Baby Timmy

My life in nappies began at the age of 10 and I am now 14. I started having accidents day and night 4 years or so ago. Mum used to get angry and smack me, but it didn’t stop it just got worse. After a series of medical tests it was put down to laziness. So Mum warned me that the very next time I wet or dirtied my self I would be put into nappies.
It happened that very same day I wet myself, Mum was mad at me. She took me to town and after visiting various shops she bought cloth nappies plastic pants pins baby cream, plus she bought trainer pants disposable nappies and blue back pack. We went back to car and then home. I was then put back to nappy and plastic pants. I was then sent to my room mainly because I was crying and telling my Mum I wouldn’t wear them. Mum came up about an hour later and asked if I had got over my childish tantrum. I didn’t answer but nodded. She then ordered me to stand up and pull my jeans down. I just looked at her so she pulled them down herself, good she said you still have it on. I was then given new rules on how things were going to be.
Life went on pretty much like this for months. Then last summer everything changed. I broke up from school and came home. I was called to my room, my bed and everything was gone replaced with a large cot a large high chair and changing table, plus all the other baby things you can think of.
I was told I was going to regressed to a two year old for the rest of the summer if needed. This was due to my still wetting and on top of that a poor school report and generally getting into trouble. I was told to undress. I obeyed and stood in just my nappy and plastic pants after being changed I was put into a yellow babygrow and told that was my new attire pinned on was a dummy. I was then taken downstairs and put into a large play pen and told to play with the toys. When mum left the room a cried I wasn’t sure what was happening. Mum came back in and shoved the dummy in mouth, which I spat out. For that I lifted from then play pen put across her lap and smacked. babies need to learn I was told then put back into the pen. At dinner time I was put into high chair and spoon fed baby food then a bottle. At Six a clock I was taken up stairs and undressed then bathed and put back into nappy and plastic pants and a baby grow and put to bed in the cot.
Firstly you will have your nappy checked and changed every two to three hours and before each meal as you not going to eat in a dirty nappy you also be checked before leaving house and as soon as you come in. You may come and ask if have your nappy removed if you want to use the toilet like a big boy. Each night you will wash by hand all the dirty nappies and plastic pants and then hang them on the line to dry.
You will no longer be smacked for wetting, but you will be smacked if you making changing your nappy difficult. You will be changed even if we are out or visiting. To school you will wear the training pants and plastic pants. The rest fo the time it will be the cloth nappies and plastic pants or in emergencies while we are out the disposable nappies but still with plastic pants. The way I am going to deal with you now is to show you up. Hope that will stop you doing this.
The rest of the day was uneventful. My nappy was hard to walk in I more waddled than anything else the plastic pants rustled and it was all very uncomfortable. After dinner that evening I washed all the nappies and three pairs of plastic pants and hung them on the line to dry. I finished around 8.30pm. Mum told me to go upstairs and fetch to nappies and a clean pair of plastic pants along with the pyjmas she had left on the bed. I obeyed and returned with everything. I tried to undress myself and Mum smacked my hands and told babies will be dressed and undressed by Mummy. I was put into a clean set of double nappies and the clean pair of baby rubber pants. Then She held out the pyjmas for me to step into and pulled them up. Once in bed I cried myself to sleep. The nappy made me hot and I couldn’t close my legs properly. Next morning was a school day. I got up as Mum came in to my room. She told me to go get breakfast I did, then she called me into the bathroom and get on the changing table an old table with a large changing mat on it After taking off my night nappy which was wet and dirtied I showered, Mum then put into a a pair of trainer pants but still with plastic pants on. Now she said if at school you want to use the toilet you can pull them up and down. I was then put into my school uniform. I got to school and felt like everyone was looking at me. When I came out of school Mum was standing there at the gate, we are going into town she told me, when we got to town, I was taken straight in to the toilets and into the baby changing area once on the changing table I was changed into a cloth nappy, and was praised like a baby and patted on the head for being dry all day. Then we walked to the shops. In and out of shops Mum bought a 10 pairs of shorts. The lady in shop asked if we sure they would fit, so it was decided I would try them on. Mum decided they fitted