Becca's Baby Husband

First time writing a story. I will continue if people enjoy it. Here is Part 1.

Rebecca worked at PharmBeauty, a company that specializes in beauty products, at the company’s daycare. Since a lot of the employees were younger and having children the company thought it would be a good benefit to offer childcare. Becca loved her job and working with kids all day and loved that the company had this available.

She became friends with several people in the company through them dropping off their kids. In fact, she was so liked by the children that she started after hour care for some of her closer friends. It was through these friends that she was set-up with her future husband, Ryan.

Ryan had the opposite feelings when it came to children than Becca. He was far too focused in his career to spare a thought for children; at least for now. Becca had been chipping away at changing his attitude on the subject. However, Ryan was too far absorbed with his work to give any serious thought to Rebecca.

Becca and Ryan have been together for three years, the last of which they were married. When they first started dating it was like they had found the piece that was missing in each other. For whatever reason they both knew that this was the relationship that they were meant to be in for life. They trusted each other completely and had no secrets from one another. And they both loved that about one another.

Becca had just been closing for the day when one of her friends, Laura, came running up pulling two kids by the hands. “WAIT!” She screamed.

“Huh?” Becca said as she looked up from locking the gate on the daycare’s entrance. “Oh, hi Laura and Kelly and Amber. How are we all today?”

“Just a mess Becca!” Laura replied Laura. “I forgot I had a late meeting tonight and forgot to call you and ask if you were available/willing to take the kids for a while tonight? It will only be until six and I can pick them up at your place.”

“Well, I would need to check with Ryan first…” Becca replied timidly, “I think we had a date night planned.”

“I’ll tell you what, you tell that stick in the mud husband of yours that the next date night is on me.” Laura said definitively. “I know that will convince the cheapskate.”

Becca laughed at Laura’s comments. “It is true, and I think I would like something more extravagant than dinner and a movie. Tell you what, I know you are in a hurry so I will take the girls and stop by Ryan’s lab on the way out and let him know what is going on.”

“Oh my God. Thank you so much Becca!” Laura said handing the kids over to Becca “I owe you a thousand!”

“Not a problem! Really I think I have Ryan almost convinced on the kids thing.” Replied Becca. “Maybe in the next decade we will have a kid.”

“That man is so worried about kids and yet he is being so childish about this.” Laura said. “Anything I can do to help on that front let me know.” She bent down to address her kids “Kelly and Amber, I want you both to be on your best behavior. I don’t want any bad reports when I come get you.”

“Yes mom.” Kelly and Amber said in unison. And then giggled that they spoke at the same time.

Laura stood up and turned back to Becca “But maybe don’t try for twins; the whole talking at the same time stops being adorable at age 7.”

“MOM!” The girls replied.

“I am joking! But I do need to go. Thank you again!” Laura said as she left.

“Alright girls! Looks like it is you and me for a while. What should we do first?” Becca asked.

“Toys!” Said Kimberly,

“Pizza!” Said Amber.

Becca laughed at the pair’s enthusiasm. “Sounds like a perfect date! Let’s go say bye to Ryan and we will get him to pay for the pizza and then go home for all the toys.”

The girls squealed excitedly. Becca grabbed each of their hands and they all made their way to the elevator. Becca hit a button and they rode down to the correct floor. When they got to their destination the elevator pinged and stated Floor B5 Laboratory, Restricted Access. They stepped Out of the elevator and were greeted by a red-haired woman sitting behind a desk marked Reception.

“Hey Becca.” The receptionist greeted.

“Hi Gretchen. Just me and Laura’s kids. Need to see Ryan quick. Is he in his office?” Asked Becca.

“No. He has been in his lab all day working on ‘something huge’” Gretchen said using two fingers to act as air quotes.

“Can’t say that I am surprised.” Becca said. “We will just knock on his window if that is alright.”

“No problem Becca, tell him that some of us like to go home at a reasonable hour.” Gretchen said hitting a button that made the doors unlock and a loud buzzing sound.

Becca and the girls walked through two large glass doors that led down a hallway that had windows looking into laboratories on either side. Most of the lights were off or there were workers in the process of turning everything off. Becca saw Ryan in his lab working, probably not even realizing what time it is. She paused for a moment to look at him adoringly, she really did think he had the perfect mix of nerdy/sexy wearing his lab coat.

She saw that he was pouring something into a beaker and did not want to distract him while doing potentially dangerous work. She waited until he set everything down and then tapped on the glass. Ryan seemed to not notice so she tapped again slightly louder. He had made a quick glance up seeing Becca smiled and then went back to work. Becca knew that he had seen her this time and that he was just being a brat.

“Alright girls.” Becca said to Amber and Kimberly “I want you to hit the glass really fast with me. Okay! Ready? One! Two! THREE”

All the girls started hitting the glass incessantly all the while laughing. Ryan, now realizing his wife was not alone, jumped at all the noise and then looked over to see Becca grinning like a madwoman. He took his gloves off and walked over to open the door and stepped out seeing the two girls with Becca.

“Did anyone hear knocking?” Ryan said smiling “I could have sworn I heard knocking.” He then bent down on a knee to be eye level with the girls. “Now you two wouldn’t happen to know who was knocking on my window would you?”

“NO!!” The girls screamed.

“Huh.” Ryan said standing up, “Well that settles it. I am going crazy. Becca, something to explain?”

Becca laughed at Ryan interacting with the girls. He is so great with kids; ‘I don’t know why he doesn’t want one himself’ Becca thought. Maybe he doesn’t want one because he is such a big kid himself. “Just letting you know that we will have company tonight.”

“Company? COMPANY?!” Ryan said play screaming to the girls, and then turning back to Becca with a frowned lip “But I thought I was the only one to get to play with you tonight.”

“You. Are. So lucky you are cute.” Becca said pinching his cheek.

“Aww” The girls said.

“And I think you look absolutely adorable in you little lab coat.” Becca said as she grabbed the front of his coat. “Don’t you agree girls?”

“Yeah!” They shouted.

“You have competition.” Ryan said to Becca jokingly.

“Very funny.” Becca said as she stole a kiss.

“EWW!” The girls shouted.

“EWW!” Ryan shouted back.

“You all are hilarious.” She said releasing Ryan’s coat. “We are going to be getting pizza for dinner and playing with toys tonight.”

“Oh jealous!” Relpied Ryan.

“Ha, ha.” The girls sneered.

“Alright, no fighting children.” Becca addressed the three of them. “Laura will be getting the kids at six. And since she spoiled our date night, she is paying for the next one.”

“That is nice of her.” Ryan replied. “And very fortunate timing, because I am wrapped up in a breakthrough at the moment!”

“Oh, really now?” Becca inquired. “What are we innovating today?”

“Glad you asked!” Ryan said excitedly.

Becca loves how excited he gets to share things he is interested in. She remembers his mom told her once he used to bring back all the cool looking rocks he collected when he was little.

“I am on the verge of an effective anti-aging solution.” Ryan continued. “This solution will add length to the end of your DNA effectively reversing aging to a degree. It is super cool! You could put it in lotion and any wrinkle would instantly smooth out. Applied correctly it could, in theory, reverse an applied area to… well I don’t even know! But I have been working on the proper dilution all day and I think I can get it right with the concentrated mixture.”

“Interesting.” Becca said inquisitively. “So, you have the elixir of life in there?”

“I mean, I don’t mean to brag but…” Ryan trailed off.

“Alright, Frankenstein.” Becca started. “What time are you going to get home?”

“Hopefully, 10?” Ryan replied.

“Oh, come on. It’s Friday night, let Gretchen go home.” Becca said in protest.

“Okay, fine! I will wrap up as soon as I can.” Ryan said.

“Good.” Becca said. “Come on girls, let’s leave the mad scientist to his potions.”

Both girls laughed as they walked away.

‘That girl.’ Ryan thought to himself as his gaze lingered on Becca as she walked away.

Becca took both girls and got them into her van to take back to her place. A van is a necessity in her line of work, she keeps various sizes of car seats in her van for this reason. She got it shortly after Ryan and her got married. Becca thought to herself the one thing that shocked her most about her marriage was Ryan’s income. She knew he had money but didn’t know just how much. He had told her that he just didn’t have anything to spend money on so it just sort of collected.

After the marriage she sat Ryan down to go over their finances and found they could afford a very spacious house with money to spare for extensive renovations. They bought a nice three story that was close to work with plenty of space and bedrooms for if the family grows in the future.

Becca got the girls home and they ordered a pizza before the girls started begging to go down to the nursery.

“Absolutely!” Becca said enthusiastically. “Find some good toys and we can watch a movie after!”

“Okay!” The girls replied.

‘That thing was the best investment we ever made’ Becca thought to herself thinking about the nursery. The nursery, as Becca called it, was Becca’s pet project when she moved in. She knew that she was going to keep watching kids in the part time as well as her job, so she insisted Ryan let her build it.

She converted their entire basement into a playroom that any kid would be jealous of. The floor was almost entirely covered in foam puzzle flooring and where it was not there was very fluffy and soft carpet to lay and crawl on. On one side of the basement there were two giant bookshelves of games and toys and movies for all ages. In between the bookshelves was a giant screen to watch movies on.

The other side of the basement Becca had broken into separate rooms for different functions. One was a room that had some cribs in it for when she needed to put small children down for a nap. The room right next to that was a changing room with every size of diaper available as well as training pants and diapers for older bedwetters. The last room was a playpen that she could put the toddlers into without risk of them getting hurt.

Around the rest of the room were all sorts of playsets including, at Ryan’s insistence, a laboratory play set. Finally, Becca’s favorite part, was the costumes and play stage that she had set up. It had all the costumes she could possibly find in almost every size.

Becca convinced Ryan that this was a sound investment because it would allow her to take care of kids and have a place for when they have kids. Ryan was not keen on the idea, but Becca eventually wore him down. She was fairly sure the movie screen was what sold it to him. She sees him down there all the time playing games and watching movies. He tries to deny it, but she thinks that he loves it down there, he is just too serious for his own good.

The bell rang for the pizza and Becca went to bring it downstairs for them all to eat.

“Here we go! What do we want to watch?” Asked Becca.

“Frozen!” They both said.

“Good choice!” Becca stated as she turned the movie on and grabbed a slice.

They were almost all the way through the movie when Becca heard the garage door. ‘That’s strange’ she thought as she checked her watch, ‘it is only 5:30.’

“I’ll be right back girls. Stay put okay.”

“Okay.” They both replied.

Becca went upstairs and opened the door to the garage. She saw Ryan’s car parked, but she could not see him.

“Ryan?” She called out to him.

There was no answer. She decided to investigate thinking Ryan was playing a prank on her and walked over to his car. However, she found it to be empty. ‘What is going on?’ Becca thought getting slightly concerned. She walked back inside and saw that there was a light on in the upstairs bedroom.

“Ryan?” Becca called again as she walked up the stairs. “Ryan are you home?”

She walked to the top of the stairs and found that Ryan had left his clothes in the hallway, which was not like him. “Ryan are you alright?” Becca asked.

“I am fine Becca, just got really tired when I was at work. I think I am coming down with something.” Ryan replied.

“Oh, you poor baby.” Becca said as she walked over to him and put her hand on his forehead. Since they have been married neither of them had been sick. “What can I do for you?”

“Nothing really. I just am tired, so I am going to go to bed early. Sorry for our date night.” Ryan said.

“Don’t you apologize” Becca said, “You just focus on getting better.”

Becca stood up and walked to the door and turned off the lights. “I’ll be back to check on you after the girls leave.”

Becca returned to the girls to find them just as she left them, and they finished the movie together. “Alright girls we have twenty more minutes until you mom gets here. What do you want to play?”

“Games!” Kimberly said.

“Dress up!” Amber said.

“Oh yeah, let’s do dress up!” Kimberly replied.

“You guys have the best ideas!” said Becca as she stood up and walked over to the stage with all the costumes. “Should I be a pirate? Arrgh! Or a princess? Blush! Or I could be like Ryan and be a scientist. Work, work, science, science.”

Both the girls were giggling at Becca’s antics. Who should we let pick first? “Me! Me!” They shouted.

“Okay! We have plenty of costumes. You pick yours and decide one for me. Kimberly chose to be the pirate and Amber chose the scientist. They picked the princess outfit for Becca. They played with each other and lost track of time only to hear the doorbell ring. “Oh no girls! We need to get upstairs! Your mom is here!”

They all raced upstairs before taking their costumes off and ran to the door where Becca opened it to find Laura.

“You all seem to be having fun.” Laura said referring to Becca being dressed like a princess.

“Oh, yes. They picked it out for me.” Becca said.

“Well, it looks beautiful. Girls, please take of your costumes and go to the car.”

“Thank you!” Becca replied. “Girls you can just leave your costumes here and I will put them away later.”

“Okay!” they said as they took their costumes off and went out to the car.

“Thank you again, Becca.” Laura said. “You really saved me tonight.”

“Like I said any time.” Becca replied. “Ryan is up in bed with some kind of bug anyway.”

“I told him he would work himself sick eventually. He needs a vacation. Seriously try to get him to take some time off.” Laura said.

“I think you might be right.” Replied Becca. “We’ll see if I can convince him. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck.” Said Laura as she left.

Becca shut the door behind her friend and made her way up to Ryan picking up his clothes along the way. She cracked the door slowly to not wake him and heard him snoring. She didn’t want to wake him, so she left him to sleep and went downstairs to enjoy the night to herself. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. Thinking to herself how nice it would be to have her home filled with some children of her own. She smiled to herself and to a big sip from her glass.

The next morning Becca awoke finding that she had fallen asleep on the couch. ‘I must have been out of it’ she thought to herself. She stood up and stretched and then remembered Ryan. She walked up the stairs and into the bedroom to find it empty.

She saw light coming from under the bathroom door. “Ryan? Are you alright?”

“Fine.” A high pitch voiced responded followed by a forced low pitch “Fine.”

“Alright…” Becca replied hesitantly. “I am going to go for a run then and we’ll get breakfast when I get back.”

There was no response so Becca took that as an affirmative. She quickly changed into some leggings, sports bra and a tank and went out for her run. She was in a good mood and decided to listen to something upbeat for her run. After a little over an hour, she returned home glistening from a light sweat, checking her watch. ‘Not a bad time’ she thought. “Ryan, I am home.” Becca called.

She walked in the front door and found her house was a disaster. It was as though someone let a toddler loose unsupervised. She saw that the drawers and lower cabinets in the kitchen had been pulled or attempted to be pulled. In the other room she saw clothes strown about and the girl’s costumes had been moved. On the staircase she saw that there was a tiny puddle on the staircase halfway up with it dribbling up the stairs.

“What the hell happened here?!? Hello! Ryan?” Becca called. She heard a rustling from the upstairs bedroom.

Becca opened the bedroom door and saw a toddler no more than two trying to put clothes on but failing. All the clothes they were trying to put on were at least way to big. “Hello? Who are you?” Becca said softly.

The child jumped at the realization that there was someone there. It looked up at Becca and started crying hysterically. Becca instinctively ran over to pick up and soothe the child.

“Shh, shh, shh. It is alright. It’s alright.” Becca said picking up the child and bouncing it on her hip saying in a sing song voice, “Ryan? Where are you? Why is there a baby here?”

“I… am… not. Am. Not a baby.” The child said starting to come down from its fit.

“Huh?” Becca said pulling the child away from her chest. “Was that you talking little one?”

“Becca! It’s me! It’s Ryan!” Ryan said.

“Uhh… Uhh…” Becca said as she was bouncing Ryan on her hip. “I don’t know what to do with this information.”

“You can start by putting me down…” Ryan said annoyed at Becca’s bouncing.

“Oh, right. Sorry. It’s just, well you started to cry, and I just reacted.” Becca said.

Ryan held a hand up “It’s okay Becca. I don’t know what came over me I just saw you and I was relieved someone was here and I was happy it was you and… and…” He started to tear up again.

“And you don’t know what came over you?” Becca said putting her hands on her hips.

“Yeah. Yes. How did you know?” Asked Ryan.

“I deal with fussy babies all day. I know how they get when they are overwhelmed.” Becca answered. “But how did you get like this?”

Ryan sighed and put his hand on his head. Then started to walk over to a pile of clothes on the floor, he picked up the white lab coat that the girls had played with the night before and started to put it on. “It is pretty embarrassing” Ryan started as he put his arms into the coat that was obviously too big for him. “But last night I spilled the solution I was working with on my arm. I knew that it was going to have some adverse effects, so I came home before they started. I thought that it would be localized to only my arm, but it appears that in the concentrated state it affected my entire body.”

Becca could not help but laugh at this spectacle. Here was her genius of a husband looking like a toddler trying to be a big person, walking around putting on his lab coat and giving a lecture. He was just the cutest. “Alright then Mr. Baby Husband. How do we change that cute lil’ butt back into my big strong hubby?” She said mockingly picking up Ryan and carrying him over to the bed tickling him.

“Stop. Becca. Please. I am, going. To.” Ryan said between laughing. “Gasp!”

Ryan looked down and realized that he had just peed all over the jacket he had put on, the bed and Becca. He pushed away from Becca, stood on the bed and started to breath heavy as his eyes were getting red. Becca knew this was the start of another tantrum. “Hey now. It’s okay, I’m sorry I was tickling you. It was my fault not yours.” Becca said as she dabbed Ryan’s cheek to wipe away the tear. “Let us get you cleaned up. How does that sound?”

“Yes. Hem. Hem.” Ryan Said clearing his throat as though he wasn’t just seconds away from crying after just peeing himself. “I was just about to suggest that.”

“Of course you were!” Becca said as she tapped Ryan’s nose.

“Becca, please. That is so infantile. I am a grown man.”

“I know you are, but you are just so cute!” Becca said as she once again picked Ryan up off the bed and walked with him on her hip as they made their way towards the bathroom. “Now let’s get you out of those icky wet clothes.”

“Are you actually enjoying this?” Ryan asked in a shocked accusation.

“Hmm.” Becca said her smile beaming. “My stick in the mud husband turned himself into an itty bitty baby and now he keeps having tewmper tantwums.”

“That is not what happened! Becca this isn’t funny I keep wet…” Ryan trailed off.

“You keep what Baby Husband?”

“Nothing Becca.” Ryan signed. “Can we please just take a shower?”

“I can yes. But you my little man are getting a nice bath to get him all clean.”

“Becca come on! I haven’t gotten a bath since I can remember, and I need to get to the lab today. I need the formula to calculate how long I will be like this!” Ryan said in protest.

“All I am hearing is blah, blah, blah I made myself into a baby. Blah, blah, blah I will change back. Blah, blah, blah Becca me want a bathy!” Becca said.

“That is not what I said or what I sound like. This is sewrious!” Ryan replied.

