Baby Caring Duty

Chapter 1-Lottery

A short-haired cheerful-looking 12-year-old girl smiled at a calm-looking boy with jet black hair“So? Did you manage to get winter break homework done?” Haley asked, she was Axel’s friend since he can remember, their parents are old friends so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she is his best friend, they were both waiting in front of the bus stop

Axel took out his headphones “Yeah Yeah sure did, it was pretty short” He chuckled “I will go ahead and take a wild guess, you didn’t write a single page?” He smiled at her

“Yeah… Do you mind?” She smiled at him a bit embarrassed but with her eyes shining brightly

“Not one bit, go ahead” He opened his backpack and handed her a notebook as they entered the bus “At least try to make some mistakes so the teachers don’t suspect” he said

In the very back of the bus, a blonde boy of small stature noticed the two entering the bus and raised his arms pointing to the seats right next to him “My man!” Cole was another friend of their group, he was a small funny but frail-looking boy, he let out the two sit right next to him and got to copying winter break homework with Haley straight away “So? Winter break homework huh?” He grinned

“It would do you good to do it from time to time” Axel laughed “Just go ahead, I don’t mind” he smiled at his friend “Any news?” He smiled at his friend while looking out at the window

“Yeah… about that…” Cole scratched the back of his head while copying homework “Look to your right”

Axel did so and saw three empty baby car seats “Uhhh… Yeah, that’s not very good, the guys from baby caring duty all changed schools right?” He said

“Don’t worry, I will change your diapers for you if it comes to that” Haley laughed

“Well he does have it in his family after all” A brunette nerdy looking girl wearing glasses pointed out from the bus seat in front of them

"Rebecca, good to see you too” Axel fist bumped the nerdy girl who smiled at him amicably “And yeah, My sister liked the baby caring so much she uses the diapers to this day, it happens” he shrugged while smiling at his friends “I wouldn’t like if it happened to me but at the end of the day it’s the lottery’s decision” He said in a very relaxed way

“Eh, We won’t be able to care for you often anyway even if it happens, took the opportunity to hack into the school system” Rebecca said “Haley, you are with me in 7-B” She smiled at the girl

“Cool, I can cheat the exam with you” Haley laughed

“You know I do it for a price even for friends” Rebecca said chuckling “I really need a new telescope” She sighed

“What about me?” Axel asked now slightly worried but managing to keep a cool stance

“You are with Cole in 7-A” Rebecca said “Congratulations to you Cole, you can cheat with the second smartest of the team” she smiled at him

“Works for me” Cole laughed while focusing on copying the homework

Arriving at school the team soon headed to their homeroom, classes went on mostly as usual, their new teacher presented themselves to the class as Mrs.Gardner and talked with the class for a bit, she was the gentle and small type “Alright, Now that everyone is acquainted, time to do the lottery for baby duty, before that anyone wants the role?” Silence soon followed “Well that was to be expected, it’s a rare thing for someone to come willingly” she said smiling “But before that can anyone tell me what baby duty is about?” She asked

A tall ginger also kinda nerdy looking raised her hand “Baby duty, a law passed thirty years ago by the government, a student from each class is chosen to be that class’s baby for the rest of school unless they change schools along the way, it’s used to improve the nurturing and caring side of a student at a young age and prepare them for the future so they can be good parents” The girl explained then sat back on the chair confidently

“Very good” The teacher applauded the girl “The chosen student will also have a permanent caretaker who will take care of their needs in the school, on Mondays and Wednesdays a random student from the class will be chosen to take care of the baby for a day, we also have baby caring class at Thursdays which involve the whole class in baby caring duty” Their teacher explained “Since this is the first day We will have two baby caring classes this week, it will be held after lunch, now let’s see…” Their teacher grabbed something from under the table, it was a hat with a ton of papers inside it “I will pull a name, the Boy or Girl that gets called will be the Student responsible for Baby Duty in this class…” She closed her eyes and grabbed a random piece of paper “Very well…” She unfolded the piece of Paper “Axel Hamilton”

“Yup” Axel raised his hand a bit embarrassed “Bad luck” He shrugged while smiling at Cole who was relieved it wasn’t him

“Before we get to the good part, who wants to be the permanent baby caregiver for the class?” Their teacher asked smiling at her students

“Ehhh… You would get embarrassed if it was a girl” Cole raised his hand smiling at Axew

“Cole Bohr” Their teacher said “Very well, Axew would you kindly?” Their teacher gestured for her table inviting him to lay on it

“Sure” Axew laid down on the table still fully dressed

“Now let’s see…” Their teacher started by unbuttoning his pants and then lowering them, Axew was now only in his underwear in front of the whole class “Embarrassed?” His teacher asked smiling at him gently

“A little, but I will survive, you can proceed” Axew smiled at her serenely

“So calm and well mannered…” Their teacher sighed enchanted by his demeans as she lowered his underwear, his penis was now out for the whole class to see “Now I want everyone in the class to come closer, especially Mr. Bohr who will be taking care of the changing duties, she then put the diaper changing supplies to the table “For starters, we have to apply Lotion on the baby’s diaper area gently” Their teaches explained to her students while she softly rubbed the baby oil on his privates making sure it was well visible for all students “You have some hair down here, I will have to contact your parents and ask them to get you shaved down there…” She pointed out, a few snickers could be heard from behind “Careful kids, remember that teasing someone on Baby Duty awards you with supplemental baby classes for a week” she chuckled then when she finally was pleased with her work she placed a diaper under his butt, it was a thick disposable diaper with animal patterns on the front and back “If your parents wish a different type they need to call the school, we will have the chosen diapers as quick as possible, but these are the standard ones we use” she said then started powdering his tush “Be sure to spread the baby powder all around his groin and butt” when his privates were finally covered in the snow-white baby powder the teacher went on to explain how to fasten his diaper giving several tips along the way, Axew finally was diapered then was sat up on top of her table “So? How does it feel?”

