Baby Sarah's Weekend with Daddy

Baby Sarah’s Weekend with Daddy

“Alaska Airlines Flight # 709 to Honolulu, Hawaii will be departing in 15 minutes.” Sarah heard the announcer say as she waited in line at the airport.
The time has finally come.

Sarah frantically searched her purse and checked her bags. She was excited and nervous about meeting her new daddy. She met him online on a website for perverts and deviants. He sent her stories about girls being controlled and forced into diapers.

She had never worn a diaper before and was unsure of how she would feel when she was finally put back in them. Apart of her was apprehensive. Another part of her was excited about the things to come. Deep inside Sarah loved the humiliation the embarrassment the girls from daddy Chad’s stories encountered.

Sarah got on the plane and all she could think about was what would happen over the next 3 days. She completely zoned out any thoughts besides what might transpire between her and daddy Chad.
The plane landed in Honolulu at 6 P.M. and she was greeted by her new daddy. He was tall, strong, and physically fit. He smiled and gave her a hug. They went to a restaurant together and enjoyed dinner. They also went to a movie afterward and had a good time.

It was just like any other date. Daddy Chad seemed like a very nice guy. Of course, Sarah knew it was all an act. He was just acting that way because they were out in public.
They arrived at Chad’s house at about 10 P.M. and Sarah was curious if anything would transpire tonight.

I (Daddy Chad) give you a tour of the house. It’s spacious and lovely and looks well kept. I grab your hand and lead you to a special bedroom. As I open the door you see a dark room and what appears to be a giant plastic trash can along with square plastic packages inside.
I turn on the light so you can see.

“That’s your diaper pail. By the end of the weekend it will be completely full.” I say as you stare at the diaper pail and all the diapers stacked up right next to it. You look around and see a giant crib with a locking top as well as restraints.

In the corner of the room there is a giant rocking horse. The horse is near a giant window which looks outside to the street. The horse looks brand new and has babyish designs on it.
Next to the horse is a calendar with days of the week and box of stickers next to it. One of the stickers looks like a raincloud with water pouring down (like one used on a weather forecast), however, the sticker is colored completely yellow instead of grey and has yellow sad face next to it. The other sticker is a cartoon skunk and has a brown crying sad face next to it.
You wonder what daddy will be doing with those stickers.

Finally, the room itself is painted pale pink with stars and cartoon characters reminiscent of a toddler’s playroom.
Daddy grabs you by the hand and sits you down on the changing mat on the floor.

“Here are the rules. First, you will be using this pacifier the entire time you’re here. Little girls don’t talk. Little girls listen and obey. That’s all they do. You are no longer a grown up and a big girl. Therefore, from now on you will be completely silent and obedient” daddy says in a stern voice.

“Second, your diapers are your toilet. You will not be permitted to wear your big girl panties or use the big girl potty while you’re here with me.”

“Finally, I’m the only one who will change your diapers. Daddy will decide when you get your diaper changed. I will be checking your diapers every so often to see if you’ve had an ‘accident’” I say as your face grows red with embarrassment.

You think back to all the stories daddy sent you and all the filthy things “little girls” did in their pampers. Your special little babygirl hole grows wet with excitement as you think about this.
Before bed daddy gives you some tea to drink. This isn’t ordinary tea.

It’s dandelion tea.

Dandelion tea is a powerful diuretic known to cause bedwetting. In fact, the French name for Dandelion tea is “pissenlit” which literally means “wet the bed.”

You’re so happy daddy has been nice to you throughout the night and you haven’t even used your diaper yet. You were happy to be with daddy and how good he made you feel.

This would soon change as daddy had other plans for you tonight. As he strokes your hair gently he thinks about what he’s going to do to you later tonight; when you’re asleep.

“Night night, baby Sarah. Daddy loves you and wants you to be his precious little babygirl forever and ever” I say as a look you deep in your eyes while you suck on your baby bottle filled with special tea. You look up at me with a nod of approval and a smile.

You feel some pressure in your bladder as you begin to nod off to sleep. You decide to wait until morning to wet your diaper. You want to prove daddy wrong and show him you can keep your diapers dry like a big girl.

