Babysitting Nico

I wrote another one. Feedback appreciated.

Chapter 1.

I pulled in to the restaurant and drove up to the valet. I grabbed my purse, left the key in the cupholder and got out of the car.
“Are you here for dinner Maam?” The valet asked me.
“Yes.” I responded.
“Enjoy your meal” the valet responded.

I walked up the stairs to the restaurant’s front door. It was the monthly gathering of the BroCo girls and Ava had picked the place this time. The BroCo girls stands for Brown College Housing. I am meeting two of my former suitemates from the University of Virginia where we all went to college and shared a suite. We have been meeting at least once every month for the last five years.

The BroCo girls are a trio. There is me Isla. I majored in marketing while in college. During my lovely time there I also met Nico, my husband. I work as a marketing manager at a tech startup called NannyDingo. It is a start up where we help familes find nannies.

The second to our trio is Ava. She is my best friend and my closest confidant. She is exactly what you would expect from a woman whos job is to crunch numbers all day and handles people’s taxes. She is even keeled, smart, sexy, and happily divorced.

Finally, to complete our trio is Mae. She is the odd ball out of the group. She studied business in school and then did nothing with it. She is currently an unemployed nanny who is leaning on me hard to help her find a job working at NannyDingo. The problem with this, and the main reason she works as a nanny, is she likes her freedom. She somehow got convinced that being a nanny means she is free to do other things whenever she wants. So of the three of us, she is the most accomplished traveler, the person with the coolest stories, and the one who is always pushing us out of our shell.

I walked in to the restaurant and looked around for Ava & Mae. As I scanned the bar and restaurant I saw the girls sitting at the far corner of the restaurant. I passed by the hostess and walked over to the table. As I arrived Ava and Mae stood up and we all exchanged hugs prior to sitting down. Almost immediately, upon sitting down the waiter appeared.

“What can I get you ladies” he asked?
“I will take whatever the cheapest IPA you have” Mae said.
“Glass of your house Rose” Ava responded.
“Scotch. A spayside, double please with an ice cube” I responded.
“Right away ladies” the waiter responded and walked off to get our drinks.

“The cheapest IPA you have! Really” Ava said while looking at Mae.
“What!?! An unemployed nanny doesn’t give you a lot of disposable cash” Mae replied.

I laughed. I always loved the banter we had.
“I got you tonight Mae” I responded. “Just enjoy the evening. I just want to relax and hang out with you all.”
“Thanks Isla. You stressed or something. Hitting the heavy stuff pretty early aren’t we?” Mae asked.

That is the thing with Mae. You want to always sell her short but she was not stupid. In fact she was quite smart. Which is why it is was so perplexing considering how little she cared about her career. I bit my lip and frowned. I didn’t want this dinner to be all about me.

“Nothing. How are you all doing? What is new?” I asked.
Ava looked at Mae and then looked at me.
“Yea no dice. What is bothering you?” Ava asked.

I looked at Mae and Ava. I told Ava everything and Mae most things. I needed a safe place to process things and I had no better friends than the ones sitting at this table.
“It is just things with Nico.” I said.
“You guys get in a fight?” Mae asked.
“No. We didn’t get in a fight. It is just…I found out something about him that he had never told me” I said.
“If he cheated on you…” Ava started to angrily say.
“No No No. It isn’t that” I responded. “It is just that I went to use the computer last night and Nico had accidently left his browser up.”
“What was it Isla” Ava demanded.
“I don’t know if I should say. He would probably be very upset if I said anything.” I said rather meekly.
“Oh nonsense” Mae responded. I bet it isn’t worse than anything any of us 3 girls have done"
“I would be careful saying that” Ava said. “We are all not you”
“It is clearly some porn site. What was it Isla?. Was it some bondage or S&M site?” Mae asked.

I looked at them and laughed. I wish it was just simply a porn site.

“Spit it out” Ava demanded.
“Ok. It was a porn site. But it wasn’t either of what you said Mae. It was an adult baby porn site” I whispered very quiety.
“A WHAT” Ava almost shouted.

Right as Ava was about to ask more the waiter showed up with our drinks. As he was handing us our drinks I heard him ask

“Can I get you appetisers or take your food order”
“I think we are good for now” Ava replied. “Give us a few minutes if you don’t mind”
“Sure thing Maam” the waiter responded.

The waiter took his tray and walked away. Before he could get out of earshot range Ava was already asking questions.

“What is an adult baby porn site” Ava inquired.

Before I could even begin to respond Mae chimed in.
“It is a website where people like to dress up and act as babies.” Mae said nonchalantly.
“How do you know about this?” Ava asked.
“How do you not?” Mae responded.
“I had never heard of it either before three days ago either Mae” I responded.
“So is Nico an adult baby?” Mae asked.
“He says he is not.” I responded.
“Then what was he doing on that site?” Ava asked.
“He could of just clicked on a random link” Mae offered.
“No. Once I figured out what the site was and what he was looking at I confronted him.” I said. “At first, he was acting weird and denying it all but it was obvious he was didn’t accidently click on that site. It took a while but he eventually came clean.”
“What did he say” both Mae and Ava asked.
“He likes diapers. Apparently he has always had an interest in them and he has a fantasy of being forced to wear them” I responded.
“Oh so he is a diaper lover” Mae said.
“What is the difference?” Ava asked.
“A diaper lover is someone who just likes the diaper part, not necessarily being treated like a baby.” Mae responded.
“What was your reaction” Ava said. “Oh my god I would have no idea how to react.”
“That is the thing. I am still processing it” I said. "I mean we talked about it for a good two hours. In typical Nico fashion he was very explicit and detailed about it initially, and now he wont’ talk about it at all again.

I took a good long sip of my scotch and felt the cool liquid burn my throat. I looked at Ava and Mae to see what their reactions were but I couldn’t really tell anything from their facial expressions.

“So what exactly did he say?” Mae asked.
“Essentially that he likes the idea being forced to wear a diaper. He has never actually wet one but that thought it might be fun. It is the whole submissive part of it.”
“Figures he would be submissive if he likes diaper discipline” Mae casually said.
“What are you talking about Mae” Ava asked.
“Diapers as punishment. You force the person to wear and wet a diaper. Usually involves spanking and some huniliation as well” Mae responded.
“I mean Nico has always enjoyed when I would smack him on the butt” I said. “Every now and then I will pop him on the butt and you can see he enjoys it. He also likes it when I talk to him in a stern tone.”
“So are you going to do anything? Are you going to put your Nico in a diaper” Ava asked.
“That is the thing. I can’t do it. I love Nico. But I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to diaper my husband and force him to do things. I only pop him on the butt because I know he likes it. But that is about as far as I am willing to go” I said.
“Did you tell him that?” Ava asked.
“I told him I need time to process” I replied. “This is all so new”
“Oh God Isla. I am so sorry” Ava said.
“Why are you sorry?” Mae asked. So he has a diaper fetish. He was too embarrassed to say anything and now you know. What is the problem?"
“What would you do if you had a boyfriend ask you to put him in diapers?” Ava asked
“It isn’t my thing but if it was that important to him I would give it a shot. I have literally changed thousands of diapers. What is one more?”
“I just can’t do it.” I said. “I know he really wants to try it out. It was obvious when we talked. He said even if we just tried it once but it is too much.”
“I’ll do it” Mae said.

