Hello, I’m new to this forum so I hope it’s okay to just go ahead and post a story. I previously hosted a number of my stories on a geocities website, which was deleted when the site closed, so I’ve been looking for a new place to share my stories. I’m drawn to this website because the majority of stories hosted seem well-written and well thought-out, and I like that being a forum it offers a place for users to comment on the stories and share their responses. I wrote most of my stories a few years ago when I was in my late teens, and then I took a long break from writing. I’m just starting to think of some new ideas for stories I could write, so any constructive criticism regarding how I could improve my style when I begin writing again would be greatly appreciated. But of course my main reason for posting is just to share my stories, so if you just read and enjoy (or not) that’s good too.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the story :slight_smile:


Ben reached for his phone, screwing up his eyes as it’s bright blue light first glared out at him. He waited for his eyes to adjust, and looked at the time. 4:46am. He had awoken even earlier than usual, his body tingling with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Today was the school’s annual sixth-form trip to London. And Laura Miller, the girl he’d had a crush on since year seven, was coming. He hadn’t wanted to go on the trip at first. Although there were eighty pupils in the sixth-form, the trip open to all, most of the teenagers dismissed the trip as boring. And Ben was no exception, a week being dragged around museums by his sadistic teachers didn’t sound like fun to him. Plus there was his problem to contend with, and he really didn’t want the hassle of dealing with it away from home.

However, Laura and her friends had all signed up for the trip, and when Laura herself asked Ben if he was going he had said yes without even thinking about it. Here was the hottest girl in the school, at least in his opinion, asking if he was going on the trip, did that mean she wanted him to? It was too good an opportunity for Ben to miss, and so he had persuaded his best friend, Mike, and a few other good friends, to accompany him. Even if it was boring at least they got to miss a week of school, and their head of year, Mr Allen had promised them they would have plenty of chances to go off on their own.

Ben got out of bed, and groggily stumbled to the bathroom. He stripped off his wet boxers, throwing them in the washing basket for his Mum to deal with, and stepped into the shower. He stood under the hot water for ten minutes, scrubbing himself clean with plenty of soap, before wrapping himself in a towel and making his way back to his bedroom.

Ben dressed in a clean T-shirt with the band name ‘MUSE’ emblazoned across the front, and a crumbled pair of baggy jeans he picked off the floor. Once he was dressed he knew he had better strip his bed of the wet sheets, he often forgot about them and wouldn’t remember until he got home from school, or even until he was ready to go to bed the next night, but he knew if he left them until he got back from London his room would really stink, and so he bundled up the wet sheets and duvet cover and took them to the kitchen, where he loaded up the washing machine and grabbed himself a piece of toast.

Back in his room Ben decided it would be a good time to start packing, he always left everything to the last minute, and so despite his Mum’s persistent nagging to get his bag ready he still hadn’t done so. He pulled a large rucksack out from his wardrobe, and set it down in the centre of his bedroom floor.

As he started his packing, first putting in the essentials – boxers, socks, his toothbrush and other things he knew he was prone to forgetting if he didn’t get them out of the way first Ben felt the nerves build up inside him. He still hadn’t packed the most important items, the ones he really couldn’t afford to spend this week without. He went back over to wardrobe, and took out a dark green package.

ABRI-FORM big white letters set against a purple stripe announced, Medium X-Plus. The package was unopened, and as Ben’s shaking fingers tore it open he had to try hard not to let the tears fall. Eighteen-year-old boys did not cry. Then again, eighteen-year-olds did not wet the bed either. And here he was, taking nappies to London with him because if he didn’t his friends would know, every morning, what a little kid he was. At least if he wore these the bed at the youth hostel would be kept dry.

Ben took out one of the nappies. It was thick, very thick, but his Mum had insisted on these ones. Ben’s Dad had left when he was just two-years-old, and it had just been Ben and his Mum since. He was lucky that she’d always been supportive of his bedwetting, and the frequent daytime accidents he’d had up until the age of eight, and the occasional ones he’d had since. Ben had always been able to talk openly with his Mum about the bedwetting, and when he’d told her about the trip to London it had been her who suggested he wore these adult nappies, or ‘briefs’ as she called them. She worked as a care nurse for the elderly and knew about adult nappies, she knew that if a night-time nappy wasn’t absorbent enough it would leak. And she knew that Abri-Form X-Plus were the most absorbent disposable nappy they could get. She had assured Ben that they would keep his bed dry, and that if he wore a baggy T-shirt and loose boxers over them then as long as he didn’t put the nappy on until just before he crawled into bed no-one would notice. Ben had been reluctant at first, he didn’t want to wear nappies like a baby, but he knew the alternative was to stay at home, and lose his chance with Laura, and so he’d agreed, and his Mum had ordered the nappies over the internet.

Ben was worried as he examined the nappy, it was thick, very thick. Would he really be able to hide it under boxers? The plastic crinkled as he fingered it, and Ben was worried everyone would hear it’s rustling. He was beginning to have second thoughts, but it was too late to pull out now. His Mum had already paid for him, and the deposit was non-refundable. On top of that it had been he who had persuaded his friends to go, he knew they wouldn’t be happy if he suddenly turned around and said he wasn’t going.

Ben took eight nappies out, one for each night, and then on second thoughts pulled out another four spares, leaving just two in the package. Sometimes, particularly if he’d been drinking alcohol, he would wake up in the middle of the night wet, change the bed, and then go back to sleep. When this happened he was almost always wet again the next morning. He thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of spare nappies, just in case. He stuffed all twelve at the bottom of his rucksack, they filled half of it, and he was glad his rucksack was so large, having been designed for campers. Then, with the nappies safely packed, Ben tried to shake them out of his mind so that he could get on with the rest of his packing.

When, at seven thirty, Ben boarded the coach he was already feeling sleepy. He hadn’t gone to bed until well after midnight the night before, and waking up before 5am was beginning to taking it’s toll. After the teachers did a quick headcount, and then another two just to be sure, the coach set off. Twenty-two adolescent males, nineteen gossiping females, and five unlucky teachers.

Ben had managed to grab a window seat, his friend Chloe sat next to him, whilst Mike and his girlfriend, Gabby sat opposite them. Several more of his friends were occupying the seats behind and in front of them, and for the first leg of the journey they all chattered excitedly about the week that lay ahead of them.

A little after nine they stopped at a Motorway service station for breakfast. Ben was starving, he hadn’t eaten since his slice of toast, and that was almost four hours ago. Ben ordered a traditional English fry-up, with sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, baked beans, fried bread and black pudding. Plus a large glass of orange juice, with free refills.

“Eugh,” Gabby wrinkled up her nose, “How can you eat that?”

“What?” Ben asked, stuffing sausage into his mouth, “I’m hungry.”

“How can you be hungry already?” Chloe asked, “Surely you only just had breakfast?”

Ben shook his head, “Nope, I forgot breakfast this morning.” He didn’t want to try and explain to them why he had been up so early. None of his friends new about his bedwetting. He’d had to tell Mike once, when they were both ten and on an overnight camping trip with the Scouts. The two teenagers could not be more different; Ben was small and quiet, he was clever and worked hard at school, and although he wasn’t unpopular he was too quiet to ever call popular. Mike was the complete opposite, he was a large boy, captain of the school rugby team. He was loud and popular, he was intelligent, but he spent more time clowning around in class than he did trying to learn. The two boys had been in the same class since they started school aged four, but had never really been friends. However, on the scout trip they had been put in the same tent. Ben had soaked his sleeping bag, and Mike had noticed his wet pyjamas in the morning. Ben had been sure Mike would tell everyone, but he’d never told a soul. After that they became firm friends, Ben looked up to Mike for being so accepting of his problem, and Mike, having been trusted with his friend’s biggest secret, felt protective over Ben like an older brother. But that night was eight years ago, Mike would have expected Ben to outgrow his problem many years ago now. Since that night, his first ever overnight trip away from home, Ben had not stayed away from home again, thus avoiding the need to disclose his secret. And now he had the nappies, tucked right down at the bottom of his bag, to make sure no-one had to find out on this trip.

When they returned to the coach Ben started to feel even more sleepy, his large breakfast had left him feeling full, and Ben was finding it hard to keep his eyes open as he tried to listen to Chloe’s chatter.

Ben woke up feeling disorientated, and it took him a few moments to realise he was on the coach, on his way to London. He shifted in his seat to get comfortable, and froze as the familiar cold and damp clamminess of his wet boxers sticking to his skin hit him. He had wet himself, here, on the coach, in front of everyone. What was he going to do? He looked down at his jeans, hoping the wet spot would be small. He was dismayed to see that it covered almost the entire front of his jeans, the top part of his legs wet also. And he could feel from the dampness of his underwear that there was a large wet spot beneath him. Why had he had to drink three glasses of the orange juice? Just because the refills were free, he should have known better.

Ben didn’t know what to do, there was nothing he could do here on the coach. He had a hoodie, but it was in the overhead compartment, if he stood up to get it the wet-patch would be obvious to everyone, including Laura. There was nothing he could do until the coach stopped at the next service station, and everyone else got off the coach. He didn’t know how long that would be, but he knew if he made it obvious he had woken up then Chloe, who thankfully was turned away from him so that she could talk to Mike and Gabby, would turn to face him, and see his jeans. All he could think to do was place his hands in his lap, to cover as much of the wetness as possible, and pretend to still be asleep.

As Ben sat with his head facing the window, and his eyes shut as if he were asleep he was unable to stop himself from crying. He felt so stupid, sitting here in his wet trousers, bawling his eyes out like a toddler. He tried to keep the noise of his crying down low, but every now and then he couldn’t help but let out a large sniff, sob or hiccup.

“Ben?” he heard Chloe whisper in his ear, placing her hand on his arm. Ben’s tears instantly stopped, and his body tensed up, afraid of what was coming next. He continued to pretend to be asleep, even though he knew it was futile, Chloe knew he was awake, he wouldn’t be crying if he were asleep. And if she was looking in his direction it would only be a matter of time before she found out the reason for herself.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Do you feel sick after all that br…” she trailed off, and Ben knew she had noticed his wet trousers. He let out a loud sob, unable to conceal it.

Chloe squeezed his arm, “Hey, don’t worry,” she said soothingly, “Don’t be upset, I don’t like to see you cry.”

Ben felt Chloe stand up beside him, and his face flushed red as his thoughts raced with images of her announcing his predicament to everyone on the coach, he imagined everyone staring at him, and then laughing, he imagined Laura nudging her friends, pointing and giggling. And what would his teachers say? He just hoped Chloe would be a good friend to him, he couldn’t imagine her telling everybody his secret. But then he didn’t suppose she would have been able to imagine him wetting his pants on the coach before now.

Ben waited to see if she was going to say anything, and was relieved when after a short while Chloe sat back down. He felt her place something in his lap, and glanced down to see it was his hoodie.

“Here,” she said quietly, “If you tie this round your waist when you get up no-one will notice.” She put her hand over his and stroked it gently with her thumb, “Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen now, 'kay?”

Ben wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at Chloe sheepishly, she smiled at him before taking her hand away from his, and turning back to Mike and Gabby.

About half-an-hour later the coach pulled into another motorway service station. It was 12 noon, and they were stopping for a quick lunch before they continued with the journey. Ben started to feel sick as he worried about his friends, or even worse, the rest of his peers, noticing his soaked jeans when he got up. He had hoped they might have dried out a bit, but when he lifted his hoodie up to look at his crotch the wet patch seemed as dark as when he’d first woken up to notice it.

He decided that maybe he would just pretend to be asleep and sit here, with his hoodie safely covering his lap. He wasn’t sure he could face Chloe now anyway, he had been staring out of the window since she’d handed him the hoodie, for although he was grateful for her discretion he was also very embarrassed, and he wasn’t sure he knew what to say to her. He shut his eyes and listened to his peers shuffle off the coach.

“Oi, wake up,” Chloe nudged Ben, “We’ve stopped for lunch. C’mon.”

Ben nervously turned to look at her, she stood up, grinning at him. “I might just stay on the bus,” Ben told her.

Chloe raised her eyebrows, before sitting back down, “Ben, I told you, tie your hoodie round your waist and no-one will notice. If you stay on the bus people will want to know why. And if it’s really necessary I’ll say I spilt coke over you or something, but quit worrying and come and get lunch.”

Ben raised his bottom from the seat, and tied his hoodie around his waist in an attempt to conceal the wet spot. The sleeves hung over the front, and actually he thought maybe it wouldn’t be too noticeable. The darkness around the top of his legs and his crotch could probably just be dismissed as shadow. When he looked down at his seat though the wet-patch he’d left was instantly obvious, and he knew Chloe had noticed it to. But she just shrugged and picked a magazine up from under her seat, threw it onto Ben’s, and then started to walk off of the coach. Ben quickly followed.

As Chloe had promised nobody noticed Ben’s wet jeans, and he felt much better for the rest of the journey, happily laughing and joking with his friends, and almost forgetting about his accident completely. Shortly after 2:30pm the coach arrived at the Youth Hostel, a large Victorian building set inside huge grounds. After standing in a large foyer for twenty minutes, whilst the teachers argued with a dumpy woman sat at a computer, the group were split up and sent to their different bedrooms.

Ben was glad to be sharing a room with Mike, along with another six other boys from his year. He’d hoped that they might have been able to share with Gabby and Chloe as well, but predictably the teachers had insisted on single-sex rooms.

Ben put his large rucksack down on a bed in the corner of the room, and Mike threw his own bags down on the bed next to Ben’s, loudly shouting out, “Shotgun this bed!”

Luke, a guy in Ben’s history class, sat down on his bed, and Ben noticed the familiar crackle of a waterproof sheet. Luke jumped up and stripped the covers back, “Hey look, they’ve put a plastic sheet on my bed! Do they think I’m gonna piss it or something?” he laughed, and Ben felt himself turn red all over. What if his Mum had phoned one of the teachers to tell them he wet the bed? What if the teacher had told the Youth Hostel, was that bed assigned to him? Was a teacher going to come in and announce that that was Ben’s bed, in front of everybody?

Luckily Paul, a boy Ben didn’t really know, but had seen in the common room enough to know he was popular with the girls, and a loudmouth among other boys, pulled back the covers on his bed, and announced that there was a plastic sheet on his as well. The youth hostel must have put them on every bed as a matter of course.

“Fuck, well I’m not sleeping with that thing on my bed,” Richard guffawed, and he pulled the mattress protector from his bed. Ben didn’t really like Richard, lower down the school he had been a bully, and although now he was in the sixth-form he wasn’t so obvious in his teasing he would still offer up snide comments when dealing with people, “Do they think we’re fucking babies or what?”

