(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

Emily and Lindsey sat in their bedroom contemplating their recent adventure. The girls had rushed back to the safety of their bedroom and now lay on their respective beds, each baffled by the loss of an hour and a half out of their day.

“We were in there for an hour and a half Linds…weren’t we?” Emily asked.

“I can’t disagree with you.” Lindsey answered; she lay on her back and looked up in confusion at the ceiling.

“Magic is sooo cool!” Emily said with a giggle. “What time was it when we entered the nursery?” She asked.

“Well…it was 7:30 when we decided to up there” Lindsey answered. “I remember you checked your watch before we left here” she added.

“And it was 7:35 when we returned to the hallway” Emily said. She rolled over on her side and faced her sister, propping her head on her hand. “Let’s say it took us five minutes to get up there from here…so maybe we entered the room at 7:35” Emily said.

“So you’re saying no time passed at all?” Lindsey replied. “We went in at 7:35 and came right back out at 7:35?” She asked.

“Or maybe…we weren’t in there at all?” Emily suggested. “Maybe it was a dream…or a hallucination?” She said.

“No…it happened, we were in there.” Lindsey said.

“How can you be sure?” Emily asked. “The house has magic that we don’t even know about yet.” Emily said.

“I know because…” Lindsey stopped herself; she seemed as if she did not want to complete her answer.

“Because what?” Emily asked.

“Because I had to poop before we went in there and when we came out I didn’t have to poop anymore” Lindsey said in a huff, blushing.

Emily laughed. “Poopy baby!” She said giggling and pointing at her sister.

“Shut up pee pee girl!” Lindsey snapped, tossing a pillow across the room at her sister.

“I’m sorry Linds, it was just funny to watch you poop in a diaper like that.” Emily said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah it was a hoot…you should try it sometime yourself!” Lindsey said sarcastically.

Emily smiled. “Maybe I will.” She said, smiling back at her sister.

Lindsey tossed another pillow at Emily. “You probably would spaz!” She said, giggling now herself.

“See…you do think it’s funny.” Emily said smiling.

Lindsey blushed, she had no reply.

“I knew it!” Emily shouted. “I thought I saw you smiling while that ghost changed you!” she said.

Lindsey smiled and blushed, saying nothing.

“Baby Lindsey wikes her poopy woopy diapees doesn’t she?” Emily said with a giggle. “Did you wike making a poopsie woopsie in your pamper wampers baby girl?” She continued teasing her sister.

“Shut up stupid!” Lindsey said tossing the last pillow at her sister. She giggled herself and buried her face in her teddy bear.

“Aaaaa wook at da wittle baby girl wiff her teddy bear…” Emily mocked. “She’s sooo cute!” she giggled back.

“Shut up stupid, you like playing baby too!” Lindsey giggled.

“Oh I think wittle baby Windsey wants her pampees wight now…” Emily continued to taunt. “I’m going to get you a Pamper right now!” she said with a giggle, leaping off the bed and dashing over to her dresser.

Lindsey giggled and crawled under her covers, hoping to avoid a wrestling match with her sister, even still, she was excited at the prospect of wearing another diaper.

“Hey?” Emily said with a tone of concern.

Lindsey peeked out from beneath her covers and looked over at her sister who was staring into the bottom dresser drawer.

“What?” Lindsey asked.

“They’re gone!” Emily said, looking back at her sister with a look of worry on her face.

“What do you mean they’re gone?” Lindsey asked, pulling the covers down and sitting up in bed.

“See for yourself.” Emily replied, she stepped aside and pointed at the drawer where they had hidden a supply of conjured big girl Pampers.

Lindsey hopped out of bed and dashed over to the dresser. She looked in the bottom drawer only to see that it contained nothing but tee-shirts, socks, and an assortment of panties. Just as Emily had said, the diapers were gone.

Emily and Lindsey looked at each other with worry.

“You don’t think Mom found them?” Lindsey asked.

“I hope not.” Emily said with concern.

