Becoming Baby Eden (Project Adult Pampers)

I’m new to writing, I also have adhd so my attention is all over the place. I have 3 chapters written so far. I’m not a professional writer so please don’t judge me as such as its likely to dent my confidence. I am a novice writer who got a D in my English GCSE 24 Years ago lol.


Eden had just arrived back home after work. He pulled up to the drive in his Ford focus RS in burnt orange with music playing loud, like the yob he wanted people to perceive him as. He turned off the music and the engine, then sat back and sighed. Eden knew there was trouble brewing at home. Last night the 28 year old business owner had wet the bed. Not for the 1st time either. This time was worse than before as kirsty his wife of 26 years old, blond and beautifully figured had woken up in the night soaking wet. Eden had peed on both of them. There was no getting away with it this time.
Eden gathered his thoughts as he got out of the car. Eden is 5ft 10. Smaller than his wife. Kirsty stood at 6ft and looked as eloquent and proper as the heiress she was. Eden on the other hand was stocky and had a skin head. Trying to pull off the yob look, trying to look like a hard man because deep down he knew he secretly wasn’t.
He made his way to there beautiful detached home in the Yorkshire countryside. They had a lovely home that had been featured in countryside magazine. Acres of land and no neighbours for miles. He opened the door. Took a deep breath and entered to see his wife stood in the entrance hallway with her arms crossed tapping the floor with one foot. She was pissed off (no pun intended).
“Hi babe” Eden said with a awkward smile as he tried to avoid eye contact while unfastening his shoes. “How was your day?”
“My day? How was my day?” Kirsty said through her teeth seething with anger. Eden began to sweat and got nervous. “I wake up covered in your piss and you ask me how was my day? I’ll tell you how my day has been. Some small cocked man and mean man in the loosest term possible pissed on me. I had to get up, strip the bed, get a shower and try scrub your urine off me. After I cleaned your pissy sheets up and got to work guess what happened? I still stunk of piss. I spent the day in big meetings trying to avoid getting near people incase they smelt your piss on me. I used nearly a full bottle of perfume to try mask your ammonian aroma. So as you can see I’m not very happy. I don’t want to hear your excuses. It’s not the 1st time this has happened either, is it?”
“No” Eden mumbled like a naughty boy who had been caught.
“Pardon? I didn’t hear you.” An irritated Kirsty said.
“No, I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened or why. It might be work stress or something. I’m so sorry Kirsty. What can I do to make this better?” He pleaded.
“I’m not sure. I love you Eden but I can’t keep being woken up like this. You know how important my job is. My dad could see how tired I was and it showed in my board meeting with the shareholders of pampers. It was an important meeting. I told my dad as he was furious so I had to explain. He came up with a solution.” A calming Kirsty explained.
Eden looked puzzled. He wasn’t mad at his wife for telling her dad as he understood why. But what was the idea her dad had?


It’s a good chapter !! You can really see what is going on and where we going from now ! Keep the good work ! Love to see new writers having a go in this forum

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Thanks that’s very kind of you to say so


You welcome now please post more ! Very curious to see what gonna happen next rsrs

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Great story…

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Kirstys dad ‘Brian’ owned shares in pampers parent company P&G. He was director of the research and development team which was looking into developing Pampers in adult sizes. Only problem he had is they hadn’t developed a design yet that suited the product. As it stood the Pampers adult nappies where identical as the baby dry series.
Kirstys dad Brian thought this was an ideal solution to Edens problem but he would have to wear them in a baby design. Edens bed wetting would be under control and Kirsty could monitor the performance of the nappy to see if it was good enough to go on to production and then on sale in public. Also Kirstys dad secretly hated Eden. Brian saw this as an amazing way of humiliating Eden in the way he felt humiliated having to call him ‘son in law’. You see both Brian and Eden had a difficult relationship. Brian, a man who is in his golden stages of life had worked hard his whole life to get to where he is today. He saw Eden as a guy that was only marrying his daughter because he was rich and owned several estates. As Brian didn’t have a direct male son to become the hier to his empire as he and his wife Katie where blessed with Kirsty only. Brian was very protective of his family and who was marrying into it. Even if he was wrong in the way he thought.
Brian approached Kirsty regarding his plan. She did think it was a good idea but whether Eden would go for it was a different subject. Kirsty explained to her dad, given Edens personality of being butch, he might not go for this. So Brian said “Well, I know he likes money, so offer him a payment plan. The more he wears the more he gets paid. Pay him more than his businesses earn each month by say double? But that only happens if he wears them fulltime and sells his crap businesses.” Kirsty quickly erupted with a “Dad! His businesses are not crap. Just because he doesn’t make millions doesn’t mean you can compare him to being a share holder as well as a director of P&G. You come into the office once a week and do your monthly shareholders meetings and get paid millions in dividends. While you’re out on the golf course he’s working hard. Do you know why? To impress you!”
Brian grumbled back “Well if he wants to impress me he should get on board with this project, quit his businesses. If he performs well on this project, maybe, just maybe he will get a partnership and shares from the company. He too will be on the golf courses earning to provide, all be it in a nappy…” Brian said while bursting into laughter. “Dad dont take the mickey.”
Brian wiped a tear from laughter from his eyes and continued “Anyway, it’s so you can quit and make me an heir for this family. Make me and your mother grandparents. I just want to make sure the Butler name continues and we have the pitter patter of tiny feet, not your husbands though!” He joked. “Seriously though, offer him £1000 per night he wears one of these nappies. £1500 bonus for every wet nappy and a £2000 bonus for a poopy one. If he does both he can earn £4500 per night. That should be enough to start off. If he chooses to wear day and night he will get double. I need weekly reports from you and if he does a good job I’ll make him CEO of the new projects department. How does that sound?”
“Oh my god daddy, that sounds amazing. I will put this to him and see what he says. Thank-you daddy!” Kirsty said then hugged and kissed her dad. She wished him fairwell then left for her home and an interesting meeting with her husband Brian.


another good chapter, I wonder if he’ll go for that?

