(Banyon Sisters 13) Search Party

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted…sorry about that but life takes over, travel for work…bills, and taxes must be paid…friends and family need attention, etc etc. This is a very short chapter…I’m trying to catch up and figure out where I was going with this since I had to take a long break from it. Warning to all you would be English Teachers…this has not been properly proofed.



(Banyon Sisters 13) Search Party

The town of Farsch was quiet. The air was cool but not cold, a fine mist that became fog at a good distance hung in the air. Farsch was more of a small city than town. In its early years it stood as a center for dairy production. The surrounding hills and valleys were home to many farms which consisted mostly of milk cows. The farms were still here, but the town had grown to a small city. Much of the original city had been destroyed during the war, paving way for new construction…homes and businesses sprang up and Farsch expanded well beyond its humble beginnings. Yet the dairy farms remained, and dairy production remained the largest business in the area.

In the early dawn hours, here in the center of the city, two figures appeared in a flash of green light. They now stood on a sidewalk, in front of a cheese shop. At this early hour, no residents of Farsch were in the streets to witness the arrival of the strangers, yet had there been, no commotion would have occurred. It was not unusual for people to appear out of thin air in the Netherworld. Travel by apparition was not uncommon. Arrival via portal wasn’t quite as common as apparition but it wasn’t terribly unusual either, for there were many portals in the Netherworld, most lead to other locations within the Netherworld itself, several managed portals lead to other worlds…and others…unmanged, led to darker places.

Wilfred Banyon removed his hood and took in his surroundings.

“Right in the center of town.” Mr. Banyon said.

“Ay sir, looks to be morning now.” Timmons replied.

“Chances are the girls didn’t arrive in the center of town.” Mr. Banyon said.

Timmons nodded. “Ay, sir, certain I heard ‘Farsch’ but it was said very quickly…girls could have arrived anywhere in the city”

“Or outside of it.” Mr. Banyon replied.

Just then the morning silence was broken by the sound of a ghostly voice. “Wilfred…the girls did not arrive at council headquarters…the council has been alerted to the situation and is sending Marlena Chadwick to assist you with the search.” Celeste Banyon’s voice said. She had used a crossworld chatter spell to send the message to her husband, her voice surrounded a 5 foot radius around it’s intended recipient coming through in a tone that made it sound ghostly. The caster of a crossworld chatter spell had the ability to control the message so that either only it’s intended recipient could hear the message, or it could be heard in an entire room or small area. Timmon’s was standing close enough to Wilfred Banyon to be able to hear the message as well.

Mr. Banyon made a quick motion with his wrist and spoke, “Thanks dear, message received.”

“Timmon’s, get to headquarters and head back to Wallace House, I’ll stay here and rendezvous with Marlena Chadwick. Keep watch on the gateway, Celeste will handle all travel protocol until I return.” Mr. Banyon told his grounds keeper.

“Ay sir, straight away.” Timmons replied, He stepped back, waved his hand in the air, spoke the words “Council Headquarters” and vanished.

Mr. Banyon stood alone on the sidewalk now. He glanced up at a large clock on a nearby post and adjusted his wrist watch to local time. It had been more than ten mortal years since he had last been to Farsch.

“Good morning Wilfred…” said a female voice out of the fog. Marlena Chadwick, was a tall thin witch with long silver hair. Her face was beautiful, making it clear that her silver hair was not the product of age. Marlena was younger than Wilfred by nearly 12 years, yet her years of service to the Council and efforts to protect the Netherworld and Mortal world from the dangers of dark magic had taken its toll…turning her hair silver…almost white.

“Marlena…how you manage to apparat without being heard has always amazed me” Wilfred said with a smile. “Thanks for coming so quickly” He added.

“What have your girls been up to Will?” Marlena asked. “Find the family tree and decide to go on an adventure did they?”

“We’re not sure exactly” Wilfred replied. “They have certainly reached an age where their curiosity of the magical world and their place in it has caused us some trouble…” He said looking uncomfortable with the statement.

Marlena placed a hand on Wifred’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Will, I was a young witch too once…girls will be girls.” She said with a smile. “The council has advised me to help you locate them and to provide any assistance needed in returning them home safely.” She said.

“Thanks Marlena…I’m glad they sent you.” Mr. Banyon smiled. “It’s been a long time.” He added.

Marlena smiled. “As soon as we heard from Celeste, we ran a check to find out if any portals had opened in the area…we didn’t have enough notice to be able to find an exact location, but we were able to tell that two individuals arrived in the region of Farsch early this morning…other than yourself and Mr. Timmons of course, we did see you arrive” She said with a smile. “So it looks as though the girls came through fine…if they’re here, we’ll find them.” She added reassuringly.

Wilfred Banyon looked around, the fog was lifting and the morning was growing brighter, a few citizens of Farsch were making their way into the street to open shops and attend to morning chores.

“Any idea as to why the girls came here?” Marlena asked.

“Well I think you may have been spot on Marlena.” Wilfred said. “They recently found a picture of Farschole Castle in the library and had asked about it…I think they’re here to explore their family history.” He said.

“Well then…lets find the ruins and see if we can’t get your girls back…I’d love to see them, haven’t seen them since they were toddlers you know…” Marlena said.

To Be Continued…

(Banyon Sisters 13) Search Party

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(Banyon Sisters 13) Search Party

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(Banyon Sisters 13) Search Party

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