Better Life [8/22/2016] Updated (As in another part)

Decided to try something new, fell out of the mood for Sweet Desires, not saying that it’s over, just not in the right mindset to write what I think is considered the same up to par content for it. Who knows, any day probably. But this is a new idea I was toying with that I’ll try and flesh out. Without further ado,

Better Life
By Me

Better Life

“Alright Sarah your mom was a little late, but she’s outside to pick you up! Have a good afternoon!” The 7-year-old girl’s second-grade teacher happily chirped.

“Yah… she can be late… Bye!” Sarah lied, with a small hint of sadness in her voice that not even her loving teacher could pick up on. Sarah quickly threw on her old worn backpack and made a quick walk out of the big school doors where all the students were properly released into the safe custody of their guardians.

Like normal, Sarah sifted through the crowd of fortunate children who were able to be actually picked up by their parents. There was no mom to pick Sarah up, no car to meet her outside of the school; just a lonely and dangerous walk on the city streets back to her apartment complex seemingly miles away for her small 7-year-old legs.

A few tears ran down here face as the repetitive situation never seemed to be less sad but was just a fresh reminder how there wasn’t anyone there for her; anyone that cared at least. Sarah’s, “mom” as her teacher addressed her, was actually just the legal guardian of her named Lilith. As a guardian, her care and loving compassion did not step an inch beyond her signature on a piece of paper, just claiming ownership. If only the school knew the truth Sarah wouldn’t have to walk home alone on a daily basis. Easily with a phone call, Lilith deceived the school into thinking that she was an “Awfully busy woman,” and didn’t have the time to go onto school grounds to meet with Sarah. Rather, she’d simply give the school a call and tell them she was waiting outside in her car ready to pick Sarah up. Of course, none of that was true, but it was enough to suffice for the school.

Sarah cautiously made her way down many sidewalks and many blocks; all alone, taking care to ensure that she kept herself right smack dab in the middle of the busy sidewalk. One of the few tricks she picked up having the traverse the dangerous city alone, she reasoned that by staying in the middle she could avoid the dark and scary looking alleyways and avoid big and loud noisy cars on the street.

Every walk home Sarah felt like she’d be set into a panic attack, feeling so vulnerable as she was purely left in the hands of the outside world, absolutely no one to protect her. It was somewhat frustrating…but more sad than anything else.

Her walk continued for what was about another half hour until she reached what was a questionable excuse for a home. Sarah stood face to face with the large thick glass door in front of her, covered in a thin set of metal bars including the windows connected to a dirty brick apartment complex. With all of her little might, Sarah pried open the door, and quickly rushed inside for the door had time to swing shut on her. Inside the lobby was yet another sight that put her fears and disgust on edge that seemed just as terrible as always.

The lights on the ceiling flickered with varying intensities of light and created the strong shadow of collected fly carcasses stacked underneath the glass, straight out of a horror movie. The greenish brown wallpaper was peeling in various places, including to be stained as well. What freaked Sarah out the most though were the occasional creepy-crawly she’d find lurking in a damp corner, and to her child-like fear’s dismay, today was one of those days. The lobby to her was always scary, and as usual, Sarah quickly bolted to the stairs as fast as her little legs could carry her, straight past the working elevator that she was simply too scared to use alone.

She didn’t waste any time in scurrying up the stairs, finally reaching her floor where she walked down the hall in unfortunate similar likeness to the main lobby. She was relieved to be out off the streets but wasn’t looking forward to being back home. The Apt 09 door looked down on her menacingly and was the gateway to the frightening environment she called home. Sarah opened the already unlocked door (Because Lilith said she couldn’t be trusted with a key) to be welcomed to a day like any other.

Sarah quietly walked in to hear the tv in the next room over on, likely to be Lilith watching it. Sarah with as much care as possible slowly inched the door closed, so not to disturb Lilith and make her angry, including to not let her presence be known. Like a hawk though as soon as the door shut…

“Sarah! Get in here now!” Lilith yelled from across the small apartment.

Sarah like a loyal pet dared not to disobey Lilith unless she wanted to experience a harsh punishment of course. Sarah walked into the living room with a small fear sitting in the pit of her stomach unsure of whether she had performed some kind of misconduct or wrongdoing to piss Lilith off.

Lilith was casually laid out on the clearly used couch, an open bag of chips conveniently leaned against the couch in such a way her arm had easy access to the junk food. Sarah made brief eye contact with the bag of chips, almost drooling with envy as Lilith wouldn’t dare let her have something so tasty to eat.