“Oh no Em, what do we do?” Lindsey asked. “What are we going to tell her?” She said, nearing panic.

“Calm down Linds…” Emily said. “We don’t know if it was Mom…” she added.

“But what if it was?” Lindsey said, still in a panic and pacing nervously.

“Linds if it was mom, don’t you think we’d know by now…she’d be here waiting to deal with us about it!” Emily said. “There’s got to be another explanation, so just calm down!” She added.

Lindsey stopped pacing and looked at Emily. “What about the ones in the closet?” she asked. “You know…the wet ones?”

Emily turned and headed for the closet door, Lindsey followed. The girls walked to the back of the closet and rummaged around behind their toys and clothes.

“It’s not here!” Emily said upon reaching the section of closet where they had hidden their secret diaper pail.

“The big baby doll is gone too!” Lindsey said, digging through the pile of toys. “What if it was Mom Em…what then!” she said with a worried tone.

“I don’t know, but we’d better get ready for bed.” Emily replied, “If it was Mom, I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon enough…and pay for it.” She added.

The twins got themselves ready for bed quickly, each using the bathroom and brushing their teeth. Shortly afterwards they had each climbed into their respective beds and were pretending to read when Celeste Banyon entered the room to say good night to her daughters.
“Hi Girls…all ready for bed?” Mrs. Banyon asked.

“Yes Mom” the girls replied together.

“Good girls…no TV tonight?” Their mother asked, looking over at the girls’ small bedroom TV which usually was on at this time of evening when the girls were ready for bed.

“Nothing good was on” Emily said.

“Yeah we were just reading instead.” Lindsey added.

“Well it’s nice to see that…better for your young minds.” Mrs. Banyon said with a smile. She walked over to each bed and gave Lindsey and Emily each a kiss good night. “Don’t stay up too late now…” Their mother said as she walked to the bedroom door.

Lindsey and Emily looked at each other as their mother left the room and closed the door.

“What do you think?” Emily asked.

“Well I guess it wasn’t Mom.” Lindsey said. “She definitely would have said something about it.” She added.

“Yeah.” Emily replied. “But they couldn’t have just disappeared?” She said.

“Em, we just spent an hour and a half in an invisible nursery dressed as babies…and when we got out…it was the same time as it was when we went in!” Lindsey said. “They absolutely could have disappeared.” She said sternly.

Emily looked over at her sister, she knew Lindsey was right.

“Well if they disappeared…where did they go?” Emily asked.

That was indeed the question thought Lindsey.

Over the next hour the girls discussed other possibilities, they had dismissed the idea that Jasmine or their Father had found and removed their conjured baby supplies. Both girls agreed that if their Mother hadn’t said anything, than no other adult in the house could have found the diapers either. They even debated the possibility of conjuring more diapers to play in, but decided that it was best to solve the mystery of the missing diapers before using more magic in the house. Eventually they fell asleep.

The subject of the missing diapers didn’t come up again until the next morning. The girls decided that the house had to be involved in the disappearance of their conjured play things. They decided that after their weekend studies they would begin to investigate. After breakfast the girls sat in the library reviewing a lesson on the history of magic, an assignment that their Father had left for them. Emily read aloud from a magical history book while Lindsey day dreamed, her mind was lost in the landscape of one of the various paintings that hung here. As Emily read aloud from their history assignment, Lindsey gazed into the painting, which was a large mural of what appeared to be two ancient armies crossing a field to engage in battle.

“In the battle of Trulouxe, the United Wizards Army met the Drundell Army on the Plain of Dulore, northwest of Trulouxe in the western region of the Netherworld.” Emily read.

Lindsey continued to gaze into the painting, her mind was not on the lesson, and Emily’s voice was a distant thought in the background.

“The Wizard Army moved north across the field and quickly spilt the approaching Drundell force down the middle…” Emily went on.

As Emily continued to read, Lindsey saw the figures in the painting begin to move. She gasped as the two armies in the painting began to march towards each other.

