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Katie couldn’t believe that the cat had gotten loose again. It was meant to be a plain and simple job, spend two weeks feeding the cat, changing its litter tray and generally making sure both the cat and the house stayed standing. And for this cake-walk of a job Katie would earn around a hundred pounds. It was easy money or at least that’s what she’d thought until the cat clawed her hand open and slipped out the house for the third time in seven days. Katie had resigned to her usual plan in this now all to frequent circumstance, walk the streets trying to find the cat or someone who had seen the cat. She had asked the neighbours who had both dismissed her without any result. She was near giving up when she spotted a group of kids. On a pure whim she asked them if they had seen a black cat with small white spots on it. Her hope rose sharply as one of the kids said that he’d seen a cat like that at the old nursery. She thanked him quickly and went towards that old building, as she neared she saw the satanic cat jump over a wall and in towards the old building. Katie was very anxious about following the cat, after all the building had been closed many many years ago, after a fire broke out killing all the toddlers and carers unfortunate enough to be in there. Katie hoped that the she wouldn’t have to go inside the building after all after all these years who could know if the building was safe to enter?

Katie scaled the wall just in time to see the cat go into the building.
“damn does that cat read minds and do this just to annoy me?” she asked to nobody but herself. Getting no response from anyone but her own mind telling her that she was crazy to be talking to herself. Katie ventured inside the Building in search for the Cat. Suddenly Katie felt very peculiar and the world started to spin and contort around her. When she reopened her eyes she was in for the shock of her lifetime.

The nursery was fully intact, there was no signs of fire or of the neglect that an abandoned building develops after being untouched for many years. Katie heard a voice coming round a corner she instantly panicked and turned round to leave out of the door she had just come through but the handle wasn’t where it was supposed to be and Katie ended up running into the door. Katie really started to panic when she noticed the door handle was a good foot above her head. she turned round to look for another way out, her mind panicking too much to try and reason out what was going on, just as a giant of a woman stepped round the corner. Katie quickly backed up against the door as this woman of a colossal size approached her. This woman’s knees where just below Katie’s chin, Katie had frozen in panic. As the woman got closer just two of her giant strides away she said in a voice that is usually reserved for very small children,

“Katie! What are you doing out here? You know your not meant to leave the play area without an adult.”

Katie was dumbstruck, why was this woman speaking to her like she was a toddler or something? how did this giant stranger know her name? what was that strange noise emanating from below her? Sadly for Katie the answer to her last question was answered by this giant stranger.

“KATIE HANNAH JOHNSON, where on earth is your nappy? You are going to be in a lot of trouble for taking that off and peeing over the floor young lady,” at this the giant woman picked Katie clean up off the floor like she weighed nearly nothing and started carrying her away from the door, and towards some unseen destination. Katie’s mind was at the verge of overload. “Never in all my days would I of expected something like this from you now come on lets get you back into a nappy before you do something worse then pee all over the floor” Katie had turned one of the deepest shades of red that the human face could go, she couldn’t believe that she had just wet herself in front of a total stranger and not even realised that she was doing it, and worse Katie couldn’t believe that apparently this stranger wanted to return her into nappies because of it!. Just as Katie was sat down on what must be from her point of view the worlds largest changing table, Katie reasoned that she should try and explain what was going on to the giant woman, because in the scant seconds that Katie had had she realised that she hadn’t said so much as hello to the woman.

“Ex… Ex…. Excuse me?” Katie stammered out not even noticing the pitch of her voice. The woman looked up surprised as if she had never expected Katie to say anything.

“I’m sorry about peeing on your floor I dint mean it, I just came in hear looking for this cat that I’m meant to be looking after but it sort of got loose and I thought I saw it coming in here, if you help me down of this giant table Ill clean the mess I made and ill leave and not bother you again. I’m really sorry”
Upon hearing this the woman’s jaw dropped in amazement

“Katie how did you learn to say all that? It was just a few days ago that you managed to say your whole name without struggling.”

“What??? How do you know my name? Why are you so big? Why are you treating me like a baby?” This time however Katie noticed that her voice seemed higher in pitch then normal, it was the voice of a small child.

“Katie I don’t know what is going on today, how you’ve learnt to speak so well or if I’m just going crazy and I’m hallucinating all of this in which case I’m sorry if I scare you darling. But just in case some miracle be it benevolent or mischievous has done this I will answer your questions. I have been your nursery teacher for the past 4 months Katie, I know a lot about you for instance I know you love to eat cookie dough without the chocolate chips. I am treating you like a baby because up until today you have acted like an average two year old, and I probably seem so big to you because your only a two year old and you wont grow to be my size for many years yet. Now I am sorry Katie my darling but I really need to get this nappy on you before you make anymore mess” Katie hated the thought of this but reluctantly agreed as it seemed pretty obvious that she was in no position to argue and since this woman thought her to be a two year old, and the evidence so far supported that theory. She thought it best. Katie endured it the only way she could think of that is to say lie back and pray that this was all some twisted dream.

