(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

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Sorry for the wait…this is actually a very short chapter…sort of a transitional chapter. Even though I said I wouldn’t do it in my previous post, I’ve created an explanation…kind of lame I know but I needed to get out of the hole I dug so as to move the story on. I’ve been busy with work so I’ll try and write a few more chapters all at once over the weekend and get them up as soon as possible.



(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

For the next week, Emily and Lindsey rattled their brains over how to travel to the Netherworld and explore Farschole Castle. The mission seemed impossible; two underage witches…needed to travel unaccompanied through the Northern Gateway and into the Netherworld…without the knowledge of their father…Wilfred Banyon, who also happened to be the Gatekeeper of the Northern Gateway. To make matters worse, once in the Netherworld, the girls would need to travel to Farsch, and locate the ruins of Farshole Castle…which was said to be cursed. Who knew what dangers would await Emily and Lindsey if they were able to make it that far?

Emily was frustrated, she hadn’t been able to wear a diaper to bed in over a week now and she missed the exciting feeling of comfort she received from wearing diapers and acting babyish, a game of sorts for which she and her sister had recently discovered a mutual love. Lindsey too felt the frustration of not being able to indulge in their baby games, and the overwhelming task of finding a way into the Netherworld had her on the edge of giving up.

Several days after their discovery of Farschole Castle and their family history, Emily had given up hope altogether. In a fit of frustration she used magic to conjure up a new supply of big girl Pampers for her and Lindsey to play in. As soon as Emily had reached for one of the new diapers, the sound of girlish giggles was heard and the diapers vanished before Emily and Lindsey’s eyes. “Utt utt uuaaaaaa no diapees for baby girls here!” followed the ghostly voices of Marissa and Megan Banyon.

Emily had been furious at this interference with her magic. “Come out and face us you ghosts!” she had shouted. There was no response. After that experience the girls had spent every free moment wandering the halls of the third floor, hoping to once again find the magical nursery in which they had been trapped by the invisible floating hands of Marissa and Megan Banyon. The nursery did not reappear.

Now, back in their room again, the girls continued to rack their brains over how to solve their problems with the ghosts.

“This is useless Em!” Lindsey said as she sat at her desk staring at a homework assignment.

“What, algebra?” Emily asked.

“Not algebra, going to Farschole Castle!” Lindsey said in a huff.

“Well what else do you want to do Linds?” Emily asked. “Every time we try to conjure up more diapers, those ghosts just make them vanish again!” She added.

Lindsey didn’t respond, she only sighed and continued to stare at her homework.

Emily looked at her sister and spoke again. “We have to go Linds…not just to get our diapers back, but to find out why these ghosts are bothering us…to find out what they want…if we know that…then maybe we can make them leave us alone!” Emily insisted.
“Why don’t we just tell mom and dad about the ghosts?” Lindsey suggested. “Maybe they can make them leave us alone.” She said.

“And how do you suggest we explain what the ghosts have been doing to mom and dad?” Emily asked. “Mom…the ghosts keep stealing our diapers!” she giggled. “That won’t go over so well Linds…mom and dad have enough power and plain old sense to know when we are lying to them about something” Emily added.

“Exactly!” Lindsey replied. “Which is why getting to the Netherworld is going to be impossible!” she shouted. “Mom and dad will know we are up to something if we sit around and keep plotting ways to get through that portal.” Lindsey said, she closed her algebra book and sighed again.

Emily got up from her own desk and flopped down onto her bed. She lay there and gazed up at the ceiling. “Well maybe instead of telling mom and dad about the ghosts we should just ask them if we can take a trip to the Netherworld?” She suggested.

Lindsey turned and looked over at her sister. For once Emily had suggested something that didn’t sound entirely impossible.

“What?” Emily asked, looking back at Lindsey.

“That might just be the simplest way through this…” Lindsey said. “We’ll just ask to take a trip to the Netherworld.” She said.

“Linds, Dad can’t leave the Gateway again until the Magical Use Conferences, those are 3 months away…and WE don’t get to go to the Netherworld again until just before Christmas for shopping…that’s 10 months!” Emily replied.

“Well…WE have to think of SOMETHING Em, I don’t want to wait until Christmas!” Lindsey insisted.

“Well…neither do I.” Emily replied after a brief silence. “So what do we say?” She asked.

Lindsey didn’t respond, she left her desk and flopped onto her own bed to gaze at the ceiling just as Emily was.

“Well Linds?”

“We have February break coming up…” Lindsey replied. “Maybe we could just ask to go visit the Netherworld…see the University we’ll be going to?” She suggested.

“We’re not going to University for two more years Linds…they might say its too soon to be visiting the grounds.” Emily said.

“Well that’s the best idea I can come up with…if you have a better one I’d love to hear it!” Lindsey said.

“It just sounds too simple Linds.” Emily replied.

“Well sometimes the simplest idea is the best one.” Lindsey answered. “It can’t hurt to ask.” She added.

“No…I guess it can’t hurt.” Emily said.

Just then Jasmine called the girls down to dinner. They would have their answer soon enough.

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

And I hope we’ll have ours too?

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

I hope so too, Nemo!! Not a bad chapter at all Lizzy, good job!!

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

I still don’t understand why Emily and Lindsey so much want to go to Netherworld. They must know that the ghosts of Marissa and Megan are in the mortal world because they have seen or heard the ghosts there on several occasions in much less than one year. And therefore the ghosts cannot live in Farsch.

And even if the ghosts were in Netherworld (which they cannot be), Em and Linds must be insane if they want to risk their lives for some diapers.

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

As far as wanting to go to the Netherworld is concerned, being unable to acquire diapers in the mortal world offers some loose motivation but you’re right, it’s pretty flimsy. At this point it looks like it’s more about curiosity than anything which, at their age, actually makes sense.

In spite of it’s name, the Netherworld hasn’t really come across as all that dangerous to me yet, more like a world where magic is far more prevalent than in the mortal one. While there are gatekeepers that mediate who crosses over, there hasn’t been any real indication that the girls are risking life and limb in doing so. Discretion is the real issue more than safety. It’s safe enough for them to go to college there after all.

It seems to me that the ghosts have found some way of either getting around the gatekeepers or at least bringing some manifestation of themselves into the mortal world. The magic nursery for example basically didn’t exist in either time or space in the mortal world, how do we know that room itself wasn’t in the Netherworld? The “ghosts” have been living in a magical realm, by themselves, for quite a while and seem to have grown very powerful. If they can make either a room that defies time and space or a gate to the Netherworld in the Wallace House without the parents (especially the father) tracking it, It seems to me that the ghosts can pretty much come and go as they please.

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

Pinkpowder, I agree that going to Netherworld not necessarily is dangerous by itself, but I think that it is very risky to go to a place that they have been told probably is cursed.

It wasn’t the ghosts who created the magic nursery, it was Wallace house:

Therefore there is no reason to think the nursery is in Netherworld when Wallace house is placed in the mortal world. Besides the door to the nursery cannot be a gateway to Netherworld if only four such gateways exist.

And the ghosts have no possibility to cross from Netherworld to the mortal world because of “the nature of things”:

So when the ghosts are seen or heard in the mortal world on several occasions which not all can be the anniversary of their bodies’ death, they must have died in and their spirits remained in the mortal world.

(Banyon Sisters 9) A Simple Plan

That’s interesting actually: it implies that the house created the room for the ghost twins as much as for the living.