Big little girl

Part 1:

The bell rang and the little Amy hurried up to the door followed by her mother.

“Hi Peggy,” the little girl stretched her hands to the tall girl standing in front of the door. Peggy lifted her in her arms and got a tight hug from Amy.
“Hello Amy,” Peggy kissed Amy’s forehead. She was Amy’s babysitter and now they had the whole afternoon and evening ahead; Amy’s parents went to a party and they had to return about midnight.

Amy was a cheerful and intelligent little girl; she knew the alphabet and numbers at the age of three and she was able to read simple sentences but, on the other hand, she still was in diapers. Amy occasionally asked for potty to poop but she mostly used her diaper. It was unclear if she refused potty training out of some kind of rebellion or she considered diapers comfortable. She always knew when she needed a change and she was able to prepare everything for the change. Amy also was too clumsy to dress and undress herself.

Peggy was a social sciences student. She lived in an apartment together with two roommates; they also were social science students and they supported each other. Peggy considered babysitting a part of her practices; Amy loved her and they had lots of fun together. Peggy’s roommates teased her about her idea but she ignored their comments.

“Peggy, Peggy, would we go to the playground?” Amy made puppy eyes at her babysitter.
“Of course, Amy. It’s a sunny day today. Let’s go inside now,” Peggy carried Amy and put her on the floor again.
“Okay, we can leave now and we’ll be back at midnight,” Amy’s mom smiled at Peggy and the little girl. Amy apparently ignored her parents and focused on Peggy.

“Amy, you are wearing your pajamas; did you wake up from your nap?”
“Yeah,” the little girl nodded and yawned.
“Well, you should get dressed then. Let me check your diaper now.” Peggy reached down and felt the heavy and soaked garment between Amy’s legs. Amy turned around and ran away; she headed towards her bedroom.

Peggy smiled only and followed Amy slowly. The little girl was carrying a clean diaper and she hopped onto the changing table and relaxed.
“I need a clean diaper,” Amy grinned at her babysitter and spread her legs. Peggy pulled down the pajama pants and untaped the wet package.

“Amy, you are a clever girl and you even brought me a clean diaper. Wouldn’t you like to potty train?” Peggy was cleaning Amy’s crotch.
“Why? You change me when I need it, don’t you?”
“Are you about to wear diapers forever?”
“Why not?”

Peggy shrugged only; Amy apparently didn’t intend to potty train. She took the clean diaper from Amy, diapered the little girl and dressed her into a T-shirt and jeans.

“Well, let’s go,” Peggy took the diaper bag, a bottle of juice and some small snacks along with the toys.

While walking through the park Amy turned to Peggy:
“Peggy, do you know what I want?”
“No idea.”
“I’d like to be the big girl like you are.”
“I’d like to know how it is.”
“Wait and you grow up.”
“No, I want it now.”
“How do you want to do it? It has to be a miracle.”
“Yeah; let’s find a magic gem.”
“What? Magic gems don’t exist.”
“They do. Didn’t you read that fairy-tale?”
“Yeah but this is a fairy tale. The magic gems exist in fairy tales only.”

Amy shrugged and they got to the playground. She headed towards the sandbox and Peggy gave her the toys. Peggy sat down on the bench, pulled out her mobile and started chatting with her friends while watching Amy and the other children. Amy seemed to have fun.

“Peggy, I’m hungry and thirsty,” Amy interrupted Peggy’s chatting.
“Hey, Amy; didn’t you forget something?”
“Oh, sorry. Can I have some snacks and juice please?”
“Of course, here you are,” Peggy gave her a snack and the baby bottle. Amy was able to drink from a cup but it was better to use the baby bottle outside.

Amy ate the snack, took the bottle and started sucking on the nipple. Sucking was pleasant and comfortable but it made Amy pee instinctively. She felt the diaper getting warm and heavy; however it wasn’t soaked yet. She passed the bottle back to Peggy and ran away to the sandbox “Thanks Peggy.”

About an hour later Amy ran to Peggy again: “Juice please, Peggy.”
“Of course, princess,” Peggy passed her the bottle.
“Peggy, I’m all wet,” Amy announced when she finished the bottle. Peggy smiled only and put Amy onto the bench to change her.
“It’s getting late Amy; we should go home.”
“Five minutes please,” Amy begged and Peggy smiled only. However the other children left for home and Amy was alone.

Back at home Peggy led Amy to the bathroom to wash her hands and face.
“Amy, do you need a change?”
“Not yet,” Amy shook her head.
“Okay, let’s have our dinner now.”

Peggy helped Amy eat even if Amy was quite capable of eating on her own. Amy somehow liked the care and Peggy also liked to feed her.

After dinner Peggy washed the dishes while Amy watched a child show on TV. She felt the pressure in her guts and considered asking Peggy; however she didn’t want to miss the show and relaxed plainly.

When Peggy came to the living room, the smell revealed the condition of Amy’s diaper.
“Hey, little princess; time to have a nice warm bath and go to bed.”

Amy shook her head but she yawned at the same time. Peggy lifted her and carried her to the changing table. The diaper was overfilled and Peggy had to clean Amy thoroughly before putting her into the bathtub.

Amy seemed to be tired and Peggy lifted her from the bathtub, put a thick night time diaper on her and dressed her in a pink onesie.

“Good night, princess,” she put Amy into the crib and took Amy’s clothes. The T-shirt was dirty and she put it into the laundry basket. When she took the jeans, something fell out of the pocket. Peggy lifted it and stared at a small pendant with a green glistening gem.

“Amy, what is this?” Peggy asked the little girl. “Where did you find it?”
“It was in the sand.”
“Somebody has lost it, I think. However it looks expensive. I never saw this kind of gem.”
“Is it the magic gem?” Amy jumped up in the crib and clapped her tiny hands.
“Amy, this is not a fairy-tale. The best we can do is show it to your mom. Maybe somebody is looking for their lost pendant already and we can give it back to them.”
“No, no,” Amy pouted. “Let’s play for awhile; this is a magic gem while we are playing. Can I have a single wish? I promise I’ll go to sleep and you can give it to my mom.”
“Okay, little princess, why not? After all nothing can happen,” Peggy laughed and gave the pendant to Amy.
“Dear pendant, I want to be a big girl,” Amy put the pendant to her mouth and whispered her wish.

The gem changed its colour and turned red. All of sudden Amy’s view got blurred and seconds later she was standing in Peggy’s clothes in front of the crib and looking at herself. Somebody was standing in the crib in Amy’s onesie and holding the pendant.

“It worked!” Amy exclaimed. “I’m a big girl but … are you Peggy?” she asked the little girl in the crib.
“Yeah, I am Peggy. You are a big girl but I turned into a toddler.”
“Isn’t it fun?”
“I’m not sure Amy,” Peggy sighed; she had to recover from the shock. Although she never believed in miracles, one of them just happened.
“Amy, we should change back. It isn’t as fun as you think.” Peggy tried to convince Amy.
“Wait a bit please … please. We change back before my mom and dad come back.”
“Okay, take the pendant and put it onto the table.” Peggy passed the pendant to Amy. However she noticed that the gem wasn’t red anymore; it also wasn’t green; it was dark grey.

“Peggy, what would you do while waiting for my mom? What do big girls usually do?” Amy suddenly got confused. She didn’t have any idea what to do in her new role. Playing with dolls didn’t seem to be the right option.
“I’d watch TV or browse the internet or chat with my friends.”

Amy realized that the idea wasn’t as good as it seemed to her originally. Anyway she still was curious.
“Come with me and we can watch TV,” Amy knew how to switch on the TV but she was disappointed by the program; no child programs were running already.

“I’m thirsty,” Amy announced but she realized she should drink on her own; big girls didn’t need assistance though. She headed towards the kitchen.

At that moment Peggy realized that something was wrong. Her big girl’s bladder was a bit full before they exchanged their bodies and Amy would pee soon.
“Amy, wait; you aren’t wearing a diaper. What if you have to pee?”
“Big girls don’t wear diapers,” Amy protested but she stopped; Peggy was right. She always used her diaper and didn’t have any idea what else to do.

