(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

Emily and Lindsey stood staring in wonder at the mysterious new room that had appeared in the third floor hallway in the north wing of Wallace House. To their amazement, Jasmine had not even seen what they were looking at. "Girls! Arrr yas deaf now? Jasmine shouted, sticking her head back through the wall via the magic passageway between the kitchen and third floor hallway. “Dinner time…now!” she yelled.

The twins turned and looked at each other, then took one last look at the strange nursery beyond the doorway before turning to step through the magical passageway to the kitchen. They didn’t speak a word as they made their way across the kitchen and washed their hands at the sink before sitting down to dinner. Each girl’s mind was racing with thoughts about what they had just discovered. The magical doorway and nursery within seemed to have only appeared visible to the girls. “Why didn’t Jasmine see it too?” each girl thought. Emily and Lindsey glanced across the dinner table at each other, both wanting to ask the same question but knowing that they should wait until they were alone to analyze their discovery.

“What did you girls do with your rainy afternoon?” Mr. Banyon asked his daughters from the head of the table.

“Doze girls beeeen lookin for secrets in da ouse again…dats wat dey beeeen doin” Jasmine said as she brought a large plated roast to the dinner table. “Dey needs ta be practicing darre magic an doin daare omework if yas ask me.” She added.

Celeste Banyon laughed, she was always happy with the attention Jasmine paid to the girls responsibilities. “Jasmine is right girls…have you two finished your homework?” she asked from the other end of the table.

“Yes mom” the twins replied in unison.

“Good, I suppose a little secret hunting is ok so long as you both have your priorities in order” Mr. Banyon replied. “So…did you girls find anything new and fascinating in the house?” he asked.

Emily and Lindsey looked up from their plates and caught each other’s eyes across the table; they quickly turned to their father and answered, again in unison “No daddy.”

“Oh…?” Mr. Banyon said. “Well that’s too bad.” He said. “Your uncle and I used to spend hours sneaking around the mansion when we were your age.” He added.

“Oooh yoess an dat brother a yoorze.” Jasmine exclaimed. “Yas was always gettin youselfs inta trouble for shoore!” she said as she placed a loaf of bread on the table.

Mr. Banyon smiled. “Yes Jasmine, I’m sure you are happy that the girls don’t spend as much time sneaking around as their uncle and I did” he replied.

“Dat be for shooore” Jasmine answered with a chuckle.

“You know girls…you should pay particular attention to the paintings in the library” Mr. Banyon told his daughters.

“The paintings?” Lindsey replied curiously.

“Yes, I think you’ll find them quite interesting.” Mr. Banyon answered. “You’re uncle and I discovered that they can be very helpful, particularly with history homework” he added.

“Girls your father is teasing…” Mrs. Banyon said. “The paintings can’t help you with your homework!” She added, giving her husband a glare.

“Oh yes they can!” Mr. Banyon stated, looking at Lindsey and giving her a quick wink.

Lindsey giggled.

As they finished up dinner the conversation turned from the events of the day to that of the up coming week. Mr. Banyon announced that the full moon was due and the girls would need to be in the house before sunset until the phase was complete. Mr. Timmons would be on watch as normal. The girls nodded their understanding of the rules.

The full moon was a dangerous time for the residents of Wallace house. Centuries ago, a werewolf had escaped the Netherworld through a portal in Bachman House, the Eastern Gateway. The creature had managed to infect a fair amount of the population of the mortal world. Those “new world” werewolves were drawn to the power of the four Gateways, driven by an instinct to return to the Netherworld. Mr. Timmons was a member of a special race of Warlock. Timmons was a Caffarsian, the only race of the Netherworld to be immune to the werewolf’s bite. A Caffarsian was on the staff of each of the four Gateways and stood watch each full moon in an effort to capture and destroy as many of the mortal werewolf breed as possible.

While Wilfred Banyon did not condone the murder of mortals, he understood that the werewolf population must be eradicated from the mortal world. This had been explained to the governments of the mortals, and all were in agreement of the methods to be used. A global conspiracy had been devised to hide the werewolf population from the eyes of the public. The creatures’ existence had been spun into fantasy, and those who had seen the creatures and truly believed in their existence were touted as “loonies” and quickly discredited.