“A little thick I guess” He said trying to close his legs together to no avail

“They have to be thick, you are a grown boy on the inside, it wouldn’t hold if it was too thin” she said “And about that… time for the school rules for the baby, ahem…” The teacher grabbed a small list from a drawer in her desk “1-The School Bathroom are strictly forbidden to the student on baby duty 2-The student is to use their Diapers for their intended purpose through their school life 3-The Student is to use the school baby adapted furniture only 4-The student can’t change his own diaper no matter the situation they are in while in school grounds 5-Although the student is a baby, their curriculum will not change and they are expected to study like any other student, they are allowed a lower passing grade at the end of the year though 6-Failure to follow rules one through four will result in a punishment which shall be given by the current caretaker or a teacher, the punishment can vary and is up for the caretaker to decide” Their teacher explained “Are we understood?” She asked

Axel shivered a bit scared of how strict the rules were, his sister never told him anything about it now that he thought about it “Y-Yeah… Sure we are” He said a tad bit nervous now with the whole situation

“You are also supposed to follow your teachers and caretaker’s orders, if you don’t rule number six also applies, you look like a good boy though so I’m not worried about that” she said patting him on the head, well not let’s resume class, you can put your pants back on” She said

After managing to fit his diapers inside his pants Axew paid attention in class while Cole asked him how it felt for the rest of homeroom until the bell rang announcing it was time for lunch “Finally over” Axew groaned “Come on, time to eat” Axew said while they left class and headed for the cafeteria “Alright… time for those two to make fun out of me…” Axew sighed

He headed for a table in the corner of the cafeteria, it had three highchairs on one side while the other was like any other table, what he didn’t expect was for Haley and Rebecca to be there as well talking near the table, they noticed their friends approaching “No fucking way…” Haley said

“Language…” Rebecca reprimanded Haley “So? Am I thinking the same thing as you two?”

“Yeah Yeah, I’m 7-A’s baby” Axew smiled at her then lowered his pants a little bit showing his diaper to her

“Animal Patterns? Mine only had Fruit ones…” Haley Groaned then gave him a peek of her diaper “This can’t be happening…”

“Hey, I’m glad you aren’t teasing me, My day is getting better already” Axew laughed amicably at her with Cole by his side

“Alright, enough talk, I wanna eat” Cole and Rebecca proceeded to strap the two of them to the highchair then went to the Line to her their food

“Soo… Do you know how does this thing work?” Haley asked

“Sorry, I was too young to remember how it was when my sister was on duty” He shrugged smiling at her from his highchair “Hmmm…” he turned to his side and saw an empty highchair next to him “Seems 7-C is late” He said

“Actually we were the first ones, I just waited in the line with her” A brunette wearing a side tail accompanied a blonde girl with curly hair she was sucking on a pacifier and looked a bit sleepy while holding the brunette’s hand “I’m Rita and this little one right here is April, she actually went on and volunteered for baby duty in our class, the others were glad they didn’t have to go through the lottery, practically a goddess in our class now“ Rita looked like a serious girl, her clothes were formal and she had a smart but stern aura to her

April took the pacifier out of her mouth and greeted the two friends “I have mild narcolepsy, I’m sleepy all the time” She laughed “Since babies sleep a lot and I need the lower passing grade at the end of the year I thought, Why not?” She said while being put in the high chair

“Yeah… I volunteered because of the extra credit” Rita said then placed a baby food jar on the table along with a few plastic utensils. While eating a sandwich with one hand she started feeding April the baby food with the other. It was a purple goop “So? As bad as you thought?”

“Hmmm… Yeah, I could get used to the taste, it isn’t good though” she laughed then was cut short by another spoonful in her mouth

“Pleasure to meet you two, our caretakers must be arriving right about… now” Axel said in his usual relaxed manner

Cole and Rebecca had finally arrived with the food, they had the same Purple Jars and plastic utensils along with their regular lunch “Alright…” Cole opened the jar and took a spoonful of it “Open for the airplane…” he said smiling at Axew

“Is this really necess-” He asked but was interrupted by the spoon Cole shoved in his mouth

“So?” Cole smiled at him

“Terrible, but I’ve tasted worse…” Axew said while swallowing the baby food “What is that?”

“Hmmm… Prune baby food” Cole smiled at him a bit nervous

“Of fucking course…” Haley groaned then was cut short by a spoonful of it going inside her mouth “Huh… Tastes actually kinda good…, alright gimme more” She said smiling at Rebecca

“Everything tastes good for you…” Rebecca’s eyes rolled then proceeded to feed her another spoonful

“Not a picky eater… very proud of it” She laughed then swallowed another spoonful

“Here, it will help it go down” Cole handed Axew a baby bottle full of formula which the boy grabbed and started drinking “Tastes weird…” he said

“You will grow to like it don’t worry” Cole said then offered another spoonful

Axel gladly ate “Hey… I feel kind of bloated… I think it’s enough”

“The woman who gave me the food said you have to eat everything, come on now…” Cole offered another spoonful

Axel sighed but didn’t fight back and forced himself to eat the rest, Recess was already done when he finished with the rest of the babies on duty “Ahhh… I feel terrible” Axel said while heading back to class with a hand on his belly, he sat on his desk then waited for their teacher to come back class went on as usual until Axew’s stomach started gurgling in the middle of class which made the boy start to squirm a little, he also had some trouble with his bladder which he was trying to ignore

“Axel, you need to go?” Their teacher noticed his squirming and looked at him who sat at the very end of the class right next to Cole

“Yeah… pretty much…” He answered a bit embarrassed

“Well… No time like the present” The teacher headed over to his table and grabbed him, she then laid him on her table and took out his pants, his classmates approached to take a better look “Try holding it in as much as possible for your first accident, if it starts to hurt just release it” She said then started massaging his belly while cupping the back of his diaper with her other hand “I can feel you stomach being upset…” She grabbed a student’s hand and placed it over his belly

“Woah… it’s like a storm inside his belly” The boy said “You okay there?” he asked

“A bit uncomfortable but…” Suddenly a loud fart could be heard coming from his butt “Sorry…” He said while his classmates cooed him, one after another they felt his belly gurgling, more farts followed and he tried to hold it to his best capability “I can’t hold it anymore… I need to pee as well”

“Just go ahead and let it out then” His teacher said “Then I can teach everyone how to change a messy diaper…” She said then started massaging his belly more vigorously but with gentle tone trying to make him feel safe while she was nearby

“G-God… here it comes” A barrage of farts soon followed by a hot torrent of poop on the backside of his diaper along with a warm stream of pee, his classmates looked amazed as the backside of his diaper expanded with a yellow and brown stain on it, Axew cried a little bit from the embarrassment while he kept pooping in his diaper, when he was finished the bulge on his diaper was clear as day

