Ashlyn's Secret Chapter 4

Sorry it took do long for this chapter I’ve been soo busy with getting things ready for college. I am going to attempt to put the links from previous chapters on this page but I havent done it before so we’ll see how it goes. As always I love and welcome your feedback so let me know what you think and enjoy :slight_smile:

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Chapter 4

Bill winters hung up the phone. He couldn’t help worry about his little sister she wasn’t thinking straight. She probably hadn’t even taken the necessary precautions. He looked through the CIA main frame, “nope” he thought hadn’t even managed to wipe the camera Feed. He had taught her how to do simple things like that. Covering her tracks and the like, and it seemed she hadn’t been practicing those techniques. He hacked into the back door he had created in the CIA main frame a few years back, while working as a computer technician. it had been a long con but it was well worth it. He now had unrestricted access to their entire data base and was literally untraceable. It had taken him a year to set up and two more to get enough Clearance to even be allowed access to there systems, but he had pulled it off, With the help of his former mentor of corse…. He shuddered, He couldn’t even stand the thought of that man any more. especially after what he had done to Ally. He had found them in new York when they had met up a few months ago they hadn’t seen each other in awhile, and he had made a grave mistake. He let his emotions cloud his judgment just like ally was doing now. He had gone to see her even though he knew it wasn’t safe. He had been so preoccupied he hadn’t taken any of the nessasary precautions. But he had wanted to help her so had met with her and they had been found out when she had used her credit card. It hadn’t been long after that he cornered them. They had narrowly escaped and in the process he had grabbed hold of ally’s wrist. She was barely able to escape his grip When billy had hit him over the head. He hated that they had to contact each other like this but his mentor was almost as good a hacker as he was he could find any electronic trail. They had to talk over secure lines now. They had tried burn phones but they had to switch so often they couldn’t keep track of each others numbers. He had been working on a proto type for a secure cell phone that he had rigged up but it wasn’t quite operational yet. He planed to give it to her sometime after she left D.C. But she hadn’t yet which still bothered him. He was shaken from his thoughts seeing someone had tripped the silent alarm on the 5th floor that was the floor ally was on. He quickly silenced the alarm and took hold of the camera’s and connected them to live feed. He saw her making her way toward the elevator he opened it for her making sure she was going to be clear till the exit. He checked the cameras and he was good to go, so he put the equipment on stand bye till she was out of the building.

Amy quickly made her way out of the building she looked at her watch OH NO! It was almost 12:30! She had half an hour to get home before brad. She looked around for the bus she saw the bus stop and the bus just pulling up. She ran across the street and made it just in time. She took her seat in the back to stay away from people and looked out the window going over the conversation in her head she didn’t have long…. She wondered how or what she would tell brad… She stared out the window and saw a familiar car. It looked like brads car… But it couldn’t be could it? They came to a stoplight, and the car was pulled up right along side the bus she looked into the car window. Sure enough it was brad. Ally’s heart stopped how would she beat him home there was no hope for getting home before him now! She started to panic but then she saw his car turn in the opposite direction of home. She guessed he must have to stop by the store for whatever reason. It was just the glimmer of hope she needed she started to pray she would make it home before he did. She felt guilty thought he was basically praying her lie would succeed. The bus started moving again and she could only hope she’d make it there in time.

