BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue

BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue:

We at Bambino Diapers would like to apologize to our Canadian friends for the problems you have been experiencing with Creatingyourdesires In an attempt to better service our customers in Canada we solicited inquires from individuals/companies who had the resources to purchase in container quantities of our product for re-sale in Canada. At the time Creatingyourdesires met that criteria and represented herself as a new medical supply dealer not a distributor. So basically we sold our products in container quantities and she resold the product to individuals. We have never had any ownership or financial interest in Creatingyourdesires, we have no records or knowledge of her customers or her business dealings. We are aggressively exploring two different means of servicing our customers in Canada. First being we are negotiating with UPS and FedEx to supply directly from the US and secondly we are in discussions with individual/companies to become a new supplier of our products. We will keep you posted of our progress on our website at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue

Different subject question, doesn’t it cost less to make the regular white diapers than it does a printed one?

And if so, why are the two brands the same price for all sizes? Seems like a ripoff to get the white ones if the colorful ones are the same price, preference aside that is.

BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue

Eh, I would just think the actual cost of coloring for the prints is more than a plain white look.

BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue

Actually, the cost would be slightly more. But the difference would amount to like pennies a diaper.

The process to print them involves printing on the underside of the plastic sheet (the side toward the padding) and it shows through. I only know this because of the research I did for Time to Pay the Piper.


Edit: sorry folks, forgot that the Bambino uses a laminate applied to the front of the diaper. Again though, it would cost about three to four cents a diaper to have that panel printed and applied.

BambinoDiapers Official Response to Canada Issue

So actually, by charging you more they’d be gouging you.

And Vickie - I suppose it’s impressive that they made one rather than had one already.