(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

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I’m guessing I’ll have to come up with a name for this now, but I like where it’s going. Hope you’re enjoying it too.


The Invisible Doorway

Emily and Lindsey Banyon lived an interesting life in Wallace House. When not attending school, soccer practice, dance lessons, or a weekend soccer game, the Twins spent time with their mother practicing the arts of witchcraft. They studied potions, and basic spells. Their mother and father were not the Twins’ only teachers. In the kitchen Emily and Lindsey learned about the many healing properties of the various herbs that Jasmine stored there. In the garden, Mr. Timmons taught the girls about proper plant care, and which varieties of vine and bane protected Wallace House from evils beyond the world of mortal men.

The girls’ father, Wilfred Banyon held a high position on The Council of Witches and Warlocks. Wallace House was a gateway, one of four in the mortal world, and Wilfred Banyon was a Gatekeeper. Wallace House and its power were his to protect. As had been the responsibility of generations of Banyons’ before him, Wilfred Banyon stood watch over Wallace House, or “The Northern Gateway” as it was known in the Netherworld. A Gatekeeper was responsible for keeping the nasty bits of the Netherworld from escaping into the world of mortal men. And there were plenty of nasty ghouls and beasties desperate to escape the control of the Netherworld to wreak havoc upon the world of the mortals.

The twins knew their father was important, they regarded his job as that of an ambassador, and in a sense that is what he was. Wilfred Banyon was known well by government officials of the mortal world. On more than one occasion the girls had attended official state dinners with their mother and father. They had been introduced to Governors, and Senators, and were aware that on one strange occasion their father had even met with the President himself. Their father would greet the frequent travelers who arrived via a portal in the carriage house. Wilfred and Celeste Banyon would play host to the new arrivals from the Netherworld, there they would review the laws of safe magical conduct to first time visitors before allowing them to leave the grounds of Wallace House and enter the mortal world.

Wallace house was a gathering point at times; its large ballroom and dinning room were often filled with important guests from the Netherworld and the Mortal world alike. The residents of Huntsville believed Wilfred Banyon to be a diplomat from a far off European country. The twins knew the truth, and they understood the seriousness of their Father’s position. The dangers of the Netherworld needed to be kept out of the Mortal world at all costs. Because of this, the girls lived under a strict set of rules for behavior. It was not their parent’s intention to be overbearing; the rules were mostly for their daughter’s protection. The power of Wallace House and the portal between worlds put its residents at risk. For there were just as many witches and warlocks in the Netherworld with dark intentions as there were ghouls and beasties trying to escape. Those with dark intentions longed to gain access to the magic surrounding Wallace House.

Despite the strict rules of the house, the twins did find ways to amuse themselves. Their most recent secret activity had been to conjure up a stash of Pampers large enough to fit themselves. Their recent weekend of incarceration at the hands of their mother had given both girls a liking for wearing diapers. At bedtime, after their mother had bid them goodnight, the girl’s game would begin. They would diaper themselves, slide into bed together, snuggle up and giggle, speaking in baby talk and sharing secrets. Over a few short days, the twins’ night time game had expanded to include wetting the diapers and changing each other.

Neither girl had attempted messing in their diapers yet since neither wanted to change her sister’s poopy diaper, or her own for that matter. Nor did the girls wish to use magic to clean themselves after an accident; they worried that the use of spells at odd hours of the night would arouse the attention of Wallace House. This concern held true for disposing of the used diapers as well. While the girls both possessed the ability to banish the used diapers into non existence, they feared detection if they used too much magic.

Fortunately the girls had a solution to their diaper disposal problem. Emily had conjured a diaper pail to go with the big sized baby doll… the doll that the girls had conjured in an effort to explain the use of magic in conjuring diapers. Fortunately they had not had to use an explanation thus far. The used diapers would be buried in a trash bag and stuffed in the diaper pail far in the back of the girls’ deep closet. There they would stay until the girls emptied their bedroom trash.

Emily and Lindsey were permitted to banish the contents of their trashcan when cleaning their room. This was one of the first spells their mother had taught them it had been done in an effort to give the girls a reason to be excited about cleaning their room. Jasmine kept the house, but the girls were responsible for cleaning their room. Every other day the trash can would be full enough for one of the girls to use the banishing spell. At that time, they would retrieve the used diapers from the diaper pail at the back of the closet and banish them along with the trash. Their game was perfect so far, however, little did the girls know; things were about to change that would render their disposal plan unnecessary.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in Huntsville, the girls soccer game had been called on account of the rain. Emily and Lindsey were bored out of their minds, stuck at home on a weekend with little to do but schoolwork or spell practice. The girls were only permitted to watch a limited amount of television, and there was not much on during a Saturday afternoon to hold their interest.

On this particular afternoon the twins had decided to amuse themselves by wandering the halls of Wallace House looking for magical secrets. The house held many, and on the rare occasion the girls would come across one. Years ago, they had discovered a magical passageway that led from a third floor hallway all the way back to the kitchen. Jasmine had been using it for years and was very surprised the first time the girls walked out of a solid wall in the kitchen “Well den! Me suppose it be time for lunch nows dat yas both be here” She had exclaimed at the site of the girls. Emily and Lindsey were so surprised by their discovery that they had spent the entire weekend searching the house for other passageways. They had found none.

