(Banyon Sisters 10) Wallace Banyon’s Notebook

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(Banyon Sisters 10) Wallace Banyon’s Notebook

The girls made their way down to the dinning room for dinner. They had vowed to ask their parents permission to take a trip to the Netherworld. Emily and Lindsey had agreed that their excuse would be that they wanted to visit the University that they would be attending once they finished their schooling in the mortal world.

As they reached the dinning room and took their seats at the table, Emily gave Lindsey a quick look which Lindsey easily understood to mean “This is your idea…you do the talking.” The twins were so close that more often than not, they could understand each other with just a simple glance.

“Ya girls wash yo hands now did ya?” Jasmine asked as she placed a large pot of stew on the table.

“Yes” Emily and Lindsey replied together.

“Dats good…an nows if wees can get yooze to eat yo vegetables wee be all righ” Jasmine said with a chuckle.

Wilfred and Celeste Banyon laughed at Jasmine’s comment too. They knew their daughters were not always fond of the vegetables that Jasmine served with dinner.

“So girls, how was school today?” Mr. Banyon asked.

“Good” said the twins in unison…with little enthusiasm.

“Well that doesn’t sound like you had a very interesting day.” Mr. Banyon replied.

“Ohhh you know dad, just your average day at school…nothing exciting…math, science…history….English….gym class…and so on.” Emily said. “Oh and then there’s the algebra homework too.” She added with a huff.

Lindsey huffed too at the mention of algebra homework. “Yeah…I don’t know why we need algebra…when we’re older we can use magic to get most of the answers we need when it comes to mathematical problems.” She added.

“Lindsey my dear, algebra is a way of thinking…and one day that ability to think could do you some good.” Celeste Banyon replied.

“Your mother is right girls…one day you may find that you need algebra more than magic.” Mr. Banyon added.

The twins both huffed again at their father’s comment. Neither girl enjoyed algebra and found it hard to believe they would need it once they were fully trained witches. Not wanting to discuss algebra any further, Lindsey saw her opportunity to change the subject.

“Dad?” Lindsey said.

“Yes pumpkin?” her father replied.

“Can Emily and I go to the Netherworld for February break?” She asked, stringing her sentence together so fast that she almost stuttered.

Mr. Banyon put down his fork and wiped his face with a napkin. “You girls want to go to the Netherworld in February?” He asked.

“Yeah dad, can we?” Emily asked, she was encouraged now that Lindsey had put the question out there.

“I thought you girls had your hearts set on going to Barbados with Jasmine?” Celeste Banyon asked.

Lindsey looked at Emily; she hadn’t thought this idea through enough to have a counter for giving up on a trip to Barbados. She and Emily had always loved visiting Jasmine’s family in the islands.

“Well we were kind of hoping we might be able to see the university…” Emily said, looking back at Lindsey and then at her father.

“It’s a little soon for that don’t you think? University is still two years away for you…wouldn’t you rather go someplace warm for your break?” Mr. Banyon asked.

“Ummm Yeah but we can always go to the islands with Jasmine in April can’t we?” Lindsey asked.

“Well girls, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t change plans for February break now.” Mr Banyon said.

“Aaaaw dad…Please?” Emily begged.

“I’m sorry pumpkin, but your mother and I have to be here that week to greet the Earl of Donnish and his family when they arrive from the Netherworld. The Earl will be traveling to northern Canada to meet with the Invisible Elves and it is our responsibility to brief him on Canadian and Elvish customs before the meeting. I’m afraid neither of us would be able to accompany you to the Netherworld during the February break.” Mr. Banyon said.

"There are Invisible Elves in Canada? Emily asked.

“Oh yes…there are Elves on every continent here in the mortal world sweetheart” Mr. Banyon replied.

Emily and Lindsey hung their heads in defeat.

“Girls, you can go to Barbados with Jasmine for February break and I’ll be happy to arrange to take you both to see the University in April.” Mrs. Banyon said.

“Thanks mom” the girls said together, although still sounding glum.

“Cheer up girls, you’ll have a great time in Barbados…and April is not far off.” Mr. Banyon said.

Emily and Lindsey finished eating dinner and engaged in discussions with their parents about school work and such. Mr. Banyon gave the girls a very brief history of the variety of Elves living in the mortal world. He also reminded them again of the upcoming full moon, and the safety rules of the house. After dinner, Emily and Lindsey returned to their room, each girl flopped down on their beds and gazed at the ceiling in defeat.

“Now what do we do?” Emily asked.

“We’ll just have to wait until April.” Lindsey replied with a sigh.

