At work one day

At work one day

There are a few parts of the story that I took out of my personal life but most of it is made up I hope you enjoy the reading these let me know.

Let me start back a little bit earlier.

My name is Jeremy and I am 27 years old. And for the past six years I been working at a pharmacy. Besides selling prescriptions we also sell medical equipment and stuff that goes along with that. And of course baby items and toys and anything that you might find in a regular corner drugstore.

When I was younger I fell in love with diapers and also like picturing myself as dressing up and playing baby but it was hard to do. Once I moved into a place of my own out of my mom’s house and made it a lot easier. When I started this job at the drugstore was when I got a place of my own. For the first three years I was renting an apartment it was a studio apartment and did not have much room for supplies. I kept one dresser drawer full of some baby diapers and would once a while by a package of adult diapers to wear at night. And then when I bought my house I turned half of the closet in to my baby supply area. But after a while it became boring just trying to play baby by myself.

About three years ago a girl named Stephanie started working for us. She is two years younger than me and living out on her own just like me. And she’s always telling us about her side job of babysitting in the evenings and on the weekends. And Stephanie was very cute.

A few weeks before this actually took place I saw Stephanie’s purse open on the break room table. She always kept it on the hook in the break room and closed. Since it was open this time I saw that she had three diapers sitting inside it. So while no one was looking I had decided to take one of them and put them in my coat pocket. I thought she will never notice a diaper missing she does not keep track I am sure. This went on almost every other day her purse would be sitting on the hook wide-open and when there was more than two diapers in there I would take one and add it to my collection at home.

At work one day Stephanie said to me I need to talk to you privately in the break room Jeremy.

Oh boy was my heart racing as I followed her into the break room thinking to myself oh boy I got caught and I’m going to get into trouble I am sure this is what it’s about. Maybe I will have to pay her back or something like that.

Once we went to the break room Stephanie takes her purse down from the hook and the purse is still sitting wide-open. I have figured out Jeremy that you are the one that has been taking a diaper out of my purse whenever I leave it open. I have not said anything to anyone here at work and don’t intend to get you into trouble. I just wanted to know why you have been taking diapers from me.

Someone else walked into the break room at that time after her asking the question.

How about after work tonight Stephanie I talk with you then. Stephanie said that is fine after we clock out you and I can talk.

So we go and finish our day at work. Meanwhile I’m trying to think how am I going to get out of this without telling her the truth? But yet I am a Christian and I should not lie about this, but on the other hand I do not need her telling everyone at work and making a bad reputation for me especially since we live in a small town it would get all around town.

I clock out at the end of the day. I walked out to the parking lot. My cars parked right next to Stephanie’s truck. So I wait for her there. Thinking to myself this is Wednesday so I still have two more days to work with Stephanie before the weekend comes hopefully what I tell her tonight does not mess up anything here at work because I like my job here. And this weekend is a three-day weekend for us because of Memorial day weekend.

Stephanie walks out a few minutes later to find me waiting by her truck. Everyone else has left the parking lot and it’s only the two of us left standing there no one else around.

So Jeremy what do you have the safer yourself?

Well um Stephanie um. As I stumble over my words. Stephanie would it be all right if I took you to dinner and we talked?

Yes Jeremy that would be fine. I know you lived closer than me so I will follow you to your house and we could drop off your car and you could ride in the truck with me.

Okay that works for me Stephanie. I like your truck anyhow blue is my favorite color. The whole way driving home I’m still thinking to myself what I’m gonna tell her at dinner and how the rest of the evening will go. I don’t have very long to think because I live about 7 min. away from work. Stephanie already knew where I lived because she told me she has driven by before, but she has never been into my house before.

I parked my car and locked it and get in the truck with her. Wherever you would like to go out to eat Stephanie you can drive us there it doesn’t matter where, I am paying for it.

Stephanie drives back downtown and finds a restaurant that is not too busy and we go in and get seated for our dinner. They took our drink order and we decided what to eat and the waitress put our dinner order in.

Okay Jeremy you have drag this out long enough here we are in a restaurant sitting by ourselves with no one else around. Can you please tell me why you have been taking diapers out of my purse? Is it because you have a younger sibling that you need diapers for? Or a friend that has a baby that can’t afford diapers? I just want to know what is the reason that you been taking diapers from me for the past few weeks?

No Stephanie I do not have any other siblings I am an only child. And no I don’t have any friends that have a baby. But I do have something to tell you. Well um Stephanie um how can I put this? Well let’s start off this way. If I come clean with you and tell you the whole truth do you promise not to say anything to anyone? I mean no one at work and nobody anyone this has to be a secret kept between you and I no one else can know about this please Stephanie.

Wow this must be something really big! Did you go out and get a girl pregnant or do you have a foster child? And also that depends on what it is you have to tell me first and then I will promise you, because if it involves anything that I don’t agree with or hurting you or someone else then I might have to tell someone about it.

No I don’t think it involves any of that Stephanie. But just to be on the safe side I don’t want to tell you here at the restaurant instead I will show you when you take me home after we eat if that is okay with you Stephanie?

Okay Jeremy that will be fine with me and then we will make our decision then as to what will happen.

The rest of dinner went on just fine. We mainly talked about work and it came up in the conversation and I told her that I thought she was cute and I liked her. She informed me that she had not been seeing anyone since high school and she loved working at the pharmacy with me. I paid for dinner and we left the restaurant.

In the truck on the ride home we just had a normal conversation. And my heart was still pounding trying to figure out what the right words were gonna be to tell her about the diapers.

I un lock the door and we go in. I show Stephanie around the house and then we sit in the living room.

Okay Jeremy get on with it what is at that you been wanting to tell me? I can tell that you’re nervous about telling me. Come out with that and tell me the truth and the whole truth.

Okay Stephanie sit right here and I will go in the other room and I will be right back. I decide to bring out four of the diapers that I had recently taken out of Stephanie’s purse at work. And then I take a big breath and tell myself as I walked back in the living room well here goes nothing whatever happens, happens. But I hope she takes it okay and does not flip out on me and especially not to tell anyone else about this.

So here it goes Stephanie the reason I have been taking diapers from you is because I like diapers. Ever since I was younger I have always liked diapers. When I was at the babysitters and I was older I would see how the babysitter would always take care of the babies by changing their diaper putting them in the high chair and giving them more attention than the older children. So I guess that’s why I started liking diapers and so when I have a diaper I imagine myself as being a baby and me being in the diaper and someone taking care of me like I was the little baby. So in my other room I have a drawer full of diapers and baby supplies. But no one else knows about this you’re the first person I’ve ever told so that is why I was so nervous about telling you. It does not involve anyone else it only involves myself and I do not hurt myself. Occasionally I will buy a pack of adult diapers and diaper myself and pretend that I am a baby I normally only pee in my diapers because cleaning up a messy diaper is hard to do yourself. But I don’t wear diapers very often anymore normally I look at the baby printed diapers and just pretend that I’m the one in the diaper since they do not make any baby adult design diapers. So that is basically what I had to tell you and that is the whole truth. So I am sorry for taking diapers from your purse I was wrong and that was stealing. If you would like me to I can buy you a new package of diapers to replace the ones I took from your purse. Or workout other arrangements depending on what you want to do. Please tell me what you think and please I beg of you to not tell anyone at work I do not want my reputation to be rude around town please keep this a secret Stephanie please?

Don’t worry Jeremy I will not tell anyone I will keep this a secret between you and I. I do need time to take this all in and decide what I want to do to work things out with you. I do find it kind of interesting and never pictured you doing something like this. But I will keep my promise and I will not tell anyone at work or anyone else that I know I promised you this will be our little secret. And when we talk about it again it will be done in private and no one else will know. Thank you for dinner and I hope you have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow morning at work.

I walked Stephanie out to the truck and Stephanie gets in her truck and drives off. As I am walking back into the house I begin to wonder what will happen next? And is Stephanie honest about keeping a secret and keeping it between us only?

To be continued……If you guys like this story and want me to go on please let me know

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Interesting concept, but the dialogue needs to be in quotation marks. Its extremely hard to read as is.

Re: At work one day

I second LittleAcorn’s comment about the quotation marks. You also need to add notations as to which party is speaking. (e.g. Stephanie said, Tom replied).

Also, I find it unlikely that a 27 year old man who works in a pharmacy would steal diapers from the break room. Why not just buy them? I mean, this guy already has a full supply at home, right? He clearly has no compunctions with purchasing diapers. If he’s a Christian, doesn’t the stealing bother him as much as lying?

Those contradictions/inconsistencies interfere a lot with my ability to get into the story. On the other hand, everyone has to start somewhere and my writing was pretty bad when I first started. Just try again and think things through a little more. Good luck.

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Interesting story but it does needs some editing.

Re: At work one day

would some one be willing to take it and edit it 4 me so I can see what the proper way should look like?

Re: At work one day

Editing the entire thing would be quite a task. Here’s a small section, however. Note that I’m just trying to format the dialogue correctly - there may be other editing it could benefit from too.

Once we went to the break room, Stephanie takes her purse down from the hook and the purse is still sitting wide-open, and says “I have figured out,Jeremy, that you are the one that has been taking a diaper out of my purse whenever I leave it open. I have not said anything to anyone here at work and don’t intend to get you into trouble. I just wanted to know why you have been taking diapers from me.”

Someone else walked into the break room at that time after her asking the question.

“How about after work tonight Stephanie?” I asked. “I talk with you then.”

Stephanie said, “that is fine after we clock out you and I can talk.”

The other way to get a good feel for dialogue is to look at what other people have written. There are lots of stories on this board, and looking at the first page, I know that Eduardx, thunderbunny, WBDaddy, Whetoric, AlexaBaby, apexv, and Rammus fan are all good authors who can write dialogue well (as are others - they just happen to have written stories I’ve read, and are at the top of the Member Stories board at the moment).

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Well you can actually write stories without dialog in quotation marks but still have people speaking. I have seen it been done in novels. Although in this story, it need some polishing to work that way.