Between the sheets...and into the mind [Ch1-Ch35]

I’ve absolutely no idea how this will pan out, just a totally random idea that came into my head…and that’s how my last story started out, so I figured I’d run with it and see whether it gets into my head in the same way. :slight_smile:

Chapter 1

To the brash sounds of the latest guitar riff blaring from her phone, McKenzie Sumner awoke with something of a jolt, fumbling through still tired eyes as she tried in vain to silence the alarm for the third time that morning, before tossing it back onto her nightstand in frustration.

“Hey Siri” she mumbled gruffly “Snooze”, before laying back down and snuggling under the thick duvet that held the warmth in and shielded her from the start of her day, savouring a rare opportunity to lie in far longer than she should.

“Kenz, that’s the third time I’ve heard that damned song now! That means it’s now half an hour after you should have been up and getting ready for college.”

With a very melodramatic groan, McKenzie flipped back the covers and swung her legs around out of the bed, rubbing her eyes and running her hands through her bedhead as she did so…had anybody been watching, they’d have sworn they were watching the actions of a toddler, not a 19 year old.

“I’m up Mum, I’m up! Honestly, I NEVER get a chance to lie in, and the one time I do it’s just nag, nag, nag. Pffffft!”

The girl was frustrated at her disturbed slumber, but even that couldn’t cloud the otherwise perfect start to her day and, despite the teenage attitude showing through her return was still jovial. She knew all she needed was a hot shower and a strong coffee, and then she’d be smiling. Turning towards her desk with a stretch, grabbing once more at her flyaway frizz, she caught a glimpse in the mirror and couldn’t help chuckling. She’d always been the same since she was little, never a morning person, and the reflection which looked back at her made that very clear.

“Oi, less of the lip young lady.” The older woman replied from the landing, but with an unexpected twinkle to her own voice. Kenzie was right, it WAS very rare that she got to enjoy a lie in, and that in itself already meant the morning was off to a better start than 99% of their days. “Bathroom’s all yours, I’ll go and put the kettle on shall I? Coffee, I take it?”

Stretching again and struggling to stifle a yawn, Mckenzie was pleased her mum hadn’t taken the hump at her drowsy snipe.

“hraaaaaaaaarrhh….Ooh yeah, please Mum, thanks! Sorry, I’ll go and wake myself up properly and then I’ll be down. That extra snooze was lovely, I wish I could do that every morning”.

Having made two mugs of steaming coffee, sugar in Kenzie’s, Leslie Sumner popped a couple of rounds of toast in for each of them, and then took her place at the kitchen table, rolling her eyes a little as she heard the heavy rock music blasting out from the bathroom above and her daughter’s enthusiastic, if tuneless, attempts to harmonise with the band. At least she was finally out of her pit, and it really was good to hear her in a good mood at the start of the day for a change.

“Morning Mum!”

“Hey sweetie, you sound a bit more jolly now, haha”

“Yeah, sorry, you know I hate waking up. Well, usually at any rate. And when I can, I want to enjoy every moment of sleep. I was having an awesome dream…well, at least I think I was, I can never remember them! Pfft!”

The pair smiled at each other, nothing more needing to be said, as they sipped at their coffee, fortifying themselves for the day ahead.

Breakfast finished, and pots washed, Leslie busied herself gathering the papers she needed for her day at work whilst McKenzie took a few minutes to apply her makeup, and get her hair ‘just right’, pleased to see that the reflection looking back at her was now much more glamorous student than drowsy pre-teen as it had appeared earlier. “Phew, what a difference a shower, a coffee and a bit of lippy makes!” She giggled.

“You ready to go Kenz? I’ll drop you off on the ring road if you like, save you the bus ride to college, I’m heading that way anyway - but I’m leaving now.”

“Thanks Mum, Comiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg”.

Chapter 2

McKenzie’s buoyant mood stayed with her throughout the day, something her friends and even tutors picked up on. Like any teen, she’d always had a tendency to be a bit moody and sullen at times, and often over-tired was something the staff had picked up on, but they attributed this to late nights playing video games or chatting with friends of social media - she wasn’t the first, and certainly wouldn’t be the last, to try and burn the candle at both ends through college.

She’d text her Mum at lunchtime, hoping for a lift home too but realising she was probably pushing her luck, and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to be told to make her own arrangements as it would be a late finish for Leslie, they had a lot of work on at the moment which wasn’t a bad thing, but put significant pressure on her work/life balance. Kenzie was secretly hoping that it may lead to a couple of weekend shifts for her as it had done over the summer, as she could use the extra cash, but she’d talk to her Mum about that over dinner and see if she could make herself useful in some way.

“See you tomorrow Chyna” she called to her friend as she made a dash for the bus, determined not to land herself with an hour-long wait for the next one, or even worse an hour-long walk home. “Don’t forget to send me that video over”.

“Ah yeah, catch ya in the morning Kenz, and will do, you’ll love it!”

McKenzie often arrived home before her mum these days, and quite enjoyed having the house to herself for a while. She could crank up her music, and usually took the opportunity to lounge around doing very little, typically exhausted by that point after an early morning and a long day studying. Academia didn’t come easy to her, but she had her mum’s work ethic and always threw everything she had at every task she was set. Today was different though, a rare day where she arrived home still full of beans, she didn’t just blast her tunes enough to annoy the neighbours, she also busted a few moves and even set to preparing a tasty dinner for when her Mum got home.

As the pasta sauce bubbled away merrily on the hob, a ting from her pocket alerted Kenzie to an incoming message, the video she’d been waiting for from Chyna. Deciding she’d been productive enough, and revelling in the fact she didn’t have the normal, rather gloomy post-college chores to take care of today, she grabbed herself a tall glass of ice cold juice and then flopped on the sofa, pausing just a moment to stop the music…well, a couple of moments, as it was one of her favourite songs…before firing up the video and giggling away for a solid 10 minutes. Chyna was right, it was right up her street, and she immediately shared it in her socials and in her group chats, looking forward to the reaction.

After a short time, the young girl found herself fidgeting distractedly, realising that without her usual trip upstairs upon arriving home, she’d not paid the bathroom a visit either, and she really should, especially after all that juice! Hurrying off to relieve herself, she was sat on the loo flicking absentmindedly through Instagram on her phone when she heard a key in the door swiftly followed by the call of Lesley’s voice from the hallway.

“Oooh, something smells delicious! Hey Kenz, good day?”

“Oh, Hi Mum!” McKenzie hollered back “Yeah, great thanks. Dinner’s nearly done, I’ll be right down.”

With a flush, and a quick adjustment of her clothes, she bounced back down the stairs and wrapped her surprised Mum up in a big bear hug, nearly knocking her flying as she tried to hang up her coat.

“Blimey, you really are full of the joys of spring today aren’t you?! Thanks for sorting dinner, love, it’s been a long day and I can’t wait to put my feet up for a bit.”

Grabbing the pile of mail from the hall table, Lesley made her way through to the kitchen to sort through the bills and circulars, whilst her daughter plated up their feast, even adding a couple of small glasses of white wine on the side, a real mid-week treat indeed!

