Aunt Vicky

Part 1
Aunt Vicky was one of those young hot aunts that all the boys crushed on. She had large breasts and a big round butt. But she also had a big secret.

Her 10 year old nephew, Timmy, sat up in a tree as he spied on her looking through her bedroom window. Aunt Vicky walked out with a towel wrapped around her body straight from the shower. Thinking she was alone, she dropped her towel letting all of her naked glory hang out. Timmy’s jaw dropped at the sight of his aunt.

There she was standing fully nude with her flat chest and small butt hanging out. “No way,” Timmy gasped from his hiding spot. Aunt Vicky pulled out her padded fake butt and pulled on a pink polka dotted panties to hold it in place. She then pulled out her padded fake boobs and pulled on a matching bra to hold her boobs in place.

Timmy quickly climbed down from the tree as Aunt Vicky pulled on a skin tight blue dress as she prepared for the family reunion. Timmy then got the idea to expose his favorite aunt to the whole family.

As Aunt Vicky came down the stairs to join the reunion, Uncle Joe and Uncle West both stared at her thinking ‘Boy she is one hot lady.’ ‘Wish my wife had a body like hers.’ ‘I cannot believe she’s my sister/sister-in-law.’

Aunt Vicky smiled as she waved and winked at them. “Hey Aunt Vicky!” Timmy cheered as he came to give her a great big hug.

“Oh Timmy! How is my favorite nephew?” Aunt Vicky said as she returned the hug.

Unknowingly to her, Timmy reached up and pulled her zipper all the way down. To her shock as she stood up the dress fell to the ground leaving her in her padded bra and panties making her scream loudly in shock as she blushed a deep red and tried to cover herself. “What the hell?!” She cried as she felt so embarrassed standing there in her clearly padded underwear.

Timmy reached behind and yelled. “Here, let me help, Aunt Vicky!”

With that he unclasped her bra causing her padded bra to fall to the floor revealing her completely flat chest and tiny pink nipples.

“AHH! Timmy, give me back my bra!” She cried her arms at her side as she lunged after Timmy who ran off with her bra.

As she lunged forward in shock, her panties had caught onto a loose nail on the table causing them to rip off as her padded butt fell to the floor.

Aunt Vicky cried in embarrassment as everyone burst out laughing at this reveal. “Oh my, looks like someone’s been lying to the family,” Marissa, Vicky’s sister laughed. “Wow sis, I thought you grew boobs years ago.”

Aunt Vicky cried in embarrassment as she ran for the front door which unfortunately for her was locked. “Oh my god,” she cried.

Uncle Joe and Uncle West just stared in shock and confusion. One second they were looking at their hot sister and sister-in-law. The next second they were staring in shock at a woman who looked like a 5 year old.

“I’ve always wondered why she never married,” Emily, Vicky’s younger sister snickered. “Guess she’s not lesbian. She’s just small.”

“Hahahahaha, oh my god Darell is going to be so disappointed he missed this,” Marissa laughed.

AuntVicky turned even redder as Darell was a close friend she had a slight crush on but had always been afraid to approach like that due to her tiny secret. “I think she should be taught a lesson for lying after all these years,” Emily said. “She needs a good ol spanking across that flat butt of hers.”

Aunt Vicky shook her head. “No please, I’m sorry I lied to all of you. This is so embarrassing please don’t spank me!”

Uncle Joe grabbed Aunt Vicky be the arms and forced her over his lap. He was angry that his sister had put on this facade for so many years and he knew he had to lay down the law.


Aunt Vicky cried as she laid across her younger brother’s lap as she was spanked across her naked bottom. Marissa filmed the whole thing as Aunt Vicky sobbed her eyes out. Finally Aunt Vicky was let up. “Time for the family picture!” Timmy yelled excitedly.

The whole family gathered around in front of the house. Aunt Vicky tried to hide in the back but she was forced front and center as her sisters stood on either side of her holding her arms at her sides as the pictures snapped leaving Aunt Vicky’s little naked body engrained for all to see. The picture was hung in the entrance way next to the collection of family reunion photos as a way to remember this very occasion.

Aunt Vicky felt so embarrassed on this day, shocked that her favorite nephew had exposed her secrets to the whole family. But little did she know, this was only the beginning.

The family all gathered in the living room where Aunt Vicky’s punishment would be discussed. Her parents and siblings were not happy at all that Vicky had lied to them for so many years. Vicky sat on the couch naked and squirming wondering what would happen next. Her small breasts were clear to all and her even smaller butt was more pathetic.

“Victoria Isabel Renaldo, you have been lying to us all of these years,” her mom started. “Now you sit there naked and exposed and now we all know the truth. Thanks to Timmy your lies have been exposed. We now know that you’re nothing but a little girl. You are not the adult you’ve claimed to be, and therefore. From here on out you’re not going to be treated like an adult.”

Aunt Vicky looked at her mom confused as to what she was talking about. Her mom simply reached into a big bag and pulled out teenage/adult diapers. Aunt Vicky’s eyes widened. “No way. I can’t wear those. I’m an adult!”

"You don’t have a choice, and you’ve proven to me that you’re not an adult. You’re a child pretending to be one,” her mom said.

Her mom grabbed her arm and dragged her to the ground, laying her on her back. This left more of Aunt Vicky exposed as she quickly pulled out a diaper and put it on her. Aunt Vicky squirmed trying to resist, but it was no use. Finally she was stood up in front of her family. There she was with a flat chest with her pink nipples on display wearing only a diaper with childish designs on them. She felt so embarrassed and humiliated.

She was a grown woman wearing diapers. And this was only the beginning.

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