OK. After a bit more shopping Mum said as I had been good we could go to McDonalds fro a burger. We were in the queue and Mum said are you wet I nodded. I was taken to baby room and changed, mum folded my school trousers up and put in the bag and put a pair of the shorts on me. They made my nappy look even more obvious and the nappy showed between legs and you could see the nappy if I bent over. Thats what you will wear out of school from now on it will make changing your nappy and checking your nappy easier. Mum also bought a load of poppers and velcro. When we got home Mum undid all the seames on the new shorts and replaced them with the popper studs and all my pyjma trousers were done with velcro right the crutch and down the leg. After my homework was done I was checked ready for dinner and again patted and told I was good for being dry. In the kitchen on wall was a large green sheet of paper with the days of the week and times through out the day. That is your nappy chart the smiley face means you were clean and dry and sad face means you were wet or dirty. each clean nappy earns 50p each soiled nappy you loose 50p. That is your reward chart. After dinner I washed all the nappies and baby pants and put them on the line to dry. I was then sitting watching TV when Mum came in and asked what the smell was I didn’t answer her. But she pulled me up off the floor and put me across her lap face down and sniffed my bottom. Why didn’t you ask me to remove your nappy. There will be no TV for a week now that is just pure laziness. I cleaned and changed ready for bed. Then sent to bed. Round about 11pm Mum came in and checked my nappy and made me use the toilet. But I still woke up wet the next morning. I was changed into a pair of trainer pants and plastic pants for school. But today I had PE I was scared what would the other kids say when I got changed. I got changed in one of the toilets and no one noticed I had got away with today but that wouldn’t work every time. The rest of day went OK no one noticed. Once home I was changed out of the wet trainer pants and to my shock I was sat on a potty until I used it then put into cloth nappy and plastic pants and shorts. This was new thing at each nappy change I was to be sat on the potty until I used it.
My day now existed, with nappy changes as when Mum said so. Then sitting on a potty and washing all the nappies and plastic pants.
Then one Saturday morning I decided to rebel and of course lived to regret it. Mum changed me into a clean nappy to go out in, I removed the nappy and baby pants and put my shorts back on hoping she wouldn’t notice. But when we were getting to go out Mum noticed my shorts were wet and asked why, I didn’t answer so she grabbed and pulled my shorts down and saw what I had done for that I got a good hiding before being re dressed in a nappy a pair of plastic pants. I was then told since I couldn’t be trusted to leave my nappy alone in future while in doors or in the back garden I would wear just my nappy and t shirt so it will always been seen if I removed it. About an hour later Mum called me, we are going out now I was told. After checking my nappy she held out a pair of shorts for me to step into and tired to take them from her and got my hand slapped baby’s don’t dress themselves. I stepped in them and Mum pulled them up. We had been down town about two hours when Mum turned and said have you wet that nappy no I said. Well lets go in there she said and pointed to toilets, I ran off instead of obeying. When Mum caught up with me she told i would regret running off, and took be by the hand and led me over to bench and stood me on it and pulled my shorts down right there in front of everyone she took off the wet nappy and put a disposable nappy on me and pulled up the plastic pants and shorts. You will be punished later for running off like that I was told. But in mean time you can hold my hand like a good baby until we find the baby shop. Once in the baby shop Mum went and picked up a long strap like thing and bought it, outside the shop Mum put one end round my wrist and held the other one, now you won’t be able to run off again she told me. I began to cry and was warned to stop, and remind I was already up for one lot of punishment when we got home for running off and if I didn’t stop the crying then she would go back in shop and buy a dummy to put in my mouth.
When we got home. Mum took me straight up stairs to bath room and ordered me up to the changing table, I obeyed and she removed my shorts and plastic pants and took off the nappy which was soaked, after cleaning me up I was told get down and bend over I got six swots on my bottom that is for running off earlier I was then put into a clean nappy and plastic pants. Now while we are out Mum puts the strap on my wrist and hold the other end. She always reminds me that humilation is my punishment.
Life has gone on like this for years, I am 14 now. I am still in nappies day and night, still not allowed to change myself. Most of my friends now know I have to wear protection and in the most part take no notice and treat as normal.
Each morning I get up Mum changes my nappy. On school day I changed into a trainer pants and plastic pants on other non school days I still have to use a cloth nappy with plastic pants. At home my nappy is checked every two to three hours and before going out. At bed time I changed and during the night I am changed. In the most part Mum and I get OK, but she will still humiliate me if I misbehave or disobey.
We were once at the airport I was 12 at the time and we were sitting in the departure lounge, Mum pulled me off my seat and stood me in front of her. Are you wet she asked I shook my head and tried to pull away, she grasped me tight so I couldn’t move, I kicked to try and get way. So right there in front of everyone she told me in loud voice I was bad baby Timmy then pulled me across her lap and pulled my shorts down, put her finger inside my plastic pants oh we are wet then she said, then gave me two swots with her hand on the back on my legs. Now are you going to behave or am I going to change your nappy right here. I agreed to behave.
Now at 14 years old things are no better. I have not managed to stay dry day or night. Regular school couldn’t cope with me so although I am not special needs I go to a special needs school. I have regular lessons like a normal school, but most of the kids here are in nappies, for one reason or another.
At home Mum now treats me like a baby. Or rather a toddler that can talk and no difference between right and wrong and truth and a lie. I am not smacked for wetting or dirtying my nappy. But I am if i misbehave or lie to her. Now each time my nappy is changed the routine is the same. Mum will ask if I am wet or dirty if lie to her I get smacked, I only normally lie if we are out or have visitors in hope she will take my word and not change me in front of anyone. I am still dressed by my Mum I am not allowed to choose what to wear or even dress myself. The shorts are still worn at home, but when out I now have jeans or tracksuit to wear but the jeans have elastic waistband so they can easily be pulled down.
Mum will always use the same routine when my nappy is changed. The first question is what are wearing? I have to answer in a loud voice a nappy and plastic pants, the next question is are wet or dirty? again I have to answer in loud voice. If I tell her I am clean and dry she will always answer with you not telling me lies are you? Then I have to stand in front of her so she can pull my trousers down or if I am on shorts she undoes the poppers. Then puts her finger inside the plastic pants to check the front of the nappy, then I have to turn round and bend over so can check my bum as well. If I need changing I told to go bathroom and get a nappy and a pair of plastic pants and changing mat and other nappy accessories. Once on the mat, she holds my legs up while pulling my shorts or trousers down then the plastic pants, then removes the nappy and cleans me up. Then puts on a fresh nappy and plastic pants, and redresses me. If I am dry and clean I am patted on the head and called a good little boy. This is the same every time I am changed.
My day starts at 6am Mum comes in and changes my nappy and dresses me for school. I leave for school at 7am as this school starts at 8am and finishes at 2pm. When I get home from school I changed again then put to bed for nap for one hour. An hour later I am woken and changed again. Then it is homework time until dinner at 6pm. After dinner it is TV time if I have behaved myself for an hour. At 8pm it is bath time and night nappy change and got ready for bed. 9pm I am sent to bed. When Mum goes to bed she comes in and checks my nappy and changes me if needed. Weekend is much the same as weekdays.
In the most I have grown to live with nappies and rest of that, but still don’t like it. Mum in most part now treats me normally rather than like a baby. nappy changing is part of life for me. Mum is more discreet now than she used to be, unless I play up or refuse to let her check my nappy. Then I will be spanked and changed in front of anyone who is around. The shorts have gone and I am now allowed to wear normal teenage clothes which Mum helps choose ones that will hide the nappy as much as possible.
Mum has worked out reward system to try and get me out of nappies for night time if i go three night being clean and dry, she will leave off the cloth nappy and plastic pants and put in pampers if I go another three night I will be allowed to wear trainer pants after 3 more nights I can go without wearing any protection. However one accident reverts back to cloth nappies and I have to start again. The same rules for day time apply. I have managed on a few times to get as far as trainer pants during the day, but still end up back in cloth nappies and plastic pants. Night times I have not got anywhere.
I still get frustrated with it all and that normally means I play up and refuse to have nappy checked. That is the only time Mum will get angry and decides to humiliate me. You think I would learn but never do.
