple instructions on the black screen. Oddly enough, it reminded her of her viewing of the stars and she felt the same emptiness. It had been easy, just as she knew it would. By milking her bruised face she knew Will would come like a deer to salt in order to stick his Greek nose into her affairs in attempt of good will. By maneuvering the naïve boy into her conversation she managed to procure a promise that would keep him separated from Akari. By using that same promise she had an excuse for Will not to be there when she got to the café. The next trick would be to get Megumi to come alone without Chris, her faithful puppy, tagging along.
As luck or ill fortune in this case would have it, she sat next to both girls and knew that this was the opportunity to get Megumi to come, but she still wasn’t sure how she would separate her from Chris. She decided to let the conversation lead them to her plans. So she began by addressing Chris on her right in a whisper, <> Sorry I couldn’t make it to the study party last night.<>
Chris smiled good-naturedly; apparently the girl had wanted Chisato to come. <>Don’t worry about it,<> she whispered back. <>I understand if your parents are a little over protective.<>
Chisato almost laughed at the irony of that statement. Her mother was long gone according to Kato and the “parents” she stayed with now didn’t give a damn about her. Instead she said, <>Is there anyway you can come to a study session for science at the café?<>
She hoped against hope that the girl would say no, if no then things would be so much easier. <>Well,<> Chris began. <>I guess I could, but Megumi and I are already committed to another study group.<>
‘Shit’ she thought to herself. ‘This is not good.’ <>Well, what’s this other group going to study?<>
<>History,<> she replied. <>It’s going to be the two of us, Motoko, Hajime, and Yonai. Hayamizu is going to be leading it since he knows the most about history. It’s one of my weaker subjects.<>
<>Did you say Science study?<> Megumi asked to Chisato’s left. <>Oh, I really need to go to that, Chris-chan. Who’s going to be in it?<>
<>Well, Futokoro-san, Galanos-san, and me are the only ones so far. We are looking for one more. Can you make it?<>
Megumi nodded and Chris smiled, <>Ok, then I’ll tell Hayamizu you aren’t coming. Thanks for the help Iwasaki-san. That’s really nice of you.<>
Chisato wanted to throw up when she said that. So that was it. She has assembled all of the key players. Will would be out of the way and the two girls would be walking willingly to their fate. Peter would be ready with his thugs. Kato would have her victory. Seijitsu could not recover from this. She should have been proud of herself for a job well done. With a little luck and placement she had succeeded in the mission she had been trained to see through. But she wasn’t proud. Far from it. She felt such shame and utter disgust at her actions. Yet despite her feelings she had to grit her teeth and bare it. She smiled and continued her work.
Yes, those white markings on the screen reminded her of the faraway stars. She hated those stars. So free, so alive, so clean and pure. There was an emptiness within and without the person of Iwasaki, Chisato. Emptiness no consolation could remedy or fill.
Will stared at his computer screen through his forelock, which blurred most of his vision on the left side at the code. Their final in this class was actually to create a code to perform a simple action with several variables that needed to be tested. It was basically a code full of what if’s. They had been given a week to write it and this was the last day for it. Although Will had finished writing his code three school days prior he had as of yet been unable to get it working. He reviewed his notes and he could see no error in them. His program should work and it was beginning to get to him. Six pages of code was a lot to sort through and he was not having a good time of it. He knew the error would be a simple typo, but he couldn’t find it now matter how hard he looked. He had disassembled the code yesterday and tested each piece to find that individually each section of the code worked, but when he put it together they simply were not compatible. Asking for help would account for a loss of a letter grade, which he was not about to risk, so Will stared at the computer knowing he had a short half hour to figure this out.
To make matters worse, Will had a bowel movement coming that he knew he could not even try to fight. That would take almost fifteen minutes of his time away. He simply had to figure it out in ten minutes. It was so annoying that almost everyone else had finished their code in entirety while he sat one of maybe three who had not finished. This would be “A” quality work if he could just get the darn thing to work.
So he stared and fought as best he could his oncoming bowel movement. In the mean time his mind wandered to other thoughts as they often did when he was upset with whatever he was working on. He thought of Misao Kato, oddly enough, and Peter Adams. He couldn’t believe that they popped into his head, but he was thinking of them. It had not been too long ago that Peter kidnapped Akari and the Galanos brothers played no small part in her rescue. At the time he hadn’t been working under the instructions of Kato, but earlier Peter challenged Will to a duel, which Will won, amazingly enough. At that instance, Peter revealed that Kato was hatching a scheme that would shake Seijitsu to the ground. At the time he hadn’t given it much thought, but now, almost two months hence he did think about it. What was he plan? That Peter knew of it meant he was involved in some way.
It all seemed so odd to him. He had not seen Misao Kato herself in almost four months, and at the time, while she had certainly been annoying, he had not believed her much of a threat. She had personally interacted with him and that seemed so strange now that he looked back on it. She stood as one of the most powerful entities in Japan and she was taking the time to harass a boy she barely knew simply because of a friendship he had developed with a school nurse, who happened to be Kato’s sworn enemy. He had thought Kato a receptionist with too much time on her hands, and Hayamizu as a kindly old nurse with a son in his grade. Now he saw them for what they were. Misao was the leader of the Kato Clan, which was up to its neck in yakuza connections and power. Hayamizu was the wife of a software company CEO and a proficient nurse who volunteered at the base level even though she could have worked in any of the highest paying hospitals in Tokyo. She had since created Seijitsu, which means “honesty”, Academy and brought in all of the troubled youths she could find to create bright new futures. That was her dream.
He saw Tomoko every day and thought of her as a second mother. It seemed odd that the two had such a history. He would do anything to defend her and her school, he knew. What was Misao up to these days he wondered as he scanned his code a fifth time. He thought of Misao and Tomoko as they had been in Naoto’s narration. The two had been best friends at one time. Best friends who wanted the same man. Best friends with two completely different pathos’s. The two of them worked fine on their own, but when combined they became polar opposites. They could not exist together.
That was when he saw the answer to his code. Two programs, one on top of the other canceled the other out. He fixed it by clearly separating the two programs so that they would never mix again and then tried the code. It worked perfectly. He called the professor over to see and was given his “A” for the semester. Now if only, Kato could see that, the two of them would cancel each other out. Separated they would be fine.
The bowel movement kicked in and he happily let it flow into the seat of his diaper. It was a large one so mound after mound came out of him making the back of his diaper expand out. He smiled when it was done and made his way to the office to change. Tomoko greeted him at her desk with a smile.
<>My goodness,<> she gasped. <>Someone made a BIG mess in their diapers, didn’t he?<>
Will grinned at his angel in white and nodded proudly. <>Yes ma’am, I did,<> He said with gusto, <>Could you change me please?<>
Will wasn’t the only one with a messy diaper problem. Makimachi, Ganko sat in the principal’s office wearing one. She had forgotten that her biology worked on a rather constant clock and every day at around one o’clock she had a bowel movement. This had not been very opportune as she was in recess when she felt it coming. No one could go to the restroom once recess began because the teacher needed to keep the kids in sight for liability reasons.
This hadn’t stopped Ganko from pleading with her teacher to let her go. Finally, after almost ten minutes of Ganko coming to her with tears in her eyes, the teacher walked her to the bathroom after calling the office to get someone to watch the children. As they neared the door, Ganko burst into tears.
<>What’s wrong, honey?<> her teacher asked, concerned, especially because Ganko had missed almost the entire semester ands was obviously going through a lot of stress. It still wasn’t certain if she could be passed into the next grade.
<>I tried Saotome-sensei,<> she cried, <>But I couldn’t hold it!<>
<>Don’t you worry, Makimachi-chan,<> she said ruffling her hair. <>We’ll get you to the principal’s office and get you all cleaned up!<>
<>The principal’s office?<> Ganko squeaked. <>I am sorry! I won’t do it again. Please don’t make me go!<>
Her teacher laughed and assured Ganko that she wasn’t in trouble. If anyone was to blame, it was her for not helping Ganko get there sooner. This helped a great deal, but Ganko still wasn’t thrilled to be going to the principal’s office. She had only been there once before, and that was to check out of school for that fateful doctor’s visit that would take her all the way to LeBahner in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She had always been told the office was for bad kids and this was often true, as children would be sent to the office if they were misbehaving.
So it was that Ganko found herself sitting in a messy diaper waiting to see the principal. Mrs. Saotome left her with the receptionist after whispering what happened to her. She smiled at Ganko and said she had to get back to the kids. <>Just come straight to class when you are changed, alright Makimachi-chan?<>
Now Ganko was sweating bullets. No one at school knew she wore diapers. She knew for certain she would get in trouble for that even if she didn’t get in trouble for messing herself. Little Ganko felt much fear as she waited to be called. Thankfully, there were no other kids in the office waiting to see the principal. She mouthed that she was sorry to the receptionist who mouthed back that it was ok, offering a welcome smile to Ganko. This didn’t help matters much because she didn’t know the true reason that Ganko was nervous.
Finally, the door to the office opened and a known bully walked out with tears on his face. He didn’t even stop to comment on the smell as he walked out and back to class. Not Ganko was terrified. Word on the playground was that this boy ate nails. To have him crying like that, this principal must be an ogre. She heard the voice from the door call, <>Next<> and Ganko began to helplessly pee herself because of fright.
<>Go ahead, Makimachi-chan, <> The receptionist prompted. <>You aren’t in any trouble.<>
‘Easy for you to say!’ she thought timorously as she slowly stepped into the office. The office looked like a doctor’s office to Ganko in that to the side she saw a small infirmary as an offshoot of the main office. The main office looked imposing enough with a circular blue carpet that bore the owl crest of her school and several tombs on the book cases that looked huge to her young eyes. On her desk was a wooden paddle with holes bored into it. She couldn’t take her eyes off it once she entered because she knew that it would soon be applied to her own bottom.
The principal seemed to notice this and placed the paddle in her desk drawer out of Ganko’s sight. <>Don’t worry, this isn’t for you,<> she said with a smile of reassurance. The woman looked to be in her fifties with a smart gray suit and her black hair bound in a bun behind her head. She seemed very strict as she spoke in a clipped tone.<>Now, you must be Makimachi, Ganko-chan. You certainly have grown from the last time I saw you, young lady. So what seems to be the problem? I understand you had a bit of an accident.<>
It took Ganko a long time to final manage to speak and only to offer a short and weak, <>Yes.<>
<>What happened that you had this accident, Makimachi? And please do be quick with your explanation. I need to get you cleaned up.<>
<> I had to go potty at recess and Saotome-sensei wouldn’t let me go because she’s not supposed to, so I begged and begged and begged, until she let me go but I didn’t make, and I am sorry, and it will never happen again, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!<>
The principal laughed at the alacrity of Ganko’s response. <>Slow down, I heard you the first time. Ok, I understand. It was no one’s fault so don’t worry about it. We’ll get you changed and then you can go back to class. If anyone teases you about then you tell Saotome-sensei and she will send them to me.<> She stood up and began to walk to the infirmary. <>If you will please follow me?<>
Ganko waddled into the infirmary and looked at the principal to give instructions. She patted the bed and Ganko climbed onto it. She laid down and bit her lip. Tears were streaming down her face. The moment of horror was almost upon her.
The principal began to undress Ganko, talking all the while, <>Now you aren’t going to like this, but I am going to have to put you into a diaper. We don’t have any panties here at the moment. I apologize for the - Oh my!<> she exclaimed as she lifted the skirt and saw the duct taped diaper. <>What is this, now? This isn’t listed on your records.<>Ganko erupted in a flood of tears. <>Don’t worry, my dear, I am not angry. I just want an explanation. WHY are you wearing a diaper?<>
Through tears and hiccoughs she explained everything to the attentive ears of the principal, right down to the battle royal in the living room with Akari. The explanation was rushed, patchy, and barely coherent through the tears and hiccoughs.
<>Do you know your father’s phone number, Makimachi-chan?<> The principal asked at length after giving the explanation some though. Ganko rattled it off and the principal rapidly dialed the number. She pushed a button and Ganko heard the receiver ringing on her father’s phone.
<>Hello?<> Her father’s voice sounded. <>Who is this?<>
<>This is Asai, Noriko of Atashi Elementary School, <> the principal replied, <> I am here with your daughter. I’ll get right to the point. Did you know that your daughter is wearing a diaper?<>
It took a moment for her father to reply, <>Yes, and no, Asai-sensei. We only found out two days ago ourselves. You see, as you might know, Ganko-chan was very sick and I lost a lot of work by going to America to see that she recovered. I am presently with my wife on a weeklong business trip across the country to meet with my investors. Her cousin is babysitting ganko-chan while we are away. The night before last they called me to say they found my daughter in a diaper. I immediately told them to end this, but Ganko-chan refused to do so. Her cousin suggested this might be her way of dealing with all of the stress she has at the moment, so we agreed to let her do as she wished till we could take her to a child psychiatrist for advice when we return. So you see, we had no idea. I am asking you, for Ganko’s peace of mind to allow this till we return and take her to the child psychiatrist.<>
<>I am not sure about this, Makimachi-san, <> She replied. <>This could be seen as emotionally unhealthy for and also seen as a form of child abuse.<>
<>I understand that, Asai-sensei, <> her father said in an annoyed voice. <>That is why I am taking her to a psychiatrist next Monday when I get home. One week is not going to hurt her. She might even get tired of it and decide to grow out of it. Please, take care of my daughter until that time.<>
<>As you wish, Makimachi-san, <> She said reluctantly, <>I am glad to see you are taking this seriously. Till then we will also humor your daughter. I will personally change her myself. I must warn you that her tuition will rise a bit as a result of the extra care she will be getting. Is that acceptable?<>
<>Acceptable and reasonable, thank you, <> He said. <>Now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting to get back to.<>
Ganko was shocked. Her father actually left a meeting to defend her. Her love and respect for her father grew leaps and bounds at that moment because she knew in his heart of hearts he didn’t like the diapers at all. She smiled inwardly and looked to her principal.
<>Well,<> he principal said with a very nice voice, <>Now that I know you are safe and not in any danger, let’s get you into a new diaper. Do you have any of your own to change into?<>
Ganko nodded and told her about her backpack, which housed all of her supplies. The principal sent her receptionist to retrieve the bag while asking Ganko a lot of questions as to why she wanted the extra security and love of being a baby. Ganko, for her part, tried her best to convey how lonely she had been and how insecure she felt. Reverting to the time when it wasn’t an issue of school, grades, and serious expectation seemed an easy way to deal with her stress. The principal seemed to begin to understand this desire and once the backpack arrive, lovingly changed the diaper explaining she had a granddaughter in diapers so she was used to it, if on a smaller scale.
Ganko felt as though she were in heaven. She only hoped the psychiatrist in a week would see things her way and allow this to continue. Till then she had to worry about the present. Once she was changed she left her excess diapers with the principal and walked back to class. When asked why they needed her back pack she said that her dad’s cell number was in one of the compartments. This seemed acceptable to them and classes resumed as normal.
Sakura immediately began their sixth period, Math, by passing Ganko a note;
SB: WHAT? 0_0
The two finished their conversation there and worked on the simple worksheet their teacher had given them. With the end of the year just a few days away, no one was putting much stock in classes. As soon as sixth period ended, they began to walk to the café.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Sixth period for the middle schoolers was a bit more rigorous, Sanosuke, Ryu decided the last gym class of the semester should be something special. They did a twenty-minute calisthenics work out before playing American flag football in the cold air. The students were livid by the time it was over. Ryu simply laughed and assured them that they would thank him later.
After Gym, Will walked out of the school to the park. Akari mentioned a study session for science after his chat with Chisato so he didn’t bother seeing her off as he knew he would see her in about half an hour. He made the bench in record time and had to wait almost ten minutes for Chisato to arrive. She jogged over to him and sat down out of breath.
<>You ok?<> he asked, a little perturbed from the wait.
<>Yes, fine, <>she breathed. <>Before we start, Megumi and Akari canceled so we won’t be having the session. Akari said to meet her back at the Makimachi place when you are done here.<>
Will nodded. He could see why they might have canceled. The air was a little cold so studying in the outdoor café might not have been a very healthy idea. That was fine. They would just study when the two got home that night. <>SO<> he began, <>What has been bothering you?<>
<>I don’t know who I am,<> she said quietly.
He shrugged his shoulders as he looked into her sad brown eyes, <>I don’t understand.<>
<>You have heard of amnesia, right?<> she asked, and when he nodded, she continued, <>Well, I have a terrible case of it. Iwasaki, Chisato is not my real name. I don’t even remember what it is anymore. Before I came to this school the Iwasaki family adopted me and they sent me to take the tests for Seijitsu. I guess I don’t remember personal facts, but I do just fine with other information. Do you have any idea what it is to not know who you are? To not know who or where your family is? I don’t even remember the circumstances that brought me to live where I do now. All of it is a complete blank. <>
<>How can that be?<> Will asked with a true touch of sadness in his voice. He thought of Allan, Terry, his parents, and friends. To wake up and suddenly not remember them would be a tragedy beyond anything he had ever imagined. Memories were the most pressure possession a human could possess.
<>I have an inkling that we share a common enemy, though I cannot tell you who that enemy is.<> she whispered, barely audible.
<>Why not?<>
Instead of answering, she stood from the bench and run from him like a gazelle. He was about to follow her when a large hand clapped his shoulder from behind, startling him. He turned quickly and looked into the face of his older brother Terry.
<>So you decided to take me up on the offer?<> Terry asked, referring to the offer to go running around the pond. <>Good<> he said without waiting for a response. <>Let’s go!<>
Will couldn’t very well say no now, so he shrugged and began to jog behind his brother after hiding his book bag in the toilets. As he ran he though of what on earth Chisato was talking about.
Sakura and Ganko walked passed the pond on their way to the café, and she saw Will with his brother jogging around the waters. She pointed that out to Sakura and the two continued their trek to the coffee house.
At the café itself, Megumi and Akari were sipping hot tea. It seemed odd that they were the only customers at this time in the afternoon, but that was fine as far as Megumi was concerned. The less noise the better. She pulled out her notes and began to quiz Akari, who kept yawning.
<>Mm, <> Megumi said after asking a question, <>I need a nap. This day has just been exhausting.<>
Akari stifled another yawn, <>You (yawn), mean gym was exhausting.<> The two laughed.
Megumi was a little worried after she saw Akari’s eyes begin to droop, as she was also fighting off sleep. Surely they weren’t THAT tired. Her concerns turned to alarm when Akari passed out and fell out of her chair. Megumi rose quickly to go to her, but was instantly dizzy as thought she tried to stand up fast after soaking a long while in the bathtub. She fell to her knees, grasping her head as the world continued to spin. She crawled over to Akari and promptly blacked out.
From out of the store came Peter Adams and seven street toughs. Without a word, they picked up the girls and went off to the studio as quickly as they could.
Sakura and Ganko were joking as they trudged past Seijitsu.
<> So this is where your babysitters go to school,<> Sakura said, peering into the gates. <>It looks more like a temple or mansion than a school, don’t you think?<>
Ganko nodded as she looked in. Tatami mats and sliding doors were apparent from the open foyer that seemed to hold a slew of footlockers. In the front lawn they saw a koi pond and traditional stone garden underneath three Sakura trees. <>This place is awesome. I wish I were going here, don’t you?<>
<>Who wouldn’t?<> Sakura laughed as they continued to make their way to the café Ganko wet her diaper as she walked and asked to slow down so she could finish. After a few minutes they got to he café but found it deserted. The two looked around for a waiter, but found no one. Then Sakura screamed, causing Ganko to wet a little more before looking up.
Trussed over two goons shoulders like gunny sacks were a girl with a long braid and glasses and Akari Futokoro. They two seemed alright if unconscious can ever be considered alright. Sakura made to go after them, but Ganko stopped her and pointed out the fact that A) no one was around, B) The bandits were armed, and C) ten year old little girls couldn’t do anything.
<>Then what do we do!?<> Sakura whined.
Ganko thought and said ,<>Galanos-san<> almost at the same time as Sakura said, <>Your cousin.<>. She only hoped that Will could do something. She recalled his practice session with Akari and assure herself that he would save them. The two began to run as fast as they ever had in their entire lives. They simply HAD to get to Will and Terry at once.
Chisato ran as fast as she could. She wasn’t even really aware of where her body was taking her. She didn’t really care, either. The wheels were in motion. Will was on his way home and the two girls were already on their way to the café. Nothing could stop them now. Even if she suddenly had the power to reveal the plot she couldn’t save them. She had no idea where Peter’s hideout was, not even inkling. All she knew was that the coffee shop was where it would begin.
She should have been surprised to find herself back at the gates of Seijitsu. She should have been, but she wasn’t. Somehow she knew that she had to come here, had to end this. However, the closer she got to the office where her target lay, the harder she found it to move her body. By the time she was within the foyer of the school she was using amazing amounts of energy just to put one foot in front of the other. She grunted with the exertion as she slowly made her way into the office. Once in front of the door to the room where Tomoko Hayamizu was, she stopped and tried to knock as she knew that after the kids left she locked the door for security. She tried to knock and failed. Her hand would always stop a few centimeters from the wood. Veins in her neck bulged from the effort.
Finally, in a fit of rage, she screamed and punched as hard as she could. She felt her knuckles tear and bleed. Not to be stopped, she punched with her other hand, screaming all the while. When no answer came she used both hands, leaving bloody smears on the wood. The door at last opened and Chisato fell to the floor, exhausted.
Tomoko rushed to her immediately and grabbed her hands, <>Oh no!<> she cried, <>What happened? Please tell me!<>
<>Li…… Li….<> Chisato tried, straining with every once of her energy. Tomoko didn’t help much as she tried to form words from what Chisato was saying until finally Chisato manage to spit out, <>Li, Listen to ME!!<>
At last, Tomoko stopped talking and put her face in front of Chisato, <>I am listening.<>
<>I…. Ha…HAVE TO …. WA…WARN YOU!<>
<>Warn me of what?<>
<> K….k……k….<>This was proving even more difficult then punching the door as this one word stuck in her throat, refusing to come out. <>Ka ….kat … kat…… KATO!<> she shrieked. And that was it. The betrayal had taken place. She had betrayed her master. It felt as though the weight of the universe were lifting from her shoulders. <>Must, Must save them!<> Chisato cried out, feeling the use of her vocals coming easier now.
At the mention of her enemy’s name, Tomoko gasped and put her hands over her mouth as she began to breath heavily in a panic. <>Save who from what? Speak quickly, for the love of all that is good, SPEAK!<>
<>Futokoro, Kirisawa, RAPE, Café, Adams, Kato, Destruction of Seijitsu. HURRY!<> was the best she could get out at the moment. A thought hit her, and Chisato looked at her watch. It was too late. She could never find them. <>TOO LATE<> she wept. <>I DON’T, DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE BEING TAKEN!!!<>
Tomoko wept as well, knowing what was going on at last it seemed. She quickly called the police and then hugged the weeping girl to her, thinking, ‘Even if all is lost, at least this one is saved. .’
Terry and Will ran as fast as they could. Will couldn’t believe it. He had been set up. And by Chisato no less. It seemed so odd. He couldn’t believe she would betray him like this. Still he didn’t have time to think about her right now. He had to hurry if Megumi and Akari were to be saved. The two of them had been running in the park as Terry suggested when Ganko and Sakura came running to them, out of breath. Ganko screamed that she saw Akari and another girl with long hair in a braid kidnapped . She described a blond haired boy with seven or eight tough looking guys with him carrying them off.
It didn’t make sense when he first heard it. The boy with blonde hair was obviously Peter Adams. Ganko had said he looked very handsome at first glance, but he also looked cruel. The question of where Peter got help from a gang worried, Will more than a little and despite his best intentions, his mind wandered back to the conversation with Chisato. ’ <>We share a common enemy…<> she had said. But who that enemy was could not have been known at the time. Now, such speculations hardly seemed necessary. This must have been the plan Peter spoke of. And he had fallen for it. Separated from Akari and Megumi he seemed helpless. However, neither Peter, nor Kato probably figured that Ganko and Sakura would be there to see which way they were going.
If Peter hurt her again, Will was certain he would kill him. The area Ganko saw them take the girls to was one of the abandoned buildings in the slums district. This same area that Peter took Akari to less than a month ago was burned indelibly to Will’s memory and he ran with Terry at his side straight to the areas that were truly abandoned. It made sense to use this place as it was near the café, but weren’t the police watching it?
Will was quietly thankful that his diaper was dry. Trying to fight in a wet diaper might be too difficult as he assumed that this would be playing for keeps. He ran and continued to look for any indication of where his quarry was.
No sign of any authority greeted them as they brushed past the rickety fences that surrounded the slums. The last time they had come Will and his brothers had had to search through them, but this time the search came to them. The seven men that were with Peter stood outside one of the buildings loafing around, keeping an eye out for the police.
Instead of the police, they saw two girls come charging at them like twin bolts fired from a bow. Though the intrusion was unexpected the security did not seem duly distressed. The toughs were all armed to one degree or another: one had a boken (wooden sword), three had knives, one had a pistol, one held a bat, and one had a chain. As the two forms charged towards them they readied their weapons, and met the charge so that it looked like the meeting of two armies on a smaller scale. The toughs separated into two camps. The one with the wooden sword stood behind the one with the gun who was lining his sites on Terry. The man with the chain began swinging it in broad circles isolating him from the others so that the men with the knifes stood behind him.
Using good tactics Will and Terry each went after the most dangerous opponents first. Terry lunged at the man with the gun who fired at Terry repeatedly. Terry, who had been training laboriously for the past four months under this sensei, seemed to be an afterimage of himself as he moved. The gunman saw a figure dashing forward, but that figure seemed translucent like the vapors of a candle. The thug thought his bullets landed because even fired a bit sporadically they were aimed directly in front of him where Terry was charging. To his shock, this girl leapt directly in his face from beneath, backhanding his jaw with his knuckles and punching the soft spot under the sternum with the other hand. The man felt his chest give under the punch from the left hand of this frail looking child. Blood spewed from his lips as he toppled, not even truly aware of what had happened to him.
As the one man fell, Terry perceived the presence of a new adversary attacking. The one with the sword charged his back. Terry, ducked as the man with the boken slashed at his once open back only to find the heel of Terry’s shoe shatter all of his teeth and dislocate his jaw. He fell screaming, and as his sword flew away, Terry caught it and tossed the weapon to Will who was facing the chainman with little success. Once the boken was in the hands of William Galanos that changed. His whole demeanor shifted as he adopted a battle stance.
“Terr!” he shouted. “Save the girls! I can take care of this. We are wasting time if both of us stay here!” Terry ran as soon as his brother had the sword. Will knew his brother thought along the same lines and silently prayed that he would prove effectual in rescuing the girls.
Will smiled at the man with the chain and said to the entire group. “I really don’t want to kill any of you, so I ask you to leave now!”
The man with the chain with one of the men with the knives charged him, the one with the knife screaming, “Fuck you, bitch!” He never said another thing as the boken smashed into his skull with such speed and force that his senses were scrambled and he probably suffered from a major concussion. The man with the chain swung his weapon at Will as he attacked the knife man, but was shocked to see that the boy maneuvered his head around the swing as though he knew exactly how and where the chain was going. He lifted the boken so that the chain looped around sword, which the man with the chain sought to take advantage of by tugging it in to disarm Will. Will, however leapt with the chain, sliding it off the length of the wooden blade, all the while advancing quickly on him. Will thrust thrice at the man’s midsection with such speed that anyone watching would say they only saw the sword move forward once. The man fell to his knees vomiting bile and blood. Will finished him by snapping a strike to his head, effectively knocking him out permanently. It never occurred to Will that such a combination could really kill the man. He only sought to neutralize the problem.
All that remained were two men with knives and one with a baseball bat, who advanced quickly on him as he fought the other two. This one seemed to think that his strength of size would be enough to take out the slight form of Will. He didn’t even move quickly as he advanced while Will finished the chainman. None of them seemed to take notice of how fast he moved because one of the knife wielders lobbed his weapon at Will only to see the image of Will vanish and seemingly reappear a few feet to the left.
With twin gray slits he glared at them allowing his rage to consume him. This was not how he had been taught to fight, but he really didn’t care. He was furious with himself and Peter. He couldn’t fight Peter, and that angered him more than a little. Terry would finish that horrible boy, but at least Will could have some fun with these three. None of them seemed really skilled in fighting and were therefore easy prey to a swordsman like him.
<>Who the fuck are you, bitch?<> the one who threw the knife called.
Will shook his head so that his left forelock moved out of his eye’s way. He leveled his cold gaze at the man who tried to kill him and said, <> I don’t need to give my name to people about to die. . .<>
The one with the bat sauntered forward, apparently amused that a small girl would think to make such a claim . His muscles bulged through his grungy shirt and he held the bat over his shoulder with ease. <>We were given the orders that there were to be no witnesses, girl.<> he said before suddenly charging with a speed Will didn’t think a man of that size could posses. <>NONE!<> he screamed as he slammed the bat down where Will had once been, only to find Will behind him slamming his boken into the man’s kidney and ribs. Will heard the ribs make large grating noises as the wood cracked the bones. The man fell over gasping for air, clutching his side. Will smiled coldly at the prostrate form. This really was too easy.
<> Hey shit for brain!<> the one with no knife called, causing Will to turn his head to face him, thinking him somehow armed again. He held his boken in a defensive crouch expecting another projectile attack. He didn’t expect to suddenly feel something pierce his shoulder and bury itself into his back. He flooded his diaper from the shock and surprise. The lancing pain of the knife cutting into him caused him to cry out, but he didn’t allow himself to fall, knowing they would make short work of him. Instead, he slammed the hilt of his sword under his arm to hit the man’s chest who had stabbed him lest he take the knife out and aim for a more lethal area. The results were perfect. He felt the weight of the man applying pressure to the knife leave, and thankfully so for had it gone much deeper the blade might have cost him his life. He then spun the sword in a backhanded strike to hit the man’s head knocking him back several feet with his skull possibly crushed. The pain of the knifing tearing the muscles of his shoulder as he performed the slice made him cry out in excruciating pain. His breathing was labored now and he knew he would fall over soon from the pain.