I almost spit my drink out. I think Ava actually spilled a little on her. I looked at Mae expecting to see at least a smile but also a laugh. Instead she was just emotionless.
“Excuse me? What did you say?” I asked her.
“I will do it. If he wants someone to put do a little diaper punishment, maybe a spanking or two I can do it.” Mae said.
“You can’t be serious” Ava said.
“Why not. I make my living as a babysitter right now anyway. It is essentially the same thing. I change diapers, put kids in timeout, and make them do things they don’t want to do. It doesn’t sound that much different” Mae said.
“It would be very different!” I said in shock.
“How” Mae responded.
“He is a grown man.” I said.
“Apart from that how different would it be. At least in this case I can spank him if he is misbehaving. I can’t do that with the kids I nanny” Mae said.
“You’re serious?” I asked her.
“Yea. You would have to pay me of course. I am not changing diapers for free. But I am not exactly busy right now. You would need to pay for supplies” Mae said.
“I don’t even know what supplies I would need” I responded.
“Not much. Diapers, wipes, some restraints and a locking diaper cover, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items” Mae said.
“How do you know so much about this?” Ava asked.
“I had heard about diaper punishment before. I will do some research on it but the concept isn’t that difficult. YOu put someome in a diaper to punish them” Mae said.
“I can’t believe I am asking this but how much?” I asked.
“I usually charge 25 bucks an hour but since this will be a lot of work 40 bucks an hour.” Mae said.
“Do I have to be there? I really don’t want to see Nico in a diaper if I can help it.” I said.
“I trust Mae. Besides, maybe this will assusage his desire and we can be done with it.” I said.
“Well I can certainly make it uncomfortable for him” Mae said. “Why don’t you and Ava have a girls weekend and I will come and watch Nico.” Mae said.
“I can’t believe we are having this conversation” Ava said.
“What do you need from me?” I asked.
“I need to do some research but assume the diapers and supplies will be a few hundred and then two thousand bucks for a weekend of babysitting.”

I poured down my drink and thought about it. This might work. I am not sure Nico would go for it but then again I am pretty sure he probably would.
“Go ahead and start researching this.” I said. “Ava what are you doing in two weeks…”

Chapter 2

I only had 30 minutes to finish packing before Ava arrived to pick me up. Ava and I were flying to Aruba for the weekend. Since Nico and I had had the talk he had refused to talk about it. Every time I tried to bring it up he would change the subject. I was getting pretty frustrated about the whole thing.

I told Nico to clear his calendar for the weekend as well. He kept asking me why since he knew he wasn’t going to Aruba with me but I wouldn’t tell him. He was getting very upset about it until I finally snapped and scolded him. I essentially told him to be quiet and do as I said. It helped but now with 30 minutes until I was scheduled to leave, his nagging was becoming incessant.

“Why won’t you tell me what is going on?” Nico asked.
“Because it is a surprise” I said. “Now quit asking me” I said in a scolding tone.
“You’re literally leaving in like 20 minutes and I still don’t know what is going on” he said.
“And rest assured before I walk out this door you will. Now stop it Nico.” I told him.

Nico huffed, stomped his foot and walked out of the room.
“Real mature” I yelled as he walked out.

I finished packing my bag and started having second thoughts on this whole idea. Mae had told me she did some research including reading the story I found on the computer and promised me she was good to go. I was incredibly nervous. What if Nico freaked out? What if he didn’t like it? I was really nervous.

Although the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be good if he freaked out. If he didn’t, even if he didn’t like it then at least we could let it go. Mae told me she would make sure it wasn’t entirely fun for Nico either. After consulting more with with Mae, she thought it would be kinda interesting. I think she also wanted the money.

I finished packing up my suitcase and grabbed it walking down the stairs. Nico was sitting on the couch watching TV. He looked at me and my bag.
"You ready to tell me what the plan is? Nico asked.

Right before I could respond I heard the doorbell ring. I went to go get it but before I could do anything Nico got up and practically ran to the door.
“I got it” he said.

Before I could say or do anything he opened the door to allow Mae to walk in.

Chapter 3

Since the night we had dinner I had done a ton of research. I learned all about the different type of adult diapers, the different type of diaper covers, ways to keep naughty babies in a diaper along with a ton of other stuff. Isla was nervous about this but I was actually a little excited about this. I could do a friend a huge favor, earn a few bucks, and have some fun this weekend.

I had known Nico almost as long as Isla had known Nico. She introduced him to the BroCo crew almost immediately when they met. He was always nice, but always presented himself as a confident, extraverted, almost arrogant in a sense type of person. But from what Isla had told me, he was also very shy at times. From my research, a lot of people who secretly liked diapers had a similar outgoing personality

In my research, it turns out that for a lot of people they never get to fulfill their fantasy. And if what Nico said was true, he had never wet a diaper as an adult, never had someone spank him, or make him do things he didn’t want to do. I was curious to see how he would react when he didn’t want to do something. No matter how the weekend turned out, it would be interesting. I would earn some cash, Nico would get to experience having a babysitter for a weekend, and Isla could get away with Ava for the weekend.

When I rang the doorbell to Isla’s house, Nico opened it up ushering me in. I grabbed my suitcase, my purse, and my backpack and walked in.
“Are you going also?” Nico asked. His tone was one of annoyance. Isla told me he had no idea what was going on and I guess he was getting upset about not being in the know. I watched Isla come up to the doorway too. I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear “You ready?” I asked.

She hesitated for less than a second and then nodded. I turned around and closed the door. I looked at Nico and shook my head.
“Nico I need you to go sit down while I talk to Isla for a quick second” I said.
“What?” Nico asked incredulously.
“Go sit down on the couch and give me a minute please” I reiterated.

Nico looked at me and then at Isla and walked over to the couch and sat down.
“Any special rules or anything I need to be aware about?” I asked Isla.

She had the look of a deer in headlights. Fortunately we were interrupted by Ava honking her horn letting Isla know it was time to leave.
“Ok. It looks like Isla has to go. Nico I will be your babysitter for the weekend while Isla is out of town” I said.
“What the fuuuuu” Nico started to say.
“Unless you want your mouth washed out with soap I suggest you close your mouth” I said in my nanny tone.

Nico quit talking and just stared at me.
“Now as I was saying. Isla is headed out and must go. I will be babysitting you this weekend. I am hoping for an enjoyable weekend but that really depends on you. Do you understand me?”

Nico’s throat dropped to the floor. He just stood here and nodded.
“Good. Now Isla you better get going or you will miss your flight” I told her.

Isla nodded, went over to her husband and gave him a kiss.
“Umm…I guess you be good for Mae. I uh don’t want to get a bad report while I am gone” Isla said.

Isla then grabbed her bag at the front door and walked out closing the door behind her.

“Mae, what the hell is going on?” Nico asked.

I walked in to the living room and shut off the television.

“This will be the only time I hear any more bad words out of your mouth. Isa loves you very much. So to help fulfill your fantasy she hired me as your babysitter for the weekend while she is out of town”

“What the hell Mae…” Nico started to say before he could finish his sentence I pulled out a pacifier from my bag and stuck it in his mouth.
“Don’t take that out of your mouth” I warned him.

He just looked at me and I could see that he wanted to spit it out. I could also tell he was pretty excited as well as his submissive side was coming out.

“Now as I was saying. Isla hired me to babysit you for the weekend while she is in Aruba. This can either be a lot of fun for you or not. It solely depends on you. I want you to nod your head if you understand”

Nico slowly nodded his head.

“Are you going to behave and listen to me?” I asked.

Nico slowly nodded his head.

“Good boy.” I said. “Now first things first. Lets get you in to a nice clean diaper”

Nico spit out his pacifier. I picked up the backpack I had along with the pacifier Nico had just spit out.

“I am not wearing a diaper” Nico said.

I grabbed the pacifier from the floord and walked over to Nico. I pop the pacifier back in his mouth and sat on the couch. I grabbed his arm and pulled him across my lap.
“What are you doing Mae” Nico demanded.

