(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

Ghosts were not uncommon in Wallace House. Most often a ghost or two of one sort or another would appear on the grounds during holidays. Every Christmas Eve a ghostly white carriage pulled by four black horses could be seen pulling through the front gate, and around the drive leading to the carriage house before it vanished through the carriage house doors.

Mr. Banyon had explained to his daughter’s that the carriage was the ghost of an old witch who had met an unfortunate end in the mortal world on Christmas Eve more than a two centuries ago.

The twins had been sitting in their cribs in the mysterious magical nursery for what seemed like an eternity. They had each made efforts to climb out of the cribs, but all had been unsuccessful. Each time they had tried to get out, one of the ghosts would effortlessly scoop them up and place them right back in the crib. Then the baby bottle would be placed right back in their mouths and they would be told to “Drink up.” This would be followed by girlish giggles.

Lindsey sat in her crib with a pouting look on her face. Her ghostly captures circled the room giggling softly as if mocking the twins. Lindsey’s mind wandered back to the Christmas Eve on which her father had explained the ghostly carriage and its witch rider to Emily and herself. She and Emily had been sitting by the window that evening waiting to see the ghostly carriage appear at the front gate while their father told them the story…

“You see girls, when a witch or wizard dies; his or her spirit remains in the world where its body passed.” Mr. Banyon explained.

“How come?” Lindsey had asked.

“Well pumpkin, that’s just the nature of things.” Her father replied.

“Why does it go back to the carriage house every Christmas daddy?” Emily asked.

“Well…When I was a boy, your great grandfather told me that the witch’s true love had died in the Netherworld.” Mr. Banyon said.

“That’s sad, their spirits’ can’t be together; it doesn’t seem fair!” Lindsey had said.

“You’re right sweetie, it doesn’t seem fair…but the spirit does get to cross worlds for one night on the anniversary of its body’s death” Mr. Banyon explained. “The carriage that you see is bringing the spirit of the witch back to the Netherworld for one night.” He said, giving Lindsey a pat on the head.

“So their spirits’ are together every year on Christmas Eve” Lindsey asked.

“That’s right pumpkin” Mr. Banyon answered.

Lindsey was quickly brought out of her day dream by the giggles of her ghostly caretaker. It had floated over to her crib to stick its white gloved hand inside her diaper, checking her as if she were really a baby.

“Hey!” Lindsey shouted. “Cut that out!”

The ghost just giggled louder at her response. “Baby’s still dry” the girlish voice replied.

Emily giggled from her crib on the other side of the room.

“What are you laughing at?” Lindsey said, shooting her sister an angry look.

“Oh come on Linds” Emily said. “You have to admit this is kind of funny.” She added.

“Funny?!” Lindsey yelled. “You think this is funny?” she asked. “What’s going to happen when we’re not in our room getting ready for bed at 9:00?” Lindsey shouted. .

Emily’s smile faded as the reality of the ordeal sunk in, her sister was right, they would be missed if they were not in their room at 9:00. Their mother or father always popped in to make sure the girls were preparing for bed. The twins were allowed to stay up until 10:00, 11:00 on Saturdays; however the rule was that they had to be in their room and preparing for bed by 9:00.

Emily knew that if they weren’t in their room at 9:00, magic would certainly be used to locate them, especially with a full moon approaching. Emily was also certain that invisible room or not, their parents would be able to find her and Lindsey. She certainly didn’t want to be found in a magical nursery wearing a diaper, sitting in a crib and drinking from a baby bottle.

“Sorry Linds” Emily said. “I just…we’ll you know, we’ve been playing the baby game and all” She paused. “I just thought it was kind of funny that we ended up in here…like this” Emily said as she giggled and patted her diaper. The ghosts giggled too.

“Knock it off!” Lindsey said. “We need to get out of here!” she asserted. “Jasmine may not be able to see this room, but I doubt it’s invisible to Mom or Dad…they’re the true masters of the house!” she added in a concerned tone.

Lindsey was not happy with their situation at all; she had a larger problem that she did now wish to share with her sister. Lindsey’s bowels felt full, and the situation was getting worse by the minute. She needed to relieve herself but had no intention of doing it in her diaper

Emily frowned.

Lindsey looked over at her sister; she could see that she had now made Emily just as nervous as she was.

“Look Em, I like the baby game just as much as you do…and, well yes, this would be fun, any other time…but not now!” Lindsey said. She paused and looked at her watch. “Oh my gosh! It’s 8:30!” she shouted. “I can’t believe we’ve been in here for an hour!”

Emily looked at her own watch, Lindsey was right; they had a half hour to get out of this mess.

“Well alright then!” Emily said, standing up in her crib. “I guess we’ll just have to leave!” Emily raised her hands in the air.

“Emily! No!” Shouted Lindsey. “Don’t use magic…” she tried to stop her sister, worrying that regardless of the fact that they were in a magic room, created by the house, the use of magic may still draw the attention of the house and alert her parents to their situation.

It was too late; Emily was waiving her hands and had begun to speak. “Good little girls won’t tell a fib get me out of this silly crib!” she said as she waved her hands to cast the spell.