As you drift off to sleep you find yourself on a mysterious ship in the sea. It’s midnight and the wind is blowing crazy. There’s fog and mist and lots of rain pouring down.
What’s going on? Why am I on this ship? You feel pressure from somewhere in your body. You can’t quite pinpoint where the pressure is coming from.

The pressure makes you want to escape. It makes you want to get someplace safe and dry. The feeling continues to build as you frantically search for a way off the ship. You’re scared and you just want to go home.


You hear a loud bang as ship begins to tilt to the side. It feels like something big hit the ship and you feel a sharp pain from some part in your body as though the pain inside your body and the ship were somehow connected.

The ship begins to sink and you see the dark black water starting to creep upward. You remember the Titantic movie and worry about your impending doom.
The pressure inside you builds and you wish you could release it somehow. Maybe if you could release the pressure you wouldn’t be trapped on this sinking ship.
Soon the water creeps up onto the boat and touches your feet.

“How strange?” you think. The water isn’t cold at all. In fact, the water is warm just like a hot tub.
The water actually feels good. As the water slowly rises up your legs you feel peaceful and resigned to your fate (you can’t escape anyway so why bother trying to run).
The warm water moves up and touches your private parts and makes you feel worried. You suddenly think to yourself I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m supposed to be somewhere else. I’m forgetting to do something.

As the warm water completely engulfs your private parts and soaks every part of your dress you feel relieved and relaxed.

The pressure vanishes.

What just happened was no mystery. In fact, daddy had this all planned out. While you were sleeping daddy went to the kitchen and got a giant bowl and filled it with warm water. He made sure the water was body temperature 98.6°F.

Daddy read that if you put someone’s hand in warm water while they sleep they would wet the bed. The water should be body temperature and it works even better if the person has a full bladder (which is why daddy gave you the dandelion tea).

Daddy stood with the bowl of water in his hand and stared at you. He loved how cute you looked laying in bed with a pacifier in your mouth and the moon shining on you from the window.
Carefully, daddy slowly walked to the edge of the bed and placed the bowl of warm water on the stand to the left of the bed.

He checked to make sure you were in a deep sleep. He noticed you were in a peaceful slumber. However, he also noticed you grabbing your diapered crotch and squirming slightly which was a tell-tale sign you were desperate to pee.

He gently grabbed your hand and held it for about a minute (to see if you would wake up or were in a deep sleep). Once daddy was convinced you weren’t waking up he slowly put your hand into the bowl of warm water.

As your hand touched the warm water you moaned and fidgeted a little bit. Daddy watched as you closed your legs tightly and saw you becoming more desperate.
Daddy knew that from this moment on you were trapped. He knew you wouldn’t be waking up and that it was only a matter of time before you uncontrollably soaked your diaper with pee pee. He could tell you were dreaming deeply and wondered what was going on inside your mind as your desperation grew stronger.

Of course, you were having the dream about the sinking ship. Daddy watched you closely like a hawk. He knew you would start peeing any moment. As the warm ocean water in your dream touched your feet you let out a small trickle of pee into your diaper. The amount of pee was so small it left only a tiny stain on the inside of your diaper.
Daddy noticed you grabbing at your crotch harder. It was as though you were begging someone to wake you up so you could go the bathroom like a big girl. Of course, daddy wasn’t going to wake you up.

He wanted you to be a bad little girl.

As the warm water climbed higher and higher in your dream the pressure reached a climax as it touched your private parts.
This was the moment you lost all control.

Daddy heard the most wonderful sound in the world: A beautiful hissing noise. The noise of baby Sarah peeing full blast into her pamper! The warm liquid rushed out of your pink baby hole like a golden version of Niagara falls.

The hot pee soaked deeply into the crotch of your diaper and splashed around just like the stormy water violently splashed around the ship in your dream.
Daddy was so excited watching you have your first nighttime accident that he put his face right next to your diaper so he could hear the delicious symphony of urine splashing against the soft cotton confines of your pamper.

