At home with Sue

At home with Sue

Chapter 1

‘Oh, no, he’s just home with me for the time being,’ Joe heard Sue saying into the phone.

Joe stopped to listen for a moment as he was making a sandwich for lunch. He loved beetroot, and was spearing circles of it from the can onto his sandwich, a slightly messy operation that left purple drips across the benchtop.

Sue breezed into the kitchen with a pile of washing in her arms.

It was a couple of weeks after Joe had taken his redundancy package. He and Sue had had a few words over that time about Joe getting ‘under Sue’s feet’ as she did her her household chores, and Joe was trying to get his lunch organised so he could get back to the game he was watching on video.

It wasn’t the time to re-ignite any argument between them, but Joe was a bit sensitive to the tone Sue had just used on the phone, no doubt to one of her coven of female friends. Joe thought of them as a coven – they were just women like his wife, he knew, but in his new, not exactly voluntarily retired state, he found them slightly intimidating. Here goes, he thought.

‘Sue,’ he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t say “I’m home with you” when you’re talking to your friends about me.’

Sue dumped the washing on the bench where Joe had been making his lunch.

‘Joe, for God’s sake grow up. You are home with me, aren’t you? Or would you like to be somewhere else?’ Sue said.

Instantly, Joe regretted bringing up the matter.

‘No, of course not. It’s just that…’ he said

‘Just that what, Joe?’ asked Sue. ‘Just that you traipse around here, doing exactly what you feel like, with me tidying up after you, making sure you’ve got clean clothes, making sure…’

Sue stopped, staring at the purple stain seeping into Joe’s white underwear on the bottom of the washing she’d dropped onto the bench. She lifted the pile and put it safely aside, retrieving the stained pants from the battom of the heap.

‘This is exactly what I mean, Joe,’ she said, waving the underpants at Joe. ‘You can’t even make a sandwich without leaving a mess. And look at these. As if it weren’t bad enough having your yellow wee stains on them.’

Joe looked at the garment Sue was holding.

‘Sue, I…’ he said.

‘No, Joe,’ said Sue, cutting him off. ‘You are at home with me, and I’m going to make a few rules, OK? From now on, you ask if you want lunch or a snack. No more just pleasing yourself. Beetroot, for God’s sake. You open a whole can to use two slices, and it will be on your shirt too, no doubt.’

Joe looked guiltily at his white t-shirt, and tried to wipe the reddish blob in the middle of his chest.

‘Do you want to wear a bib at mealtimes too? Take that shirt off now and give it to me,’ Sue said, holding her hand out to Joe.

‘Look at the extra work you’ve just given me,’ said Sue. ‘And turn that game off. You can help me for a change by putting these clothes away. The ones that don’t need a soak to get rid of your beetroot stains that is.’

Joe knew when he was beaten. There was no point in aggravating Sue any further. He took the pile of clothes, still warm from the drier, and headed off to their bedroom.

‘Don’t dawdle – you can come with me to Pam’s when you’ve finished that.’

Oh great, thought Joe. An afternoon at Pam’s, cooling his heels while Sue and Pam discussed a whole lot of women’s crap. It was either listen to that or watch Pam’s brats go about their business. He didn’t dignify Sue’s invitation, or demand really, with an answer.

Taking the redundancy package, about which he really wasn’t given a choice, had upset the equilibrium in their three year marriage. While he hadn’t exactly been the breadwinner – Sue’s inherited income was enough to pay the bills on its own – the fact that he worked and she was a housewife at least gave the impression that he was if not the boss, at least an equal partner.

Joe carefully put a pair of Sue’s panties in her underwear drawer. He looked at the lace edging of the satin briefs. Not that she was allowing him much access to what was inside since he’d been at home. Next came a pair of her bras. 36C. Perfect, but the same story. He had to be on his best behavior to even get a feel these days.

What was more, Joe thought, she chose sexy stuff for herself and though he wasn’t into posing pouches or anything, he resented slightly the baggy white underpants she bought for him. There were a few faded yellowish marks on those too, he thought. Hardly his fault, and guys were different. He was sure most guys dribbled a bit after peeing, or even before if it was urgent. Joe used to wet his bed occasionally when he was younger, so his mum might have had something to complain about, but Sue was an expert in making something out of nothing where his personal cleanliness was concerned. One spot of beetroot and he couldn’t even wear a shirt, he thought self-pityingly. How many husbands had to put up with that?

‘Joe! Five minutes!’ Sue called. ‘Don’t forget to put a shirt on!’

‘Yeah, ok!’ replied Joe.

There was nothing about the afternoon he was looking forward to.

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At home with Sue

Chapter 2 - just a short one.

Joe had said goodbye to his company car along with his job. Not that there was much of a goodbye, he thought. Just a handover of his office keys to a junior staffer at the door. Six years of service and not even a farewell drink. OK, economies across the organization and all that, he thought, but still.

‘What are you scowling about, Joe?’ asked Sue, glancing across at him as she drove along the freeway towards Pam’s small farm.

‘Oh, nothing,’ said Joe.

‘Well I hope you’re not sulking about not driving. We’ve talked about that,’ said Sue, turning off into the network of rural roads that eventually led to Pam’s place in the wooded hills.

‘And if you’re grumpy about having to come to Jan’s, just remember the mess of cans and the state you were in last time when I left you…’ Sue went on.

‘It was the finals!’ objected Joe. ‘Anyway, it’s nothing. It wasn’t that.’

‘Joe,’ said Sue, ‘I don’t know any mature adults who would get drunk by themselves watching a stupid game, get totally drunk like some alcoholic and then, just to top it off…’

‘Sue, I know. I said I was sorry and it’s not as though I could help it.’

Sue ignored him.

‘And to top it off soak our bed that night like a, like a child…’

‘Sue stop it. That was ages ago and I said I was sorry. It was an accident!’ said Joe, turning to stare at the trees going past.

‘An accident. A very expensive one. You know your mother apologized for not telling me a bit more about that before I married you,’ said Sue.

‘Yes, Sue, I know. We’ve discussed this.’

‘But she didn’t because you told her that we’d talked about it…’ said Sue.

‘I know,’ said Joe, ‘And I’ve apologized about that too.’

‘Which makes it alright, of course,’ said Sue. ‘It doesn’t make you a liar or anything. Oh no!’

The small SUV bumped along the dirt road as Sue swung onto an even smaller road.

‘Sue, please. We talked about it. Pressure, strange beds, um…’

‘Drinking like a schoolboy?’ added Sue.

‘Yeah, ok,’ said Joe. ‘I’m sorry, ok? They were accidents, ok? I’m sorry… I pro… p…p…’

Sue looked across at Joe again. No wonder he couldn’t promise, she thought, recalling what was it, two nights straight wet in the same hotel, one pair of wet ski pants on a stalled chairlift when everyone else seemed to cope, wet pants on the big dipper at the annual fair, luckily at night, more wet pants when he was attacked, no, ‘savaged’ Joe had insisted, by a not very large dog that didn’t leave a mark on him mainly because it was behind a fence… Then there were his pee-stained underpants…

Sue wondered whether she shouldn’t pack spare clothes for her husband whenever they went anywhere ‘strange’, like a hotel, or – even Pam’s, she thought. Pam had mentioned staying the night. At least she had a plausible medical excuse down pat, Sue thought. He couldn’t even make his own excuses, she said to herself, rolling her eyes. Then she heard Joe snuffling.

‘Are you crying?’ she asked, turning to him. She saw his hands in his lap.

‘Joe, you’re not wet, are you?’ she asked abruptly, slowing the car.

‘No I’m not!’ Joe almost shouted. ‘Sue, I’ve lost my job, I haven’t got a car any more, I didn’t even get farewell drinks, you won’t let me watch the finals, or even drive, and I… I can’t help…’

Joe was crying now, looking helplessly at Sue.

