(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

For the next few afternoons, Emily and Lindsey raced through Wallace House exploring the various magical passages they had discovered while reading Wallace Banyon’s notebook. There was a passage from the back corner of the library that lead to the wine cellar, and a passage from a third floor water closet that led to a closet behind the grand stair case in the front entryway. There were several other passages that led from various guest rooms to the billiard room. The girls had learned while reading the notebook that Wallace Banyon had an affinity for billiards and liked to engage in late night competitions with many of the travelers that visited Wallace House.

The twins had been so fascinated by the numerous passages they had to explore that the idea of getting to the Netherworld and finding Megan and Marissa Banyon had momentarily escaped their minds. It wasn’t until they had found a passage which led from a second floor linen closet to the garden on the grounds behind Wallace House that the subject of getting to the Netherworld came up again. From this particular passage’s exit point in the garden, it was only about 50 yards to the carriage house. Emily had pointed this fact out to Lindsey the moment they had first used the passage.

Aside from the location of the various magical passageways of Wallace House, the girls had learned much from the notebook. Wallace Banyon had written an entire section about the portal between the Netherworld and Mortal world and this information proved to be invaluable to Emily and Lindsey. The girls had found that while the portal’s exit location was fixed in the mortal world, to either the Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Gateways, the exit point when traveling to the Netherworld from the Mortal world was not fixed.

The girls could easily tell the portal where they would like to arrive in the Netherworld by using a simple spell when stepping through the portal. This information was new to the girls. They had only ever traveled through the portal with their parents and each time had arrived in the headquarters of the Council of Magic as their father would always meet with the council during their visits.

The notebook also explained how to use a travel spell to create a token, which would allow the girls to return through the portal to the Northern Gateway in the Mortal world. They would need to enchant an ordinary object to create the token, and as long as the girls carried the token with them, they could recite a simple travel spell, open the portal, and return to Mortal world. Carrying the token was kind of like having a string to tug on and pull oneself back to the starting point of a journey. Lindsey believed that this was the best piece of information they had found in the notebook, it provided them with an escape plan incase they ran into trouble in the Netherworld.

Friday was rapidly approaching, and with no soccer match scheduled over the weekend, Emily and Lindsey were very excited at the prospect of testing their travel plans. Emily had suggested that they go all the way to Farschole Castle and confront the ghosts of Megan and Marissa Banyon. But Lindsey, being the more cautious of the two girls felt that they should only sneak through the passage to the garden, then into the carriage house and practice using the spell that would help them to arrive in a selected point in the Netherworld. Once there, Lindsey believed they should test the return spell using their tokens to make sure they had a way home.

“Em, if we screw up the spell and end up in the wrong spot we’ll end up having to spend most of our time traveling.” Lindsey explained. “We have to test it first to make sure we can get to where we need to be…most of all that we can get back.” She said.

“Oh come on Linds…it seems simple enough we just have to shout our destination three times while entering the portal…how can we screw up that spell?” Emily Replied. “We should just get it done all in one trip!” she said.

“No Way!” Lindsey said.

Emily stuck her tongue out at Lindsey. “Bawk Bawk Bawk! Chicken!” she said mockingly.

“Look Em, we need to know that we can get back…otherwise the trip won’t be worth the effort at all.” Lindsey said with authority. “If we get stuck in the Netherworld and Mom and Dad have to come get us…the hole thing will be done…they’ll find out about the notebook, and the passages that we know about…and we’ll probably even have to tell them about Megan and Marissa…and the diapers” She said.

Emily didn’t have a counter argument; she knew her sister was right. “Yeah…sorry.” Emily said in defeat.

“We’ll wait until Friday night, and then sneak through the garden passage, out to the carriage house and practice going through the portal and returning.” Lindsey said.

The girls agreed on their course of action. They were no longer worried about the magic of Wallace House alerting their mother and father to their activities. They had been using the magic passages for a few days now and business was a usual around the house. No one had seen the girls exploring the passages, or sneaking about the house, nor had the twins been questioned about their activities other than school or homework. No one seemed the least bit suspicious of Emily or Lindsey’s behavior. Lindsey suspected that being in possession of Wallace Banyon’s notebook, some how warded off the magic of Wallace House, as if having the notebook was an all access pass to the secrets of the house. Whatever the reason was, Emily and Lindsey felt comfortable with their ability to sneak about the house at night without being caught.