We were at my cousins wedding a few months back, I was in nappy plastic pants a suit, Mum had checked my nappy before we left, and I was dry. During the service i wet, mum took me way after service and changed me. No one at this time knew or noticed. Then we were sitting eating at the reception and Mum looked at me and said quietly do you need changing, no I answered I am fine. Lets go and check shall we said again quietly. I refused so Mum took me by the hand and led me out with everyone looking, so looked back and said it is OK I think baby is wet I just off to change his nappy. When we got upstairs to our hotel room she pulled my suit trousers down told me to lay on the bed she then removed the plastic pants and the nappy and saw not only wet but had a dirty nappy as well, she was mad at me. After I showered and dried I returned to Mum she put me across her lap and using the slipper she always carried with gave six swots on bare bottom, then she re dressed me in a nappy and plastic pants. I was then told put my pyjmas on and sent to bed for he rest the afternoon. Around 6pm Mum came back to the room and woke me up and changed my nappy, and asked if I was going to behave if she let go back to party for evening. I agreed to behave but was warned if I misbehaved she pull me over her lap and smack me in front of everyone. I was told it had gone to late and there nothing more to drink tonight. Then she held out my dressing gown and told me put it on,can’t get dressed I asked, no we are only going downstairs you can stay as you are, I obeyed.
We went downstairs everyone was very nice and didn’t mention anything about earlier. I danced for a bit then talked to cousins and Mum called me over, she held me close and checked inside my plastic pants good she said you are still dry. I went back and danced, my uncle bought me a glass of coke which I drank and then remembered I wasn’t allowed any more to drink, so I hoped Mum didn’t notice, but it was to late she called me. I went over to her and said sorry Mum I forgot. But it was too late she undid my dressing gown and pulled down my pyjma trousers and smacked my legs three times. Then I was made to sit next to her for the rest of the evening. Around midnight Mum asked if I was still dry, I said I was dry. She checked my nappy any way and it was wet and dirty. Mum took me by hand telling everyone sitting near us that she had to take the dirty little baby upstairs so he could have his nappy changed. Once back in the room Mum undressed me and removed the dirty nappy, then showered me. Once dried I was order to bend over I got six whacks with the slipper 3 for being dirty and further 3 for telling lies.
after returning from the wedding weekend. my whole life changed. mum told me in the car going home. baby Timmy had made her ashamed, and I was going to see ashamed Mummy was. First thing Monday morning after the being bathed and put into a clean nappy and plastic pants, I dressed in shorts and tee shirt. then taken down town in the car once parked we walked or rather I waddled holding her hand I was not given a choice. we went in the shop and out to the back of the shop where I was measured, then the woman showed my mother a range of baby clothes but huge sizes. mum picked out six baby grows in all colours. several pairs of new plastic pants and nappies. Several other things were picked out for night wear and denim all in one suits for going out in.Then she moved on riens dummies and bottles. a large potty nappy changing mat. then furniture a cot and highchair and huge playpen. Then looked at me and said this is all for you until you learn to be a baby, until then you will be treated as a baby. I screamed at her and wished I hadn’t, as I got smacked on the back of the legs. After mum loaded all the stuff in the car we went home. Once home Mum effected the play pen and lifted me into in you can stay there til I am ready for you. Cried so she stuffed the dummy in mouth. I spat it out and got my smacked babies who cry need a dummy I was hour later she returned and lifted me out playpen and took me upstairs my room had become a nursery. Cot and changing mat dressing table full of baby supplies and shelves of nappies and baby plastic pants. then she lifted me on the changing mat which was laid on the table, then held my legs up while pulling my shorts down. hen removed my nappy and plastic pants which were soiled and wet.After cleaning me up she put me into a clean nappy and plastic pants. then dressed me in one of the new baby grows. Then back of the baby grow had pull down piece so the nappy could be checked without undressing and poppers where a zip would be so the front of the nappy could be checked. then she pinned a dummy to me on a blue ribbon. right that is you ready for your nap. I was then laid in the cot and given. Bottle of milk. The cot side was put up and mobile hanging above played a tune. Must of fallen asleep as Mum woke me up, and took me out the cot on to the changing mat after checking my nappy told me I was good baby for being dry. Was then put back in the playpen. I was allowed children’s cartoons on the telly as that is all babies were allowed to watch.