The last man had retrieved the gun and was pointing it at Will. <>Guess it’s time to finish this, bitch?<>
Will smiled with a clenched jaw. It really did hurt to stand, but he did and even began to move towards the man. The man holding the gun was shaking. Whatever confidence that had been there when Will first started to fight had left him. He no longer saw a young girl, but an actual threat. Because of this fear he didn’t expect the man to shoot. This made his shock complete when Will saw the trigger being pulled and knew he couldn’t dodge anymore. The bullet tore through his right shoulder where the knife already was. He felt his shoulder go numb from the shock and heard the knife clatter out the other side as the bullet exited. He fell to his knee and then laughed. <>You are right. Let’s end this.<>, he said as he shakily rose to his feet and walked towards the man.
<>You are fucked up!<> The man laughed while pulling the trigger, this time aimed at Will’s unflinching head. They both heard the click, but only the man was shocked that nothing happened.
Will used his left hand to slash his boken on top of the man’s skull, satisfied with the blood the trailed from the man’s nose as he fell. <>I counted the bullets, asshole, <> he spat. He gripped his shoulder and fell again to his knees. <>Shit, I am in trouble.<> he mumbled before falling on his face and allowing darkness to claim him.
Terry rushed into the crumbling house and saw Peter finishing tying up the two girls and placing them on a bed that looked fit for a porno video. Behind this was a backdrop and studio lights with a movie camera position to tape it all. They appeared alright on the surface, neither awake.
“What the hell is this?” Terry yelled as he walked in, relived the girls were unmolested.
“The stage for the fall of the Hayamizu Clan!” Peter said smugly as he stood to face Terry. The boy looked different than the last time Terry saw him, less passionate and more reserved. He recalled the bull of a boy he had been the last time they fought and Terry was painfully reminded of how he might have been killed. “The school will close after this insult.”
“What makes you think they won’t take you out?” Terry asked. “It’s fairly obvious that you and those you work for are doing this.”
“That doesn’t matter. It only matters that it becomes obvious that Seijitsu cannot protect its charges. The prime minister of Japan will pull his support and the school will be ripe for the pickings of the Kato Clan. Even if you stop me here, the damage is done. Do you think Prime Minister Kirisawa will let his daughter remain in a dangerous environment where she was successfully kidnapped? She’ll be safe right now, but there’s always that next time. The best part of it is. Kirisawa over there thinks this is all Will’s fault. We made her think this was all his doing.”
“Bullshit!” Terry said, advancing a step.
“Hmm,” Peter mused while scratching his chin. A chin, Terry noticed, wasn’t due to have stubble for a few more years. “I could be lying, but it will still be pinned on you and your family. We have those sort of connections. We have called the authorities using Will as the scapegoat for it all.”
“Do you really think people won’t stand up for the moral integrity of my brother?”
“Doesn’t matter,” Peter laughed. “What will your family do when the Japanese government comes knocking on your door?”
Terry flexed his muscles before saying. “The same thing I will say to you. Back off unless you want to get hurt!”
Peter smiled knowingly, similarly flexing his muscles, " I have waited such a long time for this, Tarlton Galanos. This is wear I get my revenge for all you and your family have put me through! Let’s GO!"
The arena of their duel could not have been more than sixteen feet by eight feet, so when they charged they didn’t have far to go. Peter led his assault with a heavy jab that Terry ducked, amazed at the speed and control of that punch. While crouched, Terry kicked up with his right foot, extending his body with his arms so that he soured up in his kick towards Peter’s jugular. To Terry’s renewed shock, his ankle was caught and he found himself thrown down. He fit the floor in a roll and because of that roll only received a fraction of the kick aimed at his ribs. Just the grazing hurt like hell. Terry suspected that if he had been hit his ribs would have shattered. From the roll, Terry leapt backwards and crashed through the wall into another room. Luck was with him as he didn’t fall over again. Peter advanced quickly.
“I see you have learned how to fight, Adams,” Terry said as he moved into a defensive crouch. “let’s see if they taught you the finer points of combat.”
Peter didn’t seem to be listening as he lobbed punches and kicks in rapid succession Terry’s way, forcing the smaller combatant to constantly move, to avoid direct hit. Terry countered one of the punches by grabbing Peter’s wrist as the punch extended with one hand and backhanded his skull with the other. Peter fell to his knees and shook his head. “You are very good, Galanos,” Peter admitted. “But you play a dangerous game. I only need to hit you once. You will need to hit me many times. The odds are in my favor even if you are faster and more skilled.”
“Then I’ll just hit you till you can’t get up!” Terry said with a grin, adopting yet another stance in his repertoire.
A gunshot pierced the air. Terry’s eyes dilated in horror as the possibilities came flooding in. He used this to fuel his anger and screamed in rage “COME! You son of a bitch. COME!”
Peter accepted the challenge and charged forward again with a punch, as Terry was beginning to see was his calling card, which Terry grabbed, using the force of the punch to throw him over his shoulder. As Peter landed, Terry punched him three times in the gut before releasing him and leaping back as Peter lashed out in attempt to sideswipe him.
“Damn that was good,” Peter said holding his stomach. “You’re actually making this fun. Now I think it’s time I stopped having fun with you and get serious!” He leapt towards Terry with a spinning kick , which Terry blocked with his forearms. The second foot followed the first under Terry’s elbows to send him flying back with the force of the kick.
Terry tasted copper in his mouth after that and came to a conclusion.’ If I don’t fight him with everything I have then I will die.’ he though as he watched the behemoth advance. ’ He’s making this a fight to the death!’
Peter wasted no time as he repeated his kicks towards Terry, but this time, things didn’t go as last. As the first Kick came up, Terry jumped and used the rising foot as a level to catapult his light frame into a forceful kick of his own into Peter’s neck, which to Terry’s shock was as thick as a bull’s. However, his kick did the work he needed it to at the moment in that it sent Peter staggering back. Terry didn’t let up as he performed his own spinning kick on the reeling Peter and landed a second clean hit on the throat with one kick and then a kick to the chest that further pushed the man back as Terry moved forward using both fists to punch Peter’s chest. He then used the momentum of his own punches to angle his body and elbow Peter’s face.
Peter’s face was crushed with that last blow, but he still stood. He blew his nose and a wad of blood hit the floor. In a voice so raspy and gnarled Terry barely recognized it as Peter’s he said, “Is that the best you can do? I barely felt it!”
Terry could only grin at this bravado. Those hits placed Peter on even footing as Terry now. This would be over soon. “People should know when they are beaten…” he whispered as he literally flew at Peter in another dizzy combination of kicks, punches, and elbows that came so fast and hard that Peter couldn’t even register the last hit. Terry was beginning to fear he might kill him. ‘But isn’t that what someone like this deserves?’ he asked himself as he watched Peter falling to his knees as though the boy didn’t know where he were. ‘Yes. He deserves to die! But I will not give it to him.’
Terry walked past the boy and was about to step through the rift in the wall when he felt something in his mind, telling him to react. Spinning on his heel he kicked backwards nailing the charging Peter in the gut with such force that the boy vomited on Terry’s leg before passing out. Uninjured, Terry walked into the room with the girls and began to rouse them.
Kirisawa, Megumi came to first, <>Where!? What?<> she cried
<>Shh,<> Terry said placing his hand on her forehead, <>It’s ok.<>
<>NO!<> She cried, <>It’s not ok! Where am I? What’s happening!? WHO ARE YOU!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH FUTOKORO-CHAN!?<> she finished with a shriek.
‘So much for the thankful damsel in distress,’ Terry thought with a rye grin to himself. ‘But then again, they had no idea, I imagine, of what was going on.’ Since she wouldn’t be quiet Terry placed his palm over her mouth and hushed her again. As she was tied up she couldn’t move his hand so she bit it.
<>OWW!<> Terry cried out. <>I am Galanos, Tarlton! Will’s brother. We came to rescue you!<>
This seemed to calm her down a little, but not much. <> Rescue?<> she said in a confused voice, <>the last thing I remember is being…ah ah, please catch my glasses!<>
Terry reached over and grasped her glasses that had been sliding down her nose and readjusted them on her face before untying her hands and feet. <>So what was the last thing you remember?<> he asked as he set to untying Akari who was still passed out like a baby. Because of the angle she was lying, Terry could see up her skirt and he noticed she was quite wet.
<>We were at the café near Seijitsu and then Futokoro-chan fell out of her chair. I remember standing to help her and then…. Nothing,<> she said with a sigh. <>What happened?<>
<>You were the target of a conspiracy as it turns out, Kirisawa-san,<> Terry said as he gently roused Akari who hugged him tightly, seeming in a strange trance. She didn’t cry or say anything, but Terry could tell she was in shock, so he hugged her to him and continued to address Megumi. <>Kato tried to have you raped. She wanted your father to pull you out of Seijitsu so your father’s support would leave with you.<>
<>And…<> she said slowly, <>You stopped them?<>
He smiled, <>Yes. Me and …. WILL!<> he cried out standing. <>Sweet Jesus I hope he’s ok!<>
Megumi suggested they go find out and they began to walk, but Akari was still on the bed. She held her arms up to Terry, indicating she wanted to be carried. <>Damnit, Akari!<> he yelled, <>We don’t have time for this!<> She began to cry and he noticed her eyes were different, seemingly lacking of all understanding. She must have regressed like she did last time. He wasted no time in grabbing her and dashing outside. As they ran she nuzzled against his chest and put her thumb in her mouth.
What they saw almost killed Terry on the spot. Aside from the two men Terry knocked out were six other prone forms. One, the man that had used the chain, looked to be dying as blood was draining from his ears and his breath was coming in labored gasps. The one Terry remembered as having used the baseball bat as his weapon of choice was weeping while clutching his side. At a glance, Terry could tell several ribs were broken; one was even protruding having puncture the skin. Two others were down with blood trailing their noses and ears, obviously suffering from severe head trauma. The last form, laying face down in the dirt, was his brother. . .
Blood seemed to have soaked through his entire uniform, and Terry could see mutilated flesh in his right shoulder. A few feet behind him he saw a bloody knife. The young boy was breathing heavily and his body seemed to have gone into shock.
Against his shoulder, Akari began to sob uncontrollably at having seen this, and Terry seriously wanted to join her, but he knew he had to be strong for the girls. Megumi seemed to be in complete shock as she looked on the still form of her classmate who looked quite dead except for his breathing. His skin had taken a pallid hue and he seemed to be shivering. Terry recalled suddenly that he had heard a gunshot.
He set Akari down and ran to his brother. She crawled behind him. As he bent down and inspected the wound he began to hear sirens and hoped against hope that an ambulance would be with them. Ganko must have gotten the police. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. The gunshot wound seemed to have gone straight through as he noticed burnt flesh. The knife wound seemed much more serious as it was serious and was the source of all this blood. Because of the location of the wound he couldn’t create a tinctcture to stop the bleeding. This would be a race against time.
Akari kept mewling out, <>WILL! WILL! WILLLLLLL!<> while crying her eyes out. She seemed no more than a toddler despite her school uniform and size.
Megumi seemed much more pragmatic. <>He won’t die, then?<> she asked in a small voice. <>It’s just his shoulder, right?<>
Terry smiled to give her hope. <>Yeah,<> he said with a confident voice belied by the tears down his face. <>He’ll be fine.<> He wanted to turn Will over so he could face him, but he knew better than to move him from the position he fell.
At that moment several squad cars pulled into the lot followed by a fire engine and three ambulance. In one of the squad cars was Tomoko Hayamizu, who Terry recalled was a licensed nurse, but could have easily been a doctor. With her was a plain looking girl with black hair. At the sight of her, Akari began to scream and wail, trying to hide behind Terry. Megumi, on the other hand, lunged at her.
<>YOU BITCH!<> she screamed, <>I’ll kill you!<>
One of the policeman had to hold the screaming Megumi back as the girl kicked and clawed to get at the girl walking with Mrs. Hayamizu towards Will. The girl seemed to be crying at the sight of it and fell to her knees.
<>This is your fault!<> Megumi cried out, <>YOU KILLED ONE OF MY FRIENDS, YOU BITCH!<> she said weeping.
Tomoko seemed to be taking this a lot better than anyone else as she inspected the wounds of her charge. After a second, she helped get him on one of the many stretchers being brought out for the wounded. Terry told them about Peter and a stretch team went inside as well.
<>He won’t die, Kirisawa-chan, <>Tomoko said with a smile. <>He’s in no immediate danger. The bullet exited cleanly and I don’t see any infection starting yet. He’ll be fine in a few months. Now. You and Futokoro-chan need to come with me to the hospital. Your father has been notified and will meet us there. You,<> she said addressing Terry, <>will come with us and tell me everything that happened.<>
Terry nodded and went with them to the ambulance. His brother was given oxygen and moved gently inside. Akari crawled to the ambulance with the group and then, again, raised her arms to be carried. Terry acquiesced and lifted her inside.
It was happening again. . . .
It was happening as it always did…
Will walked slowly to his locker. The last hour had been a trial in patience and endurance for him as cleaning up six people’s worth of vomit taxed his nose and his pride. He hated it. The shame of it all was beyond anything he could stand. Mixing the odors of his excrement with the pungent aroma of the vomit almost made him add more to it even though he had already added all he could.
The job was done and for that he was glad. A mirror sat in his locker and he gazed at his face. His long curls hugged his jaw line in the front and in the back they rested neatly on his shoulder. After two years of growing his hair out to be like Terry he was almost there. His cherubic features, though sad in his reflection, still possessed the strange effeminate beauty that often left him with the labeling of the wrong gender. His soft brown eyes appeared gray in the light of the hallway. He sighed and began to remove from the locker the books he would need for the night.
That’s when it began, as it always did. Five sets of hands grabbed him from behind, the angry eyes of the first appearing suddenly in the mirror to give Will just enough time to see what was to happen but not enough time to react. Against one boy his size he might have been able to wriggle free and run, but against five he could do nothing. This isn’t to say he didn’t try. He through his arms out and tried to leap free, but as he extended his chest to jump one of the boys slammed his fist into it and Will fell back into the arms of one of the boys.
They dragged him outside to the parking lot, no one was here anymore as it had taken Will much longer to clean the mess than the class period allowed. Everyone had gone home. No witnesses saw him as they tossed him roughly to the concrete. He felt the skin on his knees tear as he landed. They leapt on him like a pack of wolves, kicking and punching him. He couldn’t even cry out because the punches came in so fast.
One of the boys pulled out a knife and cut through Will’s pants and into his legs in an attempt to tear the garment from him and leave him in nothing but his diaper. After this he cut into the diaper itself and Will thanked God that the knife never went deep enough to actually cut him through the diaper. Not that it mattered. His beautiful was taking blow after blow from them. He felt his once flaxen hair mottle up and become thick with the syrup of his blood. He felt his lip tear and realized he couldn’t see out of his left eye anymore. Soon he felt nothing. Soon his consciousness left him and he was swallowed into blessed darkness and nothingness.
Until the next time he had the dream. . .
He bolted upright and screamed in agony as the motion wretched his shoulder, which while bound in white bandages began to turn red as though someone spilled a glass of fine wine on a table cloth. His eyes dilated as they always did after the dream and he became aware of the fact that he was sweating profusely despite the chill air in the room and that he breathed heavily as though having run ten marathons. He slowly laid back down testing his left eye that it still worked and flexing his left arm to see that it was not broken.
It had only been a dream, a dream of that afternoon of the most horrible day of his life. He had been tortured and belittled that day and hurt as he had never been hurt before. Until now, of course. His right shoulder throbbed with a dull ache. Dull, only because he knew drugs were probably keeping the majority of the pain away from his consciousness, He was hooked up to an IV, and could feel the weakness in his right arm where the needle lay imbedded.
Only after taking the brief seconds to take all this in did he realize he wasn’t alone in the room. He reclined in a hospital bed that he recognized from the last time he had had to stay at the base hospital. He could see, based on another building outside the window, that he was many floors up. White lights shone upon an American flag that he also saw out the window, which seemed even more majestic in its spotlight shrouded by the violet shades of the night sky. Unlike last time, he was in his own room, Terry having roomed with him before. On a chair that converted to a small bed lay his mother, Irene Galanos, fast asleep.
She heard her snoring lightly as he surveyed his room. A glance at the clock on the wall showed that it was two in the morning. He was tempted to let her sleep but he needed his diaper changed, so he rang the nurse by pushing a button on the side of his bed, quite familiar with the set up from before. He heard a buzz and then a staticy, “Yes?”
‘Why is it?’ he wondered, ‘that the night stay of this place are so short in temper?’
“I need a change, please.”
He was more than a little surprised when the voice came back quickly, “Yes, at once Mr. Galanos. Anything for our little hero.”
He blushed and mumbled, “Thank you.”
“Awake I see,” he heard from the cot/chair beside him. Irene was sitting now, looking at him with the right mixture of concern, relief, and trepidation that only a mother can convey. He smiled at her and nodded. “You gave us quite the scare my little man,” she said after a brief yawn.
About then the orderly came in and flicked on the lights, temporarily blinding him and his mother. She apologized for waking Irene and proceeded to put on a pair of latex gloves. From the cabinet in the room she produced a fresh diaper as well as a biohazard baggie to put the old one in. She set these down on the table next to Will’s bed and then fetched the lotion, wipes, and baby powder. Before beginning the diaper change she examined his should and sighed in disappointment,
“That’s my fault,” he said hurriedly and then when she gave him an odd stare he added, “I had a nightmare and sat up too quickly. I am sorry.”
“Does it hurt much, Mr. Galanos,” she asked kindly as she unwrapped the bandage from his shoulder. He looked over without answering at what she was uncovering. The sight sickened him. He noticed a long incision around a hole that had been sewn shut. He suspected that the bullet was the cause of that. She made him sit up slowly, which hurt a great deal, but he grit his teeth and did so. As she removed the bandages from back there he felt that it must be worse than he suspected it had been. He felt the damp gauze pull away from his flesh and this bristled the stitches, which as he felt each move noticed that many had been placed in his back shoulder. “Does it hurt?”
“Yeah,” he said gritting his teeth. “It does. Please. Give me something to stop the pain!”
She ran to the nurse’s station and returned a moment later with a needle. She inserted this into the IV explaining that it would go directly to his blood stream and help with the pain. It did to some degree, at least enough that he didn’t feel like someone had placed a lighter to his side. “You tore open the wound when you moved quickly, Mr. Galanos. Till this heals you will need to move very slowly, alright?”
“How long will it take to heal?” he asked slowly.
“I would guess a month or so, at which point we will give you physical therapy much like when you broke your arm several months prior to this.”
He nodded and asked, “Will I be able to use my right arm again? I mean as well as I had before. Is the damage permanent?”
She scrunched up her face." I don’t know if you will be able to practice kendo like you could before…. The damage MAY be permanent, but we don’t know. Only time will tell." Apparently she knew a lot of what had happened, even if he didn’t. Somehow she knew about his kendo and that losing the full use of his right arm would have disastrous consequences to him.
He simple nodded and said he would have to wait and see before asking, “The girls, then, are alright?”
“Excuse me?” she asked as she disposed of the gloves and fetched a new pair.
“You said I was a hero,” he replied. It had been selfish not to ask earlier about them. They were why he was here now. “The two girls are alright? Did any harm come to them?”
She gave a start as the epiphany of what he was talking about hit her. “OH, those girls!” she cried, “Yes, they are fine. Both are staying the night here so we can run some tests on them. You and your brother saved them before anything could happen to them.”
“How do you know all this?” he asked, amazed that a simple orderly would know so much about him outside of the medical side. “How?”
She flicked on the TV with his remote and he saw that a tape was inside. She pressed play, saying his mother had watched this tape again and again. It was a recording of the evening news. The top story of the hour revolved around two children, both boys, one 16 and the other 14 entering and preventing the gang rape of two girls. None of the names were disclosed. A camera crew surveyed the area where Will had fought and he noticed that the outlines of all the fallen were traced in white chalk. The next scene shocked Will a great deal. The news anchor said, “And this video was shot quite by accident in the kidnapping layer. What was to be used in showcasing the rape of two young girls shows instead the bravery of one of her rescuers,” and then motioned a clip that while dusty from the falling plaster of the ceiling in the shanty showed clearly the duel between Terry and Peter. He was shocked at the violence of it as they smashed through another room and finished their brawl in there. There was no sound, but he could practically hear every punch until the giant Peters was downed.
“This has been playing everywhere, Mr. Galanos.” The orderly said smiling at him. “They found you outside after you took out all of the gang member with a wooden sword next to you. It must have been something to see. They rushed you here soon after in a slew of ambulances for all the wounded. Three of them are still in critical condition.”
He was dumbstruck to hear this. Everyone knew about it? This couldn’t be good. Did they also know about his diapers? He hoped not. Not that he could do anything about it now. He sighed and let her slowly lay him back down after the dressings were reapplied to his shoulder. She changed his diaper soon after and he began to feel the drowsy side effects of the sedative she placed in his IV. It worked so fast that he barely had time to say “se agapao” to his mother( Greek for “I love you”) before once again slipping into sleep
Will wasn’t the only one up at this late hour. Kirisawa, Megumi rested her elbows on the windowsill of her hospital room. This was obviously a room reserved for dignitaries. It stood on the top floor and resembled a well furnished hotel room more than a hospital. She sighed and looked down at the American flag waving in the breeze. It wasn’t her flag. She was Japanese, but she respected this America. Her best friend Chris was an American. America sent to Japan the Galanos family.
Galanos. . .
Was it really their fault that this had happened to her? Tarlton had tried to explain to her that it was all a ploy to get her father to take her out of the school. At the time she had not wanted to listen, thinking Tarlton her kidnapper. After watching the evening news that opinion changed drastically. He fought so hard for her and yet he didn’t know her at all. But then again, didn’t he have to? He was the one, along with Will, who brought that monster into her life. He wanted revenge on the two of them, not her. Was she taken only because she was with Akari at the time, a bonus?
No, that was too much. This Tarlton boy seemed very sure of his statements and she really had no reason to doubt him. This reminded her painfully so of Akari’s experience almost a month ago. It hadn’t been so long ago, now that she thought of it. She didn’t know Akari so well then. At the time, Chris had only just begun her quest to come out of her little world and become a bigger part of Seijitsu.
Would that end now?
She recalled her conversation with her father in this very room when they brought her in. She had still been filled with shock at the amount of damage Galanos had taken. He seemed dead as she remembered. However, to someone who knew death well as she did in the way it claimed her baby brother and mother she handled it well. That is to say, she didn’t handle it all. She pretended as though she hadn’t seen it.
After the ambulance ride to the base hospital she had been given a thorough examination and though she was pronounced healthy and unharmed it was suggested she stay the night in case she went into shock. She sullenly walked with the doctors to this room where her father was waiting for her. He embraced her and cried as she had never seen him cry, at least no since her mother died. They just held each other for almost fifteen minutes, he crying and she staring blankly at the wall quite unsure as to how she should feel at this point. She was safe, unharmed and had not even seen any of the violence
At length she told him everything as she recalled, which wasn’t much. The details she didn’t know had been filled in by Tarlton on the ride here. After the news these details became so much clearer. Her father seemed unsure of himself at that moment and in her whole life she had never seen him this way. As a politician he always seemed to know just what to do because he had so many advisors. When his wife died he fell into his work and daughter, but still remained sure of himself. Now he seemed torn, unsure of what to do.
Finally, he broke the awkward silence that had been mounting. <>You will have to leave Seijitsu Academy, my treasure.<> he said quietly.
<>NO!<> she cried, <>Daddy, please! I love it there. I love everyone there! All my friends. . . ."
He sat by her and hugged her to him saying, <>I know it’s hard, dear. But you must. You must leave Seijitsu or something like this might happen again.<>
<>I don’t care!<> she yelled. <>Don’t make me leave them!<>
<>I HAVE NO CHOICE!<> he said into his mustache as though he were walking on coals. <>Megumi! You are all that I have left. I can’t lose you!<>
She cried out in his in his arms. <>I am willing to take the risk! Seijitsu will die if I leave!<>
<>Are you willing to risk that young boy’s life for it?<> he said, pulling her away to look into his eyes. <>To risk yourself is one thing, my child. But to risk another person is quite another. He almost died to save you today. What will you do if he dies the next time? What will you do?<>
The gravity of his last statement sunk in and the vision she had blocking till now hit her like a falling pile of bricks. She saw again the broken body of Galanos, his blood soaking everything around him. She recalled his pale face and the rigidity of his condition. She thought back to all of the things he had done for Seijitsu. He saved Noriko from abuse. He brought Mai to a better understanding of herself. He gave Akari the boost to be the innocent girl she was. More importantly, he had orchestrated the adventure that brought Chris out of her dark funk and that led in turn to Chris trying to help Megumi out of her own dark thoughts. He had done so much and yet he had almost died in so reckless an act as taking on six armed guards. Tears found their way onto her cheeks, the first tears to fall since this grizzly ordeal began. She looked to her father with those eyes and he again cried. This time she cried with him.
Alone now, she stared out her window at the flag. It represented freedom to so many people half a world a way. She, in her decision to leave, had taken the freedom of Seijitsu away from the others. She had signed the death warrant for her beloved school, which gave freedom to these people who would otherwise taste no freedom, whether by parentage as in her case, or by circumstance as in Will’s case. Freedom had been paid for in blood in America. Could she willing spill blood that wasn’t her own to preserve the freedom of those children. No. . . she couldn’t.
Megumi fell to her knees and placed her head in her arms as she cried and mourned the death of Seijitsu.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Misao Kato smiled at the news report that night. Earlier in the evening she paid a special call to the state jail. She found him quickly and managed to procure his release. This one would be vital now, and his hatred of the school rivaled her own. This man, with his unending victories would help deliver the crushing blow to all of Tomoko Hayamizu’s hopes and dreams.
<>Koneko-san,<> she said in front of his cell. He was smoking a cigarette and typing on his laptop. She was impressed. Even in this dark hole he managed to win himself numerous privileges. He wore a nice suit as opposed to the prison smock.
He turned briefly to look at her before going back to his typing, <>Yes, Kato-san?<>
<>You know who I am already?<> she asked, again impressed as most people knew of her, very few knew what she looked like.
<>You aren’t one of the nations top prosecuting lawyers without at least hearing of the Kato clan,<> he said with a snide grin. <>In my case I have had several opportunities to send the authorities on you as people have labeled you, drawn you, talked of you. I, for my part, am prudent and realized how lethal such an endeavor could prove. So what brings the dark princess of Tokyo want from little old me?<>
<>Perceptive little, rat,<> she chuckled, enjoying this banter. This was a one of her level, she realized. He was cunning, and ruthless. <>I think you know what I want.<>
<>My skills as a lawyer?<> he smiled, <>You are easily my match in that department. Why?<>
<>This afternoon I set a plan into motion to destroy the people who sent you here. I think you would enjoy taking part. The price is your freedom.<>
<>Do I look like a need freedom?<> he laughed. <>I mean, look at me. I am very comfortable.<>
<>Yes,<> she purred. <>And that’s what annoys you isn’t it. You aren’t happy unless you are crushing someone. Admit it. You love the pain, the exquisite pain of the people you destroy in court.<>
He glared at her and she knew that she had been correct in her statement. She laughed as she handed him a file with all of the information he would need to destroy them. <>Oh ho, <> he exclaimed after reading a small segment. <>So that’s him? That’s the boy that inspired my daughter to send me here? Galanos, William. And you want this little incident pegged on him and the Hayamizu clan. Done. <>
She smiled as she signed the checks that would go towards freeing her lawyer.
The next day she and her lawyer went to court to shut down the school. It hadn’t taken much. Even with Hayamizu’s and Morrison’s lawyers, there had been no way to fight against the fenome that was Koneko. Somehow, even though she watched it she wasn’t sure how he did it, that man made the incident appear as a hoax planned by the Galanos brothers. It was even easier with the camera footage that had no sound. He explained that the two boys kidnapped her and Futokoro for their own purposes. Peter Adams, the true hero, had fought through the street toughs and Will to get to the girls and save them from the horrible Tarlton Galanos. That Will was shot had been an accident of one of the thugs as he had been trying to hit Peter and the bullet found Will instead. The knife wound was a result of self-defense. Peter then went into the house to save the girls, but was beaten by the Galanos boy. Luckily for Peter, the police were not far behind and this forced the Galanos boy, Tarlton to rouse the girls who had not seen their captor, being drugged previously. Kato was shocked that even when Megumi Kirisawa was on the witness stand Koneko produced the results he wanted. By the end of the case, the jury was almost wholly sure that the Galanos boys were the true criminals. The reasoning behind their lascivious actions had to have been inspired somewhere. The answer was in Seijitsu where the principal didn’t even have a teaching degree. This software kingpin was behind this.
It was dizzying to watch how this master of rhetoric produced truths from lies and lies from truth to paint the story he wanted conveyed. Kato was very pleased. It made losing the Iwasaki child meaningless. That girl hadn’t even shown up to the courts, so afraid of Misao she was. It was happening again. She had crushed Tomoko. The school was under orders to shut down immediately.
Kato……had won

Chapter 23
Akari sucked on her pacifier as she played with the blocks in front of her. It really was quite remarkable. Blue, red, yellow, green, orange, each with number and letters painted on them. She enjoyed herself quite a bit stacking them into shapes and then gasping when those shapes would fall over in a clutter.
It was the afternoon of the third day after the incident. Akari had not recovered from her regression as she had before. She was playing with her blocks in Will’s hospital room. Though the news painted Will as a fiend, the nurses and doctors seemed to disagree. In fact, everyone who met the boy or knew of him refuted the allegations the court leveled against him and his brother.
In a faraway corner of her mind, Akari considered this. As baby Akari she had no idea what anyone was talking about, but it sounded like they were talking badly of her Will-chan and that she could not allow. From the moment she was allowed, she would crawl to Will’s room and spend her entire day there.
