Astronauts Wear Diapers

This is a story with a big twist after the first page. So just start reading and enjoy.

Chapter 1 - Lift Off

It looked like a blueberry, hanging high in the dark sky. Earth was so far away, 238,857
miles to be exact. With each step I took, I fluttered in mid air for a bit before crashing back
down on the lunar wasteland.

But you don’t crash down. You just sort of land, softly as if you had been walking on a
field of marshmallows, which I was for some reason craving as I traversed the Sea of

I heard nothing but the sound of my breath and the beat of my heart. My partner had
maintained radio silence for a few minutes.

Something was wrong.

We should have been back to the ship by now, but for some reason we were behind
schedule, and yet it felt like we were on time. We must have grown weak. And we had
been reduced to me.

A looked around; there was nothing in sight. I checked the radio; still nothing. I moved
my foot, only an inch. And that’s when I felt it.

A vibration surging from my heat to the tips of my hair; a large object was moving
beneath me.

I quickly made a dash towards the ship; which is exactly what I’ve been taught not to do.
In the heat of the moment; training means nothing.

As soon as my dash had evolved into a full sprint, I could hear the roars as the giant
creature burst into the air and began moving towards me on the ground.

I reached for my side arm and turned around, while maintaining speed, and fired three
shots at the creature. It slowed down. I sped up.

I jumped behind a massive boulder to catch my breath and plan my next attack. My need
to pee had been persisting for far to long, and my bladder wasn’t to fond of all the
running. I managed to relax myself enough to do my business in my absorbency
garment. NASA couldn’t have designed a more uncomfortable diaper.

As soon as I opened the flood gates, I heard the roaring again. The creature was closer
now. I stood up to fire a few more rounds. That’s when I new something was wrong.

I felt a sudden splash of warmth; I assumed my diaper had leaked or been defective. I
soon realized that it was something else. I could feel it spreading around me, as
opposed to down my legs. It was near my lower back and upper thighs, as if I was laying

Suddenly, the world turned on its side, and I was sitting up in a whole new place.

It was just after dawn, I could hear birds singing. A sweet sound to be followed by a sour
feeling. A large, warm circle of my own mistakes surrounded me; my underwear and
pajamas were in the center.

Across the room I saw my younger sister, Bella, shifting back and forth in her bed. I
realized at this point that I was still panting from my rather sudden escape from

A sudden knock on my door, and I was back under the covers, feigning slumber. I could
hear my mother come in and announce to the room that morning had come.

I was moments away from discovery, I wished I could be asleep again. But there was
never going to be any fighting this.

I slowly began to sat up, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, took a deep breath and-

“I wet my bed!” I heard a child’s voice cry. However, it was not my own.

I opened my eyes and saw my mother pull the covers off my sister’s bed, revealing a
large wet surrounding my sobbing sister.

“Steve!” my mother called as she undressed my sister.

“What?” my father called.

As my mother lifted Bella from her bed she called, “Bella’s wet her bed, I’m sending her
over there for a bath.” There was no response. Then, my mother said to Bella “Go into
the bathroom and Daddy will get you all cleaned up.”

As Bella cried her way out of the room, my mother made her way towards me.

“Well,” she said with a smile, “Talk about an interesting way to start the day, huh, Abby?”

I shook my head and pouted. I wasn’t thinking.

Concern hit my mother’s face, “Whats wrong?” she asked.

I couldn’t hep but make a puppy dog face as I said, “I did it too,” and lifted up my covers.

My mother’s eyes widened, only for a second. I got the same consoling that Bella did.

After sharing a bath with my sister, the whole family sat at the breakfast table. The
rumble of the washing machine could be heard in the other room. I couldn’t even hear a
word of the conversation, but not because of the washing machine. I was praying in fear
that my parents wouldn’t do the math.

The math that says this was my tenth wet bed in less than three weeks. And that on days when
I woke up dry usually involved a secret change of pants at some point. And that some
times smaller accidents, when going unnoticed, where usually something I kept to
myself all together, as if they hadn’t even happened.

I have no problem with social studies or division, but no one said third grade would be
this hard.

Ever since Mrs. Seaver said that astronauts sometimes wear diapers, my last thoughts
each night have been wrapped around the idea of wearing one. Most of the time when I
wet the bed it’s because I’m dreaming that I’m actually on Mars or in space.

It doesn’t help that Bella keeps having as many accidents as me. He only excuse is that
she’s in kindergarten. Everyone pees their pants in kindergarten. Or at least that’s what
our parents told us.

For three months now, the laundry has been multiplying as my bladder grows weaker; so
why is it that this was the day my parents finally brought it up.

“So, Abby and Bella,” our father started, “It seems like every morning this week,
someone needs a new set of sheets.”

We blushed.

“What your father is trying to say is,” our mother continued, “You’ve both been having a
lot of accidents lately, and we’re just a little concerned. That’s all. Are you girls upset
about anything? Is something bothering you both, or is something going on?” My mother
turned to Bella, who shook her head. “Abby?”

Was something going on? Only that every night I fantasize about being an astronaut so I
can wear diapers and then dream about it while I pee myself. “No,” I lied. Wanting to
wear diapers was something I knew was not table talk.

