Beach Baby

Short start, even for me, but other parts will be longer. Consider this more of a prologue to introduce the central conflict, hence the horrible shortness.


by CK Cute Kitten

“A beach party? I don’t know…” Maggy frowned and stared at her goldfish swimming round and round in its glass bowl. The cordless phone felt heavy in her hand and she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. Her soggy pull-up squished under her, the cloth-like backing crinkling softly. The faint smell of urine wafted up to her nose.

“You gotta come! It’s gonna be awesome!”

“Nancy, no thank you-”

“Don’t start that shit again. You can’t live the rest of your life as a shut in.”

“I’m not! But a beach party? Swimsuits? Hello!”

“You worry too much. Just wear a sundress.”

“…You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?”

“Nope!” Nancy’s voice perked right up like it did every time a reluctant Maggy caved.

“…Fine.” Maggy surrendered with a long drawn sigh.

“Don’t sound like that. You’ll have fun once you’re there. You can help me with the kids since Tom’s working.” A toddler’s ear piercing screech cut across the line, ringing in Maggy’s ears and making her flinch. “Hey, I gotta go. See you Friday. Oh, I almost forgot- Andy is gonna be there!” Nancy chirped over her wailing toddler before she abruptly hung up.

“Andy? What? Nancy!” Maggy sputtered at the dial tone. The goldfish blurred before her eyes and she let the phone fall out of her slack hand onto the couch cushions.

Could it really by Andrea? Andy hadn’t been back in town for years. Not since the last day of highschool-which they had both skipped- and Maggy’s accident, when Andy left her high and dry.

“That settles it. No way I’m going.” She snapped as the squishy padding of her diaper suddenly grew warm as her bladder released on it’s own. The old anger surged up along with the old memories of laying in the emergency room instead of receiving her diploma with her classmates. Andy hadn’t walked at graduation, either- she’d been on a plane halfway around the world for a stupid surfing competition.

“If Andy’s going, I’m not.” She vowed fiercely then stared at her fish as if expecting an answer. The orange fish swam listless as ever. She swiftly started to stand, as she used to do before her surfing accident. Pain shot down her spine. She cried out and collapsed back onto the couch, body stiff and panting hard as she waited for the pain to pass. She’d moved too fast and jerked her spine. Before the accident, she used to be so athletic, able to run and surf. Able to keep up with the adrenaline junky Andy. Back then, all she’d ever wanted was for the other kids to look at her with the same respect and awe they did Andy. So, to impress them she’d tried to surf dangerous, choppy waves only one local daredevil- Andy- dared to. Maggy never had Andy’s skill; she lost her balance and got churned in a violent undertow. Her board had snapped in pieces and the lifeguards had saved her. That stupid stunt had cost her everything she held dear- the esteem of her peers and her athletic body- and left her with a bad back and bladder incontinence.

Maggy sighed in relief as her muscles went slack; her back died down to a dull throb. Now, at 24, she felt like an old, achy, piss-soaked woman. Decades away from the spry, young surfer girl she used to be.

A wave of tiredness washed over her and the front of her pull-up filled with a wet heat as the iced coffee she had earlier left her bladder. Over the years, she’d gotten used to wetting herself without warning. Her pudgy body sagged into the cushions and she closed her eyes, tired in body and soul. She’d put on some weight after her injury. Her once highly prized, toned physique that had turned many an admiring head now was just another thing she’d lost from trying to be like Andy.

Andy- her best friend who had not visited her in the hospital. No visit, no call, no text, no card- nothing. Not even a Facebook message. The old pain hurt her heart more than the injury hurt her spine. She bit her lip, fighting old tears as she curled up on the couch.

“Damn you, Andy.”

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Beautiful! I love stories about recovering from old wounds.


I knew I shouldn’t have read this; now I’m eager for more.


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Thank you both for the feedback. 'Tis appreciated. :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, but Kai is 19. This is mentioned later in the story, but I figured it’s better to know beforehand. :smiley:

“Maggs, let’s go!”

The sky blazed deep magenta and tangerine as the sun set, dotted with purple clouds and dyed the turquoise waters deep sapphire. Palm trees swayed in the warm, salty breeze. The smell of fried food filled the air along with music from the makeshift band stand. The roar of waves crashing upon the shore drowned under the noises of the crowd; children running around shrieking, people laughing and talking loudly. Several bonfires crackled on the sand, away from the boardwalk and food stalls.

“Maggy McGee, come on! You’re worse than the kids!” Nancy hollered over her shoulder.

Maggy hesitated, staring at the back of her friend. Nancy had gone to school with her and Andy, had been on the fringes of their social group. Maggy herself had only been accepted into the ‘in’ crowd because she was Andy’s best friend. After Maggy’s injury, Nancy had been the only one of her so-called friends who’d stuck around. And Maggy had been there for Nancy when the condom broke and the stick turned pink. Now, Maggy and Nancy were as close as Maggy and Andy had once been. The only thing that hadn’t changed since their school days was how much Nancy idolized Andy.

“I’m coming.” Maggy sighed and tugged on the plastic wagon filled with drinks, snacks, beach toys, and diaper supplies- for Nancy’s kids and for Maggy. Nancy’s three year old son sat in the wagon, quietly reading a picture book. Ahead, Nancy carried her two year old daughter while her four year old son yanked on her shorts and whined he wanted ice cream.

When Nancy told him no, four year old Tommy Junior screeched at the top of his lungs and pinched two year old Jenny’s leg, making her scream and cry too. Nancy swatted Tommy’s diapered rump then grabbed his arm and hauled him off to find an open area of sand for them all to sit down.

Maggy looked down at the three year old Brian, who just calmly sucked his binky and looked at his book while his siblings cried and carried on. She was afraid he’d start crying, too. So she hurried after Nancy. Maggy wanted children one day. Maybe. Being around Nancy’s brood often curbed that desire. First came finding a man good enough to settle down with. Sometimes she was happy being single and childless. Other times, she ached with loneliness. She recalled reading an article about Andy in a surfing magazine while she sat in the waiting room of her urologist. The interviewer had asked Andy about having kids; Andy had just laughed and told him to get the fuck out of her uterus.

The ocean breeze molded Maggy’s calf length, green sundress to her body. The flowing skirt outlined her puffy diaper as she made her way through the sand to Nancy. She tugged on her dress, but the wind kept it firm against her. She looked self consciously around at the faces in the crowd. No one noticed the slight, telltale bulge around her crotch. She caught up to Nancy and relaxed in relief as they set up the beach blanket. She ignored the crowd, especially the familiar faces from high school. People she’d once called friends, who now shunned her because she was fat and needed diapers.

Nancy kept scanning the crowd and calling out to people they knew. Occasionally, someone would wave back. She noticed a number of people drifting towards the band stand. “Hey, Maggs.” She nudged Maggy with her toe. “There’s something going on at the bandstand. Why don’t you check it out?”

“Why?” Maggy leafed through a magazine while three year old Brian crawled over her lap, covering her in sand as he passed. She wrinkled her nose and brushed her dress out.

“There might be some cute guys. Just go! Stop reading, this is a beach party. Go enjoy yourself.” Nancy nudged Maggy’s shin.

“Hey. Stop that.” Maggy turned a page in her magazine.

“Stop ignoring me. Go!” Nancy nudged her again, harder this time.

“Fine. Okay. Just stop kicking me. I’m going.” Maggy grumbled as she got up, brushed her skirt off and reluctantly trudged to the band area. She paused to watch four year old Tommy Junior toddle by with a bucket full of water, sneaking up behind his two year old sister. As he passed Nancy, her hand flew out, tipping the plastic pail onto him before he could dump it on his little sister. Tommy Junior started wailing at the top of his lungs while Nancy laughed.

Maggy cringed at the ear-shattering scream and hurried along faster. She didn’t know how Nancy up with that all the time. It made Maggy love her nice, quiet apartment all the more.

The bandstand was crowded. Maggy couldn’t see past the sea of people. She looked around, frowning when she saw nothing to stand on for a better view. She should just go back to the blanket. This was a total waste.

“Hey, lady in the green dress! There’s room over here! Great view!”