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Chapter 3

Sue was at a loss. She decided to tackle the finals issue.

‘Joe, it’s not that I won’t let you watch your finals. It’s just that if you can’t be grown up when I leave you at home by yourself…’

‘I AM grown up!’ said Joe. ‘I’m 28…’

‘Honey, it’s not a matter of years. It’s about being mature enough to…’

‘Stop it!’ yelled Joe.

Sue sounded just like his mother. She had dangled the maturity thing before him all his life, at least when he was living at home, and then, at work, it was in some report he’d got from some management team specialist idiot, and then his boss, his immediate boss, Petra Holmes, who was old enough to be his mother…

‘Stop it stop it stop it!’ he said, beginning to sob uncontrollably.

Sue took her husband’s hand.

‘Honey,’ she said. ‘Honey, calm down. I’ve got a surprise for you,’ she added, racking her brains for what that surprise might be.

She could hear Joe gulping back his sobs, quietening to a sniffle.

Joe really wasn’t grown up when he was like this, Sue thought.

‘What?’ Joe asked, looking at Sue with the same trusting, expectant expression she’d seen on the children she looked after in her career as a pre-school carer before her inheritance had come through.

‘Ice-cream!’ said Sue in a flash of inspiration as the little township near Jan’s farm came into view.

‘Ice cream?’ Joe said uncertainly.

Sue continued with the tactic that had always worked for her pre-schoolers.

‘Yep,’ she said. ‘A double double cone. What flavours do you want?’

Joe thought. Choosing ice cream flavours was a lot better than arguing with Sue, especially when it brought him close to tears. Joe cleared his throat.

‘Um, chocolate… and strawberry, and…banana if they’ve got it, and…’ Joe was imagining the big double header double cone I his hand. One more flavour.

‘More chocolate!’

Sue laughed.

‘Right you are,’ she said, swinging into the forecourt of the little general store.

‘Are you coming in?’ she asked Joe as the car stopped.

‘I have to pee,’ said Joe in a small voice.

Sue glanced at his hands, still pressed into his crotch. She was about to say something, but…

‘Ok,’ she said. ‘We can stop again at the gas station just up…’

‘It’s urgent,’ said Joe quietly.

‘Ok, honey, they might have something in the general store here,’ said Sue.

Joe hopped out of the car and walked quickly over to the door of the store, waiting for Sue.

Sue found herself looking at the back of Joe’s brown corduroy pants as he walked. The sun was in front of them, putting Joe’s back in shadow, and as Sue reached the door she couldn’t help putting her hand on Joe’s rear, checking for dampness as she might have on one of her pre-schoolers. All good, she thought, opening the door.

The woman in the store smiled as Sue asked for both the ice cream and whether the store had a bathroom.

‘There are restrooms in the gas station up the road,’ she offered, before Sue explained the urgency of the situation.

The woman looked at the slightly built young man in the Jets t-shirt and corduroy pants. He was looking at a display of plastic toys and was definitely doing a subtle pee-dance. It was obvious from his red eyes that he’d been upset recently too. The woman’s heart went out to Sue. Perhaps the young man was one of those ‘special’ young people, like one of her nephews.

‘It’s straight through the door down the middle aisle,’ the woman told Sue.

‘Oh no, it’s for him,’ said Sue.

‘Of course,’ said the woman kindly, and raised her voice to repeat her instructions to Joe, who immediately scurried off through the door.

The woman carefully piled the double cone with scoops of coloured ice cream. Then she went to a refrigerated cabinet and after a moment emerged with two glazed cherries which she placed on top of the heaped cone, carefully handing the treat to Sue.

‘That might cheer the poor thing up a bit,’ she said to Sue. ‘Are you out for a drive in the country?’

‘No,’ said Sue, ‘We’re going to see a friend at a farm near here. Pam Owen,’ added Sue, thinking that the woman might know her friend.

‘Oh yes, Pam. She’s lovely,’ said the woman. ‘Now, she’s in some sort of special ed, isn’t she?’

‘She was,’ said Sue. ‘We used to teach together. Pam’s got her own family to look after now.’

‘Well I think you people do a wonderful job,’ said the woman. ‘Ah, here’s our boy,’ she added as Joe emerged from the aisles of groceries.

Sue handed the overloaded cone to Joe, who was now grinning.

‘Thanks, Sue,’ he said wholeheartedly. It was just what he needed.

‘Don’t thank me,’ said Sue, glancing towards the shop proprietor.

‘Thank you,’ Joe said happily.

‘Here,’ said the woman, gathering some sheets of paper toweling from a rol on the wall. ‘He’ll need a bib with that. So it doesn’t get on his nice t-shirt.’

Sue smiled and took the offered towels as Joe stood already chewing one of the cherries.

‘Thanks again,’ said Sue as they turned to the door.

‘One more thing,’ called the woman.

Joe was already outside as Sue turned to the woman.

‘For the trip back,’ said the woman, handing Sue a small bar of chocolate.

‘Oh, thank you,’ said Sue, opening her purse.

The woman waved her hand.

‘No, no,’ she said. ‘I’m sure he’ll have a lovely time at Pam’s. I believe she’s got a baby lamb up there.’

Sue smiled again.

‘Thanks so much,’ she said, and turned to the door.

She understood the woman’s misplaced kindness, and wondered for a moment what it would be like if Joe really was a little child, not just mentally but physically.

Sue missed her toddlers at the pre-school. With an effort, she banished thoughts of her own incapacity to have children, and of Pam’s good luck in both having her own kids and looking after the ‘special–edders’ , the special education older children and young adults, who were really like sweet little toddlers anyway. At least they were on good days, she reminded herself, suddenly thinking what sort of a mess Joe might be making on her black leather seats with his nearly capsizing ice cream. She hurried to the car to find Joe waiting patiently by the passenger door, his face already smeared with three colours.

‘Just a minute,’ she said, flattening the paper towelling into as large a square as she could and tucking a generous corner of it into the neck of Joe’s t-shirt, despite his objections.

The short remainder of the trip was uneventful. Sue drove onto yet more smaller roads and finally came to a halt outside the front door of Pam’s beautiful stone farmhouse.

Pam was outside, picking flowers from a bed at one end of the farmhouse. Sue could hear her friend’s three children squealing and splashing somewhere nearby.

‘Hi Sue!’ called Pam as Sue drove towards the farmhouse.

Pam took Sue’s bag, put it on the ground and hugged her friend as she stepped out of the SUV. Joe walked around from his side of the car, still with his bib on, and still eating his giant ice cream.

‘Now that is an ice cream!’ she said. ‘Don’t let the others see that or I’l have to go down to Hilda’s!’ she laughed.

‘Hi Pam,’ said Joe, slightly taken aback at Pam’s mentioning ‘the others’. With her backward kids at that school, he thought, she probably thinks anyone with an ice cream is a kid. Rapidly, Joe removed his paper bib and held it scrunched up in his hand.

‘How was the trip?’ asked Pam.

‘Oh, eventful, but we’re all friends again now, aren’t we sweetie?’ Sue said, smiling at Joe.

Pam laughed. ‘Nothing like ice cream,’ she said.

Joe followed the two women into the house. He knew his underpants were slightly wet, and surreptitiously reached down to pat the front of his pants. All dry, he felt with relief.

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At home with Sue

Chapter 4

It was a warm afternoon, and, once he was out of the air-conditioned car, Joe’s ice cream was melting almost as fast as he was licking it.

The two women were standing outside the front door, catching up on their news.

At a groan from Joe, they turned towards him. A big dollop of ice cream had fallen from the cone onto his t-shirt, in addition to the rivulets of coloured ice cream running down his fingers and on his face.

