Baby of the Class

This is my first story and I am open to all critiques. Please let me know if you like the direction the story is going in or if there are any changes that I should make. The first chapter is just an introduction to the characters but the next chapters will have a lot of ABDL content.

Baby of the Class

Chapter 1

Todd could not believe his good luck! He was able to enroll in an early childcare university course. Todd always hated that he had to take option courses for his engineering degree but he realized that this was the easiest A grade that he would ever get. He would not have to study or work hard. Besides if a bunch of women who were only arts majors could take this course and succeed, then he, a male in engineering would have no problem with this course. What he didn’t know at the time was that this course was going to be the most difficult course that he would ever enroll in.

Katie was strolling to her new university course. She was relieved that for the first time in her university career that she would finally be in a class without men. She was told that early childcare was a course in which men never enrolled. She could finally relax and enjoy a class without some man trying to show off and tell her how she is doing something wrong. For once, she could be herself with other women and take refuge from all of the misogyny that existed in the world. As she neared the classroom door, she almost couldn’t contain her excitement. This was the first time since leaving home that she felt truly safe. Turning into the doorway into the classroom she had the biggest smile on her face, a smile that immediately evaporated as soon as she saw a smug, self-assured man sitting in the class.

Todd knew that he was a catch. He was 6 feet tall even with natural good looks that can only be found on a 24 year old. He had good grades in a field of study that would make him some good money later on in life. He played basketball and football and while he wasn’t a star athlete, he played enough to be attractive to the ladies. Dressing sharply was something that came naturally to him as well. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. When he arrived in class he was suddenly excited. Not only would he get a good grade but the class was full of babes as well! Every girl in the class was very attractive. As he sat down he knew that he would be able to get all the easy hookups that he wanted. Then suddenly he saw her.
She was a slender, well-endowed girl with her hair tied back in a tight ponytail. She wore a trendy work vest without sleeves. Her pants were well fitted to show off every curve that she had. What he liked the most about her was the look that she gave him. For whatever reason, she did not like him and he liked that. He could feel the heat coming from her glare that she gave him and he knew right there that he had to have her. The more he had to work for a girl the better. He loved that he knew that he could turn any girl around to like him. Maybe it was because he thought that girls were emotionally weak or that they just were not as intelligent as men but he loved the chase. Wouldn’t you know it? The last available spot in the class was beside him. As she sat down he thought he would start to work his moves on her.

“How did I get so lucky by being seated by the prettiest girl in the class?” he slyly said.

“I’m disappointed that my looks and the other girls looks are the only thing that you noticed about this class so far. How did I get so unlucky by being seated by the most sexist guy in the school?” she snidely remarked.

She was so antagonistic towards him. That made him want her even more.

“Normally I am very observant. You have to be if you want to be a successful engineer. It’s just that your beauty overshadows everything else about this class. I am sure that as you get to know me that you will find that I have nothing but respect for woman.” he said sincerely.

He wasn’t sincere though. He also didn’t respect woman but best to not let her know that.

“Does that line normally work on girls? I don’t know what kind of bimbos that you have taken out in the past but I am not one of them. I am here to study an important topic that we as a society don’t think about enough. So don’t try to distract me by trying to get into my pants.” She jabbed back at him.

“Listen, all I want to be is friends. Maybe after class I can take you out for a coffee sometime. Also I think we can all agree that this class is not important. Isn’t this just a class for stay at home moms? I thought that everyone here was taking this class because it was a free A. This class is a joke. No work and a free GPA booster.” He mused.

“First off, I will never get a coffee with someone like you. Also learning how to raise kids is one of the most important skills someone could have. Being a parent is one of the most important skills people can have and no one studies how to do it. Clearly your mom did not take this class judging by the way you turned out." She snapped.

Insulting his mother crossed a line. No way was he going to let this skank insult him.

“I stand by what I said. This class, like you, is a joke. Judging by the way you act and dress I am going to assume you are an arts student. Not only are you not smart enough to be in a science major but you are so dumb that you don’t even know how to change a baby’s diaper. However, I shouldn’t be too hard on you. It’s probably because you were born a woman. Just remember one thing; when I am managing a successful engineering company, you will be making me a ham sandwich in the kitchen.” He smugly said.

