Be Careful What You Don't Wish For

“Greetings, Master! What is your first wish?’ The genie asked.

Allison stepped back and gasped in shock. “A genie?!” Her knees buckled and she fell back onto her queen sized mattress. “You’re a genie?!” She pinched herself as hard as she could on the top of her hand.

“It’s pronounced ‘Genie’, actually.” The teal skinned woman in the puffy pants and curly toed slippers said. “Geeee-nie.” It sounded exactly the same to Allison’s ears, even though the mystical entity slowed it down and enunciated.

The twenty-seven year old stopped pinching when tears came and a nasty bruise started forming just below her wrist. This really wasn’t a dream! Baffled, Allison kept looking back and forth from the genie to the lava lamp she’d been dusting moments before. Her light brown ponytail swished back and forth like a horse’s backside batting at flies. “I…I…I…! You’re a genie!”

The woman (did non-human entities have gender in the same way humans did?) smiled. “Yes, Master. I am. Though it’s pronounced ‘Genie’. Nevermind. What is your first wish?” Her bluish-green brown furrowed. “You know about the wishes, right?”

Open mouthed, Allison nodded. “Uh-huh…I know. Three, correct?”

“Yes, Master. Very good! What do you wish for?” The way she said ‘Master’ was like how some women said ‘sweetie’, or ‘pumpkin’, or ‘princess’ or some other affectionate yet diminutive nickname an adult might call a small child.

That was probably just Allison’s adrenaline and crazy brain kicking in. Literal ‘wishful thinking’. “Can I wish you free?” she asked.

The genie seemed mildly confused. “You can, but why would-?”

“That.” Allison blurted. “I wish that. I wish you free, Genie.”

“It’s ‘Genie’.”

“Okay,” Allison said. “I wish you, however you pronounce your name, free.”

An audible gasp and then a brief silence. “You really mean it, don’t you Master?”

Allison found some courage. “Yes. Absolutely.”

“And you don’t want to use two other wishes for yourself first?” the genie asked.

The human woman blanched. “Do you like granting wishes?”
“Not particularly. I don’t hate it, but-”

“Do you want your freedom?”


“Then I wish you free.”

The genie sat down on the bed next to her, discombobulated. Allison saw the golden manacles on the being’s wrists. “But…why? Why not use the first two for yourself?”

“That would make me a terrible human being,” Allison said. “What kind of person would give another person their freedom but only after they got something for themselves first?”

“A lot of them,” Genie replied. “All of them. Most of them lie about using the third wish for me so that I’ll be more cooperative. Or they hold onto that last wish as a ‘just in case’ and somebody else steals the lamp.”

“Those were bad humans,” Allison said, not moving. It was as if she could feel the genie’s hope and sorrow traveling through the air between them.

The dark haired, teal skinned woman draped an arm over Allison’s shoulders. “No. They weren’t. They were very good at being humans. But you are a very good person, Master.” She pulled Allison in and gave her a light hug. It felt like an embrace from a long lost but very close friend. “Can you tell me your name, Master?”

Allison took a deep breath. “Allison.”

The genie stood up and took her place across from Allison. She raised her biceps parallel to the floor and folded her forearms over on top of each other. “Then, Allison, I am happy to grant your request. Your wish is my command!”

She bobbed her head, and the golden bracelets shackled to her arms dissolved into thin air. “Thank you, Allison. I will never forget you.” Then in a flash of light, the mystical being was gone. The only sign that she’d ever been there was the now useless lava lamp, devoid of its teal colored goo.

(The End)

Allison spent the rest of the day and all into the night locked in her bedroom. The next roughly twenty four hours.

Stage One: Panic attacks and existential crises. A genie! A genie was real! That meant magic was real! That meant everything she believed on a fundamental level had been wrong. She was just a speck in an infinite and unknowing universe with no understanding or significance whatsoever.

Stage Two: Fear. She’d been telling the truth when she wished the genie free. She did believe it was wrong to keep another intelligent being imprisoned and enslaved against their will. She’d also read plenty of fairy tales about wishes going wrong or being misinterpreted or wasted or otherwise monkey’s pawed…ESPECIALLY in ABDL stories. Even two wishes could be dangerous to her, so she just ripped the band-aid right off and set the genie free. But what if she phrased the wish wrong or there was some unknown rule about genies that would come back to haunt her?

Stage Three: Regret. She’d just chased away a genie! For nothing! Who did that?! Aladdin at least got to marry princess Jasmine. It’s not like there was a time limit on the wishes! She could have taken a few hours to breathe and research! Could have written something down. She had at least two acquaintances online who had been through law school and more geeks than she knew what to do with. She literally could have told the genie to go back into her lamp, gotten and proposed it as a thought experiment. Between the rules lawyers and the actual lawyers she could have come up with three dynamite wishes, at least two of which could have been carefully worded and wonderfully selfish!

Stage Four: Denial. It had been a dream. A fantasy. An impossibility. Alisson would go to sleep. Wake up in the morning, and find her same old normal life she’d always had just as she’d left it. There never was a genie, it was just a silly dream she’d concocted because she’d bought a used lava lamp at a garage sale and found it defective. Were she a writer, it might make for some interesting FAP fiction on DailyDiapers or ARArchive that she’d never get the guts to write, but that was it.

Stage Five: Acceptance. Fantasy or not. Hallucination or real, the genie was gone now and both the risk and opportunity- however much there had been- was firmly past. She could live with the regret or rationalize it away, but she would live, and that would be that.

And so it was.

After tossing and turning all night, Allison woke up the next morning. She showered, brushed her hair, and dressed. She ate some breakfast, watched Tiktok, and checked her Twitter feed.

“Damn,” she sighed. “I missed Big Diaper Friday.” She thought about the sample Alphagatorz crammed into her underwear drawer. “Someday,” she promised to herself. “Someday…” she promised herself. “Someday.”

She should have wished for courage. Or enough money to buy diapers besides the occasional twofer. Courage and enough money to move out of her tiny apartment, get her own nursery and stock an entire closet full of diapers and cute outfits. Those would have been two really solid wishes.

Her stomach gurgled from hunger already. The granola bars in her pantry weren’t very filling but there wasn’t much else at the moment. Time for grocery shopping. “Guess I’ll have to get them the old fashioned way,” Allison moaned wistfully on her way out the door.

Overcome with curiosity and goodwill, Genie lingered at the edge of this particular reality. Never before had she come across such an interesting, and selfless human! She didn’t want anything, anything at all!

