Baby Jasmine

So 50/50 about posting this, don’t right that often, but here it goes, this story involves the Elsa, Rapunzel and Jasmine, from Disney. For the purpose of this story I’ve changed Jasmine’s and Rapunzel’s ages to 19. Anyway feedback welcome but don’t say stuff like “boring or just plain nitpicking” since that isn’t going to help me improve, since I don’t write that often and I don’t post that much either. I’ve also used the website to spell and grammar check, so if I’ve missed anything then I apologise, after all I’m only human.

Princess Jasmine Hamed of Agrabah sighed to herself as she pulled her suitcases along the corridor. Shifting her book bag back onto her shoulder, she stopped at her new college dorm room. Jasmine had come to Foxborough college in the USA. She had dressed modestly in jeans and a black t-shirt and kurti that covered her from the neck along with her to just below her bum, along with a leather jacket. She bit her lip as she pulled a pocket mirror out of her jeans pocket. Biting her lower lip, she looked at her black hijab. She began feeling a little out of place since all the women she’d passed were dressed more provocatively than herself. Jasmine figured she could ditch the hijab if her roommates weren’t religious. After all, she only wore it to keep her father and stepmother happy since she wasn’t overly religious. Looking at a board on the door, Jasmine saw her new roommates were called Elsa, Ariel, and Rapunzel. Jasmine unlocked the door and was relieved to see nobody was in the room. Quickly locking the door, Jasmine kicked her small shoes off and dumped her things next to her unprepared bed. She pulled her jeans down and lifted her kurti to expose an extremely wet and leaky diaper.

“So much for the booster working on a nine-hour flight!” Jasmine muttered, looking down as her pee continued to trickle down her legs.

She squatted down and opened her case and pulled a fresh diaper out and some cream. Jasmine got out of the diaper. She didn’t even need to rip the tabs open since it was only her jeans that had practically stopped it from falling off completely. She quickly dried her sensitive area and placed a good amount of cream on herself before getting her diaper securely fastened her diaper. Once that was done, Jasmine grabbed a towel from her bag and dried her legs before spraying herself with some perfume and putting a new set of jeans on.

“Hey who the hell is in there?” “Open this door or I’m getting security!”

Jasmine’s eyes were bulging open as she heard banging and shouting at the door. “Just a second!” Jasmine cried. She quickly threw the wet diaper under her bed and pulled her jeans up and shut her suitcase full of diapers. She looked at herself and made sure she looked presentable before going to unlock it. As soon as she did, a woman with white hair, baby blue leggings, and a matching blue top glared at her.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my room?” The woman shouted angrily.

“Sorry, I’m your new roommate,” Jasmine muttered. “I’m prin- I’m Jasmine,” Jasmine smiled. She was glad she stopped herself from addressing herself as Princess. This was the agreement that had been made with her father, the Sultan and her stepmother. Under no circumstances was she to reveal that she was a princess.

“OK then, I’m Elsa,” Elsa replied, eyeing her new roommate wearily. “Did you lock the door since you were praying?” Elsa asked. “The hijab, I’m assuming you’re a Muslim?” Elsa asked as she walked over to Jasmine’s bed and picked up a bedsheet.

“Yes, yes, I was praying, didn’t know how you’d react if you just walked in and saw me,” Jasmine nervously laughed.

“Doesn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother our roommates,” Elsa replied, looking round the room.

Jasmine stood watching as Elsa made her bed. Jasmine began smiling as memories of her time at the Palace came pouring back to her. She wished she was back there rather than here. She wanted to help Elsa, but she was terrified of Elsa hearing the rustling from her diaper. It was bad enough wearing them at the Palace and the servants and guards hearing it, though nobody dared to say anything.

“What are you studying?” Elsa asked.

“Politics and economics,” Jasmine replied. “How about you?” Jasmine asked.

“What the fuck?” Elsa cried. “Why the hell is there a wet diaper under here?” Elsa cried, pulling the soaking wet diaper out from under the bed and holding it with her fingertips.

Jasmine stood looking around, trying to think of something fast to say. She couldn’t very well say that it was hers going off of the reaction from Elsa. So she figured she’d do the next best thing and tell a little white lie.

“What kind of baby still wears diapers at our age?” Jasmine laughed. “Like seriously, is Rapunzel or Aerial still bedwetting?” Jasmine giggled, “Maybe we should get them some bottles of milk,” Jasmine giggled.

“It’s not Ariel!” Elsa snapped. “She’s studying environmental ecology and animal care. She’s been on a field trip for the past week,” Elsa explained. “And if Punzies is wearing diapers, then you shouldn’t laugh. How would you like it?” Elsa demanded. “In fact, you’ve not even been here five minutes, so how do I know this isn’t your wet diaper?” Elsa demanded as she placed the diaper into a plastic bag.

Jasmine bit the inside of her and picked up her book bag, and headed for the door. She knew she had to act normal and pretend she was insulted. She turned and tried her best to walk normally, and hoped that Elsa wouldn’t hear or notice.

