Babysitter switch

This my first story attempt…please review….

Babysitter switch (For lack of a better title.)

“Where is he?” Diana had been waiting for fifteen minutes and her boyfriend, Josh, had still not arrived. As she waited, she began to think about her life.

She had it great: her parents were rich, she had the cutest guy in school as her boyfriend and she had just become head of the cheerleaders’ squad. Nothing could be better, unless her boyfriend had remembered their 1-year anniversary!

She was just about to grab her cellphone and call him, when the doorbell rang. Quickly leaping off the couch, she ran to the door and opened it, seeing her boyfriend had finally arrived.

“Hey sweetums.”

“What kept you! I thought you said you were coming right over!”

“Sorry about that, traffic was murder. But I know something that will cheer you up.” He had a small blue box in his hand.

“Oh…you remembered our anniversary!”

“Would I forget? So…can I come in?”

“Oh! Sorry!” Laughing, she let him in and they both took a seat on the couch. Josh then handed her the small blue jewelry box. Diana began to giggle at the thought of what was in the box. Opening the box, she gasped at what she saw.

Inside the box, was the most beautiful pendant necklace she had ever seen. It had a huge emerald in the center of it and the whole thing was covered in a strange inscription.

“Awwwww. It’s beautiful! Where did you get it?”

“I bought it during that class trip to Rome. I asked the merchant what it said and he said something about eternal youth or something. I guess it’s suppose to be a good luck charm.”

“I love it! You deserve something too.” With that, she leaned over and gave him a huge kiss on the lips. It lasted for several moments and when she was done, he seemed to be in a daze.

'That was…great…" There was a long moment of silence as Diana tried the necklace on. It seemed to glow as she placed it on.

“Well, I better go now…” With that, he left as Diana praised over her new jewelry. She did that for several more minutes, before the phone rang. Leaping up, she grabbed the phone on the second ring.


“Hello, Diana?”

“Oh, hello Mrs. Anderson!” Mrs. Anderson was her mom’s friend. She had a 1-year-old girl that Diana babysat for every so often. It allowed her to make a quick buck, as her parents had cut off her credit cards months ago.

“Diana, I was wondering if you would baby-sit for me tonight. I’ll be gone all night so I’ll pay extra.”

“Alright! When should I come by?” Diana was excited about making even more money.

“Come by around 9. We’ll be leaving around that time”

“Alright, bye!” Slamming the phone back onto the holster, she ran up to her room to begin the two-hour process of going out. She spent half an hour, trying to decide
what to wear, an hour to do her hair and make-up and another half-hour to pick out the right shoes to wear. As you can guess, she is VERY motivated by her looks.

By the time she was finished, it was quarter to nine. Quickly grabbing her keys (and her cellphone) she rushed out the door, hopped into her car, and quickly drove to Mrs. Anderson house. She made it in ten minutes, just as Mrs. Anderson was about to walk out the door.

“Oh. I see you’ve finally arrived. We were worried that we would have to call someone else.”

“Would I disappoint you?” She didn’t give them time to answer as she walked in the door. Mrs. Anderson began to explain what she was to do.

“Now, she’s taking a nap in her pen and I’ve already fed her so you should be good for the rest of the night. Make sure you wake her up early tomorrow for her morning feeding and don’t forget to change her okay?” Mrs. Anderson seemed worried, as this was the first time she was leaving her daughter alone for the full night and Diana could sense this.

“Don’t worry! We’ll be fine! Now shouldn’t you get going?”

“Oh, your right! We’ll be back by noon tomorrow! Goodbye!” with that, she walked out the door and drove off. A smile began to creep across her face as she heard them drive off.

“Yes! They’re gone! Their house is mine!” Quickly running into the kitchen, she grabbed some left over pizza, warmed it up in the microwave, grabbed a beer and slumped down on the couch. Surfing through their 300 channels, she found that her favorite chick flick was on.

She continued to watch that movie for over an hour. She ate 4 pieces of pizza, two bowls of ice cream and several light beers. She had just reached her favorite part of the movie, when she suddenly heard crying coming from the end of the room.

Looking over, she saw that the little girl, Brittany, had woken up. By the smell in the air, she easily guessed that she was in need for a change.

“Awww. Do you need a new didee? Let auntie D change you.” Picking her up, she grabbed her pacifier from the playpen, shutting her up. As she walked upstairs to change her, she didn’t notice that Brittany was staring intently at her pendant, a green glow in her eyes.

Walking upstairs, she carried her to towards the second door on the right. Opening it with her free, she stepped into a huge nursery. The Anderson’s really spoiled their daughter, as everything a baby could ever want, or need, was in that room.

