Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 1

The alarm clock went off, but Eva was still unsure if it was her dreams or if it was definitely the alarm clock.
She had no interest in going to school that day, or in fact, ever again.
She was losing it.

Every single day, that annoying brat of a girl called Madison Stone would harass her and bully the shit out of her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Eva, you think maybe if you got those spots removed from ur face, you’d still get laid? well, think again.”

“You have no friends. Nobody feels sorry for you. They always talk about you behind your back because they think you’re ugly and annoying”.

“Loser, Nerd”.

“No one likes you. You’re a failure, and you’re useless. You’re not worthy of being loved, and no one will ever want you.”

"You know what? It’s not because your parents hate you. Everyone hates you. Even your friends, and they’re all laughing behind your back. And I can’t wait until you fail at everything you try, because you deserve it. You’re pathetic. You know what? What friends? You don’t have any friends. They’re all just sick of you.”

“Everyone knows how pathetic you are. Even when you try to do something productive with your life, people just laugh at you and point out all your mistakes. So you might as well just give up, because no matter what you try, it’s clear you’ll always be a failure.”

It was every day, and getting worse. That fucking girl just wouldn’t quit.

And now, Eva had decided that even if it was her alarm clock, she wasn’t gonna have it anymore. she wasn’t going back to Valley Central High school. It didn’t matter what-

"Eva, Wake up. Please, we don’t want to miss the bus.”

Sarah was Eva’s older and only other sibling, and while Eva loved Sarah to the moon, she could be an annoying pest sometimes.

“Seriously, Eva, I’m not having this. get up, we’re going to school.”

At this point, Eva was fully awake. She sat up, feeling a little warmth. Warmth mainly around her thighs. And then the panic seeped in, as she realized what happened, yet again.

She had peed in her bed while sleeping.

She remembered going to pee before she went to sleep. She was responsible and knew that this might happen, but she thought she had taken care of it.

Eva felt a mixture of sadness, shame, and disgust. But overwhelmingly, she felt a sense of helplessness. No matter what she did to try to solve this issue, it kept happening. Her body just wasn’t listening. But she wasn’t stupid. She knew why this was happening. The bullying was getting to her, more than she could cope with.

Now, seeing she peed again, Eva was reluctant to get out of bed.
Sarah saw that Eva wasn’t making any effort to get out of bed. She paused, and a look of concern crossed her face.

“Did it happen again?” She asked. Eva nodded her head, then hung it in embarrassment.

"It’s ok, it’s normal for your body to have this reaction. C’mon, go get out of your clothes, rinse off in the shower, and put some clean clothes on. Then come back and we’ll go throw the sheets in the washing machine. we’ll deal with it when we get back from school. Remember, it’s not the end of the world”

Eva shrugged. At this point, she was feeling helpless, and she was glad Sarah was taking control, as she wasn’t up to arguing. That’s what happened every day. She would decide not to go, and her sister would get her through it.

Eva pulled the blanket aside, revealing the massive wet patch underneath. She got up and walked over to the hamper. She pulled off her wet pajamas, took off her cotton panties and bra, and put them in the hamper. She grabbed a big fluffy pink towel that was sitting on the chair. Her clothes were next to it as well, which she picked up as well and slung over her arm. She quickly walked to the shower next door, feeling exposed.

She put her clothes down next to the shower, turned it on, jumped in, and had a quick rinse-off, before getting back out and toweling herself down. Eva looked in the mirror at herself, admired her wet red hair, and shook her head. This was going to be a long and very hard day.

She slowly put on the new clothes she brought with her. She quickly looked in the mirror again, straightening her hair and her clothes, and walked out to go help her sister with the sheets.


As they stripped the sheets, Sarah was thankful she had spent some money on buying a mattress protector for her sister. It was getting out of hand, but she was dealing with it the best she could.

After taking all the sheets off, they walked together to the laundry room. Eva moped and kept repeating how she hated school and that stupid bitch, Maddy.

As Eva was loading the sheets into the wash, she realized there were other sheets in the washing machine already, and they also looked a little stained.

Eva’s brain paused moping, processed for a second, and then realized what was happening. Her sister had wet the bed now as well. Her eyes opened wide, and she pointed at the sheets.

Sarah shook her head. “there’s nothing we can do right now. It’s ok though, it really is. It’ll pass. It’s probably just the stress of having to deal with life, and my body not knowing what to do with itself.”

Eva looked hard at her sister and then threw her arms around her, in a tight bear hug. After a couple of seconds, Eva let go, and they both walked to the kitchen and sat down to eat breakfast.

Their parents had disappeared again, they’d been gone last weekend and said they’d be back as soon as they were able to. What they did as a job, the girls had no idea. The parents had left their credit card and told them to use it wisely.

Sarah was an amazing cook, but since they were both in a rush, they both ate whatever was left in the pantry from the last store visit. This turned out to be fruit loops. Not exactly the healthiest start to a day, but they were in a rush.

After gobbling down a couple bowls of the stuff, Eva and Sarah both picked up their backpacks and left the house.

They both walked quickly down the block towards the bus stop, but it was empty. They’d missed the school bus. So they both sat down to wait for the public transportation bus.

Eva looked down at her Hello Kitty watch (another thing Madison made fun of her for). If she was correct, the next bus driver coming should be David, a big black guy with beaded hair and a likewise colorfully beaded hat. She had a special place in her heart for David, she didn’t know why. Maybe it was his smile.

The bus pulled up, and it was indeed David sitting in the driver’s seat. His eyes looked at her today with a questioning look.
“Missed the bus again today, Ev?” he called.

Eva timidly nodded her head. She didn’t want to explain why, but David’s eyes twinkled as he smiled warmly. “Alright, I’ll let you and sister on today, but don’t do it again,” he said.

Eva smiled at David and walked through to an empty seat, where she tapped the seat next to her for her sister to sit down.

As they rode the bus, Eva turned to Sarah and whispered in desperation “We’ve gotta do something about your wetting. I don’t know what, but we’ve gotta do something.”

Sarah only shook her head knowingly, and said “Let’s just worry about you, dear, ok? Let me focus on me."

As they got off the bus, Eva waved at David, who saw and smiled back.

Eva and Sarah walked into the school slowly, hoping they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves. It all went well, til they arrived at the biology class, where the teacher, Mr Robinson, was looking very unhappy.

“Girls,” he said. “If you can’t tell me why you keep coming late, I don’t mind. But I can’t pass you if you’re not gonna show me you care about this class in general. You both need to go see the principal, right now.”