Will didn’t seem to mind as he relaxed in his bed and read novels. At first he had complained about what to do about exams but when Seijitsu had been closed yesterday he gave up all hope. She had been there to see him weep long tear for his beloved school. She had also been there when the Hayamizu Clan came to visit him. Naoto played with her for a bit, but she could tell, even though she was only a baby, that he was suffering. He noncommittally stacked blocks and talked with her. The grownups talked with Will and she heard them discuss the fact that though the government would not pay for his medical bills as a result of the allegations thrown by the courts they would pay on behalf of him, so he shouldn’t worry. Tomoko told him not to worry about his exams and Hikaru promised that all would be well. Seijitsu would open again one day. He just needed time to prepare a case and somehow beat Koneko the lawyer.
Will smiled at this and asked for some books to read for himself and some coloring books for Akari. Akari had liked that. The book she was given had so many animals and even though she couldn’t color in the lines, she was pleased with her creations. She would show them to Will and with his good arm he would pat her on the head like a favorite puppy, telling her how beautiful her work was.
Will was fading. She saw that. His stamina became less and less so that he would sleep most of the day. He was crushed with the closing of his precious school and saw his entire hopes and dreams die with it. That school had been his chance to get into Tokyo University. With its odd semester program, which mirrored the American schools he would never get into another school and hope to do well. His future was going up in flames and there was nothing he could do. To make matters worse, all of Okinawa saw him as a fiend and reprobate. His reputation was going up in smoke. No school would accept him.
He had a whole month to sit and stew with this too as he couldn’t leave the hospital. Akari didn’t mind. She would stick with her Will-chan. He had always been there for her, and now, even if it wasn’t very much, she would be there for him.
After the blocks fell over for about the tenth time, she began to cry, but not because of that. She has a messy diaper that needed changing. Soon a nurse headed her wailing, though Will, who was right next to her, seemingly had not. He was becoming more and more quiet. After the nurse changed Akari into a new Abena xplus, she checked on Will and asked if he needed a change. Though he didn’t respond, kept reading his book, she checked anyway and found him soaked.
Very gently she said he needed to put his book down so she could change his diaper. Without a word he complied and endured getting his diaper changed. Akari watched all this in horror as her friend seemed to be soulless and more than listless. She wined a little at this and the nurse nodded to her with a look that seemed to say, “I know and understand, but I can’t do anything about it.”
After the nurse left, Akari climbed into the hospital bed and nuzzled up to Will’s good shoulder. She could his heart beating through the light gown he wore and this calmed her. She was further calmed when his hand began to absently stroke her hair as he read his book. So he wasn’t completely soulless. That was good. She smiled as he stroked and was soon fast asleep on top of him.
Iwasaki, Chisato paced her new room. Next door to Koneko, Noriko in the Hayamizu estate she should have been happy. Here, she was fed good food and treated with the love and respect a human being needs and deserves. Tomoko and her husband Hikaru took her in after the incident.
She remembered the ambulance ride to the hospital and glanced at the cotton bandages around her hand, She broke three fingers on her left hand and two on her right. She rubbed them selfconciously and remembered the trip four days ago. It had been awkward to say the least. Kirisawa Megumi glared lividly at her and she was certain that the girl would try to kill her given the chance. Given the circumstances, Chisato didn’t blame her.
When she had seen Galanos, Will, she fell to her knees and cried. This was her fault. The news reporters now said it was his fault, but she knew better. She was the source of his wounds and the reason why Seijitsu was closed. Her mission for Kato had been a complete success. It couldn’t have made her feel more miserable.
It was nice that Tomoko didn’t blame her. After learning all about Chisato the kindly woman adopted her on the spot and brought her home. It was more than the wretch deserved. Noriko was a little less than forgiving when they met.
The second night, after the closure of Seijitsu, when the rest of the house had gone to bed, Noriko entered Chisato’s room and slapped her awake. Chisato awake with a start to this and clutched her cheek that now stung like ice.
<>I hope you are satisfied!<> Noriko spat, tears falling freely from her face.
<>What?<> Chisato asked, not sure what was going on.
<>You took my dreams and threw them in the fire,<> she said with a hard voice that didn’t match the misery in her eyes, <>All of my friends are gone now, thanks to you! Sure, you look all heroic, coming at the end to confess. A fat lot of good that does us. You get a fresh new home, while everyone else suffers!<>
Chisato was crying now too, <>I didn’t want to do it!<> she sobbed, her whol face red and lower jaw quivering as she couldn’t control it.
<>Then why did you !?<> Noriko snarled. Chisato continued to cry The poor girl tried to speak but nothing woulf come out but hiccoughs and gasps. <>WHY!?<> Noriko asked grabbing Chisato’s shoulders and shaking them. She slapped the girl twice to get her to stop crying and then she cried herself, <>Why did you kill my school?<>
The two girls cried in each other’s arms for a long while until they noticed they were being watched from the doorway. Tomoko and Hikaru were standing there with tears in their eyes. Naoto was with them and his sniffling alerted the two to their presence. Everyone entered the room and they shared a group hug grasping at the strength in each other.
<>She had no choice, Noriko-chan<> Tomoko said to her, while still hugging the group. <>She was brainwashed to do what she did. Chisato-chan is a very brave little girl. Despite the control over her she managed to come and get me. She freed herself and because of that we got to them in time to save a lot of people’s lives.<>
Noriko begged for forgiveness through her tears. She had needed an outlet, she explained. Chisato was a perfect scapegoat. Chisato understood this and instantly forgave the girl. Hikaru smiled at them, <>We’ll get it back, my children. The dream burns still. I will get your school back, I promise you!<>
For Noriko, who fought so hard against the nature of Seijitsu for so long and who was loved by no one at the school, felt the loss of the school most of all. After years of abuse and living life in a shell, she was finaly brought out and welcomed into a world of caring individuals. She was not going to let her father take that away.
That very night she began her plans to save her beloved school for the people who made it what it was: her friends. She was raised in the house of this madman who used rhetoric like his birth given tongue. She knew his craft and knew how his oily tongue worked. Against people under his spell she would need a more potent spell. Few lawyers could match him, but they did exist. She racked her brain and came up with several names of the people who in their time had defeated her father in court. These lions were what she needed to fight this lion. She wrote all of them down and began to think of her case. She knew that if he could be discredited as a lawyer then his case might be thrown out. The fact that he was a child molester should have stopped him in the beginning, but she had not been to court to call against him. He knew that she would fight him so he made sure not to use her as a witness.
Noriko told no one of her plans. The winter break set in and Naoto took to his video games, while Chisato went for walks with Tomoko. Only Hikaru seemed to notice what was going on, but he didn’t confront her. She was beginning to see that she and the CEO were alike in many regards. Both were thinkers and both chose to work in their own worlds until the time to unleash the plan was come .
Chris dashed around the park for the seventh time. When she was confused, she ran. Running around the park she had met up with Tarlton Galanos, which though suprising was a pleasure as he was already running. She fell into step beside him and was amazed at how fast he was going without seeming to be breaking a sweat.
Now Chris was a good runner, always had been, but to meet someone above her seemed remarkable to her. She enjoyed the challenge and though by the third lap she was winded she kept up. Tarlton had no idea who she was, she was sure. The only reason she knew him was because he looked like Will in his face. Finally, after the eighth lap he paused at the water fountain.
“So who are you?” he asked after wetting his pallet and brow with the chilled water. “You’re a pretty good runner.”
She blushed and introduced herself as one of Will’s classmates. Tarlton seemed to think about it and then said, “Hey, you were that girl I met at the movies, right?”
She nodded, “You were with a girl, right? Girlfriend?”
He shook his head, “Nope, just a date. We didn’t have much in common. I am sorry I forgot you, Chris. So what brings you out running in winter around this old pond?”
Chris smiled and shivered. Her wet Abena felt almost frozen now that she had stopped and allowed her body to cool down. “I needed to think,” she said after a moment.
“What about?”
“Gee, I wonder?” she said sarcastically. “Maybe the loss of my best friend, my school closing down, nothing you don’t already know about.”
“Sorry,” Tarlton said holding up his hands. I didn’t mean to offend."
“It’s alright,” she apologized. “I shouldn’t have jumped. I never got a chance to say it before, but, um… thanks for saving Megumi. It meant a lot to me.”
He smiled at her and Chris was reminded of Will’s smile, which she had fallen in love with so long ago. He seemed to recognize the far away look in her eyes as he said, “I am not Will, you know.”
She shook head as if coming out of a daze. “What?” she asked. “Of course you aren’t.” She blushed at this and looked down. ‘Dang, my diaper is freezing!’
“You look cold,” Terry stated looking concerned. “You aren’t wet are you?” he asked suddenly leaning forward. When she nodded he sighed and told her to follow him. Together they entered the boys bathroom. Inside, Terry produced a book bag that looked like a Seijitsu issue. He opened it and began rifling through it. “He always keeps one in here just in case,” he mumbled before exclaiming, “Aha!”
He turned to her and showed her a fresh molicare super diaper, along with a zip lock that had wipes and a mini container with powder. “Here you are!” he said as he handed them to her. “I’ll guard the door so no one peeks. You change before you catch your death of cold!”
Blushing furiously she set about looking for a good way to do this. The floor looked filthy. Terry came to her rescue again by pulling out a mini changing pad from Will’s bag as well. He apologized for forgetting it and then let promising he wouldn’t enter again. She smiled at him and with a bit more comfort divested to sit on the pad in just her diaper. She quickly untaped it felt the crisp air blast her private area. She gasped at the shock and quickly, with much trepidation, reached for a wipe. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she wiped her crotch and bottom exclaiming with each touch as though an icicle was poking her.
“Are you alright?” Terry called from the doorway outside.
“Fine!” she called back. “Just cold. I’ll be done in a minute.”
Her jaw clattering she reached for the diaper and unfolded it. Sprinkling the powder, even that was freezing, she dusted her diaper area and then pulled the front between her legs, again gasping at the coldness of it all. With shaky fingers she taped it shut and pulled up her pants. She wore long johns so she wasn’t worried about the molicare coming apart as she would have been otherwise since there was no duct tape. After this she pulled up her sweatpants and walked outside. Very quickly, her body warmed the diaper and she was again comfortable.
“Bit too cold for my taste,” she giggled
Terry smiled at her and nodded. “Well, Chris, I am off. Take care and don’t worry. I am sure your school will reopen!” With that he jogged off to the long run back to his neighborhood.
She walked to her home thinking about this run. It had been so cathartic to run with Terry. She hoped she could do it again. He seemed just as big a gentle bear as a Will. It must run in the family.
Ganko didn’t understand anything of what was going on. Not that she wouldn’t have understood, but no one had bothered to tell her. After she and Sakura ran to the pond to alert her cousins to the fact that Futokoro-san was being kidnapped the two ran to her house to await the results. Sakura had wanted to go follow them, but after they noticed the speed in which the brothers traveled she realized that would be impossible. They knew the direction the thugs had been heading, not their actual lair. Waiting by the telephone, Ganko fell asleep. She hadn’t even been aware that she flooded her diaper.
When she woke up, Sakura was pacing the living room floor. Her face appeared pensive which looked ridiculous on a ten year old. Despite the gravity of the situation Ganko laughed earning her a glower from Sakura who apparently had been deep in thought. A glance outside told the girls that afternoon had long since faded to night. Had they turned on the news they might have seen what happened to Ganko’s babysitters, but what ten year old watches the news? Besides, they really weren’t in the mood to watch TV anyway.
<>What do you think happened?<> Sakura asked for maybe the thousandth time.
Ganko replied as she had the previous thousand times,<>I don’t know.<>
She was scared now. Those men had looked awfully mean, and her cousins were very small, only children like her. How could they do anything against such odds. We’re they dead? She whimpered a little bit as these thoughts came to her. Her heart felt heavy in her chest and she knew the only thing to rid her of the pressure would be knowledge one way or the other as to how her friends fared.
Her answer came when she heard a car drive into her garage. This made her fear the worst. A car? Does that mean they are dead? WHAT IS GOING ON!?
The garage door opened and Michael Galanos, her brother’s namesake, walked into the house. She had always remembered him as a sweet man. His wispy, balding hair always blowing this way and that with his prodigious gut he seemed like such a nice man. The niceness was still around the wrinkle of his eyes where so many years of smiles left their mark, but the eyes themselves were not happy, not happy at all.
“Are you alright, Ganko?” he asked, then noticing Sakura too, <>Are both of you alright?<>
Ganko rushed up to him and hugged his neck as he bent down to embrace her. She cried in his shoulder expecting the worst and Sakura followed suit. Both girls sobbing Michael looked at them and smiled. <>I am not the angel of death, you know,<> he said with a chuckle.
<>But your eyes were sad!<> Sakura accused.
<>Will’s dead!<> Ganko wailed.
Michael mussed her hair before saying, <>No, no one dead, Ganko-chan. My boys saved those girls. My boys are heroes,<> he said with pride before turning to the girls, <>and so are you!<>. He hugged them to his chest and laughed. <>Terry told me that you too warned them. You two saved Futokoro-san’s and Kirisawa-san’s life today. You should be proud of yourselves. <>
<>Then why did you look so sad?<> Sakura asked.
<>Well,<> he began, again with a sad look, <>Will got hurt while rescuing them. He’s alright now, but he’ll be in the hospital for a while. I came by to take you two to see him.<>
Both the girls and Michael said little in the fifteen-minute drive to the base hospital. Ganko had only been on base a few times before. Sakura never had, so she was full of questions, like why did the guard at the gate salute Galanos-san, why he needed an id, and others. The hospital, Ganko, noted, was large and impressive. It must have stretched seven floors up and had three different buildings. By the time they got there, Will was just coming out of surgery. Michael had not said how he was hurt, nor did he seem like he wanted to say. All she knew was that the bandages over his right shoulder were thick and padded, like her diaper, which she asked to get changed as soon as Will had been transported to his hospital bed in his new room.
Irene took care of it, as she was also there. As Ganko and Irene went into the bathroom, Ganko noticed a hard gaze from Terry. The boy looked angry as he looked upon his little brother, fast asleep with an IV in his arm. Ganko didn’t blame him. She would be angry too if something like that were to happen to Michael. The changing was quick, but loving as Irene wiped, powdered, and diapered her in record time. She finished by hugging the little girl who so resembled her son to her and cried. Ganko didn’t know what to do so she stood there and hugged back, tears of her own falling down her cheeks.
When they came out of the bathroom, Ganko looked at Will’s face. It truly was like looking into a mirror. His breathing was light and his face calm. His long hair had been combed back off his face so that it nestled around him like a second pillow. Such peace was in his face that she wondered how he had done it, rescued those girls from the thugs.
The nurse came soon and said that everyone except the mother must leave as visiting hours were now over. They all hugged Irene who was making a bed out of a folding chair and then departed. Terry smiled at the girls, realizing his scary countenance was worrying them. <>It’s alright,<> he said. <>We beat the bad men and the girls are fine. Before we go, would you like to see Futokoro-san?<>
Both nodded enthusiastically. For Ganko, Akari seemed like the perfect older sister. She was well read so it seemed like she knew everything. The girl had helped Ganko with her homework a few times and from those experiences she could sense the maturity and kindness in Akari. Neither were prepared for what they found.
The room housing Akari looked like in belonged in the nursery ward. She was lying in a crib, wearing a footed sleeper over her bulky diaper. A pacifier pulsated in her mouth as she sucked peacefully. Ganko was shocked. ‘What is this?’ she asked her mind. ‘WHO is this?’
Terry smiled at the sleeping girl. <>Futokoro-chan is baby Akari-chan right now, girls. She had a lot of stress over the last few hours so she is coping by regressing. Isn’t it wonderful? She looks so peaceful.<>
<>No!<> Ganko said horrified. This was not Futokoro, Akari, laying there in the crib. Where was the mature girl who she needed right now? Where was her babysitter? <>This isn’t right!<>
Terry shook his head and smiled. <>What is so different about this? Isn’t this what you wanted yourself for yourself?<>
<>Yes,<> she cried, <>But not for Akari-chan! I need her!<>
His eyes hardened slightly, <>Do not be selfish, Makimachi Ganko!<> he said coldly. <>You have no idea what she has been through. She needs this right now. Soon she will be back to being herself, but till then you need to understand her.<>
<>BUT I DON’T!<> she said hurt at his tone. <>I want my mommy!<>
Sakura, who seemed to have been feeling really awkward used this as a chance to hug her friend and calm her down. Terry also seemed to understand. He apologized for yelling at her and picked her up in her strong arms. Together with Michael and Allan they drove to the Galanos residence. Once there they began to work out the logistics’ of how they would manage taking care of Ganko. Terry’s school and hers ran on typical Japanese school calendars. While Will was supposed to be out of school for winter break they were still in classes. Terry’s school was too far away from Ganko’s house for him to stay with her, and there was no way Michael could drive her to school as he had to drive himself to the dental clinic for work before they would need to go to school.
Sakura called home to let them know what was up came up with the answer of letting Ganko stay with her at her house till her parents came back. This plan worked for everyone except Ganko. She agreed to it immediately but how would the Honimbo family take to her diapers? Granted, she could have gone without for these few days but she had the sinking feeling that if she gave up now she would never again get to wear them. Besides, it would be cowardly to give up in the face of this challenge.
On the car ride to Ganko’s house so she could pick up her things, she broached the subject with Sakura who gigged. Apparently she had told her mom about it already and her mother seemed to think it adorable. That problem solved, Ganko breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that for now at least her diapered legacy was safe.
Mai sat with Ryu in the park near Seijitsu. She didn’t know why he had asked her to come, but she came immediately. He looked the same, unshaven and lackadaisical, but his eyes showed a stress that was bothering him. She never knew exactly what connection he had to the Hayamizu Clan that they would ask him to teach gym for them. His involvement must have been somewhat recent because before Will and Akari came there had been another gym teacher.
As though reading her he said, <>Do you know why I became your teacher, Motoko-chan?<>
She shook her head and stared at the waters of the lake. The wind created white caps in the middle, which she found breath taking. The wind also played with her long black hair, which she had pulled into a ponytail. It whipped over her shoulder and back as though it had a mind of its own and wanted to be free from her head. <>I do no know, sensei.<>
<>The man who was formerly your teacher assaulted a man in a bar and killed him in a drunken rage. He and Hayamizu-san were friends from school and this job was supposed to be a favor for the man. Hayamizu-watched in horror as the possessed man beat another human being to death. Apparently the argument had been petty. Anyway, Hayamizu-san loses it and fires him on the spot. He was a little drunk himself. The already crazed man attacks Hayamizu. So there I was, enjoying some sake, playing some pool, when I hear the screams coming from the bar. A little upset that my game was doing so poorly, I enter the bar room and see Hayamizu-san being throttle by this big guy. I think to myself, why not? I’ll help out the nerd. So I used my pool stick as a makeshift boken and jab the guy to make him let go of the nerd. He turns to me and says some things I won’t repeat to your young ears and forced me to beat him till he couldn’t move anymore. As the police come to collect him, I enjoy a drink with Hayamizu who thanks me for rescuing him. While drunk he offered me a job as a gym teacher. The slob couldn’t even see my face, but he offered me a job.
<>Now, I needed that job. My record in kendo was lousy at this point. Though I have been professional for almost six years I am only a third dan. Everyone had such hopes for me when I started. I was one of the younger professionals of my time, only seventeen. But after awhile, the anger left my system, it was all played out. I couldn’t win my matches. I needed that job, Motoko-chan.
<>I showed up at Seijitsu the very next day. Hayamizu Tomoko thought I was some vagrant,<> he laughed. <>I told her I was here to see about the job. Apparently Hayamizu hadn’t told her about the previous night, so she looked at me like I was crazy. Hayamizu was at the courts giving testimony for last night so I had no one to support my story. Annoyed I went to the gym, while she bickered at me the whole time. Once there, I saw the equipment and scoffed. I was used to better and told her to write down everything I said. I made her order all new equipment starting with Kendo equipment. I said I expected it here within the next few days if I were to coach the children properly. I guess I was pretty convincing cause she set to work on it right away.
<>When Hayamizu-san finally returned we had a long talk. He apologized and said he really couldn’t hire me. He didn’t know me except that I won a bar fight. I told him my story and he seemed interested. I begged for a chance.
<>And you know what?<> Ryu said with tears in his eyes, <>That son of a bitch gave me my chance. I came in that Monday and met you all. I think it was destiny. Fighting that child, Galanos-san, brought back all the memories of kendo to me. My pro matches began to improve almost immediately. I was beginning to feel the fire of this school beneath my feet. When I dedicated my victory at the tournament to you kids, I meant it. This school was my second chance. I don’t want to see it closed. I don’t want to lose my children.<>
Mai thought back to all of the instances she had seen Sanosuke Ryu. Ever since the first day he had begun to take a caring role in the nurturing of the kids. Everyone loved him even if he was a little rough around the edges. The Hayamizu family respected him she knew and she also knew that he and Hikaru had become fast friends in the short time they had been together. She saw that the destruction of Seijitsu was a crushing blow to him. The pilot light that had started to reheat his passion for life had been snuffed out.
She couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. She knew she would endure. She always had and even though she cared deeply for all of the children in Seijitsu, she knew it wasn’t her life. Her life lay around the handle of a sword, and while the beauty of a scabbard hid the cruel edge of the blade, so also the bubbly countenance of Motoko, Mai hid a hard girl. She would endure as she always had. No one understood her much anyway except maybe Will.
Will. He was in the hospital now for his bravado. Her only true rival was out of commission. It seemed so strange to Mai, who was always cold inside, always cynical and dark. Her second skin of bubbly brightness kept everyone fooled. It was her armor. No one would understand her. She had dreams to become the strongest, The strongest didn’t win by being soft. They were hard and merciless. Or were they?
At the match she began to cry when she had her bowel movement. That hadn’t been a show of cuteness either. She had cried. It really wasn’t fair. She told herself she loved her diapers but she hated them in her own way. As a woman she would always have to fight twice as hard to become as strong as a man of her skill. As an incontinent swordswoman she have to deal with never having the ideal footing for her matches. Yes, she had to be hard. The weak are food for the strong. . .
<>You mock my pain, Motoko, Mai, <>Ryu said suddenly glaring at her. <>You think you are something else, don’t you? Somehow above us all? You don’t see this destruction as a loss to you. Well, know this, girl!<> he shouted, his face red from anger. <>I see through you! And you know what? Every other swordsman of worth you face will see through you as well. You are a very selfish girl trying to hide from yourself!<>
<>What do you mean?<> she asked. <>Hiding from myself?<>
<>You think the way you behave is a show, right? <> he laughed. <>All that energy and love is a show to you? When will you learn that that is who you are!? You are that energetic girl everyone wants to love. It isn’t an act! You do care about these people! WHY!? Why do you pretend otherwise?<>
She looked down and thought about it. <>You may be right, <> she whispered, <>But I must hide it. I must kill that girl! SHE won’t get me to where my dreams are. She will only fall and cry and get hurt!<>
<>You are wrong Motoko, Mai,<> a voice said coming up the path. The voice was older, but kind. She didn’t recognize it. The man who owned the voice stopped at their bench. He was a middle-aged man with silver hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wore sweats and she could tell he had been jogging. The most interesting thing about him were his bright purple eyes, which reminded her of a hawks in their piercing intensity. <>You are wrong. That girl, who falls, cries, and gets hurt will take you to your dreams. The other girl will lead you to your own personal hell. You will be quite miserable, I am sure. <>
Ryu instantly bowed his head, <>Shishou<>
The man regarded Ryu with kindness in his eyes, <>You have grown much in the few weeks we have been apart, Saotome, Ryu-san.<> he said with a soft voice. <>You are right to question the girl. By hiding her emotions she will be nothing but a time bomb that will low up on itself killing her.<>
<>Who are you?<> Mai asked, now thoroughly confused. The way this man spoke made her take everything he said seriously. None of it was spoken with pride or pomp. They were simple observations from a man who saw more than almost anyone else. <>How long have you been listening to us?<>
<>How long?<> he chuckled. <> I have been listening here to your conversation since you started talking. I have been listening to your heart, Motoko, Mai-san, from the time I first saw you two years ago in the fall kendo tournament. My name is Saotome, Satoshi. I was, for a time, the kendo instructor at Kenshiki.<>
She gasped at this and thought. Will had mentioned his former teacher and he had nothing but the utmost respect for the man. Was this he? Could this be the man? She recalled the face from somewhere else, and then it hit her. She had seen him in the match against the Ouza in the December Tournament. The man in the purple hakama and red gi with the golden obi, this man was that incredible swordsman. She bowed her head in respect.
He chuckled and said, <>Why do you think you need to be hard to win, Motoko-san?<>
<>Unless you are hard you will break. You have to be stronger than anyone else!<>
He smiled and shook her head. <>Were that true than only the swordsmen around Sanosuke-san’s age would be any good. No strength and speed are only a part of what makes a swordsman great. It has also been my observation, <> he said with a wink, <>that the hard become brittle and break easily, while the soft absorb everything and bounce it back. Do I look so very hard to you, Motoko-san?<>
She had to admit he didn’t. He appeared as though he would rather pass out flowers than fight in a duel, and yet after seeing his match with the Ouza she wasn’t so sure. This man had skills as she had never seen, and yet he preached a different path than the one she knew. Will and at one time tried to make her see this other path, but he was just a boy. This man made it all seem so clear.
<>You said, “for a time,” Shishou, <> Ryu asked. <>What did you mean by that?<>
<>I was fired today, Sanosuke-san, <>he said with a simple smile. He didn’t look at all upset to have lost his job. <>In fact, I was on my way to the pond to celebrate by running some laps when I spotted you two. <>
<>You sound happy about this,<> Mai stated, confused.
He bobbed his head, <>Indeed I am,<> he chortled.<>Am why shouldn’t I be happy that the witch fired me from her school?<> At the blank looks the two gave him, Satoshi sighed and sat down on the bench between them. <>Let me explain.
<>Saotome-san. You knew from the tournament that I had certain ties to the school through the Kato Clan. The hold on me was this. To my shame, in my youth I worked for them. I was not unlike you, Saotome-san in your zeal and hot headedness. I tied up their loose ends with debtors and the like. I never killed anyone, but many a man and woman have I maimed irreparably, to my eternal shame. I quit the business when they finally asked me to kill someone for them. They knew better than to target me for elimination, <>he said with a grim look in his eyes that made Mai question again just how soft this kindly man was.
<>I fled here to the south, much like the Hayamizu Clan did after me in the hopes of forgetting my past. Because of my shameful past I never joined the professional kendo league, though most of them knew me and sparred with me. I retired here to be a simple gym teacher at Kenshiki. For a long while I was happy. Then, I saw Tomoko Hayamizu though she didn’t know me. When I saw her I knew that Misao Kato would not be too far behind. It was very tempting to abandon ship at that moment, but I couldn’t. Not yet. So she came, and immediately recognized me. Because she still feared me to one degree or another she decided to leave me be. When she attacked Galanos I confronted her and she threatened to tell everyone my secret. I was afraid so I agreed to keep silent of she would.
<>For a time, this worked. Even after she drove my student away from me I said nothing for fear of the black mail. After what just happened I confronted her again saying if any of the children died she would not be far behind. This reminded her of her original fear of me and spurred her to fire me from this job. She said she would tell no one so long as he stayed away from her and her clan. I know a lot about them, the Kato Clan. I was her father’s favorite mercenary, and he respected me as I respected him. Though Misao now runs the clan there is still the unwritten rule that she must not cross Saotome, Satoshi. So it is that I am free of her.<>
He smiled and breathed in the crisp air. <>She has set me free and no eyes are on me. She knows I will keep my word and say nothing. This means I can do what I have wanted to do for a while and teach kendo to those who I will to teach it.<>
<>But Seijitsu has been destroyed, <>Ryu said sadly.
<>What is the mascot of your school, child?<> Satoshi said with a hard look to Mai.
She replied quickly, <>The Phoenix<>
<>And what can you tell me about the legend of the Phoenix?<> he said with a smile.
<>It burns itself to ash and then from those ashes it is born again.<>
<>And so it will be with Seijitsu, I feel, <> he said with calm. <>The fire of you children has been snuffed and reduced to ash. From that ash I expect I will see Seijitsu rise again to glory. When that time comes you will see me and I will help you on your way to your dreams, Motoko, Mai.<>
Ganko rose early the next day. Sakura’s mom said they were saying some really mean things about her cousins on the news, but she didn’t believe it. Ganko asked what they were saying but she wasn’t told. No one seemed to want to tell her anything. That didn’t really matter, though.
The first night in the Honimbo home was heaven for Ganko. Sakura’s mom seemed to take great pleasure in babying her daughter’s best friend. When Ganko asked Sakura why that was she said it was empty nest syndrome. Sakura’s oldest brother, she being the youngest of three and also the only girl, left for college this year. The loss hit their mother pretty hard as he was her first of three babies. She missed him terribly. Therefore, the idea id babying someone just appealed to her motherly instincts. She diapered Ganko thickly for the night and even gave her a bottle to drink. Sakura was asked if she would like one too, but she politely declined.
After she was changed out of her sopping wet diaper, last night had been the first time in a great long while Ganko actually wet herself in her sleep, she got ready for school. The principal still had a bunch of her diapers at the school so she didn’t need to pack any. As she prepped herself for school she barely thought about Will and Akari in the hospital. That was far away and she had to live in the now of right here.
She looked in the mirror at her uniform and didn’t see any puffiness to suggest what she was wearing, but she didn’t hear any crinkling as the molicares Will had given her proved very quiet. Sakura was already waiting at the door for her. As the two left they ate toaster strudels and talked about school. The things of the previous night seemed taboo as far as conversation was concerned.