“Hey Jasmine, wait!” Elsa called as she carried the plastic bag. “You’re probably right, come on let’s go find Rapunzel. Besides you being new here and dressed the way you are, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb, no offence.” Elsa smiled as she left with Jasmine.

Jasmine walked out in the fresh air. She was slightly revived that the rustling of her diaper was hidden, since Elsa did that much talking. Jasmine liked Elsa and found out she was studying architecture. Jasmine thought Elsa could be useful to the kingdom when they graduated. As they continued walking, Jasmine wearily eyed a group of cheerleaders who watched herself and Elsa as they walked past. As they walked past, Jasmine heard a few insults from them, but followed Elsa’s lead and ignored them.

“That was Mellisa. Watch your back around her and the rest of that cheer team, especially Dani, the skinniest girl on the left and bubblegum face,” Elsa quietly said.

“Bubblegum face?” Jasmine giggled.

“Yeh her name’s Candi. She’s always chewing and blowing bubbles with it. Trust me on their own. They’re bitches. Together they’re total bitches,” Elsa explained.

They finally got to where they were going and followed a slim girl with a blonde ponytail that went down to her buttocks into the toilets. Jasmine was slightly nervous as she wasn’t sure what was going to happen, especially since she hadn’t used a toilet for the better part of a year.

“Hey Punzel, this is Jasmine, our new roomie,” Elsa smiled. “Oh, and you left something under Jasmine’s bed as well.”

“No, I didn’t?” Rapunzel replied, confused as she eyed Jasmine wearily.

“You left your extremely wet diaper under her bed,” Elsa explained, placing the bag on the side next to the sink.

“That’s not mine!” Rapunzel cried in disbelief. “Elsa, seriously, we’ve shared a room for the past year. Have you ever seen me wear a diaper?” Rapunzel asked, getting upset. “I sleep naked sometimes, for christ’s sake!”

“Hey it’s OK if you are wearing a diaper. I’m not bothered by it,” Jasmine said, leaning against the sinks.

“Oh, shut up seriously, just admit that it belongs to you!” Rapunzel cried.

“I’m not admitting to owning that when it doesn’t belong to me!” Jasmine cried.

Jasmine placed her hands in her jacket feeling slightly bad about all of this as she listened to Rapunzel flat out denying the wet diaper belonged to her. She knew she’d have some apologising to do if Rapunzel found out the truth. Although Jasmine thought a quick phone call to the Palace and someone could deliver a necklace from the royal treasury might make a difference. Jasmine soon snapped out of her thoughts as she watched Rapunzel storming off.

“I think it’s best you avoid her when she’s like this,” Elsa sighed as she went walking off.

“I’ll catch you later, maybe?” Jasmine softy called.

“Yeah, whatever!” Elsa called.

Jasmine sighed as she lent against the sink. She looked at the diaper bag on the sink and thought that she should just have admitted that it was hers.

“Well done Jasmine, well done,” Jasmine sighed. “You finally had the chance to make some friends now you’ve just gone and blown the chance,” Jasmine continued to mutter as she stood looking at herself in the mirror.

Jasmine had stayed looking at the mirror in the toilets for a few minutes when she suddenly heard the bathroom door opening. She watched nervously as a group of cheerleaders came in, the same cheerleaders that Elsa had warned her about. Jasmine knew the moment she moved they’d hear the rustling of her diaper.

“What are you looking at, freak?” Mellisa barked.

Jasmine just ignored the comment and went back to adjusting her hijab. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw who she assumed to be Dani holding a set of pink pompoms walking over to the door. Jasmine tried to play it cool and act like she wasn’t in a rush. Silently she started cursing in her head as she watched the shorter Candi walking over to her. Jasmine watched as Candi chewing her gum as normal and blowing a bubble with it looked her up and down before looking in the bag. Candi let out a little smirk as she looked Jasmine up and down.

“Is this yours?” Candi asked, sticking her gum on the mirror before eating another piece.

“Is what mine?” Jasmine asked, blushing bright red.

Candi waved for Dani to come over and, like a puppy, she did. Candi started whispering in Danis’ ear as both cheerleaders started giggling and laughing and looking straight towards Jasmine’s buttocks. Jasmine thought her outfit hid her diaper butt. She wanted to kick herself at how red in the face she was going. She thought it must look so obvious that it was her’s otherwise. Why else would she be blushing?

“Hey Mel, you’ll never guess what the new girl is wearing,” Candi laughed.

“What the hell are you talking about, you idiot?” Mellisa called from the toilet door. “I’m trying to have a pee here!”

“New girls wearing a diaper!” Candi shouted loudly.

“No, I’m not, and my name is Jasmine!” Jasmine cried.

The toilet flushed, and Mellisa came out. The head cheerleader dressed in a pink tracksuit and was the same height as Jasmine washed her hands and looked into the bag that Candi had looked in and smirked at Jasmine. She gave a discreet nod, and Dani went and stood in front of the door. Jasmine sensed she was in trouble as Candi moved to her right and Mellisa stood to her left, both looking her up and down.