Lilith propped herself up into a sitting position on the couch and in great contrast to Sarah’s flowing black hair, brushed aside her dirty blond wild hair, that had the ends that looked like they tried to become curled but some ends just weren’t lucky enough, and the others only made it halfway.

“Well?” She asked, in a tone as if Sarah had known what she’d done wrong.

Sarah was too afraid to speak, be it considered as her speaking out of tone and overstepping her boundaries. Nevertheless, she did have a small idea about what it was, and it was certainly embarrassing…

Like any nervous child, Sarah made a clear effort to avoid making eye contact while she mustered, “Wh-what are you talking about?”

It was then clear at that point Lilith’s already thin patience had run dry, as she clearly had grown more agitated in a moment’s notice.

“Well if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll be happy to enlighten you!” Lilith said, wasting no time in standing up and forcefully grabbing Sarah by the wrist, giving her a harsh tug towards the hallway where their bedrooms were.

Sarah slightly struggled to keep up with Lilith’s large strides as she had to make a conscious effort to keep up with her pace. And as if Sarah won the lottery, but a much more sinister one, Lilith dragged Sarah into, of course, Sarah’s room. Lilith let go of Sarah’s small wrist that had been gripped so tightly and made her way across the very small room to her bed.

“Do you want to tell me about this!?” Lilith started to raise her voice, causing Sarah to flinch from the sheer volume of her voice. Lilith had yanked the old comforter off of Sarah’s bed, revealing a sight Sarah by no means was proud to see. Underneath the covers were ill-sighted faded yellow-stained sheets, the telltale sign of a frequent bedwetter.

Sarah could feel the fear she had for Lilith’s punishments that never went away, quickly growing inside of her as she knew Lilith was not pleased.

“Sarah!” Lilith yelled. “Why are these sheets stained yellow!?”

“I-I don’t know…” Sarah said in a very quiet and embarrassed voice.

“Sarah…that’s not a good enough answer! I think we both know very well why… But you’re going to tell me why, NOW!”

“B-because…” Sarah could feel the tears peeking from the corners of her eyes of sheer embarrassment. Acknowledging her accidents was one thing, but talking about them brought whole new levels of shame.


“B-because….I-I…w-wet the bed…” Sarah finally said, with each word growing more quieter than the last, as her sobbing began and tears run down her cheeks.

“AND?” Lilith still raged on, still not satisfied with the already distraught 7-year-old.

“I-I’m s-s,” hiccup “sorry…” Sarah continued to cry.

“You’re sorry? That’s it?” Lilith said as if she figured Sarah could do a much better job to amend the situation. “Newsflash Sarah! Apologies don’t fix piss-stained sheets!” The tormenting only made Sarah cry harder. “And if you think for even a second that these ruined things are getting washed anytime soon, you’re dead wrong. Honestly! Do you really think I have the money to put you in diapers so you won’t wet the bed!? I expected more from you! Sarah, you’re 7-years-old for god’s sake! Grow up!”

What had she done? This was all her fault… Sarah couldn’t help but feel guilt for what she’d done… To her, as painful and hurtful Lilith’s words were, it didn’t make her wrong. To Sarah, she was just being a big baby and she was responsible for her own actions. Sarah only continued to sob and couldn’t face Lilith.

“And that’s why until you decide to start changing things missy, each and every morning we’re going to see if you wet yourself again. And if you did, you’re going to wear that underwear for the rest of the day, to school and back until you go to bed, just to see if you piss through another pair! Do I make myself clear?”

She’d have to wear the same wet underwear all day? No! She wouldn’t make her do that! Would she?

The threat was enough to get Sarah’s undivided attention as she quickly opened her eyes and said in an upset still crying tone, “No! Don’t make me!”

“Don’t make you? I’m not making you do anything! It’s all up to you if you feel like pissing yourself at night! Not me! It’s all on you, Sarah.”

Sarah continued to cry and didn’t dare to continue arguing with Lilith. Her word was law and to defy her was the last thing Sarah would ever do.

Lilith took one last look at the upset teary-eyed girl who didn’t seem to be stopping crying for a while. Feeling satisfied with chastising the girl enough, for now, Lilith took her leave.

“You are NOT to leave this room for the rest of the night. You’re getting no dinner either for lying to me. And I BETTER not have to come back here to tell you to keep your crying down.” Lilith didn’t wait for any confirmation from Sarah as she quickly exited the room accompanied by slamming the door shut behind her.

