Best Friends...Forever Complete (Commission)

Big thanks to Daniel on Patreon for commissioning this story! Enjoy~

Chapter 1

Daniel is a 22-year-old male about 4 feet tall. He’s sleeping in bed after a long session last night hanging out with friends. Well, one friend. His only friend really. Her name is Sarah. Unfortunately for Daniel, his downfall was he was short but for Sarah, she was tall, very tall. About 8 feet. She was called a freak and Daniel was called a midget. Being how they became best friends.

Even though Daniel was as straight as could be he never felt love for Sarah. Not the love you find between two people that want to live together forever. But unfortunately for Daniel, Sarah didn’t feel the same way. But you will find out soon enough.

It was very early in the morning when Daniel was jumped awake in his bed. He looked around his very room. His room was kinda messy with clothing on the ground. His walls were a boring white color as he hasn’t had the money to paint. He even had a few ripped-up posters of cute girls that someone ripped up. His closet was pretty empty as it was close to time to do laundry. Nearly everything was dirty and on the floor around his bed.

Daniel grabs his pillow and stands up.

“Hello? Is someone in my house?”

He says shivering. There was no response he steps out of his room and into the hall when he swears he hears giggling. His eyes get bigger and shake more.

“If this is a joke it isn’t funny!! You better leave now! I-i got a gun! I know how to use it!”

He shakes more with each step before rounding the corner of the hall before someone yells and sticks their face in his.


Daniel screams the girliest scream and slams the person in the face with this pillow. The pillow falls off her face reviling his best friend Sarah who is laughing her ass off.

“You’re such a scaredy-cat!! I thought you were a big man, not a scared little baby.”

Daniel blushes and pushes her face away. He was angry now.

“Sarah!! How many times have I told you not to break into my damn house??”

This should have been his first clue something was suspicious about her but he was scared of losing his only friend. Even if she was odd or kinda creepy. Who else would he have to talk to? Sarah giggles and hugs him his face going deep into her oversized breasts. Daniel’s face was deep red. Trying to pull away from this monster of a woman.

“I’m so sorry dani~ I couldn’t help myself!”

He finally gets pulled away and rubs his face.

“Yuck… I feel like I need a bath now…”

He shivers. He loved women, hell he loved breasts but it was completely different when you only see a girl as your best friend. Sarah smiles looking down at the small boy.

“Whoops sorry. Accident, it’s hard to hug someone so small, well hell anyone really and they don’t get a face full of them.”

She adjusts them, moving them around. He blushes.

“Stop that! Jesus… anyways I’m going to take a shower. Then uhh how about we head to the store then back to your place for a while.”

She gets a sly smile and he stomps his foot.

“Don’t even say 'oh you want to come back to my place’ in that stupid trying-to-be cute voice it’s creepy and weird!”

He sighs. She laughs.

“ok ok sorry. Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Maybe you just need someone to help take care of you. Because you clearly don’t do it well enough.”

He glares.

“I can take care of myself just fine.”

He turns back to his room and grabs some clothing and to the bathroom.

“Oh! If you even attempt to peek in again I’ll call the cops for real this time.”

He says before slamming the door. Sarah giggles and smiles.

“Feisty little guy. I love it when he’s in this attitude makes him so cute and attractive~”

Sarah pulls out her phone and opens an app called Remote Camera. She clicks the one called bathroom cam. It opens up to Daniel undressing unaware.

“Stupid pervy friend…”

He says with a sigh he pulls down his boxers and his flaccid cock hanging down now.

“Can’t we just talk like a normal friend?”

He says Turing on the shower letting it warm up. Sarah licks her lips.

“Such a cute boy, can’t wait to get ahold of that~”

She watches him finally get in the shower. She sighs and shakes her head.

“No no Sarah, it’s still too early. But we are getting very close. Mmm~ very close indeed.”

She kisses her phone and closes the app and waits for Daniel to get done. He comes out fully dressed and sees Sarah in the kitchen at the table.

“You didn’t eat all my food, did you? Not like I got much anyways.”

She looks at him and frowns.

“You are so skinny Daniel, you need to eat more than you are.”

Daniel sighs and shrugs.

“Too broke for that. What are you, my mom? Sheesh, I’m only a little underweight.”

She gets up and begins to go through his pantry and fridge.

“Ok, buddy, sit down I’m about to make you a big breakfast!”

Daniel looked confused but sat down. She said with so much authority he just had to listen.

“Umm well I won’t say no, but you don’t have to Sarah. But I suppose it’s not that far out of your character heh…”

Sarah begins to cook. She was quite good at it too. She finished in about a half-hour having made some biscuit and gravy with pancakes and sausage. She put a plate in front of him. With an overly filled plate. There was no way he could eat it all.

“W-wow thanks so much Sarah… but I’m not going to be able to eat this all. I’ll be full before then.”

She leans over the table and fills his plate with syrup just smirking.

“I expect you to eat it all. Tell you what, you eat it all I’ll pay for any one thing you want. Within reason that is.”

His eyes got big and look back down at the food.

“If I lose?”

She smiles and grabs a paper and writes down what the losing part is. She folds the paper up and lays it under the plate.

“You get to find out after you lose. So what will it be you going to pussy out?”

He glares at her then back at the food. All his food is now covered in pancake syrup. She stopped before it overflowed. He grones and grabs a fork.

“Deal! But you better be prepared to lose!”

He quickly began to shove it down. Sarah just watched with this stare. Sarah didn’t mind a win or loss. But if she could win she would be a small amount closer to her goal. Another half-hour passes. Daniel has his head on the table groaning. He still had a single sausage to eat. He was so close to his goal. He leans his head up and grabs it on his fork getting it close to his mouth where he nearly pukes. He quickly lays it back down. Sarah smiles.

“You give up yet? As fun as this has been to watch the past 10 minutes you have been trying to eat that single sausage. I think you lost buddy.”

He wines and holds his stomach leaning back.

“I-I was so close too… fine I give up… I don’t want to throw up.”

She goes behind him and rubs his belly.

“Aww, poor Dani. When you get the chance you can read my losers note. But take your time. Don’t make yourself sick.”

He blushed at the stomach rubbing it was awkward as hell but it did help him. He let it happen for a while before he was able to move again. He reaches up, lifts the plate, and opens the note. He reads it out loud.

“Must go to the store and buy a package of adult diapers then come home and put one on and show me.”

He blushed and looked at Sarah quickly.

“This is a joke right?! I-i can’t do that, people will think I’m some kinda weirdo. They already do as is!”

Sarah frowns.

“Oh, so now that you lose a bet you get to get out of it? I always did what you asked for your bets when I lost.”

Daniel sighed and whined.

“That’s just cruel… fine you are right. Not like I have to use them or anything. The worst part will be buying them.”

Sarah smirks.

“Well, I need to see you in the diaper. To make sure you don’t lie about it.”

He blushes but nodded.

“That makes a lot of sense… fuck! This is such a good prank, why didn’t I think of it!”

Sarah giggles and smiles.

“Don’t know, now come on let’s head to the store. I can’t wait to see you do this~”

He sighs and follows her out of his house. He makes sure to lock up and they go out and get in her car. He wasn’t allowed to drive being so small. So he was lucky he had her. But her car was so freaking tall it made him feel like a child just being in it. He buckled his seat belt and Sarah got in the driver’s seat. Then they head off to the closest store that sold adult Diapers.

They get out of the car and head inside Sarah sits at a bench by the front to see all the registers.

“Well you head on in, I’ll be right here. You know what you need to do.”

He blushed the whole trip inside and headed to the adult diaper section. He nervously looked them over before some lady walks up.

“Hiya, can I help you find anything today sir?”

He jumped and blushed.

“N-not looking for diapers nope!”

She giggles and smiles.

“Ahh, I see well if you need any help not finding any I’ll gladly help. But hmm…”

He still blushing looked confused.


She sighs.

“Unfortunately I don’t believe any of these will fit you.”

He looked more confused.

“What do you mean? Too big? I mean I’m not buying them anyways!”

She nods.

“Excuse me, if this comes out rude but you are very… small. but do not worry! I know a great place! Follow me.”

She walks off and Daniel drops his head in shame and follows her. They finally make it to the baby aisle. She grabs a package of Huggies the largest in them and hands them to him.

“These would fit your size perfectly! But the cute print might throw you off. But I suppose it’s better than an accident.”

He began to nod and blushed more, shaking his head. These had mickey mouse all over them. It was very humiliating.

“A-accident? Woah ok you have the wrong idea…”

She tilts her head.

“Why else would you need protection?”

He thought for a very long time shaking his leg nervously. But she was right he would just have to suck it up and pretend.

“O-ok you are right can we just not talk about that…”

She nods.

“So sorry sir! I wasn’t thinking I’m sure it’s very embarrassing. But I need to get back to work.”

She walks off and he hides the diapers the best he can going to the front and paying the guy behind the counter smiles.

“Aww, you got a kid?”

Daniel blushes and just nods he quickly pays and rushes to Sarah who’s laughing.

“I can’t wait to see your kid Dani~”

He’s bushing deep red and leaves the store. Sarah follows him and gets in the car with him as they buckle up.

“What’s with the diapers though? Those are for baby’s aren’t they?”

He grones.

“The worker said these would be the only size to fit me… I hate my life. That cute girl probably thinks I’m a diaper-wearing weirdo.”

Sarah squeezes the wheel tight.

“She’s probably a bitch anyways…”

She says jealousy.

“Let’s just get you home.”

They travel back home in silence and head back inside. Daniel heads to his room.

“Don’t come in! I’ll come out when I’m ready.”

Sarah giggles

“oh I can’t wait, this is going to be so good~”

He goes into his room blushing only more shutting the door and lays the diapers down and rips them open they fly everywhere. He growls and stomps his foot.

“Damn it all!”

He quickly picks most of them up and throws them off his bed they were like an odd fabric he opens it up shivers.

“I hate my life…”

He pulls down his pants and boxers and begins to put this diaper on himself. He finally gets it on and lets his shirt drop to hide it.

“There’s no way I’m walking out like this Sarah!!”

Sarah sounds sad.

“But Dani you promise…”

He frowns and scratches himself but the diaper makes it hard and opens the door. Sarah peeks down the hall curiously and lifts an eyebrow.


Daniel takes a deep breath and shakes grabbing his shirt and lifting it up exposing his very childish diaper to Sarah. Her breathing goes heavy just staring at Daniel. He had his eyes closed and was embarrassed as hell. Suddenly Sarah bursts out laughing like crazy.

“Oh my God Dani that’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life! Wiggle your hips! Shake that bootie!”

She says continuing to laugh. Daniel’s humiliation is so much he doesn’t even want to move. He wanted to die.

“Does little Dani need a bottle I’m sure mommy can let you breastfeed if you like~”

Then laughs more he turns and slams his door and just screams. He rips off the diaper and throws it in the corner of the room and gets dressed back. He steps back out.

“Ok Sarah! Time for you to go home! I did your stupid-”

He grones holding his tummy.

“Prank… haha you got me in diapers. But you need to-”

He grones and his eyes get big and he runs to the bathroom quickly. Sarah smiles.

“Good to know the laxatives work for later~”

Horrible sounds come from the bathroom, Daniel pooping in the toilet. Sarah giggles.

“So close to making him use it too. Next time though he won’t be so lucky. If I can get him to use just one diaper. I can begin my plan. But it can’t be forced for the first time. It needs to feel like it’s 100% his fault that will lower his confidence a lot. Making him less likely to fight anything I do to him. If only a little~”

She leaves the house whistling back to her house. She goes inside and into her room. She opens her closet and there she had a bunch of pictures of Daniel naked. From different rooms in his house. She must have had cameras all over the place. She opens up her phone and hits print on something. She pulls out a picture off the printer. It’s Daniel holding up his shirt showing off his diaper. She licks her lips.

“Soon my baby you will be mine to feed, diaper, and milk just you wait~”

Back at Daniel’s house, he comes out of the bathroom holding his stomach.

“Oh God… anyways Sarah i-”

He looks around and tilts his head. Then looks around suspiciously.

“You better not be hiding in my house again! I swear if I wake up in bed next to you I’m going… do something probably.”

He sighs and goes to his bedroom and lays on his bed. All the diapers were still all over his bed and some on the floor. He lets out a yawn.

“I’ll pick them up later. Why don’t I get better friends… oh right because she’s the only one who at least listens to me… As much as she annoys me.”

He closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep. It was only like 4 pm so it was very off for him to be so tired. But he didn’t care he just wanted to forget he ever put on a diaper for Sarah. Being the last thing he thought before he drifted off to sleep.

He has nightmares waking up to Sarah above him. He’s completely naked and she’s got a diaper putting it on him. But no matter how much he struggled he couldn’t move it was like he was paralyzed. She put him in a diaper and then lifted her shirt as his mouth was slowly moved to her nipple he was trying to fight it before he jumps awake screaming.

He breathes heavily holding his chest and looking himself over. He was still in what he was wearing when he went to sleep. He grones and rubs his head.

“Damn it… what a nightmare.”

He says sitting up and looking out the window. It was the dead of night.

“Man I fell asleep early huh? First the shits then I get mega sleepy. Did Sarah drug me?”

He shakes his head.

“No… She’s insane sure but I don’t think she would do that. Probably just all the food I ate. I never eat that much.”

He says yawning.

“Might as well go back to sleep till morning.”

He says closing his eyes and falling right back to sleep. For whatever morning holds for him.


Chapter 2

Daniel wakes up the next day. He sits up rubbing his eyes then looks suspicious.

“Wait… Did I wake up on my own? No Sarah?”

He leans down over his bed and lifts the covers to look under his bed. He saw a lump of clothes that looked like a person and screamed a bit falling off the bed and onto his head he lifts it back up.

“I KNEW IT…? oh it’s just clothes…glad no one saw that.”

He looked around his room and sighed.

“I guess I need to get laundry done huh?”

He grabs a basket and begins to fill it with all the clothes he could find. Finding diapers in weird places and still on his bed. He gathered as much of them up as he could and threw them in his trash can.

“There we go all clean! Except for my posters Sarah ripped up for no damn reason. Come on she had to admit those girls were hot.”

He laughs and walks out of his room and suddenly the wonderful aroma hits his nose.

“Mmm… What’s that smell? Wait, smell? In my house.”

He grones and opens his bathroom door and throws the dirty clothes in there and sneaks up and around the corner just peeking around into the front room/kitchen area looking at the kitchen part. The table was filled with food again. The small man drools.

“But who… Sarah obviously… but how? HELLO? Sarah?”

He said walking into the kitchen. He shrugs and sits down and gets him a plate full, not as big as Sarah got him yesterday but a decent amount. He ate till he couldn’t eat another bite.

“Guess I have to wash dishes too?”

He grones seeing as the ones from yesterday were cleaned for today. He grabs his plate and drags it along the table till he picks it up. Suddenly something in a rectangle shape falls out from under it.

“huh? Did I drop-”

His eyes go wide and his mouth drops. His face goes red. It was a picture of him with his shirt raised in a baby diaper.

“H-how?! Why?! SARAH!!”

He grabs it about to rip it up when he notices words on the back. He read it out loud.

“Hiya Dani! Just thought you might like one of these it’s just a copy, I wouldn’t give you the real thing. Unfortunately, I’m probably busy at the moment and can’t be over to see you eat and see your expression. So just a little blackmail. Put on a new diaper and keep it on till I get there no matter what, don’t remove it. Trust me I’ll know~”

He shakes and looks around.

“She can’t be serious… this is not happing. I’m not being blackmailed by my best friend! I refuse to accept it! What’s she going to do post these pictures… of me everywhere…”

He gets very nervous crumpling the picture up and throwing it to the ground.

“Damn it! Damn her! How are all her pranks so good! She normally sucks at this! I’m used to doing this kinda shit to her but she’s never got this far to get back at me!”

He sighs.

“How will she even know… not like she’s got cameras all over my house. But… I don’t want to take the chance of anyone but me and her seeing that picture… I look enough like a damn child I don’t need to make my image worse!”

He says stomping off to his room and getting in his trash and pulling out a diaper. He blushed and removed his pants and boxers and put on the diaper.

“I feel so stupid… how long is she going to make me wait huh?”

He grabs his pants and throws them on with a smirk.

“She didn’t say I couldn’t wear pants. So close to the perfect plan Sarah.”

He says with a shrug thinking he’s won. He walks to the front room, his diaper crinkling the whole way. His face was still red.

“Damn it, I can hear it… if anyone came by they would know.”

He sits on the couch and turns on the TV to watch some shows. He watched TV for an hour before he stood up quickly.

“I got to piss bad! Damn it, where is she?!”

He crosses his legs just standing there for a while.

“Fuck it! She won’t know I removed it!”

He hurried to the bathroom and walked in. Oddly his toilet seat was down. He pulled off his pants and then lifted the toilet lid and seat suddenly something flies out of the toilet at him he screams and ducks. But this was all it took as he began to piss in this diaper. His mouth opens wide but he couldn’t stop. The warmth filled his diaper. Unfortunately, these were baby diapers and not for adults as it begins to leak. Piss begins to flow down his leg.

His diaper was overly expanded and his floor and himself were now covered in piss. How could this happen to him? He was so ashamed of himself. He’s an adult, not some stupid child. But here he is alone and pissing himself while wearing a baby’s diapers. It was the thing that jumped out of the toilet’s fault right? But it was his fault for letting go so easily. He can’t remember a time he had to piss so bad. He shakes his head and goes to remove his diaper when suddenly the door opens.

“Dani you in here?~”

It was Sarah, she covered her mouth seeing the man in a soaked diaper, piss covered the floor and his legs. Daniel’s eyes begin to well up. His shame was unbearable. His embarrassment maxed. He just began to cry.

“This is your fault!”

Sarah crosses her arms and looked at him curiously.

“My fault? I only said to wear the diaper, not use it. Maybe you are a little weirdo and wanted to use it.”

He only began to cry more. She was right this was all his fault. He was a weirdo who just pissed in a baby diaper. But Sarah came over and kneed down right in his piss and hugged him. His piss-soaked diaper and legs getting on her. He hugged her and cries.

“Somethings wrong with me Sarah I don’t know what but this has never happened in my life!”

She keeps cuddling the man to comfort him.

“it’s ok Dani. It happens, don’t worry. I’m not going to hate you or anything. You are my best friend, even if you use diapers. Maybe you should keep one on just in case this happens again?”

Daniel looks up at her.


She covers his mouth.

"Don’t argue with me. But we might need to get you more absorbent ones. Hmm, I have an idea! I’ll get rid of all my diapered pictures of you ok? I’m sorry for blackmailing you. But how about you come to my house for a few days? Just to see if this goes anywhere? You will have a friend to talk to in case it does. One who won’t mock you and shame you. "

Daniel smiles and lets go of Sarah. If someone saw this they would think it was just a child who wasn’t potty trained and upset about it hugging his mom.

“I think coming over sounds nice… but do I need to wear diapers… seriously?”

Sarah smiles.

“Would you rather clean yourself or my carpets?”

He grones.

“Fair point… thanks Sarah you are always there when I need you. N-now umm…”

He says embarrassed. Sarah giggles.