Once Richard had removed his sheet the other boys quickly followed suit, and Ben felt torn. He didn’t want to take it off, what if his nappy leaked? If he ruined the mattress, and the hostel had provided him with a cover to protect it, they might charge him. Or, worse, they might shame him in front of everyone. Chloe may have been sympathetic regarding his problem, but he knew not everybody would react in the same way. On the other hand, if he left it on he could just as easily be teased about that, and then he would feel forced to take it off anyway. He felt sick again, and was really beginning to wish he was back at home, it had been a stupid idea for him to come. He’d only just arrived and already his bedwetting was affecting his enjoyment.

Ben decided to ignore everyone else, in the hope that they would ignore him. If he pretended not to notice them taking the plastic sheets off of their beds, maybe they wouldn’t notice him leaving his on. And besides, Ben was still in wet jeans, and he needed to change them before they started to smell. The wet patch was fading as it had dried slightly on the bus, but they still felt damp and uncomfortable. He needed to have a shower.

When Ben returned to his room, freshly showered and dressed in a clean pair of trousers, only Mike was still in there.

“You alright Mate?” he asked.

“Yeah, fine, why?” Ben replied questioningly, did Mike know what had happened on the bus?

“You’ve just seemed a bit quiet, I wondered if anything was up?”

“No,” Ben shook his head, “I’m good, just a bit tired I guess. I didn’t sleep too well last night.”

“No?” Mike asked. It was a question, but Ben didn’t offer any more information than that.

“Shall we go and check this place out?” Ben changed the subject.

“Yeah, okay,” Mike agreed, “Here, I’ve got some weed with me. I’ll skin up, then we can find the girls and chill out for a while.”

By the time night arrived Ben had been able to forget all of his worries, the large group had gone out for dinner in a posh restaurant, or at least, it seemed posh to the teenagers, and the teachers had even allowed them to have a few drinks with their meal. And once they’d gotten back to the youth hostel several of the teens, Ben included, had snuck out for a relaxing joint before bed. Midnight was approaching by the time Ben got back to his bedroom.

Ben changed into a baggy T-shirt, and a pair of boxers two sizes two big for him. They would hardly stay up, but he hoped that with the nappy underneath them they would conceal it. His problem, of course, was how to put the nappy on without the boys he was sharing a room with noticing. He knew he couldn’t do it in the room, even with the lights off it would be noisy, the plastic rustling and alerting everyone to what he was doing. And besides, even if it was silent he was inexperienced at putting on nappies. Although admittedly he had been in nappies until later than most, still wearing Pampers to bed until he grew out of them aged seven, his mother had always put them on for him. He was doubting his abilities to put one on in the light, let alone in the dark under a duvet cover. He would have to put it on in the bathroom, but how was he supposed to get the nappy out of his bag, and into the bathroom, without anyone seeing?

He unzipped his rucksack, the nappies were stuffed right at the bottom, where nobody would see them. He was beginning to regret placing them there, it would be much harder for him to pull one out. He took his wash bag from the top of his bag, and realised if he could get the nappy inside it he could easily take it into the bathroom. Luckily none of the other boys were looking, and he was able to do so discreetly.

In the bathroom Ben locked the door, once he’d used the toilet he took the nappy out of his wash bag. He unfolded it, and pulled down his boxers. He lowered himself down to the floor, and slid the nappy underneath his bottom. He pulled the front between his legs, and realised he’d put the nappy on backwards, with the tapes at the front. He turned the nappy around, this time with the tapes at the back, and fastened the nappy into place. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty snug. Ben stood from the floor, pulling his boxers back up.

There was a floor-length mirror next to the sink, and when Ben went to look in it he felt panic start to rise inside him. His T-shirt would have had to be a dress in order to conceal the large bulge of his nappy. Anybody who saw him would know what he was wearing; the outline of his nappy was not at all hidden by the boxers, which were no longer very loose at all. How could his Mum do this to him? She’d said no one would notice, but his schoolmates would have had to be blind in order to miss this.

Ben lowered the seat of the toilet and sat on it, placing his head in his hands he just burst into tears. He hated himself, he really did. Why did he have to be like this? Why couldn’t he wake up dry like everybody else his age? He shouldn’t have to be wearing nappies on a school trip, a sixth-form trip at that. What was wrong with him?

“Oi, who’s in there? Hurry up.” A knocking on the door interrupted Ben’s sobbing, “There’s a queue out here, quit hogging the bathroom.”

Ben began to feel even more nervous. A queue? He was going to have to walk past people like this? His only alternative was to take the nappy off, but he knew that wasn’t really an option. If he slept without the nappy on he would soak the bed. It was that simple. He could count the number of dry nights he’d had on one hand, and he’d had a couple of beers with his dinner, there was no way he’d be dry after drinking.

“Sorry, I’m nearly done,” Ben shouted out, pulling his T-shirt down so it covered as much of his butt as possible. He would just have to hope no one looked at it, or heard it, the plastic noisy as he moved.

Luckily for Ben the queue only turned out to be two people, a girl called Marie and her friend Hannah. Neither paid much attention to him, both going into the bathroom together as soon as he vacated it.

Ben rushed back to his bedroom and quickly got into bed, relieved that nobody had noticed his padded posterior. Luke switched the light off, and Ben settled down to go to sleep. However, the light has only been off a few moments before Richard started complaining, “What’s that noise?”

Ben lay still, he always tossed and turned as he tried to get to sleep, and after eighteen years he was used to the noise the plastic sheet made beneath him, but of course the other boys in the room probably weren’t. And he was wearing the nappy as well, was he disturbing the others?

“Did one of you leave the baby sheet on your bed?” Nathan, one of Richard’s friends, sneered.

Ben didn’t say anything, he couldn’t believe this. It was just one thing after another. All he wanted was to relax, go to sleep, and get this week over with as quickly as possible.

“Who is it?” Richard asked, “Take it off.” No one replied, “I said, whose is it?”

“It’s mine,” Ben said quietly, “I’ll do it in the morning. I can’t be bothered now.”

“I’m not lying here listening to that all night,” Richard complained, “It’ll only take you two minutes to take off.”

“Yeah,” agreed Nathan, “Unless of course you need it, little baby going to wet his bed?”

The other boys in the room sniggered, “Bedwetting Ben!” one of them laughed.

“Shut-up!” Ben shouted, his voice cracking as he tried to stop himself from breaking down, “Of course I don’t need it. I just can’t be bothered to take it off right now, I just want to go to sleep.”

“Aww, bedwetting Ben wants to go to sleep…”

“For fucks sake guys, leave him alone,” Mike spoke up, “Shut up and go to sleep, all of you.”

“I can’t sleep with that noise all night.” Richard complained.

“What noise?” Mike asked, Ben was lying still, and so the noise had stopped, “It’s fine now, so can’t we all get some sleep?”

The next morning, for the first time ever, when Ben woke up early he wasn’t cold and damp. For a few short seconds he thought he’d actually remained dry all night, but then slowly he remembered where he was, and what he was wearing. And sure enough, when he reached down between his legs the nappy was warm and swollen, but at least his boxers, and the bed, were dry.

Ben reached for his phone, and was shocked to see the time was 7:28am, he never usually slept this late, he was usually awake by six o clock. He couldn’t lie in when he was lying in a wet bed. But now his bed was dry, if he wanted to he could even roll over and go back to sleep, a luxury he’d never had before. Usually on waking up he would immediately jump out of bed and into the shower, and unless it was still the middle night, as it would be on the odd nights he wet twice, that would be him up for the day.

Ben considered going back to sleep, but he thought being up this early would give him a good opportunity to get to the bathroom in his nappy without anyone noticing the bulge, which he expected would be even larger now the nappy was wet. He sat up in bed to make sure the other boys were still asleep, a couple of them were snoring, and they all seemed dead to the world.

Ben slid out of bed slowly, so as not to wake any of them, and grabbed a towel and some clothes from his rucksack. He tiptoed to the bathroom, where he peeled off his nappy. He realised he now had the dilemma of what to do with it. There was a small bin in the bathroom, one with a lid on it, and so Ben threw the nappy into it. No-one would be looking in the bins, and even if they did they wouldn’t know it was his.

At eight-thirty Mr Allen and Mrs Reed, a maths teacher, came around the six-formers bedrooms, announcing it was time for them to get up, “Come on, we’ve got a busy day ahead of us,” they both announced, “Breakfast is at nine.”

Ben, who had already been up for almost an hour, made his way downstairs to the large kitchen and dining area. He was glad to see a few of his friends down there already; he obviously wasn’t the only early riser. Ben helped himself to cereal, and joined them at the table.

Ben watched as Laura, and her friend Amanda, came into the room. Laura looked especially hot today, he thought, in a short denim skirt and lemon yellow tank top, which complimented her long blonde hair and dark brown eyes perfectly. She looked over at him, and smiled.

Once Laura and Amanda had chosen their breakfast, grapefruit for both of them, Ben was overjoyed when they came to sit with him. Maybe this trip wasn’t so bad after all, it had gotten off to a bad start, but as they said, things could only get better.

“Hey Ben, how you doing?” Laura asked, “Sleep well?”

“Y-yeah, great thanks. How about you?” Ben stuttered nervously. He couldn’t believe she was talking to her. He really hoped he didn’t make a tit out of himself now, dribble milk down his chin or anything.

“Yeah, good. Not really looking forward to today though, the national history museum! Sounds like it’s gonna be dead boring.”

“Heh, yeah,” Ben agreed, not wanting to admit that he actually quite enjoyed history, “But at least we’ll get to go shopping afterwards.” Ben had no interest in shopping, but he guessed that Laura did.

“Yeah! At least that’s one good thing,” Laura agreed, before turning to Amanda and telling her about the shops they absolutely had to check out.

Ben allowed his mind to wander as he slowly ate his cornflakes, before Amanda and Laura’s conversation brought his mind back down to earth.

“Oh my god, well you don’t want to know what I saw in the bin this morning!” Amanda exclaimed, “I’ve got my period, and well, I was using the bin, and there was actually a nappy in it!”

Laura looked confused, “So? There’s probably a baby staying here or something.”

Amanda shook her head, “No, not a baby’s nappy. An adult one!”

Laura wrinkled her nose, “Eugh, that’s gross. This is supposed to be a youth hostel, and they’ve probably got incontinent old men staying here.”

Amanda giggled, “Yeah, but think about it. The bathrooms on our floor, they’re only for people on our floor. And we’ve got all the bedrooms on our floor! The boys have three rooms, the girls have three, and the teachers have two, right?”

“Is there anyone sharing with the teachers?” Laura asked.

“Nope! Didn’t you hear, that’s what they were arguing about with the lady when we got here. They think they’re too good to share with strangers or something. It’s basically just our school staying on our floor.”

“And only our school using the bathrooms on it, eewww!” Laura squealed, “You mean someone’s still in nappies, that’s disgusting.”

Ben looked down at his cereal, his face was the colour of beetroot, he couldn’t look at the girls or he was sure his face would give away his secret, that the nappy was his. He felt so stupid for just putting it in the bin, he should have tried to hide it under some other rubbish, or even better he should have gone to a bathroom on another floor to take it off, one none of his classmates were going to use.

“I bet it’s Mrs Holden’s,” Laura giggled, “She’s ancient.”

“Heheh, or Mr Allen’s, can you imagine! They’ll be down in a minute, we can see who has the biggest ass.” Amanda grinned.

“What do you think Ben?” Laura asked.

“What?” Ben asked, acting oblivious.

“Whose do you think the nappy was?”

“Oh, erm, I don’t know, I guess it could, I mean maybe it,” he stumbled over his words, “It could have been left by the people here before us.”

“I don’t think so,” Amanda said, “It wasn’t there last night. Someone’s got a secret.” She said in a sing song face, making Laura giggle, “It’s almost certainly Mrs Holden though, that’s why she made all that fuss about not sharing with anyone.”

“No wonder she stinks,” Laura joked, “I’m glad I don’t have to be in her room anyway.”

Ben had finished his breakfast, and half of him wanted to get up and flee, he felt so ashamed as he sat listening to the girl he’d liked for over five years laugh and joke about his problem. Of course she didn’t know the nappy was his, and he was sure if she did she’d be nothing but understanding. A small part of him was even tempted to tell her as he imagined the kind words she might say to him, but then the rest of him, the sensible part of him, knew that she was just as likely to turn around and laugh at him if he told her the truth.

And as embarrassing as it was to sit and listen to her laughing at adults who needed to wear nappies, half of him wanted to stay and listen, to stay and make sure that they didn’t suggest it was his, and that if they did he was there to stick up for himself. Not that he thought they’d have any reason to think it was his, but he was paranoid about these things.

When Ben went back to his bedroom it was empty, he went over to his bed and sat down, his mind racing. He was really beginning to get nervous about hiding his bedwetting, there were still seven whole nights left to go.

Ben heard the door go, he looked up to see Mike walk in.

“Hey Ben,” Mike smiled, “You were up early today, you okay?”

“Yeah, fine,” Ben said, “You?”

“Yeah,” Mike nodded “Hey, don’t let what those guys said last night get to you, they were only joking around.”

Ben tried to hide his embarrassment from his best friend, “Yeah, I know they were. Why would it bother me?”

“Well, y’know, I just thought…” Mike trailed off.

“Thought what?” Ben asked, raising his voice. The last twenty-four hours had left him feeling defeated, and he was taking his anger out on Mike.

“Nothing man,” Mike said, raising his hands, “Forget I said anything.”

“I know what you’re thinking, and you can stop it right now because that was eight years ago! I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t, I don’t still…” Ben couldn’t say it, and he could feel that he was getting close to tears now. He fled out of the bedroom, leaving Mike sitting there on his own.

Ben sat on a picnic bench a good distance away from the youth hostel, he had finally managed to stop himself from crying, but he couldn’t go back inside, he couldn’t face Mike yet. He wondered what the time was, Mr Allen had said he wanted them to leave the hostel at nine-thirty prompt. He imagined them all waiting for him, and knew he should really go back, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t far from the youth hostel, he was amongst some trees, but he could still see it through them.

Ben sat alone with his thoughts, concentrating on the wood grain of the picnic bench. When he looked up he could see through the trees someone walking in his direction, as the person moved closer he could see it was Mike. Ben got up, ready to leave, he didn’t want to talk to Mike, but Mike called out to him, “Ben!” and so he knew he couldn’t really leave now.