After the girls had finished dinner and helped Jasmine clear the dishes from the table, they both scampered off to their bedroom and shut the door. They had both been so excited to talk about the afternoon’s discovery that neither had wanted any desert. Jasmine was quite surprised and somewhat curious.

“We have to go check out that room!” Emily said.

“Now?” asked Lindsey. “We don’t even know if it will still be there.” She added.

“That’s why we have to go now!” Emily answered. “What if it’s only there for today?” She asked. “We may never see it again!” she added.

“I don’t know Em…I mean” Lindsey paused; she had always been the more cautious of the two. “I mean, I got the feeling that the nursery was for us…but I don’t know if we should be playing around with the house’s magic.” She said nervously.

“Linds, if the house made that room for us, then we’re supposed to play in it!” Emily said, sounding quite sure of herself. “Come on, we’ll just go check it out before bedtime and then come right back.” She glanced at the clock across the room. “It’s only 7:30; we have an hour and a half before we have to get ready for bed!” Emily said. “Come on, we can do this now!” she added.

Lindsey thought for a moment, she wondered why she was worried about exploring the magical nursery. There hadn’t seemed to be anything dangerous about it, and she knew that Wallace House protected its occupants; there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with the room. Still something in the back of her mind made her feel a bit on edge about what they had seen, the teen size cribs, and the teen size changing table, all seemed to be built just for her and her sister’s amusement. If that were the case, the house knew about their game, and their strange desires…would the house keep their secret? she wondered. But despite her edginess, in her heart, Lindsey longed to explore the magical nursery and to indulge in the baby play that she and Emily had recently discovered. Her curiosity had won out, and the decision was made.

“Ok, let’s go check it out.” Lindsey said.

“Yes!” Emily said excitedly, clapping her hands and leaping off her bed towards the door.

The girls made their way to the north wing and back up to the third floor hallway. They dashed down the hall towards the location of the kitchen passageway, each eagerly looking at the wall opposite the location of the passageway, hoping to see the magical doorway appear just as it had earlier in the day. As they approached the location of the passageway the girls slowed their pace. They looked at each other and then moved slowly down the hallway. Sure enough as they came within two yards of the kitchen passageway, the magical doorway appeared on the opposite wall. Emily and Lindsey smiled at each other and moved in front of the door.

They stood staring at the door just as they had before, and once again they could hear the low sound of music coming from the other side.

“Do you think Jasmine is still in the kitchen?” Lindsey asked.

“Don’t know.” Emily replied. “I’ll look” she said. Emily turned and slowly placed her face into the wall opposite the door. She could now see directly into the kitchen, her face hung on the kitchen wall like an oddly placed frameless picture. Jasmine was nowhere to be seen. Emily pulled her face out of the wall and turned to her sister. “All clear” She said.

“Ok” said Lindsey. She reached forward and opened the magical door, which swung inwards revealing the bright pink nursery, the lullaby played again, as if it were inviting the girls to enter. “You want to go first?” Lindsey asked.

“What are you chicken?” Emily giggled.

“No!” Lindsey said. “I…we’ll do it together” she said. “On three?” Lindsey held out her hand for Emily to take.

Emily took her sisters hand and counted. “One…Two…Three!” The girls stepped forward through the doorway together. As they entered the room each girl felt slightly light headed but gained their footing and looked around. The door behind them swung shut just as they cleared its swing.

“Hey!” Lindsey shouted reaching for the doorknob. She turned the knob in a panic, expecting to find the door locked. Her heart was racing, thinking that they had trapped themselves. But to her relief, the knob turned and Lindsey was able to open it freely. As she did, Jasmine walked by in the hallway outside, carrying a stack of fresh linen. Lindsey was shocked, Jasmine walked right by her without even seeing her.

“She really can’t see this room!” Lindsey said.