‘Oh, Joe,’ said Sue. ‘Why did you take your bib off?’

Joe guiltily wiped his face with his already dripping forearm and then pulled his t-shirt outwards, trying to stop what was left of the ice cream dollop from heading south. A moment later, the remainder of the ice cream above the cone fell onto the neatly raked gravel as Joe tipped the cone awkwardly while clutching at his t-shirt.

Joe stood helpless, too scared to move. How bad could this get?

‘Oh Joe, the look on your face!’ laughed Pam. ‘You look just like one of my kids! Never give a kid a double cone,’ she added, turning to Sue.

‘I’m not a kid!’ said Joe, as another dollop fell off the cone and landed on his shoe.

‘Joe, for heaven’s sake,’ said Sue, taking the still scrunched toweling from Joe’s free hand and starting to wipe his face.

‘Sue, please,’ Joe said, his words muffled by the towel Sue was using industriously.

‘Bring him inside,’ called Pam, ‘And I’d better take that t-shirt.’

‘Come on honey,’ Sue said, taking Joe by the arm, as Joe attempted one last slurp at the liquefying ice cream.

The only result of that was for a sloppy scoop of banana ice cream to join the rest of the mess on his shirt. He could feel the sticky, cold stuff trickling down past his belly button into his pants.

‘I don’t know how one person could make so much mess in such a short time,’ said Sue, taking from Joe the remains of the ice cream and its now soggy cone and wrapping it in the paper bib.

‘In the kids’ bathroom, Sue,’ called Pam.

‘Coming,’ said Sue, guiding Joe into the house and along a hallway littered with toys.

‘Mind the toys,’ said Pam from the bathroom. ‘I’d rather have them out in the pool in this heat than in here tidying up. Sorry!’

‘It’s no worse than Joe’s stuff,’ Sue replied.

Joe glanced at his wife, mouthing the word ‘Sue!’.

‘He does model planes and trains,’ explained Sue.

‘In here,’ said Pam, holding the bathroom door open and taking the mess of paper towels from Sue.

Joe couldn’t think of anything to say other than ‘sorry’ as Sue guided his arms up, stripped his t-shirt off him and gave it to Jan.

‘And look at your pants,’ said Sue, unbuttoning the waistband of Joe’s corduroys.

‘Sue!’ said Joe, trying to turn away from Pam.

Sue gave Joe a playful swat on his backside.

‘I’m sure Jan’s seen plenty of little boys in their underoos,’ Sue assured him, yanking down his trousers.

Now Joe did turn away from the women in the brightly-lit bathroom. He knew what his underpants must look like. He hoped for a moment that the melted ice cream had covered any wet patch left after his emergency in the township, but realized by the short silence in the room that it was not the case. What a great way to start the afternoon, he thought miserably.

Sue and Pam stared at the big half moon of wet cotton on Joe’s bottom.

‘I’ll see what I can find for him to wear,’ said Jan quietly, turning to the door.

‘Did he wet his pants?’ came a question from the doorway. Annie, Pam’s five year old, had come into the house to investigate the new voices.

‘It’s just an accident,’ said Pam, ushering the child into the hallway.

Joe wished he was on the moon, or anywhere. He appreciated Sue’s hug from behind, and turned to kiss her, but Sue was already turning him in the other direction to face her.

‘It’s ok, sweetie,’ she said softly, looking down at the front of Joes underpants, where the little lump of his genitals pushed dark against the wet cotton. ‘It was a long drive, and Jan understands.’

‘Understands what?’ Joe said, his voice breaking. He hated feeling so emotional, and he was trying hard not to cry again.

‘Let’s get these off,’ Sue said. ‘And your shoes.’

Sue sat Joe on the edge of the bath, took off his shoes and pulled his pants and underpants over his feet, then removed his socks.

Joe stood quietly on the bathmat as Sue put his wet and sticky clothing in a heap in the handbasin.

Pam returned, and walked into the bathroom. Joe flushed bright red and covered his crotch with his hands.

‘It’s ok,’ Pam said with a laugh. ‘We’re a full disclosure family here. She felt the kids’ still damp towels on the towel rail. I’ll get you a dry towel, honey, then we’ll find something for you to wear. Sue,’ she said, motioning into the hallway with her eyes.

Then Joe was alone in the bathroom. He looked around at the plastic ducks, bubble bath and the slip proof dinosaur footprints in the bath and the shower.

A spurt of pee escaped involuntarily from his penis, and he realized that he needed to pee. Tired and upset, he slumped down onto the toilet and peed, looking glumly at the potty and diaper pail next to the toilet.

Pam took Sue along the hallway a little. Joe could hear them talking but not what they were saying. He could just imagine.

‘Sue,’ Pam told her friend, ‘I’ve got a top for him, one of my plain ones. And some pants that will look ok for the afternoon, though they might be a bit big. I’m a 42 these days,’ she said with a sad smile, ‘And I might be a bit taller than he is, too. Same with my panties. He won’t want to wear stretchy briefs, but I have got a box of pants I keep for some of the special ed children when they come here for farm stay. Some of the older boys are about Joe’s build, but they’re training pants, you know, padded – would he wear those? I don’t want to embarrass him. It’s a pity he’s not a bit smaller. Nick’s a big six, and wears ‘grownup’ undies, but they’d still be a bit small for Joe.’

‘The special ed pants will be fine, Pam’ said Sue. ‘As a matter of fact, I’d like to get him into something like that anyway, with the problems he has staining his men’s briefs. I’ll handle the explanation.’

Sue was glad of the notice, and began formulating what she’d say to Joe.

‘Great,’ said Pam. I’ll see what I can do about pants and a top. Although, if he’s happy to go out with the others around the pool, he won’t need a top, and I’m sure I can find him some shorts for a swimsuit. I’ll get that towel too.’

‘Sounds good,’ said Sue. ‘I’ll just ask him.’

Sue found Joe still sitting on the toilet.

‘Honey, Pam’s just rustling up some clothes for you. We’ll be talking about girls’ stuff for a while. Would you like to go out to the pool?’ she asked Joe, hoping to cheer him up as well.

‘Is there a towel?’ Joe asked.

‘Of course,’ Sue remembered. ‘Jan’s bringing one. Why don’t you hop into the shower and wash off all that ick, and then we’l get you into something decent. You’ll only need a swimsuit or shorts for the pool.’

Joe got up from the toilet, then flushed it. He stepped into the shower and was soon soaping himself while Sue sat on the side of the bath.

Pam arrived with some clothing.

‘Here are the trainers,’ she said, handing the thick full briefs to Sue, meeting her eyes for a moment. ‘How is he?’ she asked quietly, under the noise of the shower.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Sue, looking at the other brightly coloured items.

‘These are the only shorts I’ve got that will fit him. They’re those bubble shorts, but they’re the only ones I’ve got with an elastic waist. There’s no lining though, so…’ Pam hesitated for a moment, then continued in a rush. ‘Trousers,’ she said with a laugh, holding up a pair of pink stretch pants. ‘Pink, but who’s to see? Rear zip. And a top. Sorry about the teddy. Roger’s joke about seeing me in a teddy. Worn once.’

Pam held up a pale yellow T with a huge appliqued teddy bear face on the front.

‘It’s this or lace around the neck and arms,’ she said.

‘He’ll take it,’ said Sue.

‘Don’t wash yourself away, mister,’ said Pam to Joe, then left the bathroom.

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At Home With Sue

Chapter 5 - a texty chapter, with some Freudian speculation and allusions.

Note: The character known as Pam is occasionally called Jan in this story, due to a, er, technical malfunction. I’ve been going through changing the Jans to Pams. - Sally.