The girl just looked forward in anger after that comment.

“Not smart enough for a comeback? That’s what I thought” he said in a snarky tone.

Katie was so angry that she could not believe her ears. The class went by more slowly than any other class that she had ever participated in. When the class finished she packed her stuff and was trying to rush out the door when her teacher stopped her.

“I could not help overhear the conversation that you and that boy had before class. He is very rude isn’t he? What’s your name? I should formally introduce myself first. My full name is Nicole Solomons” she stated.

“Yes he is rude. I don’t even know his name. My name is Katie. I have never been so angry in my life. I would love to get back at him” Katie remarked.

“His name is Todd. You may have been told or observed that my class does not have any male students. That is not quite true. What if I told you that there is a way to get back at him, in a… permanent way. Is that something you would want to know more about? I, like you, cannot stand men that try to push as women around.” She asked.

“I was told that your class had no men. But what did you have in mind as far as getting back at Todd?” Katie asked puzzled.

Nicole told her plan to Katie. As Katie heard the plan she smiled slowly at first and then she was beaming from ear to ear by the end of it.

“We can really do that? Is that possible? That would devastate him. If it’s possible then I would love to do it!” Katie beamed.

“Not only is it possible, but I have done it before.” Nicole said with an evil smile on her face.

Todd didn’t realize it but his fate had been just sealed and his life was about to fundamentally change.

Re: Baby of the Class

I’ve always liked the concept of being babied in a parenting class but well-written, completed stories of that type are hard to find.

Re: Baby of the Class

Thanks! I plan on trying to add a new chapter to this story once every couple of days. My only problem is I am not sure how long I should make it. I sometimes like stories that are short and sweet but sometimes I like longer stories. If anyone has any ideas then let me know. Also if there are any elements that anybody wants in this story then let me know and Ill see if I can add that in somehow.

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Personally I’ve always been a big fan of “write it until the story is told completely” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is the second chapter. If you guys like it so far then please let me know specifically what you like. If there is anything you think I could do better than also let me know. I want to improve my writing skills as I go since I am still new to this. Hope you like this chapter.

Chapter 2

The class was currently on a bus, on route to the mountain lodge. The mountains in mid-February were cold and this year it was especially cold. It was -10 degrees outside and the winds were howling outside the bus windows. At least he had the thoughts of the girls to warm him up. Todd still could not believe how attractive the girls were. He could not help but smile.
The past 3 weeks went by unbelievably quickly. 40% of the grade was just showing up to class and the other 60% was obtained by showing up to the 10 day retreat to the mountains with the class. Todd had always wanted to be accepted into one of the top universities to get his MBA and with this easy class he could do it. He was riding the line on having the grades but this class would do it for him. His whole life was planned out! Why couldn’t others figure out their lives like he had? He just didn’t get it sometimes.

“Alright class we will be arriving at our destination shortly” said Dr. Solomons quickly “Don’t forget girls in the east cabin and boys… I mean Todd in the west cabin.”

“Wait I have the whole cabin to myself” asked Todd.

“Well I can’t have you sleeping with the girls so yes.” Dr. Solomons said curtly.

“How much luckier can I get” Todd thought “Not only do I not have to share any of these girls with anyone else but I also get a whole cabin to myself. The heavens are smiling on me”

“So Dr. Solomons as everything still good for this trip with Todd?” asked Katie nervously.

“Yes and call me Nicole. Just stick this in his drink and I can take care of the rest”, said Nicole as she handed a liquid vial to Katie.

“I can’t believe that I will be able to finally get back at Todd. I know he’s only one man but this feels like a strike at the patriarchy itself.” Katie said

“Are you prepared to carry out this out to the end” asked Nicole “if we are going to do this then I need to make sure that you are committed.”

“Don’t worry Nicole, I will show him no mercy” Katie said evily.

Todd was walking to the dinner lodge outside slowly. The cold winter winds were really slowing him down. All he could hear besides the winds were the soft crunch of snow underneath his boots. “Why did the lodge have to be at the top of a hill” he thought, “this walk outside is unbearable.” Once he made it to the lodge everything felt different. It was nice and warm and the main area was one giant hall with vaulted ceilings. The Mountain View from the giant window was breathtaking and there was a massive cafeteria on the other end of the hall. Todd grabbed his food and sat down when he noticed that Katie of all people was walking towards him.

