Babysitter BUST!

This is a script from a video I plan on filming in spring. Let me know what ya think whether you like it or hate it! Please keep in mind it’s written in a way that would benefit filming it and not really as a story.

*Scene one begins with 2 guys walking into their front door from school. They put their back packs down on the couch and both go into the kitchen to get food. Once there one of them spots a note on the fridge door that reads…

Boys, your father and I went out to dinner to celebrate the upcoming new baby! We would have invited you both with us but you’ve proven in the past that you can’t behave in public. We’ll be home later, but in the meantime I asked eric from next door to “babysit” the both of you. He’ll be there around 7 so don’t bother trying to throw any parties! Love Mom & Dad.*

Punk 1 crumples up the note and throws it away

Punk 2: What’s that about?
Punk 1: Mom and dad are out to dinner.
Punk 2: So?
Punk 1: Well you know that cocky asshole eric from next door who tried to steal your girlfriend?
Punk 2: …
Punk 1: Well they thought it would be a good idea for him to “babysit” us because apparently we’re not grown adults…
Punk 2: laughs well he’s in for a treat then….

Camera fades to black, 7:13pm appears on a clock and we see Eric sitting on their couch talking to his girlfriend on the phone

Eric: talking on phone being a jerk to his girlfriend Ya know you don’t suck my dick enough baby! And while we’re at it actually you really need to find a way to shrink your pussy cause that thing is way too fucking big for me!….NO! My dick is not tiny! It’s your vag it’s way too stretched out probably from all thsoe black dudes you slept around with before me!

eric’s girlfriend hangs up on him

Eric: sigh that dumb bitch hung up on me….

Eric gets up to check out the other 2 guys in their bedroom

Eric: Hey little boys! Just wanted to make sure you’re both playing nice and not fighting over your bottle like babies! laughs Seriously kids don’t mess your diapies cause I’m not changing you! laughs and walks away into the bathroom

Next scene shows Eric in the bathroom of his neighbors home while babysitting the 2 guys. He looks around the bathroom a bit and then unzips his pants and begins to pee into the toilet. As he’s peeing the 2 punks slowly peak into the door from the dark hallway and laugh quietly amongst each other about how small his dick is. Eric then spots the mother’s panties laying over the bathtub and picks them up. He then gets a naughty look on his face and pulls his pants all the way off and sits down against the side of the bathtub. He then begins to jerk off into the panties. While he’s doing this he’s muttering to himself lines like “OOooh yeah baby you like my big dick! Yeah no shit you do you fucking slutty milf! Oh you’ve always wanted me to fuck your pussy huh?! Ooohhh yes I am a sex God you stupid bitch! Hnnnng!”

The 2 punks back away from the door a bit and begin to have a discussion…
Punk 1: Alright this douchebag needs to be taught a lesson, he’s beating off his little baby dick into our mother’s panties!
Punk 2: You know what… he’s got a little baby sized pee-pee….aaand mom & dad have all of that new baby stuff! Let’s show this little prick who’s babysitting who!
Both of them giggle as they shake each other’s hand

The next scene is a compilation of shots that show both punks grabbing baby supplies from the future baby’s bedroom. This includes diapers, baby powder, a pacifier, bib, bonnet, mittens and ballet slippers from the closet for baby booties.

The following scene we go back to Eric masterbating on the bathroom floor when suddenly both punks barge into the bathroom by kicking the door open. Without wasting any time they each grab one of Eric’s arms and drag him out of the bathroom as Eric’s pants remain around his ankles. As he is being drug off Eric is angerly yelling at both punks to let him go.

All 3 of them arrive in the future babies bedroom. The punk push Eric down to the ground onto a blanket.

Eric: What the fuck do you think you’re doing you assholes!

Punk 1: Listen bitch you think YOU are the babysitter?! You’ve got another thing coming baby dick!

Punk 2 leans in closer to Eric who is sitting on the floor.
Punk 2: We decided we’re gonna teach you a lesson….