As the diaper didn’t make noise and really wasn’t visible under her pleated skirt, Ganko enjoyed herself a lot more. She didn’t worry about people listening for a crinkle or for people to notice the puffiness of her behind. She recalled that Will suggested that at school she wear panties over the diapers so that when they wet they wouldn’t sag and give her away. Before the incident he had been full of these wonderful tips to ensure secrecy. She knew that his attempt had been in vain. Everyone at his former middle school knew about his diapers, but he seemed to have hope that Ganko would remain unknown. She had two more years of elementary school left so she didn’t have to worry about middle school taunting. What she did have to worry about, was gym. The last two days gym had been canceled because her teacher was sick, but now that he was back she would need to dress in bloomers like the other girls. She was scared of this more than a little, and brought it to Sakura’s attention.
<>Maybe you can get out of doing gym?<>Sakura suggested.
Ganko harrumphed that idea, and sighed, <>How would I do that?<>
The two walked into their school, which seemed so unaware of the great things that had happened in the neighborhood. Here and there she would here children talking about it, but none of them knew she had a connection to it, nor did she want them to know. The less they knew about her the better. Atashi Elementary School was a quite if large community. It was possible to slip by unnoticed throughout the entire six years one spent there.
Ganko and Sakura went to the footlockers and placed their sneakers there before heading to class. As they walked in Ganko asked to speak to their teacher privately. Once alone she told her fear about gym. The teacher looked sympathetically at the young girl. Apparently she still blamed herself for Ganko’s accident at recess the other day. <>Ok, Makimachi-chan,<> she said quietly, <>Here’s what we’ll do. Everyday there’s gym you will go and help out in the library. How does that sound? Fun?<>
Not really. Ganko wasn’t that big a reader so she knew she would be bored. However, between boredom and discovery she would gladly take boredom. She agreed readily and the two returned to class. This deal seemed like it would work wonderfully. When Gym came around she was permitted to leave. This was fine by her as she needed a change anyway. She made her way to the principal’s office and got changed into a fresh diaper. This truly felt good.
And then she entered the library. . .

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Within the library itself Ganko saw more books than she had ever imagined in her entire life. It had never occurred to her that the library of a small, understaffed elementary school would be so large. Two floors of books loomed over her as she stared at the balconies of the second level, which hugged the edge so that the center appeared as a gaping hole to look down at the first level.
Ganko suddenly wondered why on earth she had never been here. She remembered research projects but those were all completed using online help now that she thought about it. Had anyone in her class ever been here. She knew Sakura hadn’t because Sakura would have told her about this. On the corner of every bookshelf she saw coded numbers and letters that she could only assume were the index by which the books were to be found. The smell of the room also seemed strange as it was musky and distinctly old. She could smell the rot of pages and bindings. Some of these books must be very old indeed.
Despite the large size of the library no one seemed about. Ganko had to wander a good while before she found the checkout desk with a lone figure standing in front of it. The old woman behind the desk was quietly getting annoyed with the person. As Ganko approached she saw that this was young man in his early twenties. His hair appeared messy in the dim light of the library and his clothes likewise. In his arms he cradled a spiral notebook opened to a seemingly random page with tons of chicken scratch drawled all over so that she wondered how on earth he made sense of it. She saw that the two were in conversation so she waited before intruding, but she did listen.
<>But I am telling you it IS here<> the man said in a flustered voice. He used that moment to lift his horn rimmed glasses that were sliding down his nose and put them back where they belonged.
<>And <b>I</b> am telling YOU that it simply isn’t here. The catalogue isn’t turning up matches. It isn’t in the card catalogue either. Nothing by Atashi, Amano-san is stored in this library.<>
He grit his teeth and breathed deeply through them producing a hiss that while he probably intended to look serious appeared rather comical by comparison. <>This is Atashi Elementary School is it not?<>
<>Yes,<> the grizzled librarian said, now very annoyed with his tone of voice.
<>Founded by Atashi, Amano-san?<> he said with seeming patience that anyone could tell was poorly masked frustration.
<>Yes<> she replied crisply.
<>So why is it that the only book HE ever wrote isn’t here!?<>
<>I don’t know, sir,<> she said sarcastically. <>Why don’t you check the national library?<>
<>There exists only one printing of it, ma’am,<> he said with a voice that told Ganko that the two of them had had this conversation before. <>He printed it only for himself. He never published it ALL of my sources point to it being here as his house was torn down to make your school. This was HIS library before you converted it. This was HIS catalogue you use to find your books. Logic says it is HERE!<>
Ganko couldn’t understand what she was hearing. Atashi, Amano-san was the school’s founder almost a century ago. She learned, as most of the classes did, that he was an eccentric millionaire who made his living collecting and selling rare books. His library was one of the most extensive of his time, though Ganko never came to verify that fact but the smell seemed to give it away now. Most of the books here were originals. Towards the end of his life he took a liking to children and adopted children made orphans by the Russian/Japanese war. When he died at the turn of the century he bade them to convert his house into a school for the little children. That done the orphans left to have their own lives and this school became more of a tourist attraction than a real school. Perpetually understaffed the school always held on by a hair’s breadth. The only reason it hadn’t closed years ago was due to the fact that Atashi, Amano-san donated several books to the government and also helped fund the Meiji movement. Out of respect for this kind man the government refused to close down the dilapidated school.
Ganko had never minded that. The school’s population was always small as a result of that but in her opinion she still managed to get a good education. The teachers were few but they were very good. She wondered again why she had never been in her. Separated from the main body of the school by a short hallway it seemed its own entity, totally separate from Atashi Elementary School. The windows that lined the circular structure added a little light to the dim area. The building needed to be rewired but they couldn’t afford it so the dim lights stayed, many having blown out. Ganko debated the quandary of what would one do at night to read in here.
<>I am sorry, but if it isn’t in the catalogue then it isn’t here!<> the librarian shouted.
<>Impossible,<> he snapped. <>My boss spent a lot of money tracing it down. We have been given permission by the owners of the school to buy it and I KNOW IT IS IN HERE.<>
The librarian chuckled, <>Then have fun sorting through all of this,<> she said sweeping her arm around the massive collection of books. Thousands of them, all in their bookshelves.
The man didn’t seem to take this in as he shouted with bravado, <>FINE! I will search myself and find the book!<>
This seemed like a good enough time for Ganko to enter and introduce herself. Neither of them seemed to have noticed her and she felt a little awkward as they stopped their conversation to look at her. The receptionist asked if there were something she wanted. After Ganko explained who she was and that she would be helping out the woman smiled. <>Well, honey, <> she said with a toothy grin. <>As you can see we don’t get a lot of customers. There are no books to be put back on the shelf, but if you like you can help this gentleman to keep him out of my hair.<>
The man glared at the woman but smiled indulgently at Ganko. He didn’t seem very adapt at dealing with children. <>Alright then, Makimachi-chan,<> he said. <>Let us find the book that this mean old woman refuses to let me see.<> He stuck his tongue out at the lady and winked at Ganko. She would have to take back her earlier statement now.
<>What book is it?<> Ganko asked. <>You said it’s by Atashi, Amano-san, but what is it called?<>
<> To Kill a Dragon he said cryptically. <>It tells how the Meiji government overthrew the samurai and is a very modern interpretation on the art of warfare. My employer wants that book for her collection.<>
<>And who’s your boss?<>
<>Kato, Misao-sama.<> he said with a smile, not noticing Ganko’s dilated eyes or quick intake of breath. <>I work for the Kato Corporation.<>
Mai stared at the waters of the lake again. She had been to Fengar two days now and because of her elite classes at Seijitsu managed to retain her throne on the top of the academic ladder of the school. It was funny. Hardly anyone missed a beat to see Mai in their classes again. For Fengar, as before, she adopted her serious mask of concentration even though this school was very easy when compared to the other. Towards the end of her stay here last time she began the style of acting goofy to get attention and deal with stress. It seemed so banal now that she thought of it. What was she to other people? What did she care?
Motoko, Mai lived for one goal and one goal only. She [I]would<i/> become the greatest swordswoman ever. Diapers or no she would accomplish that task. Saotome, Satoshi was wrong. He had to be. After all, what did any of them truly know about her?
A single tear fell down her cheek.
Galanos, William knew about the real her. He knew her because he was the same way. Did anyone really think that goofy and kind boy that looked like a girl really behaved that way on the inside? No. No, he was just as cruel and ruthless as she was. No kind hearted boy would leave two men completely brain-dead from trauma to the skull. He effectively killed two men. One man lost a lung due to a rib puncturing it. Another lost a kidney. Those people whom he fought were decimated beyond true repair and yet people still had the audacity to say Will was a sweet boy.
It annoyed her. Given the same situation she might have killed those bums outright, but she couldn’t know for sure. The sun began to set over the water and darkness enveloped her. She didn’t care. She was angry at everything at the moment. All of that syrupy acting annoyed her suddenly. A month ago, when she was slapped by Noriko she had had to hold herself back from killing the bitch. No one understood her. And the only one who did would have nothing to do with her outside of general friendship.
Damn that Futokoro, Akari. Without Will that girl would be nothing. She was weak, weaker than any girl Mai had met. She relied on others and that was an anathema to Mai. The only one to trust is yourself, anyone else will either fail or betray you. And yet, she liked that pathetic girl. It had not been false pretenses that led her to behave kindly to her in the fall kendo tournament. There was just something about her that made Mai love her. She had known the very first time they fought a year and a half ago that they would become rivals. Even though Mai had beaten Akari easily and soundly she knew that the girl would get back up and try again and again until the outcome changed in her favor. It annoyed Mai also that she had fallen in love with Will around the same time as the girl as well. It would have been easy to steal Will from her, too. A few well-placed words would have that weak willed girl crying home to her mother avoiding Will like the bubonic plague.
But she hadn’t. Why is that? Why didn’t she take what she wanted? The weak are the food for the strong. Mai thoroughly believed this, and yet she held herself in check. Was she weak? Weaker than Akari? That might now be the case. At the winter tourney Akari fought better than she had in her life. Mai was fighting her equal, her perfect rival. It had been the greatest fight in Mai’s life, only to be ruined by a bowel movement in the diaper. Maybe she was weaker than Akari.
The angered Mai never realized that night had fallen in its entirety as she sat on the bench. It had been hours that she sat there thinking. She ran all the way from Fengar, a good three miles away with her book bag and shinai. The kendo club had been very happy to have her back and she had been happy for a bit of exercise, but after giving a third dan and Will as sparing partners she quickly grew bored with her former classmates.
A hand suddenly grasped her shoulder tightly from behind. Mai was shocked and felt herself dribble a bit into her thirsty diaper before turning to see who had grabbed her. She should have known from the smell that this was a reprobate. She smiled at him and chuckled good-naturedly deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was drunk and didn’t realize what he was doing. At a glance she could see she was wrong. Five others were with him, rubbing their hands together nervously and eyeing her hungrily. None of them seemed older than eighteen.
With her left hand she unbuckled her shinai case quietly before slowly sliding the handle out to rest in her palm as she reached up and grasped the man’s wrist that held her shoulder. In the darkness they hadn’t noticed her other hand’s work. As if on cue a streetlight above her flickered on and soon had hundreds of flying insects droning around it with a cacophony of buzzing. <>Let go of me,<> she whispered in her best scared voice. That was a laugh. Motoko, Mai scared.
<>Awfully late for a girl like you to be out alone?<> The weasel boy said with a smirk. <>Why don’t we go get some tea?<> Several of his cohorts laughed at this. Mai laughed too. The quivering of her laughter startled her. She wasn’t scared so why did her voice sound scared? Surely Will hadn’t been scared when he went to rescue Akari and Megumi.
<>It is late.<> he shaky voice replied. She was having problems keeping it steady and the iron grip of the boy was not relaxing. <>I think I should go home now.<>
<>Tell you what?<> one of the others said, licking his lips, <>Let’s have some fun first, and then we’ll take you home.<>
<>Yeah,<> another chimed in. The rest seemed to be gaining confidence. <>We’ll have some real fun.<>
Mai felt her heart in her chest about to explode. ‘These boys are going to try and rape me in the park?!<> her mind exploded. Then she recalled all the newspaper clippings saying not to be alone in the park after dark. Several people had been mugged this month and three girls raped. This group must be the one’s responsible.
Mai would never know where or how the voice came to her. But it did. She heard Akari’s voice from the tournament, <>Have fun!<> A second tear fell down her face as she recalled that moment. She didn’t hate Akari. How could she hate that wonderfully innocent girl. If anything she was jealous.
<>Aww!<> one of them cooed in mockery, <>The baby’s crying. You a virgin?<> They were forming a semicircle in front of her blocking off any chance of escape.
The shinai left the case almost as quickly as a katana would leave the scabbard in an iai strike to the temple of the man who had spoken. She saw his teeth shatter as he fell to his knees screaming in pain. She glanced at the blood of her shinai and gasped in shock. The sticky red substance looked like dark syrup in the patchy light of the lamp. She felt the hand clench tighter still on her shoulder as she watched the others move in. they looked like wild beasts focused on one intention.
She screamed as she ducked down, forcing the man off balance as she rolled under his arm. She found herself standing in the midst of the five men with her sword out and ready. She breathed heavily and felt her knees shake.
One of them charged forward screaming, <>You fucking Bitch!<>
She knew a chop to any part of his body would prove ineffectual so she lunged at him to use his momentum against him. His throat hit the tip of the shinai so hard she was afraid it would impale him. He fell to his knees like the first man clutching his throat, gasping for air, and turning a sick shade of blue. Not pausing to give the others a chance to attack she spun her sword and caught one of them on the shoulder. He toppled but was not out cold. A shinai as no boken. Its attacks would sting and leave nasty welts on the skin, but it didn’t have the destructive power of the wooden sword that Will had used. Therefore, it came as no surprise that one of them caught her next blow with his hand and wretched the sword from her. She made to run but was grabbed by the waste. She toppled to the ground almost instantly as his grip relaxed. She noticed his still form beside hers and gasped at his broken nose.
A glance up didn’t reveal her savior, but he wore a black trench coat and held a cherry colored boken. The man charged one of the boys with a clean thrust that toppled the kid instantly. One of the boys ran away after this and another fell as the man backhanded him. The third boy drew a pistol and leveled it at him with shaky hands.
<>Alright mutherfucker!<> he shouted.
Her rescuer didn’t seem concerned as he held the blade of the boken with his left hand and the hilt with his right. The boken rested against his left hip for the briefest of moments so that it seemed like he was giving up. This caused the boy to start to lower his own weapon, but then faster than even Mai’s eye could follow the boken split in two. She hadn’t seen the process but she saw the results. The man’s left hand remained on the saya (scabbard), which she had taken for the blade of the boken while his right held the hilt of a katana angled up. She hadn’t even heard the blade leave the confines of the wooden saya. All she heard was half of the boy’s gun hit the ground at his feet. The boy fell to his knees staring at his hand, marveling that it hadn’t been cut or disturbed as the blade sliced through his weapon.
The man walked forward and stuck the blade of his katana between the boys knees and leveled a cruel gaze. The boy promptly wet himself and passed out. A loud chuckle ensued from her rescuer. <>You really shouldn’t be here Motoko, Mai<>
Mai couldn’t stop shaking. She was terrified. She had to admit to herself that she had been absolutely terrified from the beginning. Could Will have been this scared? Probably not. They were all right about her. She snapped. Her iron personality snapped. <>Yes, sensei<> she quietly admitted. <>I shouldn’t be here. Why are you here?<>
<>My charge was sitting there for a long time thinking.<> came his reply. <>I had to make sure she was alright.<>
<>Stalking me, sensei?<> she asked with a sound that seemed halfway between a laugh and a sob.
<>Call it what you will, Motoko-chan, <> he said wistfully. <>The fact remains that because I was there you are fine. You fought very well, by the way. Had you been using a real weapon and not a shinai you might have actually been very effective in driving them off.<>
<>Why are you here, Sanosuke-san?<>
He didn’t answer as he sheathed his katana. Nor did he answer when he began to walk away. She stared at his coat that flapped in the breeze like some sort of cloak. <>Galanos asked me to keep an eye on you, two if I could spare them.<>
<>Galanos?<> she asked, shocked. She hadn’t even gone to visit him.
<>I told him you returned to Fengar and he blew up at me. Futokoro-chan began to cry when he started shouting. He was not thrilled that you seemingly betrayed Seijitsu.<>
She shook her head and blurted out, <>What choice do I have? Seijitsu is closed. You said he had given up hope himself, anyway .so why is he angry with me?<>
He smiled briefly. <>In his mind he has abandoned all hope, but in his heart that boy will never lose hope. The poor fool thinks and acts with his heart more than his brain anyway. He thinks the school will be reopened the same as the rest of us. Why do you give up hope?<>
<>You cannot fight the Kato Clan forever, sensei.<> she said quietly. <>They always win in the end. I gave up on Seijitsu because I still have a future to prepare for!<>
<>Your future?<> he asked.<> I am a facet of Seijitsu. Seijitsu saved you tonight. Seijitsu has been in the process of saving you and allowing you to grow to your dreams. Do you think Fengar will let you? Fengar crushed you into nothing so that you didn’t even know who you were as you fought for conformity.<>
<>Where is Seijitsu now?<> she asked bitterly. <>Where is the source of my salvation now?<>
He smiled at her and said, <>Seijitsu is more than a place, Motoko-chan. Seijitsu is all of you students. It lives on in many hearts even if it doesn’t have a physical form right now. You’ll see soon enough.<> he winked at her before volunteering to walk her home. He commented that her parents would be really worried and she knew he was right in all likelihood.
While they walked she asked him where he learned that slash. He explained that iaido was one of his many hobbies. Quick drawing the sword had always been an art that interested him even though of all the fighting styles it received the least use because of its lethal nature.
Mai walked on and listened to him explain his art. She came to the park confused and she was leaving confused. She could only hope that some answer would come so she could begin to understand herself.
<>Wh why do I hath to hath a pafifier?<> Ganko asked around the large pink pacifier strapped to her head. She lay on a large changing mat with Mrs. Honimbo wiping her crotch with a cool wipe. The sensation was pleasant and Ganko couldn’t help but feel relaxed in this homey atmosphere. In the back of her mind she wondered what would happen in two days when her parents returned? Would she be allowed to continue this?
The pacifier in and of itself didn’t bother her much. In truth, she had one in her diaper bag that she had purchased, but this one was one that Mrs. Honimbo purchased and it went into her mouth almost as soon as the girls got home from school. After the two finished their homework Ganko was stripped down to t-shirt and diaper. That, while fun, felt awkward especially since it came from her best friend’s mom. She seemed to be having far too great a time for Ganko’s taste and Ganko KNEW she had to find out why. Why was it that Honimbo, Ayame liked acting like a mommy to her? It couldn’t really be the empty nest syndrome.
<>You have to because I am the mommy and I get to chose who does what.<> She replied as she slipped the old diaper out from under her. <>You are my sprout on this watch, Makimachi-chan.<>
Ganko giggled at the odd name, “Sprout”, which Ayame spoke in English. This wasn’t bad. Being babied was what she wanted after all. She simply smiled at her surrogate mother and lay back quietly, luxuriating in her diaper change,
Sakura and the others had naturally been full of questions after they returned from gym. Most of the girls wanted to know where she had been, to which she had replied quickly without thinking, at the library. It turned out the Ganko had been right in her guess. No one from her class had been to the library. They all had questions of what it had been like to which she responded as truthfully as she could. She described the circular building and its second story balcony. She spoke of the musty smell and the funny man who was looking for a rare book.
Her time with him hadn’t been nearly as scary as she had thought it would be. She had probed him for information about his boss but it turned out that he really didn’t know much about her. He was hired as a book detective from time to time and that was it. He was always well paid and he almost always found the book she wanted. This time seemed to be much more challenging. Together, the two of them searched through almost five hundred books. They, neither of them, knew the length of the book or anything about its binding. All they had was a name and a title. The title only really because he might have used a pen name when he wrote it. While they worked they talked and learned more about each other. Ganko was learning also that he seemed very clumsy in that he would trip often and drop books with abandon causing the librarian to yell at him and Ganko to giggle.
After she told them about the library they began to ask her why she had gone in the first place. Her teacher rescued her by saying it was by request of the librarian who needed some extra help. Ganko just seemed the likely choice. One of the girls asked why to this as Ganko wasn’t that much of a reader to which the teacher replied that maybe working in the library would inspire her. They all laughed at this and the problem seemed to be solved.
At recess she went to go get her diaper changed and ran up to Sakura when she was finished. They played a bit of four square with two other girls and enjoyed the rest of the day. They returned home later and found Ayame waiting with the pacifier.
Time passed, as time of ten does. The days spread into weeks and after four such cycles people related to the Kirisawa incident began to assume life as best they could. A good many of the students from Seijitsu dispersed to the neighboring middle schools. Some stayed home waiting for the day their precious school would reopen though that grew more and more far-fetched every day. Chris Morrison was such a one who refused to give up hope. She like many of the others felt a great loss and betrayal at Mai’s willingness to quickly return to Fengar. Perhaps it was because her father was a top executive for Hikaru Hayamizu that Chris never needed to find another school, but given the option she still would have stayed away.
The New Year passed and no one of the school gathered together to ring in the New Year at the local temple. It was on that day that many of the former students abandoned all hope. Several prayers were made at various temples for Seijitsu to reopen but those prayers seemed to fall on the deaf ears of the gods. Mai was nowhere to be seen. Will still lay in the hospital with Akari. Chisato, Noriko, and Naoto were together at the Hayamizu estate and together they traveled to the Shinto shrine to ring in the New Year as a family.
Despite the horrors of the past weeks they decided to treat the holiday as a festival as this was the tradition. All of the girls were dressed in beautiful kimonos of silk and cotton while the men wore yukatas. As a family they went to the bazaar that night and enjoyed the festivities.
Noriko noted that Chisato was not having a good time and confronted her with it. The girl confessed she still felt guilt for her crime. This seemed to sour Noriko’s mood as well, which in turn soured Naoto’s and then Tomoko and Hikaru. They all returned home depressed, perhaps more depressed than when they set out in the first place.
A glass of sherry rested near her fingertips as she regarded the window in front of her. Rain pelted against the pane like small hailstones crinkling with each hit. The sherry sat in a golden goblet with crystal encasing the liquid. A warm fire blazed in a hearth to her right which added an orange glow to the window and also provided a reflection of her image. She looked upon her visage and noticed the scowl and knotted eyebrows. This was not the face of one had driven her enemies before her, not the face of one victorious over her enemies. She grasped the goblet to bring it to her lips but then paused and placed it back down without slaking her thirst.
They hadn’t moved. It seemed quite odd by her reasoning. In all previous occasions when Misao Kato brought to ruin the exploits of Tomoko Hayamizu she moved away to hide from Misao and try again. This had been her way. When the hospital was burned down she moved north. When Naoto was injured she moved south. When she was discovered in Okinawa she had at least made the illusion that she had moved. This time, no such effort had been made. Spies kept watch on the house and reported that the family, while remorseful, showed no sign of moving any time soon. What is more, Hikaru and the child Noriko seemed to be busy at work on something.
To one as practiced in deceit as Misao the nature of their project seemed obvious. They had not given up, at least not totally. The other children had, of course. She watched in glee as they went to separate schools, every one of them. The cursed Galanos and Futokoro still resided in the hospital but neither seemed to have hope for the school reopening. Motoko seemed to have given up entirely. All that was left for the fall to be complete was for the Hayamizu Clan to up and move, but that had not occurred.
On a whim she picked up her phone which sat on the stand with her sherry and dialed a number.
<>Hello?<> an oily voice answered sounding annoyed at the hour of being called. Misao could care less. This man’s comfort all relied on her good will anyway.
<>Koneko,<> she said slowly with her characteristic purr that seemed to mollify most men no matter their anger. <>I have questions for you.<>
He sighed with the same sigh she heard from many of her mercenaries, the kind of sigh that meant that he had no choice in the matter. He would have to comply whether he liked it or not. Again, Misao really didn’t care. She just wanted her answers. <>Go ahead,<> he said with resignation.
<>How solid is your case against Galanos and Seijitsu?<> She blurted quickly, ashamed at showing any weakness by asking this question. But she had to be sure so she pressed it.
<>It is as secure as any of my cases, Kato-sama,<> he replied, obviously confused at her question. <>The loopholes in my story are only accessible through many witnesses and hard standing facts that I do not think any of them have.<>
<>What hard evidence would they need?<>
<>Hmm,<> he said after a moment, <>If they were to get the dialogue between the Adams boy and Galanos while they were fighting then that would be a problem. If they got ALL of Seijitsu to testify in his defense along with character witnesses from the Hayamizu’s way before this all started.<>
Misao sighed heavily and rasped, <>That sounds very easy to do, Koneko. Why haven’t they already done that? The recording might be difficult but the character witnesses. How did you keep that out of the file?<>
He laughed through the phone. <>That was why the trial took place a day after the incident. They couldn’t round up their defense quickly enough, especially since they didn’t think they would need one in the first place. I suppose that they could gather them now, but I doubt any of them have thought of going back to the courts. They fear me and they fear you.<>
<>What about your daughter?<> she asked. <>Would she have the ability to make that connection? Would she be able to convince them to return to the courts?<>
<>She is even more terrified of me than you can imagine,<> he laughed cruelly. <>She wouldn’t dare oppose me. I would crush her. The others also fear my prowess…<>
Kato hung up on him at that point. Confidence was one thing, but arrogance bred mistakes and that she could not allow. His revelation of the weaknesses in his attack left her little doubt that the Hayamizu’s would find it. They were searching for it, else they would have left already. This disheartened her not at all. It just left her with a new challenge to this game.
And that was what this all was to her, a game. While she busied herself making deals for various mob bosses and crime lords along with politicians and judges she entertained herself making life for them miserable. Whether she succeeded or failed made no difference in her actual life. Until now that is. All her career she managed to operate from the shadows, pull strings like a spider unseen. If the dialogue of that tape ever came out then she would be caught, not in one of her international business deals, but in a petty squabble that she participated in solely for entertainment value. She herself had heard the tape. Peter Adams admitted openly that Misao Kato pulled the strings of the attempted rape of the prime minister’s daughter. That admonition on his part could spell doom for her. Because of his time in the hospital William Galanos could not testify against Peter or her in the previous trial. His words would go a long way. The boy simply had something about him that people liked. His innocence combined with the purity of Futokoro and her testimony would be enough throw Koneko’s case out the window.
It was time to call in a favor. She knew he owed her much for his comfortable stay in Japan and that he would find no problem with her orders. She again picked up the phone and dialed another number. The voice that answered this time was dark and gravely. “Hello?” the voice said in a drunken stupor.
“Claude” she purred, “So good of you to answer”
“Cut to the chase, Kato!” he said with the background noise of a toilet flushing “I am busy!”
“Had a big night of it then?” she asked with a charming lilt to her voice. This one was always hard to get down to business with. “I have a job for you. Interested?”
“Always,” he laughed. She heard something shatter like glass on his end of the phone accompanied by a shrill scream which was followed by him screaming, “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” before he continued in the same easy tone, “so what’s the job?”
“I want you to take out to mosquitoes for me. Their buzzing annoys me so.”
“Alright. Kill some people,” he said with a laugh, amused at her method of bringing it up. “Who and when?”
“It is more on the lines of if, Claude,” she said with calm now that the deal was underway. “Two children, aged fourteen both. One is a Japanese American girl named Akari Futokoro. She has brown hair, obviously died, down to her shoulders. She is about five feet tall. The other is an American boy named William Galanos. He has long brown hair in a ponytail. His height is five feet eight inches. Both of them are in the Air force Hospital. I’ll trust you to get in your way. The if comes into play in this manner. IF the Hayamizu clan goes to court against Peter Adams to reopen Seijitsu Academy and clear the name of Galanos then you are to eliminate them before they can testify. Sound easy?”
“Except for getting on base, all of it,” He said in a dark voice. “Why don’t I kill them now and save you the trouble?”
“They ARE children, Claude,” she laughed with sarcasm. “I must give them a slight chance after all or almighty Buddha will punish me.” They both laughed at this and she hung up. His payment would be the same as always. His arrival a few years ago had been most beneficial to her clan. Unlike her former muscle this one had no qualms with killing, enjoyed it even. Claude Raspini came at just the right time. Satoshi Saotome, a loyal servant of Misao’s father refused to kill innocents. It bothered her to no end as the man possessed innumerable talents in the field of combat. That such a one would choose to retire shocked her and frightened her. Very few people could frighten Misao Kato.
Satoshi Saotome had been the greatest of her father’s assassins. Those who Saotome said would die died without question. It had been no small surprise to find him teaching kendo in Kenshiki middle school. However, he seemed to hold an equal fear of her. While she valued her life he valued his style of life. The bitter standstill was more than she could stand, especially since he took a liking to the Galanos boy. The fact that his rival would kill the boy he liked so much would add a little sweetness to the whole affair.
If only she could keep an eye on him. . . but he eluded all of her spies and invoked fear into those he caught. She needed to make sure he never learns of what will happen to Galanos. He would seek out Claude and then her for vengeance if that ever happened.
Ganko was not any closer to figuring out the secret. Sakura’s mom continued to gush affection on her for no apparent reason. Even Sakura seemed confused after the first week of it. From the moment she walked in the door till she got up the next morning Ganko was transformed into a toddler, wearing oftentimes little more than a t-shirt and diaper. Sakura thought it cute and even helped baby Ganko a little as well, which seemed enjoyable at the time, but Mrs. Honimbo took it to the next step.
The weekend that Ganko’s parent’s came home to see their daughter they received phone calls from their various sponsors requesting meetings. Life was back to normal for the Makimachi household. The parents would leave often a week at a time for their business while the kids, no only Ganko, stayed home and went to school. Because of this Ganko never went to see the psychiatrist as she was supposed to. Further, she was asked to stay with the Honimbo’s because they loved her so much. For Kat and Keisuke Makimachi the Honimbo family was a dream come true. They asked no money for taking care of Ganko except for her share of groceries and diapers, which saved the Makimachi family a great deal. With luck, they would pull their business back to where it had been a year ago soon, but till then they would have to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.