“This is sewrious huh? I know it is serious, but you said we can change you back, so I am going to have some fun and you are hopefully going to relax.” Becca said as she put Ryan into the bathtub. “Now stay here while I get some toys, we only have big boy toys up here and not wittle baby toys for wittle Ry-Ry.”

She tickled under Ryan’s chin causing him to giggle. “Now you stay put while I go downstairs and get some more fun toys for you.” She started the water and then stood to leave. “Normally I wouldn’t leave such little kids alone with the water on, but I think you can manage right?”

Ryan gave a big smile.

“You’re playing way into that cute card. Aren’t I the one that can get away with anything with a cute smile?” Becca said.

“Well, you said I was adorable, so I need to take advantage of it!” Ryan Replied

Becca laughed as she walked out the door into the bedroom. She looked down at her pants and tank top, it was drenched with pee curtesy of her husband. She was used to having kids peed on her, it came with the job, so she was not mad or grossed out more so amused by her husband’s predicament. It was funnier knowing that her husband ‘Mr. Genius’ turned himself into a baby of his own accord. ‘Not so smart this time’ Becca thought to herself. She was concerned of course, but she likes that she can tease him every now and again.

He pretends like he hates it, but Becca knows that deep down Ryan loved being teased by her. Something about being made fun of a little excites him. So, she takes advantage when she can. Down in the nursery Becca grabbed some bath toys from the toddler area to bring for Ryan to play with.

She walked past the changing room and thought about grabbing something to change Ryan into. Quickly shaking her head, ‘he would kill me’, she thought as she looked at the stacks of diapers. ‘But still, he did have one accident and I am fairly certain he had another one on the stairs. Just in case’ she thought as she grabbed a pair of 2T easy ups with a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine on the front. ‘Maybe he won’t get too mad at these.’ Looking at them she thought to herself ‘these might even be to big for Ryan right now.’

She walked back upstairs with all the toys seeing her destroyed kitchen and passing the puddle on the staircase again. She made her way through the bedroom and heard crazy laughing and splashing. She looks in to find Ryan splashing the water all over and laughing at himself. “What do you think you are doing mister?” Becca play asked.

“Nothing!” Ryan replied. “It was just fun to play.”

Becca looked at Ryan lovingly, he really was the cutest. “Well, I don’t want to interrupt your play time, but I found some more things to play with!”

“YEEESSS!” Ryan screamed as he jumped up and down.

“Here is Mr. Frog! And Here is Mrs. Elephant!” Becca was saying as she was introducing the toys. She loved that Ryan seemed to be letting go and was finally letting some stress out. ‘If I knew turning him into a baby would relax him this much, I would have done it ages ago’ Becca thought smiling at the notion. She grabbed her phone and took several pictures while Ryan was not looking.

“Now my little fire hydrant. You got me all full of your pee pee. EWW!” Becca said.

“I’m sorry.” Ryan said pouting thinking he did something wrong.

“Not sorry! Eww!” She said as she pulled off her tank top. “Come on, Eww!”

“Eww!” Ryan screamed back with glee.

“That’s right! Eww! Now I need to take all my clothes off and get naked with my Baby Husband! Is that what you wanted all along?!” Becca asked jokingly lightening the mood as she slipped off her leggings then her sports bra.

“Maybe…” Ryan replied slyly.

“I knew it.” Becca said winking at Ryan. “Now make some room little man I am going to shower.”

Becca started the shower and stepped into the tub and picked Ryan up with her under the water. Ryan was carrying Mr. Frog with him as she picked him up. “Now it is my turn to get all nice and clean.”

Becca rinsed her hair and Ryan tried to help by patting her body with his frog. Becca looked down at Ryan sitting on her hip. ‘God! He is so freaking adorable!’ she thought as she was petting her. I love him so much.

“Watcha doing baby?” Becca asked.

“Helpin’” Ryan replied.

“Well, aren’t you the little helper?” Becca cooed at Ryan.

“Yeah!” Ryan squealed.

Becca could not help herself she kissed him on his forehead and his right cheek and then his left check and then all over saying, “You, KISS Are, KISS So, KISS Cute!” And then finished by blowing a raspberry on Ryan’s tummy.

“Stop it Becca!” Ryan pouted as he dropped his frog. “I am not a baby. I want to get down now. I am not having fun anymore.”

Disappointed Becca put him down and finished her shower. Ryan stood looking out of the shower looking bored and angry while Becca finished getting clean. Becca felt bad, she did not mean to make Ryan feel bad, she had just gotten carried away. He was just so adorable she could not help herself. “Alright Ryan, I am sorry to upset you are you ready to get out now?”

“Yes please…” Ryan said putting as Becca picked him up and stepped out of the shower together.

Becca put Ryan on the floor and put a towel with a frog hood she had brought up with her over his head. She turned around to grab her own towel. “What is that?!?” Ryan screamed.

Becca quickly turned around thinking something was wrong. She saw Ryan pointing at the training diaper she had brought up with her. Oh no. She had wished he would not have found those. “I am not wearing those!” Ryan said. “I don’t need to wear a diaper like one of your stupid babies.”

“Hey!” Becca snapped. “First off they are not stupid, they are babies and toddlers and can’t help themselves. Second, they are learning, do you even remember what it was like to struggle with something? And finally, I brought them up to be safe. Because you not only peed on the bed, but you also peed on the staircase, didn’t you?”

Ryan looked down at his feet. He knew that he had really made Becca mad. She hates it when he calls anyone stupid. He understands why, he used to be very boastful about his intelligence and Becca helped him to work through that. “I may have had an accident… but only because I got scared I was going to fall.”

“And what happened in the kitchen?” Becca asked Ryan looking sternly at him.

“I couldn’t find clothes or you or anything and I didn’t know what to do… so I…” Ryan trailed off again.

“So, you what? Go on tell me.” Becca pressed.

Ryan continued “I had a little freak out.” – Tantrum – Becca interjected.

“I had a little freak out and I didn’t know what to do and so I. Well, I did not handle it very well.” Ryan said.

“Ryan, dear, who has little ‘freak outs’ as you call them when they can’t control their emotions?”

Ryan remained quiet for a moment looking at the floor. “I’m not wearing a diaper.”

“Fine, but one little hiccup and I am putting that cute little butt into a diaper so fast you won’t be able to blink.”

Ryan was not sure if Becca was being serious or not, but when he looked at Becca she had the I mean business face and Ryan knew that she had made up her mind. He did not want to be put in a diaper, worst of all to be diapered by his wife.

“I picked out some clothes that I thought would fit you.” Becca said with a big smile handing over a tiny sailor suit to Ryan.

“I absolutely refuse to wear this.” Ryan said definitively.

“Oh, come on you will be so cute! I just want to get one picture!”

“No way!” Ryan replied. “And no pictures! Why are you even thinking of taking pictures?! That would be so mortifying if they got out!” Ryan replied.

“I need it for your baby book silly!” Becca teased Ryan. “And no one is going to see the pictures. Even if they do, they won’t be able to tell it is you silly.”

“No, no, no there is no baby book and no picture and no sailor suit!”

“Okay Baby Husband I’ll tell you what. Either you put on the sailor suit and I get my picture, or I put you in the sailor suit and I’ll make you wear it through breakfast.”

“Hmm. Nope. I am not a baby; I do not need diapers and I am perfectly capable of picking out my own clothes. I am an adult thank you very much, and I think you have carried on this charade long enough.” Ryan stuck his tongue out at Becca. He knew that she could not make him do anything he didn’t want to. He was an adult after all.

“You think so huh?” Becca asked with a devilish grin on her face.

“I know so.” Ryan replied.

“Alright then, big boy, go pick out some clothes. I will sit right on the bed and wait for you.” Becca said knowing how stubborn and defiant Ryan can get when he gets worked up.

Ryan puffed and walked out of the bathroom in nothing but his birthday suit. Becca giggled as she watched her little streaker of a husband walk into the closet. Ryan ignored her and continued to the closet. When he got there, he realized that he may have made a mistake. Everything looked huge to Ryan, he could not even reach the rail where his clothes were hanging.

Ryan felt himself getting overwhelmed again and started getting fussy. Becca seeing this happened smirked and walked over to her husband, “Need some help?” She asked.

Ryan looked down at his feet to avoid making eye contact with Becca, “none sniff of my sniff clothes will fit.” He said fighting back tears.

Becca bent down and picked up her toddler of a husband and brought him over to the bed and sat down putting him on her lap, “That is why I am here Ryan. I know this is hard and weird and you are used to doing everything on your own. But for right now and during the time you are stuck this way you are going to need to let me help you.”

Ryan continued to sniff his tears back but was calming down. He looked up to Becca his eyes watery, Becca raised a finger to wipe a tear away from Ryan’s eye. “And you know what will make it easier? You just relaxing and thinking of this as some MUCH-needed time off.” Said Becca.

Ryan looked up at Becca in confusion.

“Yes, you need some time off and I saw you having so much fun in the bath a second ago that I know if you let yourself you will be able to relax and maybe even have some fun.” Becca continued. “So do you think you can work with me a little here and we can figure this out together?”

Ryan looked at his wife lovingly as she was explaining this to him. And he knew she was right. He could not do almost anything by himself in his current state so he would need to rely on Becca.

“Alright. Okay.” Ryan said thinking “but I want ground rules.”

Becca frowned slightly in confusion back at Ryan but gestured for him to continue saying, “Oaky. What are your ground rules?”

Ryan began laying out his rules:

“First, I am an adult and wish to be treated as one so we will need to go shopping to get me some more adequate clothing.

Second, I want no one to find out about this. I would be a laughingstock of my whole field if anyone found out I made such a mistake.

Third, since I obviously cannot drive in my current state you will need to take me to where I need to go when I need to.

Forth, I am too short to reach the counters or bathroom so you will need to get stepping stools or pick me up when I need to do something.

Finally, no sailor suit!”

Becca looked down at her naked baby husband making demands like a tiny tyrant. Becca knew that Ryan could get bossy and when he is uncomfortable in a situation, he would usually try to take control. She loved that about him, but in this case, he just sounded like a demanding petulant infant.

“Okay then, Baby Husband.” Becca said as she stood up and set Ryan down on the bed on his back. “Here are how these ground rules are going to actually work:

First, yes you are an adult, and I will try to be mindful of that. However, you clearly are not able to control your emotions like an adult so if you want to be a big boy then act like a big boy, but if you are behaving like a baby then you are going to be treated appropriately. We have plenty of clothes here that will fit you that I use for the kids. If you do not want to wear those, we can go shopping but I am picking them out. I have wanted to update your wardrobe for a while.

Second, it will be our secret. When we are at home by ourselves you are free to act however you want. But when we are out in public or have company over you will need to act the part. Do you understand what that means?”

Ryan, still laying on his back looking at Becca, did not understand what she meant and shook his head no.

Becca continued:

“That means that when we are out in public or have company over you will need to act the part of a toddler. Unless you want people to find out.”

Ryan’s expression turned scared and quickly shook his head no.

Becca continued:

“That is what I thought. Third, if you ask nicely and are well behaved, I might drive you but it will be on my schedule not yours.

Fourth, again if you ask nicely, I will help you, but if you are being like you are now and making demands then you can be on your own all you like.

And finally, yes sailor suit!”

Becca ran to the bathroom while Ryan tried to get up. But he was not fast enough, and Becca quickly had Ryan’s pants and shirt on. She then brought Ryan to stand up on the floor and finished the ensemble with a matching hat. Ryan was surprised at how efficiently and quickly he got Ryan changed. He was even trying to squirm away, and she still managed. All this while still wearing only a towel.

Ryan looked at himself in the mirror while Becca went to grab her phone. He had to admit that he did look pretty darn cute; but he shook his head at the thought. “Becca!” He screamed. “Hurry up and take your picture I want food! And why don’t I have underwear???”

Becca laughed at her husband. ‘After all this fuss and now he is demanding food. Boy he can be a little brat sometimes.’ She thought. ‘I wonder how her mother handled him?’

“I am coming! And you don’t have underwear because most kids your size are either still in diapers or are just starting potty training and since you won’t wear the diaper I brought for you, you get to go commando.” Becca said returning with her phone “okay, now say cheese baby!”

“Cheese!” Ryan smiled with a goofy grin knowing that she would not stop till she got a good picture, so might as well get it over with.

“Perfect!” Becca said. “You are so freaking cute it should be illegal. Now, can I trust you to behave while I get dressed?”

Ryan shook his head yes and Becca went to the closet. She picked out a nice flowing white dress with a yellow flower pattern. Becca was saving this dress for after she had a child and was going to take them on their first outing, but she thought that it was appropriate for this occasion.

“Alright Mr. Man let’s get some food.” Becca naturally reached out her hand to Ryan intending for him to grab it.

Ryan pushed her hand away. “I don’t need to hold your hand. I am an adult remember?”

“Oh, I am sorry Ryan! You just look so much like one of my kids that I just did it out of habit. Let’s go downstairs.”

Becca walked in halfway down the stairs before she turned around to see her husband trying to descend them one at a time. He balanced his arms and then dangled his feet till he touched the next step. Becca was swooning at the sight of this. Ryan looked so cute trying to get down the stairs on his own. But Becca did not want her tiny husband to get hurt, so she walked back up the stairs and picked him up to carry the rest of the way down.

“Hey!” Ryan said in protest.

“Remember what I said.” Replied Becca “I will treat you how you are acting and need to be treated.”

“But I am not acting like a baby!” Ryan replied.

“You are too little to walk down the stairs yourself and you needed help, so I treated you how you needed to be treated. Now enough back talk or I will pop a pacifier into that mouth.”

Ryan instantly became quiet.

“That is what I thought.” Said Becca, “now come on let’s fill our bellies!”

Becca put Ryan down at the kitchen table and went to pour some orange juice for Ryan and herself. Not thinking she poured them both into a regular glass. She put it on the table for Ryan and went to prepare the other food, pancakes, eggs and bacon. “Ryan, how many pancakes do you want?” She asked turning back to see Ryan “Oh, my goodness!” She shrieked.

Becca had lunged toward the table and grabbed the glass of orange juice from Ryan just as he was about to spill it all over himself, still managing to spill quite a lot before she made it over to him. “What are you doing?” Ryan asked. “I am thirsty.”

“You were about to spill all over yourself.” Replied Becca.

“No, I wasn’t. I had everything under control.”

“Baby, you are not strong enough to lift a big boy glass. It is my fault I should have realized.” Becca was talking to Ryan as she went into the cabinet and pulled out a sippy cup and poured the juice into it before handing it back to Ryan and wiping up his spill. “Here drink from this for now. That way you won’t spill. I will just make you one pancake for now.”

Ryan didn’t like the way that Becca referred to the glass as a big boy glass because he was a big boy, just doesn’t look like it. But Ryan really was thirsty. He started drinking from the sippy cup. ‘This really is much easier’ he thought. Becca was speeding through breakfast and was just finishing up. She drew a smiley face on Ryan’s pancake before giving it to him.

Ryan looked up at his plate and tried to grab it. Becca was not going to say anything because she wanted Ryan to ask for help if he needed it. She would step in if he were about to hurt himself, but she felt he needed to see his limitations. Ryan struggled for a bit trying to reach the silverware, but to no avail. Defeated Ryan asks, “Becca, will you help me?”

“Of course!” Becca replied eagerly, “All you need to do is ask.”

Becca walked down to the basement and returned shortly with a booster seat/highchair combo that is used to convert a normal chair into a highchair. Ryan watched her as she brought it up and sighed, he knew that he needed it and was happy she did not go with just a highchair.

“Thank you.” Ryan mumbled as Becca placed him into his new chair, buckling him in. “Why are you buckling it?”

“Just a habit, sorry Ryan. You can unbuckle it if you want to or just leave it and I will take you out after.”

Ryan just mumbled ‘it’s fine’ to Becca before looking at his plate. He had seen that she had made his pancakes into a face and couldn’t help but smile. He always liked it when his food was made special by Becca. Ryan was struggling with his silverware to eat; they were too big and heavy for his hands to hold. Becca looked up “Shoot, I am sorry Ryan.” Becca said noticing he was struggling; she grabbed some smaller silverware intended for children from the drawer and walked around to Ryan. “Here use these.”

Ryan looked at the silverware he was handed. It was pink and had pictures of Minnie Mouse on them. Ryan looked up and was about to complain when Becca shot him the “DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?” look so he just went to eating. Becca was eating her breakfast normally while scrolling on her phone looking at social media occasionally looking up to Ryan. Ryan was picking at his not paying attention to what Becca was doing.

“You need to eat baby. You said you were hungry.” Becca said.

“I know!” replied Ryan “I had some I am just not as hungry as I thought I was.”

“Well, have at least three more big bites.” Becca stated speaking to Ryan as though was the toddler he looked to be, and added jokingly, “we want you to grow up big and strong!”

Ryan smiled at the comment and took another bite. The reason he was not eating was because his stomach was not feeling well. He waited for the feeling to pass and then tried to take another bite. But when he put the food in his mouth the feeling came back with a vengeance. Ryan needed to go to the bathroom NOW. He spit out his food and reached down to try to undo the buckle.

“Ryan!” Becca shouted at him. “You do not just spit your food out that is icky.” She then saw how much he was squirming, “Ryan, do you need to go potty?”

“YES!” Ryan shouted still struggling with the buckle.

“Oh!” Becca replied standing up and making her way quickly over to Ryan.

But it was too late as soon as Becca stood up Ryan could not hold it anymore and let go a squishy mess into the seat of his pants. Ryan felt instant relief and tried to fight it initially, but inevitably gave up the effort. He let all the warm gooey, sloppy mess squish all over inside his pants. Going up his back slightly and covering the back of his testacies with poop. After what felt like an eternity to Ryan, he felt himself finally stopping. He looked up and saw Becca standing over him with a concerned and semi disappointed look on her face.

Ryan felt the relief quickly turn to embarrassment his face growing red. He felt the load in his pants squish further with every small move. It had shifted further down his pants and out the top of his waistband more and onto the booster/highchair. This was more than Ryan could take.

He started wailing his head off. Ryan’s cries turned from screaming to an inaudible high pitch squeak.

Becca knew that Ryan was in the middle of having a full-blown meltdown. She unbuckled him and carried him carefully over to the sink, making sure that as much mess as possible was contained. She started the water right away which made Ryan scream more from the cold. Becca was quick to action and moved it away to warm up. Becca laid Ryan down at the end of the sink with his back on the counter so that only his bottom half was in the sink. She expertly pulled of Ryan’s now messy pants with one hand while holding Ryan still with the other. Once his pants were off, she stood Ryan up and started to rinse his bottom with the now warm water.

As Becca was cleaning Ryan, he started to calm down a little. “Sit down please.” Becca commanded Ryan.