Brad sat driving home he couldn’t help think about all that had happened at work. He finally had a solid lead to the man who had brutally murdered his mother. Thaddeus filch was the name he had gotten off the scum bag zachary something they had picked him up this morning. He had given up his boss almost instantly once they had promised him protection they had gotten alot out of him apparently thaddeus had a new target. Zachary didn’t know much about who she was only that Thaddeus wanted her more than any one else. Brad knew he had to find this young woman and protect her from suffering the same fate as his mother. He thought back to what was almost 10 years ago now. He still had nightmares sometimes of the vision he came home to that cold December morning. He came home from his last day at school before Christmas break of his freshman year at clear water High. To find his mother on the floor cut and slashed in so many places he couldn’t even make out much of her at all. He found out later not surprisingly she had also been raped many time prior to her death. That image still haunted him. He had known even back then his mothers “secret boyfriend” had been bad news. He had known she had one regardless even though she had tried to hide it. He never said any thing though figuring maybe he was wrong and that she would tell him in time. But she never had maybe if he had forced the issue things would have turned out differently. He felt a stab of fear what if the same thing was happening now?? What if Ally would suffer the same fate his mother had… He was sure she didn’t have a “secret boyfriend” but what if she was mixed up in something. For the first time in there relationship brad was deeply troubled. He had figured Ally would tell him when she was ready. But would she? But what if she got herself into trouble before then? He had never entertained the idea of pressing her for information but now he thought maybe he should…. He didn’t want the same fate for Ally. He knew he was probably over reacting but he couldn’t help it she meant the world to him he couldn’t lose her. He was awoken from his thought by the sound of a blaring car horn. He had turned the wrong way and almost managed to go the wrong way on a one way street he turned around and adjusted his course for home. He had a little girl waiting for him a little girl with alot of explaining to do. Ten minutes later he pulled into the driveway and headed inside. Strange he thought the door was unlocked…. His pulse quickened he forced himself to stay calm maybe she had answered the door and forgotten to relock it. He opened the door and went inside he went straight for the playroom… She wasn’t there, ok he thought don’t panic she’s around here somewhere don’t panic. He called for her ally! No response, maybe she was out back he looked outside she wasn’t there. ALLY! He yelled again a little louder. He was really starting to panic now he searched through the entire house he was just about to call the police when he saw he quietly sneak inside and shut the door. He was flooded with such relief and also anger where had se been!? All the sudden she jumped he hadn’t realized he had verbalized his thoughts till then. Ally looked terrified and his heart melted a little but he still needed answers he reiterated the question where were you?! He boomed.

Ally stood there speechless she had thought she had beaten him home she hadn’t seen his car in the driveway. She should’ve known he would park in the garage she hadn’t said any thing. So he once again yelled and asked her the question she feared most where had she been?? She thought fast she had to come up with something…… " think think think"
"well um I was uh at the um the park! Yea…. N I thought I could make it back before you got home I’m sorry daddy…… She said In what she though was her most sincere voice.

Brad knew she was lying through her teeth. Which greatly upset him because she never lied to him like this before. She she had play lied but that was nothing. This was something to do with her safety and he wouldn’t stand for any lies.
“Oh really brad said sternly. You sure you don’t want to tell me the truth? Cause otherwise I know a little girl who is going to be very unhappy.” brad saw her get scared he had only really spanked her once before for real he had done a couple warning smacks here and there occasionally but nothing to that extent… Ally was scared he could tell he really didn’t want to punish her. He wanted her to tell him but either way he knew he had to if for nothing else than the little stunt she pulled. He waited for her answer… She looked so small and scared brad couldn’t help but feel bad… All he wanted to do was wrap her in his arms but he knew he had to stay strong.

Ally looked at brad she didn’t know what to say… She was really in trouble now and she felt awful. She didn’t know how to tell him she wanted to… NO she was going to! But where should she start…… She couldn’t start… Brad was getting impatient… She heard him say the words she had feared were coming.
" alright young lady I guess your gonna have the spanking you have coming and then tell me! One way or another I expect answers form you!"
Ally gasped she hadn’t even had a second to think before he grabbed her, and pulled her toward the couch. She was over his knee faster than she could take a breath he quickly delivered 10 sharp smacks to her backside which made her cry. He stopped and asked if she was ready to tell him the truth?
Ally nodded her head yes. He sat her up and she hugged him soo tight like she never had before, and just sobbed. The emotional strain combined with the spanking made it so she couldn’t console her feelings. Which was good that Brad soothed her crying since she couldn’t. He got broken pieces of what he assumed was the truth but he couldn’t understand her. He let her cry till she had calmed down and asked her again Ally tell me whats been going on sweetie in such a gentle voice ally broke. She told him about her brother and that was where she went this morning was to talk to him (though she left out where) she told him she was on the run and had been for almost ten years she was young girl when she had left home. For reasons she wasn’t willing to say yet, and since then she hadn’t had a place to settle and call home…. She told him her brother said someone was after her (though se didn’t elaborate on that) she just continued to tell brad things he had lied about over the past year. Feeling free of lies for the first time in ten years.

Brad’s heart broke as he heard his little girl tell her story he had known something was wrong but he hadn’t realized just how bad it was… She still hadn’t given him many details on the person who was after her but he would press it later she was exhausted and he still had to get her to her appointment on time. He was about to get up when he felt wet he looked down ally wasn’t wearing, and she had peed all over both them. Normally he would be cross for her changing without asking but he understood why she had. She had been through enough for today so he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Normally he wouldn’t mind taking a shower with her in fact he loved it. But right now wasn’t the time for that so he stripped off his wet clothes and put his robe on. Next he ran a quick bath for ally he had her in and out in record time. He redressed her in her outfit from earlier since she hadn’t worn it but 5 minutes. Then brought her to the playroom to play while he changed and got ready.