Meanwhile, at school, she had come no closer to find To Kill a Dragon in the library. She and Tatsuke looked each shelf over carefully but still were no where near to combing the whole library. In a month’s time they had only managed to get about three fourths of the lower half of the library searched while the entirety of the upstairs loomed over them unchecked and daunting.
During their time together she learned more about Tatsuke’s life as a book collector and all the places he had been in Japan to find rare or lost books. It was an interesting profession to say the least. Ganko, who never liked to read, could not understand why someone would dedicate their whole life to both reading and finding books. He explained his love of books from an early age when he stumbled across a novel series that he liked, but apparently no one else in Japan shared his view. Only a select number of copies of each book were ever printed so he had to search hard for them so he could finish the story. Apparently looking for the books had been the most fun he ever had so he continued into high school and college looking for rare books to read. About midway through college he helped a friend find a rare book for research. That friend’s father had been looking for that book for years and was shocked at how quickly Tatsuke found it. This led to many people hiring him to find their books and soon more and more affluent people found him. This was how Kato found him to look for rare books on war and tactics. These missions always paid the best. As always, he knew nothing of his employer, just that they wanted a book and he would find it for them.
About a week into their search he discovered Ganko hadn’t read much so he gave her a book he felt she would like and asked her to read it when she had free time. He was right. Once she started she found she couldn’t put it down. In that way Tatsuke fed her books and she read a lot. This helped her studies and vocabulary. The rest of her class was stunned at her progress. Her teacher bragged about it to the class and claimed it had all been her idea.
Ganko didn’t mind that so long as no one found out about her diapers. Sakura thought it all a marvelous adventure and confessed to Ganko that she was jealous of all the action and discoveries she was making in her life. Ganko simply replied that she could join her at any time, but Sakura smiled at that and replied that she wasn’t read to take such a risk. She halfway thought Ganko crazy for wearing them to school, which Ganko admitted was more than likely true.
So it was that a month passed rather quickly for Ganko Makimachi in the Honimbo residence. At that time Sakura and Ganko decided that they had had enough of the mystery of Ayame Honimbo’s overtly motherly character. Together they vowed that they would discover the mystery or die trying. They waited for a day when Ayame went shopping. As usual she asked the girls if they wanted to come as well, but they seemed occupied with their schoolwork and said that they should probably finish it first. She smiled at them and kissed them both on the cheek before leaving, congratulating them for being so responsible.
After they heard the car pull away the two put down their books and began to tear the house apart looking for a clue. They didn’t know what they were looking for, maybe a photo of her as a nursery helper and diary, something to explain her strange behavior. They started downstairs looking in drawer and through cabinets. Nothing came up. They found pictures of Sakura and her brothers’ births but aside from looking really happy, nothing was out of the ordinary.
Sakura’s brother came downstairs at the noise and asked them what they were up to. Sakura smiled with large doe eyes and said nothing. He raised his eyebrows, knowing her tricks and offered to change Ganko who was quite wet. Ganko blushed, not even realizing her condition and agreed immediately.
Sakura’s brother was around Terry’s age, and also very mature for his age. He wore glasses and always seemed right about everything. Ganko didn’t want to be mean in her thoughts but he looked like a typical nerd. His dress was pristine and his manners impeccable. It seemed odd that Sakura and him were even related.
With efficiency she didn’t think possible, he changed Ganko into a new diaper without even seeming to see her. It seemed as though one moment she was wet in a soggy and diaper and then the next she was in a dry one with him walking away. She thanked him and the two continued their search upstairs. They split up since there were more rooms. Ganko looked in the college brother’s room and Sakura looked in her parents’ room.
`Ganko hadn’t searched for more than a minute when she heard her best friend cry out and call her to the room quickly. Both Ganko and Sakura’s brother, Kouya, entered in a dash to see what the commotion was about. What they saw shocked all three, as Ganko had not expected this at all. In one of Honimbo, Ayame’s drawers, under a layer of t-shirts, was a stack of cloth and disposable diapers long with plastic panties. A quick search of other drawers showed a full size onesie, a plethora of pacifiers, and other baby paraphernalia. Sakura’s eyes looked fit for bursting. The ever cool Kouya seemed flustered as well making strange noises as though clearing his throat and yet unable to do so.
Before anyone could speak they heard the door downstairs open. Someone had returned home. Quick as lightning they returned everything back to normal in the room as though they had never been there and walked downstairs casually. Keitaro Honimbo was just hanging up his coat as he saw the troupe of kids march downstairs. He smiled at his daughter and asked for a hug, which she seemed hesitant at giving.
<>What’s wrong?<> he asked with trepidation easily read from his voice. <>Did I do something wrong, my precious flower?<>
She looked to Kouya and then Ganko before replying, <>What’s wrong with mommy?<>
<>Has something happened?<> he asked with quick alarm that Kouya calmed by explaining that Ayame had not been in an accident. He further elaborated on their discoveries which seemed just as big a shock to the man. <>I … I see.<> he stammered. <>Sakura, is there anything wrong with Makimachi-chan?<>
Both children looked to Ganko who blushed looking around herself, to see if something were the matter. <>I am fine,<> she stuttered.
<>Sakura?<> Keitaro repeated. <>Is there anything wrong with Makimachi-chan because she wears diapers? Is she a freak or any less your friend because of it?<>
Sakura looked shocked at the question. <>No!<> she said quickly.
<>Would your mother be any less your mother if she was like Makimachi-chan?<>
Sakura had to think about this. Ganko could see the thoughts in her friend, probably from being so close to her over the years. Apparently what was cute and harmless with her best friend was another thing entirely with her mother. The ethical equation didn’t seem to click and while obviously it wouldn’t be fair to judge her mother differently she simply held different standards for her. <>Why did she hide it from us?<> she finally asked.
<>She didn’t know if you all would approve or understand,<> he said slowly. <>She loves you all so very much and she didn’t want to jeopardize that love if she didn’t have to.<>
<>Did she think we wouldn’t love her anymore?<> Kouya asked annoyed at the prospect of his mother not trusting him.
<>No,<> he sighed.<>But she knew you would be uncomfortable around it. That is why she was so happy that Makimachi-chan shared her love and why she behaved so differently with her here. This is her chance to convey how much she loves the attention and how ready she is to return it to you both. I am sorry we kept this from you.<>
Sakura still looked confused. <>You don’t wear diapers too. Do you, Daddy?<>
He laughed and held up his hands palm forward, <>No,!<> he laughed. <>I didn’t know about this when I married her, but I love her too much to let it bother me. I am her Daddy when she wants me to be and her husband always. I promised when I married her that I would always take care of her, and for my part I have. Why do you think I didn’t mind Ganko wearing diapers at all, Sakura? Most parents would at least question it, but I welcomed her without question. Do you understand, honey?<>
She nodded and smiled while rushing up to hug her father. Ganko felt like doing the same so she also hugged this nice man who understood her so well. She only hoped that when she grew up she could find someone like him for herself.
At that moment they heard a car pull into their driveway. Ayame was home. Sakura and Ganko rushed outside to help her bring in groceries. Tonight’s dinner conversation would be interesting indeed.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Noriko finished her ramen and paid the man in the booth. She had been reading a file Hikaru Hayamizu compiled for her listing the location of all the other students. It amazed her how far some of them went in their dispersion from Seijitsu.
The cold wind brushed against her cheek and danced around the edges of her long skirt as she walked along the street. Her father must have had this trial rushed for a reason. Having stayed with the Hayamizu Clan for almost a month prior to the incident she was well aware of how much effort they had been able to muster in their defense, none. The attack had not been expected and they were unprepared to deal with it, especially from the cruel and quick tactics of her father. It bothered her that she could do nothing at the time to either warn them or help them. However, she knew there had to be a loophole through her father’s scheme, there always was one. His lies always had a weakness. Usually he would take time to plan his attacks and leave little for the defense to do to counter him, but this time he rushed it. The reason must have meant that a counter should have been easy to come up with, but it would require thought.
Noriko would have never been able to think of this had she been a normal fourteen year old girl, but she had years of experience listening to her father prepare his cases and crush his opponents with seeming ease. She knew how he worked.
She also knew that to clear Will she would need character witnesses and hard proof that the allegations of her father were baseless. This would be very difficult as she knew the judge would side with him regardless as he would be bought. The trick was the jury and they were often easy to manipulate with her father’s skill of rhetoric. The hard proof had to be in the tape of Terry Galanos and Peter Adams’ fight. It was odd that a good camera would pick up no sound at all. The tape must have been tampered with to give so limited information. Of course, that would mean that Kato also purchased the police involved in this. Was anyone NOT an employee for Misao Kato?
Some one at the station would be clean, but who? A thought came to here immediately, ‘YES! HIM. My father hated him because he couldn’t be bought. Inspector Miburo.’ If she could get his help then she would have a chance!
It wasn’t too far to the police station from where she was so she walked there and went up to the front desk. A nice looking woman in uniform greeted her with a smile. <>What can I do for you, little one?<>
Noriko blushed. What was she doing here? She didn’t even know what this man looked like or what station he came from. This was stupid. Would he even listen to her? YES! He had to. <>I am looking for Inspector Miburo!<>
She heard the door close behind her and smelt tobacco in the air. <>What do you want from me, little girl?<> a harsh and cruel voice sounded. She turned and stared at him with awe. Standing at six feet his wiry frame seemed impressive. He wore his hair slicked back with some stray ends drifting down to his forehead. His clothes were dress slacks and an ironed baby blue shirt. He didn’t wear a tie, but he did wear suspenders and holstered on his left breast was a dark pistol. His visage was sharp like a wolf’s and his face sallow.
She could barely find her voice as his cruel stare pinioned her breathing and arrested her heart. From a strength she didn’t think she had she managed, <>I need to speak with you.<>
<>I am busy.<> he tartly responded, taking a drag on his cigarette. The nice lady at the desk yelled at him for smoking in the building but he didn’t seem to care. She didn’t seem to eager to step over and take the cigarette from him either.
<>IT’S IMPORTANT<> she pleaded.
<>I am sure it is,<> he replied noncommittally, <>Now go away.<>
<>It involves a case I think is being tampered with!<>
<>Ohhhh<> he said sarcastically. <>Big words from a sprout like you. Are you saying policemen take bribes? Oh my goodness, I ‘d better go tell my chief!<>
<>They might, but you don’t!<> she yelled in tears, not used to such calumny
<>And how would you know that?<> he asked with a dark chuckle.
<>Because my father says you don’t.<>
<>Your father?<> he harrumphed.
This seemed to halt his tirade. He looked at her again and nodded seeing the resemblance. Apparently this man knew her father well. Of anyone this man stopped her father the most in his lies in court. The two hated each other and for good reason. While Noriko never met them man herself she knew from his actions that he was honorable and honest. <>What do you want, girl?<> he said with a snarl. <>Has your daddy sent you to try a tempt me?<>
<>Tempt you?<> the front desk lady asked, shocked.
<>Children are my weakness,<> he said with a glare at her. <>Innocent ones anyway. So what do you want, Koneko jr.?<>
Noriko bolstered her courage and finally said, <>I want you to help me stop my father! He and the Kato Corporation closed my school and accused my friend of very bad things! I need evidence to prove it and the only evidence I know about was obviously tampered with!<>
<>Seijitsu, huh?<> he asked to which she gasped in shock. <>Galanos, William and Terry if I am not mistaken. I handled their case a while ago with a boy named Adams. He should have been in juvenile hall for a long while but the Kato Corp bailed him. He was the one involved in this recent case too, but this time he appears the victim while they are the villains. I know all about it, Koneko. What do you want?<>
<>Why didn’t you say anything before if you knew?<> she asked him in confusion.
<>I am not stupid to put my neck on the line like that alone,<> he said taking another drag.<> Yeah, I knew about it but I have nothing to back me up if they decide to go after me as a result of it. <>
<>I may be able to change that!<> she said eagerly.
<>Touché,<> he smiled. <>Let us discuss this more in my office. I will give you all the evidence you need…<>
Misao just got out of the shower when the phone rang. She walked to it while drying her hair and picked up the receiver. <>Kato-sama!<> a feminine voice called with urgency.
<>Yes?<> she replied quickly. She recognized the voice on the other end as one of her informants within the police station near the schools.
<>A young girl from Seijitsu came in today and asked to talk to Inspector Miburo!<> she said excitedly as though this were the worst thing on earth. In truth it probably was. She remembered him from the very first time Peter Adams got in trouble with the authorities. From what she learned through Koneko this man was impossible to bribe to influence
<>Can he be silenced?<> Misao dared to ask.
<>Negative!<> she replied. <>He is valuable to the prescient and has many friends who would protect him. He cannot be silenced. His hold in the station is too strong and his ties outside the station to broad.<>
<>I like this one, <> Misao chuckled. A wild card like this had never even entered her equation. It seemed so unlikely that a police officer would have ties outside the police. She underestimated him. Still, if he couldn’t be silenced then the boy would have to be taken care.<> Don’t worry about him. There’s nothing we can do about him at this point. Destroy the evidence he wants or at least make it hard for him to get to. Send viruses to his computer and erase all of his files. Do what you can to slow him down.<>
<>Yes mistress!<> the voice replied and then hung up.
This would be an interesting mess to get out of, she knew, but at least she wouldn’t have to deal with the thorn of Galanos in her side. It was time to call Claude.
Ganko and Sakura were on their best behavior all night. Dinner seemed so far away as they played in the living room with video games. Once their homework was done and Ganko changed out of a messy diaper they were free to do what they wanted until dinner.
They played several fighting games while Kouya sat on the couch reading a book. About an hour later they heard the call for dinner and all three ran like cheetahs to the table and grinned at Ayame.
<>Well what on earth has all my babies in such a good mood?<> she asked. <>I know I promised sukiyaki but it’s not that big a treat.<>
Sakura smiled and said, <>We just want to let you know that we love you Mommy<> Kouya, blushed, nodded, and affirmed the same.
Ganko grinned and said, <>I love you almost as much as my real Mommy!<>
<>Well I love you all too, <> she laughed, taken aback by this sudden reciprocation of her love. <>What makes you all want to say that now, hmm?<>
Keitaro smiled at his wife next to him and held her hand as he whispered, <>They know, honey.<>
<>Know what?<> she asked laughing, <>How much I love them? That’s great! I have only been trying to show them their whole lives.<>
<>No,<> he whispered while shaking his head. <>They know your secret. They went into your room and found out.<> The bubbly atmosphere died as though Ayame had been shot. Her face drained of color and she blinked as though she didn’t know where she was. Then, to everyone’s surprise and shock, she fell over onto the ground. Keitaro leaned over and helped her back up, offering a glass of water which she gulped greedily. She didn’t look at anyone, and while some color had returned to her face it was only in the redness of her blush.
<>Why didn’t you tell me, mommy?<> Sakura asked offering her mother her best smile. <>You know I love you no matter what!<>
Kouya nodded and smiled, <>You can tell us anything, mom. We love you and want you to be happy!<>
Ayame sniffled and began to cry. Sakura rushed over to her and hugged her. <>Mommy!<> she cried. <>What’s the matter?<>
<>Nothing’s the matter!<> she sobbed and smiled at the same time, which seemed a paradox even though Ganko saw her doing it. <>I am just so happy you all still love me! I have been so afraid!<> Everyone shared in her cry and after she was done they finished their meal in a rather happy, if awkward atmosphere.
Sakura laughed suddenly as they ate their deserts of ice-cream over warm brownies. When asked what was so funny she replied. <>And to think I was scared you would be mad at me for wearing a diaper at Makimachi-chan’s house!<> They all shared in her laugh and the evening closed as one of the happiest that household had known in a long time.
Chapter 24
With calm deliberation he picked up his briefcase and walked to his car. The briefcase and the car both were black metal glistening malevolently in the morning light. The Dodge Charger hummed to life as he turned the key after pressing in the clutch. He revved the engine a little before pulling out of the hotel parking lot. As he put the car in reverse he looked out the rearview mirror to back up and saw his features. There was no mistaking the fact that he was Italian. With his wavy black hair and ruddy skin he could only come from the Mediterranean. Both of his eyes shined with dark blue fury that seemed controlled only by the sheerest of wills. He wore a three-piece suit of navy blue and a gold chain draped about his wrist in some show of opulence. In his left ear sat a diamond stud. He grinned at his handsome features and peeled out onto the main road.
This would be a simple task once he got passed the guards at the base. That bitch Kato could have at least given him a meeting place, but he understood that she wanted nothing about this going back to her. That was well and good, but sneaking a rifle was never easy and to get it passed a military guard would be almost impossible, except for the fact that before he became a hit man, Claude Raspini started as a car thief. It had taken him all night to finally catch a car coming out of the base that had a driver who looked similar to him. The trick was that he would need to be an officer to explain Claude’s longish hair. But a car did come and knocking the officer out had not been difficult. He was still at the hotel, tied up in the closet, probably still asleep. In the afternoon he would wake up, find his car full of gas in the parking lot with no recollection how he got there.
Till then Claude would make good use of his base ID and sticker on the car to get inside. As he drove up to the gate he smiled at the guard, flashed his stolen ID and nodded as the youth saluted the supposed officer driving into the base. He laughed as he drove up to the hospital.
Once there he pulled out his laptop and hacked into the hospital’s network so he could find the rooms of his victim, east wing, third floor for the both of them. He looked at the buildings and smiled. The west wing had seven floors. He just needed to get into a room and fire from above. By the time they realized what happened he would long be gone. This job was getting easier by the minute. He scrolled the patient list and found a room that would work. The man in it was a burn victim named Roger Duluth. That done he closed the laptop, grabbed his briefcase and went inside.
He made a quick stop to the florist inside to pick up a batch of flowers and a “Get Well Soon,” balloon before heading to the front desk asking the directions to a Mr. Duluth’s room. The receptionist was only too happy to point him in the right direction. He made his way steadily to the room taking just enough wrong turns so that the hospital staff would help him along his way and finally place him in the right room. The nurse at the desk of this floor said that Mr. Duluth was sleeping, another plus for Claude. Once outside the door he looked at the nurse and with tears in his eyes he asked, “Can I have some privacy with this? We haven’t seen each other in years and we left in bad terms. Can you give us half an hour of peace?”
The nurse bought it and nodded. He couldn’t believe his luck today. Nothing went wrong. The hits would take all of five minutes. As she walked away he slipped into the door and locked it behind himself. The man on the bed looked as though he had seen better days. Apparently he had been moved here after six months in the burn ICU facility. The scars were quite repugnant to the beautiful Claude Raspini. With the quite only a cat could hope to copy he traipsed to the lone table in the room and opened his briefcase. In addition to the rifle he would put together were two hand guns and an array of syringes, some lethal. He picked up a sedative and injected it into the man’s IV ensuring that the he would not wake till late that evening. The drug would vanish instantly in his bloodstream so that no one could tell he had been drugged. Once that was done he began to assemble his rifle. With the practice grace of a soldier he oiled and put it together in less than two minutes. He then attached a silencer to the barrel and walked to the window. After opening it and enjoying the fresh air, he had never like the smell of hospitals, he glanced at the east wing and looked for the third floor row of windows. That done he looked through the magnifying site of his gun and peered into each room one by one. After his first pass he began to wonder if he made a mistake. There were no boys fitting Kato’s description in any of the rooms. One of the rooms had an empty bed, so he considered that might be his until he again glanced through the rooms and saw what he had at first taken to be a young girl with brown hair to be William Galanos. The kid had a pretty face Claude would give him that. Too bad he was about to loose it. Steadily, with practiced care, Claude increased the magnification to look around the room. Akari Futokoro was there as well but she would not be able to be taken out until she moved. Maybe after he shot William she would rush over to him in concern and then provide him with the shot he needed. Increasing the site even more he home in on William’s face and studied it for a moment. ‘Such purity,’ Claude thought. ‘I see now why she want him dead. Good bye William Galanos.’
He pulled the trigger.
Terry hated visiting Will. It was always the same nowadays. The boy had little hope that he had a future no matter how much Terry would assure him he did and even the playful antics of Akari Futokoro weren’t enough to get him out of his funk. It was just so annoying. All of it.
At his own school Tarlton Galanos had become a sort of legend. Half the people believed what the news said of him going after the girls and the other half thought him innocent. The whole of them thought he was dangerous. The video clip won him instant celebrity status. Several toughs from other schools would accost him on his way home from school to challenge his fast growing legend of invincibility. He hadn’t minded at first, but now it was becoming a chore. No one could match him in his area. Before, he would use his visits to Will to cheer himself up to remind him that there was still good in the world and that he could continue. Now, he wasn’t so sure. Will faded more and more every week. His shoulder had almost completely healed but his soul still reeled from the mud slung upon it by the news. It wasn’t so much that as mush as no one ever visited him after the first week. The Motoko girl never came once Terry noticed and the others of his supposed best friends once in a very long while. He was lonely and hurt, but no one was here for him.
It reminded Terry of all the other places that they had lived. Will wouldn’t make friends because he always got hurt in these sort of relationships. No one ever seemed to reciprocate his kindness. Akari had, he also noted. She stayed true to him and that was a good thing else Terry was sure he would slip into madness.
Terry blamed Kato and Peter for all of it. Peter Adams was a drone and that could almost be forgiven, but Kato did all this for her own sadistic pleasure. He had known that from the first time he met her. She didn’t know who he was and he didn’t know her, but he hated her all the same for the smile on her lips as she had watched with Peter Will beaten almost to death outside of Kenshiki. The joy in her eyes at that event had been burned into Terry’s memory. Then, when Will went to challenge Peter Adams at Kenshiki and she and Terry had both watched he saw that same sick glee. It was then that she met him, though no words to place. He stared at her from the tree outside her office and she shut the blinds after looking upon him with fear. She was a coward, he knew. She would not do anything herself.
But none of that would change that Will was depressed. He sighed and sat in one of the chairs in the room, scratching Akari on the head as he passed her. His mother, Irene, stood next to Will talking about the kids in her class and how none of them would listen to her. It was actually a comical scene to his eyes as she would complain about them one minute and then applaud them the next. The life of a high school math teacher was an interesting one.
The phone rang on the table next to Terry so he reached over and plucked the receiver from the handset and placed it to his ear saying, “Galanos here.”
“Hello? Terry?” a man’s voice said with uncertainty.
“Yes,” Terry responded. “Who is this?”
“Hikaru Hayamizu. I have some news.” The voice said politely.
Terry immediately took a submissive voice as he answered, “Yes. Please go ahead, sir.” Though the two never really met, Terry had heard much about this enigmatic millionaire. Most of it he liked.
“We are going back to court today, Terry. I thought you and your family should know this, you and Will especially. We have finally gotten the evidence to clear your names and we have prepared a long line of character references for the two of you as well. The trial will be later today. I expect great results. Please tell Will and the others. We will be by to pick you and Akari up around three in the afternoon, ok?
“Just a second, let me tell them,” Terry said into the phone before saying to the other, “WE’RE GOING BACK TO COURT! Seijitsu got a chance guys. Will and I will be cleared. Akari and I need to go with the Hayamizu’s today at three to go to the trial. Is that ok, mom?”
Irene cried out loud, “Of course it’s ok, you goose.” She bent over Will, hugging his head to her chest. “Will! Isn’t this wonderful-”
Glass shattered as the window tore apart showering glass shrapnel everywhere. Terry because of his position, having stood up to tell the others shielded Akari from any of the little missiles. He felt them bite into his forearms as he shielded his face. He heard everyone scream in horror. Through that screaming he heard a sound like a pillow being punched. Looking to the others he saw Akari huddled in the corner screaming, but unhurt. Will was also screaming and when Terry looked over he saw why. Irene Galanos had he chest over her son so none of the shrapnel hit him, but Terry noticed that the glass wasn’t the worst of her problems. Two spots on he lower back were swelling as blood spilled out of her and stained her garment. He looked over his shoulder at the West Wing of the hospital and saw a single window open. Out of that window he perceived a long barrel pointed at him. With speed that should not have been possible he jumped aside as the bullet aimed for him hit the floor where he had been standing.
<>AKARI!<> he screamed. <>For the love of GOD DO NOT MOVE!<> As he yelled he leapt about the room finally landing near his hot mother and possibly shot younger brother. Using all of his speed and strength he pulled first his mother’s still form over the bed to the other side where no shot could be made with one arm while pulling Will along with the other. Just as he swiftly moved them, three shots tore into the pillow where Will’s head had been. The metal of the hospital bed kept them safe where they were but only temporarily.
He could hear from the phone still dangling where he dropped it, Hikaru’s voice screaming in panic. Risking his life again, Terry tore from the room and ran to the front desk as shot after shot followed his footsteps.
He managed to get to the nurse’s station screaming, “We’re under attack! CALL THE POLICE! MY MOM HAS BEEN SHOT!” It took a moment for the nurse to comprehend all this as she was shocked, but she began making calls immediately to the ER, the MP, and the rest of the hospital. <>He’s on the seventh floor of the West Wing. Lock it down!!”
Within minutes a crew with a gurney ran towards the room. They were hesitant about entering, but no shots came so with speed and fear they rushed in and came out a moment later with Irene Galanos face down on the gurney. They ripped open her dress exposing the cuts from the glass and two bullet wounds in her lower back. She was still breathing, but quickly as her body was in shock. They wasted no time in rushing her off to an emergency operation. One of the doctors looked over his shoulder and called to Terry, “She’ll make it! Don’t lose heart
A second gurney team went in and came out with Will. Will was uninjured for the most part, just a few cuts from the glass. The bullets were still in Irene and for once Terry thanked the fact that his mother was slightly overweight. Will was in shock and crying.
Terry ran into the room and as he entered he scanned through the window to see that the barrel of the rifle was no longer there. After botching the job it would be suicide to remain. Akari was still screaming in the corner where Terry told her to stay. He walked over to her and picked up her light frame, allowing her to nuzzle into his chest and cry.
That crying calmed Terry’s blood a little. As much as he would like to hunt down this son of a bitch he had other things to worry about. The police would handle that. He needed to handle his family. He walked outside and placed Akari on the gurney next to Will. Along with some doctors they all went to the ER to be treated and await the news good or ill of Irene Galanos.
The shot lined up perfectly. The boy was smiling. “Good way to go I guess,” he said as the trigger clicked. Just as he heard the report, the once clear shot became obscured with a flowery print dress. After the window shattered he saw that he hit someone else in the lower back. Without thinking he squeezed another shot hoping that she would fall off and let him get his clean shot again. No such luck. If she was dead she wasn’t moving and judging by her girth and the distance he wouldn’t be able to penetrate through her to hit the boy.
The other boy in the room was screaming now. ‘Good,’ he thought. ‘He’s in a panic. Oh now you see me, do you? Bye bye! Holy shit! How’d he move so fast? Fucker!’ He shot round after round until he heard the click of his gun. ‘Fuck! Out of ammo.’
Just as he finished reloading her looked to see that the boy was moving the woman and the target off the bed and out of Claude’s sight. “Shit! Last chance!” He fired three shots at the kid’s head only to see them land in the pillow. He tried a few more times but realized that he couldn’t get the shot he wanted.
The boy appeared out from under the bed and made for the door. If he got outside then Claude would be in trouble. Getting out of this was now his number one priority. That boy could not live! He fired round after round, but the kid ran to fast and to roundabout for him to hit. It didn’t seem possible that anyone could move like that, certainly none of his other targets moved like that. Once the kid made the door, Claude stopped firing. He needed to get out of the hospital fast. With his own type of superhuman speed he dismantled the gun and placed it in the briefcase before taking out and loading his two handguns.
It was possible he was going to have to leave this hospital guns blazing.
Satoshi Saotome walked up the path to the hospital. He wore his purple Hakama and white gi. Today would be an important day. Today Seijitsu would reopen and he could begin to tutor the greatest prodigy he had ever met. He wore his kendo regalia for this very reason. He would make the boy his disciple this very day if possible. He had promised him at the winter tournament that he would, but he had been unable at the time. Now, with the reopening just a few days away he wanted to be the first to greet the lad.
As he neared the doors he saw several men in riot gear running up to the door. He stopped the first and asked what was going. The man replied that someone was shooting from within the hospital. “Assassin or wholesale massacre?” he asked the man suddenly pinioning him with his purple eyes that always demanded respect and more often than not received it.
“Um, assassin I think,” The man timorously replied. “He only shot at one room so far and then stopped when we were called.”
“So you have no idea where he is then? You have no idea what he looks like?”
“He has a rifle. That shouldn’t be too hard to spot. None of the visitors are allowed to leave the premises.”
“Have the people inside been alerted?” Satoshi asked while scratching his chin.
“No,” the man replied seeming to get annoyed with these questions. “We want to avoid any panic.”
“And running in like this won’t cause a panic?” He laughed, raising an eyebrow. This would be just enough to panic them all and then he could escape in that mass hysteria. No, one man should go in and apprehend him. I will do it.”
By now a crowd had formed with the MP grunts. The one Satoshi spoke to seemed to be the one in charge. “And why should we let you do this, old man? This is military business.”
“Your way could get a lot of people killed. This man is obviously good if he got into a military hospital with a rifle without raising alarm. He even managed to fire at a room and the rest of the hospital is unaware of him. He will be skilled enough to fight you I am sure. I am experienced in matters such as these. I can get him out of there without involving the rest of the hospital. Allow me, please. I can bring him back alive or dead. Incidentally, who were his targets?”
“Three children and a woman.”
“Dead then,” Satoshi said with a hard voice. His violet eyes looked like cold metal slits.
“Whoa! We didn’t give you authority to kill him!” the man shouted, apparently still afraid of this silver haired man.
“And you were just going to point your guns wave them around I suppose?” Satoshi growled. “Killing children is unforgivable. I will bring him down to you soon.” With that, he seemingly vanished from the sight of the men who had been surrounding him. The men shrugged at their commander who had been talked to as though he were a child by a civilian wearing garish Japanese clothes.