Chapter 3

“Thanks sweetie, this looks amazing! And you made it all yourself? I’m impressed” Lesley crowed, licking her lips at the feast which was set down before her, before casting a knowing eye sidelong at the drinks “Are you sure that’s a great idea though? I mean, boy do I need it, but…well, you know…”

“Muuuuuuuum! Honestly, I’m 19 years old! And anyway, last night…” Kenzie rolled her eyes at her Mum’s comments, but deep down she knew that she was right, it probably wasn’t the best idea, but she just wanted to finish her great day on a high, feel like a grownup for a change, and it was nice to be able to share a glass with her Mum. Besides, maybe it’d help soften her up a bit for a chat about work, she hated not having a lot of money for herself when so many of her friends had jobs now.

“McKenzie Sumner, less of your lip please young lady. If you’re old enough to have a drink with your old Mum, then you’re old enough to speak to her like an adult, too, thank you very much. And yes, I guess that does mean you’re old enough to deal with the consequences of your own actions and choices too, so enjoy it but don’t you be all mardy tomorrow morning.”

Suitably chided, McKenzie turned her focus to the pasta dish she’d prepared, pleasantly surprised by her own culinary skills and thinking to herself that if a career in law doesn’t work out then maybe she could become a chef instead. It really was delicious! The wine, too, although her reprimand had taken the shine off that just slightly, but she was determined not to let anything spoil her perfect day.

Lesley was enjoying dinner just as much as her daughter, the pasta delicious and the fact she’d not had to lift a finger made it taste even more so, washed down with a glass of wine which she’d been fancying all day, and which quickly took the edge off her niggly temper and made her wish she’d not had a dig at Kenzie - she knew the girl struggled so much at times with everything, and if she decided to make the most of a rare ‘good’ day then good for her.

Pushing her clean plate away with a contented sigh, she caught the girls eye and made a point of apologising, as she’d always taught her to do. “Sorry for snapping love, and thanks for taking care of things today. As you’ve cooked, don’t worry about loading the dishwasher, I’ll sort it once I’ve finished going through the post”

As expected, the vast majority of the mail was wither junk, or bills. When was it ever anything else? Lesley sorted them out, checking over the bills to make sure nothing was amiss and putting them to one side to be filed, before tearing up the junk mail to toss in the recycling bag. The last envelope, she noticed, was addressed not to her or “The Occupier”, but to Miss M L Sumner, and was official looking manilla with a franked postmark and the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust logo emblazoned alongside.

“Kenz, love, did you not look at the post? There’s a doctors one here for you”

McKenzie was once more distracted by her phone, catching up with a group chat argument that had been taking place as she ate, and just gave a dismissive shrug “You open it, Mum, it’ll only be a reminder about the flu jab or something.” Before returning to her friends disagreement, deciding which side she should join.

Lesley slit the envelope open and pulled out the letter, carefully unfurling and noting the NHS trust letter head along with the “Urology” department details.

“Dear Miss Sumner,

Your General Practitioner, Dr Sandeep Ghara has made a referral to the department, and an appointment has been made for you to attend the Enuresis clinic at Liverpool Royal Hospital, Prescot Street, Liverpool on Tuesday 14th November at 3pm.

Please bring a urine sample, your CCBBS charts and details of any medication you are currently taking when you attend.

Your appointment is with the consultant urologist, Mr Jason Mohammed, and should take no longer than 1 hour.

Kind Regards, “

Having read through the letter, she passed it across the table to her daughter, waving it slightly to catch her attention and motioning for the girl to take her earphones out.

“Have a read, Kenz, it’s from the hospital. It looks like they’ve referred you back to the Urology department now you’ve moved on from CCBBS, but who knows why - I’m sure it was Mr Mohammed you saw last time, wasn’t it?”

McKenzie’s face clouded at the mention of the hospital, and the consultant who she’d last seen when she was 16, evidently she was wrong about nothing spoiling her mood. She took the paper with a little trepidation, and quickly scanned over it taking in the detail with frustration at having to go back, again when they’d not been able to do anything to help her previously, but at the same time with a slight relief that whilst it would be mortifying to sit there and go over everything for what felt like the millionth time, at least there was no mention of having to attend with a full bladder this time, something which had ended badly and really, really embarrassingly back when she was still in school.

“Yeah, that’s him. I wonder what he wants? They did so many tests last time, and the time before, and…well, for the past 10 bloody years, and they’ve never been able to get to the bottom of it! Argh! I mean, if he can do something to help then that’s great, but if it’s just another waste of everybody’s time then I’m going to discharge myself and I won’t be going back!”

With that, and before her Mum could say a word, Kenzie snatched up her phone and stomped out of the room, needing time and space to process things. Lesley didn’t follow, instead topping up her glass with a deep sigh, and wishing once again that she could do something to take her little girl’s troubles away.


Great start. Love to see a story set in the UK, and bedwetting is a favourite subject. I hope you carry on.

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A very well written story. as time allows please write more.
thank you.

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Chapter 4

As she sat and nursed her wine, Lesley could hear McKenzie begin to draw herself a bath, followed by the low rumble of heavy rock music being played. She’d leave her daughter alone with her thoughts a while, and then perhaps take her a hot drink up and try to have a chat when she was feeling in a better place. All these years of struggles really had taken their toll, it was such a heavy burden to bear for a teenager and she just hoped this was perhaps a feint glimmer of light at the end of the interminably long tunnel although, being a realist, she wondered just what exactly they were going to try this time that hadn’t already been attempted and failed over the past decade.

As a Mum, Lesley could remember every milestone as if it was yesterday - Kenzie’s first words, her first steps, her first day at school, her exam results…everything, but the one memory she really wished she could forget was that fateful day just over 10 years ago when she’d been awoken in the early to the sound of sobbing, and had found her little girl sat on her bed completely distraught. Of course she’d comforted her, she’d reassured her, she’d helped to take care of things and they’d both hoped it was something they’d never have to mention, heck never even have to think about again. Alas it wasn’t to be, instead proving to be the catalyst for a decade of struggles, for a decade of new milestones of the kind nobody ever wanted to remember, it was that night which had led them to where they were right now, with no end in sight no matter how much she tried to kid herself and no matter how much she’d assure Kenzie that this time it would be different.

Hearing doors banging and noticing the music was more muffled now, Lesley took that as her cue to step in, making a move to the kitchen where she put on the kettle and set about organising a plate of biscuits and two very large hot chocolates, complete with cream and marshmallows, just as she had that night way back when. A treat more befitting an upset 9 year old girl, perhaps, but one equally comforting to a 19 year old young adult - and, yes, to a 40 something mum too!

“Kenz, love, can I come in?” She called through the closed door, balancing the laden tray precariously on one hand as she gave a gentle tap, hoping her daughter didn’t have her headphones on.

“Uh-huh” came the subdued reply, and Lesley heard shuffling from across the room.

Opening the door, careful not to tip the tray she was still juggling in her left hand, she made her way into the room where she found McKenzie perched on the side of her bed, cosily dressed in her pink fleecy onesie and with her damp hair wrapped up in a towel atop her head.

“I thought this may help a little sweetie” Lesley proffered the tray of goodies, before setting it down on the dresser, and she was pleased to see a smile creep across her daughters face once more.

“Ahh, Mum, you know that hot choccy ALWAYS helps! I’m sorry for storming off like that, but it just feels like we’re going around in circles constantly. I’m nineteen years old now for fuck sake, I just want to be a normal teenager!”