Punk 2 looks over at the bed filled with baby supplies. Eric looks in the same direction and notices the diaper, baby powder, bonnet, slippers and so on. He then begins to get nervous

Punk 2: We’re gonna force your wimpy ass to regress into a baby!

Eric: Wa…wait. Okay I’m sorry, I’m sorry!…

Both punks look at each other, wondering if they’re going to far and should maybe pity him…

Eric: …Sorry your mom clearly wants to suck my huge dick!

Punk 2 punches Eric in the face which knocks him all the way down to the floor

The punks remove his shirt, making Eric now fully nude. They then foce baby mittens on his hands to make it impossible for him to grab anything. We then see his arms being held behind his back by a stronger punk as the other punk ties a bonnet on his head, a bib around his neck, puts pink ballet slippers on his feet and shoves a pacifier into his mouth. Eric spits the pacifier out and continues to shout at the 2 punks. They slap him to shut him up. The punk then forcefully ties the pacifier around Eric’s mouth so he has no choice but to naturally suck on it like a baby.

Eric is then pushed back to the ground and kicked in the stomach a few times. One punk then pins him down and holds his arms back as the other begins to diaper Eric as he helplessly lays on the baby blanket laid out on the floor. The punk starts off by squeezing powder on Eric’s tiny dick and then holds his legs up and shoots another load of baby powder on his butt. He then grabs a fresh diaper and slides it under his butt just before tightly straping the tape ends and fully diapering him. The whole time that Eric is being diapered both punks are getting revenge by taunting him and talking to him like he’s a baby. Meanwhile all Eric can do is suck his pacifier nervously and mumble faint cries.

Once Eric is fully diapered and completely dressed in baby clothing one of the punks gets an idea…

Punk 1: I’ll tell ya what widdle baby ewic… if you piss your diaper right now just for our amusement….we’ll let you go and we won’t tell anybody about you jerking your little baby dick into our mothers panties.

A close up shot of eric’s terrified face shaking his head no.

Punk 1: Weeelll we tried to be nice and show you mercy… but I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way…

Punk 1 grabs a baby bottle with milk in it from the bed.

Punk 1: Awww widdle baby ewic looks hungwy! Open up wiiiide!

Eric’s paciifer is remove and the baby bottle of milk is jammed into his mouth and forcefully held there

Punk: Dwink up widdle one!

Eric isn’t drinking the bottle and instead is just mumbling in fear

Punk 2: Drink the fucking bottle of milk or we’re both going to kick your sorry bitch ass!

Eric instantly begins to quickly suckle on the baby bottle of milk

Both punks start laughing at how pathetic eric is.

Punk 1: You’re gonna drink from your bobba until you drench that diaper sissy boy!

Close up shot on Eric suckling away at the baby bottle. The scene then slowly turns to black

“7 and a half bottles later” text appears and fades away, then back into the scene

A close up panning shot of empty baby bottles with a few drops of milk left in them are seen laying around on the bedroom floor against baby eric’s side. Eric is desperetly and slowly still suckling milk from a baby bottle while he wimpers gently with each suck. Punk 2 is still behind his head holding his arms back as Punk 1 is forcing the bottle on him

Punk 1: You can stop this aaaaanytime you want baby! All you gotta do is flood those pampers with piss you little bed wetter!

Eric reaches the bottom of his baby bottle and no milk is left

Punk 1: Uh-Ohhh baby needs more milky wilk!

Punk 2 hands Punk 1 a fresh new baby bottle of milk. Punk 1 pulls the bottle out of eric’s mouth and a large plop! is heard followed by the new bottle being forced into eric’s mouth

Suddenly eric begins to moan and wimper louder and louder

Stomach gurgling sounds are coming from eric’s stomach

Eric’s crying continues to build up

Punk 1: Ooohhh yeah! Coem on you little sissy you know you can’t take it anymore! Wet those huggies for us!

Both punks begin to laugh

Shots of eric suckling the bottle, close ups of his diaper, shots of both punks laughing and sounds of eric’s stomach gurgling are all edited at this point to illustrate a big build up to eric finally wetting his diaper from all of the forced bottles of formula

*Suddenly eric sucks his stomach in and loud sounds of him wetting his diaper can finally be heard as he continues to wimper. The sounds of a strong stream of piss hitting up against the plastic bambino diaper go on for about 20 seconds. Some close ups of the diaper filling up and expanding with pee along with tears rolling down eric’s blushing red cheeks.