I started to pull down his pants and immediately one of his hands went to his butt to try and stop it while he used his other hand to hold himself up so he was not completely over my lap. I reached in to my backpack and pulled out pair of locking mittens I bought on etsy. I put the mitten on his hand over his butt and quickly tightened the strap applying the magnetic lock to the buckle of the mittnes. I then pushed away that hand and grabbed his other hand. I secured the mitten on that hand along with applying the lock.

“What the hell are these?” Nico screamed.

I proceeded to pull his pants down exposing his butt. I reached in to my backpack and pulled out my hairbrush. It was a wooden hairbrush perfect for this type of situation. I took the back part of the hairbrush and brought it down sharp on his butt


“OWwWW” Nico cried and brought both hands up to try to cover his butt. I grabbed both hands and quickly attached the rings on the gloves together with a small carabiner securing his hands behind his back. This brought all his weight on my lap. I grabbed the carabiner and moved his hands above his butt giving me a clear room to contine.

I continued to spank him 5 more times. With each spank his cries increased but he never actually broke down. It appeared to me he was more shocked than anything else. When I was done with his spanking I lifted him back up to a standing position with his hands still secured behind his back. I looked at him and noticed he had dropped the pacifier on the floor again.

“This is the last time I am going to say it. Keep that pacifier in your mouth” I told him as I reached down, and picked picked up the pacifier.

I popped the pacifier in his mouth and gave him a sharp spank on his butt with my hand. He jumped when my hand hit his already red butt. I reached in to my backpack and grabbed a diaper out of it. I had done a ton of research on what was the best diaper to use and came across these Rearz Safari diapers. They were super thick and were honestly just a cute looking diaper. It had animals all over it. When Nico saw the diaper his eyes almost bulged out of his sockets.

“I want you to lay down on the floor Nico.” I told him.

Nico slowly bent his knees and tried to lay down on the floor but essentially fell due to his limited hand movement. I grabbed the diaper and fluffed it out.

“Move your hips up” I told him.

Nico moved his hips up and slid the diaper under his butt. I reached in to my backpack and pulled out some babypower and liberally applied it to his groin. As I was reaching the for the front of the diaper to pull up to his stomach I noticed that we had a slight problem with a very straight appendige. I told him to stay put and went to the fridge and grabbed two ice cubs. I came back and dropped the ice cubs right on his penis. Nico gasped and it immediately solved the problem. I quickly pulled the diaper up to his stomach and applied the tapes on both side. As Nico started to try to get up I pushed his stomach down.

“Not so fast little one” I said.

I reached in to the backpack and pulled out a black diaper cover. I got it from the same shop as the mittens. I slid the diaper cover up over the diaper, tightened the waiste strap and applied the magnetic lock to the buckle.

“Ok now you can get up.”

“Whaaaat wuz thaaat” Nico said with the pacifier still in his mouth.

I removed the pacifier from his mouth.

“What is that?” he asked again.

“That is your diaper cover. It prevents babies from tampering with their diapers. Just a little added measure of security.”

“You don’t really expect me to stay in a diaper for the whole weekend do you?” he asked.
“You don’t look to be in any position to do anything about it.” I told him. "If you mess with that diaper you will go right back across my knee. There are also worse punishments than spankings. Now I am going to let you watch some TV while I unpack.

I unclipped the carabiner connecting his mittens. This freed up his hands but the mittens restricted any functional use of them. I turned the TV to the disney channel and started to walk out of the living room.

“I am not an adult baby” Nico said. “This is not part of my fantasy”
“I am in charge Mr. If I want you to watch Disney, you watch disney. If I tell you to do something you will.” I told him. “Now watch some TV and I will be back in a little bit”

I grabbed my bags and took them to the guest bedroom to unpack.

Chapter 4

I brought my stuff in to the guest bedroom and started to unpack. I pulled my clothes out, placed them in the top dresser. I looked in the bag and saw all the supplies I had for the weekend and left them there. My backpack was acting as a diaper bag so I decided to check there as to ensure I had everything I needed. When I looked in Nico’s diaper bag I saw that I had a few spare diapers, wipes, powder, my hairbrush, another pacifier, a few bottles, and a bib. I decided that was fine and started to walk out to check on Nico. As I was opening the door, my phone vibrated.

[Isla] Is everything ok?
[Me] Yea. Everything is fine.

I sat and smirked at the phone. I wasn’t intentionally being cagey but I wasn’t sure how much she wanted to know. I was still honestly surprised she agreed to this. But the look on Nico’s face when I diapered him and the shock he got when I spanked him was definitely an added benefit. At the very least, he will now do anything I tell him to do when the girls are just hanging out. I felt the phone vibrate again.

[Isla] Ok… I will call you when after we land and check in at the hotel.
[Me] Ok. Have fun. I will take good care of Nico while you’re gone. Don’t worry about him.

I smirked. Isla was acting almost exactly like any of my other clients would when I was watching their baby for the weekend. I walked out of the guest room grabbing the diaper bag and and walked in to the living room. Nico was watching TV while also rubbing his mittens against his diaper cover. My suspicion being he was trying to get at his diaper and was frustrated he couldn’t.

“Are you hungry or thirsty little boy?” I asked him

Nico looked up at me. He looked conflicted.

“I am not a little boy” he exclaimed. “Let me out of these gloves and this diaper. I don’t want to do this.”
“You’re mine for the weekend. Isla hired me to babysit you. Now do you want anything to eat or drink?” I asked.
“A beer” Nico said.
“A little boy in diapers doesn’t get a beer. I will get you something to drink.” I told him.

I walked back to the kitchen to see what there was. I had gotten Isla a list of groceries but I never did confirm if she got the list. Sure enough, when I opened the fridge it was full of juices, some baby food, and then some food that I specifically wanted. I grabbed the appple juice and placed it on the counter. I reached in to the diaper bag for a bottle and popped the top off. I poured some apple juice in the bottle and tightened the lid. Grabbing the bottle, I walked back in to the living room and placed it down next to Nico.

“A bottle! Are you serious? I told you I don’t want to be babied” he almost yelled.
“Listen! I won’t be yelled at. If you want another spanking keep it up. Now go to timeout” I told him.
“What? Time out?” he asked incredulously.

I grabbed his ear and pulled him up by it. The ear is a great thing to lead people by because it hurts when you pull it and to avoid that pain you follow where the ear goes. I walked him to the corner of the room and spanked his butt once. He jumped again but there was so much padding from his diaper I am sure it wasn’t from the soreness of his butt.

“Stay there until I tell you you can come out.” I told him.

I walked back in to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I poured it in to a glass and walked back in to the living room. I took a sip and looked at Nico standing in the corner. You could see the tip of his diaper sticking out of the cover as he kept his nose in the corner.

“You need to quit arguing with me. This will be a long weekend if you don’t.” I told him. “Do you think you could be a good boy and stop getting in trouble.”

Nico turned his head and looked at me.

“Keep that nose in the corner until I tell you please” I admonished him.

He turned his face back in to the corner.

“Yes…” He responded.
“Good. You can come out” I told him.

Nico turned around and walked back on to the couch. He looked at me and then looked down at the floor. In almost a whisper he said.

“I need to go to the bathroom. Please let me out of this diaper so I can go to the bathroom”

I smiled at him and patted him on the head.

“Oh little boy. The only way that diaper is coming off is when I change you. I will check your diaper in a little while and change you if necessary.”

Nico looked like he wanted to cry. He had come to the realization that he couldn’t do much with limited use of his hands and almost no way of removing his diaper cover.

“Can you at least take these gloves off?” He whined.
“I haven’t decided. We will see. If you’re a good boy and start minding me then you will get more privileges. Now do can continue to watch TV, or I can get you a coloring book and some crayons.”
“TV.” He said.