Ryan obeyed without question still crying. Becca removed his hat and shirt and rinsed off the rest of his back. ‘Thankfully, he did not have too big of blow out’ Becca thought as she was inspecting the damage. Once Ryan was fully clean Becca told him to wait and went downstairs to grab some items. Ryan barely paid attention since he was still very much worked up.

Becca came back with another towel, this time a pig. Along with a mat, small seat, and playpen. Becca set up the playpen and mat in the living room, placing the seat so that it faced the TV. ‘At least he won’t do much damage to that’ Becca thought as she positioned the plastic backed chair. She returned to the kitchen and wrapped Ryan in a towel before picking him up and putting him in the playpen. Normally Becca would have diapered the kid first, but she did not want to further upset him. She turned the TV on to a channel that played nursery songs and flashed bright changing colors across the screen.

Becca had quite a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to handling fussy babies. The TV and music always did the trick. Becca went back to the kitchen and started cleaning Ryan’s mess. She put Ryan’s sailor suit into a plastic bag and threw it in the trash. ‘So sad. But at least I got a picture of him in it’ she thought to herself. She grabbed some wipes and cleaned up the floor where Ryan had dripped some of his poo on his way to the sink. And then finally cleaning up the booster/highchair.

She could hear Ryan starting to calm down as she went about finishing cleaning. She picked up the dishes and saw that Ryan had barely eaten anything. ‘He can’t just eat this for breakfast,’ Becca thought as she was throwing the contents into the compost, ‘he usually has a protein shake when he is running late for work’ she continued her thought. ‘But he is too little for that right now.’ Then Becca remembered that she had some booster formula for toddlers that she would mix into the milk for some of her kids.

Becca went to the basement and grabbed the powder and brought it upstairs. She grabbed a blender bottle that Ryan usually uses and mixed milk in with the powder and shook it. Becca was about to bring the bottle over to Ryan when her eyes got a glimpse of the table. ‘Do not want another OJ mishap’ she thought. And went to get another sippy cup. Drat. Becca found that all the sippy cups she had upstairs were dirty. She did not want a huge mess to clean so she grabbed a green transition cup from the back of the closet. It was like a sippy cup but had what was essentially a bottle nipple at the top. ‘He will just have to live with it’ Becca thought as she made her way over to Ryan.

“How are you doing there little one? Cried yourself to sleep, huh?” Becca asked softly as she approached where Ryan was laying noticing he was asleep wrapped up in the pig towel.

Becca did not want to move Ryan much as she did not want to wake him and wanted to keep an eye on him. She set the bottle down in his playpen and went downstairs to grab a small pillow, a blanket, and a teddy bear. Getting back to Ryan she saw that he had switched positions and now had his head awkwardly laying on the seat. ‘Kids can really sleep anywhere, and I guess that means my husband now too’ Becca mused as she replaced the seat with a pillow and put a blanket over Ryan.

Becca went to the kitchen and filled a small container with ice and wrote on a sticky note “DRINK ME WHEN YOU WAKE UP.” She placed Ryan’s bottle in the container of ice and affixed the note to the bottle placing carefully in a place where he would see it.

Becca looked up at the clock and saw that it was 9:30. Shoot! We are so late to work. She pulled out her phone and called the office. Gretchen answered. “Hello, PharmBeauty.”

“Hey Gretchen” Becca said.

“Oh, hi Becca I was just starting to wonder why Ryan Hadn’t shown up yet.”

“Yeah…” Becca thought and made up a lie on the spot. “Ryan’s sister won a Disney Cruise and I convinced him to finally take a vacation. It was all really last minute and is why he left early yesterday.”

“That is so wonderful!” Gretchen replied. “He has really needed a vacation. How long will you both be gone for?”

Becca was looking over checking on Ryan half paying attention, “oh, I am not going anywhere. I have my hands full at here.” She laughed as she spoke referencing her new baby husband.

“You are not going with them? Why not?” Gretchen asked, “and why do you have your hands full?”

Becca panicked; she did not mean to say that. “See… There were only a few tickets for the cruise, so I told Ryan to go by himself and have fun. I… I have my hands full because I…” She looked around looking for inspiration for her lie, landing on Ryan. “I am babysitting. Yeah, it is a semi long term care thing… You will need to meet him.”

“That sounds lovely!” Gretchen replied. “How old is the baby and where are his mommy and daddy?”

Shoot! Becca froze, not knowing what to say. “He is right around…” Becca looked over to Ryan to judge what his age would be based on his size, “24 months. His mommy and daddy are doing some field work and needed to go on a dig site for an extended time. They are Ryan’s friends, he agreed to it before he knew he was going on a cruise.”

“How fun! And genuinely nice of you to be a single mommy this week!” Gretchen said.

“Yup that is me.” Becca replied dryly, “super-mommy.”

“I bet you are! I know that you are going to be great for when you and Ryan have your own! Is he talking yet? And what is his name?” Asked Gretchen.

“Oh yeah, he is a chatterbox.” Becca replied. “And his name is… Also, Ryan. Yes, he is little Ry-guy too.”

“How adorable! Well, I cannot wait to meet him I bet he is just like his uncle Ryan. Are you coming in today?”

“You have no idea how similar they are.” Becca stifled a laugh in response. “Needed to pick up a few things for Ryan, will be there in maybe a few hours. Can you call the day care and let them know what is going on? I have had two accidents and one blow out already today.”

“Oh! Yes! Of course! See you soon.” Gretchen said and hung up the phone.

Becca knew she could get Gretchen off the line if she mentioned any gross baby stuff. Gretchen loved when the babies were cute but hated them when they were smelly or wet. Becca took another look at Ryan; he was still sleeping soundly. Becca decided that she would let Ryan sleep a bit more since he probably needed a nap anyway. She went downstairs and removed a baby monitor from one of the cribs and set it up over Ryan’s playpen. She then went to the front room to read a book to pass the time while her husband enjoyed his nap.

Ryan awoke sometime later feeling a lot more well rested and refreshed than he had in a while. It was like all his negative pent-up emotions had just melted away and he was ready to start a new day. Ryan gave a big smile at the feeling and rolled over to his side where he saw a baby bottle sitting in a container of ice and a note on it.

He reached over and grabbed the note from the bottle and read it, then he remembered what he had done. However, when he remembered the incident, he didn’t want to cry about it like last time. He just felt a small bit of embarrassment; it was like as if crying and screaming about it got it all out of his system so he did not get a chance to hold onto any of the negative feelings that he would have had.

Ryan lifted slowly and realized that he had wet himself during his nap. ‘Oh no, oh no! What am I going to do? Becca is going to be so… mad? No, that is not my Becca. My Becca would probably be really understanding and nice and help me and wash me if I need it and let me sleep and make me a bottle for when I wake up.’ Ryan was thinking to himself. Starting to tear up at the thought of how nice Becca has been. ‘I need to help her out. I am a grownup… err… adult. I can clean up my own messes.’

Ryan started to use the pig towel to wipe up the mat where he had wet.

Becca had been alerted to the movement on the baby monitor and saw that Ryan was awake. ‘What is that little man up to?’ Becca thought to herself as she put her book down and started watching Ryan through the baby monitor.

“Oh my God.” Becca said out loud in a soft voice brining her left hand up to cover her mouth. She hit record on the baby monitor. “He wet the bed during his nap and now he is trying to clean it up. That is so stinking adorable.”

Ryan had felt like he had done an adequate job cleaning up the area and he set the towel off to the side in the playpen. ‘Burr.’ Ryan thought, ‘It sure is cold in here.’ Ryan looked down and say that he was still completely naked. He grabbed the blanket and wrapped around him like a cape. ‘There, that is one problem solved.’ Ryan continued with his thoughts. ‘I sure am hungry, I guess I don’t have anything left in me from earlier. I do not remember the last time I had to go that much. Ugh, and then Becca gave me a bath? And I could not stop screaming! What was that about?’


Ryan’s stomach was grumbling from how hungry he was. And he didn’t want to call for Becca, he was not ready to face her yet. He walked over and picked up the bottle all the while his blanket was strewn over him like a cape. He then reached over and grabbed his pillow and set it up against one of the sides of the playpen and then slid down letting out an audible ~sigh~. As if he had just returned from a hard day’s work and was about to crack open a beer.

“I thought it was the parents that were supposed to have to do all the hard work with a baby, but boy is it hard work. Or am I a toddler?” Ryan said out loud as he fiddled with the cap of his bottle to get it open and laughing. “I bet Becca is loving having me like this. But I could get used to waking up with a cold one. What do you think Mr. Bear?”

Becca had been watching since Ryan started moving laughing at every little thing he did. She could see what he was thinking about doing next and loved to watch him move around the playpen. When Ryan had finished saying “Mr. Bear” Becca could not contain herself she was giggling so hard at Ryan’s tiny little voice talking as though he was still a big strong man.

“Yes baby, I love having you like this. And yes, you are definitely a toddler.” Becca said still laughing at Ryan’s antics. “Now please keep telling me how hard it is to be a baby.”

Ryan had finally gotten the top off the bottle exposing the nipple put it in his mouth and started to suck. “What is this?” He had asked directing his question at Mr. Bear, “whatever it is it is delicious; or I was just starving.

“I am glad you like it baby.” Becca replied to the baby monitor as if Ryan could hear her.

Ryan had stood up and started walking around his playpen, his cape/blanket falling off. “Where do you think my wife is Mr. Bear? It is not like her to leave her kids unattended for so long.”

Becca started to snicker at her husband. “Oh, now you want me to come help you?”

Ryan started drinking his bottle again and walked to the other side of the playpen crossing in front of Mr. Bear. “I guess I shouldn’t be asking for here to come back so quick, huh Mr. Bear? She will probably want to put me into a diaper right away.”

“You got that right stinky butt.” Becca said in reply.

Ryan saw his reflection in the mirror through the playpen bars and then struck a pose with his hand on his butt. “How can you put a butt this good looking in diapers?”

Becca lost it at that and started laughing uncontrollably. She was laughing loud enough that Ryan heard her. He was wondering why she was laughing, feeling self-conscious he started looking around finally looking up and seeing the baby monitor above him. GASP Ryan jumped and covered himself with his blanket to try and hide.

“Hi Baby!” Becca called from the other room seeing that Ryan had finally noticed she was watching.

Becca got up from her spot and walked over to where Ryan was cowering in his playpen. She asked, “you didn’t think I would just leave you unattended after the morning you had did you?”

“I kinda thought you would.” Ryan replied sheepishly.

“Oh, baby.” Becca said softly as she reached in to pick up Ryan keeping him wrapped in his blanket. “You have a lot of growing up to do and learning what it means to have someone that cares for you.”

Ryan laid there as Becca was cradling him looking into her eyes seeing the love coming from them and feeling his own gaze giving the love right back. Ryan started to have tears well up in his eyes again. “What is wrong baby?” Becca said pouting at Ryan.

“I just really love you a lot is all.” Ryan replied.

“Oh, Ryan.” Becca said standing up resting Ryan’s head on her shoulder. This time herself tearing up a bit. “I love you too. Very much, more than anything in this world.”

They shared an extended embrace both crying tears of happiness and love softly, Becca rocking them gently.

After the moment had past Becca pulled Ryan away from her and said in a playful voice she uses with the little buys she watches. “Alright, little man are you ready?”

“Yeah!” Ryan said enthusiastically with a goofy smile on his face following Becca’s energy, “but ready for what?”

“Come now, you don’t remember your ground rule already do you?” Becca teased. “We need to go shopping for your “big boy” clothes.

“Oh yeah! That is going to be fun! Let’s do that! I want to show you how dressed up I can get!” Ryan said excitedly.

“Ooo! I want to see that! Let’s get you ready!” Becca said as she was walking down the stairs carrying Ryan in her arms.

Ryan frowned a little as they were walking down the stairs. “Becca?”

“Yes baby?”

“What about the office and the…”

“Ahh!” Becca cut him off. “There will be no grown-up talk till you are dressed. I have taken care of everything you just focus on you right now.”

Ryan was still a little worried but didn’t question it. They made their way to the changing room where Becca set Ryan down to stand on the floor while she went to look for a diaper that would fit. “Is that where you keep the underwear my size?” Asked Ryan.

“Really?” Becca responded. “After the breakfast that we just had you think I am going to let you out of here without a diaper on?”

Ryan paused for a second thinking of something to say to argue with her. But all that he could think to do was yell “NO!” and run away from Becca to hide.

Becca just laughed and went back to looking for the right size diapers for Ryan. She was not worried about him running around since the nursery was entirely child proof and couldn’t hurt himself. ‘I guess we can do away with the easy ups.’ Becca though to herself smiling, ‘I think my husband isn’t quite ready for potty training yet. He is probably still a size 4 yet, I am going to pick him out something cute. After all, it is not every day you get to diaper your husband. Should I get him some Luvs? He might like the monkey designs or the Pampers! He would look so adorable with Sesame Street on his tush. Or some Huggies would look cute, I don’t remember if he likes Micky Mouse. Never mind. I have the perfect diaper.’

“Ryan!” Becca called “get that cute tiny butt in here right now!”

“You called to me sexy lady?” Ryan appeared in the doorway, wearing nothing but sunglasses and holding a small toy that he was pretending to be a cigar. “Gotta make this quick baby. I’ve got a lot of girls to see today.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Becca squealed. “I need to get a picture of this.”

She put her hand into her dress pocket to get her phone and started snapping a bunch of pictures. This time Ryan didn’t mind the attention and even struck a pose or two. “Alright Mr. Model get over here and hop up.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Ryan said as he strode over to the side of the changing room with the table. Making sure to pinch Becca’s butt when he passed.

“My aren’t you just the Casanova.” Becca said as she picked him up and laid him down on the changing table. “So, what made you change your mind about the diapers?”

“Well, I have a theory.” Replied Ryan.

“Oh, you have a theory now?” Becca said as she started to fluff the honest diaper. “I thought you would enjoy this. Skulls! So, you can be a little baby punk rocker! What do you think?”

“I think that if it makes you happy, I am happy.”

“It Does! Now sorry what was your theory?” Becca asked if she slid the diaper underneath her husband. She saw his little penis twitch as she pulled the diaper shut around her husband’s waist. “Glad to see some things never change.”

“Well, I am still your husband after all and I find you very attractive.” Ryan said smiling smugly. “But my theory is that once I prove to you that I can make it to the toilet on time and I don’t need these then you will see things my way.”

“Uh-huh.” Said Becca. She had her phone out and was taking a selfie with Ryan on the changing table.

“What are you doing now?” Asked Ryan.

“Baby’s first diaper change. Smile!”

Ryan did not smile but instead laid there looking grumpy. “Alright, cranky butt fine, let’s get you into some clothes.”

Ryan held his arms up to Becca indicating that he wanted to be picked up.

“Aww.” Becca cooed. “Aren’t you just the cutest.”

Ryan really wished she would stop calling him cute. He was playing along enough as it is being in a diaper. He started to walk to the closet to find some clothes. Seeing a diaper bag that was mostly packed with a picture of an owl on it.

“Hey where are you going?” Becca asked.

“Going to find some clothes.” Ryan replied incredulously.

“I already have your outfit picked out. Here.” Becca held put a pair of khaki pants with an elastic waist and a onesie that read SCIENCE IT’S LIKE MAGIC BUT REAL and a tiny tweed jacket to complete the ensemble.

“Isn’t there anything…” Ryan started but was cut off.

“Nope! This is what you are wearing!” She said excitedly as she quickly grabbed Ryan.

Ryan tried to struggle but Becca was way too strong for her. She had the onesie over Ryan’s head before he could even blink. Then in one flowing motion she picked him up and laid him on his back quickly snapping the onesie together around his crotch. Next came the pants, Becca had slid them over Ryan’s feet and in the same flowing motion but in reverse she stood him up on his feet and finished pulling up his pants. Finally, she held out the jacket for Ryan to put his arms through.

“I don’t even know how you did that.” Ryan said looking dizzy on purpose. “Do all of your kids get so man handled all the time?”

“Only the bratty ones.” Becca replied, helping Ryan put his jacket on.

Ryan stuck his tongue out at Becca.

“You know Ryan, I have a rule about little boys who don’t behave. If they get three strikes, they get put into time out. But I think for you I will make an exception to my rule and say that you will get a spanking. What do you think of that?” Becca asked sternly but somewhat joking.

“I think that you’re a big stinky butt face who won’t do nothing!” Ryan said again sticking out his tongue.

“Oh no!” Becca said angerly standing up. “There are only a few things that we do not tolerate in this house and that is bullying and having a potty mouth.”

“Relax Becca I was only joking.” Ryan said calmly, not thinking anything of it.

Becca reached into the diaper bag and grabbed out a pacifier with a green lanyard and stuck it into Ryan’s mouth. “This is what happens when little boys try to talk like big boys.” Becca said while clipping the other end of the lanyard to Ryan’s onesie. “And you better not spit that out till I tell you to. Do you understand me?”

“Yeth mam.” Ryan said from behind his pacifier shaking his head up and down.

“Good.” Becca replied. “Now let’s get going.”

Becca swung the diaper bag over her shoulder and then picked Ryan up carrying him on her hip. Ryan buried his head into Becca’s shoulder sucking on his pacifier hard, he was genuinely a little bit scared at Becca’s reaction he had never seen her so mad before especially not at him.

She grabbed a few more odds and ends from the kitchen before walking out to the garage. Ryan was so buried into her shoulder he didn’t even see what she grabbed. They made it out to the garage and Becca set Ryan down to stand next to the van. She went around to the back and got the correct size car seat for Ryan and started strapping it in. All the while Ryan was standing there patiently sucking on his pacifier waiting for Becca to finish.

“Alright buster.” Becca said bending over to meet Ryan at eye level. “Can we promise no more big boy words today?”

Ryan shook his head yes.

“Good.” She grabbed the pacifier out of his mouth and put it into his tweed jacket pocket. “Now let’s get you buckled in.”

Once Ryan was situated Becca got into the car and they made their departure. Becca started changing songs on the radio to play with Ryan. She switched it to Wheels on the Bus and started to sing along trying to get Ryan to join.

“Come on you know this one! The wheels on the bus go round and round.” Becca was singing while driving.

Ryan sat in his car seat with his arms crossed glaring at Becca through the child view mirror.

“Alright fine.” Becca said. “If you are going to be a grumpy butt, we will just listen to my music for the next ten minutes till we get to the mall.”

Becca changed the station and kept driving peaking back every so often to check on Ryan. But he was just looking out the window, not a care in the world just kicking his feet. ‘He seriously is the cutest in the world’ Becca thought as they were pulling into the parking lot.

“Umm, Becca?” Ryan asked.

“What do you need baby?” Asked Becca.

“Can we just hurry up and park?” Ryan asked while starting to squirm in his car seat.