“Do you think mom and dad can?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know Em, but we should look around fast before either of them walk by…just incase” Lindsey said. She took her hand off the doorknob and it swung shut again. She stared at the door for a moment and turned the knob one more time to confirm that they were free to leave as they wished. The knob turned, Lindsey felt safe.

The girls looked around the room, inspecting the large cribs and changing table. Emily giggled. “Look Linds, the changing table has big Pampers just like the ones we conjured!” she said excitedly. Lindsey was busy looking at the large crib with animal printed bedding.

Emily walked over and inspected the diapers, they were exactly like the Pampers they had conjured and hidden in their own room. There was a very strong talcum powder scent to the diapers. Emily held it to her nose and inhaled, smiling happily as the sent filled her nostrils. She heard giggling from behind her.

“What’s funny?” Emily asked, turning to see Lindsey inspecting the cribs.

“huh? I didn’t say anything” Lindsay replied.

“You were laughing while I was looking at these diapers” Emily said.

“No” Lindsey replied and shrugged.

The giggling returned, this time both girls heard it loud and clear.

“Whose there?” Lindsey said nervously, stepping away from the cribs.

Emily put the diaper back on the changing table and stepped to the center of the room with her sister. The giggling continued and grew louder, as if it were approaching them from beyond the walls. “Show yourself!” Emily shouted in fear. The lullaby, “rockaby baby” grew louder and seemed to speed up.

Emily and Lindsey stood back to back in the center of the room, turning slowly, searching for the source of the approaching laughter.

“Aaaaahhh!” Emily gasped.

Lindsey turned and stood beside her sister, staring in the direction Emily had been looking. The giggling was right in the room with them now, and there before them, floated two sets of small white gloved hands. The girls froze in their spot and stared in fear at the hands as they seemed to dance in the air before them. No bodies could be seen attached to the gloved hands. The giggles continued, and Lindsey now realized it was not the laughter of adults, but clearly the giggles of what might be two small girls. The mysterious gloved hands appeared to be the size of perhaps two small children. Maybe seven or eight years old Lindsey thought, but with no visible forms to see, she could not be sure. “Ghosts!” Lindsey shouted.

“What do you want?” Emily shouted. “Go away, this is our room, we found it first!” she added, hoping a firm tone would drive the ghostly hands back beyond the walls.

The hands did not leave. Instead the giggling continued and the hands raised and spun in the air as if casting a spell.

“Ooooh I don’t think I like this Em…” Lindsey said, stepping back.

Just as the hands stopped their circular patch, a flash of light filled the room.

“Eeek!” both girls shouted at once.

Emily looked down and shrieked again. Her clothes had vanished. She quickly attempted to cover her privates with her hands and looked over in embarrassment at her sister, only to see that Lindsey was just as naked as herself. The giggles continued, and the hands floated towards the girls.

“Nnn Noo!” Lindsey cried, stepping back again. But it was no use. One set of the hands was upon her, and Lindsey felt herself being lifted high off the ground. “Em Help!” she yelled. But in looking over to her sister Lindsey saw that the other set of hands had lifted Emily into the air as well. She saw her sister being held in a cradled position, one gloved hand rested on her bottom and the other was now feeding Emily a baby bottle!

“Mmmm uuummgg mmm!” Emily mumbled, attempting to talk. She was unsuccessful, the ghostly hand held the bottle firmly in her mouth. Emily had no choice but to drink.

“Emily no!” Lindsey shouted as she felt herself being carried across the room. Her ghost was carrying her to the changing table.

“Ooooh nnnot like this!” Lindsey said, knowing what awaited her. The hands placed her down on the changing table and quickly waved in the air again. Lindsey felt herself become compliant; as much as she tried she could not force herself to leap off of the table. The hands went to work quickly, the girlish giggling continued all along. The hands retrieved one of the large Pampers from the changing table, then a bottle of Baby Powder. Lindsey watched as the diaper floated in mid air and its bottom half was opened. One hand then grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her legs and bottom up off the table while the other hand slid the open half of the Pamper beneath her bottom. Lindsey was shocked at how strong the ghostly hands seemed, despite their small size they seemed to be able to manipulate her as if she were a two year old.