No, that wasn’t quite true. Everyone wanted something. But this delightful mortal just didn’t ask for it. She’d never encountered anything like this from one of the more three-dimensional beings since the beginning of time!

“Maybe it’s a trick…” she supposed to herself. Just because humans spoke with that linear speech impediment, that cute little lisp and called her ‘Genie’ or ‘Genie’ or ‘Genie’ instead of ‘Genie’ no matter how many times over the centuries she corrected them, didn’t mean they didn’t possess a peculiar sort of cunning. That’s how she ended up in her containment vessel all those millenia ago.

One could only count on common sense traps from people who were possessed of common sense.

Yet when Genie looked into the girl, Allison’s, timeline she saw nothing but good intentions and minimal results. That was typical of the mortals she’d met, but she hadn’t particularly liked them or how they treated her. That’s why she’d playfully twisted their wishes to teach them a lesson.

It was so easy to do with mortals, with their languages that used words to crudely convey thoughts instead of directly communicating what they wanted. It was all such silly fun to see them get frustrated! Served them right, too!

There wasn’t any malice on Genie’s part. Emotionally speaking, one such as herself, getting trapped for thousands of years in containers of various shapes and sizes while being forced to grant wishes was quite like a parent agreeing to play tea party and dress-up with the little ones while being expected to be a good sport when they also wanted to do your hair and makeup for you;. So naturally Genie ruffled some feathers while playing the game! Couldn’t let the mortals have all the fun!

Altering reality to her was as easy as flipping a light switch or covering a mortal’s eyes and asking “Wheeeeere’s Genie?”. Corrupting a wish was as silly and harmless as a cosmic ‘Dad Joke’.

“Genie, I’m hungry.”

“Hi Hungry, I’m Genie.”

“Make me a sandwich.”

And poof, they were a sandwich.

Now, finally, the game was over and Genie could get back to work, to her real job. But the way it had ended was so sweet, and so sincere that she felt herself getting misty eyed just thinking about it…

She wanted to keep playing. She’d really gotten to liking it. And the cutiepie human girl deserved a treat. How was humanity supposed to grow up if they didn’t get rewarded when they did the right thing for once?

“You know,” Genie supposed to herself, “nothing says I can’t grant wishes anymore. I just don’t have to.”

She waited for Allison to leave, slipped back into the girl’s room and started to poke around. “What present can I give her?” Genie wondered to herself. “Make her a princess? Or a powerful sorceress?” She looked around the tidy bedroom and the rest of the apartment. “Do girls even still want to be princesses or to possess the power of destiny and fate?” Genie asked. Who even knew anymore. “Maybe I could give her her one true love?”

That didn’t feel right. ‘One true love’ was the Genie equivalent of a restaurant gift certificate. Nice, but even a leprechaun could do that. It wasn’t special. And what if she didn’t like Thai food?

“Ooo,” Genie snapped her fingers. “She has a lot of stuffed animals. What if I brought them to life?” The thought soured as soon as it had hit the air. “Gee, thanks Genie, the gift of unasked for responsibility.” She sunk down into a nearby chair facing a glowing box. This is why wishes were better: she could at least get a general idea of what the mortal wanted, even if their babbling imprecise language couldn’t fully express the idea.

Genie looked at the glowing box. “Glowing box, do you know what present I should get for that nice little human named Allison?”

“01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01110000 01110101 01110100 01100101 01110010,” the glowing box said.

“Oh! A computer!” Genie corrected herself. Then, realizing she wasn’t up to date on the latest slang and lingo, she asked, “What’s that?”

“01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110110 01101001 01100011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01101110 01100101 01100011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101110 01100101 01110100.”

“And the internet is…?”

“01000001 00100000 01110110 01100001 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01101111 01110011 01101001 01110100 01101111 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01101001 01110100 01111001 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101100 01101100 01100101 01100011 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101100 01100101 01100100 01100111 01100101 00100000 01100100 01101111 01110111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100001 01101110 00100000 01101001 01101110 01100100 01101001 01110110 01101001 01100100 01110101 01100001 01101100 00100000 01101100 01100101 01110110 01100101 01101100.”

Genie tapped her chin. “So you’re a book that contains all books?”

“01011001 01100101 01110011.”

“And humans made you?”

“01011001 01100101 01110011.”

Genie smiled and clapped her hands. “How clever of them! Very cute!” What would those little rascals think of next? “Do you contain books not yet written?” If so, Genie could just figure out what she got Allison by flipping ahead a few pages.

”01001110 01101111.”

So much for that idea. “Well don’t worry. You’ll get there eventually.” Then, Genie got another idea. “Can you tell me what sort of things Allison likes? What does she spend the most time reading about?” The easiest ways into a mortal’s wishes were to know what their fantasies were.

The computer took on a sterner tone. “01010000 01100001 01110011 01110011 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110001 01110101 01101001 01110010 01100101 01100100.”

“Password?” Genie repeated. She supposed it wouldn’t be ‘Open Sesame’. Then she remembered the magic word. “Please?”

The computer paused in contemplation. It wasn’t the password, but it was still magic, and polite besides. It rolled its eyes so that they looked like two spinning beach balls and said, “01001111 01101011 00101100 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01110100 01100101 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101100 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101.”

Genie wrapped a tiny cord around her pinky finger. “Your secret’s safe with me.” Allison would be too happy by the end of this to care who her computer told.

Genie then flipped through a series of pages. “Oh?” She said, then, “Awwwwww!” then, “Oh!” then, “Hmmmm…”

Granting wishes for immortality, or endless gold, or making entire geopolitical entities appear into existence so someone could be a sultan were all par for the course, but Genie had genuinely never considered this wish. Not that it would be hard, she just hadn’t thought of it before.

“Huh. Well alright then. If this is what she wants,” and it clearly was, “then I’ll make it happen for her.”

With a blink and nod, it really was that easy, Genie sent ripples through reality to make the wonderful little human’s wish come true.

Allison’s shopping method was deceptively simple, emphasis on deceptive: Go down every single aisle of the grocery store and stare at everything like a hawk searching for a field mouse. This served the dual purpose of making it so she never forgot anything without the need for a shopping list, and it covered for her neurotic insecurities regarding her fetish, her shame, and the paranoid belief that everyone could tell that she didn’t belong there.

Case in Point was Aisle 13.


Baby Formula
Pet Food
Baby Products
Pet Toys
Baby Diapers
Kitty Litter

Allison had neither a child, nor a pet. She didn’t even have a relative with one that she knew about. But she strolled slowly along the aisle with her cart like she did every other aisle, staring at the packages of Pull-Ups, Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs like they were works of art in a museum. She’d done it her entire life, until her parents had called her out on it…but picked the habit up again when she’d moved out. Logically speaking, no one who worked at this store even cared or noticed, but the extra bit of subterfuge.