Neither of them had any interest in explaining why, so they both left to go see the principal, Mr. Brightington.

Eva and Sarah timidly walked into the office and were greeted by the principal himself, who was looking over some documents on his desk.

He looked up and glanced at them, then gave them a stern look.

“Here at Valley Central High, we pride ourselves on being very on top of the students, to make sure they utilize their time here fully. We are one of the top private schools, as you know. As such, we’ve noticed your frequent absences lately, and we’re concerned about your attendance.”

Eva and Sarah both looked at each other nervously but continued to listen.

The principal continued, “Considering you don’t want to explain the reason for your absences, the school requires you to get some counseling after missing a certain amount of days. It’s the policy, even if everything is ok, to make sure all our students aren’t slacking off. You can go talk to Mrs. O’Reilly, the school counselor.”

They both nodded, got up, and walked outside the office when Eva’s lip began to quiver.

“Sarah, I think we should talk to her about our bed-wetting and the bullying. She’s trained and now that we have to go to her anyways, we may as well.” Sarah nodded in response.


Chapter 2

The school’s therapist was a kind and compassionate older woman who had been working for the school for many years. Her name was Mrs. O’Reilly, and she was known for being very gentle and understanding with the students.

She had a warm, motherly presence about her that always seemed to put the students at ease. She always listened intently, asked questions, and gave her advice in a way that was respectful and helpful. She was always willing to talk to anyone, and she was known to be very patient and empathetic.

“We’re gonna talk about this with her,” Eva said determinedly.

“You really think she can stop the bullying?” Sarah asked.

“It’s not a matter of stopping. It’s about us being able to cope and maybe get stronger and learning to be able to stand up to Maddy.” Eva responded.

“What’s with Maddy?” Mrs. O’Reilly asked, standing outside her door.

‘Oops. She’s overheard what I’ve said, so there’s no turning back now.’ thought Eva, and walked briskly inside the office, pulling Sarah with her.

“Girls, Principal Brightington just sent me a message that I need to check in with you and find out what’s happening, that’s keeping you coming late consistently. Two responsible people such as yourselves should be able to make the bus on time. It’s getting a little out of hand, and we’re not very far into the year”. She said.

Eva and Sarah both sat down on the couch in silence. Mrs. O’Reilly sat quietly as well, waiting for either one of the girls to talk.

After a couple of awkward moments, Eva turned, nudged Sarah and said “Look if you don’t wanna talk about it, I will. But she’s safe, she’s not gonna tell anyone. She has nothing to gain.”

Sarah didn’t want to admit it, but she felt embarrassed that she was having such a hard time coping with everything. But if she was gonna get help and make Eva’s bed-wetting situation stop, she would have to tell the truth.

She sniffed hard and sighed. “Ok, um, I’ve been having some trouble with anxiety lately, and it’s kept me from getting to school on time.”

Sarah paused, then spoke up again. “Honestly, I’m ashamed of this, but I’m not sure what else to do.”

Eva waited, but Sarah didn’t mention the wetting, and eventually, she got fed up.

“We come late because I don’t want to come to school in the morning and she has to get me out of bed. I hate Maddy and everything’s just very overwhelming. And I wet my bed this morning because I don’t know why but maybe because Maddy bullies me and everyone hates me and yeh” She blurted out. Then she quickly covered her mouth, as if there was a way to take back what she said.

“If Ms. Stone is bullying you, and this is making you wet the bed, maybe we should get her to stop?”

“Let’s be realistic, she’s not stopping, no matter how much you tell her to be nice. I have to learn to be able to deal with it, and there has to be a way to stop with my … issue.”

“Well,” the therapist said, “there’s always another option, it’s common, a few other people in the school do it. It may sound weird at first, but there is always the option of protection.”

Sarah sighed. “Yeah, we have protection for the mattress, I don’t see how that helps either of us.”

“No, I mean like, and I know this may sound childish, but there’s always diapers. A lot of people who struggle staying dry at night wear diapers. While it may not solve the entire issue, it will at least put less of a strain on you, Sarah, and make the bullying more manageable.”

“I don’t know, where would we buy them? How do we use them? Everything is like really unclear.” Sarah said out loud, without fully thinking it through.

“I could show you if you want, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t require so much experience. It’s just about putting it on, sprinkling some powder, taping, and then in the morning, untaping, wiping the area dry, throwing the used one, and putting on regular clothes. Some people wear them during the day as well, if they have issues getting to the bathroom in time as well. And don’t worry about missing or coming late to class, I’ll let your teacher know everything’s taken care of.”

The girls weren’t sure what to make of this suggestion. After all, they weren’t actually babies. They didn’t think they’d enjoy wearing diapers at night or needing to have to change them. But what other choice do they have?

They both nodded their head simultaneously, and Mrs. O’Reilly took out 2 diapers from her drawer. She then handed them to the girls and told them to put them in their bags, try them out for the night, and to report back what happened and how they felt about it.

“Are you not gonna tell her about your wetting issue?” asked Eva in a whisper to Sarah, after they left the office.

“She gave us two diapers. Which either means she knows more than she lets on, or she just gave us another in case one breaks or something. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because now you’re all taken care of, so it probably won’t happen again.”

Eva thought for a second and then decided not to pursue it. They had gotten further than she was an hour ago.

“Ok, I’m going to history. And you’re going to robotics, right?” Sarah asked, even though she knew the answer.

Eva nodded her head and turned away from her sister. Then she turned back around, gave her sister a massive hug again, and then rushed to class.

Maddy was there. And she was not happy to see Eva.

“Look who showed up! Our in-class dork. Finally, you’re like an hour late, the class is almost over. What were you doing, crying to your parents that you didn’t want to go to school today?” Maddy taunted Eva. She knew Eva’s parents were never home, and she constantly used that against her.

Eva struggled not to cry. She told herself to be brave, and that there was nothing she could do to stop Maddy from taunting her.
Don’t engage, that’s the key, she told herself. don’t engage.


Sarah walked to class but first slipped into the bathroom and pulled out her phone, shooting a text to her boyfriend, telling him she needed to talk to him in the next couple of days about something important.


The day went by too quickly for Madison. That girl Eva had shown up late and she had harassed her about it. That girl needed to get a life and some more responsibility. She enjoyed the element of control, being able to ruin someone’s life. Well, she didn’t view it as ruining, she viewed it as helping Eva get a life. It was the only way she would learn.