“If you’re not wearing a diaper, then why don’t you prove it?” Candi demand.

“Pull your pants down, Jas, and show us,” Dani called from the door.

“I have a better idea,” Mellisa smiled as she whispered in Candi’s ear.

Jasmine didn’t like the whispering, and giggling as she watched Mellisa and Candi. She was understanding why Elsa had warned about these cheerleaders. She was thinking she could just walk away, and they’d leave her alone. After all, Dani didn’t seem that tough, given how skinny she was. It was just the crinkling that would almost certainly give the game away that she was currently in a diaper. A clicking of fingers soon brought Jasmine back to her senses as she looked at a smiling Mellisa.

“Hey get off of me!” Jasmine cried as she felt Mellisa and Candi grabbing hold of her.

“Dani, get her trousers down!” Mellisa laughed. “I wanna see if she is wearing a diaper!”

Jasmine watched as Dani threw her pompoms onto the side of the sink and walked towards her. She tried to wriggle free but she couldn’t get free. Dani was soon pulling up her kurti and unbuttoning her jeans. Jasmine knew it was only going to be seconds before her ultimate humiliation began. She felt her button finally being popped open and her jeans being roughly pulled down.

“OMG!” Dani laughed. “She is wearing a fucking diaper!” Dani laughed, pulling Jasmine’s jeans down to her ankles before pulling the kurti up to expose the white diaper.

Jasmine began crying as Mellisa and Candi let go of her. She suddenly jumped as she felt a hard slap hit her diapered behind. To her horror, though, Jasmine saw that Mellisa and Candi had their phones out.

“You need to delete those now!” Jasmine shouted, automatically assuming that she was being photographed. She started panicking as she thought if those photos got out, then it could ruin her. She was relatively unknown back in Agrabah, despite being the future ruler. Yet she was thinking long term and the damage that the photos could do.

“You’re in no position to give orders, little girl!” Mellisa warned.

“Yea, give us one reason why we should?” Candi laughed.

“I’ll do anything you say, just please, please don’t show anyone those photos!” Jasmine pleaded. She watched as the three cheerleaders started whispering and giggling. She tried to hear what they were saying, but couldn’t. After what felt like a lifetime, the girls soon stopped talking and walked to form a circle around Jasmine.

“You have a simple choice. From now on, you’re going to be our servant, our baby girl. That means doing assignments,” Mellisa smiled. “

“Or we post these photos and videos all over campus and social media. You’ll cleaning our rooms, getting stuff for us.” Candi laughed.

“And in exchange, we’ll be your mummy’s and look after you just like a real baby, and that means calling us mummy Dani, mummy Candi and mummy Mellisa. That includes changing your diapers and you will use them. Don’t act like you don’t have any we know you must have.” Dani laughed as she squatted to check Jasmine’s dry diaper. “Stupid babies can’t change themselves. What are you?” Dani laughed.

“My what?” Jasmine cried. She thought she’d only have to do assignments and maybe a spot of cleaning. Being a baby to them was something she hadn’t expected. She bit her lip as she began thinking it couldn’t be anymore worse than the previous year at the Palace.

“Erm baby, mummy Dani just asked you a question!” Mellisa barked.

Jasmine raised an eyebrow and thought she can’t be serious. She knew Mellisa wanted her to basically repeat what Dani had said. Just to make life a lot easier for herself, Jasmine reluctantly agreed. Any other time, she’d have just walked off or stood up for herself.

“I’m a stupid baby who can’t change my diapers,” Jasmine sighed as a chorus of squeals went out. She stood glaring at the three cheerleaders. “So help me if you dare show anyone those photos I’ll…!” Jasmine angrily shouted, balling her fists.

“Temper, temper sweetie, don’t want a spanking, do you?” Candi laughed.

“You’ll what, little girl?” Mellisa demand.

“That’s right, you’ll do nothing!” Candi smiled.

“Exactly, all it takes is two seconds and those photos and videos go viral, understand!” Mellisa warned, squaring up to Jasmine.

Jasmine knew she was beat this time. She knew it was going to be like a game of chess. She’d been out manoeuvred for now. So it was just best to accept her fate for now, at least until she out how to get rid of the photos and videos. Jasmine rolled her eyes as she watched Candi pulling up her jeans. She felt so embarrassed but slightly amused as Dani held up her kurti while Candi struggled to get her jeans up.

“Right, hold myself and mummy Candi’s hands.” Mellisa ordered. “You’re staying with us for now. Oh, and a word of advice, I can guarantee that a hand landing on your bare backside will hurt a hell of a lot more than it does when it hits a diaper,” Mellisa warned.

“Behave and we won’t say anything about your diapers to our boyfriends and the rest of the football and cheer teams about you being our little girl,” Candi warned as she popped another bubble.

“Yes mummy Candi, I understand.” Jasmine muttered as they practically forced her to leave. She assumed that the rest of the day couldn’t get any worse.

I’m not to sure if I like how the cheerleaders discovered Jasmines secret, I had planned for them to find out put originally planned for them to find out a different way, I might rewrite this chapter not 100% sure yet.