“Now before we change him, does anyone want to feel the diaper? It’s good practice to learn how to tell if the baby had an accident” Mrs. Gardner asked, most students raised their hands in response, the class was now entirely focused on Axel’s dirty diaper

One by one the students felt the backside of his diaper, some even pushing it spreading the mess over his bottom, Cole was the last one to have a feel of his diaper “It’s warm, I can feel it inside” He said

“Very well, now for the diaper change” Their teacher said, she prepared a few baby wipes, baby powder and rash cream “For starters, we untape the diaper if you have a weak stomach I would recommend you to back off a little now…” She untaped Axel’s diaper then opened it revealing his messy diaper, Axel was too embarrassed and just covered his face now “That’s normal as time goes on a baby duty student will get more and more used to it” she said "Now watch closely” She started cleaning him with the diaper then proceeded to use the baby wipes to clean his skin then she raised his butt and cleaned what remained, she placed another diaper like the previous one under his bottom and applied some rash cream in his skin “Alright now… Cole, would you kindly tape his diaper?”

“No probs” He said, Cole carefully taped his diaper into place making sure it wasn’t too loose “So?” He looked at the teacher who started examining Axel’s diaper, she gave him a thumbs up “Too easy”

Axel sighed now a tad bit recovered from his embarrassment “Well you do have a baby brother” He said

“He cries too much to be honest…” Cole said

“It only means Axel is a well-behaved baby” Mrs. Gardner patted him on the head and then resumed class

“So? What do you think your mom will say?” Cole asked whispering to him

“As I said, I was too young” Axel sighed “I don’t know how she goes about this stuff, Never thought about asking her” He shrugged smiling at his friend then went back to focusing on class after their teacher scolded them for not paying attention.

Chapter 2-House Rules

“Ugh… you stink…” Axel was sitting on the back of the baby bus seat along with Harley and April

“Not.My.Fault!” Haley looked at him with pure anger and embarrassment on her face

“Except it is your fault, you threw a tantrum in the middle of class just because you didn’t wanna be changed, Teacher just did as you asked and let you in your poopy diapers” Rebecca said, she was sitting in the seat right in front of them smiling at Haley

“I was half-asleep when I pooped and when they changed me so it wasn’t as embarrassing” April laughed at her two baby colleagues

Suddenly the bus stopped “Welp, this is your stop, let me help you” Rebecca unbuckled Haley’s seat and led her outside to her home, she knocked on the door

Haley’s mom answered the door “School called, I heard you got the baby duty then threw a tantrum today…” Her mom sniffed something bad then patted her daughter on the head “I got some diapers for you while you were in school, come in” she led Haley inside after saying her goodbyes to Rebecca who returned to the bus

A few minutes later the bus stopped again this time in front of Axel’s home, Cole unbuckled him from the baby seat and walked with him to his door, he knocked on the door and after a few seconds Axel Mom answered “School told me all about it, I guess it runs in the family huh?” she laughed then led him inside, his sister was on the couch watching tv

“Heeey, Mom told me, congratulations” She got up from the couch and hugged him then felt up his diaper butt over his pants “These are average but… I think you will like the ones I chose…” His sister said

“I’m not exactly happy about it…” He sighed “How is this going to work?” he turned his attention to his mom

“Don’t like losing time huh?” She smiled at him and then approached to kiss him on the cheek “For starters, Toilet is off limits to you, Your sister and I will take care of all your needs like bath, food and diapers, on weekdays you will play with baby toys, but you will be allowed to play with your grown-up toys on Saturdays and Sundays if you behave during the week, same for baby food and last but not least if you don’t behave you will be punished as we see fit… I guess that’s it, I’m sure there are more rules but these are the basics… Let me get something for you, Anna could you get something for him to wear?” She patted him on the head and then left for the kitchen

“Sure” His sister got up then headed upstairs

Axel followed his sister upstairs a bit curious about what his mom was talking about regarding clothes. He then noticed she went inside his room, he continued to follow her inside then gasped as he entered his room, it had been turned into a Nursery, his bed was replaced by a huge wooden crib with the same covers as his normal bed, the dresser was the same but right next to it there was a changing table filled with diapers and changing items like baby powder and lotion, the floor was also filled with baby toys like plushies and baby blocks

“Oh? Baby followed me here?” Anna smiled at her younger brother noticing his surprise, after your school called Mom and I took the rest of the day to move your things, they are in the guest room now so don’t worry, You can play with them on the weekends remember” She said then opened his closet “Now let’s see… This one” she smiled then took a white and blue striped onesie from his closet “Your old clothes were donated, Mom took the liberty to buy new ones for you, what do you think?” She asked while showing him his closet filled with baby clothes, from overalls to onesies and sleepers all with babyish patterns

“Wow… you two really take this stuff seriously…” Axel sat on the floor a bit shocked by what was happening “Isn’t this a bit too much?” He asked

“If you aren’t a baby at home you won’t be able to focus on your baby duty at school, it’s totally necessary” She kissed him on the cheek then started undressing him from his school clothes taking off his shirt and pants leaving him laying only in his diaper on the floor of his nursery, she then proceeded to fit the white and blue onesie on her younger brother gently, she finished by snapping it shut over his diaper slowly until he was finally dressed “There we go… comfy?”

“Y-Yeah…” He answered still uncomfortable with the whole situation

His mother came through the door smiling at him with her hands behind her back “I see you already say your nursery, do you like it?”

“I… I’m not sure” Axel couldn’t believe this was happening, the boy had no idea his mother and sister would be this serious about baby duty

“Awww… that’s okay, you will get used to it” She sat next to him and then showed him a baby bottle filled with formula, she patted her lap gesturing for him to come closer

With not a lot of options, Axel did just that and rested his head on his mother’s lap, he accepted the baby bottle nipple and started sucking on it, it had an odd taste even for formula he thought but kept sucking on it until the bottle was finished

“Very good… your sister was so fussy about this at the beginning” She chuckled then hugged him, she then started patting him on the back

“M-Mom I don’t think this is nece- UUURP” He was interrupted by his own burp “Sorry…”

“No need to, it’s only natural” His mom said still patting him on the back while bouncing him like a baby

“Mom…” He yawned “Did you put something in that formula?” He asked while his eyes started getting heavy

“For the first few weeks it’s recommended to put some medicine on the formula to help the baby, just some muscle relaxants, diuretics and medicine to help you sleep, I want you to take a nap during the afternoons from now on…” She said while smiling at him trying to keep up awake

“I see…” He yawned again “I think I will do just that…” Axel soon fell asleep on his mother’s lap

“So cute…” Anna approached him and popped a pacifier in his mouth “Should I tie it?”