I stood up and walked in to the kitchen to start working on dinner. Dinner took about an hour to make and I didn’t hear a word out of Nico the whole time. I set the table and placed the food on there. I walked in to the living room and saw Nico asleep on the couch. I went over to him and patted him on the butt to see if his diaper was wet. It must have woken him up because he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“What are you doing?” he sleepily asked.
“Just a diaper check. Dinner is ready” I told him.

I grabbed his hand and helped him up off the couch and led him to the kitchen. As he sat down for dinner I reached in to my back pocket and pulled out a bib and tied it around him.
“Hey what is this for?” he asked.
“To keep you from getting messy.” I told him.
“I can eat just fine” he retored.
“Ok fine. Show me.” I told him.

Nico attempted to reach down for his fork but of course he was wearing the mittens which kept him from even grabbing the fork. He tried to use both hands and get the fork but he just ended up dropping it on the floor. He cried out in frustration.
“Its ok little boy. I will just feed you” I told him.
“I DON"T WANT TO BE FED” he cried. “Let me out of these fucking mittens” he screamed.

I grabbed his plate and pushed it to the middle of the table and got up and walked to the fridge. I returned with a jar of baby food and his bottle that was still untouched from earlier. I opened the baby food and grabbed a spoonful of creamed carrots.
“Open wide for the airplane” I told him a sing song voice.

Nico kept his mouth firmly shut. I brought the spoon to his mouth and then turned the spoon and covered his face with the baby food. He opened his mouth in shock. While his mouth was opened I quickly scooped up another spoonful of food and got it all in his mouth.

“See. Thank goodness we have that bib.” I told him. I held up his bottle and put the nipple in his mouth. He started drinking his bottle hard. He ended up drinking the entire bottle in 5 gulps.

“My my. We have a thirsty baby”.

I continued to feed the fussy baby getting about half of the jar on him and the other half in his mouth. We did this over the course of 3 jars of food. I grabbed his bib and cleaned up his face. I stood up and got a wet cloth and cleaned up his face. I then reached in to the diaper bag and grabbed the other pacifier and placed it in his mouth. This pacifier had two straps that I fastened behind his head.

“Bleeeeh” he said as he tried to spit out the pacifier. He pulled his hands and tried to remove the pacifier but was not able to do anything with the decreased dexerity of the mittens.

“That is my punishment pacifier. I filled the dummy with a vinegar solution. You’re lucky I chose not to wash your mouth out with soap due to that potty mouth of yours.” I finished eating my food while Nico sat there trying to remove his pacifier and not succeeding.

Once dinner was done and cleaned up, I went to go check on Nico. He had run off while I was doing the dishes.
“Nico…Nico” I yelled.

I found Nico standing next to the bathroom crying.

“What is wrong baby?” I asked him.

“I jst hd acidnt” he mumbled with his pacifier in his mouth.

I came up and removed the strap keeping his pacifier in place. I then proceeded to pull the pacifier out of his mouth and put it in Nico’s bag.
“Try again little boy” I told him.

“I just had an accident” he sobbed. “I couldn’t hold it any longer”.

I looked down at his diaper region and saw the diaper was expanded under his diaper cover. There were no leaks and it looks like the diaper did its job.

“Ok honey. Go play for 30 minutes and then we will go up and take a bath.”
“You’re not going to change me?” He asked in shock.
“I will change you in 30 minutes at bath time. You’re not leaking or anything. Now go play.”

Nico just looked at me and I could tell he wanted to say something. Instead though, he walked away and went upstairs to his bedroom. I figured a few minutes sitting in that wet diaper would be good for him. I went to the kitchen and grabbed another beer and sat down on the couch. I started watching the news and after about 15 minutes I heard Nico shout
“Mae, please come change me!”

I smiled. I was very uncommon for one of my charges to scream down asking for a diaper change. I turned off the TV and stood up. I found the diaper bag in my room and then walked upstairs to Nico’s bedroom. Nico was standing there trying to open the door to his bathroom.

“Need some help little boy” I asked him.
“I can’t open the door with these stupid gloves.” he whined.
“Of course not. I don’t want you falling in to the tub or anything. Now lets start that bath and get you cleaned up.”

I opened the bathroom and turned the faucet on the tub. I checked the water to make sure it was luke warm and then walked back to the bedroom where Nico was standing.
“Arms up little man” I told him as I grabbed his shirt and took it off his body leaving him in nothing but his diaper cover. I reached in to the diaper bag and grabbed my keys. I walked up to the diaper cover and put the key over the magnetic lock on the strap of the diaper cover. Immediately, the lock came off and I undid the diaper cover pulling it down his legs and off. I looked at Nico standing there in his wet diaper. The diaper did its job perfectly. I was surprised at how much it expanded but it just looked like a saggy wet diaper. I pulled the tapes on each side and caught the diaper as it fell to the ground. I rolled up the soiled diaper taping it shut and walked over to the the trashcan placing the soiled diaper in it.

“Bath time. Get in” I told him.

Nico went and sat in the bath. I grabbed the shampoo and conditioner and brought it over. Looking around, I saw a cup on the sink and grabbed that too.

“What are you doing now?” he asked.
“Washing your hair” I responded as I dumped a cup of water in his hair. I repeated two times making sure his hair was completely wet before applying shampoo to this head. After I lathered the shampoo on his head I dumped more water on his head and repeated the whole cycle with the conditioner. I got up and as I walked out of the bathroom I said.
“You have 3 minutes to play before I come pull you out” I told him.

I walked back downstairs and grabbed a pair of pajamas and a diaper from the stuff I brought. I walked back up and laid everything on the bed. I went back in to the bathroom and grabbed a towel.

“All right mister. Time to get out.” I told him.

Nico got out of the bath and I pulled the drain. I toweled him off and walked him back to the bedroom.
“Lay down on the bed so we can a diaper on you” I told him.

“I don’t want to wear a diaper anymore Mae.” He whined.

I reached back and spanked him on his partially wet butt as hard as I could. You could hear the smack it was so hard and it actually hurt my hand. I made a mental note to just spank him with my hairbrush from now on. Although, the spank worked because he immediately went and lied down on the bed. I grabbed the diaper sitting next to him and quickly diapered him making sure to put a lot of powder on him since he wouldn’t get a new diaper until tomorrow morning. I also grabbed his pajamas, unzipped them and held them up.

“Step in” I demanded.

I looked at Nico standing there in nothing but a diaper and he looked so adorable. Nico stepped in to the pajamas. I gave his butt a few patts across his diaper and zipped up the footy pajamas hearing a click as the zipper secured in place.

“Ok. You have 30 minutes before bedtime.”

“What!! It is only 8:30” Nico whined.
“Little boys need their sleep. No go play for 30 minutes.” I told him.

As he was leaving I felt my phone vibrate and held it up to see who it was. It was Isla calling. I answered the phone.

“Whats up?” I asked.
“How is it going?” Isla asked.
“Fine. How is Aruba? You and Ava having a great time?” I asked her.
“Come on Mae. Tell me what is going on!” Isla said a bit exasperated
“Not much. I just gave Nico a bath and we will start bedtime here in about 30 minutes.” I told her casually.
“Mae, quit pretending I am a mom checking on my child! Did you put him in a diaper? Did he freak out?”
“Yes. I put him in a diaper almost immediately after you left. He did get a bit upset but nothing a spanking and some mittens couldn’t fix” I told her.
“You spanked him!?!. What do you mean mittens” Isla asked.
“Yea. When I went to diaper him he put up a fuss so I put him across my knee and spanked him. I didn’t want to deal with him trying to take his diaper off so I bought some mittens which prevent the use of his hands. It forces his hands in to a fist and he can’t do anything with them…like try to remove a diaper. I also have a diaper cover that he can’t take off either as an extra precaution”
“Oh my god!. Is he ok? Did I do the right thing?” Isla asked.
“He is fine. Want me to bring him in here so you can talk to him?” I asked Isla.
“No. That is fine. I don’t know what to say to him anyway. But you’re sure everything is ok?” Isla asked.
“Yes fine. By the way when you come home Sunday, how do you want me to leave Nico?” I asked her.
“What do you mean?” Isla asked.
“Do you want him diapered? I can leave him in the mittens or the diaper cover and give you the key before I leave” I told her.
“I don’t really want to see him diapered.” Isla said.
“Suit yourself. But you will end up having to talk about this weekend eventually. Nothing forces a coversation like having to unlock your husband’s mittens or diaper cover” I told her.
“I don’t want to have to do that. I think just let him be back to normal on Sunday when I arrive” Isla said.

