Be A Good Girl

Hey guys, this is a one off story, its about 3,000 words long and it is finished. So a fairly short story. It was an exercise i was doing to try and get over my writers block and it seemed to have worked so anyway enjoy.

Be A Good Girl

“Go on baby, be a good girl for mommy” she lovingly coos to me

Here I am twenty seven years old, dressed in a pink vest onesie, my hair tied into two juvenile pigtails, one to each side of my head, a big pink pacifier in my mouth. To top it off, the piece de resistance, a giant, fluffy white nappy adorned with retro pampers prints on the landing strip covers my crotch and bottom, taped to my waist and hidden by the snaps of my onesie.

Not just being dressed like an over grown toddler but I have a beautiful woman who is much more than a lover to me but my best friend, soulmate and my play mommy embracing me on her knee, we are chest to chest and she is looking me directly in the eyes, asking me to be mommy’s good girl. I am her baby girl and she is my mommy.

Despite being twenty seven, despite being a well-adjusted, fully functioning adult, being dressed as a baby and being good for my mommy I am in heaven.

She works the fingers on her right hand into my onesie and then invades my nappy through the leak guards situated just in-between my legs. She checks my intimate area for moisture lightly caressing my womanhood in the process, frowning as she discovers that I am dry.

“Come on baby, be a good girl for mommy and wet your nappy” mommy encourages as she gently slips her fingers from my nappy and places her hand on my crotch “Mommy wants to feel you make wee wees in your nappy”

I look into her loving eyes as her pouty red lips curl into a warming smile. I take a deep breath and blush slightly as I relieve myself into my nappy. The thirsty white garment immediately begins absorbing all my wee wees and begins to expand in warm snugginess as I exhale bashfully.

Mommy’s red lipsticked smile is embedded gently on my forehead as she kisses me with encouraging approval. “What a good girl you are for Mommy, wetting your nappy like a good little girl” she gently and slightly seductively, almost in a condescending tone, whispers to me. This makes me smile broadly and I burry my head in Mommy’s shoulder as I keep pissing myself.

The pee is gushing out of me at this stage, completely saturating the front of my secure nappy, slowly starting to sneak up the back. As the pee spreads my bum bum starts to get clammy as the nappy can’t drink up all my sweet pee quickly enough. Mommy is so happy with my offering that she is gently squeezing my nappy into my crotch and slowly rubbing me just the way I like it.

With one final sigh I let the last dribble out into my sodden sagging baby pants which symbolizes what I am “Mommy’s pissy pants baby”. Despite the connotations being “Mommy’s pissy pants baby” does not feel insulting to me; it feels right to me, as if this is my true calling in life. Even though it is a self-imposed nickname for my situation and Mommy would never degrade me by calling me something so vulgar, part of me wishes she would. I like being “Mommy’s good little girl” but there is a part of me that craves to be her naughty little pissy pants. I have never brought this up with her as what we have is not a humiliation exercise but an activity of love. That’s what it is just an activity that we engage in when the mood is right.

Outside this beautiful activity of ours, we are full functioning members of society, me being a junior marketing executive for a hip new technology company, and mommy, or Gillian as she is known to the grown up world, has just been made partner in her law firm. Despite our abnormal behaviour we are as normal as they come.

Once Mommy realises that I have finished my act for her, still smiling she gently lifts me off of her lap and stands me up in front of her. I know what’s coming and I’m so excited by what comes next. “Ok now turn around baby and touch your toes, Mommy wants to inspect your nappy”

I obey without hesitation, smiling contently around my pacifier; I grab my toes and throw my bum out in the air towards mommy’s loving gaze. I feel her hands on my hips as she moves them down to the snaps in my crotch. She slowly, teasingly unbuttons one snap at a time, increasing my anticipation and excitement when finally she un snaps the last snap giving my nappy freedom. It immediately sags towards the ground and I can feel the strain on the snuggly fastened tapes. My nappy is so heavy I am surprised it does not fall off or rip the plastic.

My nappy is sagging so much that mommy can put her hand in one leg hole and out the other without even touching off of my nappy. Holding it in all day really pays off when I get my nappy soaked to mommy’s standards with one wetting. I feel mommy move her hands underneath the bulging garment and I feel her face planting into my rear. I hear her inhaling deeply breathing me in completely and I smile happily knowing I have been mommy’s good girl. Knowing how much the smell of my wet nappy turn’s mommy on is one of those weird things that makes me feel good about myself. It’s part of what helped me come to enjoy my baby role in the relationship, knowing that me befouling myself could almost bring the woman that I love to orgasm was such a rush, such excitement and something that I was strangely proud of.