Maggy turned, shielding her eyes with her hand against the last bright rays of the sunset. A young man stood on a tall, flat topped rock and waved at her. He was gorgeous. She stood, just staring at him. He had a baby face- either in his last year of high school or just graduated. The boy had just enough delicate femininity to give him that edgy androgynous appeal. He was mixed race- maybe Hawaiian and Asian, if she had to guess. This was a boy born under a lucky star. His fragile beauty bound him for great things, a ticket to a rich life on easy street. The kind of boy Andy attracted like a magnet, and the kind of boy who’d never given Maggy the time of day, even when she was at her thinnest and prettiest.

But here this pretty boy was, calling for her. She was sure he was just being polite and making room for her…but….Maggy looked left and right. She saw no one else in a green dress, so she looked at the boy’s pretty face and pointed to herself. The boy smiled, pink lips parting to reveal blue braces. That made him seem even younger, squishing any attraction Maggy felt.

The boy nodded encouragingly. The tips of his spiky black hair were dyed baby blue and bobbed as he moved his head. Maggy walked over, weaving her way between people. The boy was sleek, the curves of his body neither masculine nor feminine

Maggy briskly walked over, weaving her way between people without looking at them. She never took her eyes off his sleek body. His teal tank top hugged his slim frame and his baggy black cargo shorts hung low on his hips. As he waved, urging her on, his tank rode up and the distinct top of a diaper peeped out over his waistband.

She almost stumbled at the sight, her toes digging in the hot sand. A diaper. That pretty boy was wearing a diaper. Just like her. Is that why he motioned to her? Could he see her diaper, too? No, he shouldn’t be able to tell. She’d chosen this dress specifically to hide her extra pounds and diapers. Nancy had assured her it did.

When Maggy hesitated, eyes locked onto his diapered waist, the boy puffed his cheeks out and waved his hand faster, signaling for her to hurry up. Grains of sand filled her sandals as she scooted up to him. Several smaller rocks were scattered around the big rock the boy stood on; perfect stepping stones.

Her eyes stayed glued to his waist, to the white plastic ruffles that could almost, maybe, at a glance pass for underwear. The bulge around his crotch and butt was too thick, even in the loose shorts, to be anything but a diaper. An incredibly thick diaper. She hoped her pullups weren’t that noticeable.

“Hi there. Need help up?” He held out a hand to her. It was soft and smooth with chipped black nail polish. Princess hands.

She glanced up at his pretty face and forced a smile. “Hi. Yes. Please.” She placed her hand in his and stepped up on the rocks. She shifted her weight too fast and her back gave a small twinge. Her balance wobbled but his hand held her steady. He pulled a little more then stepped back once she stood beside him on the large rock. His shorts slipped down further, exposing the tapes on the front of his diaper. No mistaking it for underwear now.

Maggy’s eyes widened and she blushed, embarrassed for the boy and his exposed diaper. What a diaper it was. Not like hers at all. She valued quiet, thin, and discrete as possible. His was easily triple thick as hers. His was plastic backed; her had a cloth shell. His was a heavy duty diaper and she wondered how he could wear something like that in public yet be so comfortable with himself.

“Much better, isn’t it? Practically a bird’s eye view up here-” The cheer in his voice died as he followed her gaze down to his exposed diaper. His cheeks flushed pink; he promptly yanked his shorts up and shirt down. He couldn’t hide the telltale bulge around his crotch. Now that she knew he was diapered, Maggy wondered how she ever could have missed the evident bulk. And the rustling the plastic shell made when he moved. “Yeah, it’s a diaper. Big deal. Some people need them.” He snapped.

“I-um-I….” Maggy tore her gaze up to his face. He didn’t know she was diapered, too. He glared at her, more hurt than anger in his eyes. He crossed his arms defensively. She understood his feelings perfectly; it’s how she’d feel if her diapers were exposed. Her hands moved in a calming gesture, like she did when she babysat Nancy’s kids. “I’m not laughing. I was just…surprised. I’m sorry for staring. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. “

The boy took a step back. At the crinkle sound, Maggy fought the urge to look at his huge diaper. She smiled cajolingly. “I’m Maggy, by the way. Thanks for the help. It really is a good view.”