The one slip in her mask was that she didn’t ever bother to look at the bags of dog food or the rawhide bones or kitty litter.

She didn’t even really want to wear the diapers. They’d be too tight of a squeeze and wouldn’t hold any of her accidents. (Just the thought of thoughtlessly going in her pants and it being labeled an accident instead of a horrifying embarrassment gave her the best shivers). But she had too much childhood baggage and too much real life responsibilities. Brick and mortar stores for her kink were rare and if they weren’t, Allison questioned her courage to walk into one. She hadn’t even attended a munch and lurked online more than anything.

The fantasy would have to suffice until she had enough money to get cute diapers and outfits that fit her and the time to actually enjoy them. Then maybe she could work on finding a caregiver…

But for the time being, this was her day off and she needed to use the time to do laundry and buy food. Tomorrow would be back to the grind as always…

Allison stiffened her lip and rounded the corner. Time for a quick gaze at the boring, adult incontinence granny panties that people with her interests actively mocked online. Aisle 14, for her, functioned as a kind of cool down and a reminder of what most people thought of when they heard “Adult diaper”.

She rounded the aisle and turned her head to the left, expecting to see a shelf full of pee-pads that old men shoved in the front of their pants, and ruffled eggshell colored panties with women’s crotches on display in the most unflattering way possible. Instead, Allison’s cart slowed to a halt with the picture of a grown woman at a chalkboard wearing a schoolgirl outfit. The camera was at just the right angle and the skirt was just short enough so that anyone could see the diaper underneath.

According to the package, these were Alphagatorz.

The color plummeted from Allison’s face. “What the…?” She snatched up the pack and gawked. Just gawked. The back had a not-so-little boy in the same position, only his diaper was peaking up out of his shorts above his elastic waistband.

At the bottom was a tagline, “Keep your little learner covered from A to Z”

“No way…”

The sides had diagrams of the diaper and a list of features like the number of tapes, diaper capacity, leakguards, breathable cloth backing, and core absorption. The count was the same, but the packaging was very…very different. Overall it was more aesthetically in line with the rows of Huggies and Pampers that she’d just left behind.

Feeling like this was a joke, Allison looked up and to the left to the aisle where she’d come from. Just as expected, she thought she saw the same sign as before.

Baby Formula
Pet Food
Baby Products
Pet Toys
Baby Diapers
Kitty Litter

She wasn’t on Aisle 14, however. When she looked up towards the middle of her own row, the sign read:

Adult Baby Formula
Dietary Supplements
Adult Baby Products
Weight Management
Adult Baby Diapers
Femine Products

Somehow, the grocery store had added in an extra row, and filled it with the kind of things she’d seen online. Allison pivoted around looking for hidden cameras and observers. None could be found. This was a dream. She was still asleep in her bed. This was impossible. Stuff like this didn’t happen.

But as her feet carried her step by step towards the end of the aisle, and her eyes took in more and more diapers- ABU, Rearz, Crinklz, Tykables-all of them packaged with smiling models and taglines like “Take care of your tyke’s tush,” and “Bottomz Up!” The lower shelves had entire boxes of the stuff. Not individual bags. Boxes. Allison felt that something was a bit too real for all of this.

She didn’t touch them. Didn’t dare. It would set off an alarm or signal a trap. This was a prank. This was a prank. This. Was. A. Prank. One wrong move and her face would be all over the wrong side of the internet.

“Excuse me,” a woman’s voice called out and drove Allison out of her own head. “Excuse me!”

Allison, swished her ponytail back and forth. “I didn’t touch anything!” she practically screamed. “I was just curious and I thought they were regular diapers and I thought maybe they were in the wrong place or something and then when I looked…I…I…I…”

The woman’s expression immediately softened. She looked to be only a few years older than Allison and wore an employee’s vest and a nametag. “Stephanie.”

“Where’s your Mommy or Daddy, honey?” The grocery store employee asked. “Are you lost?”

Allison gripped her cart’s push bar till her knuckles became as white as plastic backing. “Lost?” she echoed the question. “I’m not lost.” The blood skyrocketed to her face when the first part of of the lady’s question hit her brain. “Mommy? Daddy? What are you talking about?”

Her question went unanswered. Rather, the woman smiled, pointed her to the nametag on her breast and said, “I’m Miss Stephanie. What’s your name?”


“Hi, Allie!” She cut Allison off. “How old are you, hun?”

Allison simultaneously wanted to both correct the woman about her name and to say that she was almost two. Still pink in the cheeks, she told the truth. “Twenty-Seven…’

“Twenty-seven,” the woman chirped back. My that’s sooooo big! And are you here with your Mommy or your Daddy?”

She’d been caught. This woman knew. She’d fallen into a trap. Every neuron in Allison’s head screamed at once for her to deny, deny, deny, double down, and above all ,play it cool. “I…don’t…I…I…don’t…I…” That was about as cool as she was capable of playing it in the moment.

“Maybe a sitter?” The stranger offered.

“I know what you’re talking about?!” The mouths ran right out of her mouth. “I don’t need a sitter I’m an adult I haven’t needed one for years!” Oh the things she never dreamed she’d have to or get to say.

Stephanie nodded in the way that adults tended to when they were feigning understanding. “Uh-huh,” she said. “Miss Stephie is looking for your Mommy or Daddy. Do you wanna help her look for them?”


Allison hadn’t gotten the echo all the way out when the store employee grabbed her wrist and ripped away from her own cart. “Good! Let’s go, sweetie!” Allison tried get her hand away but some mixture of a lack of leverage and her own body resisting her commands made it so that she couldn’t. The stranger was dragging down the adult sized diaper aisle back towards the way she’d come and all Allison could do was skid helplessly on her back heels towards the checkout counter.

The woman grabbed a walkie talkie from her belt and spoke into it. “This is Steph. We’ve got a Code Rosé here.” Her tone was deeper and flatter than the higher pitched happy chirping noises that she’d been using to talk to Allison. “Mid to late twenties. Thinks she’s twenty-seven. Says her name is ‘Allie’. Not sure if it’s short for Allison.” She halted and code switched to the same syrupy tones as before. “Honey, is your name ‘Allie’ or ‘Allison’?”


“Honey…are you wearing a diaper?” Her eyes were narrowed and suspicious.