“No, it could scare him” She rocked Axel from one side to another then carried him to his crib, she tucked him in then gave him a kiss on the forehead, before leaving his room along with her daughter she left a baby monitor and a night light “I will check with Haley’s mom to see how she is doing” She said then reached for her cellphone “Hii, How is Haley doing? I heard she is on baby duty for her class”

Haley’s mom was sitting on the couch with her daughter sound asleep on her lap “I changed her diapers a few minutes ago, she was so fussy that she ended up exhausted from all the kicking, I fed her a bottle of formula with the usual stuff, she is sleeping like a rock now” Her mom laughed

“How cute, how is her baby plan?” Axel’s mom asked

“The usual stuff, bathroom off limits, punishments and free to do grown-up stuff at weekends” She said “You had to see her face while I explained it to her” Haley’s mom laughed “I’m also giving her a morning suppository with a laxative laced breakfast before she goes to school to get her used to having it changed at school since her teacher told me she threw a tantrum today while pooping in class” She said

“That’s good, I did the same for Anna when she didn’t accept getting changed at school” Axel’s Mom said, they kept talking for about an hour, Axel’s mom explained in detail other measures she took when babying Anna, at a certain point Haley had peed in her sleep due to the baby formula so her mom had to finish the call “Well… he rested long enough, time to wake him up” His mom said then headed upstairs to wake her baby boy, she reached his crib and opened it then rocked him gently soon he finally woke up

“Mom…?” Axel yawned

“Hi sweetie” She lifted him and carried him to the living room then she turned on the tv and put it on a baby cartoon, she placed him on the floor along with a bunch of baby toys and kissed his forehead “I will be making food for you now, just play for a bit, you are not allowed to change channels, if you do there is no grown-up toys for the weekend” She said then headed for the kitchen

Axel sighed and decided to play with the toys since he had nothing better to do, he tried to pile up blocks and then knock them down with one of the plushies

His sister arrived in the living room and saw him playing, she smiled at him and approached her brother “Here, this was in your room” She popped back the pacifier in his mouth and this time clipped it to his onesie “Mom, is it okay if I tie his pacifier?”

“Hmmm… He needs to get used to it, go ahead!” Her mother said from the kitchen while making food

“Alright…” Anna went upstairs and returned with two straps that she attached to the pacifier, she then fastened it tight behind her brother’s head “Get used to sucking on the nipple, I will take it off before dinner” She said then sat on the couch and watched her little brother playing

Axel stopped for a bit to try and get used to the feeling of the pacifier he examined the rubber tit that was keeping his tongue pinned down inside his mouth, he started sucking on it after a while and resumed playing with the toys

After a short while Anna noticed her brother was “dancing” a bit while watching the tv, she noticed he was also pressing his legs together while sitting on the floor she smiled at it and approached him “You wanna go wee wee in your diaper?” She stroked his hair while sitting on the floor with him

Axel only nodded while still pressing his legs together embarrassed to do it right in front of her

“Hmmm… no need to feel embarrassed, here” His sister suddenly took off her skirt and showed him her diapers, they had a toy pattern and looked thicker than the ones he was currently wearing not that he didn’t know but he never saw it from so up close, he then noticed the toys in the front started fading while his sister sighed pleasantly “See? I just peed, go ahead”

Axel let out a muffled sigh a bit embarrassed by his sister’s straightforward attitude, he closed his eyes and let it go, at first it was only a small trickle but it soon evolved into a full flood, it took only a few seconds for him to finish, it was weird for him peeing in his diaper of his own free volition, he went back to playing with toys soon after that

“Kinda warm right?” Anna said while patting his head

Axel nodded slightly embarrassed about talking this kind of stuff, especially since her couldn’t talk

Anna put her pants back on and sat on the couch, it was dinner time after a while, their mom called them to the kitchen, Axel was caught by surprise, a Highchair in his die stood in the place of his old chair “This one was mine, I was impressed mom didn’t throw it away” She said

“Your highchair was a good one so I kept it in case a friend had a kid in baby duty, never thought I would be the one using it again” She laughed then placed Axel on the highchair, she locked the tray then placed a jar of baby food right in front of him “Mashed carrots” She said while Anna unfastened his pacifier, as she took his pacifier out a trail of drool followed “This brings back so many memories” His mother sighed happily then sat right next to him with a plastic spoon

“Was the gag really necessary?” He raised an eyebrow while looking at his sister who started eating

“I just like using it” Anna shrugged while smiling at her brother

His mom proceeded to get a spoonful of mashed carrots and started feeding her son while cooing him, the taste wasn’t pleasant but it didn’t make him feel like vomiting or anything

“Oh yeah, he just peed a few moments ago in the living room” Anna said while talking to her mom

“Anna!” looked at his sister slightly embarrassed

“Awww… You should have called me” His mom said while feeding him not paying attention to Axel

“I had to show him my diaper to get him to wet it, he was doing a potty dance and everything” Anna laughed

“you were just like him back when you started baby duty, it was so cute, the first week was the best one” she laughed then proceeded to feed him another spoonful “Here, wash some of it down” She placed a baby bottle with formula on his mouth and let him nurse on it for a while then resumed feeding him the mashed carrots

“Ugh… I think I’m already full…” Axel said as he let out a burp

“Nonsense, your sister loved these” His mom said then shoved another spoonful of mashed carrots in his mouth, she kept feeding him until the jar was completely empty, she then grabbed the half-empty baby bottle and popped it in his mouth “Come on now… don’t be a fussy baby, drink the rest of your baba” she smiled at him

Begrudgingly Axel started sucking on the bottle, it didn’t take long for him to finish it, his mom praised him for his good behavior and patted his back awarding her with a burp “There… can I go now?”