Mike broke into a jog, sliding onto the bench so that he sat opposite Ben. He didn’t say anything at first, instead he took a joint from behind his ear, lit it and passed it straight to Ben.

“Thanks,” Ben muttered, avoiding Mike’s gaze.

“They’re waiting for you back there,” Mike said, “I told them you felt sick and went out here for some fresh air, a couple of people said they saw you coming outside and that you looked upset and like you might be ill, so I said I’d come and find you, Mr Allen said he’d give us an extra half an hour before we have to go. I think everyone’s pretty pleased with you, half an hour less at a boring museum.”

Ben smiled weakly, and took another long drag of the joint.

“Look, Ben, I know this isn’t easy for you, but…” Mike trailed off, taking the joint from Ben and inhaling deeply before he continued, “You don’t have to hide this from me. If you’re going to try and hide it from everyone else here at least have one person on your side.”

“I’m not hiding anything,” Ben defended himself, “I told you, I grew out of that years ago.”

“Chloe told me what happened on the bus.”

Ben turned beet red, and he found himself beginning to feel angry again. Why had Chloe told Mike? Had she told everyone? Were they all playing one big, horrible joke on him?

Mike could see from Ben’s face that he wasn’t happy, “She only mentioned it so that if I noticed I wouldn’t say anything, she didn’t want us to embarrass you. But anyway, you don’t have to tell me anything, but just know I’m here, and if your bedwetting never bothered me before I don’t know why you think it will now.”

“I’m not ten anymore.” Ben said quietly.

“So?” Mike asked, “I told you, it’s not a big deal, but if you keep worrying about it you’ll make it a big deal. You came here cos you wanted to have a good time, not because you wanted to spend a week on your own trying to keep secrets from people. I’m not saying announce it to everyone, but if your friends are here and they offer you their support don’t throw it back in their faces.”


“Don’t be sorry,” Mike shrugged, “I know you’ve had a shitty time so far, but finish this for me, and we’ll go back and have a great time from now on, okay?”

Ben took the joint and nodded, “Yeah, okay. Thanks Mike.”

Ben sat on his bed, taking a nappy from his rucksack and trying to discreetly transfer it into his wash bag so that he could put it on. He’d had a good day, the National History Museum had been interesting, and Ben had been able to forget all about the earlier events of the trip. And, as it was a Saturday night the teachers had taken the group to a pub not far from the youth hostel, where they had stayed until almost two o clock, when they had all drunkenly walked back to the hostel.

And so Ben had the difficult task of first putting his nappy into his wash bag without anyone noticing, not an easy task when you’re drunk, and then he had to try and put it on properly. Which, as he found once locked in the bathroom, was not an easy task. His fingers fumbled over the tapes, sticking to them and then not fastening them tight enough. But after a few minutes of wrestling with the nappy he managed to get it fitting comfortably.

He pulled on his boxers and T-shirt, and, too drunk to worry about the obvious bulge, meandered back to his room. None of his roommates were asleep, instead they were all gathered at the window talking excitedly about something?

“What is it?” Ben asked, going up to the window and craning his neck to try and see what was happening.

“Richard reckons he saw a couple fucking in the hedge!” Nathan exclaimed, laughing loudly.

Ben wouldn’t normally have been interested in seeing this, but he was drunk, and more importantly he knew this sort of male bonding was important, so he laughed and made a big deal out of trying to get a closer look.

“Ben,” Mike whispered from behind him, “Your T-shirts tucked into your boxers at the back, and I can see your,” he stopped, not wanting to embarrass Ben by using the word nappy, “I don’t think anyone else saw.”

Ben quickly untucked his T-shirt, praying no-one else had seen his nappy, and feeling deeply ashamed that Mike had. And, deciding he didn’t want to risk exposing his nappy to the rest of his roommates Ben quickly got into bed. The plastic sheet crackled noisily beneath him, and he hoped the other boys wouldn’t make a big deal about it tonight.

A while later and Ben was lying in bed, the rest of his roommates asleep and snoring loudly. He needed to pee, badly, and he couldn’t fall asleep with such a full bladder. He knew he ought to get up and use the toilet, but the thought of contending with his nappy again was too much. His alternative, of course, was to just let go in his nappy. But wearing it at night because he needed to was one thing, using it because he didn’t want to get up was quite another. He rolled over, and shut his eyes, trying to fall asleep, but his bladder felt as if it was about to burst.

Ben knew if he did fall asleep it would only empty of it’s own accord anyway, and so he decided just to go now. He tried to start peeing, but even though he was desperate he didn’t seem able to get the flow going. He lifted up his knees, and tried again. This time he started peeing immediately, relief coming over his body. Ben felt the warm liquid run over his balls and penis before being absorbed by the nappy, and he was surprised by how good it felt. He had drunk a lot of alcohol, and he lay peeing for a long time before he was done. Ben was worried the nappy might have leaked, but when he felt around his crotch his boxers and sheets were completely dry, the thirsty Abri-Form had soaked all of it up.

Once his body was relieved of its need to pee it wasn’t long before Ben fell asleep, this time with a smile on his face.

The room was still engulfed in darkness when Ben woke up. He rolled over, and felt the familiar dampness around his legs. He sat up in bed, and it wasn’t until he stood up and felt the sodden nappy sag between his legs that he remembered he wasn’t at home, he was at a youth hostel, in a room with seven other boys from his school. And he’d wet the bed, so much so his nappy had leaked.

Ben felt so scared he was shaking as he felt the sheets with his hands to assess the damage, they weren’t completely soaked, but there was a large damp patch. Ben picked up his phone to look at the time, 4:27am. He couldn’t have been asleep more than two hours, but of course he had drunk a lot of beer at the pub, and he always wet a lot when he’d been drinking.

Ben used the light of his phone as a torch so that he could find his rucksack, he took out a clean nappy and, still slightly drunk, made his way out of the room to the bathroom.

Ben remembered Laura and Amanda’s conversation at the breakfast table, and decided he couldn’t risk putting his nappy in a bathroom on their floor again. He would use one on the next floor up, the stairs were just at the end of the corridor.

Ben stepped onto the first step, and froze as it loudly creaked beneath him. He held his breath as he slowly lifted his other foot, the old stairs groaning beneath him again. Ben continued to climb the stairs slowly, and he had only gotten to the fourth step when a door at the end of the corridor opened.

“Ben Hughes, what are you doing at this time in the morning?”

Ben spun around to face Mr Allen, looking tired and dishevelled in a pair of flannel pyjamas. He quickly hid the hand with the nappy in it behind his back.

“Well?” Mr Allen asked, “Is there a reason you’re creeping around trying to get upstairs, when you know perfectly well that you’re not allowed up there. And what are you hiding behind your back? Come here”

“N-nothing.” Ben stammered, making his way down the stairs to Mr Allen.

“Pass it here this instance,” Mr Allen demanded, “I would have expected better from you.”

Ben’s bottom lip started to quiver, and he bit down on it hard to stop himself from bursting into tears. “It’s nothing.”

“Well then you won’t mind if I take it from you.” Mr Allen said, “I have no time for your silly little games. It’s the middle of the night, there is no reason for you not to be in bed. Hand it over, now.”

Ben was trembling all over, as he slowly put the nappy in Mr Allen’s out-stretched hand.

“And what is th-” Mr Allen stopped mid-sentence as his eyes fixed on Ben’s crotch. The bulge from his nappy was very obvious, and, even worse, the pale blue boxers had large, dark wet spots from where his nappy had leaked. Mr Allen didn’t know what to say as Ben’s tears overflowed and he started to sob.

Mr Allen handed the nappy back to Ben, “Here, go and sort yourself out.” He said, “But stay on this floor, please. I’ll talk to you again in the morning, come and see me before breakfast.”

Ben nodded, feeling thoroughly embarrassed that his teacher had seen him like this. What would he do? What if he made Ben come and sleep in his room? How would Ben explain that to his peers?

“Right, stop crying then. No need to get upset, go and clean yourself up. Goodnight.”

Ben nodded, and made his way to the bathroom to get into a clean nappy.

When Ben was awoken by the other boys in his room the next morning he felt sick with nerves; he felt worse than he did on the mornings of exams. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to avoid talking to Mr Allen today, and the thought filled him with dread. He didn’t think he had ever felt more humiliated in his life than he had when Mr Allen had caught him in that leaking nappy, and now he was supposed to go and discuss it with him.

The bulk of his wet nappy was thick between Ben’s legs, he wasn’t wearing boxers, having taken his damp pair off the night before, and he knew he couldn’t get out of bed in front of his roommates with an exposed nappy. He reached for his rucksack, pulling out a clean pair of boxers. He pulled them over his nappy, and knew at once that if he got out of bed with the swollen nappy on it would be obvious to everyone he passed. He would have to take his nappy off under the covers, and just hope no-one wondered what he was doing, or worse, heard the tapes ripping.

Ben was lucky, and nobody noticed, meaning he was able to leave the wet nappy balled up under the covers at the end of his bed and go for a shower before breakfast.

As Ben spooned cereal into his mouth he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around to face Mr Allen, “Ben, can I see you in my room when you’re finished here? Just for a quick chat?”

“Yes sir,” Ben mumbled, turning red.

“Ooh, what was that about?” Mike laughed when the teacher had left, “Someone got a soft spot for you?”

“Shut up,” Ben said, “Probably just wants to make sure I feel okay after I was ‘ill’ yesterday.”

“Maybe he thinks you’re homesick or something.” Mike suggested.

“Yeah, maybe.” Ben agreed, chewing his cereal slowly. He was going to have to try and drag out his breakfast for as long as possible if he wanted to avoid talking to Mr Allen. Although it was Sunday, and the teachers had agreed the students could have a day to themselves. Which meant that the teachers had a day to themselves too, and so Mr Allen had all day to wait for Ben.

Ben knocked on Mr Allen’s door, “Come in!” Mr Allen shouted.

Ben pushed the door open, and his face dropped when as well as Mr Allen he saw Mrs Reed, Mrs Holden and Mr Lea sitting in the room as well. No way was he talking to Mr Allen with an audience.

“Oh, err, I’ll come back later.” He said, stepping back out of the room, “Sorry.”

“No no, it’s okay Ben.” Mr Allen said, “We’re just waiting for Mrs Clarke. Come in and sit down.”

Ben looked around the room until his eyes rested on an empty chair. He sat down in it, and although he wasn’t looking forward to his conversation with Mr Allen, he was looking forward to sitting in on whatever it was the teachers were about to discuss. Maybe he could even have some say in what they did in London over the week.

“Right Ben,” Mr Allen said when Mrs Clarke had arrived, “You know why you’re in here, and I just want you to know you’ve got no need to feel embarrassed, lots of teenagers wet the bed.”

No need to feel embarrassed? Ben was glowing with embarrassment. This felt like a bad dream, sitting here while five of his teachers discussed his bedwetting.

“Do you wet the bed every night?” Mr Allen asked. When Ben didn’t reply he continued, “We’re just wondering why you didn’t let us know before we came. Presumably this isn’t a new problem? You had the nappy, so it wasn’t a one off?”

Ben, staring in the floor, feeling a mixture of shame and shock, shook his head, no.

Mrs Clarke, Ben’s English teacher, spoke, “If we’d known Ben we could have made special arrangements. Has anyone else found out? They haven’t been teasing you have they, because if they have we can put a stop to it right now.”

“N-no, it’s fine.”

“You don’t have to put up with it, Ben.” Mrs Clarke said.

“No-one’s said anything. It’s fine. It’s not a problem.”

“Have you been to the doctor about this?” Mrs Holden piped up, “You know there are plenty of treatments available. If we spoke with your parents I’m sure we could arrange a doctors appointment for you.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” Ben said between gritted teeth, he felt like punching Mr Allen. How dare he tell all of them about this? So that they could all sit around and discuss him at great length, probably bursting into laughter when he left. He bet they liked watching him squirm with embarrassment, they didn’t want to help him at all.

“But you know with the help of the doctor you could combat your bedwetting,” Mr Allen said, “Don’t you want to give it a try?”

“I’ve been to doctors, nothing worked.” Ben said. When none of his teachers said anything he continued, “Can I go now?”

Mr Allen nodded, “Okay, but if you have any more problems about this, or anything else, my door is always open. You can speak to any one of us in confidence, okay Ben?”

Ben nodded, inwardly laughing. Confidence? Was this his idea of confidence? Discussing his problem with four others, and then cornering him in a room for the most embarrassing conversation of his life? Still, he supposed it could have been worse. They could have offered to help him change his nappy or something.

“What was that about?” Mike asked, he was waiting outside the door for Ben.

“Oh, nothing. Just wanted to make sure I was okay, like you said.” Ben lied.

“Oh right. Well me and Gabs are going to go for a bit of a walk around, do you fancy coming?”

“Yeah, sure” Ben agreed, “Just let me grab a jacket.”

“I don’t know what the point of coming all the way to London only to see a play in Stratford is,” Mike complained, “I mean we could have our pick of shows to see in London, but we have to go two-and-a-half hours away just so that we can see a stupid play in Shakespeare land. Who even liked Shakespeare anyway? I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying.”

Ben nodded, but he wasn’t really concentrating on what Mike was saying. Ben was more interested in finding a seat on the train, and then finding the toilet. It was Monday night, and they’d just been to see a production of Twelfth Night by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It had taken the group two-and-a-half hours to get there by train that morning, and then they’d had the joy of traipsing around Stratford in the pouring rain, their teachers getting excited over Shakespeare’s house whilst the students stood around feeling bored. Then there had been the play, which although Ben didn’t usually like Shakespeare, he had to admit he enjoyed. And afterwards they had been allowed to have a few drinks in the posh bar before making their way back to the train station.

Ben had drunk a few beers, and they had quickly found their way to his bladder. He hadn’t been able to use the toilet when they arrived at the station as the train was already stopped there, and the teachers had rushed them on. So Ben was keen to use the toilet on the train now they were on it.

There was only one carriage on the train, and with a group of 41, plus 5 teachers, the sixth-formers took up most of it. Luckily there were only two other passengers on the train.

Ben sat down next to Mike, with Gabby and Chloe sitting facing them.

“I’m just going to go to the toilet quickly,” Ben said when the train started moving. He walked to one end of the carriage, and realised the toilet was at the other end of the train. He walked back past his friends to the other end, he found the toilet, but a large handwritten sign stuck onto it announced ‘Out Of Order.’ Ben tried the door nervously, and to his dismay it was locked. This train journey was going to be two-and-a-half hours long, he wasn’t sure he could wait that long, and he wished he’d gone to the toilet before they left the theatre. Instead, when Mr Allen had announced that they were leaving in 5 minutes he’d bought another beer and quickly gulped it down.

Ben went back to his seat, and tried to concentrate on the conversation his friends were having. But all he could concentrate on was the growing pressure on his bladder. Ben checked his watch, and a few minutes later checked it again. Time seemed to have slowed down deliberately, and he knew at this rate he was not going to make it off the train in dry trousers.

“You okay man?” Mike asked as Ben started to squirm in his seat, uncrossing and crossing his legs.

“Yeah, fine, I just can’t get comfortable in these seats.” Ben told his friend.

A few minutes later and Ben’s situation had become even more desperate. “Just going to the toilet again.” Ben said, getting up out of his seat.

“It’s out of order,” the girl in the seats opposite told him, but Ben pretended not to hear. There weren’t any seats by the toilet, and he knew it was a disgusting, antisocial thing to do, and that he’d be a deadman if one of his teachers saw him, but maybe he could just pee in a quiet corner of the train. No-one would have to know, and okay, it wouldn’t be a nice job for the cleaners, but the train should have thought about that when their toilet went out of order.

However, Ben’s plan was crushed as soon as he reached the end of the carriage, as it had passed through stations the train had started to get busy, and there were people standing where he’d planned to pee. There was no way he could empty his bladder discreetly here, someone was sure to notice.

Ben glumly went back to his seat, he would just have to try and hold on for another two hours. Two hours isn’t that long really, he thought, he’d sat through the first half of the play without using the toilet, and that must have been two hours long. Of course he could wait until he got off the train.

But as much as Ben wanted to believe himself another desperate twinge from his bladder told him otherwise. He crossed and uncrossed his legs some more, trying to find a position which might take some of the pressure off of his bladder.

“Was it out of order?” Mike whispered to Ben.

“Yeah,” Ben replied.

“You gonna be able to hold it?” Mike asked.

Ben looked at Mike angrily, “Of course I am.” he hissed.

Mike didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to embarrass Ben, but he felt concerned for his friend. Ben tried to hide it, but he’d had daytime wetting accidents before. The teachers in Ben’s school were ruthless. You had to go to the toilet in your breaks, and not in between lessons or during class. This meant that there were two two-hour long periods of every day in which they couldn’t use the toilet. Mike knew the tell-tale signs that Ben was finding it hard to hold-on; the squirming in his seat, crossing and uncrossing his legs, the way he would try to discreetly squeeze on the end of his penis to help relieve the pressure. When he was close to wetting Mike knew Ben would stop being able to concentrate on anything, before he’d give in and just let go. Part of their school uniform were black trousers, and there was never a wet patch visible on Ben’s clothes, but Ben would often leave a damp patch, or even a small puddle, on the chair, which Mike would sometimes catch a glimpse of before Ben quickly pushed the chair under the desk. Of course Mike had never mentioned it, and as far as he knew no-one else had ever noticed, but now they were on a train Mike was worried for Ben. Ben was wearing khaki coloured trousers, and Mike could tell that if they got wet the wet patch would be considerably darker than the rest of his trousers.

Ben felt close to tears, he was about to wet his pants any minute, he was sure of it. He gasped as he felt his penis let out a small spurt of urine into his boxers, his hand flying to his penis as he leant forward in an attempt to stop the flow. Mike, who until now had been trying to ignore Ben’s obviously increasing desperation, turned towards him.

“It’s okay,” Mike whispered, wondering what he could say to reassure Ben.

Ben turned to look at Mike, and Mike was shocked at how pale he looked, he looked like he was about to throw up, and Mike could see how scared this was making him. No-one wanted to wet themselves in front of their classmates. “I-I think I’m going to wet myself.” Ben sobbed.

Mike glanced at Chloe and Gabby to see if they’d noticed, and he could tell they were both trying hard not to look in Ben’s direction, which of course meant they’d noticed and were trying to pretend they hadn’t.

“You won’t, just try and hold it.” As soon as he said it Mike began to worry that he’d said the wrong thing, he was trying to be reassuring, but what if he just made Ben feel even worse about being unable to wait until they got off the train?

“I can’t,” Ben said, and he gasped as another gush of hot pee spurted out. He looked down at his crotch, and began to sob when he saw a damp-spot the size of a fifty-pence piece on his crotch. He knew that within a couple of minutes he would be soaked.

“Hey, is Ben crying?” Danielle, who was seated opposite Gabby and Chloe, so that she was facing Ben and Mike, asked. “What’s wrong Ben?”

“Nothing, he’s fine.” Mike said, “He just doesn’t feel too well.”

“Are you okay Ben?” It was Martha, a girl who liked to play mother to everyone. If someone was crying you could be sure to find Martha fussing over them trying to make things better. She came over to where Ben was sitting, followed by a troop of girls whose nosiness compelled them to crowd around anybody who showed the slightest sign of being upset, always hoping they might be able to gain some gossip. Ben was horrified to see that one of these girls was Laura. She couldn’t see him crying, especially not now, not for this, not when he was going to wet his pants at any second.

“Stop crowding around him.” Mike said, “He’s fine.”

But just as Mike said that Ben let out a loud cry as he was unable to hold back the flood of urine any longer, and he sat frozen in horror as the group of wide-eyes girls watched him soak his trousers. He tried to stop the pee, but he couldn’t, it just kept coming, the material of his trousers turning a darker and darker brown, the wet spot growing larger and larger until it covered his entire crotch and had spread right down his legs, almost to his knees.

“Oh my God,” the girls started to titter and giggle, “Ben just wet his pants.”

The boys immediately joined the crowd of girls, someone crying wasn’t interesting to them, but somebody wetting themselves definitely was. One of them started to laugh loudly, and before long everyone was whispering among themselves and laughing at Ben.

“Awww, did Baby Ben wet his pants?” It was Richard, he pushed his way to the front of the crowd to get a good look at Ben’s wet trouser, “Iccle Ben forgot to put his nappy on this morning?”

“Fuck off Richard,” Ben, who had been sitting in silence, tears rolling down his cheeks, shouted, suddenly jumping up and lunging towards Richard. Mike grabbed him before he made contact with Richard, and tried to pull him away. Ben, his anger giving him strength, swung round at Mike, “You fuck off as well. All of you, just fuck off and leave me the fuck alone.”

Ben ran to the end of the carriage, and realised he had nowhere to go, there was nowhere for him to get away from his classmates. But at least they were all at the other end of the train. He looked down at his trousers, they were absolutely soaked, and he felt embarrassed as he felt the eyes of the other passengers on him. Ben slumped down on the floor, leaning against the wall of the train.

“Ben, calm down mate.” It was Mike, “Don’t let them wind you up, and don’t let this get to you.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Ben said, “They’re not all laughing at you.”

“I know, and I’m not saying it’s not embarrassing, but you’re letting it wind you up, and you’re making yourself look worse. Do you remember when Simon wet himself at Mark’s party last year? Oh, of course you don’t, you weren’t there, but anyway, he did. He was drunk and he passed out on the floor and wet himself, and sure, in the morning he was embarrassed, but then he just laughed it off as something that happens when you’re drunk. If you laugh with people they can’t laugh at you, if you act like you don’t care people won’t care either. If, however, you act ashamed then people will pick up on that, they’ll realise it’s a weak spot, and take advantage of that. And I know it’s harder for you to laugh this off than it would be me or someone else, because I know it’s not the first time, and I know you’ve been trying to keep it a secret for years, and so of course when people find out it’s going to be especially hard, but no-one else knows it’s happened before. No-one knows about the bedwetting. As far as everyone else on this trip is concerned you’ve had too much to drink, you’ve been stuck on a train with no toilet, and you wet yourself just now for the first time in ten years. Why would anyone else believe any different?”

Re: Ben

Well, glad to see you have returned to writing. I really would have liked to see you finish the stories on your Geocities page, but maybe you will return to writing about bedwetting young ladies here. I did think of you when I heard Geocities was closing. It was the only Geocities site I remember that wasn’t designed in the 1990’s.

Re: Ben

Thank you WriteandLeft - I myself also hope to finish all of the stories I started on my Geocities site, I did actually go back to a couple of them a few months ago and I know where the characters are going. I plan to add them in their uncompleted form to the other story forum, hopefully any fresh interest (or indeed old interest rekindled) will motivate me to finish my stories for the reader.

Re: Ben

Sorry guys, I hadn’t realised that the story had been cut off half-way through - here’s the rest:

“Mike, back to your seat, now.” Mike and Ben looked up to see Mrs Clarke standing above them.

“Yes miss,” Mike said, obediently going back to his seat.

Mrs Clarke sighed, “Ben, I thought we made it clear yesterday morning that if you’ve got a problem you can come and talk to us. Did you find yourself with a problem on the train today?”

Ben nodded.

“And did you come and speak to me, or another member of staff?”

Ben shook his head.

“And see where that got you? If you’d spoken to us we could have found a solution to your problem, a better solution than wet pants and trousers. If this is a frequent problem, Ben, then you really should have let us know before you came on this trip. We could have made allowances and arrangements. Instead you try and handle things on your own, and you embarrass yourself. And whilst I don’t like to see that happen, I can’t help but think it’s your own fault. If you’d only said you needed the toilet we could have asked the conductor if he could wait an extra 5 minutes at a station with one, if it had come to it we could even have found you a bottle or something to relieve yourself in.”

Ben nodded, and wished he had known that earlier. Having to pee in a bottle would have been embarrassing, but he could have seen the funny side to it as well, he couldn’t imagine himself ever being able to laugh at this.

“Right, well I don’t want to lecture you. Go and sit back down, and we’ll have another chat when we get back to the youth hostel, okay?”

“Yes miss,” Ben nodded, and made his way back to his seat, his face burning as he felt everyone’s eyes on him, giggling as he passed them in his wet trousers.

When the group arrived back at the Youth Hostel all Ben wanted was to go straight to sleep, and never wake up. Although Mike said Mr Allen had told the group to leave Ben alone, because it could just as easily have been one of them in his situation, he had been continuously teased throughout the remaining hour-and-a-half of the train journey. However, Ben was told to go straight for a shower before reporting to Mr Allen’s room.

“Come in,” Mr Allen called when Ben knocked on the door. Ben went in, and was pleased to see that Mr Allen was joined only by Mrs Clarke this time.

“Right Ben,” Mr Allen said, " I think we need to have a proper chat, and you need to be honest with us. If you have a medical problem then we need to know about it."

“I don’t have a medical problem.” Ben said adamantly.

“Okay, we’re not here to accuse you Ben. But we’re responsible for you whilst you’re on this trip, and so it’s important you keep us well informed. If we have an idea regarding the sorts of problems we might face then we can hopefully deal with them before they actually become problems.” Said Mr Allen.

“I don’t have a problem.”

“That’s not what Mr Allen said, Ben. We don’t want to embarrass you now, but equally we don’t want you to be embarrassed later either. And what happened earlier can’t have been nice for you? So we need to try and avoid it happening again.”

“It won’t happen again, it’s never happened before. It was just a one off.” Ben, who was having to try hard to keep back the tears, knew he wasn’t putting across a very good argument.

“Okay, but what about last night?” Mr Allen asked, “Do you wet the bed every night?”

Ben looked from Mr Allen to Mrs Clarke, and nodded, wiping a single tear from his eyes.

“But you have nappies to protect the bed here?”

Ben flushed bright red, he hated that word, nappies. It made him sound like a baby, being an eighteen-year-old who wore nappies was, in Ben’s opinion, even worse than being an eighteen-year-old who wet the bed.

“Our problem, Ben, is that if the other students find out about this then we can’t promise there won’t be some unkind comments. Of course we know that bedwetting is common, even amongst teenagers, and nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s perfectly normal. But some may not see it like that, which is just because they’re uninformed. And obviously today had been hard for you. And so if you want to go home now then we could always give your parents a call, and see if they could collect you tomorrow morning, or arrange for you to get a train home.”

There was nothing Ben wanted to do more than go home, but he knew he couldn’t. The trip hadn’t been cheap, and his Mum had had to work overtime in able to pay for him to go, it wouldn’t be fair for him to go home halfway through. And of course he would have to explain the whole situation to his Mum, and he knew it would hurt her more than it was hurting him to hear about the awful time her son was having. No, Ben couldn’t go home.

“I don’t want to go home.” Ben said.

“Would you like to change rooms? Mr Lea and I have two spare beds in our room, it might make things easier for you?” Mr Allen offered.

Ben shook his head, no way was he going to share a room with his teachers. That would just make things look even worse. It would only draw attention to him. If he just faced the guys in his room, and put up with their teasing, and maybe even tried to laugh it off like Mike had suggested, then hopefully by tomorrow they’d be bored of teasing him. “It’s okay, I don’t think they’ll notice.”

“Well okay Ben, have it your way, but just be aware that the offer stands. And if you have any problems, with anyone or anything, please come and speak to one of us, and we can sort it out. Okay?”

Ben nodded, “Yes miss, yes sir.”

“Okay, then you can go back to your room. And tell the others I want all lights out in fifteen minutes.”

“Haha, hey, it’s bedwetting Ben!” Richard laughed when he entered the room, “Don’t worry, we put the baby sheet back on your bed!”

The night before Ben had, after much complaining from Richard about the noise it made, taken the plastic sheet off of his bed. He had been nervous about his nappy leaking again, but luckily it hasn’t. Ben looked over at his bed, and saw that they’d put the sheet right over his pillow and duvet. He went over to the bed to pull it off.

“Leave it on,” Richard demanded, “You can sleep on it like that.”

“What? No,” Ben refused, and he started to remove the sheet.

Richard, who was a lot bigger than Ben, stepped up to him. “Leave it on,” he said menacingly, “We don’t want a baby in here with us, do we boys?”

The other boys in the room shook their heads, “No way, fucking pissypants.” laughed Nathan.

“So if I have to share my room with a baby, and a violent baby at that, I want him where I can see him. And that means on top of the covers. Now get into bed.” Richard gave Ben a push so that he fell onto the bed, “Lie down.”

Ben obediently lay down, he was shaking, but he was not going to let himself cry, he was not going to give Richard the satisfaction.

“Right, now lights off before the baby’s mummy comes back. And don’t you even think about getting under the covers when I’m asleep, baby, or there’ll be trouble in the morning.”