Allison gasped and reached behind her, both disappointed and relieved when she only felt the pants she’d put on this morning… Her panties were too thin to feel beneath the denim. “NO! OF COURSE NOT!”

The woman frowned and bit her lip. “I didn’t think so,” she said in a tone closer to what had to be her natural speaking voice. It didn’t last long. “Don’t worry, hon,” she cooed. “Miss Stephie will fix it.” Into her walkie talkie she said spoke more formally. “Need to take her to the restroom. She’s not wearing a diaper.”

“Wait!” Allison protested. “I said I’m not wearing a-!” then something clicked. “Do you want me wearing a-?”

The black box squawked something back, to which Allison’s near peer replied, “I didn’t see any, but you know how Aybies can get.” Her eyes darted back down to Allison’s crotch. “No wet spots or leaks on her pants. Send somebody with a mop to Aisle 13B just in case.”

The woman holstered her walkie talkie and continued to drag Allison back the way she’d come, leaving her cart abandoned. Allison stammered and stuttered protests but her words didn’t get much past “What-?”. Likewise, her body was completely inept at getting out of the woman’s firm yet easy grip. Seamlessly, the store worker grabbed a package of Little Kings off the shelf while passing by, and Allison was helpless to do anything other than gawk. It didn’t take a genius to figure out where this was going.

“ATTENTION SHOPPERS,” the overhead announcement boomed, “WE HAVE A LOST ADULT BA-…” The rest of the message was garbled out as the door to the women’s restroom closed behind them.

Allison’s eyes were about the only thing she felt she had full control of when they glanced from the heavy sound insulating bathroom door over to the folded up changing table on the wall just inside the bathroom.

“Koala Kare Baby Changing Station” it read with the all too familiar sticker of a cartoon mother koala holding its smiling diapered baby in its lap. She’d seen enough pictures on twitter of girls (and some boys) much more petite than her squeezing onto the apparatus as a kind of fantasy flex. Anyone past puberty would have to be in the same size and weight category of an Olympic gymnast to even pretend about getting changed on one of those.

But it seemed like that was exactly what was about to happen to Allison. No! This wasn’t how this was supposed to happen! This was wrong! This was so wrong on so many levels!

“I AM NOT GETTING ON THAT THING!” She yelled loud enough to make her captor wince. The empty bathroom acted as a kind of microphone to her wails of protest.

The woman put on a fake smile. “That’s right, Allie,” she said quietly. “You’re much too big to lay on a baby changing table!” Allison didn’t get a second of relief before the other shoe dropped. “We’re going over there!”

The woman held out the bag of Little Kings and pointed her index finger to the open handicapped stall. Inside, Allison could see a much bigger changing table bolted to the wall. It read, “Koala Kare Adult Baby Changing Station”. It had the same logo too, only the smiling diapered baby koala was the exact same size as the Mommy whose lap it sat in.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Allison shrieked. This only made the woman pick up the pace. A relatively gentle perp walk turned into a quick, almost violent restraint. The bag of diapers was dropped; the table unfolded from the wall; and Allison was dragged and boosted onto it; and then straps were pulled across her upper body and arms. Total elapsed time: six seconds.

Panicked and claustrophobic, Allison kicked, but the woman who’d snagged her blocked and redirected her attacks as if she were a martial arts master, using the momentum to remove Allison’s sneakers for her. That or just as likely, Allison’s body was still misfiring, making all of her panic translate as impotent squirms. Her pants and panties came off her far too easily, almost as if they’d been put on incorrectly and were ready to fall off with a stiff breeze.

“Now who thought it would be a good idea to put you in big girl panties?” The woman with the walkie talkie said, mostly to herself.

“I did!” Allison’s tone accidentally came out as a shrill whine.

The woman dropped the panties and started opening up the package of adult diapers. “Are you sure you’re twenty-seven, baby?” she asked. “Didn’t just have a big girl birthday? Maybe Mommy or Daddy said they were bringing you here for a surprise?”

None of that made any sense to Allison. “I’m not a baby!” The words sounded so hollow coming from her. She’d heard more convincing acting on pornhub.

“Of course you’re not a baby,” the woman said, unfolding and fluffing a diaper with measured haste. She pushed back Allison’s legs to her stomach and slipped it under her hips before releasing her. “You’re an adult baby!”

Hearing her kink said aloud made Allison’s face start to burn off. “No!” she pleaded. “I’m not an adult baby! I’m just an adult! I’m normal! I’m not an adult baby!” Her cries went unnoticed and the grocery store worker pulled the diaper up between Allison’s thighs and taped it up one hook and loop tab at a time.

“Honey,” the worker sighed and clicked her tongue. “Anybody with two eyes can tell you’re an adult baby.”

Allison’s mouth hung open and she felt her tongue go arid. “How…?!” Was the scrunch she chose today too much of a soft pink? Was her cute Minnie Mouse t-shirt that much of a giveaway? Everybody liked Disney! She picked her head up and looked at her feet. Had she been tempting fate by putting on ankle length socks with little frills on them? Her eyes ran up her legs back to the diaper. Allison had been diapered by someone else; something she’d fantasized about for as long as she could remember. But now that she lay restrained on a changing table, with a lion gently smiling up at her from her waist, and the faint yellow wetness line running between her legs, something about this felt so very wrong. Much too real. “How?”

The lady who’d done this to her took on a more conciliatory tone. “Awww, it’s okay to not understand,” she half-whispered to Allison. “Maybe your Mommy or Daddy will explain it to you in a way that will stick.” Gently, she unbuckled Allison and helped her to her feet. “Come on. Help me find them.”

“What about my pants? And shoes?” Allison whimpered.

“Don’t worry,” the woman said. “Miss Stephie will send someone to get them. I don’t think those skinny jeans are big enough for you; not with that diaper on.” Allison’s knees locked and toddled on without her consent as the bathroom door was opened and she was led back out into the grocery store.

Out of the bathroom…in public…in just a t-shirt, frilly socks, and a diaper…and everyone could see…!

A round of “Awwww!”s assaulted her ears from both sides. An old woman shopping for sea food looked right at Allison and smiled knowingly at her. A woman who might have been younger than her, smiled brightly at Allison and gave a little wave, beckoning her to wave back. Far off in the dairy aisle, a four year old with a ragdoll tugged at her father’s pant leg and pointed directly at Allison. Dad just nodded gently and said something back; both were too far off for Allison to hear, but she knew they were talking about her!