Ally played while she waited for him to get ready. She kept replaying the morning over and over. She couldn’t believe it she had finally told him. It felt good but also scary she was open completely, and it scared her a little. She hadn’t told him everything though she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that part he might try to make her go back and she couldn’t go back. She was sleepy from the mornings events. She had her blankie in the room already so she crawled over to her stuffed animals, and she cuddled up with her blankie and fell asleep.

Brad walked into the play room finally ready to go and saw her fast asleep. He smiled at her she was soooo sweet when she slept all her worries seemed to melt away. He didn’t want to disturb her she had had a very eventful morning. So he picked her up and carried her to the car. She was out cold. He smiled as she slipped her thumb in her mouth as she slept she still didn’t know she did that when she slept. He thought it was absolutely adorable. He buckled her in and drove off. They had 20 minutes to get across town her appointment was at 1:00 and it was 12:40 now he had to hurry. He made it to the doctors office in record time. He parked, got out and opened ally’s door she was still asleep so he woke her up ready for the battle he was sure to face. He gently shook her and she stirred slightly.
“ally” brad said sweetly " ally honey it’s time to wake up we’re here." ally’s eyes fluttered and her dark lashes opened to reveal her sleepy dark chocolate eyes. Which showed her confusion.
" we’re here honey" brad reiterated again hoping maybe she wouldn’t ask where “here” was.
But that was not to be… She sat up and stretched
“where are we daddy?” She asked groggily in such a little voice his heart melted.
“we are at the doctors office sweetie you need to have your wrist looked at” brad steeled himself for the storm but it never came. Maybe she was to tired to register his words or maybe she just didn’t care but she took his hand as he lead her inside. Brad breathed a sigh of relief. Things were going to be just fine. He thought. although if he had heard what ally was thinking at that moment he wouldn’t have been so sure.

Ally walked into the doctors office in nothing short of pure panic! It was white and gray every where there was no color, and it smelled like bleach. All the doctors wore something like a lab coat and they seemed really scary. It was cold and there were angry sick people sitting everywhere. She hadn’t make a fuss outside because she knew that the result would be her inside either way. But maybe if she got him to be caught off guard she could sneak out and home. Sure she would be in trouble but she couldn’t risk it. She chided herself she had just gone through this whole lie game. She should just tell him it’s not safe. No! He only want to protect her and it would get him hurt or worse no this was best. At least she hoped…. “sweetie daddy’s going to go sign you in you stay right here and i’ll be right back ok?” brad said in a gentle voice. " ok daddy" ally said with more conviction then she felt. Brad went and signed her in. She was so nervous thats when she realized brad could only guess her personal information. She still had a shot if she could stall long enough maybe she could skip the appointment. She had to get out of there before he asked for more. Ally waited till brad went up to talk to the nurse before she slipped out.

Zachary Stevens walked out into the sunlight a free man. He had to admit Thaddeus filch was the dirtiest scum to walk the planet. But he sure knew how to get a xde out of trouble. He called his boss with a cell he swiped off a passerby. To easy he thought. The phone rang three times before he answered. “What?!” he boss said impatiently. “Um I just wanted to say everything’s on track boss. I gave that CIA agent the fake info u fixed execs me to give him.” Zachary said hesitantly. " good…. very good" Thaddeus said with just enough venom that it caused him to shiver. “now how is the other job coming?” Thaddeus asked icily. " almost done boss.
“good I want the job refinished today! I will not wait another second for her to slip away from me again.” he said in a almost murderous tone
Zachary shuddered “got it boss job will be done today she be in your hands before the days out”
“perfect! See to it or the next time your caught you’ll stay that way!” Thaddeus slammed the phone down. Not that it would matter if Zachary got caught he was disposable. But her he needed her and " soon" he thought “soon very soon” he would have her and he would make her pay for the trouble she put him through" a wicked smile crossed his lips “oh yes she would pay……”

Brad went and signed ally in. The nurse wasn’t happy as they were already ten minutes late, and was decidedly giving him a hard time. Brad finally retrieved the paper work to give to ally. But when he turned around she was gone! He barrated himself for leaving her alone. He should’ve known she was planing to run. What had he been thinking! Now he had to find her in this place before she missed her appointment. He have to deal with her little stunt later right now he just had to find her……