I frowned. Isla needs to see this and get over the stigma. So far it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Whatever you want Isla. You’re the one paying me to take care of your little one” I said.
“Come on Mae. Don’t say it like that” Isla said.
“I just changed his diaper, gave him a bath and I am about to put him to bed. Just calling it as I see it” I told her.
“Ok. I am going to have a drink with Ava. Bye” Isla said as she hung up.

Chapter 5.

I walked out of the bedroom and found Nico downstairs fumbling with the remote.
“I can’t even turn on the TV” Nico fumed. “Are you going to keep me in these mittens the entire weekend?”
“When I can be sure you will behave I will take them off. But until then, get used to them. Do you want to watch a show before bedtime?” I asked him.
“Clearly” he said in a defiant tone.

I looked at him with a stern look. He blinked as he realized I didn’t like his comment.

“Do I need to remind you what happens to naughty little boys?” I asked him.

Nico didn’t say anything he just looked at me.

“When I ask you a question I expect an answer” I told him.
“No. You don’t.” Nico whispered softly.
“Good. Listen Nico, I don’t enjoy any of this. This is for you” I told him. “Isla put a lot of effort in to this for you”
“Well she should of talked to me about it.” He told me.
“Maybe so. But when she comes home Sunday it is up to me how she finds you. Does she find big boy Nico with no diaper and wearing big boy clothes or does she find baby Nico who can’t get his diaper off and needs his wife to help him”

I looked at him as I said this.
“I don’t want her to see me like this” Nico said.
“Then start listening and quit fighting me. Enjoy this weekend. You probably won’t get another one.” I told him.
“You wouldn’t really leave me like this for Isla would you?”

He looked down and asked it in almost a whisper. I thought about it. I didn’t want to cause problems with Nico and Isla. This was supposed to be to help Nico. However, I couldn’t let Nico know that.

“I would have no problem leaving you in nothing but a very wet diaper in timeout right as Isla walked in the door. She would then be the one to let you out of your mittens or diaper cover and see that puffy diaper. Or I could also just spank you right in front her too. There are quite a few different things I could do” I warned him.

He gulped and looked down at the floor.
“So do you think you can be a good little boy for me?” I asked him.
“Yes I can” Nico said.

I turned on the TV and let him watch a show on Disney plus. After the show we turned the TV off and went up stairs to his bedroom.
“Ok time to brush your teeth” I told him.
“You have to take these mittens off to do that.” He said.

I went in to the bathroom and picked up his tooth brush. I put the toothpaste on it and walked back over to him.
“Open your mouth.” I told him.
“Mae I can do this” he whined.
“Open your mouth little boy” I told him in a stern tone.

He opened his mouth and I brushed his teeth for him. Once I was done I went back in to the bathroom and cleaned the tooth brush. I bought him back a cup of water.
“Here you go. Rinse and go spit it out.”

I held the cup to his mouth and he gulped the water. He then went in to the bathroom and spit it out. I went and pulled the covers back on the bed.

“Hop in” I told him.

He hopped in to bed and I pulled the covers up.

“Do you want a story?” I asked him
“No. I don’t want a story” Nico responded.

Ok. I want you to stay in bed. Don’t get up or out of bed until I come and get you up tomorrow.
“What if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?” Nico said.
“That diaper is thick enough to last the night.” I told him.
“I don’t want to sleep in a wet diaper” Nico said in almost a petrified tone.
“Honey, did you already wet your diaper again?” I asked him.
“No but I won’t make it through the night without going to the bathroom” he said.
“Ok. That is fine. I will change you in the morning.”
“No No No” he whined.
“Remember our convesation Nico.” I warned him.
“I don’t want to wear a diaper tonight. I never intended to actually wet them” he whined.
“You wanted someone to control you and punish you. Now go to bed. If you get up or try to do anything to your diaper you go right back over my knee. I won’t be so nice the next time. And I am serious. I have no problem spanking you in front of Isla if you deserve it”

Nico rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. I wished him a good night and walked out closing the door.

Chapter 6

I opened the door to Nico’s bedroom at 9:00am on the dot.

“Good morning little man! How did we sleep?” I asked him.
“Mae my diaper is soaking wet. Please let me out of this thing” Nico whined.
“My my. Did someone not make it through the night with a dry diaper?” I asked him.
“Just please change me” Nico said softly.
“Sure thing. We have to get you ready for the day anyway. Now are you going to behave and I will take those mittens off of you?”
“Yes.” Nico said with some excitement.
“Good. We have a a big day and I don’t think you want to explain why you are wearing these mittens” I said.
“Wait…We aren’t leaving the house are we?” Nico asked
“Yes we are.” I told him.
“I am not going out in a diaper!” Nico exclaimed.
“Mittens it is then I see” I calmly resonded.
“No! No!! No!!!” Nico whined. “What if someone sees me?”
“You will have your diaper cover on. I don’t trust you enough to not try to mess with your diaper” I told him. “Now lets get you some clothes.”

I reached in to the makeshift diaper bag and pulled out a long sleeves onsie. Nico’s eyes went wide.
“What is that?” he asked.
“It is a onsie. Makes it easier to change you when we are on the go.”
“I can’t wear that!” He cried.
“You can wear pants too. Now stop all this crying and whining” I told him.

I put the onsie next to him on the bed and grabbed a diaper along with some wipes. I took the key to the pajamas from the bag and unlocked them. I pulled the zipper down and let Nico out. Sure enough, he was in a very puffy diaper. I made quick work of the wet diaper and replaced it with a fresh one. I also made sure to put his special diaper cover on so he wouldn’t get any bright ideas while we were out. From there, I quickly put the onesie on him and told him to pick out a pair of jeans.

Nico spent about 10 minutes looking for jeans but couldn’t seem to find a pair he was satisified with.
“None of my jeans cover this diaper enough” He said.
“I don’t care if you wear pants or not. Plenty of babies just wear their onsie.” I told him.

Nico grabbed a pair of baggy sweats and put them on. He looked in the mirror and frowned.
“You can tell I am wearing a diaper!” He whined.

I went up and gave him a single medium spank on the butt. The sound startled him more than anything since he was very well padded and I am sure didn’t hurt him. He jumped.
“Lets go downstairs and eat” I told him.

I grabbed his hand and let him downstairs. I sat him at the table and reached in to his diaper bag to grab the keys to the gloves. I turned the key on the magnetic lock on each glove and removed them. I placed them in the diaper bag.
“Now you better not act up today. We talked about the consequences.” I warned him.
“I know.” He mumbled.

I fixed breakfast quickly and we ate pretty much in silence. After breakfast was done, I cleaned up, grabbed the diaper bag and started heading to the door.
“Lets go.” I announced.