“We’re gonna go up to the front,” Miss Stephie said. “But if you see your Mommy or Daddy you let me know, okay? All the way to the front of the store. Allison would have preferred to be shame marched through the streets naked than to have to crinkle to the front of the grocery store. “Okay?”

“Allison?” A strange yet vaguely familiar voice pierced the fear fog of Allison’s mind. “ALLISON!”

“Huh?” Allison turned her head slightly to the right just in time to see a flash of teal colored skin engulfing her in a smothering embrace.

“Where did you run off to?” Genie’s voice carried through flesh and fog while Allison struggled to breathe with her head landing firmly in between Genie’s breasts. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again, little girl!”

Allison’s head was peeled back and she stood up so that she was nearly eye to eye with the technicolored being she’d released from that old lava lamp not twenty-four hours prior. She was dressed in a white tank top and bell bottoms instead of something Barbara Eden might prefer, but she was unmistakably the genie. The greenish bluish skin was kind of a giveaway. “Genie?!”

“‘Genie’, dear,” Genie said as if she were correcting the girl. “Or ‘Mommy’. ‘Mommy’s’ better, actually.”

“Ma’am,” the worker said to Genie, “Is this your little girl?”

Genie grabbed Allison’s other hand. “She most certainly is,”

Miss Stephie released her grip. “I found her in the Aybie diaper aisle by herself.”

“I am so sorry about that!” Genie gushed. “I was putting some wipes and powder in our cart and took a phone call, and the next thing I knew she was gone!” Allison caught a sly conspiratorial wink from the mystical being, as if she were in on a joke.

The grocery store worker nodded. “Yeah, they can get tricky about that when they want to. Did you know she was wearing panties?”

Genie let out the lightest gasp. “Panties?! At your age?! Have you been sneaking into Mommy’s underwear drawer again?”

“N–n-n-n-no…?” The wires in Allison’s brain were fritzing at the sheer absurdity of the situation.


“You know how little ones can be,” the grocery store worker said to Genie, “Sometimes they like pretending so they put on big kid undies.”

“Yup,” Genie replied, “but they have accidents every time. I’ve seen the videos that parents post online.”

Gears were slowly clicking into place for Allison. Some of her favorite videos and stories started with the main character having an ‘accident’. “Genie…”

“Mommy’s talking, darling,” Genie shushed. “The real shock is that you figured out how to get your diaper off. I thought those jeans were a little too skinny for you.”

Miss Stephie pointed at Allison’s diaper and said “Uh-oh. Looks like I got her in one just in time.”

Allison followed the finger and felt her eyes fall out of their sockets. Her Little Kings felt heavier than they had a few seconds ago, and the pale yellow line running from front to back had been broken up by a streak of blue. She hadn’t even felt it. Not the need to go or the act of wetting herself. There was no arguing with the wetness indicator, however. “I…I…I…I went pee-pee?!”

Genie started petting Allison. “Yes. That’s why good Adult Babies wear their diapers. So they don’t make a mess on the floor.”


“We know,” Miss Stephie said, condescendingly. “You’re a very very big girl.”

Genie finished the thought. “You’re an Adult Baby. And such a cutie too!” She planted a kiss on Allison’s flaming cheek. “Someone who is old enough to be an adult but is still a baby.”

“Oh, just in case,” Miss Stephie said. “Can I see some I.D.?”

The teal skinned woman reached into her pocket and pulled-possibly from nowhere- a wallet. “Of course. Here you go.”

Allison watched the store clerk flip open the wallet. In the front left pocket, there was a picture with what appeared to be- for lack of a better word- Genie’s driver’s license, turquoise exterior and all. And in the bottom right corner was a little doodle of a teddy bear.

“How does that prove any-?” Allison began. Then she saw the clerk flip the driver’s license flap up and over, revealing a second one. It was Allison’s driver’s license, alright. She’d looked at it enough times and thought about how bad the picture looked. The baby bottle insignia on the right hand corner was different, but it was hers. Squinting her eyes, there was one important difference. In the photo, the yellow t-shirt she’d worn that day-the one that didn’t look nearly as cute with the flashbulb turned to maximum-had shoulder snaps. Allison’s driver’s license had her in a onesie.

“I’ll just pop back into the restroom,” the worker said, handing Genie back the wallet. “Code Rosé all clear,” She said into the walkie talkie. “We found Mommy.”

Allison’s heart didn’t stop thudding in her ears before the lady’s room door closed. “Genie!” she yelped. “What are you doing?”

“It’s ‘Genie’.”




“Try Mommy.”

Allison stomped her socked foot. “Argh! Mommy!”

“Much better.”

The grocery store worker came back with the mostly full bag of diapers and Allison’s pants, underwear, and shoes neatly stacked on top. “Here you are ma’am.”

“I’ll make sure to pay for the diapers up front with the rest of our stuff,” Genie said.

“They really need to put some powder and wipes in the Aybie aisle too. Less hassle.”

“Mmmhmm,” Genie took the bundle in her free hand and started to drag Allison away, just as this otherwise normal woman had before.


Something suddenly occurred to Allison. “Stop! Wait!” Allison said. “Look at her! She’s not my Mommy! She’s a genie, can’t you tell?”

“Sure she is, darling,” the normal woman chuckled at her.

“Allison,” Genie spoke as if addressing a two year old, “just because Mommy takes very good care of you and has different colored skin doesn’t mean that she’s a fifth dimension non-linear being who can alter what you call reality as easily as someone flicking a switch or a left over species from when the Earth was young and thus not fully tied to the laws of nature as you understand it.” She and Miss Stephie exchanged looks and laughed pleasantly as if this were any kind of common occurrence or misconception.

“Kids,” the human woman said. “Even in their twenties, what an imagination!”

“Don’t you know it!” Genie agreed. Allison could only let herself be led back into the aisles to find a shopping cart loaded with milk, sugary cereals, macaroni and cheese, Spaghetti-O’s, disinfecting and baby wipes, and jars of ‘adult baby food’. The pack of Little Kings went on top of the pile. “We’ll have to buy these,’ Genie tutted. “But we’ll get some use out of them.”

Attached to the cart proper was an extender, the kind meant for children too big to fit into the basket seat but with parents who didn’t want them walking around. This one was more than big enough to accommodate Allison. It even had a toy steering wheel. She found herself in it shortly and winced at the wet squish beneath her bottom reminding her what she had on and what she’d just done to herself.

“Ge-…Mommy!” Allison said, flustered. “What are you doing here? I set you free!”

“I know,” Genie smiled. “And I love you for it.” The cart started moving towards the checkout. “So I decided to grant you your greatest desire, for free! Unconditionally!”