Sue wasn’t sure what Jan was about to say when she paused while she was showing her the clothes. Unlined shorts would be fine if they were used as a swimsuit, Sue thought, unless Jan was referring to Joe ‘making an exhibition of himself’. Not that there was much chance of that, thought Sue. Jan was her best friend, but she hadn’t discussed with her every little thing about her marriage to Joe. Sue smiled ironically to herself. Joe’s ‘little thing’ was sadly not much more than that, a little bump in the front of his underpants. Especially since his redundancy, his attempts at lovemaking had become not so much a chore for Sue, but, well, pathetic at worst and uncomfortable at best.

On the few occasions he tried it, Sue would feel Joe fondling himself as they lay in bed, trying to gather steam no doubt, before turning and clambering onto her and trying to insert his soft little penis into her. Sue tried to help at first, quietly using her fingers to moisten herself when she thought Joe might be readying himself for another attempt, then trying to push his half-erection into herself. Joe would persevere, even sweating sometimes, before either giving up and, Sue knew, quietly crying himself to sleep, or he would fall asleep lying across her, leaving her to extract herself, sore and red, from under him. Ironically, when they were courting, and first married, it was the opposite. How he could go from coming in his underpants beforehand, which had happened more than once, to being almost impotent, she could not understand. But even at his best, he was no stud. Size wasn’t everything, she knew, but it was certainly something.

The last few times he had tried sex with her, he had got quite drunk first, and must have talked himself into believing he was, well, whoever that famous porn star is, when really, he was worse than ever. ‘Like a raw chippolata’, she’d read in some women’s magazine. Things improved slightly when Sue had climbed on top. To put it crudely, Joe had stiffened up straight away, and even come, but then for days afterwards he’d be ‘Mr Macho’, cracking odd, ‘he-man’ sort of jokes as if to talk himself out of the fact that he could only manage sex with his wife on top. Sue didn’t understand it. She didn’t really try to now. She was happy to do what they’d done the last few times - she’d gently roll him off her and guide his head to her groin - something that she had been taught nice girls just didn’t do. Joe had become very good at kissing and licking down there, and he didn’t spend the next week pretending to be a man, or at least a virile one.

The change to her being on top had had an effect on Sue too, another aspect of the complex subject of sex she didn’t understand at all. Sue had felt herself become, in an odd way, more focused on her crotch as far as sex went. The whole business had gone from being a sort of all-of-body thing to being distinctly focused just there. She felt proud of her feminine parts - even calling it, to herself, her ‘cunt’, a word she would never use out loud. She’d gone as far as buying jeans and pants that were a size too small just to show herself off, although pretending to be completely unaware of how she looked down there.

Sue was not on the lookout for a replacement for Joe in any way, of course. If she were, she could have had Jan’s ex, Roger. At least, she was fairly sure she could have. At a party before he and Jan had split up, at another friend’s house with a pool, Roger had put his hand between Sue’s legs and literally lifted her up by her crotch and thrown her backwards into the pool. Then, he’d had a dance with her and spun her into the garden, putting his big hand down there again and saying he hoped she wasn’t bruised. Back on the dance floor he had held her really close and she could feel his giant thing pressing into her stomach. Gross, but it worked. When she went to the bathroom after the dance she’d had to use a wad of toilet paper to wipe herself dry - not of urine but of you-know-what! Then Jan had told her that his endless affairs were the reason she’d turfed him out, despite her kids being young. ‘Better no dad at all than that magnetic dick on two legs’, she’d told a somewhat shocked Sue.

Sue sat on the bath, imagining a kind of thick, eight inch, flesh-coloured compass needle, wavering around and then pointing straight at her vagina. A slight tingle began somewhere below her navel and radiated to her clitoris, down her thighs and up her spine.

Sue snapped back to reality as Joe, dripping wet, kissed her on the forehead.

‘I thought you were in a trance,’ he said. ‘Where are my clothes?’

Sue blinked, stood up and kissed Joe on the lips. She looked at him for a moment, then gave him the dry, fluffy towel Jan had left. She watched Joe’s little penis waggling above his neat, hairless little balls as he vigorously dried himself. She could put everything he had into her mouth and still almost close her lips. She’d tried it - another thing that would have shocked her mother. Then she remembered seeing Jan, on one of their joint skiing trips just after they’d both married, coming into the kitchen from the bedroom one evening, making a big ‘O’ with her mouth and pressing her cheeks with her thumb and forefinger, indicating, in her sometimes lewd way, how sore her mouth was. She’d had a drink of water and returned to the bedroom, her loud squeal indicating that the fun hadn’t finished yet. Meanwhile, a lift operator had called Sue and Joe ‘ladies’, based no doubt on the only gender-specific part of their gear-clad bodies he could see, their smooth crotches encased in stretchy ski pants. There was no mistaking Roger’s gender in ski pants or anything else.

Still, thought Sue, she knew that Joe loved her more than most men loved their women.


It was Joe, calling Sue back to the real world. He was holding up the adult-sized training pants.

‘Sue, what are these?’ he asked, with a frightened look in his eyes.

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At Home With Sue

Chapter 6

Sue looked back at Joe.

‘Joe, I want to help you. Those are…’

Joe suddenly flung his arms around Sue.

‘I know Sue, I saw the packet you brought home, I know I need them, I know Jan’s a doctor or something and I know she knows, and you found those baby things I bought for work and, and, I just want a week more,or just this weekend, please Sue, I know I need them, but I’m not a baby…’

‘Joe, hold on a minute, just hold on,’ said Sue, unclasping him and looking at him. ‘What packet? What baby things for work? Jan knows what, and besides, she’s not a doctor she’s a special education teacher and is semi-retired. And of course you’re not a baby. Now what are you talking about?’

‘Those pants,’ said Joe.

‘What about them?’

‘They’re, they have, they’ve got padding and plastic in them…’ Joe said, tears running down his cheeks and mucus hanging in a lengthening skein from his nose.

‘Joe, they are not baby pants, they are specially made for people - children, adults, men and women, who have slight leakage problems sometimes, to give them more confidence and to relax them and make their lives easier and happier. They are not for babies. Now, what packet, what do you know you need and what ‘baby things’ did you buy for work?’ Sue asked seriously.

‘Just a minute, Jan, we’ll be out soon,’ Sue said to the opening door.

She waited a moment, then took a corner of Joe’s towel and wiped his face.

‘No more tears, Joe. Now, tell me, what are you talking about. What do you need, and what did you buy for work? And do you mean that green plastic packet I had in the kitchen a few weeks ago?’

Joe nodded. ‘Mm, y…yes. I thought…’

‘Well you thought wrong. Those were night diapers I bought for little Amy here. She is two. The local shop had run out and I was coming up to see Jan. Remember?’ Sue said.

Joe nodded.

‘Right, now, all that other stuff. What do you think you need?’ Sue asked.

Joe croaked something Sue could not hear.

‘What honey? I’m not cross. What do you think you need?’ said Sue.

‘D…diaper, diapers,’ said Joe softly.

Sue looked at Joe for a long moment.

‘Because you wet your pants. And you wet the bed,’ Sue said steadily.

Joe nodded again.

‘Do you think that means you need to wear diapers, Joe?’ Sue asked.

‘I don’t know,’ said Joe very quietly.

Next - Chapter 7

Re: At home with Sue

At Home With Sue

Chapter 7

‘But you’re grown up, aren’t you, Joe?’ said Sue.

Joe looked at his wife, then nodded.

‘You’re an adult, like Jan and me, aren’t you Joe? You’re a big man of 28. You feel like an adult, don’t you?’ Sue asked.

Joe nodded.

‘Y… Yes,’ he said.

‘So, I don’t think you’re ready for diapers just yet, do you?’ Sue said.

‘No,’ Joe replied, looking at the floor.

‘But Joe, I want to show you something,’ said Sue, going to the basin and picking from the pile of clothes there his wet underpants.

Sue held up the underpants in front of Joe, spreading them out to display the dark patch and the faded yellow rings around the damp area.

‘Are these yours, Joe?’ she asked.

Joe swallowed.

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘I want you to feel them, Joe, here, on the wet part,’ said Sue.

Joe raised a shaking hand and touched the damp material.

‘What happened to them, Joe?’

‘I, um, I wet them a bit, Sue,’ he said. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘When did you wet your pants, Joe?’ Sue persisted.

‘I don’t know,’ said Joe.

‘Joe, if I were your mother, and you were a big boy who wet his pants like this, what would I do?’ asked Sue.

Joe stared at the floor. Sue could see his lips quivering. Joe moved one hand to his crotch and held his genitals.

‘Joe, don’t do that, it’s very naughty. Now, what would your mummy do if you wet your undies like this?’ said Sue.

‘She’d spank me,’ Joe said, his face reddening.

‘I’m sure she would,’ said Sue. ‘Now Joe, I’m not going to spank you because I know it was an accident. You couldn’t help it, could you, sweetie?’

‘No,’ said Joe, still looking down.

‘No,’ said Sue. ‘So I think you need to wear something that will help when you have another accident. Do you think that’s a good idea?’

‘Yes,’ said Joe.

‘That’s what these are for,’ said Sue, holding up the thick training pants. ‘Jan gave me these, and she has some more pairs for you to take home. When you wet them, they will still be comfortable, and they’ll keep your outside pants dry. Then they can be washed ready to wear again. Does that sound like the sort of undies you need to wear, Joe?’ asked Sue.

‘Yes,’ said Joe, looking up at Sue and blinking back tears.

‘Oh, honeybunch,’ said Sue, pulling him towards her and giving him a hug as Joe’s towel dropped to the floor in a heap around his ankles.

‘You could even wear them if you went back to work, so you wouldn’t need to sneak out and buy any silly baby diapers that don’t even fit you properly. Ok?’ Sue asked, kissing Joe’s forehead.

Joe nodded.

‘Good boy,’ said Sue. ‘Now, there’s something we have to do before you wear these,’ said Sue.

Joe looked at her questioningly.

‘Because these are lined, for hygiene we just have to take off the little bit of hair you’ve got down there,’ Sue said. ‘Jan has some nice cream here so it won’t even tickle.’

Joe stood in surprised silence as Sue mixed some cream to a lather and applied it to his groin.

‘Sue…’ Joe began.

‘Ha!’ said Sue. ‘You look like Father Christmas down there. See?’

Joe looked down at the mass of white foam covering his crotch.

‘This won’t take long,’ said Sue, making the first sweep of the lady’s razor.

The strip of skin behind the razor was perfectly smooth and hairless. Joe’s body hair was very fine, like his blonde hair. He only shaved every second or third day, and his pubic hair was quite sparse anyway. Sue, with her naturally thick, dark hair, had often joked that she was so much hairier there than he was. The operation didn’t take long.

‘Now, into the shower with you and we’ll get you in your new undies,’ said Sue.

Joe showered, amazed to feel how smooth his skin was. He was a bit alarmed to see how small it made him look, though. He emerged from the shower hiding his little penis behind the fingers of one hand.

‘No modesty, Joe,’ said Sue, holding out the trainers. ‘In you hop!’

Sue smiled to see his little penis shorn of any vestige of manhood. She might have been looking at the genitalia of a ten-year-old. At only 5’5", and so lightly built, Joe might even have been, at first glance, a young teen, too. She knew he hated buying drinks in a bar, and let Sue do it if he could. It was too embarrassing being asked for proof of age at 28.

The thick training pants, with their faint pattern of balloons, only made the illusion more convincing. The pants puffed out between the waist and the elasticated leg openings, and gave no indication that he was even a boy. Only his shortish blonde hair and flat chest would indicate that he wasn’t a tall, pre-pubescent girl, thought Sue.

‘Now,’ said Sue. ‘We’re nearly all set. You can go out to the pool while I talk to Jan, ok? I’ll call you when lunch is ready. You can meet Nick and Annie and little Amy. Oh, you can get your new undies wet in the pool. I’ll pop you in a dry pair when you’ve finished swimming.’

Sue quickly got Joe into Jan’s shorts, and turned him away from the big mirror as she led him out of the bathroom. The yellow, floral print bubble shorts more than hid his training pants. They puffed out above elasticated leg openings too, and made him look very sweet, Sue decided as he walked down the hallway.

Sue patted his bottom as she steered him out of the French doors onto the lawn where the kids were splashing around in a large inflatable pool.

Sue sat down at last to at the sunroom table to the long, cool drink Jan had made.

‘Sue, he looks adorable,’ Jan said. ‘What a sweetie. If I’d known how cute he was, I’d have tried to swap that gorilla Roger for him!’

The women watched as Nick and Annie made their acquaintance with Joe, who looked hesitant, but soon climbed into the pool with the other two, and was enjoying splashing around in the cool water.

‘Any problems with the trainers?’ asked Jan.

‘None at all,’ Sue said. ‘I think he’s glad to be wearing them.’

‘Did you shave him?’ asked Jan.

‘Yes,’ said Sue. ‘Thanks. He’s as smooth as a baby.’

Next – Chapter 8

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Re: At home with Sue

Thanks for another amazing story SallyKat. I can’t wait for chapter 8.

Re: At home with Sue

Yes, this story is a very good. Even though I can’t read. Happy new year! :wink:

Re: At home with Sue

Chapter 8

Joe walked down the long slope of grass that flattened out to accommodate a childrens’ cubby house, a few wheeled toys and bikes, and an assortment of brightly coloured plastic toys. These surrounded like a small sea a large, blue blow up swimming pool.

Joe forgot his anxiety about his puffy, childish swimming costume when he saw the splashes of clear water, like ice, arcing across the sky.

Two grinning faces appeared at the edge of the pool. Annie and her older brother Nick.

‘Come in!’ squealed Annie. ‘I’ve got a new trick! Come in, I can stay under water for a long time!’

‘She’s an idiot,’ said Nick. ‘Have you got WarCraft? I’ve got one of the boats here! My name’s Nick. What’s your name?’

Joe grinned back at their warm invitations. He suddenly felt at ease. It was an odd feeling. Joe stopped in his tracks as he realised that he was wetting his pants. His new ‘training pants’ and Jan’s shorts. He tried to stop but his bladder happily carried on doing what it was doing.

He was wondering what to when suddenly his felt his legs take off, and next moment he was scrambling over the side of the waist-high pool. Moments later he was being treated to a display of both Nick and Annie’s favourite pool toys.

The siblings ignored noe another in their chatter, except after Nick shouting ‘Shut up, weed!’ or similar to Annie, after which Annie would be quiet for minute before interrupting and gradually ramp up her contribution of the conversation. Joe tried to talk to both. He had finished weeing in the pool, and wondered if that was considered a terrible thing to do.

‘Shut up, both of you!’ commanded Nick after half an hour of splashing and chatting. Joe talked about things he hadn’t even thought about for years. Cruel things about the faults of schoolmates. Ridiculous things like who could rol their tongues and who couldn’t. Childish things like whether tigers are better than elephants. Joe was having a ball.

‘It’s mum!’ he said.

Nick turned to the other two. ‘Lunch soon,’ he told them. 'We have to be dry and in dry clothes to sit down inside.

‘Why can’t we have a picnic?’ asked Annie. ‘We could have a picnic!’

‘We have to do what mum says,’ Nick told her.

‘I got corner time yesterday,’ said Annie, looking up at Joe as they dried themselves off.

She giggled at Joe and he found himself giggling back. He felt himself weeing again, not nearly as hard as before, but just a long trickle enough for him to feel the wee warming his water-filled crotch.