Placing her on the changing table, she began to un-pin her diaper. The Anderson’s preferred to use cloth diapers and had a huge stack of them in the room. Grabbing some wipes from the table, she began the process of cleaning her up. Once she was done, she grabbed some powder and began to sprinkle it on to the area.

As she was doing this, she didn’t notice that Brittany was staring at the pendant dangling around her neck. It seemed to have calmed her, as she usually cried during a change. Once she finished applying the powder, she grabbed a diaper form the ever-present pile and quickly pinned it on.

With the diaper change finished, she picked her up and placed her in a sitting position. It was at this point, that she noticed that Brittany wasn’t crying, and was staring at her pendant.

“You like? I guess you have great taste.” Diana began to laugh at this. What kind of taste could a baby have?

Brittany began to giggle, and tried to grab at the pendant around her neck. Diana quickly recoiled from this.

“Don’t grab! If he want to see it so bad, here.” Taking it from around her neck, she handed it to her, who clutched it in her tiny hands. She continued to stare at it, her eyes continuing to glow.

“You’ve seen it, now give it back.” He put out her hand for her to give it back, but Brittany only clutched it tighter.

“I said…give it back!” Again, she only held it tighter. By this point, Diana was pissed off with her.

“I SAID GIVE IT YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!” reaching out, she attempted to yank it from her hands. Her yell and sudden motion caused Brittany to cry.

Suddenly, a green light began to pour from the pendant. Diana gasped at this, as the green light began surround her. As the light surrounded her, she noticed a strange feeling in her limbs. Looking at her hand, she almost screamed.

Her hand appeared to be shrinking! Her once tight ring now hung loosely on her finger and her sleeve began to droop off her arm. Her sweater suddenly seemed much larger as she continued to shrink. When she was about a third of her size, she screamed.

As she continued to scream, the green light began to surround Brittany as well, only she seemed to be growing. Her arms and legs got larger and her shirt began to press hard against her chest as a pair of breasts suddenly appeared. Long, flowing blonde hair shot from her scalp, flowing down to her waist. The cloth diaper began to stretch against her now growing waist and her shirt was on the brink of tearing from her still growing breasts.

Moments later, the light subsided. Diana was now the size of a one-year-old. Her panties hung from her ankles and her shirt was more like a blanket. Instead of screaming, she was now crying. Looking up though her tears, she gasped at the grown up form of Brittany. She looked to be about 18, with deep green eyes. Her shirt was way too small and only half covered her breasts. Somehow, the diaper had been able to stretch and was more like a fabric thong with pins.

“Bwut….whow?” She spoke with the voice of a small child.

“How did this happen?” as Brittany spoke, her voice was nice and like the sound of a harp. Still holding the pendant, she tied it around her neck.

“This pendant is really a magic pendant. It can only be used by someone who believes in it’s magic…like a baby. When it sensed that I was in trouble, it use it’s magic to protect me. The inscription on it reads: “To be young or old for the true wielder.” It’s magic allowed me to switch ages with you.”

“This not wight…me suspose to be baba sittuh…not ta baba.” She continued to cry.

“Oh no! You are not getting this back, “punking” Your magic charm is mine…and now is your teen-ager hood!” She began to laugh at this, as Diana continued to cry.

“Awww. Don’t worry. “Auntie” B will take care of you.”
As she bent down to pick her up, a loud rip could be heard as her shirt tore, leaving her standing almost naked, in a stretched out diaper.

“Oh my. Looks like I better get some clothes on.” As she placed Diana on the table, she grabbed the shirt that was hanging loosely on Diana’s body and pulled it off.

“No… dwon’t.” Brittany ignored her as she slid her arms through the sleeves of the silk shirt, which fit perfectly. Grabbing the panties around Diana’s waist, she quickly unpinned the large diaper, having it drop to the floor. Pulling the panties up, she grabbed the jeans off the floor and quickly put them on. In seconds, she looked like a blonde haired version of Diana.

“Now…to get you into something.” She said this with a sneer as her hand reached for the cloth diaper pile. Diana began to squirm as she realized what she was about to do. Before she could do anything though, Brittany held her down with her other hand.

“Don’t worry.” She said with a kind voice as she grabbed a diaper and reached for the other products. “I’ll only take a second.”

Grabbing a diaper from the pile, she placed it down while she grabbed the baby powder as well. Still holding Diana down, she sprinkled the powder on her area, then proceeded to rub it in. Diana was still squirming, but she couldn’t escape Brittany’s iron grip on her.

Once Brittany was done with the powder, she unfolded the diaper slowly, savoring the look of fear and humiliation on Diana face, before lifting her up and placing the diaper beneath her. This caused her to squirm even more, but Brittany still did not release her grip.

Grabbing pins from the can, she released her hold on Diana for only a moment, in which she finished the process, pinning the piece of cloth around Diana’s waist. This caused Diana to start bawling, before she was quickly picked up and taken downstairs.