Madison slowly stood up from her seat, a couple minutes after the bell had rung. She slung her schoolbag over her shoulder, and walked out the door of the school.

“You comin’ to my party later?” Susan called out from across the parking lot to Maddy.

Maddy was one of the popular girls, so naturally, she was invited. Maddy smiled brightly at Susan, nodded her head, and continued walking towards the bus.

Maddy hung around the bus stop for a while, pretending to read, but in reality, she was dreading going home.

At some point, she knew she could delay it no longer, and got on the next bus that came.

As she got off the bus in front of her house, Maddy struggled for a second, debating if she should even go inside. She realized she didn’t have a choice. Maddy slipped her self-manicured hand into her pocket and withdrew a key, and stuck it inside the lock softly.
She thought that perhaps she could avoid a confrontation by keeping a low profile, but today didn’t seem to be her day.

“Bitch, you’re late again. You were supposed to be home 5 minutes ago, and you’ve kept me waiting. And I don’t like to be kept waiting, especially when there’s a game on.” Maddy’s father yelled at her from the living room couch, an empty bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Maddy cringed. Her dad was the most respected man in their town, donating money to charities all the time. While he put on a good front of being a good honest person, at home he was a nightmare.
She knew it wasn’t him, but the alcohol he drank every once in a while, that was changing him into a beast. Madison shrugged in an Idk-what-you-want-from-me way, and sauntered off to her room, with her dad yelling insults at her and the whole world in general.

“Hey, Madd.” Adam called from the couch of his room, where he was sitting. He had his headphones on, but his door was open and he was staring out of it. Adam was her older brother by 2 years, the cool guy at school, that everyone wanted to date but never got to.

“Hey bro, what’s up?” Maddy asked.

“Nothing, just drownin’ out the world as usual” he replied.

“The world, or dad?” She fired back.

Adam didn’t respond, and Madison gave up. He wasn’t very talkative to her these days, he seemed very preoccupied.

Maddy walked into her room, turned on the light, and locked the door. Her room was exactly as she had left it, as it should be.

Her dad sometimes had a rage while he was upstairs and would rampage through the room that he was in, or he would walk into a room and just throw his bottle down on the floor when he was done with it.

She sighed, opened her laptop on her desk, sat down, and started doing the schoolwork she needed to complete.

It wasn’t until Adam knocked on her door and told her it was supper, did she close her screen, and left her room. She had no interest in eating with her dad there, but she didn’t have much of a choice.

As they both walked into the dining room, Adam and Maddy expected a confrontation, but none came. It seemed as though this supper was going to be peaceful.

That hope lasted approximately 5 minutes until Mrs. Stone brought in the food, which today was roast beef.
Mr. Stone took one bite and spat it out.
“Fuckin’ bitch, this food is horrible as shit. Even a child could cook better than this”.

And with that, he picked up his plate of meat, gravy, and potatoes, and threw it at his wife.

Mrs. Stone sat there in humiliation for a second. Then, slowly, she bent down to pick up the pieces from the floor. Mr. Stone slapped his wife’s ass and said “That’s it, clean it off the floor. And throw all this out. And make some better food.”

Mrs. Stone had had enough and turned to Maddy and Adam.
“Get a couple of towels, both of you, from the kitchen.”

Both Maddy and Adam were in shock, and it took a couple of seconds til they managed to stand up and leave the room. This had gone to the next level, and they were hurting inside from the pain of it all. But their trip was cut short, by a shout. A shout they’d never heard before, but from a voice they’d thought never actually respond.

“That’s it. That’s the final straw. I don’t give a fuck what the world thinks anymore. I refuse to live any longer with you sick son-of-a-bitch.
You’re a good-for-nothing loser, and I will not stand here by your side as you continue to value your alcohol and your entertainment more than your wife and kids. I’m done. I’m leaving, and I’m taking the kids with me.” Mrs. Stone yelled in rage.

The two kids walked back to the dining room door and listened. But their dad wasn’t saying anything back, or apologizing.

The silence went on a bit longer, before footsteps walked towards the door, and Maddy and Adam walked into the dining room, just as their mom was about to leave.

“That’s it, kids. We’re moving. I’m divorcing your dad, and we’re moving to the other side of town. I already have a house, which someone has paid for. Pack your stuff right now. Everything. We’re done here.”

Both kids were shocked, but there wasn’t much to say. They weren’t going to defend their dad for what he was doing. They both ran to their room and started throwing stuff into the suitcases in their room.

A couple of hours later, Adam and Madison had packed up all their things and brought the suitcase to the Van. Mrs Stone was sitting in the driver’s seat, looking sad, but determined to get out of her husband’s life.

“Come on, kids. Let’s go. Your dad will survive, or not. I don’t care. But we’re leaving.”

And with the suitcases stuck in the back, Madison and Adam climbed into the van and drove away.

Mrs. Stone drove silently, Adam had his headphones on and Maddy was scrolling through her Social Media to avoid the emotions that were bubbling inside her. She did that frequently when she didn’t know what to do

The van pulled up in front of the new house. It was smaller but till a house, they all got out and walked to the door. Mrs. Stone pushed a few buttons on the keypad and opened the door.

It was homey. But the kids weren’t interested in exploring their new house. They just wanted to go to their room and shut out the world.

Mrs Stone turned to the kids and said “There’s only 2 bedrooms, so you’re gonna have to share. I don’t exactly have a lot of money now that me and your dad aren’t together anymore, but it’ll do. You’ll have to get used to it”.

They could hear the bitterness in her voice, but they both nodded and followed her to the bedrooms.

It was a very small room, with just enough room to fit 2 beds and a couple of dressers.
Not the same. Not at all. Madison wished she could go back to her old room, but she hated her dad and the way he treated them.

Madison put on her PJs and got into the bed, which had already been made. And she was out like a light.


Chapter 3

Eva and Sarah got on the bus to go home that day, and sat down at the back, next to each other.

“I can’t believe we’re actually considering wearing diapers,” Eva whispered, her voice filled with embarrassment.

Sarah nodded. “I know it sounds weird, but what other choice do we have? We can’t keep wetting the bed and being late for school. This should most definitely help.”

Eva sighed and looked around to make sure no one was listening. "I just hope nobody finds out. The thought of being teased or bullied even more because of this… it terrifies me, I don’t think I could take it.”

Sarah reached out and squeezed Eva’s hand in reassurance. “We’ll keep it our secret. Nobody needs to know. And besides, Mrs. O’Reilly said that some other students wear them too. Maybe we’re not as alone in this as we think.”