Joe suddenly came to. There must have been a couple of pints of water slung beteen his legs, trapped by the plasic lining of the traing pants. Joe looked urgently at Annie and Nick.

Nick was standing there like a miniature sports jock, already wearing a pair of white underpants, the kind with the diagonal slot in front for men to hold their penis through to wee. He was enthusiasically rubbing his hair with his towel. Annie was squeaking about her panties and was bottomless, only wearing the flat little strip of frilled ribbon that did her for a bikini. She was on her hands and knees under the short, locker-room style bench, looking for her panties.

‘Hey come on, Joe!’ said Nick, stopping for a moment, hands holding the towel to his head like an African porter’s load in centuries past. ‘Better get moving!’ he added, closing his eyes tight and resuming his hair-drying efforts.

Joe took advantage of the moment to reach down and empty the contents of his training pants to the floor. There was a sploosh but Nick certainly didn’t hear it and Annie was scrabbling around under the bench, saying ‘EWwww!’ most of the time.

He slipped off both pairs of pants in one long tug, looking up at Nick. The 6 year old’s panis was flapping in front of his face. It was small ans smooth, in a hairless, childish crotch, just like his, but then again it wasn’t that small, thought Joe.

There were no dry clothes for Joe hanging on the old locker room fitting that stood near the pool on the flattened lawn. The kids’ grandfather had given it to his daughter and son-in-law. The gift bemused them at the time and still amused Pam. In winter, it stood like a strange sentinel in the snow, ands in summer it had proved very uesful, planted where it was now wiuth the grass beneath almost growing through it.

From this jungle now emerged Annie, clutching a tiny pair of pink panties.

‘I found them!’ she announced. ‘I’m five,’ she added to Joe as he finished winding a towel around his waist.

‘It’s curry!’ called Nick from a few yards up the slope. ‘Come on!’

‘I don’t like curry,’ said Annie, sitting abruptly on the high bench behind her.

Nick stopped.

‘You’ll go back in the corner,’ he warned his sisater seriously.

Annie slid off the seat, looking unhappily at Nick.

‘I bet she doesn’t like curry,’ said Annie.

‘Who doesn’t?’ asked Nick.

‘She doesn’t. Jo,’ said Annie.

‘Who?’ asked Nick, incredulous.

‘Her,’ said Annie, giving Joe a shove. ‘Jo.’

Joe was standing still, clutching his rolled up bubble shorts wrapped around his embarrassing trainng pants.

After a moment. Nick laughed. ‘You’re a total Dork, Annie! What a dork!’

‘Children!’ called Jan. ‘Hurry up! It’s getting dark!’

Nick sprinted up the slope, followed by Joe, holding his towel tight around himself with one habe and holding his bundle of wet clothing with the other. Annie was keeping up with Joe, despite a series of stumbles.

Out of the gloom of the verandah came Sue, holding out a part-filled plastic-covered draw-string bag. Joe recognised it. It was the bag Sue used on the evenings, once a month or so, that she and Joe sat the neighbours’ baby, a 2 year old.

Joe felt himself spurting suddenly onto the grass as his wife spoke to him. He couldn’t make out whether it was cum or pee.

‘I brought these for you Joe,’ said Sue. 'I’m sorry I didn’t think of it earlier. ‘Oh,’ she added, looking down in the early evening light. ‘I see you found a skirt.’

Joe felt himself stop spurting. An image that flashed into Joe’s brain - of Nick’s privates swinging slowly between the muscular thighs of a quarterback changing in a college locker-room next to him - disturbed Joe deeply, but only for a moment as Sue took Joe by the hand and away from the other two, leading him onto and along the verandah towards the laundry door at the side of the house.

‘Where’s she going?’ called Annie.

Joe and Sue heard Nick almost collapse with laughter. As he followed his wife through the short hallway to the laundry, Joe felt an urge in his tummy. He pulled his anal sphincter up hard to stop a second urge that pulsed through his bowels. That seemed to fix things.

‘Are you alright, honey?’ asked Sue, ‘And how were your training pants in the pool? Was it fun?’

Sue had removed Joe’s towel and was briskly rubbing his hair.

Joe looked down at his smooth little penis, waving around now but drooping like a little pinky as soon as Sue stopped rubbing his hair.

‘At least I’m not doing wee-wee. A pee,’ he corrected himself.

Sue squatted, turning Joe in her hands to dry his bottom and front.

Next she kissed her fingertips and tapped the lightly on the end of Joe’s penis. It tool Joe by surprise.

‘You’re such a cutie, baby, did you know that?’ cooed Sue. ‘Such a cutie-pie. Mummy’s little babay, aren’t you sweetie?’

Joe cleared hs throat. She’d never done that with her fingers before, not kissing them first. A tiny spurt of pee raced through his system, splashing Sue’s hand as she drew it away from Joe’s genitals.

‘Oh, honey,’ said Sue, ‘Do you need to wee-wee?’

‘No,’ said Joe.

‘Are you sure, honey?’ Sue asked, wiping her arm with the towel she had taken fro Joew.

Joe felt confident, in spite of what had just happened.

‘You did’t do wee-wee in the pool, did you sweetie?’

Joe felt himself glowig red.

‘No,’ he said. He hated lying to Sue. He fought the tears he felt rising.

Sue, standing up, ruffled his hair and kissed the crown of his head.

‘Honey, I’d rather change your wet training pants than think that you’re urinating in Pam’s pool. So, no wee-wees in the pool, ok?’ said Sue. ‘Ok?’

Joe had swallowed back his tears, but he still couldn’t look at her. He realised, as he had several times over the last few weeks, that it was pointless not just trying to lie to Sue, but even to argue with her. He imagined himself for a moment on the first landing of their staircase at home, his nose wedged into the corner, his legs crossed because he needed the bathroom, and his mother’s voice calling out ‘Three more minutes, Joe!’ But it wasn’t his mother, it was Sue. My wife, Joe thought, before his mind was crowded out with the look and smell of the stair landing of his childhood home.

‘Oh, Joe,’ said his mother crossly. ‘I only changed you half an hour ago. Why didn’t you do a wee-wee then?’

Joe stood with his head bowed.

‘Joe?’ asked Sue, ‘Are you sure you don’t need to do a wee-wee now?’

Joe thought he was standing in the corner at home. For a moment he wondered who Sue was, then realised she was his wife, and she was holding a pair of infantile-looking training pants in her hands, waiting for him to step into them.

‘Joe, for heavens sake wake up! Do you need to go wee-wees?’ she asked.

‘No,’ said Joe.

‘Well you’re wearing these until 8 o’clock, Mr No Wee-wees, and after that you will be in a night-time diaper whether you like it or not. I’m not having you even moisten Pam’s lovely sheets. There will be a plastic sheet over your mattress anyway, sweetie,’ said Sue.

Joe’s head cleared somewhat.

‘My mattress?’ asked Joe. ‘My mattress? Aren’t I sleeping with you?’

‘Joe,’ said Sue as she tugged Joe’s training pants up high over his waist, 'Jan and I were talking about that. You are getting on so well with the other two, that Pam, well, we thought it might be better psychologically for Nick and especially Annie if they didn’t have any reason to think you and I shared a bed at night.

‘Better? What do you mean? I want to sleep with you!’

‘Oh Joe, really,’ said Sue. ‘Arms up! And no talking, the others will already be sitting down. Come on, help me!’

Sue had pulled the t-shirt with the big teddy bear on the front this way and that until it sat squarely on Joe’s small frame.

‘Now these,’ she said, holding out the open waist of Pam’s bright pink stretch pants.

‘No, this way,’ she told Joe as he turned to face the short black zip on the waist, spinning his hips around.

Sue pulled the legs of the pants upwards.

‘Here,’ she said, picking up the container of baby powder and shaking a small pile of talc onto her palm before pushing her hand down the front of Joe’s training pants.