Once the reached the living room, Brittany quickly placed Diana in the playpen still in the corner of the room. Brittany began to laugh as Diana tried to escape, but the pen was made to ensure no infants could escape.

“Now you wait here and play with your toys, while I make a little call…” She trailed off as she walked over to the couch, picking up the purse Diana had left on the couch. Reaching in, she pulled out Diana’s cellphone.

As Diana still tried to find a way to escape, Brittany searched the phone’s memory for the perfect person to call. After a few moments, she found the perfect one: Josh, Diana’s boyfriend. As she started dialing, Diana was trying to figure out a way to escape.

She first tried to climb out, but her tiny body was making that hard. Then she started stacking some of the blocks together to make a tower, but the tower kept crumbling whenever she stepped on it. She needed to get out of here and get that pendant back!

Another problem suddenly distracted her from her current situation: she had to use the bathroom. She had had three beers, 4 slices of pizza and at least two bowls of ice cream during the night and before, that wouldn’t have been a problem. But along with her body, her digestive system and bladder had shrunk as well.

She tried to hold it back as her stomach started to cramp. She needed to hold out as long as she could and get that pendant back. As this need arose itself, Brittany had finished making the call and decided to check on Diana. A smile spread across her face, as she saw the look of pain on Diana’s face, which she quickly knew meant she needed to relieve herself.

Ignoring Diana for a moment, she walked into the kitchen. Grabbing a bottle from the cupboards, she filled it up with milk then placed it in the microwave for a few minutes to heat it up. After a minute, a loud beeping rang through the house, causing Diana to turn to the source of the sound. She say Brittany, walking out of the kitchen, holding…a bottle!?!

Diana quickly realized what she was planning on doing, and tried once again to pull herself out of the pen. She had barely pulled her nose above the pen, when Brittany reached down and picked her up, cradling her in her arms. Once again, Diana started squirming, but to try and reach the pendant around her neck.

“Oh, don’t fuss little baby.” She said in the most taunting of voices, “It’s time for you ba-ba.” With one quick motion, she forced the nibble of the bottle into Diana’s open mouth. Diana started to struggle, until the warm liquid started to pour into her mouth. This sudden rush of liquid seemed to calm her, causing her to calm down. This also caused her to release her hold on her bowels.

As her belly started to fill with warm milk, her bowels released themselves. Before she could stop it, her infant body started to forcibly push a load into the back of the cloth diaper. The back of the diaper started to bulge, as the mess started to move around, filling the entire back of her diaper. As this occurred, her bladder emptied as well, as the front of the diaper started to sag and grow warm, as the cloth absorbed the warm liquid.

After a few more seconds, it stopped. The cloth was now hanging loosely from her waist, filled to almost bursting. This caused her to once again start crying the moment the bottle was removed. This was soon ceased, as the end of the pacifier was shoved into her mouth. Almost automatically, she started to suck on it. Only minutes later, the doorbell rang.

“Oh good. He’s here.” With that, she placed Diana back in the pen, causing her diaper’s “cargo” to be moved and squished around her bare areas, causing her skin to crawl. It was then that that Diana started to wonder “Who was Brittany expecting at the door? She had been a baby not even a half hour ago!”

As Brittany opened the door, she heard the sound of Brittany yelling, loud enough for her to hear her, “Oh! I’m so glad you could come! Josh!”

“Josh!?! She had called Josh!?!” At first, she was freaked out, but then, a glimmer of hope started to appear. Josh had no idea who she was, he would figure out about her and save her!"

“Hello, Brittany.” Diana gasped the moment those words left her lips. “What was going on? Josh didn’t know who her was!” As she was thinking this, she saw Josh, grab Brittany in an passionate hug and land a big, wet kiss right on her lips. This caused Diana to become even more confused, and any hope she had to completely vanish.

As he stepped in, he saw her in the pen, walked over to her, leaned close to her face and said, “Hello Diana. Having fun yet?” Seeing the shocked look on her face, he started to smile.

“Surprised? You didn’t think I knew what was written on that pendant? I used to be a baby like you, until my older brother, George, found the pendant one day kicking around in an old truck. He was planning to give it to his girlfriend, but I took it from him. Before he could take it back, I used the pendant to switch my age which his, turning him into the now younger brother. Since then, I have had the power to see people at any age. I could see an old lady as a teenage girl or, in Brittany’s case…a baby into a young teenager.”

He turned to Brittany, who smiled at him. He walked over and once again, embraced her in a passionate hug.
“The first time I saw her future self, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I knew I had to have her, but I could wait fourteen to fifteen years. That, was were you came in.”

It was then, that Diana understood his plan. He had used her to fast-forward her life so that she could be his girl and her a helpless baby. But her parents would know it was her! There was still hope!

