Auntie Mirah

I started this story on Sissykiss some weeks ago, I am posting it here to see some of your thoughts on it.

Well this is my first story, Im sorry it it may not be up to par, but I have tried. Constructive criticism is defiitely apprieciated.

Auntie Mirah

Chapter 1

Hello my name is Renee Campbell and I am a rather short 14 year old girl who is about 4’7", rather slim build, brunette hair that is usually pulled back into a pony tail and deep brown eyes. I live in a small town in central California called Selma, there was usually not too much to do here unless you wanted to go to Fresno to do some shopping, which really wasn’t that far away. The story I am actually writing today though is is about a very memorable stay with my Aunt named Mirah who actually lived in the beautiful city of San Diego and which actually only happened a couple months ago at the beginning of my summer vacation. I must say, it was certainly a life changing event so that is why I am trying to write down this tale for not only myself, but for those who may be curious about my story. Well without further adieu, here it goes.

It was a bright and wonderful Thursday outside, surprisingly it was only in the low 90s and with summer vacation just starting, I now could really take advantage of it. However I wouldn’t be here for too much longer as my Dad, Jeremy Campbell, works for as a very high up district manager for a nationwide AG company and had to go on a rather long business trip that would last for 2 weeks. My mom, Alicia Campbell, would also be accompanying her husband on the trip but sadly I could not go with them. Mom had told me that she had made arrangements with her sister to take care of me for the time that they were gone.

Personally I was not really a fan of this idea and quite a few nights I would go up to my parents pleading to go with them. “But mom, why cant I go with you? I promise that I will be good and will be no trouble at all. I really really want to go with you!” I would argue. My mom always replied however “I’m sorry honey, I really wish you could go too, but your father is going to be very busy the whole time, there will be no time for family fun over there. Don t worry though, we have made plans with your Aunt Mirah who will take care of you and I am sure you will have a blast with her in the big city. She is a very kind and caring woman and is actually quite looking forward to seeing you, its actually been quite a few years.”

It had actually be 4 years ago when I last saw her when we traveled down that direction, She had a 1 year old girl named Amy at the time and although we didnt spend very much time visiting her, I couldn’t argue with my mom, she did seem nice. I had another problem though that had only started about 2 months before, occasionally I would wet the bed, at first it ones only every once in a while but it seem to becoming more frequent. My mother so far had been relying on the idea that it was just a phase and would go away, especially now that I’m on summer vacation and do not have the stress of school to deal with. My mom would come to check on me in the morning to see if I had wet the bed, on the days that this did happen, she just gave me a hug and said “Oh kiddo, don’t worry about it, accidents happen, I’m sure this will all blow over soon. Now go ahead and take your shower and I will get this all cleaned up.” With tears in my eyes I would mumble “yes mommy, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to do it, it just happens. I really wish it would just go away. What is Aunt Mirah going to say if I do this at her house?” With a consoling pat on the head Alicia replied “Oh I don’t think that will be a problem, she is a very open and caring person, I know that she wont be angry. I have actually let her know about your little problem, she may have a different philosophy about how to go on fixing it, but I’m sure you wont have a hard time.” With that I ran off to take my shower so I could enjoy the rest of my day.

It was now Friday morning and it was time for the big day. My parents would be driving down to San Diego with me and then drop me off at my aunts house, then they would drive to the San Diego International airport to get on their flight. Once packed we were on our way for the long drive down south. After a couple stops along the way for gas and food we finally made it to my aunts house at around 5PM. It was a rather nice one story house that was situated in a very quiet and older neighborhood. Across the street I saw a neighbor outside watching her children, one was what looked like a boy the age of 6 and a toddler girl who looked like she was 2 ½ or 3. Our family parked and got out of the car and walked up to my aunts house and rang the doorbell. A lady in her late 30s, chubby build, and blond hair opened up the door and very happily greeted us. “Well, I’m so glad you finally made it, I hope the trip was not too bad, the traffic can get really bad when going through LA. Where are my manners though, come in, come in.” With that we all walked in and made our way to the living room. In the living room there was a girl playing with her dolls who was about 5 years old, blond hair, and was dressed in a pink shirt and a little pink skirt, I rather quickly figured that this obviously must be Amy. “Well come here Amy and say hello to your relatives” The cheerful little girl got up from the floor and ran towards both my Mom and dad giving them a big hug. Then Mirah stated “and this is Renee, your cousin, she is going to be staying with us for the next 2 weeks, go on and give her a hug” The girl ran up to me and hugged me, I thought it was a bit odd because I could have sworn that I heard a crinkle when she moved, she was a very cute girl though and I gave her a big hug back. I stated “You are so cute, I am sure we will have fun together.” After a conversation over some coffee it was finally time for my parents to leave so they could catch their flight. I gave my mom and dad a hug and said “I’m going to miss you so much.” Alicia replied while patting my back “oh don’t worry honey, its only 2 weeks, I’m sure you will be just fine and your Aunt is going to take very good care of you. Now just be a good girl and follow her rules, I would be quite disappointed to hear that you were not behaving yourself.” At that point my parents waved goodbye and got in their car and drove off.

“Well, its just us now Renee, I know you are going to miss them, but I’m sure you will find yourself happy here. Why don’t you go ahead and watch some TV for now and I will make us a little something for dinner, how does mac and cheese sound to you?” Being rather hungry since it had been quite a while since I had lunch I said “Sure, I really need something in my tummy.” Amy chimed in happily “Yes mommy! I love the cheesy noodles!” Mirah with a big smile on her face responded “Oh little baby, I know you do, its your favorite. But before I start dinner, Amy can you come here really quickly?” I watched Amy walk on over to her mom and swore that she could hear that telltale crinkle again and also thought she saw some plastic going up over the top of her skirt where her shirt did not cover up. Then shocked to hear Aunt Mirah asked little Amy “Honey are you wet?” The small girl shook her head no but then Mirah decided to check her anyways and lifted up her skirt. To Renee’s surprise she was wearing a diaper. A bit confused she thought that she should have already figured it out, she did in fact hear that definite sound of a diaper crinkling when she walked, but she didn’t really think that a 5 year old would still be in a diaper, at least not during the day time. Poking two fingers in the front of her diaper and then turning her around, and opening the top of the back of her diaper, Mirah proclaimed that she was all dry. Then putting the skirt back down she patter her bottom and said “OK, now go back and play while mommy is making dinner. Renee, you can either go and play with Amy or just watch some TV.”

So I went ahead and got on the couch and turned on the TV while Amy sat on the ground and started playing with her dolls. Now quite interested in the diapered 5 year old, I started to watch her play on the ground and could notice even easier the sound of her diaper, the plastic poking over her little skirt and at some points, I could see the diaper under her skirt. She seem utterly oblivious to covering up the fact that she was wearing a diaper like a toddler, in fact she seemed to act a lot like a slightly taller toddler and clearly seemed also to be having the time of her life. While playing she looked up at me and said “You no want to play with me?” I thought about it and decided that I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and could see no harm in it, so I might as well entertain her for a little bit. “Sure thing Amy” I walked over and then sat down on the floor with her “so what exactly are you playing?” Amy looked at me with a big smile and said “dollies!” Of course this was a rather simplistic answer, but whatever, I will just go along with it. So I grabbed the nearest doll and started to play with her, mostly mindlessly as I was more interested in actually watching the TV instead. Amy seemed to be quite enjoying the fantasy dolly world she had created for herself and seemed even more excited to have a companion to play with.
After a bit Aunt Mirah came in and said “Oh my, don’t you two girls look really cute. It seems like Amy really likes playing with her cousin. Dinner is ready though so come to the dinner table and lets eat up.” We got up and walked into the dinning room, the sound of Amy’s diaper rustling all the way there. Once there I noticed that there was actually a high chair set up and I saw my Aunt grab Amy and put her in the chair buckling her in. I of course being a 14 year old girl sat in a regular chair. Once sitting Mirah grabbed our plates, set them down, and then brought over a glass of milk and set it down in front of me and then a toddler sippy cut filled with the same for Amy. Dinner was rather tasty and once finished I said “That was really good Aunt Mirah, thank you so much for the meal.” With this Mirah replied “Oh kiddo, its no trouble at all, but would you start calling me Auntie? I think it sounds better and less formal.” “OK, thank you auntie” I corrected myself. Auntie then went on to say “OK you two, go ahead and play or watch TV for a little bit until it is bed time” While I was mindlessly playing with Amy and her dolls while watching the TV, I noticed that as Amy was playing she paused for a little bit while sitting on the floor, then after about a minute she started playing again. At about 9 Auntie came in the room and declared that it was time for bed. I was a bit shocked and confusingly asked "Auntie ts only 9, isn’t it a bit early for me to go to bed? Auntie responded “Yes, maybe for most households for a person your age, but not mine, I think sleep is very important for a girl and after you get your shower done and all ready for bed, I am sure it will be late enough in my opinion” With that she bent down and lifted up Amy’s skirt and poked her fingers in her diaper and then checked the back again. “Well looks like my little baby has wet her diaper, no worries, it time for you to get a fresh nighttime diaper and have some sweet dreams.” She beckoned both of us to go down the hall, all the while Amy was walking in her noisy, and now sagging diaper. Now I realized why she paused when she was playing, thats when she was wetting herself. It sure would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about going to the bathroom while I was having fun, toddlers really do seem to have it easy.

Once we reached the guest room that I was staying in she said " Well you can go ahead and take a shower, after you are done though, make sure you come see me, we need to talk about something. I thought I knew the reason for the conversation but I tried not to think about it. With this Auntie picked up Amy and took her to her room. On my way to the bathroom, I passed Amy’s room and glanced in there very quickly and which seemed to look more like a nursery for a baby rather than a 5 year old girls room. It even had a crib, a changing table, stacks of diapers, and a cute pink babyish wall paper covering the walls. I have to say, it was rather cute, but also unexpected for one as old as her. At the time I looked in Auntie had Amy up on the changing table and was starting to take off her soaked diaper. She Also had rather babyish jammies put out for her to dress her in

Once I was done with my shower I put on my panties and my bed shorts and shirt that I had picked out for the night and then went to go find Auntie. She was actually already waiting for me in the guest room with a diaper, powder, and some cream next to her. She patted on the bed and motioned me to come sit by her. As I sat down I said “Auntie you wanted to talk to me?” knowing pretty much what this is going to be about. Auntie opened her mouth “Well, your mother told me about your problems at night for the last couple months and I have a choice for you. The first choice is to allow me to put a diaper on you so that when you wake up, your sheets will be dry and you can have a nice sound sleep.” I nodded and then replied “And my other option?” Auntie then started “The Second choice is to go ahead and let you sleep in your panties just like normal. There is a catch though, if you do wake up wet then I will put you in diapers for the rest of the day and for however long I see fit. Its my opinion that teenage girls really should not still be wetting their bed and if you do, then you deserve to be in diapers like Amy. The choice is yours.” I thought long and hard and decided that I really did not have much to drink after dinner, I am sure I would be able to get through the night without wetting myself. On top of that wearing a diaper at 14, even if it is to bed is really embarrassing, I don’t think I could live with myself If I picked that option. I know I’m not a little girl, I can handle myself. “Auntie, I think I will go to bed as I am, I’m not a baby, I am 14 and I’m sure I will sleep fine” With that Mirah said “OK, if thats your decision then I support it.” and gave Renee a hug. Then she got up off the bed, grabbed the diaper and supplies and as she left the room, she said “Sweet dreams.”

Chapter 2

The next day arrived and to my dismay, I felt cold and damp. I sat up very quickly and brought my hand down under my covers and then in a panicked state “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I really cant believe I did this. OMG, what do I do?” Tears then started to roll down from my eyes, I felt helpless and cold, I didn’t know what Auntie was going to say. Is she going to be angry? I know what she said last night, what was I thinking? I should have taken the diaper just in case, now I’m a mess. Right then the door opened up and Mirah called out to me sweetly “Good morning honey, how did you sleep last night?” Then she noticed the distraught look on my face and the tears rolling down. “Oh my, what happened honey?” as she came over swiftly and embraced me into a hug. Broken up I tried to formulate a sentence “I…. I…” “Shhhhhhhhh, its OK baby, auntie is here to help you. You wet your bed didn’t you?” Mirah stated consolingly. Silently I nodded my head not being able to put the words in my mouth. Stroking my hair Mirah said “Don t worry Renee, its not a big deal, I am not mad at you honey. Just go ahead and take a shower to clean yourself off and I will take care of the laundry. When you are done please see me, OK?” With tears still in my eyes I nodded and walked on down the hall in my wet bed clothes.

Once I got finished with my shower and dried myself off, I realized that I had no clothes to wear, in my disheveled state I have apparently forgot to grab any, so I wrapped myself with my towel and walked around the house to find Auntie. She was in the laundry room and just finished starting the washer with all my sheets in it. Mirah looked at me and stated “Well Renee, it looks like you are all clean, please follow me.” she then took my hand and instead of taking me into the guest room where I had slept, she actually took me to Amy’s bedroom… or should I say nursery. Once we walked in the room I started to cry again pretty much knowing what is going to happen. Auntie walked over to me and gave me a hug saying “Oh don’t worry dear, I am going to make everything all better. You do remember what I told you last night, correct?” I nodded silently and tearfully. “Well, don’t think of this as a punishment, just think of it as me providing you with what you need emotionally. In my experience sometimes girls try to grow up too fast, thats why they may wet their beds. Trust me Renee, diapers are not the end of the world and I dare say, you might actually enjoy them. Really, its not so bad little girl, now come over here, take off your towel, and hop on the table for Auntie.” Unsure, I nodded and then very slowly made my way towards the changing table which had stacks of diapers near it obviously for Amy. I then stripped myself of the towel and now standing completely naked Auntie Mirah grabbed me under my armpits and helped me get onto the changing table where I just laid there. Auntie actually grabbed a little washcloth and whipped the tears from my eyes with a very caring look and said “now, now, its not going to be so bad little girl, once I get you all powdered and into a fresh diaper you can enjoy the rest of the day without worrying.” At that point she grabbed a diaper from the stack and some diaper cream and some powder. Auntie took a hold of my ankles and then slid the clean diaper under my bottom and then set me back down on it. It actually felt sorta soft and comfy. Then Mirah proceeded to spread diaper cream all over my bottom and crotch areas then followed up with baby powder which filled the air with a wonderfully sweet, yet babyish smell. Auntie then pulled up the front of the fresh diaper and tapped it into place saying cheerfully “There, baby is in a fresh diaper and ready to enjoy her day.” Tugging a little bit at the waist band though, commented “A little tight, it should work for now though. I think we will need to go down to the store in a bit to pick up something more appropriate.” She then told me to sit up and put her hands under her arms and helped her hop off the changing table. I looked down at my now diapered state and noticed that the diaper I had on was exactly like one of Amy’s, Its base was white with some pink colors to make it girlish and some cartoon figures for some added fun, I really did feel like a toddler.

“OK Renee, its time for me to get you dressed” Auntie stated and then took me by the hand and guided me into the guest room. All the way down the hall I could hear my diaper rustling every step I made and It was a bit more difficult to walk, the diaper made it feel like I had a a pillow between my legs everywhere I went. Once in the guest room Auntie told me to sit on a relatively dry part of the bed and then she walked over and opened up the dresser drawer where I put all my clothes for the stay and picked through them to find me an outfit that she thought was appropriate for me. She came back to me with some denim shorts, a pink T-shirt, some socks, and my shoes. She told me to stand up again. It was looking like she was going to go ahead and dress me so I decided to finally protest “Hold on, I can dress myself.” Auntie replied “Shhhhhh, honey, I think you need me to taken care of you for a while, now please don’t complain and then step in the shorts.” At this point I remember my mom telling me that I needed to behave myself and follow Aunties rules, so although I wasn’t sure about it, I did give in to Aunties request and then stepped in my shorts. She then pulled up my shorts and buttoned and zipped them up, it was a bit tighter than usual, but they still did fit. After that she pulled my shirt on me and told me to sit down on the dry part of the mattress and pulled on my socks and then my shoes which she tied as well. Once I was dressed she decided to pull back my hair into a pony tail and used a pink ribbon to tie it into place. Once finished she told to to stand up and then took me over to a full size mirror that was in the corner of the room and encouraged me to look at my appearance. Although I didn’t look entirely like a toddler, there was something very babyish about me with the cute pink ribbon in my hair and the noticeable diaper bulge on my crotch and bottom. Also since my shirt barely came down to my shorts, at times you would see the diaper poking up over my shorts. If I squatted down it you would see the unmistakable sign of the backing of the diaper poking over the top of my shorts in the back. “Oh honey, you honestly look so adorable. I think its time for you to go play with Amy until its time for me to take you to the store” said Auntie. Once again I nodded and then started to make my way to the living room where Amy was already playing, with a crinkling diaper the whole way.

Once there, I saw that Amy was playing with her dolls and decided to join her. I sat down and made a rustling noise and Amy looked at me a bit funny and then said in a typically curious 5 year old way “Renee, are you wearing a diaper?” I was stunned into silence a bit and then admitted “Yes, I am in a diaper” Amy responded even more confused “But why? I thought you were a big girl?” At this I retorted “Well, Evidently Auntie doesn’t think I’m a big girl. I wet my bed last night and now she insists that I wear diapers” Amy looked a little sad at this and then I corrected “But so far it isn’t so bad”. Amy’s face lighted up and then the little girl said “Well now we are both in diapers, we are baby friends!” and then handed me a dolly to play with. Unlike before, this time I seemed to get much more into Amy’s dolly fantasy than I did before, I was honestly having quite a lot of fun playing with her. After a bit Auntie brought us both sippy cups with apple juice in it, initially I objected in my mind, but figuring that I might as well go with the flow instead of angering Mirah, I took and and kept on playing with Amy. A while later Auntie had stated "Well my little girls, its time to go to the store, we need to do some shopping. First though I need to check your diapers before we go. " Auntie first checked Amy pulling up her yellow sun dress that she had on and putting her fingers in the crotch and checking the back of her diaper, stated that Amy was all fresh and good to go. Then she walked over to me and asked me to stand up. First she unsnapped my shorts and then stuck fingers into my nappy, which was of course dry still. then she pulled the back of my diaper to make sure that I was not messy yet and of course I was not messy either. “Well girls, looks like you are all set to go to the store” Mirah stated confidently. She then took us out to the car and opened up the door for Amy which she buckled into her car seat. I didn’t have a car seat but she took me to the other side and buckled myself in with the seatbelt.

“Well first off we are going to go to the medical supply store to get Renee something a bit more fitting, and then we are going to go off and get some new clothes. How does that sound girls?” said Auntie. Predictably Amy was very happy, she loved to go out shopping, I on the other hand was a bit apprehensive. Along the way I looked over at Amy and she seemed to sit still for a moment, then after a minute looked relieved. The way her sun dress was hiked up being in the car seat, I could see the diaper she had on expand and grown slightly discolored. She clearly just wet her diaper but she didn’t seem to have a care in the world and did not mention it to her mommy.
Once we got to the medical supply store Auntie first went and unbuckled me and got me out of the the car. At this point she also decided to check my diaper again finding it dry. Then she went to the other side and took Amy out of the car seat, she check her diaper and proclaimed that although she was a little wet, she didn’t need to change her yet. Amy actually seemed quite happy with this outcome. Auntie then took us both by the hand into the medical supply store where I could feel and hear my diaper ever step of the way. At this time I was actually feeling the pressure in my bladder start to build up, I’m sure I could make it through the store though. Once inside my auntie actually found a clerk and asked her the question “I’m looking for some diapers for a girl about the size of little Renee here, do you think you could help?” The clerk looked like a perky girl in her lower 20s and she said “Oh definitely ma’am, I’m sure I can help you, if it is for Renee, she sure wouldn’t be the first larger baby we have helped.” She glanced at me with a wink and a smile, I merely just blushed out of embarrassment. The clerk then guided us down to the correct isle all the while my bladder was actually getting to the emergency point, it seemed I completely underestimated my situation. Along the way I told Auntie quietly “Ummmmm, Auntie, I need to go to the bathroom” She then looked at me with a smile and replied “Honey, thats what your diaper is for, just go in it and I will change both you and Amy when we get back. I wont be mad.” Once to the correct section the clerk asked “So, exactly what are you looking for? A rather discrete diaper or one that is much more absorbent?” then she glanced at me knowingly.

At this point I really couldn’t hold it anymore, I was already doing a little pee pee dance, then all of a sudden a trickle started to come out slowly into my diaper. Subconsciously I put my hand to my crotch and the flow became stronger. The warm sensation spread throughout my diaper and then down it into the back a bit as it was struggling to absorb the flow. Now everyone was looking at me and knew what happened, luckily Amy actually kept quiet but at this point in time Auntie chimed up “Well, I think what we need are the more adsorbent ones, can you show me what you have?” The clerk took everyone down to the absorbent line of diapers. I was now waddling a little bit due to the newness of the feeling of a wet diaper. It didn’t actually feel very bad, it was warm and comforting, but it was definitely a new experience and was a bit more difficult to walk in now that it was bloated up, the crinkling seem to be a little bit louder now, I knew the clerk had heard it. Once to the absorbent diapers the clerk stated “Well they are not really inconspicuous, but they will solve the problem. They also are pink and have very cute designs, much like a baby diaper made for larger individuals. I’m sure they would be more than enough to take care of the problems of who you had in mind.” with that she made a glance at me once again. My auntie said “Well they look good to me, and they are very cute also. I will take 3 packs of them.” The clerk responded “OK, no problem I will just take these up to the register and we can have you all done in a minute. I wouldn’t want to keep you or your little girls waiting.”

With that we all walked up to the front counter all the while I was waddling in my now wet diaper. It didn’t take long for Auntie to pay the lady and for us to walk out of the store. Once we reached the car Auntie told Amy to go ahead and get up on the seat so she could change her. She pulled out a fresh diaper, some wipes, and some powder from her diaper bag and proceeded to put Amy in a clean diaper. Once done she pulled down her sun dress and then buckled her into her car seat. Then she turned and looked at me "OK, hon, your next, just jump up here on the seat and lay down and I will be done with you in a jiffy. I hopped up and laid down, then she took off my shorts and now I displayed a clearly wet diaper. She untapped my used diaper and then opened up the new package of diapers she just got and slip it under my bum. Once she wiped me down satisfactorily, she decided to powder me up and taped on the new diaper. The new diaper was every bit as girlish and childish as Amy’s were, but it was a little bit bigger and even more padded. Auntie then pulled up my shorts which barely fit now and zipped and buttoned them. With a pat on my bottom she said “OK honey, you are ready and in a fresh new diaper. I bet those feel better because they are not as small.” She made a pat on my bottom and then bucked my seat belt. I noticed that my diaper was not only a bit more thick, but also road up my body a little bit more, there was even more plastic that could be seen peaking over my shorts. On top of that they seemed to have an even more obvious diaper crinkle. It was pretty much impossible to deny that I was in a diaper now, however, it was very comforting to have myself changed in a loving way, for some reason I actually felt really good about myself and my worries just seemed to melt away.


Auntie Mirah

Chapter 3

Once Auntie Mirah got into the driver seat of the car she asked the girls “So are you little ones ready for lunch?” I responded “Yes please, I am getting kinda hungry.” Amy replied “Sure mommy! I’m starving!” With a smile on her face Mirah added “OK, sounds like a plan, how about going to Macdonalds?” We both nodded in unison. “OK we are off then.” Then Auntie drove out of the parking lot to go find a restaurant. During the trip I couldn’t stop thinking about the new thick diaper I was wearing, the other ones could be noticed, but wearing these makes it undeniable the state I am in. She shifted her weight in the seat again noticing once again that the rustle of the protection was definitely louder. Once we arrived Mirah happily chirped “Ok girls, we finally made it. Now Renee remain in your seat until I can unbuckle you. In my house, little girls are not allowed to get out of the car unless an adult or sitter helps them.” A bit concerned about the constant babying I once again remembered my mommies request that I follow all of Aunties rules, I really did not want her upset at hearing I was bad while she was away, so I nodded in acceptance to Aunties demand. Auntie then turned off and got out of her seat first walking over to Amy to unbuckle her from her car seat and then moved on over to my side where she opened the door, unbuckled me and then gave me a little help getting out of the car. We made our way into the restaurant with my diaper crinkling louder than ever, at times I would have to keep tugging down my shirt in order to keep people from seeing the parts of the diaper that clearly poked over the top of my shorts. At some points when I failed to do this the shirt would hike up but then not go back completely down, instead catching some of the plastic parts that came out. Once inside I was so embarrassed, there were quite a few many people in the store and there was also a line waiting to order food. I kept trying to pull my shirt down when Auntie decided to slap my hand “Please don’t do that darling, you are going to stretch your shirt.” Fearfully I responded “But Auntie, everyone is going to see that I am wearing a diaper. I’m embarrassed.” “Oh don’t be silly child, everyone will know what you are wearing anyways. You follow Amy’s example, she doesn’t seem to mind at all that she is in a diaper. Just accept the fact that you are going to be in diapers for a while and you will feel much better about yourself. Anyways, I think you are really adorable.” Mirah stated with a broad smile on her face and then gave me a pat on my tush.

We walked up and got in the back of the line and there was an older lady in her 60s that was standing right in front of us. I think she must have noticed the noise coming from both Amy and I because after a minute or two she turned around and said hello to Auntie. “Well hello there, my name is Sarah, and what is yours?” Auntie responded “Its Mirah, pleased to meet you.” After the formal greetings Sarah commented “I couldn’t help but notice how cute your daughters were.” Mirah smiled and then corrected her “Actually only this little one is my daughter, her name is Amy.” Putting her hand on my shoulder she continued “and this here is my niece Renee. Girls say hello to Sarah.” In unison both us us said hello to the nice older lady. Then the line moved up and we all took a step forward, both Amy and I making noise. Sarah look both of us up and down, however she seemed to be eying me with a particular interest. Then I looked down and notice that on one of the sides of my shorts, pink tinted plastic was not only poking out, but flared out a little bit making sure that my shirt would not go all the way back down. I looked back up at her and started to blush, then the older lady asked “Ummm, this might be a bit forward, but is your niece wearing a diaper?” Auntie answered “Oh I don’t mind you asking that, as a matter of fact she is and so is Amy.” I then started to blush profusely but Auntie just continued “Well Renee here has been having some bed wetting problems so I thought the best thing I could do was baby her a bit. Sometimes little girls just try to grow up too fast, I think it might help her if some of the responsibilities were off her shoulders right now.” Then motioning to Amy “Well my daughter here, she just was never quite ready for potty training yet so she is still in diapers. I think she quite enjoys her toddler state to be honest.” Amy then looked up at Sarah with a sense of cute babyish pride commenting “Im the cutest toddler ever!” Sarah nodded her head and then said “Well I think they are both completely darling. Please Renee, don’t be ashamed, I think your Auntie is doing the right thing for you, you also make a really beautiful toddler girl. I never cared much for the fashion of many kids these days.” I made a weak smile at her and thanked her for being so kind, it was still a bit hard for me to get used to my babyish state, but it was actually starting to grow on me. Amy seemed more than happy to have such attention given to her. Then it was time for the older lady to order and she said “Well I hope you girls have a good lunch and I hope you keep your nappies dry” She then gave a smile and turned around.

Mirah then questioned the two little ones “OK, what would you two like?” Immediately Amy happily chirped “I wants a happy meal!” Instead I suggest that I would like a big mac but then Auntie replied “Honey, I don’t think you are old enough for a big mac, I think you should get a happy meal too. It comes with a toy hon, you and Amy can play with each other.” With that it was settled, it was our turn so we walked up to the register. Auntie told the apathetic cashier what we wanted and after a couple minutes the entire transaction was finished. It only took a couple minutes for us to get our food, once we had it Auntie found us a table, she set the tray down and told us to stay put for a bit while she finds a high chair for Amy. It didn’t take long for her to come back one with and then lifted Amy by the arms which actually pulled her sun dress up a little bit showing her diaper off to the entire world. As usually Amy just smiled and impatiently reached for her food. Auntie pushed her hands aside and said “Hold your horses baby, I need to buckle you in first.” Then she looked in my direction and continued “Too bad there are no high chairs large enough for you darling, you are just going to have to make due sitting in the booth.” I was actually relieved at this, I really didn’t like the idea of Auntie trying to stuff me in one of those chairs, it would be awkward to say the least. I then reach for my soda and Auntie told me to actually wait a second, I put my hands down on my lap to see what she was going to do. Mirah then started to search through her diaper bag, not long after she said “Ahhh, there they are.” She then pulled out two bibs and two toddler sippy cups and set them on the table. She proceeded to then put the bibs on both Amy and I and after that, popped open the lids to our children’s cups and emptied the contents into the toddler cups and then set them in front of us. “OK, girls, now we are ready to eat, have at it.” I started to eat my burger and then decided to have a drink which was very odd, I honestly cant remember the last time that I was forced to drink out of a sippy cup. In fact, I dont think I have ever been known as a messy eater, but I guess Auntie clearly has her own unique ideas of how to treat the children she is taking care of.

Once we were finally finished Auntie took a package of baby wipes out of her diaper bad and proceeded to wipe our faces and hands clean. I actually managed to do pretty decent keeping myself clean, Amy however was a different story. She didn’t seem to have a care in the world about getting messy and she definitely needed the bib and sippy cup. When Auntie was wiping her face and hands Amy kept trying to resist “No mommy, its cold.” “Oh calm down toddler, you don’t want to go out with a messy hands and a face.” After a minute or two Auntie finally had completed her cleaning job and declared that it was finally time to go. “OK, next off we are going to the mall to get some clothes for you two, especially you” looking in my direction and then continued “and if both of you are good, maybe we will even go to the toy store afterwards.” Amy looked completely ecstatic at hearing she might go to the toy store and said exuberantly “Yeth mommy, I will be really good. Can we go to the toy store first?” I merely stated meekly “Yes auntie, I will be good” Auntie replied to Amy’s inquiry “Oh no honey, it wouldn’t be a reward if we went there first. You need to first show that you are good.” Amy looked a little deflated but then with a surge of passion again replied “Well I will be the best little girl then!” Auntie then said while getting up “Well before we leave, I need to check you two girls first. Might as well change you while we are here.” She then unbuckled Amy from her high chair picking her up once again which lifted her sundress showing her diaper to the world. Once she set her down on the ground she lifted her dress a little and poked her fingers in the front of the her diaper and then turned her around and peeled the back and looking in and then stated happily “Well looks like little Amy is all dry, now its your turn kiddo” I got out of the booth and then without unzipping my shorts, she inserted her thumb up my left leg and poked it into my diaper. Just like with Amy she spun me around and then lifted up my shirt a little bit and pulled back the back of my diaper and looked inside and said to me while my face turned deep red “Looks like you are all dry too, honey. OK girls lets go.” She marched up out the door of the restaurant and then bucked both of us in, Amy in her car seat of course, and me just in a regular seat, it seemed one of the few more grown up things I was allowed at this point anymore. I was still getting used to my new position in life, but I was starting to get comfortable, after all, Auntie did lavish on me plenty of love and affection, and my diaper, if it wasn’t so embarrassing sometimes, actually did feel very comfortable and secure. I was starting to see why Amy didn’t want to give up her babyhood to become a big girl, I was now starting to rethink why I ever did so in the first place.

Chapter 4

It only took about 15 minutes, but we finally arrived at the parking lot mall. Auntie once again reminded me to stay put until I was let out and I told her I would be a good girl. Once she got us both out of the car she took us by the hand and walked towards the Macy’s department store. Both Amy and I were noisily rustling away with out diapers into the crowded store. I slowed down and stopped, embarrassment seem to be overwhelming me, Mirah looked at me and I could tell that she sensed what was going on. While rubbing my back she said to me in a soft caring voice “I know there are a lot of people in this store, but remember, you did just fine in that crowded restaurant. Nobody is going to mind that you are in diapers, in fact I am willing to bet that they will find you adorable like that nice older lady we met.” She then gave me a warm hug which made me feel much more at ease and then I nodded and said “Yes Auntie, I am sure they will. Lets just try to make this quick OK?” “Well I cant make any promises, there are many things we need to get you, but I will try my best” she responded with a wink in her eye. She then took Amy and I by the hand again and walked us into the store making her way towards both the children’s section.

Once we were there Auntie looked at me and said “Well lets see what we need to get you… well you definitely need some play clothes that would fit your current state, many of the ones you have right now are a bit too mature for your position right now” she smiled at me and then added “We also surely need a nice Sunday church outfit for you. I was looking through the clothes that you bought and honestly, I don’t think I saw anything that was appropriate for the situation. Church is very important to me as it should be to you too. I am not sure how religious your family is, but god is a center piece to mine.” Thinking about it, my parents were never really all that religious, they were Christian, but they rarely ever when to church. Mirah started to thumb through the clothes racks trying to find something that would fit me but was also very very childish. It wasn’t too hard for her to do since I happened to be rather petite for my age, but they still don’t make most children’s clothes exactly like toddler outfits, some though could definitely cross over. I started to feel an uncomfortable processing of food in my tummy and a slight pressure on my bladder but at the time I didn’t think much of it, it was easily enough for a 14 year old girl to handle. Thumbing through the clothes Auntie picked out some cute pink shortalls with flowers on the bib and very girlish frills lining the edges, along with this she grabbed a mostly white t shirt that had a little rose on the neck and some frills on the sleeves as well. She held it up to my body and then stated “I think this could work for you, why don’t you go to the changing rooms to try it on darling?” I nodded and then she pointed me towards the dressing room and told me to come back out once I had it on.

I felt like she was giving me a chance to be a bit older by allowing me to undress and dress myself, I didn’t not want to take this opportunity lightly, it was one of my few vestiges left of being a teen girl. I took the outfit and found myself and empty stall. Once inside I stripped my shoes, then shirt off, without my shirt on it became quite apparent that I was wearing a diaper due to the amount that was riding up over my shorts, thank god I was in a private stall. I then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, they were still on a bit tight due to the puffiness of my diaper, but I managed to get them off. I also noticed something I didn’t see before, not other where there cartoons on the front and a pink tint about the diaper, there were also little hearts on the crotch. I can remember seeing on the package that these hearts are wetness indicators that grew bright pink and red when wet. I blush a little thinking about how cute that was, but then decided I better hurry up for Auntie. I went ahead and put on my cute shirt and then brought up my shortalls and attached the shoulder straps. After I was done I looked at the mirror in my stall and though that I most certainly looked like an overgrown toddler, just like Amy just taller. I walked out of my stall with my diaper crinkling the entire way and finally found Auntie. With a bright look on her face Mirah said “Oh my goodness, you are just so adorable in that outfit.” “You look really cute Renee, just like a big toddler!” added Amy. Once again I blushed but ignoring this Auntie came in for a closer inspection tugging here and there at my outfit. She turned me around and patted my bum and stated, “I think it really fits you quite well honey, it even shows off your diaper quite well.” She then grabbed another outfit, this one was a lavender and white floral dress with a lavender ribbon that went around the waste and tied in the back. “Now I want you to try on this dress here, I think it will be good for church” I then took the dress back to the dressing room, put it on and then came back out. Of course the bow wasn’t tied because I couldn’t do it behind my back so when I came out I had Auntie tie it for me. Mirah looked me up and down in the new outfit and stated “I think this is a winner, you look so innocent and pure. We just need to finish up the outfit by buying you some stockings and appropriate shoes to go along with it. Some lavender ribbons in your hair might finish off the look divinely as well.” She sent me back to the changing room with a couple more outfits to try.

After about a half and hour we were finished looking at outfits for me and then Auntie told me to wait near the changing rooms while she had Amy try on some new outfits. While I was sitting in a chair I could feel my stomach grumble again and the pressure on my bladder grow a bit more as well. Still however I was not in a danger state as I still had some conviction in my own potty training skills. Once we were finished Auntie took me over to the shoe section to try on some pretty mary jane style shoes to fit with my church outfit. She picked some out for me and then grabbed some white tights as well. As we were making our way to the register to pay for the clothes she picked out, Auntie got distracted at a cute outfit on a rack and started thumbing through it. While Auntie was absorbed in looking at new clothes I noticed Amy squat down. From my position and the way she squatted, I actually had a perfect view up her skirt at her diaper which she evidently displayed without a care at all. After a little bit I could see a concentrated look on her face and then noticed the bottom of her diaper expand slowly. She then brought up her hand to her mouth and then started to suck on her thumb as her diaper kept on expanding in the back, and then I noticed a discoloration start to grow on the front of her diaper as it expanded as well. After about a minute she seemed like she was done and then stood up again as if nothing happened. At this point Auntie turned around again and said “OK girls, lets go to the check out stand so we can buy your pretty little outfits. I think you girls have been good, so once we are done we can go to the toy store. How does that sound?” I had a smile on my face and said “thank you Auntie” and Amy replied while jumping up “I love you mommy, I told you I would be good” As we made our way towards the register I noticed that Amy had a bit more of a waddle than usual, I figured what must have happened, but she seemed content with not saying anything.

There were a couple women standing in line already, so we went ahead and took our place in the que. After a couple minutes I could smell the earthy smell of a dirty diaper, it seemed that Auntie noticed this too. Mirah turned around and the first girl she saw was me so she decided to check me first. It was very embarrassing to be standing in a line in the middle of a major department store and having my relative check my diaper. First she put her thumb up my leg to make sure that I was not wet and the turned me around, lifted my shirt and pulled open my diaper to see if I was in fact the culprit. “Well looks like you are the clean one, now come over here Amy so I can check your diaper.” Amy moved a couple steps forward and Auntie lifted up her dress and poked a couple fingers in the front and declared her wet, then she turned her around and look in the back and stated “Well looks like we know who has the dirty diapers here. Baby, I will change you once we purchase these clothes, just hold on tight.” It honestly didn’t seem to matter much to Amy because she didn’t seem to mind being in a wet and messy diaper, it was all par for the course for being a toddler.

It took about ten minutes but we were finally done with the cashier. Auntie Mirah then took us both near the bathrooms. Right on the outside she told me to go ahead and hold the bags of clothes and wait for her while she was putting Amy into a fresh diaper. During the time waiting, I could feel my stomach and intestines grumble once again, I really felt things backing up in my own bowels. I didn’t think about it, but it would make sense, I usually go potty every morning, but for the last two mornings I did not. I tried to push the thought out of my mind, one one thought I couldn’t push out was the fact that my bladder was getting quite full. That soda during lunch seemed to really do the trick, soda usually goes through me pretty fast. While I was waiting there the urge to go pee just got stronger and stronger, I was quite obviously doing a pee pee dance now, I couldn’t hold he crotch though because I was holding the bags of clothes. After a minute it just became too much and I couldn’t take it anymore so I started to go pee in my diaper. The warmness started to spread all over her front and then made it down to my bottom and backside as it tried to absorb the stream of urine and expanded while it was at it. As I was finishing up my wetting and starting to actually enjoy the warm comforting protection that my diaper just offered me, Auntie came out of the bathroom with Amy in a fresh new diaper.

“Well, I think you two have been wonderful little girls so far, so how would you like to go to the toy store?” Although I was in a wet diaper now, I was happy to be rewarded for my good behavior so I said “OK Auntie, that sounds wonderful” Amy chimed in of course with her usual cheering, I mean really, what kind of little toddler girl would say no? I felt an uncomfortable rumbling in my stomach and even more pressure on my bowels though, I was getting worried. Auntie then led us out of the department store and into the mall, the toy story was on the other end so it was going to be quite a walk which was made slightly more difficult due to the extra waddling I made because of my wet diaper. About half way I paused for a minute as the pressure on my bowels seemed to have spiked for an instant. “What is wrong honey” said Mirah while looking in my face. “Ummmmmm, Auntie, I think I really need to go to the bathroom” I said with a pleading look on my face. Auntie just looked at me and laughed “Darling, haven’t we gone over this before? You are wearing your diaper.” Then I tried to restate my case “But, this is different, I REALLY need to go!” “No buts hon, you are wearing your diaper and you need to use it for its purpose. Just look at Amy, she just went pee pee and poopie in her diaper and it didn’t matter to her one bit. I think you should take her lead” Mirah responded. At this I had given up, I knew I couldn’t win against her, I just needed to hold it as long as I could so I could get out of the mall before it happened.

Once we finally got down to the toy store the pressure was very great on my bottom. Both Amy and I went ahead to the doll section of the store, I honestly didn’t know what to get so I just followed Amy’s lead. While we were in the isle and looking through the stuffed animals and dolls, the pressure spiked again. I tried to preoccupy myself with finding a cute stuff animal, so I browsed and then founded a very adorable stuffed Scottie dog. As I bent and squatted down to get it though I could finally feel my anal muscles fail. At the same time I could see Amy looking at all the dolls and then reaching out to grab one. I was already holding the stuffed Scottie dog as my seat started to fill itself with soft poop. I could feel it come out, not being able to control it, as it hit my diaper it started to push it out but then both the tightness of my diaper and shorts prevented it from going any further. The mess then began to spread around my backside and a little up my crotch. I sat there for a minute with my eyes closed as I continued to fill my diaper with a steady stream of poop. Once I opened my eyes, I noticed that Amy was looking at me inquisitively, then she asked “Renee, did you go poopie?” I looked up and her and nodded, then I stood up feeling the mess under my bum move and squish a little bit. “It feels good doesn’t it? You are a toddler just like me.” she said with a huge smile on her face. I didn’t know what to say, although the mess was very embarrassing, it did feel good, and Amy certainly seemed to be happy that she had someone as a companion with her.

We took our dolls up to Auntie, all the while the poo was moving, squishing, and shifting around in my diaper, it was definitely a new experience. We go in line and then once again, Auntie smelled that earthy smell. This time she looked directly at me knowing that Amy, although not potty trained, would most likely not poop so quickly again. She then put her thumb up my leg like she had done before and feeling the inside of my diaper, she said that I was definitely wet and then told me to turn around. I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t really want her to discover my messy diaper right here in the toy store, but as a parent, I guess she felt she had to. She pulled up my shirt and then peaked in the back of my diaper and stated “Oh my, you really did load your diaper didn’t you? Well, I think I will change you once we get home, I actually forgot a diaper mat, so I cant change you on the car seat with a messy diaper.” I was a bit sad, but accepted this. It took a couple minutes to get out of the toy store and then we were walking down the mall. All the while I could feel the large lump in my diaper and it shifting every step of the way, I also noticed that my waddle and the crinkle of my diaper were more noticeable than ever. We finally got to the car and first she buckled Amy into her car seat, then she helped me into the car and sat me down on my seat. As I sat down I could feel the messy lump in my diaper press and then spread around my bottom. Along with my already soaked diaper, I felt very much like Amy, a complete toddler who was helpless about the control over her body. It actually didn’t feel that bad, it was warm and mushy, but in a way, it spread and cupped my behind and felt nice. The real bad part was the smell, but then again, I guess thats what tells the world that I am in fact a toddler, just a bit big. We traveled on home all the while I was getting quite comfortable with my situation, being a toddler wasn’t really so bad, was it?


Auntie Mirah

Chapter 5

While we were on our way home the soft mess in my diaper moved and shifted every time we hit a bump, It was a bit odd, but I was starting to get used to the feeling. The car really smelled from my accident but neither Amy nor Auntie seemed to mind at all. Along the way, without really thinking much of it, I brought my hand up to my mouth and inserted my thumb, for some reason it just felt like the natural thing to do and I started sucking away like a little toddler. I could see Auntie take a look in the rear view mirror and noticing that I was now sucking my thumb, a smile grew along her face, she thought to herself “she really is a little girl after all now.” After a couple minutes we finally arrived at Aunties house and she pulled into the garage. She said to me "OK Renee, just hold on and I will get Amy out first and then attend to you. I just smiled and nodded “OK auntie, I am a good little girl, I will wait for you.” Once she finally got to me she unbuckled my seat belt and help me out of the car, every movement I made shifted the poop in my diaper in an ever adjusting yet cupping feeling on my bottom. Auntie then actually took me by the hand and led me into the house “OK honey, I think I will give you an early shower today since it certainly seems that you are a very very messy little baby.” I started to blush a little bit and said “Yes auntie, I think that is a good idea, I really need to get out of this yucky diaper.” She then took me by the hand down the hall with the big lump in my soggy diaper very noticeable, if it wasn’t for the tight shorts I had on that helped it keep firmly in the place next to my body, I am sure it would be sagging very low.

Once we got into the bathroom Auntie proceeded to take off my shirt and even commented on my cute budding breasts. She then unsnapped and unzipped my shorts taking them down slowly, they were now rather tight on my body because of the things I had done in my diaper. Once they were off Auntie said “Oh isn’t that so adorable, the hearts on your diaper turned red and pink when you wet your diaper. I wish they had these sorts of things when I was a little toddler like you and Amy.” Once again my face turned bright red, I know I am in a diaper, but am I officially a toddler now? With the events of the day and the fact that I was now standing in the middle of the bathroom wearing just a wet and soiled diaper, it certainly felt like it. I still had a voice nagging me in the back of my mind saying “No, this isn’t right, you are 14 and a big girl” but as time went by it felt like it was getting replaced by the thought that not only did this feel right and natural, the loving attention I as receiving made my heart fill with joy. Auntie then pulled back the shower curtain and then told me to step into the bath/shower. I obeyed her and once I was standing there she then untapped my diaper and slowly peeled it off announcing “Pee Yew! I guess bigger toddlers in bigger diapers do make bigger loads. Don t worry honey, I will have you all cleaned up in a jiffy.” She then rolled up the used diaper and tossed it into the nearest trash can. Once done with this she then grabbed the removable shower head and turned on the water nice and warm. It took about 5 minutes but after she satisfactorily cleaned off my bum she put the shower head back into its original position. “OK Renee, I am going to go down to the car and get the stuff we bought and bring them inside, do you think you will be OK here by yourself taking a shower?” Confidently I replied “Yes auntie, I am sure I will be just fine, its not the first time I have taken a shower.” Auntie smiled and said “Oh I know honey, I am just making sure. It shouldn’t take me long and then I will be back up here to get you out.”

After another 5 minutes Auntie finally came back into the bathroom and turned off the water asking me to go ahead and step out into a fluffy towel that she was holding for me. Mirah then throughly dried every nook and cranny on my naked body until she was happy, then she wrapped it around my body announcing “Ok you are all dry Renee, its time for a fresh diaper.” She then took me by the hand and walked me into Amy’s nursery room. As I looked around I saw that there was now a new stack of lager diapers next to Amy’s, of course these were my own cute feminine babyish diapers set out in prominent display for everybody who came by to see. Auntie then took off the towel wrapping my body and helped me hop up onto the changing table telling me to lay down. I did what I was told without any resistance, I was actually looking forward to a new dry diaper on my bottom. Auntie grabbed one from my stack of diapers, unfolded it, then while holding my ankles together, slid it under my bottom. I then saw her grab a tube of diaper cream that was sitting near by and she squeezed a bit on her her hands and started to rub it all over my crotch and bottom. My body pulled back in a reaction to the cold cream but auntie just cooed at me in a reassuring voice “I know its a bit chilly honey, but you need this to prevent a diaper rash from forming, trust me this is a lot better than one of those. Next on little girl is some powder so you can smell like a beautiful little baby.” She grabbed the bottle of powder and sprinkled it liberally all over my crotch and bottom areas, once again the sweet wonderful smell of baby powder filled the room. Once she was done she took a hold of my diaper and brought it over the front of my body taping it securely into place. I sat up and then Auntie helped me off the table leaving me standing in the middle of the nursery in clad in only a diaper. Mirah started inspecting that my diaper to make sure it was in fact on me properly and snug, she then clasped her hands and announced “These diapers are just so perfect for you, I think they are the cutest things in the world and really do make you look like a real toddler, I am surprised that they are not more popular.” She then took me by the hand and brought me into the guest room where she picked out a pink tee shirt for me that went down just past my belly button and then put some socks on me as well. “OK, you are all set, you can go and play with Amy now.” Auntie stated and then gave me a good little pat on my bottom. “But Auntie, don’t I get some shorts or a skirt? I feel a bit exposed.” I asked worryingly. “OH darling, I don’t think you need anything on your bottom other than a diaper, we are just going to spend the rest of the day here at the house and everyone knows you are in a diaper anyways. Also, toddler girls do not mind if their diapers are being presented to the world.” And finished with a warm smile and a wink “Anyways, I don’t think I could make you any cuter than you already are.”

So wearing only a T-shirt, socks, and a diaper I made my way into the living room all the while crinkling loudly along the way. I saw Amy sitting on the floor playing with her new doll and I plopped down in front of her and with a poof, a cloud of baby powder erupted from my fresh new diaper. Amy giggled at the sight of the sweet smelling cloud and said “Doesn’t getting changed into a dry diaper after wearing a messy for a long time feel so good?” I could not argue with her comment so agreeing I said “Yes Amy, it really does feel good. I think I like being babied, I get so much love and attention. I think I can see why you never wanted to be potty trained” Amy replied with a smile “I never want to grow up, being a baby is just too much fun. I can go pee pee or poopie whenever I need to and nobody seems to mind, they just think I’m a cute.” We played for a bit with our new stuffed items when Auntie finally came into see us and asked us how we would feel about spaghetti for dinner. Both being hungry we both happily responded “Yes that sounds yummy!” After about 30 minutes Mirah had our dinner ready and asked us to come to the table, both Amy and I trotted into the dining room rustling away in our diapers. Auntie then placed Amy into her high chair and buckled her in then I pulled out my chair and then plopped my uncovered diapered bottom right into the seat waiting for Auntie to serve us. Auntie then place bibs around both of our necks in order to protect our shirts from the mess spreading, she then put down a sippy cup for each of us both filled with milk and then finally our dinner. I managed to eat my dinner and drink out of my cup without making much of a mess, after all I really am 14, predictably though, Amy was a complete mess. Once we were finished Mirah grabbed some baby wipes and wiped off Amy then she came over to me and even though I was generally clean, she whipped me off for good measure. Auntie took most of the plates from us and let Amy out of her high chair, then walked into the kitchen to so some washing. I followed her carrying my plate and auntie commented “Oh honey, thank you very much, but toddler girls don’t need to help me clean the table.” I looked up to her and then responded “Well I just wanted to help and to tell you how much I loved dinner, you are a really good cook.” Auntie was actually smitten by this and then gave me a loving hug, at first she was rubbing my back but then her hand traveled down to my diaper and she started to pat it “Renee, that means so much to me. I am glad to be taking care of you. Now go on into the living room and have some fun until bed time.” With that I happily trotted off to go play with Amy, my cute babyish diaper accenting my every move.

After about an hour of playing with Amy and watching TV, I started to fidget feeling the pressure in my bladder start to grow. Amy noticed this and bluntly asked “Renee, do you need to go to the bathroom?” I admitted to Amy that I did and she responded “So do I, lets go together” Although I had already wet my diaper twice earlier in the day, It still was not completely easy to me and took some effort. Once I saw Amy sitting there playing in a sort of gaze, I knew that she was wetting her diaper, not wanting to disappoint my little companion, eventually I tried to relax my bladder muscles so I could wet my diaper. Unlike Amy who was in a sundress which only on occasion exposed her diaper to the world, I was sitting there in the middle of the living room trying to play with my stuffed animal with my diaper was fully exposed. While trying to concentrate on playing, I was slowly starting to let my bladder empty. First it started as a trickle, my first reaction was to try and put my hand over my crotch but this time I resisted, then the trickle turned into a flowing torrent of urine. Both Amy and I looked down at my diaper which started with a small yellow spot on my cute pinkish diaper and then it started to grow fast all up my crotch and down my behind expanding along the way. The hearts on my diaper now turned a vivid pink and red declaring to anyone who looked that my diaper is in need of changing. Once I was finished wetting myself I started to get up when Amy asked me confusingly “Where are you going Renee, don’t you want to play some more?” “Well I was going to go tell Auntie that I just wet my diaper.” I responded. Amy then pipped up “You don’t need to go tell her, what good is a diaper if you cant just keep on playing? Mommy wont mind, I just wait for her to check. Its the best part about being a toddler!” I saw her point and knew in my mind that Auntie would probably just tell me to go back to playing until she wasn’t busy, so I decided to just plop my bum back down on the ground in my wet diaper and continued playing with Amy.

Another hour later Mirah finally came into the living room and declared that it was time for bed, this time I didn’t protest at all. She looked at me and then my diaper and said “Renee come over here please, I need to check your diaper, it appears from here that you are pretty wet.” I nodded and walked over to Auntie, she then proceeded to put a couple fingers in the front of my diaper declaring with a smile “Yep, those hearts work pretty well, you are soaked honey, now please turn around for me.” I then turned around and she pulled the back of the diaper opened and looked down at my bottom. Finding that I was not dirty she did the same for Amy which she also announced aloud how wet she was. “OK girls, lets go to the nursery so I can get you ready for bed.” She took us both by the hand and walked both of us in our wet sagging diapers down the hall to the changing table. She first changed Amy into a fresh dry diaper and then dressed her in some very cute babyish summer jammies. She then looked at me and said “OK hon, its your turn now. I hope you really liked the sleepwear I got for you, you happened to be in the changing rooms when I picked them out.” She then made quick work with my soggy diaper putting me into a fresh one and helped me back off the changing table. She had a rather light pink shirt accompanied with some light fabric pink shorts with little flowers on them. She tucked Amy into her crib and then took me by the hand leading me into the guest room. I got into my bed with my fluffy diaper crinkling on my bottom and laid down. As Auntie Tucked me into the bed she stated to me “Well, you need a good sleep because tomorrow is Sunday and you are going to have a big day ahead of you. We are going to go to church and who knows, maybe do some other fun stuff. The lord wants you to enjoy your time with him on Sundays and his grace loves everybody, even if they are a toddler that happens to be a bit bigger. The only person other than your mother who could love you more than me is Jesus” She then gave me a kiss on my forehead and as we was leaving the room said “I really hope you have sweet dreams my darling little girl.” I was a bit scared about the next day, it has been many years since I had gone to church, even then though I wasn’t in a diaper being dressed like a toddler girl. I really couldn’t imagine what was going to be in store with me, at least there were people near me who loved me no matter what. With the thought that whatever happened, I would be bombarded with affection by those who were near me, I accepted my situation and fell asleep quickly and had wonderfully vivid dreams of my babyhood.

Chapter 6

The next morning I woke up and while I was laying in bed and felt that my sheets were not wet, I then reached my hand down to where my crotch was and felt though my jammie shorts that my diaper was in fact bulging out with the wetness that it had absorbed over the night. Feeling warm and content and secure in my saturated diaper, I decided to just lay in bed while enjoying the warmth of my bed and hugging my stuffed Scottie dog just waiting for Auntie to come wake me up. It only took about 10 minutes for Mirah to finally open the door and happily say “Wake up sleepy head, I hope you had a wonderful night of sleep.” I smiled and nodded to her “I slept better last night than I have in a long time. Thank you Auntie.” Mirah then walked over to me and pulled off my covers and helped me get out of bed. As I stood up I could feel my squishy diaper crinkle and then Auntie announced “OK hon, let me check your diaper really quick.” She quickly inserted some fingers up my leg and into the diaper then she turned me around to take a peek in the back of my protection and stated “Well looks like my little girl wet her diaper last night, I am so glad I put you in them, aren’t you?” I responded with a giggle and said “Yes I am, its soooo much better than waking up in cold wet sheets.” With a smile she patted my fluffy bottom and then took my by the hand into the living room all the while I was still holding my stuffed animal just like a little girl.

Once we arrived I saw that that Amy was already there sitting on the couch still in her pajamas and watching cartoons on the TV. Amy chirped “Good morning Renee!” I responded in kind to my cute 5 year old cousin. Auntie told me to go ahead and sit on the couch while she walked into the kitchen to get us a little something to drink and eat. Mirah came back with a pop tart for each of us on a paper plate and two toddler sippy cups filled with apple juice. “Here you go girls, go ahead and have a little something for your tummy while I go and get a couple things prepared. Once I am done I will change you both and get your ready for Church.” We both smiled and said energetically “OK sure thing Auntie (of course Amy said Mommy instead)” While I was sitting in my wet diaper and drinking juice from my toddler cup I saw that Amy was watching an episode of Veggie Tales. I should have known, after all this is not surprising at all knowing Aunties spiritual leanings. I cant honestly say I cared much for the show, but after all when in Rome, one must do as the romans do. I sat there and feeling very babyish, I actually started to really enjoy watching the show after a bit, feeling every bit as much of a toddler as Amy, I brought up my legs to my chest while hugging my stuffed animal and sipping from my cup. If one looked at me from the front they would definitely be able to see my thick girlish diaper poking out from the leggings of my rather soft and short summer jammie shorts, and just like a little girl, I didnt seem to mind at all at the fact that I was being exposed.

After about 30 minutes Auntie finally came back in the room fully dressed in a conservative looking yellow floral dress and said “OK girls, its time to get ready for church! Come follow me into the nursery so we can get you all cleaned up into a fresh diaper and dressed.” Obediently both Amy and I followed Auntie down the hall, I was also still holding my stuffed animal and sucking on my sippy cup with my diaper forcing me to waddle all the way down. Once inside the room Auntie looked at Amy and then grabbed her under her armpits and said cheerfully “Uppity for mommy baby.” Once on the table Amy just smiled, giggled, and then laid down so that her Mommy could attend to her needs. I could see Mirah take off Amy’s shirt and then pull down her summer jammie shorts and then reach for the stack of her diapers. Cooing all the while, Mirah actually made short work of her and then helped her hop off the the table leaving her for now clad only in a dry diaper. Auntie then turned to me and said “Ok sweety, now its your turn” With that she help me hop onto the table and proceeded to strip me just like she did a couple minutes before with her own daughter. For some reason this ritual of changing me started to feel natural and I was starting to really enjoy the attention basked upon me by my Auntie. Untapping my soaked diaper she pulled it out from under me and then I could see her grabbing a diaper from what is now considered “my pile”, the thought of this made me start to blush. After raising my bum and placing my diaper under my bottom, Auntie saw my face and then had a flash of though. “Hold on honey, I need to get you something that you need.” While leaving me mostly naked on the table with just an untapped diaper laying under me she walked across the room and then fished in her diaper bag for something. After half a minute she pulled out two pacifiers and stated “I think this is exactly what you need darling.” First she gave Amy her paci which she immediately put right into her mouth and started sucking on it. She then walked over to the changing table and even though my face was more red than ever she said “Honey, this will calm you down for Auntie, remember, there is nothing wrong with being my baby.” With that she inserted the pacifier into my mouth. At first I just let it sit there as she then continued to clean my crotch and bottom off with a baby wipe. As she started to spread cream around my bum and then powdered me, I actually started to suck on my paci and felt a secure warmth spread across my body. Auntie then brought up my diaper around my crotch and taped it very snuggly, she then cooed to me lovingly and kissed me on the forehead “Baby is all ready in a cute fresh diapy.” She helped lift me down and stood me right next to Amy, all the while both Amy and I were sucking away on our new babyish item in our mouth. While I was standing there I couldn’t help to notice that Amy and I were just like toddlers, the only difference was that my diaper was a bit bigger and bulkier and I actually happened to have small budding breasts poking out, however I was still pretty much a late bloomer.

The first thing she decided to do was to go ahead and get Amy ready for the day and gathered some very cute clothes from the closet to dress her in. Auntie looked at me and said " Just sit down on the ground honey while I get Amy dressed and then I will get you all prepared, OK?" I nodded with a smile and said through my pacifier “Yeth Auntie” I then plopped down with a crinkle onto the floor and grabbed my stuffed Scottie dog, held it to my chest, and then while sucking on my paci, watched Amy and Auntie with interest. Mirah grabbed the cute dress that she picked out for her daughter which was a navy blue with white poke-a-dots all around it, a white ribbon in the tummy section, and white lace around the edges to give a very cute babyish look. All the while Amy was sucking on her binkie, Auntie pulled the dress onto her, turned her around and then tied the thick white ribbon that was around her tummy into a very adorable bow. Amy didn’t seem to have a care in the world about being helplessly dressed by her mommy, in fact, she seemed to enjoy every bit of it. The next thing Auntie did was to help put her onto the changing table once again. With definite experience of doing this many times, she proceeded to pull onto Amy white stockings that she pulled all the way up her legs, and then up over her cute girlish diaper. The stockings were white but you could still very obviously notice that she was wearing a diaper and although muting it, the colors and designs on the diaper were still noticeable. The next thing Mirah did was to grab some very cute little shoes and then secured them onto her feet. Once she was done she helped her down from the table and said “Now to complete your outfit little girl, this is the perfect finishing touch” she then reached for a white barrette that had a a trim of navy blue around the it which completely accented the rest of her outfit and put it on the top of her head. With a gasp Auntie said “You certainly do look like an amazingly precious little girl, I don’t think I could have done better.” After hearing that Amy with a huge grin on her face just kept silently sucking away on her pacifier just like a little girl.

It was now my turn, and honestly I was ready, I didn’t hate sitting there dressed only in a diaper sucking on my very own paci, but I would much rather be dressed up into a cute outfit just like Amy. “Well honey, I think its time we try out that brand new outfit we got for you the other day.” She actually already had my outfit sitting over to the side so she walked over, grabbed it and then said to me"OK, darling, stand up for mommy so we can get you all ready for church" I stood up with a loud crinkle and decided to leave my stuffed animal laying on the floor. Raising my hands up over my head, Auntie then pulled over my beautiful white dress with lavender flowers, lavender bow, and a cute frilly trim. Once on me she turned me around and just like she had done with Amy, she took the thick lavender ribbon and tied it into a bow that went around my waste. She then helped me up onto the changing table where she proceeded to pull my white tights up my legs and then over my diaper all the while I was still sucking on my paci. Just like Amy’s had done, the tights had covered my diaper, but did little to prevent others from obviously coming to the conclusion that I was in thick and very cute babyish protection. Auntie then secured onto my footsies my mary jane style shoes which initially didn’t actually feel too comfortable, this didn’t matter to me since it wasn’t my job to get me dressed and I needed to follow Aunties desires. She then helped me back down off the changing table and took me over to the mirror in Amy’s nursery and began to brush my brunet hair straight. Once she was done she took a lavender ribbon and pulled my hair back into a pony tail and using it to create a very pretty bow. Auntie then said aloud while clasping her hands “Oh my stars, doesn’t Renee look like the perfect little innocent angle!” Amy looked at me and then took out her paci stating energetically “Yes mommy! She looks like a toddler, just like me.” While I was looking in the mirror at my very babyish state and sucking a pacifier I picked up my stuffed animal off the ground and thought to myself “Gosh, I really am a toddler, just look at me, I am no different than Amy as she said, diapers and all.”

Happily Auntie then announced “Well it looks like my perfect little girls are ready to go to church, come on and lets get into the car.” She took us out to the garage and first she took Amy and secured her into her car seat, she then took me to my side of the car, opened the door and then helped me up and buckled me in all the while I was still sucking away and holding my Scottie dog. As she pulled out of the garage it took us about 15 minutes to get to our church and once we arrived Auntie said proudly “OK little girls, we are here” Once she got us both out of the car she could tell that I was very nervous, she gave me a hug and stated while taking out my pacifier “I don’t think you need this for right now. Honey, don’t you worry, people are a very accepting bunch here, I am sure they will accept you for who you are, my pure and innocent angle, just like Amy.” I nodded really and truly hoping that this was going to be the case and then Auntie led both Amy and I up to a building to the side of the regular church.


Auntie Mirah

Chapter 7

Auntie Mirah took us up to the building and was greeted by a nice lady in her late 30s and she said “Oh hello Mirah, I see you have Amy with you, but who is who new friend?” giving me a warm smile. Putting her hand on my shoulder Auntie said "Its very nice to see you Laura. This is actually my niece Renee, she is going to need to spend time in Sunday school, is that OK? " Laura responded “Oh of course its OK, how old is she? 10?” Mirah answered back “Well she may be a bit tall for her mentality, but she is a sweet little princess just like Amy, I would honestly like them in the same class together.” She then lifted up my dress a little bit showing that I was in the same diapered state as Amy, this made my face turn beet red. Laura was a little shocked at first but then said “Oh, yes I see, I don’t think it should be a problem if she needs to be looked after. Don’t you worry Mirah, we will take good care of her and if not Jesus will be our witness.” Auntie smiled “I knew I could count on you. OK now girls, you be good and listen to Laura and her assistants during Sunday school, if you are not good I am sure I will hear about it. I doubt that will be a problem though since you two are wonderful little angels.” I nodded worryingly, however I was resigned to my current fate of being treated as a little girl. Mirah then left us to go into the church proper and Laura took us both by the hands and said to me “Well I am happy to meet you Renee, I am sure you will have tons of fun with us.” I nodded and said “Its good to meet you Laura, I am honestly a little scared though.” Laura responded “Oh honey, there is no reason why you should be scared, we will treat you just like Amy and all the rest of the toddlers, just be yourself and you will have a wonderful time.” I smiled hoping this was going to in fact be the case.

Laura then took us into the toddler room which was made up to look just like a nursery, there was a very babyish wallpaper around with pacifiers, bottles, and teddies on it, plus there was a changing table near one of the walls, blocks, stuffed animals, and coloring books off into a corner and little children all around. Upon looking around Amy saw one of her friends, Karen who happened to be just playing by herself with some dolls for now. Laura let us go and told us to try and have fun and following Amy’s lead, we walked towards Karen both crinkling in our diapers and then plopped down onto the ground. Karen looked as if she was 4 ½ years old and it seemed that under her nice pink shirt and cute skirt that she was in a very girlish pull up. Karen look up happily at her friend Amy and said “Yay you are here… but who is with you?” Amy responded to her friend “Its great to see you, this is my cousin Renee, she is staying with me for 2 weeks.” Karen answered back “Oh that sounds good, is she a baby like you?” I actually blushed at this blunt question but Amy went on to state “Yeppers, she is a toddler just like me, diapers and all.” With this and blushing profusely, I stated “Its nice to meet you Karen” Karen the said with a cute giggle “Looks like I’m still the oldest since I’m being potty trained.” It was quite embarrassing that somehow a 4 ½ year old was outdoing me in maturity, but the facts were apparent.

Laura gathered us all into a semi-circle around her and had us try to sing cute biblical songs about the love of Jesus. Honestly in my my mature mind I thought to myself that we hardly sounded any good, but this made no difference to Laura as it was the intention that counted. She applauded at the wonderful effort we gave and then said “Ok little ones, Its time for a little drink and some fun time, how does that sound to you? With a cheers from all the other toddlers in the room including Amy, Karen, and I went to go get our toddler sippy cups and offered us religious coloring books to pass the time with. I was given a toddler cup filled with Orange Juice and a coloring book, we then found an open spot on the floor and all three of us, with a rustling from our bottom sat down on the floor. I then decided to open up my book and flipped through it and settled on a picture dealing with Noah’s ark. There was a large box of crayons put in between Karen, Amy, and I and we all drew from it trying to make our coloring book pages pretty. While the room was mostly quiet in coloring, Laura did her rounds checking the boys and girls diapers. Once she got to us she actually checked Amy first finding her dry, then she checked Karen and I finding both the same result. Laura said happily " Well it looks like my babies in this corner are all in good clean diapers, good job you three! Especially you Karen, your mommy will be so proud.” However a little bit later while coloring our books I could see the frozen face on Amy as she paused for a half a minute and then continued to color a cute bunny in green. I knew of course from personal experience that Amy just wet her diaper like a little baby, but it didn’t seem to mind her at all since she continued on playing. After coloring we started to play with religious dollies and I noticed that Karen was starting to fidget and occasionally was grabbing hold of her crotch, she however said nothing about it though. After 10 more minutes Karen started to get up while holding herself and Amy asked “where are you going?” Karen responded in an urgent manner “I really need to go pee pee.” Amy then responded “Just go in your pull up, then you can keep playing with us. I already wet my diaper and if Renee needs to go, she has one on too. Just be a toddler like us.” Karen then thought about it for a minute, paused, and sat right back down “I suppose you are right, if you girls can do it then I can. It is a lot more fun to be a little girl than a big one” And without much further thought, she paused and her pull up filled with urine. Once she was finished, she started playing again, this time with even more childish enthusiasm . Surprisingly at this time, I happened to be the only girl within our small group that still had a completely dry diaper on, this actually made me sort of proud.

It was finally time for church to end and eventually Mirah came by to collect us from Sunday school. Laura told Auntie and her two littler ones that we had been wonderful little dolls and that Jesus certainly would have been proud of our obedience. Mirah smiled and thanked her, at the same time Stacy, Karen’s mom showed up to pick her up and saw Auntie. “Wasn’t that a wonderful service?” she stated to Mirah. She answered “definitely it was, about charity and caring for all, and above all, sacrifice to all of gods wonderful creations.” looking in our direction and adding “no matter who they are.” Stacy took her daughter by the hand as Mirah took both Amy and I out of the Sunday school as well. Once we were around near the parking lot on a large grassy area, Auntie let us go and told us to play a little with Karen while she talked with Stacy.

We ran around and played, both Karen and Amy were in wet pull ups and diapers respectably but not caring at all for the situation. During the time that we were playing I saw Amy squat down for a little bit. I thought that I knew what she was doing, and once again having a perfect view up her cute naval blue and poke-a-dot skit, I could see the reality. She sat there with a concentrated face all the while Karen just stood there blissfully in ignorance looking at some flowers. Through her tights I could see her diaper expand for a full minute and then she just stood up like nothing happened at all, just like a toddler. She then stared to run towards Karen with her loaded diaper waddling more than ever before. Nobody at all seemed to pay attention because it completely fit her current state, and Amy didn’t mind because she was a toddler through and through. Running around with these two little girls made me feel so young, but everything also seemed so new and interesting to me, almost as if I was starting to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Once our caretakers were done chit chatting, they called us to come to them, Karen in her wet pull up, Amy in her wet and messy diapers, and me, shockingly, still in a completely fresh diaper. Auntie then announced “Well girls, we are going to have brunch, how does that sound? I am sure you girls must be hungry.” All of us girls in unison cheered, we were all hungry, and I didn’t have a problem with Stacy or Karen since they already knew my predicament. Stacy then responded “Wonderful, however we need to check you girls before we go to make sure you are all ready to go.” Auntie seem to check me first because I happened to be the closest, but of course, I was not only dry, but clean on my back as well. Stacy then check her own daughter who was in potty training and felt up her legs and then check her back of the pull ups and declared “Honey, when are you going to learn to not wet yourself? Don’t you want to be a big girl?” Karen responded yes with some tears in her eyes and Stacy added “Well if you wet or soiled your pull ups once again, I will have to treat you as a toddler just like Amy and Renee.” Karen nodded in acceptance. At this point Auntie finally got to Amy and check her, first she put her fingers up her crotch area, finder her wet, she turned her around and pulled up her dress. Not surprisingly she found that she was also messy just like a toddler. “Oh my stars little girl, you sure did a number on your diapers, now come over to the car so we can change you.”

Amy and I walked over to our car and Mirah fished through her diaper bag and brought out a diaper changing mat and laid it onto the seat of the car. She then helped Amy on to the car seat and grabbed even more supplies out her diaper bag. Once she pulled out a diaper, some wipes and powder, Auntie set them to the side and while Amy was laying down, she lifed up her cute dress which exposed her soggy and messy diaper under her tights to the world. Once she pulled down her white tights she undid her diaper and proceeded to clean her bottom. It took a couple minutes to throughly clean her bottom but once she was done she took the fresh diaper and laid it under her bottom. Methodically she then held a tube of diaper cream and squeezed it into her palm and spread it all around her private area. Auntie then took the bottle of baby powder and gave Amy a very liberal sprinkling which created a wonderfully sweet smelling cloud and finally brought up the front of her fresh diaper to cover her crotch and taped it snuggly into place. Once finished she secured Amy into her set and then moved over to me to make sure I was safe in the car. Mirah and Stacy had decided on meeting each other at the local Sams #3 for a church brunch. I wasn’t too keen on breakfast/brunch, but since I was a toddler in my aunties scheme of things, It really didn’t matter and I was comfortable with that.

Chapter 8

After about 10 minutes we finally arrived at the restaurant and pulled into a parking spot. “OK girls, we are here, now just hold tight and I will be right there” Auntie said and then walked over and opened the door for Amy and releasing her from her car seat she helped her onto the ground. Right then Stacy pulled up in her car and just like Mirah, she opened up the door for Karen and helped her out of the car seat she was in. Auntie grabbed a hold of both our little hands and Stacy followed in suit with her daughter, then they guided us into the restaurant were we were greeted by a very nice hostess who directed us to an open booth with our diapers making noise the entire way. Once seated, she handed all of us menus to look at, both Amy and Karen were handed children’s menus, Mirah then asked “Mame, may you please bring out a high chair please, oh yes, and can we also get another children’s menu for Renee here?” As she place her hand on my shoulder. The hostess returned back quickly with the two items, she handed me the kids menu and the set the high chair down right at the end of the table. Auntie then took a hold of Amy under her armpits and lifted her up into the high chair, while doing this, it helped lift up her cute navy blue poke-a-dotted dress up and revealed her babyish padded state to the hostess but Amy didnt seem to mind at all. The hostess was just staring at her with a look of confusion on her face considering that it was not often that one saw a 5 year old still in diapers, let alone a 5 year old that didnt seem to be shy at all about being treated like a toddler. She wiped the look off her face and then just smiled and said “I hope y’all have a wonderful brunch” and then walked away. I noticed her walk behind the counter to speak with another girl in her early 20s, she made a quick motion in our direction and then walked away.

While we were looking at our menus Stacy said “MMMM, I am so hungry right now, how about you girls?” With our faces lit up we all responded cheerfully that we were very hungry. “I think I am going to have some French toast” I stated and then followed by both Karen and Amy declaring that they would like the pancakes. Right then the waitress who I saw talk to the hostess arrived to our table. She was very pretty and in her low 20s with vibrant red hair and green eyes and said with a warm smile on her face “Welcome everyone, my name is Bridget are you ready to order yet? Boy you certainly do have some cute little girls with you.” Amy and Karen beamed with pride while my face was turning red from embarrassment while I was still holding my children’s menu. Auntie then spoke “Well I think Amy” motioning to the girl in the high chair “would like some of your children’s pancakes and Renee here would like your children’s French toast. I think I will just take an omelet for myself.” Stacy then followed and ordered both for herself and her daughter. Writing it all down Bridget then asked “Is there anything you would like to drink with that?” Auntie then ordered milk for us girls and water all around, Stacy did the same. “OK, gotcha, I will be right back with your drinks, I’m sure your little girls are really thirsty right now.” she then turned around and walked away.

While we were waiting for our drinks to come, Mirah started to poke through her diaper bag and finally pulled out two empty toddler sippy cups and placed them on the table. Soon Bridget came back with our drinks and placed them right in front of each of us. While she was still standing there, Auntie popped open the tops to our sippy cups and emptied the contents of the milk from each glass into their respective cups and placed them right in front of Amy and I. Bridget did look a little surprised but then spoke up with a good natured chuckle “Well I guess you two don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your drinks. Oh I forgot, we need to to get your girls some crayons so you can draw on your children’s menus so gods little creations do not get bored.” It didn’t take very long for her to come back with crayons for us to play with and she set them right on the table.

Grabbing a crayon and starting to draw on my menu, I could start to feel the pressure on my bladder building and I started to squirm a little bit trying to hold it in, the thick diaper in between my legs made it hard to press them together though. Noticing that I brought one of my hands down to hold the front of my diaper Auntie said “Renee, do you need to go potty?” I responded while fidgeting around “Yes auntie” “Well its a good thing you are in a diaper then, just relieve yourself and you will feel much better, I will change you once we are done. Now please take your hand off the front of your diaper and try not to worry about it.” Mirah stated. “But…” I tried weakly. “No buts little girl, you are my baby while you are with me, just like Amy. Maybe one day you will be a big girl like Karen, but that is not today.” I accepted my fate as I reach for my sippy cup and drank the milk from it. The best think I could do right now is to just to play my part as a toddler and to try and have fun with it.

Finally, after having fun drinking from my toddler cup and drawing all over my menu, Bridget came to our table carrying a try with all our food on it and then set it down on a stand. Cheerfully Bridget grabbed a plate and said “Here is a French toast for one baby girl.” as she placed it in front of me with a wink and then continued “Pancakes for another baby girl and another pancake for the last little girl.” Amy clapped her hands and said “Thank you Brigget this look yummy!” With a little pat on her head, Bridget smiled at her and said “Oh I am sure you will love it, but please try not to make too much of a mess for your mommy.” As the waitress was placing the rest of the plates down both Mirah and Stacy both pulled out bibs for the girls. While Auntie was tying my bib on, I finally felt the floodgates open up and my diaper started to fill my crotch and then my bottom with warm liquid. I am pretty sure Auntie noticed what happened but she didn’t say anything as I just sat there in my now squishy warm diaper. Once the bibs were on she said “OK girls, you are all ready now, dig in!” My French toast was very yummy and it didn’t even matter to me that I just wet myself, I just sat there enjoying my food and the feeling on my bottom as my bladder now felt completely relieved.

Once we were finished eating Bridget finally came by again and asked “How was your meal?” Stacy and Mirah thanked her but us three little girls enthusiastically said “it was wonderful, tank you much” I even did this with a small hop on my wet bottom which squished once again when I landed. Auntie then said “While you are getting our bill, I have a favor to ask you. Is it possible for you to wash out these sippy cups really quick and then fill them up with water for my two baby girls?” Bridget responded happily “That will be no trouble at all Mame, toddler girls need to keep themselves hydrated.” She then walked off with the cups into the kitchen. While we were waiting Auntie suggested “How would you girls feel about going to the park? Its a really nice day and I think you girls have been very well behaved today.” We all smiled and cheered, Amy and Karen always loved to go to the park and have fun, I was excited, but still worried about my toddler state. Then Stacy added “I think we need to check your diapers and training pants first however before we go anywhere though” Stacy then told her daughter to stand up for her and she checked both the front and then the back of her pull-up finding that she was still dry. “Good girl Karen, you were a big girl during the meal, now lets just see if you can stay a big girl for the rest of the day.” Karen replied with pride “I will do my best mommy!” Next Stacy lifted Amy out of her high chair once again exposing her diaper to the rest of the restaurant. Amy just giggled as Stacy poked her fingers into the front of her diaper and then turned her around to check her back. Looks like you are all clean and dry just like Karen, good job honey." As she patted her on the bottom. “Well next it looks like your turn Renee, please stand up and come over here for me so I can check your bottom.” A bit nervous about being checked for the first time by someone who was not my Aunt, I slowly stood up feeling my wet soggy diaper under me being held tight to my body by my tights, I then apprehensively walked over to Stacy with my soaked diaper crinkling a bit. While I was doing this Bridget finally came back with our sippy cups filled with water and a bill and set them down on the table. Auntie said to our waitress “Hold on honey, I will just pay for this right now, don’t worry, I wont need any change.” While Mirah was looking over the bill and gathering the correct amount with a healthy tip added on Stacy lifted up my cute church dress exposing my babyish diaper to Bridget who couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of me. My face was turning a very deep red out of embarrassment as through my white tights she could easily see the pinkish trim, the cute cartoon characters, and what looked like a bloated diaper with little pink and red hearts showing on the crotch. Stacy inserted her fingers into the front of my diaper and announced for the whole table including Bridget “Hmmmmm, looks like little Renee went wettums in her diaper didn’t she?” I meekly nodded and then Stacy turned me around lifting up the back of my dress and pulling open the back waste band of my diaper to see if I had made a poopie as well. “It looks as if you didn’t go messie in your diaper yet, but we will still need to change you into fresh protection before we go to the park.” Stacy finished while lowering my dress.

Auntie then handed Bridget the money for the meal and she said “Well thank you so much for coming in, it was a wonderful pleasure to serve your cute little toddler girls today.” Then looking at the trio “I hope you girls have a wonderful time at the park, I wish I could be a little girl like you so I can enjoy life without so many responsibilities.” Both Auntie and Stacy thanked our waitress for great service and then handed Amy and I our sippy cups filled with water which I promptly put into my mouth and started sucking. Auntie led Amy and I out of the restaurant with my soggy diaper forcing me to waddle a little bit more and crinkling louder than ever, I just held and sucked on my toddler cup even though many people looked as if they noticed my childish state, but I didn’t seem to care anymore.

Once out to the car she opened my door and then took out her changing mat from her diaper bag and the supplies she needed to attend to my needs. She helped me onto my seat and then laid me down pulling my dress up and showing off my tights and diaper to the parking lot. Auntie then pulled down my tights and untapped my diaper, using some wipes she made sure that my bottom region was clean to her satisfaction and then grabbed one of my fresh diapers, unfolded it, then slid it under my tush. With a bit of diaper cream spread around and a wonderful dusting of baby powder, she then brought the crotch of my diaper up and taped it securely into place. Rather methodically like an experienced mother, she brought up my tights over my diaper and then help me sit up while bring my dress back down to its rightful place covering my toddler state. Once she was finished, she buckled me into my seat and then secured Amy into her car seat. Stacy did the same for Karen and with that, we were off to have some fun at the park.


Auntie Mirah

Chapter 9

Once Mirah and Stacy were finished taking their girls out of the car, they then grabbed some blankets and diaper bags and took the girls to a nice shady spot near the playground equipment so that they could watch the girls play. Laying down their blankets and their diaper bags Auntie said “Wow, it really does look like such a perfect day to be at the park, not even a cloud in the sky. Now go run along and have fun.” We cheered and started to go on down to the playground when Stacy stated “Hold on girls for just a moment.” and then looking over at her daughter she asked “Honey, do you need to go pee pee? It might be best to go now before you get absorbed into playing” Karen shook her head and said “Nope mommy.” Stacy then replied “Well I need to check you again really quick just in case” she then poked a finger right up her pull-up and said “Good girl, you are still dry, now go out and enjoy” and gave her daughter a little pat on her bottom. With our diapers rustling along the way we then ran towards the playground excitedly.

“Where do you want to play first?” I asked the other two girls. Amy replied “How about the swings?” and Karen agreed so we ran right over to the swing set. I said to the others “Wow I haven’t played on the swings in a long time, this should be fun.” We all plopped our padded bottoms on the swings and started to go back and forth. While we were having fun Karen said “I’m going to go so high I will reach the moon!” Amy giggled and responded “Not if I get there first!” then they both tried in earnest to out do each other in hight. I didn’t compete since I know that even though I was playing like a child, I still could out do them due to my age. I asked them “Hey you two, how would you like me to give you a push so you can both go really high?” Karen and Amy both agreed happily “Yeah! That would be tons of fun!” While still swinging I decided to jump off, once in the air I could feel it blow up my dress showing off my diaper to the rest of the playground. Once down I just pushed it back down and straightened it, it didn’t appear as if anyone noticed. I then went to the girls and started to give them a push while they were squealing and giggling with happiness. Amy opened her mouth and in a very childish way said “Zoom Zoom, I’m a rocket the moon!” After about 10 minutes of pushing I was pretty exhausted and I told them that I needed a little breather.

Once they got off their swings I asked them what they wanted to do next. I noticed Amy just standing there in a slight daze wetting her diaper when Karen spoke up “Oh, I know, lets go play on the merry go round” Amy pipped up “Yeah! That will be fun” Karen led the way as we went off to the next destination. I was more than happy to let them make the decisions, I was still getting used to my new role that Auntie put me in, I was having a lot of fun though. We made it to the merry go round and started to turn it and then jumped on. It was so fun going round and round and was making me very very dizzy. I jumped off of it and tried to walk in a straight line while the world was still spinning around me, it was a very funny feeling and started to make me giggle like a little girl. “How about I push it around while you girls stay on it?” I asked. Both girls agreed and said “make it as fast as possible Renee.” They both jumped right back on the merry go round as I grabbed a hold of one of the bars and started to push and run. “Faster Faster!” Amy shouted while Karen was loudly going “Weeeee.” I tried to run as fast as I could, but it was a bit awkward with my very thick bulky diaper in between my legs. Once I felt I had it going as fast as I could I jumped on feeling the speed making me disoriented. After a couple minutes it slowed down and we all jumped off and none of us could walk straight. I noticed Karen fall onto her bottom and then with a gasp, her hand shot down to her crotch and her eyes started to become wet. Both Amy and I ran over to her and I asked worryingly “What is wrong Karen?” Karen replied in a sad tone “It was all too much for me and I wet my pull-up.” I gave her a hug and patted her on the back and said “Oh that is ok, accidents happen, anyways I think Amy already wet herself.” Amy then pipped up lifting her dress a little to show off her soggy diaper under her tights “Ya, I am already wet, don’t worry about it, we can still play and have fun! Just pretend you are toddlers like Renee and I. Its fun not having to worry about going to the bathroom and just playing.” Karen felt comforted by the nice things that were said and then stood up and said “OK, lets keep playing, where to next?” I suggested “How about playing in the sandbox?” We all agreed and made our way to go play in the sand.

Once we arrived we all sat right down, Amy in her wet diaper and Karen in her now wet pull-up. I was starting to feel a grumbling in my stomach but I ignored it as we started to make our fantasy castles and pretend that we were little princesses. After about 20 minutes working on my fort I really felt the pressure on my bottom again, this time very strong. At first I thought about going to Auntie and telling her my problem, but then I remember what she told me earlier today at the restaurant. I was in a diaper and her little baby while I was staying with her and I needed to use it for its intended purpose. I then thought about what we said to Karen while trying to comfort her after having an accident in her pull-up. I took a bit considering my options and finally accepted just going in my diaper, after all I wouldn’t want to make Karen feel bad by doing the opposite of what we said. So while we were all pushing sand around and forming new structures, I was kneeling and lifted up my bum a bit off the ground. Slowly I could feel warm mushy poo enter my diaper and my face began to turn a shade of red. The poo just kept on filling my diaper at a steady pace as it hit the back and then started to spread outwards around my bottom, if they could see under my dress they would see a very noticeable and large lump forming in my diaper. I am pretty sure that Karen and Amy could tell what I was doing and then Amy finally asked “Are you going poopie in your diaper Renee?” I shamefully nodded and said “I couldn’t help myself, I really needed to go.” Amy clapped her hands and then said to Karen “See she just made a messie in her diaper just like a toddler. We are all little girls now and because we are in diapers we can just keep playing!” Karen had a smile grow along her face and responded “Yeppers! Its pretty fun being a little girl.” I plopped my bottom back down on the sand feeling the mess spread even more around my bottom but I didn’t care, I just agreed with Karen that its a whole lot of fun being little and having no responsibility at all.

We sat in the sandbox for another 20 minutes just playing around and making new creations. My bottom was definitely full and the smell started to spread, but none of the other girls said anything or even seem to be bothered by it. To them I was just another toddler that needed protection and Auntie or Karen’s mommy would change me when they felt I needed it. Amy then asked “Hey, do you want to go on the play structure?” Without even thinking or caring about my current state, I happily agreed and stood up feeling the lump in my bottom. We all ran over to the structure and started to climb up some netting to get on one of the platforms. I felt just like a toddler and was having so much fun climbing on the monkey bars and running around that time just seem to go by like a flash. Amy grabbed onto what looked like a yellow childish steering wheel for a naval vessel and happily chirped “I’m the captain! We are off to La La Land!” Excitedly I said “I’m your first mate Captain Amy” Then Karen added “Yarrr, I’m a pirate and I’m going to take your ship!” Karen and I then started to play fight as she tried to claim the ship. After a bit of mock fighting I could see Karen squat down, this time without hesitating she started to mess her pull-up she was in complete baby mode right now just like Amy and I and neither of us minded at all. She stood up as if nothing happened and I said “I got you my cute little pirate, its time for you to walk the plank” I marched her hover to the slide and told her that she had to go into shark infested waters. Karen then sat right down in her messy pull-up and slid down the slide with a giggle. Right then Captain Amy said “Oh no! There is a hole in the ship, we need to get off!” Following Karen, I sat right down on my very poopie diaper and slid down feeling the mess spread even more around my bottom. Once I was done Amy followed quickly behind in her wet diaper. “Boy that was fun, lets do it again!” I said. We then got up and climbed back on and slid down a couple more times squealing and giggling the entire way. I was having so much fun as a toddler girl that I actually started to forget that I was even 14 and really should not be in diapers, but everything just felt completely natural to me right now.

Stacy and Mirah then called out for their girls to come to them. We obediently obeyed and stopped playing on the structure and started waddling to them. I was crinkling louder than ever with the poopie mess in my diaper cupping my bottom and shifting a bit ever step I took. I could also notice Karen walking a little bit differently with the large mess she made in her pull-up, Amy of course in her saturated diaper had no care in the world, it was just another day for her. We finally arrived and Auntie handed Amy and I fresh sippy cups filled with water so we could rehydrate ourselves after all that fun in the playground. I immediately inserted the toddler cup into my mouth and started drinking just like a little girl when Auntie said “Well I think we have had enough fun at the park baby girls, its time to go home and take a nap.” We all looked very sad and protested the decision when Stacy added “Oh don’t be sad, little girls need their rest, anyways we will come to the park again so don’t worry. We need to check our girls though first before we go anywhere.” Auntie first checked Amy finding her very wet and told her to lay down on the blanket. She did just as mommy told and once she was on the ground she lifted up her dress exposing her very soggy diaper under her tights. I just sad down in my poopie diaper while she was attending to her and happily sucking away at my toddler cup.

While Auntie was cleaning up Amy, Stacy checked Karen’s pull-up. First she inserted fingers in her front and proclaimed that she had an accident. She then turned her around and took a peak in the back of her pull-up which was completely loaded. “Oh my, looks like you had another accident honey, you do remember what I told you earlier don’t you?” Karen nodded sadly and then her mom continued “Well since you were having so much fun playing and didn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom, I am just going to have to diaper you just like Amy and Renee. Mirah? Do you happen to have an extra diaper with you so I can put it on my daughter?” Auntie then nodded and grabbed an extra diaper out of her bag saying “Oh no problem at all, I always like to carry more diapers than I will need just in case something happens.” Karen then followed her mothers instructions as she laid down and had her skirt pulled up exposing her very wet and messy training pants. Stacy ripped the sides to it open and then pulled down the front, she took many baby wipes and made extra care to make sure that her daughter was very clean on her bottom. Once she was done she took one of Amy’s diapers and placed under her tushie. She put cream and then powdered her just like a toddler and then pulled up the front and taped it shut. “Now that isn’t so bad is it? And now you don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom, you can just be a little girl like Amy and Renee. Maybe in a couple months I will try to potty train you again, but for now, I think its just best if you stayed diapered.” Karen nodded and decided that this really isn’t so bad, after all now if she goes potty she wont feel bad and the diapers actually felt much nicer than having a pull-up on her bottom.

Auntie was finished with her daughter and told me to come to her so she could check my diaper. I stood up still sucking on my toddler cup and walked towards her with my used diaper crinkling every step of the way. Auntie checked my front and then turned me around pulling up my dress high showing off the large lump in my diaper, she then pulled open the waist band and checked my backside. “Pee Yew, you really did make a stinky in your diaper, its a good thing that you had protection on my little girl.” Auntie said. Just like with Amy, I laid on the blanket and Auntie pushed up my skirt showing to the whole playground my very wet and messy state. I just sat there quietly still trying to suck on my toddler cup. Mirah then pulled down my tights and untapped the front of my diaper revealing to everyone the large load I had made. Auntie didn’t wince at all at the smell, instead while she was cleaning my bottom she just hummed happily with no concern at all that she had to change a 14 year old girl into a completely fresh diaper. It took a couple minutes but once she was done, she tapped up my diaper, pulled up my tights and then helped me stand up bringing my dress back down. “Well, I think we are all ready, we just need to pick up everything” Auntie and Stacy then folded up their blankets and tucked them under their arms, they then grabbed their diaper bags and guided us to the parking lot. Once there Stacy said to Mirah “So are you going to come over real quick and pick up that thing I was telling you about?” Auntie then replied “Oh definitely, thats only if you are really ok with letting me borrow it.” With a smile on her face Stacy stated “Well its only for 2 weeks so I really don’t see why not.” With that we got into the car and were off.


Auntie Mirah

a generic but enjoyable read, hope to either see more of this story or others that u have written. :smiley: :smiley:

Auntie Mirah

I loved it, would love to see more. Its hard to find stories like this with an actual toddler in there too. A couple of grammatical errors, but otherwise I loved it.
Please more.

Auntie Mirah

You repeatedly changed between the first and third persons as well as riddling your story with basic errors and cliches.

At least you did the whole thing though.

Auntie Mirah

Generally speaking your story is interesting. There are a few incongruities that need repaired; Chapter 2 you went from diapers to nappies, and chapter 9 you never mentioned that Renee wet herself until she was being changed.

I am interested in seeing what you will do next with Renee and her aunt

Auntie Mirah

Because she didnt wet herself in chapter 9

Oh yes, and also thank you for saying its cliche I basically wanted to create a story with various standard settings for that I tend to enjoy in AB stories, I personally hate it when people try to be really artsy with these sorts of stories. Im not trying to read Kafka or anything deep or serious when I read a regression story.
Ya, I did have a problem trying to stay in 1st person, many times I had to stop and correct myself when I started going into 3rd person. Also, I was always under the impression that nappies/diapers were just two words for the same thing, in the USA we tend to us diaper whereas in UK they tend to say nappies.

Thanks for the posts!

Auntie Mirah

I agree that they’re synonyms, but I did also feel that rather than complementary they are exclusive.

Auntie Mirah

I saw this on SissyKiss and had been meaning to take the time to comment.

I agree with a few notes about the grammar and errors that others have posted, but I’d also like to say that I see something in your story that I don’t see in a lot of others.

Your story has heart, I don’t know how better to describe it.

A lot of the time in cliche stories, the writer is basically describing their wank fantasy of wearing diapers for (insert generic reason here). What they miss is the feelings of innocence and regression. Not just diaper wearing/using, but also feeling secure, and cared for… letting go of worry to simply embrace life.

As you noted yourself, you’re not trying to write the definitive piece, your just trying to write something good along typical settings, and to me, you did just that. Great work, please write more.

Re: Auntie Mirah

I realize this story is now quite old, but it’s one of the better ABDL stories I have ever read. I am bumping because it’s a good classic (now) that new readers should take the time to read.

If there is any chance that more of this story has been written any where, could somebody please share? It’s a great story and
I wanted to publicly applaud it.

Re: Auntie Mirah

:slight_smile: Good story!!!

Re: Auntie Mirah

I really enjoy this storie.I like if you see the ending to this storie. :slight_smile:

Re: Auntie Mirah

Considering this story is 3 years old and the OP hasn’t logged in since 8/5/2011, this story is most likely dead.

I know this story goes way back but it is one of my all-time favorites. I always wonder what the aunt was going to borrow at the end.

It would be cool if someone were to pick this story back up.