She pushed her fingers above Joe’s cock and balls and pushed then downwards. There wasn’t much to go rearwards, Sue thought as she withdrew her hand, tugged up the front of the thick training pants and patted the slight little mound in the front.

‘You’ll be much more comfortable,’ Sue said.

Joe stood silently as Sue pulled the stretch pants up and drew up the zip at the back.

‘There you are honey, all dry and comfy!’ said Sue and gave him a light spank which propelled him through a door from the laundry into the kitchen.

‘Don’t you look scrumptious!’ said Pam, turning to look at Joe. ‘They fit you much better than me!’ said Pam.

Joe looked at the denim of Pam’s jeans stretched tightly around her generous bottom and hips, curving away between her legs over the bulge of her crotch.

‘The others are waiting,’ Jan said. ‘Here, you can take the water.’

Jan gave Joe a large plastic jug of water, and carrying it in both hands, Joe walked into the dining table set up in ojne corner of the big sunroom. He looked down to see for the first time the stretchy pink fabric encasig his lower half. He saw the central seam rising gently over the little mound of his privates. He thought it looked a bit like a girl, but it was only for one meal, then bed, especially if he was put in something even more embarrassing at 8pm.

Annie looked up excitedly to see her new friend. Nick glanced at Joe and thought he looked like a girl. He wondered what Joe was like at his school. He wouldn’t last at my school, thought Nick. They’d had a boy in his dorm last year who wet the bed. They called him baby and diaper boy and worse. The boy had started wetting every night and had soon left the school. There were rumours that he’d turned back into a baby, or that he’d been sent to a special school for sissies where everyone wet their pants. Girls wet their pants. Annie certainly did and Nick had even seem some diaper strip things his mum wore. So even adult girls wet their pants.

Joe put down the water and sat at the table next to Annie. It seemed the most logical of the three unoccupied place settings on the table.

‘She can hold her breath underwater too!’ Annie said.

Nick guffawed and Sue, open-mouthed for a second, was about to speak when Jan put a finger to her lips and shook her head. ‘Later,’ she mouthed at Sue and turned to Joe. Sue shrugged her approval.

‘Well that’s very clever!’ said Pam. putting a serve of curry in front of Nick, then Annie, hers in a plastic bowl.

Joe squirmed in his seat but said nothing. The seat felt slippery, then Joe raised himself a little and sat down again. He realised that his training pants were soaked. How could that have happened, he thought almost in panic. As if in answer, he felt himself peeing. Oh God, he thought. Has that just started or… the dtream stopped, to be replaced by an urgent pulse through his tummy that he managed to stifle by tensing the bottom of his tummy. He waited a few seconds and was relieved that there was no second pulse.

‘Here, Joe,’ Jan was saying, tying something around his neck. 'Just in case. I don’t wear that top much but it would still be a pity to stain it. This curry can stain and Sue said you’re a bit of a messy eater sometimes.

Joe felt himself peeing again and was very glad he was in training pants.

‘I’ve got panties on!’ Annie said suddenly.

‘So you should,’ said Nick. ‘You’re nearly four.’

‘Shussh Nick, she’s very proud of herself,’ said Jan. ‘Aren’t you, buttercup?’, she said, smiling at Annie. ‘Aren’t you sweetie?’

‘Yes,’ said Annie happily. ‘And I was dry alllll last week, wasn’t I mummy?’

‘You were, precious,’ said Pam. ‘Such a big girl!’ Now, eat up because we’ve got a lovely dessert!’

Sue and Jan didn’t sit down, but returned to the kitchen and their glasses of pre-dinner wine.

Joe looked into the kitchen, and saw them chatting. He felt himself pee a bit more, and stifled another spasm in his tummy. Then he dropped a fork full of curry onto the bib Pam had tied around his neck.

Nick and Annie were arguing about something as Joe saw Sue approaching with a spoon. Joe was peeing steadily now, but it felt as though he was sort of peeing into himself, so he didn’t try to stop the flow, which eased of its own accord as Sue wiped the lumps of curry from his bib and gently took his fork from him and replaced it in his fingers with the spoon.

Nick, using a fork, said ‘Huh,’ and returned to his curry.

Joe ate quietly, deciding to ask Sue for help as soon as the meal was over.

Next… Chapter 9

Re: At home with Sue

Thanks Sally! ;D
That was just a delightful read. I’m very excited to see what else is in store for Joseph. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: At home with Sue

Chapter 9

Joe was very happy to leave the table as soon as he had finished eating. Nor did he mind that the other two wanted seconds of dessert. It kept them out of the way while Sue helped him change for the night and to settle him into the spare bedroom. Sue had Joe lie back on the big single bed and changed him into cloth diapers and a huge pair of elastic-trimmed plastic panties, courtesy Pam’s comprehensive store of such things. He knew it must have looked very babyish to be changed like that. It certainly felt babyish. At first Joe tried to object to the treatment, then he tried to help. Sue gave him a gentle spank on his exposed rump and told him to stop squirming around and to relax. She even found a scruffy old plush toy and gave that to Joe to distract him while she diapered him.

Joe did as he was told. He relaxed, and holding the battered dog or bear or whatever it had been did give him something to do. Thank God only Sue was here, he thought. He climbed into bed, trying to ignore the odd, slippery feeling of the plastic beneath the botom sheet. He casually dropped the soft animal on the floor by the bed. It was nice to hold, and he thought he might get it later.

As it was, Joe fell asleep while Sue was tidying his clothes, hanging them over a chair in the room. She found the doll, and on an impulse, put it on the pillow next to her sleeping husband. Sue smiled as Joe sleepily nuzzled into the toy, his sleepy hand emerging from the bedclothes to hold it close to his face.

They had an early start the next morning. Joe’s diaper was wet, and again Sue arrived in the room to help him change. Once awake and showered, Joe put up a short verbal fight about having to wear training pants for the drive home. He was feeling embarrassed enough about wetting during the night, and over his breakfast of cereal and juice he tried to keep the conversation as grown-up as possible. That was easier without Nick and Annie, who were still in their bedrooms, around to chatter to him.

After an unnecessary prompt from Sue, because he would have remembered without it, Joe said his thank you to Pam, who promised to say goodbye to Nick and Annie for him.

‘You’re welcome back any time,’ Pam said to Joe as he carried the bags they had brought back to Sue’s SUV. ‘Annie and Nick would love to see you again.’

Joe looked back at that remark, to see Sue and Pam in discussion.

‘Hop in the car, honey,’ called Sue. ‘I’ll be there in a minute.’

‘I hope those trainers are ok for him,’ Pam said to her friend.

‘I hope so,’ said Sue. ‘He’s so stubborn sometimes in the mornings.’

‘I’m sure he’s a bit embarrassed too,’ said Pam. ‘He’s only lightly built, isn’t he, and they do look a little puffy on him.’

‘Well, if the worst comes to the worst, there are plenty more in the box. Thanks so much for those, Pam,’ said Sue.

‘Anything to help,’ said Pam. ‘I do hope he comes to terms with this, if it goes on. It must be hard for some men. Although, to be honest, it’s not as though he’s a big sporty jock. I don’t think he knows quite what a little sweetie he is.’

‘I know,’ said Sue. ‘Wet or dry.’

Pam laughed as the two women exchanged farewell kisses.

Joe sat quietly in the car as Jan drove home.

He was wearing his own clothes again, except for the thick training pants around his botttom. Joe knew there were more of the padded pants in a box in the back of the SUV - a present from Pam. He knew he was wet again, too, or at least damp. The bumpy road was at fault, which made Joe feel a bit better about it.

The radio was playing quietly - the classical music Sue liked.

‘Sue,’ Joe began.

‘Yes, honey?’ said Sue.