“I don’t want to wait Linds!” Emily said in a huff. “I want to find these ghosts and get our stuff back…and tell them to stop stealing it!” She said.

“I know, I know.” Lindsey replied. “But Em, we can’t get to the Netherworld by ourselves, first of all we’d probably get caught before we could get to the portal, second, even if we make it to the Netherworld, we don’t even know where we’re going.” Lindsey said, trying to talk sense into her sister.

“Oh come on Linds…we can find a map and read it…and once we’re in the Netherworld all we need to do is find a couple of brooms to enchant and we’ll fly to Farsch.” Emily replied.

“You don’t know how to enchant a broom!” Lindsey said. “And we’ve never flown that far!” she added.

“We can get the spell out of the library Em…and we DO know how to fly brooms…so what if it’s a long trip?” Emily said.

“I don’t know Em, maybe we should just keep trying to find that Nursery again and talk to Marissa and Megan there.” Lindsey said.

“We’ve tried that…we could be looking forever…and Marissa and Megan have already told us to come and find them.” Emily answered. “Think about it Linds, maybe they need our help…or maybe they are guarding a family treasure at Farschole Castle and want to give it to us?” she added, hoping to convince Lindsey to help her with a new plan of action.

Lindsey said nothing; she just grabbed her teddy bear and huffed in frustration staring up at the ceiling.

The silence annoyed Emily, she tossed a pillow across the room which bonked Lindsey on her mid section. “Hellllloooo Lindsey….wake up?” Emily said.

Lindsey rolled over to face her sister. “Em, maybe they just want to play with us again and put us in diapers for their amusement…maybe going to Farschole Castle is some kind of trap?” Lindsey said.

“Linds, if they wanted to trap us, don’t you think they would have kept us in that nursery for as long as they wanted?” Emily replied. “And its not like you didn’t have fun getting diapered by them!” she added.

Lindsey smirked, her sister was right; she did enjoy being diapered while in the magical nursery. “I know…I’m just thinking about all the possibilities.” Lindsey said.

“You worry too much.” Emily said. “We have to figure out a way to get to the Neth…” Emily stopped talking mid sentence and starred across the room at her desk.

Lindsey looked over at her sister to find out why she had stopped talking. “Em…what is it?” she asked.

Emily was staring at a small black notebook that was sitting on her desk. She did not remember it being there while she was working on her homework and it certainly didn’t belong to her. “What’s that?” Emily said, pointing at her desk.

“What’s what?” Lindsey said.

“That…that book on my desk…did you put it there?” Emily said, pointing at the book. She quickly got up off of her bed and walked to her desk to examine the book.

“It’s not mine.” Lindsey replied, getting up from her own bed to join her sister at the desk.

The girls looked down at the book; it appeared to be a very old leather bound notebook. Emily picked it up and opened the front cover. “Woooooowwww” she said in surprise.

Lindsey gasped as well, as both girls read the inner cover.


“Where did this come from?” Emily asked, looking at Lindsey.

“No idea…” Lindsey said. “Turn the page…” she told her sister.

Emily began to flip through the notebook. The pages appeared to contain drawings of Wallace House, floor plans, and measurements.

“No way!” The girls said together as they flipped through the notebook.

Emily continued to flip through the book; there were more drawings and several pages of handwritten text as well.

“Wait stop!” Lindsey said as Emily flipped past a page of text. “Turn back!” she said.

Emily flipped back a page and gasped as she saw the text at the top of the page.

Secret Passages of Wallace House

The girls looked at each other and smiled. The page showed a list of various hidden passageways. The girls knew that Wallace House had many secret passages, most of which their parents and Jasmine kept hidden from the girls in an effort to keep them out of trouble. Here before them was a list of the houses secret passages, and the following page provided a map with the locations of each passage.

“Where did this book come from?” Emily asked again.

No sooner than Emily had finished her question did the girls get their answer. The girlish giggles of Marissa and Megan Banyon echoed through the room followed by the ghostly voices.

“Come and find us silly girls.” The voices said.

The giggles trailed off, leaving Emily and Lindsey staring wide eyed at the mysterious notebook.

(Banyon Sisters 10) Wallace Banyon’s Notebook

I think you might have gone into a slightly more detailed description of all the characters’ responses to the attempt - particularly Jasmine: shouldn’t she be offended?

Still, it’s a good story.

(Banyon Sisters 10) Wallace Banyon’s Notebook

Keep it up Lizzy, you are doing a great job with this story!!

(Banyon Sisters 10) Wallace Banyon’s Notebook

Definitely worth the wait! Take your time and make the rest as good!