“Oh, and if you’re wishing for you’re parents to come here and save you, don’t hold your breath. The pendant’s magic makes it so that anyone who doesn’t know about the magic, will believe the new reality, no questions asked. So your parents will see you as a 1-year-old baby, and Brittany’s parent, a 16 year old teenager.”

As he finished talking, he noticed the smell in the air.
“Oh…looks like someone needs their diapey changed.” Walking back to the pen, he picked her up, her diaper once again sagging. Still smiling, he carried her upstairs. But instead of heading to Brittany’s room, he walked over to a nearby closet. Opening it up, a changing table slid out. There were several shelves above the table, some holding powder and wipes, the rest, holding now disposable diapers.

Placing her on the table, he undid the pins on her diaper. As the diaper fell away, he grabbed the can of powder from the shelf and powdered her. Then, like he had done it a million times, he grabbed a diaper, unfolded it, placed it under her, and taped up all four tapes.

“Now, don’t you look lovely?” Diana was blushing bright red through the whole thing. Even though she was in the body of a baby, and this guy was a sleezly dirtbag, she still found it embarrassing to be changed by him. As he finished changing her, the doorbell once again rang.

“Ah. Looks like your mommie’s arrived just in time.” Picking her up from the table, he takes her downstairs, where Brittany is answering the door. Diana is shocked to see her mom standing there.

“So, How was my baby girl this evening?”

“She was good tonight, cried a few times so I put her down for a nap. Oh, here’s Josh with her now.” Diana’s mom turned to see Josh walking down the stairs, her baby girl in his hands. She started to squirm even more as she was passed to her mother’s hands.

“Did my baby enjoy herself tonight?”

Diana tried to say, “Help me! I’m suppose to be 16 not 1! Somebody do something!”, but all that came out was, “Goo goo, ga ga go!”
Her mother smiled at her attempt to talk.

“C’mon. Let’s go home.” With that, she handed Brittany and Josh 25$ each, waved good-bye and walked to her car. As she got in, Diana got one more look at the two people who had stolen everything from her, before she was strapped into a car seat, and they both drove away.

As they watched the car leave, Brittany turned to Josh. “What will happen to her now?”

“A few days of being fed baby food, having her diaper changed and taking naps every few hours…her mind will soon slip. And when that happens, she will truly be a baby, with no memory of any of this, just like my “little” brother. Besides, I kind of helped her. Not only was she a spoiled brat, but I saw what she would grow up to look like.”

“Which was?”

“Trust me, you do not want to know how ugly she looked. But now, she’ll have a second chance at life.” As he finished talking, he leaned into Brittany.
“So, how about we go upstairs and have some fun?”

“Sounds good to me.” She said in a sexy, seductive voice. Still hugging, they started upstairs to Brittany’s room. Opening the door, they entered into Brittany’s new room. Her once nursery had transformed into an average teenager’s room, complete with posters, a dresser and closet bursting with clothes, and a computer and t.v in the corner of the room.

As they walked into the room, Brittany had already ripped off Josh’s shirt and was getting to his pants. As they hit the bed, Josh made a grab for her bra strap, ready to get physical. Anyone in earshot would have heard the noise of two teenager lovers, making sweet love late into the night.


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Babysitter switch

If you’re going to rip off the story from a picture, you should at least link to it, like so - Giving credit to the artist, in this case Bojay, is also a good idea. It would probably also be better to use something a little less well known if you don’t do the first two.

Babysitter switch

Another problem…when the boyfriend is changing the former girlfriends diaper…she is now a baby…so a disposable baby diaper would not have “Four Tabs”


Babysitter switch

“Now, don’t you look lovely?” Diana was blushing bright red through the whole thing. Even though she was in the body of a baby, and this guy was a sleezly dirtbag, she still found it embarrassing to be changed by him. As he finished changing her, the doorbell once again rang.

“Ah. Looks like your mommie’s arrived just in time.” Picking her up from the table, he takes her downstairs, where Brittany is answering the door. Diana is shocked to see her mom standing there.

“So, How was my baby girl this evening?”

“She was good tonight, cried a few times so I put her down for a nap. Oh, here’s Josh with her now.” Diana’s mom turned to see Josh walking down the stairs, her baby girl in his hands. She started to squirm even more as she was passed to her mother’s hands.

changes from past to present, then back to past tense here.

Babysitter switch

It was a good story,but not to my liking as i don’t enjoy the age swap genre. Still tho i will read your next effort

Babysitter switch

It was an alright story. Yeah, its competly somebody else’s idea… But you expanded on it some, which was nice. I have a lot of the same problems with it as everyone else, so I wont waste my time there.

You have a pretty good sense of how to tell a story though. I’d like to see something more original from you.