Wallace House had a way of creating magical rooms and passageways for its residents in time of need, or based on patterns of behavior. Jasmine had explained to the girls that the third floor passageway had appeared to her after years of housekeeping. “Da ouse jus know dat me needed ta get back ta da kitchen…an der be da passage” she explained. “may be dat som day da ouse will create somting for you girls” Jasmine said.

Emily and Lindsey had been searching all afternoon; they had reached the third floor hall in the north wing just before dinner time. “We’ve looked everywhere Em, there’s not going to be anything here either” Lindsey said in dismay.

“Well at least we can use the passage to get down to the kitchen for dinner” Emily replied. “We’re almost to it” she added, walking down the hall and feeling along the walls for any sign of a new passageway.

“Right, it’s just up here” Lindsey said point at a section of wall not too far ahead to their left. Lindsey stopped dead in her tracks, as she had raised her hand to point at the location of the kitchen passageway something had caught her eye. “Wait! Did you see that?” she exclaimed, dropping her arm.

“What?” Emily asked.

Lindsey raised her hand again and as she did, on the wall opposite the location of the kitchen passageway, a door frame appeared. Both girls gasped in surprise and looked at each other. They had clearly found something new.

The twins ran ahead and stood right in front of the doorway, staring at it in wonder. “Oh my god!” Lindsey said.

“I can’t believe it!” Emily replied.

“Was this ever here before?” Lindsey asked.

“No way, we’ve been using the kitchen passage for years and its right there” Emily answered, poking her finger through the solid wall opposite the doorway.

Lindsey nodded. She stepped to the left of the door and examined it, then moved a bit further down the hall, almost six feet away from the doors left edge “Weird!” she exclaimed.

“What?” Emily asked.

“I can’t see it from here” Lindsey replied.

“Shut up!” Emily said.

“See for yourself!” Lindsey answered.

Emily stepped off six feet to the right of the doorway and gasped again. “It’s gone!” She said in a shriek of surprise.

Both girls stepped closer to where the door had been and were surprised yet again as the doorway reappeared right before their eyes. “That’s sooo cool!” Emily said. Lindsey giggled and nodded her agreement. The twins stood and stared at the door for a moment and were surprised even further as they realized there was music coming from beyond the door.

“Listen! Do you hear that?” Emily asked.

“Yeah” Lindsey replied. “What is it do you think?” she asked.

“Shhh! I’m listening” Emily said as she put her ear to the door.

“Careful Em!” Lindsey said, pulling her sister back from the doorway with a jerk. “You don’t know where that goes!” She said with concern.

“I’m just trying to hear” Emily said. “It sounds like…” Both girls stood in silence listening intently. “Like a lullaby!” they both said at once.

“We should open it!” Emily said with excitement. “I bet its Jasmine singing! She’ll be so shocked if we catch her!” she added with a giggle.

“I don’t know Em, I think we should leave it alone for now” Lindsey said.

“Come on Linds!” Emily said. “How often do we get to find an invisible door?” She added as she reached for the doorknob.

“Wait!” Lindsey shouted.

“What?” Emily asked, pausing with her hand on the knob. “Linds it’ll be ok.” Emily said.

Lindsey nodded reluctantly. Emily turned the knob and opened the door a crack, the music grew louder and it was now clearly “rockabye baby” playing softly. Emily peeked in and gasped again.

“What? What is it!” Lindsey demanded, trying to get a peek through the crack.

Emily smiled and pushed the door open wide. Both girls stared in amazement at what appeared to be a recreation of their bedroom as the nursery it had been only a week before during their grounding. Lindsey stared in wonder at the bright pink walls; the soothing lullaby was practically putting her in a trance now. Something was different about this nursery…the cribs. The cribs were much larger, large enough for a teen, and so was the changing table. Lindsey smiled; somehow she knew this room was for her and Emily. Emily was smiling as well; the soft soothing music was working its charm on her too.

The girls stood staring at the room in amazement, they were captivated by its magic, the soothing music, and the strong smell of baby powder emanating from beyond the doorway. But their trance was soon broken. “Girls! Wat yas doin gazing at da wall for? Get dauwn eear for dinner nows” boomed a voice from behind them. Both girls jumped in fright. Jasmine had appeared through the kitchen passage on the opposite wall. She was standing right behind them.

Lindsey and Emily turned; they looked Jasmine right in the face with fright. “Wat yas been doin?” Jasmine asked. “Yas look like dere be a new ghost een da ouse” She added. “Get down eear nows an wash up for dinner.” Jasmine said in a huff and disappeared back into the wall.

The twins turned around again to stare at the strange doorway and nursery beyond. It was still there. “She couldn’t see it!” They both said at once.

(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

Please, Lizzy, continue!! I am enjoying this!!

(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

I like where this is going. Keep up the good work

(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

I like this. I’m still not sure about the ‘catch up section’ at the beginning, but that’s the kind of thing I never like.

I think you wear your inspirations on your sleeve: correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Jasmine is inspired by the which from Pirates of the Caribbean and the third floor room of requirement as it were is greatly inspired by Harry Potter.

Anyhow, I think it’ll be nice to read a longer story based in this world. Make sure it’s exciting!

(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

this is a very good story, Lizzy. I don’t usually care for stories that deal with magic or even science fiction, but this is one I am going to be following.

(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

Thanks guys, there will be more.


(Banyon Sisters 3) The Invisible Doorway

i liked this one a lot . I really wasnt sold on the series in the beggining but i must say im hooked bravo.