Tempted to reprimand the girl for her language, Lesley gave her a sharp look and raised an eyebrow but held her tongue, satisfied with the trite look she received in return.

“I know love, I understand. It’s been such a slog, and you’ve been so strong right the way through, but I know how tough it must be. Let’s just see what Mr Mohammed has to say this time, eh, maybe in the time since he last saw you he’s come up with some new ideas, or there’s been some new research which may help?”

McKenzie knew her Mum was right, they had to put their trust in the experts, even if it hadn’t yielded any results so far. Why couldn’t it just be a broken arm or something she was suffering from, something they could operate on and fix without all of the guesswork and the years or trying this and that, inevitably disappointed when it didn’t work out, only for their hopes to be raised and dash time and time again. She half nodded, half shrugged as she took great pleasure in dunking her biscuit until it was soggy and then, setting her mug down she slid over on the bed and wrapped her arms around Lesley.

“Thank you, Mum, for everything. For always being there through all of this.”

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Chapter 5

The pair continued to chat as they finished their drinks, before Lesley retreated back downstairs to take care of the washing up, giving her daughter the space and privacy to do whatever it was that teenage girls did in their bedrooms these days.

McKenzie had enjoyed the rare, intimate heart to heart with her Mum, something they didn’t do nearly often enough. When she’d been growing up, they always made time to chat about the things that were bothering her, and it had made her feel grown up when her Mum had made a point of sharing a few of her own worries too, and thanking Kenz for helping her through them. Of course, now she was older she realised that much of what her Mum had disclosed hadn’t really been much of a worry to her at all, but all the same she really appreciated the sentiment and the effort to help her feel that she was as much of a support as her Mum was to her.

In truth, the letter from the hospital had shaken her a little, as she knew this was likely the start of another seemingly never ending round of appointments, consultations, prodding and probing, maybe more vile medication which did all kinds of horrible things to her, and as she’d become resigned to long ago, no actual solution at the end of it all. Perhaps worse though, given how much older she was now than when all of this had started a decade or more ago, was the embarrassment of so many people knowing her deepest, darkest secret and having to put a brave face on and actually sit and talk to people about it. Mortifying!

Kenzie was a little miffed that it had arrived today of all days, too. Not that it was actually a special day of any kind really, not a birthday nor a holiday, but it had been a really good day from the very beginning, something which she just wasn’t accustomed to, and the last thing she’d needed when was a reminder of ‘that’ when she’d nearly managed to avoid thinking about it the whole day, for the first time in forever. Ah well, she shrugged off the feeling of irritation, it is what it is, and perhaps this time it may be different. Maybe. Hopefully.

Deciding that she’d now had enough of today, even if it was incredibly early in the evening, she shook out her hair and set about drying it and taking care of her nightly routine of moisturisers and the like, before flicking Netflix on her TV, choosing the next episode in the corny American comedy she’d been losing herself in recently, and snuggled down under her thick duvet. No doubt she’d wake up in the morning to the TV still lit up, something which bugged her Mum no end, and having slept through half a dozen episodes, but she just needed a bit of escapism and a good night’s sleep. Besides, she knew that she’d inevitably have far more pressing things to worry about when morning came around.

As it happens, her eyes were closed before the opening credits had even finished rolling, the perpetual lack of sleep catching up with her once more.

Lesley too had enjoyed spending some quality time with her daughter, and realised that as the girl had grown older and more independent it was something they hadn’t made nearly enough time for, a thought which saddened her. Perhaps the one vague positive to come from all of the years of upset had been the opportunity to become so close and to spend as much time together as they had. Yes granted it hadn’t always been in great circumstances, but as a Mum she liked to think that she’d been a source of comfort when McKenzie had been at her lowest ebb, and she knew how fortunate they were to share such a close relationship when many teens and parents clashed horribly.

She’d been sorely tempted to help herself to the last glass left in the wine bottle when she’d returned downstairs, but reasoned with herself that she’d regret it when the alarm sounded early the next morning for work, instead popping it back in the fridge for another time. Settling down on the sofa, she quickly found herself dozing as the documentary she’d selected wasn’t half as interesting as she’d expected, slumber overtaking her desire to learn more about byzantine history, and before she knew it she was awakening with a start at a little after 2am when she heard footsteps thundering along the landing and the bathroom door banging closed. Who knows, maybe just maybe McKenzie would get to enjoy another good start to the day after all.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

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Chapter 6

It was different to what she was used to, but no less unpleasant. Typically McKenzie awoke early, lying in a puddle of her own making and in a foul mood as a result, with no knowledge of what happened to cause it, no recollection of any dream and not even sure when it had happened other than she was inevitably cold, wet, sticky and smelly, and disgusted with herself.

This time, whether it was because of the alcohol, the unusually early bedtime or perhaps the stress and work about the hospital appointment she wasn’t sure, but poor Kenzie had awoken with a jolt and in a panic. She couldn’t recall what she’d been dreaming about, but she knew that all of her senses were heightened and her heart was racing, sweat was tricking down her brow and, worst of all, she was in the middle of wetting the bed and there was nothing whatsoever she could do to stop it happening.

With an anguished sob, the horrified girl threw back her now sodden duvet and leapt out of bed, managing a cumbersome and uncoordinated run out of her bedroom and across the landing to the bathroom, her drowsy brain not quite engaging and taking in the fact that she was making an unholy mess as she continued to empty her bladder, leaving a trail across the floors right up to the toilet. Reaching her destination, she briefly fumbled with the zip of her onesie before realising it was a lost cause and plonking herself down unceremoniously on the toilet seat, finishing her wee through the drenched fabric and holding her head in her hands as her crying became uncontrollable. She was mortified, this was so much worse than just waking up to wet sheets, and as she came too a little and realised the extent of the mess she’d made, the question which bubbled up in her mind was how on earth would she hide this from her mum!

It was there, sat a wet and weeping mess on the toilet, where Lesley found her daughter. Having been awoken by the running and the clatter of the door, she’d turned off the lights and long abandoned TV, making her way up the stairs and intending to bid McKenzie good night before retiring herself, knowing she had to be up again in less than 4 hours and not relishing that thought at all. The bathroom door was closed as she reached the top of the stairs, although Kenzie’s bedroom door was wide open, casting a dim blue light from the TV across the landing. Intending to use the bathroom herself before settling down for a couple of hours sleep, Lesley padded across the landing and tapped gently on the panelled wooden door, trying not to startle the girl who she expected to still be half asleep.

“Kenz love, are you ok? I must have dropped off downstairs, just heading to bed myself now.”

She listened intently for a reply, but all she heard was a gentle sob.

“Sweetie, what’s the matter? Can I come in”

Again there was no response from the crying girl, just more sniffling, which had Lesley really worried. What on earth had happened to upset her so?

With one final knock, she turned the door handle and was relieved to find it wasn’t locked. Pushing the door open, her eyes fell upon her young daughter, fully dressed, sat atop the toilet with her head in her hands, her body convulsing with wracking sobs.

“Oh Kenzie, whatever’s the matter darling?”