Eva managed a small smile. "Ye, I guess that’s true. We just have to give it a try and see if it helps. And if it does, maybe we can finally get a good night’s sleep, without needing to worry about sheets.

They didn’t mention the diapers again for the rest of the ride, but the knowledge of their presence lingered in the back of their minds.

Sarah and Eva entered the house, anticipation in the air.

Sarah turned to her sister and asked, “Spaghetti tonight?”

Eva nodded gratefully. "Warm and comforting, just what we need.”

“Ok, you can go to your room until it’s ready. I’ll call you down when it is. Go enjoy your time by yourself or something.”
Eva said she preferred spending time with her dear sister and sat down to watch Sarah cook.
“You should probably go turn the washing machine on, it still has our sheets in there from this morning, lol,” Sarah said.

Eva hit her forehead in both forgetfulness and exasperation. But walked out to the laundry room to do the wash.


After the sheets had come out of the washing machine, Eva took them up to the rooms. She walked into her room and put the pile on the floor next to her bed.
She sighed as she picked up the cover for her bed, and put it over her mattress. She sighed as she put the pillow case on her pillow and she sighed again, while she put the sheet on the blanket.

She stared at her bed for a couple of minutes, absorbed in the grandiosity of the situation, and then walked downstairs to the kitchen where Sarah was hard at work.

As Sarah cooked, Eva sat and watched with admiration. "Your sauce always turns out delicious.” Sarah smiled and replied “I’m glad you like it.”

After a while, the pasta was ready, and Sarah spooned it out from the pot onto 2 separate plates, put them on a tray, and brought it to the table. Eva brought the cups, the juice, and the cutlery, and they both sat down to eat.

As they ate, that night’s worry disappeared from their mind, and they simply enjoyed each other’s company.

After they had both eaten their fill, both of them put their dinnerware in the sink, and Eva said out loud that it was her turn to do the dishes.

“Ok, so while you’re doing that, I’ll go run the bath for both of us, shall I?” Sarah asked. Eva nodded affirmatively and started washing the plates.

After a couple of minutes, Eva finished the dishes and headed upstairs to the bathroom. The sound of running water greeted her as she entered, finding Sarah already enjoying a bath.

Eva undressed and joined her sister in the warm water. They both sat back and relaxed opposite each other, letting the soothing sensation of the water wash away their stress and worries.

When they were done soaking, Sarah picked up the washcloth and put some soap in it. Eva moved forwards and then turned around, so her back was facing her older sister. Sarah washed Eva’s body clean and then washed herself with the soap.

After they finished, they got out of the bath and dried themselves off with towels.

Both girls walked in their towels to Eva’s bedroom and sat down on Eva’s bed.

Eva picked up her backpack and took out the diapers from her bag. She held them in her hands, staring at them, like that would make them feel less weird, or the wetting problem would go away, which it wouldn’t.

“I guess we should give it a try tonight,” she said softly. “We can’t keep living like this, constantly stressed about wetting the bed and dealing with the aftermath every morning.”

Sarah nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s just see if it makes any difference. It’s worth a shot.”

They looked at each other, their eyes filled with a mixture of understanding and vulnerability. They knew this was a significant step, one that required trust and support from one another.

Sarah gently took the diaper from Eva’s hand and Eva sighed. The time of truth had come, and she unwrapped her towel and lay back on the bed. Sarah unwrapped the diaper and smoothed it out. Eva lifted her legs and allowed Sarah to place the diaper underneath her.

Eva spread her legs aside and allowed the front to be put on. Sarah pulled the tapes from the side and stuck them on the front, making sure it was secure and that there were no leaks.

Eva sat up and tapped the front and the back of it, giggling a little. “It feels weird.” She said. “But comforting, in a way, y’know”

Sarah looked at her sister and said “Ev, you’re so brave that you’re willing to do this, even if it feels a little babyish. Now I feel like I’m actually your mom.”

“Now put on your one. You also have wetting issues now.” Eva said.

Sarah picked up the other one from the side and lay down on the bed next to Eva. “I’m gonna need a little help with this, Ev.”

Eva turned to her older sister, and helped her sister put the diaper on, and taped it tight.

“Okok, you’re choking me” Sarah laughed. “I get what you mean that it feels comforting, having something wrapped completely around me.”

They both looked at themselves in the mirror, a strange combination of fear and relief reflecting at them. It was an unfamiliar sight, but they reminded themselves that this was a temporary solution, a means to an end.
“I think we should put on some clothes, so we don’t need to see these bulky things” Sarah suggested.

Eva walked over to her drawer and took out a pair of pink sweatpants, to make sure the diaper stayed in place. She also took out a matching pink top and then scrambled into them.

Eva looked up at Sarah and gave her a determined look, and then got into her bed and pulled the covers over her, feeling the diaper between her legs.

“We’re gonna get through this. I know we will. We always do.”

Sarah walked over to Eva and gave her a massive bear hug, and whispered “I’m so proud of you, sis. You really are taking this very well. You’re awesome”

"Goodnight, Sar.” Eva said, her voice shaking a little.

“Goodnight, Ev.” Sarah whispered, her voice laced with exhaustion but also a glimmer of hope.
Sarah walked out of Eva’s room and turned off the light.


Sarah sighed. It wasn’t easy taking care of her younger sister. Especially with this bed-wetting thing that started happening recently. It was draining of her energy.
It was a good thing they went to the therapist, and she had suggested wearing diapers because she wouldn’t have thought to suggest that to Eva, she’d probably have been told no immediately.
Sarah wandered into her room, where she put on her pajamas over her diaper, and crawled into bed with her phone.

She wasn’t sure if she’d wet the bed, but she’d find out in the morning.
But before she slept, she needed to do a couple of things.
First, she opened up WhatsApp and shot a message to her boyfriend Adam Stone.
The text read: “Hey Babe, we need to talk. Im going through a lot right now. Sorry, I haven’t been a better girlfriend. I can’t be there for you when you need me, and it’s too much stress right now. Especially having to hide it from everyone such as Eva and Maddy. I think we should take a break for a bit, and catch up later. Love you. Bye”
Then she opened up Jobify and hired someone to come clean up the house the next day. And with that, she shut off her phone and bedroom light and went to sleep.


Chapter 4

Maddy awoke early the next morning and felt a little weird. She didn’t usually feel this way when she woke up. She was usually very sleepy, and it would take a while until she was fully awake and aware of her senses.
But today was different. Of that, she could feel.