Ally ran up and down the halls of the doctors office. She was having a blast there was so much to see and play with. She ran into a nice doctor too who had given her a pink lollipop. She found a room that was filled with moving tables she moved those around and made a fort. But she got bored and decided to see what else there was. She found a room that had the coolest pictures on the wall there was dora and kilan. Also whinnie the pooh and tigger. And there was a bunch of stickers hanging on the wall. Stickers of every kind she pulled off a bunch of princess stickers and my little pony stickers. The front of her shirt was covered you could barley see the fabric. Ally was giddy with excitement this was so much fun! Meanwhile brad was frantic he had looked everywhere. As chance would have it they just kept narrowly avoiding each other. He would go into a room the second she came out and vice versa. Brad was in near panic after this morning he was afraid of what might happen if she was left alone. He finally went up to the nurse and told him his predicament. The nurse smiled “she wouldn’t be the first little girl to be scared and run off alone in these halls” she said sweetly “don’t worry Hun we’ll find her” brad thanked the nurse and continued looking. He was so angry at her she was potentially making it so they couldn’t come back here at all. He couldn’t decide if she was just sincerely playing or doing it on purpose. Either way she was going to have some explaining to do when he found her. Ally was getting hungry she hadn’t had lunch yet. She wondered what time it was maybe she should find daddy now. But what if he was cross with her for running off. Ally didn’t like the sound of that…… But eventually her hunger won out and she went to find her daddy. As it happened It didn’t take long surprisingly. But she really wished she hadn’t found him after she did…. Daddy was furious she hadn’t seen him that mad in a long time. She really regretted her decision to run off now.
“where in the world have you been?!” brad said heatedly.
" well I…. I mean i … was… I was…. um… Playing…" ally said carefully.
“do you realize how worried I was?! Especially after this morning! Did u learn nothing! Now I have the whole hospital looking for you! And you’ve missed you appointment again! I want answers young lady why did you not listen when I told you to stay put?!” brad said with much more force than he intended. Ally didn’t know what to say she hadn’t thought daddy would be this mad…… Her silence made up brads mind he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the building. Ally was scared she’d never seen him this angry with her before. He asked her again what was she thinking as they headed toward the car. Ally now opted for the truth she didn’t think any thing short of that would get her out of this mess. Ally stopped and looked at brad with tear filled eyes she wanted to tell him exactly why she had run off but the words wouldn’t come. All she managed to say was " I didn’t want to lose you!" before she started crying. Brads heart melted he was so confused that made no sense. But he had a feeling he would find out. He just held her right and let her cry. When she had calmed down enough he asked her what she had meant. Ally spilled forth what she had been hiding how she couldn’t go to the doctors or she would have to leave and she didn’t want to leave. He still didn’t get all of her story through her tears but he got enough to understand why she had avoided all her appointments. Brad sighed he couldn’t help feel a little irritated. He understood why she had done the things she had, but he wished she would have told him sooner. It would’ve saved him alot of trouble. He hugged her close he titled her chin up to look him in the eyes.
“ally baby I know why you did the things you did but from now on I want you to tell me everything. You’ve been trying to protect me from the truth. But the truth is I don’t want you to ever protect me from the truth…. Besides baby I can help you. I know you were worried about that but trust me daddy will be fine. I have friends with the police lots of friends. Daddy said with a little chuckle. ( she didn’t know just how true that was) he thought. So No matter what I want you to tell me what’s wrong ok?”
“ok I’m sorry daddy I promise I’ll tell you everything when you ask me from now on.”
“good girl” brad said as he kissed her softly on the forehead “now he said how about we go get some lunch?”
“yay!! Lunch” ally said excitedly glad she had told him. She had gotten sooo much off her chest today and it felt sooo good! She had only one thing left to tell him…… The who…. Who was after her… But she was happy now and she knew he would ask later but right now she just wanted to have some fun. She had already cried enough for one day he would surly ask later. But for now ally just wanted to relax.