“What do big girls do if they don’t wear diapers?”
“They have to go to the toilet, pull down their panties, sit down and pee.”
“No, it’s unpleasant and difficult,” she reached down and tried to pull down the jeans she was wearing. “Diapers are better.”
“Don’t you know how to unbutton your pants?”

Amy shook her head. Peggy sighed only; she had to help Amy.
“Let’s play a game; you are the big girl and use the toilet.”
“Okay,” Amy shrugged, “What should I do?”
“Come with me,” Peggy headed to the bathroom “Turn back.”

Peggy unbuttoned Amy’s jeans, pulled them down along with the panties.
“Sit down and pee.”

Amy sat down on the toilet bowl but she was confused about what to do. She was used to a diaper, she never tried to control the bladder muscles and didn’t feel the urge yet. No pee came out.

“Sorry, Peggy, I didn’t pee.”
“Bring your night time diaper and lie down on the floor,” Peggy pulled Amy’s panties and jeans back.

Amy brought the diaper and lay down. Peggy pulled down her jeans and the panties. Amy instinctively lifted her behind and Peggy slid the diaper underneath her. The tapes hardly reached the front but she somehow managed to tape it shut. She pulled up the panties and pants and buttoned the jeans as well. There was a bulge on Amy’s crotch.

Amy jumped up and headed to the kitchen again. However she faced another problem. She always got her juice in the baby bottle or in a cup; now she had to find it and pour it into the cup. It was a new task and she spilled a little of the juice until she managed to fill the cup.

Peggy also was thirsty and she poured the juice into another cup. Amy watched her and she was taken aback how quickly Peggy filled her cup.
“Peggy, will I learn it?”
“Of course you will; it is quite simple.” Peggy smiled.
Amy drank up the juice and turned to Peggy: “What will we do now? I’d like to play.”
“Aren’t you tired?”
“No,I’m not.”

Amy’s teeneager body wasn’t tired and Peggy also wasn’t tired out of excitement. The toddler body was a bit tired but she had to stay awake and convince Amy to change them back in time.

“Okay then,” Peggy sat down and Amy joined her and pointed at the dollhouse. The scene looked normal even if their roles were switched.

While they were playing, Amy’s bladder filled up. This time she felt the familiar diaper on her crotch and peed instinctively. However she had a big bladder and the diaper got soaked by a single wetting.

Peggy realized she also had to pee but the overall had the zip on her back and she wasn’t able to reach it. Peggy shrugged and decided to wait until they would change back. However the weak bladder muscles betrayed her and Peggy peed herself like an actual toddler.

All of sudden they heard key in the lock:
“Amy, we are too late; your parents are back.”


I like it so far. Please continue.


Part 2:

Amy’s mother entered the living room and looked at Amy and Peggy. She was taken aback by the toddler being awake. However her instinct told her something was wrong.

“Mommy, mommy, guess what happened,” Amy ran over to her mom and hugged her.
“Amy? You are Peggy, aren’t you?”
“No mom. I found a magic gem and we switched bodies.”
“What are you telling me? Stop playing the spectacle.”
“No mom,” tears appeared in Amy’s eyes and Peggy also reacted.
“It is true, Mrs. Carson. She really found a gem; it is sitting on the table.”

Mrs. Carson walked over to the table, lifted the pendant and watched it.
“Am I dreaming or drunk?”

The dark grey gem suddenly flashed red two times and Mrs. Carson almost dropped it.
“Is it an answer NO?”
The gem flashed green once.
“Okay, this is a YES probably. Did the girls switch their bodies?”
One green flash.
“Can they change back?”
Two red flashes.

Mrs. Carson put the pendant back and called her husband:
“Adam, come over; something strange happened. Our little Amy and her babysitter switched their bodies.”
“Are you drunk? You didn’t drink though,” Adam looked at the girls and at the pendant. However he believed in the change when Amy hugged and kissed him instinctively.

“Well, we have to solve practical issues, love,” he turned to his wife Ann. “drive to the emergency pharmacy and buy a package of adult sized diapers. Amy is too big for her normal ones.”
Ann took the car keys and left; Adam turned to Peggy:

“How could it happen?”
“Mr. Carson, I found the pendant in Amy’s pants when I changed her clothes into pajamas. She wanted to play with it and I didn’t have any idea what would happen.”
“Right,” he nodded “You really couldn’t know. However, what would we do?”
“We should find some info on the mysterious pendant first.”
“Of course but what do we tell the neighbors? I wouldn’t like to be considered crazy.”
“Maybe I could pretend to be Amy and Amy is smart enough to be a half-big girl at least.”
“That sounds good. What do you say, Amy?”
“It’s great; I will be the big girl.” Amy exclaimed.

“Oh, she wanted to become a big girl today,” Peggy interjected. “Did the gem fulfil her secret wish? Amy, did you really find it in the sand?”
“Yeah, Peggy. I was talking with Emma and told her I wanted to be a big girl. All of sudden I spotted the pendant.”
“This definitely is a mystery,” Adam shook his head.
“Mr. Carson, I should call my roommates. They have to know what happened; I can’t go home like this anyway,” Peggy realized her condition and grabbed her mobile.

“Hello Mel; I can’t come home tonight.”
“What happened?”
“Don’t laugh at me please. Amy has found a pendant and it is a magic one. We switched our bodies.”
“Are you serious? Do you look like a three years old toddler now?” Melody laughed aloud.
“Sorry, Peggy. What would you do?”
“No idea but I need some clothing. The little Amy in my body needs it.”
“Okay; I’ll stop tomorrow and bring it. I’m curious to see you in your new form.”

Peggy sighed only when she hung up the phone. At that moment Ann returned and she was carrying a package of adult diapers.

“It’s time to go to bed. Amy; I help you,” she led Amy to the bathroom and unbuttoned her jeans first.
“Well, you are wearing a diaper already.”
“Yeah mom; Peggy put it on me.”
“Okay, let’s have a shower and I’ll lend you my nightshirt; it would fit you.”

Ann undressed Amy and helped her into the tub. After a shower she helped her wash her teeth and put the adult diaper on her crotch.
“Would you like to sleep in the pajamas you are wearing just now?” Ann asked Peggy later when she led Amy into her bedroom.
“Yeah; it is comfortable and somehow cute.”
“No problem but you can’t open the zip on your own. How would you go to the toilet?”

Peggy realized the wet diaper between her legs and the weak muscles.
“I’m afraid I can’t hold my pee properly in Amy’s body.” she blushed.
“Are you saying you need diapers?”
“Probably yes.”
“Do you need a change just now?”

Peggy blushed and nodded. Ann lifted her onto the changing table and changed her wet diaper.
“Wow; you wear diapers too,” Amy exclaimed and clapped her hands.
“Where will you sleep, Amy? Your bed is too small,” Ann looked around “Lie down on the couch,” she took a pillow and a blanket and made the bed.

Peggy lay down on Amy’s crib and covered herself; anyway the overall was warm and she kicked away the blanket.
“Good night princess,” Ann kissed Amy’s forehead and left the room.

Peggy had to laugh when Ann left and they were alone. Despite her worries she was amused by their condition.
“Hey, Amy, it definitely is a bit funny. You wanted to be a big girl and now your wish came true. This is like a game; anyway I didn’t want to become a toddler.”
“Peggy, it is a game indeed and a toddler’s life isn’t bad. You will try it out now. Everybody likes you, you can play and don’t need to do anything else.”
“Yeah, it is attractive but what about you? Being a big girl isn’t as easy as you imagine. You have the body of a big girl but your mind doesn’t match it. Do you understand me?

Amy looked at Peggy and she was confused.
“No, Peggy.”
“You will see it tomorrow. Okay, let’s sleep now.”

Peggy was tired in her toddler body and she fell asleep almost immediately. Amy also yawned and closed her eyes. Her mind was tired even if her teenager body was not.

There was silence in the bedroom; both girls were sound asleep in their exchanged bodies.

Peggy’s small bladder was filling up quickly and she was looking for a toilet in her dream and she had to hurry up. Finally she sat down and peed when she awoke in the middle of the night and felt her diaper getting wet already. She almost got up but she decided otherwise; the diaper wasn’t soaked and she didn’t want to disturb Amy’s parents. Her eyes closed again. She peed in the diaper once more until morning.