“Sure, just let me clean the dishes, I will give you a bath and then put you to sleep” she said while cleaning the table and taking everything to the sink

“Sleep? But it’s only 9 P.M” Axel complained

“Babies go to sleep earlier” She said while cleaning a plate “You can sleep a little bit later during the weekends though, so don’t fuss” His mom said

Suddenly Anna gave him a few baby blocks and put them right on his tray “You can play with them for a bit while you wait for mom to finish” She kissed him on the cheek then sat back on her chair to watch him

Axel decided to play with the blocks for a while since he had nothing better to do, it wasn’t long before he felt his tummy starting to rumble Uhhhh… Mom?”

“Hmmm… I was thinking… You should be calling me Mommy” She said while cleaning the dishes

“Do I have to mom?” He blushed slightly embarrassed, his mom didn’t answer him which was already an answer to his question “Mommy… I have to go…”

“Well that’s what the diapers are for sweetie” She said while cleaning his baby bottle

“But it’s a number 2!” He said getting more and more desperate

“I’m sure the diapers can hold it sweetie… but you are right, I should take it more seriously” She dried her hands and grabbed a cellphone, she set it right in front of Axel and started recording “Alright, you can go now” She said

“You are recording?!” Axel was beet red now and tried to leave the highchair

“Yes, I have your sister’s first messy accident at home recorded as well” she said “You can go whenever you want, I can’t give you a bath while you are on the verge of having an accident anyway” She said

Anna approached him and placed her hand over his belly “Yeah, it’s rumbling pretty nicely, it won’t be long now” She said then started massaging his belly

She was right, in a matter of less than a minute Axel couldn’t hold it anymore, loud farts started coming followed by a bulge on the back of his diaper, Axel tried lifting himself up so the mess wouldn’t be mushed but his sister soon pushed him down

“You need to sit properly little bro” She held him in place while his poop kept coming this time spreading all over the back side of his diaper while his struggling only made it worse “So cute…” Anna commented on her brother’s embarrassment

“You need to get used to it, you will be using your diapers for it for a few years from now on remember that” His mom pointed out

Finally, Axel was done struggling, the boy was panting a bit exhausted from trying to flee the highchair “Can… Can I get a change now?” He asked

His mom smiled at him and then returned to the sink while storing her cellphone in her pocket “I will finish it here, Anna can you take him from the chair and put him in the living room? He needs to get used to being in a messy diaper” She said

“On it” Anna finally freed Axel from the highchair and carried him to the living room “Play for a bit, you will get used to it, trust me” She patted him on the head and then sat on the couch

Axel for his part started playing with the baby blocks and plushies again but this time on all fours trying his best to not mush the poop in his diaper further, Anna thought about reprimanding him for it but ultimately she decided he would end up doing it on his own after a while

After a while their mom had finally left the kitchen and lifted Axel, she carried him to the bathroom and laid him on the floor “I will clean you first then I will give you a bath” She said while untaping his diaper then opening it which prompted Axel to cover his face “Dear could you do me a favor?” She turned to Anna who was watching, the older sister just nodded and walked behind Axel, she grabbed both his arms and spread them uncovering his face “No need to feel embarrassed…” His mom said while cleaning his butt thoroughly “You made a big mess in your diapee didn’t you?” she chuckled, after finally cleaning his private area and throwing his diaper away his mom walked to a closet in the bathroom and pulled a razor and a bottle with some sort of clear liquid from it “Your school also mentioned you had some hair down there, this lotion slows down hair growth, I used it on your sister until the end of school” She chuckled while reminiscing

“Isn’t this… dangerous?” Axel asked slightly wary of the sharp razor right in front of his privates

“If I were an amateur, sure, but took care of your sister for years, you couldn’t have asked for a better person to do it” His mom said proudly then started rubbing the lotion all over his privates around his dick, balls and even near his anus, after she was done his mom just gently shaved his privates then raised his legs and started shaving the hair around his butthole, after she was happy with her job she smiled at him “Now for the second part” she placed more lotion on her hand and started rubbing it all over his body from his neck to his legs “Body hair doesn’t really suit a baby does it?” She said then started once again shaving his body hair thoroughly taking utmost care to not let a single one remain when she was done his mom put him inside the bathtub and started cleaning him with baby soap “So? How do you feel? Smooth like a baby?” She commented

“I-I guess…” Axel was a little overwhelmed by how serious his mom was with baby duty, from everything she had done so far this was one of the least embarrassing things he thought while she put baby shampoo on his hair and washed him thoroughly paying special attention to his privates, Axel was so focused on his thought that he hadn’t noticed he had gotten hard with all his mom’s touching

“Awww… still a boy after all” She cooed him while Axel tried covering himself embarrassed “No need to feel like that” she laughed while cleaning behind his ears, after she was done she dried him with a towel and led him naked to his nursery where she laid on top of his changing table “Alright…” His mom grabbed two diapers from the changing table, one had Elmo designs all over it while the other had flowers drawn all over it “So? Which one do you like?”

Axel thought for a moment then pointed to the Elmo one a little bit embarrassed for having to choose

“Good choice” His mom placed the diaper under him then after applying lotion and baby powder she taped his diaper snugly against his privates

For starters the new diapers felt way thicker, he waddled a bit as he left the changing table it was almost impossible to close his legs together with this one

“These are the ones you will be using from now on, I already called your school and asked them to have these in store for you, unlike those cheap ones these also have a wetness indicator, your Elmo disappears if you pee on it” She rubbed the front of his diapers to feel it’s thickness then patted the back of his diaper “These are amazing, your sister knows her stuff” She chuckled then walked to his closet and returned to him with a white footed sleeper with baby blocks drawn all over it, she helped him into the sleeper, she then pulled up the zipper that was on the back and finished by closing a velcro tab right on his neck that prevented him from taking it back “I had to buy this one when I saw it” She cooed him then led him to the crib “Before you sleep, here” She handed him another baby bottle then sat right next to his crib waiting for him to finish it

Axel started nursing on the baby bottle quietly, the sweet baby formula flowed down his throat, the boy knew it was laced with

Things that would make him wet himself but after everything that happened today he didn’t care that much about what would happen during his sleep, after he was done with the bottle his mom clipped a pacifier on his sleeper and popped it on his mouth, his mother left his room pleased with the finished bottle.