Eric finishes wetting his diaper and bursts into tears from how humiliated and soggy he is

Both punks begin laughing histerically

Punk 1: laughing Oh my God I can’t believe what a pussy you are dude!

One of the punks removes the baby bottle from eric’s mouth and crams his pacifier back in.

Punk 2: Oh shit! I almost forgot to take a picture of this!!

Punk 2 finally lets go of eric’s arms and gets up to grab his phone from the other room

Eric sees a chance to escape and begins to quickly crawl away and out of the room right in front of Punk 1.

Several low camera angle shots following baby eric as he sobs and frantically tries to crawl away through hallways and the kitchen. During this sequence the sounds of his soggy diaper making squishy noises are heard. Get shots from behind to show his soggy bottom, side shots of him crawling past doorways and a close up front shot of his face following him as he crawls.

Suddenly while the camera is following his diapered soggy butt he stops crawling. The camera pans up from the butt shot to reveal both Punks standing in his way. One of them grabs his legs and the other grabs his arms as they carry him back into the baby’s bedroom

They arrive back in the baby’s bedroom and pin eric back down on the floor.

Punk 1: Nice try little boy! Just for that stunt I think it’s time we really punish you!

Punk 2 hands something over to punk 1 and giggles.

Punk 1 holds up a rubber diaper cover towards Eric and begins to stretch it in front of his face to taunt him.

shot of eric’s face looking worried

Punk 1: baby talk Sense you had an accident like a little helpless baby boy we gotta squeeze you into these before your diapy springs a leak!

Punk 2: I think I know how to keep this little pathetic baby from getting away from us! I’ll be right back!

Close up shot on Eric’s worried face as he sucks nervously on his pacifier
Punk 2 (shouts from another room) GOT IT!
Punk 2 returns into the baby’s bedroom holding something behind his back. The other punk sees it and begins to chuckle a bit
Eric nervously sucks on his pacifier as both punks slowly walk closer and surround him.

Punk 2: I think it’s time for you to grow up little boy!
Punk 2 pulls out an air pump from behind his back and both punks begin to laugh

One of the Punks punches Eric in the face and nearly knocks him out. He then takes Baby Eric over his knee so his soggy swollen diapered butt is in the air. The other punk squeezes the squeaky rubber diaper cover onto Eric’s legs and over his butt. Baby Eric is panicing a bit but he knows he’s helpless against the 2 stronger guys.

Punk 1: There now that wasn’t so bad was it?
The Punk who was holding Eric then pushes him off his lap and onto the floor on all fours.
One of the Punks leans down to Eric on the floor of the baby’s room and pulls out the pacifier in his mouth.

Eric: You’re both in SOOO MUCH FUCKING TROUBLE!! When you’re parents come home I’m go–

Eric’s rage is cut short as the Punk shoves the pacifier back into his mouth to shut him up. Some short mumbling from Eric is heard just afterwards but is quickly silenced by the sound of an air compressor from behind him being turned on*

*A front shot of Baby Eric’s face as he lies on the floor on his stomach shows how nervous the sound has made him. Suddenly on the same face shot Eric’s eyes bulge as the air compressor hose is shoved into the rubber diaper cover. Suddenly the rubber diaper begins to inflate as Baby Eric lies on all fours helpless and nervously sucking on his pacifier while his legs begin to spread apart and his squeaky diapered butt rises into the air as it inflates. Eric begins to suck faster and faster on his pacifier as his diapered butt inflates larger and larger.

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Re: Babysitter BUST!

What the heck???

Re: Babysitter BUST!

Its a poorly written fap fic, that’s what. To really fill its potential for terrible it needs forced gender change, overdone humiliation, and extreme messing. Good start though!

Re: Babysitter BUST!

If you really plan to film this, I feel sorry for whoever gets cast as “tiny dick” Eric!