“Hey Todd” she said cheerily “I have come to extend an olive branch towards you. I feel that we have got off and the wrong foot and I have come to take you up on that coffee date!”

Todd couldn’t believe his luck! Maybe he finally would get in Katie’s pants.

“Wow thanks Katie. Why the change of heart” he asked

“I feel that maybe I was too harsh when we first met. Here drink this coffee that I got for you. It’s the least that I can do.” Katie offered
“You know Katie, you’re not that bad. I was a little rude as well. I hope we can be friends” he said as he grabbed the coffee and started drinking it. The coffee tasted good but there was an odd taste too it.

“Alright everyone, listen up,” announced Nicole. “Let me explain how this trip is going to work. I believe that everything you have to learn during this course can be learned with the hands on training that you are going to be receiving during this trip. Let me explain the rules. Firstly, if you make it the full ten days without any problems I will award you full grades. If I have to make you leave early then I will give you a zero for the trip and an F for the course. I will have a bus arriving every day. Secondly, you will all be pairing up with a partner for these 10 days and that’s who you will be working with for the duration of the trip.”

She went around making partners and “conveniently” paired up Todd and Katie.

“Finally, since this is an early childhood development course we have several babies for you all to practise your parenting skills on. However, there is one baby less than there are couples. So for one group I will give you all special instructions, but enough of that later whats important…”

Todd was listening to Dr. Solomons drone on about the trip when he realized that he had to use the bathroom urgently. One second he was fine than the next he was at a crisis point. He stood up to leave when suddenly Dr. Solomons started speaking too him.

“Can I help you Todd?” Nicole asked.

“I just need to use the bathroom. Ill be quick,” Todd said hurriedly

“You will sit down. I will not allow myself and the class to be interrupted. You can hold it in until this first nights class is done. Do I make myself clear?” she asked intensely.

“But……” he saw the look on her face “Yes Ill wait”

Todd was not sure how he was going to make it. He had to go so urgently.

“Alright class, so as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted is that we are going to meet our babies. When you receive them I want you guys to practise preparing a bottle and feeding them. Alright follow me and lets get started.” She said.

The class followed Nicole to a giant nursery outside of the main hall. There were several cribs in room with babies inside. Todd could see bottles, sleepers, pacifiers, onesies, diapers, creams, baby powder, mittens, bibs, bonnets and every other baby supply that you could ever need. He also noticed that every baby seemed to be male. Despite seeing all of this all Todd could think about is how much he had to pee.
All of the couples started picking out their babies that they would be practising with when he found out that he and Katie were the group that would not be getting a baby to practise on.

“You two will have special instructions for every assignment since you don’t have a real baby to practise on.” Nicole said. “For every activity, one of you may have to pretend to be the baby and fill in for that role, within reason of course. Oh and Todd since you interrupted me, you can help me out with a quick demonstration.”

“Okay but can I quickly go to the bathroom” Todd pleaded.

“I said no. Not til we are done,” she said firmly.

“Alright class gather around, so I am going to explain how to hold a baby and how to feed a baby its bottle. Todd will be demonstrating as I explain. Todd please grab a baby,” announced Nicole.

Todd went to one of the cribs and grabbed a baby. When he picked him up he looked into the baby’s eyes. “Strange” he thought, “He looks worried, or he looks worried for me. Nah I must be just seeing things”. As Todd was walking with the baby to the front of the class he noticed that he could not hold his bladder much longer.

“Alright class, when you hold the baby put his head over your shoulder.”

Todd proceeded to put the baby’s head over his shoulder. He looked out in the crowd and saw all of the beautiful girls watching him. He noticed that Katie was watching him rather eagerly.

“Now to feed the baby you will…” said Nicole until she was interrupted by a girl raising her hand.

“Dr. Solomons, I think Todd is peeing his pants,” the girl exclaimed.

Todd looked down and noticed that he had released his bladder and was currently wetting his pants in front of the class. In front of all of these girls. In front of Katie, the girl he planned to sleep with. The girls stared open mouthed at him until they all started to laugh.

Re: Baby of the Class

I like how you use a separate line for each speaker, and paragraphs. That’s a great start, especially for a first story.

