Baybing brother

I wanted to have some fun with my brother, and get him to make me wet the bed. I joked with him about the hand in water theory and wanted to see if it would work. Of course he said he would try it on me instead of me trying it on him.

That night, i woke up at 3 AM with my hand in water. I wasn’t peeing. I decided to see what he would do knowing it didn’t work. In the morning, I approached him and knew it didn’t work. I thought o well,maybe if he tries again, i will purposefully wet just to make him think it works. What i didn’t know was he really wanted me to be humiiated. He had planned on taking pictures if it had worked.

Unknown to me, my brother thought of other ways to make someone wet the bed other than the hand in water prank. He was good at hypnosis both audio and subliminal videos. He waited a couple of days before deciding to try it. He asked me if I would listen to something for him. I thought it was good classical music when I listened to it, but didn’t know there was a hidden message in it to make me pee the bed. He said I might also like to listen to it at night. He also borrowed my computer earlier that day. WHile on it, he set it to show subliminal messages quickly. The message was “You will pee the bed like a baby”. Of course the messages flashed so quickly i didn’t know i was seeing them. I used my computer several times that day after he did this, so unkbeknownst to me, this message was sublimminally in my brain.

I listened to the music that night figuring it was relaxing. I remember the dream i was having. I had to pee and was standing next to the toilet. I peed into the toilet, but my pants were soaked in the dream. When i woke up,My bed was soaked. I was confused… there was no signs of my hand being put in water. I thought O well… i’ll just change clothes, wash my sheets and dry my matress good with towels. I had no idea my brother knew about it.

While putting stuff in the washer, my brother approached me. He asked why i was washing my sheets, while trying to keep from laughing. I said you must have made me wet the bed. He said no way. So i left it at that. That night, I wet again with the same dream. He heard me make up and said you did it again?? I couldn’t deny wetting but thought how is he putting my hand in water. He said i will prove you are wetting on our own. I will record you tonight sleeping.

That night he set up a camera in my room. Of course,the hypnosis had its effect so when he showed me the video it was proof i wet on my own. I still didn’t know about the hypnosis yet. He suggested maybe we put a plastic sheet on the bed and I wear a diaper. He said if i don’t, he would show the video to a bunch of people. …He had me, I was humiliated. However, he wanted me to be humiliated further. I was wetting the bed everynight.

He changed both hypnosis files, and convinced me to listne to a new CD. The CD had many neat songs, but everyone of them had subliminall messages in them with triggers. One was “You will pee when you hear the word piss” another was “you will poop when you hear the word crap”. The next day, he decided to test this after I took off the night diaper. About two hours after i was in regular clothes, he said “it’s so funny that you piss the bed like a baby”…well the trigger worked. I peed my pants as soon as he said it.

I wondered what just happened? This is when he finally confessed. However, he told me it was all permanant. He sail i am now his baby. He had it all planned. He even went further to humiliate me. He ordered a bunch of stuff online. He ordered bambino diapers, and many other adult baby items. He told me at some point i was going to have a messy accident, he would only need to say the right word.

I wondered why would he do this to me. He was enjoying humiliating me. That night, he gave me a bubble bath. After drying me off he told me don’t call me brother anymore, call me daddy. He prepared a diaper for me…this time it wasn’t plain white, it looked like a baby’s diaper only bigger. He made sure to powder me before putting the diaper on. After the diaper was on, he put me in a locking footed sleeper (it had baby blocks on it and said “daddy’s bedwetting baby” on it.) He gave me a bottle of milk to drink, and said enjoy your wet diaper in the morning.

Of course, when i woke up, the diaper was soaked. Daddy (brother) came in and changed me into another diaper. This was followed by a onesie like babies wear. He said we are going to the park today. I was scared because of what he had me wearing. He did give in and let me wear a shirt and pants over the onesie, but i was afraid it was still noticable.

Once at the park, we watched many people pass by. Maybe noone noticed because no comments were made. It was starting to get late. Daddy looked at his watch (with an evil grin) and said to me “O crap i didn’t realize it was getting so late.” Of course the trigger word worked. (i knew when i had an accident one of the woerds he said must have been it, but didn;t know which one.) Daddy then looked at me and said: “did someone make a stinky”. He then patted my back end, causing the mess to spread.

We then went home and he gave me a bath. I guess I am forever his baby. He did finally tell me which words make me go, but of course he uses them evey so often.

Good use of paragraphs and punctuation. :slightly_smiling_face:

The story could be more engaging if you fleshed your characters out. Make them more than just their diaper/ humiliation fetish. What makes them tick? What’s their motivation? Why does the brother want to do this to his sibling, aside from getting his rocks off? Giving them names would be a good starting point.

Instead of ‘he said, I said,’ try using dialogue. It adds depth to your story and helps engage the readers. Use quotations when a character is speaking.

Describing the setting helps ground the story, build your fictional world and also helps engage readers.

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