Once the diaper had been slid beneath her, the bottle of baby powder was picked up and sprinkled into the open half of the Pamper, then onto Lindsey’s behind and crotch. The hand put the bottle back on the table and then gently rubbed the powder onto Lindsey.

“Hey! Stop! Please!” Lindsey cried…but the hands continued their work. The feeling of the powder being rubbed onto her behind tickled, Lindsey fought the urge to giggle but it was no use, she was a very ticklish girl. "hee heh ehe hee hee ss stop! Please! She cried, desperately trying not to laugh.

The giggling hands did not stop; Lindsey’s pleading only caused them to slow their massage of her behind down, insuring that every inch of her diaper area was properly coated with baby powder. Once that had been accomplished the giggles continued as the hands lowered Lindsey’s behind onto the waiting diaper. “Diaper time baby girl!” said a childish female voice…followed by more giggling. Lindsey’s legs were gently spread apart and the ghostly hands raised the front half of the Pamper up between them and over her groin. Lindsey blushed as she felt the soft padding of the Pamper come in contact with her girlhood. The hands taped the diaper securely about Lindsey’s waist and gave her a gentle pat on the groin with yet more giggling.

Lindsey felt herself being lifted up off the changing table and was now cradled by invisible arms, just as she had seen her sister moments ago. She looked up and saw that the other ghostly hand was bringing a baby bottle towards her mouth. Lindsey tried to turn her head and close her lips tightly, but she could not. Whatever compliance spell the ghosts had cast on her was still in place. She felt herself opening her mouth, and as the bottle was placed within, she obediently closed her lips around the nipple and began to suckle. She drank her bottle and watched as Emily was now laid upon the changing table.

Emily’s set of ghostly hands went to work on her just as quickly as the others had on Lindsey. The hands Lifted Emily’s legs, slid a Pamper beneath her behind, powdered her thoroughly, and giggled all the while. Emily turned her head and locked eyes with her sister as the Pamper was brought up between her legs and fastened in place around her waist.

Lindsey saw Emily’s eyes; they seemed to be saying “What have we gotten ourselves into?” Lindsey watched as Emily’s diapering was completed. The ghostly hands lifted her sister up off of the changing table and placed the baby bottle back into her mouth. Emily was then carried over to the crib on the right side of the room. Lindsey’s ghost hands placed her in the left side crib. All this time the girlish giggling had not stopped. Lindsey watched as both sets of ghostly hands floated to a small dresser in the corner of the room. The top drawer slid open and each set of hands pulled out what appeared to be a pink tee-shirt.

The two sets of ghostly hands floated back to each crib and both Emily and Lindsey compliantly raised their hands in the air as they were dressed in pink tee-shirts with the word “Baby” written in childish alphabet block letters on the front. The twins stared at each other through the bars of the oversized cribs. They were both dressed in outfits that they may have loved to wear together while playing their new found baby games. But this was a strange situation, neither girl had asked for this; they couldn’t help but feel somewhat violated. Yet the ghostly hands had been gentle with them, neither girl had been harmed.

Emily pulled the bottle out of her mouth, Lindsey did the same. They both glared at the ghostly sets of hands which were now floating in between the cribs, as if their invisible owners were staring at their charges and smiling. The giggles had not stopped.

“Ok you’ve had your fun ghosts! Now let us out of here!” Emily said angrily.

“Yeah!” Lindsey responded sternly “We are masters of the house ghosts! You do as we tell you!” She said with authority, hoping her tone would scare the ghosts into compliance.

“hee hee ehe he eh heee” giggled the ghosts. “Babies can’t leave until their pampees need changing!” was the reply from a girlish pair of voices. “Drink your bottles babies!” the pair of voices demanded. The giggles returned.

Emily and Lindsey looked across the room at each other, each wondering whether they would be able to escape these ghosts before bedtime.

(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

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(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

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(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

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(Banyon Sisters 4) Ghostly Hands

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