Big Changes: Retraining Runey

This is a follow up/side story to a much longer story I wrote earlier. You might want to read that first, but I hope there’s enough exposition so you wont be totally lost if you’re a new reader or you forgot the details to the first story.

Big Changes: Retraining Runey

Veronica wanted to kill the sun. It seemed the best course of action as the offending heavenly body insisted on shining through the window. Mornings usually weren’t that hard on her, but had been rather fussy the night before, and her parents gave her some ale to calm her down. Unfortunately, ogres have a much higher tolerance for alcohol than humans, and she was quite hung-over.

Veronica’s parents weren’t actually her parents, but a couple of ogres who had found her in the woods while she was running from the lawn. She was pretty tipsy then as well, which was why allowing them to take her in so she could lay low seemed like such a good idea. Ogres are poor judges of human age, so they mistook her for a baby. Veronica, or ‘Runey’ as her new parents had dubbed her, made no effort to shake them of this belief. That’s the reason she was sleeping in a crib, clad only in a shirt and a thick diaper, which she was happy to be wearing considering how much she had to drink the night before.

As Veronica blinked the sleep out her eyes, she saw her parents on the other side of the hut discussing something. She didn’t fully understand Ogrish, and the buzzing in the back of her head didn’t help matters, but she got the gist of it. The topic of conversation seemed to be their lack of understanding of human development, and how they weren’t sure if Veronica was ready to attempt some task. They finally agreed that it couldn’t hurt to try, and her father, who Veronica referred to as ‘Poppa’, placed some object Veronica couldn’t see by her changing table. As he passed the crib he noticed she was awake, and gave her a pat on the head. This didn’t please the hornets that had taken up residence there, but she managed to smile at him as he left for work.

Momma, whose black hair was elaborately decorated with a few animal bones, came to check on her and set her on the changing table, stripping her of the soaked diaper and cleaning her up. Instead of being rediapered, Veronica found herself placed on the mysterious object her father had left. It seemed to be a simple wooden chair, but there was a hole in the seat, and there was a clay pot set underneath. In her confused state, it took Veronica a few moments to realize what it was, and she stared in confusion as her mother began the standard speech of where big girls do their business, finally asking if she needed to go. Veronica shook her head, knowing that her bladder had recently been emptied into her pants, but her mother insisted that she try. She was too hung-over to deal with this, so after a few minutes of pointlessly sitting on the potty she shook her head more vigorously and shouted the Ogrish word for “No!”

A look of disappointment on her face, Momma placed Veronica back on the table and dressed her in an odd looking pair of shorts in place of her usual diaper. They were thickly padded, and Veronica realized they were to deal with accidents during her potty training. Her head started to clear as she was fed her breakfast, and it finally dawned on Veronica what a big deal this was. It was the first step to finally being able to do things for herself again. Following breakfast, Momma showed her how to pull the training pants down and placed her on the chair. After a few minutes she realized she had to go, and urinated outside her pants for the first time in quite a while. Momma was pleased, and gave her a big hug after pulling her training pants back into place. Veronica smiled at the attention, despite the knowledge she was being praised for doing something she learned to do before her third birthday.

After Momma took a quick trip outside to empty the potty the outhouse, she carried Veronica outside to play and deposited her in a grassy clearing along with a few young ogres and one not quite as young human. Veronica waved. “Hey Livi!”

Livi, short for Olivia, was the other human girl living in the village. A little younger than Veronica, she was wearing a sleeveless green dress that did nothing to conceal her diaper. Instead of running from the law, she allowed herself to be adopted to learn about ogre culture, with a little urging from an eccentric ogre researcher. She returned Veronica’s greeting and looked puzzled. “There’s something different about you.”

Veronica nodded. “Yep. My mom’s teaching me to use the potty, so she put me in training pants.” She stood up and turned around to show them off.

Olivia looked her over. “Ready to grow up, are you?”

Smirking, Veronica sat back down. “Oh yeah. I’m going to leave you babies behind. I’ll probably be mayor of this place in a year or two.”

“Better make sure you lock your door.” Olivia replied, referencing the incident that put Veronica on the run in the first place. She then noticed Sunny, an ogre child who enjoyed looking after the humans, and pointed to Veronica’s new garments. The ogre’s expression went from puzzled, to disappointed, to excited in short order. Sunny quickly babbled something, and Olivia asked for a translation. “What’d she say?” Having recently arrived in the village, her Ogrish wasn’t nearly as good as Veronica’s.

“She’ll miss taking care of me.” Veronica said. “But she says when I’m a big girl like her, I can help take care of you.” She grinned at Olivia. “Wont that be fun? You’ll have two babysitters to help feed you and change your diapers.”

Olivia glared, but said. “I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be changed.”

Veronica noticed that she was fidgeting quite a bit, and as she glanced down she noticed a stream of urine starting to escape into her training pants. “Gah!” She ran to find her mother, not noticing Olivia’s smug satisfaction being interrupted by a diaper check from Sunny. She tugged on her mother’s skirt and said the Ogrish word for “wet”, pointing to their hut. She was carried back and placed on the potty, but only went a little bit as she had already mostly gone in her training pants. Her mother still seemed pleased that she tried, and gave her a reassuring hug before changing her into a diaper for her afternoon nap. Veronica guessed that was because her diapers were thicker and she was sure to wet in her sleep.