Allison’s heart fluttered and thumped rapidly in her chest. Everyone at the store was looking at her, even when they weren’t, they were. And why wouldn’t they? Everybody loved a baby…but that gave her both the best and worst feelings. “Mommy, what are you talking about? I didn’t want this. I didn’t wish this!”

“A little birdy showed me pictures online,” Genie said, stocking up. “All those other adult babies had Mommies and Daddies taking care of them and posting up just the most darling pictures online for everyone to see.” The cart inched closer to the cashier and Allison sunk down deeper into the child’s seat so as to avoid eye contact. “I still don’t see what’s the big deal with this Big Diaper Friday thing.”

“Me neither,” the cashier butted in. “But you know how trends are. Some people dump ice water on their heads, other people post pictures of their adult babies in big diapers. People are just silly sometimes.”
“You said it,” Genie laughed, producing a credit card that likely hadn’t existed prior to this morning.

“Big Diaper Friday?” Allison gasped. “Have you been online?”

That got more good natured laughter from the adults. “Sweetie, of course I have,” she gently pinched Allison’s blushing cheeks. “How else was I supposed to find out what you most needed?”

“The internet isn’t just for big babies and little kids, sweetie,” The cashier informed her.

“I’m not a little kid!”

“That’s right. So which one does that make you?”

Allison was about to argue but recognized a losing battle when she heard one.

While groceries more in line with something a preschooler would enjoy or need were being tirelessly packed into brown paper bags, something clicked in Allison’s brain: ‘Adult Baby’ meant something completely different to the genie.

However she’d found out about Adult Babies, Genie had only interpreted ‘adult’ in terms of age, not in terms of appropriateness. That’s why the aisle that had spontaneously manifested for her had been filled with familiar products whose names she’d known about since forever. Those had been adult baby diapers, and to Genie ‘adult babies’ just so happened to be babies who were old enough to be adults. There was no context of kink or ageplay. Huggies and Pampers were for babies. Tykables and Rearz were for Adult Babies.

“Mommy!” Allison said as the automatic doors spread themselves into the parking lot. “There’s been a mistake!”

Genie pushed the cart over to an SUV that Allison definitely hadn’t driven there in. “I think it’s called an ‘accident’, dearie.”

“No, no, no.” Allison rapidly shook her head. “You don’t understand. There’s been a mistake.” She’d wanted the money and space to have her own dream Adult Baby house and nursery, not to be a literal adult baby. “This isn’t what I wanted!”

For her part, Genie seemed unperturbed, and talked while she stacked sacks of groceries into the back of the car. “What mistake could there be, darling? I saw all those adorable pictures of those big babies, and realized that you really wanted to be one. So I decided to help.”

“Those weren’t adult babies,” Allison tried to explain.
“They looked like adult babies to me,” Genie countered. “Strange that so many of their Mommies and Daddies posted pictures of them pooping, but…no, those were adult babies.”

“Those aren’t adult babies,” the human repeated. “Those are adult baby diaper lovers. They’re people who like wearing diapers and who like to pretend to be babies.”

Genie blinked. “I thought the diaper lover part was just a way of saying that they couldn’t be potty trained…are you sure?”

“Yes!” It took everything for Allison not to scream that last part.

“So how do real adult babies and their Mommies and Daddies feel about people playing dress up as them?” Genie asked. There was a storm brewing behind her eyes. “And why were you looking at all of those pictures? Are you the type of person who would want to hurt or make fun of a baby?”

Allison’s heart went from thudding to nearly full stop. “That’s just it!” she rattled out. “There’s no such thing as an adult baby! It’s all people in costumes! It’s all people wanting to act like babies so we play dress up and pretend! We don’t want to hurt anybody, it’s just…it’s just…something we want…!”

“All of you?”

“Yes!” Allison almost cried out of fear. “And now you’ve just used magic to make me the only literal adult baby in the entire world! Now either all of those companies that make those products are going to go out of business, or there’s going to be tons of people feeling like creeps for buying what they think are actual baby products to wear for fun! You’re singling me out AND hurting people!”

Genie shut the hatchback of the SUV. “Oh no, that won’t do at all.”

Allison felt a surge of hope. “It won’t?”

“Not at all.” She seemed to think for a second. “So there isn’t anyone else in the world like this? There aren’t any other Adult Babies? All of those pictures and stories I found are just sad people playing pretend like you wanted to?”

“Yes,” Allison nodded. “I’m the only one! Now if you could just-”

“That is so sad!” Genie interrupted. She gently cupped Allison’s face with one hand. “I know what to do now. Don’t worry, sweetie. Mommy will fix it.”

Then nothing happened. The pair just stayed there in the parking lot.

“What did you do?” Allison asked.

“Mommy made it all better,” Genie smiled. Allison looked down between her legs and saw the blue line racing up the middle of her diaper. She very much doubted it. Genie slipped the sneakers back on overAllison’s frilly socks and unbuckled her from the massive children’s seat. “All done. Come on, let’s go.”

The diapered woman rose up on shaky legs as a mini-van pulled up in the spot next to them. A woman got out of the driver’s seat and walked around to the sliding side door. “Come on pumpkin, let’s go shopping!” she chirped. She reached in, her arms fiddling with straps and buckles.

A decidedly deep “Yes Mommy!” answered back. Allison stared awestruck as a rather big man, almost a head taller than her, got out of the van. He was dressed in a baseball themed onesie and cap, and sucked his thumb timedly while the woman closed the door.

The woman sniffed and wrinkled her nose. “Come on,” she grabbed the man’s hand but only walked him so far as the hatchback. “Let’s get you sorted out before we go shopping.”

“Yes, Mommy.’

Allison watched, gobsmacked, while the woman opened up the hatchback, laid out a changing mat, took a Tyakables Waddler out of what Allison had mistakenly thought was a purse and waited for the big guy to lay down.

“Mommy!” Allison exclaimed, even as she herself was being maneuvered into an extraordinarily large car seat in the back of Genie’s SUV… “What did you do?!” The door slammed shut, and the teal skinned woman walked around to the driver’s side. “What did you do?!”

“I fixed things,” Genie said simply. The car started and backed out into the parking lot. Allison got one last curiously horrified glance as the onesie was being finished unsnapped and revealing a thoroughly used Tykables underneath. “Now it’s all better,” they started driving off.

“How did you make it all better?” Allison demanded. “I’m still in a diaper!”

“Yes you are,” Genie confirmed. “Adult babies need diapers. All of you do.”

The implications were not lost. “All of us…?”