In fact, daddy got so excited his mouth went completely dry with lust. Daddy put his nose and face right against your diapered crotch as you continued peeing. His nose was filled with the sweet scent of your pee mixed with the perfumed smell of the diaper itself.

Daddy’s special “baby bottle” (the one that grows bigger inside his pants) became extra fat and large. He really wanted to make you drink from his special “baby bottle” but decided he’d wait until tomorrow.
He wanted you to wake up all on your own tomorrow and discover the “accident” you had during the night.
Daddy stared at your wet diaper. Even in the faint glow of the moonlight he could see it was completely soaked and yellow in the front. He gently pulled your hand out of the warm water and returned the bowl of warm water to the kitchen.

Afterwards, daddy wrapped his arms around you and fell asleep.

The sound of birds whistling and humming filled your ears as a ray of morning sunlight hit your face. You were still groggy and disoriented after last night.
You stretched out your arms and yawned. You were still very tired and not thinking clearly. Then you remembered what happened the night before and that you had come to visit daddy Chad.
You also remembered being put back in diapers and realized you wouldn’t be using the big girl potty until next week.

Your bladder wasn’t full anymore. That was strange you thought. You remembered needing to pee last night and remembered how you’d probably end up wetting your diaper in the morning. You were worried about your first diaper wetting and how it would make you feel.

Then you realized you were already in a soaked diaper! “Oh my God!!!” you thought to yourself. “What have I done?” you screamed inside your mind. “I haven’t wet the bed since I was a little girl. This is so embarrassing.” you thought as you worried about what this meant.

“Will I wet the bed tomorrow night as well? What if I’m not wearing a diaper? Will I pee in bed?” you worried.
“There there, baby Sarah. Did you sleep well last night?” I asked you not expecting an answer because you still had your pacifier in your mouth and you knew you weren’t allowed to talk.
“Oh my. It looks like baby Sarah went pee pee in her sleep last night! What a shame…” I say in a mocking voice. You blush with shame and embarrassment at the comment. “Let’s get you changed young lady. We wouldn’t want you to get a diaper rash would we?” I ask tauntingly.

I lay you down on the floor and pull out a fresh new diaper. As I pull down the front of your diaper I see such a glorious sight. Your special pink baby girl hole is wet with sweet pee pee and your diaper is drenched thoroughly inside.

To me, your special pink baby hole looks very happy and inviting. Daddy notices a different kind of wetness inside your most intimate space. A wetness which suggests you’re excited and turned on by all of this even though you look so humiliated.

To celebrate your first accident daddy cleans you up in a very special way. He gently wipes your private area clean and puts fresh baby powder on you. As he does so he makes sure to clean you out deeply with his long slender fingers.

Indeed, daddy’s hands are big and his fingers are long and nimble from all those years of piano playing and technical work.
Today, he would be playing a different instrument. Today, he would be playing a symphony for baby Sarah. Today, he would be playing deep inside her.
Daddy’s fingers penetrate deep inside your special place and fill you with pleasure. You remember the events of last night and you begin to recall the dream you had.

You remember the fear and anxiety you had. However, the fear and anxiety begins to turn into lust and excitement. You think about how taboo and perverted it was losing control in your diaper. You relish the idea of daddy having complete power over you.

Pleasurable sensations fill your body as you remember the warm water from the dream creeping slowly up your body and realize that must have been what triggered you to pee in your sleep. As you remember the pinnacle of your dream you begin to climax.

Instead of wetting yourself this time you orgasm blissfully into oblivion. You cum as lustful wetness squirts out of your baby hole all over daddy’s fingers and the wet diaper from last night laying beneath you.

Heavenly sensations fill your body as you burst into glorious rapture. You feel so good you never want this feeling to end. It’s as though time has stopped and you and daddy are the only people in existence.

“Do you like that baby?” daddy asks you. You can barely respond and let out a gentle moan which is muffled by your pacifier.
Daddy lets you rest for a while he stares deeply into your eyes and gives you a kiss. We embrace each other and hug for what seems like an eternity.
Afterwards, daddy puts a fresh diaper on you and makes sure you’re prepared for your next “accident.”