Pausing for just a moment to flick on the bathroom light, startling herself a little with the brightness as she did so and feeling glad that McKenzie had her eyes shielded, Lesley knelt down in front of her young daughter and wrapped her up in a tight huge unsure of what had caused such upset but feeling that her comfort was needed and wanted, and not knowing what else the could do.

Eventually pulled away slightly, causing Lesley to draw back and properly take in the scene for the first time, noting the trail of urine across the bathroom floor and the fact that McKenzie’s onesie was saturated down to the knees.

“Oh Kenzie” was all she could say, her heart melting at the unfairness of this whole sorry mess.

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Very impressive writing. You seem to care about developing your characters, which is something I wish I saw more of. Bravo, for once, I can say I’m genuinely excited for more.

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@Jaspy thank you so much for your kind words. I love writing, and find that when I let a subject really get under my skin it just flows, in really enjoying writing this one and hope it will grow into something the length of my previous story (150k words and counting…)

Developing the characters is vitally important I think, I’ve read so many Omo/ABDL stories over the years which have a great premise and storyline, but are let down by the character development and left feeling shallow, so I’m determined not to fall into that trap.

Alas I’m stuck in work today, but the next chapter or two should be written and posted in a few hours time.

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I couldn’t agree more there.

You seem to get quality chapters out pretty quickly. I can’t say that that isn’t a bit surprising. (not the quality part, the speed).


Chapter 7

The pair shared a few moments, again wrapped together in a warm embrace, before McKenzie gave an involuntary shudder, alerting her Mum to the fact that she was of course cold and uncomfortable. Maternal instincts kicked in, and she found herself addressing her adult daughter almost like a much younger child, in much the same way as she used to when she’d helped her to deal with her earliest accidents.

“Kenz, sweetheart, accidents happen. I know you can’t help it, but it’s really nothing to be getting so upset about. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up, you must be freezing sitting there like that.”

McKenzie found herself blushing more than she already had been, the embarrassment at being spoken to like a school kid combining with the shame of wetting her pants at 19 years old, leaving her feeling absolutely mortified. She knew that her Mum was only trying to help, and in truth deep down she really craved that comfort and even wanted to just let her take over and make everything better, but her pride wouldn’t let her do that. Fiercely independent, particularly where her personal problems came into play, Kenzie found herself recoiling slightly at her Mum’s delicate touch as she had attempted to help her to stand.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I was just trying to help. Would you like me to leave you alone?” Lesley’s face fell slightly as her daughter had jerked away, worrying about overstepping boundaries and invading her personal space, but at the same time feeling quite helpless to do anything to make this all go away.

Aghast at the thought of offending the one person she knew to be there for her no matter what, McKenzie accepted that now Lesley knew what had happened there was no harm in accepting help with the practicalities at least - that was the mature thing to do, after all, although she still intended to try and preserve as much dignity as she could.

“Mum, I’m so so sorry about this, I’ve made such a mess and I feel like a real baby. Wetting my bed is one thing, I hate it but I know there’s not much I can do to stop it that we haven’t already tried, but this is disgusting. I really am sorry, so very sorry.”

Lesley moved to speak, but McKenzie quickly carried on.

“Honestly, I can sort myself out, it’s my fault for jumping out of bed like that and trying to get here, but I just acted on instinct. I don’t think I could have lay in bed wetting myself whilst I was awake if I tried, that’s just grim, but then I guess so is this…” she gestured to her soaked pyjamas, and the mess around the bathroom floor “I just didn’t think, I was half asleep when I woke up and found myself weeing, and that’s NEVER happened before! Look, Mum, I know I’m supposed to take care of it all myself now I’m older, but if I jump in the shower and sort myself out, do you think you could help with my bed, please?”

McKenzie’s short monologue quickly filled in some of the blanks for Lesley about what had happened, and now the pieces were put together it did make a lot more sense. In a way she was relieved, she’d of course meant what she said about accidents happening and, having given birth, she wasn’t so smug as to blame she didn’t understand how it could happen to anybody, but the prospect of Kenzie having wet herself whilst awake had been quite a worrying one given her other problems, to to understand that this was actually a bedwetting accident gone wrong (a strange turn of phrase if ever there was one!) was at least something she knew how to deal with.

“Of course Kenz, you know you don’t even need to ask me that. You hop in the shower, I’ll go and grab you some dry things and pop them just inside the door for you and then I’ll take care of it whilst you’re getting freshened up. Do you need anything else?”

Relief washed over Kenzie. Of course she knew her Mum would help, but it seemed really strange asking her after all this time, she’d been dealing with everything to do with her bedwetting on her own for so long now, not because Lesley wouldn’t help but because she was too ashamed to let her. Tonight though, she just couldn’t face the thought of stripping and remaking her bed, all she wanted to do was get clean, dry and warm again, and then curl up and get back to sleep. Oh how she really hoped this new doctors appointment would bring some much needed and long awaited answers!


Chapter 8

Having confirmed that McKenzie didn’t need anything other than a change of clothes, Lesley left the bathroom to give her some privacy whilst she undressed and showered, pulling the door too behind her and calling back to make sure her daughter left it unlocked if she wanted some fresh PJ’s dropping in. Closing the bathroom door had the effect of once more dulling the light on the landing, with only the feint glow from Kenzie’s TV illuminating her path, but that being plenty to find her way.

Reaching the bedroom, she flicked on the light to better take stock of the situation, and to allow her to dig through the chest of drawers in search of something for the girl to wear. It was a shame it was her favourite fleecy onesie which had gotten wet, as that would have been the ideal way for her to warm herself back up and snuggle down for a few more hours, but Lesley knew she’d bought a pair of warm hooded PJ’s the previous Christmas which she was sure would still fit just fine and would do the trick nicely.

At the bottom of the draw she found what she’d been looking for, pulling out the pyjamas and shaking them loose. Thinking that Kenzie may appreciate the added warmth, she then reached into the draw above and extracted a pair of bed socks, and it was then she realised that, having had nothing to do with laundering her daughter’s night things for some years - at Kenzie’s bequest, no doubt to spare her blushes - she actually didn’t know whether or not she wore underwear to bed or not anymore. Sure, she knew she always had growing up as it’s just what they’d done, and Lesley typically did herself too, but was it the done thing for a teen? Who knows? Deciding it was better to be over prepared than under, she added a pair to the pile and figured that if they weren’t needed they’d just be popped back in the drawer again afterwards.

Turning to leave the room, Lesley couldn’t quite suppress an audible gasp at the sight that met her, McKenzie hadn’t been wrong when she said she’d made quite a mess!

“Oh my…the poor girl”

Aside from the trail of urine which had soaked into the carpet leading from the bed to the door (and, as she’d discover later, right across the landing carpet too), the sheets on the bed were absolutely saturated and it appeared the duvet had taken the brunt of the damage too, this wasn’t going to be a quick cleanup operation and Lesley was once more immensely glad that Kenzie was sensible and mature enough about her problems to keep a waterproof mattress protector on the bed at all times. Sadly, however, that didn’t extend to the duvet which she was sure was going to need a trip to the industrial washing machine and the launderette.

