BEYOND AGAIN chapter five




Chapter Five
As Katie spent the next few days in hospital her strength rapidly returned. Her Doctor seemed to be a little surprised by her fast recovery and insisted that she obey the rules her body was trying to enforce on her. Katie guess this meant don’t try too hard. Her parents had barely left her bedside since she had woken up, the only private time she had was when she went to the bathroom and even then she had to assure her mother that she was going to be ok.

Her parents and the authorities where at a complete loss as to what had happened to Katie. Katie however knew the truth, She also knew that shed never convince anyone else so she decided to keep quiet. Katie was also aware that despite everything he proclaimed her doctor was sceptical about her claims of remembering nothing, she still didn’t like that man, he was so cold so logical he just didn’t seem human. Katie was also plainly aware that she should be doubting the experiences she remembers but so much of those recollections seemed more real then any other moment in her life.

After being discharged from the hospital and going home with her parents Katie’s life seemed to take a serious plunge. Her parents especially her mother where strictly regulating all aspects of her life. When Mrs Winters had come back from her holiday and found the cat gone, Katie hadn’t even been allowed to explain. Her parents had simply told Mrs Winters that Katie had been involved in an accident while looking for the cat which had gotten lose and hadn’t been able to find it afterwards. Mrs Winters had seemed a little upset but seemed extremely apologetic about what had happened.

Katie spent a lot of time barricaded in her room, searching the internet trying desperately to find someone who could relate to her ordeal. Katie was absolutely amazed to find out that there where websites and forums and even small online communities where boys and girls (the term men and women didn’t seem to fit in Katie mind) from across the planet wrote stories about events like Katie. Of course they where all crafted in the efforts of fiction, most if not all of the writers where fairly adamant about that point. The people she came across liked to label themselves. There where:AB’s Which stood for Adult Babies or as Katie thought of it Grown-ups who liked to pretend to be Little (usually mid to late toddler stages). TB’s or the Teen variation on the above and DL’s or Diaper Lovers (for some reason unfathomable to Katie the more americanised english seemed most prevalent) who seemed to mostly be fascinated by nappies for various reasons. Katie couldn’t help but smile knowing most of the AB’s and TB’s on these site would do nearly anything for an experience like what had happened to her. Katie decided shed sign up to a few of these forums just to find out a little more. However she wasn’t expecting what came shortly after…

BEYOND AGAIN chapter five

This little morsel just isn’t really enough.

It lacks descriptive flesh and any kind of evocation of emotion or any other aspect of her situation.

Also you missed an apostrophe in ‘she’d’

Still, carry on writing this.

BEYOND AGAIN chapter five

dont worry undomesicated equines could not stop me writing this at the moment.