I lead you to the kitchen and we eat breakfast. I strap you down into a big high chair and put a baby bib on you to make sure you don’t make a mess. It’s a big breakfast and you’re super hungry. I give you a baby bottle filled with chocolate milk.

Little do you know the bottle is filled with a mixture of ex-lax and other laxatives used to prepare patients for a colonoscopy.
Daddy knows the volatile mixture will induce uncontrollable diarrhea for hours and hours. He’s looking forward to seeing you make your first messy diaper. He thought about letting you go naturally but thought it might be too hard for you and you might be too constipated. That’s why he made sure you won’t have a choice by putting laxatives in your drink.
You gulp down the chocolate milk. It tastes so good you think (daddy put extra sugar and other ingredients in it to mask the taste of the laxatives).

You think about how much fun you’ve been having and hope the weekend never ends. You really start to feel close to daddy and feel as though you’re developing a deep bond with him.
“All done baby?” I ask. You nod your head up and down and smile beneath your pacifier. Daddy takes you out of the high chair and leads you back to the room with the rocking horse and changing mat.
“You see this calendar? Do you know what it’s for?” I ask inquisitively. “This calendar is an unpotty training calendar. It’s used to keep track of your ‘progress’ in learning to go potty in your diaper. In essence, it’s the opposite of a potty training calendar used by parents and their children.”

“This yellow sticker with sad face a raining cloud means you wet your diaper and couldn’t control yourself.” I say as I hand it to you. “Put it on the calendar for today’s date” I command you.
You slowly put the sticker on the calendar and the idea behind the sticker finally sinks in. You feel bad as you put the sticker on the calendar. It represents the fact that you’re going backwards rather than forwards. It represents that you’re slowly turning into a little baby and you’re losing control of yourself. It represents your failure to be an adult. It represents your failure to be a big girl.
You feel sad as daddy stares at you in a slightly disappointed and angry way. You break down into tears at the humiliation of all the things that have happened in the past 24 hours. Daddy grabs you and holds you tightly as he gives you a giant hug and tells you everything will be all right. You cry into daddy’s shoulder as he strokes your hair and rubs your back.
Afterwards, daddy leads you to the living room and we sit down on a giant couch. We cuddle and watch a cartoon together.

It’s an old cartoon from the 1990s: The Rugrats.

How befitting of a cartoon you think: A cartoon about diapers and babies having accidents.
As we relax and enjoy the show together you begin to feel a cramp inside your tummy. “Uh oh” you think to yourself as your realize what that means.
Despite the small cramp you continue watching the episode. You become more immersed in the show as you realize it’s about Angelica (the bully girl of the show who is older than all of the other babies and doesn’t wear diapers) who says she wishes she could be a baby again so she wouldn’t have to have any responsibilities.

She tells her parents she wishes she could be a baby again. At first her parents resist but then they realize they could use it to teach Angelica a lesson.
They take Angelica to visit with all the babies. “You said you wanted to be a baby Angelica. Is that right?” her parents ask her. “Yes daddy. I don’t want to be a big girl. I wish I could be a baby again.” Angelica replies.

Angelica’s parents borrow one of the other babies’ diapers and put it on her. Angelica has fun playing with the other babies and they go outside to play. As you watch the cartoon you see a scene where one of the babies dares Angelica to use her diaper. “Angelica, just go in your diaper. We promise we won’t tell anyone” one of the babies say. “Ya, I dare you to do it! I just pooped my diaper. It’s not so bad. It actually feels nice” another baby chimes in.

You watch as Angelica crawls on her knees and pushes out a giant load into her diaper. Her face is all red because she pushed so hard to get it all out. The other babies hold their noses and laugh at the fact that a big girl like Angelica pooped in a diaper (they enjoyed it especially because she was always mean to them).

Your tummy cramps harder and you realize you’ll soon be facing the same fate. You try your hardest not to let daddy know you need to go poopy.