Making her way back to the bathroom, she was careful to avoid stepping in the wet trail, resolving to deal with that first lest it cause a stain. She gave a gentle tap on the door and called out “Kenz” although knowing it to be in vain, for the shower was running and nothing could be heard over the sound of water spraying. Averting her gaze so as to avoid invading her daughters privacy, she stepped in briskly and left the pile of fresh clothing on top of the laundry basked and quickly swept up the soiled onesie which had been cast aside on the floor, noting as she did the damp underwear hanging out and feeling pleased she’d thought to bring some clean ones through.

After closing the door and heading downstairs to the kitchen, Lesley tossed the wet laundry into the machine and almost set it going, before remembering the bedding would need taking care of too. Instead she rummaged in the cupboard under her sink to find a cloth, the disinfectant spray and some carpet cleaner, determined to salvage her new carpets if nothing more and feeling glad this was anything but a regular occurrence. The ‘Vanish’ foam made light work of the wet patches, before she turned her attention back to the bed itself and begun stripping the soaked linen, deciding at once that her initial assessment had been right and a trip to the laundrette was indeed in order the following day. Rather than messing around separating it all, she bundled the lot into a plastic bin liner to deal with in the morning, and gave the mattress cover a quick wiping over with the spray to take the residue off.

Just as she was finishing up the task, she heard the bathroom door creak open and McKenzie padding out onto the landing. Making a quick decision, she called out to the young girl

“Nip into my room to get your hair dried love, I’m nearly done in here now and then I’ll be through.”

“Thanks Mum, I feel better for that. And thanks for the Christmas jammies and socks, they’re just what I need tonight.”

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Chapter 9

Despite the cold winter night, Lesley cracked McKenzie’s bedroom window open just a touch before retreating and pulling the door closed behind her, hoping that the brisk breeze would help prevent an unsavoury, stale urine odour from developing and lingering in the air too long.

It’s crazy sometimes the daft things you worry about when overly tired, and as the loud rumble of the hairdryer erupted from across the landing, Lesley found herself concerned about the noise and hoping that it wouldn’t disturb the neighbours! Fortunately it was short lived, for as she entered her own bedroom she heard the dryer click off, and found Kenzie brushing her hair out, looking absolutely exhausted.

“How’re you feeling now sweetie?”

Turning to face her Mum, Kenzie gave a warm smile of gratitude as she struggled to stifle a yawn. “I’m good, thanks Mum. Just shattered. Did you, y’know…” and she gestured out towards the landing, blushing as she did so.

“Don’t worry love, it’s all been taken care of. I was thinking though, perhaps you should hop in with me for the rest of the night? Give your bed a chance to air, and your duvet really needs a proper wash too.”

McKenzie was torn, on the one hand the thought of having to sleep in with her Mum, something she’d not done for years, and because she’d wet the bed of all things was absolutely mortifying to her and was completely at odds with her quest to appear grown up and mature. Conversely, however, she really had been shaken by such a horrific accident, and deep down she craved the closeness and affection that she remembered sharing her Mum’s bed had always brought her when she’d been younger and upset, or sick.

Lesley could see the conflict in her young daughter’s expression, and without words she just took a step towards the bed and drew back the covers, rearranging the pillows to create space for them both to lie side by side, and then climbed in on ‘her’ side, patting the vacant area to the side of her and motioning for Kenzie to join her.

Hesitating for just a brief moment, the idea of comfort eventually overrode her pride and McKenzie climbed in alongside her Mum, snuggling down under the thick warm winter duvet and feeling so much of her worry and stress melt away as she did so, her mind swimming with the memories of when her Mum had taken her into her bed and cuddled with her all those years ago when her problems had first started.

“Kenz, there’s just one thing…”

“What’s that, Mum?” She murmured, already half asleep.

“Please don’t wet my bed, I haven’t got a mattress protector like you!”

McKenzie gave a little snort of laughter, barely awake, and both drifted back off into a fitful sleep.


This is a really good story and the speed at which you’re posting is crazy! Keep it up mate.

Chapter 10

It was a little before 6am when McKenzie stirred, roused from her slumber by the early morning sunlight pouring through the voile drapes and a little startled for she had always slept with heavy blackout curtains, helping to make the most of what little undisturbed sleep she was able to enjoy each night. Unaccustomed to the bright light, she was a little disorientated as she blinked and adjusted her eyes, still more shocked to find herself in a strange bed beside somebody else, It took a few moments for her to awaken fully, and when she did the painful, shameful memories of the previous night came flooding back.

Glancing to make sure her Mum was still asleep, and catching sight of the alarm clock on her bedside table which declared there were still 10 minutes before it would sound, Kenzie hurriedly checked her pyjamas and the bed all around her, letting out an audible sigh of relief when she found everything to be dry. It wasn’t a surprise really, for she never usually had more than one accident in a night, but then again what had happened last night didn’t normally happen to her, either, so she wasn’t taking anything for granted. The shame would have been unbearable had she made a mess of her Mum’s bed!

Now that she thought about it, she did kind of need to use the toilet, and suspected that had played a part in her early morning wakeup call as much as the sunshine had, although it certainly wasn’t an urgent need and she was determined to make the most of these last 10 minutes of warmth and comfort before having to get up and start her day with preparations for college. Pulling the duvet back up to her chin, careful not to disturb her Mum as she did so, Kenzie rolled onto her side and closed her eyes once more.

As the clock struck 6 the alarm bell tolled, shaking Lesley from her own dreams and causing her well trained hand to shoot out from under the covers to silence it before it woke the rest of the household. She, too, took a moment to recall the events of the early hours, sensing Kenzie’s presence alongside her and at first wondering when and why her daughter had crept into her bed, before remembering the drama and upset.

“Morning Sweetheart” she said gently, brushing some stray hairs off the girls face, but receiving no reply to her greeting.

Lesley decided to give McKenzie a little longer to catch up on some much needed sleep, whilst she got herself ready for the day ahead. Slipping silently from the bed, she quickly gathered some fresh clothes for the day and made her way across the landing to the bathroom, noting with relief that the carpet she’d shampooed had dried without any trace of a stain being left.

Once showered and dressed, she nipped downstairs to put the kettle on for a morning coffee, taking the opportunity as she did so to set the washing machine going with both Kenzie’s and her own night things, plus the sheets from her daughters bed - and resolving to drop the duvet in for a professional clean on her way in to the office. Having made two steaming mugs of Nescafe, and feeling chilled from the trickle of cold water running down her neck from the towel which held her still wet, long hair piled high upon her head, Lesley returned to her bedroom in order to wake McKenzie and to set to work with the hairdryer before she caught her death of cold.

“Kenz, sweetie, it’s time to wake up now. It’s gone 7, you’ve only got an hour until you need to leave for your bus if you’re not going to be late.”

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Chapter 11

McKenzie had only really been snoozing, the noise of her mum going about the morning routine preventing her from dropping into a deeper sleep, however she nevertheless awoke feeling much more refreshed than she had earlier. The bright morning light felt less harsh to her eyes now, and she felt a sense of relief when she realised that she still very much needed to use the toilet, meaning she hadn’t further disgraced herself by wetting her mum’s bed at least.

Rolling out of bed and wrapping herself in one of Lesley’s dressing gowns, for her own were all of course in her bedroom, she hurried across to the landing to use the bathroom, pondering as she did just why it was that things had happened as they had - why was it that she could go to sleep with a completely empty bladder last night and wake up barely a couple of short hours later wetting herself, yet this morning she had dropped back off to sleep despite a fairly desperate urge to wee, and hadn’t done so. It just didn’t make any sense to her, no matter how hard she tried to understand it. Perhaps it was something for her to ask the consultant when she went to see him after Christmas; she’d been far too embarrassed to talk much at her last appointment with him , mortified at the thought of a strange older man knowing about her wetting her bed, a shame she’d kept hidden from even her closest friends and family, but she was older now and much more determined to put the awkwardness aside if it meant she could get some answers and hopefully get on with living her life.

Having decided that a long soak in the bath before bed, and an impromptu early morning shower was quite enough, particularly as she’d not awoken wet (well, not the second time at any rate), Kenzie instead stripped off her robe and pj’s whilst she was in the bathroom and washed herself down quickly before heading to her own bedroom to pick out some clothes for the day. Opening the bedroom door, she was hit by a jet of icy cold air from the window which had been left ajar, scurrying across to close it and pull her curtains across in order that she may have some privacy to dress. The breeze having chilled her, she eventually discarded the skater style dress she’d been considering in favour of a pair of jeans and a hoodie, although she decided to keep the tights that she’d paired with the dress, reasoning that if it was that cold outside another layer would be sensible. Dressed, and appearance taken care of, McKenzie ventured downstairs in search of more coffee and, if she still had time before the bus, hopefully breakfast.

“Hi Sweetie, there’s a fresh coffee and some toast on the table for you.” Lesley gestured to the opposite side of the dining table, where her daughters breakfast awaited her.

“Ahhh, thanks Mum, you’re amazing! Just what I need. Sorry for dozing off again then, I actually woke up a couple of hours ago but must have drifted back off again.”

The pair chatted as they ate, nothing exciting really just the usual pleasantries about what each had planned for the day and how cold it felt out, both kind of skirting around the issues of the previous night. It was only when Lesley rose to place her dirty dishes in the sink, and then stopped to pick up the bags of bedding that needed going out to the car for the trip to the launderette that Kenzie blushed, recalling at once the horrors of what had happened. Her Mum caught the distraught luck on the girls face, and merely raised a finger to her lips,

“We’ll say no more about it, accidents happen and it’s taken care of. Now come on, time for you to be making a move too otherwise you’ll have to walk if you miss your bus, and it’s really not warm enough for that!”

Smiling a little, Lesley’s words having made her feel better, McKenzie added her own dishes to the sink and then went in search of her warmest hat, scarf and gloves in the hallway cupboard before flying out of the door with a hastily shouted “See ya later Mum, have a good day” as she ran down the path with just minutes to spare.

Lesley chuckled, Kenzie had never been a morning person, nor great at time management, so it really was a miracle that she’d ever managed to get to school or college on time. Not wanting to risk being late herself, she bundled the bags of laundry into the boot of her car and then, locking the door behind her she set off on a little detour to drop them off, hoping they’d be ready to collect when she finished work as, much as she’d enjoyed the closeness as a one off, she really did enjoy having a bed to herself - it was one of the few perks of being single, after all!

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Chapter 12

Laundry and work bag in the car, Lesley poured herself one last coffee into her travel mug, stopped off to use the bathroom knowing that’d she’d have a slightly longer commute than usual this morning, and then locked up and hopped into her car, turning the heating up full blast against the wintery morning chill and sped off in the direction of the launderette. She knew they wouldn’t be open this early, but had become friendly with the woman who owned it some years back and was sure she’d be in early getting on top of things before the public descended on her.

Passing the bus stop at the end of their street where many of the local neighbourhood children were stood waiting for their school busses dressed in an assortment of woolly hats, thick winter coats and, causing Lesley to shudder a little, one youngster in just shirt sleeves - it really wasn’t warm enough for that! - she noticed McKenzie and a couple of other older students were stood off to one side, meaning the public bus they caught to college hadn’t arrived yet. Not recognising the other girls, Lesley gave a quick pap of the horn and a wave to her daughter as she passed, causing much embarrassment in the process.

McKenzie had made it to the bus stop with just a couple of minutes to spare, but typically given how cold it was, the bus was running late! Why did that never happen when the sun was shining and she could enjoy the extra few minutes basking? But it always seemed to be the case when she was shivering. A couple of other girls about her age were at the stop when she’d arrived, and they’d exchanged awkward nods of acknowledgement - they caught the same bus most days, but didn’t share any classes and hadn’t known each other from school, so in truth she wasn’t even really sure of their names! One of them may have been called Emma, she recalled from an overheard conversation the previous year, but the other had only appeared in September so was presumably in her first year, and must have attended a different high school.

She’d blushed and given a rather embarrassed little wave as her Mum passed and beeped at her, glancing sideways at her two silent companions with a roll of the eyes and a look that said ‘mums, eh?!’ before looking straight back down again, teenage awkwardness taking over. It was funny, she’d learned to be quite outgoing and confident when talking to older adults, perhaps because of all of the specialists and experts she’d had to meet over the years whilst growing up, and she’d always had a way with younger kids, likely for the same reason - the older she got, the more she found herself spending time amusing children often several years younger than her at the various clinics and surgeries she’d attended - yet she found it really quite difficult to strike up a conversation with people of her own age.

The minutes ticked by, and still there was no sign of their bus, nor the special services scheduled to collect the school kids and drop them off at her old high school, and the other catholic high on the other side of town. Meanwhile, Lesley had made it to the little out of town shopping strip where the laundry service was located, and was just in the process of manhandling her bulky load out of the car boot when her friend caught sight of her from inside the shop, and hurried out to lend a hand.

“I thought it was you I could see out here! Morning Lesley, long time no see, how’s things with you and…McKenzie, isn’t it?”

Welcoming the assistance, Lesley handed over one of the heavy bags, before heaving the second out and slamming the boot lid back into place.

“Hiya Maureen, yeah we’re good thanks. Sorry I’ve not been over, with one thing and another we’ve not needed anything dry cleaning for a while now, but this bedding needs a freshening up and it’s far too bulky for my machine at home, so I thought I’d swing by on my way into the office and see if you were about.”

“Ah you know me Les, I live and breathe this place! Its hard work, but doing so much of it myself keeps costs low and helps the business to remain viable, so I’m always here at the crack of dawn - it’s either that, or stay late at night, but when there’s a bottle of wine calling me from home that’s never a very appealing proposition! Haha”

Lesley chuckled, knowing all too well what Maureen meant. Whilst she didn’t work for herself, she’d freelanced in the past and knew how important it was to keep a lid on costs if you were to earn a decent crust, and all too well how the allure of that glass (or 3!) of wine could distract you.

“This lot can probably all go in together, it’s just sheets and a duvet. Any chance I can pop by on my way home from work to grab it, if you’ll have chance to get it done by then? Kenz only has the one winter duvet, and I don’t much fancy another disturbed night if I can avoid it!”

Maureen cast a quick eye over the bags, agreeing that it was just one large load and nodding the affirmative, it’d probably be ready within a couple of hours, so collecting at the end of the day would be fine.

“Absolutely, I’ll be here until 5 but no later, there’s a bottle chilling that’s got my name on it.”