She could also feel some liquid pooling around the middle of her body. At first, Maddy had no idea what was happening. But as she tried to stand up, the pungent smell assaulted her nostrils, and she realized what had happened.

No. No. No. This could not be happening. Not ever. This hadn’t happened to her since she was 5. She’d never had an accident while sleeping. Why now? Was it the events of last night?

Maddy climbed out of bed, a very obvious wet patch on her, and she quickly grabbed a towel and a change of clothes. She walked very fast out of the room before Adam could ask to see anything, and started making fun of her.

She crept outside the room and tried to walk ever so quietly to the shower. What she didn’t expect to see, was her mom, sitting in a bathrobe and drinking some red wine, with her feet up on the couch.

“Maddy, what are you doing up so early? You usually don’t wake up for another 3 hours!” Mrs. Stone said.

“What does it matter, Mom?” Madison responded annoyed, but also taken aback.

“I couldn’t sleep. The experience we had was just a bit too much for me and I’m just taking it in. Is everything ok?” What with your nightgown? Did you spill some water?” Mrs. Stone said.

“Shit. No, it’s nothing Mom, nothing to worry about. I just peed in my bed accidentally. One night, that’s it. Im probably getting used to the new situation too. I’m fine. I need to go shower” Madison said shortly.

Mrs. Stone was taken aback by the bluntness and honesty of her daughter in the matter.

Madison didn’t wait for a response. She continued walking towards the shower room, walked in, and closed the door.

She threw her clothes on the floor with brutal force. She pulled off her wet sweatpants, reached behind her and unhooked her bra, angrily ripped off her dirty wet panties, and tossed them into the laundry hamper in the corner. and turned on the shower.

After it took forever to warm up, Maddy hopped in and stood under the shower head. The water came out just barely strong enough and the head wasn’t removable. Ughhh. How was she supposed to take care of herself in this shithole now?

Maddy stood under the shower head for a few minutes until she realized the water was getting cold. She hadn’t even washed her body, and now she had to do it in cold water. What was with this place, that the hot water ran out after 10 minutes? She kicked the wall out of irritation. When the water didn’t go hot again, she resigned herself to her situation and got to cleaning herself up.

After getting out of the shower, Maddy dried herself off, put on another pair of pajamas, and walked out of the room.

Mrs. Stone was now in the kitchen, just milling about, not doing anything.

“Mom, where’s the spare blanket? I’m gonna sleep on the couch for a bit” Maddy asked quietly.

“Right next to the couch, in the box” her mom responded absentmindedly.

“Maddy, dear, just a reminder, I’m not your maid. you’re gonna have to strip your sheets and put them in the hamper, and I’ll bring them to the laundromat today. We’re downgrading, it’s just til I get a normal-paying job. I’m on Jobify taking odd jobs to get some money. Don’t worry, the hot water will eventually last longer when we have enough money to fix the heater.”

Maddy shrugged and went down to her room. She quietly stripped the sheets. She took her pillow with her as well as she went to the couch. On the way she deposited her wet laundry in a black garbage back at the door, and then plonked down on the couch.

She covered herself up with another blanket and tried to go back to sleep, but the emotions started bubbling up inside her. She forced them back down, stuck her AirPods in her ears, and started playing some Taylor Swift music to get her mind off her anger at the world.


Eva woke up the next morning to a dry bed. Her diaper was wet and felt bulgy, but her bed was dry. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She finally felt well rested, she realized. And that made her happy. She had finally found a solution to her bedwetting, which had caused her so much embarrassment, shame, and guilt before. She knew that now, she wouldn’t have to worry about it happening again anymore.

It wasn’t exactly the easiest solution, and it did feel a little weird wearing one, but that didn’t matter. For now, she was happy to not feel wet legs, or have to strip her sheets. And that made a hell of a difference for her.

Eva pulled aside the blanket, waddled to the bathroom, opened up the tabs, and took the diaper off.
She rolled it up, tabbed it up again, stuck it in a plastic bag, and then deposited it in the garbage can.

“Hey Ev, good to see you up already. How’d you sleep?” Sarah asked as she walked into the bathroom as well.

“I slept amazing actually. No worrying about wetting my bed. Just throwing that big thing out. I like it. I want to do this more. I think we should buy more. Can we buy more?” Eva asked.

“Sure, but I’m gonna have to go to the other end of town so not it won’t be weird for anyone to see me. I’ll go today at some point. I don’t want to ask the therapist to supply us with new diapers day. She was nice but diapers cost money and we have enough money to buy our own. So I’ll do that, ok dear?” Sarah asked.

Eva nodded her head affirmatively, and they both went downstairs to eat breakfast.

As they were walking, Eva stopped and asked Sarah if she had peed her diaper, as she hadn’t seen it.

Sarah said “No, I didn’t. Probably because now I don’t have so much stress as before. But I will keep wearing the diapers, just in case, if it makes you feel like you’re not by yourself. I also kinda liked wearing it, it made me feel very safe and comforted. So I just rolled it up and put it next to my bed.”

And they both continued walking to the kitchen, happily.


When they arrived at school, Mrs. O’Reilly took them into her room and asked how their night was, both girls responded very enthusiastically and positively.

Mrs. O’Reilly was very happy to hear and congratulated them on how far they’d come, and on how well they coped with the issue.

She offered them another pair of diapers, but Sarah said they would buy their own, and that they didn’t need to accept charity from the school.
Mrs. O’Reilly seemed happy enough, so the girls left and went to class.

Chapter 5

Madison woke up on the couch, slightly later than usual. And she was pissed. Because she had perfect grades, and those couldn’t slip now. She had so much riding on those, that she didn’t even stop to pack a lunch. She just threw on some clothes, without even looking in the mirror and dashed out the door.

She didn’t take the bus, she didn’t have time to wait. Instead, she ran. She ran all the way to school. She ran until she was out of breath, then stopped, caught it again, and continued running.

She made it in record timing and flew through the front doors, and dashed to her classroom.

She flung the door open and then walked calmly inside. Again, as always, Madison arrived in style.

As she bumped into Eva while walking past, she didn’t say anything.

That stupid girl was always in her way, no matter what happened. Someone ought to teach that girl a lesson. But she had no time to do it then. And she wasn’t in the mood. Not with everything going on.

Eva ignored the bump, feeling confident in herself. Maddy was probably in a grumbly mood, or on her period. And as long as she was quiet, nothing was gonna happen.


Sarah put on a black hoodie, put the hood on, and slipped out of school during lunchtime. She had somewhere to go, and she didn’t want people to see where she was going or who she was.