Nathan switched the lights off, and the other boys all got into bed. Ben lay on top of his bed, he wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to get under the covers, he didn’t know what Richard would do if he did, but he knew Richard well enough to know that it wouldn’t be worth it. On the other hand, he couldn’t go to sleep like this. He would wet the bed, and everybody would see. He couldn’t put a nappy on either and risk exposing it in the night. His only other choice was to stay awake all night. It would be both tiring and boring, but he was sure he could do it.

Ben had been lying miserably on the bed for ten minutes, crying softly, when the door opened. It was Mike, he attempted to enter the room quietly, but on tripping over a suitcase largely shouted out, “Shit, ow, who left that there?”

“Ngrgh” someone groaned, “I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry,” Mike said, but cried out again when he stubbed his toe on the end of the bed, “Fuck. Sorry guys, but I’m gonna have to turn the light on. I need to find my stuff anyway.”

“No, leave it off, or it’ll hurt my eyes.” Nathan complained.

“Pull the covers over your head then,” Mike retorted, and flicked the light switch on. It took him a few moments to notice that Ben wasn’t under the covers, and a few more to realise he was lying on nothing but a plastic sheet. He looked around the room, “What’s going on? Ben?”

No-one said anything.

“Oh for fucks sake, Ben, get up.” Ben got up, sniffling.

“Aww look guys, the baby’s crying,” Nathan laughed, but quickly stopped when Mike shot him a look.

“Why do you put up with this shit?” Mike asked Ben quietly, “Don’t let them boss you around. And guys,” Mike rose his voice, “For fucks sake, leave him alone. You know even if he lies down and let’s you walk all over him I won’t stand for it, and where’s the fun in making someone else feel like shit anyway?”

“Who made you king of the room?” Luke asked.

“No-one, but I’m not about to stand by and let you ruin someone else’s week, I’m not trying to control what happens in here, I just don’t want what you do to effect me, and if you piss Ben off it pisses me off.”

“Oh sorry Mike, didn’t want to upset your boyfriend!” Richard said sarcastically, causing the other guys to laugh hysterically.

Mike ignored them and turned to Ben, who was just standing still as if in a daze, “Go and get ready for bed,” he said, feeling like the father of a group of small boys, and surprisingly enjoying it, “I’ll sort your bed out.”

When Ben got back to the room he was glad that the light was already off, he had been worried that tonight all attention would be on him, making the bulge of his nappy all the more likely to get noticed. As he crawled into bed he was surprised to feel the plastic sheet under him, Mike must have put it back on, and he smiled to know his friend was looking out for him. However, he then realised that Mike must have put it on in front of everyone, what if he’d told them that he really was a bedwetter? Although they teased him with the nickname, Bedwetting Ben, Ben didn’t think they realised he was an actual bedwetter. Of course now they’d seen him wet himself, but at least they didn’t know his secret. But if Mike had put on the plastic sheet in front of everyone surely they’d know now?

Ben awoke early that morning, and was able to change out of his nappy, shower, and then go back to bed before anyone else awoke. He lay in bed collecting his thoughts, and when he heard Richard wake up and nudge Nathan awake he quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be asleep. He didn’t want to start being teased this morning.

“Let’s see if he wet the bed,” giggled Nathan, moving towards Ben’s bed.

“Sleeping like a baby,” laughed Richard, as he whipped the duvet off of Ben.

Ben rolled over, trying to act like he’s just been woken up, “Wh-what?” he said sleepily, trying to sound confused, “Give it back.”

Richard tossed the duvet back over Ben, obviously disappointed to have been met with dry sheets. Ben breathed a sigh of relief when he realised how lucky he’d been, if he hadn’t awoken early then Richard and Nathan would have been met with a very different sight. Ben’s wet nappy would have almost certainly been exposed to them both, and then they would have known his secret. Their teasing would have been merciless.

“Mike, can I ask you something?” Ben asked over breakfast/

“Yeah, sure, what?”

“Y’know last night, when I went to the bathroom, did you put the sheet on my bed?”

Mike looked confused, “What? No, I took it off? You saw me take it off?”

Ben nodded, “Yeah, but then it was on again when I got into bed.”

“Oh, you mean the one under your regular sheet?” Mike asked, looking sheepish, “Yeah, sorry. I put it on when we got back from Stratford, the others weren’t in the room. Sorry, but it just seems stupid to leave it off, the hostel would probably charge you if you ruined a mattress. And I mean fuck the others, what does it matter to them if you have it on or off? Now they think it’s off they don’t even hear it. They only complained because they knew they could, not because they actually cared.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Ben agreed, thankful at least that Mike hadn’t put it on his bed in front of everyone.

“Hi guys, can I sit here?” It was Laura, and she wanted to sit with Ben and Mike!

“Yeah, sure,” Ben said, as Laura pulled up the chair opposite him.

“Hey, I told Gabby I’d meet up with her now,” Mike said, winking at Ben, “I’ll leave you two to it.”

“So,” Laura said, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, great thanks, are you?”

Laura nodded, “Yeah, look, I just wanted to say I felt really bad for you about what happened on the bus. Richard and those guys were really horrible about it, they’re a bunch of cocks.”

Ben smiled, “Yeah, it’s okay though, I shouldn’t have had so much to drink, then I would have been fine.”

Laura smiled, “Here, can I tell you a secret?” Laura asked.

“Of course,” Ben nodded. He couldn’t believe it, here was his crush, the hottest girl in the sixth-form, about to tell him a secret.

“I wet the bed right up until last year!” she said, “So don’t worry about it.”

“Really?” Ben asked, “Well that’s okay, cos I…” he stopped, not sure he could admit to her he wet the bed, even if she’d just done almost the exact same thing.

“Those nappies in the bin, were they yours? Do you wet the bed to?” Laura asked.

Ben blushed right red, but nodded yes to Laura.

“Every night?” Laura asked.

Ben nodded again.

“Here, well I’m sorry about what me and Amanda said, about the nappies” she apologised, “We wouldn’t have said anything if we’d known.”

“That’s okay” Ben smiled, Laura had accepted his secret! This meant that he might actually be in with a chance with her.

“Anyway, I’ve got to go sort out my make-up,” Laura said, “See you later Ben.”

Come the end of the day Ben thought he’d surprisingly had the best day of the trip so far, he’d expected to be teased ruthlessly for his accident the day before, but although he was on the receiving end of a few teasing comments that morning most of them were meant as jokes more than they were to be taken as unkind. Richard and Ben’s other roommates had miraculously left Ben alone, and Laura had been especially nice to him all day. Ben really thought he might have a chance with her.

Ben came out of the bathroom, and was surprised to see Laura standing outside it, “Hey Ben,” she said, her eyes homing in on his padded bottom, “You’ve got your nappy on I see.” She whispered close to his ear, and then she reached down and gave his bottom a squeeze, “Hehe, so your bed will stay dry tonight, even if bedwetting Ben doesn’t.”

Ben’s face glowed red, how was it possible for him to keep having the most humiliating moments of his life? Each more humiliating than the last.

“Don’t worry Ben,” Laura smiled, “I won’t tell anyone. In fact I think it’s kinda cute.” And she blew him a kiss as she bounced down the hall.

Ben had a huge smile on his face as he got into bed, but when he lay his head down on the pillow he knew something wasn’t right. He sat up in bed, and was surprised to see the corner of a nappy sticking out from under the pillow. How had that gotten there? He was sure he couldn’t have put it there, but then why else was it there? It couldn’t have been anybody else, if someone else had found it they would have been sure to announce it to everybody. Unless it was Mike, maybe it had fallen out of his rucksack onto the floor, and Mike had seen it and picked it up. But then why wouldn’t he just put it back in the bag? Ben was confused, but he didn’t dwell on it. He just put the nappy back in his bag, and fell asleep feeling the happiest he had all week.

Ben was woken up by the beeping of an alarm, it was still dark outside, so he couldn’t work out why it was going off.

“I can’t turn it off,” someone whispered, but Ben couldn’t tell from the voice who it was.

“Shhh, pass it here.” Someone responded, Ben thought it sounded like Luke, but he wasn’t sure.

“Put it under my pillow,” Ben, still tired and disorientated, couldn’t work out if this was a third voice, or the first one again.

“What’s going on? What’s that alarm?” It was Johnny, which lead Ben to guess that the other voices were Richard, Luke and Nathan. Although Johnny, and his twin brother James, had so far gone along with everything Richard had said and done, Ben knew that Richard wouldn’t include them if he had a plan involving getting up in the middle of the night. Ben just hoped this plan had nothing to do with him.

“Ssh, shut up, don’t wake Ben or Mike.” Said a voice Ben knew was Richard.

“What are you gonna do to them?” Johnny asked.

“Nothing,” Richard whispered back, “Just don’t want them interfering, c’mon guys.” The door to the bedroom opened, letting in a shaft of light which allowed Ben to see three figures, Richard, Nathan and Luke, leave the room. Ben relaxed slightly, glad that their plan clearly had nothing to do with him, and was able to quickly drift back off to sleep.

When Ben woke up the next morning and went to take a clean T-shirt from his rucksack he knew something wasn’t right, the zip was wide open, even though he knew he had closed it the night before. He looked inside it to see if anything was missing, and he filled with dread when he realised his nappies were gone. All of them. Someone must have taken them. Richard? He was almost sure of it, he must have taken them in the night after Ben had gone back to sleep. But what could Ben do, he could hardly confront Richard about it, what if it hadn’t been Richard? If he asked Richard for them back, and someone else had taken them, that would be admitting to Richard that he was nothing but a bedwetter.

Ben worried about his nappies all day, he was unable to enjoy the London Dungeon, or the trip up in the London Eye, or watching the street performers in Covent Garden. All he could think was that without the nappies he would wet the bed, and everyone would see what a baby he was. He really hoped that it was just a joke, that Mike had hidden them for a laugh, but he knew how unlikely that was. Mike knew how much his bedwetting worried him, he wouldn’t use it to play a trick on him.

Ben had three options, he could sleep without a nappy, wake up in a wet bed and deal with the humiliation. He could tell Mike, or even Mr Allen, they would sort it out so that he got the nappies back, but in finding out who had taken them they would also announce to everybody else that he needed to wear nappies. His third option was simply to stay up all night, if he didn’t fall asleep he wouldn’t wet the bed. Plus, if he didn’t get any sleep he would look tired tomorrow, he could feign illness, stay behind at the hostel whilst everybody else went off to the Tate Gallery, and look for his nappies.

Ben had found staying awake all night harder than he’d first thought, he’d tried to pass the time, but it was hard when everybody else was asleep; there was nowhere he could go and nothing he could do without the risk of waking someone. He had, however, managed to sneak out of the room several times, each time taking the bag of one of his roommates in the hope he would find his nappies stashed inside, but to his disappointment it didn’t seem like Richard and his gang had taken the nappies. Or if they had they had hidden them well. He would have to have a really good look in his room, and if necessary the other rooms, whilst everyone else went to the Tate Gallery.

Ben, wake up dude," Mike punched him gently in the arm, “What’s wrong with you today? How much sleep did you get last night?”

Ben shrugged, “Not a lot,” he admitted, “I couldn’t sleep, I don’t know why.”

“Yeah, well it shows,” said Mike, “You’ve been half asleep all day.”

Ben knew this was true. He had tried to stay at the hostel today, trying to fake illness, but his teachers were having none of it, and had insisted that no-one was staying at the hostel unless they were so ill they needed to be transferred to the hospital. And so Ben had had to traipse around the Tate gallery, far too tired to appreciate any of the art on offer there, and far too worried about how, and when, he would get his nappies back. If he didn’t have them he knew he couldn’t really risk going to sleep, but staying awake all night had been hard enough the night before, he didn’t think he could possibly manage it for another night. Mike had had to nudge him awake several times on the coach already, and it was only five o’ clock.

“I think I’m gonna go and have a nap,” Ben told Mike, “Just for an hour.” They had been back at the hostel for an hour, having stopped for a meal on the way back from the art gallery. Ben had tried to stay awake, but his eyes were drooping. He knew he was too tired to try and stay awake all night, and so he thought if he slept for an hour he would be safe. He had purposely avoided drinking throughout the day and over dinner, and so if he set the alarm on his phone for an hour he knew he would wake up dry.

He went up to the bedroom, glad no-one else was around, and set the alarm on his phone to wake him up in an hour. He stripped down to his boxers and T-shirt, and crawled into bed, falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

“Time to check up on our baby I think!” Richard laughed, looking at Ben who was still fast asleep. Unknown to him he had slept right through his alarm, having fallen into a deep sleep. Johnny had been in the room as it went off, and when Ben hadn’t responded Johnny had turned it off, not realizing Ben had specifically needed to be awoken after an hour to avoid being humiliated. And so another two hours had passed, Ben soundly sleeping and unaware of the people gathered in his room.

Richard leaned over Ben’s sleeping form, and quickly whipped the duvet cover off of Ben, exposing him to the large group of students Richard had gathered in the room

Ben, half-asleep and very disorientated, groaned, his hand reaching out to pull the cover back over him, but of course finding nothing. He turned in bed, still more asleep than awake, and again tried to reach for the duvet that was not there to pull over himself.

Ben slowly started to come around, what was going on? Why was he so cold? As he moved his legs slightly he felt the wet sheets rub against his bare legs, and realised that he’d wet the bed again. But why was his duvet off?

Ben opened his eyes, and reality came crashing down on him. His lack of sleep had made him confused, but as soon as he saw Richard standing over him, duvet in hand and grinning like a Cheshire cat, Ben understood what was happening. What’s more, there was a crowd of his peers standing around Richard, all laughing at Ben, and the large wet patch on his bed.

“Awww, little baby wet his bed?” Richard teased, “Look at his clothes, all wet look. Poor bedwetting Ben. Time for a nappy change, don’t you think Laura?”

Ben could have died when Laura stepped out of the crowd, his missing nappies in her arms, “Here you go baby Benny,” she threw the nappies at him, “Fucking freak. I can’t believe you bought my bullshit, like hell I used to wet the bed! You’re a loser, Ben, look at yourself lying there in your own piss. Like any girl would be interested in you. You’re a disgusting freak.”

Ben was sobbing uncontrollably now, he had trusted Laura, he had really thought she was accepting his bedwetting, when all along she had just been waiting to get him to admit his secret so that she could use it against him. And now not only did everyone know, but everyone had seen him lying in his wet bed. Could still see him, lying there, crying, he really was a baby. They weren’t going to let him forget this.