Amy’s bladder was bigger and stronger. However the signal of a full bladder reached Amy’s mind and she relaxed the muscles in her sleep.

Peggy woke up in the morning and stretched her tiny limbs. The overall really was soft and comfortable but the diaper was full and heavy. She wasn’t sure if she peed in the night without realizing it.

Amy opened her eyes slowly; she was confused first by her body and needed a minute or two to realize what had happened. Her bladder was full again and she relaxed the muscles instinctively.

“Peggy, I’m still the big girl and you are little,” she turned to Peggy.
“Yeah, Amy.” Peggy wasn’t that enthusiastic but tried to stay nice to Amy. She wasn’t able to imagine how to cope with her condition. The gem refused to switch them back and she had to find a way to undo the exchange.
“I’m looking forward to a big girl day,” Amy was impatient and jumped off the bed. She ran over to the cabinet and grabbed a clean diaper. However she stopped and stared at the small garment. Her own adult diaper was heavy and soaked from the all night pee.

“Peggy, take it to my mom,” Amy passed the diaper to her former babysitter and searched the cabinet again to find the package of adult diapers. She took one and headed towards the kitchen; Peggy followed her.

“Good morning girls,” Ann smiled at them. “Time to get ready for a nice new day, isn’t it? However I have the double work of changing and dressing you.”
“Don’t worry, Mrs. Carson. I handle dressing myself but I need to remove the pajamas first.”
“What about your diaper? Would you be able to use the potty? Amy doesn’t have any panties anyway.”
“Do you have any pullups? Hopefully I handle to pull them down when I have to pee.”
“I think yes. Go and check the cabinet; I’ll change Amy meanwhile.”

Peggy nodded and walked over to the cabinet to find the pullups. She really found a small package and carried them to the bathroom.

Amy was lying on the changing table and Ann was cleaning her crotch:
“Look Peggy! This is a big diapee for a big girl.” Amy exclaimed.
“Amy, I told you yesterday that big girls don’t wear diapers.”
“I will.”

Peggy shrugged only; it was useless to explain it to Amy at that moment.
Ann finished changing Amy and dressed her into Peggy’s T-shirt and jeans; however the jeans hardly fitted onto the thick diaper. Amy also was taken aback by the bra.

Peggy crawled onto the changing table and Ann unzipped the pajamas and removed the soaked diaper. After cleaning her crotch Ann put the pullup on Peggy and helped her off the table:
“Go and pick some of Amy’s clothes. Feel free to wear them for now.”
“Thanks,” Peggy nodded and headed to the bedroom. She picked a plain pink T-shirt, denim skirt and pink tights; it would be easier to pull down the tights when she had to pee.

Ann called the girls to breakfast. Peggy needed a pillow to reach the table properly. Anyway she was quite able to eat on her own. Amy asked mom to feed her but Peggy reminded her of the big girl condition:

“Big girls eat on their own though!”
After breakfast Peggy offered help at doing dishes even if she was too small. However she was able to carry the dishes from the table to the sink at least. Meanwhile Amy ran away and switched on the TV in the living room.
While helping Ann Peggy felt the pressure in her bladder:
“Sorry, I have to pee,” she headed towards the bathroom; there was Amy’s potty there. However the pressure was growing quickly and the bladder muscles gave up before she opened the bathroom door. A torrent of pee soaked the pullup and almost leaked to the tights.

Peggy sighed; instead of using potty she had to change the pullup. She hurried up to the bedroom to get another pullup. She lay down on the bed, pulled down the tights and the wet pullup and put on the clean pullup. In the bathroom she put the wet garment into the bin and headed towards the living room to check on Amy.

The bell rang and Ann walked over to answer the door.
“Good morning. My name is Melody and I’m Peggy’s roommate. She called me yesterday and told me an incredible story. She allegedly switched her body with your Amy.”
“Come in, Melody. Yeh, it is true. I also didn’t want to believe it but they really switched their bodies.”

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Great! I like this role reversal story.

Part 3:

Melody walked in and she was carrying a big bag: “Peggy asked me to bring some of her clothes for Amy.”

Peggy emerged from the bathroom and hurried up to Melody:
“Hi, Mel. Thank you for bringing my clothes.”
“Wow, you are incredibly cute like this,” Melody looked at the toddler form of Peggy.
“Maybe cute but I’ll have problems. What about school?”
“We can call you sick until you find a way to switch back. You also could do your homework at home.”

Amy was watching her favorite children show and oblivious to her surroundings when she felt pressure in her bowels. She didn’t hesitate, grunted and pushed. However she was taken aback by the amount of poop; her body was much bigger. Her bladder voided itself as well. When the show was over, she walked over to the hall where she met mom, Peggy and a girl.

“Hi, Amy,” the girl greeted her cheerfully. “You wanted to be a big girl.”
“Yeah, and I am a big girl though.” Amy replied. However the smell spreading in the hall revealed her condition. She turned away and headed to the bedroom to come back a minute later, carrying an adult sized diaper in her hand.
“A big girl wearing diapers,” Melody laughed but Amy shrugged only; she wasn’t thrown off her balance.
“Why not? It is comfortable, isn’t it? Mommy or Peggy would change me.”

Now it was Melody’s turn to be taken aback.

Ann led Amy to the bathroom and Melody turned to Peggy:
“Hey, Peggy; it’s funny after all.”
“Not that funny; Amy’s toddler body is a challenge for me. Her bladder muscles are quite weak and I’m not able to get to the toilet in time; I have to wear pullups at least. In the night I wet myself.”
“Well, you look like an actual toddler now.”
“Yeah, and I could play Amy’s role until we change back.”

Meanwhile Ann and Amy returned and Amy was wearing a skirt and thick tights. Her diaper wasn’t that visible.

Melody looked at the big Amy and was amused by her:
“Amy, would you like to spend a day like a big girl? Mrs. Carson, can we babysit her today?”
“Why not? However you would have to change the diapers of both Amy and Peggy. Are you ready for this?”

Peggy chuckled; it would be odd babysitting.
“A big girl day,” Amy exclaimed and hugged Melody instinctively.
“Excuse me,” Peggy felt a growing pressure in her bowels and hurried up to the bathroom; she hoped to poop in the potty at least. She grabbed the potty, clenched the muscles and pulled down her tights. When she leaned forward, her bladder muscles failed and she peed into the pullup before pulling it down. Although she managed to sit down and poop, she realized she would need a regular diaper. There was a little poop on the back of the pullup as well.

“Mrs. Carson, could you put a diaper on me please?” She called Amy’s mother. Ann smiled and lifted Peggy onto the changing table.
“Well, we have two diapered girls now.”

She pulled down the tights and pullup, cleaned Peggy’s crotch and after powdering she put a clean diaper on her. Peggy pulled up her tights and jumped off the changing table.

“Okay girls. Take everything necessary and go. It would be a nice relax for me,” Ann packed several diapers and cleaning utensils into a backpack and passed it to Melody.
“Where do we go?” Amy was excited and impatient.
“You wanted to be a big girl so we should do things big girls do, right?”
“What?” Amy was getting curious.
“I’ll call Emma and we can go shopping first. What about some new big girl clothes?”

Peggy grinned; after all the clothes would be hers when they change back.
Amy was a bit disappointed; shopping wasn’t that attractive but she still was curious about the big girl life and nodded.

Melody grabbed her phone and called Emma. Emma was amused and curious about Amy and agreed instantly. Melody then took Amy at hand and left; Peggy was walking along them. The shopping centre wasn’t far away from the house and they needed about fifteen minutes to get there.

Peggy was taken aback by her viewing angle; she was smaller than Melody. The diaper between her legs also was strange. Even if she wasn’t waddling, she felt it at every step. Even worse, she eventually would use it and get changed. On the other hand, she looked like a toddler and nobody would wonder.

Amy also was taken aback by her size. Suddenly she could see everything from another perspective. The diaper between her legs was bigger but she was used to that package and wasn’t waddling either.

When they arrived at the centre they had to wait for Emma for about five minutes in front of the main entrance.
“Hi Peggy; you are a cute toddler,” Emma teased Peggy.
“You aren’t the first one telling me it,” Peggy grinned.
“What about our new big little girl,” Emma smiled at Amy.
“I’m a big girl; I like it,” Amy still was excited.