Brad pulled into the Mc Donald’s parking lot. He decided on something easy and fun he knew ally would like it. He sent her to go play while he ordered. The line was long but that didn’t matter to much it would give her more time to play.
Ally went to go play but she felt something was off. She got that sense again like someone was watching her. She kept having this awful feeling in the pit of her stomach. She decided to go find brad she could play later. She left the play area and just when she spotted him she felt someone grab her from behind. They covered her mouth she tried fighting but they were to strong. Her heart raced she wondered if this was the end. She mustered all her strength and bit his hand hard. It distracted him long enough for her to let out an ear piercing scream! Her assailant cursed under his breath before once again taking hold of her. She fought with all her strength but it just wasn’t enough. She started feeling dizzy she soon felt a tingling in her shoulder. She saw brad running toward her right before she passed out.

Brad was just starting to order when he heard ally scream. His heart stopped he turned to find her being held by a man in black. He ran toward her adrenalin pumping through him. He couldn’t calm himself. He couldn’t let any thing happen to her. he pulled his 9 mil out of it’s hiding spot and shouted a warning to the civilians around. Before firing off four rounds one landing a perfect shot in the guys shoulder. Which didn’t seem to faze him he ran out after the masked man. But it was to late he was already handing her to another masked man in an unmarked black van. He shot her assailant one more time. This time in the leg. He scream out in pain the van pulled off without him. Brad tried to shoot the tires of the moving vehicle as it pulled away but it was to late. Brad yelled out in frustration. How could he let this happen!? His tortured thoughts berated him. The masked assailant let out a moan beside him. Well one way or other he would get answers he picked up the man. And headed for his car. While dialing his phone “Charlie I need your help” he said to his friend as he got in his car as headed for work. (he would find her, he would find her if it was the last thing he did)

To be continued………

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you have sent my suspension of disbelief crashing to the ground. i tried to read this i really did. she’s either a good enough spook to walking into a CIA office and not get caught or her Daddy caught her in a lie not both. any research on the topic of deception where you’re dealing with the type of Persona/behavior profiles that make good extended/ deep cover operatives would show they literally can’t mess up that bad if they tried. i was willing to ignore the fact that she called on a secure (which would have been scrambled or encrypted) line from inside the CIA building using CIA tech that was kept secure FROM the CIA (despite redundancies in telecom proticals) but what really ruined it is a outside consultant (or is he a retired tech guy?) with a Back Door to the CIA’S mainframe that is 2 years old no, just no. i doubt you will have a chance to talk to anyone in Govt. i.t. but even networks outside the intelligence community/ military are updated/ reformatted/swept quarterly and would be checked doubly hard if someone that good left the fold. they may even have “scrubbed” him just to be sure.

please kept writing i don’t want to discourage that…but, please if you’re going to write spy fiction read some good spy books first.

Re: Ashlyn’s Secret Chapter 4

First off i wanted to say thank you for that. I also wanted to say a few things ik first off I should do more research on those subjects. but thats also not my strong suit, I will try to work on that tho. and for it being beleiveable I kept trying to leave some things out to be revealed later but I also see how that’s problematic because I didn’t leave any thing open for the reader to recognize that fact either. Ik that even when I do add more it probably won’t satisfy the most in depth spy/fantasy reader but I’m hoping it will at least seem plausible. I will continue to work on that tho. I really do appretiate that tho because it gives me something to work on. N I’m glad for those comments even if they are sometimes hard to take but by all means keep them coming I love hearing your thoughts :slight_smile:

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You have way too much here that is not believable. The visit to the CIA building and the brother with the tech stuff is just too much to believe. That is your biggest problem with the story so far.

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Honestly, this story has promise, but I can’t get past all of the grammatical errors. I gave up a quarter of the way through because they make it so hard to read. You really need someone to proof read the chapters before you post them.

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I’ll suggest that you put your chapters through a word processor and fix errors using the word processor before posting them here.

The way your chapters read, it seems as though you typed them here straight and then posted them immediately after.

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Yeah, there are some aspects of the storry that are pretty hard to believe, but that’s part of reading a story, you suspend reality for a little bit and just let the words take you where they may. As far as grammar goes, your story will improve greatly just by fixing the speaking sections. Put “” around the entire phrase the person is saying and make sure to indent when someone new is speaking. Other than that, you’ve got me hooked! Can’t wait to see what happens next :slight_smile:

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cant wait to read the next one

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Please continue with this story, it is really interesting and I have to know what happens next!!!

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Congratulations on making your first post a necro. At least you didn’t necro a 5 year post like a couple people.

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A necro?? What in the heck is that? Lol

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A necropost is when you post in a thread that hasn’t had a reply in a length of time.

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Oh ok yeah I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile this summer was crazy n I just started college I hope I will have time to finish soon but things are super crazy! So hopefully things will slow down soon