This is entertaining. I’m particularly enjoying the misogyny vs misandry.

Re: Baby of the Class

If any of you are enjoying the story, please comment and let me know specifically what you like or don’t like. I am really wanting to get feedback so I can improve. Also if there are any elements that any of you want me to include then please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you guys. Thanks and enjoy!

Chapter 3

Todd had never felt this embarrassed in his life. Here he stood in front of all of these beautiful girls with his pants soaking wet. He could feel the urine running down his leg. He could feel the warmth run down his leg until it started to pool in his shoe as well as on the floor. The warmth of the urine was nothing compared to the heat that he felt on his face as he started to turn red. Though the room was deafening from the laughter all he could here was his own heartbeat. How could he ruin his reputation? He had never wet his pants before. How could he allow himself to do this. When he looked up, all he could see was the face of the baby that he was holding looking at him. Though he knew the baby couldn’t hold a single coherent thought, he thought the baby looked like it knew what was happening.

“Todd what are you doing? Put that baby down and walk to the front of the class,” Dr. Solomons calmly stated.

Todd put the baby back in its crib and walked up beside Dr. Solomons.

“Todd would you please explain what happened?” she said cooly.

“Please don’t make me say this out loud. We all know what happened just let me change my clothes and leave,” Todd pleaded.

Todd looked at Dr. Solomons and now that he was so close to her he realized that he never realized how muscular she was. Her arms weren’t the biggest he had ever seen but they were very defined and he could see that she must have worked out.

“I will not ask you again. This is the second time Ive asked you. If you make me ask you again then I will have no choice but to ask you to leave this camp. If you leave I will be forced to fail you on this trip and give you an F for the course. Do I make myself clear? Now you will face the class and tell them what happened,” Dr. Solomons explained while having the hint of a faint smile on her face.

His face went pale. He knew that if he refused then he would fail. This would significantly lower his GPA thus preventing him from getting into grad school. His life plans would be over.

“I had to use the restroom, and as a result I had an accident,” Todd said with shame.

“What kind of accident?” asked Dr. Solomons.

“An accident in which I wet my pants,” he said. He could feel tears of embarrassment starting to well up in his eyes.

Dr. Solomons walked up to him and whispered in his ear, “I want you to say that you wet your pants like a baby. No better than any of the babies here”

“I wet my pants like a baby. No better than any of the babies here,” he said shamefully.

“Good well now that you admitted that, please take off those pee soaked pants and underwear and throw them outside in the hall. They are making this place stink,” Dr. Solomon said with a very visible smirk.

“Ill do it but let me grab some new pants. I don’t want to stand in front of everybody naked,” he said walking towards the door.

“YOU WILL NOT INTERRUPT MY CLASS ANYMORE! If you did not want to stand in front of anyone naked then you should not have peed your pants. Besides you won’t be naked for long. Now strip!” she said loudly and with authority.

Todd couldn’t believe it. He was trapped. He looked out at the crowd. The girls all couldn’t stop staring at him. He saw some of them were covering their mouths to stifle some laughs. Katie had an intense emotionless look on her face. Even the babies had stopped making noise. It seemed like they were all looking at him. The room was silent.

He knew that he should just do it and get it over with. He pulled down his pee soaked jeans and stepped out of them. He was wearing a red pair of briefs under them. He then pulled those down and stepped out of those as well. He picked up his clothes that weighed twice as much soaking wet and threw them out the door. He then faced the crowd completely exposed from the waist down with his penis, balls and urine soaked pubes exposed to the whole class.

For the second time in 15 minutes the girls erupted in laughter. The all started pointing at him. He had never been so embarrassed. His face got red hot then he noticed that he penis began to go stiff. This made half the girls go silent and the other half laugh even more. He was standing completely exposed with an erection in front of a room full of beautiful girls. His reputation was gone forever! Word of this would spread to the rest of the school.

“Alright class settle down. You may all return to your stations” stated Dr. Solomons.

All the couples including Todd and Katie returned to their stations.

“Now is as good of a time as ever. We are going to practise diapering our babies. This is pretty straightforward; the best way to learn this is by just figuring it out. Everyone please attempt to change your baby,” she said.

She then walked up to Todd and Katie.