Ben looked at the people he would have once regarded as friends, or at least people he liked and who liked him, and couldn’t see a single friendly face in the group. All of them were whispering among themselves, laughing and throwing cruel comments in his direction. He couldn’t stand this any longer. He pushed his way through the group of students and fled out of the room, the sound of their whoops and laughter echoing down the hall after him.

Ben only stopped running when he reached a barbed wire fence. He was a long way from the youth hostel’s building now, although he was still within it’s grounds. He was surrounded by trees, and knew nobody would see him here. He shivered, it was cold outside and he was only dressed in a pair of boxers and T-shirt, and of course both were considerably wet, the cold materials clinging to his skin.

Ben had no idea what he was going to do now, he couldn’t go back to the hostel, not now. He couldn’t go back on the coach either. He wasn’t even sure he’d be able to show his face in school again. All he could think was that he’d have to run away. His mind raced with the events of the last 15 minutes, and he continued to cry harder than he could remember ever crying before. He hated this, he hated himself. Why did he have to be this way? No-one else wet the bed at his age. His mum had always told him it wasn’t his fault, and that he’d grow out of it, but he knew now that that was not true. He must deserve this humiliation somehow. It was his fault, Laura was right, he was nothing but a loser, and no girl would ever like him. He’d been stupid and naïve to think that Laura might have accepted his problem as part of him. And why should she have? Why should anybody, it shouldn’t be part of him, he should be able to stay dry at night like every other teenager on the planet, and if he couldn’t even manage that then maybe he didn’t deserve friends. He was a disgusting freak, getting covered in his own urine every night, why should anyone put up with that? No matter how much he showered, how could he ever be truly clean?

Ben’s anger towards himself continued to rise dangerously, and he felt an overwhelming urge to take his anger out on himself. Without really thinking, powered on anger alone, he stood up, reaching for the barbed wire. He dragged a barb along his skin, watching his blood seep out of the scratch; it was strangely satisfying. He took the barb to his skin again, angrily digging it deep into his flesh. He gasped when he saw his cut, it was deep, blood steadily running down his arm. Ben had never been good with large amounts of blood, and he began to feel woozy, covering his cut with his hand he sat back against the tree.

“Ben? Ben?” Ben heard someone calling him, “BEN? It’s Mike. Are you out here?”

Ben didn’t say anything, he could see Mike jogging through the trees not far from where Ben was sitting, looking around desperately trying to find his friend.

“Ben?” he called again, “Fuck,” he muttered, “BEN!” Mike really looked worried for his friend, and Ben started to feel bad for ignoring him, plus he was worried about the cut on his arm. It was still bleeding heavily.

“I’m here,” Ben called out, not too loudly though. Half of him was hoping Mike wouldn’t hear, if he responded and Mike ignored him he wouldn’t have to feel guilty.

“Ben? Where?” Mike frantically looked around, jogging in Ben’s direction. He caught site of Ben slumped against a tree, and stopped jogging, approaching Ben slowly. “God, you must be freezing!” Mike exclaimed on seeing Ben, he shrugged off his jacket to pass to Ben. “Maybe we should go back.”

“No.” Ben said defiantly, “I’m not going back.”

“You can’t stay out here all night. Here, take my jacket.” As Mike passed over his jacket Ben absent-mindedly took his hand from his cut to take it.

“Shit man!” Mike gasped, it was dark but he could see that Ben’s hand was dripping with blood “What the fuck have you done?”

“Nothing,” Ben lied, “I just tripped and scratched it.”

“Scratched it?” Mike grabbed Ben’s arm before he could pull it away, trying to make out the cut in the moonlight, “Ben, that’s gonna need stitches. Fuck,” he cursed, “Come on, we’ve gotta go back and have that checked out.”

“I can’t go back,” Ben said.

“Listen, I don’t know exactly what Richard’s done, but right now I don’t care. Look at your arm man, you need to go to a fucking hospital.”

“It’s fine,” Ben said, trying to convince himself as much as Mike, the cut did look pretty deep, and his hand was covered in blood.

“It’s not fucking fine, here,” Mike took off his T-shirt, “Tie this around it.”

“It’ll be ruined.” Ben protested, “My arm’s fine.”

“Do you think I care if it gets stained? Ben, you’ll pass out if you lose any more blood.” Mike leant over Ben and tied his T-shirt tightly around Ben’s arm to form a makeshift bandage.

“For fucks sake,” Mike was getting angry at his friend’s stupidity, “You’re coming with me if I have to carry you over my bloody shoulder.” Mike leant down towards Ben, ready to pick him up.

“Get off me!” Ben shouted.

“Come with me then, please?” Mike pleaded, and Ben silently stood up and followed Mike back to the hostel.

“Sit down there,” Mike ordered Ben, pointing to a chair in the foyer, “And don’t even think about running off. I’m going to call an ambulance.”

Ben sat down obediently, he looked down at his bandaged arm, the blood soaking through Mike’s grey T-shirt, and began to feel worried. What had he done to himself?

Mike returned, “Right, the ambulance will be here in five or ten minutes. I’m going to find Mr Allen and get you some clean clothes, okay?”

Ben nodded, looking down at his damp urine stained clothes in embarrassment. He was beginning to feel very dizzy now, and he wondered if Mike was right, what if he had lost too much blood?

“Ben? What’s happened?” Mr Allen sat down beside him.

“Nothing,” Ben said drowsily. He was beginning to feel dizzy and he didn’t want another interrogation.

“Let me see your arm,” Mr Allen took Ben’s arm, and removed the T-shirt to look at the cut. “Goodness gracious Ben, did you do this?” He tied the T-shirt back around Ben’s arm.

Ben didn’t answer, he felt sick and just wanted to lie down somewhere quiet, away from all of these questions.

“Do you know what happened Mike?” Mr Allen asked when he returned, carrying a plastic carrier bag containing spare clothes for Ben.

“He said he fell,” Mike said, “He was by the barbed wire fence though, and I think he was feeling pretty upset. Some of the guys in our room have been picking on him a bit lately, I dunno what they said but he was pretty upset.” Mike glanced at Ben, slumped in the chair and only just conscious.

“Ben, listen, there’s an ambulance coming now.” Mr Allen shook Ben gently, “We’re going to go to the hospital, okay?”

Ben let out a tired moan, which could have been a yes.

“Can I come, sir?” Mike asked, “Please?”

“I think it’s best if you stay here,” Mr Allen told Mike.

“Please, sir. Won’t it be better for him to have a friend there?”

Mr Allen didn’t have time to answer, because at that moment the paramedics arrived.

Ben was glad when the ambulance arrived at the hospital, if not just because the paramedics had bombarded him with question after question, trying to find what had happened, how and why and where and when. At least they had been able to slow the bleeding, applying a fresh bandage and applying pressure to the wound.

The hospital’s A&E department was quiet, and Ben was seen to almost right away. The gash on his arm was given stitches, and the shallower cut was taped together using steri-strips. Ben was given a tetanus vaccination, and then a doctor was called.

“Ben’s lost a lot of blood,” The doctor spoke with Mr Allen, “He should be fine once he’s had some rest and fluids, but we think it would be best for him to stay here under observation for tonight. I don’t know if you want to call his parents, there’s a hospital phone down the corridor.”

Mr Allen nodded, “There’s not any long-lasting damage to the arm, is there?”

The doctor shook his head, “No, there might be a nasty scar, but he was lucky not to sever any muscle or nerves, his arm should be fine once the wound heals up as long as he keeps it clean.”

“Okay, thank you doctor. I’ll just go and use the phone.”

“Right Ben, a nurse is going to take you up to a ward now.” The doctor told Ben, “If you’ll just get into this wheelchair now, please.” Ben did as he was asked.

“Can I come?” Mike asked.

The doctor shook his head, “Sorry, but he’ll just be going up to the ward to sleep. You and your teacher are going to have to stay here, we’ll call you if we need to, otherwise come back in the morning.”

“There’s some of his clothes in here,” Mike handed the plastic bag to the doctor, “And, erm, a nappy to. He’s a bedwetter.”

“Okay, thank you for letting us know,” the doctor smiled, “He’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

Ben was taken up to the ward, and into his own curtained cubicle. Ben was half asleep, exhausted from both the days events and lack of sleep. He was still wearing in his boxers and T-shirts, both still damp, but he had not yet had the opportunity to put on something dryer.

“Here, let’s get you out of these damp clothes,” the nurse said, helping Ben to remove his T-shirt “Your friend brought you some clean things. Lie down and I’ll help you with this nappy.”

Ben was too tired to feel embarrassed, lying down for the nurse. She pulled on a pair of hospital gloves, and went over to a trolley where she took a pack of moist wipes. Ben still had his damp boxers on, and she removed them for him. She took the wipes and gently wiped him clean, taking extra care around his penis and testicles. She unfolded the thick Abri-form Mike had provided her with, opening it up ready to slide under Ben’s bottom.

“Can you just raise your bottom up slightly?” she asked, “That’s it.” She slid the nappy under Ben, pulling the front over his penis, and expertly taping it up. “There you go,” she said. “Do you want a T-shirt.”

“Yes please,” Ben croaked, his throat felt dry, “Can I have some water?”

“Of course, just wait there.” She handed him a T-shirt from the bag, and left to get him a jug of water.

Ben was awoken by a nurse, a different one to the one who had cared for him earlier that night. “Alright there Ben?” she asked in a strong Irish accent, “I’m just going to change your nappy, you’re getting quite wet there. It’ll only take a wee minute.”

She lifted the covers from Ben, and untaped the front of his swollen, wet nappy. She softly wiped his penis, moving down to his balls and Ben realised with horror that his penis was beginning to grow stiff. “Can you spread your legs slightly, Ben?” she asked. Ben flushed red, “No need to be embarrassed,” she said, “There are more adults wearing these than you think.”

Ben spread his legs, raising his knees at the same time to make things easier for her, and the nurse wiped his bottom. She took the nappy and slid it under Ben, it felt thinner than the Abri-form, but it was still soft beneath his buttocks. She pulled the front up between his legs, and pointed his erect penis down between his legs, unphased by it. She taped the nappy so that it fit Ben snugly, and tucked the covers back around him.

“There now,” she said, “Go back to sleep, sweet dreams.”

Ben was awoken again a few hours later, this time by a male nurse, “We need to do a few blood tests on you,” he told Ben, “If everything’s fine you’ll be able to go home in a few hours.”

“Okay,” Ben nodded, he didn’t like needles, and had to close his eyes tight so as not to see what the nurse was doing. He felt a little prick in his arm, and then the nurse announced that he was done, “Really? I hardly felt it!”

“I know, it’s a lot less painful than you’d think isn’t it,” the nurse smiled, and looked at Ben’s chart, “Right, I’ll just check your nappy and then I’ll leave you to go back to sleep.”

Ben turned red, he couldn’t have another man check his nappy! “It’s dry,” he told the nurse, lying of course, “It doesn’t need changing.”

“Well just let me check, don’t worry, if it’s dry I won’t have to touch it, there’s a wetness indicator on the front, it changes from yellow to blue when you’re wet so a quick look is all I need.” The nurse lifted up Ben’s covers to se his nappy, “Sorry mate, looks like it’ll need a change. The ward sister won’t be very happy with me if I leave it to leak, and I don’t think you will be either, will you?”

Ben shook his head, even though really he thought he’d rather his nappy leaked than be changed by another man.

The nurse removed Ben’s wet nappy, and wiped his genitals. To Ben’s utter embarrassment he felt his penis go hard again, he turned a deep red, he wasn’t gay. He wasn’t turned on. “I, I…” Ben wanted to tell the nurse he wasn’t gay, but he couldn’t find the words, he was too embarrassed.

“Bottoms up,” the nurse said, sliding the nappy under Ben, and pulling the nappy between the legs. As the Irish nurse had done the male nurse pointed Ben’s erect penis down between his legs before taping the nappy at the front.

“I’m not gay.” Ben managed to blurt out.

The nurse chuckled, “Wouldn’t bother me if you were. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural at your age for your penis to become erect if someone else touches it. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. Anyway, I’ll leave you to sleep for a bit longer.” The nurse left the room, and within a few minutes Ben had managed to drift back to sleep.

Mr Allen arrived at the ward, with Mike in tow, shortly after ten o’ clock. Ben’s blood tests had been normal, and after being checked by a doctor the hospital had phoned the hostel, informing Ben’s teachers that he was able to return to the hostel.

Ben was sitting up in bed, flicking through a magazine one of the nurses had given him, when the pair arrived.

“Morning Ben,” Mr Allen said, “Are you feeling okay this morning?”

Ben nodded, not sure what to say. He felt both embarrassed and guilty, he’d probably ruined the London trip for everyone, especially his teachers.

“Right, well the doctor says you’re all set to go. I’ve got us a taxi to go back to the hostel, it seemed silly to take the coach. Do you want Mike and I to leave you to get dressed?”

“Yes please,” Ben was still in his nappy, he could hardly get dressed in front of them. Mike and Mr Allen slipped out of the curtain, and Ben got out of bed, the cheap hospital nappy sagging heavily between his legs. He undid the four tapes, and the nappy fell to the floor with a loud slap. There were no wipes for Ben to wipe himself clean, so with his butt-cheeks still slightly damp from the wet nappy he’d been wearing Ben pulled on a clean pair of boxers, and the clothes Mike had kindly packed him the night before. Ben balled up the nappy, but realised he didn’t know what to do with it, there was no bin in his little curtained cubicle. He didn’t want to hide it in the bed in case it festered there for days before being noticed, so all he could do was ball it up and leave it in the corner of the cubicle, where he knew the cleaners would see it, but hoped Mike and Mr Allen wouldn’t.

“We called your mother, and as you’re okay she isn’t coming to pick you up today, you’re going to come home on the coach with us tomorrow. Now, I’ve been talking things over with the other members of staff, and we all agree that it would be best for you to stay in a room with Mr Lea and I tonight. In honesty I regret not making that decision earlier, but of course we wanted to respect your wishes to stay in a room with your friends, however it’s very clear that that didn’t work out very well. And so tonight I’m afraid you’re to stay with us, and that is not an option, it is what we’ve already decided is to happen.”

Ben didn’t respond, he didn’t want to share a room with his teachers, but at the same time he didn’t want to go back into a room with Richard and his gang. Although Mr Allen had talked to the group of students, and made it very clear that teasing Ben (or indeed anybody else) was not going to be tolerated, the teachers could not be there all of the time, and Ben knew they wouldn’t leave him alone just because they had been told to. But on the other hand, Ben also knew that sharing a room with his teachers, and not facing his peers, could quite easily make things worse. Even if he succeeded at avoiding them until he arrived home he would still have to face them, and their taunts, back at home. Maybe he just needed to stand up for himself, and to let them tease him for a few days, so that when he went back to school it could be forgotten.