“I am going as fast as I can.” Replied Becca. “But all of the spots are taken. Is something wrong?”

“I just really want to get inside is all.” Ryan said putting his hands between his crotch.

Becca took notice to Ryan’s squirming “Ryan what is wrong? Come on, use your words do you need to go potty?”

Ryan was a little annoyed by the way Becca just spoke to him, but he was more focused on making it to the bathroom to pay her much mind.

“I am fine Becca. Just hurry up and park. Yes, I need to use the restroom.” Ryan said a quiet hurriedness in his voice.

“Well, sorry Mr. Proper.” Becca replied. “Look there is a spot opening right there. Oh shoot! Someone took it.”

“Becca please!” Ryan said with an urgency in his voice.

“Okay, here.” Becca pulled into the ‘Parent with child spot’ “But remember Ryan, we are in public. That means you are two years old to everyone else. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” Ryan replied trying to undo his seatbelts “I am a stupid baby till we get back to the car. Can do. Now can you help me?”

Becca did not like the tone that Ryan was taking with her, and really didn’t like that he used the word stupid again. “I will baby but hold on. This is a serious question, and it is not meant to upset you but do you want me to grab a stroller? It is going to be a lot of walking and I am not going to carry you the whole time.”

“No, Becca we don’t need a damn stroller.” Ryan said getting mad that he could not get unbuckled. “Now get me out of here.”

“Fine.” Becca replied shortly.

She got out of her seat and opened the van door to try and get Ryan out as he was fiddling with the buckles himself. “Babe, baby stop. Let me get it for you.” Becca said firmly as she unbuckled Ryan and lifted him out of his car seat.

“Take my hand.” Becca said offering it for Ryan to take.

“Fine. Let’s just hurry.” Ryan said as she started to pull Becca towards the mall.

Becca caught up with Ryan easily and started to walk quickly with him. The stopped at the final cross before getting to the mall waiting for it to be safe to cross. As soon as it was Becca took a step forward but felt Ryan’s hand hold her back not moving. She looked back to see what was wrong with her husband to find him looking down at his pants an clenching his fist.

Becca looked down to Ryan and asked. “Everything alright baby?”

She waited for a response but there was no response form Ryan; he just kept looking down at his feet. Becca dropped his hand and turned to face him lowering to one knee.

“What is wrong my little man?” Becca said as she grabbed the front of his tweed coat in the same way that just yesterday, she was grabbing his lab coat at work.

Ryan looked up and met Becca’s eyes and started crying again. “I… Breath Had… Breath A… Breath Accident!”

“Uh-oh!” Becca said as she picked up Ryan. “Did we not make it in time?”

Ryan kept crying and Becca put the pacifier back into his mouth. Becca walked into the mall and to the directory where she found where the bathrooms were. After locating them she made her way over and saw that there was a line of about five women waiting with their children presumably for the same reason Becca and Ryan were there.

Becca kept bouncing Ryan cooing to him, “it’s oaky. It’s oaky. Shh. Shh. We are almost there.”

Through this rhythmic soothing Ryan started to calm down to the point that he looked around and saw there was a lot of people in the mall. He had never seen it so busy before. While looking around he all but forgot that his diaper was wet. It had totally absorbed his pee and did not even feel the moisture anymore.

Becca’s phone started to ring as she was bouncing Ryan. She grabbed it from her pocket and saw the caller ID. Shoot! It was Ryan’s mother calling her. Becca put Ryan down to stand next to her. “I’m sorry baby. This is your mom calling I need to take this.”

“Hi Jenna! How are you doing today?” Becca started talking to Ryan’s mother.

“Oh, you tried calling Ryan and his phone was off?”

“Yes, there is a reason for that. I signed him up to try a new stress relief program and part of the deal is no pones. Sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“What is the program? Umm, well it is like a new birth program.”

“What does it entail? Well, I guess you would just… umm… pick an age you want to re-live and then you get put into that mindset or something. It is very next gen.”

“How old is Ryan in this? Umm… 24 months.”

“Yes, he is supposed to be potty trained in this why?”

“Till seven? And then at night till fourteen?”

“No, he never mentioned it.”

“Yes, I will tell him to call you.”

Ryan got bored with listening to the conversation after Becca mentioned a stress relief program. He figured that Becca was going to make up some story and he did not think that there would be anything interesting. Ryan looked in front of him and saw a girl that was quite a bit bigger than himself. She stuck her tongue out at him, but Ryan was not in the mood for playing.

Ryan’s stomach was hurting again like it had at breakfast. ‘Oh no’ Ryan thought, ‘not here, not now.’ Come on how many people are left?’ The girl that he had ignored once again stuck her tongue out at Ryan, this time stomping her foot. Once again Ryan was not interested in playing. He was more focused on making sure he didn’t fill his pants twice in one day.

Ryan was clenching hard walking up the line with Becca her still on the phone with my mom. Finally, there was only the annoying girl and her mom in front of them. Ryan wasn’t paying attention and only had a hand around Becca’s leg, he was still clenching determined to make it.

Out of nowhere the girl that was sticking her tongue out at Ryan ran up behind him and gave him a hug. This was enough of a scare for Ryan to drop his whole load into the seat of his diaper. The girl behind him noticed that Ryan had just messed himself and screamed “EWW!” As she pushed Ryan over causing him to land on his butt and spread his mess throughout his diaper.

When Ryan fell back onto his butt his pacifier popped out of his mouth and he landed with a thud. His warm mess now spread throughout his diaper. Neither Becca nor the girl’s mom was paying attention and did not notice what just transpired. Ryan looked up breathing heavy on the verge of crying waiting for Becca to notice, but she never did. Ryan, finally having reached his boiling point screamed out “Mommy!!”

Causing Becca to look down seeing Ryan sitting on his butt with his legs sprawled out screaming his eyes out saying “Mommy! Mommy!” repeatedly.

“I am going to have to call you back Jenna.” Becca said into the phone before hanging it up and putting it back into her dress pocket. She bent over and scooped up Ryan putting his pacifier back into his mouth to stop him from screaming.

“Oh my, oh my.” Becca cooed towards Ryan. “What has happened to upset you so much?”

Ryan’s diaper smell hit Becca’s noise. “Oopsies! Did someone make a poopy?”

This caused Ryan to cry harder and he buried his face into Becca’s shoulder. Becca looked down and saw the girl that had pushed Ryan and then up to her mom. The girl’s mom looked at Becca and at Ryan crying. His smell seeming to Hit the girl’s mother as well.

“Oh my!” She said, “your son has one full diaper!”

Becca blushed at the woman calling Ryan her son.

“Oh yes, he can be quite the stinker.” Becca smiled back at the woman.

The door to the bathroom opened and a woman and her child walked out.

“Why don’t you go ahead of me dear.” The woman said to Becca. “I wouldn’t want him to get a rash.”

“Thank you so much!” Becca said as she made her way past the woman and into the open bathroom.

Becca opened the changing table with one hand and then laid Ryan down into changing position. She pulled down his pants and set them off to the side.

“Pee you!” Becca said waiving her hand in front of her nose like she was wafting away the bad smell. “You are one stinky baby!”

Ryan couldn’t help but smile at Becca’s antics he knew that she was trying to make him happy and he loved her for it. Becca saw a smile peak out from behind Ryan’s pacifier.

“There’s my smile!” Becca said as she started to tickle him while unsnapping his onesie.

Ryan giggled as Becca pulled his onesie up over his stomach exposing his very wet and very messy diaper. Becca started to undo the tapes on Ryan’s diaper exposing his penis and his poppy bottom. Becca lifted Ryan up and wiped his bottom clean expertly placing a fresh diaper beneath him. Then went to work wiping down his front, noticing that his little baby penis was actually getting aroused.

Becca laughed out loud looking at Ryan’s tiny penis try to stand up straight.

“I guess the formula didn’t change everything about you.” Becca mused as she was cleaning Ryan’s penis. “I think we better get this baby in a nice clean new diaper before he makes a different kind of mess!”

Ryan blushed heavily. It was not like he could help it. He found his wife very sexy and she was rubbing his cock up and down.

“Sowwy.” Ryan said from behind his pacifier.

“No need to apologize!” Becca responded. “I am glad to know things are still working!”

Ryan wiggled his butt a bit as Becca was taping up his new diaper. Ryan noticing the time it has avocado designs on it.

“So, mommy huh?” Becca asked as she started snapping Ryan’s onesie back shut.

“You heard that?” Ryan asked embarrassed taking his pacifier out and holding it.

“Baby, the whole mall heard you.” Said Becca.

“I’m sorry!” Ryan said turning his head to face the wall.

“Again, no need to apologize. This is a very weird time for you, and you are dealing with a lot of rollercoaster emotions.” Becca said reassuringly to Ryan. “If it makes you feel better, I can be mommy for now. It did make my heart swell when I was able to pick you up while you were crying for me as your mommy.”

She finished diapering Ryan and put his clothes back on and stood him up on the changing table. She pulled the pacifier out of Ryan’s mouth and asked him, “Anything else to add little man?”

“So much for me theory” Ryan replied almost laughing at himself.

Becca picked him up and laughed. “You are right! Looks like I am just going to need to keep that tush in adorable diapers for the foreseeable future. But that is alright I don’t mind changing your diapers.”


This is a nice physical regression story. Hope to see it continued!


Great chapter curious to see what gonna happen next !!!


I really appreciate the feedback!

From Baby Anna’s advice I decided to make the parts smaller so that I could work on identifying plot holes and character contradictions in easier chunks. I put together a small outline as well to try to get some of the technical details more consistent.

I am happy that people are enjoying. Here is part 2:

*** PART 2 ***

Becca walked out of the restroom, Ryan on her hip. Becca grabbed Ryan’s pacifier back from him and placing it into his jacket pocket.

“Thank you for letting us cut.” Becca said to the woman as they passed.

“Anytime dear.” She replied.

Becca and Ryan made their way back to the mall directory. Becca looking around noticing how many people were there today.

“What is going on here?” She asked Ryan.

Ryan who was also looking around not understanding the crowds looked at Becca and shrugs his shoulders while shaking his head in reply. Ryan was nervous that there were so many people around. ‘What if someone he knew saw him? What would they say?’ He thought to himself, making him more anxious. However, the more they kept walking the more Ryan noticed how little attention people were paying to him. Anyone they walked past would look at Becca but completely ignore the fact that Ryan was there.

He had a few teenage girls smile at him, but largely it was like being a baby in a crowd made him invisible. People are either in too much of a hurry or do not want to acknowledge a baby unless it is crying. Ryan was fine with this; he did not want to get noticed.

Becca was carrying Ryan trying to navigate the crowed. She had told him that he would need to walk today if he refused a stroller, but Becca thought she might need to carry Ryan the whole way just to avoid losing him. ‘Was it this busy before?’ Becca thought pushing her way against the crowd of people.

Finally, they arrived at the directory and saw an advertisement flash on an overhead screen; Trolls Live Show – 10:30 AM Food Court. “That explains it!” Becca said realization washing over her.

Ryan looked at her confused and asked, “Who are the Trolls?”

Becca looked down at Ryan and stifled a small laugh. “That’s right you would not know, would you? Trolls is a kid’s movie; it does sing along songs, but they are popular songs so that the parents can also enjoy the show too.” She continued to read the ad, “look’s like this is a smaller show featuring just Poppy and Branch and a few others, makes sense for a mall show.”

“Oh that sounds cool.” Replied Ryan looking around now noticing that the age group of the crowd was mainly consisting of kids that looked to be around his size and above; Ryan was never good at telling what age a child was.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Stated Becca causing Ryan to look back at her, “It looks like all of the stores that would have your size are closed for the show.”

Ryan looked at the directory and found the same that every store that looked to be geared for toddlers/kids are closed for the show.

“Well, I guess were here anyway might as well grab a coffee.” Becca said seeing the short line at the Starbucks by the entrance.

Ryan was somewhat annoyed that all the stores were closed. He had wanted to grab something that would make him look a bit more mature. But he was happy to get a coffee; an adult beverage would make him feel better.

Becca walked up to the counter for their turn.

“Aww! What a cute little baby!” The barista said, Ryan thought that she could not be older than 17. “We have seen so many adorable babies come through for the show today, but your son is probably the cutest!” She cooed at Ryan, “hi their little guy! How are you today?”

Ryan felt extremely flattered by the barista talking to him. He had gotten compliments before, but they were almost always from Becca. He liked having the attention of cute girls, it felt nice. But Ryan could feel his face start to blush, so he turned away and buried his head into Becca’s shoulder.

“Oh!” The barista said in a sing-song voice, “that breaks my heart he is so adorable.”

Becca smiled and laughed at Ryan. His reaction was priceless. She knew that Ryan was oblivious to all the stares of other woman and that was another part of his quirkiness that she loved. If you didn’t tell him something straightforward, he would not take the hint. “He is quite the lady’s man. You should have seen him this morning.”

“Oh. My. God! What did he do?” The barista asked excitedly.

Becca went on to explain how Ryan walked into the changing room this morning and made all the ‘sexy’ poses.

“Do you have pictures?” Asked the barista. “My name is Michelle by the way.”

“You are just the sweetest!” Replied Becca, “and my name is Becca. You bet I have pictures! Here.”

Becca set Ryan down to stand on his own while Becca and Michelle cooed at the pictures that Becca took this morning. Ryan did not like that he was now being ignored after he had just been the center of attention. He also did not like that he now couldn’t see what they were talking about. ‘Becca always gets like this and it drives me crazy.’ Ryan thought as he folded his arms. ‘I want a coffee already.’ Ryan continued to pout while Becca and Michelle continued.

“Oh, you need to see this!” Becca said as she pulled up the video of Ryan on the baby monitor.

‘She took a video?!?’ Ryan thought.

“That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!” Michelle said putting her hand on her chest and looking down at Ryan. “Aren’t you the little talker?”

Ryan did not answer and just looked back at Michelle angerly with his arms crossed. ‘Oh boy,’ Becca thought, ‘here we go again.’

“He may look cute, but he is one of the fussiest babies I know.” Becca said to Michelle picking up Ryan and balancing him on her hip.

“He just has a lot to say is all.” Michelle replied to Becca and went on to ask. “I am sorry we got so wrapped up. What would you like?”

“Oh, you are fine.” Assured Becca. “I will have a vanilla iced latte please.”

“Sure thing.” Replied Michelle, “anything else?”

Ryan who had gotten caught up in the habit of ordering with Becca said, “and for myself I would like a cappuccino, with caramel and how about add double espresso please and thank you.”

Becca looked down at Ryan alarmed, and then back at Michelle not sure what to say. Michelle looking equally surprised looked at Ryan for a beat and then bust out laughing.

“That was… the best…. That made my day!” Michelle said struggling to laugh while talking. “How old is your son? He talks like he is in his thirties!”

Ryan now realizing his mistake looked up at Becca trying to convey his apology. Becca responded with an annoyed glare at Ryan, and then turned to Michelle and said, “I know what you mean! Sometimes it is like I am walking around with a miniature version of my husband. But this one likes to fill his diapers and then scream his head off about it.”

“Oh, that was you guys? I heard someone screaming for mommy; would not have guessed it was from your sweet little man.” Michelle said sweetly.

“Yup. That would have been my Ryan.” Replied Becca.

“Where is his daddy today?” Asked Michelle.

“That is a good question!” Becca laughed then starting to bounce Ryan looking at him with a notion indicating that her next statement was in reference to him. “He is around here somewhere, just getting some shopping done. He always shows up when I least expect it.”

“Ugh, men.” Replied Michelle. “I swear the only good ones are the one still in diapers. Isn’t that right Ryan?”

Ryan looked away shyly and put his face into Becca’s shoulder. Becca was not having this behavior, however “Go on. Answer her; you were so talkative a second ago.” She said bouncing Ryan to encourage him to reply.

“Come on Ryan.” Becca keep prodding, “Do you agree with Michelle. The only good men are the ones sill in diapers.”

Ryan knew that Becca would not drop this without a response, so he shook his head yes.

“Oh no little man, use your worlds.” Becca said.

“Yes!” Ryan said louder than he was meaning to and then again put his head into Becca’s shoulder.

“You are precious.” Said Michelle.

A barista working behind Michelle had put two drinks onto the counter that had Becca’s name on them.

“Here we go!” Michelle said “And I had them make a Babycinno just for little Ryan here!”

“Thank you so much!” Replied Becca as she paid handing Ryan the tightly closed Babycinno.

Becca walked over to an empty table and set her drink down followed by setting Ryan to stand on his own. She looked down at her husband and then over to the corner where she saw the highchairs.

“Wait here for a second please.” Becca said to Ryan as she walked to the corner.

Ryan set his drink down on one of the empty chairs and started to climb up into an empty one next to it.

“Oh no you don’t.” Becca said as she set down a highchair by the table and scooped up her baby husband. “I want you to be close to me so that I can keep an eye on you.”

Ryan was confused and a little annoyed by Becca’s statement. He understood why he needed a highchair at home, they were eating, but this was different they were just having coffee. Becca plopped Ryan down in the highchair and then reached down and grabbed his drink and put it in front of him while taking her own seat. Ryan saw that Becca looked annoyed or angry, Ryan could not tell but he was quite sure that it was directed at him.

Ryan hated when Becca got like this. He wished she would just tell him why she was mad instead of always making him guess. Ryan took a sip from his drink and found that it was only warmed milk in an espresso cup. Becca was drinking her coffee in silence putting the diaper bag up on the table next to her.

“What is wrong Bec?” Ryan asked.

“Stop, Ryan.” Becca said shortly.

“But what did I do wrong? I am sorry about the order it was just a…”

“Stop! Ryan, stop.” Becca cut him off “You can’t talk like a grown up in public.”

Ryan looked down at the table and was about to apologize, but Becca started talking again.

“I know that you want to keep this a secret because you are embarrassed about it, but then I started thinking about what would happen if people did find out that you were really my husband in the body of a toddler.” Becca continued. “They would want to run tests on you and see how this happened. They would keep you locked up until you changed back and then even after your research would be seized by the company and then I don’t know what would happen!”

Ryan looked at Becca with understanding. ‘She was right’ Ryan thought, ‘if anyone did find out about my discovery, I would never be able to live a normal life again.’

“You are right Becca; I am really sorry.” Ryan said in a hushed voice “I will be more careful from now on.”

“Good.” Becca replied, sadness in her voice, “I really don’t want to lose you.”

Ryan could hear the fear and anxiety in Becca’s voice, and she did not want to upset her or worry her any further.

“I pwomise Becca I will be the bestest goodest baby in the world!” Ryan stated using his best baby voice he could.

“I know you are joking.” Replied Becca. “But seriously keep doing that, it helps when you mix up and use baby words sometimes.”

“Oh!” Ryan replied seeing that Becca was trying to help and wanting to continue the conversation, “is there anything else that you can think of that I should do?”