His big, dark eyes silently sized her up. Once he decided she wasn’t making fun of him, his warm smile returned. “Kai. I’m a little defensive about, well, y’know. I’ve had….people aren’t always very nice or understanding. Oh, look! I’ve been waiting for this!” Kai bounced on his sandaled feet. Even with the droning of the crowd, she could hear his diaper crinkle.

Maggy glanced obligingly at the stage, not very interested but now wanting to be caught staring at the obvious diaper bulges in his shorts. Again. She squinted, frowning at two familiar figures on the stage. “Oh. Um. Yes. I went to school with a few of them.” She said bland and polite as the band finished readying their instruments to play. The vocalist- a young woman with a pink mohawk and the sides of her head shaved- grabbed the microphone.

“Yo! We got a special treat for you tonight! Our guitarist Milo is out sick. To replace him, we have a special guest. You surfing fans already know her- your own, homegrown Andy!”

Maggy stared at the stage. Next to her, Kai whooped loudly, jumping and waving his arms. His shorts slid down, diaper showing once more. Maggy stared in horror, filled with disgust. How could he not be aware of displaying his diaper? Her own diaper consumed her every thought when she was out in public.

The crowd chanting Andy’s name pulled Maggy’s attention back to the stage. Andy ran out on stage, waving as the crowd roared louder. Trust Andy to make a flashy entrance. Fortune smiled upon the bitch. Maggy snorted her disgust. Surfing had always been Andy’s one true love, but when she wasn’t surfing, she was playing guitar. Maggy had barely been able to keep up with Andy’s surfing; she had even less musical talent.

“Hmph. Same old Andy.” Maggy crossed her arms and glared so hard at the stage she missed the sideways look Kai sent her. Maggy and Nancy had changed so much since high school; but Andy…still surfing, still keeping her guitar skills up apparently. Andy hadn’t had to grow up at all- the world had become her playground.

The band started playing, drums and guitar spilling from the speakers. Pink Mohawk growled into the microphone then began singing, screaming during the chorus as the crowd sang along with her. The band was well known locally; enough to support themselves with a steady income from their music, but their songs weren’t played on national TV or radio stations; just a few local stations. Andy played seamlessly with the band as if she were a regular member, not missing a beat.

Maggy wondered who in the band Andy was friends with since she knew their songs so well. The only two members Maggy recognized were drummer Steve and bassist Luke. In high school, they had been pimply faced, nerdy AV boys; they’d never moved in the same social circles as Maggy. Andy hadn’t been friends with the likes of them back then. Had she?

The sky darkened to purple as the sun sank lower, the moon and stars popping out. The band’s set ended, capping off their performance with an encore then they took their leave so the next band could set up. Most of the crowd stayed but some drifted away towards the now blazing bonfires and food stalls. More people began carrying red solo cups of alcohol. More college-aged faces appeared in the crowd. Fewer children ran around as families packed up and left. The atmosphere shifted from family friendly to party central.

“Well, that was……something. I’m going to find my friend now. Goodbye.” Maggy waved to Kai then turned to leave. He barely nodded to her, preoccupied with searching the crowd for someone.

“Kai! There you are!”

Maggy froze at that voice. It had been so long since she last heard it but she recognized it instantly. She turned back around and there Andy was, glomping onto the diapered pretty boy.

Yes!!! You have a another story!!! As always there’s an androgynous pretty boy in diapers. I do love that running theme in your stories. Its early yet to say much about this story, however its a great start. I am excited to see how this next scene will pay out with Andy and Maggie being reunited. That’s if Maggie even sticks around to confront Andy.

​​​​​​Thankies for posting!!!

Thanks for replying. I probably have too many stories already, but this one has a complete rough draft- it just needs editing and some revising. Those diapered pretty boys are my favorite trope (and probably a huge dead give away in contest stories LOL!) Not much action yet, I agree; this last part was more just setting things up, introducing the characters and their relationships to each other before setting the wheels in motion.

Very good story, I can’t wait to read more.

Cute-Kitten, this is an interesting story, I do hope to see more of it. I wonder how Andy will react to Maggy being there?