Nothing happened.

Lindsey looked over at her sister with a look of concern on her face.

Emily returned her look, clearly worried now. She raised her hands again. “Lot’s of sugar makes me hyper time to get rid of this big girl diaper!” she shouted waiving her hands again.

Nothing happened.

The ghosts floated above the cribs and giggled louder than ever. “Silly babies…no magic for you in the nursery!” The girlish voices said together.

Lindsey waived her own hands in the air. “Yummy chocolate! Nice red rose…put me back in my big girl clothes!” she said.

Nothing happened.

The ghosts giggled again.

“Great!” Lindsey said. “Now what?” she asked.

Emily sat down with a crinkle. “Come on stupid ghosts!” she said looking up at the floating hands. “If you keep us here past our bed times our dad is gonna send you into oblivion!” she shouted.

The ghosts just giggled and continued to float in a circle above the cribs. “No no no…babies can’t leave until their diapees need changing…” the girlish voices chanted together.

Emily looked over at her sister. “Well…umm, I guess we have to use our diapers” she said blushing.

Lindsey rolled her eyes.

Emily looked at her sister and giggled. “Oh come on Lindsey, you’ve already done it twice this week when we were playing baby in our real room!” She said with a smile.

Emily stood up and grabbed the railing of the crib. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“What are you doing?” Lindsey said.

“Shhoosh, I’m trying to relax” Emily said.

“Oh Em…” Lindsey replied.

“Shoosh!” Emily shot. She stood quiet for about half a minute, then grinned, she looked completely relaxed. The ghosts floated close to her and giggled more.

Lindsey watched in amazement as Emily’s diaper began to droop a bit in-between her legs. A yellowish tinge began to appear there as her sister wet herself on purpose.

“Ahhhhh” Emily said with a smile as the flow of urine slowed to a stop. “There, all done!” she said with a giggle.

The ghosts giggled too. “Such a good baby girl…making wet wet in her diapee for mommies” the girlish voices said. The hands waived in the air, a flash of light shot at Emily.

“Eeeek!” Emily shouted as she was forced off her feet and landed on her diapered bottom. She felt the warm wet padding of her diaper press against her behind. The ghosts laughed with pleasure.

“Time to change the baby girl!” the voices said. One set of hands floated over to Emily and lifted her out of the crib.

Lindsey watched as her sister was effortlessly lifted from the crib and carried to the changing table. The ghost laid Emily down with ease and went straight to work.

Emily lay back and watched as her wet diaper was untapped and opened. The ghost continued to giggle while it worked, its floating hands retrieved a baby wipe from the table and began to wipe Emily’s diaper area thoroughly clean. Emily giggled as the ghost wiped her clean. The ghost removed the wet diaper, rolled it up and dropped it in the diaper pail to the left of the changing table. Emily had not noticed the pail before. Now a new diaper was opened and Emily’s feet were held together at her ankles as her bottom was raised off the table with ease. The diaper was slid under Emily’s bottom and she was sprinkled with a heavy dose of baby powder. She giggled again as the ghost rubbed the powder in all over her diaper area. Emily let out a small happy sigh as she was lowered onto the fresh Pamper. The ghost brought the diaper up between her legs and taped it snuggly about her waist.

“Such a good wittle girl!” the girlish voice of the ghost said as it smoothed out Emily’s shirt and lowered her off of the table. She was placed on the floor; the ghosts did not move to put her back in the crib. Emily appeared to be free for now. She moved to the door slowly, wondering if the ghosts would stop her. With no movement on the part of the ghosts she put her hand on the door knob and turned, the door opened. Emily was relieved.

“Well, I guess that answers that” Emily said, looking at her sister still trapped in a crib. “Come on Linds…do a wet wet for the mommies.” She giggled.

Lindsey crossed her arms and gave her sister an angry look.

“What?” Emily said. “Come on, you’ve already done it before!” she said. "It’s no big deal!’ she added.

Lindsey frowned. “I don’t have to pee.” She said sadly. The pressure in her bowels had been building and Lindsey new that any attempt to wet herself would result in a messy diaper as well.

Emily looked at her watch; it was now twenty to nine. “Well Em, you’ve got to try!” Emily said. “I can’t cover for you, and I’m not leaving you in here by yourself with these ghosts either!” She said sternly.

“You don’t understand Em…” Lindsey said softly. “I don’t have to PEE…”

Emily stared at her sister, now realizing what the problem was. She paused for a moment and then giggled.

“Well Linds…that’s what diapers are for silly, poo poos and pee pees!” she giggled. The ghosts giggled with her.

“If you tell anyone!” Lindsey said angrily.

Emily giggled. She held up her hand. “Sss Sister…Sister Secret!” she said through her laughter. “Ww Whatever you’ve got to do…do it now!” Emily said, looking at her watch again.

Lindsey got up and then squatted in the back of the crib, turning away from her sister, not wanting to see Emily while she humiliated herself. She did her best to try and relax, and force the mass out into her diaper.

“Hurry up poopy!” Emily giggled.