Alone to her own thoughts, and pee-stained sheets, Sarah slipped off her old worn backpack and tattered shoes and climbed onto her bed that sat in the corner of her room. Sarah laid down as she faced the wall in a fetal position where her crying and sobbing could be muffled by her own body. Immense levels of shame, guilt and embarrassment washed over her as she tried to reflect on what she’d done. Continuing to cry, as the additional thought joined her head as to just how much longer she would have to live her life with the cruel mean and terrifying Lilith.

Re: Better Life [8/22/2016]


The start is good, so we get a sample of what’s to come though questions have already come to my mind as to why Sarah doesn’t have any real parents; answers can wait until the story continues. I do feel bad for her since she’s been forced to live in a complete ****hole with a ***** for a guardian; I know first-hand that things get worse before they get better so that might apply here. Excellent foundation though; MORE PLEASE!

Better Life [8/22/2016] Updated (As in another part)

Sarah felt a warm, vibrant light wash over the back of her body. It was a pleasant feeling as if the light cleansed her of all worry and sadness. Trapped in a groggy trance, she opened her eyes as she was welcomed to the sight of a room unfamiliar to her, but yet so welcoming at the same time. Gentle yellow rays of sunlight flooded through the windows as they shone on a bright white and lush looking carpet floor. Sarah couldn’t help but relish in the look of the room as she’d never come into contact with such an amazing setting before.

Is this… my room?

Sarah couldn’t help but have a feeling that this was surely her bed, her room. The room was large and so was her soft and comfy bed. A canopy was above her as translucent drapes were tied to all four poles around the bed. It felt like her own little fortress.

Her thoughts and attention was diverted though, as she could hear a knob from somewhere turning, as a door gently opened without a creak, something you wouldn’t find in Lilith’s apartment. Inside stepped in a tall woman, who had long black hair like Sarah’s. For whatever reason, Sarah had trouble focusing on any other distinct features of her however. Whenever she tried to visually describe the woman’s face or clothes, she would draw a complete blank. But despite that, as foreign as she was, the approaching woman only felt like she was radiating the same warmness Sarah felt from the light, just as welcoming. By then she was at the foot of the bed, and Sarah was drawn toward her as she walked across the large bed to meet her.

Face to face Sarah’s head only reached the woman’s neck. And instead of exchanging words or facial expressions, the woman suddenly enveloped Sarah into a firm yet soft, gentle hug. Sarah couldn’t help but return the gesture as a response as she too with all of her tiny body’s might tried to hug the woman too. It was indescribable yet felt like it was the exact thing Sarah should be doing. Sarah could only feel happiness sprout from the sadness that accompanied her for her whole life, finally able to receive affection from a mother figure and feel… loved. For once in Sarah’s life tears of joy welled up from inside of her, as this moment felt too good to be true.

Too good to be true…

Almost as if she were fading away, Sarah suddenly felt the feeling of their still ongoing hug slowly drifting away.

What? No! Don’t go!

Her tears then quickly changed to feelings of abandonment as the mother figure and warm room seemed to fade to black, as if her consciousness was calling her back to the cruel reality of her dreary life. The warm feelings she felt tingle across her body transitioned into a colder feeling as if the very warmth that felt so real was being sapped from her body.

Soon what first felt so warm, started to feel cold…and wet.

It took a moment for Sarah to realize that she had been torn from her sweet dream, and was now awake. What was even worse, Sarah shuffled her legs ever so slightly to confirm; she had wet the bed again. A fresh wave of tears silently streamed from her eyes as she felt as pathetic as Lilith made her out to be.

Lilith somehow must’ve woken Sarah up doing something, as soon after Sarah finished most of her crying Lilith opened her door without bothering to knock.

“Sarah wake up it’s time for schoo-” Lilith was beginning to say before she already saw Sarah propped up in her bed.

Lilith’s face quickly gave a stern look as she moved on to the next pressing matter she talked about the day before.

“So are you going to tell me how things went last night or am I going to have to check for you?”

Sarah was too stunned to give her an answer, fearing for Lilith to not go back on her word and punish her.

“Sarah?” Lilith was already raising her voice, already annoyed by the lack of response.

“Sarah, get out of your bed. Now.” Lilith placed a strong emphasis on the last word, to make it clear she wasn’t playing around.