Nico put his shoes on and we walked out to the car. Nico started to open the front passenger door when I stopped him.
“Nope. Little boys in the back” I told him.
“You can’t be serious” he said.
“No backtalk. Do what I say first and then you can state your case afterwards” I told him.
“Where are we going?” Nico asked.
“I promised a friend I would take her shopVfor a dress.” I told him. “We are meeting her at the mall. Now get in the back”
“I don’t want to be seen at the mall!!” Nico whined.
“Unless you want to get a spanking right here in the driveway get in the car Nico.”

Nico slowly got in the car and buckled his seat belt. I pulled out of the driveway and headed to the mall. Nico sat in the back sulking and I just ignored him. After about 30 minutes of silence, we pulled in to the mall. I got out, grabbed the backpack aka the diaper bag. I checked to make sure I had everything. Paddle…check. Diapers…check. Wipes…check. Key to diaper cover…check. I zipped it up and opened up the backseat door for Nico.

“Out” I told him.
“No” he said in a defiant tone.
“I am going to give you to the count of 3” I told him. “1…2…”
“Fine” he shouted.

Nico got out of the car, hiked his sweats up and slammed the door. I pulled back and spanked him on the butt as hard as I could. WHAAACK
“What!” He exclaimed.
“Stop being a brat or I will spank you right here in this parking lot.” I told him.

I pulled the paddle out and showed it to him.
“You wouldn’t dare” he said defiantly.

I grabbed his ear, turned him around, and pulled the back of his pants down. I proceed to spank him with the paddle 5 times. Each time the paddle hit his diaper you could hear a loud whack. One women who was walking by saw what happened and laughed. Nico recovered and quickly pulled his pants up.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Nico whailed.
“Keep it up and you will find out that I am more than willing to take you to the bathroom and pull that diaper down completely” I told him.
“Ok ok. I am sorry.” He said.

I put the paddle back in the backpack, grabbed his hand and started walking. He tried to pull his hand but I held it firm.

“Nico you’re testing my patience. If I have to I will put you on a leash” I told him.

Nico stopped pulling and we kept walking. We entered the mall entrance and headed towards Bloomingdales. When we got to Bloomingdales I headed straight towards the womens section where I found my friend Connie. Connie was a friend of mine whom I met through being a nanny. She was also my travel buddy, my partner in crime, and on a few occassions a friend with benefits. I had vaguely mentioned I was doing an abnormal babysitting job this weekend but we hadn’t gone in to a lot of details on it. She certainly had no idea about the diapers, spankings, and other things. I walked up to Connie and gave her a hug. She looked at me then at Nico.

“Who is your friend?” Connie asked.
“This is Nico. I am babysitting him for the weekend” I responded.

Nico eyes went wide but he tried to play it cool. Connie looked at me and then at Nico.
“You’re babysitting Nico for the weekend huh?” she asked.
“Yes. You remember me talking about my friend Isla. This is her husband. Isla went out of the town for the weekend and asked me to watch him” I told her.

Connie looked at me and then at Nico again. I could tell she was confused and waiting for me to elaborate. I had no intention of doing so.
“Well at least he is easier than most of your other babysitting jobs I suppose” she responded in an attempt to fish for more info.
“You would think…” I said. “Now lets pick out a dress”

Connie and I spent the next 30 minutes looking at dresses. As we were checking one really nice looking dress I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and looked at Nico.
“What do you need?” I asked him.
“Can I talk to you for a second?” He told me.
“What? I am helping Connie find a dress. Just stay here and be quiet” I told him.

Connie listened to our intereaction and kept a stone face. I could tell she was trying to figure out what was going on and she hadn’t…yet.

Nico backed away and stood there silently. Connie and I continued to look at dresses. After about 10 more minutes you could see Nico starting to fidget and keeping his hands at his side. He looked at me and then looked at his pants and then back at me. I ignored him and contined to help Connie with her dress choice. After about another 5 minutes, Nico came back over and whispered in to my ear.

“I have to go to the bathroom” he whispered.
“Go back over there now please” I told him.

Nico walked back back to where he was standing. He was clearly about to have an accident and was trying everything he could to hold it.

“It almost looks like he is doing the potty dance” Connie whispered. “What does he want?”
“He’s fine.” I told her. “Don’t worry about it”
“What are you not telling me here?” Connie asked.
“Nothing.” I told her. “I haven’t lied to you once” I told her with a smirk.
“If you’re lying to me Mae I will make sure you regret it” she warned me.

Right as she said that, I guess Nico couldn’t hold it anymore as he just froze. He did the same thing a toddler does when they wet their diaper and Connie picked up on it immediately.
“He just wet his pants didn’t he” Connie asked.
“I honestly don’t know” I said so as not to lie.
“Why don’t I see his pants getting wet” Connie asked me.
“Maybe he didn’t wet his pants Connie. He is a grown man” I told her.

Connie put the dress back on the rack and walked over to Nico. Upon seeing her come over, Nico recovered and did a bad job of trying to act naturally.

“Tell me what is going on!” Connie said.
“Umm…nothing. I am just waiting on Mae to finish helping you search for a dress” Nico responded.
“You sure about that?” Connie asked.

Without warning Connie pulled the back of Nico’s sweats back and looked down. She let them go and the elastic snapped back against Nico’s thighs.

Nico looked at Connie in horror.
“What are you doing!” He almost yelled at Connie.
“You stand right there and be quiet while I talk to Mae.” Connie ordered.

Connie walked back to where I was standing watching everything go down.
“Why do I see what looks like a diaper sticking out of a diaper cover?” Connie asked.
“Because he doesn’t like his diaper and tries to take it off.” I casually told her.
“What!?! You are forcing him to wear a diaper!” Connie exclaimed.
“Yea. Long story. I told you I am babysitting him for the weekend. I wasn’t lying. Now can we please finish what we started.”
“No we can not finish what we started” Connie said. “You better tell me what is going on or so help me…”

I gulped. Connie was definitely a dominant type. She was kinky in the bedroom and had actually spanked me on a few occassions. It had been a while but I was sure she would do it again if I antagonzied her.

“Long story short. Isla found diaper porn on the computer. Nico fessed up. Isla wanted nothing to do with it so she hired me to babysit him this weekend to get it out of his system.” I said.
“And now he needs a change I take it” Connie said.
“He is fine. Those are thick diapers.” I said. “I will change him when we are done”
“No! You will not leave him in a wet diaper Mae. Are you serious!!” Connie said incredulously.

Connie grabbed me by the arm and walked over to Nico. She grabbed Nico with the other arm and walked us both to the fitting rooms. She found the handicap stall, walked all three of us in, and closed the door locking it behind her.
“First things first. You probably need to be changed” Connie said looking at Nico.
“Can you step outside so Mae can change me” Nico said in almost a whisper.
“No. I have witnessed a lot of diaper changes.” Connie said. Mae would you please change him real quick.
“No. This is bullshit. Mae you will not change me in front of your fucking friend” Nico said.

I shook my head and reached in to the bag and pulled out the paddle and key to the diaper cover. I walked over to Nico and sat down on the bench. I pulled his sweats down to his ankles and quickly unlocked his diaper cover dropping that to his knees also. I untaped the diaper and bent him over my knee. I grabbed the paddle and started spanking him.

WHAP WHAP “I am tired of your behavior” WHAP WHAP

Nico started trying to get up off my lap but I held him down. I spanked him with the paddle another 10 times and he was crying by the end of it. If there had been anyone else in there it would of left no doubt what was happening. I let Nico up off my lap and laid him down on the bench in the dressing room. I quickly changed his diaper, put the diaper cover back on, and pulled his pants back up.

“Go stand in the corner for a minute” I told Nico. Nico did so without a word. Connie looked at me and smiled. I saw that she had grabbed the backpack and was taking a look in it.

“These diapers are cute. And the gloves. I love them. And that diaper cover!” Connie exclaimed. “So you really are babysitting?”
“Yes. And as you can see he can be quite a handfful” I told her. “Now lets finish up this dress shopping so I can get this one home for a nap” I said.