Back in home territory, in their SUV, Joe felt emboldened enough to ask.

‘Why did I have to play with the kids all the time we were at Pam’s?’ he asked.

Sue looked at her husband oddly, then smiled at the concern on his face.

‘Of course you didn’t, Joe. But Pam and I did spend the time discussing boring women’s stuff, and you did enjoy the company didn’t you. I could hear you laughing and squealing just as much as the others,’ Sue replied.

‘I wasn’t squealing,’ said Joe.

‘Oh, Joe,’ Sue said. ‘You were. And when I went down to the pool to get you to come home, who didn’t want to leave?’

‘We were in the middle of something,’ said Joe defensively.

‘I could see that. It looked like fun, too. What were you - an Indian?’ said Sue.

‘A pirate,’ said Joe. ‘There weren’t any Indians. It was just a game. I was helping them. I’m not a child, Sue.’

Another bump in the road produced another spurt in Joe’s training pants and a stricken little gasp which fortuitously was covered by a flurry of trumpets on the radio.

‘I know you’re not a child, Joe,’ said Sue, ‘But there are some things where age doesn’t matter, where people are just people.’

Joe recalled being told what to do by Nick. He hadn’t told Nick what to do. Joe felt that his place in the pecking order had been about equal with Annie, aged four. Right now he felt just as he might have after being picked up from school by his mum, except that the car was different. Here he was, in wet pants which he was too scared to tell Sue about, listening to her explain things to him, just like his mum did. Just like she still did, when they saw her. It was always they, too. They would organise it and he would be told, then when they went to mum’s or she came over, it would be mum and Sue talking and Joe would have to find something to do. That was usually playing with his train set at his mum’s house, or working on the slightly more adult hobby set on the old table tennis table in the spare garage if mum came over to their house.

There was another sudden bump and Joe started peeing again. This time he found it hard to stem the flow.

Sue saw and heard Joe’s distress this time, and stopped the car. She was surprised to see her husband open the door the instant they stopped, clamber out of the car and squat just where he landed at the side of the road, not even pulling down his pants.

Sue got out, and walked quickly around the car to Joe. He was crying as he looked up at here, and the whole crotch of his pants was saturated. Sue could see his glistening pee, interrupted but not defeated by the trainer’s waterproof layer, streamimg down both his legs. She took him by the hand.

‘I’m sorry,’ Joe sobbed, looking wide-eyed at his wife. ‘I’m sorry Sue, I’m sorry.’

Sue did her best to calm Joe. She had rarely seen him so upset.

Joe’s sobs stopped, and he breathed in sharply then grunted softly a couple of times, before the sobs resumed and became a wail. Sue knew those quiet grunts and that helpless wail from her babysitting days. She felt the back of Joe’s sodden pants. The warm mound there was unmistakeable. Poor Joe, thought Sue. She wished she’d thought to ask Pam for some plastic panties as well.

Joe was quiet as Sue cleaned him up and put him in another pair of training pants for the rest of the trip home. It took the sacrifice of a small towel and yet another pair of Pam’s training pants to clean Joe up and get him comfortably into the fresh pants which he now wore with just his shirt over them.

There wasn’t a word out of Joe all the way home, just the Mozart on the radio.

Chapter 10 to follow

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Is there anymore to this nice story I have been waiting anxiously

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I’ve modified and added to Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 won’t be too long in coming.

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I know just what this story needs, an ending! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding Sal.

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“Chapter 10 won’t be too long in coming….” Oh, I make myself laugh sometimes. Sorry for the slight delay, anyone who’s reading this. I had to scoot out and change a very wet diaper. ;D

Chapter 10

Joe hopped out of the car as soon as Sue had parked in the driveway. He walked quickly to the door and stood waiting for his wife to use her key.

‘Joe!’ Sue called from the car. ‘Could you give me a hand please sweetie?’

Sue had her two bags in one hand and the keys in the other. The package of ‘supplies’ from Pam’s sat on the hood of the SUV.

Joe turned to Sue and one look at his face and his odd stance told Sue why he was anxious to get inside.

‘Do you need to pee again, honey?’ Sue asked.

‘Shh!’ Joe replied in a strained voice. ‘I just, I mean…’

Sue was as shocked as Joe, who froze, open-mouthed for a moment then bent forward slightly and abandoned himself for a few seconds to nature, before huddling next to the doorway with his head bowed. Sue could hear him simultaneously gulping for air and trying not to cry. She hurried to her husband and put her bags down. It wasn’t hard to figure out what had just happened. The poor thing, thought Sue, he’s dirtied his pants again! Why didn’t he say something?

‘Oh, Joe,’ Sue said, holding her devastated husband’s head close to her breast.

Joe looked up at Sue, tears streaming down his reddened face.

‘I… I’m grown up, Sue, I’m, I…’ Joe stuttered.

Joe was lost in his misery. Sue glanced down at his bottom. The full, sagging trainers had leaked a dark butterfly across the back of his thighs. He appeared to be rooted to the spot, clutching Sue and sobbing quietly.

‘I’ll help you, Joe. let’s go inside and get you into a nice warm bath, ok?’ said Sue, being careful not to sound the least cross or judgmental.

Sue opened the door and Joe let her lead him inside. They didn’t stop until they had reached the main bathroom, where Sue helped Joe out of his clothes and his drooping trainers, keeping up a reassuring chatter and trying to minimise the impact of what she thought was probably the second time Joe had soiled himself for many years.

With Joe settled in the bath, Sue took the heavy roll of the training pants and dropped them straight into the garbage. There were plenty more, she thought, enough to burn this pair. She started slightly at the thought which immediately followed - would the trainers hold Joe’s soiling in the future? Why was she expecting a repeat performance, she asked herself. This was just the result of a fairly different, for Joe, few days, a big serve of curry, and a long ride home, something that could cause this sort of problem for any child… ‘any child’, Sue thought, mentally pulling herself up. Joe is not a child, she told herself. He’s just… ‘Behaving like one’, a small voice told her. No, she replied to herself, I’ve put him through something probably a little traumatic for him given what he’s been through lately with work and so on. Any adult would… Sue scotched the doubt that immediately arose in her mind. What am I thinking, she admonished herself.

Sue made herself busy packing away things from the trip, putting Joe’s rather childish clothes in the washer and putting the wad of bulky trainers in Joe’s underwear drawer along with the few pairs of plastic pants. In the bottom of Pam’s package were half a dozen big white towelling squares. Sue hadn’t expected these, and shook out and held up the top square. Half a dozen big safety pins with pink clasps fell onto the bedroom carpet, along with a note in Pam’s hand.

Sue picked up the diaper pins and the note. She stood quietly reading it.

‘Best for night time, just in case. And a bib to save his tops, if the little cutie will wear it. Pam XX’

She felt an odd flush through her loins, and squeezed her thighs together. She put one hand to the front of her pants, and idly checked the zipper there with her fingers. She wasn’t sure whether to give in to the strange thoughts that were beginning to form the gently swirling emotions in her head, and she had to admit, her groin. She chose to chase them away, lest she think something ‘weird’.

Joe didn’t say much as she helped him out of the bath. It was only once he was dry and they were in the bedroom that he offered anything more than ‘Thanks, Sue’. It was early evening, and once he had a shirt on, Sue opened his underwear drawer. Joe saw that his boxers and jocks had been replaced by the the thick pile of trainers.

‘Just for this evening, Joe,’ Sue said as she took a pair of the trainers and held them open for Joe.

Joe opened his mouth, but then closed it again and stepped obediently into the padded garment.

‘We’ll see how we go, honey, OK?’ asked Sue, patting Joe’s bulky rump before selecting and pulling up for him a pair of soft track pants.

‘OK’, was Joe’s only response.

Chapter 11 to follow.

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