Hesitating, Sarah slowly crawled out of bed to face her, in one of the few pairs of pyjamas she owned, being a pink shirt and soft and loose pink pants. Owning them for almost two years made it clear they weren’t as fitting as they used to be, seeing how the pant legs were starting to reveal a small amount of ankle bone. Aside from the sizing issue however, what was more apparent was the shameful dark stain that covered a large area on the front of her pants, and a small area stretching up to her shirt where her abdomen was. Sarah couldn’t help but blush, as she tried to cross her legs and place her hands over the far too large stain in a useless attempt to cover her embarrassment.

Lilith didn’t seem to be surprised at all as she looked down on Sarah with no feelings of sympathy but simple disgust.

“Honestly…” was all Lilith could say, making it clear she was irritated. “Anyways, come on, strip.” Lilith moved on as if it was now the least of her worries and should be treated as such.

Sarah only stared at Lilith for a moment, unsure of why she was still in the room. Of course, they were both girls, but Sarah still wasn’t keen on changing in front of her.

“B-But I need privacy…” Sarah in a low voice complained.

Reacting as if Sarah just asked for Lilith’s other kidney, she responded “Nope. I need to see you change from here on out because I hope we didn’t forget about our little deal yesterday, did we?”

Sarah had a quickly sinking feeling as she could feel another crying fit coming on, seeing how Lilith did not somehow magically forget about yesterday.

“Sarah, I don’t have time for you to start crying again. If you want to start some waterworks do it while you change. I’m not going to tell you again.”

Sarah didn’t stop crying as she obeyed against her will, slowly grabbing her pajama pants by the waist and slowly pulling them down her legs.

Impatient with her pace, Lilith quickly spoke up saying “Sarah you better speed up or I’m going to do it for you. And you do not want that, I can assure you.”

Still sobbing as she tried to comply by stepping out of the leg holes of her pants, Sarah then took off her shirt as she felt the slightly wet end of her shirt brush against her stomach unfamiliar to being in contact with something so cold.

And as a final last ditch attempt to weasel out of the punishment, Sarah tried to casually move on to taking her still wet underwear off only to be quickly stopped by the sharp call of her name, knowing that it would be better for her to stop. She only cried harder as she grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt out of her closet, still struggling to accept that she’d be in wet underwear for the rest of the day. Lilith kept tapping her foot on the floor, still impatient as ever while Sarah finally put on the rest of her clothes.

“And just so you don’t try a fast one, don’t think I won’t be checking those panties when you get back home. They better still be the same ones from this morning. If they aren’t you’ll be getting another punishment that you will surely regret.”

Sarah finally grabbed her socks and had to sit down to put them on her feet, causing her to wince as she felt her damp underwear further press against her skin, causing more embarrassment and personal disgust to consume her. With her socks on she finally slipped on her old velcro shoes and took her backpack by the strap in hand.

“Are you finished?” Was all Lilith asked, looking ready to almost have taken matters into her own hands.

Sarah could only give a nod as she was still sniffling from stopping the tears.

“Let’s go then. If you don’t get a move on I’m going to be late for work.”

The only reason why Sarah was fortunate enough to get a ride to school in the morning was because it was conveniently a stop on the way to Lilith’s work. Had it not been somewhere along the way, it would be very likely that Sarah’d be out of a ride in the mornings too.

Lilith made her usual pace that Sarah struggled to keep up with down the hall and into the kitchen where the door to leave was. Because she had missed dinner last night Sarah truly was famished. She quickly grabbed one of the few pop tarts out of a box that Lilith “Ever so graciously” allowed her to have two of a week.

“Hurry let’s go!” Lilith said annoyingly, as she waited by the open door to lock behind Sarah. Sarah rushed out in a still depressed mood if to only be sated to a degree by the sweet taste of artificial s’mores. The two rode down using the elevator, Sarah being okay with it this time even as it being Lilith, she still was tall and adult enough to Sarah to operate the machine.

They walked through the lobby and out into the parking lot where Lilith’s old cheap looking car sat unattended that was used daily, yet certainly not for picking Sarah up. Lilith got into the front seat while Sarah stepped into the back, sitting her backpack next to her while she finished what could be called her breakfast. At the same time her bottom making contact with the almost leather-like seat once more pressed the still wet underwear against her, sending an uncomfortable feeling through her body. Without even bothering to check if Sarah had her seat belt on, Lilith quickly turned the ignition that gave the sound of a struggling car for a moment as the car then suddenly vroomed to life. Lilith pulled out of the lot and onto the road.

Finally, after weaving through the traffic, the car was in the lane closest towards the entrance of the school, but Lilith dared not pull towards it any further lest she lose her spot in the ongoing crowd of cars.