She walked to the bus stop next to the school and hopped on the bus heading to the other end of town.

She got off outside Baker’s Pharmacy and looked both ways before going inside. She walked around a bit, pretending to look for a specific item.

Then, she looked as if she changed her mind, and headed in a different direction. As she made her way to the aisle with the hygiene products, she noticed another woman browsing through the same section. It was Mrs. Stone, whom she knew to be Maddy’s mom.

Sarah tried not to look, but curiosity got the better of her. Mrs. Stone seemed worried, her eyes fixed on the different diapers.

‘Why would she be needing those?’ Sarah wondered. But her wondering was cut short when, after a few moments, Mrs. Stone picked up a pack of Goodnites, a brand of pull-ups, and made her way to the cashier.

Sarah stared at her from behind the next aisle over, every couple of seconds throwing a glance at the shelf as though she were browsing herself. Mrs. Stone walked up to Mrs. Baker, the cashier, paid for the diapers she had picked up, and left the store.

Sarah quickly selected 2 packs and hurried to the checkout counter. The cashier raised an eyebrow at her, but Sarah paid without saying a word, put the diapers in a bag, and then placed the bag in her backpack.

Sarah left the store and went home. She dropped the diapers next to her bed and went back to school. The cleaner was to come later that afternoon, but they’d be back before then.

Sarah arrived back at school and took the hoodie off. She had disappeared, and nobody had seemed to notice. Which was better for her. Also kind of surprising, given the level of strictness. But she wasn’t complaining.

The rest of the day passed normally until she and Eva were leaving school. Maddy, surrounded by a few of her friends was standing by the door.

As the 2 girls walked past them, Maddy called out an insult, and Eva started tearing up a little. Sarah, who had never actually seen the bullying, was shocked and instantly went into protector mode.

She walked up to Maddy, looked her dead in the eye and said “Don’t you dare talk to my sister like that ever again”, and shoved Maddy hard.

Maddy stumbled back, her face twisting in anger. “Who do you think you are?” she spat, ready to retaliate. But she couldn’t do anything, because at that moment, one of the staff members was walking out, and Maddy didn’t want to look like the instigator. Maddy begrudgingly backed off. She cast a disdainful look at Sarah and Eva, before storming away.

Eva and Sarah continued walking towards the bus stop, and Sarah said “There’s a surprise at home.”
Eva knew what she was talking about, and smiled. “Thanks for being such an amazing mom.” She said.

As they walked into their house and put their bags next to the door, Sarah said “I think we can be a little lazy today, in recognition of how far we’ve come, so there’s a cleaner coming in a few minutes, she’s gonna clean the place up for us.”

Eva smiled and walked to her room, where she sat down on the couch and started reading a book.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. She turned around and opened the door. To her surprise, the woman who had come to clean their house was none other than Mrs. Stone.
She’d obviously used a fake name on the app. Sarah took her inside, showed her where the cleaning supplies were, and then went to Eva’s room to talk to her.

Mrs. Stone started picking up stuff, and doing a general cleaning, all the time wondering why the kids didn’t keep the place clean, and where the parents were, but it wasn’t her business.

As she went from room to room, cleaning up, she walked into Sarah’s room to start cleaning. As she did, she noticed the pack of pull-ups on the desk next to the bed.

She picked them up, looked at them, and then put them back down, thinking. Were these for the girls? Did they have issues? Were they struggling?

After a couple of seconds of inner debating, she continued cleaning.
She then continued to the next room but paused outside the door as she heard talking.

“- the surprise is I got some goodnites for us, which r pull-ups, so we don’t need to spend extra time taping them up at night. They’re just slip-ons.” Sarah was saying.

“Ooo, I wanna see them.” Another voice inside was saying.

“No, not right now. When we’re getting ready for sleep.”

The second voice trembled with a mix of sadness and empathy as she whispered to Sarah, “It’s just… it’s so sad, Sarah. We shouldn’t have to wear these diapers because of Madison. We deserve better than this.”

“It’s kinda sad that we’re at this point. But for now, let’s focus on surviving and finding a way to stop her. We can’t let her win. But let’s not talk about that right now. Let’s talk about something better and happier.” Sarah replied, knowing who was in the house, but not wanting to tell Eva.

Mrs. Stone took in what she had overheard, and her heart jumped a little. It couldn’t be her sweet little Madison that could be bullying them, and causing them to need to wear diapers.

Maybe her daughter wasn’t so innocent after all, and she was taking out her frustrations on these two girls.

She told herself she’d ask Madison about it when she got home.

Mrs. Stone turned around, put the cleaning supplies away, and walked to the front door, where she called her that she was leaving. She opened the door and walked out to go home.

When she got home, Mrs. Stone summoned Madison into her room for a serious conversation. “Madison, we need to talk,” she said, her voice gentle yet firm.

Madison shifted uncomfortably, feeling a mix of apprehension and defiance. “What is it, Mom?” she replied, trying to maintain a nonchalant facade.

“Do you know Sarah and Eva Martins? I believe they go to your school.”

A flicker of recognition at Eva’s name crossed Madison’s face ever so briefly, and then disappeared, but her mom saw it.
“I didn’t know they were sisters, but yes I do know them”

“Are you friends with them? Are they popular kids? Do people get along with them?”

“More or less. To me they’re just another face in the crowd, I’m not too familiar with them” Madison responded.

Her mom searched her daughter’s eyes, but couldn’t seem to see if she was lying or not.

She decided to let it go, as there wasn’t any proof that her daughter was the one they were referring to.

“One more thing, I need to tell you. The bed-wetting thing from this morning. It’s perfectly normal, but I need to keep the mattress from being ruined. I know this may feel childish, but you’re going to have to wear protection until it stops. I bought some diapers from the store. And you are to wear them until you have a dry night. It’s ok, and nobody needs to know. Other people wear diapers at night and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Madison looked confused for a second, then ashamed. Then her face contorted in anger and disbelief. "I’m not a baby, it was a one-time thing!” she said loudly.

Her mother nodded. “Yes, but we’re unsure if it’s going to happen again. Please, let’s not make a big deal of wearing them. Adam doesn’t need to know, and it’s just tonight. Unless it happens again. It’s just a precaution.”

Maddy felt humiliated at the thought of wearing diapers to bed for an issue that wasn’t even her fault, and her emotions swelled up. But she pushed them down again. Deep down, she knew her mother had a point, they weren’t rich and couldn’t keep spending money on washes.