“We wait, I guess,” he said after a moment. “Something about him tells me he will do what he says. But if we hear any gunfire then we attack. We follow by going up the stairs and keep an eye on them. We won’t interfere unless we have to. Move out!”
Claude holstered the guns in the breast of his coat and shut the briefcase. He steadied his breathing and walked towards the locked door. If he kept his cool he could walk out of here and get to a room to hide out till they left. He could change into scrubs and walk out as a doctor possibly. Just as his hand touched the door he felt a draft against his neck, which shouldn’t have been possible because he closed the window.
Drawing his pistols he spun, but didn’t fire, as he didn’t want to break the glass and alert people to his exact location. Standing in the window was a man he had not seen in years. It had been years but the man hadn’t changed at all. He stood a short five feet eight inches. Straight silver hair pulled into a tight ponytail and those unmistakable purple eyes. He was wearing hakama and gi as though he was in a temple, but thrust through his obi he noticed a katana. For the first time in years he felt a slight twinge of fear.
Satoshi Saotome, his predecessor as the hit man for the Kato Clan, always used swords and other archaic weapons in his assassination. Most people thought it was just a colorful way of killing people, but those of the Clan knew that the reason he used these weapons was because they were natural weapons to him. And there, on his left hip sat the notorious black katana. The entire length of the blade, now hidden in the saya, was black steel.
<>I didn’t think it would be you, Raspini,<> Saotome said unnervingly with calm for a man with two pistols pointed at his chest. <>I never thought I would see you again.<>
<>Should I be happy to see you, Saotome?<> Claude asked coldly. <>What does the coward who won’t kill want with me?<>
<>Who were your targets, Raspini?<> Saotome asked with a slight glare in his bright purple eyes. The wind toyed with his ponytail.
<>Why should I tell you anything?<>
<>It will make things easier for the both of us. Tell you what, for every question I answer for you I get one of my own answered. Sound fair?<>
<>Fair enough. . .<> he said. <>Am I to assume we won’t be fighting till this is done?<> Claude waited for Satoshi’s nod before holstering his guns again. If he needed them he could draw them quickly enough, certainly faster than Satoshi could draw that sword. <>Ok, why did you come out of retirement?<>
Satoshi smiled. <>I haven’t come out of retirement. I came up to get you so that there wouldn’t be any bloodshed from the MP’s. I am under no contract.<>
<>Excellent,<> Claude laughed. <>Then you cannot kill me or you will face years in prison for murder.<> Satoshi nodded.
<>Who were your targets?<>
<>A girl and a boy on the third floor.<>
Satoshi sighed, <>Going to play this game, are we?<> he asked. <>Very well. Lead on.<>
<>Why did you leave the syndicate?<>
Satoshi smiled at him. <>Senseless killing and an evil leader, why should I have stayed?<>
<> Why did you start then? We have always been on the other side of the law you now seem to want to protect.<>
<>Misao’s father was an honest man. He raised me from the gutters and educated me as I desired. I owed him my life. When he no longer reigned I had no reason to stay. Misao is evil and untrustworthy. I will not work for her. Who is your employer?<>
<>Koneko. Now who-<>
<>Lies make this a little difficult, Raspini,<> Satoshi growled. <>I guess this is where we end the conversation.<>
<>Pity,<> Claude laughed. <>I had some more questions. Good bye, Saotome.<> With his incredibly quick hands Claude reached into his coat and drew his pistols. As he raised his right arm in the single fluid movement of drawing from his holster to fire he felt a burning pain in his fingers of his right hand. The gun fell to the ground, as his left arm was high enough to fire. He pulled the trigger six times but in the area where he was shooting nothing remained to be seen. Satoshi had vanished.
He looked down at his right hand and screamed as he saw the damage. Just below the first knuckle of each finger he could see bone of his finer as though a blade cut through in a single pass while not severing the fingers off leaving them unusable for now, possibly ever again if the nerves were cut. He could feel his heartbeat in the wounds as his blood pumped furiously. Gouts of red splattered to the floor. “Damn You!”
At the door he could hear pounding. His gunshots had not gone unnoticed. He knew he had plenty of shots left in the chamber of remaining gun. If this was how he was to end then he would take a lot with him. The baller was not a gun to be underestimated with 50 caliber bullets he would tear through whatever armor there soldiers wore. He fired a shot at the door and the pounding ceased as someone was hit. As the man screamed he called out. " I have a hostage in front of the door. Open fire and he will take all the shots." No shot came. They had listened to his lie. Now was the time to get out of here. He looked out the window and saw a narrow ledge. So that was how Satoshi Saotome got in. The window next door was open, but probably guarded. The only way was up or down and while climbable he didn’t know if he could do it with one hand.
“In trouble aren’t you?” Satoshi’s voice sounded from inside the room. Claude spun to the sound of the voice firing as he did so. Nothing was there and he heard Satoshi’s laughter as the bullets tore into the wall beside the window.
“I know you, Saotome!” Claude said with a maniacal chuckle. “You won’t get near the man so I won’t shoot him, and you won’t be near the walls because that would risk whoever is on the other side. You are so damn predictable. You have to be near that window, leaping in and out when I hear you. But I know how to get you to appear to. How about, if you don’t come out right now I put a hole the size of a grapefruit in this man’s head? He’s suffered a lot don’t you think? Look at those burns. Owwie. I bet that stings when he’s awake. Good luck getting a date with a face like that. How about we end it for him?”
A voice sounded right next to the sleeping man, “You want me to come out and fake so you can shoot me? Not a bad idea. But how about I end your suffering now? You seem to be hurting too. Oh I know. You’re a man of beauty, right? So your angry because one hand doesn’t look like the other?”
“Fuck you!” Claude spat. “Of course I am pissed one hand doesn’t look like the other! You fucking mutilated it!”
"OK,“A voice said directly above Claude. “Let’s make those hands look the same.” Claude felt his heart stop as he heard the closeness of the voice. Without bothering to aim he raised his hand and fired into the ceiling as that was the only place he could be. He felt blood splatter across his face and silently rejoiced. He hit him! A second later the pain hit him and he dropped the gun with a scream. This creeping assassin had again slashed his hand without sound.
A hand clapped his shoulder from behind, roughly turning him around. Claude saw again those cruel purple eyes that people in the Clan had always told him about, those horrible eyes. Satoshi punched Claude’s face with the hilt of his sword. The staggering power behind it sent Claude to his knees. He tried to punch back with his own hands but the pain was too much and he fell back screaming.
<>Tell Kato that murdering children will have dire effects. I will find out more about this rest assured. And as for you!” he growled lunging forward. Claude whimpered, trying to get away from this monster. <>For killing children there will be hell to pay when you die, but for now I think I should make it so you will never again make this crime. This is the wrath of Saotome, Satoshi!<>
The MP heard the lock click open and the door swung wide. They ran into the room and what they saw shocked them and caused one of the men to throw up. The burn victim was still in his bed sleeping. The victim of that silver haired man lay on the floor, gagged and bound. In front of him, next to his face on the floor, lay his two index fingers. The man was screaming into his gag.
There was no sign of the silver haired man. The window was closed, and except for the muffled screaming, the room was quiet.
Terry sat in the ER waiting room with Will and Akari. Neither of them had been injured at all, but Terry needed stitches in his forearms from the long gashes the glass inflicted. Luck was with him in that he covered his face when he had else he would have been blinded. Other than that he just needed to have the pieces of glass removed, which took forever and stung as though someone were dripping lemon juice on his cuts. Several bandages and thirty-three stitches later Terry emerged feeling as though he had been beaten up. Will embraced him as soon as he came out and that only added to the pain, but this pain he was willing to endure so long as he could embrace his brother. Akari just hiccoughed and smiled at him. She wore a t-shirt and a soggy diaper and that was all. In the rush, no one had been able to change her or Will. Both of them stank something foul so he asked a nurse if she could get him their changing supplies. Once those were acquired he took them to a restroom and changed them out of their wet and messy diapers. It hurt like hell doing it, but at the same time the simple action was both cathartic and soothing to him.
None of them knew yet what was to become of their mother. At this point Allan and their father, Michael had come with the rest of the family. Ganko, Sakura and her family came last and the two young girls didn’t know what had happened or what to do.
They went over to Will and Akari and tried to get a conversation going. Will didn’t seem to be feeling well and threw up a few times. Terry didn’t blame that, as he wanted to follow suit. Allan seemed stoically silent and in shock. He would say nothing.
It wasn’t until late that evening that one of the doctors came out, a sad expression on his face.
Hikaru Hayamizu clicked his pen and stared vacantly forward as the prosecutor rambled on and on about corruption and conspiracy. Truthfully, he didn’t want to sit here in the midst of the court, but duty demanded he come. As the man droned Hikaru thought of a troubling string of code in his head for one of his newer programs. This was how he dealt with stress. By thinking about the complexity of a computer code he could circumvent his frustrations and put himself to some use if not the exact use he desired.
In that horrible couple of minutes earlier that morning he heard enough to make his heart stop. The screaming, the crashes, the heavy footfalls, the weeping all came to him with such violence that he almost felt as though he could have been in the room dodging the bullets himself. When he called the hospital a few moments later he called the hospital to find out that William Galanos’ mother had been shot, perhaps fatally, and that the gunman was at the moment being apprehended. When he called a second time that moment he learned that the gunman had not only been caught but also maimed horribly. The status of Irene Galanos had not changed. By this time he needed to prepare to leave for the courthouse with his family.
It had been a tough morning. Tomoko stood near him when he called the first time to speak with Terry and she heard everything as Hikaru screamed in horror. Truthfully, though they had both experienced the cruelty of Misao Kato they had not expected her to try this. To try to murder two innocent children was almost more than either Hikaru or Tomoko could stand. For Hikaru’s part he felt himself fill with rage as though his own child were shot. He would not let Kato get away with this. Sink or swim he was going to take a stand, a stand that Kato must have already considered.
He didn’t tell the children about what happened but when he met with his lawyer he explained why two of the star witnesses could not attend the trial. While at first enraged that his plan of attack had been destroyed he began to see how he could work with this new information and take the trial to the next level. This would no longer be a trial about William and Terry Galanos and the opening of Seijitsu, but a full trial to discuss the crimes of the Kato clan and put her away forever. This would be a long trial indeed.
At first, Hikaru had been skeptical of the retrial in the to begin with. They lacked hard evidence to clear the boys and the character references would prove inadequate without it. Then Noriko Koneko brought home Detective Ryu Miburo. This man seemed a seemingly exhaustless receptacle of information. He could produce not only the hard evidence to clear the boys but many other evidences tampered with by the police at the behest of the Kato Clan. The price of this information would cost Hikaru dearly, he knew. Because this man came forth he would be targeted in retaliation. He needed to find someway to protect him. Sometimes it was nice having friends in high placed.
Prime Minister Kirisawa agreed to send in special agents to protect him and safeguard all evidence in that station. The caught one of the officers trying to burn documents and catalogued the information. This small station in this small city might well prove the undoing of the powerful clan. Interpol was called soon after to find links.
Today’s trial would be about defending the two boys but this trial would continue into more that would topple Misao. It would be long indeed.
He glanced over his shoulder at the audience and received smiles from his family. He noticed Tomoko was changing Naoto right there in front of everyone because once the doors were shut they wouldn’t be opened until the judge called a recess. His son looked to be very embarrassed, but judging from the two girls quietly giggling at him he suspected it was more to the effect that he didn’t want THEM to see him like this. He was glad he didn’t tell them. They all looked so happy. Noriko smiled broadly back at him, knowing full well that this was mainly due to her detective work. He couldn’t fault her pride. The girl who started school as such a mean spirited individual had become the salvation of the school. Chisato squirmed in her seat under his glance. She still felt guilty even though Noriko and the Hayamizu Clan forgave her. He offered a smile of good will to her and she brightened up a little more.
Perhaps once this was over he would properly adopt the two of them. Neither seemed to have a place to go to anymore. Chisato had no past that she could remember prior her time in Misao’s clutches and Noriko’s mother didn’t seem to be fit either. If the two wanted he would adopt them. Tomoko couldn’t say no.
As he turned his gaze back to the trial he marveled at the amount of dirt that was coming out in this case in regard to the police who not only abandoned their positions in guarding the slums but also those who doctored the evidence. He looked at his watch and saw that it was now four o’clock. The man had been speaking for almost an hour and his momentum hadn’t slowed. Judging by the pale faces of the jury things were going very well.
He looked over to Koneko who sat near him. The man’s façade had not wavered. He looked confident and arrogant as usual, but because of his close proximity Hikaru could see he was sweating profusely despite the coolness of the room. He smiled inwardly. ‘How will you attack us now?’ he asked silently. ‘Your own daughter is here to testify against you, child molester. You won’t walk away clean for what you did to her and my school!’
Ganko sat uneasily with Sakura in the car seat. She still didn’t know why the two of them had been pulled out of school. It had been during gym and she was certain that today would have been the day she found the book. It had seemed so probable. They encountered three books today that weren’t in the library’s database and were obviously personal books of Atashi.
** Makimachi, Ganko! Please report to the office for check out! Makimachi, Ganko! Please report to the office to check out! ** she heard the intercom blare as she finished dusting the jacket of a particularly old tomb. After shrugging to her friend she walked to the office and saw Sakura sitting down waiting, wearing her gym uniform still but holding their two school bags.
<>What’s this about?<> she asked as Sakura stood up to hand her her bag.
<>Not a clue!<> Sakura wined. <>I was about to finish rounding the bases in our softball game when the messenger came and told me to come here.<>
Before they could ask any more questions, Ayame Honimbo rushed into the office and beckoned the girls to follow her. She held a panicked expression in her eyes mingled with fear. This didn’t settle well with the girls as they were rushed to her car. She didn’t tell them what was going on, but she had an urgency to her that let them know this was important. Sakura rattled off questions like a machine gun, but Ayame answered none of them as she got into the driver’s side and sped off to the an unknown destination.
The trip began quietly after Sakura was finally told to hush by her mother. This uncomfortable silence grew leaps and bound in Ganko’s head so that after a few minutes she blurted out, <>Are we in trouble?<> at about the same time as Sakura asked, <>IS everyone alright at home?<>
Ayame chose to answer this quietly. She seemed a bit more composed, even though she was clearly speeding. <>Neither of you are in trouble, Ganko-chan. Everyone’s alright at home, honey.<>
The car stopped suddenly and Ganko looked out the widow to see that they had arrived at the air force base. The guard asked for identification to which Ayame had none, but she asked him to call the hospital and she would get clearance that way. He complied and within a few minutes they were again driving. No one Sakura or Ayame knew lived on base so this trip seemed very strange. The only person with family and friends here… was she.
She recognized the route they took as they arrived at the hospital. Were they visiting Will? They wouldn’t have needed to be checked out for that. Outside the sliding glass doors of the entrance she saw her uncle and brother’s name sake, Michael Galanos. The man had a sick expression to him and his eyes were red from many shed tears. An uncomfortable pressure began to push on Ganko’s heart as the unknowing began to grate on her nerves. Something had happened to her relatives. But what? Why wouldn’t anyone tell her anything? Wasn’t she old enough to handle this? She noted the dampness in her crotch and banished the thought. They were treating her as she wanted, like a baby.
As soon as they got up to the door, Ayame rushed up and hugged Michael tightly to her. He wept bitterly and Ganko felt tears well up in her own eyes. Sakura was already crying too. This dark mood was more than she could stand and as they walked through the hospital this mood increased as several orderlies commiserated with Michael. Something big had happened.
Eventually they all came to an offshoot waiting room in the ER. In it she saw Terry pensively walking back and forth with an expression of death on his face. She had never seen him so angry. She also saw Will sitting with Akari. He and she both wore bandages all over their body, but while Terry looked livid with rage, the two of them appeared numb.
She and Sakura walked over to them and sat in front of the two. Akari smiled weakly at Ganko and Sakura, but Will didn’t seem to even see them. His face was flush like his father’s and his eyes were red though dry. Apparently he had cried all the tears he could.
<>Galanos-kun!<> Sakura said, poking him. <>Tell us what happened? Are you ok?<>
Her jostling seemed just enough to push Will over the edge. With speed she didn’t think possible for someone so long an invalid he dashed to the small bathroom in the room and threw up violently. Sakura glanced at Ganko with a look that seemed to read, “What did I do?” Ganko shrugged, now really worried and beginning to feel a rumbling in her stomach as well.
<>Futokoro-san!<> Sakura cried, hoping at least one of them would respond. <>What happened?!<>
<>It’s<> she started, but then didn’t seem to feel like finishing. <>It’s probably best you not know, girls.<>
At that moment the door opened and two people walked in. One was a woman obviously not from Japan and another was a Japanese man who slightly resembled Futokoro-san. These were probably her parents. In their arms they were carrying bags that looked to be filled with sandwiches and drinks for everyone. The first person they went to was Michael who was sitting in a chair alone, reading the Bible.
Ganko knew that the man was religious. Their family went to church almost every Sunday unlike her own, which had to skip often because of work. It seemed odd to see him diligently reading it so she went to him, he had rejected the sandwich, and asked what he was reading.
“Ganko, honey,” he said quietly, looking at her with fear, hope, and despair, “I am reading the book of John.” She fed him a blank look. She had never read the bible or been to church often enough to hear much of it. “I am reading about the raising of Jesus’ best friend, Lazarus. It’s odd don’t you think? He’s God and all. He knew he would raise from the dead and all that would happen to him, but he still cried when Lazarus died. He wept for his friend. Why is that?”
Ganko didn’t understand what he was talking about and shrugged her shoulders. He obviously expected her to get some deeper meaning out of this, but a ten year old could only grasp so much. Instead, she gave him a question. “You really have a lot of faith Uncle Mike!”
This must not have been the right thing to say as he burst out crying again with renewed vigor, and said, seemingly to himself, “Lord, I DO believe. Help my unbelief!” Ganko couldn’t make sense of this one. Either he believed or he didn’t. How could he be somewhere in the middle. And for that matter, what did he believe? What was he talking about?
After he finished crying he looked at her and ruffled her hair. “You look so much like my son, Ganko. You too are so alike in everything. I am sorry to be talking like this.”
“What happened, Uncle?” she asked. “No one has told me.”
He set his jaw and looked straight ahead, “A bad man tried to hurt my family. He hurt my wife very badly, Ganko. We are waiting to see if she will get better.”
“IF?” she prompted. “Of course she’ll get better. She’s a big strong woman!”
“Ganko. . .” he whispered. “My wife was shot.”
As her bladder cut loose she felt her balance falter. Aunt Irene was shot? How? Why? The already wet diaper overflowed as she flooded helplessly. A small puddle began to form on the ground as it leaked. Her heart stopped and the pieces of the puzzled began to make sense. But who would do this!? “Uncle, I need to be changed.”
He smiled at her and stood up. “I can see that. Let’s get you into some clean clothes. Terry just changed Will and Akari so the bag should be sown here.” Together they walked to the back of the room where the bag was and with practiced care Michael changed her into a fresh diaper. As he worked she talked, trying to cheer him up. “Don’t worry, Uncle! I don’t know about God but I think he will protect Aunt Irene. He has to! You all have been so nice and kind and I cannot think about a world without the two of you. She’s a tough cookie!”
When he was finished he hugged her to him and patted the back of her head. <>Thank you, Ganko.<> he said in perfect Japanese, which shocked her as he rarely spoke it around people. <>You have no idea how much that meant to me.<> She returned his hug and felt warmth on her cheeks.
As the two walked back to the others Michael took one of the sandwiches and ate it. Ganko took one and waddled over to Sakura who was sipping from a can of soda. Akari nibbled on her food, but Ganko could tell her heart wasn’t in it.
At that moment the door opened and all eyes turned as one to see who had entered. This was a man Ganko had never seen before. At first glance she took him for an old man with his silver hair pulled into a ponytail, but a closer glance revealed he was only middle aged. He wore purple hakama and a white gi that had splotches of red on it. In his obi sat a sheathed sword, which seemed very odd as no weapons were permitted in the hospital. She looked up at him and saw dazzling purple eyes stare back at her with a warmth that she expected from the very old, and not one of his age. Yet, those eyes also possessed a hardness that almost made her flood her diaper again.
<>Hello, child,<> he said with a kind voice as he swept down to kneel and pat her head. <>Could you direct me to Galanos, Michael?<>
She nodded slowly and pointed to him. He nodded and thanked her as he moved over to her uncle. All eyes were on him as he stopped in front of Michael and then performed a seiza. The seiza is a form of bowing that shows the utmost respect to someone. First one goes to his knees, placing his two big toes together to form a “v” and then he sits on them before bowing forward, placing his hands on the ground beside him and touching his head to the ground. All seemed taken aback by this show of humility to a foreigner. And gasped as the man rose.
<>Forgive me,<> the man stated. <>I acted rashly in avenging your wife and maimed the man responsible. Forgive me harshness. <>
<>What?<> Michael began, <>What are you talking about?<>
<>I caught him, Raspini, Claude. He will harm no one else. I took away his power to do so, but that right should have been left up to you who were wronged, forgive me.<> he said bowing again.
<>I cannot forgive what isn’t mine to forgive,<> Michael said, clasping the man’s shoulder. <>Thank you for rescuing us. What is the name of my family’s savior?<>
The man bowed low, <>You humble servant is called Saotome, Satoshi. I came to the hospital to see your son. I did not know such horrors would happen.<>
<>What business do you have with my child?<> Michael asked dubiously. <>Do I know you?<>
<>I taught him at his previous middle school and made a promise with him that I would teach him when I could. I wanted to offer my services as an instructor of kendo.<>
<>I seem to recall your name now, <> Michael said slowly. <>My son thinks very highly of you, but his shoulder was severely injured. I don’t know how well he will be in this sport now. Let us discuss this later. I can’t think about anything right now!<>
<>Again!<> Satoshi cried while bowing, <>Forgive me. I am eager to teach him, but I must not forget your plight. However, I do offer this. She will survive. I foresee it as she is a strong woman who gave birth to two strong boys.<>
<>Three<> Allan said, walking up to the man. <>Sir, I am feeling such nerves as you wouldn’t believe. Please play a game of Go with me?<>
The man bowed and walked to Allan, who, Ganko noted, was carrying a portable Go table in his backpack. He also must have been rushed from school. The two sat down and began a steady game. This seemed to relax her cousin greatly as he lost himself in the game.
Michael walked to the Futokoro couple and began a conversation. No one bothered talking to the enraged Terry who’s eyes lit with glee when he learned the assassin was crippled. The joy faded into his rage again and he began to pace with fury until the man, Satoshi said while placing a white stone on the board, <>Your passion will be your death, boy. Calm yourself and know that what you desire will come.<>
<>I desire something big, swordsman,<> Terry growled. <>I desire something larger than I can handle.<>
<>Be that as it may,<> Satoshi chuckled, <>If you desire it strongly enough you will see it done, but only with a cool head and reasonable mind. I see that you are angry. That is good. It is right to find anger in injustice, but that anger must be used properly. If you point that anger at external matters than that anger will never leave you and will only continue to make you more miserable. Use that anger to destroy your inner demons. Only then can you accomplish what you truly want. I can guess what you want as well. You want the head of your enemy brought before you that you might destroy her forever. You do not truly desire this, boy.<>
<>What can a stranger know of my desires?<> Terry spat, his blue eyes like ice.
<>Follow your schemes to logical conclusions. Think about the consequences and you will see that you do not want to kill Misao Kato. If not the legal consequences that would make your life forfeit think of the ethical ones. Anger begets anger. Death begets death. Revenge begets revenge. If you enter this cycle you will not escape it except through great pain. The death of your mother would not be anything in comparison to it. Escape it now and follow the desires of your heart that are profitable to your soul and not your vengeance.<>
Ganko noticed Terry’s eyes fill with tears, <>But she has hurt those who are dear to me!<> he cried. <>I must do SOMETHING!<>
<>And indeed you shall. You already have,<> Satoshi said with a light chuckle. <>You didn’t go after him when you could have. The nurses told me that you stayed with your family. Leave Justice to the law and take care of your own. You will be vindicated eventually.<>
Terry fell to his knees weeping. Satoshi didn’t move from his seated position playing Allan in Go, but Ganko could tell that he had comforted Terry greatly.
Soon after, a doctor came in. His face held sadness. Ganko wanted to throw up.

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Mai didn’t know where she was walking. She wore a smart dress that covered the bulge of her diaper and carried a backpack with several disposable diapers and changing supplies. It had been a long while since she talked with her teacher Sanosuke. The park that had almost been her doom loomed before her as she approached. Why was she here? She hadn’t been here since that time and for good reason.
She should have been on her way to the courthouse but her legs took her here for some reason. A glance from her watch told her she still had three hours before she needed to show up and act as a character witness for the Galanos brothers. So why had she come to this park? It should have pleased her that the school would be reopened, but somehow she felt nothing for it. Too many personal experiences had shattered her preconceived notions of herself. That day in the park she sat for hours trying to make sense of her life but no answers came.
She wanted to talk to Sanosuke-sensei again but she knew he would be at the courthouse watching the trial with his friend, Hikaru. He seemed to see her for what she was as Will did. She couldn’t believe that she had confessed to having a slight crush on the man to the girls at that slumber party. She blushed remembering. She truly saw him as more of a fatherly figure than a lover.
As she walked around the lake she came to the bench where she sat last time. Sitting there now was a young girl with an exceptionally long braid hanging over her shoulder, which she played with as she read a small book. Occasionally she would readjust her large glasses that seemed to slide down her nose often. Mai recognized Kirisawa, Megumi instantly.
<>What are you doing here?<> Mai asked, walking up. She giggled at the shock that Megumi exhibited. Apparently the girl really immersed herself in her reading. After calming down, she dog eared her page and looked to Mai with a smile.
<>Sanosuke-sensei was right it seems,<> she said with a small giggle of her own. <>He said you would come here.<>
Mai didn’t bother to ask how he knew that, especially as she hadn’t come here in almost three weeks. A lucky guess probably. <>Buy why are you here, Kirisawa-san?<>
<>I came to talk to you and make sure you come at the right time,<> she answered dutifully. <>I was told you are having a time of doubts. Care to enlighten your friend?<>
Mai certainly didn’t want to. Megumi was simply another person she showed the façade of the bubbly Mai to. Megumi didn’t know the inner Mai and it might be best if she didn’t. <>I, I really don’t want to talk about it.<>
<>Oh but I DO!<> Megumi said standing up. <>You think you are the only one who paints a different person for people to see?<> Mai’s jaw dropped. How had she known? <>You seem to forget that I have grown up with you. I saw you before you became as you are now. We weren’t close, but close enough. I am the daughter of the prime minister. I think I know about keeping the truth bottled up.<>
<>I had no idea,<> Mai quietly admitted.
<>It’s not just me, Motoko-san,<> Megumi continued in her scathing tone. <>Almost everyone shows the side that they want people to see while they hide their deeper feelings. Galanos, Futokoro, Hayamizu, Morrison, to name a few. You never learn a person’s true self until you become their friend. Your problem is that you think the real you is a fake. You don’t think it can be true that you are the way you are and that people love you anyway. That doesn’t match your view of the world where everyone is out to get you and only the strong survive. I learned this from Sanosuke-sensei, but I could have told you anyway. Look at your friends and tell me that they want to take advantage of you. Don’t make the mistake of pushing those friends away, Motoko-san. I came to bring you to the trial. If you want to find out WHO you are then you will come with me because your friends who love you will be there to help you along. Sanosuke-sensei think that the night in this park should have taught you that.<> She paused and took a deep breath before smiling brightly. <>There, <> she said with a kinder tone. <>Message delivered. Now what will you do?<>
Mai looked at her with new respect. It had always been Mai’s understanding that only a fighter could understand her soul and until now that had been the case as Will and Sanosuke-sensei seemed the only ones to know her. This girl who came from the pampered lifestyle of a princess saw her for what she was. Maybe there was more to the world than young Mai thought. <>I will go on two conditions, Kirisawa-san.<>
<>Those being?<> Megumi asked with a smile, enjoying the playful nature of Mai’s voice.
<>One. <> Mai began. <>I am soaked. I have with me my diaper bag and need to be changed by a certain young girl with a braided ponytail. It has to be a cute one too…. Hmm. there’s only you then. I guess you’ll have to do. Maybe a little too qualified for the job. Will you do it?<>
Megumi laughed aloud at this teasing and agreed readily. <>What’s the other condition?<>
<>We’ll get to it. We’ll get to it,<> Mai answered cryptically. <>Let’s get me changed quickly. It’s cold and I am very wet. The bathroom over there will work.<>
The two walked into the room and Mai locked the door behind them before opening her bag and taking out her changing supplies, including a plastic mat, which she laid on the floor before sitting on it. <>Have at me, wench!<> she laughed. It was fun to do this again. It had been so long since she had laughed and meant it. Everything had just been so serious over the past month.
Megumi chuckled and set about untaping the thick purple diaper, finally having to rip the sides because of the duct tape. She slid the diaper out from under her before proceeding to wipe Mai’s hairless crotch. The screams Mai made almost made her wonder what a passerby might think was going on in there. But then again, those wipes were very cold. Megumi actually stopped wiping to look at her sternly, <>Are you quite finished?<> she asked. Mai grit her teeth and nodded so that Megumi would finish and get a diaper on her before she caught a cold in this frigid air. Megumi worked quickly at this point, perhaps sensing the discomfort in her charge, and applied powder liberally before taping the new diaper on her friend. She applied the extra adhesive duct tape to finish the package and patted the diapered bottom.
<>Ok,<> she said, washing her hands. <>What is the second condition?<>
<>Let me diaper you again!<> Mai replied with glee. <>I still haven’t forgiven you for your dares at the slumber party.<>
Megumi didn’t answer at first as she finished drying her hands. She walked to the door and smiled, <>I don’t think we need you that badly at the trial, Motoko-chan. I guess I’ll see you later.<>
Mai looked at hr incredulously. <>You MUST be joking.<>
Megumi sighed, turned, and smiled. <>Yes, Motoko-san, I am The crap I put up with to preserve our friendship, <> she said in a huff. <>This better not get around that you did this!<>
Mai rolled her eyes innocently, <>Oh it won’t,<> she said slowly, which caused Megumi to laugh. At a glance Mai could tell that the girl didn’t have much to worry about. She was wearing a long dress and a very loose sweater that would cover the diaper nicely.