“I’ll go grab you a new diaper to change into~”

He couldn’t blush anymore if he tried. He watched her leave, her pants soaked in his piss. He just frowns thinking how bad of a friend he was to let her do that. That’s the most disgusting thing ever. He removed his diaper and it falls to the ground with a plop sound. He throws it away and cleans up his piss and gets in the shower. Sarah walks in unable to see him from the Curtin.

“I laid you a change of clothes on the counter Dani.”

Normally he would get overly pissed at her but she was just helping today. He smiled.

“Thanks, Sarah. You really are a true friend.”

Sarah leaves the bathroom with a smile and walks to the kitchen.

“Plan one make Dani doubt himself complete. Make him feel like I’m the only one who will and ever will care for him in the works. Then after that… kidnapping and playing with my new toy~”

She licks her lips and rubs her puss in excitement, letting out a little moan feeling his piss on her. Then stops herself.

"Not… yet Sarah. Calm down. Mmm but he’s just so cute I want to show him how much I love him. I want him to love me the way I love him. Change his diapers. Jerk him off. Make him breastfeed from me. Make him just a little chubby. He’s going to love me and his new life. "

She screams in ecstasy as she cum in her pants and panties. She sighs and goes to Daniel’s room. In the shower, Daniel is cleaning himself when he hears Sarah scream.

“Huh? Wonder what she’s screaming about… lord only knows with her. God so gross I still feel covered in piss. I can’t believe this. Maybe something wrong? Even if I had to pee I should have easily been able to hold it in from that scare. Maybe I should go to the doctor?”

He says with a sigh and gets out of the shower and dries off. The first thing he sees on top of his clothes is another baby diaper. He whines and grabs it.

“This is so humiliating… but it’s just in case! I don’t have to use it and I can remove it later.”

He says confidentiality. He then begins to diaper himself. Blushing again as he was beginning to get the hang of it. He sighs looking in the mirror he looked like a 10-year-old in diapers. He grabs his pants and shirt throwing them on without much thought. He leaves the bathroom his diaper crinkling the whole way. He couldn’t un-hear it.

“Sarah? You still here?”

He said going into the kitchen not to see her. He frowns when his door was opened up. There she was in his shorts being way too small for her, being something like hot shorts. It was digging into her puss and ass pretty much exposing enough down there. He gaged and blushed looking away.

“Jesus! Why are you in my pants?! Uhh… that came out wrong but you know what I mean!”

Sarah giggles and smiles.

“well sorry, but someone piss was all over my pants so I needed something else silly.”

Daniel blushed looking down still.

“Fair point… won’t argue that.”

He rubs his arm uncomfortably. She walks up behind him and pats his butt and he jumps.

“H-hey! Hands off creep!”

She laughs.

“Just making sure you put on your diaper before we left. It’s so cute your clothes as a kid still fit.”

He looked confused and looked down at his clothes. It was an Elmo t-shirt and shorts. He blushed his eyes were big.

“H-how, when… I would never keep anything like this!”

He said all embarrassed now he really looked like a child. Sarah crouched down and smiles at him.

“It was in your closet silly? It was the only thing clean. I wasn’t sure what else to get you?”

His anger drops just going back down as he couldn’t argue that. Not having the clothes done was his fault. He just sighs this whole day has been nothing but his own fault. He was losing confidence in himself little by little.

“You… I’m begging to have less and less confidence that I can take care of myself… I don’t know what’s going on today but I’m glad you are here to help. Thanks, Sarah.”

She smiles and hugs him making him smile.

“Now let’s get you my car and get you to my place. Your legs feeling ok or you want me to carry you.”

He glares.

“Don’t push your luck. I’m not letting you carry me like a child! You got me in a diaper and children’s clothes. No need to humiliate me more!”

She stands up and goes to the door.

“Just joking with you shesh. Lighten up have some fun. Don’t let your life be full of anger.”

He grones and walks to the door as Sarah opens it and they go out, Sarah locking his door. The crinkle of Daniel’s diaper was very obvious to the two of them. Sarah even giggles.

“That has to be the cutest sound ever.”

He blushed and runs to the car opening the door then turns to glare at Sarah as there was a car seat for a child in the front.

“SARAH! this better be some kinda joke!”

She gets up there and looks confused.

“What? Oh, the car seat?”

She rolls her eyes and takes it out.

“I had to take my little nephew to school today. That’s why I was late getting here. Why I cooked you breakfast early. You think I’m trying to get you into these childish things?”

He felt more embarrassed and confused. He was sure she was messing with him. But every time she had a comeback for how it’s not her fault. Or that she’s not doing anything. He was jumping to conclusions. He just jumps in the car and buckles up.

“Let’s just go… I don’t want to be seen like this…”

Sarah shrugs and nods shutting his door and getting in to drive. They go quite a way to Sarah’s house. It was kinda out in the country a bit. Daniel had to admit she did have a big house and was very peaceful in the middle of nowhere. They park in the garage and get out. Her garage was very tidy everything was on shelves or hanging on the wall. Completely the opposite of Daniels. He sighs more.

“I live like a slob don’t I?”

Daniel asks. Sarah shrugs.

“Never really thought about it. Anything about you never bothered me.”

He smiles and they go in to her house straight in to the front room. Sarah takes off her shoes and Daniel begins to walk in. She clears her throat.

“Ahem, remove your shoes first. Don’t walk all over my carpets like that.”

This command went down his spine with a shiver. He went over and took off his shoes. Her front room had a nice TV in it. Along with an area for a kid with a gate around it. It was freaky because it was bigger than Daniel himself.

“Uhh, what’s with the baby corner…?”

She giggles then smirks.

“Wana go play in it?”

He blushed a deep red.

“N-no! I knew you were tricking me!”

Sarah laughs like crazy.

“I’m joking calm down! Gosh, you’re so suspicious of everything it’s almost adorable. But that’s for my babysitting job.”

He takes a sigh of relief. Humiliated again.

“oh ya, that’s right. I forgot you babysit. But don’t you get sick of changing diapers?”

She nods and smirks again.

“Indeed but I could change yours if you need me to~”

He blushed again just after claiming down.

“SARAH! I SWEAR! can we not talk about my diapers! I-i mean… the fact I’m wearing diapers…just in case something happens, I’m not weird! You are!”

She laughs again.

"Dani please calm down, it was another joke. What’s up with you today? Your face is such a cute red. So easy to embarrass. There’s nothing to be ashamed of wearing a diaper. A lot of adults have to. A lot gain bladder problems at a young age and they can be permanent. If it is permanent you might have to get used to it. "

He whines.

“Permanent…? But…”

His stomach growls he blushed and laughs awkwardly.

“Whoa… I ate so much at breakfast too… yet I’m hungry again for more.”

Sarah claps and smiles.

“Wonderful! I’ll start lunch! You can watch TV if you like or I can show you the spare bedroom. Unfortunately, it’s got a lot of baby stuff in there as that’s where baby’s sleep but I got a twin bed in there for others.”

He shrugs.

“it’s fine. I’ll just look around myself. Thanks for cooking for me again. I have always been so bad at it.”

She smiles and walks off to the kitchen. Daniel goes down the hall and sees 4 doors one being the bathroom. He peeks in and it was a basic bathroom nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. Just a girl’s bathroom with pads and stuff. He shrugs and goes to the next door. It was locked he sighs and shrugs.

“I’m Clearly not allowed in there but Sarah would just barge in if it was her and this was my house. But I don’t have the ability to pick locks as she does.”

He says shaking his head going to the next door. It was a nursery-like room on one side and the other had a twin-sized bed for an average-sized person. Nothing about the other side was babyish. He looked at the nursery part and blushed looking at the diapers then looked down at himself and pulled his pants back to see his diaper.

Some appear to be the same diapers. That was only more humiliating knowing he’s wearing the same diapers as some baby. He goes over to the clothes and picks up a onesie and holds it up to himself and quickly throws it as it was a perfect size to fit him.

“That’s fucking creepy… I didn’t know I was that small…”

He holds his head.

“What the hell is going on… how did I get myself in such a strange situation? Oh right, I fucking pissed myself.”

He goes over and sits on the bed and swings his legs off the edge just thinking. Back with Sarah. She cooked some food, getting it sat out but she crushed some pills into one bowl of chili and then had a full glass of milk. She smirks as she does this.

“Mama’s baby boy won’t have a problem using his little diaper after this. You best enjoy yourself for a while baby boy. Because after today you will start the real training~”

She clears her throat and yells.

“Oh, Dani! Lunch Time!”

Daniel jumps off the bed and rushes to the kitchen and sits at the table. He is given a bowl of chili and Sarah sits close by eating with him. He eats it quite quickly. He smiles at Sarah.

“Thank you so much! It was so good I don’t know how you cook so well! I could almost get used to you cooking for me every day.”

He grabs the glass of milk and downs it and looked confused.

“Huh? Tastes kinda funny? But not bad.”

She giggles.

“Ya, it’s not cow’s milk like you are probably used to. I don’t buy that stuff don’t care for it much. Anyways, would you like to go watch TV for a while?”

He shrugs.

“Sure why not.”

They got up and went to the front room and sat on the couch beside each other. They watched TV for quite a while. It was about 5 pm and Daniel keeps letting out loud yawns. He looked half asleep sitting up. His head slowly leans closer and closer to Sarah. That was till he let out a fart. Then grones but to his fear that was not a fart. Something runny and thin fills his backside. But he was so tired he barely noticed. That was till Sarah commented.

“Phew, Damn what’s that awful smell. Smells like when one of the baby’s shits themself.”

His face went red, waking up enough and sitting up.

“N-no… there’s no way…I just-”

But the tiredness came over him again and he passed out on Sarah. She smirks and pets his head.

“Aww, the drugs kicked in, but don’t worry baby. Mommy will get you all cleaned up.”

She picks up Daniel who’s dead asleep and takes him to the nursery and lays him on the changing table and pulls off his shorts that had some poop on them from spewing out. She puts them in the hamper and gets to work removing his diaper. She cleans his dick off and balls making him moan a little in his sleep.

His dick began to grow. She giggles and cleaned him up with baby wipes it took a while then threw away his dirty diaper. She then began to have fun with him. She grabs his balls and plays with them.

“just as I imagine them feeling like~”

His dick grew harder and harder it was average size but the thickness was quite thicker than normal.

“That dicks definitely bigger than I expected~”

She says as she begins to rub his dick. He moaned In his sleep. Enjoying it but probably wouldn’t if he knew what was happing. She stopped for a moment, put some lotion on her hand, and began to lotion his butt teasing his butt just a little. Then moved to his balls rubbing them making him moan more and more. Then she rubs his tip. He breaths heavy before a moan leaves him and cum splatters all over her hand. She cleans her handoff.

He began to relax his cock shrinking back down to flaccid. She grabbed a new diaper these looked like the ones he was wearing but much thicker. It was clear it wasn’t for baby’s but they looked just like baby diapers. She lifts his butt and places him on it. She puts a lot of powder on him and puts the front of the diaper over him and tapes it back on. She shivers from excitement.

“I can get used to this. Don’t worry little Dani.”

She says kissing his lips.

“You will learn to love it eventually. You will even love me.”

She looks to the crib then shakes her head.

“no-no, not yet… as cute as it would be I need to make him feel more shame. Not force him into situations yet. I want his will to fight to be weakened.”

She takes Dani to the bed in a diaper and shirt and lays him in bed tucking him in she gives him another kiss on the lips. She makes out a little with the sleeping boy. She stops and licks her lips.

“Just as I imagined you would taste. Sleep, tight baby boy.”

She walks to the lights and shuts them off. Shutting the door. Daniel sleeps peacefully. He looked even more relaxed in a clean diaper and just having gotten off.


Chapter 3

Daniel grones sitting up, He rubs his eyes and sees Sarah on the couch with him as he was laying on her lap. He looked very confused.

“What the hell was I doing…?”

She giggles at him.

“I think that’s what the kids call sleeping.”

She says still giggling. He rolls his eyes.

“Haha so funny.”

Looking around curiously he was still in her house, He then remembered he was wearing a diaper he put his hand on his crotch and nothing. He looked down and he was butt naked he blushed and covered himself.

“Why the hell am I naked?!”

He said, jumping up covering himself. Sarah shrugs.

“Don’t know? Whoa uh, are you turned on by something?”

She asked as his dick was growing hard. He didn’t know what was going on but he was so turned on. His dick was rock hard as he grabs his dick begging to rub. He blushed knowing it was so wrong to do this in front of his best friend. But for some reason, he couldn’t stop.

“Aww, Daniel I didn’t know you were such a horny boy.”

She said. He was so humiliated but so turned on. That was till Sarah got down and pushed him on his back. She grabbed his dicked and began jerking him off.

“N-no stop! This is gross and wrong but… why do I want this…”

She jerked him off till he exploded with cum. He felt his whole body go numb as he lay in Sarah’s arms.

“Don’t worry Daniel we will be together forever~”

She bends in for a kiss and suddenly Daniel screams sitting up in his bed. The loud crinkle of his diaper made a noise as he sat up. He looked around and he was in the spare room of Sarah. He takes a sigh of relief glad it was all a dream.

“Gross… I can almost taste that kiss…”

He shivered. This his eyes go wide.

“Wait didn’t I fall asleep on the couch… before I-”

He covers his mouth and sits up checking his diaper. It had the same design but it seems thicker but it was dry and clean. He takes another sigh of relief. He puts his hand on his diapered crotch thinking about what he did in that dream. Or what he hoped was a dream.

“Must have been a nightmare. Of course, it was I’m not some child who shits himself.”

He says standing up then blushing.

“E-even if I am in a diaper… I should ask if I can remove this stupid thing. She said only if I didn’t have an accident and I didn’t.”

He nodded thinking about the dream and shivers going to the door.

“It was just a damn dream, Daniel. Relax, she might be creepy but that’s way too far for even her. I don’t believe she would do anything that odd to me.”

He opens the door and the smell of eggs and bacon was strong.

“Mmm…something smells so good.”

He said walking to the kitchen, his diaper crinkling the whole way. But he didn’t care as he was getting used to eating early it was just hard to resist. He peeks in and sees Sarah humming and just cooking. She has on her normal clothes again moving her butt from side to side. He blushed walking in.

“Um, Good morning Sarah.”

He said shyly walking the rest of the way in. She looks back and smiles.

“Oh hello and good morning! Sorry but you passed out last night so I helped you to the bed.”

She said he blushed and looked uncomfortable.

“Uh, I did? Could have just left me on the couch you know?”

She turns and tilts her head.

“Don’t you remember? You… well used your diaper. It was quite the mess.”

He blushed like Crazy.

“W-what do you mean…?”

He asked, She sighs.

“Well, you shit yourself. In simple terms.”

His mouth dropped and his shame went all through him.

“B-but that’s can’t be my I mean this diaper is clean?!”

He said in a panic. She sighs.

“Ok don’t freak out but I cleaned you up. I know I know! I’m sorry but you wouldn’t wake up! I didn’t want you sleeping in your own mess! Diaper rash would have been so much worse.”

She says. He dropped his head embarrassed as could be. But he was thankful in a way but he couldn’t believe whatever was going on with him.

“Look I know you are freaking out. You need to sit down and calm down. Sorry about the diapers though. I only had much thicker ones. Probably feels much bigger than the baby diapers. But I believe you need to stay in them. As for your pants, well you ruined them.”

Sarah says. He goes to the table and sits down laying his head on the table.

“What is going on with me all of a sudden Sarah…? I think my body’s breaking. I’m scared, I don’t think I can handle this.”

Sarah smirks then shakes her head and forces a frown and goes and hugs him.

“Aww Danie, It’s ok I’m here for you. How about we get some breakfast in you, then just go get some fresh air?”

He shrugs but agrees.

“I guess… I don’t know what to do anymore.”

He says. She pats his back.

“I got an idea! After breakfast, we will walk the trail in the back as we use to do!”

Daniel smiles and leans up.

“Ok, ya that does sound fun. Relaxing too.”

She goes over and gets his breakfast plated, then another glass of strange milk. She sits it in front of him with a smile. He smiles back.

“It’s so nice not to have to think about what to feed myself. You’re a very good friend Sarah. Heh… I had a very weird dream about you.”

He said while eating she sits by him and keeps smiling also eating.

“Oh? I’m curious now~”

She said leaning over the table a bit. He blushed and shivered.

“It’s not important… just some stupid dream stuff you know? Dreams are weird.”

Sarah shrugged and nodded not pushing it more.

“Well, I hope it was nice. But we are out in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have your pants clean. Are you ok just going out like you are? No one will see you. My pants won’t fit your tiny ass heh.”

She said. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Well, I suppose? It’s a forest I doubt anyone will be out here, but I mean sure why not. Might as well show all the stupid animals I need diapers.”

They eat up and get ready to go out Sarah dresses up more for going out in the forest path. But Daniel only had on a thick diaper and t-shirt. With shoes and socks. They head out and Daniel pulls his shirt down still embarrassed even though no one was out here. He stayed close to Sarah. It was cute looking like a kid with his mother. They walked down this old forest path. He always loved this path it was just so quiet and relaxing.

“Oh! Daniel?! Look at that!”

Sarah says pointing at something. There was what appeared to be a $100 bill stuck in the tree. Daniel excitedly jumped into the brush scratching up his legs to go grab it.

“It’s mine!”

He yells when suddenly something grabs his leg and flings him in the air upside down his diaper fully exposed. He screams hanging upside down by his foot nearly in tears scared to death.

“Sarah!! Help!”

He said scared to death.

“Oh my God! Daniel!”

She said running out to him pulling on the rope unable to free him. She tried every way to cut it but to no success.

“I can’t get it undone! Wait I’ll run home and get a knife.”

Daniel shakes scared to death.

“O-ok please hurry!”

Sarah runs off to the house leaving Daniel alone. About 5 minutes after she left he already had to pee bad. But his body hanging like this and his fear just made him begin to piss as he fills his diaper. Minutes turned into an hour.


He began to cry believing he was left alone to die. It wasn’t long before he also had that feeling of having to poop. He didn’t even have to push as he just felt himself begin to go. His diaper is filled as he bawled. He heard rustling in the bushes when suddenly Sarah popped out.


Sarah says. Daniel screams and cries.

“I thought you left me to die hurry and let me down! I-i… don’t know what’s happening. I feel disgusting!”

He cried. She frowns clearly feeling bad. She didn’t expect him to be such a cry baby.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find this place. I have been looking for you for a long time.”

She said cutting him down and catching him. His mess hit her hand smooching it into him. He blushed but she pretended not to notice.

“Phew… smells like an animal just shit out here.”

Daniel hugged her tight, he felt safe in her arms.


He said. She looked at him and with surprise.

“Oh, no is that you?”

She asked. Daniel just nods in shame.

“Aww, I’m so sorry Daniel. If only I hurried a bit.”

Daniel didn’t let go, hugging her just scared. She smirks knowing she just knew this was about as close as she could get to what she wanted for now.

“Do you mind if I carry you home?”

She asked. He shook his head. Not like he had the energy to walk anyways. She walks home very slowly just carrying him in her arms. He honestly hated this but after being so scared being cuddled helped. They make it back to the house after about an hour and get inside she takes him into the nursery and goes to the changing table and sits him down on it.

He was half there half not looking around his mess getting very uncomfortable. He just stared at her with a blank expression.