On Thursday evening after their mother had bid the girls goodnight, Emily and Lindsey began the process of creating their tokens. Emily had selected a small silver coin she had found in her keepsake box. The coin wasn’t anything special; it was an old five cent piece from some small European Nation of which Emily knew nothing about. She did not remember how she had acquired the coin, and could only guess that some relative had once traveled abroad in the mortal world and left this coin with her as a souvenir when she was much younger. Emily had chosen this coin as her token as it fit easily in a pocket.

Lindsey had selected a gold ring as her token; she decided that wearing the ring on her finger would be the best way to insure that she remembered not to misplace her token while in the Netherworld.

According to the spell in Wallace Banyon’s notebook, each traveler must possess their own return token in order to bring forth the portal. Without the return token, it would only be possible to travel back to the Mortal world by using a fixed portal either from a designated travel site within the Netherworld or from the main portal in the headquarters for the Council of Magic. The token could be any physical object other than a body part or living animal.

The spell to create a token was simple enough, Emily and Lindsey each placed their tokens to be on their desks, and one at a time recited the simple spell.

“With this object I may roam…but always let it bring me home” Lindsey said, waving her hands in the air and pointing at the ring on her desk. There was a brief flash of light around the ring, nothing more.

“That’s it?” Emily asked.

“I guess so.” Lindsey replied, picking up the ring and staring at it. “Your turn” she said looking back at Emily.

Emily repeated the words, waved her arms in the air and pointed at the small coin on her own desk. The same flash of light appeared briefly around Emily’s coin.

“Well…I guess we’re ready then.” Emily said, picking up her own token to examine it.

The girls shut out the lights, climbed into bed, and were soon asleep. Each girl dreamed of returning to the magical nursery where they had been diapered by the invisible forms of Megan and Marissa Banyon…neither twin was aware that the other was having the same dream.

When Friday arrived Emily and Lindsey could hardly contain their excitement. They were about to embark on the first step of the most daring adventure they had ever considered in their young lives. The worst part was the waiting…hours at school seemed to drag on forever as the girls watched the clock waiting for the end of the day to arrive. When school finally ended, the girls raced home and prepared their plans for the evening’s journey. They each laid out a set of travel cloths which they hid under their beds, and made sure they both had their tokens at hand, once everything was ready they headed out to the yard and kicked a soccer ball around while waiting for dinner.

Around five thirty, the girls were shooed into the house by Mr. Timmons. “You girls get in the house now…full moon tonight…suns going down.” He said as he headed to his post at the front gate. Emily and Lindsey looked at each other, in their excitement they had forgotten about the full moon. Their parents rules were clear…the girls had to be inside the house before sunset during the full moon…surely their trip to the back yard in the middle of the night would alert Wallace house to their activities.

“What are we gonna do Linds?” Emily asked. “House rules are deep magic…you think the house will wake mom and dad if we go out?”

“I don’t know Em, we haven’t been caught using the passages…that’s usually enough magic to alert mom and dad to our location…I think the notebook protects us.” Lindsey replied.

“So you think we’ll be safe?” Emily asked.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Lindsey replied. “Unless you want to wait another week before we go.” She added.

Emily shook her head; she was far too excited to change their plans now. “Let’s go…if we make it to the garden without setting off any magical alarm bells we’ll be ok…otherwise we can quickly jump back through the passage and sneak back into our room.” Emily said.

Lindsey nodded her agreement.

That evening while the girls ate dinner and discussed their day with their parents, a lone dark figure made its way up Oak Street. A werewolf, drawn to the power of the Gateway…was hoping to return to the original source of its infection deep in the Netherworld. Timmons sat watch at the front gate, rarely had any approaching werewolf escaped his senses, yet tonight, this lone werewolf caught a change in the wind…sensing Timmons presence first. The creature backed into the darkness and searched for another approach to the House. Timmons remained at his post, unaware of the creatures actions. The werewolf found a tree growing close to the wall which surrounded Wallace House, the creature climbed the tree and waited for its chance to leap the wall.

Dinner had ended, the girls had spent the evening watching TV in their bedroom, when their mother came in to bid them goodnight, they were already dressed for bed. After saying goodnight to the girls, Celeste Banyon left the bedroom and closed the door, leaving the girls to watch TV for another hour.

As soon as their mother was gone, the girls leaped out of bed and put on their travel cloths. Lindsey grabbed Wallace Banyon’s notebook from her desk drawer and tucked it into her jacket pocket. They shut off their TV, turned out their light and waited until they heard no activity in the hallway. Once sure that the coast was clear, Emily and Lindsey crept into the hall and headed for the linen closet.

