babypants hypnotic sessions

Just wanted to let people know about the hypnosis sesession available for purchase at babypants.

They’re very high quality and extremely affordable for what they offer. I struggle with getting in “little space” and I found that the pacifier dependence session actually helped me achieve some comfort and it’s intended effect.

As to their effacy, many people can’t be hypnotized, but I believe of you spend a quiet hour just trying to immerse yourself in a goal or thinking about a desired result, something will happen.

Re: babypants hypnotic sessions

Can you say anything about the bed wetting session? That’s what i’m interested in…

Re: babypants hypnotic sessions

I’m sceptical about its effects, but if you keep with it who knows?

I bought that session as a impulse purchase, but I never made a true attempt because I don’t really want to worry about bedwetting.

Its exciting, but not practical for me. I don’t have the funds ofunds or the inclination.

Best case you get the intended result. Worst case you get a relaxing therapy session that lets you have a focused fantasy about the experience of being a bed wetter.

Worth the money in either case.

Here is a free download of the therapist in a guided regression session. I personally had a limited experience of about ten minutes in little space after listening to this.