“Ok, I know this might sound weird but do you mind if I change you? I wouldn’t want you to get a rash?”

He just looked more confused she laid him back and began by taking off his shoes and grabbing some booties. On the inside, they had spikes to prevent the person in them from using their feet. In his confusion, she took the chance to put them on him along with some mittens on his hands. She tightens them on. It would be impossible for him to use his hands this way.

“Well, I guess I’ll take your blank expression as a yes.”

She said with a giggle. She bends down and also grabs a pacifier. She keeps it out of view then nods. Knowing it was time to begin the fun. She brought it up and put it in his mouth. She moved it around in his mouth he was already half asleep but as he began to suck he fell asleep.

She smiles then grabs a vibrator she turns it on with a smirk and puts it against the soaked and soiled diaper. It made him slowly moan in pleaser. Sarah bit her lip in excitement as she made Daniel enjoy his messy diaper. She lifted him some and began to push the mess into him more and it only seemed to make the sleepy boy more excited. it got to the end daniel woke up in ecstasy as he cums inside his soiled diaper. He was bittting down on his pacifier.

He went to speak but the pacifier blocks his speech as he goes to speak.
“Sawah! What the heck?! Oh my God!”

He blushed insanely. Then noticed he was sucking a pacifier and spit it out.

"What the fuck?! Sahra what the hell did you just do?!”

He says in a panic she just smiled

“Oh uh looks like I have been caught~”

She giggled and he just looked horrified. The smell of his diaper was now only worse.

“Stay there unless you want to stay in your shit-filled diaper.”

She said. He looked at his hands than his feet. Not only did he just get off from her but she was about to change his diaper. But he calmed down and smirks.

“I get it it’s just another dream!”

He says. She giggles as she undoes his diaper his face goes red seeing his own mess. He felt incredible shame. Even if this was a dream it was humiliating. She slowly cleaned his mess up he couldn’t even watch. She cleaned his dick he twitched from it being very sensitive. He found that odd for a dream but soon it was over as his diaper was thrown away. But another was brought up to him and placed under him.

“Just get used to the feeling daniel. You will love your diapers before too long!”

She put on powder and taped his new diaper on. Daniel tried to remove it but couldn’t with the mittens. He wines.

“I’m so glad this is a dream. Having my best friend get me off and put me in diapers is the weirded fucking dream I have ever had.”

He says sitting up with his normal crinkle. He jumps off the table and scrams falling to his knees feeling like needles rammed into his feet. Sarah quickly grabs him and hugs him.

“Silly, babies can’t walk.”

He looked very confused.

“That felt very real…”

She gropes his butt and carried him over to his bed and sit down on it hugging him.

“Don’t worry baby it’s just a dream. Go, wild little guy.”

He blushes but enjoyed the hug knowing its a dream.

“So this dream I’m a baby huh?”

She giggles and kisses his head making him shiver.

“Only babies wear diapers. Are you getting hungry?”

He growls but he was getting kinda hungry he nods and she pick him up and takes him to the kitchen. There was a high chair with his name on it. He rolled his eyes.

“Yap this is one weird fucking nightmare.”

She straps him in it and does something behind him he can’t see suddenly some kinda pacifier gag was shoved into his mouth. He tries to scream but couldn’t.


He got out. Sarah laughs and goes to the fridge and pulls out a bag of milk and hangs it on something. She hooks up a long hose to it and got closer.

“I’m going to make my little boy so nice and plump~”

She says unscrewing the end of the gag leaving his mouth wide open. The hose was put in and locked into place he was freaking out struggling. She just walked over and squeezed the bag and it was forced down his throat.

“Hope you enjoy mommy’s milky~!”

She says with a wink his eyes were wide as he was forced to drink more and more. Hoping this dream ends soon. He drank for what felt like forever he got more and more sleepy well that was till the tube ran dry. He looked up groning he felt kinda sick drinking so much. He didn’t even have the energy to think about how it might be Sarah’s breast milk. He looked up to see the tube being removed and replaced with the nipple. He found it nice to chew on to help with the tummy ache. She unstraps him and picks him up he just lays against her as he’s carried to his room.

He’s laid in the crib though. Next Sarah pushes his stomach.


He groanes trying to push her hands away but was unable to as he slowly pissed himself. His diaper growing yellow. Sarah giggled and smiles down at him. He was blushing.

“You are such a cute little baby~”

She bends down and kisses his cheek making him make a grossed-out face. But his body was giving up on him as he slowly fell asleep and hopefully soon to wake up from this nightmare. As he sleeps begins to suck his pacifier.

“Heh, I was going to make today the day. But I changed my mind seeing as he thought this was a dream. It was interesting to see how he just accepted it thinking its a dream. Can’t wait to tell him tomorrow it wasn’t. Maybe ill start breastfeeding him. God, I love him so much.”

She says feeling his soggy diaper. She then pulls out some headphones and connects them to a phone she plays a track called. Diaper lover.

“I’ll make sure he can’t go a day without mommy jerking him off in or outside his diapers.”

She walks to the door and shuts off the lights and leaves the room.

“Time to set up the rest of the house for my new baby. This is the beginning of the rest of his life~”

Dani sleep peacefully having a real dream where he wakes up in his own house.

“huh? I’m home? Thank God it was all a dream!”

He jumps up and down on his bed and gets down. He goes to his dresser and pulls out a fresh diaper. He sits down and begins to change his down piss-soaked diaper. Then looked confused.

“Wait… am I supposed to be wearing diapers?”

He blushed and takes his wet diaper putting it close to his face and just smelling it.

“I uhh why is this turning me on…?”

He sits there before he begins to wet himself. He rubs the front of his diaper feeling the pleaser. He sucks his thumb as he rubs. He gets close to cumming then yells.

“Oh Yes, mommy~!!”

His eyes get big and look around making sure no one heard him. Before he smiled a bit.

“Maybe diapers aren’t that bad…”

Back outside the dream he was rubbing his wet diaper and just got off. He smiles, sucking his pacifier. His diaper looked a bit wetter than it was before.


Chapter 4

Daniel stretches out groaning a bit before he reaches his hand down to scratch himself but is blocked by the soggy diaper he was wearing. Suddenly he remembered everything that happened yesterday. Or did it happen? Was it a dream? He wasn’t sure as he sat up quickly. He looked around and he was in the bed and not the crib as he remembered or thought he remembered. He took a sigh of relief and scratched his head.

“Thank goodness it was all a dream…”

He looked down at his diaper to see the yellowish tint to it. He blushed and put his hand on. He might have been lying just a bit if he wasn’t half hard just touching it. That was till Sarah walks into the room scaring Daniel. He screamed and covered himself up. Hiding his wet diaper. A deep blush on his face.

“Thank goodness! You are awake, I was worried you might not wake up…”

She said pretending like he’s been asleep for quite a while. He looked at her confused.

“What… Do you mean? What’s the last thing that happened?”

He didn’t want to say because all he could remember was the stupid dream where she got him off and changed his diaper and so on. That’s not a dream he wants to explain to her or anyone.

“Well if I remember correctly I saved you from the trap outside. I brought you inside and you fell asleep. Well and then I changed you…I know I’m sorry! I did it again. I’m just worried about you getting a rash. I have taken care of kids and rashes are not fun!”

She said pretending like she was sorry and sympathetic. He sighed he was just glad he couldn’t remember it. Well, he remembered the dream version of it. But that sounded familiar. Was that part a dream or not? He holds his head and lets out a whine.

“Sarah I don’t know what’s going on… I can’t keep track of what’s a dream and what’s not. I’m clearly having bladder problems! Sarah, I want to go to the doctor! I’m scared!”

Sarah smiles almost motherly like. Daniel didn’t know why but he just was feeling a lot more comfortable around Sarah. He felt like he could talk to her about everything. Well, almost everything.

“Don’t worry Dani I got you a doctor’s appointment already set. I was worried so I made one to take you to just in case you didn’t wake up.”

She said he nodded that made sense to him right now. He blushed and looked over at the diaper.

“Sarah? C-could you throw me a diaper to change into? I-I…”

He says. But she stops him going over and grabbing one and walking up to him with a smile.

“Shhh, I understand. No need to explain it. But do you think you can handle it? If you don’t get it on correctly it will Leak bad. I would hate to be at the doctor’s office and you wet all over the carpet.”

She said to instill fear in him. He shook thinking about it. That wasn’t true, was it? He wanted to believe it wasn’t but what if it was.

“But… how am I supposed to change?”

He asks, she puts a hand on his head he flinches thinking she was going to hurt him or something but just pets his head.

“Lay on your back and I’ll help you. I promise not to make it weird. But it will be best for you if someone else does it at least for now. I won’t make you but you can’t walk around everywhere in a soggy diaper.”

She said quite sternly. Daniel felt almost inclined to listen to her. She’s not been wrong, she’s been there to help him these past few days. Without her, he might be dealing with this all alone and not sure how to do anything.

“You promise not to make it weird…? I have had some strange dreams…”

He said she just smiles and nods as he lays back but she perks up.

“Dream? What kinda dreams Dani?”

She tries to talk to him to relax him as she pulls the covers off him. He was distracted by the question thinking about how to answer it. He began to grow nervous.

“W-well I… and you… stuff… look I don’t want to talk about it! It’s super weird and not something I want to imagine doing with you ever again. You are an amazing friend! But that’s all…”

She smirks and pulls on the diaper tapes with a loud rip.

“WAIT. Dani, are you having naughty dreams about me and you.”

He blushes insanely.

“No! Just shut up and drop it!”

He said grabbing a pillow and throwing it over his face screaming into it. She took the opportunity to finish removing the tapes and pull the diaper back. She noticed his half-chode. She smirked as she realized he must be enjoying this somewhat. She grabs baby wipes and begins to wipe him as he screams into the pillow just to keep from moaning as the wipe hits his tip and balls. He didn’t want to enjoy it.

But his strange dreams were getting to him. She finishes with the wipes, his half chode much harder now. She throws the soggy diaper away then puts the new one under him and pulls it over, taping it on.

“There you go, Dani! A clean fresh diaper~”

He removes the pillow and glares.

“Can you not call it that?”

He sighs and gets up out of bed.

“Are my clothes cleaned today? I’m not about to leave this house again in a shirt and diaper…”

He asked as she sighs and looks down. She shook her head.

“Look, they smell awful. I threw them away. But don’t worry! I got a backup!”

She goes to the closet and pulls out shortalls, they were made of denim and had a cute shirt with them. Wasn’t anything childish just had stripes on it. But this would definitely make a short boy like him look even more childish.

“Really Sarah? Couldn’t you have found something… less childish?”

He says. She lifts an eyebrow.

“Childish? Look, you are a tiny man. It’s hard to find clothes that fit you. They were on sale and looked pretty comfortable for the summer weather. You can always go to the store and buy yourself something, oh wait with what money?”

She said, He looks down. He was broke, probably was going to be kicked out of his house. He did owe her the least he can do is be grateful she’s willing to help him. He sighs.

“Owch… I’m sorry. Look I’m very grateful, thank you for the clothes, Sarah.”

He said with a smile. He takes them from her. Making her smile back.

“Ok, I’ll start breakfast before we head to the doctor.”

She heads to the door and leaves the room shutting the door. He takes off his stained t-shirt and puts on the new one. Then put on the shortalls he felt silly but it did hide his diaper well. Maybe Sarah bought it for that reason he thought.

“Maybe she’s just thinking about me… she was just helping me hide my diaper… I mean this diaper. I need to stop being so suspicious of her. They were all dreams. Dani get over it, damn.”

Suddenly his stomach growls. He bends over.

“Oww… why am I so hungry? I never used to be so hungry so early. Now I don’t think I could go a few minutes after waking up without eating.”

He leaves the room and goes to the table to find a cup of milk on the table. And Sarah was not in here at the moment. He shrugged and began drinking the milk.


He wipes his mouth, licking his lips.

“That’s so good…she wouldn’t mind if I just-”

He goes and opens the fridge and there was what appears to be a gallon of milk, full. He grabbed it and poured himself another glass of milk. He quickly downed that one too. He drank nearly half a gallon before he stopped and grones. He shuts the fridge and sits at the table holding his stomach and his head on the table. He was so full from just milk. Which is odd. He thought only babies could get full-on milk. Sarah then walks in.

“Oh, Dani, you look cute! Huh? Are you doing ok? But I’ll get breakfast started, you are probably hungry.”

She said with a smile he grones and shakes his head.

“No please, I couldn’t eat another bite…”

She looked confused but smirked. She knew exactly what he had done. She was happy he was enjoying her milk. She was going to get him so addicted he won’t ever want food again.

“Oh? Well then? How about we head to the doctor now then? I’m surprised you are not hungry though.”

He shakes his head but gets up.

“Ya let’s head to the doctor…”

He gets his shoes on and heads to the door out to Sarah’s car and gets in just laying back. Sarah took a while to get stuff ready but came out with a bag of stuff.

“Sorry, I just thought I might grab you some extra diapers just in case. A diaper bag if you will heh.”

She gets in starting the car and he blushes.

“Whatever…Don’t ever say that publicly please.”

He whines, he just wanted to figure out what was going on. He leaned down and Sarah patted his back and suddenly a loud burp came out. He blushes like Crazy but he felt better. Sarah laughed.

“Aww Dani that was cute. Guess you just needed to be burped”

He leaned back and put his seat belt on.

“Just shut up! It was a fluke!”

She giggles more before he heads out. They drive to a very small town and to some small doctor’s office. Daniel raises an eyebrow.

“This doesn’t look like a hospital?”

She gets out and puts the ‘diaper bag’ over her arm. It didn’t look like one, it was basically a backpack.

“Oh right, this is a special doctor for cases like yours. You know the-”

His eyes get big putting a finger over his mouth.

“Shhh! You want the world to know?!”

He said. She smiles.

“I wasn’t going to say it silly, now come on let’s head inside. Your appointment should be soon.”

He sighs and gets out and with what seemed to be loud crinkles as he walks in he couldn’t stop blushing. They checked in and sat down waiting to be called.

“Y-you can hear that, can’t you? It’s so loud Sarah…”

She looked confused pretending she didn’t. She wanted him to think no one could ever tell.

“What do you mean Dani?”

He rubbed his arm uncomfortably.

“Well, the… You know, umm. Never mind… it must be in my head. Heh…”

He said awkwardly. They sat there quietly for a few moments. Every minute only makes him more and more anxious. Suddenly Sarah puts her arm around him and smiles.

“Relax ok? Nothing to worry about. I’ll be right here no matter what, I promise.”

She said calming him down he relaxed and laid his head against her. He let out a sigh of relief as the stress washed away. That was till someone walked out.


He stands up straight like he was being called in at school or in trouble.

“C-coming! I mean here, I mean ya?”

Sarah giggled and the doctor smiled.

“Hello, I’m doctor berry. I’m a good friend here with Sarah. Now please follow me. Sarah can come too if you want her to. But do know you might have to strip down.”

He gulps.

“I’ll go alone then…”

Sarah just smiles and nods and waves as they walk to a room. It was the only room. Now that he thought about it this place was empty. Not a soul around, he goes over and sits on the chair. Berry shuts the door and sits in a chair that rolls around. He gets on a computer and it’s silent for like half a minute before he speaks. Making Daniel jump.

“Now Sarah tells me you Been having accidents? Has your diet changed? Or could you possibly be having an allergic reaction to something?”

Daniel takes an anxious deep breath, his voice was all shaky. Just from a mix of things. He shakes his head.

“I honestly don’t know… I have been eating more in the mornings and stuff? Could that be it?”

He types at his computer then shakes his head.

“It’s not likely. Could you do me a favor? I need you to undo your overalls and pull down your underwear please.”

He gulps.

“Just…right here?”

The doctor nods.

“Yes, I need to check some stuff to make sure there’s no swelling, and so on.”

That made sense to him but he blushed as he was padded.

“Look I’m wearing something odd you can’t tell anyone? Ok…?”

The doctor sighs.

“I’m a doctor, I’m not going to go around spreading things about my patients.”

He sighs and groans as he stands up and undoes his overalls holding them up for a moment before pushing them down past his diaper. He was embarrassed like crazy.

“Hmm, I see? Not a problem so the accidents are even going on while awake? Well, don’t remove your diaper. I would like to not be pissed on.”

He just nods, looking ashamed. The doctor kinda chuckles.

“Can I ask why mickey mouse? That’s quite odd for adults. Maybe cute but odd.”

He just blushed and shrugged. He was so embarrassed he couldn’t bring himself to speak. The doctor shrugged and got down. He was putting his hands along his legs like he was checking something. Suddenly Daniel has to piss bad, he knew he shouldn’t have drunk so much milk. Worse, he was not able to hold it in. As a very noticeable hiss came from him. He was so ashamed of himself that it happened to be at the same time the doctor had his diaper against his hand.

“Did you just wet yourself?”

Daniel was so ashamed he just let it all go as he began to cry. The doctor gets up and goes over and grabs a vial of something he puts it in a needle and syringe.

“Ok I think I know the problem but it might take weeks to get better. Might even seem to get worse. But with this medicine, you should be fine In about 1 month at most.”

He wipes his eyes as he was not mocked for wetting himself but offered help. He smiled.

“A month seems quite long though… what do you mean worse?”

He goes up and gets him ready to inject him.

“Well. It’s probably best if I don’t explain it. It would only make you feel worse trust me. Now, this might sting a bit.”

He was injected and scrunched his face in a bit of pain before it was all injected. He pulls it out and puts a cute bandaid on him. Daniel rubbed his arm but didn’t mention the childish bandaid as it was normal to get these at a doctor’s office.

“Ok go ahead and get dressed. If you would like to change, the bathroom is just around the corner. You have quite a long trip home.”

He blushed nodding as he pulled his overalls up and left to Sarah. He walked up to her and whispered In her ear.

“Could I borrow a diaper to change myself…”

She nods and pulls one out and hands him he hides it In his shortalls and rushes to the bathroom. He lets them drop again as he gropes his wet diaper growing in hardness. Why was he so turned on? He’s never been much of a masturbater but he couldn’t take his mind off it.

“Fuck… why am I turned on so much…”

He begins to rub himself. He lets out soft moans.

“What the fuck is wrong with me? Why does this turn me on?”

He sat down on the ground as he rubbed the front of his diaper more and more. The sound of his loud crinkling diaper echoed through the office. He then begins to think of Sarah teasing him. Getting him going even more.

“I-im not a baby. It was an accident. Please don’t make me Wear thicker diapers.”

He moaned more and more, the crinkling only getting louder as he let out one Last moan and came in his diaper. While this was going on the doctor came out to Sarah and smiled at her.

"So this is the boy you love so much? I can see why he is quite adorable. Anyways I injected him and he should have random moments of things in his body, not working. Not every day but he might randomly lose the ability to walk one day. But it will come back the next day. I know you don’t want him permanently that way. There’s no cure for this so for the rest of his life this will happen once in a while. But I have to ask? Why are you trying to make him more baby-like?”

The doc asks. They both hear the crinkling and moaning. He gave her a curious look.