Outside, the wolf heard the noise of an oncoming car. As the car passed the tree and headed towards Timmons position at the front gate, the werewolf leapt from a branch, flinging itself into the air and over the wall. The car passed Timmons who was sipping coffee and reading a book. The wolf had landed soundly in the side yard of Wallace House, not more than 40 yards from the front gate…and 100 yards from the carriage house.

At this same moment, Emily and Lindsey appeared in the garden, the light of the moon shown clearly on the lawn and their path to the carriage house was clear. Just 50 yards to the side door and they would be inside the carriage house ready to enter the portal. The door would be locked, but the girls had a key…after all, the carriage house did serve as storage space for the Banyon’s. Emily and Lindsey’s bikes and sports gear was kept there, they had been given a key on their 12th birthday and told that the carriage house was not a play zone; the key was only to be used so that the girls could get their bikes out without having to bother Mr. Timmons.

The werewolf quietly made its way along the side yard, heading towards the carriage house, and as it did, the wind changed again. Timmons’ senses were immediately alerted; he dropped his book and leapt up from his seat. He raced through the gate and turned down the side yard, Timmons’ sharp night vision caught the shape of the werewolf dashing towards the backyard and the carriage house. Timmons ran after the creature at remarkable speed, covering the distance quickly, as he came into view of the backyard he saw two new shapes moving from the garden towards the side door of the carriage house…the wolf had seen them too.

“Heavens No!” Timmons gasped “Girls!” he yelled. The werewolf turned and scowled at him.

Emily and Lindsey stopped dead in their tracks and turned in the direction of Timmons’ voice. The werewolf turned back towards the girls and growled.

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeee!” The girls screamed together. Each girl unknowingly wet her pants at the site of the approaching werewolf.

Lindsey quickly pushed her sister on towards the carriage house door. “RUN!” she yelled. The werewolf charged towards the girls, it was still a good ways off but moving in fast as they reached the side door to the carriage house. Timmons was closing in on the creature’s tail. Emily fumbled with her key but managed to get it in the lock.

“Hurry!” Lindsey yelled. The wolf was nearly upon them now.

Emily turned the knob and pushed the door open. The girls fell inside as the door swung open; they could hear the wolf right on their heel’s now, the sound of Timmons shouts were close behind as well.

“Linds come on!” Emily shouted pulling her sister up off the floor.

“Close the door!” Lindsey shouted.

“No Time!” Emily yelled. The werewolf burst into the doorway and snarled at the girls who were now only a few feet out of its reach.

Emily glanced to her left, the portal flashed with incandescent light only a short distance away. The werewolf was growling and slowly closing in on them.

“Go Go Go!” Emily shouted grabbing Lindsey and pulling her towards the portal. Timmons arrived in the doorway behind the werewolf just as Emily grabbed Lindsey’s hand and pulled her into the portal.

“Farsch! Farsch! Farsch!” Emily shouted as the two girls vanished into the portal in a flash of green light.

The werewolf lunged towards the portal attempting to follow; Timmons raised his hands and shouted “Electrificus!” Blue lightening shot out of Timmons finger tips and hit the werewolf square in its backside. The creature quivered and dropped to the floor instantly then lay motionless.

Timmons gazed at the fading light of the portal. “Merciful Heavens!” he said. “Where have those girls gone?”

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

very good had me on my heels the whole time i really cant wait till the next chapter hurry up please

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

And suddenly we’re very dramatic, which incidentally, is the best way to become very dramatic.

The thing that really bugged me no end though, was the 5¢ from a European nation. Before the Euro, the closest you get to a European five cent piece is a centime in the decimalised French Franc.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Actually Nemo there was the 5 fenig coin in Germany. But it’s really not important.


(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Nice to see a new part to this, Lizzy!!

This story you have going is great, keep up the good work!!

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

That’s the thing: Fenig.

You see what annoyed me?

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Just to point it out and be obnoxios, the swiss frank also had a 5 cent denomination. In fact i think it still has one since the swiss accept the euro but still run on the frank within their own country.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

The swiss have a 5 centime denomination and furthermore have only had so since 1850, meaning it is hardly old.

I’m not saying I object to a coin with a denomination of 5, it’s just the notion that everyone works in blasted cents. We have a 5 penny piece and it is completely inappropriate to say one owns a British five cent piece.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Everyone eat some fruit and relax.


(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

If you read that Wikipedia page, you will see that the only mentioned European cent is the euro cent, so Nemo is right. The first 5 euro cent coins was released in 2002.