I grabbed the backpack from Connie and zipped it up. I looked around, grabbed the soiled diaper.
“Come on Nico.” I told him.

Connie, Nico, and I walked out of the changing room. I dropped the soiled diaper in the trash on the way out and we went back over to the dresses. Connie and I spent another 30 miunutes looking at dresses until finally she bought one. She checked out and we all started walking out of the mall.

“I am coming over tonight” Connie said.
“You are are you?” I said.
“Yup. You have some explaining to do” Connie said.
“Oh do I?” I said is a teasing tone.
“I can’t believe you kept this from me.” Connie exclaimed

I smiled at her as we separated at the parking dock.

Chapter 7

Nico silently got in the back this time as I got in the driver’s seat. The ride home was uneventful. Nico just sat in the back silent not saying anything at all. After a 30 minute ride we pulled back in to the house. Before I could even get out of the car Nico was already at the front door. We both went in the house and he sat down on the couch.

“You ok?” I asked Nico.
“No I am not ok! Connie saw me!! She now knows who I am” Nico cried.
“Relax. She won’t tell anyone.” I told Nico. “Now lets have some lunch and you need a nap”

I fixed lunch and then took Nico up for a nap.

“I don’t need a nap” Nico whined.
“Yes you do. You have to be tired after the way you acted at the mall.” I told him.

I checked his diaper and made him lay down.

“Rest for an hour and then you can come down.” I told him.

I went downstairs and made myself some coffee. As I sat down at the table to drink my coffee and relax I felt my phone vibrate indicating I had a message.

Connie: Naughty girl. How could you not warn me about what you were doing.
Me: You weren’t supposed to find out. It was more to make Nico uncomfortable.
Connie: You seriously think I wouldn’t of figured it out!?!
Me: Please don’t make a big deal about it. Nico was very upset when we got home. I just put him down for a nap.
Connie: You really are treating this exactly like you would any other nanny job.
Me: It is essentially the same thing. Just in this case if they misbehave I can spank them.
Connie: Speaking of spanking, you probably deserve one for keeping this from me.

I smiled. Connie was a lot of fun. If she was joking about this it means she wanted to do it.

Me: Haha.
Connie: Maybe I should babysit you…
Me: You’re funny.
Connie: I will see you later today.
Me: OK. Sounds good.

I finished my coffee and sat down on the couch. Today had not gone as planned and I needed to recharge a bit while Nico was taking a nap. I watched a little bit of TV and relaxed. After about an hour and a half, I realized I hadn’t heard anything from Nico so I went up to check on him.

I opened the door and Nico was asleep. I walked in to look at him and saw him stirring.

“Did you have a good nap Nico?”

Nico stretched and yawned.
“Yes. I didn’t realize how tired I was” He said.
“How is your diaper?” I asked him.

He turned red and looked down. I quickly checked his diaper and it was very wet.

“Its ok. Lets just get you changed real quick.” I told him. “You going to behave while I change you?”
“Yes.” he said. “But this diaper cover is uncomfortable. Would you please take it off.”
“Sure” I told him.
“Really!?!” he said in excitement.

I grabbed the diaper bag and grabbed a fresh diaper, wipes, powder, and the key. I also pulled out the gloves and before Nico knew what was happening I had them secured on to this hands.
“Hey what is this!” He exclaimed.
"I don’t want you playing with your diaper. If you’re not going to wear the cover then you’re ging to wear the gloves. I told him.

I quickly changed his diaper applying a lot of powder. I rolled up the wet diaper and went to throw it away taking his pants with me.
“Hey I need those pants.” Nico said.
“No. You’re fine in a shirt and diaper” I told him.
“No way Mae.” He said.
“I think we know how this is going to play out Nico.” I told him.

I walked out of the bedroom to dispose of the diaper. I went back downstairs and a few minutes later Nico came out with his diaper on full display. He was so embarrassed.
“Besides this makes diaper checks and diaper changes pretty easy.” I told him. “You also look adorable”

Nico frowned. I smiled at him.
“What do you want to do” I asked him.
“I guess watch a movie” He said.

I turned on Aladdin for him and went to start making dinner. I didn’t hear a peep out of him the entire time I was making dinner. As I put dinner on the table I went to check on Nico and the movie was just finishing up.

“Dinner time.” I told him.

He got up to go to the table. As he was walking by I placed my hand on the back of his diapered butt to see if he was wet.
“Hey what are you doing!” he said.
“Seeing if you need a change” I told him.
“I am fine!” he said in a defiant tone.

I popped him softly on the butt again much to his dismay as she ran in to the kitchen to sit down. WHile he was doing that I heard the doorbell ring.

Nico looked at the door and turned red.

“Go sit down and I will go see who it is” I told him.

I went to the door and opened it. It was Connie.
“What are you doing here” I asked her “I thought you wouldn’t get here until much later”
“That any way to treat your best friend, lover, and overall confidant” Connie said in mock indignation.

Connie walked past me in to the house. She looked around and saw Nico sitting at the table. She looked at me and smiled.
“Why I would love to stay for dinner.” Connie said loudly enough for Nico to hear.

Connie walked in to the dining room and sat down at the empty chair. I followed her in and grabbed an extra plate. I put the plate down next to her as she sat right next to Nico. She looked at Nico sitting at the dinner table wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper and then looked at me.

“What is for dinner?” Connie asked.
“Pasta” I told her.

I sat down and dished out the pasta to Nico and Connie before I served myself. Connie took a bite of the food.

“MMMM… You are always such a great cook Mae.” Connie exclaimed. “This is great stuff”
“Thanks!” I said.

I scopped up some pasta for Nico and set it next to him. I grabbed a spoon and started feeding him. Nico opened his mouth up like a good little boy. Connie smirked at the sight.

“What do you think Nico?” I asked him.
“I think that Connie shouldn’t be here” he said.
“Nico, be nice. I don’t want to have to send you to bed early for being naughty” I told him. “Now how is the meal?”
“Good” Nico responded.
I fed him another bite and ending up getting sauce on his face. I got up, grabbed a bib and put it around his neck
Connie laughed this time

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I looked at Connie with a death glare. She just shrugged. I was about to say something when I heard my phone ring. I stopped feeding Nico and got up to answer it.
“Excuse me” I said.
“I will continue feeding little Nico here while you take that” Connie said.

Before I could say anything she sat down besides Nico and started feeding him.
“No way!!” Nico exclaimed.
“Just relax everyone. I will be right back.” I said.

I quickly went in to the kitchen to answer the phone. It had been ringing for about 30 seconds so I answered it without looking at the caller-id.

“Hello” I answered.
“Hey Mae, I wanted to give you a heads up” Ava said
“Whats up?” I asked with concern.
“Isla should be showing up there any minute.” Ava answered.
“What!! She isn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow. I thought you ladies were in Aruba” I said.
“We were. But she was worried about Nico. I tried to calm her down but she caught an early flight a few hours ago.”
“And you’re just telling me now?” I said.
“I didn’t think she would actually get on the plane. It wasn’t until I finally got ahold of her on the phone that I realized she was back stateside”
“Ok. I need to get Nico cleaned up and back in to a more presentable state. Thanks for the heads up”
“No problem” Ava responded and hung up.

As I went to put the phone back in my pocket I heard a scream in the dining room.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing!” Nico exclaimed.

I ran in to the dining room to find Nico bent over Connie’s lap, his diaper pulled down, and Ava bringing her hand down to spank Nico. I heard the spank before I even registered what was going on.
“STOP” I yelled. “What is going on” I asked.