The two women exchanged a little more small talk whilst Lesley paid the bill and added a generous tip for the fact that her friend would have to handle such an unpleasant task, but feeling too embarrassed on her daughter’s behalf to bring up the issue, before bidding her good day and setting off back on her way to start her working day, the stop-off and chat having eaten quite heavily into her morning schedule and leaving her probably just enough time to get parked up and to her desk for the start of her shift.

Poor McKenzie, now 10 minutes late for college and with no sign of any buses, was still waiting rather impatiently at the bus stop, frustrations mounting both in her and those around her.

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Chapter 13

It was now getting on for three quarters of an hour since Kenzie had arrived at the bus stop, she was absolutely frozen to the core and quite fed up, not least because had she known the bus wasn’t going to be on time she could have stayed inside in the warm a while longer, or perhaps even convinced her Mum to drop her off again on the way to work. The school kids were still all waiting for their buses, too, and were becoming quite rowdy - the younger ones messing around and pushing each other about, as they do, whilst the older year groups looked just as miffed as she herself was.

One girl, probably in year 10 or 11 judging by her appearance, came over to where McKenzie, blonde haired Emma? and the other older student who’s hair and in fact entire appearance was something quite unique (in a good way!) were stood staring at their phones, and nervously asked whether any of them had any idea what was going on. It proved to be the catalyst to striking up a conversation, as both Kenzie and the unnamed girl chimed in that they hadn’t a clue.

“How about you, Emily, have you heard anything?

There came no reply, and it became apparent that Emily (ahh, so I’d been nearly right, Kenzie mused to herself) had earphones in no doubt trying to block out the monotony of standing around motionless for so long. McKenzie had never really picked up on it, but it seemed that the other two students knew each other, for the younger of the two proceeded to yank one of Emily’s earbuds out before repeating her enquiry a little louder.

“Oh shit, sorry Chlo, I was in a world of my own there! No, nothing, and it starting to take the piss a bit now isn’t it?”

They all murmured their agreement, with Emily giving an exaggerated stretch and jiggle on the spot which Kenzie assumed was an attempt to warm herself up.

“Truth told, I’m actually starting to need a wee, and this bloody cold isn’t helping me at all. If the bus doesn’t get here soon I think I’m going to have to nip back home, and then what’s the betting I’ll miss it.”

The younger teen gasped in surprise and relief, before interjecting “Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one! I’ve been busting for the past half hour, but I live over the other side of the estate so there’s no way I’ll get back in time for the bus if I go home, and I’m not sure I can even wait that long anyway. Ooh I really hope this damned bus gets here soon.”

Their admissions seemed to break the ice (pardon the pun!) and the 4 girls were soon chatting easily between themselves, passing the time and trying to distract Emily, and the schoolgirl who turned out to be called Charlotte, from their growing need. Chloe’s phone rang after a few minutes, and from what they could gather from the side of the conversation they could all hear it was somebody updating her on what had caused they delays. Thanking the caller, she turned back to address the other girls.

“That was my Mum, I text her ages ago to say we were all still waiting for the bus and to see if she knew what was going on, but she’s only just got my message as she’s been stuck in the car in traffic. Apparently there’s been a massive smash in the town centre, right outside the bus station, so no buses have been able to get out. She said it’s a real mess, and it may be another hour or more before they can get a bus over to pick us up - apparently she’s phoned college and they know about it, so it’s fine for us to go back home if we don’t want to wait in the cold, we can do remote learning for today.”

Chloe and McKenzie looked delighted with this news, a day of studying on their laptops in bed infinitely preferable to a day stuck in college, especially with the weather being as bad as it was - the wind was starting to really howl now, and they could already feel the first spots of rain or maybe even sleet starting to fall. Emily, too, struggled to suppress a wide grin, she knew she had a bit of a walk to get home, but then she’d be able to use the loo without worrying about missing the bus, and the heating would still be on which would be very welcome indeed!

Only Charlotte looked a little uncomfortable at the revelation, nervously biting her lip s she listened.

“Are you ok Charlotte?” One of the older girls asked.

“Erm…yeah, just wondering what about my school. I mean, I can’t wait here another hour just to see if a bus does turn up, and it’s too far to walk to school, or even to walk back home.” She gave her legs a tight squeeze together, emphasising her point. “I’ll try to ring them now and see what they say, but ooh I don’t know what I’m going to do…”

They all sympathised with what seemed to be an impossible situation, Emily perhaps a little more so for she was in much the same predicament, although at least she had some certainty now and whilst it wouldn’t be a comfortable walk home, she knew she’d be fine. They waited where they were for a few moments whilst Charlotte made a call to her school, watching her facial expressions and trying to listen to what was being said, hoping the poor girl received some good news.

“Well, that was weird, I’ve never actually phoned the school office before! But yeah, they were pretty cool about it all, apparently there’s hardly anybody made it in to classes so far today because of the buses and the roads all being screwed up, so they said I can either go home and use it as a revision day for my GCSE’s if my Mum agrees, or try to get in to school when I can. Mum’s working, so I’ll text her and I guess I’ll have to head home - a day off is great, but ooooh I’m really not sure I can make it all that way without a wee, I feel like I’m about to wet myself as it is. OMG this is soooo embarrassing.” She looked mortified, blushing profusely as she did what could best be described as a potty dance on the spot, the other girls all doing their best to look away and give her a moment to compose herself, whilst some of her own peers and the younger kids seemed to pick up on what was going on, and started to make jokes and laugh, bringing much unwanted attention to poor Charlotte.

Taking Pity, Emily offered to let her use the loo at her house, although it was a 10 minute or so walk, and she asked whether that would help. Charlotte was grateful, but at the same time grimaced at the prospect of walking for so long, and the worry about what would happen if she couldn’t wait. It was then that Kenzie spoke up, pointing out that her house was much closer, and she wasn’t in the same predicament as Emily and Charlotte, so the loo would be free. She even extended the offer to Emily, is she’d have the opportunity to relieve herself before walking home.

Whilst Emily declined the kind offer, as it was taking her in the wrong direction and, whilst she definitely needed to go she was nothing like as desperate as the younger girl and really just wanted to get home and warm more than anything. Charlotte, on the other hand was absolutely elated, and couldn’t thank McKenzie enough for coming to her rescue, blushing as she muttered that she felt sure she’d have had an accident if she’d tried to make it home, and at 16 how embarrassing would that have been?

Plans settled, and resolving to chat tomorrow at the bus stop, they were just about to set off on their respective walks home when Chloe gestured towards the gaggle of school kids who were variously playing on their phones, kicking a football about and standing shivering, much like they themselves had been.

“What about them? We can’t very well just leave them standing here all day can we?”

Kenzie shrugged indifferently, her own struggles making her particularly sensitive to the childish way some of them had spoken about poor Charlotte just a few minutes earlier, but Charlotte being the better person agreed and stepped forward tensely to address them all in as close to a confident voice as she could muster.

“Listen up, you lot. There’s been a crash or something, so the buses aren’t running. These girls have spoken to their college and they’ve going home, I called St Aelred’s and they’ve told me I can either go home and use today for revision, or try to get into school - so you should probably try to get hold of your schools, or your parents, and see what they want you to do. Apparently it will be at least another hour before any buses can get here.”