The diapering process took a while with Megumi because she had to wriggle out of her long dress and let Mai take off her panties. The cold seemed to get to her very quickly, but Mai wasn’t about to let her get out of it after the long wiping ordeal. It seemed odd to Mai that Megumi was so compliant about this diapering. Maybe Megumi secretly liked it. Eventually, Mai took pity on her and finished the job quickly before helping her get dressed. Megumi asked if it showed and truthfully if Mai didn’t know she wouldn’t have been able to tell. Satisfied, the two walked into town and approached the courthouse. The second half of the trial would begin soon.
“Fuck!” Misao spat as she read the report that came to her desk.
Not only had Claude failed to kill the two children who were integral to putting her away but he also managed to get caught. A look at the report left her little doubt as to what happened to catch him. His two index fingers were severed and the nerves cut on all the other fingers. The man would never feel his eight fingers again and would never be able to shoot a gun. This crippled him completely as an assassin. That, however much of a setback, was not what worried her. The precision of the cuts and the description given by the MPs gave her little reason to be skeptical as to the identity of the captor.
Satoshi Saotome knew.
This caused her more troubling fear than that blasted trial occurring half a city away. The man forbid her to harm them and now he was the one who caught her in the act. She now had to fear for her own life. Tightening security would only prove so much wasted effort. If the man wanted in he would get in, and if he wanted her to die then she would die. The only way to change that would be to somehow kill him first, but she knew no one reliable enough to take that challenge. She was truly in trouble.
“I cannot believe this!” she shrieked to no one in particular. Less than a month ago everything seemed so perfect. Her enemies were scattered and beaten. This game suddenly ceased to be a game in the matter of a week. That bitch Tomoko probably sat in the courthouse feeling very smug and justified. That bitch…. 'I made her everything she is and she had the gall to oppose me. Fucking ingrate. She stole the man I should have married. She bore the child that should have been mine. She gained the respect the world would never give me because of my family.
‘No one has ever loved me. She was the only one I though could care but she stabbed me in the back. I learned that if you cannot earn respect then you must take it by force if necessary. Now I, who climbed from the pits to rule this house, am the one who is to be trodden under foot. This hardly seems fair.’
She felt a tear fall down her cheek and she looked down. It had been years since she cried last. People in power couldn’t cry. They couldn’t show weakness in front of others. After a moment of reflection she looked at her desk where sat a picture of her and her husband. The man was a waste of space, a silly man with no idea of the world around him. He was beautiful. His blond hair that was always messy no matter how much she nagged about it. He also found fault by his horn-rimmed glasses that never stayed in the same place. He was messy, ignorant, and blessedly naïve. Perhaps that was what drew her to him in the first place.
While she was in her early forties he had not aged much beyond his mid twenties. The meeting came by chance as she found out about him through a colleague. This boy could find any book supposedly and she simply had to put this to the test. She remembered that day very well. He had just turned eighteen and stood in the prime of his youth. His clumsy behavior annoyed her but she found herself lost in him. He didn’t care about the money she offered him or the idea of glories. He simply wanted to do the job and perform it well. It reminded her of Tomoko, Even as children that had always been her way.
Perhaps this young man proved to be Tomoko’s replacement in Misao’s life. She certainly attempted to make this so by corrupting the boy with her wiles, but he would have none of it. His morality was unheard of in these depraved times. This only made the challenge sweeter. He never turned. The poor fool only ended up falling in love with her. On an impulse she accepted and married him while retaining her own name of Kato. She thought he could replace her best friend but she had been wrong. Tomoko had a way of rising to the top despite everything. This man would never rise above where he was because he had no desire to. He only cared about books and her.
This pathetic loyalty confused her judgment and felt weakened by it. The right thing to do would have been to get rid of him quietly, but as she still had his picture she knew she couldn’t do that. He married her knowing full well what she was. He knew she could never be loyal to him, but he stayed. It aggravated her. She couldn’t kill him, so she sent him on long missions to find books that no one had heard of in a century. These forays kept him away for months at a time and allowed her the freedom to not care about how he would feel when she committed her crimes.
Maybe she had known the end was coming when she sent him after this final book, To Kill a Dragon. No such book existed but she made it seem it did so that he would go to the ends of the earth to find it because of his loyalty to her. To Kill a Dragon. Misao Kato stood as the great dragon who now stood to be destroyed in a few months if not sooner when Saotome came to avenge the Galanos woman. The silly fool. He would never betray her no matter what she did to him such was his strange love.
The two never even shared the same bed from the time of their honeymoon. She remembered clearly the questioning glances the rest of the family gave this newcomer. To have attracted the eyes of the deadly Misao he must be something special. He wasn’t, except in his innocence.
She picked up the picture frame and smiled at it. The two of them were smiling. It was their wedding day and she had never seen him look so happy and that pleased her strangely. Odd that the happiness of another person could make her feel better about herself. Her fingers began to shake and the picture frame fell from her hands to hit the edge of the desk and shatter across the floor like shooting stars. From the frame floated two pictures. One landed near her foot, the one of her wedding, and the other alighted on top of the desk, She didn’t recall putting two pictures in the frame as she bent to look at it.
She recoiled in shock as the image came to her eyes. Two girls in high school uniforms were hugging each other and giggling. Their cheeks were dimpled and their eyes bright. They looked so happy, almost oblivious to the world around them because of their friendship. They each looked as though they trusted the other implicitly. ‘Tomoko-chan. . .’ she thought longingly as one does when they see a part of their past that cannot be reclaimed. ‘Why did you leave me?’
Tomoko sat in the courtroom with Naoto sleeping in her lap. She silently desired to take a nap as well, but with almost the entire student body sitting around her she knew that that would never do. It pleased her greatly that they all came without question. She looked to the front and saw Motoko, Mai; Kirisawa, Megumi; and Morrison, Chris talking under their breath. The three had not been together since the day of the school’s closure and were catching up on lost time. It was good to see they were so happy and confident.
She wished she could have such confidence, but then again, at that age she was confident in everything too. She truly hoped they would not have to go through what she did. All of this pain and misery was at the machinations of Misao, but she couldn’t hate her for it. It was impossible to hate someone she loved so much.
Several people knew parts of the story of Tomoko’s past, but not even Hikaru knew everything. The meeting of the two girls had been a time that Tomoko could never forget. It had been in middle school, just before the entrance exams for high school when she walked into a coffee shop and saw a beautiful girl with her preppy friends. She knew instantly the uniform of the most expensive middle school in the area and immediately felt self conscious as she went to a very cheap one that was only good for her because she tested into it with high grades.
Alone, Tomoko sat at one of the other tables and ordered a drink while listening to the gossip and harassment of these other girls. The beautiful girl shared in the taunting and they finally managed to get Tomoko to run from the store crying. This didn’t seem enough for them because they followed her, teasing her the whole way. At the time, Tomoko and her father lived near the docs where he worked, but at the top of a cliff that stood thirty feet above the water. As she ran she could hear them running behind her, throwing small stones at the “little peasant”.
Then, suddenly the noises became a scream. She turned to see that the girls were looking down the cliff faces and she could hear cries of help coming the face of the cliff. The girls ran off, leaving whoever was down there to her plight. Tomoko couldn’t believe it. What kind of friends were these?
She darted to the side of the cliff and peered down to see the beautiful leader of those girls, grasping a root on the side of the cliff. Her face appeared very pale and she could see her knees bloodied from the rough surface.
<>Hang on!<> she cried. <>I’ll be right back!<> With speed and determination she reached her house up the road and grabbed one of the piles of rope before running as fast as she could back to the girl. By some miracle the child still clung to the face. She must have found a foot hold to brace herself up with. Tomoko quickly lowered the rope and tied it to a tree up on top of the cliff, probably the same tree that supplied the root the girl held onto. <>Here!<> she called down, <>Climb up!<>
<>I can’t!<> the girl cried out in terror.
<>Are you hurt?<>
<>I can’t move…. he. Help me please!<>
Without thinking, Tomoko slid down the rope, not a problem for a girl who worked at the docks with her father, and placed herself right beside the terrified girl. <>Are you ok?<> she asked. The girl nodded and Tomoko smiled with reassurance. <>I am going to tie the rope to you and then we’ll climb together, ok?<> She nodded with fear, but complied as Tomoko looped the dangling rope around her midsection and then with steady skill, climbed the face of the cliff, slowly and deliberately telling the girls where to place her feet as she climbed up the rope. It took a while but the two made it to the top unhurt.
The rich girl breathed heavily and sighed in relief as she lay on the stony path that stood near the cliff. Her face was flush and her breathing quick. <>Why did you do that?<> she asked at length when she seemed to have gained some control of her breath.
<>I don’t know, <>Tomoko admitted. <>I couldn’t leave you there. It’s my nature. I can’t leave someone alone when they are in trouble.<>
<>Your nature?<> the girl laughed. <>I would have probably left you there. Do you think I owe you my life then? Think I’ll become your best friend as a result?<>
Tomoko didn’t know how to respond to such rudeness, so she shrugged and smiled. <>You owe me nothing,<> she said looking down. <>Chances are you and I won’t see each other again.<>
<>What school are you going to?<> the girl asked suddenly.
<>I am applying for St. Bachus, but I probably won’t get in. The exams are really tough.<> Tomoko laughed.
<>That poor school?<> the girl asked, <>Why not go to Tokyo High?<>
Tomoko giggled at that, <>That’s my house up there,<> she said pointing to the shack she and her father called a home, <>I can’t afford to go to that school and leave my father here alone.<>
The rich girl nodded. <>What’s your name?<>
<> Yawara, Tomoko.<>
<> Kato, Misao; pleased to meet you.<> the girl said with a big smile before running off.
Tomoko thought all that rather strange until a few months later she entered St. Bachus and found Misao in her class. The two didn’t talk much that first couple of months but Tomoko suspected that the rich girl had followed her though she couldn’t tell why. Then, occasion called on Tomoko to save this girl a second time. Apparently she said the wrong things to the wrong people and angered some upperclassmen.
Tomoko had been walking to the library when she heard a slap. After running down the hall she saw Misao bruised and bloody in front of a group of girls. Tomoko knew them and they considered her a friend if only because she was kind to everyone. It hurt Tomoko to see them doing something like this.
<>Hey, Yawara-san!<> one of the leaders called to her. <>Come help us take care of this garbage!<>
The others seemed to join in in asking Tomoko to attack the prone Misao. Instead of attacking her she went straight to the ringleader and slapped her hard across the face. <>I don’t care what she may have done, but to attack her like this is unjust and cruel. I can’t believe you would do something like this, Naru-san!<> The girls seemed shocked that the usual quiet and reserved Tomoko reacted like this. <>Whatever she did, I will take responsibility for it.<>
This action seemed to cement their friendship and Tomoko found Misao everywhere attempting to befriend her at every turn. It wasn’t long before they were best friends and telling each other everything. The ultimate seal between them came during summer break when, after Misao’s sixteenth birthday she was given an expensive car. The first person she wanted to see this car was Tomoko so she decided to drive to the docks. That day it began to rain and the roads became slick as oil. In taking a turn to fast Misao spun out of control and ran into a tree. Completely unconscious she didn’t realize that the car was leaking chemicals and creating fumes.
Tomoko happened to be walking down the road at the time with a crate of worms for the local store’s fishing supplies when she noticed the car. She smelt the gas even before she grew near the vehicle and worried extensively for the driver’s health. As she pulled her best friend away from the wreck, Misao was all right amazingly enough, she heard a crash of thunder and saw lighting lance around. One spark hit the tree, which caused a fire. This fire met with the gas leak in the car and created an instant flame up of the entire vehicle with tongues of fire lapping at the leather interior. Had Misao been there a moment longer she would have surely died.
As soon as Misao woke up and saw what happened, she embraced Tomoko, crying, <>Never leave me, Tomoko! Please don’t ever leave me!<> She gave her word and the two became sisters that went to college together.
When Tomoko brought in and nursed the street urchin, she saw the jealousy in Misao and wondered how the woman had become so dependent on her. When Hikaru proposed she saw the look of betrayal on Misao’s face. She never forgot the look she gave. It wasn’t a look of anger or vengeance, but one of extreme hurt. Yet despite feeling sorry for her, Tomoko knew that she had to let go in order for Misao to become her own person.
Tomoko never expected the direction Misao’s life would take. Tomoko had seen the horrible nature of the Kato Clan but had always been an accepted member by association with Misao. It had been her hope that Misao would break free of the darkness of her family legacy. Through their years of friendship she noticed changes in the arrogant demeanor of her friend. Given time Tomoko felt certain that Misao would have become a different person. Misao confessed to her in high school that she fought with this all the time, but it was so hard. As she grew older more people learned about her family and began to hate her. Misao never had any real friends in high school except Tomoko. In a way she felt responsible, but she knew that wasn’t true. She was still the friend of that little girl she pulled up from that cliff. Thinking about this, Tomoko reached into her purse and retrieved a laminated photograph that she kept with her always. It was of two girls in high school uniforms for St. Bachus, giggling and holding each other. ‘Misao. . .’ she thought sadly, ‘Why didn’t you fight harder?’
<>I kind of figured you would come, <>Misao said quietly from her chair in her office. In her hand was a glass of sherry. She didn’t look up as the figure entered the room. <>Sit down, care for a drink?<>
Satoshi Saotome walked into the light and sat in front of her. <>Why did you do it, Misao?<>
<>Do what?<> she said with a slur. <>Oh, the hit. Those two could have destroyed me, I had no choice.<> she waved her hands weakly articulating her words. <> Have you come to kill me then?<>
Satoshi sighed, turning his face away from her reeking breath. <>All I can say is that you are lucky they survived this prank of yours.<>
<>Hmm,<> she said with a childish glint to her eyes that reminded Satoshi of when she had been a younger, different person. <>I heard what you did to Claude. Nasty business really. Did you have to cut off his fingers, he might need those later, though for what I can’t imagine.<> She took another sip of her drink and passed out on top of her desk.
‘You never cease to amaze me, girl,’ he thought as he walked over and picked up her sleeping frame. 'You are lucky I loved your father and husband.
A few hours later she awoke in her bed, though still in her clothes that she had been wearing. She looked around blearily and saw Satoshi sitting in a chair. The hour was late, judging by the darkness outside. <>I am ruined, Saotome.<>
<>Whose fault is that?<> he said piteously.
She gripped her head, which seemed to pain her greatly, <>Mine,<> she whispered. <>I just never thought it would be like this. My empire falls because of some children who haven’t even finished puberty yet. It’s annoying.<>
Satoshi laughed cruelly, <>There was a time when I believed you might have turned out differently, Misao. I watched you grow up and while you seem made for this sort of job I know you didn’t want it.<>
She laughed bitterly, <>Blame Tomoko then. She betrayed my trust and caused this!<>
<>No,<> Satoshi said quietly. <>You caused that rift too. You were always too selfish. Why couldn’t you see that the girl only wanted to share her joy with you. She never wanted to hurt you or betray you!<>
<>Bit late for that speech now, don’t you think?<> she chuckled. <>How is the Galanos woman?<>
<>I don’t know,<> he admitted sadly. <>I left before I could hear anything. I needed to get my anger out somehow so I came here to you.<>
<>To kill me. . .<> she said glumly, as though already accepting the fact.
<>Initially,<> he agreed. <>But then I thought that that would make me a hypocrite to the Galanos boy who wanted to kill you.<>
<>Which one?<>
She smiled, <>If anyone,<> she said with a reflecting look in her eyes, <>it would be that one. He hates me more than anyone I have ever met. Odd, too. Don’t you think, as he knows nothing of my past or why other people hated me.<>
<>It’s not too late, Misao,<> he said quietly. <>I came here to remind you of that.<>
<>Yes it is!<> she spat viciously with all the venom she could seemingly muster. <>How can I fix anything? How can anyone turn away from the fact that I took away many people’s homes, that I rendered Naoto-chan incontinent due to my own pride. How can anyone forgive what I did to Kirai, Melian or Adams, Peter? I played God, Satoshi! I made them into my puppets. No one will forgive that. Even if I plead guilty and restore everything I will still be hated. I will still be alone! NO ONE WILL GIVE ME A CHANCE!<> she finished screaming despite the pain in her head.
<>What about Tatsuki-san?<> he reminded her gently. <>Your husband has never abandoned you or betrayed you in any way regardless of how badly you treated him. No one is beyond redemption, Misao. Not even you.<>
Koneko gave a very moving speech to the jury but after the testimony of Noriko, his daughter, and the case of the trial that put him in jail originally they didn’t heed a word. Nothing he said moved them in the slightest and then the string of character witnesses, all eighteen of the assembled students solidified the wall that Koneko couldn’t get passed to achieve his victory. Then, when Inspector Miburo took the stand, all possible chances of winning deserted him.
All that remained was the formality of the trial ending, but everyone knew the outcome. Tomoko smiled at her charges who all looked so happy to see that their beloved school would be open again within a week. They had beaten the Kato Clan. They had beaten Misao. This should have made her happy, but it didn’t. Ordinarily she would be fearful as to how Kato would attack them in the future, but she knew there would not be a next time in this case. Misao wouldn’t be able to get out of this. She looked to her son beside her and smiled. True, Misao caused his disability but through that disability he made some of his truest friends and provided the beginnings for Seijitsu.
It seemed odd that there would soon be a world that didn’t involve Misao. This saddened and pained Tomoko. She didn’t know why it hurt to think that Misao wouldn’t be there anymore. She caused such damage and pain, but she was still the same Misao Kato she grew up with. All her life Misao and her had been together whether as friends or enemies. Soon a part of Tomoko’s life would be taken away. She almost felt as though she had failed her best friend.
She looked to her right and saw one member in the audience who looked upset. This seemed puzzling as the majority of the audience were members of her school or personal friends. She didn’t know this man. He wore longish, messy blond hair and large glasses. His eyes were kind, but troubled. He didn’t seem pleased at the charges being levied against Misao Kato and continuously dropped his spiral notebook as he stood. He seemed as sad as she felt so she walked over to him.
<>Who are you, sir?<> she asked kindly.
<>You must be Hayamizu, Tomoko?<> he asked sadly, not really looking at her. She nodded. <>I thought as much. I am your replacement, or at least attempted replacement.<>
<>I don’t follow. <>
He looked up at her and smiled. <>Misao could never get you out of her mind. She thought I was like you and kept me with her. Apparently I couldn’t compare to the original. I am Misao’s husband, Fujiwara, Tatsuki.<>
Tomoko could hardly believe this, <>I knew she married, but I never found out who to,<> she said slowly. <>Why are you here?<>
<>I wanted to see for myself what my wife will be put in jail for. She always managed to keep the majority of what she did under wraps so I never saw,<> he said looking studiously at the floor. <>I don’t know why I came. I guess I thought she would be here.<>
<>What’s that notebook?<>
<>Oh this?<> he said with a wistful smile. <>This is the book she wanted me to find. It’s called, To Kill a Dragon. I have read the majority of it but I haven’t finished it.<>
<>That notebook is a book?<> she asked in a confused tone.
He nodded. <>It’s a book that doesn’t exist. Would you care to read a bit?<>
She graciously accepted the notebook which he dropped in handing it to her. As she picked it up she flipped past several pages of chicken scratch notes and came to a page with a drawn in Dragon looming over a building, breathing fire into it. She saw the name of the building read Seijitsu. The dragon loomed large over the building with black scales and yellow eyes. The drawing was very well done. This was apparently the cover page. It read: To Kill a Dragon, by Amano Atashi. She flipped the page and saw one sentence scrolled in bright red calligraphy, <>How does one kill a dragon of hatred?<>. The next page held the answer, <>With Love . . .<>
‘I will kill her,’ Terry thought to himself as he paced the room. His young eyes, usually so bright and open now narrowed like the slits of a venomous serpent. Despite the words of the swordsman he could not put away his rage. The rage threatened to consume him in an inferno of hatred. He needed an outlet. The outlet became obvious as the doctor came. If that woman died then no one would exist to author these tragedies. She and Adams needed to die for his revenge to be complete. No words could describe his anger as he left the hospital at that moment. He saw the sad look on the doctor’s face and could not bare to hear the words of his mother’s death. It would be too painful. It was finished then. His mother had died and the horrible woman would get away with it. That he could not allow.
With steadiness he walked out of the hospital and ran home. Despite the cool winter air brushing upon him as he sprinted he felt nothing but heat in his face and extremities. Once home he changed into loose white clothing that would conceal him in the snow and grabbed two gauntlets to wear as he assaulted the Kato Mansion. These metal gauntlets had been a gift from his teacher, and while relics, they would serve his purpose well enough. He knew he would find a lot of resistance, but that didn’t matter. Fueled with righteous hatred he knew that even a bullet wouldn’t be enough to stop his swath of destruction.
The local estate of the Kato Mansion didn’t lie to far from Kenshiki so he found very little difficulty in tracking her residence down. It was larger than he expected, a huge mansion surrounded by a tall iron fence. Guards lined every conceivable position to spot an intruder. Some were obviously armed but others weren’t. Finding a spot along the fence that was not well watched he made for it with a flying leap that propelled him to the bars which he grabbed while using his momentum and upper body strength to toss himself over the remaining height of the fence. He landed with a large thud, but he kept the damage minimal by running as he landed.
The open land between the fence and the mansion would be impossible to sneak into so he dashed headlong to the first guard. This man saw him at the last second but it availed him nothing as Terry’s gauntleted fist pummeled into his chest lifting the man up a foot before he collapsed unconscious to the grass. He didn’t even stop running as he did this rushing to the mansion. Two guards made for him, one with a hand gun firing, but he couldn’t hit the image of Terry as he dashed around until suddenly he was on them punching and kicking them while still running. He collapsed in a heap as he left them behind.
He had made the wall by this point so that only fire from above or if the guards coming around the side could slow him. Two windows did open up and he saw rifles come out, but at that moment he increased his speed and leapt through one of the lower windows into the house. He looked around and thanked God no one stood in the room he entered. One door exited into another room and another into a hallway deeper into the house. This room seemed a living room of sorts with a couch and paintings on the wall.
Now came the hard part. He had to find her. He had to get to her and kill her! He began his attack by dashing out the door to the hallway and saw a staircase down the hall. This staircase seemed to be one of two that attached to a grand balcony in the foyer of the house. Unfortunately three guards with guns were posted on the stairs nearest him with three more on the other set. He breathed deeply before running forward The guards must have been waiting for him because they opened fire the second he appeared with range. Dodging six men with guns proved a severe task, but his master made this sort of thing possible to the swift boy who leaped from point to point with such speed that the men couldn’t fire without risk of hitting one of their own. By doing this he managed to get to the first guard without injury. He punched hard and fast performing a cartwheel over the man’s body creating an interesting optical scene as he tumbled up while the man fell down. His cartwheel landed a solid kick on the second guard’s jaw causing him to trio and fall down the stairs. As he landed from his cartwheel he jumped forward to knee the last guard in the chest.
He had cleared the stairs but now the other three guards were running up the stairs to catch him. He had to get out of the way fast if he was to survive their next volley. By luck he saw an open door down the hall away from the guards and he made for it with due speed. Once inside he locked the door and turned to face his next challenge. It was dark in the room, completely black until the light switched on quite suddenly. As his eyes adjusted to the light he heard clapping and when he could at last see again he saw Misao sitting in a chair by a large bed. Behind her, clapping slowly, stood the man who came to the hospital. The silver haired swordsman named Satoshi Saotome.
<>Well done, Galanos-san,<> he congratulated darkly. <>Even when the guards were told not to hit you, you still ran on. That showed great courage. <>
<>You know why I am here!<> Terry growled.
<>I cannot let you accomplish that,<> he said quietly.
<>She is responsible for the death of my mother!<> Terry shrieked, a vein almost bursting in his neck and forehead. <>I will see justice one way or another and if I have to go through you to do it then I will, but she WILL die tonight!<>
<>Do not be foolish, boy,<> the man with purple eyes grated, <>You have won. The school reopens. The Kato Clan is finished. Why throw away your life?<>
Terry glared and could only see red in his visions as the rage overtook his capillaries. Misao Kato looked very different from the last time he had seen her. She appeared reserved, and accepting here, as opposed to the arrogant gleam from before when he saw her in her office during Will’s dual with Adams. That mattered little. She would die. He had to avenge his family!
With his rage as his primary weapon he leapt forward only to see the man suddenly in front of him, <>GET OUT OF MY WAY!<> Terry growled, attempting to swipe the obstacle from his path.
Satoshi blocked the swipe with one arm while pushing his other arm forward to snap a quick jab at Terry’s ribs. <>Don’t pit yourself against me, Terry,<> the man said slowly. <>You will lose.<>. The blow hurt incredibly. It didn’t seem possible that such a small punch should pack such power.
<>I don’t care!<> Terry countered while performing a spinning back kick.
Satoshi ducked the kick and stepped into Terry so that the boy couldn’t execute a second kick. He placed his left hand over his fist and used that to add force as he used his right elbow to jab Terry’s sternum. He felt his vision sparkle at the force of this blow and tasted bile in the back of his throat. The boy tumbled back again. <>I don’t want to hurt you!<>
<>She killed my mother!<> Terry said with determination which hurt to do as it mingled with the acid in his throat. He picked himself up gingerly, consciously feeling weaker but with no other course if action open to him. His life could very well end here, but that would be alright if he could just kill HER… <>I can’t just walk away from that! Live or die I am attacking!<>
<>I won’t let you destroy your future!<> Satoshi bellowed as he kicked Terry in the shin and then performed another snap punch to the boy’s chest. He gasped at the pain of his leg, which didn’t seem able to carry his weight as well anymore. His chest felt like hamburger. <>Think of Will! Who will protect him if you are gone?<>
Terry wiped blood from his mouth feeling the energy that once pumped through his body diminished. While the adrenaline kept him moving his muscles were about ready to give. <>If she is gone then he won’t need defending!<> he said just before Satoshi punched him in the gut causing him to fall to his knees. ‘Can I not win this battle? Am I to die here, unavenged?’ His vision began to dim as his body realized the futility of fighting, even if Terry himself had not. This man simply couldn’t be beaten.
<>Don’t be naïve!<> Satoshi said into his ear. <>The world isn’t relegated to a single evil that can simply be erased. If that were the case then there would be no evil! People are easily corrupted. This woman’s death will not bring your mother back if she is truly dead. Use your head!<>
<>I. . .<> Terry said as he rose once again to his feet, which took all of his remaining energy. <>I can’t!<> Maybe it was pride, but he couldn’t let go of his hatred.
Satoshi grabbed Terry’s shirt, lifting him from the ground and leveled his fist to ready a punch that the dizzy boy couldn’t dodge. This punch would end the fight. <>I am sorry, Galanos-san.<>
<>WAIT!<> they both heard Misao Kato say as the fist began its journey to Terry’s face. <>Wait, Satoshi!<> The fist stopped and Terry slumped over, too weak to really stand up. <>What he wants is justice. Let him carry it out. Boy!<> she said to Terry. <>I am sorry for what has happened. I know that makes no difference in your heart, but I want you to know that. Now.<> She took a dagger that had been sitting on the table near the bed and placed it over her voluptuous bosom. <>See it done. Do it!<>
Terry was only all too ready as he moved forward to grasp the hilt of the knife. While he sensed no malice or deceit in her voice, he knew better than to trust her, Especially when he could neither defend himself or react if she betrayed him. <>You could kill me where I stand with that knife, <> he whispered. <>It would take no effort on your part to use my weak grip against me and slit my throat. Why don’t you? Before you die let me know.<>
<>Why?<> she asked <>Why shouldn’t I kill you? Several reasons really. First, if I kill you then that only adds to my crimes and will add manslaughter to my many lists of crimes. Second, there is no profit in it for me or my family to see you dead. Your testimony wouldn’t have mattered because of your track record as a fighter in school would put your word on equal footing with Adams. And third, maybe because I really am sorry for what I have done and will let you see your justice.<>
This candidness didn’t impress him. A last cry for pity could not move his heart after the loss of his parent. Terry tried to push forward with the knife but whether from physical weakness or lack of resolve he could not do it. He strained with pushing, but it felt as though a wall had been erected between them. He could not kill her. The knife clattered to the floor soon to be followed by Terry as he fell to his knees. “Forgive me, mother!” he sobbed, “I couldn’t do it!”
Satoshi put his hand on Terry’s shoulder, “I think she would be glad you didn’t.”
The jury unilaterally declared the boys as innocent and declared a demand of an explanation as to why this pedophile was out of jail in the first place. The trial was over and the children left to the cheers of the jury and the populous outside. Everyone seemed happy. Everyone, except Inspector Ryu Miburo shared in complete joy.
Hikaru walked over to him, as after everyone left the courtroom to celebrate the man had not moved. This would begin a difficult time for him as he had betrayed no fewer than ten corrupt policemen to the courts and supplied much evidence to the fall of Kato. He would likely be called in again and again to give testimony to this. <>I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us,<> Hikaru said, extending his hand.