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Chapter 3- Morning

Axel woke up inside his crib in the morning, he looked around and saw he was in his nursery. The boy sat up and tried to leave his crib only to see it had a lock that prevented him from opening it “Mom? Anna?” Axel looked around, the boy decided to wait for someone to show up, he noticed then that his diaper was slightly damp “I peed in my sleep?” Axel blushed a bit embarrassed, curious to see the damage he started fidgeting with his sleeper, it took him some work but Axel ended up managing to undo the tab on the back of his neck and lower the zipper, his diaper Elmo drawing had faded there was a slight yellow stain where it once was “Yeah… quite the damage” He sighed feeling a sense of defeat it was then that he heard his door opening

“Hi sweetie” His mom had arrived. She approached this crib and looked at him surprised. “You managed to take off your sleeper? That’s a big no no” His mother unlocked the crib and placed her hand on top of his diaper “Awww… you did a wee wee in your diaper during the night? How cute…” She kissed him on the forehead then carried him to the changing table “I will take some measures to prevent you from taking it off before you take your nap today but for now…” His mom started undoing his diaper, once his butt was naked for the world to see she gave him a spank “I will give you thirty spankings on each side so you can learn you should not take off your clothes on your own unless a grown-up says so, count me for me okay?” She said then proceeded to spank his bare bottom

“One… two… three…” His mother spankings hurt but weren’t as painful as he thought, each time the palm of her hand hit his bottom he would whine a bit but kept counting as he was told until she was finally finished, his butt was reddish and he felt there was a tingle that hurt a bit when she touched it, after that his mother proceeded to clean his diaper area and put another diaper on him, she then dressed him in a dark blue onesie, she clipped his pacifier to the onesie

His mom carried him downstairs to give him his breakfast and get him ready for school

While that Haley was in her room looking at nothing but darkness, the girl had a pacifier in her mouth tied around the back of her head, she had mittens tied to her hands and booties on her feet that prevented her from walking, she wore a yellow sleeper with a hoodie that was closed by a zipper right now, she could feel her diaper was slightly wet, she was like that after trying to run away from a messy diaper change from her mom yesterday after dinner, her butt was also slightly sore after a spanking she received from her mom before she was put to sleep, surprisingly enough the girl had a good night of sleep even after all that, finally she heard the door to her room which was turned into a nursery being opened, her eyes hurt a bit after her mom unzipped her hoodie, rays of light filed her room during the morning as her mom undid her sleeper and checked her diaper

“Someone did quite a number on their diaper this night huh?” She smiled at her daughter then carried her to the changing table, she quickly proceeded to change her daughter’s diaper into a clean one then went to her closet and grabbed a dark blue onesie just like the one Axel was wearing, after being put on the onesie her mom untied the pacifier gag from her mouth and took off the mittens and booties, lots of drool came out of her mouth while her mom clipped her pacifier to her onesie

“Mom…” Haley complained

“Nuh-Uh… what did I tell you yesterday?” Her mom smiled at her with an expecting look waiting for her to say something

“Mommy… I don’t really need to be treated like a baby at home…” She blushed while being carried to the kitchen

“Of course you do, it would mess your little head if you were a baby at school but a grown-up at home, you can’t be both” Her mother said before putting her daughter in a highchair “Here, it’s one of your favorites oatmeal and a baba filled with milk” She smiled while placing a bowl full of oatmeal and a baby bottle filled with milk

“Well… at least the food is good…” She rolled her eyes and then opened her mouth as her mother started feeding her, what Haley didn’t know was that both the milk and the oatmeal were laced with laxatives and muscle relaxants, after she was done her mom led her to the couch “Uhhhh… ain’t I supposed to go to school now?” She looked at her mother a bit confused

Her mother laid her down on the couch and undid her diaper “Yeah, I’m just taking care of something…” Her mother took from a table a small jar and took a suppository from it, she proceeded to lubricate it then quickly inserted it inside her daughter’s bottom, Haley squirmed a bit but was quickly calmed down by a quick slap on her thigh, after making sure it was deep inside she took her finger out of her daughter’s butthole and re-diapered her “You are still too embarrassed by doing a messy accident, this will help you” She kissed her daughter on the forehead then send her off after hearing the bus outside

After being strapped down in her baby seat by Rebecca, Haley groaned “Alright It’s the second day and I’m already tired of this, being a baby sucks” She crossed her arms angry at the whole situation

April laughed at Haley’s situation “Really? I live with my old brother he bought a few baby stuff and diapers but he was pretty nice about it” April giggled then yawned

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Haley is just being cranky, her mom is nice” Cole said then patted Haley on the head to which the girl slapped his hand “Hey!”

“Not my caretaker” She shrugged grinning at Cole then Rebecca patted her on the head

“He is right though” The nerdy girl chuckled “Here, this will help you calm down” She grabbed Haley’s pacifier and popped it in her mouth “If you take it out I will punish you in front of the whole class, the book I read yesterday said sucking on the pacifier is a huge part in the whole baby duty process” She smiled as her friend groaned behind the pacifier then started sucking on it trying to calm down “How are you doing?” Rebecca turned her attention to Axel who watched Haley a bit curious

“Ehhh… could be better, the whole thing is a bit weird, my mom and my sister went all out on this one” He sighed “The pacifier is kinda nice though…” Axel popped the pacifier in his mouth and started sucking on it to relax for a bit

“I think you are getting used to it just fine” Cole laughed then patted him on the head before sitting back on his seat

Rita looked at April and then noticed the girl was sleeping and drooling all over her dark blue onesie, her caretaker sighed “I swear to god… you can’t even pop a pacifier in your mouth?” She shook her head smiling at April then popped the pacifier on the sleepy girl’s mouth, her attention was suddenly drawn to muffled desperate sounds coming from Haley who was squirming on her seat right now

What is it? Do you need to go?” Rebecca approached her friend while the girl’s belly started to rumble as an effect of the laxatives and the suppository “Yup, you need to go” Rebecca smiled at her friend “Go ahead, no one will make fun of you” Rebecca started stroking Haley’s hair trying to soothe the girl “Suck on your pacifier, focus on it”

Haley stopped squirming then took a deep breath, the girl closed her eyes and started focusing on her pacifier while trying to ignore her belly, each time a cramp hit her bowels she would whimper but keep her eyes closed while trying to calm down always focused on her pacifier, suddenly and without warning she felt a fart followed by a warm mass filling the seat of her diaper, Haley cried as it kept coming by the time she was done her diaper had a noticeable bulge on the back and their bus had arrived at school