Nico looked up at me in what looked like sheer terror. Connie was in middle of the second spank and stopped.
“Connie let Nico up now” I told her. “You are not allowed to spank him”

Connie pulled Nico’s diaper back up and let him off her lap. As Nico was standing up I also noticed his diaper getting a lot puffier.
“Are you wetting your diaper right now?” I asked.
“I couldn’t help it” Nico cried. “I have been holding it for hours and when Connie spanked me it was too much.”
“Corner time. Go now” I said to Nico.

Nico waddled over to the corner and stood facing it with what appeared to be a very wet diaper.

“Can I change him?” Connie asked.
“No Connie. Isla will be here any minute. I don’t want her to find Nico sitting in a very wet diaper”
“WHAAAT” Nico responded.

He immediately started fumbling with his diaper but couldn’t do much with mittens on. He had panic in his eyes and was starting to go in to a full on tantrum. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder and he pushed my hand away which pissed me off. I grabbed the O right on his mittens and pulled them. This immediately caused him to lurch forward. I brought his hands around a beam in the corner and attached the carabiner that I had used previously to secure his hands. He was now essentially trapped hugging a beam in the corner. This would at least give him a chance to calm down.

Nico started pulling against the beam but it was useless. The mittens were securely on and the beam would break before the carabiner. I looked at him with a death look.

“Calm down now Nico. Isla will be here any minute and unless you want her to find you in a wet diaper in timeout chill out” I told him.

I looked at Connie.

“Isla will be here any minute. I need to clean up Nico and calm him down. I can’t believe you tried to span…”

Just as I finished saying that I heard the door open.
“Mae, I came home early. I just was so worried about Nico”



I pulled in to the restaurant and drove up to the valet. I grabbed my purse, left the key in the cupholder and got out of the car.
“Are you here for dinner Maam?” The valet asked me.
“Yes.” I responded.
“Enjoy your meal” the valet responded.

I walked through the same door of the same restaurant from last month. It was again our monthly BroCo girls dinner and Mae had picked the same restaurant as last time. I walked in and looked around to see if Ava and Mae were here. Once again, they were already seated as I walked up to the table.

“We already ordered you a scotch. Mae wouldn’t tell me a damn thing until you got here” Ava said. “It is killing me that neither of you will tell me what happened.”

I smirked at her.
“Mae didn’t tell you anything?” I asked coyly.
“She said she doesn’t talk about the kids she babysits without parents permission” Ava said.

I laughed. I have to give Mae credit for one thing. She can be discreet when she wants to be. Especially considering the shit show I walked in to. I sat down at the table and before I could respond the waiter brought the drinks.

“Here you go ladies” The waiter said as he placed the drinks in front of us. “Can I start you off with any appteizers or anything else?”
“No we are good.” Ava said. “Give us a little time” Ava said.
“Ava!” Mae said in the same tone you would use to scold a child. “Be nice. Do you need a timeout?”

Ava looked at Mae in shock. The waiter was also shocked as well and left the table immediately.
“Did you just scold me like a child” Ava asked.
“I did” Mae said in a laughing tone. “Now you better behave or you might learn what happens to naughtly little girls.”
Ava looked at Mae and didn’t say a word.
“If you don’t believe me ask Nico.” Mae said.

Ava and I laughed.

“I wouldn’t know since I have no idea what happened” Ava said. “So tell me” Ava demanded.

Mae looked at me and didn’t say a word.

“Mae why don’t you tell us what happened before I came home since I only know Nico’s side of the story”

Mae recanted the whole weekend. I didn’t think it was possible to see Ava’s jaw drop more but everytime I thought it couldn’t go lower it did. She stopped her part of the story right when I walked in the door.

“So you seriously spanked him, changed his diapers, had your girlfriend spank him, and essentially babysit him for the entire weekend” Ava asked.
“Yea. That is what I was hired to do. I honestly didn’t expect him to be such a brat but it wasn’t any worse than a normal weekend babysitting anyone else. And for the record I didn’t ask Connie to spank him!! As a matter of fact, Connie got her own spanking later that night!”

I laughed. Ava looked shocked.
“You seriously spanked Connie?” Ava asked.
“Yea I did. She didn’t think I could do it either. I can’t believe she spanked Nico.” Maed said.

“I can’t believe he went along with everything.” Ava said.
“He didn’t want to in some respect.” Mae said. “But he didn’t have a choice either”.
“And he seriously couldn’t do anything about it?” Ava asked.
“No.” Mae said.
“Unbelievable” Ava said.
“Tell you what. If you want, same rates, I will babysit you. Then you can see for yourself” Mae said.
“No way!!!” Ava said. “So what happened when Isla came in”

“Well needless to say I was a bit shocked when I walked in. My husband was standing in a corner in a very wet babyish diaper. Mae is there with another women who I have never met. I essentialloy asked her What the hell is going on?”
“What did she say?” Ava said.

“She explained what happened. Connie invited herself over. She was just about to get Nico cleaned up once she heard I was coming over. She did add a nice little comment that if I had bothered to tell her I was coming early then she would of come home to a clean house and a husband who wasn’t in a t-shirt and diaper”

Ava laughed. “I can’t believe you just left” Ava said.

“So I just told Mae that I would take it from here.” I said. “She and Connie got out of there really fast.”
“What about Nico. He didn’t say anything?” Ava asked.
“He was so shocked. Mae unhooked his hands and asked me if I wanted her to take off the gloves.”
“What did you say?” Ava asked very interested.
“You know…You seem overly interested in this. Are you sure you don’t want a babysitter for the weekend” Mae asked. “Isla did you bring the mittens with you?”

I nodded.

“Yes I have them with me. I told Mae to leave them on Nico. Nico got really upset but when Mae threatened to spank him again he stopped talking and went and sat on the couch. Mae got her things and her and Connie left.”

“Then what?” Ava asked.
“I want to know too” Mae said.

“I let him out of timeout. I asked him how the weekend went. He said he wouldn’t talk to me until I let him out of the gloves so he could get out of his wet diaper.”
“Mittens” Mae said. “They are mittens.”
"Either way. I knew he would never talk to me about this again if he could. So I gave him an option. I could either change him or we could just talk it out but either way he was staying in a diaper.
“What did he choose” Ava asked?
“He had an epic meltdown” I told them. “I was worried I was pushing him too far but we couldn’t have this hanging over our relationship. He eventually calmed down and I changed him.”
“You changed his diaper!” Ava said.
“I didn’t think it was fair to leave him in a wet diaper. Mae had left some diapers in the guest bedroom… Anyway we spoke about it. I also found when I changed him it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. He was also hard as a rock. We had some of the best sex ever later that night.”

I reached in to my purse and handed Mae the mittens along with the magnetic key. Ava reached out to grab them.
“I have never heard or seen these things before.”
“Here try them out” Mae said.

Mae then quickly just placed them on Ava’s hands without attaching the locks.

“Now try to use your hands.” Mae said.
“I can’t. I can’t do much” Ava said.
“Exactly” Mae said. “Its perfect for making sure a little boy or girl can’t remove their diaper or do anything that could hurt them.”

Mae removed the mittens and put them back in her purse.

“So are you going to do anything more with diapers” Mae asked?
“Are you asking me if I will ever ask you to babysit again?” I asked her.
“I would do it again if you asked. But more if it is still something you don’t talk about.” Mae said.
“He is in a diaper right now as we speak” I told them.

Both Ava & Mae’s jaws dropped.

“I put him in a diaper before we left.”
“Do you think he will leave it on” Ava asked.
“I bought the same diaper cover Mae has.” I told her. “His fantasy is being forced to wear them so I made him drink two beers before I left. If I get home and he is wet then I give him a really really good spanking and he has to wear diapers for 24 hours”.

Mae smiled and Ava just looked shocked. The rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful. It was great to see the ladies again.