“Right, well we’re almost at Oxford Circus now. We all agreed that as it’s the last day all pupils can, in pairs or small groups, do as they please today. And so I’m assuming you two will want to go off without me?” Mr Allen said to Mike and Ben, “As I said, you can do as you please, as long as you’re sensible. And you’re not to spend all day in the pub, anyone found drunk when we meet up at five o’ clock will be strongly disciplined. And no-one is to go off on his or her own, you two don’t have to stay together all day, but only split up if you both have at least one other person with you, is that understood?”

Ben and Mike both nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Gabs said that her and Chloe will meet us outside Covent Garden tube station, I think we can walk there from here.” Mike told Ben, “It will probably be easier than getting a tube, I think it’s the tube at Covent Garden that has about two hundred steps, and the queue for the lift will probably be horrendous.”

“Okay, I’ve never been here before so you lead the way.” Ben nodded.

Mike and Ben walked in silence for a while before Mike started talking again, “Ben, what exactly happened last night? What did Richard do to you?”

Ben didn’t say anything for a while, and so Mike continued.

“You don’t have to talk about it, but, well, maybe you should. Otherwise he’ll just get away with it.”

“I don’t need you to sort him out for me,” Ben was quick to say, “Mr Allen said he’ll punish everyone involved.”

“He also said you have to tell him who was involved. Everyone’s pretending they didn’t see anything, no-one wants to say they were there in case they get in trouble. If you don’t speak up no-one’s gonna do it for you, everyone’s just gonna be on Richard’s side, or even if they’re not they’re not going to say they’re not. No-one’s about to get on his bad side. And he fucking landed you in hospital,”

“That wasn’t him,” Ben interrupted.

“Maybe he didn’t physically cut you, but it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him, would it? If you hadn’t been in the woods you wouldn’t have fallen.”

“No, it wasn’t his fault at all. I did that, I cut it against the fence.” Ben paused, before adding, “On purpose.”

“And you’re saying it wasn’t him who drove you to it? Tell me, have you ever cut yourself before?”

Ben shook his head, no. It was the truth, he hadn’t.

“Exactly, and were you planning on doing it before you got to the woods?”

Ben shook his head again.

“So what you’re saying is you got upset, Richard upset you, and you were so angry and upset that without thinking you cut yourself. Sounds like his fault.”

Ben shook his head, “No, not Richard’s. I didn’t care about him, it was,” he paused, before confessing to his best friend, “It was Laura, I didn’t care about Richard, but when Laura, when she…” Ben trailed off, fighting to hold back the tears as he remember how she had acted towards him, what she had said to him, the night before.

“Laura?” Mike asked, “What did Laura do? What happened, Ben?”

Ben wiped a single tear from beneath his eye, drew a deep breath and began to explain to his friend what had happened. “They, they took my, my nappies on Wednesday, I didn’t know who’d taken them, but I woke up and they were gone. So I couldn’t sleep on Wednesday.”

“That’s why you were so tired? You stayed up all night? Jeez, I wish you’d told me, I could have gotten them back.”

Ben shrugged, “Yeah, well, then everyone would have found out. I didn’t know all this would happen…”

“Yeah, okay,” Mike didn’t want to distract Ben from the story he was telling, “So anyway, you stayed up Wednesday night? And then you went for a nap, right?”

Ben nodded, “Yeah, I set my alarm for an hour, but I guess I slept through it or someone switched it off or something, and so I w, I, I guess I…” Ben couldn’t say those three words. Couldn’t admit it to his friend, even though he knew Mike both knew and accepted it.

“You wet the bed?” Mike asked.

Ben nodded, his cheeks flushing pink, “Yeah, but, I woke up cold, and realised my, my duvet was gone. Richard had it, and, and they were all standing around the bed, loads of them,”

Who?" Mike asked.

“I don’t know,” Ben said, “Everyone, almost. And, and Laura was there, and she had my nappies, and, she was so, she was so horrible,” Ben wiped the tears from his cheeks, “She threw them at me, and she just started saying all this stuff, and, and,” Ben paused, “I trusted her Mike, she was so nice to me. She told me she used to wet the bed, said she didn’t mind the nappies, she, she even said she liked them, thought it was cute. And, and it was all lies, she just said it to trick me.”

Mike didn’t know what to say, he opened his mouth to say something, anything, but Ben started to speak again.

“I couldn’t stay in that room with them all laughing at me, so I just ran out, I didn’t know where I was going, but the woods just seemed like the best place, and, and, I just felt so pissed off, at myself more than anyone else, I hate being like this, Mike. I wish I was like every other teenager, no-one else wets the bed, Laura was right, I am a loser, no girl will ever like me like this, I’m just a joke.”

“Ben, listen to me, that’s not true,” Mike cut in, “If she said that stuff then it’s her with the problem. Ben, bedwetting is a medical problem, it’s not your fault, you can’t control it, how can you control what you do in your sleep? If I dreamt about murdering someone would it make me a bad person? Of course it wouldn’t, I’m not in control of what I do in my sleep. Well neither are you, it’s not your fault, Ben. And getting pissed off at yourself about it will just make it harder to deal with, you need to accept it as part of who you are. Okay, I know this trip has been hard for you, but in some ways maybe it’s been good. I mean, you don’t have to keep your bedwetting a secret anymore. You don’t have to let it take control over your life before, like whenever you get invited to stay at someone’s house and parties and stuff you don’t have to turn the invite down anymore, if you don’t let it stop you from doing what you want anymore then maybe you won’t find it so hard to accept. I know right now you wish everyone didn’t know, but to the people who matter it’s not a big deal, I don’t care, and neither will anybody else you actually care about. And everyone else will have forgotten within a couple of weeks, and it won’t be a big deal anymore. You’re not going to let it be a big deal anymore, if people say to you ‘Haha, you wet the bed,’ just turn around and say, ‘Yeah, I know I do. So?’ And they’re not going to know what to say, and if it doesn’t bother you where’s the fun in teasing you?”

“But it does bother me.”

“Ben, it doesn’t matter if you go home and cry yourself to sleep every night, as long as they don’t know it bothers you. Well, I don’t mean it doesn’t matter, of course it does, but if you show them that they’re getting to you they’ll carry on. Pretend you don’t care, and they’ll stop, they’ll realise it’s not actually a big deal, and then we’ll work on getting you to feel the same way.”

“It’s not that easy,” Ben protested.

“Says who? You won’t know till you try. Try it today, if anyone says anything to you just ignore it, or say something which shows you don’t care. No one actually cares that you wet the bed, they’ve just found your weakness and are using it. They could just as easily be doing the same to me about, I dunno, if they found out I’m going bald or something.”

“They wouldn’t say it to you, they were calling me bedwetting Ben before they even knew I really wet the bed.”

“Exactly,” Mike said, “So it doesn’t matter that it’s true, don’t let it get to you, and they’ll forget about it. Some people just need to feel important by making others feel small, don’t give them the satisfaction of upsetting you.”

Ben tried to put Mike’s advice into practise, and so when that evening, as Ben collected his stuff from his old bedroom to take into his new room with the teachers, Richard dropped in his little taunts wherever possible Ben didn’t react.

“Aww, baby Ben got to go sleep with he adults so they can help change his dirty nappy?” Richard cooed in a sing song voice, “Poor little bedwetting Ben, not allowed in with the big boys.”

Ben did his best to ignore Richard.

“What, baby lost his voice now?”

“No,” Ben replied coolly, “Just don’t have anything to say to you.”

“Ooh, hear that boys? Baby Ben too good for us.” Richard turned to Nathan and Luke, laughing.

“Bedwetters better than the rest of us now are they?” Nathan asked.

Ben didn’t answer, what kind of question was that anyway? He began to realise how stupid Richard and his cronies really were. He finished collecting his things, and without saying anything more left his old room, to go and join his two teachers.

Re: Ben

And here is the final part:

That night Ben couldn’t sleep. It had been horribly awkward having to get into bed, in front of Mr Allen and Mr Lea, wearing a nappy. Of course he had boxers and a T-shirt over it, but he knew the bulge wasn’t well hidden, and that his nappy would be obvious. He had felt extremely uncomfortable getting into bed, and he could tell his teachers were finding it almost as awkward as he was.

Now both men were asleep, Ben was finding it hard to switch off to the deep rumbling of Mr Lea’s heavy snores and fall asleep himself. On top of that he was worried about waking up in the morning, in a wet nappy. If he had awoken Mr Allen when he was in the corridor then he would surely awaken him if he got up early in the morning to change. On top of that as it had been their last night of the trip the staff had let the students spend the night drinking in a local bar, and Ben knew he would wet heavily in the night, what if his nappy leaked?

Ben continued to lie awake for half an hour, aware that his need to urinate was increasing. He knew he couldn’t risk wetting in his nappy again, he didn’t want to be faced with another embarrassing leak. He would have to get up and pee, but he knew that even then he was likely to wet a lot in his sleep, and might still risk a wet bed in the morning, and he didn’t want to deal with that in front of his teachers.

Ben worried about the possibility of his nappy leaking, cursing himself for drinking so much alcohol, when an idea struck him. He had a slim frame, and the medium sized nappies were not at all tight on him. He wondered if he could easily put another nappy over the one he was already wearing? Of course it would make the large bulge under his boxers all the more noticeable, but that would be better than wet sheets.

Ben slowly slid out of bed, as quietly as he could so as not to wake the two teachers. He stuck his hand inside his rucksack and pulled out a nappy, stuffing it up his T-shirt in case he ran into anyone in the hallway and went to the bathroom.

Locking the door, Ben lay the nappy spread out on the bathroom floor. He realised that if he put it over the nappy he was already wearing it probably wouldn’t absorb his pee properly. He would have to cut the plastic of the nappy he was wearing somehow so that his urine could spread through into the nappy underneath. He looked around the bathroom, there was a half empty bottle of shampoo and an old toothbrush, nothing he could cut the plastic with. He opened the cupboard under the sink, and was met with an array of items various youth hostellers had discarded, including several disposable razors.

Ben took one from the cupboard, and broke the plastic casing to expose the edge of the blade. He spread his legs, and very carefully started to slice into the plastic. He was nervous about doing this with the nappy on, and winced at the thought of the blade sinking into his penis or balls, but the nappy was thick and he was being careful, so he knew he should be fine. Ben knew that when he was lying down his urine would spread to his buttocks, and so he made several cuts at the back of the nappy. Then he put the razor back in the cupboard, it was broken now, but he doubted people looked in it very often anyway.

Stripping off his boxers, Ben lay atop the new nappy, pulling the front between his legs. He was still quite drunk, and he had trouble taping over the other nappy. He knew he could have taped it up better than he had, the sides not even and the nappy slightly loose, even over the other nappy, but it was only a back-up in case the other leaked. He didn’t need it to be perfect, He stood, and was surprised at how thick the nappy was. He couldn’t even close his legs properly. He tried to pull his boxers up over the nappy, but they would not go over the extra large bulge. He began to sweat at the thought of walking down the hall in just his nappy.

He considered taking the nappy back off, but then he would either have to put it back on in his bedroom, in the dark, and with both Mr Allen and Mr Lea in the bedroom, or he would have to risk leaking. He knew it was late now, everyone would probably be asleep now anyway, and so he decided to risk walking back to the bedroom with his nappy exposed.

Ben walked to the door, and realised the two nappies were so thick they were actually making him waddle! He unlocked the door and looked down the corridor, there was no sign of anyone. He stepped out of the door, and began to waddle down the corridor back to bed.

Ben jumped as he heard a door open, he wanted to run back to his room, but instead he felt frozen to the spot. Hannah, a girl he hardly knew, came out of the door just three foot from where he stood, his thick nappy strikingly obvious to her. Ben turned beet red, and quickly started to make his way back to his room.

“Ben?” Hannah said softly. Ben ignored her. “Ben, wait! Please.”

Ben stopped, he didn’t know why, he didn’t want to talk to her like this. In just a nappy and a pale blue T-shirt, he was dressed like Tommy from the Rugrats! What a baby she would think he was now.

Hannah walked right up to Ben, and he was aware that her eyes lay solely on his nappy. He was feeling nervous, and even worse he hadn’t peed when he’d gone into the bathroom, and the urge had suddenly hit him again, hard. Ben new he couldn’t hold his pee for long when he was nervous, or when he was drunk, and right now he was both.

“Hey Ben,” Hannah looked almost as nervous as he did, “Look, I um, I just wanted to say I was in your room last night, and I think that what Richard and Laura did was out of order. I feel really bad that I didn’t stop them, that no one did. It was really horrible of us, but you know no-one really thinks any differently of you because you wet the bed, don’t you?”

Ben, scarlet with embarrassment, didn’t say anything. Of course they all thought differently of him.

"Richard and his lot are stupid, you know they take the piss out of everyone they can. And I guess everyone just went along with it, but none of us really meant it, and now I feel awful cos of, y’know, your arm and stuff. She glanced at his arm, which was wrapped in a white bandage. “Remember when you were in the bathroom the other night and I was waiting outside it?”

Ben nodded, he had forgotten about that, but now she mentioned it he did remember having to pass her that first night straight after getting into a nappy.

“I noticed the bulge then, and, well, I wondered if you were wearing a nappy. I kept thinking about it. And, I guess one reason I didn’t stop Richard was I wanted it to be true, that you wet the bed, cos, well, I guess it turns me on.” Hannah was now redder than Ben, “I know you probably don’t even notice me, but, I’ve liked you for ages. All the other boys our age are complete tossers, but you’ve always seemed nicer, more caring.”

“Laura already tried this on me,” Ben said coldly.

“What?” Hannah asked.

“Saying she didn’t mind, about,” Ben gestured to his nappy, “About this. Just so she could get me to trust her and then use it against me.”

Hannah looked hurt, “Ben, I promise I’m not like that! I just, I just wanted you to know that I didn’t mind, and that what Laura said wasn’t true, that no girl would want a bedwetter. Some girls would find it cute, even a turn-on, and I don’t just mean me, there are whole communities who like their partners in nappies and like bedwetting.”

Ben didn’t know what to say, especially when he realised he’d been so shocked at Hannah’s revelation that he’d stopped concentrating on his bladder. Warm pee trickled, and then rushed, out of him, spreading it’s warm wetness around his balls and penis. Ben tried to stop the flow, but now he had started he couldn’t. Hannah had fallen silent, and Ben could hear the soft hiss of himself peeing, he just hoped Hannah hadn’t noticed it.