“Well then,” our mother continued, “We’ve made a doctors appointment for you both after
school today.”

“Are we sick!?” Bella shouted.

“You’re both gonna be fine,” father said. “But some times you can have little, tiny things
wrong with you that make you wet the bed and such.”

Little, tiny things like the thought of maximum absorbency garments.

“Come on,” our mother said as she cleared the table, “Let’s go brush your teeth and get
in the car.”

At school, kindergartners are required to bring an extra set of clothes to school every
day. The school called our house and suggested to my parents that I do the same. I had
been stuffing the plastic bag underneath my books in my backpack or a week now. I’d be
able to say I never needed them, but that’s only because its easy to hide an accident
when wearing a skirt.

At recess, someone suggested playing aliens versus space men. I was chosen last to be
a space man. I was glad I wore a skirt that day.

By the time we were picked up from school, my underwear had dried. My deed had been
hidden once more.

“Can we get donouts?” Bella asked.

My mother laughed. “After we’re done at the doctor’s office,” she said.

I had completely forgotten about the appointment, and a much more urgent matter.

After emptying my bladder on some dandy lions, as well as my similarly printed
underwear, I assumed I was home free for the time being. However it was just breakfast
apple juice that warmed my bottom. Now my lunch time milk carton was looking for an

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I said. I rarely ever said it. I either went to the bathroom or I
went in my pants. This was new for all of us.

“Well I’m glad you told me,” my mother said, “but you shouldn’t have waited until now.”

I waited even longer and relieved myself in the waiting room bathroom.

All the other kids in the waiting room looked perfectly fine, but so did me and Bella. So
maybe everyone in here has a bladder infection or something? Maybe it’s going around.
That would explain how me and Bella both have it.

My theory is crushed the moment I remember that there really isn’t anything wrong with
me. I just can’t get diapers off my mind.

Our name was called, the basic doctor’s office stuff happened, and then we were told to
strip and wait.

While mother helped Bella out of her jumper, I was expected to undress myself.

“Abby, what is that?!” my mother asked, pointing to my underwear. I looked down and
realized that my playground accident had not only dried, but it also left behind a large,
yellow stain.

I panicked, “They were like that this morning.” Plausible; many of my underwear looked
like this.

“I wouldn’t have let you out of the house in those,” she said. I should try wearing them
around the house. “Quick, I brought an extra pair just in case.” That sure wasn’t
reassuring, but justified.

By the time the doctor arrived I was in comfy new undies and getting the evil eye from
the lady who put my soiled pair in her purse.

“So then,” the doctor cheered, “Abby, Bella. How are you today?”

Bella made small talk while the doctor felt our chest and back and looked down our
throats. None of those places are near our bladders; this doctor likes to waste time.

“So then,” he said as he looked through our folders, “I hear we’ve been giving mom a lot
of extra laundry.”

Bella giggled. I read through his clever joke and heard: “Looks like you two are wetting
yourselves a lot.”

“Well,” the doctor finished taking a look at us, “I just wanna check your blood pressure
last. Shouldn’t take a while.”

It took a while. The little device wasn’t working properly. Not that my blood would have
been able to detect my obsession with space travel.

“Nothing seems to be wrong with them,” the doctor said to our mother. “I wouldn’t rule out
the possibility of visiting a child. But physically, they’re both just fine. This sort of thing is
common in kids their age. It’s probably just a phase; they’ll grow out of it sooner or later.
Until then, there are all sorts of products you can resort to.”

“You mean diapers?” my mother asked. My sister whined. My eyebrow raised.

The doctor chuckled. “That is the solution most popular with parents,” he spoke loudly to
compete with Bella’s complaints. “Not so much with the kids.”

Our mother hushed Bella and thanked the doctor was we prepared to leave. I said

“So what do you think, Abby?” my mother asked me after we got in the car.

“About what?” I pretended to have forgotten.

She was blatant about it and asked, “Would you be willing to wear some kind of diaper?”

I had of course been thinking about it ever since it was mentioned. The thought hadn’t
even crossed my mind. I was an idiot for not thinking it would eventually come to this.
Finally there was a way for me to get what i secretly wanted without having to go through
NASA. If i knew this would happen, I would have been wetting myself on purpose.

But I knew i couldn’t say that to my mother. Instead, I thought about what a normal
person my age would say and took the mature approach than Bella; who had been
complaining about it the entire time.

“It’s probably better than waking up wet,” I said.

“You’d probably have to wear them to school too,” she added. “Just in case.”

That was not a part of my idea. I wanted to wear diapers either in the comfort of my
home, or somewhere out in deep space. The last thing I wanted was to risk someone at
school seeing them. I was already that weird girl who peed her pants a hundred times. I
did not want to become the diaper girl.

“Do I have to?” I asked.

“Well I’m gonna talk to your dad about it first,” my mother said, “and maybe he’ll get Bella
to stop arguing about it.” We shared a laugh. Bella pouted and finally shut up. If
everyone pees their pants in kindergarten, Bella would just have to be the one who
wears diapers.

She should feel lucky.

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