Veronica was proven right as she awoke wearing a soggy diaper. Her time spent as a baby had affected her control, meaning that potty training really was necessary. She felt a familiar feeling from her bowels, and nearly acted on it out of force of habit before remembering her new situation. She stood up and held onto to the top of the crib railing and called out. “Momma!” She looked around the hut and couldn’t see any sign of her. “Momma?” She noticed the door was open slightly, and shapes were moving outside. Someone had probably come to the door, and Momma was talking to them outside to avoid waking her. The feeling to go was becoming increasingly urgent, so she called even louder. “Momma!” She took a deep breath to call once more when her knees suddenly bent and Veronica found herself filling her diaper. Taken by surprise, she let go of the crib railing and fell on her bottom, spreading the mess around. This was too much for her, and she started crying.

Having finished with her visitor, Momma finally returned to the hut and scooped Veronica out of the crib to console her. She said some soothing words, which made it clear she thought Veronica was crying simply because she had a dirty diaper, not for failing to make it to the potty. Momma held Veronica close and gently rocked her until she settled down, then cleaned her up and dressed her in a new pair of training pants.

The remainder of the day was uneventful. Veronica peed in the potty once, but also wet her training pants to the point of leaking during dinner, having been very hungry and believing she could hold it. Once again Momma showed no signs of being upset, and snugly diapered her for bed and tucked her in. As she drifted off, she heard her parents talking again, and this time they sounded more certain about her not being ready.

The following morning, Veronica awoke to her usual wet diaper. Once again she was placed on the potty, and once again she resisted, knowing she didn’t have to go. Momma hesitated for a few moments before dressing her in a pair of training pants, and Veronica realized the ogre must be having her doubts. Following breakfast she tried to act more eager to use the potty, but she still barely had to go and Momma didn’t seem convinced. Soon it was playtime, and Veronica found herself placed alongside Olivia.

Olivia looked up from the simple wooden blocks she had absent-mindedly been stacking. “How’s potty training going?”

Veronica looked down and sighed. “Not good.”

Olivia examined her tower before knocking it down to start again. “It’s not? I thought it was just a refresher course.”

Still looking down, Veronica mumbled, “Just not going so well is all. My parents think I’m not ready.”

“Well.” Olivia looked her over. “Maybe you don’t want to be potty trained.”

Veronica’s face turned a shade of red. “Hey!”

Olivia quickly shook her head. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant that maybe you like the attention, and so you aren’t ready to grow up again.”

Veronica looked up. “I… I guess that could be it.”

“Uh-huh.” Olivia rubbed her chin. “You’ve been here a year, right? You could’ve escaped plenty of times if you really wanted to. I really doubt the law would still be looking for you after such a minor crime.”

Veronica paused. She had never seriously considered escaping, even after Olivia’s brief departure from the village. After a while she nodded. “Yeah. I guess I do like it here.” She glanced around and blushed. “Man, now you’re going to tease me about this.”

Olivia snorted. “I’m not going to judge you; I was free and clear but came back for an exciting life of naps, baths, mashed up fruit, and diaper changes.”

Smiling, Veronica asked, “But how do I convince them I’m not ready for this?” She pointed down to her training pants.

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Duh. Have an accident.” She added enough emphasis to the word accident to indicate what she really meant.

“Oh. Right.” Veronica leaned forward and grunted. She found it harder when she didn’t feel an urge to go, but she soon messed her training pants, wetting them as well for good measure.

Olivia clicked her tongue. “So much for the big girl.”

Veronica glared. “This was your idea!”

Olivia broke out laughing, which garnered the attention of Sunny. As she approached, the ogre girl wrinkled her nose and looked down the back of Olivia’s diaper. Finding it clean, she turned her attention to Veronica, and shook her head in disappointment. That disappointment turned to a grin, and she ran to summon Veronica’s mother.

Veronica smiled weakly when she saw Olivia grinning and giving her a thumbs up. Momma arrived and examined her soiled training pants. She bent down and explained to her adopted daughter that she just wasn’t ready and she’d be back in diapers for a while. Veronica tried her best to look sad, but was suppressing a smile as she took Momma’s hand to be led waddling back to their hut.

Her mood was dampened when Olivia shouted after her. “Maybe I’ll get potty trained first, and then I can help you!”

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Big Changes: Retraining Runey

Is this going to be an ongoing story?

I hope that it is, as I would like to see Olivia progress to the stage of being able to converse with the Ogres. There is so much potential in this story.

Big Changes: Retraining Runey

Potential? Oh jeez. I pretty much exhausted most of my ideas for the narrative in the main story. I just did this one because I had an idea for a short (that is, non-epic) side story.

In this one I cheated by having Veronica MOSTLY understand them and providing the gist of it in the narration. I suppose if their language skills advance I’d be forced to fully ‘translate’ things.

Big Changes: Retraining Runey

Yay, a part 2 to this story Raynar!! I hope you continue it & this is not it!! You did a great job on it!!

Big Changes: Retraining Runey

giggles…I like the story just as it is…big smiles