Madison’s eyes darted around the room, desperately searching for an escape from the situation.

Eventually, (albeit reluctantly) she agreed, before retreating to her room, seething with frustration.

That night, Maddy went to bed feeling humiliated. However, when she woke up the next morning, she found her diaper wet.
She couldn’t deny the need for it anymore and reluctantly accepted that her bedwetting problem required a solution.

When she came into the kitchen the next morning, she told her mother it was good that she had worn it, because now the mattress was safe.

Her mother told her she should go see the school therapist, Mrs. O’Reilly if she needed to talk about what she had experienced.

Maddy, feeling a little overwhelmed with life, agreed to go to make her mother feel better like she was trying to deal with the problem.

Chapter 6

Maddy left for school that day, a little sad, but had to keep on her cheerful face for everyone to see. It was now becoming a burden to have to keep up this facade of everything being ok.

Madison walked into Mrs. O’Reilly’s office later in the day with a defensive posture, exuding an air of self-assuredness. She took a seat, crossed her arms, and stared at the floor.

Mrs. O’Reilly greeted her warmly, trying to break through the walls Madison had built around herself. “Hello, Madison. You don’t come in very often, it’s good to see you. Talk to me, how are you feeling?”

Madison fidgeted in her seat, her voice guarded. “I don’t really have anything to talk about. My mom thinks something’s wrong with me, but I’m fine.”

Mrs. O’Reilly leaned forward slightly, maintaining a gentle presence. “Sometimes, people that care for and love us notice changes in us that we may not be aware of ourselves. Your mom cares about you deeply, and she wants the best for you. Can you help me understand what made her reach out?”

Madison’s eyes darted around the room, searching for an escape. Being that there wasn’t any, she once again resigned herself to her situation. “I don’t know… she thinks I’m acting differently, I guess. But I’m just going through some stuff, like everyone else.”

Mrs. O’Reilly maintained her calm demeanor, patiently encouraging Madison to open up. “It’s okay to go through stuff, Madison. We all face challenges in life. If you feel comfortable, can you share a little more about what’s been going on?”

Madison hesitated, then decided to be vulnerable just for a second, her voice barely coming above a whisper. “I’ve been feeling… I don’t know, overwhelmed, I guess. family, schoolwork… it’s too much.”

Mrs. O’Reilly nodded, acknowledging Madison’s struggle. “Feeling overwhelmed is a perfectly valid experience, and it can be difficult to navigate on your own. Is there anything specific that’s been weighing on your mind?”

Madison shifted in her seat. “I don’t know… maybe the pressure to fit in, to be someone I’m not. It’s exhausting.”

Mrs. O’Reilly nodded empathetically. “The need to fit in and be accepted is something many people struggle with, especially during their teenage years. It can be draining to constantly try to meet certain expectations. Have you noticed any changes in your behavior or emotions that might be connected to this pressure?”

Madison paused. “I… I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I have to be mean to others to protect myself. It’s like if I show weakness, they’ll use it against me.”

Mrs. O’Reilly listened attentively, recognizing the vulnerability in Madison’s words. “It sounds like you’re carrying a lot on your shoulders, Madison. The need to protect yourself is understandable, but there may be healthier ways to navigate those challenges. Can you tell me more about your experiences with others?”

Madison’s voice quivered as she hesitatingly a glimpse of her struggles. “Sometimes, I… I say things to people, you know, make fun of them or put them down. It’s like I can’t help it. It makes me feel… in control, I guess.”

Mrs. O’Reilly maintained her compassionate presence. “Thank you for sharing that, Madison. It takes courage to acknowledge our behaviors, even if they’re negative. Can you help me understand what might be driving these actions? What do you think lies beneath that need for control?”

Madison hesitated, her voice barely above a whisper. “I don’t know… maybe… maybe it’s because I feel so out of control in other areas of my life. I don’t want to be vulnerable. I don’t want others to see my weaknesses.”

At that point, the wall Maddy had built up over the years broke. And all the emotions and feelings came gushing out, all at once, in an unstoppable wave.

At first, a singular tear dropped out, then the dam burst. Maddy had never cried in her life, and now it poured out.

She sat there for a few minutes, weeping, just letting out all the pain and trauma she’d gone through.

The rage at her father for having abused her and her family, the shame of her bed-wetting, and the rate of how her life had just gone from decent to shitty now hit her with full force, and she leaned against the wall.

Madison sobbed, her vulnerability laid bare at that moment. “I need help fixing my life back to where it should be.”

She reached for a box of tissues and gently placed it in front of Madison. “It’s okay to let your tears flow. They are an expression of the pain you’ve carried for so long. Emotions can be overwhelming, but they are a vital part of healing.”

Mrs. O’Reilly continued, "First, I want you to know that the abuse you and your mother endured was not your fault. It was your dad’s choice to be abusive, and your decision to leave was courageous and necessary for your safety. You are not defined by his darkness; you are defined by your strength and resilience.”

She paused to allow what she was saying sink in.

“And your life will get better, but it will require work on your part. There’s no easy roads out of this, I’m afraid. But I’m here to listen, to support, and to offer advice and guidance whenever you need it.”

Madison left the office, thinking about what had just happened, and what she had just said and did. And it felt a lot better, having opened up. It felt like now she didn’t have to carry the burden entirely alone, and the situation wasn’t entirely hopeless. She felt like, although her situation wasn’t necessarily gonna change, at least now she had the strength to face it. Perhaps her bed-wetting would even stop.

Mrs. O’Reilly thought quite a bit about the session and then realized she could now also solve Eva and Sarah’s problems. She vowed to talk to them the next day and tell them that Madison wouldn’t bother them.


Mrs. O’Reilly pulled the girls aside an hour later, wanting to address the recent events. As the girls entered her office, they were greeted by a warm smile. “Hey, girls. Please, have a seat," Mrs. O’Reilly said, motioning toward the couch.

Eva and Sarah sat down, a mixture of curiosity and apprehension evident on their faces. She looked happy.

Mrs. O’Reilly started the conversation. "I want to talk to both of you about Madison and her behavior. Usually, I don’t discuss other students, because I could lose my license. But given the circumstances, and being that I’m not going to say what she said, I think it’s safe to share this.” She paused to organize her thoughts.

“I had a conversation with her earlier today, and it seems that she’s been going through some extremely difficult stuff in her life that is very hard to deal with. It doesn’t in any way whatsoever excuse what she did to you and made you have to deal with, but from what I spoke with her, she feels sorry for what she did, and she will stop bullying.”