Then came dinner time I was lifted out the playpen and put on the floor and told to crawl over the changing mat that was on the floor. once on the mat Mum held legs and removed the baby grow and pulled down the plastic pants. wet again I see you dirty little baby. Once changed I was made to crawl to into the kitchen and then lifted into the highchair. With large bib round my neck I was fed normal food but all mashed up like baby food. Started crying so got the dummy shoved in my mouth. after dinner I taken upstairs and dressed and put in the bath no longer allowed to wash myself mum bathes and dried me. redressed into a nappy and pair of plastic pants it was then back to the playpen. at 7.30pm I taken back up stairs to my room or nursery as it was now called. My nappy and baby pants removed Mum pulled me over her lap and using her old slipper gave me six sacks on my bare bottom. that is for wetting and misbehaving today. she then to,d me to expect that every night before bed if I wet or dirtied myself or misbehaved answered back. I was put back on the changing table while she put back into a nappy and pair of plastic pants Then redressed me into one night time baby grows. then sat me on her lap and told me this is the new life you until you learn to act your age and stay clean and dry and obey her completely. then she put me in the cot and hung the slipper on the wall as a reminder.
Next morning Mum came in and took me out the cot and changed my dirty soiled nappy. breakfast again fed to me like baby. then stuck back in the play pen til around mid morning. After nappy change I was dressed into the denim dungarees then put in the car. once in town we got and put the reins round my wrist and held the other end. you walk nicely with me or else she told me. hen showed me in the boot of the car was pushchair If you misbehave We will come back and get it and you will sit it it. yes mum I said. Got my hand smacked and told your a baby you call me mama or mummy.
after about two hours going round the shops. My mother sat on a bench turned me round and sniffed my bottom, you dirty little baby you have dirtied your nappy. she then took me to public toilets with baby changing rooms and changed my nappy. after a few more shops we went to mcDonalds. after eating I was taken in to baby room and changed again because I was wet. then back to car and home.
Was put in the cot for a baby nap with a bottle. I woke up before mummy came up and climbed out the cot. Was about to leave my room as mummy came in. so you still think it is clever to disobey do you? well the slipper is not a reminder to obey. She lifted me on the changing table and went out the room returning with cane like a garden cane with a hook handle like walking stick. she then removed my nappy plastic pants and give me three strokes of the cane. Then put into a clean nappy and plastic pants and baby grow. then put me back into the playpen. Fell asleep in the playpen I think from boredom. Was woken and put on the changing mat, I was praised like a baby for being dry and clean. Then I was made to sit on the potty and told stay on it until I had used it. again once I had used I praised like a baby. then re dressed into nappy and plastic pants and baby grow. For being a good baby you can now walk instead of crawl. What do you say I answered thanks Mummy. by dinner time I was and dirty, so mummy changed me. after dinner I was bathed and put into just a nappy and plastic pants.
Sunday Morning came. I was lifted out my cot and put on changing table and undressed then changed in to a clean nappy and plastic pants. then dressed into a pair of denim dungarees. After breakfast, we went into town and Mummy did the shopping and loaded it into the car, now we have finished with food shopping we are going up the high street she told me. Then she looked me up and down and said, are you wet or dirty. I answered no. you better not be telling lies, then she undid the buckles on the dungarees and pulled them down to my waist then slipped her hand inside my plastic pants. You dirty lieing baby you are soaked. she then took me in baby room in the public toilets and changed my nappy. then she put me reigns on my wrist and made me walk next to her.
Once home I was given lunch and then taken up stairs and undressed, nappy removed I was then washed. before being put back in a nappy I was spanked with the cane for telling lies while out. then put in the cot for a nap.
Once awake, I was changed and put in the playpen. Then given new rules for week days and weekends. Was to remain in baby clothes at home every day before and after school and at weekends. only Mummy was to dress me change me and bathe me. I was to continue using the highchair playpen and cot. punishment for misbehaving arguing and bad reports from school was the cane. for everything else either the cane or slipper, then sat in the corner facing the wall. Dummy reigns and bottles to be used as needed. I was only to call her Mummy or Mama. In future nappy changing when out was to be in public, or she would at least let everyone know her baby needed changing. potty training would start after school this week. only a marked improvement in my attitude and behaviour and staying dry and clean day and night would change this way of life. I was now a baby of one year old and would progress up the ages according to my behaviour and less dirty or soiled nappies.

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