As she was inhaling my intoxicating aroma my anticipation rose as what was to come. After a good sniff mommy would always lick me clean, leaving me a quivering mass before she would grind my sexy lady bits. It was always the best sex, sometimes I would explode into orgasm as soon as her moist mommy parts touched me, those were amazing but they always ended with me having to stop because I would come too close to passing out from ecstasy. At first mommy would have to go to bed frustrated when that happened, not that she showed any inclination that she minded, but I did. But now when it happens I take the opportunity to taste mommy and make her cum. The first time I did it she was not too happy, as she didn’t want me degrading myself, I was her sweet little angel and gobbling vagina, she felt, robbed me of my innocence. However that soon changed when she found out just how nimble my tongue was and how much she came when I licked her insides.

This time was different, she was sniffing me but she hadn’t taken my nappy off yet to clean me, I then felt her pull away. I stood up quickly and looked up into her big beautiful midnight blue eyes with a look mixed with fear and shame. Had I not pleased her, had I not filled my nappy enough for her, had my wee lost its intoxicating flavour to her? I was about to talk, or cry, or I don’t know but something was about to make its way out of my mouth when mommy took my hands in hers.

“Baby, mommy has an idea” she informed me lovingly and slightly sheepishly. “But I don’t know how much you will like it” She stumbled. I could tell she was going to be a bit embarrassed by what she was about to ask, this normally extremely confident and direct woman looked somewhat embarrassed. This was new, I had never known her to shy away from something but here she stood in front of me trying to coax her out with an idea she had.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear “Mommy whatever your idea is I’m going to do it, I’m your good little girl and doing whatever that takes makes me feel good mommy” I hugged her more tightly showing her I was here for her and that she need not worry, I was her little girl and she knew what was best. Yet she said nothing, and I could feel tears rolling down my back. I stood back and looked into mommy’s watering eyes expecting to see heart break, instead I saw happiness, still some trepidation but ultimately these were tears of joy.

I put my hands on her hips and guided her to the sofa where she gracefully sat down. I put my head in her lap and stretched out on the couch as my hand made for her cleavage. Mommy had started to lactate, I’m not sure how, if it was from the constant stimulation she got from my greedy mouth, a change in diet or a supplement used to induce lactation I could not say. All I could say was that her voluptuous breasts were swollen with milk, which was great because it meant I got to breast feed every day, sometimes twice. And my bottles were always made from mommy’s milk.

Mommy unclasped her nursing bra revealing her delicious teat which she guided to my mouth. I suckled greedily as the taste or her milk hit my lips. The flow was instant and delicious. I smiled up at her contently as she cradled my head in the crook of her elbow lovingly, whilst the other hand closed the snaps on my onesie and then rested on my padded bum. We loved breast feeding, we never felt as close as we did when she nourished me. As a coping mechanism it was very empowering. If Mommy had bad news for me or we had a tough decision to make it would be done when I was on the breast. I thought my clearest while suckling the woman I loved. We were so close that no matter the challenge we knew that it was the two of us in it.

She stroked my hair as she gazed down at me with her maternal mommy smile. I could see her confidence being rebuilt. She knew not to worry. “Well baby, Mommy wants you to do whoopsies in your nappy” She paused slightly and was about to continue when I put a finger to her mouth and nodded approval.

Asking me to poop myself, while I could see was a big deal and something that could be taken the wrong way, felt right to me. Granted I had some hesitation about peeing my nappy this evening, it could sometimes take me a little while to get used to my baby role, especially being in the adult world all day. However now I was in the baby world and pooping myself, well the idea of it felt right, felt fulfilling, felt natural. In truth I had thought about it before as it was the natural progression for us. But I hadn’t acted on it as the outcome was too uncertain. Would mommy want to be around my fudged huggies, would I be disgusted enough to call it quits on babyhood, would it destroy the relationship. Now that I saw how much mommy wanted it, I knew it was right.
She moved me to her other breast knocking me out of my train of thought. I suckled eagerly as my tummy filled up almost to capacity. But still I suckled. I could smell her sweat perfume, could feel her warmth and love, see her approval and taste her nourishing ambrosia. I was getting a bit drowsy which was not a good thing as we still had business to take care of. I think mommy saw this too as it was not uncommon for me to fall asleep mid gulp in mommy’s arms. She normally let that happen, I think she loved it when that happened. But this time she picked me up, placing my chin over her shoulder giving me a lecherous view of her back and plump bum. She stood up and I wrapped my legs around her waist. She started to bounce me and pat my back, gently trying to get my windies up. I belched loudly a couple of time, giggling proudly at each cacophony. Soon my windies were all up and mommy was letting me back down on the ground.

She was about to say something to me when I popped a squat to fill my nappy properly for her. I didn’t want her to talk, to try and rationalise with me. I wanted her to know that I was her baby and that she could get me to do anything, she was my mommy. She gave me a quizzical look then sat down on the couch to enjoy her own private show that I was about to perform, not before popping my pacifier back in my mouth.

I started to push, but nothing was moving. As I had been holding my wee all day, I also hadn’t pooped in fear that I might waste some of my mommy intoxant, so I was actually in the need of a poop but no nothing was coming. I bit down on my pacifier as I pushed harder letting out a little grunt in the process. Still nothing. I spread my legs a little just incase my bum cheeks were acting as a barrier. But it was no use, I still could not poop, this was going to take all my will. I took a deep breath and pushed with all my might. I could feel my cheeks burning red from effort, my face was scrunched up in concentration and strain. I needed more leverage, so I bent forward, supporting myself with my hands and arched my back looking up not at anything in particular when I succeeded. It was moving, with one last loud grunt poop escaped from my bum and into my nappy. I opened my eyes to look at mommy as the poop started to escape. She still had that loving maternal look, yet I could see the fire in her eyes burning deep. She wanted me.

The poop slid out quickly, but it was a huge log, it hurt. But I liked the pain. The feeling of the poop escaping to freedom only to be captured by my protective nappy and smearing into the seat was intoxicating. The poop kept coming and mushing into my nappy, at first it was right at the seat, then it started to crawl towards my back and my front. I was still going, when the poop got more frantic looking for freedom that it started to turn less solid and gooier. It was going everywhere, yet still completely contained in my nappy. The hot mess felt amazing to me, so exciting, so thrilling, so natural. Before my baby days I was a clean freak, couldn’t stand ickiness, yet this, the ickiest thing there was felt awesome. I was almost climaxing as the poop was smearing the front of my nappy and vagina, making it feel all the more pleasurable.

With one last grunt and one last fart I was done. I was exhausted and drained; I fell to my knees but found myself being lifted in the air. Mommy was their picking me up into her lap and sat back on the sofa. I looked up into her eyes looking for the approval that I craved she started to bounce me on her lap, mushing the poop, getting it into every nook and cranny. This should have disgusted me but it didn’t, it made me crave mommy’s attention even more. I smiled and hugged her tightly as she grabbed by nappied bum and smushed me with her hands. She was starting to moan, she was very aroused right now, more so than I had ever experienced with her. This was starting to look like a brilliant idea. I wasn’t disgusted and mommy was salivating from her mommy bits.

She couldn’t take it anymore and she stood up, with me still in her arms and rushed to the bedroom. She gently laid me on the bed and started to scissor me immediately. She didn’t clean me, take my onesie off or even remove her form fitting black and red polka dot dress that accentuated her lactating boobies. I was taken aback by her eagerness but that all evaporated as the grinding began. We have grinded lots of times, but this was so much better, the mix of my onesies keeping everything in place, the full to bursting nappy and mommy’s knickers all rubbing of my baby bits… no lady bits was so insanely hot. I exploded into orgasm at the same time as mommy, I can’t say about me as I was well protected but mommy squirted, a lot, all over my onesie. She had never done that and as I felt her juices on my thighs my orgasm grew even more intense. I almost blacked out from this intense feeling, I actually may have because next thing I know is I’m being spooned and mommy is kissing my neck.

“How about mommy gets you into a clean nappy” She says energetically in between kisses.

“No mommy I want to enjoy my fudgy huggie” I yawn and that’s all I remember.

I woke up in mommy’s bed alone. This was normal as mommy did not sleep long so unless on vacation I would wake up alone. Not that I minded I was not the type to stay in bed once I woke. I threw my legs out of the covers and stood up. I was a bit surprised to see that I was in a clean nappy. I shrugged it off and went to the kitchen where mommy was preparing a pancake breakfast.

“Good morning Emma, I almost got breakfast ready so if you want to shower and get into your grown up clothes you have enough time” she said sweetly as she stirred the batter.

“Mommy what happened to my nappy” This stopped Mommy in her tracks as the baby play would typically end once we either climaxed or got up the next morning. But today I felt like exploring this in a non-sexual context. I was orgasmed out but I was under a whole heap of stress at work and wanted to see how much of a stress reliever this really was if it didn’t lead to sex. Like was it the reward of sex I liked or was it the bonding with mommy.

“Well Emma you said you wanted to enjoy it then you fell asleep. I didn’t want you to get a sceptic vagina so I thought I would change you into a clean nappy and let you wake up still enjoying the nappy. Sorry if I crossed a line, I should have put you back in your knickers but you just looked so adorable in a nappy I couldn’t resist”

“That was smart mommy thank you” I said in a sweet submissive voice as I sat at the breakfast table. Mommy just gave me a quizzical look and went about making breakfast.

“Do you want some coffee Em” She asked as she started the coffee machine. I took this as a que to show her exactly what I wanted to do today. I got up and walked to her giving her a big hug and planting my head in her boobs

“Thank you for last night Gillian, it made a lot of things make sense in my head” I said softly before looking up and kissing her on her lips

“That’s great Emma; it’s weird to be thanked for it though I normally am the thankful one.” She giggled before she kissed me on the forehead

“Let’s not stop, I don’t need to go to work today, I have no meetings and I can tell them that I’m working from home today. Let’s see how this affects me without sex being involved”

She looked at me with a huge smile, another kiss and our adventure into being mommy’s good girl finally began