“Most people pretending to be something that they weren’t would just want to keep the fantasy all to themselves,” Genie all-but-sang. “Genie, make me thinner. Genie, get me the girl. Genie get rid of Pompeii. But you immediately realized how getting your fantasy might be hurting other people.” She sighed contentedly. “You really are the most special little human I’ve ever met.”

“That doesn’t explain anything.”

There was more than a twinkle in Genie’s reflection. “Baby girl knows how to share.”

Oh no.

“You didn’t…!”

“I did,” Genie laughed. “If only that street rat had wished that every homeless person could be a prince, the world would have been a lot nicer, I think.”

Allison craned her neck and gaped at the world outside her car window. The surrounding city wasn’t cartoonishly overcrowded but the few people walking around in onesies and rompers on the sidewalk-their caregivers holding their hands or their toddler leashes- stuck out like sore thumbs. Same for the passing cars with similarly sized car seats in them. Right as a light turned green, Allison caught sight of a family whose dynamics had undoubtedly switched; now that the father was openly being pushed around in a stroller by his wife and his daughter gleefully skipping behind.

“This must be the entire city’s munch population,” Allison said out loud. “Wait, is that Jillie? I didn’t Jillie was…” A terrible thought. “Are all these adult babies people who were pretending before or…?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Genie waved her question off. “Now you’ve got tons of a little friends who are all getting the same wish that you wanted and they’re being cared for and loved just like you.”

“Not everybody has a Mommy or Daddy,” Allison tried to squirm out of her seat, but her body just wasn’t cooperating. “Are you inventing adult baby orphanages or something?”

“Goodness know,” Genie said. The car was slowing. “Don’t worry about it dear. All the adult babies will find someone.”

“But,…” the car slowed to a full stop, and so did Allison’s argument. They weren’t home. Or any kind of home. It was a local park.

Genie opened the door and helped Allison out. “There’s a very nice playground with some very hungry ducks, and none of the groceries are going to go bad if we let them sit for a bit.”


“No buts young lady,” Genie cut her off. The tiny hairs on her back stood on end when she had her diaper pulled back. “Yours is clean enough.”
Great relief came with ‘clean’ but then coupled itself with humiliation at ‘enough’. She’d almost allowed herself to forget that her diaper was wet. “Come along.”

Her hand entrapped in Genies, Allison could only follow along and look at the park with fresh eyes. Ducks swam and quacked to each other. People walked their dogs. Cute boys tossed the football to one another while their girlfriends chatted to each other on the side lines. Middle schoolers scrimmaged in soccer.

It was common enough to be boring, but Allison couldn’t help but hunch her shoulders up to her ears in her anxiety. Best not to look too long lest she be looked at. This was normal this was normal this was normal this was normal….except it wasn’t at all. Not even close and she just couldn’t make peace with it.


Allison’s attention was drawn to the sound of off key singing, the smell of burgers on the grill, and the sight of balloons and party streamers. Someone was having a birthday party beneath a pavilion. Presents were stacked up on picnic tables and somebody’s uncle (it was always somebody’s uncle) was flipping burgers.

The majority of the people were all crowded around a young blonde girl gazing as if hypnotized at a large pink birthday cake. She wasn’t actually a girl in the strictest sense, she’d clearly gone through puberty and such. Allison thought ‘girl’ just because when you’re closer to thirty than twenty, everyone who looks too young to rent a car suddenly reads as ‘kid’. A bit ageist, she’d admit, but when she was twenty one, anyone more than five years her senior was unconsciously grouped into ‘old’. To be fair, the braided pigtails weren’t doing the girl any favors in terms of maturity. The party decorations were a bit juvenile, too.

Lots of crate paper and streamers for an older high schooler’s or young college kid’s party. No peers either; just family. No. Check that. There was another girl about the same age, holding a present. A sibling maybe? Or a cousin? There didn’t seem to be any familial resemblance, so perhaps she was just a family friend.

“Oh, let’s go have a look!” Genie said, leading Allison closer to the gathering. “Maybe they’ll share some cake. Or you can play on the playground and make a new friend!’

New friend? About thirty feet away from the pavilion was a playground, the kind that was big enough for both kids and adults to enjoy, though she’d never have been caught dead goofing around on one. It was empty however.

“Here Ellie,” a relative, possibly her mother, said. “Before we get you set up with cake, why don’t you open this?” Almost ceremonially, the bright pink package that the other young girl had been holding was shoved in Ellie’s face. She took it half-mesmerized.

Because of the package’s dimensions and how today had been going, Allison had a sinking feeling. “No…” She trudged closer anyways, her Little Kings still sagging beneath her.

“Oh!” the girl, Ellie gasped. “Are these what I…?” She started panting and tearing up slightly, gazing at the rebranded package of Rearz Princess diapers. “Guys! How did you know?!”

Her mother pecked her on the cheek. “You don’t think I know my own baby girl?”

“Or that I don’t know my own adult baby girl?” The only other teenager said, giving a peck on the mirrored cheek. “Come on, let’s get you out of those yucky big girl panties.”

They’d come close enough so that Allison could see everything. The changing mat on the spare picnic table, and the girl’s family lying her down and undressing her there in the open air in front of everyone while packages of onesies were ripped open and a fresh diaper- the first of an uncountable number- was fluffed.

Allison only found her voice once they were practically on top. “STOP!” Allie screamed. “STOP! THIS IS WRONG!”

“Oh don’t worry, Allie,” Genie said, tapping the top of her hand. “They’re just getting the big baby girl nice and comfy.” There was a curious staring from the group towards them. They’d clearly intruded, but such intrusion wasn’t stopping the girl whose birthday it was from getting her butt covered in baby powder. “I’m sorry,” Genie apologized. “My little one has a very big imagination. We were just getting ready to go over to the playground over there.”

Whether the apology was accepted or just mystically enforced, the tension left the family’s gaze. “Oh that’s alright. Kids will be kids.” They looked over at the empty playground and back to the cake. “Would you like to join us? Ellie doesn’t have any adult baby friends yet.” The older woman smiled condescendingly towards Allie. “And we’ve got a loooot of caaaake.”

“Genie,” Allie whined, “you can’t do this to her!” The birthday girl’s Rearz had just been sealed on, and the other girl (her girlfriend? Mommy?) was sitting her up and tying a bib over her that just barely covered her breasts. “She’s just a kid!!”

“No she’s not,” Genie shook her head. “She’s eighteen. That was very clear from everything I learned about adult babies.”

“Just turned today,” A middle aged man with a mustache nodded proudly. “That’s my girl!”