Daddy looks over at you and he can tell something is wrong. You have a serious look on your face. A look as though you’re trying to pay close attention and all your focus is directed on one spot.
You look into daddy’s eyes and then immediately divert your attention elsewhere. “Does he know?” you think to yourself with embarrassment. You don’t want daddy to know about your potty problem.
As we continue watching the Rugrats the pressure in your bowels builds. You know this is going to be a big one. You’ve been constipated for the last few days and last used the potty 3 days ago.

Your stomach feels like a chocolate volcano which hasn’t erupted for hundreds of years. The “magma” slowly builds inside your bowels waiting to escape.
A very sharp cramp hits you and you feel like someone stabbed you with a sharp knife. A high-pitched wet fart escapes into your diaper. Your face becomes crimson red. “Did he notice?” you ask yourself.
Daddy pretended nothing was happening as he continued to stroke your hair and watch the cartoon. Of course, he was aware of the unlady like noise which exited your bottom and knows it’s only a matter of time before you became a stinky little girl.

Daddy always wanted to witness a girl soil herself in her diaper. He had watched lots of videos showing girls wearing diapers and using them. First, they would tense up and look into the camera with shame. They knew the whole world was watching them and that they’d soon be humiliating themselves.

Finally, they would bend over and put their hands on their knees and push hard. He would watch intently as their diaper expanded and bulged out.
He was enthralled by the wonderful sounds and smells which emanated from a little girls diaper when she goes poopy. He wished he could have his own little baby princess who would fill her diapers for him.

Now he had his wish.

Daddy knew you were on the verge of having your first messy accident. “Stand up baby.” I command you. “Come here and sit on my lap. Daddy knows you have to go potty.” I tell you.
You reluctantly sit down on my lap and try to think about anything else but needing to go poop. Unfortunately, a giant cramp emanates from deep inside you and you release a giant wet fart. A small amount of liquid mess squirts out of your bottom into the back of your diaper.

Your butt feels slick and wet. You feel so embarrassed even though your diaper is only a little bit dirty.
Another wet fart escapes you.

You let out a series of wet farts as you realize there’s nothing you can do.

Finally, you can’t hold it back anymore and give up completely. A giant torrent of “chocolate milk” explodes out of your sweet baby bottom into the back of your diaper. You continue pooping for what seems like almost a minute.

The mess covers your bottom completely and creeps up your back. It feels warm and squishy as though you were sitting on a pile of warm clay. You poop so much it starts to come up the front into your crotch as well.

This is the most humiliating thing you ever experienced. Nothing could be more shameful than soiling your diaper in front of someone else.
Fortunately, daddy is there with you. You know that daddy loves you. Out of all the people in the world he’s probably the best person to “witness” your accident.
In fact, you know daddy loves watching you use your diaper. You know it makes him happy. When you think about this you suddenly don’t feel as embarrassed. You know that daddy loves you and wants you to have accidents.

Daddy can smell the mistake you made in your diaper. The smell is filthly but it’s also perversely sexy at the same time. It lets daddy know you’ve been a bad little girl. In fact, when daddy thinks of the smell that way it makes his special bottle grow fat with deviant desire.

The smell of baby Sarah’s soiled diaper represents the ultimate act of submission.
The dirty feeling inside your diaper oddly begins to feel good to you. Indeed, they say children who are potty training actually enjoy messing their diaper rather than going to the toilet. Apparently, the warm feeling actually makes them feel safe and relaxed.

Daddy checks your diaper as you sit on his lap. He pulls back the waistband and sees your baby bottom completely covered in chocolate frosting.
“Good girl.” I whisper in your ear as I give you a kiss on the cheek. “Come on baby. Let’s get your diaper changed.” I say as I lift you up off my lap and lead you back to the room with the rocking horse.
“Before I change your diaper I need you to do one last thing. See that Rocking Horse over there? I want you to ride it in your dirty diaper.” I tell you.

With great hesitation you slowly walk over to the rocking horse. You’re worried about what it will feel like riding it in such a filthy pamper.
As you sit down on the horse it feels like sitting in a pile of warm mud. The stinky smell from your diaper begins to permeate the room. As you rock slowly on the horse daddy stands over you watching you and enjoys the smells wafting up from your pamper.

