Bill collectors, and tbey aren't even looking for ME!!!!


Previously I reported on cell harassment, and now I am still getting these calls from an auto-dialer at the same fricking time every day and they all say they are looking for someone named Carl. Well, my name is Chris, and not Carl.

I hate being harassed and being asked for a reference number when I don’t know what the fork they are talking about.

It has been driving me up the wall. UGH!


Bill collectors, and tbey aren’t even looking for ME!!!

You seem to get some pretty bad luck with your phone/mail/email etc. don’t you?

Can’t you just get the number blocked?

Bill collectors, and tbey aren’t even looking for ME!!!

A related thing happened to my sister just recently - she started getting letters and phone calls from some debt collection firm claiming she owed three grand to her bank. She checked with the bank and they said everything was fine which she passed onto the debt collectors but the letters and phone calls kept coming no matter how many times she told them, as confirmed by the bank, that there was no debt. Eventually a letter arrived saying that they were going to send someone round to see her and start legal proceedings if she still wouldn’t pay, so she rung them up yet again to say that she didn’t know what they were talking and the conversation went something like this:

Debt Collectors: “you are [my sister’s name].
My Sister: “Yes.”
Debt Collectors"You were born on [some date].”
My Sister: “Erm, no”
Debt Collectors: “Yes you were. You have already confirmed it with us.”
My Sister: “No, I haven’t. That isn’t my date of birth.”
Debt Collectors: “Hmm, but you are [my sister’s name], formally of [some address].”
"My Sister: “No. I’ve no idea where that is.”
Debt Collectors: “Oh, we may have the wrong person.”

The bloody idiots had got the wrong person entirely on the basis of her name despite none of the other details fitting and subjected my poor sister to this harassment for weeks because they were too lazy or incompetent to check properly. Bleh.

Anyway, Chris, get the number blocked and don’t give them the time of day.

Bill collectors, and tbey aren’t even looking for ME!!!

Er…. what? lol