The man narrowed his eyes and glared at the man, not out of any seeming hatred, but out of contempt. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and lighter. <>What I did was not for you, Hayamizu.<>
Hikaru decided to ignore the insult of not adding a -san, and lowered his hand. The handshake was not coming. <>Still. Whether for us or not, we benefit from your testimonies. I wanted to know, <> he said slowly, <>Why did you do it?<>
<>Why put my neck on the line for a bunch of kids?<>
<>No,<> Hikaru chuckled. <>I would expect many to do that. Why did you keep silent all these years? You have as many connections, I have learned, as I do and yet you said nothing about any of these incidents till now. I have offered you no reward, only protection that you don’t even need. What prompted you to speak now?<>
<>I don’t suppose revenge comes into it?<> the man laughed darkly after taking a toke and blowing a well crafted “o” in Hikaru’s face. <>Koneko and I are hardly friends. Using his daughter to destroy him was more than entertaining.<>
<>Be that as it may,<> Hikaru said, holding his nose from the strong stench of tobacco, <>You could have had that revenge at any time over the years. As you have shown us the evidence was already in your hands. What held you back till now?<>
<>I was never asked.<> the wolf said, smiling evilly at Hikaru. <>The child asked me to help her and I did. What’s so hard to understand about that?<>
<>You truly are a demon,<> Hikaru said with a dark smile of his own, <>except when children are involved. Well, my children thank you.<>
<>Your children?<>
<>Well, yes,<> Hikaru said with a confident gleam to his dark eyes. <>They are all my children and seeing them hurt angered me more than a little. You have doubtlessly heard of the hospital incident.<>
<>Attempted assassination of the two witnesses. The mother was shot and the killer apprehended. What about it?<>
<>This was the last draw with me, Miburo,<> he said slowly. <>As you may have seen I am usually a patient man and willing to put up with much. This assassination attempt has proved one step to far on the Kato Clan’s part. I want you to destroy them Miburo. Destroy them as you destroyed that pedophile. Avenge that woman!<>
Miburo burst out laughing. <>I like you, Hayamizu.<> he said with another of his dark glances. <>You are not so different from the others in power. Mercy to your friends and destruction to your enemies? Evil will be destroyed, Hayamizu.<>
<>Why do you laugh then?<>
<>Because it’s so fucking funny!<> he growled. <>You know what Nietzsche said about fighting monsters? “Be careful you don’t become one.” Stay as you are Hayamizu. Cruelty is not in you. It would also seem that my informants are faster than yours.<>
<>What do you mean?<>

Bishonen Diaper Lover - Bishonen Diaper Lover

Will snapped out of his trance when he heard the door open. His heart beat fiercely against his breast and he could feel the bile once again rising in his throat, which had been raked raw by much throwing up. He peered at the expression. If happy then all would be well. His mother would live and his life could continue as it had. If sad then the world was about to come tumbling down around him. Before he could see it clearly he heard a noise and turned to see Terry, with tears in his eyes rush out of the room. A sound to his right revealed that Ganko threw up. This did not bode well, and yet he had to look. He had to see the truth.
Sadness. . .
Tears came unbidden to his cheeks and he felt his shoulders slump as though the weight of three worlds had fallen on his frame making the feats of Hercules and Atlas seem inconsequential. He looked away, unable to bear that look of pitiable sadness in his eyes or the blood over his green smock. He closed his eyes and felt arms envelope him. ‘Mother?’ He opened his eyes briefly to see that it was Akari who hugged him. ‘No, mom’s dead.’
He didn’t let himself cry, though he wanted to. He really couldn’t believe that this had happened. His mother was dead, and for what? The petty feud created by a woman his parents had never met or harmed. This wasn’t fair. How had it come to this? Were his diapers to blame? Ultimately they led him to Seijitsu and the war between the two clans. Had he never started this would his mother have been killed.
He heard his father rise and move to the doctor. “How is my wife?” he said with the timorous effect of panic laced through his voice.
“There were complications during surgery, Mr. Galanos,” he said with resignation.
“Then she’s … Is she… is she?” he tried to say and Will felt such extreme pity for his father who couldn’t even ask if his wife were dead. “Is she . . . gone?”
The doctor stared blankly at Michael for a moment before looking to the sad faces in the room. His eyes lit up in realization instantly. “Oh my God, NO!” he laughed uneasily; seeming to come to the conclusion his sad face had frightened them and made them think the worth. “Irene Galanos is very much alive.”
“And her mind?”
“Eh?” the doctor asked, and then answered, “That’s fine to. She’s awake now in fact, just heavily sedated. The problem was the areas we had to dig in through to get to the bullet. The one bullet was removed from her back with no problems. It was a miracle it didn’t rupture her intestines. The other was deeper and we had to cut some muscles to fish it out. One of the muscles cut was the one that controls her urine flow. While she may one day recover, for the foreseeable future Irene Galanos has been rendered completely incontinent.”
“What?” Michael asked quietly, somewhat shocked that his wife survived after all that had happened. Will’s eyes lit up in horror. This wasn’t happening.
“I consulted your insurance and she will be taken care of as far as protection. We are going to suggest she stay here for at least a week. It seems you can’t win,” he laughed. “Will gets released tomorrow and she is admitted tonight. I guess for a while there will be Galanos’s in my hospital. Not an unpleasant thing from our perspective.”
Michael nodded dumbly “Can we see her?”
"Absolutely, please come this way.
He stepped outside and viewed the sun for the first time in a long while. It seemed bright to his sensitive eyes now that it wasn’t hidden behind the shades of his hospital window. Following behind him he saw Akari breath in the crisp morning air and shake her head so that her long brown locks wisped against her cheek. He couldn’t help bit feel a touch of happiness as he looked into the brightness of her eyes. He had seen that brightness for an entire month, but before now he could see only darkness. His soul refused at that time to allow any light to enter his being and cheer his melancholy. That all changed when visitors came the evening last.

Will stepped slowly behind the doctor feeling as though the world had slowed down around him while he heard the distant echo of footsteps coming to his ears and the voices of people around him returning with a slow drawling effect. Yet, despite this numbing feeling he felt hope warm his blood that until now felt icy as though he bathed in a river for far too long. The bright lights of the hospital ceiling assaulted his eyes forcing his hand to block them, but even that seemed slow. It brought him back to the hospital bed, hearing the bullets shift through the air. It was as though he could hear the tinkle and breaking of each shard of glass as the window erupted. But through it all he heard screams such as he had never known. Scream of tear tore through his eras and racked his entire essence with the fear of those cries. It took many moments for him to realize that those tears were his own and that the sound of the gut-wrenching cry came from his own throat.
He felt himself guided like cattle to the meat grinder as he followed the doctor and this shuffling of his feet made the bulge of the diaper between his legs feel all the more evident. It should have made him happy to hear his mother had survived but he felt nothing but sadness in hearing of her plight as though it were some sick trick of the heavens to take his desires and force them on her against her will. How would she react? Would she view him differently?
A small hand clapped his shoulder and he turned to look down into Allan’s eyes. Those eyes didn’t hold sadness as much as relief, relief an comfort, convening the same expression as the warmth of his hand. “She’s alive, Will,” he said with tears still streaming down his cheeks, “Don’t blame yourself for this. None of it is your fault.”
Will nodded and offered a weak smile in return. Why did life have to be so hard?
They took one more turn and then entered a small room. There lay his mother, strapped to three different IV’s, with her stomach bandaged as though she survived a c-section. Her black hair matted against her forehead which seemed creased with worry. That worry evaporated as she saw Will and Akari.
“Thank God!” she cried, barely able to stay calm. “My babies came back to me safely! Akari! Will! Come here so I can look at you? Where’s Terry?”
Will recalled the expression on Terry’s face as the doctor came, but when he looked to see Ganko throwing up and then looked back, he was no longer there. Shortly before that Satoshi Saotome had disappeared suddenly as well. He could only hope that Terry wasn’t doing something he would regret. “Terry’s not here, Mom. He ran off before the doctor came back,” he replied softly as he stepped closer to his mother. “Are you ok?” Akari repeated the question with just as much feeling. It seemed to Will that Akari had grown close to his entire family as though it were her own.
“I am fine, my babies!” she said weakly. “I was more concerned about you! These idiot doctors wouldn’t tell me anything!”
“What did they tell you?” Allan asked.
“That you all were fine and that I should worry about resting.”
“Well that was true, Irene,” Michael said with a sad chuckle. Will could tell this was painful for him. “All three of them were fine, waiting on you.”
“Yes,” she harrumphed, looking very sour. “But who can tell with doctors if they were telling the truth? They could have lied to get me to calm down.”
The whole of her visitors chuckled at this and from this chuckle leapt into a barrage of questions to the condition of Irene Galanos that she answered slowly, weakly, but with wit. Though she was the injured one she managed to calm everyone else down by lightening their spirits. It reminded Will of Mai Motoko’s tactics. Very soon, because the hour had already passed the nine o’clock, a nurse came to usher everyone out so that Irene could sleep. Will and Akari alone were allowed to stay, as they would have to go back to their rooms soon anyway.
Once everyone was out of the room, the nurse included, Will and Akari gingerly hugged Irene around her tubes and conveyed how happy they were that she was alive. Then came an awkward silence that only Irene seemed able to break. “I guess you both heard about what happened?”
Will didn’t know what to say so he nodded quietly while Akari said, “Yes Ma’am.”
Irene sighed and nestled her head deeper into her pillow. “I was a little surprised when the doctor told me what had happened. I actually started laughing and that hurt a whole lot. I am sorry for making you laugh when your shoulder was so tender, Will. They asked me what was so funny and I told them about you two. I was just one more baby to the pile of babies I take care of. I think it a little ironic that “I” your “Mommy” am put back in diapers. On the bright side, Michael will have to pamper me when I want him to. The down side is that it is very embarrassing. Thank goodness I can still control my bowels or I would be in big trouble. It’s going to be hard enough to teach geometry in a wet diaper.”
“You don’t seem very upset about this, Mrs. Galanos,” Akari said with a confused look on her face. “Are you ok with this?”
“You make it sound like anything will change because of this, Akari,” Irene chuckled softly before wincing. “Ohh, better not do that again. The only people this really affects are my husband and I. I don’t think he’ll mind.”
“I am sorry, mom,” Will felt compelled to say. When asked what he was sorry for her responded, “This is all my fault. If I hadn’t been a diaper lover than none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t have left Kenshiki, and you would still be ok!”
“Hmm,” Irene thought, smiling at the frown Akari was leveling at Will. “I suppose you are right. If you look at it that way then this is all your fault. But I don’t choose to look at it in that way. First, until now you were miserable. You had no real friends and while making good grades I knew you wouldn’t be accepted anyway. I became happier when you became happier, Will. Had you not done that then you wouldn’t have met the Hayamizu’s, Akari, or any of your friends. I would gladly take a bullet for anyone of my children’s happiness. Don’t blame yourself for this, Will. I still love you just the same.”
Will felt his eyes burn with the tears that threatened to overflow. He felt his diaper do just that as he rubbed his eyes. Akari smiled at him, and giggled. “You really are so hard on yourself. If you hadn’t been the Bishonen Diaper Lover, then I would never have become what I am. I can’t thank you enough for it Will.”
At that moment a nurse came to escort them back to their rooms. On the way there the nurse picked up more diapers at the supply station and changed them. Akari had messed hers creating quite a stink in the hallway. She grinned at Will and went with the nurse to get cleaned up.
Once he was changed and under the warm covers of his bed, Will reflected on the day. It had truly seemed one of the longest days of his life. It seemed so hard to believe that they had all been in a room like this, down the hall this morning. He recalled what Terry had said that morning about the trial and wondered how that had gone. He also pondered what had happened to Terry. It had been three hours but he heard nothing from him.
He flipped on the TV to get his mind off his troubles and saw a couple of highlights of what happened that morning, mainly camera crews taking pictures of the shattered window and bullet torn bed. No mention of the name of the gunman appeared but his picture came up a few times as the delinquent who tried to rape the girls a month ago. The press seemed to desire the assassin to be painted in the light of a possible supporter of the prime minister who wanted revenge for his slighted daughter. Disgusted, he turned it off and was about to fall asleep when he heard a tapping at his window.
This shocked him more than a little as his window stood on the 5th floor of the hospital. Scared that another attack might be made he crawled out of the bed and made his way to the window. Once there he stood on one side and slowly pulled the blinds and glanced out the window. What he saw made him jump back. Two men wearing black were hanging from a rope. He almost screamed but saw the wavy hair of one of the two and recognized it as the almost model like hair of Hikaru Hayamizu. The other man he guessed to be Ryu as he had a small ponytail, and was knocking louder now.
He quickly opened the window and helped them in. He almost wished he hadn’t as the two were bickering, though whispering, loudly.
Ryu shook his finger in front of Hikaru’s face, <>Your damn lucky this was the right room!<>
<>Of course it was the right room!<> Hikaru snapped back. <>I checked the records, didn’t I?<>
<>Yes,<> Ryu drawled sarcastically. <>In fact you checked them so thoroughly that the nurse thought you were a stalker!<>
<>She did not!<> Hikaru cried in mock offence, <>It was just past visiting hours when we came.<>
<>At eight o’clock?<> Ryu laughed. <>Damn you and your ideas! Even if it was why didn’t we just come back tomorrow?<>
<>I wanted to come today!<>
<>Well obviously!<>
Will shook his head, <>Hello,<> he said with sarcasm, <>Nice to see you too.<>
<>Hello, Galanos-san,<> Hikaru smiled before turning to back to Ryu, <>Well my idea worked! Unlike someone else’s!<>
<>Nice to see you, Galanos-san,<> Ryu nodded. <>How was I to know they checked Ids for all nurses? At least my idea didn’t have us dangling outside five floors up!<>
<>It worked, did it not?<> Hikaru said with a flair of gusto. <>And you didn’t think your rope would hold!<>
Ryu grumbled something unintelligible, which caused Hikaru to laugh more. <>You see, noble savage?<> he asked. <>This is what separates the good plans from the bad.<>
<>Bah!<> he scoffed. <>Just say what you came to say before I put you back outside without the rope.<>
Will chuckled, and walked to his bed to sit down. This realty was funny and he couldn’t tell if his kendo teacher and principal intended that result or if this was just the way the two were when alone. <>What brings my instructors all the way up here at this late hour?<>
Hikaru grinned, and sat beside Will. <>I am sorry about what happened, Galanos-kun,<> he said with such stark seriousness that Will almost wondered how he could gesticulate such comedy before. <>I am truly sorry about what happened to your mother. It brings me much joy to hear she pulled through.<>
<>Thank you, sensei,<> Will said slowly. <>But I hardly think that you came to say that only?<>
Ryu laughed, <>If it was I really would have dropped him out there!<>
<>Hush, you!<> Hikaru scolded. <>I came to tell you that you have been cleared of all the charges brought against you! The retrial was a complete success and Seijitsu will open at the start of next week. Peter Adams was arrested and the Kato Clan is on its way to utter destruction. You have nothing more to fear!<>
<>Except maybe me,<> a voice said from the window. All eyes turned to see another dark figure. Will recognized the silver hair that billowed freely, now unbound. He also recognized the piercing purple eyes of Satoshi Saotome. <>I came to bring word to you as well, Galanos-kun. Your brother made an assault on the Kato estate earlier this evening.<>
Will felt his heart catch in his breast as visions of Terry riddled with bullets flash in his mind along with possible torturing scenario. He gasped and cried out, <>Oh, God!<>
<>He was stopped before he did something he truly would have regretted,<> Satoshi continued. <>He was going to kill Misao Kato, but he stopped. He’s safe at your house now. I thought you might rest easier knowing your brother was safe.<>
<>How is he safe if he was caught?<> Ryu asked. <>He didn’t make it to the estate?<>
<>Oh he made it,<> Satoshi laughed. <>He made it all the way to Misao Kato herself with a knife to her chest. You have a strong brother, Galanos-san. He may think it was weakness that halted his hand, but I saw true strength.<>
<>You saw?<> Hikaru asked slowly. <>You were there? Why?<>
<>Come now, Hayamizu-san,<> Satoshi said with a smile. <>Do not play naïve with me. I know you know who I am, Hayamizu, Hikaru. You might want to pretend in front of the child and your friend, but I know you from before you came to this city. I worked for the Kato Clan for the greater part of my life. I could let Misao die. I have been her guardian from the moment I began to work for the clan. Galanos, Tarlton might have succeeded in killing her had I not been there, but the real reason I went to her was to finish everything. I warned her that attempting to harm you all would carry a price she would not be willing to pay. She ignored my warning so I felt that justice needed to come to her because she might allude it if it were handled by the state. However, when I saw her she was so pitiful that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I tried to do what your wife did all the time they were friends, convince her to pursue her own humanity. She might not have wanted to listen before but now that all she has built is falling around her she might listen now. While the two of us talked we received word that an intruder was attacking the mansion. I knew the identity of the attacker immediately and ordered the guards to try and scare him off but not hurt him. To your brother’s credit he dodged bullets to accomplish his goal and took out six men on his assault. I stopped him once he came to Misao’s room and was about to finish him when Misao stopped me. She told me to let the boy kill her. I had an inkling I could judge the boy’s character and I was proven right. He didn’t kill her. After that I took him home and informed him of his mother’s survival which he was as of yet unaware. He almost abandoned his humanity to avenge someone who was still alive.
<>What was I doing there? Trying to save the lives of two confused souls. You may have a picture of the demon Kato, Misao, but I ask you to consult Hayamizu, Tomoko before making judgment.<>
Hikaru clapped slowly, <>Nice speech, Saotome, Satoshi-san,<> he said without a hint of emotion. <>I have made my own mind about her based on the damage she has caused to my family and those I care about. Do not ask me to pity a life gone awry! She will receive none from me! But if you intend to ask what Sanosuke, Ryu-san thinks you will then the answer is yes so long as Sanosuke-san agrees. You may teach at my school if it pleases you.<>
A wry grin came to Satoshi’s lips as he replied, <>I am glad you say this as I was wondering how to broach the subject after I made the atmosphere so awkward. I will accept your offer, of course, and also offer my services to the children for their protection so that nothing like this can happen again. Simply do not ask the impossible and I will dedicate myself to the pursuit of your school. I will pledge allegiance to you, Hayamizu, Hikaru.<>
Hikaru guffawed at this and clapped the man on the shoulder, <>Call me Hikaru!<> he said with a wink. <>All of my friends do. You are no ninja, Saotome-san. I will not require your allegiance, just your friendship, which I think is more binding. Friends will stop friends from making mistakes whereas slaves must watch on in silence. I would have made the same mistake as Galanos, Terry had I been in his shoes. I would have needed a friend like you to stop me. I cannot forgive Kato, but I will not pursue her as I once wanted to The destruction of her empire will be enough.<>
Satoshi bowed his head, <>As you will, friend,<> he said before leaping out the window and vanishing from their eyes.
<>Not a ninja?<> Ryu asked, scratching his unkempt jaw.<>I’d like to see you try that!<>
<>Noble savage,<> Ryu said with a grin. <>I don’t need to. I have you! Now let us go. Our messages have been delivered as I promised they would be. Now let us let the hero of the hour sleep.<>
Will smiled at his visitors and walked them to the window. It was unbelievable all that had happened in the last five minutes. He had witnessed two of the most powerful individuals he had ever met become partners, and all for his benefit and the benefit of his friends. He felt humbled in their presence as he came from such a simple background, unlike the affluent Hikaru or the mysterious Satoshi. Tomorrow would be the start of a great new life.
He looked at her and smiled. Akari Futokoro was the most beautiful spirit he had ever met and she had stayed all this time with him. She grinned back and waddled up to him. It had been rather funny to see her ask to be triple diapered as she left the hospital. The nurses, she said, laughed the whole time and teased their big baby girl that they had all grown to love over the month. The fact that she was diapered seemed very evident with the large bulge in her sweatpants.
Before they left that morning they visited Irene who had just been changed and smelled heavily of baby powder. She commented on Akari’s diapers and tweaked the girl’s nose, eliciting a giggle. Will knew now more than ever before that Akari had two personalities in her. The one lived as a mature girl that loved to be respected and wanted to help everyone. The other crawled as a toddler who wanted to play and feel loved. He had neglected both halves for so long that he wondered how she put up with him. He laughed when Irene put Akari’s hair in pigtails and played with her. He would need to play too when given the chance.
As they approached the doors that they had not walked out of in a month Akari undid her pigtails and shook her head so that her main of brown hair cascaded down her shoulders like a babbling brook. She wanted to meet the day, she had said.
Waiting for them outside was a black Towncar with a British looking man standing in front of it. The two children ran to him and embraced him tightly. It had been a long time since they had seen Sebastian, the driver for the Hayamizu Clan. He hugged them tightly and commented that they grew a lot from the last time that he saw them. After a few pleasantries were exchanged he opened the back door for them. As the door opened, several helium filled balloons flew out with the cries of those inside, <>Welcome back!<>
Akari laughed and clapped her hands at the balloons while Will gasped at what he saw inside. Wearing the top of their Seijitsu Uniform and diaper only sat, Naoto, Chris, Mai, surprisingly Megumi as well. With them, though fully clothed were Chisato and Noriko. All wore happy smiles for the two returned classmates. Naoto got out of the car and grasped Will’s forearm. <>How does it feel to have failed your first finals?<>
Will laughed at the cherubic dimples in Naoto’s cheeks that came when the boy smiled widely as he did now. <>About as good as it must feel to stand in the cold air wearing only a diaper!,<> he replied. <>Aren’t you cold?<>
Chris called from inside, <>I don’t care if he is or not! I am freezing so hurry up and get inside so we can shut the darn door!<> Megumi and Mai laughed at this, which prompted the three of them to crowd into the back seat. Will wondered how they were all to fit because though the Towncar stretched wider than most cars it couldn’t possibly fit all eight of them comfortably. The answer surprised him as he hadn’t seen that style of car since his time in England. The back of the front seat had been converted into a second back seat creating two benches for them to sit on comfortably. Once inside, Sebastian closed the door behind them and drove off.
Will couldn’t help looking at Megumi, diapered in a Molicare like Mai. <>When did this happen?<> he asked bashfully. She really did look cute with the end of her braided ponytail resting on the purple bulge of her diaper. She giggled while readjusting her glasses.
Mai answered for her. <>She lost a bet with me and here she is!<> All of the girls laughed causing Megumi to blush. <>Doesn’t seem to mind it much, does she?<>
Akari, who sat across from Megumi clutched the girl’s knee affectionately, <>You look absolutely darling!<> she said to her before looking to Chisato, <> You never showed up. . .<>
An uncomfortable silence followed. Will hadn’t told her that Chisato had betrayed them. He learned through Tomoko that she had been tricked but he hadn’t met up with her since that time so he too had been curious to what her story was.
<>I know,<> Chisato said slowly. <>I hope you can forgive me, Futokoro-san.<>
<>It’s strange,<> she said instead of answering. <>When I last saw you, you were crying over Galanos-san’s body as though it were your fault. Kirisawa, Megumi wanted to kill you. I may have been in baby mode but I knew what was happening. Yet, here you are today, sitting beside her as her friend again. The truth seems to change from day to day as it is revealed to us in pieces. What is the truth of today, Iwasaki-san? Not the truth of yesterday or before. I don’t think that matters. What is the truth of today?<>
Noriko answered, which shocked Will, <>The truth of today is that she is my sister, Futokoro-san. She lives with Naoto and me at the Hayamizu estate as our sibling. I love her and want her to succeed. She has no past, only a future with all of us. It took me a long while to finally see that.<>
Akari paused as she seemed to soak this in and then smiled at Chisato. <>I had hoped that was the case. It’s great to see you again, Iwasaki-san! I missed you that day. I hope we can make it up soon.<>
With tears in her eyes, Chisato nodded and said that she would like that.
Soon the car reached its destination, which happened to be the school. Waiting for them at the gates stood all of their teachers and classmates, wearing their uniforms. Among them stood Satoshi with Ryu. Once they had all assembled everyone retired inside for the biggest party many of them had ever experienced. Surprisingly absent from the regalia was Tomoko Hayamizu
<>WHO!?<> Misao asked the speakerphone.
<>Hayamizu Tomoko,<> The voice on the other end responded annunciating the name slowly as though that were the reason Misao had shouted. <>A Hayamizu, Tomoko is here to see you.<>
<>Send her in!<> she ordered before clicking off the phone. She opened her desk drawer and retrieved a mirror and looked at her reflection, ascertaining that she looked alright to see her greatest enemy of the last fifteen years. Even by here austere standards, Misao had to admit she looked fine. She wore a light coating of make up and had her hair combed to the side. As the door to her office opened she quickly replaced the mirror. What was she nervous? It wasn’t as though she hadn’t seen Tomoko in years. For a time, the two had worked near each other everyday. No, something was different this time. For the first time since the accident involving Naoto she felt guilty for what she had done. On many occasions she had been tempted to give some restitution to the boy. That became difficult when reminded everyday of her true business in the seedy underground. Her work bred in her anger and resentment and blame for the life fate had dealt her. In light of that she couldn’t forgive Tomoko. Hatred only spun more hatred.
The woman who walked in looked a far cry different from the nurse who stormed out of Kenshiki Middle School swearing to build a place where her son could exist without scorn or difference. Misao thought the claim absurd at the time and had been angered exceedingly to see it brought to fruition. This woman, wearing an elegant purple dress and minimal face powder looked a far cry different from that angry nurse.
<>Come to gloat?<> Misao asked, glaring at Tomoko over her fingers which she held over her desk like a pyramid. <>You’ve won it seems.<>
Tomoko sighed and looked down to Misao who hadn’t risen to greet her visitor. <>I have lost again, Misao.<> she cringed hearing her name which for many years had been used affectionately by this woman. <>Why do you hate me so? Enough to try and kill two innocent children?<>
Misao couldn’t look her in the eyes, <>Silencing them might have preserved my family, caused the courts to drop the case even if your school reopened. I couldn’t risk the clan.<>
<>That tells me why you tried to kill them from a business point of view, but why did you do it, Misao?<>
<>Stop that!<> Misao snapped.
<>Stop what?<>
<>Stop using my name!<> she yelled. <>It’s insulting and annoying!<>
Tomoko again sighed, this time sitting in the chair in front of Misao’s desk. <>You were the one who told me to address you like that all those years ago, in case you have forgotten. If it so pains you to remember those day then I will stop, Kato-san. I heard you quit Kenshiki. Are you moving again?<>
Misao growled. What was this? A conversation over afternoon tea? <>No, no I am not, <> she answered. <>Why should you care?<>
<>It’s just,<> she began, <>I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone. A man named Fujiwara, Tatsuki.<>
Misao felt her pulse quicken. How had the two of them met? What did they talk about? Tatsuki never knew most of what happened in Misao’s world. He only barely knew who Tomoko was. <>And what did that conversation entail?<>
<>You mostly,<> Tomoko answered honestly. <>He came to the trial yesterday to see what the state would do to you and your family. He seemed very upset, very upset indeed over what he learned.<>
<>Why should I care?<>
<>Well,<> Tomoko said casually, <>He did say he was your husband. I would think that would have some weight with your feelings. Why did you marry him, Kato-san? He isn’t rich or useful to your family.<>
<>He’s very useful!<> Misao interjected. <>He can find rare books like no one else!.<>
<>Hardly a quality worth marrying a man over,<> Tomoko laughed. <>You stood to gain nothing as usually do so why marry him?<>
<>I wanted to,<> Misao growled, annoyed with this verbal chess match. <>Isn’t that enough?<>
<>My my,<> Tomoko chuckled, <>Is the mighty Kato, Misao-san capable of loving another person other than herself?<>
<>Like you would know!<> Misao bit back. <>You were pretty selfish yourself, stealing Hikaru and my future!<>
<>For the last time! I didn’t steal them!<>
<>YOU ABONDONED YOUR BEST FRIEND!<> Misao cried. She wasn’t in the mood for this bickering. After yesterday she didn’t want to deal with anyone or anything. Now she was in front of the person who caused her the most stress and pain. This couldn’t get much worse. <>You married him and threw me away like the garbage you think I am.<>
<>I never thought you were garbage. . .<> Tomoko whispered.
<>You know, <>Misao said while crying, <>There was a time when I thought you were different. But I was WRONG! You are just like all the others! You see the Kato Clan in me! You always have. That’s why you hated me! That’s why you abandoned me!<>
Tomoko’s white face paled to the color of parchment. Misao never told Tomoko about that insecurity when they grew up. Misao had known what she was doing. She was afraid that if she ever brought it up that her ever-truthful friend would reveal how she truly felt about the sinister Misao. After all, wasn’t she evil by birth? Who was she to think otherwise? It was in her blood to be vicious, cruel, and self-serving. <>No one has EVER given me a chance to be different!<>
Tomoko’s jaw set and with dark eyes she stared straight into Misao’s tear filled eyes. <>That isn’t wholly true, Misao,<> she said with quiet dignity. <>I gave you that chance. When I pulled you up from that cliff and you didn’t even say thank you I gave you the chance to be different. When I saved you from those bullies in high school I gave you the chance to be different! Yet when I wanted to be different YOU didn’t permit me! You were so insecure that you couldn’t let me fall in love with a man! You couldn’t bare the thought of not being in control of my entire life! You think you MADE me into what I am? We made each other! We we’re friends! I didn’t deserve what you did to me! But that was against me, and that I can forgive, but you tried to kill children! CHILDREN, Misao! That is unforgivable even if you feel you had to do it.
<>I’ll be honest with you, Misao! Even after all these years of abuse I had always seen you as that little girl I pulled up from the cliff near my family’s shack, <> she yelled pulling something from her pocket. <>I kept this photo with me at all times to remind me of that! But after you tried to kill two children, I don’t want it. You ARE the monster you say you are. I don’t want to be associated with that kind of person. Our friendship that you couldn’t break with your hatred, is now OVER!<> She stood up and started walking to the door.
Misao couldn’t find her voice to respond to this, but as Tomoko reached for the latch she screamed, <>WAIT!<> and then said slowly, <>Don’t go, Tomoko. . . don’t abandon me again! Not when I really need you! You promised me!<>
Tomoko looked at her and sank to her knees, crying. Misao could barely believe that she uttered those words that were so uncharacteristic of the spider Kato. Crying, Tomoko asked, <>Why should I return to you, murderer?<>
<>They didn’t die!<> Misao cried in agony. <>FORGIVE ME! I was wrong. Please, Tomoko. Please help me! I needed you then, but you left me! Don’t leave me now!<>
Tomoko slowly rose to her feet and answered her enemy of fifteen years. . .