Indeed, daddy’s baby room now smells just like a nursery room for little girls! His special baby bottle twitches with excitement at the thought.

“Okay baby. You’re done riding the pony. You remember those stickers earlier?” I ask. You nod your head as a depressed look spreads on your face.
“You know what this one represents right?” I ask as I pull out the brown smiley face sticker with a skunk on it.

“This sticker represents your complete failure to control yourself. This sticker shows that you truly are a baby in every sense of the word. If you can’t control your bowels what can you control?” I say with a snide voice.

You take the sticker and slowly put it on the calendar. It sits right next to the sticker with the yellow rain cloud.
“The cycle is now complete baby Sarah. Those two stickers are two parts of a sickening duality. Just like there is the sun and moon, male and female, dark and light, and good and evil, there is pee pee and poo poo.”

I grab you by the hand and lead you to the big window. Across the street there are a bunch of little kids wearing backpacks walking to school.
“You see those kids baby Sarah? You’ll never be like them. You’ll never grow up. You can’t even stop yourself from pooping your pants or peeing in your sleep.” I tell you in a calm, calculating voice reminiscent of a movie villain taunting a hero.

“Those little kids are now your superiors. You’re beneath them. You’re just a little baby girl. Just like Peter Pan you’ll always be trapped in Never, Neverland. Or should I say Diaper, Diaperland.” I continue on.

The intense degradation and shame you feel is almost overpowering. It’s as though daddy was attacking your very essence. It’s as though daddy was attacking your very being. It’s as though he was attacking your soul.

Indeed, daddy wants to break down your ego and destroy your dignity. Every shred of self-respect or self-esteem must be eliminated.
Once the old Sarah is destroyed the new Sarah can flourish. Daddy’s goal is the reincarnation of your soul onto a higher plane of existence.
The new Sarah is filled with joy and intense love. She feels especially close to her daddy. She understands that what he does is always for her own good even if it seems as though he’s being a big meanie.

“It’s time to get your stinky pants changed young lady” daddy says as he lays you down on the floor. I open up your filthly diaper and see what a horrendous mess you made. The smell is overpowering and very intense.

Daddy is both disgusted and extremely excited seeing you in such a vulnerable and sordid state. Daddy gently wipes your special baby hole clean and makes sure it’s super fresh and perfect. This time, instead of molesting baby Sarah daddy decides to celebrate in a more taboo way.

Daddy pulls out his special baby bottle. You’ve been looking forward to seeing when daddy might pull out his special baby bottle.

It’s so perverse and wrong. Daddy penetrates your special pink babygirl hole while you lay on the changing mat with your filthy pamper exposed and the bottom of your butt still covered in filth.
Your mind races as you think about how evil and wicked all of this is. In fact, you’re certain that if demons existed then this would be the way to summon them. “It’s so taboo it’s almost unspeakable” you think to yourself.

You become lost in a haze of pleasurable sensations and decadent thoughts. Daddy fills your body with the most wonderful sensations imaginable. It’s so wrong and yet so right.
You feel safe, loved, and cherished by daddy as the pleasure increases. As you reach the apex of blissful climax you let out a giant moan and you feel as though you’ve merged with daddy to become one.
Daddy passionately kisses you as he releases his “baby milk.” Daddy pulls his baby bottle out of you and lets you drink some of his baby milk. He squirts it all over your face and chin. You look just like a little girl who spilt milk all over herself at the dinner table!

You suck on daddy’s special baby bottle and more milk squirts out. You enjoy the taste of daddy’s baby bottle. It feels so nice after having sucked on a pacifier for the last 24 hours.
Finally, daddy cleans you up real good and takes you to the shower so you can wash off. You feel nice and clean after your shower.
Daddy then puts another diaper on you we eat dinner together. You know it’s going to be a long night and are looking forward to the surprises which might come.


A VERY WILD EROTIC,a bit weird GREAT story on how to train a little in diaper use. (considering i’m wearing one that i pissed twice in with vinyl pants )and the boner feels good thru it all. thank you