“Now that you mention it.” Becca said in a more excited mood. “There are a few things that I think you should do to get more into your role as baby Ryan.”

“Okay…” Ryan replied nervously, “what did you have in mind?”

“Like I said, I think that you should start talking as though you were a toddler; I have been telling everyone that you are 24 months so talk like a two-year-old would. And I think that you should do it even when it is just me till we figure out how long you will be like this.”

“I can do that, sure.” Said Ryan.

“Try that again.” Becca said.

“Can do mommy!” Ryan said putting his thumb up in the air.

“You think you are so cute.” Becca said smirking back at Ryan.

Ryan just smiled smugly and took another sip of his drink.

“Also, keep calling me mommy.” Becca said.

Ryan looked back at her quizzically.

“What I mean to say is that it is easier to explain then having to make up some back story all the time. And you did just scream for your mommy a second ago. Which by the way were you screaming for me or your actually mommy?”

Ryan turned beat red at this question, but answered meekly, “you…”

“That was what I thought.” Becca answered she felt a little warmth in her stomach knowing how her husband cried to her when he needed her. She loved that she thought of her and loved her enough to trust her in a nurturing role. “It is okay baby; I was just wondering what was going on in your little head was all.”

“Well, I needed help and I looked up to you and it was the only word I could think of.” Ryan said and looked down at the table.

Becca noticing reached over and grabbed Ryan’s forearm gently smiling reassuringly. “I already told you baby; I can be mommy for a while. And I think it is better that I should anyway. Okay?”

Ryan looked over to Becca and saw her beautiful smile and shook his head yes in understanding.

“The next thing I don’t think you are going to like too much.” Becca said taking her hand back and sipping her drink.

“What is it?” Asked Ryan.

“I think that for now you just use your diaper when you need to go potty. You have not made it at all today and it is just stressing you out, so I think that you just take that out of the equation. Isn’t that what you like to say?”

Ryan looked back at her in earnest. He did not want to need to use his diapers when he had to go potty… err… to the bathroom. He was thinking of a way that he could change her mind when she interjected.

“I know you don’t want to, but it makes the most sense.” Becca said logically. “I know that you are a big boy and can tell when you have a wet or poopy diaper so when you need to go just go and then tell me and I will change you when you need it. I mean really Ryan you are getting the best deal out of this. You get to just go potty whenever you need to and then your wife VOLUNTEERED to change your soggy bottoms. I don’t see how your life could get any better honestly.” She finished with a laugh.

Ryan looked at her and laughed with her. ‘She was right.’ Ryan thought. ‘And she really is going the extra mile to help. Alright I can live with this for a while. Come to think of it I do need to pee, might as well just go like she said.’ Ryan relaxed for less than a second and before he knew it, he felt a warm liquid filling the front of his diaper. At first, he thought that he was going too fast and his diaper was going to leak, but there was not anything he could do about it now. He started his little waterfall and there was no stopping it now. He felt the wetness spread throughout his diaper and Ryan saw that his worry was not needed as his diaper completely held his pee spreading throughout his diaper making it warm and squishy. Ryan now sitting with a relieved smile on his face.

“Did you just?” Becca asked Ryan seeing his face turn to relaxed.

Ryan giggled at his wife and said with a snarky grin. “Maybe…”

“Oh boy. Are you going to be bratty about this now too?” Becca asked shaking her head at her tiny husband.

“Hmm.” Ryan thought for a second then a devilish grin cam over his face. “Yes!”

“Here we go.” Becca said looking away from her husband bored and taking a sip from her drink. Ryan sitting with a content and sneaky grin on his face. “Are you messy?”

“Messy?” Ryan asked.

“Mmm-hmm.” Becca said now looking at her phone.

“What does that mean?” Ryan asked.

“It means did you poop?” Becca asked.

“Oh! No, I didn’t defecate.” Replied Ryan, but he saw Becca raise an eyebrow at him. “I mean I didn’t go poopy mommy.”

“That’s good.” Replied Becca and continued to drink.

“Well?” Asked Ryan?

“Well, what?” replied Becca.

“Aren’t you going to change me?”

“I wasn’t planning on it, no.”

“Why not? I just wet my diaper! I need a new one now!” Ryan demanded.

Becca bent over and looked under the table looking at Ryan’s diaper area. “Looks like you didn’t leak and are hardly wet. I think you can last for another two or three hours.”

“Hours?” Asked Ryan “You said you would change me when I told you.”

“I said I would change you when you needed it.” Replied Becca. “But thank you for telling me. It is good to know that you have had one wetting already.”

“Seriously Becca?” Said Ryan a bit angerly, “I don’t want to sit around in a wet diaper all day!”

“You will be fine Ryan. I promise you are not going to die. But you do not need a change after every wetting, or we would be changing you like every half hour.” Replied Becca only half paying attention to Ryan’s protests.

Ryan was staring at Becca astounded that she was not going to change his diaper. However, as he sat there, he realized that he did no feel wet any longer. Instead, all he felt was the warmth of his diaper an a little bit squishiness on his bottom. “Huh? Why am I not wet anymore?”

“What’s that baby?” Becca asked.

“My diaper doesn’t feel that wet anymore.” Ryan replied curiously.

“Well, there you go.” Becca said tipping her drink to Ryan then she sat back in her chair. “Now quit complaining. I will change you when you need to. It is my job to look after kids all day you know.”

“I suppose you are right.” Ryan said.

Becca did not reply, but instead continued to drink her coffee and play on her phone. Ryan had finished his Babycinno and was now bored. He was looking over at Becca enviously, she had her phone. His was probably left at home. “That is rude.’ Ryan thought. ‘she gets to play on her phone, and I don’t get to do anything? What is with this?’ Ryan was annoyed and threw hit empty cup at the table. It hit with a loud SNAP.

“Problem baby?” Becca said nonchalantly grabbing the cup Ryan threw without looking up from her phone.

“Bored.” Said Ryan shortly, remembering what Becca said about practicing his baby talk.

“Oh, really?” Becca said sarcastically still not paying too much attention. “Anything else?”

“Thirsty.” Said Ryan.

“And how do we get things we want?” Becca said her mind now on autopilot for childcare.

“Please?” Ryan asked curiously he was not sure what game Becca was playing.

“Very good!” Becca said reaching over to the diaper bag and grabbing a bottle out.

She set the bottle and her phone on the table only barely looking up to grab Ryan out of his highchair. She put him in her lap and with one hand popped open the top of the bottle and put it into Ryan’s mouth. She then reached over to her coffee and took a drink before going back to her phone.

Ryan was very confused by what was happening. ‘Why is she putting me in her lap? Why is she giving me a bottle? Why is she not paying attention?’ Ryan thought. But Becca was paying him no mind. Ryan started to squirm in protest of being ignored and treated like a baby.

“What’s wrong?” Becca said finally breaking her gaze on her phone and saw Ryan looking up at her with a very annoyed expression from behind his bottle. She laughed at the sight but realized her mistake.

“I am sorry Ryan!” She continued, removing the bottle from Ryan’s mouth. “Just went on autopilot!”

“Clearly.” Replied Ryan shortly.

“Well, I already have it open, did you want to finish it?” Becca asked.

Ryan thought from a moment and replied, “I guess so…”

“That is my good boy!” Becca said happily as she popped the bottle back into Ryan’s mouth.

Ryan started sucking on the bottle eventually falling into a rhythmic sucking grove to get all the liquid out. Becca smiled down at Ryan lovingly watching him. She saw how he was struggling initially to get the bottle going before finally figuring it out. ‘That is my baby.’ Becca thought to herself.

‘I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this time with Ryan.” Becca thought to herself as she watched Ryan gently suck down his bottle. ‘I feel as though he is always so busy, I never just have a chance for this kind of intimacy. The kind where I can just show him my love and he can just slow down and accept it.’ She loved it.

Becca watched Ryan as he slowly made his way through the bottle. She instinctively started bouncing him as he drank lulling Ryan into a sleep. ‘Didn’t even finish his bottle.’ Becca thought as she put Ryan’s bottle back on the table moving him to rest his head onto her chest.

“That’s my big boy. That’s my little husband. Shh. Shh. You can fall asleep baby.” Becca said reassuringly to Ryan as she rocked him to sleep. “I love you Ryan. Mommy loves you.”

Ryan felt his eyes start to get heavy. Becca talking to him was so relaxing and her familiar voice so soothing he slowly started drifting until he was asleep on Becca’s chest. Ryan was out like a light.

Shortly after Ryan had fallen asleep Michelle made her way over to where Becca was sitting.

“Hi.” She said in a whisper. “I don’t mean to bother you and I don’t want to wake him, but we have some extra tickets to the show if you think Ryan would have fun going.”

Becca laughed. “Oh, my. Thank you so much! I am sure that he will love to go to the show.”

“You are welcome!” Replied Michelle.

‘This will be fun for Ryan’ Becca thought as she stood up and carried her sleeping husband over to the back of where the show was getting ready to start.


Awww so cute


Continues to be cute! I always like physical regression stories, and this one looks like it could be one of the better ones. I’m happy with whatever size you post! Hope you are able to keep going with this! Curious to see if he’s actually done shrinking too!


I enjoyed writing this part. I think I am getting a handle on the characters but :woman_shrugging:

For him getting smaller… spoilers.

I hope you enjoy it!

*** PART 3 ***

Becca walked over to where the concert venue was. She had supported under his butt while she carried him. ‘Such a heavy sleeper.’ She thought referring to her husband who still had not stirred as they walked. ‘I bet that milk put him out. It always…huh?’

Becca felt her husband’s diaper grow warmed under her arm. She looked down at Ryan and saw that he was still sound asleep, his facial expression looking even more relaxed as he finished wetting himself. ‘I should probably change him again before the show.’ Becca thought to herself.

She looked over at the restrooms where she had taken Ryan when they came in. The line was even longer than it was when they had arrived. Becca did not want to wait in such a long line as she knew the show would start before they even got through it. She looked around hoping for inspiration and saw a few mothers had resorted to changing their kids on the floor in the back of the hallway.

‘When in Rome.’ Becca shrugged as she walked to the back of the hallway. She found an open space and bent down to set Ryan’s diaper bag down. She pulled out a changing mat and a fresh diaper and put them on the floor all the while balancing Ryan on her knee.

Becca cradled Ryan’s head and supported his middle and laid him down on the changing mat. ‘You are just the cutest!’ Becca thought as she was pulling Ryan’s pant’s off. ‘Oh no! You soaked through!’ Becca noticed two crescent moon wet spots on either side of Ryan’s pants. She looked down and saw that he had leaked a little onto her dress as well.

“You little fire hydrant!” She said in a whisper so as not to wake him up with a big grin on her face.

Becca unsnapped Ryan’s onesie and found that he had soaked that also as she expected. She slid Ryan’s arms out from his jacket and unsnapped the shoulder snap so that she could slide his onesie down instead of going over his head.

She noticed that Ryan had started to wake up a little, so she put his pacifier in his mouth. Ryan started to suck and fell right back asleep. Becca smiled at her husband her heart swelling seeing him so peaceful and content. She retrieved the diaper bag to grab a spare set of clothes that she had packed for Ryan. She grabbed a T-shirt that read REAL MEN WEAR DIAPERS.

Becca continued to rummage around the diaper bag. ‘I know that I packed him a change of pants.’ Becca reassured herself. ‘Did I leave them in the car? Or… Shoot! I left them in the changing room. I must have forgotten when Ryan walked in.’

“I know that look.” A woman next to Becca said as she was changing her own son’s diaper. “That is the I forgot a change of clothes look.”

Becca blushed slightly. “Is it that obvious?”

“All over your face.” The woman replied repacking her own diaper bag. “Don’t worry about it though. These shows always get so hot that there will a bunch of kids running around in just a diaper.”

“Really?” Becca thought thinking back to any kids shows she had attended; she had not really gone to any live shows.

“Oh, yeah!” The woman replied waving her hand as though it as not a big deal. “I am just letting my son run around too. Easier to keep an eye on when he needs to change, he gets too excited at these shows.”

“Thank you for the advice.” Becca replied.

“Anytime, love.” The woman replied as she picked up her son and walked back to the concert area.

Becca looked around at the other kids that were getting changed or waiting in line for the bathroom. Sure enough, Becca saw almost two out of every five kinds in just a diaper as their bottoms. Becca looked down at Ryan, weighing her options. ‘I would let my other kids run around in just a diaper at an event like this if I forgot their pants.’ Becca continued her thought talking to Ryan in her head, ‘I know you are going to be mad when you wake up, but you are just going to deal with it.’

Becca looked down at the diaper she grabbed Ryan, this one had strawberries printed all over it. These ones were one of Becca’s favorite prints and was looking forward to seeing her husband in one. Though she had not planned on not having a change of pants for Ryan she was quietly happy that this was the diaper she grabbed for the occasion.

She lifted Ryan’s butt and was about to tape it closed till she remembered what the woman had said about her son getting extra excited at concerts. Becca looked down at the small damp patch that her husband gifted her when she was carrying him. ‘Better safe than sorry,’ thought Becca as she reached into the diaper bag and grabbed a booster placing under Ryan.

Becca taped Ryan’s diaper and made sure that it was snug. With the booster in it looked like Ryan was already almost full, but Becca was not concerned. She did not want to need to clean up a mess later. She propped Ryan up on the changing mat and slid his T-shirt over his head. Groggily Ryan let Becca put his hands through his sleeves. She picked him up and packed up the diaper bag throwing it over her shoulder as the left the area.

Ryan rested his head back onto Becca’s chest and shifted slightly wiggling in his diaper before finally getting comfortable and falling back asleep in Becca’s arms. Becca looked down at her husband as he snuggled up to her. ‘I love you too.’ She thought as she lightly stroked Ryan’s hair with her free hand. ‘I don’t remember the last time you cuddled with me this much. It must have been before we got married. I miss that, I miss this… I miss you.’

Becca stopped for a moment and kissed her husband on the head letting her lips linger as she took in all the love and affection he was giving her. She hugged him tightly, never wanting this to end.

“I love that you are mine.” Becca said to Ryan as she finished her loving embrace and continued walking.

Becca had let a smile grow on her face as she got into line for the concert.

“We are going to have so much fun!” She said looking down at Ryan bouncing him.

Ryan was starting to wake up with all the noise of the concert getting started. He was not sure where he was. He remembered getting a bottle at the coffee shop and the vaguely Becca putting a T-shirt on him. He was still tired and not yet ready to wake up. He lifted one of his little arms and haphazardly tried to hit Becca on the nose.

Becca grabbed his arm and put it back by his side. “Whatcha doin’ baby?”

“Snooze button.” Ryan said behind his pacifier before nuzzling back up to his wife.

“Oh boy. Some things never change.” Becca replied to Ryan laughing slightly.

Becca reached the front of the line and handed the attendant her tickets.

“Great seats.” The attendant said as he scanned the tickets. “You are up on the left. Two rows back.”

“Thank you!” Becca replied walking to where the attendant had pointed.

“Oh wow, he wasn’t kidding.” Becca said as her and Ryan arrived at their seats.

Becca sat down turning Ryan around so that he would face the stage as he woke up. ‘This is a pretty nice set up for a mall show.’ Becca thought as she looked around. She saw that there were at least five-hundred people in the audience, all of them making their way to their seats.

Ryan had tapped Becca’s leg to get her attention. She leaned over to look at him and saw that he had an expression of both wonderment and confusion. Becca got a big smiled and pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and put it into her pocket.

“Are you excited?” She asked him.

“Where are we?” Ryan asked looking at all the lights and stage.

“That nice barista gave us extra ticket on a count of you being so cute!” Becca replied as she nuzzled her cheek to his.

Ryan pushed Becca away but could not hide his smile. “That was nice of her.”

“Yup it was! Now get comfortable it is going to start in a few minutes.” Becca replied sitting back holding Ryan around the middle her fingers interlocked like he had him in a seat belt.

“Umm… Bec… I mean mommy?” Ryan asked looking at the empty chair next to him. Becca looked down indicating for him to ask his question. “Should I get into my chair?”

“Good job with your words!” Becca answered giving Ryan a little shake encouragingly. “But they are metal chairs, and I don’t want you to get cold. Plus, I am not sure if you will be able to see very well from there.”

Ryan looked over at the chair again then back to the stage. She was right, he would be able to see better from his wife’s lap. He then thought of why she said he would get cold when he looked down.

“Hey!” Ryan shouted. “Becca! Why in the hell don’t I have on any f***ing…” POP

Becca cut him off by quickly shoving the pacifier back into his mouth. She stood up with him and was holding Ryan around the waist with one arm. She turned around to a couple that were sitting behind them with their kids who were previously not paying attention to them.

“Excuse me.” Becca said with an angry tone in her voice. “Would you mind watching my stuff for a moment? I need to go have a talk with my son about him having a potty mouth.”

“Uh-oh!” replied the man in the group asking Ryan mockingly. “Did little man use a no-no word?”

“He sure did. This will only take five minutes do you mind?”

“Of course.” Replied the man.

Becca walked quickly to the back of the theater all the while carrying Ryan like a sack of potatoes. Ryan feared for what Becca was going to do to him. Becca walked over to behind a large support pillar that was out of the way of the rest of the theater. She kneeled and bent Ryan over at the middle over and had his butt exposed over her knee.


Becca spanked Ryan while saying a word on each hit. “We. Do. Not. Talk. Like. That.”

Ryan had not been spanked in his lifetime, not even as a child. When Becca started hitting his butt Ryan was initially shocked, but then they started to hurt. By the time she was done Ryan had tears in his eyes and was crying. He was crying both from the embarrassment of being in nothing but a diaper in public and getting spanked by his wife. Ryan had reached his limit again.

After Becca finished spanking her husband, she stood him up on his feet and saw him crying. He was not screaming thankfully but he was whimpering putting a little fist up to rub his eyes. Becca had a moment of wanting to console Ryan before her senses got the better of her.

Becca just kept kneeling letting Ryan cry it out. She was not going to take him back until he had calmed down and she could talk to him. After a few minutes Ryan looked up at Becca and saw that she was sitting there with a smirk on her face showing an annoyed and slightly angry expression.

“Are you about done?” Becca asked her husband waiting for him to finish with his fit.

Ryan did not answer, but shook his head yes still trying to get a hold of himself.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

Again, Ryan shook his head yes, but did not reply.

“What did you do that was wrong?” Becca asked raising an eyebrow at Ryan.

“I… I… I… I talked like a growned up.” Ryan replied still sniffling from his tears.

“That’s right. And what else do you do?”

“I said a bad word.” Replied Ryan putting his hands behind his back kicking the floor looking away from Becca.