Unfortunately her ‘teacher’ had another idea about how to calm down a small child while putting them into a nappy, Katie was most surprised to find a dummy being inserted into her mouth, However Katie discovered rather rapidly that it was very soothing to have something to suck on, and before Katie knew it she was out of her wet clothes and into a yellow sundress, and she was also in a nappy. The teacher asked her if she wanted to see herself in the mirror now that she was all clean and dry. Katie tried her best to answer yes but thanks to the dummy in her mouth all that came out was a muffled sound indistinguishable from a babies babble. Katie however quickly realised this and nodded yes so she could inspect herself and try and figure out exactly what was going on. A few short moments later Katie was in front of what by her standards must be the largest mirror ever created. The face staring back at Katie in the mirror truly upset her. She looked exactly like the photos shed seen of herself at two years old, the mirror Katie had the easily recognisable features of toddler hood and now that Katie saw this she saw it not only in the mirror but also when she held up her hand she saw 5 chubby digits, as soon as she saw that she realised that the rest of the mirror her could not be a lie. Her face was round and smooth, her hair was in pigtails and much shorter then it had been before she walked in. her breasts where gone replaced by the flatness of early childhood, Katie couldn’t figure out how she hadn’t noticed before. She started to cry standing on the spot the overall impact of it all was too much. And as she started crying she noticed that her dress was short enough that her nappy was peeking out of the bottom. Katie slumped herself down onto her padded bottom with a soft thud and sat there as tears ran down her face.
“Aww Katie honey what is wrong?” asked the teacher picking her up and holding Katie close to her trying to calm the small girl.

Katie however had cried herself to sleep her new toddler body not having enough stamina to keep her awake any longer. Another large woman walked into the room.
“Joanne there are two men in the office who would like to speak with you”
“ill be right there ill just put Katie down in her cot”
Joanne still cradling the sleeping Katie walked into a room with around 20 cots in it all of which where occupied except for one, Joanne carefully laid the sleeping girl down carefully so as not to disturb her. She then left to speak with the two men.

A while later Katie awoke extremely disorientated, As she looked around the first thing she noticed was the bars that surrounded her signifying that this in fact was not a dream, the second thing she noticed was the smell of a messy nappy. Katie was extremely disgusted with herself when she realised that it was her that was the source of the smell. Katie could see no one around, she could think of no other plan so she tried to stand up but found the only way she could stand on the mattress was to use the bars for support. Katie then started to call out but quickly stopped when she realised that no actual words where coming out of her mouth, just the nonsensical babbling of a toddler. She saw the large teacher woman coming across the room towards her. Katie decided shed hold her hands up to try and get the woman to pick her up, seeing that as the only possible means of escape she had from the crib, unfortunately Katie had forgotten that she needed to hold the crib bars to keep herself upright, and she swiftly found herself falling back onto her bottom. Katie rather quickly started crying feeling the mess around her move as she did so.

Katie found herself being picked up and being carried by the time she got over her latest crying episode. She could tell the Large woman was speaking but no matter how hard she tried Katie couldn’t understand what she was saying. Katie then experienced for the first time in what according to her memory was eighteen years having a nappy changed. Katie by this point was starting to feel numb towards being treated like an infant, and let the woman proceed without any troubles. Katie was however franticly trying to work out what had happened to her and more importantly how she could undo it. As Katie was being placed on the floor she saw the cat she had been chasing earlier walk through a seemingly closed door. Katie had the feeling that something unnatural was going on here.

Katie had a good look at her suroundings. There where many small children in the room playing with various toys befitting to their apparent ages. She could see three large “adults” who seemed to be casting a carefull watch over their charges. Katie felt that this place was strangely familiar to her, like somethng from her distant childhood. Katie decided shed go and sit at one of the colouring desks and try and think this out.

While sitting at an unashameadly childish colouring table doodling absent mindedly with a large red crayon it dawned on her. She had been to this nursary when she was a tot. She now remembered looking at the old photographs her parents had taken for the (shudder) baby album. But this place had burnt down when Katie had been ill with chicken pox. Katie clearly remembers her parents recounting every time katie felt they where being overly protective how lucky they had been seeing as if the fire had happened but a few days before how katie would have been killed. It was the major reason they had been so protective of her for so many years, they where terrified of losing her like so many other parents lost their children. It had been the major reason Katie had been so keen to take the cat/house sititing job, (apart from the money) Finally a chance to show her parents that at 20 she was old enough to take care of herself.

The Irony of the situation was not lost on Katie, Her best shot at proving she was a capable grown-up woman and now she was stuck in a nursary school that appears to have escaped the clutches of a fire and reduced her stature from that of a capable twenty year old to a measaly two year old. Katie quickly found her attention snapping back to the real world, when she found herself subjected to someone checking her nappy.

“C’mon Katie hun lets get you changed before outside play time.”

Katie was powerless to resist as she found herself picked up and set in motion towards the changing tables. Katie was virtually oblivious to the entire changing process, She knew that her best chance for escape would be when all the kids where outside, After all it was reasonable to assume that since her problems had started when she had entered the building they may finish when she leaves the door. The only problem was if nothing happened shed be in the middle of a very busy town. For all apearances a toddler who has lost her parents.

Her Parents, a horrible thought stuck Katie at this second, They where going to be checking up on her at that house soon. If they found she wasn’t there they’ed never buy the truth of what had happened. What if she didn’t turn back? They where getting a bit old to care for a toddler even a toddler with a twenty year old mind. Shed probably get adopted and never see them again. This thought made katie start to weep a little on the changing table. As her “caretaker” was finishing redressing katie she managed to control herself. Katie found herself placed back on her small feet.

“Whatever happens when I get out of here ill deal with when I get out of here” Katie said to no-one in particular, but all anyone else would have heard was the chattering bable that leaves a childs mouth.

Katie found herself leading the group of children outside and as she crossed the threshhold of the door she felt very peculiar and the world started to spin and contort around her once again. When she got sight of the world around her she knew that she was in big trouble…

<-------Chapter Four------->


That would be a sudden shock now wouldn’t it.

How many chapters is that section supposed to be? 3? I think it was a good size post which means you may want to consider double chapter posts (or ignoring me).

Anyhow - its got no pretensions which is refreshing. It doesn’t feel artificial to too great an extent.


Thanks for your comment, i think i will consider douple chapter posts, i know my chapers are ridiculously short compared to some, but each one defines a certain waypont in the story for me.


good one 8)