“Shut Up!” Lindsey said. Her sister had broken Lindsey’s concentration, and she had to start again. She shifted her weight a bit and began to push again. Lindsey didn’t think she would be able to mess her diaper, but before she knew it, she felt the mass leaving her behind and filling the seat of the diaper. Once it had started she couldn’t stop it. A warm solid mass was forming around her bottom.

Lindsey was in a trance; all noise had been drowned out by her concentration. She could not hear the giggles of the ghosts, or her sister as they watched the lump forming in the seat of Lindsey’s diaper. As she felt the last of her mess leave her behind, her trance was broken by the giggles of the ghosts.

“Awwww wook da wittle baby did a poo poo in her pamper!” giggled the girlish voices. Lindsey turned to face her captures and hung her head in shame as she saw Emily giggling at her from across the room. The hands waived in the air and a flash of light shot towards Lindsey.

“Nn No!” Lindsey shouted, but it was too late. She felt herself being knocked off her feet and grimaced as she landed square on her behind with a crinkly squish.

Emily giggled harder.

Lindsey cringed as she felt her mess press back against her bottom. The ghosts giggled with glee. One set of hands moved quickly to lift her from the crib and carry her to the changing table. In no time at all, Lindsey felt her diaper being opened.

“Peeee uuuuuu!” Emily giggled, holding her nose as she watched her sister being changed.

“Ohhh what a messy girl…let’s get you nice and clean now” the girlish voice said as it began to clean Lindsey up with baby wipes.

Emily watched as the hands finished cleaning, powdering and diapering Lindsey. She couldn’t stop herself from giggling the whole time, and she was certain she noticed Lindsey smiling as her bottom was powdered and a new diaper was brought up between her legs and fastened in place.

Shortly afterwards Lindsey was lifted off the table and stood on the floor beside Emily. “Baby girls can go to beddy bye now” the girlish voices said as the hands spun round and then drifted off into the wall.

“Wait!” Lindsey shouted. “What about our clothes!” she screamed as the ghosts retreated. There was no answer, only the sound of fading giggles.

“What are we supposed to do…go back to our room dressed like this?” Emily asked.

“I suppose we could go naked…” Lindsey said.

“Your call” Emily said.

“Naked” Lindsey said. “Naked we might be able to explain…say we were playing and accidentally made our clothes disappear while getting ready for bed?” It was a bad excuse and Lindsey knew it…but it beat the alternative of having their mother catch them in diapers for a second time and thinking that they had been fighting again.

Emily agreed.

Each girl reached for their diaper tapes and started to peel back the tape.

“Hey!” Emily shouted.

“Oh no no no!” Lindsey said.

“They won’t open!” both girls shouted at once.

The twins looked at each other in a panic and then looked at their watches. Five minutes to nine now.

“Em we have to go!” Lindsey said.

“Not like this!” Emily replied.

“No choice, we just have to make it back to the room and put our pajamas on before mom or dad gets there” Lindsey said. “We can jump into bed with the covers up and pretend to be reading to hide the diapers.” She added.

“I guess that’s the only choice” Emily replied.

Emily grabbed the door knob again and turned, the door opened with ease. The girls looked into the hallway in either direction. There was no sign of Jasmine or their parents in either direction.

“Together” Emily said, taking Lindsey’s hand. “One…Two…Three”

The girls stepped into the hallway together, each feeling somewhat lightheaded again, just as they had when they first entered the magical nursery. To their amazement there was a flash of light and a whooshing noise from behind them. The girls turned just in time to see the magical doorway vanishing back into the wall. They looked down at their bodies and were surprised to find themselves back in the same clothes they had been wearing when they first entered the nursery. As the twins looked up at each other Emily and Lindsey heard the girlish ghostly giggles one more time.

Emily pulled the front of her pants forward and peeked down…the diaper was indeed gone. She looked up to see Lindsey doing a similar inspection.

“Come on Linds, we’ve got to go now!” Emily said, snapping Lindsey out of her inspection. “We only have…” Emily paused, looking at her watch.

“What?” Lindsey said.

“Ummm…” Emily said still staring at her watch; she gave it a quick tap.

“What?” Lindsey said again, now looking down at her own watch.

Both girls looked up at each other with gapping mouths. Their watches each read 7:35.

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

Ooh, nice little twist there.

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

Yes indeed, Lizzy!! Keep it up, as this is a great story!!

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

I’m really enjoying the adventures of these two girls! Keep it up please!

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

Thanks everyone, I haven’t enjoyed writing for quite a while and I’m having fun with this one. Glad you like it.


(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

This continues to be an excellent story. I love the way you describe whats going on, it paints such a vivid picture. Keep up the great work Lizzy. :slight_smile:


(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

It’s like a diapered Narnia (time doesn’t pass in Narnia….)

Anyway, I like this story. Please continue it. I think the dynamic between the sisters was better this time as well.

(Banyon Sisters 5) A Matter of Time

former forum (try saying that 10 times fast) lurker, been following the forum for at least a couple years now, gotta tell ya, this is my favorite new story in about a year :smiley: