BCS needs to GO!

After watching the BCS game last night, well Thursday night now, I feel the BCS and the Polls need to go.

A playoff system is needed, I cannot stand or stomach the BCS even that the Ohio State Buckeyes have lucked their way into it in 2006 and 2007. The BCS needs to GO. I watched the game between the Gators and the Sooners and I was disgusted.

Screw the SEC Champinonship game, screw how Flordia got there. I am not talking as a disgrustled Buckeye fan who saw his team get beat in 2007. I am talking as a FOOTBALL FAN.

The Gators got lucky and they should never have even been in the BCS Game. I think the Utah Utes got screwed cause of the networks, and the rigging of the system. It’s decided by the networks and players they tink should be in the NFL. To me, Tim Tebow is underrated and does not deserve to be drafted.

This comes from a fan of FOOTBALL, and I feel the BCS is not pure football.

The Bowl CHampionship needs to GO. Replace it with a play off system that also includes MAC, or Mid American Conference, hell, the University of Toledo knocked of MICHIGAN! THE HEATHEN WOLVEREINS!

A MID AMERICAN SCHOOL, knocks off a supposed Big 10 ‘powerhouse’. I think the BCS is rigged, and it uses ‘favored schools’. And I do notlike that as a football fan. I do not give a shit about ratings, and shit, but I feel the BCS NEEDS TO GO BYE BYE, or end up in a used diaper.


Flame me if you want, cause quite frankly I don’t giuve a shit for speaking how I feel. I am speaking as a football fan first and foremost and someone who took KENT STATE to the Championship game on NCAA Football by EA.

BCS needs to GO!

This year I couldn’t understand how Oklahoma got there. Utah did deserve to be there in their place, but hindsight is 20/20. The SEC is usually year in and year out the toughest of the football conferences.

As for the “favored schools” concept, the BCS is not ashamed to admit that they pull primarily from the 6 “Power Conferences”. The MAC was up this year, and may have a few new faces at the top next year. The Big 12 was down this year, which should have been evidenced by the fact Missouri couldn’t easily put away Buffalo (who was to know at that time they would become MAC Champions?). Who did Oklahoma beat out of conference? Chattanooga, Washington, TCU, and Cincinnati, of which 2 had winning records, but 3 had been down in recent years, and Chattanooga was never in a position to compete with them.

Of course Florida played The Citadel. They also had Hawaii, who had been up until the last couple years, but is still a respectable program, Miami, who was again, decent, and Florida State, again decent, better than the other non-conference games.

My real complaint is the number of Bowl Games there are. UConn (first example I can think off) should not have been eligible for a bowl game based on their 3-4 league record.

My thought, like yours, is a playoff would be best. 17 teams get in, with the winner of every division in every conference getting in, including the top of the Independent schools, with the following rules add-on:

  1. If your division/conference champion does not have at least 8 wins, they forfeit their spot, and it will not be replaced.

  2. Any wins against FCS (1-AA and lower) schools will NOT be counted in your overall record. So, if a division winner goes 8-4, but one win was against an FCS school, their record for the figuring of the playoffs is 7-4, and they are not eligible.

  3. Teams will be ranked based on solid tangibles - wins, strength of schedule, Offensive and defensive rankings. Voters will not be used, and the first factors would be the most important (33% each) where the last 2 make up the other 34%.

A 16 vs. 17 play in game will be required if all spots available are filled. If less teams are in, there will be byes for the first round.

It’s ridiculous that a team like Utah can’t prove they are deserving to be in the BCS game, yet some teams become bowl eligible based on overall wins, despite a bad conference record in a bad conference (see UConn).

If you like the system, cool. If not, don’t flame it, just throw your idea out there. Maybe we can be the brains that settles how to crown a real college football champion.

BCS needs to GO!

Yes, I was only concentrating on both teams out of conference schedules. You can’t help who you have in your conference, so it’s irrelevant unless you start losing to these teams, and obviously, Florida and Oklahoma made it though their conference schedules well (I think both only had 1 loss) and both won their championship games. But while the SEC is usually the top conference in college football (some will also try to argue the Big 10 and Pac 10 are as good or better), the other conference that plays in the BCS title game is usually overmatched, where it comes to show their weak out of conference schedule (though I’d bet Oklahoma wouldn’t pick teams like Cincinnati or TCU again for non conference play).

I do think USC could have beaten Florida. They are always strong at the end of the year, and they let off the gas against Penn State in the Rose Bowl. However, did they deserve to be there, when Utah was undefeated? Who knows, but Utah deserved a chance to see what it could do in that stage, and Utah’s win over Alabama added fuel to that fire.

As for Tebow, don’t get me wrong, he is an awesome QB, even if he doesn’t have the passing numbers most have. But he is a smart player and seems to lead Florida well. However, he seems suited for college football, not pro football. He seems to be a Michael Vick type, but with a better arm and better decision making. I haven’t seen much of Tebow, but the question I would have is his ability to play in the pocket. Will it pay off in the NFL? I don’t know. But I do bet he gets drafted, and if it came to it, may get switched to another position where his talent would be more useful. But I do see him in the NFL and possibly a franchise player. He has that many tools (highlights help, and the parts of games I have seen also helped me make that analysis).

BCS needs to GO!

Hey diaper mike? UConn may not have deserved a bowl game…but damned if we didn’t win that bowl game, so I’ll let your slight of my Alma Mater slide this one time only :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k, by the way. I’m used to people knocking the football team all the time anyway. The Huskies are generally not known for football, as you all know. We’re a basketball power, basically, but hey, with a bowl win under our belt, maybe now is the time for a shift in power in the Big East. Look out Louisville, Pittsburgh and West Virginia. “UConn Husky, symbol of might to the foe” goes the fight song! Now is the time to show it!

BCS needs to GO!

The sad fact is the system will never change because there is too much money tied up in the Bowl Games, for the schools, for the networks and for the cities involved in hosting them. Any change that downgrades one of the big New Years bowls will automatically be rejected.

It’s always funny to hear the after-bowl bitching from those whose teams didn’t make the championship game. No one ever feels THEIR team didn’t deserve to be there, even when they are clearly overmatched. See: virtually any Big 10 team in the last decade.

BCS needs to GO!

No, I did not lose a bet and I was not drunk, I wsa just frustrated to see all the same old, familiar schools in there. That’s why I like the March Madness tournament better than the so scalled Bowl Bash.

I just had been thinking about it a lot and well, I do take my football somewhat seriously and I felt the BCS game was not what it sould have been. The Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners both lucked their way in, my thoughts. But well, I feel a playoff would be a good draw. I also am speaking as a fan of the MAC as the local school here is a MAC school.


BCS needs to GO!

At least a playoff system gives every Conference a chance. Though the MAC did go 0-5, so I don’t know if a playoff helps them. Maybe closer to the end of the regular season, it helps. Especially Buffalo, they got hurt by the off time more than most because they usually clean out their lockers the Monday after the season. But they wouldn’t have drawn UConn, it would have been a conference or division winner.

As for UConn, I won’t say anything about their basketball teams, because both are powers year in and year out. And I’m a 'Cuse and UB fan (I don’t know why Syracuse anymore, they rejected me when I applied there).

BCS needs to GO!

That is what I have said about the Big Ten for some time. Two years ago when I was staying with my aunt before WrestleMania 23, we got into a discussion about the Big Ten and how they end their season early. We both feel that adding another team to the Big Ten and splitting up the schools into confrences, and having a playoff, and then a championship game.

Split the teams into two divisions. This is my proposal;

Ohio State
Penn State
Iowa State

Michigan State
And an added-school. My aunt and I feel that Notre Dame would be a good pick for that.

The two top finishers would have a playoff game, then they would meet in a Championship game at let’s say Cleveland Stadium. It would be a big booster for the Cleveland economy, and it would be a big thing for the Big Ten. They end their season around Thanksgiving. It gives them too much time off work. That’s why we blow in bowl games.

That’s my thought. What do you all think?