"It appears he’s enjoying himself. That stuff you gave me to put in my milk that makes him horny and increases seaman count really works. Gave him a brand new fetish already. But wonderful! I knew I could count on you. As for making him my baby? I don’t know, I just want to care for him forever and I find it super hot. Show him all the love he deserves. If I have to milk him constantly, so be it. His balls are so much fun to play with. "

The doctor sighs.

“That’s way more information than I ever wanted to know about you, Sarah. Just have fun and don’t worry I won’t tell a soul. As long as the check doesn’t bounce.”

She giggles and stands up.

“It won’t, you know me better than that. Now I better check on the little Masturbater enjoying his little diaper. He can’t take care of himself.”

Back in the bathroom, he brings his thumb to his mouth getting curious as his brain yells at him for comfort but as soon as he puts it in a knock hits the door he jumps up but at the same time he farted then began to mess himself he squared over groaning as he messed himself.

“Hey? Are you doing ok in there? I could hear your diaper crinkling out here?”

The fear washes over his face. She didn’t know what he was doing right?

“Sorry I was just having trouble changing! Just a moment!”

He didn’t have any wipes to clean himself and he whined. He finished his mess as his diaper sagged worse.

“Ok, then I’ll be out here if you need me.”

She says. He stops her as he looks down at his saggy messy diaper.

“Well… I-i could use help…”

He said, wiggling his hips back and forth nervously.

“Oh? OK, I’ll grab the bag and come in there, ok?”

She says grabbing his ‘diaper bag’ and heading to the bathroom. She opens the door and shuts it when she waves her hand in front of her nose.

“Phew! Someone stinks. No, wonder why you were having so much trouble.”

He was so humiliated and ashamed but there was something about it that he was kinda enjoying. Sarah sets out a new diaper, wipes, and baby powder on the ground. She then pats the ground.

“Come on Dani, lay down and I’ll get you changed.”

He whines as she says this.

“What if I needed different help?! Maybe I wasn’t asking you to change me!”

Sarah rolls her eyes and grabs Daniel’s hand to pull him down.

“Dani lay that butt down. I’m not going to leave you in a messy diaper. Unless you want to wait till you get home. Have the whole world smell your stinky butt.”

He quickly laid back and covered his face, his mess squishing into him grossing him out completely.

“This is so messed up…what has my life become…”

He is upset with himself mostly. Not knowing Sarah is his problem. Sarah rips off his tapes on the diaper and pulls them back to reveal his mess.

“Shhh, it’s ok. Relax Dani there’s nothing wrong you will be better in no time! If not, I’m quite happy to change you as long as you need help!”

He smiled. It was reassuring but he didn’t want to wear diapers that long. He barely wanted to do it another day.

“Thanks, Sarah, you’re a very good friend. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

As soon as he finished that she began cleaning him up. This felt awkwardly long and it was as Sarah was using the opportunity to mess with him a bit. She was really playing with his balls pretending they wouldn’t come clean. She was ‘cleaning’ him spotless

“S-Sara! What’s taking so long? You’re making this… uhh hard…”

Sarah only giggled as his dick was half-hard again.

“Sorry, Dani but I don’t want you messy for the ride home. It’s a few-hour ride and a rash can form if we are not thorough.”

He couldn’t argue with that. But suddenly she cleaned his dick hitting his tip some, he let out a quiet moan.

“Yap!! Ok, I’m done, diaper me up, and stop please!”

He was rock hard but she was so close. She didn’t want him to not trust her but if she could accidentally make him cum and make it feel like his own fault. She knew this would really break him.

“But… Dani, you are still a mess I’m almost done. Don’t you trust me?”

He thinks back to all his dreams with Sarah he didn’t want that to happen but she was only helping, right? He whined and stood strong. He could last another moment, right?

“Just please hurry…”

He didn’t Want to say anything about enjoying it. So she finished up. She stopped at the last moment as she trashed his diaper and put the new one on him. She then covered his crotch with powder then by hand began to rub it in. She basically grabbed his balls and coated them with powder then his dick. Dani moans and arches his back as he just shoots out a load of cum from what he saw as an accident because he couldn’t control himself. Sarah let out a fake scream.

“AHHH! Dani?! Oh my God!”

Daniel wanted to die. He hated this. The last thing he ever wanted to enjoy was his friend getting him off let alone a complete accident. He began to cry, not even sure what to say knowing Sarah was done and going to leave him alone in this mess. She hated him; he just knew it.

“Oh my goodness… Why didn’t you say something?? I didn’t know I was… I was just making sure you didn’t get a rash.”

Daniel just kept crying; he knew it wasn’t her fault. He felt awful as he couldn’t bring himself to say he was getting horny. He doesn’t even understand why. Normally he doesn’t get this horny ever even if this was happening.

“I’m so sorry! I’m a freaking weirdo!”

Sarah puts him in his diaper and pulls him up and into her large breast. He hated this but they did make a good pillow for the crying man. She began to rock him and pat his diaper.

“Shhh shhh. It’s ok you’re a young man that’s normal to happen that was my own fault. I should have seen the tells. Nothing to worry about let’s forget it happened and move on ok?”

He sniffed and calmed down relaxing on the pillow that is her boobs she keeps rocking and patting. As he slowly drifts off to sleep. But not before his stomach growls. She looks around suspiciously then pulls down her shirt exposing a breast. He got it closer to Daniels’s mouth and then the nipple went in his mouth.

He oddly began sucking the part of his brain that wanted to shuck his thumb earlier and was still looking to suck.


He moaned. He loved the taste of this milk. He was so addicted to it. But didn’t want to wake up, just enjoy his milk. As he begins breastfeeding off Sarah unknowingly. She smiles and pets his head.

“You will be my perfect little boy before too much longer. Drink up till you’re nice and full.”

He drank till he couldn’t anymore before he stopped and went into a deep sleep. She adjusted her boobs, fixing them back in place then grabbed his overalls and packed them in the bag, and stood up with him. Heading outside his diaper fully exposed. She walks out to the car and gets in the trunk and pulls out a large car seat and straps it in place expertly with one hand then puts Daniel in the car seat and straps him in.

She covers him up with a blanket before getting in the car and driving home. A full belly let him sleep all the way home. With only one accident on the way back. As a yellow stain showed. Making it home she gets out and picks up the sleeping boy and takes him inside where he begins to wake up from the sound of the house door. His head was against her pillow like boobs again.

“Well hello, there sleepy head. We just made it home. Hope you don’t mind I brought you inside.”

Oddly he would fight it but he just smiled and closed his eyes back.

“It’s ok… thank you…comfy”

She takes him to his room and looks at the crib and the bed. She wants him to sleep in a crib but she needed a reason to make him use this baby stuff. Or she could force him. But she was enjoying this sneaky forcing. She gets an idea with a smirk she goes over to the bed and lays him down but pulls the covers back making him slowly fall before he slammed on the ground. He held his head. Waking up very fast.

“Ow! Damn it!”

He said looking around at the same time Sarah gasped.

“Oh my gosh, are you ok? I just laid you down! Did you roll out of bed that fast?”

He rubs his head then shrugged.

“I don’t know… odd that’s never happened before?”

Sarah looked really worried.

“Look, the doctor needed you to be very careful. Too many bumps to the head could be… bad.”

He stands up and sees he’s only in a diaper and shirt again. But shrugs it off as Sarah must have removed his shortalls before bed. Normally that would creep him out but she did just change him twice today. Then accidentally made him cum but he wanted to pretend that never happened.

“You are right…but what can I do?”

He said yawning. Sarah goes over to the crib and unlocks the side and lowers it down so he could easily get in himself.

“Sleep in here till we know you are better ok?”

He blushed.

“You have to be joking? I’m an adult, not some baby.”

Sarah frowns letting some fake tears leave her.

“I know I’m sorry it’s stupid I’m just so worried about you. What if you fall and break your neck or something?”

She wipes her eyes. Daniel whines and goes over and sits in the crib with a blush.

“Ok… just till I’m better ok? Just umm don’t cry…”

He laid down and she covered him up. And then raised the bars his eyes went big as he noticed there was no way out except with help.

“Thanks, Dani… I’m so happy you let me help you.”

She says leaving the room and shutting off the lights.

“…first a diaper now a crib. I really am becoming a baby…”

His brain was screaming at him for something in his mouth for some reason he looked around awkwardly before placing his thumb in his mouth. He slowly began sucking as he relaxed. This was so soothing. It also hit him that he was full. He felt like he just had a big lunch. It was strange as he drifted off to sleep. Sucking his thumb in his crib with the covers kicked off him and his diaper half exposed.

Sarah sits on the couch.

“Slowly but surely, this is much more fun than force but I need to get him another hypnosis tape going. What one should I do next.”

She says to herself and looks through her phone. She finds one ‘make your little one want to play with toys’ she smirks and starts that. Suddenly speakers in the room begin to play while Daniel sleeps. They begin to go over how it’s ok to want to play with toys like a kid again. Just have fun and stop pretending you are big enough. Daniel grones but continues to sleep sucking his thumb. He stayed this way all night. Who knows what lasting effect this will have on him.


Chapter 5

Daniel slowly wakes up sucking his thumb; he slowly pulls it out and rubs his eyes. He groggily looked around the room; it was different from what he remembered. There was no twin-sized bed in the room. There was also no adult side of the room either. The whole room was a nursery. But for some reason, it felt normal.

Looking to where his bed was through his crib bars was a large toy box. Thoughts of toys raced through his mind. What could he play within there? There were probably a bunch of fun things in it. He groped his soggy diaper feeling it against his crotch and balls the wet soggy feeling turning him on. Suddenly Sarah walked in and leaned over the crib and smiled.

“Morning sleepy head.”

She says Daniel smiled his hand on his crotch.

“Good morning mommy. What’s up with the toy box?”

She giggles and boops his nose. His eyes go cross-eyed for a second.

“Well, I know my little boy needs something to play with. I’m sure he’s getting bored not doing much.”

Daniel shrugs.

“Maybe a little… Mommy, I’m horny.”

He said so casually. Sarah picks him up out of the crib and grabs a pacifier and plops in his mouth. He begins to suck on it like it’s completely normal and laid on the changing table his diaper was undone and a strange device went over his cock and he was strapped to the table.

“Get ready I’m Going to turn it on.”

She says as suddenly it begins to suck on his cock making him moan through the pacifier and suck hard on it. He went for quite a while before he moaned so hard he began to wake up with a loud moan. He pulls his thumb from his mouth and blushes like Crazy as he knows he just got off in his diaper again. He places a hand on his diaper and finds it’s wet but not soaked.

He whines and goes to stand up in the crib but falls and smacks his face into the crib.

“Ahh! Oww… damn it what the hell? Odd? I can’t feel my legs…”

He says rubbing his legs. He shakes his head and looks around the room oddly the bed was gone again. The twin-sized bed was just gone. He rubbed his head looking at the crib bars.

“I guess it’s probably best if I sleep in a crib till I get better. The doctor did say it might get worse before I get better…”

He smiles thinking about Sarah and just looking out for him.

“Sarah’s such a good friend. Without her, I might be dead.”

He says then sighs. He looks up at the size of the crib and tries again to pull himself up leaning against the bars. He was able to ‘stand’ mostly leaning against the bars but surprisingly he couldn’t even see over the crib bars.

“Holy shit… what kinda baby needs to be put in a crib this size. I know I’m short but I’m not that damn short… right?”

But he loses balance and falls on his butt and crosses his arms.

“My stupid body’s reverting! Not only that, it’s giving me very odd dreams as of late.”

He waits in the crib not wanting to hell for help but he gets so bored. He begins to just play with his soggy diaper watching it squish back and forth. It was somewhat amusing as he pulled his thumb to his mouth and began to suck just out of habit from the whole night. He couldn’t lie, it was very relaxing. That was till Sarah walked in and smiled he blushed and quickly pulled his hand from his mouth.

“Well good morning Dani!”

She pretended not to see it. But that only embarrassed him more.

“M-morning mo-”

He stops himself, his eyes getting big.


His heart was racing. She didn’t notice that right? Shara did notice though but she didn’t let him know. She just giggled.

“Why are you screaming? Oh right, I suppose I should help you out!”

She says lowering the bars in the crib. He scoots closer and sits at the edge of the crib, his legs hanging down. He gulps and then looks up at Sarah.

“Something wrong? Hmm, maybe a soggy diaper?”

He blushed but that was a problem so he just nodded. Too embarrassed to say what was wrong.

“Ok do you want to do it? Or shall I? I’m getting kinda good at it. Don’t worry about yesterday, I’ll be more careful.”

She says with a smile. Daniel blushes and holds his arms up. She giggles and picks him up and takes him to the changing table. She lays him back and his eyes get big looking for some strange thing that’s going to ‘milk’ him. He takes a sigh of relief when he doesn’t see it. She un-taped his diaper and wiped him clean, pulling out the old diaper and then putting a fresh one under him.

Daniel had to admit it was getting easier. Still embarrassing but easier the changes went so much faster. His eyes go over to the large toy chest and he sighs. For some reason, he was curious about the toys. Sarah smiles.

“Oh, curious are we? Well, I brought in some toys as I knew you didn’t need the bed anymore I moved it and brought this in. Not for you exactly but if you want you can check out the toys.”

She puts him down on the ground but his legs don’t catch and she just ends up putting his butt to the ground.

“Uhh, Dani? You can stand up silly.”

He blushes and shakes his head.

“You can’t?”

She asks and he just nods. She frowns and hugs him.

“Oh no! Poor Dani… can you crawl at least?”

He never thought of that, he gets on his hands and knees and slowly crawls, he smiles. Happy he still has a way to travel his diapered butt straight up in the air. He does this almost to the toy chest. Before he realized how childish he must look.

“Uhh… this is so humiliating…”

Sarah shrugs.

“Who cares, it’s just me and you. I’m going to get breakfast ready ok?”

He nods and she leaves the room and his curiosity kills him as he opens the chest full of different toys. Some even are sex toys. He blushed thinking they might be Sarah’s not thinking they might before him. He pulls out some dinosaurs and smiles.

“I used to have some like these as a kid!”

He sets up blocks and begins to fight the dinosaur through them like it was a building making growling noises and just having a blast. His inner child is coming out in him. He never knew adults could have so much fun with toys. But he gets curious again as he grabs the vibrator. He plugs it in and turns it on and bzzzzz he begins to grow hard but just before he could even try it Sarah walks in with a bottle of what appears to be milk.

“Hey uh whoa… excuse me I didn’t know you were doing something in here~”

He blushed and shook his head and dropped it, landing on the front of his diaper.

“N-no! It’s not what you-mmm”

He throws the vibrator off him and blushes more.


He whines and Sarah sighs.

“I was afraid of this. The doctor told me you might be super horny for a long time so normal… uhh milkings might help you.”

He never felt so turned on and uncomfortable by a word.

“Y-you can’t be serious? I don’t want to just jack off all day…”

Sarah smirks.

“The tent in your diaper says otherwise.”

He shut up quickly.

“Tell you what Dani, would it help if you had someone help you get off?”

He looked super uncomfortable but was so horny he couldn’t think straight. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea.

“Y-you would do that…? For me? But what happens when I need to do it multiple times a day…? This won’t be permanent right?”

She shakes her head.

“Nope, don’t think so. The doctor said maybe a month or something? By then it should mostly be done.”

She walked over to him and crouched Down by him and held up a baby bottle.

“This is very odd but I don’t have sippy cups… and I can’t trust you to not spill it on my floor.”

That made sense for the most part but he was too horny to care. She pulled him closer to her and laid him back.

“Drink this, I’ll help you. Just relax.”

He blushed and nodded when the bottle was put in his mouth. But it was like sucking his thumb so relaxing. He begins to suck as Sarah grabs the vibrator and puts it against his hard cock. He moaned while drinking. He was loving this but he also absolutely hated it. His eyes almost go cross as he cums so hard. He rested against her big breasts just sucking his bottle till it was empty.

It was so odd but he was getting full off it.

"Ok good job. Now I’m going to come to check on you every oh 5 hours to do this again. He said if you do that every 5 hours that should keep you from being desperate and doing it in awkward situations. I’ll help you anytime you need it. I might even have ideas for later. "

He nodes relaxed

“That’s so gross and weird… but thanks, Sarah…”

She smiles and looks down at the blocks and dinosaurs.

“So what are you doing here?”

He perks up a bit.

“Oh, I was making the dinosaur smash through all the buildings and growl at everyone eating them all up!”

He blushed at how stupid and childish it sounded but Sarah didn’t mock him or anything she just gave a nod.

“Oh boy that sounds like fun! I’m glad you are enjoying yourself now instead of just moping around feeling sorry for yourself.”

He smiled a bit. It was kinda nice to just ignore the fact he was an adult playing with toys wearing a diaper and crawling around like a baby and just relax and have fun. Not only that but get off by at least someone so cute. He shakes his head. He might not like her that way but she was cute. If not oddly a little sexy.

“Maybe you’re right. It is just me and you… you won’t judge me… right?”

He asked. She shook her head.

“Nope and anything you want to try you just ask me. It’s probably my fault you’re like this so I’m helping you no matter what to get better. If you want to play with toys and use your diaper so you can keep playing you do that.”

He blushed but she did have a good point he didn’t have to quit playing just to use the bathroom. They hug and she gets up.

“Well if you get hungry I made more bottles just let me know and I’ll get you one.”

He didn’t like the idea of drinking from a bottle but this idea of being treated like a baby was kinda hot. Was he really beginning to enjoy this sexually? He shrugs as she leaves and he lifts his butt in the air and feels his diapered butt. He giggles before he goes back to play. This time he grabbed a toy car and drove it around the building, sometimes crashing into them for fun. He laughed and just had fun.

Sarah happened to leave the house to buy something. She came home hours later to see her little boy still playing with his toys. The hypnosis must have worked perfectly. Maybe even with an added effect of being too like being babied.

"He’s accepting my help getting off, he’s so close to where I want him. He’s so cute and attractive. I love him so much I can’t wait till I can just do as I please with his little body. But how can I introduce breastfeeding? Maybe that will be tonight’s hypnosis tape. "

She says with a giggle as she looks at the time. It was only nearly noon as she went inside. To see Dani crawling from the bedroom and seeing her holding bags of stuff.

"Oh hey there! "

She says he tilts his head.

“What’s with that stuff?”

He asked his diaper yellow and sagging down. No mess though.

“Oh, this? I went to buy some new clothing is all.”

He shrugged made sense to him.

“But umm hey I’m kinda hungry can I get something? Maybe not a bottle…”

She sighs but nods.

“Well ok.”

She says picking him up he blushed but knew it was faster than crawling.

“Whoa, your soggy huh?”

His eyes get big checking himself.

“When… Did I?”

He’s taken to the kitchen and a high chair is there that he is sat in and locked into he blushes.

“This isn’t needed, Sarah…”

She giggles.

“Sorry but you enjoy it, don’t lie.”

He blushes more looking down. She flicks a switch next to the highchair and suddenly the seer begins to vibrate his balls and dick.


She shhhes him and grabs some baby food from the fridge and puts a spoon full in front of him.

“Now eat up.”

He goes over to eat some squirming around trying to keep as much as possible in his mouth while also trying to enjoy his vibrating chair. He keeps eating but only makes a mess all over himself. It was like trying to watch a toddler eat. But this only was turning him on more. He really was enjoying being babied. He loved the humiliation. He loved the shame. He wasn’t sure why but he did, that was when he suddenly cam hard in his diaper. He spits up food all over himself.

