Best Friends for Life

Best Friends for Life

They had known each other since first or second grade. It really was so lucky that my daughter had
such strong friendships, even if just with two friends. Having bedwetting issues since she was a little girl, it wasn’t always easy for her to make good friends. As hard as I tried to convince her otherwise, she never felt confident and always felt like she was somehow deficient compared to the other girls her age.

But no matter how insecure she felt about her bedwetting and needing to wear diapers at night, her two best friends were always there for her. They never judged her and were always accepting.

Tonight was one of those times where you really appreciate how good old friendships are. My daughter had her two friends over for a sleepover. It was late after dinner and I had already diapered her for bed. I noticed that the laughter coming from my daughter’s bedroom had quieted down, so I went to check on them. Slowly to the door I walked, cracking the door slightly before walking in.

Immediately after I stepped in, I knew something was the matter. The three of them were playing a board game and my daughter was rolling the dice before moving her game piece on the board. She was wearing her long night shirt. Her two friends were looking at me strangely.

That’s when it hit me. There was that obvious childish smell in the air, but my daughter was acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. My daughter seemed immersed in the game. I exchanged acknowledging glances with her friends, and then just asked them all if they were having fun as if nothing was the matter.

“Just playing board games mom!” my daughter exclaimed, her friends nodding. The girlish baby smell was so strong, I couldn’t believe my daughter hadn’t noticed yet. Her friends certainly noticed, but seemed to be attempting to ignore it to avoid embarrassing their best friend.

I raised my eyebrows at one of her friends, nodding in acknowledgement that we both knew what was going on. Thank god her friends were so caring and trusting, making every effort not to embarrass their friend.

“Sweetheart,” I asked. “Could I talk to you in the hallway about something for a second?”

It was rare for my daughter to have dirty diapers, but it did happen. I knew from experience that she was very sensitive about it, and so it was an issue I tried to be delicate with.

“Mom, can I just finish this game first?” she responded cluelessly.

Did she really not know?

“Sweetheart, it will just take a minute. Your friends will wait to finish the game until you get back, okay?”

Both her friends looked at her knowingly. Both of them knew the routine. Both of them knew that she was going to have her diapers changed. They both watched with curious fascination as their best friend got up, walking over to me and then following me out the door.

“What is it mom?”

I closed the door gently, turning to my daughter and whispering to her. “I just want to make sure everything is okay sweety. Something…smelled a little funny in there.”

Immediately my daughter began to blush, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“Shhh. Everything is okay sweetheart.” I said, lifting up her nightshirt and seeing the visibly bulging seat of her diaper. It was exactly as I thought.

My daughter began crying fully now, saying it was an accident.

“I know sweetheart. Mommy knows. Shhhh. Mommy loves you.”

I hugged her, rubbing her back. My shoulder wet with tears.

“Shhhh. Go to Mommy’s room sweetheart. Mommy will take care of everything.”

I walked her over to my room, before heading back into the hallway. I opened her bedroom door and could see her friends still sitting there around the board game. The unmistakeable smell of dirty diapers still hung in the air, and we could all hear my daughter’s sobbing from the other room.

They both looked up at me, both blushing slightly, embarrassed and feeling sorry for their friend.

“Can you please get her diapers and supplies out of her bottom drawer?”

The elder one nodded, going to the drawer and getting out a disposable diaper.

“The baby powder and wipes are on the right side,” I instructed.

She handed them to me and I told them that it might be a minute. I then left for my room to take care of my daughter.

During the change, my daughter cried loudly as always during poopy diaper changes. Big crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks. I tried, futilely, to calm her, constantly reassuring her that everything was okay and lying to her that her friends didn’t know.

“They just think we are having a chat sweetheart. Nothing to worry about.”

After I changed her into a clean dry diaper, I held her on my lap. I coddled her, attempting to quell the flow of tears. The room smelled faintly of dirty diapers, with a stronger overtone of baby powder. I ran my fingers through her hair.

Finally, after reassuring her enough that her tears started to slow, I explained again that she shouldn’t be embarrassed. I lied again, telling her that her friends had no idea that anything was the matter at all. Initially, she seemed not to believe this, but eventually she came around.

“There. There. Nothing to worry about sweety.”

Afterwards I came with her to her bedroom, sitting her on my lap with her friends around the board game. They both looked at her like so sympathetically, like they felt so bad for her. It was obvious they had both been listening to her sobbing through the wall.

“Sorry that took so long girls, just had to discuss something. It took a little longer than expected,” I said smiling to them. Both of them played along, forcefully acting as if nothing had happened.

We then started up the game again, my daughter still wiping the last tears out of her eyes. Both of her friends made an effort not to mention anything about the incident, only making an effort to be friendlier than usual. I stayed with her on my lap for about twenty minutes before I felt like she had calmed down and forgotten about the pooh-pooh diaper earlier.

Later that night after putting them to bed I checked back in on them. The three of them were sleeping soundly, my daughter in her bed and her friends in sleeping bags. It was hard not to think about how sweet they all looked, sleeping so quietly.

I tiptoed over to my daughter’s bed, lifting up the covers before sitting on the edge of the bed. I reached my hand down to check her diaper, careful not to wake her.

My fingertips touched delicately on the padding between her legs. She was very wet, the padding swollen. Feels like someone needs a change, I thought to myself before quietly going to get the changing supplies.

I was very careful not to wake my daughter during the change, having gained quite a skill for it over the years. As I was wiping her bottom, I heard a small noise. I looked over, seeing my daughter’s friend looking up at us intently from her sleeping bag. She blushed red as a tomato as she realized that I knew she was watching.

I smiled, surprised. She was so embarrassed, but I knew it was just girlish curiosity

“Don’t be ashamed for being curious sweety. It’s okay,” I said reassuringly before returning my attention to the task at hand.

Her friend pulled the sleeping bag up below her eyes and continued to watch fascinated.

After putting my daughter in a dry diaper and tucking her in again, I stopped by her friend and tucked her in as well. “Get some sleep,” I whispered to her smiling.

As I left, quietly closing the door, it was hard not to think about what good friends my daughter had. Even many years later, they still remain good friends. My daughter’s “issue” never seemed to get in the way of that. They loved her for who she was, and she loved them back.

Not long ago, at my daughter’s wedding, I thought back to that night. Looking at her taking photos with her two best friends, both bridesmaids. I smiled at all of them, thinking to myself. I wondered if she realized how much effort her two friends put in to make her feel comfortable that night. She probably never would.

*Hope you enjoyed my story. This is only the first draft. Please leave feedback.

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Re: Best Friends for Life

I love this story and im a (bw) myself.

Re: Best Friends for Life

The narration was excellent; sweet & caring, without seeming forced. Not much of a plot to speak of, but that wasn’t what this was trying to convey anyway, was it? Overall, I liked it very much; please do keep on.

Re: Best Friends for Life

Aww! that was adorable!, you really got a lot of emotion out of a really
short bare bones story, bravo!.
I would love it if these characters (or ideas of characters i guess) were
fleshed out into a full story, or even a series!.

Either way this made me smile, so a big thank you for sharing!. :slight_smile:

Re: Best Friends for Life

Very Nice!


Re: Best Friends for Life

Glad to hear that people enjoyed it. It wasn’t meant to be expanded into anything larger, though I may reuse the same characters in future stories. It was meant to be more of a glimpse of a memory.

Re: Best Friends for Life

I have say this was a really sweet story I enjoy it a lot :angel: