Written by: Batterymadness

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story was inspired by a past conversation I had with an AB/DL friend. The emphasis of the story is on the relationship between caregiver and care-receiver. Given that this is an AB/DL story, inspired by other works of AB/DL fiction, diapers and other infantile things will be present in the narrative. However, the point of this story is, more or less, to explore and interact with the spirit of ageplay, being little, and caregiving. To all who take the time to read, I thank you in advance.


The wind howled as it ripped through the ruins of the once thriving city of An’yan. In the blink of an eye, a city of over 50,000 had been utterly annihilated. The victims of the tragedy were the peaceful Faunae. Content to live gentle lives in their world of verdant seas of grass, shimmering lakes, and shadowy hills, the Faunae were completely unprepared for the hellish onslaught that befell them after the crowning of the 170th solstice. Moving with cold malevolence, the evil god Seilot sent legions of his armed disciples from the heavens to ravage the Faunae people. Knowing that the Faunae had been always been beloved by hated brother, Enui, Seilot had plotted to exploit Enui’s loving nature by forcing him into a trap when he came to the aid of his children. In one fell swoop he would cripple the might of his brother and then be free to terrorize the rest of the heavens as he pleased, or so Seilot thought. Though he was successful in destroying a great portion of the faunae, Seilot’s forces were routed after weeks of intense combat. The heavens erupted in great tempests of fire as Enui forces struck back against the evil god and his disciples. However, despite Enui’s mighty victory, his heart was heavy after the bloodshed. His forces had suffered grievous losses and his beloved faunae had been utterly ravaged by Seilot. Vowing never to let his brother inflict such a monstrous tragedy ever again, Enui decided to gather up the remaining Faunae and bring them to the world of his faithful disciples the Shorani. They would be the surrogate parents of his battered children.

Chapter One: New Beginnings

In the hollow of a broken, marble wall, a young faun named Ayla shivered hopelessly as freezing winds gnawed at his body. Up until now, he had never known the terror of the cold. As he shivered he tried his best to keep a watchful eye on the corpse that sat opposite of him in his little hideout. Despite being dead, the corpse of the tall, pale warrior still permeated a hate-filled aura, petrifying Ayla with fearful fascination. Hours passed and Ayla’s heart began to truly sink, the sun was setting and Ayla feared he would perish in the night. Resigning himself to his fate, Ayla curled up and watched as the light of the sun slowly extinguish.
As the last ray came and went, Ayla’s sensitive ears shot up like radar dishes. Someone or something was stepping heavily outside his hideout. Using his last flicker of hope to rouse himself, Ayla climbed up to the entrance of hideout and peeked outside. To his horror, he was greeted by bright lights, glowing eyes, and the rasping wheeze of respirators. Moving as fast he could manage, Ayla dived back into his hideout. Before he could make it to the bottom, long arms grabbed him and yanked him out of the hole with ease. At this point, Ayla begin to panic and scream, fighting to escape from his captor’s grasp.
“No, no, NO! lemme go, leave me alone!” “Please, don’t hurt me, please……”
Feeling his strength wane from days without food and sleep, Ayla eventually wore himself out, affording his captors the opportunity to wrap him warmly, and securely, in a heavy blanket. One of the captors spoke to him in a mechanically altered voice.
“Shhhh……just relax little one, I know you’re scared….just relax, we’re here to help…you’re safe now.”
Feeling his eyes droop from exhaustion Ayla relaxed slightly and his bladder released abruptly, soaking the interior of his blanket with warm urine. His captors paid no attention to this; focusing, instead, on making it on time to the landing shuttle in the city plaza. Ayla’s head begin to spin and he mumbled incoherently while being carried to the shuttle.
A kindly medical officer took the bundle from the search group and placed Ayla on an examining table in the center of the ship. Ayla’s bladder gave way again as new terror gripped him. Sensing the distress of his little patient, the medical officer begin pouring amber colored liquid into a drinking bowl before offering it to Ayla. Despite the officer’s gentle mannerisms and quiet voice, Ayla stared at the bowl suspiciously.
“You’re….you’re gonna poison me!” “That’s poison….cough……I know it cough.”
The officer attempted to comfort his patient by taking a swig himself. Making exaggerated sounds of enjoyment while doing so.
“It’s not poison little one, it’s good for you.” “Mmmm….it’s very good…I’ll bet you’re thirsty, don’t you want something to drink?”
At this point Ayla’s thirst overcame his suspicion and he extended a shaky arm and accepted the drink. At first he sipped cautiously. Pleasantly surprised by the drink’s taste, Ayla gulped the beverage down quickly. At first, Ayla felt a wave of warmth spread out from his stomach as the liquid settled. Soon after, Ayla felt inexplicably euphoric and placid, allowing the medical officer the chance to lay him down and begin the examination process. Ayla watched calmly as his vision blurred and all faded into peaceful darkness.
Still feeling heavy and incredibly lethargic, Ayla awoke in a dark blue room lit by soft lights in a metal ceiling. Ayla’s ears twitched involuntarily to a distant, soothing hum as he sat up to inspect his new surroundings. He noticed that he was now clothed in a soft, fleecy robe that extended all the way down to his feet. Someone had even taken the time to fold it inward, keeping his feet covered and warm. His bed was an oval shaped crib that dipped in the middle, giving it the shape of a shallow, padded bowl. Ayla was further surprised when he attempted to squeeze his legs together and discovered a large wad of padding between them. Looking down the collar of his robe, Ayla’s cheeks blushed hotly when he discovered, snugly fastened around his belly, was a cushiony, white diaper with pink trimming. Ayla was further embarrassed when he reached down and discovered he was wet, almost soaked. However, his embarrassment and confusion soon transformed into terror as his ears picked up the unmistakable sounds of footsteps approaching his room.

Chapter Two: Haasha

Terror’s icy grip had seized Ayla’s imagination. He feared that the footsteps outside the door belonged to another intruder waiting to pounce on him. Abandoning reason, Ayla scrambled over the rails of his crib and dived under a table in a pathetic attempt to escape. Still feeling weak and lethargic, the best Ayla could do was curl up under the table and hope for the noise to move on.
To his horror, he heard the door to the room open followed by heavy footsteps and soft breathing. Petrified, the little faun placed his two shaky hands over his mouth so he wouldn’t cry out and give himself away. The footsteps paced around the center of the room, where the crib was. A deep, soothing, and surprisingly feminine voice sounded from the center of the room.
“Ayla….where are you little one?” The footsteps grew louder and closer to the table. “Where did you run off to?” “I won’t hurt you….I promise….just come out Ayla”.
Shaking all over with anxiety, Ayla knew it would only be a matter of time before he was discovered. He wondered what sort of creature awaited him behind the thin drapery that shielded him. He imagined a cruel monster with rows of needle-sharp teeth waiting to devour him. He felt the diaper between his legs grow warm and moist again. However, instead of being embarrassed, in this moment the feeling of warmth between his legs was oddly comforting and reassuring.
After several minutes of pacing the footsteps finally stopped. For a moment, Ayla felt as though whoever was looking for him may have possibly given up their search. Before he could finish his thought, two strong arms grabbed him and hoisted him from his hiding spot. Ayla squealed with surprise as he was picked up, terrified of what awaited him. Before he could struggle, he felt himself enveloped by another pair of arms as he met the intruder face to face. Eight milky, aquamarine eyes blinked at him kindly. The deep soothing voice sounded again and Ayla could feel the creature’s breath on his forehead as he looked up sheepishly.
“Oh, there you are!” The looming figure appeared to smile. “Why were you hiding Ayla?”
Ayla felt two hands begin stroke his ears and neck while the tall creature continued to speak quietly to him. Filled with questions, Ayla wanted nothing more than to know where he was and what had happened to everything he once knew. But he was unable to form the words. Instead, to his surprise, he could not keep himself from sniffling. Soon, he started to sob quietly. Ashamed to crack so easily, Ayla could not help feeling sorrowful; it had been a terribly long time since anyone had held him. Despite his reservations about being in a strange place with strange new beings, he felt oddly comforted by the presence of this figure. As he sobbed quietly his captor continued to rub his ears and cradle him while speaking to him gently.
“I understand you’re confused Ayla, that’s quite alright….My name is Haasha” “I’m here to take care of you.” “I promise I won’t harm you.” With that being said, she reached between Ayla’s legs and found his diaper to be soaked. “Oh, someone is very wet, I hope I didn’t scare you that bad little one”
Ayla’s cheeks flashed crimson again, embarrassed that his new acquaintance was already checking his diaper. Haasha did not seem to mind, however, and carried Ayla over to a padded table obscured by hanging drapery. Placing down on his back, Haasha smiled at her little charge and rubbed his feet in an attempt to relax him before changing him.
Ayla blushed some more when he realized Haasha was changing his diaper. However, her gentle mannerisms and passive attitude mitigated the humiliation of the situation. Throughout the entire ordeal, Ayla’s gaze was transfixed on the physical characteristics of his new caregiver. Her body was a surreal combination of hidden strength and incredible age. The hair on the exposed parts of her body was flecked with patches of stony grey. Her eight eyes seemed to scan the room while, at the same time, maintained focus of what she was doing. Her two sets of arms worked in graceful tandem, never bumping into each other or crossing the wrong way. As Haasha began fastening a new, even thicker, diaper around Ayla’s waist, he became overwhelmed with an enigmatic feeling of security in the presence of Haasha. Even though he had only known her for all of five minutes, something about her countenance made Ayla feel as though he could trust her, at least a little bit anyhow.
After completing her work, Haasha picked Ayla up and placed his head on her shoulder before walking toward the exit. Pangs of fear gripped Ayla again. He began to doubt the integrity of his caregiver, wondering if all the sweet talking was just a clever ruse to get him to surrender. What if she wanted to eat him? His mind raced as Haasha walked into a large atrium connected to the room they had just left. Haasha broke the silence again.
“I think I heard your belly growl.” “Are you hungry Ayla?” She placed the poor, terrified faun down at a low table that had been set up on the ground, with soft chairs circled around it. Ayla dropped into one of the chairs obediently and stared up at Haasha with a concerned look on his face. Looking down at her charge, Haasha let out a trill, giggling sound.
“What’s wrong Ayla?” “You have a look on your face like you think I’m going to eat you”. At this comment, Ayla’s ears drooped miserably and, to his disbelief, his lips started to tremble again. Sensing the discomfort of the little faun in front of her, Haasha decided to change the topic of the conversation away slightly.
“Do you like melons Ayla?” “I have a whole bushel of fresh melons from the ship’s garden.” Taking one of the melons from a basket she broke it front of Ayla and placed it in front of him with a little wooden spoon. Unknown to Haasha, melons were Ayla’s favorite food. Barely restraining his urge to devour the melon with his hands, Ayla took the spoon and proceeded to take a small bite. Soon he took another bite, which was followed by another and another. Much to the satisfaction of Haasha, Ayla soon laid caution aside and dug into the melon with joyful abandon. When he was done Ayla was a sticky mess, albeit a satisfied sticky mess. Haasha smiled warmly as she cleaned her little charge with a damp cloth. Despite the indignity of being discovered as a messy eater, Ayla thoroughly enjoyed Haasha gentle touch as she cleaned him off.
“Hmm, someone is a messy eater.” “Did you enjoy your snack my little bundle?”
Blushing at the infantile pet name, Ayla managed to smile back and answer in the affirmative.
“Um, thank you H…Haasha” “Melons are my favorite.”
“Aww, I’m glad you liked them.” “Not so hungry now, right?”
At this, Ayla nodded his head affirmatively and smiled broadly, expressing his obvious enjoyment. Once Haasha had finished cleaning up his face and hands she picked him up again and carried him out of the atrium into an even more expansive room with its own stone pool and garden. Placing Ayla down, Haasha removed his robe and diaper before placing him in the warm water. Upon touching the water, Ayla felt pleasurable goose bumps rise all along his back and arms.
Haasha spoke once she was sure he was situated comfortably. “I haven’t had the chance to give you a bath today Ayla, so I’m just going to let you swim while I tend to the garden.” “Don’t wander off little one.” With that, she let go of the little faun and walked over to a patch of grasses she was growing among a rocky outcropping.
Scared of being abandoned, Ayla paddled close to the pool’s shore and kept a close eye on his appointed guardian. As time passed he became less and less nervous about Haasha leaving and devoted himself, instead, to exploring the stone pool and the plants growing around the shore. He was delighted when small schools of fish came up to the shore and nipped at his feet and hands. Soon he was happily playing in the water, blissfully distant from his anxieties and past trauma. Haasha kept a watchful eye on her charge as he splashed joyfully and paddled around the pool, smiling to herself at Ayla’s enjoyment. She spent longer than usual working in the garden, allowing Ayla the time he needed in order to wear himself out. She felt bad putting him down for a nap so early after he woke up. But, it was for his own good, as directed by the ship’s chief medical officer.
After letting Ayla frolic for close to two hours, Haasha scooped him up from the water and carried him back to his room, kissing him on belly and forehead while she walked. Ayla giggled feverishly at this treatment, finally letting his down completely in front of Haasha. She placed him on the changing table and re-diapered him for his nap. She selected another sleeping robe and folded Ayla into it before sitting down with him next to the crib. Upon noticing that he was being prepared for a nap Ayla looked up at Haasha questioningly?
“Do I have to go back to bed Haasha?” “I just woke up”
Haasha responded in turn by nuzzling Ayla’s belly and pulling him even closer.
“I’m sorry little one…But, I need to give you your medicine now and let you rest” “I promise I will wake you up for dinner and let you play some more in the garden before bedtime”
Ayla blushed at the mention of the word “play”. But, ultimately, was excited to return. Haasha then grabbed a bottle of warm, milky liquid that had been prepared early. Waiting for the perfect opportunity, Haasha was pleasantly surprised when Ayla yawned in her lap giving her the chance to place the nipple of the bottle in his mouth. At first Ayla was shocked that Haasha was attempting to bottle feed him. Soon, however, this apprehension melted away under Haasha’s kindly gaze and voice. Ayla relaxed and resigned himself to this type of care, no longer concerned at how infantile he appeared. Silently adoring the sleepy bundle in her arms, Haasha instinctively began to rock Ayla as he suckled quietly. Soon, Ayla felt his eyes grow unbearably heavy. Once he finished the bottle the only other thing he recalled before drifting into slumber was Haasha gently laying him down in his bed.

Re: Ayla

Very nice. I hope there will b more to this :slight_smile:

Re: Ayla

Originally I was a little off put by the starting of this story. Some people post material that is more defined by violence and action than developing emotionally content.

I am very glad I read on. You surprised me. Simply put, this is masterfully written.

I wish I had something more constructive to contribute, but this will have to do:

Write on, you are truly talented.

Re: Ayla

Chapter Three: Dreams and Nightmares
Completely lost in the world of slumber, Ayla tossed fitfully in his crib and kicked his legs while he dreamt. At first, his dreams had been pleasant. In his sleep, he imagined he was running among the hills and streams near An’yan, completely lost in a joyous romp. The sun and clouds dappled the landscape in deep shadows shading Ayla as he followed a winding stream south. Stopping at rocky lake, the little faun unpacked his lunch and ate happily.
However, the halcyon scene did not last. While eating his lunch, Ayla was startled by a piercing blare that erupted without warning. The sound seemed to drown out everything and else and grew louder every second. Covering his ears, Ayla dropped his lunch and sprinted away. Wearing himself into exhaustion, Ayla felt the landscape transform from fields and hills into the marble streets of An’yan. The city was a riot of chaos. Homes built generations ago were set ablaze in mere seconds. Thousands ran aimlessly, desperately trying to fight the blaze and protect their loved ones. Ayla found himself swept up in the confusion. Barely managing to break free from the crowded streets, Ayla ran as fast as he could towards his home. Tears fell freely from his face as he feared for the safety of his mother and father.
Upon approaching his home, the landscape changed again. This time, Ayla found himself standing in the middle of an endless, gloomy hallway. Huge, raucous crows cawed loudly in the rafters. The hair on the back of his neck stood up in alarm as heavy footsteps sounded in the darkness. The outlines of several tall, armored figures broke through the oily black veil and approached the terrified little faun. Ayla cried out in horror as the figures approached; but, was unable to run away. The lead figure stepped into the light carrying something weighty and dripping in his left hand. The spaces between the stones in the floor ran red with blood. The lead figure, now fully visible in the light, dropped the weighty object to the ground. Ayla screamed in horror as the object rolled toward him. It was his head. The crows began cawing louder and the group of shadowy figures closed in on Ayla. Curling up in utter dejection, he cried out one last time before he was abruptly awoken by Haasha.
Brought back to his senses by Haasha’s loving embrace, Ayla’s initial numbness grew into a sudden awareness that he had been dreaming. Long streams of tears had snaked their way down his face and on to his robe. His eyes felt puffy and red and nose was runny. Haasha rocked him gently while speaking soothingly to him in a language he did not understand. Even though he did not know what she was saying, her peaceful tone calmed his frantic nerves. After he stopped sniffling, Haasha began rubbing his ears and talking to him in his own language.
“Ayla, you were screaming….were you having a nightmare little one?”
Ayla nodded slowly in the affirmative looking up into his guardian’s eyes helplessly. His previous reservations about appearing infantile were abandoned in this moment and he held up his arms longingly. Smiling down at him, Haasha pressed the little faun against her chest with her second pair of arms while continuing to rub his head and ears gently. In the stillness, she spoke again.
“What were you dreaming about that frightened you bad Ayla?” “Would you like to talk about it at all?”
Despite his deepening trust for this gentle figure, Ayla felt his words choke up in his throat. Only with continued encouragement from Haasha was Ayla able to croak out four simple words.
“Haasha……I………saw them”
A look of deep concern washed over Haasha’s face in response to Ayla’s statement.
“Who did you see little one?”
Ayla began to choke up again before managing to speak again.
“Tall people, in black armor” “The ones who……destroyed everything…”
For a moment, Haasha’s eyes squinted in deep concentration. The look on her face was uncharacteristically grim. For a moment she was completely still. Looking down at Ayla she smiled sadly and spoke again.
“Don’t worry Ayla, you are safe here, away from them.”
Haasha plopped Ayla back into the crib and went to grab some clothing from drawers hidden in the wall of the room. She returned with pale blue tunic and some charcoal black sandals. Haasha helped Ayla out of the crib, checked his diaper, and then proceeded to let the little faun pull the tunic over his head and fasten the sandals. Once he had finished, Haasha took his right hand gently and led him out of the room. Leading him through the outer room’s atrium, she opened the main door and stepped into a busy hallway. Ayla’s eyes grew large and vacant as he walked beside Haasha. The hallway was bristled with electronic activity. Little service machines, shaped like octopi, marched through the catwalks in the ceiling. Pipes, wires, and ducts followed the hallway in some places before snaking off in other directions.
Ayla had never been in place like this before. Fearing he might be separated from his caretaker, he kept an iron grip on her hand and stayed close to her leg. After walking for five minutes, Haasha stepped in a powered lift with Ayla. Soon after they walked in, the lift became crowded with a collection of different Shorani. As more and more entered the lift, Ayla felt increasingly self-conscious and shy. Despite the overall friendly atmosphere in the lift, Ayla found himself hiding behind Haasha’s legs for most of the trip.
When the lift finally stopped, Haasha led the little faun out and the proceeded to head down a particularly noisy hallway. Ayla followed obediently, his hand clasped firmly in Haasha’s hand. They both walked into spacious, rectangular room. Ayla immediately recognized that he was in a dining hall. Close to two hundred Shorani, most of them straight from the lower barracks where eating and drinking together on two long tables. Ayla gulped down nervously. Again, not only was he in unfamiliar territory, he would be forced to interact with strange and new people. He felt long, spidery pangs of fear grip him from the inside. His mind raced as Haasha half-dragged him into the noisy room.

Re: Ayla

Chapter Four: Cornucopia
For a fleeting few seconds Ayla’s ears and nose were assaulted with strange new sounds and smells. The room was packed with an assorted company of Shorani, all speaking in long, rhythmic sentences. Ayla sneezed violently when he smelled some of the food laid out on the tables. Being used to bland, comfortable food, Ayla’s delicate nose was in a state of uproar when confronted with the spicy Shorani dishes.
Despite the loud festivities, Haasha calmly led her little charge to an open spot in at the furthest table and sat him in her lap. Ayla placed his hands on the table nervously, surveying the noisy room with suspicion. Ayla notices that his table seemed to contain a disproportionate amount of burly, incessantly talkative Shorani soldiers; some of which had not even bothered to take of their combat harnesses before eating. Feeling especially vulnerable, Ayla looked away shyly and squeezed his legs together as he felt his diaper grow warm again. Before he had time to feel embarrassed about being the only one in the room in a wet diaper, Haasha tickled his right ear gently in order to get his attention. Ayla turned his head and discovered that Haasha had portioned out a space on her platter for him. Sniffing cautiously, at first, Ayla bit into a morsel of bread with cheese smeared on top. Pleasantly surprised by the sweet brine of the cheese, Ayla popped the rest of the bread in his mouth and chewed happily, kicking his legs softly all the while.
Ayla noticed that Haasha seemed to be a popular addition to the table. Most of the nearby soldiers laughed and conversed freely with her. Ayla smiled slightly at the scene, and his ears twitched erratically as he listened to the indecipherable conversations. He noticed some of his neighbors at the table watching him as he gorged himself on strange vegetables and fruits. Doing his best to be polite, he would smile shyly at them whenever eye contact was made. Although he could not understand what the Shorani were saying, Ayla knew that Haasha and her friends were talking about him.
Towards the end of the dinner, Ayla was thoroughly stuffed. Leaning back into Haasha’s embrace Ayla yawned and rubbed his belly in a satisfied manner. Soon after, Ayla begin to regret eating some of the spicier dishes. Looking up, Ayla noticed that Haasha was still absorbed in conversation and would not be able to help him get something to drink. Deciding to take matters into his own hands. Ayla lurched forward and examined all the different pitchers at the table. A luminescent, teal pitcher caught his eye and he poured the dark purple contents into his little cup. Ayla drained the cup, smacked his lips, and quickly poured himself another glass.
After his fourth cup, Ayla heard Haasha laugh softly and he felt her take the cup from his hand. Feeling slightly disoriented and dizzy, Ayla meekly gave up his cup and then laid his head down on one of Haasha’s arms.
“My, my, I take my eye off of you for five minutes and you go straight for the spirits.”
Upon saying this, Haasha gave the little faun a fake, severe look before smiling and rubbing his head while he looked up at her with a crooked grin and half closed eyes. Sensing that Ayla was too inebriated to continue the conversation, Haasha procured a light orange pacifier from one of her pockets and coaxed it into Ayla’s mouth. Though he resisted slightly at first, Ayla did not feel especially grown up that moment and eventually gave up the struggle and started to suckle quietly. Satisfied at her work, Haasha placed Ayla on her chest and rested his head on her shoulder.