“Man, you are so messy. You need a bath. Who would have known you just needed to be treated like a toddler to get off so hard.”

He looked up at her after resting his head on his tray.

“Sarah… Can I say something and not be strange?”

She nodded.

“Go ahead.”

He blushed and closed his eyes.

“Sarah… I want you to treat me like a toddler… do whatever you want to me, to humiliate me as much as you can force me to be a baby. Anything I’ll do! It’s just such a turn-on!”

Sarah laughs genuinely as she never expected him to ask. She boops his nose.

“Fine. But no getting mad ok?”

He begins to moan again as the chair was never shut off.

“Turn it off… but yes ok I won’t! Oh shit!”

She smirks and begins cleaning up the mess around him.


She ignored him as he moaned and groaned, soon getting off again in his chair.

“Sarah please! Don’t make me do this again…this is so weird!”

She turns it off and undoes him, sitting him down, mess and all.

“Oh, sorry baby butt I guess I forgot.”

He glared.

“I was yelling and don’t call me that…”

She smirks.

“Anything I like, remember.”

He whines.

“God damn fucking horny brain…”

He says crawling back to the bedroom no diaper change. He was too scared to ask thinking she might take the chance to get him off again. It’s not that he didn’t want to, he just didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of doing it again. He sighs.

“What has my life become… I just asked my best friend to jack me off and treat me like a baby… I hate this so much. What is going on!”

He grabs his head trying not to freak out. Was he just always this fucked up? He wants to believe no but for some reason, he had a hard time believing it. He went back to playing. It became about 7 pm and Sarah walked in the door. Danis’ diaper was soaked and leaking some. But he was too scared to ask for a new one.

“Dani… is your diaper leaking?”

He blushes then shakes his head.

“Liar… fine that’s it. Full-on diaper checks every few hours from now on. But first are you hungry?”

He whines but nods as she goes over and grabs him sitting in his crib with him.

“You said I get to make the choice remember? Now I’m curious if you will breastfeed.”

She said removing a boob. His eyes go great big and a blush covers his face.

“Sarah!! Oh my fucking God no no I quit this game isn’t fun anymore.”

Sarah spanks his soggy diaper. She knew it wouldn’t hurt and didn’t want to hurt him but just thought it might be enough to turn him on just enough. it was.

“Daniel! Stop it right now, just drink your supper. Mommy will make sure you enjoy it.”

He shook and was turned on as his brain that wanted to suck was curious as he moved closer and began to suck on her nipple. He was so surprised by how familiar it tasted. He never felt so small and baby-like. He kinda liked how relaxing it was. Even if it was humiliating it was also kinky and he was rock hard.

His diaper was pulled down while he was drinking as his dick grabbed and she began to jack him off while playing with his balls and going just a bit far back to his butt just gently teasing it as well. All these together made the horny boy hornier. He drank and drank and drank till he Finally came super hard. But he didn’t stop drinking but he did end up falling asleep. That caused him to stop drinking.

“Time for a diaper change.”

Sarah said laying the once skinny boy back he now had a small belly from being fed so much she took him and gave him a small bath, got him all cleaned up, and put in a new diaper. She threw some mittens on him and she next got out a cute bunny sleeper and put on him. It had a crotch hole that could open and a butt hole she could open. The next few days were going to be fun. She was about to see the extent she could push him before he eventually broke. She laid him in the crib and kissed him on the lips and locked the crib.

“Good night baby bunny mommy loves you.”

Dani mumbles in his sleep.

“Ni Ni…”

He said she giggled as it was so cute. She left the room knowing she wasn’t going to have to do much more before he broke. Daniel was almost all hers. He’s begging to get addicted once it all kicks in he will be her little sex-addicted baby forever.


Really love this story ! You write is very good ! Curious to see what gonna happen next!,

Chapter 6

Daniel suckles on his thumb, his diaper soaked and messy oddly. His mind races with thoughts of sucking. He didn’t know what, but he wanted something to suck. A pacifier? A bottle? Sarah’s boob? Any of them would be great but his thumb had to do. He Finally got so uncomfortable he sat up and with a squish from his diaper he gags, grossed out by what he had done. He pulls his thumb from his mouth and wipes his eyes.

“No way… I did not just mess in my sleep. It smells so bad… Also what the hell am I wearing?”

He said looking down at his strange bunny footie pj’s. He blushed and stood up. He was surprised when he could stand his legs were kinda weak from not using them much but he was relieved to see he could stand. He puts his hand on his crotch.

“Fuck… am I horny already what the hell is going on?”

He began to hump out of desperation but the soaked and thick diaper didn’t let him feel much, as he was about to take it off Sarah walks in seeing him pull a tape away from his diaper.

“Dani! What do you think you’re doing?!”

She said he was terrified he didn’t know why though. He felt like a kid doing something he shouldn’t have. All the mix of emotions and his extreme horniness made him begin to cry.

“Sarah! I’m sorry I don’t know what’s going on but I’m so horny and can’t get off. I’m a creepy weirdo!”

He says crying holding his arms up waiting out of the crib. Sarah smiles and goes over and picks him up.

“Why didn’t you just say something silly?”

She takes him to his changing table and teases him by slowly taking off his diaper. She plays with his dick while she cleans up his mess he moaned in great pleaser.

“Now Dani let’s get some things straight. The more you act like a little boy and call me mommy the more I’ll reward you, understand.”

She said, He shook his head.

“I-I don’t want to do that anymore…This is weird enough.”

Suddenly she stopped playing with him. He looked desperate and quickly grabbed himself and began to jack off but he was stopped by her. His arms were pinned to his changing table.

“If you won’t be good then, no you aren’t allowed to do this.”

She said with a smirk. He began to freak out moving around and whining. He was so horny and just wanted off. Finally, something snapped.


He begged, Sarah loved this even she was interested as she moved down and began to give him a blow job after he was all cleaned up of course. He yelled and moaned in great pleasure.

“Mommy don’t stop! I’m so close!”

She didn’t stop and knew how to set him off quickly as he cam and she had a mouth full she swallowed and licked her lips looking at him seductively.

“Now that’s my little boy.”

He looked relaxed laying back as Sarah grabbed a pacifier she had ready for him and plops in his mouth. He began to suck just being something he wants so badly now. After he was re-diapered and his bunny pj’s put back on him he was picked up and laid his head on Sarah. He couldn’t believe he just begged for that, He was so disgusted with himself. But he was loving this and his pj’s were nice and warm and the pacifier was just so calming.

“There we go, momma’s little boy is all diapered and ready for another fun day!”

She boops his nose and he blushed some and smiled through the pacifier. This wasn’t that bad at least only they knew of this. They went to the front room and there was a strange stroller. He was laid back into it and his legs were strapped in and arms strapped down he was strapped in around his body. No way to move or escape.

“Now how about we head to the park for today! There are some fun things you could play with.”

He almost didn’t argue for a second then it hit him. He spits out the pacifier and blushes insanely.

“Oh my god no! Sarah, you can’t take me out in public like this! Do what you will but anything but this!”

She pushed a small button on the stroller that began to vibrate below his balls. This makes him moan but shut up. It wasn’t enough to get him off but it was enough to keep him going for an embarrassingly long time.

“Aww, it’s ok Dani. We will get to show everyone how cute you are!”

She grabs the pacifier and adds a strap, it goes around his head and locks it on to him. Forced to suckle and enjoy his vibrating stroller as they begin to leave the house. Dani blushes like Crazy. It wouldn’t be crazy to see someone his size diapered like this but if they found out who he was or how old he was his life was over. But he couldn’t think past wanting to cum.

People would walk past and giggle at the little boy making silly faces and with a bright red face. What was worse he felt his crotch grow warm. No warning as to if he had to pee. He was so humiliated he wanted to die. He sucked hard on his paci as they Finally made it to the park. It was empty of kids. Sarah knew when all the kids were at school it was mostly adults just relaxing at the park.

Sarah didn’t want to involve Dani around the kids. Even if she thought it might be a fun way to knockdown. For him to be mocked by a little kid his self-respect would be gone. She Finally shuts off the vibration and he lays back Finally being able to relax for a moment even if very horny. He breathes heavily as Sarah goes in front of him and smiles.

“I think we should do the slide first!”

She says. He shakes his head begging her not to do it. She doesn’t listen as she pulls him out of the stroller and lays him over her shoulder and pats his back. He was taken over to a small playground area luckily his bunny outfit hid most of his face. Unfortunately for him hiding the binds of the pacifier gag. She sits him on the slide.

“Here we go! Wheee!”

She says letting him go and letting him slide down. He didn’t know why but he smiled. But he quickly stopped. There was nothing fun about that but he started thinking about wanting to go again. He sits at the end of the slide and crosses his arms trying to resist these odd urges. He wasn’t a child but why were toys and childish stuff like this sounding so fun?

“Aww, what’s wrong grumpy baby? I saw a smile! Come on smile for mommy! Here we go!”

She picks him up and spins him in circles. He giggles and smiles but covers his mouth, Embarrassed. Why would he just giggle like that over something so stupid? She pulls him in for a hug and whispers in his ear.

“Have some fun, I won’t let anyone know who you are for now anyways. If you play it really good mommy’s got a big surprise for you once we get home~”

His eyes get big and look at her then he points back to the slide and she smiles.

“You wanna go back on the slide again little guy?”

He nods and she lets him go down it again he squeals and begins to have fun. He doesn’t know why but playing seemed to bring out a whole different part of him. They played for another hour swinging and playing on the slide, even crawling through a tunnel to see mommy at the end made him so happy. That was before his stomach growled. Daniel leans over holding his tummy.

“Something wrong sweetie? Oh, I bet you are hungry. We did forget to feed you this morning.”

She says taking him over to a park bench and sitting down holding him in her arms she pulls out a nipple of her breast right in the open. She unscrewed the pacifier nipple and pulled it out. He didn’t want to drink publicly but he was so hungry. He opened his mouth as he began to breastfeed off her. He was so humiliated once again but he couldn’t lie, her milk was amazing. It wasn’t long till he took a nap after having his fill. She sat there holding him for a few hours. He was so at peace when he slept she couldn’t help but watch him intently. She had screwed the nipple back onto his pacifier and back into his mouth for him to suck. He slowly begins to wake up and Sarah smiles at him.

“Oh hello, did my little baby have a good nap?”

He sunk down into her hiding his face in her breasts but nodded. She turned his face back. Gave him a kiss on the cheek. His eyes were very big and didn’t know what to say. Was that a loving kiss or a mommy-like kiss he was so conflicted. He was put back into his stroller and locked back in.

“Now you feel a bit soggy but you will have to wake till we get home ok? I didn’t think to bring a diaper change for my little baby. He really knows how to soak his diaper, yes he does! Mommy’s little boy just loves his diapers doesn’t he!”

She says getting in his face. People would giggle hearing her talk to him like this. From what he knew though no one seem to think he was an adult just some dumb baby. That he was relieved of. That was till he was reminded of the vibrating seat it was turned on. It was much more intense this time, or was he just that horny? That mixed with his soggy diaper made him thrust his head back in pleasure and try to move his hips. He was getting off in public and he couldn’t stop blushing or enjoying it.

He made it a little past the park when a very cute girl stops Sarah and asks to see the ‘baby’

“Aww, he’s so cute! He seems a little fussy moving around; he probably just wants out. Silly your hoods over your face.”

This girl says pulling back his bunny hood to relieve his face. Daniel looks up and sees a girl he had a huge crush on before all this stuff began to happen. What was worse she recognized him. He panicked and moaned loud as he came hard. He wanted to scream but couldn’t, maybe even ask for help.

“Oh my God Daniel?! Wow I knew you were weird but this is some strange shit. You really do look like a baby!”

She says laughing. Sarah smiles and begins walking past her.

“Daniel is my little boy now. He loves getting off In his diapers and using his diapers like a good little boy. Tell everyone you like that Dani is nothing but a helpless little baby. He gets off just by someone seeing him in his cute outfit.”

Daniel began to cry. She knew it was going to be hard on him but she was going to break him. He’s going to give up eventually and stop caring. The girl laughs like Crazy.

“That’s disgusting but oh don’t worry I will! You two have fun. Oh and Dani I hope you enjoy your changes from your ‘mommy.’ You even cry like a baby.”

She says laughing like crazy and walking off. Dani cried all the way home he was humiliated his life was over in his eyes. A girl he liked saw him acting like a baby and in a soaked diaper. Not only that he cam in his diaper just proving how much of a freaking creep he was. She took him out of the stroller and hugged him tightly. He hugged back crying. Sarah took off the pacifier gag to let him speak.

“I’m not a baby, am I, mommy?! I don’t wanna be a stupid baby! B-but… I think I enjoy it!”

He says going back to crying Sarah just pats his back.

“Shhh, yes Dani you might be a baby but I don’t care. I’m not going to mock you. I love you, Dani, you’re my best friend and if you needed me to take care of you like this forever I would because clearly, I’m the only one who cares about you this much.”

Sarah said. Daniel couldn’t deny that. He began to calm down, laying his head on her shoulder.

“I… give up… I don’t care anymore. Mommy i-i mean Sarah… or mommy whatever I don’t care anymore.”

He says leaning up and smiling at her. He knew Sarah was the only one that cared about him.

“I want to be your little boy! Put me in diapers… make me cum do as you like. Only because you are my best friend!”

He says with a hug. Sarah giggles thinking. Ya best friend. More like a wife. He just can’t admit he wants me to be more than a friend yet. One day though.

“I’m glad Dani heh. Now you’ve been such a good boy, how about a surprise?”

Daniel looks at her confused.

“What kinda surprise?”

They headed to the living room and got by the TV and something was hanging from the ceiling. His eyes got big when he noticed it was a bouncer. She put him down in it and turned on the TV. She puts it on kid’s songs.

“Ok, you have fun I’m going to go get cleaned up.”

She says walking off.

“Wait, what am… I supposed to… do?”

His legs barely touch the ground he pushes up a bit suddenly the bouncer vibrates sending a wave of pleaser down him.

“Whoa… so if I?”

He begins to bounce more and is rewarded with more vibrating pleasure. He moans and bounces while he watches TV. It was all kid’s songs and he was going to have them suck in his head all day. About 30 minutes later he’s singing his own version from being so horny.

“I love you~ you love me~ I’m want to cum in my dipey~”

He sang having to jump a lot just to keep feeling more pleaser and getting worn out. He could feel his brain going to mush with only singing and cumming going through his mind. He didn’t care anymore though. Finally, Sarah came back to hear him singing about cumming in his diaper as he moans loud Finally climaxing. He was exhausted as he stopped bouncing laying his head down and relaxing just watching TV when he hears mommy’s voice.

“Oh, Dani, are you getting hungry?”

He just nods, not looking up. In comes a strange thing that she puts by him. It’s got a very large bag of breastmilk in it. She straps something around his mouth and a nipple like a pacifier go’s in his mouth but it’s hooked to the bag as he sucked he would get milk. So he drank and bounced a lot, getting turned on again. He was much too tired to get going fast enough to cum again.

“Now don’t leave a drop because you won’t be leaving that bouncy chair till it’s all gone.”

He looks up at the bag and gulps the bag was so big it would easily take him all day to drink. He whined but kept drinking and listening to the music and bouncing. It didn’t take long for him to use his diaper more. But his mind was blank for the moment. He was full with more to drink. Horny and enjoying the music. He found himself falling asleep sitting up in his bouncer. Many hours later he was leaking. His diaper smelled and felt awful. He whined as he looked up as he was getting close to finishing his milk. He powered through it and finished it. Mommy walked back in at the same time.

“Oh, you are Finally done huh? Good boy! I was about to give up and let you sit here all night~”

He was taken out of his bouncer and to the bathroom where he was undressed and cleaned up and put in the tub. He relaxed in the warm water.

“Mommy I’m so full I don’t Wanna drink anymore… I got these songs stuck in my head… and I am so flipping horny and it doesn’t go away, I cum then want to go again. How am I not shooting out dust…?”

She giggles and begins to wash him.

“Because mommy’s milk increased your horniness along with your sperm count. With as much as you drink you will barely sleep while being horny all night.”

She said washing his balls and playing with his cock. He quickly and easily cam squirting cum all up his chest. He whines more.

“Dani, I just washed you up there!”

He frowns. He was so sensitive from her touch he could keep going he just couldn’t control when he cam.

“Sorry, mommy.”

He says as she cleans him again and helps him out drying him off that was when he began to piss on the floor. No control at all.

“AHHH! I’m sorry, I’m sorry it won’t stop! What’s happening to me!?”

Daniel yells Sarah smiles and wipes him off and lays him down and puts him in a fresh diaper and cleans his mess.

“It’s ok baby it’s not your fault you can’t control it. Don’t worry though mommy keeps her little boy all nice and padded for that reason!”

She says as she tickles his belly he giggles and pushes her hands away. She picks him up and takes him to his crib. A strange device is set up in it. He watched as mommy pulled his diaper down over his dick and this thing went over his cock with a tube and began to jack him off constantly. She makes sure he’s properly padded and covers him up; he moans and quickly fills his first tube with cum.

“Good boy. Now this will run all night. Have fun~”

Daniel moaned. Then he looked worried.

“A-all night?! I can’t… mmmm sleep like Ahhh! This!”

He yelled cumming again. Sarah just smirks and waves and leaves the room leaving him to be jacked off all night. The house was just full of his pleasured moans. Sarah smiles with her work.

“Nearly done, but he’s getting so used to being a little boy that cums for mommy. Maybe tomorrow we throw an oddball. Tomorrow mommy’s going to have a lot of fun with my little boy’s Masculinity. Don’t want to do it permanently but it will spice things up a bit~”

She says heading back to her room with a billboard showing his progress to “Permanently Sarah’s little boy” and it shows over 60% how much more can Dani take?


Chapter 7

It was a long night but Dani eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. He was still cumming in his sleep but he was sleeping somehow. Just a bit from the bed the machine sat. It was a good jar full of cum that he’s been filling all night. Sarah comes into the room nice and early to remove his toy. She undoes it quickly putting his dick back in his diaper. He seemed to relax very quickly but he also began to pee and flood his diaper. He goes and goes and goes, easily overflowing his diaper as it begins to leak out. But Dani didn’t care, he was just so tired.

“Aww someone just couldn’t help himself and used his diaper so quickly. Looks like you are going to need thicker diapers. You clearly can’t keep these from leaking, don’t worry Dani mommy will take care of it, you just sleep.”

Dani just kinda let out a small noise.


Being all he could get out falling back asleep. Sarah helped him out of the crib, lowering the bars and picking him up. She takes him to the changing table and lays him on his back. She un-taped his diaper and pulled it back pulling it out from under him. She cleans her little one well with a baby wipe. She next pulls out a very girly diaper. This one was pink with bunnies on it. She giggles at her thoughts of making Dani a little girly today.

“You will just look so cute in these. I even put some extra padding in it because you are quite the messy one.”