Peggy suddenly felt the urge to pee. The tiny bladder was full already. She almost opened her mouth to excuse herself for the toilets when the bladder muscles gave up and she peed in the diaper. The diaper expanded a little but it wasn’t soaked yet.

“Well, let’s go,” Melody stepped forward and headed towards the entrance, leading Amy at hand. Peggy and Emma followed her. Peggy realized that the wet diaper was more comfortable for walking.

Melody entered a large fashion store and turned to Amy:
“Amy, you want to be a big girl. Big girls like beautiful clothes. You could try out some of them,” she pointed at the hangers with dresses, skirts, pants and shirts.

Amy hesitated; she liked to dress her dolls but she usually didn’t focus on her own clothes.
“Is it like dressing my dolls? I like to dress my dolls.”
“Yeah, it is and you can look at yourself in the mirror,” Melody smiled at her.
“Mel, she hardly would be able to dress on her own,” Peggy added and Melody was amused by the image of dressing Amy like a doll.

“Come along, Amy,” Melody led Amy to the hanger full of dresses. She picked two of them and headed for the fitting rooms.
After they entered the fitting room, Amy waited patiently; she was used to being dressed and undressed by her mom or Peggy.
“Arms up,” Melody pulled Amy’s T-shirt over her head. When she unzipped and pulled down the skirt, she noticed the diaper and grinned. Amy had peed in the diaper earlier.

The dress was beautiful but a bit short; the diaper was clearly visible. Amy didn’t seem to mind it and looked at her mirror image:
“I’m a pretty and big girl,” she exclaimed. She watched herself in a mirror for the first time and she liked it.
“Do big girls look in the mirror often?” she asked Melody innocently and Melody almost laughed at the question.
“Of course they do. However, something is wrong. You need nylons instead of thick tights and the dress is a bit short; your diaper is visible.”

Amy shrugged only; she didn’t care about her diaper being visible and she didn’t mind the wet condition; she had peed earlier while walking.
“Arms up, we’ll try out the other dress,” Melody really dressed and undressed Amy like a doll and Amy apparently liked that treatment; it was like a game for her.

The second dress fitted better and it was a bit longer. Melody even pushed away the curtain and showed Amy to Emma and Peggy.
“I’m a pretty and big girl,” Amy repeated her comment and she did a pirouette in front of Peggy and Emma.
“Yeah, the dress is beautiful and I’d like to keep it,” Peggy nodded. After all, the dress would be hers later.
“Well, I change you back, Amy, and try out some clothes as well,” Melody dressed Amy back into her skirt and T-shirt and led her to the hangers again. She picked several pieces and returned to the fitting rooms.

“Wait here, Amy. Big girls usually dress on their own,” Melody left Amy in front of the curtain.
Amy was enthusiastic when she watched Melody in different clothes; she considered it a game with big dolls. When Melody finished, Emma continued the small fashion show.

When the girls finished and paid for the clothes, they headed towards a small café. They sat down and ordered coffee for Melody and Emma and juice for Amy and Peggy. Amy was a bit curious about coffee but Melody offered her a small spoon and Amy shook her head: “No, juice is better.”

Peggy suddenly felt another urge to pee and she relaxed her muscles immediately; every attempt to hold her pee was vain because of the weak muscles.However she realized that Amy didn’t control her bladder at all and Peggy’s strong bladder could become weaker if they stayed longer in the exchanged bodies.

A crazy idea hit her; the diapers really were comfortable. She had peed twice and didn’t have to look for a toilet and wait in a queue.
“Hey, Peggy, what are you thinking about?” Emma interrupted her thread of thoughts and Peggy blushed a little.
“Nothing important; I was thinking of the body switch.”
“That’s no reason to blush,” Emma grinned.

“I’m all wet,” Amy exclaimed innocently and Melody and Emma had to control themselves not to laugh.
“Amy, big girls don’t talk about it and don’t wear diapers. Anyway, we should visit the bathrooms soon,” Melody replied to Amy in a quiet voice.

They paid the bill and left for the bathrooms. Emma stopped at a stocking store and purchased two pairs of pantyhose for Amy.


The interaction is very interesting. I look forward to the follow-up development.
I hope Amy and Peggy can really change back in the end. Amy is too young to accept big girls too early. I have read the same stories before. The ending of these stories is often bad, replacing the existence of others and causing chaos. If you can, I hope to go through this process calmly.

At the same time, the experience of becoming a child should also let Peggy understand her children’s feelings, better help her take care of her children’s ideals and goals, and greatly help her study and practice in the Department of social sciences.

Amy and Peggy will change back eventually but I wouldn’t like to reveal more details. Of course it would be bad for both Amy and her parents if she ended up as a teeneger-sized toddler.

In either way both girls will enjoy their reversed roles for some time to satisfy Amy’s curiosity. I’ll try to do my best to be creative and provide an interesting story with a happy end.

Well, I look forward to the development of the story. Thank you for your creation.

Part 4:

Melody opened the family restroom door and entered it, followed by Amy, Peggy and Emma. Amy didn’t hesitate and jumped up onto the changing table and spread her legs.

“Emma, do you have any experience in diaper change?” Melody turned to her friend. She didn’t have any experience in babysitting and she didn’t reveal it to Mrs. Carson.

Emma shook her head and Peggy was amused:

“Hey girls; I tell you everything but you have to do it properly,” the scene was quite bizarre when the toddler-sized Peggy had to explain to two teenagers how to change a diaper of a teenager-sized toddler.

Of course, Emma was able to remove Amy’s shoes and tights as well as untape the wet diaper but she stopped at that moment.
“Get the wet wipes and clean Amy’s crotch area; she shouldn’t get a diaper rash.”
Amy lifted her behind instinctively when Emma cleaned her front; however Emma had to face Amy’s pubic hair.
“Remove the wet diaper and clean her behind. Slide a new diaper beneath her afterwards.”
“Powder her diaper area and pull the new diaper upwards and tape it shut. It should be taped properly so as not to leak.”

Peggy almost laughed while explaining to her roommate what to do. Fortunately, Emma turned out to be a good babysitter and managed the diaper change quite well. She pulled the nylons up Amy’s legs, put on her shoes and helped her down.

Amy stared at the nylons; she saw her mommy wearing them but she never had an opportunity to wear them herself. She leaned down and stroked the thin and smooth fabric. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t mind the tights she was wearing earlier; she didn’t recognize a difference.

Melody looked at Amy and thought of other shoes; however high heels wouldn’t be a good idea for a toddler so Melody kept silent.
“Mel, would you like to try out another diaper change? You saw Emma doing it,” Peggy teased her roommate and crawled onto the changing table.
“Okay, Peggy,” Melody smiled and commenced changing Peggy’s diaper. Peggy played the role of a toddler and reacted like Amy had done it before. Melody was able to change Peggy’s wet diaper without any problems.

“Will we play a game again?” Amy turned to Melody when they left the family restroom.
Melody realized that Amy had considered the fashion store a game. However she didn’t have any idea about another game.

“Can we play?” Amy pulled Melody at hand when they were passing the children’s corner.
“Amy, you look like a big girl now,” Melody pulled her back but Peggy stopped her:
“Mel, let her go there and I’ll go there as well and we can play in that way.”

Melody and Emma almost laughed at that image but Peggy was right. She took Amy at hand and led her there. They sat down and Peggy played with Amy. A passerby would say that Amy was playing with Peggy.

Time passed quickly and Melody realized it was almost lunch time. Amy probably would need the afternoon nap.
“Amy, Peggy, let’s go home again. Mommy is waiting already.”
“No; I wanna play more,” Amy protested when Peggy poked her.
“Hey, big girls don’t protest in this way; do you still want to be a big girl?” Peggy whispered in Amy’s ear.

Amy was taken aback; she definitely wanted to be the big girl but she also wanted to play. She hesitated for the first time but the curiosity took over.
“Okay; we can go home.”

Amy stepped forward and Peggy followed her. The small group headed towards the exit and Amy’s house. Peggy’s bladder filled up again and she felt the urge; however she didn’t try to clench the muscles; it would be a vain effort anyway.