“That’s right.” Replied Becca noticing how cute Ryan was being, but she was too angry with him. “After we literally just had a conversation about this you still go on talking like you are still a grown man. Well, guess what? You are not. You turned yourself into a toddler and now you are paying the price. And you have the audacity to swear at me? No, not just swear but swear AT ME? You did not even do that when you were an adult. I DO NOT care what you look like or where we are you do not talk to me that way. If you were pulled this and were not a toddler, I would have left you right where you were. But no, I CAN’T leave you here because I would then be arrested for child endangerment. You know I have tried to make the best out of this situation but all you have done is complain about it. I was loving how close we were getting together through this, but now I think I just want you to change back. I would rather deal with a whining husband where I don’t also need to change their diaper.”

Ryan could not think of anything to say. He knew that she was right and after hearing all of this from Becca and how she was not just angry but also worried. Ryan knew that he had screwed up BAD. He looked up to respond. “I…”

“Ahh!” Becca cut him off again. “If that is not baby talk I hear coming out of your mouth you will be right back over my knee.”

Ryan looked at his wife bearing over him and rubbed his diapered butt not wanting another spanking.

“Okay… I sowwy mommy.” Ryan replied. “I no mean to talk like a growed up. It was a accident.”

He looked up at Becca who was still looking at him as if she were waiting for him to say more.

“And… I sowwy that I swears! No more potty mouth! Phleh!” Ryan finished by pretending to spit on the ground.

“Alright, baby. I forgive you.” Becca said as she motioned for Ryan to come into her arms giving him a loving embrace before standing up with him in her arms. “But no more of that okay?”

“Otay mommy!” Ryan said and kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll be good I pwomise.”

“Oh… You are so cute I could eat you up!” Becca replied as she gave Ryan a barrage of kisses.

Ryan was giggling at all the kisses he was getting before asking, “so mommy?”

“Yes, my love?” Becca replied.

“Where did pants go? And…” Ryan asked and then leaned in to whisper into Becca’s ear. “I think I have a messy diaper.”

“Uh-oh!” Becca replied as she pulled Ryan close to look over his back pulling out the back of his diaper to check. “Nope. You have a nice clean tush little mister!”

“But diapwer feels full mommy!” Ryan said confused.

“That is because I put a booster in your diaper!” Becca cooed to her husband.

“What booster mommy?”

“It’s a little pad I put in your diaper so you won’t leak again.”

“I… Leaked?” Ryan asked.

“You sure did!” Replied Becca, “all over your pants and some of my dress.”

“Gasp! I don’t member that!”

“Well, you were sleeping so soundly I am sure you didn’t notice. I should have changed you when you asked the first time.” Becca replied bouncing Ryan in a congratulatory bounce on being right about his diaper.

“Silly mommy…” Ryan said shaking his head.

They arrived back to their seats Becca thanking the family for watching their belongings. SHOW WILL BEGIN IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. An announcement was made. Ryan gasped excitedly looking back toward Becca quickly before turning back around. ‘I can’t remember seeing Ryan this excited before.’ Becca thought smiling down at her husband. ‘I am so happy he can get a chance to let go and enjoy himself.’

Ryan was looking around at all the families seeing all the kids with big smiles on their faces made him happy. After what Becca had said to Ryan, he had determined to get through this and make the most of it. ‘She did get great seats.’ Ryan thought, ‘and I haven’t been to a show since Becca and I were dating. She said it would be songs I would know so that will be fun. Am I really this excited? For a kid’s show?’ Ryan looked up at Becca with a big smile. ‘No, I am excited because I get to be here with her!’ Ryan finished his thought.

“Drinks! Snacks! Souvenirs!” A vendor replied.

Becca waved the man down to come over. “Excuse me, are you selling any pants size 3T?

“Sorry miss, no pants!” Replied the vendor, “I have shirts if you would like.”

“What do you think?” Becca asked Ryan as she bounced him and shook his hand to get his attention.

“Dats otay Mommy.” Replied Ryan looking around at all the decorations.

“The man has spoken.” Becca said laughing in response to the vendor.

“How about a slushy we made special for the show?” Asked then vendor.

“Oh yeah!” Ryan said now interested tapping Becca’s lap excitedly. “Can we! Can we! Can we!”

“Looks like the man has spoken?” Asked the vendor.

“I guess so!” Becca replied, retrieving her purse from the diaper bag. “We’ll have one of the slushies and you wouldn’t happen to be selling any alcohol, would you?”

“Lady, you have no idea how many times I get asked that. I have beer and wine.” The vendor said with a laugh.

“Oh ha! I bet you do. I’ll have a glass of the red wine.” Becca said and then whispered to the vendor covering her mouth from Ryan. “Tall please.”

“Coming right up!”

The vendor handed Becca the tall cup of wine along with the slushy, both had lids and straws. ‘Smart.’ Becca thought. She put Ryan’s slushy between their legs. It was in such a big cup that Ryan could still drink it even though it was on the chair.

“Don’t drink that all at once okay? I don’t want you to get a tummy ache.” Said Becca.

“Mmm-hmm!” Ryan said continuing to drink his slushy.

Becca took a long sip from her wine, she pat Ryan’s head and thought, ‘sometimes it is better to be the adult… I could really get used to this.’ Becca thought sitting back in her chair with a look of contentment on her face.

“Here it comes!” Becca said to Ryan as the lights went down.

Ryan watched bouncing in excitement as a bunch of people dressed up like trolls came to the stage to dance and sing. Becca laughed and rubbed Ryan’s side as he kept hitting his puffy butt on her lap. Ryan was really enjoying the show and listening to all the songs. ‘Becca was right! I do know these songs.’ He thought getting into the show more.

Becca and Ryan watched the whole show and they both sang along to the songs with the other kids and parents. They were both smiling from ear to ear having more fun than they have had in a long time just the two of them. Becca saw that Ryan was just about done with his drink.

“You were thirsty!” Becca said to Ryan as she took the empty cup away from him and set it on the floor.

Ryan looked back with the biggest grin that Becca had ever seen on her husband’s face noticing his teeth were a mix of blue and red. She smiled back and they went to continue watching the show.

Close to the end of the show the cast had asked all the audience members to get up and dance. Ryan and Becca both stood up. Becca noticing that her husband’s diaper had started to sag a bit, but he did not seem to notice or even care. ‘He must really be having fun if he didn’t notice wetting. I didn’t even see him do the potty dance.’ Becca thought.

After getting off Becca’s lap Ryan grabbed her hand and started pulling her out to one of the rows.

“Come on!” Ryan said, “we has to dance!”

“I’m coming!” Becca snickered as her little husband dragged her along.

Becca grabbed Ryan’s hand and started to jump and swing his arms around. Ryan laughed and started to jump with his wife. They were both smiling so much that they did not notice a member of staff come up to them.

“Excuse me miss?” The staff member asked.

“Yes?” Replied Becca.

“We are trying to get some kids to go up on to stage to dance for the last song. And we would love it if your son came up to dance. I have been watching you two and he looks so cute dancing around in those stinking adorable strawberry diaper prints! I need to get those for my daughter. Where did you get those?” The staff member asked.

Becca looked down at Ryan and saw that he was still dancing his heart out not paying any attention and missed the comment on his diapers.

“Oh my God, aren’t they?” Becca responded excitedly. “You can get them at Walmart.”

“Thank you so much! So, did you want him to come and dance?”

“Let me see.” Becca said bending down to talk to Ryan. “Ryan, this nice man wants to know if you want to go up stage and dance with all the trolls?”

“I get dance with trolls?” Ryan looked up at his wife excitedly.

“If you want to!” Becca replied.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Ryan said bouncing up and down.

“I guess there is your answer.” Becca smiled back at the staff member.

“Alright! I will take him back with me. He will be walking on with the other kids in like the next minute or so.”

“Okay, perfect.” Becca responded then turning to her baby husband. “Now Ryan I want you to be on your best behavior okay? I will be waiting for you right here alright?”

“Otay Mommy.” Replied Ryan shaking his head with a big grin on his face.

Ryan walked over to the man intending to follow him. The staff member reached his hand out for Ryan to grab. ‘Oh yeah,’ Ryan thought, ‘he probably wants to hold my hand, so I don’t get lost.’ Ryan grabbed the man’s hand and they walked backstage together.

Behind the stage there was twenty to thirty kids of different ages all backstage getting ready to go on and dance. Ryan had noticed that he was not the only one that just had a diaper on. He saw kids that looked to be bigger than him in the same situation and they all looked excited as could be. ‘What was I worried about?’ Ryan thought, ‘these kids look like they are older than I would be and are still in diapers.’

“Okay kids! Everyone holds hands!” One of the adults said loud over the crowd. “We are going to go out and dance.”

Ryan looked left and right and saw a boy and a girl on either side of him. The girl on his left looked to be about Ryan’s size and was wearing just a diaper as bottoms just like Ryan. He grabbed her hand and she smiled back at him. The he looked to his right and saw the boy was quite a bit bigger than he was. Ryan reached out his hand.

“Ugh.” The boy responded grabbing Ryan’s hand reluctantly, “another stupid baby.”

‘That was mean.’ Ryan thought, ‘this kid needs to have a talk with his father. I should tell Bec…’ But before he could give it too much thought the announcer started counting down.

“Five. Four. Three. Two.” She held up a one with her hand on the last number.

The band started playing and the kids were walked out all holding hands. They started to dance to the song each one getting turns with the main starts of the show. When it was Ryan’s turn to dance, he looked out to see Becca. He saw her standing up with her phone on recording the show; she waved when she saw him.

Ryan decided to have a little fun since Becca was recording. After he finished dancing with the pink troll he went over to the corner of the stage and started dancing thrusting his crotch out towards the audience with his hands on his head.

Instantly the crowd where Ryan was close to started to laugh. Becca was laughing and covered her face with her hand shaking her head at Ryan. Ryan started to laugh at Becca’s reaction. ‘If this were any other occasion I would probably be arrested of lewd behavior.’ Ryan thought and laughed, ‘but right now they all think I am adorable.’

Ryan continued his dancing gradually getting more suggestive with his dance moves. The audience was eating up Ryan’s antics. He heard a few of them whistle encouraging him to keep dancing. Ryan had turned around and started shaking his butt, his diaper now fairly full started bouncing and slapping his butt as he shook it up and down. But Ryan didn’t even notice, he took his shirt off and started swinging it over his head like he was doing a strip tease.

“Oh my God.” Becca said. “RYAN STOP!”

“That your son?” Asked a woman next to Becca tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Becca responded.

“He is quite the exhibitionist, isn’t he?”

“I have no idea where… RYAN! NO! STOP IT NOW!” Becca said as she briefly looked over to her husband on stage.

Becca saw that Ryan was now starting to un-tape his diaper while on stage. The audience went started erupting with laughter, mow almost all the audience had noticed Ryan. Just as Ryan was about to get the last bit of Velcro off his diaper the staff member that brought him backstage originally appeared behind him and picked up Ryan quickly carrying him off stage. The audience booed at Ryan’s removal.

“YOUR BUTT IS IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!” Becca screamed at Ryan as she recorded her husband being carried off stage.

Becca was laughing but was also mortified at what her husband just pulled. ‘He is going to be in so much trouble!’ Becca mused to herself light heartedly. The staff member appeared off to the side of where Becca was standing, she shook her head when she saw him. He made a come-hither motion with his finger at Becca.

“Have fun!” The woman next to her laughed as she saw Becca walk away.

“Thanks…” Becca replied drily.

“I am so sorry!” Becca said as she approached the staff member.

“No need to apologize! I am sorry I had to take your son off stage, but I did not want him to flash everyone.” The staff member responded.

“No, thank you for doing that!” Becca laughed in response. “Where is my stripper now?”

“I must have scared the little guy when I grabbed him from behind. His diaper had started to leak so one of the women back stage is giving him a quick change. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all! Thank you for doing my work for me!” Becca replied laughing at the thought of Ryan getting his diaper changed by another person.

Ryan was being carried by a female staff member to a back area. ‘Let me go!’ He thought ‘Mommy… Becca will change me when she gets here.’ Ryan tried to pull away from the staff agent.

“My you are fussy! And you did such a nice dance on stage! Do you like to dance? My name is Kerry what is your name? Do you know how to say your name?” She cooed at Ryan.

Ryan stopped fussing and looked at the woman fearfully. ‘She is actually going to change me?’ Ryan continued his thought ‘this is going to be so humiliating!’ Kerry brought Ryan into a small room that had a sign that said Feeding Area on it.

“Here we go buddy” Kerry said setting Ryan down to stand up. “Now I am not sure where your mommy is with potty training, but these are all I have for you.”

She pulled out a Trolls easy up out from a pack that was in the corner. ‘Not pink…’ Ryan thought as she saw the diaper Kerry was holding. Kerry walked back over to Ryan and laid him down on his back. She undid the tapes and unfolded the diaper.

“A booster? You must be a heavy wetter. Better get you back to you mom quick.” Kerry said as she slid Ryan’s dirty diaper out from under him and put an easy up on his ankles standing him up and pulling the diaper on the rest of the way. “All done! Doesn’t that feel better? High five!”

Ryan looked out at her hand outstretched waiting for him to touch her hand. ‘Ugh, fine here.’ Ryan thought as he touched Kerry’s hand.

“Alright! Let us get you back!” Said carry as she picked up Ryan and walked out of the room.

“There he is!” Shouted Becca seeing Ryan being carried over, Kerry stopping in front of her. “All out of baby jail? I am so sorry! Thank you very much for your help!”

“You are welcome! He wasn’t so bad, were you?” Kerry said tickling Ryan’s stomach.

Ryan looked at her with disdain. He looked at Becca and reached out his hands to be taken by her.

“He knows his mommy.” Kerry said handing Ryan over.

“Oh yes he does! Big mama’s boy.” Becca said lifting her husband away from Kerry.

“We only had the training pants for him. Had a pack for the show. They are a little big on him, but better than nothing.” Kerry said.

“Oh, Ryan look they have the trolls on them! They look very pretty on you.” Becca mocked Ryan. “We actually just gave up potty training this morning. He had one too many blow-outs for me to get him out of diapers unfortunately. We will start back up when he is a little bigger.”

“Ah. Well, good luck with those diapers dude! You’ll get the hang of it, no one makes it to college in diapers after all!” Kerry said and held her hand out to Ryan for another high five.

Becca snorted at the comment. Ryan was not wanting to give Kerry another high five.

“Come on Ryan give her a high five and say thank you.” Becca said to encourage Ryan.

Ryan reluctantly gave Kerry a high five. “Now say thank you.” Becca said to Ryan.

Ryan sneered at Becca. He looked to Kerry. “Tank you…”

“You are welcome.” Kerry said smiling.

Becca carried Ryan out away from where the concert was. She could hear that there was still some music going and the crowd had not let out yet. Becca decided that they had had enough adventure at the mall for one day and decided to head to the car.

Becca looked back to see if there was anyone following them within ear shot. Seeing that no one was she looked down at her husband; he had a sneaky little grin on his face.

“Are you happy with yourself my baby husband?” Becca as her voice sickening sweet.

“Mmm-hmm!” Ryan replied shaking his head up and down.

“You are such a brat!” Becca said berating her husband playfully. “I bet you scared those poor kids for life. You embarrassed the hell out of me. It would be mortifying enough needed to collect your kid, but me! I had to collect my husband!”

Ryan started laughing at Becca “I… am… NOT sorry.” He said between laughs.

“You are just! Ahh!” Becca replied kissing Ryan on the head. She then lifted him in to the air. “What are we going to do with you?”

“Love me!” Ryan screamed in excitement of getting lifted.

“You got it baby!” Becca said brining down her husband and giving him on the lips. “How was getting your diaper changed by a different woman? Should I be jealous? You’re not cheating on me, are you?”

“Babe.” Ryan started a joke but then looked around and remembered to use baby talk. “Err… Mommy, Mommy, I has lots of mommies to see. Notin pwersonal.”

“Ha nice catch.” Becca said, “and what do these mommies have that I don’t?”

Ryan held his arms up to his chest cupping each of his breasts. “Bigger boobies.”

“Ha!” Becca laughed, “oh, you are being a hoot today! We should do this more often.”

“Yeah!” Ryan replied excitedly.

“We are going to need to get you out of those trainers though! You will leak through them in a minute.” Becca said to Ryan patting his butt.

“Okay mommy…” Ryan said sighing.

“I like it when you just agree with me.” Becca said looking ahead a validated expression on her face, “it makes my life with you so much easier.”

Ryan stuck his tongue out at Becca. They got to the car and Becca opened the sliding side door. She set the diaper bag down then laid Ryan down on the car floor. She grabbed a new diaper, this time one with anchors on it and went to work changing her husband. She ripped the sides of the easy up off and lifted his butt up sliding the new diaper under him.

She was about to finish taping up Ryan’s diaper. “Actually, hold on.” Becca said reaching into her diaper bag.

She pulled out a bottle of baby powder. “Close your eyes and mouth and plug your nose.”

Ryan did as he was instructed. Becca lifted his butt up and powdered her husband thoroughly. Satisfied, she taped up her husband’s diaper.

“There we go! All done!” Becca said to Ryan as she picked him up and put him into his car seat and started buckling him.

“Mommy?” Ryan started, “why did you put powder on?”

“So a little someone doesn’t get a rash!” She said finishing buckling Ryan in and tapping him on his nose. “It is a forty-five-minute drive before we get to the office. Mu hubby won’t get a diaper rash on my watch!”

Ryan watched Becca as she shut his door and got into the driver’s seat.

“We are going to the office?” Ryan asked.

“Boy do you have baby brain.” Replied Becca. “Didn’t you say you needed to get to the office to grab something to calculate how long you would be like this?”

“Oh yeah! You’re right I forgot about that!” Ryan replied.

Becca took one more look back at her husband before putting the car in drive. ‘I love that man.’ She said to herself pulling out and onto the road.


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Well written - very creative!


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Now on to the story! Ryan had too much fun at the concert, so I think it is time that we get back to figuring out how they can change him back!

*** PART 4***

“What’s the matter baby?” Becca asked looking at her husband from the child viewer on her visor. “You look sad.”

“Nothing is wrong Becca…” Ryan said with a sigh.

“That doesn’t sound like a boy without a problem. Come on, what’s wrong did you go potty?” Becca asked.

“Becca!” Ryan snapped back, blushing.

“Well, did you? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about it is just me.” Becca replied.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Ryan said crossing his arms.

“Aww.” Becca cooed. “Did my wittle hubby go potty in his diapy?”

“Stop it Becca.” Replied Ryan.

“Does someone have a messy diapy?” Becca teased. “Is that why my little hubby cranky?”

“No, I did not mess my diaper.” Ryan said quietly.

GASP Becca sounded over dramatically.

“Did my hubby go tinkle in his diaper and didn’t even complain about it?” Becca asked Ryan continuing to tease him. “Is that what I am hearing? My wittle bitty baby hubby finally acting like it?”