She giggles more. He would probably be very defensive but he was so tired he didn’t know what was even going on. He was lifted onto the diaper and powdered, He then had the diaper taped on him. She smiled at him looking at how long his hair has gotten over the time he’s been here. She walks over to the closet and gets deep in the back pulling out a cute summer dress. It was pink and had a small cute bunny tail on the back, it snapped down at his crotch. She goes over getting him all dressed up. There was no hiding this diaper being completely obvious and large.

“Aww, you are so cute. You are just missing something.”

She says with a smirk. She picks him up and takes him to her room, then lays him on the bed. He sleeps through this all as she grabs ponytail holders and puts his hair up in pigtails. She then grabs the makeup and gets to work. She paints his toes and fingernails. Next, she puts him in some lipstick then mascara. She has a blast getting him all girly. Unfortunately for Dani, he sleeps through the whole thing. She kisses his cheek.

“You make such a pretty girl Dani~”

She lays him across her lap on her bed, pulls off her shirt then undoes her Bra. She gets out her large breasts, getting them ready for breakfast. She puts his mouth up to her nipple and to her surprise he just began sucking. Like it was second nature, she knew she was training him well.

“Mhm… that’s a good girl. Drink all you need Dani.”

She said as she undoes a flap on his dress and begins to rub his diaper crotch. He began to moan in his sleep, he was overly sensitive now. As he drank and was rubbed he eventually let out a gasp as he cums into his new diaper. It wasn’t long after that as he began to piss it as well. He relaxed in Sarah’s arms while he drank. He would wake up slightly then pass back out. Finally, he got full as he stopped drinking and just laid against her. She snaps his dress back together.

“I need to show everyone what you look like!~ I doubt anyone will be able to tell you are even a boy! Except momma will know.”

She says bopping his nose. Dani just smiles a bit in his sleep before going back to normal. She gets dressed, takes him back to the nursery, and puts a pacifier in his mouth laying him back down to sleep. She locked his crib back up before leaving and shutting the lights off to let him sleep. He slept till 2 pm when he finally woke up. He sits up with a large yawn just sitting there like he’s waiting for something then looks confused looking around. His pacifier falls from his mouth but not even surprised.

“Huh? Where’s Sarah? She’s normally here to get me out by now…?”

He spaces out for a moment before shaking his head.

“What am I talking about? I’m a big boy and I can do it myself. Even if this is just a little fun…”

He then suddenly gets a look at what he is wearing and blushes then screams.

“AHHH!! What am I wearing?! Sarah!!”

Sarah rushes into the nursery and smiles seeing as he’s ok.

“Aww, what’s wrong princess?”

Dani glares at her.

“You know exactly what’s wrong! Don’t call me that, I’m a boy! I agreed to be babied and… stuff but this is too far… I didn’t even argue with you jacking me off. Speaking of that…”

As he barely noticed as he was rubbing himself. Blushing, having no shame and being very addicted to just getting off. But his rubbing wasn’t enough. Sarah smirks and grabs him.

“Do you want mommy to help you cum baby girl? I bet you will do anything to get off huh?”

He whines. He hated that she was right, her words only turning him on more as he nodded. She giggled and laid him on the changing table. She removes his diaper then flips him over on his stomach in confusion he looks back and his eyes go wide seeing a decent-sized dildo in Sarah’s hands. He went to try to jump down but was caught. She giggles.

“Sarah please!”

She just giggles as she lubes it up. Next, she put on a strange belt and the dildo went in it. It looked like Sarah had a dick. With a smirk she picks him up and sits down then slowly lowers him on it, he screams and moans surprisingly. She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

“I know just power through it for mommy. I’ll help you too~”

She says as she gropes his balls lifting and pulling out a bit only to go right back in his ass.

“Fuck Sarah! It hurts. I don’t like this, I don’t want to do this!”

She keeps playing with his absolutely hard dick and balls. She would believe him if his dick wasn’t just begging to cum.

“Oh really? This little guy here seems to think otherwise~”

He whines and moans as she slowly goes in and out of his ass.

“Tell you what Dani. You tell me how much you enjoy being a girl and mommy will speed up to make you cum.”

His mind was racing, the only thing on his mind was cumming no matter how much he fought it he wanted nothing more. But it Finally got to the breaking point he yells out.

“Mommy fuck me faster! Your little baby girl loves when mommy fucks me. I’m just her play toy!”

This excited Sarah as she got up and bent him over half and half on the changing table, his ass hanging slightly off. He looked confused before the dildo entered and left his ass. The next was screaming and moans. There was no denying how much he was enjoying it. He was like jello just being humped but Finally, he cums having his first orgasm only being fucked in the ass.

“Good girl! Mommy’s so proud of you!”

She lays him on his back and kisses him on the lips he was breathing heavily. Some tears in his eyes. His mind telling him he should hate it but another side saying how much he loved it.

“T-that was… definitely something…”

His eyeliner came off some. She takes a baby wipe and wipes his eyes.

“Aww, mommy’s sorry but you did such a good job! But don’t cry, you are ruining your makeup.”

His eyes got big.

“Wait… I’m in makeup too? I shouldn’t be surprised…”

He sighs. She giggled, got him in a fresh new diaper, and snapped his dress together making him blush.

“Now I know a cute place for you to meet some friends.”

She said with a wink. He panicked.

“No, don’t take me outside again… yesterday was bad but this is worse!”

She picks him up.

“Are you going to disobey mommy?”

He thinks for a moment before whining and then laying his head on her boobs.

“N-no, mommy…”

He said, shaking then hugging Sarah. She smiles knowing she’s training him well. She rubs his back and pats him. He buries his face in her breasts feeling so ashamed.

“That’s a good girl.”

She takes him to the front room where she has his stroller set out. She puts him in and straps a pacifier-like thing to his mouth but the end is a bottle nipple. He looked up at her curiously as milk went through the tub and up to him. His eyes get big as he starts sucking and drinking what is obviously breastmilk. He relaxed as he drank and was strapped in.

“Can’t have my little girl going hungry can I?”

He can’t remember the last time he fed himself. He was getting so used to being fed and cared for. His mind was slowly turning to sex and mush nothing but a large baby. He wasn’t sure why but he felt like he was beginning to truly love Sarah. He just looked up as he drank his milk, Unable to speak.

“Now let’s get you to the Adult baby contest.”

His eyes get big. What has he gotten himself into? She pushed him outside. He was embarrassed but he had to admit the embarrassment was getting easier. Whether or not that’s a good thing he wasn’t sure. It wasn’t long before he was wetting himself after leaving the house. This milk always made him have to pee like crazy. Like last time people would laugh and giggle at the boy who they all thought was a little girl. But it started to get weird once they stepped inside a large building.

“Oh welcome! You must be Sarah! Aww and this little boy all sissied up must be Dani correct?”

A nicely dressed woman says looking down at him. He blushed, not understanding how she knew. Sarah giggled.

“Ya, you must be Teri! He wanted to be a little girl today. So I let him, he also got a taste of some butt stuff from mommy.”

The lady laughed.

"Aww! That’s so cute there are other little ones in the back. Head on back. You are number 15, Dani. So have a cute performance-ready. Don’t worry the audience thinks you will all be in diapers and stuff because we are raising money for charity! They don’t have to know you sexually love this. Just try not to get off in front of everyone. Heh, but we won’t stop you if you do. It will only bring more attention to our little charity. Even if it’s a bunch of pervs. "

He shook his head blushing.


Sarah laughs taking him backstage.

“You sound excited Dani. I bet you want to get on stage and have people watch you cum your diaper.”

He whines and struggles a bit before getting to the back where he sees at least 9 boys and 10 girls all wearing baby-like clothing. Obvious diapers and stuff. His mouth dropped as much as it could while still drinking his milk. He watched some girl get a diaper change. She was crying. It seems he wasn’t the only one forced to do this. Sarah undoes his tube and takes him out of his stroller standing him up. His legs shake as he nearly falls over.

“Ahhh! My legs are all shaky!”

Sarah smiles.

“That’s because you haven’t walked in a while. Do you need a diaper change princess? That was a long walk.”

He was about to say no when Sarah checked his diaper.

“Ya, you are soaked. Even with the extra protection. Someone must really like mommy’s breast milk.”

She said quite loudly. He blushed as some other adult baby’s giggled at him as he rubs his legs together just to feel the wet diaper against him. He hated that the humiliation turned him on.

“But I don’t remember doing that…Though that’s not new…”

She takes his hand and smiles, taking him to a free-changing table and lays him on his back.

“You’re not going to do this in public right…?”

She undoes his dress and smirks.

“Baby’s don’t have a choice where they get a diaper change. Or would you rather get on stage in a soggy diaper?”

He whines covering his face as she gets ready and removes his diaper, cleaning him up. She definitely plays with him a bit. Making him horny again.

“Sarah… stop I’m… I’m gonna-”

He didn’t get it all out before he moaned loud and cums in front of everyone. He’s never been so ashamed he keeps his face covered. Just knocking him down more and more. He hated it but why was he enjoying this humiliation so much? She put a new diaper under him and then started putting some lotion on his butt. Then she got a laxative and pushed right up his ass. It was small and easier than the dildo. His ass not being as tight it was pretty easy on him he barely noticed. She taped the diaper on him and then snapped his dress together.

“There we go, baby girl!”

You could hear a boy giggling.

“I saw his pee-pee. He’s not a girl but a boy acting like a girl!”

Sarah picks him up and he just lays his face in her boobs. His shame was so high right now he just wanted to hide forever. He stayed like this till he heard someone come over the speaker.

“Number 1 to the stage.”

He peeks up and sees a girl in her 30 probably being pushed to the stage. She was wearing nothing but a large diaper. The woman behind her was smiling and waving.

“Don’t worry baby girl you will be fine, now give the people what they want. Show them how little you can be. Do it for mommy!”

The girl was crying till she hit the stage. He wasn’t sure what happened after as he was unable to hear or see once behind the large curtain but she went running off the stage after a while and the crowd was laughing and cheering. The girl comes out and cuddles with her mom. Next was number 2 this time it was a boy. They went out then came back crying all the same. Humiliating obviously but the crowd loved it. He began to get more and more nervous as it got close and closer to his number. That was also when he noticed he had to poop.


He whispered in Sarah’s ear.

“What’s up baby girl?”

He whines, shaking nervously.

“I-I… can I-”

Then the speaker says.

“Number 15 you are up, give us a good show!”

His eyes got big as he panicked.

“No, please! I have to tell you something!”

But Sarah overpowered him and pushed him out to the stage.

“Have fun princess!”

Sarah yelled. He stood there shaking like Crazy when Teri walked up to him. She was in a beautiful dress and had a microphone.

“Welcome our next baby! Daniel! He was once a short man now reduced to a little girl! He loves when mommy makes him cum and uses his diapers. Recently he had mommy fuck him up his ass. He couldn’t help but enjoy it so much! He does everything mommy says! Now let’s get to the juicy information!”

She starts giving out his personal information so everyone knows exactly who he is. Where he used to live, what school he went to. Everything, if anyone knew him this was the way they would recognize him. They wanted everyone to know how much of a baby he’s become.

“Now Daniel! Can you tell me something?”

Daniel was shaking, his life was over, everyone was just told about all his secret life. He wanted to cry. But to make it worse he had to go to the bathroom so badly. He nods to the woman, not sure what to do.

“Can you tell us how much you love your mommy?”

The microphone was put in front of him. His shaky voice comes out as he tries to talk.

“I-I…. I-i… Ahh!”

Suddenly a loud fart goes over the speakers as Dani bends over, beginning to poop his diaper. The buttons on his dress snap as his diaper overflows with his mess. Not only does he mess but wets too. Only making his diaper droop more.

“Oh, my goodness looks like this little girl just showed us he loves his mommy so much he’s willing to use his diaper for her! Isn’t that amazing folks!”

The crowd is laughing like crazy and cheering him on. The humiliation and messing of his diaper begin to turn him on the feel of the mess and the wet diaper. He began to rub his crotch falling on his butt squishing his mess into him.

“Uh oh looks like this baby has lost control. You might get to see little Dani prove how much he loves his mommy!”

The crowd laughs harder as Dani tries to get off in his diaper desperately. The lady puts the microphone by him.

“Tell us how much you love being a baby.”

He moans between breaths. The crinkling of his diaper goes over the loudspeakers. He couldn’t help but embarrass himself more so he could cum.

“I love pooping my diapers! I love wet diapers! I hope I get to stay a little baby for mommy forever!”

He keeps going. Finally getting off with a loud moan. Then the shame hits him about what he just did. He tears up and begins to crawl back to the back room crying. Sarah waits for the humiliated and broken boy and hugs him tight.

“You did incredible Dani! I love you so much, don’t worry we will keep you in diapers forever and ever. You will be my little boy forever.”

He cries into her.

“I love you, mommy! I love you so much!”

They cuddle for a while before the contest ends.

“Now that everyone has voted. The winner today is…”

There’s a long pause.

“Daniel! You are the biggest baby! You have won a never-ending supply of diapers! Not only that your mommy wins something too! Anyways thanks for coming, join us next year! All the videos of our babies will be online. Check them out. I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy Daniel’s performance!”

His eyes get big.

“But… everyone’s going to know I’m just some stupid baby… horny stupid baby.”

Sarah kisses him.

“Aww, that’s ok, who cares? You love it right? Heh and you are just a stupid horny baby. Mommy’s stupid horny baby.”

She says squishing his mess into him more.

“Mmm… m-maybe… maybe you are right, maybe it’s not so bad. I can just wear diapers everywhere right?”

She giggles.

“Well almost anywhere. But ya basically.”

She says staring him in the eyes. She kisses him and he begins to kiss back. That was when he was certain he was in love. Sarah pulls away after a while and smiles.

“Now let’s get you changed stinky butt. You smell horrible. Any longer and you might leak.”

He blushed and giggled. Why was that funny he wondered? Maybe he just gave up, maybe he’s going to stop caring? Or maybe this was only the beginning?

“Ok, mommy!”

She laid him back and changed him right there in front of everyone. It was much easier now that he’s jacked off and pooped himself in front of a large audience. He got cleaned and put in a fresh diaper. He was still ashamed but being with mommy made him comfortable. He was put back in his stroller and locked back up. Then the feeder was strapped back on him and he went back to drinking as they went to the front they met the lady from before.

“Oh, there’s the little winner! You trained him so well Sarah! I bet you had a lot of fun forcing Dani into this lifestyle?”

She laughs.

“Actually, it was a lot of tricking and stuff. It was a blast. I made him feel like it was all his fault. Slowly but surely I broke him down to do more and more.”

Teri looked surprised and looked back at Dani who was half asleep and probably didn’t hear any of that. She giggles.

“You are a scary woman, Shara. Anyways, here’s your prize. I hope you get good use out of it!”

She hands Sarah some kinda ticket.

“Whoa! But to go on this I’m going to need a babysitter. Hmm, it might be a new challenge for my little one.”

Teri smiles bigger, Sarah smirks.

“Alrighty, I’ll give you a call some time to be my baby’s babysitter. If you would like?”

She looked excited and shook Sarah’s hand.

“Yes, please! I would love to take care of him! I could come up with some fun things!”

Sarah nods and they leave, going back home after a long day. She was so happy to hear Dani announce he loves her. He was now hers forever.

“Hmm, I think he has gone far enough, time to begin the fun stuff soon~”

She picks Dani up out of his stroller after undoing him and checks his diaper.

“Yap all soggy. Just like a good boy should be.”
He didn’t wake up during the check. She takes him over to the changing table and lays him on his back. She undoes his diaper, she doesn’t have to undo his dress as the buttons broke off, she cleans him up. She then gets him in a new fresh diaper. She removes his dress and cleans the makeup off his face. She leaves the nails painted though. She goes over and grabs some footed pajamas. They said I’m mommy’s little toy on it. She giggled and got him dressed. She lays him on his crib and kisses his head.

“Good night baby boy. Love you.”

Dani mumbles a bit.

“Wov… you to…”

Sarah couldn’t smile any bigger as she locked his crib and went to bed. Dani was now Sarah’s little boy but could he handle being more than just her little boy?


Awwww mommy little toy hahahah

Chapter 8

It’s bright and early in the morning and Sarah has a bunch of bags packed ready to go. She appears to be getting ready to head out. After she gets all her stuff into the front room she heads to Dani’s nursery room. She walks over to his crib and just stares at him lovingly. He can’t even get any rest without being desperately horny. The boy moans and humps his bed slowly in his sleep while sucking hard on his pacifier. Shara smirks and unbuttons the butt flap on his footie pajamas. She puts her hand on his padded butt, his diaper was soaked and messy. But that wasn’t all she was doing. She began to rub his butt and move down where his balls and dick would be rubbing that as well.

Dani was loving it as he began to pick up speed moaning and humping more. The wet soggy diaper and mushy feeling against his butt was a big turn-on, even if he didn’t want to admit it. Not yet anyway. Sarah giggles and stops patting his butt.

“Sorry, no release for the baby today.”

Dani was still asleep but you could see he couldn’t get enough pleaser through his thick diaper to get off making him whine and slowly wake up. He began to slightly cry just out of desperation not knowing what else to do. He finally turned around and began to put his hand down his diaper when Sarah grabbed his arms and picked him up.

“N-no mommy please I need to cum…it hurts.”

He said as his arms were held back as he began to hump her arm and shove his face into her boobs. She giggles and pulls him back giving him a kiss but pulls away quickly leaving him wanting more.

“Sorry baby, but mommy’s got to leave today. So mommy thinks it wouldn’t be right for you to cum in your diapers for anyone but mommy. So till I get home later today you won’t be cumming.”

He looked very desperate and upset.

“What?? You can do that mommy it hurts! Wait, you can’t go, I don’t want to be alone…”

He says still desperately trying to get off.

“Oh don’t worry I got you a babysitter. Her names Teri.”

He blushed.

“I don’t need a babysitter… I need to cum!”

His frustration got the best of him and yelled at her. Sarah glares a bit.

“Oh, that’s it, mister.”

She takes him to the changing table and removes his diaper, his desperately hard dick just begging to explode. She gently cleans him up to make sure it’s not even near enough to cum. He went to grab his dick to jack off but was slapped away.

“Stop it, Dani! You are in so much trouble!”

She flips him on his stomach and begins spankings. It wasn’t horribly hard; she didn’t want to hurt him badly. Just kinda scare him to form him more into what she wants. It wasn’t long of the spankings before Dani began to cry.

“No please stop, I’m sorry! I won’t get off! I’ll do as you say just please! Wahhh!”

She lays him back on his back and puts him in about 3 layers of diapers. This would make it impossible to get himself off from just a bit of humping. She pulls him in and hugs him tight. She felt bad spanking him but she knew it was needed if he was going to be the way she wanted him.

“I love you so much Dani, don’t think a spanking means I hate you ok? You just need to do exactly what mommy tells you to do, understand?”

He nods, wiping some tears from his eyes and hugging Sarah tight.

“I’m so sorry! Don’t ever spank me. Again please I just want to get off! The pain hurts so much! But so does the spanking!”

He cried face first in her boobs, she hugs him more and pats his diaper butt thinking about how far he has come. A week ago he would have never agreed to do something like this. But look at him now, a broken man to be loved and used by his mommy. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. She puts him on the floor.

“Can I trust you not to get off for a few minutes while mommy gets the door? How about you go play with some toys!”