Well, the Estonian sent (plural senti) and the Lithuanian centas (plural centai) are also mentioned, but they are spelled differently.

BTW the subdivision of the German mark was spelled pfennig.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

I actually read that page before I moaned, Lizzy.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

My point is, it’s not important…yes I could have gone deep into the history of European Coinage…but that’s got nothing to do with this story. In US English for readers to understand what the object is quickly…it’s a Cent, not senti, cento or centium… Nobody Cares! If you read the UK edition of Harry Potter, and compare it to the US English edition, you’ll find many differences. It’s a Philosopher’s Stone in the UK Version, and a Socerer’s Stone in the US. Get over it for crying out loud!


(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Which actually, you’ll see, is something that J K Rowling wishes she hadn’t done.

It doesn’t make anything easier to understand. Currency can be quite important to nations: the dollar is a symbol of America and American pride; likewise the pound for Britain. When the Euro was introduced the biggest objection was the loss of something so important to individual nations. That is why I find it a little objectionable to fail to acknowledge the existence of non-American currency. A cent is a cent in every country you go to (perhaps excluding some translations) because it is part of a US Dollar (or part of the currency in question). A penny, for instance, is not a cent and were you to call it so I’d be irritated.

The other point was that I brought it up for the detail of your story: it is a factual inaccuracy in so far as it would be impossible.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

And my point is, Nemo…you’re the only one who cares. Give it a rest. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to write a story and keep it entertaining? Perhaps you should go back and work on your thing about some girl on vacation somewhere…or at the very least come up with an interesting title rather than nit picking over small details. If I have a major f@#k up in my story I have no problem being called on it, but this is just stupid. I think you’re just pissed because I said I wasn’t going to read your story anymore…I never said it was poorly written, I just said it didn’t interest me…And you put it to a poll, so what did you expect?

This is a forum and I expect a degree of criticism, but you seem to come up with the most ridiculous stuff. Seriously…is it just me? Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Give it a rest!


(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

I gotta agree. Who cares about whether or not it’s called a “cent”. It’s obvious that the character had no idea what nation the coin was from, so how could she know what to call it. I’m sure all she saw was the coin with a “5” on it, and naturally called it a 5 cent coin.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Lizzy, I’m not pissed about you not reading it. Also - from the poll - I can’t actually see who votes for what. There are plenty of stories here I stop reading: I don’t expect their authors to be angry either.

I’ve been reading this story a while giving generally positive feedback and always making an effort to give you some, even when it frankly hasn’t left so strong an opinion. I don’t do that just because you’re not doing it for me!

As for my title: by all means criticise it (though ultimately I shall choose that which I think is most stylistically suitable to the story). Also, criticise the slow burning-ness etc. My intention in the story is to write a diaper story that doesn’t fly from wetting to wetting, but instead is about the mundane. I may be failing, but I wanted to see if I could begin to write something well enough so as to make the mundane enjoyable.

Now, about the coin. I initially just pointed out its factual impossibility. I didn’t really make a deal. I said it was the one little thing for God’s sake. Then you disagreed with me, so I reasserted my rightness and explained why it annoyed me. I agree it’s not a massive detail, but two things annoy me:

Not accepting that it is indeed an error.
Not changing something if you know it’s wrong.

You say it’s been hard: fine. If you’ve made an effort with something hard, why not change something that’s so very easy to change. The extra detail may even enrich your story.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

“I gotta agree. Who cares about whether or not it’s called a “cent”. It’s obvious that the character had no idea what nation the coin was from, so how could she know what to call it. I’m sure all she saw was the coin with a “5” on it, and naturally called it a 5 cent coin.”

Thanks Plasma! Clearly your reading comprehension is superior!



(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

Would be a good excuse, were it one of the characters rather than the all knowing narrator that used the phrase.

(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

The coin stays as is…I’m done with this argument…sorry if you don’t like it Nemo but that’s it. It’s a 5 friggin cent piece from some OLD European country…country unknown…origin unknown…date unknown…currency unknown. Relevance to the story as a whole…not important. Relevance to Nemo…apparently it annoys the hell out of him. Everyone up to speed?


(Banyon Sisters 11) Full Moon

It is not just Nemo. This coin thing made me stop reading and wonder, too. Nemo has a right point which ought to be corrected. It is not something big, but it did disturb my reading!

I did not post anything about it because you ignored my last critique about a much more impotent point for the whole plot: Why does Emily and Lindsey want to go Netherworld to find the ghosts there when they must be located in the mortal world because ghosts cannot cross from world to world? So you gave me the impression that you don’t care about comments.