Rebecca unbuckled the girl from her seat and comforted the girl “There There, it wasn’t so bad was it?” She said while sitting the girl on her lap making the mess in her diaper spread further, after that Rebecca led Haley to their homeroom where their teacher was waiting for them

“I see Haley has a messy diaper for us today, are you going to let us change your diaper today little Haley?” Her teacher smiled at Haley who nodded meekly still sucking on her pacifier “Very good, now let’s see…” Their teacher laid Haley down on her desk as the students gathered over to watch Haley’s change, she opened Haley’s diaper revealing her messy diaper to the whole class “Wow, you did lots this morning didn’t you? Don’t worry I will get this cleaned in no time” She patted her on the head and then proceeded to show the whole class how to clean a diaper, after she was done cleaning she placed a new diaper under Haley “Your mother told us to use these, they have princesses on them” She smiled at Haley gently then looked at Rebecca “Do you know how to do the rest?”

“Of course, that’s child’s play” Rebecca grabbed some baby powder and lotion and applied it carefully over Haley’s crotch paying special attention to her butt, the nerdy girl then proceeded to tape her diaper carefully and finished with a kiss on her friend’s forehead “So?”

“A+ Rebecca, thank you, Now Haley could you thank Rebecca for changing your diaper?” Their teacher smiled at Haley

Haley took out her pacifier and looked at Rebecca, there was some drool escaping from her mouth “T-Tank you Rebwecca” She blushed upon noticing the drool was messing up her voice and swallowed the drool “Thank you Rebecca”

“So cute…” Rebecca smiled at Haley “No problem, whenever you want” She patted her friend on the head, after that their teacher proceeded with class as usual, Haley studied as usual although the girl wasn’t that keen on learning, Rebecca forced her to pay attention from time to time, not so different from usual Haley thought to herself while smiling.

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Chapter 4: Playroom

“So? Getting used to your new life?” Rebecca asked while looking at Haley who tried playing with a few blocks, all babies and their caretakers were in a special playroom in school during recess, April took the opportunity to sleep on top of a pile of plushies there were also babies from other grades in there with them

“No way, it’s terrible, I just got tired of fighting a lost battle” Haley said “I still think it’s stupid”

“That’s alright, you get used to it, it’s pretty fun” A girl she didn’t know crawled towards her she was in full baby attire and had a pacifier clipped on her bib, the girl was using a purple short-legged romper that ended at her knees

“And you are…?” Haley looked at the girl a bit annoyed

“Oh, Where are my manners? The name is Janet” She greeted both of them “I’m the girl on Baby Duty for Class 9-A”

“Hey, there you are” A tall boy wearing a green hoodie approached Janet “Trying to get away?” He smiled at her while patting the girl on the head “Sorry, she likes to get around, Name is Josh, I’m her caretaker”

“I was just greeting the new baby from 7th, you worry too much” Janet chuckled at her caretaker “Anyway, Just try having fun with it and you will be fine”

“What could be so fun about messy diapers and getting changed in front of everyone?” Haley crossed her arms and pouted while looking at Janet

“If you focus on the pacifiers and the comfy clothes it gets better and better until it turns into fun, here” Janet giggled then grabbed Haley’s pacifier and popped it in the 7th grader’s mouth

Haley sucked on the pacifier for a second feeling shortly pleased and relaxed but once she realized that she took it out and started complaining to Janet while the girl chuckled, their caretakers talked amicably while their babies argued with each other

While that Axel was on the other side of the room watching tv with two other babies while Cole and a few other caretakers watched them from afar

A boy on baby duty took out his pacifier then turned his attention to Axel smiling at him “Hmmm… I didn’t see you here last year, new baby?” The boy was using a green onesie with small trains drawn all over it he also wore glasses

“Yeah… all babies on 7th grade changed school so… here we are, I guess? My name is Axel by the way” Axel smiled at him a bit nervous

“Ethan, pleasure to meet you, getting used to babyhood?” He asked while turning his attention back to television

“Well my mom is doing the full course treating me like a baby and everything so… kinda hard not to get used I guess” Axel sighed “It’s a bit embarrassing though”

“Yeah, I felt like that the first few weeks, my advice? Try clearing your mind during the changes, the pacifier helps” He said then noticed Axel was rubbing his legs together trying to press his crotch “You need to go?”

“Yeah… I know I shouldn’t hold it but…” Axel blushed

“Yeah, but don’t go, try ignoring the feeling, you need to go without even noticing, just pop the pacifier in place and focus on the tv” He smiled at Axel then popped his pacifier back on and went back to focus on television

Axel sighed and popped the pacifier back on as well, the boy stopped pressing his legs together and just started watching television at first he could barely hold it but the feeling soon went away he still had the urge though and felt a tingle from time to time, it was around the end of the show when he felt himself going on his diaper all of a sudden the boy tried to stop it but he just couldn’t, after he was done there was a small increase in the size of his diaper butt but nothing too noticeable, the boy sighed and his body shivered now in contact with the now warm soaked padding of his diaper

Ethan smiled at Axel behind his pacifier “See? It’s easy, nothing to be embarrassed about” he said while drool leaked out from his mouth and his pacifier fell out of it, his body then tensed up a bit as he let out a deep breath

Axel did not understand his reaction until he noticed a bulge being formed on the back of his green onesie followed by a few farts “You are…” He asked while looking at Ethan who sighed now relieved as if everything was normal

“Yeah, I usually go around this time of day, I like keeping it regular, I don’t even eat grown-up food in my free time during weekends” He chuckled a bit embarrassed to comment about it “I think it has been a year since I ate a pizza or anything that grown-ups eat, the closest to it I eat are dinosaur nuggets and even they are rare” He laughed

“That sounds terrible” Axel said now a bit worried

“Nah, I asked for it myself, grown-up food doesn’t sit right with me nowadays for some reason, I still like soda though” He said then popped his pacifier back in his mouth and started sucking on it

Suddenly Cole approached Axel along with a blonde girl wearing a pink hoodie “This is the little guy” He looked at Axel smiling at the boy

“I see he made friends with Ethan, that’s good” The girl pulled the pacifier out of Ethan’s mouth then handed him a baby bottle

“This is Eleanor, my caretaker… and sister, she is a bit forceful at times but she means good” Ethan said then went back to nurse on his baby bottle