He sniffs and crawls over to his toy box not sure what to do just trying to calm down. Sarah smiles and goes to the door. She opens it up to a non-fat woman but she had a bit of weight to her. Decent pair of breasts. She wore high heels and a skin-tight shirt and pants. Her hair was done back in a ponytail and make-up was just perfect. She smiles at Sarah.

“Teri! Whoa, ma’am looking good girl.”

Sarah laughs and so does Teri. She smiles with a blush.

“I just wanted to look good for Dani. I know you told me he’s not allowed any cumming today till you get home. That’s very… drastic but I’ll keep to it.”

Sarah gives a smile.

"Ya, he might get overly angry, sad, or beggy just ignore the last one. Comfort him when sad and punish him when angry. Oh and make sure to tease him a little and don’t go overboard. By the end of the day, I want to have his ability to cum related to me. No more of him just getting to get off whenever he wants. "

Teri laughs.

“Girl you are evil. Aren’t you the one that got him addicted to it in the first place?”

She nods and gives a wink.

“Ya, you want to join him one day.”

She blushes and shakes her head.

“No no! Never worn diapers, don’t plan on it! Let alone living this life he is, that’s terrifying. The humiliation is horrible. The boy won’t be able to function without you before too long. Being completely helpless…”

She shivers. Sarah grabs her body and pulls her close and whispers in her ear.

“Then don’t hurt my baby way too much or tease him too much or you will see how evil I can be.”

Teri’s face goes pale and nods.

“No problem! I’ll be good, promise! I’ll do exactly as you asked. Now, look at the time! You should be going or you might be late!”

She said backing up and laughing awkwardly. Sarah smiles and pats Terri’s head before grabbing her stuff and going out to her car. Teri waved and smiled at Sarah before she was out of sight. She took a sigh of relief.

“Finally! Time to have some fun. First, let’s explore the house.”

She giggled excitedly and looked around the house. She gets a good scope of the house before going into Daniel’s nursery. She peeks in seeing Daniel unzipped his footie pj’s and is trying to jack off. He looked to be close as he had his hand down his diaper. She smirks and goes up behind him and quickly grabs his arms, stopping all the pleaser. Pulling his hands from his diaper.

“What do you think you are doing young man?”

He sounds angry the sexual tension unable to go away. He thrashes and fights but is so much weaker than he used to be.

“Let me go! Mommy got me so horny then left! I can’t take it!”

He said yelling and begged at the same time.

“Aww poor little Daniel, don’t worry your babysitter is here now. Now tell aunty Teri what you want?”

As she pushed him on his back he began to get excited again. He blushes, this was so much harder to say than to his mommy. He didn’t even know this person but he was so horny he kinda couldn’t care.

“I want you to do anything you want to me just get me off, please! My dick and balls are screaming for release!”

She giggles and gets closer to his face before she reaches behind him grabs a pacifier and plops in his mouth. His excitement grew.

“Well, I can’t do that, sorry little guy.”

She said getting off him, just being a big tease. He growls and glares at her.

“God damn it!”

He yells spitting out the pacifier, throwing his temper tantrum kicking his legs as she starts to zip back up his footie pajamas. She stops and looks at him.

“Someone’s got a potty mouth huh? Looks like someone needs a spanking.”

He goes from furious to suddenly pale.

“W-wait… we can talk about this! There’s no way my mommy will let you do that!”

She smirks.

“Oh, I have all the permission to do so. Also, have permission not to let you cum till she gets home. Now get on your belly and point the ass in the air. No question just do it or ill add on more hits.”

He crossed his arms and glared at her. You could see Teri loved a good baby that don’t listen as she held up 3 fingers.


He just keeps glaring a bit confused.


No change.


He still glared Teri’s heart was racing, her blood pumping as she herself was excited.


She said as she grabbed him and had him flipped over faster than he could react. He felt her move his diapers down then he began to panic.


That was all he got out before, slap! He yelps as another and another and another hit. She easily got off 10 spankings. He was bawling.

“Now are you going to be a good boy Dani?”

He nods.

“Yes, anything aunty Teri! Wahhh!”

She smirks and lays him on his back, his diapers still down, his dick was now flaccid. But she gropes him, making him moan and cry as he grows horny again. She just pulled up his diapers after a little rubbing and sat him on the floor.

“Now let’s see all the fun things we can do for you today”

She removed his footie pj’s leaving him only in his large diapers. Horny and in pain. His mind was unsure if he gets pleasure from the pain or if it was Teri turning him on. This did begin to warp his mind. He whines just rubbing the front of his large diapers for his major need for pleasure and his butt for the pain. He did not like being spanked but he couldn’t help his attitude when he was teased like this. Teri is standing at the door to the nursery and bends down and smiles at him.

“You coming? It’s breakfast time.”

It was at this point he began to really miss Sarah already. He enjoyed the time together when he would feed off her. He sighs nodding crawling behind her as they go into the kitchen. Teri gets in the fridge pulling out an IV bag of milk.

“Oh, interesting.”

She says as he gulps. She helps him into his high chair where she sets up a feeding tube. She gets the pacifier thing and pushes it into his mouth and the tube connects to that. He watches as she turns it on and his mouth is flooded with milk with no choice but to drink it. What was worse, this milk was only making him more turned on.

He grones trying to cross his legs but all the padding not letting him he began to lay his head down on the tray to calm down but it didn’t do anything. He just keeps drinking and moaning just wanting to explode. His hands were unable to reach below the tray to rub anything; he just slammed his head back and forth, almost crying at this point. Teri bends over and gets close to his diaper like she is about to do something but just pats it.

“Aww, does this milk also turn you on? Goodness me, someone’s so sex-obsessed huh? Such a naughty boy. I’m surprised your mommy hasn’t done this sooner. Maybe this will teach you to never cum without her permission~”

She said licking her lips as she rubs her own legs together.

“Now if you excuse me I’m going to masturbate while you drink. Watching you turns me on so much~”

She walks off and watches with bright eyes whining, laying his head back and drinking that’s when he hears her moans of pleasure. He lets out a loud frustrated grunt. As some milk squirts out his nose. Her sexual moans just made this 10 times worse. His mind was slowly cracking. These being the last bits of his mind he had left. There was barely anything of his previous self left in him but this just put it in him more how much he needed his mommy and how much he needed her to get him off.

He Finally gets done and apparently so does Teri as she steps back in. She smirks seeing him shake back and forth in the highchair then suddenly it falls over. The hose pulls out of his mouth. He begins to cry as Teri quickly helps him out and up hugging him.

“That’s what happens when you throw a big temper tantrum!”

He looks at her with the most pathetic look. He wasn’t hurt that bad, it mostly only scared him. He hugs her and buries his face in her boobs like he does Sarah. She blushes and pets his head.

“You are still helpless I guess, I need to keep that in mind. Heh. Ok, I’ll tell you what.”

She stands up, picking him up, and helps him into his bouncer hanging from the ceiling. He whimpers wanting to be held some.

“Tell you what you bounce for me oh 20,000 times. Oh, and don’t lose track, make sure to count each one, can you do that for aunty? She will make sure you get cum so hard.”

This idea only turned him back on as he began to bounce.

“One! Two! three!”

He said counting every bounce the harder he bounced he could feel a little something. Teri walks off and grabs a vibrator and straps it to the floor below him a few hard bounces he could feel the pleaser shoot through him. This teasing made him go harder and harder trying his best to cum but it would never be enough to help him finish. His mind went a bit blank.

“Wait where was I?”

Teri smirks, sitting on the couch watching him.

“Oh, I wasn’t keeping track, just start all over.”

His sexual frustrations getting the best of him as he stomps his feet. Just trying his hardest to cum. It was a blast to watch him wear himself out as he bounced and bounced. He was so tired but he felt so close. He couldn’t stop. But by this point, Teri had fallen asleep as Dani desperately tried to cum. He sweated and cursed a lot, he was so tired he was whiny and crying some. Teri wakes up to find he’s stopped and fallen asleep. He had finally got a little bit of peace.

It had gotten quite late too, she smirks with an evil look and goes over to the sleeping boy and sticks her hand down his diapers groping him. She was going to make him suffer. This she enjoyed.

“Who said you could sleep, little boy?”

The pleaser comes back over him as he whines and moans; she even feels a bit of pre cum as she stops. He jumps awake thinking this was it but no. This being so much worse on him than Sarah.


He begged and pleaded as Sarah opened the door.

“What’s with all the screaming? I could hear it from my car?”

She says Teri smiles and waves.

“Welcome home! Hope you had fun! Heh… heh…”

She laughed awkwardly. Daniel bounces up and down excitedly. Tears and sadness on his face.


Dani yells, holding his arms out. He knew this was his only chance.

“Cum! Cum! cum! Please!”

She giggles and goes over and picks him up.

“Can you stay for a while, Teri? I need to help my baby have a happy ending.”

She said as she kissed him, making him kiss back. She rubs his diaper all the way to his changing table. She begins to remove his first diaper. It was dry but the second was soaked along with the first. She leaves the first one on and begins to rub him.

“Now tell mommy everything that happened today~”

He screams moaning in an intense pleaser. This is the best feeling all day, his mommy finally getting to help him. He slowly explains the whole day. As he finishes he lets out a moan as he explodes in his diaper. This is the biggest load he’s ever shot off. After arching forward he falls back putting his thumb to his mouth sucking and relaxing slowly falling asleep. Sarah smiles and changes his diaper before putting him to sleep in his crib and locking it up. She covers him up and kisses him goodnight before leaving.

She walks into the front room where Teri was nervously sitting on the couch. Sarah walks to the kitchen and gets her a cup of water before putting something in it. She goes back to Teri and hands her a drink smiling and sits by her. Her arm goes around her.

“O-oh thanks.”

She says nervously while drinking it.

"No problem, thanks for taking care of the little one… but you went way too far. I said tease not make him suffer. So tell you what, I won’t completely break you as I did him. If you agree to make sure my little boy is happy. If he’s crying and you are doing nothing to help him you will be punished. If he doesn’t get fed on time you will be punished. If you don’t dress as I tell you, Punishment. If you wet yourself, punished. "

Teri looked scared she was about to run but she couldn’t move her eyes growing drowsy. Her anxious mind was racing and slowly relaxed.

"W-what did you do… "

Sarah giggles.

“I gave you some sleepy drugs. Also, you might wake up with a little bit bigger breast size. Yours are definitely not great in size but tomorrow you will be producing milk. You will be the best big sister for my little boy.”

She goes to talk but her eyes almost roll to the back of her head as she falls over on Sarah’s legs.

“Nobody makes my little boy suffer for so long, now you will pay him back. It will only be temporary. I don’t need a little girl. But heh… maybe I could use a cute teen or child. Definitely not another baby.”

She says to herself taking the woman to her room. Who knows what Sarah has planned for her.

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Chapter 9

Shara takes Teri to her room and pulls her up onto the bed slowly striping the girl and looking at her body.

“Boobs are quite small and will need to fix that. I’m sure my little boy will want some milky’s from his big sissy~”

She gets in a box under her bed and pulls out some liquid stuff, puts it in a small cup, and forces it down Teri’s mouth. Teri being out of it couldn’t fight it as she drank every last drop. Next Sarah got in her closet and pulled out a dress and some panties that looked to be for someone in their teens. But they were adult-sized. After getting Teri all dressed up she smiled at her handy work.

“There we go. Such a cutie now~”

Her smile slowly went to a frown as she was thinking.

“But she’s missing something? Oh! I know!”

She says as she grabs two hair ties and puts her hair up in pigtails making her very cute. Her smile comes back then places some headphones on her then pushes a small sd card into them. She lays on the bed next to her and pets her head. As they both sleep all night. Teri has a repeated message playback to her.

"I have agreed to be Dani’s big sister anything he wants I give him. No matter how weird or crazy. I will make sure he’s happy all day and don’t cry once or I’ll get punished. I’ll play with Dani from morning till night, then if I did a good enough job I can go home. I agreed to this because I was a very bad girl to Dani. "

They repeated over and over all night. Till morning comes. Teri sits up in her bed holding her head, the headphones now gone not even knowing she had them. She was lying in Sarah’s bed, confused as she looked around. She got down off the bed and walked to a mirror to see herself. She blushed seeing her new look.

“I look younger… I wonder where Dani and Sarah are? Wasn’t I supposed to be doing something today? Or was I… how did I fall asleep? I can’t remember…”

She said to herself. Shortly after Sarah woke up and walked to Dani’s room who was awake already sexually active humping his Teddie bear. Sarah smiles at him.

“Well good morning my horny little guy.”

Dani went faster, he wanted to cum before mommy picked him up. He humped and humped before Sarah grabbed him out of his crib. His lip trembling and looking all teary-eyed at Sarah. She just smiles at him.

“I didn’t hear anything back. I was checking if my little boy was ok? What’s wrong? Oh, I see you are soaking wet why didn’t you say so let me get you changed.”

She said as she giggled. Dani crossed his arms in sexual frustration being so close. He was laid on his changing table as Sarah got to work removing his diaper and began to wipe his hard dick with a baby wipe. His back would arch as she played around on his balls and moved slowly up to his tip. His eyes go wide before he cums hard all the way up to his body. Before he falls back relaxed for another short while.

“Dani! Really? All the way up your tummy? Now I have to give you a bath. Come on little guy.”

Without any clothes on Dani, Sarah took Dani to the bathroom and sat him down in the tub, and started him some bathwater. After filling the tub a decent amount she pulled out a few boats and rubber toys for Dani to play with.

“Here keep the mind occupied while mommy gives you a bath. Can’t have you getting off while I’m trying to clean you.”

Dani looks up at his mommy and smiles, grabbing one of the toy boats and splashing it around in the water getting Sarah wet a bit on purpose. He would giggle and naughty look up at her breasts which are now soaked in water. But Sarah didn’t say a word, she just kept giving him a bath. She loved to tease him like this.

Dani’s mouth began to water looking at her boobs. The thought of her milk being so tantalizing close. This was enough to distract him most of the bath before he felt himself being picked up. He shook his head as Sarah began to dry him off.

“Does mommy got something on her chest? You haven’t taken your eyes off them? Oh, I get it you are hungry huh? How about I go make some breakfast? I bet you want mommy to feed you huh?”

Dani smiles then giggles nodding. He had some past memories coming back to him. He was beginning to know what has been happening to him, but he enjoyed this. He had to be honest, she was probably the only one who loved him. She was the only one who could protect him. He couldn’t even tell he had to use the bathroom anymore. So the diapers are needed but he couldn’t lie that they were beginning to feel so good on him. But the amount of times a day he just needed to cum was outrageous. But he would probably continue to be mommy’s little boy if asked.

“Alrighty sweetie, let’s head to the kitchen for breakfast. I’m sure your big sister will be up soon.”

She says Dani suddenly looked very confused.

“Big… sissy? What do you mean? I don’t have a sister? I don’t have any siblings? Do i?”

Sarah lays him back, gets him in a clean diaper, and carries him to the kitchen.

“Remember Teri? Well, she promised to be your big sister today! So she is going to take really good care of you. Mommy will still be here, but you two get to play!”

Sarah says. This makes Dani giggle.

“Is Teri also going to be in a diaper?”

Dani asks. Sarah shakes her head.

“No, of course not silly. You are the only baby here! Though she is definitely cuter today than yesterday.”

Sarah says. Suddenly there are some slow footsteps coming down the hall and someone peeks into the kitchen with a slight blush. Her pigtails flopping around.


Teri asks. Dani giggles at Terri’s new look and smiles waving as he’s put into a high chair in nothing but a diaper.

“Oh, good morning Teri! Are you ready to keep your promise for being so mean to Dani yesterday?”

Sarah asks. Teri grabs her head.

“Promise…? I-I… guess so? I do remember something like that.”

Teri says. Now feeling a lot more weight on her chest as her breasts have grown to twice their original size and are leaking a very small bit of milk.

“Aww, I bet you are having memory problems. You were so tired last night you just passed out in my arms it was quite cute. So I got you dressed for today~”

Sarah says. Dani begins to swing his legs as he slowly grew hornier and hornier as he didn’t have anything to keep his mind busy. All he could think of was how much he loved the feeling of his balls and cock rubbing against the fabric of his diaper. Squeezing his legs together and dropping his head on the table of the highchair. Teri blushes.

“I did? I… don’t remember anything but I remember agreeing to this so… guess I don’t have much of a choice… I was a bad girl yesterday for what I did…I can’t argue that.”

Sarah smirks then smiles and goes over and pets her head.

“That’s quite alright. Oh, maybe you can feed my little boy today? Seems you had a small growth spurt~”

Sarah says. Dani blushes, only growing hornier.

“Wait… I only drink from mommy…”

Dani says. Teri also blushes.

“W-wait… you don’t mean breastfeed, no no! I can’t do that! I can’t produce milk!”

Sarah smirks again pulling down her dress, some exposing a breast and squeezing it as milk squirts out. Teri drops to her knees and moans something strange coming over her. She was going to have the same problem as Dani. Every time she is milked or feeds Dani she grows overly horny. Teri’s face was bright red covering her breast sticking out. Dani licked his lips and watched. His stomach growled.

“W-what just happened? That wasn’t normal…”

Teri said as she put a hand under her dress and to her crotch. Sarah just pats her head again.

“Shhh, just take Dani out of his highchair and breastfeed him. Don’t worry he won’t bite. He knows if he does mommy will make sure his teeth go bye bye~”

Sarah says. Dani is distracted by Teri, being just so hungry and horny. Teri was going to complain but to her, she agreed to this. She just sighs blushing as she gets up and lets Dani out of his chair and sits on the ground with her. She pulls him into her chest and Dani latches onto her exposed breast and begins to drink. Teri thrusts her head back and moans.

“Oh fuck! Oh, God!”

Dani drinks and humps Terri’s leg. Teri moves her hand to his padded butt as she moans in pleasure. Then she moved her hand down to her own dress where Sarah grabs her hand away and puts it on Dani’s diaper.

“My little boy cums first look how desperate he is, I think he deserves it don’t you?”

Sarah said. Teri nods a lot and puts her hand down Dani’s diaper, grabbing his balls just holding them and not squeezing hard but just kinda playing with them. She felt a ton of pleasure but it would only be that, never enough to be able to get off on breastfeeding alone. Dani would moan as he drank being so horny and hungry. Teri’s milk was completely different. It made him just as full but the flavor was different but still good. Definitely not as good as his mommy’s though.

“I-I… I’ll-”

Teri gets out. She moans more as she slowly jerks Dani off, making him moan more. He would push his face into her breast more and more making the milk jet out faster.

“Make him cum so hard so I can… oh fuck!”

Teri could barely talk just wanting to cum. Dani’s mouth removes from her breast as some milk drips down him out of his mouth as he moans and yells.


Dani yells cumming hard as he coats Teri’s arm. She quickly pushes Dani off her and he tears up as Teri goes to masturbate. She gets only started as both of her arms are grabbed.

“Excuse me young lady? Why did you push my little boy off you like that? Seems to me someone needs a spanking.”

She whines and shakes her head.

“No! Please, I got to get off! It hurts! I can’t hold back anymore! I’m going crazy!”