Ryan pouted with his arms crossed but could not help but break out in a big smile at Becca’s teasing.

“Alright fine. I had to go pee, so I just went in my diaper.” Ryan replied.

“Pretty big moment for you. How do you feel?” Asked Becca.

“I feel like it is not one to celebrate.” Ryan smiled back at her.

“Aww, but we could get a little chart and put a gold star on it when you go in your diaper! We could call it your un-potty-training chart!” Becca said with glee.

“We are not doing that!” Ryan said laughing at Becca’s over the top dramatics.

“Awe! Would little baby Ry-Ry get embarrassed if we started tracking his potty progress?” Becca continued. “But how would we be able to celebrate how good he is doing?”

“Ha! Oh! Even better!” Ryan replied sarcastically giggling as he talked. “We could get me a little potty chair, and I would sit on it but still go in my diapers! Ha!”

“I could totally see you doing that!” Becca started laughing with Ryan. “You would come up and be like ‘Look, mommy I used the potty!’ and we would go over and see nothing in it, and I would say ‘Oh, you mean you sat on your potty, but did not take your diaper off? Got it.’ Then sigh as I looked at you wondering why I could not just have a normal child.”

“Ha! Ha! I would totally do that! I tap you on the head and say, ‘don’t worry mommy you just lucky I guess.’” Ryan grabbed his side from laughing. “This is so much fun! What else could we buy for me?”

“Umm. Let’s see.” Becca thought out loud. “Well, we would need to get some steppy stools so my itty bitty husband car reach all the super scary high counters!”

“They so scawwy mommy! What if I falls?” Ryan replied.

“I know baby, I know.” Becca began. “But we will just need to keep him in extra puffy diapers so that he doesn’t hurt himself!”

“YAY!” Ryan exclaimed. “What else?”

“What else? Hmm, what else… If you were a little bit smaller, I would love to get a cute carrier wrap to keep you in.”

“What that mommy?” Ryan asked.

“It is a baby carrier, but it is cloth instead of the seat. That way I can have you all nice and close to me.” Becca answered.

“I would like that to.” Ryan said smiling. “I like it when I get to hug you all day long!”

“I like that too! It is one of my bestest favorite time with you!” Becca said.

“Bestest favorites?!” Ryan asked.

“You bet you cute little booty!” Becca replied enthusiastically.

“Awe, thank you. My butt is cute.” Ryan replied.

“You are so ridiculous! I hope this isn’t all going to your head.” Remarked Becca.

“It totally is.” Snarked Ryan.

“I think I need a babysitter.” Becca stated.

“Only if I get to pick her out! I have a few penthouse fantasies that I want to live out.” Said Ryan.

“Ha! Penthouse? What are you going to do with that little tic-tac you have packing in that diaper?” Becca laughed.

“It is not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean my dear.” Ryan said as he sat back in his car seat putting his hands over his head.

“Umm, okay sweety.” She replied patronizingly. “But I think that you will find that if you try to enter the harbor with floaties on you will drown.”

“I don’t think I have ever been burned that creatively.” Replied Ryan.

“Stick with me kid.” Becca replied. “I’ll show you a thing or two.”

Ryan laughed at Becca. “This is why I love you.”

“I love you too.” Replied Becca.

They drove for a while in silence. Becca occasionally looking back to check at Ryan; him noticing and smiling back. ‘We must be getting close.’ Ryan thought.

“How long until we get there?” Asked Ryan.

“Umm, not much further. I think another ten maybe fifteen minutes. If you need to potty again just go, that diaper will hold it.” Becca replied.

“No. That is not. I mean I know, but.” Ryan stammered. “Can we just have an adult moment please? This is important.”

“Oh, sorry.” Becca replied looking back at her husband. “Okay grown-up talk. What’s up?”

“Thank you.” Said Ryan. “When we get to the office you are going to need to go to my lab for me. We do not allow any visitors below ten to tour the labs so you will need to go in without me. I need you to grab a green notebook that I have sitting next to the formula. Then I need you to grab that and a sample of the formula. I do not think I need to remind you to not get it on your skin. Carefully pour out the formula into a small vial. I keep a dozen or so in almost all my drawers. Then come back to me so we can take the material home so I can do the calculation.”

“Okay, sounds easy enough. Will I be able to just walk in?” Becca asked.

“Well technically no. But Gretchen won’t care if you tell her you are just grabbing a few things for me.” Ryan responded.

“Alright that’s good. I will be in and out.” Becca replied.

They drove quietly for the next few minutes.

“Ryan what’s wrong?” Becca noticed Ryan was starting to squirm in his car seat.

“My tummy just hurts is all. Too much slushy I think.” Replied Ryan.

“Do you need to go potty?” Becca asked.

“No, I just peed again before we exited.” Said Ryan.

“Gold star.” Becca began. “But I mean do you need to go poopy.”

Ryan looked down at his stomach and felt it grumble a bit. “I don’t think so. I mean I already went twice today. How much more is in there?”

“Good point.” Becca stated, “but if you do need to go tell me now otherwise, I won’t be able to change you until we leave the office. We are going to be in and out.”

“I understand.” Ryan replied. “I think I will be alright. Maybe I could try sitting on the toilet though?”

“Umm… We could have. Had I not just missed the last place to stop before we get there.” Responded Becca. “Let me see if I can turn around.”

“That is alright, Bec.” Said Ryan “I will be fine. We can just get there and then stop on the way back.”

“Alright, if you say so.” Becca said with doubt in her voice.

“I’ll be fine Becca. It feels like it was only a cramp.” Ryan replied seeing her look at him curiously.

“Oaky, I believe you.” Becca turned back to driving.

They drove quietly for almost the rest of the trip. Becca kept checking her baby viewer to check on Ryan and saw that he had stopped squirming for the most part, but still looked uncomfortable. Becca turned into their work’s parking lot and turned to look back at Ryan.

“Are you ready for this?” Becca asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Replied Ryan.

“Okay, so ground rules. And Ryan I really mean it this time, there is no room to mess up this time okay.” Becca said sternly. “I want you to only talk in baby talk while we are in there. Remember, you are two years old so act like it, understand? Go in your diaper if you need to. If you think it will be easier, I can give you your pacifier to suck on, so you aren’t tempted to talk.”

“I won’t mess up Becca. I promise. I don’t need the pacifier.” Replied Ryan swinging his thumb up in response before looking grim.

“Okay…” Becca said nervously getting out of the van and opening the door to where Ryan was buckled in. “Let’s do this.”

She unbuckled Ryan from his car seat and picked him up to carry him grabbing the diaper bag on the way. “You are super full!” Becca said as she supported Ryan’s butt with her arm.

“It squishy.” Ryan said shifting slightly.

“I bet it is!” Cooed Becca as she bounced Ryan and walked through the entrance.

Becca walked quickly to the elevator trying not to be seen by anyone. ‘In and out. In and out.’ Becca repeated in her head. She was so nervous. ‘You come here every day, come on girl get a hold of yourself. Just get a notebook and a small vial. How hard is that right?’

They arrived at the elevator and Becca pushed the call button. She started tapping her foot impatiently waiting. Ryan looked down and saw that his wife looked nervous.

“It otay Mommy, I here.” Ryan said as she hugged Becca tightly.

“I know baby.” Becca said rubbing Ryan’s back smiling at her husband.

Once the elevator arrived Becca stepped in holding Ryan tight. Thankfully, it was empty. Becca pushed the button to take them to the lab floor. Taking a sigh of relief in Becca leaned back against the elevator wall, glad that step one was over.

“Ryan!” Becca said in surprise looking at her husband.

“Mommy!” Ryan smiled in reply.

“No! You are going potty!” Becca asked.

She felt Ryan’s diaper getting warmer and start to swell even more. Becca held him out in front of her so that Ryan’s diaper could catch all the wetness without her arm getting in the way. She saw his diaper droop as he continued to fill it.

“Potty?” Ryan asked confused. He looked down at his growing diaper. “I… not mean to potty in diapy…”

“That’s great! I am supper proud of you!” She said to Ryan sweetly and asked. “Are you almost done baby?”

Ryan shook his head yes. ‘How is that great?’ Ryan thought. ‘She does know I will need to be out of diapers, eventually right?’

“Good.” Replied Becca setting Ryan down to stand on the floor. She reached into the diaper bag pulling out a fresh diaper. “Thought we could make it through this without changing you, but that diaper is almost down to your knees.”

Ryan looked over at his reflection on the mirrored wall in the elevator. He saw that his diaper had started to sag a lot and that it was struggling to even stay on his body. He turned to the mirror and started to shake his hips left in right causing his over saturated diaper to swing from side-to-side slapping into the side of his legs. A smile started to come over his face.

“What are you doing now?” Becca asked noticing her husband moving.

“Look it swing!” Ryan said gleefully.

Becca shook her head at Ryan going back to retrieving a new diaper for her husband. ‘Whatever makes you happy I guess.’ Becca thought amused that Ryan was entertaining himself.

“Got it!” Becca said holding the new diaper up.


The elevator doors open and there is a man trying to enter with a cart.

“Sorry!” Becca said sticking the diaper into her dress pocket and scooping Ryan up and stepping off.

The man just grumbled as he made his way past Ryan and Becca. She saw Gretchen looking at her over her desk and walked over to her.

“Hey Becca!” Gretchen said happily.

“Hey Gretch!” Becca replied. “We made it! Here is little Ry-Guy.”

“What?!?” Gretchen asked excitedly after Ryan turned to look at Gretchen. “You didn’t tell me you were watching Baby Strip-Tease!”

“Baby what now?” Becca asked exchanging a very confused look with Ryan.

“Here, look!” Gretchen replied turning her monitor so that Becca and Ryan could see a video that she was watching.

Ryan and Becca watched with their mouths open as they watched a video of Ryan dancing on stage at the Trolls concert. Becca could hear herself scream on the video and started laughing. She had to set Ryan down she was laughing so hard.

“Where did you find that?” Becca asked wiping tears from her eyes.

“It’s all over the internet! This video already has 1.7 million views.” Replied Gretchen.

“You hear that baby?” Becca asked looking down at Ryan smiling. “You are internet famous. Bet you didn’t expect that to happen, did you?”

Ryan was beat red with embarrassment.

“Aww…” Gretchen cooed. “Do you recognize yourself Ry-Ry?”

“Go on.” Becca looked down at her husband. “Is that you in the computer?”

Ryan shook his head no and buried his face into Becca’s leg.

“Now he is all shy.” Becca said putting her hand down to Ryan’s head.

“He just needs to warm up to me.” Gretchen smiled down at him. “Isn’t that right? You just need to hang out with Auntie Gretchen huh?”

“Actually, I was hoping you could help me with that.” Becca said.

“Oh, sure. What do you need?” Asked Gretchen.

“I just need to grab a notebook that Ryan left in his lab. Could you watch baby Ryan for just a second and let me in there quick?”

“Oh… umm… I can’t really let anyone back there to go into a lab by themselves…” Gretchen replied.

“Nonsense!” Replied a male voice from behind Becca. “I’ll accompany her.”

Becca turned around and saw Todd. ‘Ugh… Todd.’ Becca thought. She had gone on one date with him before she met Ryan that ended in an awkward hug/kiss thing and had been trying to avoid him ever since. Todd, however, thought the date went perfectly and thinks he is the one that should be with Becca.

“I guess that would be alright.” Gretchen said.

“Of course, it is!” Todd said putting an arm around Becca. “She is in good hands.”

“Umm… alright.” Becca said looking back to Gretchen and Ryan as she was being led away. “Gretchen, please keep an eye on Ryan!”

Todd escorted Becca through the locking double set of doors. Leaving Ryan standing at the Gretchen’s desk watching her walk away. ‘What the heck was that about?’ Ryan thought. He knew that Becca and Todd had been on a date before they got together, but he never saw him act like that when he was around. ‘Something I should look into when this is over.’

Gretchen had walked around her desk to collect Ryan. She picked him up under his arms and saw the state of his diaper.

“Becca…” She said irritated. “You didn’t change him before you got here? Sorry little man, but Auntie Gretchen doesn’t change diapers.”

Gretchen carried Ryan over to behind the desk and sat in her chair putting Ryan in her lap.

“You better not pee on me you got it?” Gretchen said to Ryan.

Ryan just looked back at her. ‘There is not much I can do about it.’ Ryan thought annoyed at Gretchen’s reaction to his soggy diaper. ‘I didn’t even feel myself go the last time.’

Ryan looked at Gretchen’s desk and saw that she had a picture of him from when they danced at Becca and Ryan’s wedding. ‘Why would she keep a picture of us on her desk?’ Ryan wondered. He pointed at the picture and looked up at Gretchen.

“You like that picture?” Gretchen asked. “It is one of my favorites too.”

Ryan wanted to know why she had it on her desk. At his desk he kept one picture of Becca and himself. ‘There is someone in her life isn’t there? I thought she talked about having a boyfriend once.’ Ryan kept thinking, ‘how can I ask her about this without making her ashamed or embarrassed?’ Then it occurred to Ryan what position he was in.

“Daddy? Mommy?” Ryan asked pointing at the picture.

“Aren’t you sweet?” Gretchen said with a smile. “No that is just someone I work with. I tried to get his attention for the longest time, but once he saw Becca it was game over. Cannot say that I blame them they seem to be so perfect together. I just keep it around for some eye candy now.”

Ryan blushed fiercely at Gretchen’s remarks. ‘I had no idea she even found me attractive.’ Thought Ryan. ‘This is going to be so awkward at work now. I need to talk to Becca and find this girl someone or I will NEVER be able to face her again.’

“Let’s watch you on the computer again!” Gretchen cooed to Ryan pushing replay on the video.

She grabbed Ryan’s arms and moved them back and forth dancing them with the music. ‘I hate this.’ Ryan thought as he let Gretchen move his arms.

Gurgle Ryan felt something in his stomach drop. ‘No! No! No!’ Ryan squeezed hard hoping that this was just a cramp.

The video was showing Ryan bounce his butt in the air and Gretchen started to bounce Ryan oh her knee. ‘STOP!’ Ryan screamed internally. ‘You’re going to make me…’


Ryan had lost the battle he was having with his insides. A rush of solid and liquid spewing out his backside. Ryan grunted as he continued to fill his diaper. He felt the mushiness expand his already over saturated diaper. Ryan stopped fighting it and started to push helping his mess along. He felt the mess start to make its way up his back knowing that it was about to explode out at any second.

“You doing alright little man?” Gretchen asked.

Ryan gave one last push of releif and a geyser shot out the back of his diaper going into the back of his shirt. He felt the side guards of his diaper finally give way and warm mush oozed all over Gretchen’s skirt and part of her blouse.

“Ahhh!” Gretchen screamed picking Ryan up with her arms fully extended. “Eww! Eww! Eww! Eww! Eww!”

Gretchen set Ryan down with her shoulder crunched up as though she were experiencing her cringiest nightmare. She reached into the diaper bag and grabbed several wipes. She started wiping off the crotch of her skirt to remove all the mess that Ryan had left.

Ryan felt something start to drip down his leg. He looked down and saw that his diaper had fully blown out and his mess was starting to leak down his leg. Gretchen took notice of this.

“Oh! No! NO! NO!” Gretchen reached into the diaper bag hoping to find something that would help the situation and found the changing pad. “Here stand on this.”

She plopped the mat down in front of Ryan.

“Come on! Get on the mat!” Gretchen said angrily pushing Ryan to get on the mat. “Hurry up! You are getting it everywhere!”

The mat was made from a plastic like material that was designed to be easy to clean. However, this made them very slippery and when Ryan was pushed onto it so forcefully, he fell forward onto his face.


‘THAT REALLY HURT’ Ryan thought tears starting to form in his eyes. He started to push himself up with his hands, but Gretchen grabbed him and stood him back up on the mat. She started wiping down Ryan’s legs not even checking to see if he was okay. Ryan did not like how hard she was wiping and started to cry.

“Hey, you’re fine.” Gretchen responded coldly.

This caused Ryan to cry harder. ‘Why is she being so mean to me?’ Ryan thought. Gretchen continued to wipe Ryan down and not gently. She had started to wipe down his crotch and Ryan winced at her touch causing him to fall backwards onto his butt.

“Oh, God dammit!” Gretchen screeched seeing even more mess escape from Ryan’s diaper onto the mat.

She reached over to her desk phone and hit a button to dial out.

“Day care, this is Daisey.”

“Daisy, I need you to come down to the labs right away.” Gretchen answered.

“Why, what do you need?” Asked Daisey.

“Becca, left her stupid fing kid with me and the little fer s*** all over the place.” Said Gretchen.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Remarked Daisy.

“Get your ass down here now!” Gretchen said firmly and hung up the phone.

She sat back in her desk chair and returned to cleaning her skirt and blouse.

“This was a new fing skirt to you know that?” She said to Ryan. “Becca better be fing paying me back for this.”

Ryan had never seen Gretchen be angry before. Compounding his surprise, he had never heard her curse shocked him out of his crying state.

“What are you done crying now that you are done s***ing everywhere?” Gretchen asked Ryan meanly.

Ryan could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. ‘Has she always been like this?’ He wondered watching Gretchen clean herself off.

He looked at his lap and saw that not only had he blown out of his diaper but when he fell it further splatted up his back and out the side getting wet poo all over the mat. ‘I really did a number on this diaper. I… really want a change.’

The elevator doors opened and Daisey, a seventeen-year-old girl with dark hair, walked out.

“Finally, he’s here.” Gretchen instructed Daisey.

“Okay. I’m coming.” Daisey responded annoyed.

‘Clearly she has dealt with Gretchen like this.’ Ryan thought as he heard Daisy made her wade towards him.

“Where is he?” Asked Daisey not seeing Ryan behind the desk.

“Back here.” Gretchen said pointing at Ryan.

Daisey walked around the desk and found Ryan sitting in his own filth while Gretchen continued to clean herself.

“Are you kidding me?” Daisey said angerly.

“I know now get him out of here.” Gretchen said moving out of the was so Daisy could collect Ryan.

“No, I mean you. You are just going to leave him like that?” Daisey said as she knelt to Ryan grabbing some wipes from the diaper bag.

“What do you want me to do about it? That’s why I called you.” Gretchen replied. “It’s Becca’s kid not mine. She handed him to me with a full diaper to begin with.”

“You know Gretchen… Just forget it.” Daisey replied cleaning Ryan off. “Get me a new diaper from the bag.”

Gretchen rummaged through the diaper bag. “There isn’t any in here.”

“What? Let me see.” Daisey looked through the bag and found the diapers to be empty. “Well, this sucks. I’ll need to take him down to the day care to get him a clean diaper.”

“Good. Get him anywhere but here.” Gretchen stated.