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“I want you to start wearing nappies”. As soon as the words left Kirstys mouth they stunned Eden.
“Wh, wh, whaaaat?” Stuttered Eden as feelings of shame, shock, embarrassment and, though he dare not admit it, horny.
Edens chubby began to get a little excited and went from floppy to semi. He tried to compose himself. ‘Be calm Eden, pretend you hate the idea. No one can know your secrets’ he thought to himself.
“Calm yourself Eden. Take a deep breath and seat in the living room and I will explain.” Kirsty said while giving him a sympathetic one armed hug while Eden was still taking his shoes off.
Kirsty left Eden and made her way to the living room. Eden, shaking had finally removed his last shoe. His palms where sweaty.

This was like a dream come true but he was too anxious for anyone to know he was into wearing nappies and acting like a baby. As far as anyone looking in on Edens life saw a hard man, someone who meant business and wasn’t to be crossed.

He’d worked years on putting the huge wall up to hide these feelings he had since he was 4. This desire to want to live as a baby. No responsibility, no worries and the best bit wearing a nappy full time and this wall was about to be bulldozed down. He knew his secret was going to be revealed. He was scared of how his wife will react.

He took 3 deep breaths. In and out. In and out. In and out. ‘I’m ready. You got this Eden. Them walls are there for a reason. She might not figure this out yet.’ He quietly thought as he stood and made his way down the hallway and towards the living room.

He walk through the door to see his wife sat pleasantly patting the space beside her on the luxurious sofa. “Come on. I won’t bite. What’s got into you?” She softly said.

Eden made his way through the living room and sat beside his loving wife. She was smiling. Eden smiled back. “Eden. I love you, but we need to address your problem. As I said before my father has a solution. We’ve actually been working on developing adult nappies and you would make an ideal product tester. I think you should give it a go. He’s offered you a handsome reward. All you have to do is wear them for bed. Tell me how they have performed and I’ll do the report for the company. No one will know except me, you and my father. I think this is a excellent idea and opportunity. What do you think?” Kirsty said excitedly.

Eden could read his wifes body language and knew that this is something she wanted. “Well, I’m a grown man. Men don’t wear nappies. What would others think if they saw me?”
“Who’s going to see you at bed time hmm? Me.”
“I suppose. What do they look like?” Eden asked.

Kirsty reaches down to a bag sat to her right of the sofa. “I’m glad you asked.” She reaches in and gets hold of a single nappy. Pulls it out of the bag and sits the nappy on her knees. “See, there so cute, here hold it if you want?” She says as she passes the nappy to Eden.

Eden takes hold of the nappy. In his hands is a babies nappy but it’s bigger. He opens it up and it’s exactly the same as the Pampers baby dry but in adults size. Same baby print, same single side fasteners and same smell.
He gets an instant erection with pre cum oozing out.
“Lay down and let’s see if it fits.” Kirsty says as she gets off the sofa and points to the floor to motion Eden to lay down.

“Erm, I, oh, erm” Eden mumbled unsure as to what to do.
“Eden sit on the floor and let’s try it on, what wrong with you?”

Eden slides off the sofa and onto the floor. He closes his eyes hoping that this is a dream. Kirsty undoes he’s jeans and slides them down. She’s greated by Edens now raging hard on. She pretends not to notice but wonders why he’s sexually aroused. She makes a mental note to bring it up later.

She slides his underwear off. “Eden you stink down here. Look at the state of your underwear. Good job I’ve got wipes”. She begins wiping him down. She cleans his throbing manhood and balls. “Lift your bum please”. Eden lifts. Kirsty gets another clean wipe to do his bum paying attention to his anus and cheeks. “Look at the state of this!” She show Eden the now brown wipe. “Disgusting Eden. Don’t you know how to wipe your own arse?”

Eden goes beetroot red with embarrassment but also he’s sweating trying not to cum. “Keep your bum up please.” Kirsty demands as she slides the Pampers nappy under him. “Down.” Eden lowers his bum down and can hear the crinkle of his nappy as his weight drops into the awaiting padding. ‘I’m actually going to be wearing Pampers. Omg. Omg.omg’ Eden says in his head as his dick begins to twitch.

Kirsty then sprinkles on some baby powder. Pulls Edens nappy up and over his groin. She pulls the stretchy side and fastens ones side, then the other, then “oh my god, oh my god I’m cuming” Eden screams in ecstasy. His body thrusting mid air as his cum squirts into the now closed nappy. His hand clenched and toes curled.
Kirsty sat back. Took in the sight of her husband cuming. A cheeky grin crept across her face. Kirsty knew what this meant. She’s secretly into ageplay as a mommy dom. Her husband has a fetish for nappies. Maybe he’s an adult baby too.


Awww so happy to see a new chapter !!! Loved this chapter

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Hope you like it

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as squirrely weird as this sounds if i could do it, i would in a Nano-second.

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I like your story and like to read more and I can not wait until I can read some more about Eden in diapers and that he is a adult baby. It makes me feel like I am the one in this story

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New update inbound

Hope there more of this story