“Get out.” Was all Lilith said, considering herself nice enough to even stop to let the girl out.

Sarah took a routinely deep breath as she braced herself to walk across the street alone, a fear she always had. Quickly she opened and closed the door as with her belongings made a quick sprint onto the sidewalk and onto the school grounds. The sun still wasn’t even clearly out as she sat down by the front door to the school, where no kids had arrived yet.

Lilith leaves for work extremely early in the morning, Sarah didn’t even know what she did for work because Lilith would never tell her. Always responding to the question with, “Why do you need to know?” or, “Stop bothering me and go to your room!” typically it was the ladder, as Sarah recognized the first line only occurring on a “happy” day of hers. Anyways, they left at about 7 in the morning which left Sarah about an hour and a half before school even started. It was like this every day.

But also like every other day, it didn’t take long for her teach Ms. Sun to pull in. It had gotten to the point where Sarah beat her so many times to the school that she could easily recognize the car her teacher drove in. Sarah watched as her tall, fit teacher parked little ways away, and saw the same disapproving look on her face as she walked towards the entrance and Sarah.

“Sarah, sweetie. You know that you should be inside the school if you’re going to come this early. You shouldn’t be out here alone.” Ms. Sun said both the teacher and adult in her worrying for her student.

All Sarah could do was glumly respond with an apology as she stood up, waiting to enter the school with her teacher.

Ms. Sun pressed the doorbell-like button on the wall next to the large thick glass double doors, to get confirmation from the main office to unlock the doors.

“Like I always say, you need to press this button to unlock the doors so they can let you in. Otherwise, I’m going to have to start suggesting that someone sees you all the way into the school when you’re dropped off.”

Sarah could only go along with her words and pretend to agree, like any other child pushing it off until the very last moment. Truth be told the 7-year-old in her simply felt out of place pressing the button, almost as if she shouldn’t. The button was so high up, and here she was, only a handful of feet off the ground.

The door then made a loud beep followed by a click noise meaning the doors were unlocked. Ms Sun held the door open for Sarah as with her gathered belongings she walked inside. The walking quickly then made Sarah realize her underwear still had a bit of drying to do, providing her the reminder of what happened this morning and what she was still wearing. Sarah was quickly put on edge by the situation having some sort of feeling as if her teacher could quickly find out she wet the bed that morning. She quickly held back coming tears as she didn’t quite feel like a big girl by wearing wet undergarments around her teacher.

Once inside the school Sarah quickly let Ms Sun retake the lead as she felt that somehow leaving her back to Ms Sun would expose her in some kind of way. The pair made their way down the hall to the second grade wing as Ms Sun as opposed to Lilith, was much more mindful of how fast kids could walk compared to an adult and kept at a pace easy for her and Sarah to make small talk. Of course, having not the most in the world to talk about with a second grader, after about two months of keeping up with this routine there was little left to talk about, seeing as Sarah had few things to talk about outside of school.

Ms. Sun grabbing the keys from the office earlier, unlocked the door to her empty classroom, the same as it had been earlier from the other day. The only difference being that the educational toys for kids their age had been properly sorted and cleaned up as it would be any other time.

Ready to take her mind off this morning and delve into school, Sarah gave Ms. Sun a happy look and happily asked, “Can I be your helper again today Ms. Sun?”

“Well…I’ll have to see if I can find anything for my little helper to do!” Ms sun said, happy to see Sarah’s glum look from outside gone.

Sarah took a slightly damp seat at her desk with a laminated name tag taped across the top with her name written on it, declaring this desk hers and hers alone. Sarah was also mindful of putting her backpack in the child-friendly locker outside before she walked in with Ms. Sun, leaving just herself and the clothes (some wet) on her back at the disposal of a classroom where she truly felt at peace.

“Alright my little helper, I think I have some appropriate work for you right here…” Ms. Sun went on, as she placed a small stack of papers down in front of Sarah. “What I need you to do it count out exactly twenty-three of these packets for everyone later today. Think you can handle it?”

Sarah couldn’t help but smile with glee as she was happy to be given an opportunity to help the teacher and prove her capability. She gave a happy nod as Ms. Sun left her to her now very important work.

Sarah carefully counted out each packet, making completely sure that there were going to be twenty-three packets, no less and no more. After taking her time to even double check her work, Sarah proudly stood the pile up on the desk to align all the pages by the corner, and confidently ran over to Ms. Suns desk to report her accomplishment.

“All done!” Sarah happily shouted, secretly awaiting for the teacher’s praise.