Daisey shook her head at Gretchen’s comments and started to wrap Ryan up in the changing mat. ‘This girl is smart.’ Ryan thought about Daisey using the changing mat to carry him.

“Alright stinky man.” Said Daisey, picking up Ryan in a cradle making sure the mat was between his legs. “Let’s get that bum changed. Tell Becca I have Ryan at the day care alright?”

“Yeah. Fine. Whatever.” Gretchen shooed them away.


Wonderful dialogue!


We should probably check in and see how Becca is doing.

Thank you for reading.

*** PART 5 ***

Todd was guiding Becca down the hallway with his hand resting on the middle of her back.

“Can you please just not do that.” Said Becca shaking away from Todd’s hands.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we were friends? I mean I am walking an unauthorized person to a restricted area.” Said Todd as he put his hand back on Becca lightly tapping her butt before settling on the small of her back.

“Of course…” Becca said through a gritted smile.

“See, we can get along.” Todd said.

Becca shot him a short uncomfortable smile. ‘Why does everything need to be so difficult with this man?’ Becca thought. ‘Take a freaking hint Weirdo… I need to do this for Ryan. Get it together girl just stepping in and then stepping out.’

“I heard that Ryan was out of on a cruise. And why wouldn’t you be joining him?” Todd asked incredulously.

‘How the hell did he know about that? Freaking Gretchen!’ Thought Becca.

“It was a gift from her sister… she won them and only had one extra so Ryan went by himself this time.” Replied Becca.

“Very interesting.” Said Todd in a flirtatious yet slimy tone. “A last-minute trip and he left you home alone, with where Ryan is at I could have thought he could take you anywhere in the world last minute. I would never leave a girl like you alone for a minute.”

“Well, you know I don’t like to discuss finances or personal things at work.” Becca replied with a smile, trying to get him to drop the subject.

“I completely agree. I also don’t talk about these things with my colleagues, but we’re friends right?” Todd asked. “We can talk about anything. You know I am here for you.”

“Thank you, Todd.” Becca struggled to say the words. She wanted to puke and punch him at the same time.

“Of course.” Replied Todd. “I understand what you are going through.”

‘What the heck is this freak talking about?’ Becca asked herself.

“And that child that you have today.” Said Todd.

“What about him?” Asked Becca coldly. ‘He better not say a F***ing word about him.’ She thought.

“Oh, I just meant I heard that it was Ryan’s friends that had asked to watch him and Gretchen told me that you sounded like you had no idea before he was dropped off!” Todd Continued. “And it must be especially hard with him also being named Ryan. A constant reminder of your husband while he is away.”

Finally, the arrived at the door to Ryan’s lab.

“You know what Todd? That is none of your business.” Said Becca as she pushed him away.

Becca opened the door to the lab.

“Where do you think you are going?” Asked Todd blocking he from entering.

“Todd enough, please. I just need to grab some things for Ryan, and I am leaving.” Becca said firmly.

“Well, I can’t let you walk in alone. That would be against policy. I need to be with you at all times.” Todd replied. “So, shall we?”

Todd walked into the lab before her. ‘Shoot! How the hell am I going to get a sample without him seeing?’ Becca thought. She stepped in behind Todd. Becca saw that even with Ryan’s leaving in a hurry he still left his lab cleaner than any room at home. She noticed that everything was in its place except for one beaker on the bench with some clear liquid and a notebook next to it. ‘That must be it!’

“Your husband is so meticulous with his work. I could never keep my lab this clean you know…” Todd turned his head to look at Becca. “I’m a dirty boy. And have an even dirtier mouth.” He licked his upper lip with his tongue.

‘What the f*** was that?!’ Thought Becca a mixture a rage and confusion passing through her body. ‘Did he just freaking lick… Wait I can use this…’

“Is that so?” Asked Becca starting to flirt with Todd.

‘I hate this. I feel gross.’ Becca continued her inner dialogue. ‘Need to do this for Ryan.’

“That’s so.” Responded Todd, turning to face Becca. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I deal with a lot of dirty boys you know. And you want to know what I do to them when they have a dirty mouth?” Replied Becca.

“And what do you do with them?” Asked Todd Seductively.

“You really want to know?” Becca asked, walking up to Todd grabbing his tie.

“Oh, yeah.” Todd responded with a sly grin stretched across his face. “Tell me what you’ll do.”

Becca took a step closer to Todd holding his tie up high close to her lips. She could see Todd’s member starting to grow in his pants. Todd was starting to breath heavier; he placed his hands around Becca’s waist.

“I usually clean them off like this!” Becca gave a big lick to Todd’s tie and then started to clean off the side of his mouth.

“What the hell?” Todd asked surprised removing his hands and taking a step back.

“What’s wrong?” Becca asked Todd with an innocent frown. “Didn’t you want me to show you what I do to dirty boys with dirty mouths?”

“Forget it.” Todd said angrily walking to Ryan’s desk and sat in his chair. “Just grab what your husband needs and let’s go.”

Becca walked over to where Ryan had left the formula. She picked up the notebook and shut it, finding it to be the green one that Ryan had described. ‘Perfect!’ She thought now looking at the beaker full of the formula. ‘I need to be careful not to get this on me like Ryan said. I should put some gloves on.’

Becca opened the top drawer of Ryan’s bench and saw that he had placed masking tape around the bottom marking out where everything is stored. She read that they were labeled. ‘Gloves, vials, eye dropper, beaker, good beaker, scoop, tissue, calculator, calculator that works, junk that I am too lazy to move.’ She read in her head. ‘This is so much like Ryan.’ She smiled seeing his labels. She loved how he can make even the most boring task playful and fun. ‘He is such a kid.’ Becca then realized her thought and snickered to herself slightly.

“What are you doing in there?” Asked Todd.

“Just grabbing some gloves is all.” Replied Becca.

“Why? What are you grabbing that you need them for?” Todd asked. “You can’t take any chemicals out of here with you, you know.”

“Uhh… No!.. I am grabbing them to… Take with me! We are out at home and I don’t want to run to the store.” Becca lied.

“Fine. Whatever.” Todd replied taking out his phone and putting his feet on Ryan’s desk.

‘Need to be sneakier.’ Becca thought as she quietly slipped a glove over her hands and grabbed a vial and an eye dropper. She moved so that she was blocking Todd’s view of the cylinder with the formula. She unscrewed the cap to the vial and slowly put the dropper into the formula. She sucked up the liquid and then transferred it to the vial. ‘How much does he need? There this should be enough.’

Becca screwed the cap on to the vial as tight as she could even hearing it pop after a final twist. ‘Good.’ She thought, ‘now how can I get this out of here?’

“Do you need help finding something?” Todd asked appearing behind Becca.

Becca jumped when she heard Todd talk, she did not hear him get up. In a panic she put her hands into her pocket.

“What are you doing?” Todd asked referring to Becca’s hands.

“Oh… You scared me is all.” Becca replied.

“What is in your pocket?” Asked Todd.


“Becca, show me your hands right now!” Todd demanded.

Becca slowly lifted her hands out of her dress pocket revealing her gloved hands.

“Why are you wearing gloves?” Said Todd.

“I… am…” Becca began. “Well, the thing is… Alright fine you caught me.”

“Show me what you took.” Todd stated.

“I didn’t take anything.” Replied Becca taking her gloves off. “It’s embarrassing, but I get nervous in labs and I didn’t want to accidently touch anything that would make me grow a third arm or something.”

“Ha! Oh Becca. Silly Becca, that is all just science fiction. We do real science here. Ryan must have been telling you some crazy stories to make his job sound more exciting than it is.” Todd said shaking his head. “But you can’t fool me Becca.”

Shoot! Becca did not say anything but just looked back at Todd.

“I can see something in your pocket. What is it?” He pointed to Becca’s dress pocket.

“What this?” Becca pulled out the diaper she had grabbed to change Ryan with before they got out of the elevator.

“Why do you have a diaper?” asked Todd.

“I grabbed it because Ryan needed a diaper change, but then I was interrupted at the elevator.” Said Becca.

“Ha! Ryan needing a diaper change, that I would love to see!” Todd replied.

“For the Ryan I am watching idiot.” Said Becca.

“Yeah whatever.” Todd responded. “But I still need to check your pockets.”

Becca held her hands up, holding the diaper in her left hand. Todd walked over and reached into Becca’s pockets feeling around. He started touching Becca’s inner thigh and then slowly started to move his way towards her crotch. He was looking at her with lust in his eyes.


“Only my HUSBAND has permission to touch me there you creep!” Becca screamed kicking Todd hard in the crotch.

Todd grabbed his crotch doubling over in pain.

“And if you want to keep you job, I would suggest you say nothing about this do you understand me?” Said Becca.

Todd just moaned.

“Hey.” Becca said kneeling to Todd’s level grabbing his chin in her hand. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes…” Todd wheezed.

“Good boy.” Becca said slapping his cheek.

Becca stood up, adjusted her dress, grabbed the notebook, put Ryan’s diaper back into her dress pocket and walked out of the lab leaving Todd doubled over in pain. She quickly made her way down the hall and out the double doors to the lobby.

“I’m back Gretchen can I have Ryan? We need to go.” Becca said hastily.

“Where is Todd?” Gretchen asked.

“Needed to get some work done. I have everything I need so I just need Ryan back.”

“He isn’t here.” Gretchen replied.


“That little brat of yours exploded in his diaper and it got all over while he was sitting on my lap! You owe me a new skirt!”

“Gretchen! Where is he! Tell me now!” Becca demanded.

“I had Daisy come to get him. I could not have him like that back here, so she took him to the day care.”

“Ugh… Not what I needed.” Becca grabbed her forehead. “Thank you, Gretchen, for watching him I will go get him.”

Becca walked to the elevator.

“Don’t forget about my skirt!” Gretchen called as the doors were shutting.

‘Come on, come on.’ Becca thought impatiently tapping her foot.


Becca nearly sprinted out of the elevator rushing to make her way to get Ryan. She knew that he would be fine with Daisy, but after the incident with Todd she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Daisy?” Becca called walking into the nursery of the day care. “Daisy, are you here?”

“Over here Bec.” Replied Daisy.

“Oh, thank God.” Becca said exasperated as she saw Ryan laying on the table.

Becca walked over to Ryan and picked him up.

“Wait!” Daisy said. “I haven’t cleaned him up yet, he had a major blow out on Gretchen.”

“I heard!” Becca said as she cooed to Ryan. “My lord you are stinky too! I can clean him up Daisy it’s not a problem.”

“I don’t mind. He seemed like he was excited about having me clean him up.”

“Oh, he was, was he?” Becca raised an eyebrow at her husband laying on the changing table.

Ryan smiled back at his wife and then turned his head away.

“Becca?” Todd called from the front desk of the day care.

“What now?” Becca said. “Sorry Daisy, I need to deal with this. Do you mind cleaning him up?”

“Not at all!” Daisy replied. “But do you know what size diaper he wears?”

“Here. Size 4.” Becca reached into her dress and opened the diaper slightly allowing the vial that she had stashed in it to fall into her pocket.

“Perfect! You always have the cutest diapers!”

Becca walked out to face Todd.

“What do you want Todd?” Becca demanded.

“Becca… I just want to make sure things are alright between us… I mean.” Todd got close to Becca’s ear. “You did assault me after all. I wouldn’t want you to lose your job over this.”

Becca grabbed Todd’s tie again, but this time pulling hard squeezing his neck.

“If the next word that come out of that disgusting mouth are not ‘I’m sorry, I am a wimpy little pervert and I will leave you alone forever’ I will personally see to it that you are fired and will make sure that Ryan calls all his contacts to make sure you never work again.” Stated Becca.

“It’s my word against you…AHH.” Todd started, but Becca pulled tighter on his tie.

“Not what I told you to say!” Becca started. “My husband is so meticulous you don’t think he has every inch of his lab wired. He goes back and listens to them at night to make sure he didn’t forget an idea. Now what did I tell you to say?”

Todd’s eyes widened. “Uhh… Uhh…”

“Spit it out.” Becca demanded.

“I’m sorry, I am a wimpy little pervert, and I will leave you alone forever.” Todd said.

“Now go.” She pushed him away.

Todd turned and walked away quickly.

‘Hopefully, that takes care of that. I cannot believe he bought my bluff.’ Becca thought. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the vial. Glad I got… ‘WHAT! NO! NO! NO!’ Becca ran to the nursery. She had found that the vial in her pocket was empty; Becca had broken the seal when she twisted closed. It was dry, the diaper had absorbed the formula.

Daisy took Ryan’s short off just leaving him in his messy diaper. She turned on the water in a nearby wash basin letting it warm up. She returned to Ryan and started to undo his diaper.

“You are suck a stinky boy aren’t you!” Daisy cooed to Ryan. “Did you go poopy on Gretchen on purpose?”

Ryan smiled at Daisy’s comment. ‘I didn’t mean to do that!’ He laughed in his head.

“I think that is a yes isn’t it!” Daisy said as she picked Ryan up and carried him over to the wash basin. “Let’s get you all nice and cleaned up.”

Daisy grabbed a washcloth and the sprayer from the sink and gently poured water over Ryan’s head. She started cleaning off his back then his butt, spraying where she needed it. She moved to Ryan’s front carefully wiping down Ryan’s penis.

Ryan felt himself getting aroused. ‘Please stop! Please Stop!’ Ryan kept internally screaming. Ryan felt his penis start to twitch as Daisy’s cleaning.

“Uh-oh! We better get someone into a fresh diaper before he gets too excited.” Daisy winked at him.

Ryan looked away in embarrassment.

“Well, aren’t you cute!” Daisy said lifting him up with a towel drying him down.

Daisy set Ryan back down on the changing table and slid the diaper under his butt. ‘Something isn’t right.’ Ryan thought feeling the diaper was already slightly damp. Daisy pulled up the front and started taping his diaper shut. ‘This diaper is already wet!’

“All done!” Daisy said as she stood him up. “Let’s get you a new shirt to wear home.”

Daisy walked over to a nearby dresser and started rummaging through it.

“Ryan!” Becca yelled as she ran through the door.

Becca saw Ryan standing on the table and ran over to him. She laid him down on the table and undid Ryan’s diaper pulling it out from under him.

“What’s wrong?” Daisy asked turning around with a T-shirt with a dinosaur on it. “I just changed him into that.”

“I… forgot that he gets a bad reaction with this diaper brand.” Becca continued. “It is as if there if something in the FORUMLA they PUT IN their DIAPERS. And I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN HIM after I put him in one.”

Becca over annunciated the words to convey to Ryan what happened.

“WATER!” Ryan mouthed to Becca.

“Just need to wash him down again fast!” Becca said grabbing Ryan and practically throwing him into the wash basin turning the water on and spraying down his diaper area.

Becca sprayed down Ryan with urgency getting every part of him washed off. Ryan waved her off mouthing STOP to her.

“I am sorry Becca!” Daisy said. “I was just using the one you gave me. Here is a new Huggies.”

“Thank you, Daisy. No need to apologize it was my fault.” Becca replied as she grabbed the diaper and put it under her husband quickly taping it shut. Carefully rolling up the diaper with the formula in it putting it into the diaper bag.

“Are you in a hurry?” Asked Daisy.

“Yes! Sorry, just forgot that I need to get Ryan to an appointment. Slipped my mind completely.” Becca replied picking up Ryan and diaper bag.

“Oh! Absolutely! Here is the shirt I got for him.” Daisy said handing over the shirt.

Becca grabbed the shirt and kept walking. Ryan looked at Becca with fear in his eyes.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay.” Becca said as she was carrying Ryan back to the car; it seemed as though she was saying for herself more than for Ryan.

Getting back to the van; Becca opened the door and buckled Ryan into his car seat. She got into the driver’s side and buckled in starting the car and leaving.

“I am so sorry Ryan!” Becca cried. “I didn’t mean to! What is going to happen?”

“Becca!” Ryan cut her off. “You need to calm down. I need my notebook I can start doing the calculation.”

“Okay, here.” She replied handing the notebook back to Ryan.

“I need something to write with.” Said Ryan.

“Um… here.” Becca handed Ryan a crayon.

Ryan started writing quickly in his notebook. Becca was looking back at him every second waiting for him to finish. ‘Come on, come on.’ Becca thought not wanting to break Ryan’s concentration.

Ryan stopped writing and looked at his notebook tapping the crayon on his lip.

“Alright, I have it!” Ryan said “It looks like I will change bwack awfter… baaa baa boo baa baa”

“Ryan?” Becca asked. “Ryan what is going… AHH!”

Becca looked back and saw that Ryan had started to shrink.

“Ryan!” Becca yelled. “Oh no, oh no, oh no!”

Becca carefully pulled over to the side road. She jumped out of the car and opened the van door. She saw that Ryan had shrunk to the size of a six-month-old infant.

“Ryan! No! Please no!” Becca said as she picked up Ryan his diaper falling off.

Ryan started to cry wailing like the infant he currently was.

“Oh Shh! Shh!” Becca said rocking Ryan.

Becca walked to the back of her car opening the trunk.

“Come on! Dammit!” Becca said. “I don’t have a rear facing car seat.”

Ryan continued to scream. ‘I just need to get off the side of the road.’ Becca thought. She got back into the driver seat placing Ryan in between her legs. She turned her hazard lights on and started to move going at a snail’s pace. Keeping her hand tightly around Ryan keeping him in place.

She saw that there was a parking lot off the exit she could take. Ryan kept crying. Becca could not do anything to help him right now.

“I am sorry Ryan! I am so, so sorry!” Becca said to her infant husband. “I don’t know how to fix this.”

Ryan had started to pee getting all over Becca and the seat. Ryan seeming to notice what he was doing started to scream even more.

“Oh, it’s oaky baby, it’s okay.” Becca reassured him.

They pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car carrying Ryan. She looked around for something, anything that could help her. Nothing came to her. She looked down at her crying husband herself also starting to cry.

“What am I going to do?” Becca cried.


I was kind of hoping that Todd was going to end up with the vial on him… I have a feeling Ryan has passed the point of no return here. Good chapter!

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this is so cute but I love how tense it can be!


Thank you. It is on my list to finish it… writer’s block.

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I just read your story and hope you do manage to add more chapters to it soon! Its great!

Been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve enjoyed this story so far, I’d like to point out one continuity issue. It would appear that Ryan only needed his notebook to perform the calculations necessary to figure out how long it would take for the formula to wear off. There was no need for a sample of the formula to be snuck out of the lab. So the whole second regression incident could have been avoided entirely. Also, If Becca spilled the formula into the diaper in her pocket, it’s possible that she exposed herself, as well as Daisy in the nursery. I was kind of hoping Todd, and only Todd would have been exposed purely for the justice for jerks factor. In any case, it’s a good regression story. I look forward to reading more.

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