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Chapter Four
Katie couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t see anything but red, all she could hear was the sound of phnematic pumps kicking in and out of action. Every sense she had screamed at her. She felt like she was swimming though treacle. After what seemed like a small eternity there was a bright white light above her acompanied by the sound of some sort of motor. Then just as soon as she saw the light her world went dark.

The sound of a Hospital heart monitor is what awoke Katie, her eyes shot open and Katie found that she was lieing on a hospital bed. The White utilitarian walls and generel smell of disinfectant where pretty much the only reassurances that Katie needed to have to realise she was in a Hospital.

It was with a huge sigh of relief that Katie realised that she was back in her normal twenty year old body, Something didn’t feel right to her though. Something was most definitely wrong, for a start she attempted to sit up her body felt weak and unresponsive. It was then She heard her mothers voice,

“Alf, Quickly, get a doctor, shes waking up!”

Before Katie could even try and form a few words of greeting to her parents her mother was leaning over her smiling in the way that only Katies Mother knew how. The smile that said “Im so happy your ok, but if you ever do anything like that again. You’ll regret it more then you know.” This most heartwarming and soul-chilling of smiles was acompanied by those fateful words.

“Katie hunny, Don’t worry, your in a hospital, Don’t worry about moving the doctors have you on some pretty powerfull meds. Don’t worry your not in trouble. I don’t know what you where doing down by the ….”

Katie sensing that this lovely little pep-talk from her mother was going to carry on for sometime did what all good children do when being lectured to by a parent and zoned out. Instead of paying attention to her mother Katie performed a quick mental recap of what she had just been through.

All Katie could remember for certain was the cat going into the old nursary, Her following it in, A woman who treated Katie like a Toddler. The all too frequent experience of having her nappy changed. Two men in black suits, then some strange red place with all those strange noises and that light. Then this…

Katie noticed her mother had stoped talking, or at least was waiting for somesort of response,

“Hi mummy, What happened?” where the words she carefully picked in order to get her mother off her back. At that time the doctor came in and started doing some checks asking questions like “how does your head feel?”,“Are you in any pain?”, “can you feel you extremities?”, “Do you remember anything out of the ordinary?”

This last question had katie concerned, it didn’t fit. For some reason katie knew she couldn’t trust this man, he looked familiar, she knew she had seen him smewhere before. Her reply was simply. “All I remember is looking for the stupid cat then I woke up here…”

The doctors face didn’t react at all, This is the thing Katie noticed the most it was like he was that android off star trek. Totally emotionless. Katie didn’t know what was going on but she was sure that it wasn’t over yet…

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