“Em!” Lindsey gasped.

Emily stopped reading and looked at her sister.

“What?” Emily asked.

“Look at the painting!” Lindsey said, pointing at the large mural.

Emily followed Lindsey’s finger to the large painting across from the table. Her eyes went wide as she saw the figures moving in the painting. She quickly looked back at the history book and read on.

“The Drundell Army quickly retreated in defeat as the Wizards forced them all the way back beyond the Turuxell River.” She looked up at the painting to see one of the armies fleeing in defeat.

“Wooooow” Emily said with a smile.

Lindsey jumped up and ran over to the wall to examine the painting closer. “Dad wasn’t kidding!” she said.

“Yeah!” Emily replied, jumping up from her chair and trotting over to join her sister.

The twins watched as the battle scene ended and the painting morphed back to its original state.

“Cool!” Lindsey said.

“Yeah!” Emily replied.

They each walked along the wall looking at the various paintings, Emily in one direction and Lindsey in the other. They had been studying in the library since they were 10 years old and had never taken the time to really notice all of the artwork that hung here. Emily giggled as she found a painting of a white carriage with four black horses leaving the front gate of Wallace house.

“Look Linds! It’s the ghost witch and her carriage!” Emily shouted.

Lindsey didn’t answer, she had stopped in front of a portrait on the east wall, and her mouth hung open. Emily looked over to see what her sister was staring at.

“What is it?” Emily asked walking over to where Lindsey was standing.

“I think I found our stuff.” Lindsey said with a tone of surprise.

Emily moved next to Lindsey, she too opened her mouth wide in surprise. There on the wall was a portrait of two young girls, perhaps 9 or 10 years old, dressed in matching white sundresses. The girls wore white dress gloves, and the little girl on the right was holding what appeared to be a soft cloth bag…a diaper bag. As the twins gazed into the picture they each felt the same dizziness that they had experienced when they had entered, and then left the magical nursery. The painting came to life before the girls eyes. The two girls in the painting began to giggle. A chill went down Lindsey’s back as she recognized the giggles, they were those of the ghosts in the nursery; she now stood face to face with a portrait of the hands owners.

“Em!” Lindsey gasped.

“I know.” Emily replied.

The young girls in the painting continued to giggle and the one carrying the diaper bag moved forward to the edge of the frame. The girl held the diaper bag up with the opening wide showing the contents to Emily and Lindsey.

“Hey!” Emily said. “Those are ours!” She said as she recognized the contents of the diaper bag. It contained several big girl Pampers, the exact ones that Emily and Lindsey had conjured in their room.

The girl with the bag giggled, stuck her tongue out at the twins and trotted back to join the other girl in the painting. Right before their eyes, the two girls vanished and the painting changed into a landscape scene with a large castle set off in the distance.

Emily and Lindsey looked at each other in shock.

“The ghosts!” They said together.

(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

Brilliant work as usual Lizzy. Reading this story is like reading Harry Potter, except I’m enjoying it. :slight_smile: Keep up the fantastic work.


(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

Excellent work, Lizzy!! Keep em coming, please!!

(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

I think the thing I’d begin to recommend is the gentle introduction of some overarching plot. To take the Harry Potter analogy, at the moment we don’t know about Voldemort or the Philosopher’s Stone. It might do to hint at the overall direction (which will help you avoid just a series of unconnected diaperings one after the other).

Carry on writing. I’ll carry on reading.

(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

This has been a lot of fun so far. I’ll keep reading.

(Banyon Sisters 6) The Library

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments. In response to Nemo, my original goal (which I’ve drifted from) was NOT to make it a continuous story with a plot, but rather a series of individual adventures. I hoped that each “episode” if you will, would have a start, and an end…which may or may not be connected to a past or future episode. Like I said, I’ve drifted from that, so there may be a plot of sorts, but I’m hoping to not lock this in to one particular story line. I may have to take a break from it for a bit to accomplish that.

All the same, I’m glad to know people have enjoyed it thus far.