Feeling completely powerless, yet oddly at peace, Ayla suckled quietly as he stared out into the room. As Haasha was wrapping up her conversation at the table, two younger Shorani females became quickly enamored with Ayla. Both of them spoke to him slowly and deliberately in their language while petting his hands, ears, and horns. Far past feeling anymore embarrassment, Ayla blinked meekly at the pair while suckling quietly, his ears twitching periodically. More than anything, Ayla was just happy that Haasha was holding him again. His past reservations were rapidly fading and were being replaced with a sense of trust. A feeling that he had, at one time, thought he would never experience again.
After dinner, Haasha carried a very sleepy Ayla out of the dining hall back to the powered lift. By the time they reached Haasha’s quarters, Ayla already had one eye closed. Moving with graceful alacrity, Haasha laid a thoroughly exhausted, and slightly inebriated, Ayla down on the padded table in the crib room and proceeded to undo his soaked diaper. Still sucking on the pacifier, Ayla instinctively lifted his legs and curled into a small ball while being changed. Haasha smiled at his submissive behavior and made quick work of the ordeal. Afterwards, she picked up the little bundle, wrapped him a sleeping robe and sat down with him next to the oval crib. Gently, Haasha pulled the orange pacifier out of Ayla’s mouth, making a soft popping noise. Ayla squirmed slightly, before settling down again. Using her bottom arms to hold Ayla in place, Haasha retrieved another bottle from inside a conveniently placed storage cell near the crib. Before she could begin feeding him the bottle, Ayla’s voice rang out rather abruptly.
She looked down at the faun laying in her lap and blinked.
“Why yes Ayla? What’s on your mind?”
“Um….well….I was wondering if you could…um…tell me a story please?” He squeaked out the last part nervously.
Haasha looked down at him blankly for a moment before breaking into a warm, maternal grin. She shifted the little bundle in her arms, placed the bottle in his mouth, and began to tell him the story about the Enui’s first song, and the creation of the stars. Ayla listened contentedly, enjoying the detail Haasha went into as she recounted the names of all the primordial spirits and their lines of kinship. Soon, his eyes grew heavy and he could no longer keep them open. After he finished the bottle, Haasha dimmed the lights, lowered him into the crib and covered him warmly. After stroking his ears one last time, she left him to slumber. As she left the room, Ayla gently murmured.
“That was….yawn……a nice story”.

Brooding in the darkness of a lonely cockpit, a harsh, gaunt figure breathed deeply through a mechanical, respirator. The figure’s face had been savagely torn on the right-hand side. Callous, deep set eyes darted among the various display screens present in the cockpit. In the eerie silence, a disembodied voice rang out, cold and full of malice.
“The marked one has led us to the Shorani fleet”. “Rouse your brothers again!” “Spare no one, for you are the instrument of my wrath, my chosen son……Nero.”

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Masterfully written! I’d love to see you expand this into something more articulate, keeping the bond between charge and caretaker as the core of the story.