Ann opened the door and the pleasant smell of food was spreading from the kitchen:
“Amy, how did you like the big girl’s morning?” Ann looked at the nylons and grinned.
“Mom, it was great. I was like a doll and Mel dressed me. Mel and Emma also were like dolls and showed me nice dresses. We could play in the children’s corner.”
“Okay. Thanks for the babysitting, girls. Would you like to have lunch with us?”

Melody and Emma nodded.
“Well; I’ll lay the table. Could you take care of Amy and Peggy until then?”
“Of course, Mrs. Carson.”

Peggy led them to the bathroom and Melody checked Amy’s diaper first.
“Not necessary,” Amy protested.
“Okay but wash your hands at least.” Melody shrugged.
“I also don’t need a change,” Peggy was surprised by her own words; she announced her diaper condition to Melody.

The lunch was delicious and Amy did her best to behave like a big girl. She again liked it and forgot the small incident when she wanted to play at the shopping centre.

After lunch Melody and Emma thanked for the invitation and Ann gave them a couple of dollars for the babysitting.
“It isn’t necessary, Mrs. Carson. It’s been fun anyway.”
“Keep the money, girls. If you like, you can babysit our Amy and Peggy again.”
“Of course we do. We’ll show more of the big girl’s life to our Amy. She is incredibly cute and so is Peggy.”

Melody and Emma left and Amy yawned. Her toddler mind was tired even if her teenager body was not. Ann took her hand and led her to the bedroom.
“Lie down, my little big princess,” Ann undressed Amy, pulled down her nylons and revealed a fairly wet diaper. She changed Amy and dressed her into Peggy’s pajams.

Amy closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately; she was exhausted after the challenging morning.

Peggy did the dishes as much as she was able to in her toddler body. Meanwhile she felt another urge to pee and peed in her diaper without any attempt to control it.

Ann returned to the kitchen and she was surprised by Peggy’s help: “Thanks Peggy. Despite your size you are a skillful girl.”
“Thanks, Mrs. Carson.”
“Call me Ann; it’s strange if a toddler uses that formal way to address me.”
“Okay, M … Ann. Is Amy asleep?”
“Yeah; she looked exhausted but she was enthusiastic.”
“I have to admit it’s a new experience for me as well. However we can’t stay in the reversed roles. I’d like to find out how to change back.”
“I think that we could try to ask the gem. I’ll bring it.”
“Okay but I need a diaper change and …” Peggy felt a pressure in her bowels “I have to poop,” she again was surprised by the sincerity.

Ann nodded and headed to the bathroom. Peggy followed her when she was stopped by the growing pressure. Two steps later the muscles gave up and she felt the back of her diaper expand.

In the bathroom she jumped onto the changing table and pulled down her tights. Ann smiled only when she smelled the poop:
“Peggy, you really look like a toddler.”

After the diaper change Peggy jumped off the changing table and hurried up to the living room. Ann disposed of the dirty diaper, washed her hands and followed Peggy. She opened the cabinet and took the pendant. The color of the gem was green.

“Peggy, you should try to ask the gem. Maybe you get a usable answer.”
Peggy nodded and asked the pendant. She tried to be as polite as Amy was:
“Dear pendant, is there any possibility we can change back?”
One green flash.
Peggy was a bit surprised. The answer was NO the day before.
“You answered NO yesterday.”
One green flash.
“Has something changed since then?”
One green flash.

Peggy was confused. What changed?
“Ann, do you have any idea what has changed since yesterday?”
“No idea,” Ann shook her head.
“We have to think about it until we are able to ask the right questions.”
“Thank you, pendant. Can we ask again later?” Peggy still tried to stay polite.
One green flash.

Ann shrugged and put the pendant away into the cabinet.
“Peggy, let’s have a cup of coffee and wait until Amy wakes up.” Ann headed for the kitchen and made two cups of coffee.

Peggy was looking forward even if she didn’t know how her toddler body would react. The coffee really was delicious.

As soon as they finished coffee, Amy appeared in the kitchen door and she was carrying a clean diaper. She was waddling and a strong smell spread across the kitchen.

Ann smiled only and followed Amy who headed towards the bathroom. Amy jumped onto the changing table and spread her legs. Her diaper was smelly, heavy and soaked. Ann decided to shower Amy before putting a clean diaper on her.

After diapering and dressing Amy Ann turned to the girls: “It’s time to have some fun outside. Peggy, don’t remember you play Amy’s role.”
“Wow, a new game?” Amy clapped her hands “Would I be Peggy then?”
“Yeah, you will be her until we come back.”
“I will be the big girl, I will be the big girl,” Amy was dancing around.


I think Peggy wants Amy to feel more about big girls. After all, Amy enjoys it.

oh i like this. consider me intrigued

Part 5:

“Okay Amy. Don’t forget you are the big girl. Big girls don’t wear diapers and they don’t say aloud they need a change or even about diapers. If you do, whisper to me and we will go to the bathrooms.”

Amy was a bit confused by that request; she didn’t have any problems with her diapers and their changes.
“Is it a game too?”
“Yeah, it is,” Peggy replied quickly; she realized she was diapered and she would be the small toddler again. Moreover, she would face Amy’s playmates. It would be a challenge for her.

Ann led both girls to the playground. Amy was wearing Peggy’s loose jeans so the diaper wasn’t noticeable. Peggy usually wore these comfortable jeans at home and Melody made a wise decision to bring them. In this way Amy’s diaper wouldn’t be exposed if she sat down or squatted.

Peggy, on the other hand, didn’t like the idea of her diaper being exposed. She wore Amy’s jeans and the diaper was visible clearly. However Peggy played the toddler role and nobody would wonder about the diaper. She calmed down shortly after they left.

On the playground Ann headed towards the sandbox, passed the sand toy set to Peggy and sat down on the bench. There were several kids in the sandbox already and a little boy and girl approached Peggy instantly.

“Hi Amy.”
“We have a new game today. We changed names with my babysitter Peggy. Now call me Peggy and call her Amy,” Peggy started the spectacle and looked at Amy.
“Wow, this is a nice game Susie,” the boy turned to the girl and clapped his hands. The girl nodded.
“Yeah, let’s play.” Peggy replied. She quickly managed to avoid problems. Amy walked over to them and squatted down. She joined them and started playing with the toys.

The lady sitting next to Ann got a bit confused. She was Susie’s mother and, of course, she knew Peggy.
“Ann, why did you come with Peggy? She often babysits the small Amy but she always is alone with her.”
“Peggy is a social science student and she would like to get closer to the children so she decided to play a child role for awhile.”
“That’s a nice idea and I have to admire her. She seems to be really close to the children; I believe she would be successful with her job.”

Meanwhile Peggy was playing with Susie, Charlie and Amy. Charlie still was in diapers and Susie was wearing pull ups; her mommy tried to potty train her.

The coffee was about to pass Peggy’s body and Peggy felt the urge to pee. She didn’t hesitate and peed in her diaper. Suddenly she liked the diapers and realized she would have to leave for the toilet otherwise.

“Susie, do you have to pee?” Susie’s mother called her daughter. Susie stopped; her bladder was full already. On the other hand, she didn’t want to leave her playmates and shook her head. Maybe she would hold her pee a little longer.
“No, mommy, I can play more.”

Peggy watched Susie and tried to guess if Susie had to pee or not. Susie pressed her legs together and Peggy smiled only; she guessed that Susie would pee herself soon.

Ten minutes later Susie stood up and walked towards her mom, squeezing her legs together. She pressed her hand against her crotch but the pressure got too high and her bladder muscles failed. A stream of pee filled the pullup quickly and soaked her pants. Two large patches spread down her legs.

“Susie; you forgot about your urge again. You hardly become a big girl in this way. Now we have to go home to change your clothes.”
Susie’s mom sighed and took her daughter at hand. They left the playground.

As soon as they left, Charlie looked at Peggy and laughed shortly.
“Susie had to go home now. She wanted to be the big girl and peed her pants. Why didn’t she want the diapers like you and me? We can pee and poop whenever we have to and our mommies change our diapers. Isn’t it good?”

Peggy had to control herself not to laugh. Charlie’s arguments were the same that Amy used. The two toddlers matched each other and they perhaps supported each other. On the other hand she had to admit Charlie was right; at least from his point of view.