The response was a little mixed, with lots of fluster and panic from the younger ones and those less sure of themselves, quickly drowned out by whoops and cheers from everybody looking forward to an unexpected day off from school. They were all in high school so far as the older girls could make out, so very much able to take care of their own arrangements and make their own judgement calls about what to do for the best now the knew the situation, so with that they parted ways and began on their walks home, Kenzie leading the way for Charlotte.


Chapter 14

McKenzie only lived a couple of hundred yards away from the bus stop, but Charlotte found every step excruciating, trying to maintain a modicum of composure and dignity whilst at the same time almost certain she was going to humiliate herself at any moment, and in front of this older girl she’d barely met no less. She was already worried that she may have sprung a leak, and knew that there’d be no way of hiding it if she did have an accident, her uniform would show it for the world to see. If that happened, she’d never be able to face school again.

Kenzie tried to keep up a cheerful conversation as they walked, it was pretty one-sided as Charlotte was only really able to contribute the occasional grunt of confirmation, but nevertheless she hoped it was serving as a distraction. She did her best to ignore the younger girl’s obvious struggle, knowing inside just how embarrassed she must be to have found herself in this position, and that the last thing she’d want was any more attention drawing to it. Silently she willed her new friend to make it, to find the strength from within to hand on just a few minutes and steps longer. Her home was now in sight, and she excitedly pointed it out to Charlotte as she began rummaging in her coat pocket for the front door key.

“Oh no….oh no no no…oh SHIT!”

“Wh…what is it McKenzie? What’s wrong?” Charlotte stuttered.

Kenzie was panicking wracking her brains to try and remember when she’d last had her key. Yesterday afternoon, surely, as she’d let herself in after college. And she’d put it back in her pocket as she always did. The pocket of her denim jacket, not the thick winter coat she’d selected this morning.

“Damnit! Oh you’re not going to believe this Charl, I’ve not got my bloody front door key. I’m so, so sorry. I changed coats this morning, and I must’ve forgotten to pick it up.”

Poor Charlotte gave an anguished moan of despair, and looked very much as though she was about to both burst into tears and wet her pants right where she stood, such was the impossibility of the situation, and she felt like her last hope had just been extinguished. She was done for, and her life as a teenager would be over.

They’d reached the front door now to the home which McKenzie shared with her mum, but it stayed resolutely closed whilst she dug out her mobile and urgently called Lesley, hoping she’d have some idea that could save them. Charlotte stood beside her, all attempts at civilised behaviour now long since forgotten, she was clutching at herself through her grey skirt with both hands, jumping on the spot and crying openly, willing the unknown parent to answer and prevent her from total humiliation.

“Kenzie, love, what’s the matter? Why aren’t you in class?”

“Hi Mum, long story….I’ll tell you properly later, ok? But there’s no buses, so I’m back home, but I’ve forgotten my key. Is there any way I can get in, like quickly? It’s really, really urgent!”

“Woah, slow down and stop panicking. What on earth’s the matter? Yes, there’s a spare key under the hedgehog ornament in the flowerpot next to the door, use that but make sure you put it straight back please. Now, what’s going on?”

Following her Mum’s instructions, McKenzie found the key and held it aloft for Charlotte to see, causing the girl to squeak “Thank fuck! Quickly…” as she writhed in pain, already feeling her knickers were wet but really hoping to avoid a total disaster.

“McKenzie, who was that?” Lesley was really concerned now, who on earth was with her daughter? She didn’t recognise that voice, and didn’t at all like the sound of distress she’d picked up on.

“No time Mum, sorry, I’ll phone you back in like 5 minutes and explain everything, I promise. Thanks!” and with that, she ended the call and thrust the key into the lock, throwing the door open and hurriedly directing Charlotte to the bathroom upstairs.

Charlotte made haste, something between a hop, a shuffle and a run as she clambered up the stairs, holding herself yet tighter and really hoping the dampness she could feel on her fingers through her skirt was just sweat caused by her tight grip. She was nearly there, she was going to (mostly) make it. She could do this…

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Chapter 15

Despite barely knowing this girl, McKenzie was rooting for her to make it. She knew all too well how embarrassing things like this could be, and even though she was a couple of years older now she could remember being Charlottes age, and could well imagine the absolute mortification she was feeling right now, never mind if…well, not even going to think about that.

It was only as she saw Charlotte hobble around the corner at the top of the stairs and onto the landing that a horrible, gut wrenching thought struck Kenz. Her bedroom! Oh no, the door was wide open and her bed had been stripped down to its plastic sheet, what if she saw? She was half tempted to creep up the stairs behind her and close the bedroom door whilst Charlotte was in the bathroom, but quickly realised that at best it would be incredibly creepy to seemingly follow a virtual stranger to the toilet like that, and at worst she may not have even closed the bathroom door, given how desperate she was, and that would be a whole world of uncomfortable that neither of them needed to be dealing with right now. No, she’d have to brazen it out and just hope that on the way up her new friend would have been too distracted by her bladder, and on the way down too overcome with relief to think about being nosy.

Waiting anxiously at the foot of the stairs, Kenzie was relieved to hear the sound of the toilet flushing, and glanced up to the top of the stairs in expectant anticipation, smiling warmly. As Charlotte appeared she did indeed look incredibly relieved, and so much more at ease than she had a few moments earlier, although she still seemed flustered and, McKenzie noticed, she was blushing profusely, perhaps even more so than she had at the bus stop or on their walk back here and presumed it just to be embarrassment, given the spectacle that had just taken place

“Feel better?”

“Yeah, much, thanks! I…I really should get going home I guess, let you get on with your revision and whatnot, and figure out what I’m expected to do myself. Thank…thanks so much, McKenzie.”

With that, Charlotte picked up her bag which she’d abandoned in the small hallway in her rush to the bathroom, swung it over her shoulder and hastily made her way back out of the door and down the garden path. McKenzie didn’t quite know what to make of that!

“No worries at all Charlotte, guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Byeeeee”

How odd, Kenzie thought to herself. Poor girl must be really embarrassed, not that I blame her. Something seemed a little odd then though, she seemed different somehow, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. At least she was able to make it here and get to the loo though, there’s clearly no way she’d have made it all the way to her own home on the other side of the estate! At least her hasty departure had avoided the need for any awkward questions about her bedroom situation anyway, every cloud and all that.

Realising she really should call her Mum back and explain, she fished her phone back out of her pocket to see 3 unread messages.

“Are you ok Kenz?”

“What’s going on love? If you can’t ring, message me.”

“McKenzie you’re worrying me, please let me know you’re OK”

Feeling bad for worrying her over something that was really silly in the grand scheme of things, although clearly not to Charlotte, she tapped out a quick reply in case her Mum wasn’t able to talk on the phone as she knew she’d be busy at work.

“Sorry for worrying you Mum, I’m fine, found the key, everything’s fine. My friend had a bit of an emergency but all sorted now. Ring me when you can. K x”

Prickling conscience assuaged, Kenzie threw her own college bag back into the hall cupboard, stripped off her winter clothes and made her way into the kitchen, clicking both the central heating and the kettle on so that she could fully warm herself back up. She knew she’d have to log in and do some college work, and she actually didn’t mind working from home, but for now she was going to have a few minutes for herself after all of that drama.

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I really like this story, very nicely done.

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