Eleanor crouched right in front of Axel and smiled at him “How long has it been since his last poopie diaper?” She turned her attention to Cole

“His mom told me it was yesterday, I guess that’s fine” Cole shrugged while smiling at the girl

“No way, at least once or twice a day, I usually give little Ethan an enema if he stays more than a day without going” The girl sighed “He should go before PE since it’s your next class, may I?” She looked at Cole with an expecting look

“Yeah sure, I don’t know exactly what you wanna do but go ahead” Cole said

“Great” Eleanor placed her hand right on top of Axel’s belly “As I thought, you need to go” the girl smiled at Axel then lifted him then brought him to a baby bouncer attached to the ceiling, she then opened her baby bag and produced a baby bottle from it “Open wide…” Axel was a little scared but ended up opening his mouth after Eleanor gave him a slap on the butt which made him bounce a little bit “There we go…”

Axel nursed on the baby bottle slowly as the sweet baby formula went down his throat, the boy knew the bottle probably had something more in it but didn’t care at that point after his sister and mother fed him the same stuff, after a short time he was finished with his bottle

“Good boy… Was the milk tasty?” She smiled at Axel then started playing with the boy making him bounce

“I-It was good…” The boy suddenly let out a burp followed by a gurgle in his stomach “H-hey, put me down!”

“Nuh-uh, not happening, it’s important for you to get used to messing in different ways” She smiled at Axel “Now let’s make you go bouncy bouncy” She said while pulling his legs up and down making Axel bounce continuously

T-This is a bit too much…” Axel said as he felt his stomach cramping “Come on… I will go in the diaper just don’t make me do it in this state”

“Shush” Eleanor popped a pacifier in Axel’s mouth “Now don’t take the pacifier or I’m punishing you, just enjoy the feeling” She placed her hand on top of his belly and felt it rumbling “Just relax… here” She handed him a rattle then kept playing with him

Axel’s bowels kept churning each time he bounced he felt it coming closer, he tried his best to ignore it by playing along with Eleanor and distracting himself with the rattle but once he couldn’t hold it anymore Axel started squirming on the bouncer, then he felt the back of his diaper starting to expand then being mushed against the seat of the bouncer, the boy started whimpering as a result of the uncomfortable feeling

“I will change you before recess is over, watch some tv with Ethan while I talk with Cole for a bit” She winked at Axel then left him in the bouncer in his messy diaper near the television

Axel pulled out his pacifier then turned his attention to Ethan who watched the show attentively “Hey… Can you take me out of this?” Axel squirmed a bit trying to leave the bouncer but it only helped mush his mess further

“No can do, be glad she didn’t decide to punish you, it’s not nice I tell you that” Ethan laughed a bit then returned to focus on the television

The other baby who was watching television with them finally popped her pacifier out and grinned at Axel “How is the weather up there?” She joked, the girl wore a blue dress that barely hid her huge diaper, she had blonde hair with two pigtails

“Could be better, Who are you anyway?” Axel asked still trying to get used to the feeling

“I’m Anne, I’m new here, it’s nice to meet you” She got up then shook his hand

“You sound too comfortable for someone who started using diapers” Axel said a bit confused, the boy tried his best to keep from moving and spreading his mess further

“I was on baby duty in my old school, when they said 8-B baby had changed schools I thought about it for a bit then said to myself “Why not?” And here we are” She laughed

“You chose this?” Axel said now quite surprised

“They are so convenient” Anne lifted her skirt showing her discolored diaper “The clothes are so stylish too, My mom works for a teen baby clothing brand, she always hands me the prettiest ones so I was basically born for baby duty” The girl laughed again

“Don’t lift your skirt in front of others” A tall bulky girl with red and pink hair lowered Anne’s skirt, Axel for some reason thought the girl looked familiar, the punk-looking girl looked at Axel then her eyes widened “Axel! No way, you are in baby duty?” She approached him then noticed the boy didn’t quite recognized her by his looks “Oh, right, the hair, it’s me Nina”

“Oh, the girl across the street” Axel sighed “What happened to your hair?”

Went to a really cool camp during vacation, met some cool dudes who taught me how to play bass” She chuckled “Hey, I remember your sister using these” She looked at his diapers smiling

“I take that you are on Baby caring duty?” Axel asked

“Need the extra credit” The girl shrugged “Luckily this little one here isn’t too much trouble… To be honest she is the one who taught me how to change a diaper without the help of the teacher” Nina patted Anne on the head who looked very happy for being praised by her caretaker

“Yeah, you need to learn how to make a proper bottle though, you are really bad in the kitchen” Anne looked at her grinning

“Aaanyway…” She tried changing subjects “Want a change?”

“No way” Anne said “His caretaker put him like that because he needs to get used to this feeling”

“She was not my caretaker…” Axel rolled his eyes

“Yeah… I could swear you told me something about this” Nina scratched the back of her head a bit confused while looking at Anne

“It’s important that it becomes natural for him, I don’t even feel it coming nowadays when I need to go” Anne said it very proudly smiling to herself

“Sorry dude, she is the boss when it comes to this kind of stuff, by the way, I need to do something before class starts so I’m leaving with you earlier today” Nina shrugged while smiling at her neighbor then headed outside the playroom carrying Anne in one of her arms

After a while Axel got used to the mess in the back of his diapers, he watched the cartoons with Ethan for a few more minutes until Cole and Eleanor were back “Time to go?”

“Sure thing, just let us change you guys” Cole lifted Axel from the Bouncer then placed him on the floor on his back right next to Ethan “Having fun?”

“Not much, but having someone to talk helps” Axel shrugged

“That’s good, Eleanor is really nice” Cole smiled at Axel

“I see, so that’s why you are all buddy buddy with her” Axel laughed while Cole cleaned his privates

“Yeah Yeah, Whatever you say” Cole chuckled while powdering Axel’s privates then applying some rash ointment and lotion before closing his diaper “She is really good with babies though”

“Well, I have one at home so that’s only natural” Eleanor said, she was already carrying Ethan preparing to go to her class “Pick me up at seven” She handed Cole a small paper then winked at the boy

“Well… I hope getting me in pure discomfort was worth it for you, I’m doing my business before recess from now on” Axel sighed then turned his attention to Haley who was still arguing with Janet while the girl chuckled at her reactions.