Amy was confused. She was in a big girl’s body, she was diapered and her diaper was wet already. She didn’t notice Susie’s pullups before and her attempt to be a big girl. Now she was curious to learn more but she didn‘t know how to ask Charlie. She had to look like the adult Peggy.

“Charlie, did Susie tell you about the big girl idea? Yesterday I didn’t notice anything.”
“No, Peg … Amy, sorry; I forgot about your game. I listened to our mommies. Susie has been wearing pullups for a few days but she always asked her mom in time. Today she failed.”

“Thank you, Charlie,” Amy smiled at the little boy. She wished she could agree with his diaper idea but she realized she couldn’t talk about her diapers.

Charlie jumped up and ran towards his mom, “I’m all wet,” he announced and his mom led him away towards the bathrooms. Five minutes later he came back and smiled: “We can play again, I’m all dry and clean,” he apparently used the words his mom had told him earlier.

Amy realized her diaper was soaked and almost opened her mouth to ask her mom when she stopped; she was a big girl though. She leaned down to Peggy and checked her diaper. Peggy was taken aback first but she got the message instantly:

“I’m all wet,” she announced even if it sounded weird from her mouth.
“Okay,” Ann stood up and led both Amy and Peggy to the bathroom to change their diapers. Peggy’s diaper also was wet.

When they came back, Charlie’s mom looked at them in utter surprise. She didn’t hear about the game and she wondered about Ann’s presence and the fact Ann joined Peggy and Amy. She guessed that something was wrong but she didn’t want to be too curious. Maybe Ann or Peggy had to go to the toilet plainly and they used that opportunity.

Amy joined Peggy and Charlie again and they continued playing until late afternoon when they had to go home. Amy kept thinking of Susie and the big girl problems. Peggy had told her earlier that big girls didn’t wear diapers but now she witnessed Susie’s struggle and failure. The idea of potty training scared her.

“Mommy, Susie peed her pants and had to go home. Why didn’t she wear diapers? It would be more comfortable.” Amy asked Ann.
“Didn’t you hear, princess? Susie wants to become a big girl.”
“I’m a big girl and I wear diapers.”
“No; you have the size of a big girl but you still are my three years old Amy. On the other hand, Susie might succeed in her potty training, grow up and become a true big girl.”

Peggy kept listening to the discussion and had to smile. Amy liked the temporary big girl role but she didn’t want to give up the diapers and she didn’t want to grow up too quickly. Peggy was curious how much time Amy would need to want to change back. She also somehow liked the toddler role. She could learn more from Charlie and Susie while in the toddler’s body. The loving care and diapers also were pleasant and comfortable; it was a kind of relief from everyday adult life.


Amy and Peggy are beginning to enjoy their new roles. Peggy should eventually like wearing diapers.
There are many possibilities for Amy’s development. Her mother Ann seems to hope that Amy has always been a baby. I look forward to the follow-up development.

Part 6:

When they arrived at home, Ann helped Amy remove her shoes and undress; Peggy removed her shoes and changed into the comfortable homewear. She didn’t think of her diaper anymore and accepted it. When she felt the urge to pee, she peed in the diaper simply.

Ann made dinner and Amy again did her best to be a big girl and eat on her own. After dinner Ann sent Amy and Peggy to the bedroom to play for awhile until she would do the dishes.

Amy sat down and opened her dollhouse; Peggy joined her. She somehow liked the childish game and remembered the old times. While they were playing, Peggy got curious:

“Amy, how did you like the big girl’s time so far. Would you like to stay as the big girl longer?”
“It was great, Peggy. The doll dressing game and the tights.”
“What about the playground?”
“Babysitting was boring. I’d like to be the big girl but not on the playground.”
“Okay, we call Melody and Emma tomorrow. However …” Peggy blushed a little but Amy didn’t notice it, “I’d like to go to the playground. I’m a bit curious about your playmates.”

Peggy’s idea was good. Amy could go somewhere with Melody and Emma and she would play on the playground and talk with Charlie and Susie. Amy’s presence was suspicious and Peggy noticed the look of Charlie’s mom earlier.

While they were playing, Amy stopped and after a minute she continued playing. Peggy realized what happened and turned to Amy:
“Amy, did you pee in your diaper?”
“Yeah, my diaper is warm and heavy.”
“Didn’t you feel the urge?”

Amy shook her head and looked at Peggy as if she was speaking a foreign language “Urge?”
“Yeah, a feeling of pressure.”
Amy shook her head again; she had been distracted before she peed and ignored the pressure in her bladder.

Peggy sighed only; Amy’s potty training would be a long term task. Even worse; Amy didn’t control the bladder in Peggy’s body and Peggy was afraid of creating an involuntary reflex. Moreover, she stopped attempts to hold her pee in Amy’s body. Even if she still felt the urge and relaxed the muscles voluntarily, she didn’t care about it. The diapers really were comfortable.

Amy yawned and Ann appeared to take her to the bathroom. Peggy joined them and waited until Ann gave Amy a bath and diapered her for the night. As soon as Amy was ready for bed, Peggy undressed herself, untaped the wet diaper and crawled into the bathtub. She was able to take a shower and brush her teeth.

Ann waited and put the thick night time diaper on Peggy and dressed her in the same pink onesie she had been wearing the last night.
“Good night, Peggy.”
“Good night, Ann; it’s been a challenging day today,” Peggy smiled and headed towards the bedroom. The thick diaper package made her waddle a bit. Amy was half asleep already and Peggy also was tired. She lay down and found the most comfortable position on her belly and with her legs spread.

Both girls fell asleep and Ann put off the light five minutes later; she smiled at both; Peggy was incredibly cute in the onesie. Ann imagined both girls as her babies and she was amused by the image.

Peggy woke up the next morning; she had had a peaceful night and didn’t remember any dream. Amy was standing at the bed:
“Good morning, Peggy,” she smiled at Peggy and Peggy noticed two diapers in her hand; one adult-sized and one toddler-sized.
“Here you are,” the adult-sized little girl passed the clean diaper to her toddler-sized babysitter and Peggy almost laughed. When she stretched her limbs, she felt the wet and heavy package between her legs. She peed several times in the night without realizing it.
“Good morning and thank you, Amy,” Peggy smiled back at Amy and stood up; they headed towards the kitchen; a pleasant smell was spreading across the hall already.

“Good morning mommy,” Amy greeted her mom politely.
“Good morning, Ann,” Peggy remembered how to call Mrs. Carson.
“Morning, girls,” Ann almost laughed when she noticed the diapers in their hands “Who’s first?”
“Unzip my onesie and change Amy; I’ll manage to undress myself and remove the wet diaper,” Peggy replied and turned her back to Ann.

Ann nodded, unzipped Peggy’s onesie and headed towards the bathroom. Amy followed her and jumped onto the changing table. Ann removed the wet diaper and cleaned her diaper area. Meanwhile Peggy removed the onesie, ripped off the diaper tapes, took the baby wipes and cleaned her own diaper area. While Ann was diapering and dressing Amy, Peggy brushed her teeth and waited.

As soon as Ann finished dressing Amy, Peggy jumped onto the changing table, Ann diapered her and Peggy jumped off the table and hurried up to the bedroom to put on the home wear.

At breakfast, they talked about today’s schedule. Peggy explained her idea about splitting and Ann nodded:
“If Melody and Emma take care of Amy, they can arrange another big girl time and I’ll take you to the playground. Anyway, we have to do some shopping first. Call Melody and tell her that they can babysit Amy in the afternoon.”

After breakfast Peggy called Melody and told her about babysitting:
“Mel, can you and Emma babysit Amy this afternoon and arrange a big girl afternoon for her? I’ll go to the playground to talk with her playmates.”
“Of course,” Peggy could hear a distant laugh. “We’ll take her to a movie. You seem to like the toddler role. Wouldn’t you like to stay that little?”
“To be honest, I’m not sure,” Peggy blushed and she was glad Melody couldn’t see her.
“Okay, we will come about 2PM then.”
Peggy hanged up the phone and Ann called her: “Get dressed and we’ll go shopping.”