“Todd we can’t have you exposed to the rest of the class any longer. I did tell you guys that since there weren’t enough babies that you both would practise on each other. So Katie you can practise putting a diaper on Todd,” she explained.

“That’s enough!” Todd shouted, “I don’t care if I fail this class but I am not wearing a diaper! Even if I pass this class then you will all tell everyone what I went through. My reputation is over and I will not get any jobs or get into any grad schools. I am leaving and going home.”

He started leaving when Dr. Solomons stood in his way.

“What if I told you that if you play along that you can pass the class and still have your reputation intact?” she said.

Todd stopped, “I’m listening”.

“Girls if Todd makes it though the camp without being sent home early, then do you all swear to not say anything to anyone else about what happens here?” she asked.

The girls all gave a resounding yes.

“Would you all sign a contract with a penalty of failing this class if anyone says anything?” she asked.

Once again there was a resounding yes.

“So Todd, what’s your decision? Are you going to leave with no pants, fail the class, have your GPA drop and have your reputation be tainted when all the girls tell everyone what happened or are you going to play along and listen to what I say?” she asked with intensity.

He stood in place with his shoulders hunched down and said softly, “I guess I have no choice”.

“Good now get up on the changing table. NOW” she commanded.

Todd jumped up and layed down on the changing table.

“You may now all begin to change your babies, don’t forget to use the baby powder and lotion. The diapers and plastic pants can all be found underneath the table. BEGIN!” she announced.

Todd looked up at Katie who for the first time had a big grin on her face.

“Don’t worry this will all be over soon, act like a good baby and this will be over soon. So you know I don’t enjoy this anymore than you do” she said calmly.

Katie grabbed a diaper and lifter Todds legs up into the air and slid the diaper underneath him. When Todd’s butt was placed down on the diaper he noticed that started getting another erection. “C’mon he thought, not now”.

“Does baby like this?” she mused.

She then took out the wet wipes and started rubbing down his cock, balls and butt. She took a wet wipe and formed it around her finger and stuck it up his butt and twisted it. It came out a dirty brown color.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” he shouted.

“Your butt was filthy. I had to clean it. Maybe you should take better care of yourself,” she explained with a satisfied look on her face.

Katie then grabbed the baby powder and generously sprinkled it over his pubic area and butt. After that she pulled the diaper up through his legs and tapped the sides together. Todd noticed that there was a babyish design on the diaper. The sides of the diapers had a graphic print of a colored checkered pattern and the front and back had a different colored print. The front and back print had a bunch of fury, cute creatures on it with paw marks running up and down. The diaper was very thick. He noticed that could fully keep his legs together. Katie patted his diapered butt a few times then told him that he could now get off the table.

As Todd thought about it, he wondered why there were adult sized diapers to begin with and not only that but why were there baby patterns on them? Nothing about this seemed right.

“Dr. Solomons why do you have adult diapers and why do they look like they are made for babies?”, Todd demanded.

“Because I have a friend who knows that I am in a childcare class and he wanted to know if there would be a chance for me to test out his new experimental extra thick diapers that have not been released to the public yet. I informed him that odds are there would be no scenario for me to test them but I took them anyways. It seems like it’s a good think that I did.” She explained.

“Now class please direct your attention to Katie and Todd. Katie you should be pleased with yourself this is exactly how a diaper should look on a baby when you’re done. Todd please turn around and walk to the door and back so we can all see how it should look, and remember the consequences if you don’t follow my instructions,” she said.

Todd couldn’t believe it. For the third time the class was looking at him but this time he was wearing nothing but a red nike t-shirt, blue sports socks and an extra thick adult diaper that looked like it belonged to an enlarged 1 year old. Todd spun around and started walking. As he walked, he noticed the diaper was absurdly thick. It was so thick that he had a rather pronounced waddle. He could not close his legs properly. The girls were all snickering as he walked and they all taunted by calling him names like baby boy. He started to cry as he waddled. He even noticed one of the girls filming him with her smart phone.

“Don’t worry Todd, Ill make sure these videos are all deleted if you make it through the trip” she said.

Todd panicked. Not only could they all spread rumours about this weekend if he didn’t make it but now they had video proof. He had to make it through the 10 days. Todd had finally realised that he was trapped. He also realised that this was going to be a VERY long trip.