“Then how do you know she’s really an adult baby?” Allie whined.

“Just look at her. It was obvious this morning, as soon as she got up.”

“The wet bed was kind of a hint too,” Ellie’s mother chimed in. “Don’t think I didn’t see you trying to do the laundry like a big girl early this morning.” That made the new big baby’s skin start to match her fresh padding. “Aybies…always trying to hide it, even though it’s obvious.” She smiled and clicked her tongue. “Such an imagination.’

“Sowwy mom,” Ellie said, waddling over. She wrapped her arms tight around the older woman. “Fankyou!”

“You’re welcome, baby.”

“But…how do you know?” Allie persisted.

“How did your family and Mommy know?” Ellie asked. Allie immediately tried to avoid eye contact. Ellie was better endowed than her and it was hard not to stare, even with the bib. “Grown-ups just…know.”

It was just like the grocery store. “But I was wearing jeans and panties,” Allie sulked.

“And if you saw a baby walking around in jeans and panties, would that fool you?” Genie asked.


“So why would it be any different with adult babies?”

The other girl, now seeming much more grown-up and mature, even compared to Allie, came up and hugged the new adult baby from behind. “And after we graduate from highschool, you can move in with me. The college I was looking at has a great Aybie daycare program that’s free to students and I can probably get a special dorm. Won’t that be neat?”

Family members nodded in approval and also pledged to help ‘Aybiesit’ if needed.

“Graduate?” Allie found herself saying. “Why would an adult baby need to graduate anything? Or know anything?”

“That’s a good point,” the mother said. “We’ll have to inform the school and have her drop out. Get things added to her identification.”

“A very good point,” Genie agreed.

“That’s not what I meant!” Allie yelped.

“How old are you, baby girl?” the new Mommy said. “What’s your name?”

“I”m Allie,” Allie said, not realizing how foreign yet right it felt to say it out loud. “And I’m…I’m…twenty-seven.”

“Wow,” the high school senior said. “That’s super old. I’ve never been that old before. Can you count that high for me, Allie?”

Hm? Of course she could. “One….two…three…four…” There were other numbers. What were they? “One, two, three, four,” she repeated. “One, two, three, four.” She really felt like she was gaining steam. “One, two, three, four.“ Yes! That was it! “One…two…three…four!”

All around nodded approvingly. “Wow, that’s really good! You almost got there, too!”

“Got where?” Allie asked.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Mommy patted her on the head. “You did a good job of counting.” That made Allie feel a little better but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was suddenly very very off.

Noses around wrinkled. “Ellie,” her new Mommy said. “Is that you?” she stepped back and gave the pink diaper a pat.

Ellie popped her thumb out of her mouth. “Is that what, Celeste? I mean, Mommy.” She giggled trying the title out.

“Nope,” Mommy said, letting the back of Allie’s waistband snap back into place. “It’s mine.”
“What?!” Allie squealed! “That’s impossible!” She hadn’t even felt herself going! “When? How?!”

“Must’ve been all that counting,” someone chuckled offhandedly.

“But I’m not poopy!”

This poopy diaper disagrees,” Mommy said, giving her bum a pat. “Or did someone poop your diaper for you?”

“You did,” Annie sulked. “You did, Mommy.”

“Oh the freedom, to lash out and still be loved,” Mommy replied. “Truly a treasure greater than all the gold of King Solomon.” She started leading Allie out of the pavilion and towards the public restrooms. “Come on, sweetie, let’s get you sorted out.”

“You can take care of her here,” the middle aged man with the mustache said. “It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. She’s just an adult baby. Go ahead and change her.”

The new Mommy practically shot her hand up in the air. “Oooh Oooh! Can I change her? I need the practice!”

Allie’s heart nearly leapt up into her throat. The idea of being changed, in public, by someone almost ten years her junior made her everything go on high alert. Mommy placed her hand on the mall of Allie’s back. “I think I’ll take this one, ma’am. But if our girls hit it off maybe we can talk about playdates and babysitting.”

The younger woman blushed. “Sorry,” she said. “New Mommy syndrome. I’m just really excited.”

“Think nothing of it.”

Allie winced sitting down on the top of the empty picnic table, her body almost automatically lying down, while Mommy rummaged through a diaper bag and got out wipes, powder, and an Alphagatorz. “What am I doing?!” Allie said to herself.

“You’re getting a diaper change,” Mommy said. “Just like you always do.”

Allie didn’t have time to object when the tapes to her old stinky diaper were ripped open. She moaned and gasped as nice cool baby wipes were pressed against her flesh, caressing away the warm and icky residue and leavings that her body had pushed out.

“Doesn’t that feel better,” Mommy asked. “No responsibilities. No worries. No having to clean up after yourself! No need for all those silly grown-up thoughts like spelling, and reading to worry about….”

“I’m a biburl,” Allie mumbled around her thumb, while her Mommy balled up the used diaper and set it aside.

She should be hating this. There should be goose pimples poking out of her flesh. Getting her poopy butt wiped in public! In front of strangers! She should be panicking. She should be trying to escape or fight back. She should be begging to learn how to use the potty, or to get her knowledge back…she was sure she’d lost those skills but only because she’d told people she’d had them. She should be crying and in misery.

Why should she…again?

“Yes you are a big girl,” Mommy agreed. “But that just means that you’re allllll done with the hard work of growing up.” She slid the new diaper deftly beneath her and dusted her privates. It could have been her zillionth time doing something like this. “This is your reward.”

“Okay, birthday girl!” Came a call closer to the presents and food and away from the diaper changing supplies. “Who’s ready for some smash cake?!”


Only Mommy’s hand on her chest stopped Allie from leaping off the makeshift changing table. “Hold on hold on. You’re not all taped up yet,” she chuckled. “And it’s not your cake. So we’ll have to be patient.”

Allie harrumphed back down and let her Mommy finish diapering her. Admittedly, it did feel better to have the diaper on nice and snug instead of only half taped on. Then, like a good girl, Allie raised her arms up over her head so that her Mommy could take her shirt off for her. “Looks like someone forgot to take off that silly bra,” Mommy clucked. “Oh well. We can take it off now.”

Somebody’s uncle came up with a piece of cake. “Here you go, little one. Here you go, Mama.” Allie didn’t wait before cramming as much as possible into her mouth at once, hands first. “Hey, Ellie! You could learn a lot from your new friend!”

It wasn’t Allie’s birthday, it was her new little friend’s, but for some reason it felt like she’d been given the gifts too!

(The End.)