Ms. Sun took the papers from Sarah’s outstretched hands and said “Thank you, Sarah! You make everything so much easier to start the day!”

Sarah couldn’t hide her smile knowing she’d done that well of a job. Being in the classroom at school truly worked wonders at erasing all the bad times she had at home, even if it were only temporary.

“Can I do anything else?” Sarah happily asked, wanting to be even more of a help.

“I can’t think of anything at the moment. But I’ll be sure to let you know when and if I do, okay? For now, why don’t you do some coloring or study for today’s spelling test?” Ms. Sun responded, placing Sarah’s sorted papers in a separate and clean space on her wide desk.

Sarah felt a bit saddened, not being able to do any more for the teacher, especially being turned away to do classwork.

“Uh huh.” Sarah could only say, deciding to color as she walked to the opposite side of the classroom where they kept the crayon bin and white sheets of paper. While Sarah was observing which of the colors she’d be taking, Ms. Sun quietly observed from her desk how the backside of Sarah looked. Not in any kind of perverted manner but a concerned one as she could see two small damp patches each on the legs of her pants, confirming Ms. Sun’s suspicions. Unfortunately what Sarah didn’t pick up on was that she had a lingering scent of urine, and her still wet underwear stained her new change of pants.

“Sarah? Could you actually come back here? There’s something I want to ask you.”

The tone Ms. Sun spoke in scared Sarah in some kind of way, almost as if she were in trouble for something.

Sarah slowly walked back to Ms. Sun, with a look on her face that Ms. Sun could tell Sarah thought she was in trouble.

Ms. Sun could only give her a small smile as she said: “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.”

Sarah finally reached her and in an almost worried voice asked “What is it?”

Despite them being the only two in the classroom, Ms. Sun still felt the need to whisper it into Sarah’s ear, “Sarah, did you have an accident?”

Sarah almost recoiled at the question, stunned that the person she idolized so much would accuse her of something so childish! Please no! She couldn’t have found out!

“N-no!” Sarah denied, raising her voice slightly out of panic.

Ms. Sun lowered her voice as she tried to be only of help to Sarah as she explained “Sarah, I understand if you did or did not, but you smell a little like pee. The back of your pants are stained a bit too…”

Sarah quickly out of reflex felt her bottom and could feel the two slightly cold patches on her bottom, causing tears to work themselves out of her as she quickly realized how embarrassing of a situation she was in.

“I-I-” Sarah could only begin to say, trying to maintain her composure and prevent herself from crying in front of her teacher.

“I-I’m sorry!” Sarah could only cry out as her attempts to restrain herself had quickly failed, as she started sobbing.

Ms. Sun truly felt bad for Sarah but felt it was important to bring this to light before any of the other students arrived. In a way, she was doing Sarah a favor and was sparing her much more potential embarrassment in a full classroom.

“It’s alright Sarah, it’s okay.” Ms. Sun said, giving Sarah a hug that she happily embraced. “But listen,” Ms. Sun eased the two out of the hug, “I asked you because you don’t want other kids to find out about what happened, right?”

Sarah with tears still in her eyes nodded yes.

“So I think it’s important that we go to the nurse and get cleaned up, okay?”

Sarah wasn’t too keen on letting the nurse find out, but the way Ms. Sun reasoned it seemed awfully convincing. As such, Sarah could only nod her head yes in response once more.

“Okay. Come on, let’s go to the nurse then.”

The two as the way they came in, walked out of the classroom to the nurse’s office. Sarah was thankful for it being so early in the morning, as there was no one to pass by them and question what had happened, sparing Sarah of any more shame than she’d been put through.

Finally, they reached the nurse’s office where Sarah could clean up.

Re: Better Life [8/22/2016] Updated (As in another part)

It’s good that Ms. Sun acknowledges how Sarah must be feeling, though I’m not certain if she knows how things are at home for her; only time will tell. I can see where the name of her teacher came from: happy sunshine (best description in my mind). I have my suspicion as to how Lilith will see what happened that morning, but it’s too soon to tell given what happened in the opening; I’ll keep it under lock/key for now though. MORE PLEASE!

Re: Better Life [8/22/2016] Updated (As in another part)

I’m reading for now, and can say it is well written. It could be that you just haven’t gotten far enough into this story yet, but I miss Sweet Desires rather more than I would miss this.

Re: Better Life [8/22/2016] Updated (As in another part)

This is really good. It brought up a lot of old painful memories so I’m hoping there’s a happy ending coming.