Ten minutes later they were walking towards the store; Ann was pulling a wheeled bag behind her, Amy and Peggy were walking along and holding each other at hands. Nobody could know that Peggy actually was leading Amy.

While walking, Amy felt the movement in her bowels and she instinctively relaxed the muscles. A large amount of poop filled the back of her diaper. At that moment her bladder voided itself as well. She was a bit surprised by the big load but she didn’t care and continued

Peggy also felt the growing pressure in her guts and the urge increased at every step. She tried to clench the muscles but it was vain. The mushy poop started filling the back of her diaper.

Amy apparently noticed what happened and turned to Peggy.
“Hey, did you poop? Don’t worry, mom will change you when we come home. I’ve pooped already.”
Peggy shook her head only; she was afraid of the people at the store; the smell would be obvious. However Amy seemed to be comfortable with the full diaper between her legs. Ann also didn’t say anything and didn’t show any sign of worries.

At the store Peggy tried to watch the other customers inconspicuously but she didn’t notice any unwanted attention. Ann did the shopping quickly and they left the store half an hour later and headed home.

At home, Ann unloaded the groceries and turned to the girls:
“Time to get cleaned, girls. Peggy, undress yourself and wait.”
Amy jumped onto the changing table, Ann undressed her, untaped the soiled diaper and cleaned most of the poop:
“Move to the tub, Peggy jump up on the table.”
Ann cleaned Peggy and sent her to the tub as well.
“Peggy, you can shower both yourself and Amy and I get clean diapers for you meanwhile.”
Peggy nodded and showered herself first. Amy had to sit down and Peggy washed her as well.

Ten minutes later both Amy and Peggy were diapered and dressed and Ann commenced cooking lunch.
After lunch Amy had a short nap and Peggy with Ann sat down at the table to talk. Ann also made two cups of coffee. Peggy didn’t worry about the consequences anymore; she expected to pee a bit more.

“Ann, could we ask the pendant again? I think I have an idea.”
“Yeah,” Ann nodded and got the pendant.
“Dear pendant, I asked you yesterday if something changed. Is it Amy’s experience?”
One green flash.
“If she experienced the big girl life, can she ask you to change back?”
One green flash.
“Do I change back?”
No reply.
“Do I have to agree to her change?”
Two red flashes.
“Can I ask you to stay like this?”
One green flash.

Peggy was taken aback. The pendant provided her an interesting option but she had to be careful.

“Did I understand right? Amy can change back if she wants to and I can choose if I change back or not. Is that right?”
One green flash.


It’s getting more and more interesting. As a big girl, Amy enjoys her experience, and Peggy has entered her own role. I’m looking forward to the next development!
In addition, the change of Peggy’s body may be very helpful to Peggy who likes diapers, even if she has changed back.

Part 7:

Ann put the pendant away and Peggy started thinking of her options. However she was interrupted by the doorbell. A short look at the watch revealed it was 2PM already.

“Hi, Mel, Emma.”
“Hi, little Peggy,” Melody teased her instantly, “Where is our big little girl?”
“She is probably napping,” Peggy stood up and headed towards the bedroom; Melody followed her.

Amy really was asleep but she instantly opened her eyes; it had to be the sixth Sense apparently when she felt the presence of Peggy.
“Hi, Amy,” Melody greeted her, “we’ll go to the movies today.”
“Wow, do we watch fairy-tales?” Amy jumped up from the bed and her diaper dropped between her legs.
“Fairy-tales?” Melody was taken aback but she realized that Amy still was a toddler.”Not exactly but you will like the movie anyway.”

Melody and Emma had spent a long time last evening picking up a movie that Amy would like. Their final choice was a mix of comedy and fairy-tale. The story was simple so Amy could understand it.

Amy grabbed a clean diaper and passed it to Melody and headed towards the bathroom. She jumped onto the changing table and waited.
“Your turn, Mel,” Peggy laughed, “You need experience.”

Melody smiled and commenced the diaper change; she was getting skilled already. After the diaper change she pulled Amy’s nightshirt over her head and led Amy to the bedroom:

“Amy, you get a big girl makeup and clothes now.” Emma pulled out the makeup kit and sat down on the chair next to Amy.
When Ann spotted Amy, she had to cover her mouth to hide the laugh. Amy also seemed to like the makeup and lipstick and laughed at herself in the mirror.

Meanwhile Melody prepared the nylons and dress. As soon as Emma finished and Amy stopped laughing, Melody dressed her.

Amy sat down and Melody pulled the nylons up her legs slowly. After that she pulled the dress over Amy’s head.
“It’s better than the doll game yesterday,” Amy looked in the mirror again.

Ann brought a small backpack and passed it to Melody: “Here you have spare diapers and cleaning utensils,” she smiled. Melody took the backpack and thanked Ann.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Carson. We take Amy to movies and spend a nice afternoon together,” Emma opened the door, took Amy at hand and left. Melody followed them and Peggy stayed alone with Ann.

“Ann, we can go to the playground now.” Peggy turned to Ann.
“I was surprised by your idea at first but it is good indeed. You can learn a lot from the children if you are one of them. Go and get dressed.”
“Okay; anyway I should …” Peggy felt the warm pee between her legs “have a clean diaper.” She realized that she had peed without control earlier. To her surprise she wasn’t taken aback by it.

Peggy left for the bedroom and came back with a diaper in her hand.
“You really look like Amy and behave like her,” Ann grinned and took the diaper. In the bathroom Peggy jumped onto the changing table and pulled down her tights.

After the diaper change Peggy thanked Ann, jumped off the changing table and hurried up to the bedroom to dress herself.

Ann took a bottle of juice, several spare diapers and cleaning utensils and packed it into a small backpack. Peggy took the backpack and put it onto her back.

While walking to the playground Ann got curious about the diaper issue:
“Peggy, you are potty trained though. Why do you need diapers?”
“Ann, it began in the evening when I was wearing the onesie.Of course I felt the urge and tried to clench the muscles.However Amy’s muscles are not trained and they are weak. I wasn’t able to hold my pee for long. I also failed after breakfast when I wanted to go to the toilet.”
“Yeah but you still feel the urge, don’t you?”
“I did feel the urge indeed; however I wet myself on both nights and I got a bit lazy lately.”
“How so?”
“I gave up the effort to hold my pee if it was in vain.”
“It isn’t a good idea, Peggy.”
“I know but … but it’s comfortable. I somehow understand Amy now.”
“Hey, she should get potty trained!”

“I know,” Peggy sighed. However she never tried to potty train Amy and Ann didn’t ask her for it. Amy was incredibly cute when she announced she was wet and brought a clean diaper.

On the playground Peggy walked over to the sandbox where Charlie and Susie were playing already.
“Hi Amy,” Susie smiled at her.
“Hi,” Peggy had to control herself to react to Amy’s name. She watched Susie and noticed the pullup between her legs. She or her mommy apparently didn’t stop the potty training. Peggy was curious about it but she couldn’t ask Susie. It would be a suspicious question from little Amy. Nevertheless she got the answer soon.

“Mommy, I have to pee,” Susie stood up and hurried up to her mom. Susie’s mom got a potty from her big bag and pulled down Susie’s tights and pullup. Susie sat down.
“Susie, you deserve praise; you are almost a big girl now. The next week you get training pants and maybe even big girl panties.”

Charlie watched Susie and he looked sad: “Amy, we’ll lose a diaper mate. I don’t know why she wants to become a big girl.”
Peggy had to think about her reply. Of course she understood Susie’s effort to become big but little Amy hardly would react like this. Moreover, Peggy enjoyed the diaper time and wanted a break from the adult period.
“I think so, we lost her,” her reply was simple and sincere. “The diapers are comfortable though.”
“Yeah,” Charlie looked at his mom inconspicuously and whispered, “if you have to pee, you go in your diaper. My mom asked me if I didn’t want to become a big boy.”
“I told her NO. It would be uncomfortable to go to the potty every time.”

Meanwhile Susie came back and joined them in the sandbox. Peggy was playing just like the two toddlers but she kept thinking of Charlie’s words. Peggy suddenly realized that Charlie knew when he had to pee and he used his diaper willingly. At that moment her bladder sent a signal to her mind; it was full. She didn’t think of holding her pee or anything else and relaxed the muscles.