Teri begged, trying to pull away. Sarah just pulled her around to her back, pulled up her dress to her panties, and just began to spank her over and over. Dani was just left crying wiping at his eyes thinking Teri was mad at him or something. Teri was also crying now for a mix of pain and pleasure. She just wanted off so badly. Her arm was lifted to her face with Dani cum on it.

“Tell you what, I’ll think about it once you clean your hand off.”

Her desperate mind just wanting to get off as she begins to lick the cum off her hand. She shivers in excitement and from the taste. She licks and licks till her hand is clean. One last swallow before looking up at Sarah for approval.

“Good job Teri!”

Sarah claps Dani finds this fun and giggling and also clapping for her. This makes her blush. She was being used but she did agree to this and it was revenge for yesterday.

“But I don’t think you deserve to cum yet~”

Sarah says with an almost evil smile. A look of fear and despair in Teri’s eyes as she stared back at Sarah.

"But I’ll tell you what, my little boy hasn’t had anyone to play with but me for so long. Why don’t you and him play with all his toys! Don’t forget to change his diaper regularly and keep him fed, if he’s a good boy and begs let him cum. Then maybe I’ll let you. "

She says with a wink. Teri looked down and just nodded. Defeated and knowing she would be spanked if she tried again.

“Yay! Let’s play!”

Dani said as he crawled off to his toy box in his room. She sighs and goes there as well. They played most of the day. Dani would get desperate and Teri had to pleasure him. Then feeding that was rough as she only grew hornier and hornier but she fought masturbating. Scared Sarah would find out somehow. Dani had a blast and Teri couldn’t lie she was having fun to being the big sister to Dani. Even if she was just looking to get off. She really started to feel like Dani’s sister. At Least in a weird way.

Later that night while the two sit in the room just talking and playing with some toys of Dani’s.

“Don’t you ever want to escape this place, Daniel? I can tell you are still in there. You came to your senses long ago didn’t you?”

Teri asks. Dani looks up and smiles with a giggle.

"That obvious huh? Ya, my minds been messed up for a while but quite a few days ago now I was able to think normally. For a while I was scared but I have grown to enjoy the diapers and making cummies for mommy. She loves me a lot and I love her lots too! We are the bestest of friends!”

Dani says with a big goofy smile oddly not knowing any better that Sarah was making him more than a friend but in his mind, they were best friends. Teri looks at him oddly before sighing.

“Good for you… but I definitely don’t want to end up like you… no matter how desperate I am. I think I’m getting used to not getting off today. But if I stay here much longer Sarahs going to mess with my head too. I feel she already did…”

Dani crawls over and hugs her making her smile and pet his head.

“You have been a fun big sister! I hope mommy lets you cum hard heheh. I’m sure she will find whatever you enjoy the most! Can I have some milk? I’m hungry…”

She grones.

“Is that all you do is eat? I just changed you. Fine… but I’m not changing you again if you overeat.”

Teri says. Dani was excited and happy Teri couldn’t help but smile. Even if he was messed up he was cute.


Dani yells as Teri pulls out her breast now being even bigger from use. She closes her eyes tight as he latches on to her drinking her milk down and she thrust back moaning.

“Oh my God yes~!”

She moans and yells as Dani drinks; he knows she likes this. He couldn’t help but look up at her and removed his mouth.

“Can I help you sissy?”

Dani asks almost innocently. She gulps and nods hoping Sarah wouldn’t be mad.

“Please help your big sister Dani~”

He smiles then frowns looking at the door like mommy was going to stop him before he swears he hears mommy speak.

“Go ahead baby if you think she deserves it~”

He quickly goes back to drinking and lifts her dress and not really sure how to do this but pushes his hand into her crotch. He was so happy to hear her moan more and more. It took a while but his finger accidentally pushed into her clit making her scream as she cam almost instantly her panties getting soaked. She never cam so hard. She falls back on the floor as Dani finishes drinking and giggles.

“Nighty night sissy! I had fun!”

All the tension leaving her body, she could rest as she closes her eyes and falls asleep. Suddenly mommy walks into the room and picks up Dani giving him a big hug.

“Well did my little boy have fun with his big sister or does she need to be punished more? I’m going to let you decide. I know I don’t let you do that and it might be hard on you but mommy believes in you.”

Sarah says rubbing his soggy diaper he puts his thumb in his mouth

“Mhm… mommy I fink she was the best big sissy ever! But I hope she can come back and play sometime! But I missed playing with mommy!”

He says hugging her as she groped him.

“Aww, mommy misses her little boy too. Looks like tomorrow will be your deciding day. I’m going to give you the choice to stay or go and I’ll deal with whatever you decide~”

Sarah said. She almost had an evil smile knowing she manipulated him enough to know that even if he has a choice he was going to stay with her forever. He believes no one will love him like her. Don’t forget the Stockholm syndrome. She made sure to cover all her points to make him feel like he’s got one last decision even if technically he didn’t have a choice. But to give him that final push to believe he has a choice or not will be the final obstacle to overcome. Permanently making them Best ‘friends’… Forever. At Least in Daniel’s eyes.


Great chapter loving this story

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Chapter 10: End

After getting her baby boy down to sleep, Sarah helped get Teri cleaned up and dressed back in her normal attire. She took her back to the couch before she had a chance to wake up. She lays her in a slump before smirking. She goes to the front door and opens it then with a boom slams it shut. Teri jumps looking around, drooling a bit. She looked down at her outfit with curiosity then looked super confused.

“Oh sorry Teri, I didn’t know you were sleeping! Boy, you must be tired after taking really good care of Dani! Do you need a drink or anything?”

She says going over and sits down by her. Her face goes red and wipes the drool away.

“Wait… but… did I?.. I’m so confused. What’s going on?”

Sarah giggles and smiles.

“You watched Dani for me while I was away, remember? Something wrong you look like you had some kinda nightmare. Heh or maybe you had so much fun you don’t want to say?”

Sarah laughs a bit, Teri’s hand slowly began to move down her crotch to check if it was wet before moving away quickly. She was relieved to find it dry but almost upset it was a dream. At least she believed it to be a dream.

“Uhh right, I guess something like that? You must have put Dani down for a nap. Sorry I didn’t realize I was so sleepy. So strange?”

Sarah smiles and hugs Teri and stands up.

“You can sleep in the baby bed with Dani if you like he would love the cuddles~”

Her face goes redder as she jumps up shaking her head and her hands in front of her.

“No, no! That’s quite alright I need to get home! I got… s-stuff to do. Like…stuff.”

Her shirt being a bit smaller fit on her as she pulls down on it. Her breasts were much bigger than when she got here. Her mind was racing and oddly turned on for some reason thinking of having someone breastfeed off her.

“Oh but I haven’t paid you for your time? Don’t you need some cash?”

Teri shakes her head. Backing up to the door.

“That’s ok! I just… I need to go lay down heh.”

Sarah nods and shrugs.

“Well ok then? Tell you what-”

Sarah said as Teri opens the door and starting to walk off.

“W-What’s that?”

Sarah smirks as Teri turns to look at her.

“The next time you want to come back, I’ll let you play with my little boy some more. Because I’m sure after today he’s going to stay with me forever and once in a while he’s going to need a big sissy or babysitter~”

Teri’s eyes got big, mouth opens, her hand going over her mouth. Teri just nods rushing back to her car before driving off. Sarah just waved.

“Heh, I love that look of fear, or was it shame? Maybe a little bit of excitement and shame. Maybe she wishes she was the one mommy was taking care of.”

She says with an excited giggle. She shuts the door and heads to Dani’s room and peeks in. He’s sucking on a pacifier sleeping hard and humping the air and moaning. Even in his heavy sleep, he’s horny.

“Mommy…want to get off…Me want cummies.”

Dani begged in his sleep. Sarah smiles and goes over to his toy chest and pulls out a vibrator. She smirks, walking up to his crib and looking down.

“Only because you asked nicely baby~”

She turns it on and pushes it against his wet diaper. Dani must have been having a good dream because he cam almost instantly. A moaned leaving his mouth as his body finally relaxes. Sarah turns it off leaving it in the bed by him. She smiles and watches Dani sleep. She just loved to turn off her brain and watch her little boy.

“I love you so much. I know before we only used to be friends but you came a long way. You started out hopeless and couldn’t keep a job. Always having money problems. Needing to ask me for money and I would always give it to you. I have shown you love since the day we met. I had this planned for so long.”

She puts her hand in his hair and runs her hand through it. It was longer too.

“I played the long game to get you. It might have taken many years to get you into this but it only took a short time to make you the cutest little boy around.”

Sarah said as Dani smiles in his sleep and rolls over to his side. Sarah could only smile bigger as she patted his soggy butt.

“Now you got a mommy to care for you. Now you get to make cummies all the time. And the best part is you won’t run out because of mommy’s milk. You will be addicted to it forever and your diapers. You are so dependent on me that you could no longer function without me. That’s just how mommy wants you completely helpless.”

She bends down and kisses his head.

“Mommy loves you so much. Tomorrow will be the final test to see if anything sparks a want to return to your normal life~”

Sarah says turning off the lights and leaving the room to go to sleep. The next morning Sarah woke up heading to Dani’s room, he was still out cold. She reaches down and picks him up, taking him to the changing table. Gets him in a fresh diaper and takes him to the kitchen where he sleeps the whole way. She puts him up in a high chair and locks him in where he looks around sleepy. Sarah goes and grabs Dani’s milking machine taking it to the kitchen.

“Oh, good morning sleepy head!”

Sarah said to Dani who just looks at her with a smile. His eyes slowly closed. Sarah giggled as she got down and began to attach the cock shaped tube to his dick. With an almost evil smirk, she flips the switch on it and it begins to pump, this makes Dani jerk and moan.


This jolted him awake as it slowly pumped. Sarah smiles and waves.

“About time you wake up now let’s find you some mushy goodness~”

Sarah walks off grabbing some baby food and a bunch of jars of stuff he might like and dislike. She opens one can with a ‘Pop’. Dani being unable to close his mouth suddenly has some of this mush enter his mouth.

“Now you make sure you swallow that.”

He couldn’t even taste it as he tried to swallow but Sarah increased the speed of the milking machine. This makes him exhale hard and spit all his food all over himself.

“Dani! I told you to eat your food!”

He whines just wishing the milking machine would go faster.

“I’m sorry mommy! It feels so good.”

Dani says, She smiles.

“Aww that’s ok you are just a messy little boy aren’t you! You just want mommy to lick you clean~”

Dani shivers in pure pleasure as her teasing was hitting him in just the right spots. Before he knew it more baby food entered his mouth but again she turns up the milker and he spits it all over himself. He moves his hands up and begins to wipe the mess into himself. Not on purpose but the pleaser was just so intense he was trying any way to pleasure himself more. As he was unable to reach his diaper with the tray literally cock blocking him.

“Dani! Stop, you are only making yourself messy! You are being such a naughty boy today. I think for your punishment you will have to go outside and show off your pampers~”

The thought of this only made him hornier. The thought of being mocked and put down like that. Taken care of and even forced to mess and wet himself in front of others was finally the tipping point as he yells and moans shooting cum down a tube. He falls back relaxing but the pump didn’t stop. Slowly he started to grow horny again.

“No no… not again… mmm I mean oh god yes!”

He says moving his head around Sarah couldn’t help but giggle as her little boy enjoys himself.

“Such a naughty boy. What will I do with you.”

She said in a joking manner as breakfast went on for quite a while. Sarah tried to feed him a bunch of cans of food only to have half it spit up most over himself. Only to cum so much he fills up a decent-sized tube. Hours went by like this before Sarah shut it off and like someone stopped being shocked, his body went limp laid back, and relaxed he was in pure ecstasy. He was a mess like a little boy that couldn’t eat correctly. Sarah takes him out of the highchair and picks him up.

“My little boy needs a bath, Badly.”

After taking him to the bathroom and getting him naked and put in the bathwater she began to bathe him. Wiping off all the gunk from lunch. Dani just relaxed in the tub. He was so worn out.

“So Dani I was thinking how about we head to your old house one last time?”

He looked at her oddly like he didn’t remember any house, she smiled.

“Don’t worry you will probably remember when you get there!”

She said with a cocky smile knowing he probably won’t remember if she did her job properly. He should have no want or desire to return to his normal life but she was going to give him a ‘Choice’ or she was going to have to start all over again. She continued to bathe him scrubbing all the gunk off him and making sure he was all Clean. After finishing up she pulls him out and stands him up. His balls and dick hanging down. Dani just shivers looking at Sarah.

“Aww is my little boy cold? His little pee-pee is having a hard time getting hard to huh?”

She said giggling playing with his balls Dani whines a little. Slowly getting turned on.

“Mommy I’m cold… please dry me off.”

She grabs a towel laughing a bit.

“Sorry baby. Just some fun teasing.”

She said drying him off.

“There we go all dry!”

She says, spanking his butt softly. He pouts a bit.

“I didn’t even do anything bad, why did you spank me?”

Sarah hugs him.

“Because my little boy is so cute! Now come on let’s get you back in a diaper before you piss all over my floor. Do that and mommy will have to punish you~”

Dani blushed a bit, embarrassment was getting hard for him to come by but peeing all over the floor without a thought really got to him. He took Sarah’s hand and followed her back to the changing table. She laid him back and got him in a fresh diaper. She helps him down and patted his butt.

“How about you go play while mommy gets your stroller ready. Today we are going out for a fun time around town!”

Dani smiles.

“Ok, mommy!”

He says crawling to his toy box, his diapered butt moving back and forth Sarah just watches before shaking her head. She leaves the room and heads to the front room grabbing his stroller and getting it all ready. She sets up a big bag of milk in it. Along with a feeding tube with a pacifier-like gag at the end. She grabs a diaper bag and fills it up with diapers. A pacifier, some toys, and a vibrator. She filled it fully before zipping it back up.

She went to Dani and he had two dinosaurs playing with them.

“Rawr! I’m going to eat you grrr!”

Dani yells as he has one of the dinosaurs attack the other. He giggles and falls on his back and sees Sarah. He’s almost upside down, his head upside down looking back at Sarah. He smiles great big like she had been gone all day. He was finding it very hard to not have her around all the time.


He yells sitting up and looking at her with a big smile, his legs crossed. He was feeling very childish and just full of childlike wonder. It was honestly hard for him to leave this little mindset he’s grown so accustomed to. He loved not having to stop playing to use the bathroom. He loved making cummies any time mommy let him and sometimes he would be a bad boy and get off without mommy’s permission. He loved the idea of being caught trying to get off and forced to stop. Being forced not to cum only made him hornier.

He didn’t know why but he had grown so many different fetishes in such a short amount of time. Maybe it wasn’t because Sarah completely forced him to do anything. She made sure it was all his choice and made sure he was happy. Made sure he was loved. Dani never felt so carefree. But now he didn’t care how or what anyone thought of him honestly he hoped more people would mock him. Well except mommy he knew she would comfort him anytime he needed it.

Sarah went over and picked him up and smiles.

“You look like such a happy boy. Did you just make cummies in your diaper without letting mommy know?”

Sarah said being a tease. He shakes his head.

“Nu-uh! I just really love you! You are the best mommy ever!”

He says giving her a big hug she pats his diapered butt. She takes him to the stroller and she straps him in making him have his legs spread to show off his diaper to anyone that sees him.

“Now say Ahh!”

Sarah says as he does and she pushes a tube in his mouth then straps on the pacifier-like cover then straps it around his head. Use to this might have scared him but he trusted mommy and knew whatever was about to happen was for his own good.

“Now get ready and drink all your milkys~”

She says as she turns it on and milk begins to pump into his mouth as he drinks it down. It didn’t take long for his belly to start to grow a bit, having a bit of baby fat on him. He used to be so much skinnier before. How has a belly that hangs over his diaper when before his diaper used to fit over his belly. But it’s happened so slowly that Dani never noticed nor cared anymore.

Sarah next clicks a button as vibrating begins from right under him. But only for a short time just to tease. As he tries to drink and enjoy the small bits of pleasure when Sarah pushes the button. Only staying on as long as she’s holding the button. Sarah just smiled as she pushes Dani out the door and outside. To expose him to the world. But this time he was more curious. He was kinda excited to be someplace new. Well, what he thought was new.

Going past people he would get giggles and Sarah would turn on the vibrating as they walked by making him go cross-eyed. He was getting so full. He felt bloated. But while taking this trip a familiar face was seen again. It was the girl Dani had a crush on. But something was different: Dani was too busy enjoying his milk and teasing.

“Oh, Dani! Do you remember her? You used to have a crush on her.”

She said with a giggle. Dani looked confused looking at the woman then back at Sarah and just shrugged it was clear his memory of this girl was gone. Sarah seemed very happy as she walks past her. Dani just looked at her like he was forgetting something. Why would he love her, when he loves mommy? They continue to walk down the sidewalk as Sarah would send a jolt of pleasure to keep him horny while he drank. Keeping him her little boy and under her control.

By now the milk bag was becoming more and more empty before it stops and he’s out of milk. They finally reach an old empty house. Sarah undoes the tube from his mouth, milk drips down his chin and down his chest and he breathes heavily.

“Welcome home! Or should I say your old home? You used to live here when you were a big boy instead of a mamma boy heh.”

The place was empty. It was his old house before he moved in with Sarah. But he was confused. This wasn’t his home; he lived with Sarah. This place was foreign to him. Suddenly fear hits him. He was going to be left here alone to care for himself. Mommy was going to leave him.

“So once you started to live with me I sold off your stuff to pay for all your diapers. Basically all that’s left is the house. So tell you what cutie do you want to move back in here? I’ll help you buy more stuff if so.”

Dani frowns and tears up.

“A-am I being kicked out…? I don’t wanna leave, please don’t make me! I’m scared!”

Dani asks, crying. Sarah goes and quickly hugs him, pulling him into her breast. Helping him relax a bit

“No no! You can stay with mommy all you want. I promise you can live with mommy forever if you want to.”

Dani nods. Oddly Sarah relaxes there was this odd bit of stress that washed away seeing her little boy like this. She was so happy to know he didn’t want to leave her. Even though she wouldn’t let him leave the next time would have been a lot more forceful she thought.

“Of course, I want to be with mommy! I love you and I want to live with you forever! I would be super scared alone… like how would I change my diapers? Or drink my milky or make cummies!”

Sarah laughs and gives an evil smirk knowing her plan worked.

“Of course, that would be hard huh baby. There is just one more thing I need you to do for mommy.”

He tilts his head sideways and mommy whispers in his ear he smiles big and nods as they head outside. Sarah turns the vibrating on and Dani began to moan. Not just quietly not to attract attention but making sure to attract it.

“I love my mommy! I love being mommy’s baby boy! I love when mommy makes me make cummies! I love to use my diapers. I’m a good boy and… and-”

That was all he could handle before he shot a fresh load into his diaper. A lot of old schoolmates and some old friends happened to be out there. The girl he had a crush on. Even people he’s only met a few times. But now they know what he wants and what’s going on. They would all laugh and mock him but he didn’t care. Mommy loves him and that’s all that mattered. No one would be any the wiser. They would all think this was his own choice.

And if you asked Dani and Sarah they would agree he made the choice to be Sarah’s big baby boy. Dani would suck his thumb and fall asleep on his trip back home after his big day out. Before was only the beginning now this was his new and permanent life as his BFF’s baby.

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