Sarah let out a sigh of relief, her tense shoulders relaxing. "That’s good to hear, we’ve been dealing with this for a while.

Eva’s eyes brightened with newfound hope. "Thank you, Mrs. O’Reilly. It means a lot to us. I wonder what prompted her to realize she was being mean and hurtful to me, and also maybe to other people, but it isn’t my business.”

Mrs. O’Reilly nodded. “I want you both to know that I’m here to support you through this process. You deserve to have a positive and nurturing life."

Sarah expressed her gratitude, a sense of relief evident in her voice. “Thank you, Mrs. O’Reilly. We appreciate your help. It’s been tough, but knowing that you’re on our side gives us hope.”

Mrs. O’Reilly smiled warmly at the girls. “You’re both really strong and incredible how you’ve managed to deal with it. Remember, you have each other for support, and I’m here to guide you along the way. You’ve shown great courage in facing these challenges, and I believe in your ability to overcome them. You should, too”

Eva and Sarah exchanged grateful glances, a renewed sense of determination in their eyes. They were reassured by Mrs. O’Reilly’s words and felt a weight lifted off their shoulders. They knew that they had an ally in their fight against bullying.

As the girls left Mrs. O’Reilly’s office with a newfound sense of empowerment. They no longer had to face Madison’s bullying, and they could breathe a sigh of relief.


Eva and Sarah stepped through the front door, exhaustion etched on their faces after a long day.

Eva and Sarah both walked to the living room couch, and sat down.

Eva looked into Sarah’s eyes with a mixture of vulnerability and determination. “Sarah, can we talk about something really important?”
Sarah, placing her bag down, nodded and focused her attention on Eva. “Absolutely, Eva. What’s on your mind?”

Taking a deep breath, Eva chose her words before speaking.

"Sarah, lately I’ve been feeling this strong desire to be closer to you. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. I was wondering if…if it would be okay if I moved into your room?”

Sarah’s eyes showed her surprise, her mind processing Eva’s request.

"You want to move in with me? Share my bed?”

Eva nodded.

Sarah reached out and gently squeezed Eva’s hand, a warm smile crossing her face. “If being closer to me brings you comfort and strengthens our bond, then I wholeheartedly welcome you into my room.”

Relief washed over Eva, her eyes shimmering with gratitude. "Thank you. It means the world to me.”
As they finished their conversation, they exchanged a warm embrace, sealing their decision.

That night, Eva gathered her belongings and moved into Sarah’s room.

As Eva and Sarah got ready to go to sleep, they decided to put on a diaper even they she probably wouldn’t need one. It felt good to wear one, plus there was no harm in doing it.

And as they climbed into bed, Eva and Sarah felt a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. The familiar scent of their shared space, and the knowledge that they were embarking on a deeper level of intimacy filled the air.

Eva snuggled into her own blanket, while Sarah grabbed a book from her shelf and settled into her own. “We’re in this together, through thick and thin.” Sarah said.

“Good night, Sar” Eva said lovingly, a couple of seconds later. But Sarah was already lost within the pages of the hunger games to hear.


Chapter 7

Eva’s eyes fluttered open as she slowly regained consciousness. She lay still for a moment. As her mind cleared, she remembered the reason for her uncertainty—her bedwetting troubles.

Gingerly, she sat up and glanced around the room, her heart pounding in her chest. It took only a second to notice the dryness of her diaper, a flicker of hope igniting within her. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, Eva hurriedly made her way to Sarah’s room.

She flew into Sarah’s, her voice laced with excitement. “Sarah, wake up! I have something to tell you!”

Sarah stirred and mumbled sleepily, her voice muffled from behind the closed door. “What is it, Eva? It’s still so early…”

Eva’s voice trembled with emotion as she spoke. “Sarah, I did it. I stayed dry.

Silence filled the room for a moment. Sarah reached under her blanket and felt her own diaper, and said. "Oh my goodness, Eva, that’s amazing! We did it! We actually stayed dry!”

Tears of relief and joy welled up in Eva’s eyes as she pulled Sarah into a tight embrace. “This is a turning point for us, Sarah.”

Then, cautiously, Eva said something strange. “I kinda liked the feeling of not needing to worry act having to get up at night.
What do you say we keep using them? It’s not like we’re reliant on them, we could go to the bathroom any time we want. We still have control over our bladders, we’re just going to be able to relax now and not worry as much. We should only keep it for while we’re at home though. The risk of someone finding out is too much. So what do you think?”

Sarah thought for a second and then agreed to give it a try. She sat up, got out of bed, and adjusted the diaper.

“I actually need to pee right now. Should I purposely go in the diaper?” Eva suggested quirkily. Sarah got into a weird mood, and nodded. Eva stopped for a second, squatted, and let out her liquids.

But her enthusiasm got the best of her and she peed just a little too much. It started leaking down her legs, and she ran to the bathroom giggling like a child, Sarah close behind her.

Eva waddled into the bathroom, and grabbed some tissues to clean herself up. Sarah looked on disbelief in what had just happened.
“Y’know it kinda feels gross, but also feels strangely good, I don’t know why.” Eva said as she wiped her legs.

So caught up were they in what they had just done, they didn’t hear the front door open, and their parents walk in to the house.

A few moments later, the bathroom door swung open, revealing their parents. Time froze as their parents took in the unexpected scene before them. Their eyes widened with disbelief and concern, struggling to comprehend what they were witnessing. Two partially clad girls, wearing diapers, one of which was very obviously used.

Panic coursed through the girl’s veins, and their faces flushed with embarrassment. They had been caught in the act, and the fear of their parents’ reaction gripped them tightly.

Eva’s father managed to break the silence, his voice a mix of shock and worry. “Eva, Sarah, what on earth is going on here? Why are you wearing diapers? And why are they soaked through?”

Eva and Sarah exchanged nervous glances, their throats tight with a flurry of emotions. How could they explain this sudden revelation? The weight of their secret hung heavy in the air, begging for an answer that seemed impossible to provide.

The room fell into an uncomfortable silence, the questions hanging in the air without a response. Eva and Sarah stood before their parents, trapped between their desire for acceptance and the fear of disappointing the people who had given birth to them.

The End…

Or Is It? Is there more to be written? Will Eva and Sarah be able to explain to their parents what they go through? Will their parents be upset at their daughters for going down this route, or will they be understanding?

Perhaps we shall never know. Or perhaps we will.
Only time will tell now.


Oehh, an open ending…