“You are peeing, aren’t you?” Charlie grinned and whispered in her ear. Peggy nodded.
“If you want, I can pee as well and we’ll ask our mommies to change both of us.” Charlie added.

“Hey, what are you whispering to each other? Do you have secrets?” Charlie’s mom smiled at the two toddlers. Charlie shook his head innocently and so did Peggy. However Peggy winked at Charlie.

Charlie didn’t hesitate. His bladder was full already and was quite able to hold his pee; however he had a pleasant feeling when his bladder was full and another pleasant feeling when he was peeing. Now he relaxed his muscles and let the pee flow in his diaper. He also pressed a little to make the pleasant feeling more intensive. This time his action had an unexpected effect; his bowels also were full and the mushy poop filled the back of his diaper.

Although he was surprised, he waited until he finished and stood up: “Mom, I need a clean diaper.”
Peggy grinned, stood up as well and walked over to Ann: “Mommy, I’m all wet.” At the last moment she realized she should address Ann as mom.
“Hey, you two, you leave me alone,” Susie protested.
“If you were diapered, we could get a change all together,” Charlie shrugged.

Ann and Charlie’s mom led the couple to the family restroom.


Peggy hopes to put on diapers and relax from adulthood, which will inevitably conflict her thinking with Ann’s potty training; At the same time, Amy is also making Peggy’s body lose excretion control. I look forward to dealing with this matter.

Part 8:

Amy, Melody and Emma were walking towards the shopping centre. Melody and Emma were thrilled a bit; they missed Peggy. Even if she was in a toddler body, she still could give them advice.

Amy, on the other hand, was enthusiastic again. The shopping the day before was a great experience and now she had another big girl afternoon ahead. Her makeup and nylons made her feel like an adult and the thick package between her legs didn’t disturb that feeling.

Her bladder wasn’t full yet but a signal of urge was sent to her mind anyway. She hesitated for a short moment and relaxed the bladder muscles; her diaper got warm and heavy. Melody and Emma didn’t notice anything; Amy continued walking.

As they got to the shopping centre, Melody headed to a café first.
“We have some time left until the movie begins,” she explained to Amy.

They sat down and ordered juice for everyone and coffee for Emma and Melody. Amy drank her juice quickly; she was thirsty after her afternoon nap. After that she got curious and asked Melody for a sip of coffee. She often saw her mommy or Peggy drink coffee and wanted to try it out.

“Could I have a sip of coffee, please?:
“Yeah but be careful; it’s hot.”
“Aww, it’s bitter,” Amy took a small sip and shook her head. “Why do you drink it?” she turned to Emma.
“I like the taste and it helps you if you are tired.”

Amy shook her head again; she didn’t understand why somebody needed help if they were tired. They could sleep though. She also didn’t understand how adults liked the bitter taste rather than the sweet juice.

When they finished, Emma stood up and pointed to the bathrooms: “We should visit the bathrooms before the movie.”

Amy almost protested but she realized she still was the big girl. She followed Melody and Emma to the family bathroom.

“Amy, is your diaper dry?” Melody asked Amy.
“No but I don’t need a change,” Amy shook her head.
“We should change you now; otherwise you would need a change before the movie end. We will pee, too. It isn’t a good idea to go to the bathroom during the movie.”

Amy sighed and lay down on the changing table. Her toddler mind wasn’t able to understand what Melody said. In her life she always got a change when necessary. Why was adult life that complicated?

Emma sat down and peed. As she flushed the toilet, the sound made Amy pee in her diaper before Melody untaped it.

Melody pulled down Amy’s nylons and untaped the wet diaper. It was warm and the smell spread across the room.

Melody started cleaning Amy and the familiar feeling calmed Amy down; she forgot about her former worries. The baby powder and clean diaper was pleasant and her mood improved again. She jumped off the changing table while Melody sat down on the toilet.

The movie was nice but a bit long for Amy. She was getting bored and turned to Melody:
“Can we go home?” she whispered.
“Wait; you are a big girl though.” Melody whispered back.
Amy sighed and waited but she didn’t focus on the movie and her eyes closed in the darkness.
“Hey,” Melody woke her up when the movie was over. “It’s time to go home.”

After the movie they headed home. While they were passing the children’s corner, Amy looked at it and stopped for a short moment. All of sudden she realized she was missing Peggy. The day before she could play there. Now she didn’t have that excuse.

“Melody, is a big girl life that complicated?” she turned to Melody while walking home.
“Amy, it is not complicated but you are a toddler and the most part of adult life is uninteresting for you.”
“I’d like to be the little girl again but could I go shopping and get nice clothes then?”
“Of course you can. If you behave yourself, you can also go to the café.”
“Okay then. However … do you babysit me as the small Amy?”
“Of course,” Melody smiled at Amy and kissed her forehead. She somehow got used to babysitting and liked it.

Peggy and Charlie were led towards the family restroom. There were several changing tables inside and Peggy jumped onto the first one. Charlie didn’t hesitate and lay down on the neighboring one. They spread their legs and waited for their respective mommies to be changed.

Ann had to laugh when she noticed the two toddlers. Charlie’s mom wasn’t surprised. She pulled down Charlie’s pants and felt the smell.

“Hey, don’t you want to become a big boy, Charlie?” She started reproaching him; however Charlie didn’t react at all and relaxed on the changing table while his mom untaped the diaper and cleaned his poop.

Ann undressed Peggy and untaped her diaper. This time Peggy didn’t cooperate; she had to play Amy’s role.
“We are diaper friends though,” Charlie looked at Peggy innocently. He couldn’t see her crotch but Peggy almost blushed before she realized she was a toddler. It was hard to control herself but she was getting amused by the role.
“Hey, Amy; don’t you want to become a big girl?” Ann teased Peggy; she liked the game and enjoyed the spectacle.
“We are the diaper friends though,” Peggy turned her head to Charlie. She also liked the game and tried to guess if Amy really wanted to be a diaper friend.
Ann sighed and turned to Charlie’s mom: “We have a long term task ahead. The littles seem to be stubborn.”
“Yeah,” Charlie’s mom nodded and continued cleaning her son. Meanwhile Ann finished changing Peggy and Peggy jumped off the table.

“Mom, I’ll run to Susie,” she exclaimed and ran away. Ann followed her slowly and she had to control herself not to laugh but she had to admire Peggy. The toddler-sized teenager was quite able to play the toddler role. She probably would become a successful social worker or even child psychologist.
“Susie, I’m back,” Peggy sat down and joined the game. She surprisingly liked the childish behavior and Susie apparently didn’t get suspicious. Charlie joined them a bit later and they enjoyed the time until evening when they had to go home.

“Peggy, we have to hurry up,” Ann turned to Peggy when they got out of hearing distance, “Amy will be back soon and I’m quite curious how she enjoyed the big girl time.”
“I’m curious too, mo … Ann.”
Don’t worry, Peggy. It was even pleasant for me if you called me mom. I also had to be careful and call you Amy.”
“Maybe this game will be over soon.”
“To be honest, I like the toddler body. I asked the pendant.”
“I know but is it a good idea? What would happen then?”
“I think that Amy will return to her body and ….”
“You will return to her body but … does the body shrink?”
“No idea. Probably yes.” Peggy suddenly stopped “We need a cover story then. Who am I in the toddler body? Where can I live? What about my school?”
“It depends on the time you spend in the toddler body, Peggy. If you agree, you can stay with us as Amy’s cousin, for example.”
“I think I can ask the pendant how long I can stay the toddler.”

They arrived at home and Peggy hurried up to change into Amy’s home wear. As she came to the kitchen, Ann surprised her when she leaned down and checked Peggy’s diaper:
“You are soaked, Peggy. Let’s change you quickly until Amy comes back.”
Peggy ran away and jumped onto the changing table, pulled down her pants and spread her legs. Ann untaped the wet diaper and put a clean one on her.

At that moment the bell rang and Ann hurried up to answer the door. Amy, Melody and Emma came back.


I wonder if Peggy will fully accept growing up from a baby again. I don’t know if the pendant has this ability; Amy also felt that being a big girl was not just pure happiness, there were many things she couldn’t understand. I’m a little curious about the next development.