Ben had drunk a lot, and it seemed like ages before he stopped peeing. He looked down at his nappy, and his face began to glow when he saw the pale yellow wetness indicator on the front of his nappy had very noticeably turned from yellow to blue.

“I, I…” Ben couldn’t say anything, his words seemed stuck in his throat.

“Was that on purpose?” Hannah asked, giggling slightly.

Ben shook his head, blinking back tears. Hannah looked up at him, “Hey, don’t cry, I told you, it doesn’t matter, I like it. Here, that nappy doesn’t look very secure though. Let me help you. Lie down.”


“Lie down,” Hannah repeated.

“Here?” Ben glanced around the open corridor nervously.

“You’re right,” Hannah said, grabbing Ben by the hand and leading him to the bathroom, she locked the door behind them. “Now, lie down.”

Ben did as she asked, although he was feeling scared and nervous he was also feeling excited. He’d never noticed Hannah before, he’d never noticed before how pretty she was, but now here she was, and not only did she accept his bedwetting, but she also seemed to like it. On top of that his warm urine actually felt good against his penis, and he was beginning to get a little hard. He hoped Hannah wouldn’t notice under the large bulk of his wet nappy.

Hannah untaped Ben’s nappy, “Are you wearing two?” she suddenly exclaimed. “Do you always wear two?”

Ben shook his head, “It’s just cos I’ve drunk a lot, I didn’t want to leak.” He admitted.

“Would you leak? These are the most absorbent nappies on the market!” Hannah flushed as she realised she had just let slip her knowledge of nappies.

“I leaked the other night, quite a lot.” Ben said quietly. He didn’t register Hannah’s comment properly, not realising she had just admitted that she knew more about nappies than most.

Hannah grinned to herself, slipping her hand between Ben’s two nappies, and squeezing his penis through the wet nappy. She rhythmically continued to massage Ben through the nappy, he couldn’t believe how good this felt, his penis fully hard now. He felt he was about to come at any moment, when she suddenly withdrew her hand, and taped up his nappy tightly. Ben moved his own hand down to his nappy, but Hannah slapped it away.

“Hands off, good babies don’t play with themselves.” She smiled wickedly, “You’d better get back to bed.”

Ben didn’t know what to say.

“Maybe I can sit by you on the bus tomorrow?” Hannah asked.

Ben nodded, “Yeah, definitely.”

“And maybe you’d better be a good little boy and wear a nappy?”

“What? I can’t!” Ben shook his head, “People might notice.”

Hannah smiled, “And then they’d realise you’re nothing but a baby bedwetter?”

Ben was confused, he couldn’t tell if she was trying to be horrible, here she was teasing him, and yet it didn’t seem to be maliciously. It seemed more like teasing him about his bedwetting excited her, was she telling the truth when she’d said his bedwetting had turned her on? Did she really like the fact he wet his bed every night, like a helpless baby?

“I wouldn’t want you to have an accident on the bus,” Hannah said, and Ben turned red as he remembered his accident on the way to London. He knew it could easily happen again on the way back. “No-one will notice, only me. I know, meet me here at seven o’ clock tomorrow morning, bring a clean nappy and I’ll help you into it.” Hannah squeezed the front of Ben’s nappy again, “Now be a good little boy and go back to bed, I just need ten minutes in here on my own.” Hannah winked, and shocked Ben went back to bed. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

When Ben woke up he had butterflies in his stomach, he reached for his phone to look at the time. 6:53. He had only just woken in time to meet Hannah. He looked over at Mr Lea, who was still snoring loudly. Mr Allen’s bed was neatly made and empty already.

Ben got out of bed, and was shocked by how heavy the two soaked nappies were together. They sagged almost to his knees. He wanted to take them off before making his way to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to risk disappointing Hannah. He pulled his baggiest pair of jeans over the nappy, but they wouldn’t pull all the way over it, he pulled his T-shirt right down and waddled to the doorway, knowing it was the most his nappy would allow.

He looked out of the door and down the hallway, making sure the coast was clear for him to make his way to the bathroom. He made his way their slowly, and was pleased to see Hannah there already. However, on seeing him she frowned.

“Benjamin? What are you wearing?”

“What do you mean?” Ben asked.

“Do little babies wear jeans?”

“I, well, I…”

“Go and put them back in your room.”

“What, but…”

“No buts!” Hannah interrupted him, “Babies don’t wear jeans.”

“But someone might see, and I’m not your baby.”

Hannah’s smile faded, and Ben was worried she would suddenly turn against him. What if she blackmailed him, what if she had been lying to him, just like Laura?

“C’mon Ben, think of it as exciting. You’re a naughty baby exposing your wet nappy, and you’ve got to get back to Mummy without anyone seeing. Play my games and I can play some of yours.” Hannah squeezed the front of Ben’s nappy, and that was enough for him. He let his trousers drop to his ankles, stepped out of them, and began to waddle back to his bedroom. Glad that no-one was up yet to see him.

Ben made it back to Hannah without anyone seeing him, his heart was pounding, but he had to admit that the thought of being caught had been kinda exciting.

“Wow, looks like baby needs a nappy change!” Hannah exclaimed when Ben got back, “Lie down, Mummy’s got you a present.”

Ben felt a bit confused with the sudden talk of Mummy and baby, but he was enjoying it at the same time. He had enjoyed being cared for by the nurses, he liked having his nappy changed for him, and now here was a girl willing to do it for him. And he thought that the idea of playing baby just might appeal to him as well.

Hannah presented Ben with a yellow dummy, popping it in his mouth. Ben spat it out again automatically, “Woah, where’d you get that?”

“Babies can’t talk,” she said, putting it back in his mouth, and this time Ben allowed himself to suck gently on the alien object in his mouth, it felt weird, but he wanted to please Hannah. “Promise you won’t tell anyone, but it’s mine. I’ve got a couple. I sleep with them sometimes. But I want it to be yours now. I like being Mummy more than the baby.”

“I don’t understand,” Ben said, his words hard to understand through the dummy.

“I’ll explain it to you properly another time, if you promise to meet up with me after this trip, out of school. But let’s just say there are people who like to pretend to be babies, and people who like to be their mummies and daddies.”

“Adults?” Ben asked, the dummy falling out of his mouth.

“Shhh, babies don’t need to ask questions.” Hannah put the dummy back in Ben’s mouth. “Do you need to pee?”

Ben nodded, even though he wet in the night he almost always needed to pee again in the morning.

Hannah unstuck the top two tapes of Ben’s top nappy, “Go now.”

“I can’t.” Ben protested.

“You can, just let go.” Hannah encouraged him. Ben concentrated on trying to pee, but he couldn’t, not in front of Hannah. “Relax,” she told him, “Come on, you’ve got a nappy on.”

Ben concentrated on peeing again, and this time he managed a small spurt, which slowly turned into a steady stream. Hannah shocked Ben by putting her hand down his nappy, against his penis, and his flow quickly stopped. “Keep going,” Hannah whispered, and pushing slightly Ben was able to continue peeing, onto Hannah’s hand. This felt so naughty, and yet somehow that made him enjoy it, and his penis grew hard, pressing against Hannah’s wet hand.

“What a naughty, wet baby I’ve got.” Hannah spoke in a low, husky voice, and then her hand gently cupped Ben’s penis, “Oh dear, is baby’s little winkie sore, let Mummy rub it better.”

Ben couldn’t believe it when Hannah started to play with his penis, right inside his wet nappy, and it didn’t take much for her to make him come. He felt so turned on right now.

“Oh dear, looks like baby made another mess in his nappy,” Hannah giggled, “Time for Mummy to clean him up.”

Hannah removed both of Ben’s wet nappies, throwing them in the bin without making any effort to hide them under other rubbish. Ben wanted to protest and exclaim that someone might notice them, but he stopped himself, he didn’t think Hannah would care, and also the thought of someone noticing slightly excited, rather than scared, him now. And besides, everyone knew he wet the bed now, would it really matter if they saw his nappies?

Hannah took a facecloth from the sink and ran it under warm water, before gently wiping him with it. Ben began to go hard again as she gently wiped him clean. She shook her head jokingly, “Oh dear, is someone being a greedy baby? No more of that now.” And she prodded his penis gently.

Hannah took the clean nappy, and gently slid it under Ben’s bottom. She pointed his penis downwards, teasing him by rubbing it softly, before pulling the front of the nappy up over it and taping it securely.

“What a good baby you’ve been for Mummy,” Hannah smiled, “Now it’s time for you to go back and get dressed in your big boy clothes, but you’ll have your nappy on underneath so you’ll remember you’re not a big boy, you’re my little baby boy. Now give mummy a kiss goodbye.”

Ben stood up, and removed the dummy from his mouth. He leant towards Hannah, and the two shared a long kiss.

Hannah smiled, “Back to get dressed now Benny. Oh, and Ben, you’d better put a spare nappy at the top of your rucksack. It’s a long journey, baby might need a change.”

Ben felt a little uncomfortable as he realised this meant he was probably going to have to pee in the nappy, on purpose, even if he didn’t have an accident. But the idea of Hannah being in on this secret excited him, and he knew if he wore baggy clothes no-one else was likely to notice.

“Here, Ben,” Hannah held up the dummy he had dropped during their kiss, “Don’t forget this.” Hannah stuck it in his mouth, “Go on then, back to your room.” She pulled the door open, and gestured down the corridor. Ben looked down, his nappy was, of course, still exposed. And now he had this dummy in his mouth. On top of that Ben knew people would probably be getting up now, what if Mr Allen was in his room now? “Come on, the longer you wait the more chance there is of someone seeing you.”

Ben knew this was true, and, dummy in mouth, he took a deep breath and quickly, nervously, walked back to his room. He pushed open the door, and spat the dummy into his hand, closing it so that it was hidden from view. He was greeted by Mr Lea, who was combing his hair in the mirror. Mr Lea turned around, he looked shocked to see Ben, giving the nappy a quick glance, before he turned back to the mirror, his cheeks slightly pink. Ben felt embarrassed, but was glad when Mr Lea didn’t say anything, allowing him to quickly pull on a pair of trousers and cover the nappy.

Ben, dressed in his baggiest trousers, and a loose hoodie, felt self-conscious as he went down to breakfast. He knew it was probably just paranoia, but he was sure all eyes would be on him, checking out his ass and noticing the large bulge his nappy left.

“Hey, Ben, c’mere man.” Mike called over from a table, “How you doing?” he asked, as Ben sat down.

“Good thanks, looking forward to going home though.”

“Yeah, I bet, hasn’t been a great week for you, has it buddy?” Mike said sympathetically.

Ben shrugged, “Not really, but things seem to be looking up.” He smiled as he thought of Hannah.

“Oh, you did hear then?” Mike looked disappointed.

“Hear what?” Ben asked.

“Hold on, why do you say things are looking up?” Mike asked back.

Ben smiled, his eyes twinkling, “Well, y’know Hannah?”

Mike nodded, “Yeah, sure, she’s in my law class. Nice girl. Why? Something happen between you two?”

“Yep,” Ben was grinning, “She said she didn’t care about, y’know, the bedwetting. Not at all.”

“Hey, that’s great man.” Mike smiled, not letting on that in fact Hannah had already told him about her and Ben, “And hey, I’ve got even more good news. Richard and Laura both wet their beds last night.”

“What?” Ben asked confused, “But, why, how?”

Mike laughed, “Well I admit Richard was my doing. Not just mine, all of the guys in our room, and quite a few others. You saw how drunk he was last night?”

Ben nodded, Richard had been so drunk at the pub he could hardly stand.

“Well, I suggested we played a little practical joke on him. We put his hand in warm water, and well, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did. He wet himself right in front of us. I even got a couple of photos on my phone.”

“What? But, he’ll kill you!” Ben exclaimed.

“He wouldn’t dare touch me,” Mike laughed, “I’m stronger than him, and he knows it. And he won’t say anything about wetting the bed to you anymore either, he knows if he does I’ve got pictures to prove he wet the bed himself.”

“But, what about Laura?” Ben asked.

Mike shrugged, “Dunno, coincidence I guess.”

“Really?” Ben asked.

“Of course, how would I have had anything to do with it? I don’t have a key for the girl’s room, do I? And I know they lock their door at night.”

Ben knew this was true. Wow, maybe Laura really had wet the bed herself. Ben looked around the canteen, and his eyes found her, sitting at a table with just Amanda, looking very red faced. Maybe she’d had a taste of her own medicine.

“The best bit is they didn’t have the plastic sheets on their beds. The hostel wants to charge them for the ruined mattresses, and because Mr Allen says it was their own faults for being drunk and taking of the sheets they have to pay themselves.” Mike watched Ben’s smile turn into a grin, and Mike began to grin himself as he recalled how Hannah had snuck into his room late that night (of course the boys never locked their bedroom door at night), waking Mike up and insisting they played the same practical joke on Laura as Mike had on Richard. Mike pictured them sneaking into the room Hannah shared with Laura, and dipping her hand in the warm water. And Mike recalled with even more glee the ark of his own golden urine pooling around Laura’s crotch, the warm water causing no success with her. Of course only he and Hannah knew this secret, that Laura hadn’t wet the bed at all, and Mike had no intention of sharing this fact with anybody else.

When Ben got on the bus, sliding into the seat next to Hannah, he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Did you hear about Richard and Laura?” Ben asked Hannah.

Hannah giggled, “Yep, guess it means they’ll leave you alone now. Which means I get to be the only one calling you baby around here!” She squeezed his nappy through his trousers, “Hey, did you wet already?”

Ben nodded sheepishly, “I couldn’t hold on, I’m just a baby,” he said playfully.

Hannah grinned, “Well I hope we stop somewhere Mummy can change you then!”

Ben smiled, knowing that the journey back home was going to be a good one. He looked at Hannah, and realised that maybe the trip had been worth all of the embarrassment after all.

The End

Re: Ben

This was a nice Diaper (nappy) story with a happy ending!!! Thanks for all the hard work and the conclusion with part 2! :slight_smile:

Re: Ben

:smiley: i loved your geocities site - are you going to put the ‘elly’ story up, that was my favourite :slight_smile:

Re: Ben

The story Ella isn’t completed, and I don’t think I am likely to be working on it in the near future. I was planning on waiting until I was working on it again to put it up, as I know many people don’t like it when stories are posted half-finished. I could put it up as is with a disclaimer stating it is unfinished & not currently being worked on though if you’d like to read :slight_smile:

Thanks for the story.